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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 27, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McAKIHUIl, 01110,
0 sndsfter Bundsy, November Jd, 1 (CI
Irons will run s lollow: The SSt. L.ina
Express runs daily; ll other trains daily buu
dsv exeptoil. .
The F.i Lmelsnd ET.press will stop onh
at Lovelaod.Greenlleld.Chilli.-oltio. Ibiinden,
Athens sod Scott's Landing. Fast i Line going
west will slop al Manchester, also. Other
trams Hop at all .unions.
Stations: '"J1
Oineloiuui, m 10 -Madl
Chdlicoihe It ara A 2pm
Rii-hland Far.-..H S'ipm 3 'Jpm
tfsinden 1
MoAtv... 1 i"f- M
Vmioo 1 lpm 3 "'"
Z;ilMk.-.. . 141pm S 4pm
Uon. PnrniM... 1 alum 3 5'dmi
Ft L.F.J.
V Ahn
1 J -iu
1 :S0 nil
i ilsa
t Main
S 01 DTD
4 it ii j
3 I7.HII
i Soain
rrrbur.....- 4 5"pm 8 Wpin
BUIifini. Mul
Fast l.
11 5'ipm
3 SApm
3 3 lpm
3 4"pm
1 4pni
3 6) i 'in
4 t'spm
4 S&pin
a u'pm
'Ptktwiburi...-...9 5iiun
9 nflain
11 an mi
11 3ani
it 4'Hiu
11 5-.HII
12 (mm
li Upru
1 unpin
arnaue..... u-juui
1 Wpm
.. 1 aipin
... 1 4pm
.. l Mpm
. 8 Upin
... 3 Upm
... . lunin
Hujhlaod Fur
6 uopui
The Zlski Accommodation going ex
leave. Chillienlhe at oo "v"ll;
RichUnd furnace, W. H'"l'' " ' .
depart ii, McArthur,9 M, intonlo 3",
t.ile.lti l AS. Going west-Z.iles.ti 4 IWp.m.,
Vinton 4 3U, MeAithur d'J, Hamden, arrive
6 ao depart 5 60, Bichlanl Furunce, ti iv,
Ravsville, 6 50, Chillicothe, 8 2.V ,..
Train, on the I'OBTSMOUTn BRANCH
will leave Hamden it8 15 am. and 4 wip.m
arriving t Portsmouth at 11 10 m. and 7 cop.
m. Retiirningtrains ill leave Portsmouth at
6 4 s.m.audNiW p.m., arriving at Uunideu
U..O a.tri. rtiiu bo p.m.
Tramicnnnect a: l.oveiand for all points on
he Little Miami Railroail, and attho ludmnap
alia aaJ Cincinnati Railroad Jnnuti .n for all
points Went-, atAihms, wuh lh tolumbus
A H. V. K. K.,Jt l'arlirlinr, with tbo U.
5. B. H. W. W. lEABlUY,
HitL-r of Tiansportntion.
IWILTj run hvk" from Wilkoivilla to
Ham. loo and return every Mon.h.y, We.liiea
lar and Friday, for the accomniodiition oi
pasen;er makinu olon-ooniitolinn ailii tbe
mail train, on the M. C. K. U. 1 will also
carry express packane. ehipped to or rroui
.hoaeomu by th.Adam. ER-
0IIAELE3 . BAENETT, Proprietor
IITILI. rtinrejnifrty to MoAnhur 8tatiou
to meet xh mll tmins.
Uark leave. Mi-Artiiur post offli-e a. li t"1
o'clock, M. each day, tovonnect with mail
orders left at the pnt offli'e, Me.Wthur, er
Dnndas, promptly aiifmlc lto.
Hamden, Wilke.iville ant Middleport
TT AVISO the contra.-! fur carryini! the mail
11 between the above point. 1 will be able to
lurnish coovevam-e for pa.enji-r and then
bagiraie to and from said points on the l.dlow
inn days: From Wilhesville to Ha ndfii and
back on Mondaya. Wednesdays and r ri.b.ys;
and from WilliVsvillo m Mid. deport, Mom
Co, and back on Tuesdays, Thins.liu' , y.d
haturdajs. lUlUSLbs.
Tue Uircleville Herald, or
gan of the rickaway Dernoc
racy, sayf:
The veto of the Kentucky
Salt Works bill, by the Presi
dent, was expected. IIis dis
approval ot a bill for tho rcliel
of J. Milton Best made a 6imi
Jar rejection of ihia late meas
ure inevitable. Ihe same
principles are involved in each;
and the President thinks that
ao citizen should be indemni
fied for the loss of property de
stroyed, during time of war,
to prevent its us by the ene
my. The Senate Committe on
Claims sharply dissents from
Lis view of the case. It is sat
isfaclory that the President
watches so closely the course
of these claims on the Treas
ury; whether he or Congress is
technically right is another
A Connecticut town boasts
of a young man so timid that
he can not look a needle in the
eye. Many young ladles are
troubled with similar fears
whenever they can get any
one else to do their sewing.
Tue proprietor of one ot our
livery stables, says an ex
change, has several hundred
loads of fertilizer for sale,
which he offers at one dollar a
load, each purchaser receiving
a handsome chromo worth five
A rumor prevailed here Sat
urday night that President
Grant had been assassinated
in the afternoon. It afterward
transpired that a locomotive
on the Uousatonic road had
clipped an eccentric. Ex.
Cab rates for cattle from
Texas to St. Louis have been
.fixed, after March 1st, at $100.
It is believed these rates will
bring 200,000 head of cattle
lor shipment this season.
Wis will furnish the Record and the
New York Times one year fjr $3.
Any of our eubscribora wiuhing to sub
eribe for soy of the leading newspa
pers or periodicals can get tLem a. the
publisher's lowest club rate3, Ly sub
scribing at this office.
Pone Neatly and lro
In Zalcski.
'I-illE Ziles'fi Company, with a ti(w to the
1 development of ihe lm-.il iuierestaof Ja
111, to se.-iire its pi-rilLltielit piu-P'Tlty. "td lo
add to its popiil:i i"'i nii'i wealth, are now
nnVrinjc l lU'imd -illleia, town lots and t'urin
lands al Imr prices, and on hlr.d terms.
P. rioin desiiiux to examine the property
and to buy cheap house will apply at the
Company orliees to
It. I'lIOMP-OS, Manager.
Zaleskl, Ohio, May IS. tf
the new postal law we are supplying the peo.
pie with our line niekel while metal wre, of
imiL l.iro. liver ulale. no-t utild to any
part rt'- country dir.-lliuiii our iiiauuf.ii
'".NWilhstandin a lartfe ndv.inee in nick.-!
we still oiler ihe ood. l"th plain and ,,m-
Interna, at former faetnry rate", .vd will mid
nnv a'ljutiiy ai iuoi- pi.i-, iv.f v. . -
Butter Knife, pi'!;!? f..r. sugar ppoon and
napkin im. fcaeil " ""
Tea spuiic.s i n .1 not pieka, h.ilt d.J. - !"
Lvss, n knives, lol iis and iiuon,liall doj. 4 b0
Tablo ' ' 5 1111
Keplitinjof i.l.l ware tu the best manner.ni
one hull ol tlie.e pnees.
Wo will mail to any a l ire's (.hntocraph
find pnce li-rs nt jAlir 1 I K KIM I K
1'L.VTKU .VU ltltll .V..M V
no mannraciure ot allied i. a ipeclaliy with
It is our privilege lo refer to the editors ot
all Cincinnati religious weeklies.
lu what paper aid you fceo our ndvertise
tnent? M.ixMXj,r.nix.sox & o..
f.l Frunlain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
3 toe ll;.i t
One tluor towf of Dm. it livo't.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
I'er-ons w:hing lo purehase lanes fsrnis or
town lots in Vin'uii c mlpumni; eouuues ill
tin.) tiMcis to mil them bv e4ll.HL,'.
I'eisons ai-hini: to .ell I m is i.irms or loan
Inlsnill lime a li.iod elnun e of di.inK o b)
eaviUit duseiii (.on. etc. in o-ir hands.
W.M. J. l!A.N.Fl.l.s X l ib,
00i;S iin Mn-fl, Me.Mlhnr. i.
They never f.ul.i.ii i my be depended upon
in every e:le aut re the mei.Uilv rlO'V ha
tiecn i.r.-irinte l thr-.iiith col l or ilisease.
Ill lM.V.'U'-t lillLl'K.N l'lI.Ialtt:i.V ne Mil-
mediate it he. A lady wrile-: -I'liponco'.
i.iol len P;lls rcbevej me in one Jay lie mn
ic." 'Ihe L'enmne are now put up in lure
wnite t.u.xes f. .nl.. mm.' double t lie .pianti') o;
pills, aid iiimn eaeli l".x von will lind m
I'riiatH I', s. Ui-veniie -i i'iip." I'pon lb.
-t iiim see the words I l' I'U.Na 's Oi'l.I'liN
I'll.l.'-', in while leiiers, aiihoul that uont
are ueiiuine.
Reincm'r Ihe senuine l in the ah.te hox-
Kull and explicit dirtclioiisiu innipiiiiy ea. t
IsiX. I'riee Sl.oo per box, six Wiles T.i 1
Sid I liv ,.ne driiL'j.st in every loan, villujiv,
citvnnd Irunlet tiiioiiuh.iu: Ih'J 'vorl I.
bold ii VcAiii ur. .,
Lj It. II'. MSSOX. Drwjjist.
.Sole A'jciit fur Linton County.
Hv sen. Ii ii it bun il.mi llii on ih ll'.e .MeArlh'ii
0 , l'ost lli. e, can have tin- pills senteoiiri
ikntnilly, by mail, to any pa.l Ihe country
free 01 posimie.
S. li. rlOWE, rroprictor, few nr.l.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock, Fruit & Flower Flates
Address F. K. PHOENJX,
I.0J acres; 5bt year; 12 'Jrtenhone'.
Apple, 1,0'' I vr.. I
4 cal.il.
!v 'Ml: S V t lo: 4v. Ji
lines, 2; cents. h.ulllil
The TJow York
A Journal for all True Republican,
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
The Sw Yor'.t F.veninij Po.t, edited by
William "ullen llrynnt and i'arke bniUvin,
nssisied by Ihe stro'nxe.st talent lhatean lie
ent'iijied, has for more than half a ceniniy
maintained the same principles ol fn cdom
and prooiess, Ihruu :jh nil chaiiijes of parlies
nnd tiolicie-i.
It siniids for eo.ua; nuh's; for Ihe ilislribii
lion of povrer; for hnnejty and economy; lor
the sc'.Miri'y ol the glorious results of emanci
pation and enlranoliisoiiient won by ihe war:
and all practicable leforms.
It is opposed lo injustice and spoliation, dis
-used under the name of protection, nnd to
nil corrupt pnr'y combinations which a.'ritk'e
principleto mere success.
It will riippoit (irnnt and lilsen, because
it believe. Hint under them the government
will be more stable, nnd the chum es lor pn.
Bress and reform more certain, than under any
filliiini-e of iticomi.aliblc oh-nv-nls.
The Kvenini! l'ost is equid to any other as
n newspiiper.nnd i rnmpieie in nspoiuicni,
Hi literarv, its scientific, ii niricu Itl'nil and
its uumiiiervnil deparlnients,
Pinuie eopy one year.il 6"; rive copies, one
year, S7.no; ten copies, one year, JlJ.Ju; twen
ty copies, ono year, S.".'".
Sini'e copy, one year, !3 on; five copies,
one year, tl.W; len copies, one year, SJU.oo.
Those suhscnhina now for one r will res
eeiye the paper until .lunuary 1,
Or we will send the fdlowimr p) dicnls to
subscribers, ill connection with Eytuiujt
Postal the price, named :
With With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Post, hvenlni Post
Harper's AWci-hly 9i 50
Ilani'jr'g flnzar 4 "0
s; oo
C uu
Harper's Mujraziuc 4 50
Kvery iNitunlav 5 DO
Atlantic Monthly 4 CO
Our Y mi n- Folks 3 00
Scribiicr'a Monthly .. 4 50
Old nnd Jicw 4 50
The Galaxy 4 00
PhreiiolnsiMl Journal 3 50
(i 00
0 50
5 50
4 50
C 00
The AsrltMilturist ..
Hcnrtli unci Homo .
Littles Uviiij. Age
Auoletoirc Journal
2 50
3 75
8 00
4 50
Wood'i Household Maaune i ihi
Hume Journal 3 50
The Christian Iiitelli.
srencer, with Chromo 3 75
To each suhsenber to the Rveniim Post and
Christian Intelligencer will bo Bent ihe beau
tiful Chromo, The Gleaners.
For 25 cents we will send Ihe Weekly Even
in a l'ost for two months, or lor 60 cents
will send Ihe Semi-weekly Evening Fosi
the -anie time. Specimen numbersst-nl tree.
Address, W JI. C. BKYA.vl- i t:o
31oot Ne York.
Advertisements inacrtad nt fair Price.
Wo cure tho habit per
manently, cheap, quick,
urilhout siirleriu or
rnurntss. Address 8.
Berrien, Michigan, P.
Uox t,
Head Dr. Hv-llrnfi's New Story.
dOO rase fur VI ! Ac.
The pnbl'.liers of BcaiiKci'i Mohthlt,
promise for I lie ensuing year a more brilliant
array of contributors, and an increase ,u ihe
vaneiv and beauty of its illustrations, already
conceded bv Ihe erilles lo be "liuer Umh uhjt
km. '' htihr.tu uppeared in any Aineruau
iniiir tie."
Ir. Holland, the editor, will wrilethe serial
stnrv ol'ihw y-ar, which adl bciullol.M'Kliiph
u al in lorin, and will be illusf inied by Mis
llnil.H'k. It isp.iiitlc.l AiihiirlloiinicsMle.aiid
ill ileal with some of llio most iiitroult prob
lem oi Amen. -un lu'e. It will be eoniuieuetd
ill the November nuinlicr.J
There will be a new s'ory by Saxe Holm,
Th one leiicd l).incer.
Urel lliirte, the best writer of abort atonea
now livin-.', will eoiitnbuie it eharaelerisiie
story, entitled The Kpie of Kiddlelown, which
will be illustrated by r'hcppard.i
K. 11. .Stoddard aill wn e a serlesol enter
tnimiiii papers about authors, their personal
eh.iia, i.iistiea, home lite, laiiiilu-s. friends,
w'.inii-and w:.ys. seiiesol poririiiis of liv
i UK n..
"erican writers is sso proimseii.
will write a-iiit liirmlure,
an: Iho decorulion " "e..s..
These papers will b.- eiPiu--" ly practical a.
atll as artislie, and will be illusii"!"!
.lesiins and sketches by niiuierous artists ,.
t l.liiiou to ihoau wlu.'li the people will fur
uish. A monk' those whi will conlribiite are :
linns Ander-en, Bryant, llustinell, Htfaleii
ton, Kroude, lliipjiiisun, liisliop llunfiilon.
It ret liurte, Joint Hay. M. II., Mae.lminlil,
Mitchell, M s I'liub.-, i:.:-.ln.:; .-tnrlttcn,
!jM..'!'.;,;,Cet:a Hiix'ier, Wnriier, Wilkinsuu,
Jlfs. Whitney, besides a hoi of olhcrs.
Thetditoiial coiiliol and diieelion of the
Mm.'i.ne mil rein . in in the hau ls of lr.
II. dl ind, who will coninine lo wrno "The
Itipics of the Time,'' ahieh ihe X. V. In.le
pendent snvs "are more widely ipiot, d tlmn
any siirulur papers in any Anieiieau uia va
line." . , .
Watson Milder will write "The Did Cabi
net;" as hiilin io. I'rof. John I). I'rn r een
ilucts H e depnr'meiil of "Nature and iei
cnee." The departments of " Hone and f-o.
ciety"nid "t'ullnre and i'rojjress," will rn-n-ii;e
ihe contributions oi more ilianaaeore
of pens on Isiih sulea of the Allnnlic T he
Wiit. hinan mul Uelle t-.r says: "eribner s
Moiithiv lor September is letter than usual,
which indicate a needless uaste of niil.TU.I
brims and publishers money, for the Man
arine w xeo I oiouah b.f.ire!" And yet fie
piil'lialiei-.s proiutso to make it still belter lor
Ihe coining Vear.
Th ub.., iiption price i $1 Ml a year, Willi
special rates lo clcii.viiien, leaehers and postmasters.-
The lollowiii
are otlere.l to new siii.scrihers :
For S' AO the publishers will send, or any
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
magazine for one year, and Hie twelve num.
beisof Vols. Illnit'l IV, conliiiniiiji Ihe be
rinmnii of Mrs. i iii hum's serial, "Al His
iiaics;'' f.ir $7 u, Ihe Mauaxine lor one year,
ami ihe'.'l back number. Iroin ihe Wniiinini;,
for $lo 6u, the Mn! tue loroue veiir.autl the
.'I b ick nuuibei-s bound 4 vols..) chainea on
lound vols, mi d. This will tu e iifuny S.nuii
I ajes of Ihe choicest rc,i:ni.', with the tiuesl
iil.,stri.ii)iis, birt-io f.o, or iirniiy 6o." p.iues
l.ir a ihiilar! nud a ill enable every Mibscliber
to ubuiu Ihe seiies lu lu thetiisl.
special terms io lii .l. rs, Clergymen nnd
TVacht rs.
fCRin.VER CO., til Hroiulaay, N. Y.
"rnqiieslloiinlilylln-besl anstnlnetl works
ot UickiuU In the oriu.
Harper's Magazine.
Voh'.. ri iif tlit rrf.
fl-n ercr-ipcreaslni; cvcnl t'nn of thisex-.-elb-'.it
ni,.iiliil prov, s its continued adapta
tion b, p'-pnlar tb-sircs aud nce.ts. Indeed
hen a Ih ink into how many homes it pt-ne.
Ma.es ,-veiy moiii'i, wo mii-i consider i: a-
one ol the cd dentins us t-JI US entel I liners ol
ihe public nun, I. lor its vast popu arnv bus
betn von by no appeal to stupid iiCUdices
or ilepiaved tastes. f.Woii f,7.,-s.
The eh irneter which Ibis J.iy.i:i'ii possess
es forvaiieiv, ciitcrpn.-e, wei.il HI lit r.uy
. uliuie ihi.t has kepi p .ce null, if it has in, l
l-.l Hie tunes, l,,,!,! 1 i uiic ps c.jii.lii'.tors lo
reari it with I'.i-lilial le con 1 lucei.cv. I also
eiililles them to n ijre:. .-In itn upon ihe pub
lie ur ililnile. The .Ibyci.ii.e bus done X'-od
end nol evil all the di.ys of its Inc. Uiuol.lin
A complete set of ll.inpEiTa M'ir.tNF, now
eoinpns nix 4'ivo'iifiics. in neat clulh biml-no,
will be sent bv exptc-s fieiuht nl expense ol
pun-In. s r, tor a 2'i per vi.luiiin. himjlr. rr.b
n.iie, by inail.j'.oi tit, ?J on. clntn cases, for
bin !u:, Skeins, hy mad, postpaid.
"A Ciiiiipli-tn rictorlnl History of the
Tnac.."-"TTic liesi, clicupcsi, mul imist
micccsslul 1 niiiiiy I'nper in Hie I niiiu "
Harper's Weekly.
AViVm " Ihe hcu.
The Wal.li is tho ablest and most powerful
illustrated periodical published in this court
ti v. Its editorial- are si holaily and convinc
ing, and ennyii.uch neijil.t. Its illustrations
of current event are full and tre-h, and are
prepaiedln- our best designer, e. lib h cir
-iilnlM.il of I' ), lies Wickl) is read by at
b-a.t hail a million persons, and lis inlliiencii
as mi oruui id ,, pinion is simpl) tremendous.
The lb, Uy imiiiiiinns a positive position, and
expresses decided views on polilieul and so
cial problems. Lutti.cille fuitiier-Jvitrnnl.
The annual volumes of HAnpBi'a WtrKt-.y,
in neat clulh binduij, will bn sent by express,
free jife.xnense. tor $7 till each. A cow tittle Set,
comprhiuK Siilt'H IVooiif... senl on leeeipt of
.-li at Ihe rate of S3 'ii per vol ,freiyU at ex
ptitM o'ji'ii-ciumr.
"A Kcposilory of 1'nshlon, Plcusiire and
Harpers Bazar.
Xoli inff the Prett.
Tho Bnjir is edded with a contribution ol
tai l nun tider.t that c seldom And ill any
otnii:il; mill Hieiourn.il ilst If is the oiiinn of
Ihe "rent ... orld ol fashion.- lMnn TVurWer,
I'ht Hnzttr com nw-nds itsell lo every niem
her ol Ine household to t lie cib n u by droll
and pieitv pictures, to ihe youn ladies byit
Inshion plates in endle-t vaiietv, to the prov
ident million fiv :'s i,:"icrns lor ihe ehildien's
'lollies, lo p.der.iii(iiii b; Its useful desmns
forepibroidered'slippersiind luxurious dress.
inii-c,DW !.. Hut the readmit matter of Hie
;.i:iu is uniformly of yreat excellence. The
paper has aeipured wide poiiil-irity lor the
iiremdo enjoyment it ulfords. .V, 1, Kitmtnj
Harper's Wr.KKi.r, Pazar, or Maqasink,
on ypnr, each, $4
An extra eoj-n tifhrr th MAHAZijiK, Vr.rKi.V
or Bazar, mtl lr wpj'hnt grntia to ectrtj chihof Kivg
M"Bcn nr.ni hi f4 ti wwn ni out remittance; or,
tlx coyiwfor '2) OH, without extra copy.
ttulmrt ijitiom to HaHiRR MahaZIKB, WlMl.Ti
tiMii Hazab. to on aiUlrttv or one jr(r $IU or,
tiro of li ariier I'erhMticaU, to om addreu Jor out
yetir ?7 OO.
. wnmvr can be Mippliprl nt ny lime.
The live volume of I.AitpiK' Iazau. lor
the yonrs 188, 'Bi, '70, '7lt 72, elonnnlty
hmind in crcen mor:pro clnt.i.wtll be cnt by
expreM, frilit prepmd, l(r ?7 U( em h-
The poMiUb on Hakpeb's V, ef.klv nt Bazar
1 ;:i rent- a your, M auazisr 21 cento, which
tnut b' I'fli'l til lh'(ntMufTi.fr' post office.
Ai.iress IIAUI'Kh A - liOTHEHi-1, ew York
For 1873,
TITB fjniile is now published quarterly.
lb cents pa.v-for the year, lour nnmtwrs,
u hieh is not half ihe cost. T ine who after
wards send money to the amount of one tlol.
Pir or more for seeds nuiv nlso order twenty.
hve-.ents worth extra the ptice paid lor the
The .tannriry number is hepiitiful, givinff
plans for makmtf Hural llnmea, J'esign for
Inning Table I'eenrntions, Window Gardens,
Ac. nud containing a mi-- of information in
vnlinblp 10 the lovirsof flowers, due hun
dred and fifty paves, tin fine tinted paper.
some nre hiinrlred engravings and n superb
colored plate and chromo cover. The first
edition oltwo hundred thousand iuat piloted
in r.nglisliand t.i.tmnn.nnd ready to send out.
xanoy ja.mci n.b, itocliester, n. r.
convenience, i.
Adverti8Ino reminds people
things they lind been tianlins
along, but had forgotten all about -
The First American Newspaper.
The story of the first Ameri
can newspaper, brief as was its
life, is lull of curious interest.
Seveuty years after the landing
of the Pilgrims on Plymouth
Rock, and two hundred and fif
ty years after the invention ol
printing, a newspaper was is
sued in Boston. It lived one
day and only cue copy h
known to have been preserved.
That copy was discovered ty
ihe historian of Salem, the
Rev. J. B. Felt, in the Colonial
State-paper office, in London,
while engaged inoresearches re
lating to the history of his own
city. This pioneer ot American
journalism was published by
Benjamin Hams at the London
(Jcffee House, Boston, and was
printed for him by Richard
Pierce on Thursday, the 25lh of
September, 1G90, nearly two
centuries after the discovery of
ihe New World by Columbus.
The paper was printed on three
pages of a folded sheet, leaving
one page blank, with two col
utnus to a page, and each page
about eleven inches by seven
in size. Harris proposed to is
sue his paper once a month, or
oftener if there should be a
"glut of occurrences." His first
and as it turned out, his only
number, contained several col
uir.s of homo and foroign ges
sip, without a wordot editorial
comment. Unfortunately lor
the success of his undertak
ing, he printed oue or two
items of local and military
news which' set tho official
busy bodies in a ferment of in
dignation. The legislative au
ihorities solemnly determined
that the paper came out con
trary to law, and that it con
tained "reflections ot a very
'ugh nature.1' To prevent Air.
Harris from issuing a second
number, they foibade "any
thing in print without license
first obtained from those au
thorized by the government to
grant the same." In this way
the first American newspaper
came to griei; and but fur the
accidental preservation ot a
single copy in Loudon its very
iiaino would have passed into
—Harper's Magazine
for March.
Violent Tremors Caused by
The trembling, which 13 one
of the usual symptoms of ac-
cutf, is a common result of
chronic, nicotiani. A very dis
tinguished Parisian physician
had hands which shook so
much that he could not write.
When he remained without to
bacco for any length ol lime
these tremblings disappeared.
Another case mentioned by
maun is noteworthy. A man
of forty-five years consulted
him refpecling violent and nu
merou3 attacks of vertigr.
When he felt one of them aj
proaclnng he was obliged 10
lie down, wherever he might
be, in order to avoid lalliiig.
In the country, where he hii
plenty 01 exercise, lliey were
less frequent than in the town,
where his occupati n was, sed
entary. Cessation from tobac
co aud a tonic regimen quickly
restored him. A physician
fifty-two was afflicted with sim
ilar disagreeable symptoms
and was also cured by absti
nence. Habit had become
stiong that he could not resist
at times the temptation
slight indulgence. Finding
that these returns to tobacco
were immediately followed
his old painful attacks, he re
nounced it forever.
Tue Chesapeake & Ohio road
is now completed from Hunt
ington, on the Ohio river,
Richmond, on the Atlantic.
The first train that ran through,
over a week ago, caused great
excitement and rejoicing
A drunken German in Brook
lyn, N. Y., died in his room,
shut up with a largo dog,
after several weeks the door
was broken open, and it
lound that the dog had eaten
the flesh from the bones of
dead man. .
A prince was born in Spain
the other day. Telegrams
from Madrid announce great
rejoicing in the capital. He it?
to be named Louis Amadeo
Gov. Oglesby, protectionist,
succeeds Trumbull (free trade)
in the Senate from Illinois, and
l?(Jgy, protectionist, succeeds
Blair (free trade) from Mis
souri. The Appeal tells of a Mem
phis lady who wrote to a New
York matrimonial agent for a
husband. The agent transfer
red the letter to a crusty old
bachelor, who, in replying to
it,-accident ally substituted for
his own photograph that of a
pet orang-outang. The lady
answered: "There is certainly
not much personal beauty
about you, but you appear to
have an honest, manly face. I
Tunneling the Mississippi.
Gen. Burnside was lately be
fore the House Committee on
Commerce and addressed it in
favor of the bill, which has
long been pending, allowing
railroad companies in. whiih
he is interested to construct a
tunnel under the Mississippi
river at Cairo. Gm. Burpeide
represented that the necessary
capital was secured, and with
the necessary legislation the
work would bo begun at onco.
The river and harbor bill r
ported to House contains the
following among its principal
items for the West : " Chicago
Harbor, 890,000; Fox and Wis
cousin rivers, 300,000; St
Mary's Canal, $200,000; Toledo
Harbor, $100,000; Des Moine
Rapids, 55400,000; Ilock Island,
$50,000; improvement of the
Mississippi, Missouri and Ar
kansas, 100,000; St. Louis
and Alton harbor, $100,000;
Ohio river, 200,000; Fall of
Ohio, 100,000; Upper Monon-
galiela, 30,000; mouihoflht
Mississippi, $125,000; Upper
Mississippi, 8250,000; Illintis
river, 50,000.
"The Science of Health."
Tho Science of Health hav
ing been sustained altogelhei
beyond our expectations, wt
are prepared to respond more
fully to the popular demand
lor an honest and independen
Hygienic Organ. We sliuli
Popular Physiology, ilius
trated, a complete explanation
of the structures and function
of the human sytem; 6uocinci
and clear expositions, ill us
trated, of various diseases, with
advice for their cure
All Medical Systems, giving
a history of all the medical
theories that have prevailed in
all ages of the world.
Domeslic Economy, House
hold A.flairs, Hygienic Cookery
ihe Selection and Pieservatimi
of food, etc.
The Economy of Health.
Hy adopting the Hygienic sys
tern, people would prevent tin
enormous waste caused by
sicknee.8 and improper living
Tho Labor Problem. Cor
rect habits will insure the
worker Health and btrength
pre requisite, torlm indepeud
Health is Happiness. Health
reform is the basis of all re
form. What is more valuable
than a sound mind in a sound
Terms. $2 a year; single
numbers, 20 cents; ten copies
$15, and an extra cop to agent
TlieuAnxious Moth.er," a splen
did Oil Chromo, p.-ico 5, given
to every new subsciber. Our
Chronios are now ready for de
livery. If sent by mail, mount
ed and varnished, ready for
Iraming, 30 cents extra must
be sent for each picture.
Premiums. Besides Clu
Rates, we are offering libera
premiums, a list of which will
be sent on application. Loca
Agents wanted everywhere.
and cash commissions given.-
Send P. O. Orders; or, Registe
ed LeUer. Address all letters
toS.R. Wells, Publisher, 389
Broadway, New York.
Judge Davis has granted a
stay in the execution of Stokes,
the murderer of Fisk.
In Davenport, Iowa, when a
wile catches the husband kiss
ing the hired girl she says
nothing, but she gives them
both crolon oil in a doughnut
divided between them, then
grins while they move around.
Daniel Webster, in his last
days, said to Professor Si 11 i
inan: "Tho law is uncertain,
and politics are utterly vain;
but thero is a nobleness of
certainty in science which
commands my admiration; and
I would willingly pass the rest
ot my life in studying its
Tub cold weather,
uws. and mantf fires
of the
past few months are now fol-
owed by disastrous floods, the
effects of which are described
in the telograph reports. South
ern travel is subjected to a se
rious interruption by the de
struction of the Clarksville,
Tenn., bridge, and the loss to
the 1'ittaburg coal fleet is very
A minister once told Wen
dell Phillips tint as his busi
ness in life was to save the ne
groes, he
to go South
where they were and do it.
That is worth thinking o','' re
plied Phillips, "and what is
our business in life?" "To save
men Irom hell," replied Hie
minister. "Then jro there and
ttend to your business," re
plied Mr. Phillips.
Simosd's, I'liotr.graplier. Cliillicnthe
gives careful nttcnlion to making cop
ies of other picture, l'iuturcs way be
made ns lame ns lifo from the tiniest
fcket picture, nnd made in every way
atisfaetory by careful nnd judicious
union no-. riiotit''rupiis irom nutureor
from other pictures colored in the heat
tyles in oil, w titer colors, crayon, Pits
let or ink, at rules to suit nil circum
Expr.iiiF.Nci-: will tench nny ninn thai
it is itilviititiienus tn patronize) thorn
whondvertiss in newspnpers-
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galipolis. McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
iUI stock ol Die I... Mc.. & V.. II. It. in r
hereby rcniii.cd to inake pavinciil lo Ihe-ce-
Uiryofihe t'oiupany, nt his nllice on tin
ibln; Pipinro, in (i.illioolis, tiliio, oi il mm-
onvenient, io I iitiii-l Will, ri-esulpi'l of Ihi
Vinion (,'oiinly llniik, ni Mo tiilmr, "hin, e
in in-tollmenl ol live dollar on e.-ieh shnr
o sul.si-1 iPed, 1 1 1 ii ii len days of Ibis date.
Auu-l lu. 1671.
WM. fllonKn.Fre'y
Ii McA. i C. it. It. Co.
dee B 171.
Particulars and Sainnles sent nn receipt of
Stump. No Cupitul Necrsmiry. Addrcss.M.
iUI !.) it w., lui iiioudway, new ium.
Catarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
Immediate relief nnd a permanent cun
guaranteed in every case. Particulars sen'
tree. Addiess i Union aledici.1 lualilutc, it,
Kasl l.-,th.St.,N. Y.
Errors of Youth.
Rules nn I I'resciinlinns that will euro snj
case of Seminal Weakness, Emissions, Ac.
and restore lost manhood to perfect health-
HUNT raKR to all, l.v one who lias sutierit alio
i now cured. Address, with stamp, Eiwaii
Trenaink, Station li. New York. 'J:inly
Lovo and Matrimony.
The nneetions may be iMiued hy fnllnwini!
simpl- rules, and mi may marry iiappuv wit ti
out reaiird to we ilth,nje or beauty. Address
iviiii ammo.
iladain Lnoillo Domarre, Bible House
Station, N. Y. 2Janly
Kn Person can take these Dltteri ao
eordinx to directions, and remain lonir unwell,
provided their bones are not destroyed by mine
ral poison or other means, and vital orgam
wasted beyond the poiut of repair.
Dyspepsia or Iiitllfrestion, Headache
rain in the Shouldcra. Couirlis, Tightness of the
Cheat, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of the Sto
mach, bad Taste in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks,
Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain In the regions of the Kidneys, and
a Hundred otner puiiinii aymptoms, are me orr.
sprlngs or Dyspepsia, oue Dottle win prove
better Riiarunteo of Its merits than a lengthy
For FeinnlcComplatnts, In young or old
married or single, at tiio dawn of woiminliood
or the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display
decided an Influence that Improvement U soon
For Iiiflaniniatorv and! Chronl.
Rhemnatlsui and Gout, Dillons, i-eniltteul
ami interm ttcut Kcvers. Discuses of the Uli.nd
Liver, Kidneys and bladder, these Hitters have
no cquaL Such Diseases are caused by Vitiated
'i'hey area trentle Pnreallre as well
as a Tonic, possessing the merit of acting
a poweriui agent in relieving uongeanon or in
flammation of the Liver and VUoerul Organs,
and In bilious Diseases.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules,
Boils, Carbuncles, King-worms, Scald-lleatl,
Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Dlscolora
'lonsofthcSkin, Humors and Diseases of the
skin of whatever name or nature, are liter
lily dug up nnd carried- M of the sys
m tu a short time by the one of these Hitter.
Girateful Thousands proclaim Vinkoar
BiTTEits the most wonderful Invigorant that
ivcr sustained the sinking svstcm.
it. ii. ncuoftAi.D o co.
Drntrtrlsts anil Ceu. Agts., fian Francisco, Cal
k cor. of Washington and Cliarlum fits., N,Y.
Ten jnrara ot a pate
lie leu has proved lur.
Crook's Wine of Tr to
have nvoro merit than
any similar prepruthu
ever otlerotl to Uia piib
llo. It Is rich In the
medicinal qualities ol
Tar, and untUuled fol
dlsonses of the Thro
. apau nor fnrtt 1 1 II tt
ttZl'-incf all 1'oiiRlm ana
Av, old. It lnw curetl so
wA 'm ninny t.asi- "l ."7Z
and II roiienli'". "
lius betiu proiionuoed
speoltio for thes eom
iiliilnts. Kor Palna In
ihe Breast, SlUci ol
Back, (.ravel or KM
iiey lHaeiise, Tiisoose
if the Crlnary ricans, Jaiiimiee, urn
iny Liver (oniplalnl It bus no etiunL,
It la also a superior Tonic,
II uisti - j;eM,orM ,,io Appetlt.
Strengthens the Nyiiteiii. . V
Bcatorcs Ihe Weak aud Uebllttated.
Bcaiorcs i (h food , injrest,
Beniovca lyKippsl aad Hiiliselon,
Bcn,,C l.rcVeula Jli.lurloui l evera,
Qivcstone to your nysiem.
rtat Tale, Yellow, Siclly-LooMtiff SWfl
n chniii'ed In olio of fri-sliiicaa und licnltli
riioso llseir) of the Hlilu. rim pi ass,
PiiNttilPN. Hlolehpaaiid f.rnplltiiis ar
Sfroliiln.crofnloiis IHsjenat't
Ouisorci or any kind of lli.n.'-r wplillj
lwlndl.- nnd lis.n..ci.r ulidcr Its li. 0"f
In fact " will do you mom good, and curt
...;....,.,.,iilv thnii iniv nnd nil othet
J ml" nod with tl. iiicllclnRl P"P"'? '
Polio llool illveNtetlolalldlsnmccnbleqUHl.
lilts It will euro nny flirouie or
Klmltllliir lliese vvlio-e real or dlreol
III I.'.mhHor IIhoh.4 'oiistlnilioiiihra.
ken clown bv Mficnrlul or oilier poWons,
are nl cured i.ylt. I'orS) .. .l.ia.or K, ph
iiui ...'nt.tlii.ro Is iHilhiu cqiml lo II.
...... -. . .x ran nit .
a .-.ii.i u-ill nrove ii.
K.l.lli N 'JirOVSU
I'OKt' itoor.
-1 r . .& ..
Dr. Cox's lllvo (fronp) Syrup has
been known anil used by the medical profloij
over 100 ycor, and as a remedy for Colds and
Coughs has an older and belter reputation n.an
any other Conga, mcdiclno ever offered to tha
public. It Is known as tho Compound Syrup of
bqnills, and a formula may bo found In every
medical dispensatory. -
Dr. ISanaom's nive Syrnp and
Toltl, In addition to lliu iiiirredieuts for Coxs
Hive Syrup, contains Balsam of Tolu, decoction of
8kankC'abba"i0lloot nnd Lobelia, a combination
that must commend It to every one as a superior?
remedy for f'roup, Whooping Congo
Asthma, Bronchitis, dough and
Colds. Indeed for nil alii-ctlons or the Throat
and Lungs whero a Comth Mcdiclno la necessary.
i-i. i, c.rnn ! nrerullv PrrDared
nnder the personal direction of a regular Phyil
cian of over twenty years' practice, whose elgua.
ture is attached to tho directions on the bottle.
It taste la very pleasant anu cuuureq
like it, .. ..
Kvery family should keep It as a ready
remedy fur Croup, Colds, etc., among the
children. . ,
1). rtAMSOM, 8n:c & CO., I'ropr . unnaio, n. i.
It rnrcs na If by PIAGNETIO
IFLUENl!K, Neuralgia and all pain, and Is
thcrcforo very properly termed " Magnetic,
Halm." It is purely a vcgctaoie preparation, it
has no equal as a remedy for
Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Dysen
tery, bono ana an oowei lompiaims.
Its timely uao will cure Colds, (. roup, Diplw
theria. Quinsy, and all Throat allecl Ions.
Wlit n properly used. Fever and Ague,
and other complaiuts Incident to our western and
southern climates, aro easily uruaeu up.
Nervous Pain. Sick-Headache, and Bhen
matlsm arocurcd by this medicine when all others
have failed. Toothache, Eursche, Burns. Chi,
blnins and nraiscs sro relieved at onco Dy its use.
Thecenulnc uaaD.HananmckCo.'si
Srlvite Hevemio Stamp on ine oiitsmo, ana ir.
. R. Miller's Magnetic Balm blown in tho bottle.
Examine closely, ana uuynone out me gen
uine. Sold by all Druggists. Price 25 ecnU per
D. Ransom, Sok & Co., Propr's, Buffalo, V. T.
caelo m mscHisr," " oood uoBsruo,"
Willi th. rnrrrir wkkilv ... wfkii.t enaw-i
HAS AT WOKS .iMmnuune),m w.
LTwo of thtM Cbrnmoi tr th. III. of " WltUi
Avu. Ma Fuiatiwpi-- w.bni
. A toowwhu hiuUIot.
SibKrltsn fonl.hl AT ONCX
can m.k. bllr Ins .
wild uu.n who uj
otner pa.uusn.
AUnM, ,
in Mmui
aimt, .
SSOO rages, 250 Engravings.
A slartl ng expose of medical hiirr.biin. nl
Ihe past -and piesent. H ventilates quacks,
traveling uoelon, noled female chests, for
tune tellers and medium., nnd Kivea interest
ing narratives of noted physicians. It revesla
slnriling secrets, nnd is invaluable to all. We
give exclusive territory s d liberal commls-.
sions. For eireulars and tonus address the
publishers. J. B. BL'KR A HYDE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
Written by 20 eminent authors, inclrding
John B (iough, ind Horace Greeley,
This work is a complete history of aW
branches ol industry, and i a complete enr
cyclopedia of arts and manufactures. i'ne
ol our agents sold i:i:i copies in eiicht days,
another 3i in two seeks. Specimens tent
Ireeou receipt ot stamp
J. 11 BDUK A n YDE, rubtishers.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
weeks. Agents who would secure territory,
should apply si once.
J. B. H'lltR a RYDE, Publisher!,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, HI.
James JbiiiiUIc'si Estate.
Probate Court, Fi'non County, Ohio.
NOTICE is hereby given that Mrs. Cynthia
Dunkle, administratrix of the estate of
.lamas fJunk'A, deceased, has filed her ae
count with said estate for final settlement)
and that the same is set lor hearing on the 8th
day of February, A. b. 1873, at U a'clook,
A.M. H. 8. MAYO,
Probate Judge.
Jan. 16, 1873. It
fm rinE Jennings Faim.
1 one mile norm -west
PjSsof Hamden, adjoininf
.14-. farm of Hon. T. M. Bay.
continuing 180 acre., 130 seres in gra.s aud
balance in timber. A new two-.tory frame
hou-o, barn, smoke house and other necessa
ry nut-honses are among Ihe improvements.
The inrm lies well, is well watered, fencing
nnd everything connected with it in good rs
fair. For further Information inquire of
2s , R. S.WILCOX Hamdea, Ohio.
Ti Yfu OTN '

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