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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 06, 1873, Image 2

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McAK 1 11 UU, OHIO,
THURSDAY. M.VK. 0, 1873.
For Member of Constitutional
Wo observe that tho Demo
cratic Enquirer is again pay
ing its devoirs to the Liberals.'
We are glad of such thought
lalness on the part of our co-
temporary on the eve of an
important election. The Lib
eral Republican party was in
town last week. It came on
horseback, had its pants in its
boots, and wore the customary
red comforter nnd standing
collar. -The happy arrival ol
.the aforesaid party in connec
tion with the sweet wooings of
the Enquirer, reminds us to
eay that justice to the Liberals
requires that they should be
remembered in the distribution
ot offices this Spring, and as
there is only oue office to dis
tribute and only one Libera
to be rewarded, we suggest to
the Dem-o-lib-acratic conveu
tion, which meets next Mon
day, the name of Judge Minor
R. Potter as a fit man for can
didate for Member of Consti
tutional Convention.
In presenting his name to
the convention we feel that
comment is almost superfluous
It is not to be expected that
the Liberals will come up to
the trough every time, fodder
or no fodder, and the sacrifices
which the Judge made last
fall in throwing up an election
to the office of Probate Judge,
when it was within his grasp,
and when be was burning with
sucn unselhsu patriotism to
serve his country in that capac
lty, and Lis devotion to the
cause, and unpaid service; in
editing the organ, all combine
to make a claim which the con
vention can not disregard. In
his action we see the highest
type of patriotism, and we
look in vain for classic prece
dents Brutus plunged the dag
ger into the bosom of his
bosoms friend; Cincinnatus
laid aside a fat office and
went to farming; 'Jicero suffer
ed exile rather than keep liis
mouth shut; Wm. Tell would
Lave. sacrificed the life of his
son and perhaps all of his
other relations to get out of
jail; and Amadeus gave up the
crown of Spain to save the
crown Amadeus; but Potter
laid upon the altnrof tho Dem
ocratic party, the ambition of
a lifetime. Thirsting for office,
he would rather be right than
be Probate Judge. lie laid
down all and followed Greeley
And, now, in these latter
days of corruption,when a man
is sought who is disinterested,
unselfish and honest one who
is fool enough to sacrifice office
for the sake of principle, and
lovo the people and despises
Jiimself who so fin's the bill
PoUer! Hurra for Poltei!
N. B. No charge for niak.
ing this announcement.
Senator Pomeroy's Case.
The Committee in the case
of Senator Pomeroy for bribing
members of the Kansas Legis
lature to vote for him have re
ported, the majority reporting
in Pomeroy's iayor. Senator
Vickers declines to lorm an
opinion 28 to his guilt or inno
cence for want of time to prop
erly consider !be evidence.
Senator Th urman makes a
ehort minority report, finds
Pomeroy guilty, but declined
to present the case to the Sen
ate in full. We are compelled
to coincide with the report of
Senator Thurman, and regret
that there was not sufficient
time for him to present his
views fully to the Senate.
Pomeroy's explanation is "too
thin" to cover his rascality.
Senator Pomeroy has made
himself conspicuous as an op
ponent of secret benevolent
orders especially Odd Fellows
and Mason j. The Senators se
cret works have no doubt led
him to the conclusion that the
secret works of his neighbors
Are necescssarily vile.
Gex. Grant u as re-iuau
rr n en.
ted on Tuesday.
Credit Mobilier.
In reply to I lie hue and cry
which is being raised by the
Democratic press m regard to
tho criminaliiy of Colfax, Uar
field, Dawes, Kelly and other
leading Republicans in their
connection with the Credit Mo
bilier, we have only this to say.
The investigation was ordered
on motion of Speaker Blaine,
one ot the accused, who called
lion. S. S. Cox, a leading Dem
ocrat to the chair to hear the
moiion and appoint a commit
tee. The committee consisted
of two Republicans and three
of the opposition, and alter pa
tiently hearing and weighing
tho testimony, much of which
was in direct conflict, they have
found two .nembers of Con
gress criminally interested in
Credit Mobilier stock, one a
Kepublican ot no prominence
in the party, Oakes Ames, of
Massachusetts; and the other,
James Brooks, of New York,
the Democratic leader of the
Llouse. In this verdict the
committee was unanimou?,
which shows that they ap
proacbed the subject with more
candor than have these gentle
men of the Democratic press.
But having given ourselves up
us a party to be tried by a
Democratic jury, as it were(
and they having pronounced us
innocent of guilt, we protest
against this garbling of the tes
timony to assail the character
of men whom their committee,
in view of all the testimony,
wero compelled to acquit of
any wrong. If the findings of
the committee was uot fair and
just to all parties, it is because
of the inherent weakness and
rascality of the Democratic
party, who had the matter in
their own hands. The truth ot
it is, and the Democratic press
may as well acknowledge it,
as did the Democratic Com
mittee, the Democracy were a
little deeper in the mud than
we were in thw mire.
Constitutional Convention.
It is now but a little more
than a month till the people
of this county will be called
upon to nominate a Member of
the Constitutional Convention.
In Democratic circles the ring
and the professional politicians
have already commenced ac
tive operations to securo the
prize. Among the Republi
cans, on the contrary, we hear
scarcely a word. Some can
ssing has been done by
the personal friends of individ
ual Republicans to procure
their consent to become can
didates; but thus far we be
lieve no man has been an-
proached who would consent
to give up his business fcr the
honor nnd profit of the office,
and in regard to candidates,
we are as far at sea as though
the election were a year off.
Wo are glad though to see the
Republicans cjmmence the
campaign as they have with
quiet determination to se
curo a good man, a man of the
people, who has the knowledge
and integrity which will com
mand the confidence of the
people. It is the foreshadow-
ng of certain victory. The
people of this county are ripe
for shaking off the shackles ol
the ring.
Fashion Predictions.
Thin dresses will be worn
next summer, cut goring, with
gussets and hems, aud sewd
up at the seams.
Skirts will be worn longer
than the waist", that is, if the
waists don't wear out before
the skirts.
The sletves will be cut ac
cording to the length of the
Ear muffr will be dispensed
with during the summer
- Hats, bonnets or something
similar will be worn on the
Slippers will be the rage dur
ing the banana season not
the Marie Antoinette style,
but plain slippers.
High heels will only be used
by mules.
Dn. HoWERS, Deulitft, McAr
thur, 0.
For Members of Constitutions
at Convention.
Mr. De Sieeur has been
nominated by tho Republicans
of Athens. A. (i. Brown an
nouncas himself as an inde
pendent candidate. In his
card he announces that he was
a member of the convention
which framed the present Con
stitution a good and sufficient
reason to our mind why he
should not again serve the
Slate in the same capacity.
Capt. J. W. Bannoti has been
nominated by the Republicans
of Scioto.
Ex Senator Wm. Allon was
nominated by the Democrats
of Ross county, but declined
to accept that or any other of
fice which will cull him away
from home. A very sensible
conclusion for p. gentleman
who has led the active life and
reached the advanced years of
Senator Allen.
James Tripp is spoken of as
nn inueoendent candidate in
Jackson countv.
The following is a list ot let
ters remaining in the postoffioe
at McAril.ur, O, March 1st,
Ltiayette Brewster, Eliza
Button, Daniel E. Brown,
Phoebe Curry, Hannah Clark,
H. 1. Conner, S. F. Cramer,
Wm. DoIIison, James Gilmer,
John Hawkins, Katie Dole,
Mrs. Arence Reynolds, Riel
Snyder, John 11. Snyder, D. E
Vest, Edward Waller, Thomas
Vinton County, Ohio.
rrMlKnext term commences April l"t. The
X expenas nt tuition, fuel, lia;ht,ua-hiiitrand
room rnt. S3. 60 a week lor hoarders: it to
I'i w for asll-ujarde.'s. K-r further nnrtmu
lara apply to F. AI. CIIEADI.E,
ninar.nr 1'rluclpul.
pHE Cn-partne'aliip heretofnie existing
a. neivi-een.1. w. wu.-on ann j. i.umer.UH
der the firm mime cf Wilcox A Ojjier i tins
ay uifc..iveii oy milium uoiiHem.
the liiiauies will hereitl'ter he continued hv
John W. Wilcox. Wll.CUX & UG1EK.
Hatnutn. O., March 3. 1873.
1 hnve determined to ndnnt the Cash and
Produce evxteni from t t.iM date, and will
strictly adhere to it, making no exception iu
auy luatunue wlwtever. Uuvinii
Reduced Prices from 10 to 15 per cent
The public will And it to their interest to pal,
and imve money hv Imyiux at cuali price., as 1
positively can sndtciU
Sell Cheaper tlmn any Ulan
who sells on the
Credit System.
Vistox Coimr, ,
March I, A. 1 1873. J
To tht Qualified Yoltn if Vinton Conuty, Ohio !
WHh.KKu,hy the lawsof Ohio renulatinit
Election it is required ot the Hieritt or hi
Ou ity to ifive notice herorethetime of hold
i"K a teneral Kleciion hv I'roclninuiinn
tlirouihout the cntirlv of the time on winch
ili'h Elect ,nn Ml ill be hnlden.
In puaaiinnce of such requisition, 1,
UE'lRUE K.I.ER,.-hr-nft of Vinton Countv,
Ohio, do hereby ptoclaim and m ike known
that the
First Monday of April 1873,
(Being the 7th Day of said Minth,)
t by the laws of Ohio appointed the day on
which the qualified tlec'orr of Vinton County
are notified to meet in ll.eir respective Town
hi., at tht ir itainil or proper place-, ol hold,
in, Apr.l elrclioni-, letwren the hours of II
o'clock in the forenoon and (o'clock in the
afternoon ol aa i riiv, and I hen and t here pro
ceed to vote by ballot for the followinz officer,
to wit I
One Delegate to the Constitutional
for Vinton County, Ohio.
Ciraa aaifer my ftaarf, ot mg affet. In SIcAnhur,
Om la! (fay oj lint k,A. f. 1873.
Sheriff or Viuton County. Ohio.
Agents Wanted.
For the sreat sensation ol hygienic litera
ture, our digestion; or,
lr. Dlo Lewis' new work la an Immense
suc-eaa. Karea mnnev, worry, and pretiona
health, and shows how to lire well and grow
fatiin It a week.' Agenla are coininir money,
vid dn.nxa worldolgood with i. Thesatre
chances still open I'elav not, bu address at
"i, "' HNNAf(lR- i;o. PtiMtahera,
177 West Fourth street. Cincinnati, o. emaia
Dick's Enctcloprpu nr Practicu Rk-
cstetsssp Psncr.asEa. Containingi,4?2 prac
tical recc'pte. written in a p:ain and pnpul ir
ma i her, and llliilrnted with explanatory
woo.Ncuts. Hei.ni a oonirrheiiie bo.ik of
r. lerence lr the ineroi,nf, manufictiirer. ar
lian, ninaieur and houseke,er, including
rr.ediciue, irmnoy and domesi.'1' economy
The scope of this work is entirely different
from any ather book ot the kind. Koines
being a crAnplele and aim' at indispensU'
... ... mnussnu smi one
re. pts and si deles needed in e 'ery hulls,
hold , farm, garden, etc.. it includes clear and
ea!ly iindentood directinna for the applies
lion of many of iho art-. Uaually s. quired omv
by long experience, and eo uiveaied of te. h'
nichaluiea, or the technicalities nf terms used
so lully explained as to bring the entire sub
ject within the cnmprehen-ion ofany person
of ordinary intelligence. I'roiniinent among
the immense maes of suhiecla treated of in
the book are the Pillowing:
The Art ol Dyeing, Unid Bolt and Toilet
Soajis, Isnning, Instillation, Imitation Liq
uors, Wints, Uordisls and Hitlers, Oider.
Brewit.'.g, Heiurmery.Flftvnrmg Erscnces.etc.,
Co-nien- s, Hair lyes and Washes, Pomsd.s
and I'etfnwied OiN, 'I'ooih Powders, etc., 8y,
tups, Alcoi.ol and Alcnholmetry, Pell oleum
and Kerosene- Hleeching and Cleaning, Vin
eir, tsnces, Catsups and Pickets, Heceipta
tor Ihetinrden, To Hemovebtains,8pots,eUi
Pvrotechny and Kiplesives, Cements, etc.
Waterproofing, Artificial, Gems, Inks and
Writing Fluids, Aniline Colors, Paints and
Pigments. I aiming and Paper-hanging, Ka'
sominesnd Whitewash, Varnishing nnd Pol.
lh ng. Lubricators, Japanning and Lacquer
It g, Knot aud Harness Hls-king. Pnomg aphv,
..,o,n, e Aiiuya, Liming, niitering, etc..
Electroiypmg, Klcctn, plating, etc.. Patent
Medicines, filed leal Heceu.t-.. VVeinbta H
iMeaeurea. 4u7 j-aes, royal octavo, . cloth.
tnot 1X00 . (mar 1
m m
Seeds,1 Plants,' Trees prepaid by
...J in - ... ..... ....... ...
chM!t dower mill garden seeds. 24 si.itsnfl
either for f I; new mi. I ehtuce varieties H'li mt
and nriiaineutil tree, shruhs, evergree ns.
roes, gr;i)a?s, Idlies, -mall fruits, Iion-ft slid
liorder id.n.s snd Iniliie; out year grafted
fruit treeafor mailing; fruit stock of all kinds
hedge plsnts, c; the moat complete orl
mewl i4heeonn'ry, oill be sent gratis to sny
tiUin sddress, with P. O. box. True Uspe
"vd Cranberry fo: upland or lowland , 16 per
lout); per loo; prepaid by mail. Tro-le list
to dealers, beads od commission. Agent
w Anted.
B. M. WATSON, Old Colony
Nonaries and Seed Warehouse,Ply
mouth Mass. Established 1843.
Kent lllmlrated Edition. 4. W. Wstson.sulhorof
" I he Outfits!." Beantiullg IUntiroJed, from orig
inal dnigm k Kduwd L llenrf. Coinidelo in
one turye octavo volume, in unilorm style
with "'I he Outcast and other Poems," belli
printed on the finest tinted plate paper, and
uounn in itreen morocco etoin, with nut top,
Kilt aidea and beveled board, urio Two lad-
l:ire, or bound in ttreen morocco cloth. With
It i It aides, and beveled boards., price rbree
Lollnra. - -a
Abort book it for ss htt nil hookteVert. er cos
ir ofUwillbemrnt, jaMf-putd, to eay mm. par rsfsr of
as III, on nay one rtiuiutug the pnee of V to thpubtuh
era. J H. rr.l KKSim a riltoi'H r.KS,
son Chestnut St., PhiLdeluhia, Pa.
(til Broadway, New York,
19 the best system of modern short hand
writing. By its aid reporters are enabled
to write vernunn the speejnea ol (lie moat
rapid talkers, with the greatest ease. It is a
brench of itudv as eaailv learned aa any ot
the common branches, such aa reading, writ
ing, arithmetic ot grammar, and may heac
quired bv any child Unit can rend common
print readily. Jta characters are as fixed
ami certain in their meanings, as legible, aa
philosophical, aa beautiful as tnoae now in
common ue, are more systematic, and more
rentiny leiirnea.
The great utility of Phonograph is fully
conceded bv teachers, students, business and
prolesaional men. Thedemaud for Ph'inor
rnphers is greater than lite supply, and con
stiintlv increasing. It is n sure and east
stepping stone for a young man or woman to
immediate, permanent an I renectab em
ployment, si salaries uf from f l.sm to fxooo
per year, as reporters for newspapers, civil
ami military vourta. Legislatures, Cnnven
lions, etc., or as clerks in the offices of rail
roads iclegrnphs. lawyers, physicians, mer
chant nnd manufacturing houses, and in all
the Hepariiuenis of tnt National Uovernmeni
and as secretaries and ameniisisea. Thtre is
no held of labor so certainly remunerative,
nn't nniiiienii art so eanv acquired.
In the lawyer in noting down testimony
nn I trlerences, nnd in preparing Hist draft of
oneisniiu otrer less) papers it is invslunble,
I n nieciergtmsn, in preparing his sermons,
to ine pnunc hpeaker Hi preparing a nis
course, to any person hnvingstudie or cler
bsl duties it will save '0 per cent, of time.
PA HE. NTS, why not have your children
learn Phonography a useful and beautiful
art. a renning amusement, a uniqe nccom
pliKhiient. in any voniiion of I fe it will re
bay many time its cost in money time aud
ery style of the art commencing with the
an lvis of words, and proceeding t the moft
raput reponing siyie-in sucn a rorm and
manner. wiMi rucli Ic.llness of erolinilion.
nml coinpleleness of illustration, anil with
such oil erfenturee as to fully adapt the wor
iu i ue use ot scnoeis and to ell instruction.
fnre, by mail U w.
Mr. Giahim isthnaulhor of a Phonooranh
ic incunnsrv, Keaaers, nr.d olherw.uk, also
ptiiilisher nt a ncwaniper csl ed " I he Mil
dent'j Journal,'' devoten to the advnnceinent
ot monograph. Iend for asnecimen num.
her cnnuuclng a full description of the vsr
ions woras oa rnonogmpny wnicrt are pub
Iin,,r, nj iiiiii.
Aitdress: ANPItEW J. GRArtAM.
tifeb u3 Broadway, New York.
Too mnny parents put off havlnrr
pictutPS made of their children until
it is forever too Into. Muny sad re
prets would be prevented if it was at
tended to in time.
Secure the shadow ere the substance
A mttto trite but well nnd nptiy said ;
And oft recurring, as with anxious
We giizeon forms which bloom, alas!
to die.
Be wise in time; Improve the present
Pluck while we may the rose of beau
ty' bower,
And from Us bloom, an evanescent
Extract a balm a sweetness to destroy
The poison mingling of the cup of
And soothe the anguish of its parting
Billingliurst is always ready to at
tend to such matters. Every person
old and young, should attend to this
duty without delay.
The hpnng lerm connnences A,ril 1st;
on miner lerm, a-une itnn.
We desire In announce lliat tlnnreceHenied
adsaiibigea ran be en loved at tins ln'l'ution
uunng ih next two terms by teachers nnd
hoe desiring to prepare tor teaching nr bus-ioe-s.
Ladle, and gentlemen will nnd thia in.
etitiitinn more profltable Ih in any other in the
onto, necaiie r : I Itarhenpneas tuition
and laiarding. t. Its great range ol studies
ana trills. ;i. jis live, praciPal and tnnr
ou.n teachers. 4. lit saving of tune. S. Its
eameall euthusiauio spirit nf work. 6. Its
freedom from the vi s and temptations of
isrge towns ana cities. 7. us nesltniul lo
ration. S. Its freedom from political or
iwi-i .nan reaintmia.
arsVe are responsible for Hie statements
made here nr io our catalogues and cirutilars.
fend at once for deecriptive catalogue nr
perwjnaMnlornulion. Ail will be cheerfully
lurmshed l.y
Sevvitig Machine
Agent wanted Send for circular Address
Porest anuEvergreen Trees and Seeds
15 millions Ererg-reen Treeet 18 illilllona
European Larch, eui.,etu. AH grown Iroin
eeeits in our own niireenes. Also, Fralt and
Forest Tree Heeds. Catalogues tree.
Waukegan, III.
USE the Rennger Snsh Lock a,nd8upport to
No spring to lireAk, no rutting cl sjsh; cheap,
durable, vry easily applied; holds ss.b at
any place dcaired, and a self fastener when
Ihessan Is dowu. r-end stamp for circular.
Circular and hi oopperabrnnaed locks sent to
any .vldnss in the U. rl , postpaid nn receipt
ot 60 cts. dliersl liidtiremeuta to the trans.
Agents wanted.. Address KEIBINirERSA-tH
LOCK 00., No. 411 Market St., HarrUborg.Pa
AVVil j F A P 1 1. i .
YEu & CO.,
Union Block, Saoaud St.. Chilliootbe,
INV1TK the attention of housekeepers of
lthis place and viciuiiy to Uieir stock ot Wall
Spring Trade of 1873
A large assortment just received. Cell and
examine when you are in Chillicolhe.
Linen and Paper Window Shades. Bus
He Shade, at out; a yood Assort-'
ment of Miscellaneous and
School Books, Staiiouery, fancy
Articles, die.
"farms for sale.
THE Hum on which I now reside in Jack
son township. Pike Co., o., :irar Sharon
ville, and ronlsiiiing nrarly six hundred seres
Also my farm in Liberty township, Rosa Co ,
(i.,snd containing about 2WI acres. 1 will sell
either or
For lurlher information rail on or write to
me directed to Omega, Pike I o , O, The
nrst farm is in one of the most desirable "itu
st'nnainthe lowuahip 'rhe farm in Liber
ty'township is very convenient to the depot
at iinunnderry. MAau.i junta.
Lamb's Ointment,
'T'HIS highly popular article is unequalled
xoany other application lortnecureoi
Aa4 in tht Brtatt, Caking of tho Milk, or Tumort
from otkmr cusmj; Frh r'unnU or Urnuut
f reer Soru. or other old Borot or (fesrs;
Chapped Hand, Skin Difatet, Hprntntt
King, Worm, Mt Man Truer,
AUcmti, Boil, Burnt, txaUU,
Drmmng of BtiUtn, Oaras, I'hUblaint, Carbuncle,
Buclling, dc.
It will he found very efficacious in the cure
rf Neuralgia, rinre Eves, Kace Ache, and all
innaminuory swellings.
Price 60 cents per box.
H. C. CADY, Sole Proprietor,
State of Ohio, VintonCounty, ss.
Rumaey & Co , PlaiotilTs
John E. McVey and Sallie McVer,
pURSUANT to the command of an order of
i aatn i-sueu from the Court of Common
I'leas of Viuton Countv. and to medliecled as
Mierirtof said County, I will oiler for sale at
the door of tho Court llo t-e, in the town of
cAilliur, Vinton Co'iutv, Ohio, on
Monday, the 31st Day of Marcb,1873
at the hour of 1 o'clock, P. M. of snid day,
the following described lands and tenements,
to wit:
I'he north narl of fract'nnal In. lot Nn (ml
thirty seven, in the village of New Mount
I'leaaitm, in Viuton County. Onio. mid heinv
the fo .lowing tract, to wit :
Commencing nt the north east enrnei ,.f
in-lot No :17 thirty, seven, in the town nl
New Mount I leasant. snd runniiiir th.nni.
southward lf8 fllty eight ftet, thence in a
westeily course about i in ten rods, thence
norm i.sij ininy iet 10 a store, thence east
wsrdlv I loul one hundred an-t fttiv fet in ,i.
pi ice of beginning, nnd being ol au m-lol No.
lii tiiiiiy-eeveu.
Apprai-ed at three hundred and aiilv.aev.
en dollars and ill ut bung two-thirds of tha
urn .
I o hs sold as the nrnnrrlv nf .Tnhn V. lit..
Vey snd bailie Mu Vev. In aatialv an I Irdnr i.f
Sale, issued Iro n the Court ol Common Pleas
in nivor ill if umavv Ijn.
I KitMS Or'bALK : Ci.hnn hand nn tl
day of sale. C1EOH4ME KALER.
hlierirl Vinton Cuuiity.
II. C. Josis. Att'y for Plaiotitf,
r'urruary 27,17J.
Sore lips, Dryness of the 8kln, etc., etc.
Cured at once by liegeman's Camphor Ice
auh tiiyjerine. it keeps the handa soft in aP
weathe.. Hee that vnu gel liegeman's. 8o I
by all IHugglsls. Only M oeuta. Manor....
lured only by Hegeumn A Co , Chemists and
iruggiaia, new Vork
tfS EsttibliHlietl 1830 J
Manufacturer-. ol m.a,
trLIHl!.RtL M.M'OUNI'si..M
sTI'nce liata and oir-"ilars free.
Ml Boston, niaas. and Detroit, micb.
TlIS Guide is now pub'iahed quarterly.
'lb cents pays for the year, lour numbers,
which is not half thei-nst. T io.e who after
wards send money to the amount of one dol
lar or more for seeds may also order twenty
five cents worth extra-the mice raid lor the
I he January number is besulif.il, giving
Inns for making Kurnl Homes. Iiesigna fur
'ining Table Decorations. Window Harden.
Ac, and containing a nna of in'onnation in
valuable to the l-.versof flowers. One hun
dred and fifty pa-s. nn flue tinted mrnai.
some ore hundred engravinirs and a suoert.
coiora piate and ciiromo cover. The Ural
edition nt two hundred thousand ilisl ptinled
in Cnglish andi.ei.oan. and ready to send out.
JAMBS V10K, KfM-hoter,N. V.
E, & H. T, AMTHONY & CO,
No. 591 Broadway, New York,
Imporers, Manufacturers A Jobber I of
Albums, Photographs and Photo
graphic Materials.
The Meihodi-tof New York is giving away
to each at.bauribcr who nava tlAM tor a tear'
piibliahed or to be procured elsewhere at any
,...vr, ,v.wuin , vnn group, ine laces ol
Wesley and ot hi-hops Coke. Aaburv. What.
coat, tieorge, Roberta. McKendree, Hedding,
wstign, namnne, Baker, Thomson Clark and
Kingaley, in additio-i to those ol ihaiin
bishops This uiclure is, therefore ol
The Methodist, although hearing a dennm.
inMional name, cou tain i much to iotereataii
who want
It haa a strong editorial corps and mans
able contributors. The lecture room talks
Beecher and the sermons of Talniage, Blah'
op Hinv-oo and others sre regularly pub
liahed. Die internat'nual Sunday School
lesaon i of value to nil teachers, while the
Children's Department is unsurpassed for va
riety and interest
Subscriptions mar be ae it direct or nsid in
Ihe nearest Methodist preacher. Specimen
copies free.
U.C. HAL8TFD, FwblUher,
114 Naesaa Btvtwt, New Yetk.
American Hand Corn Hunter
Rent by express on receipt ol f CO IA'
a l-O. maniilactiirers. bl Louis, Mo l.ilieral
terms lo dealers Wen I stamp for circular
Wood Workin? Machinery Genbrtlly.
Speelalilew-Weedsrertli Plailif,
Tongaelng and tJreeylng Irfarhlaea.
KlcbarUson's Patent Iwpreved
Tenea Maiblnea, Etc.
Central, cor. Union St.,WOECESTEE
L. B. WiTHERBY. 0. J. RU03.
8. M. RICHARr80N.
Stationery. Portable and Blast
Saw Hill, Flouring Mill and Blast Machinery
H. A F. BLAND V, Newark, Ohio.
guaranteed. Ketpvctshle employment at
home, day or evening; no capiul required;
full in'truclioos anu a teliishle package ot
goods sent Iree by msil Addrese with cent
return stamp, M. YoUNO A CO., 1 Cortland
hi., n r.
;c . OfVer dayl Agents wanledl All
vJlUatU,.!,,,,, 0f working people, of
either i-i, T ungnrold, make moie money
at work for us in (heir spare moments, or sll
the time, than anything else. Particulars free.
Address O. o I'lNSEN a CO., Portland, Maine.
I suffered with C'ntarrk thirty daya, and was
cured by a sin pie remedy. Will send receipt,
postage Iree, to all afflicted. Key J. T. MEAD,
Drawer I'D, Nyracure, N V
We cure the habit per
manently, cheap, quick,
without su tiering or in
convenience. Heactibe
your case. Address 8. 0.
ilierrien, Miohigan, P. O.
Under authority ofspeclal Ugislativ act of
March 18, 171, tlis trustees now announcetne
Third Grand Gilt Concert lor the beueht ot the
Public Library of Kentucky, lo come ott in
Library Hall at Louisville, Ky., on
Tuesday, April fttli, 1ST3.
At thia concert Ihe best musical talent lhat
ran beproctiiod from all parts ol 'lie country
will add pleasure lo the entertainment, and
ten tlinu-and cnahgiita, sggregnunga vast lo.
Inl of half a million doll'irx curieucy will be
distributed by let to Ihe ticket holders, as
One grsnd cash gift tinO.OuO, onn grsnd cash
gift fru,iH4i, one grand caal, gilt 25,(msi, one
grand eft. Il gilt '11,' 01, one grand cash gilt,
one grand cash gift IH.IKHI, one grsnd ca-h
glt-.l'ii, Vi cash gifts ol 11,000 e.ich 2LIHJU,
nil cai-h gifts of 6 u each f j.i IS), HI) cio-h gift" of
sisi each Mfttu, lOOca-h gilts of :nsl each .10..
(mio, 150 cssh gdla of 2UU each 3tl,uOo, M)o cash
gilts ol lisieai'li A9,uuii, 9.ISK) pnali gilts of IU
each 9D.UUU. Total, 10.HHJ gills, all cash,
To provide mean" for this magnificent con
cert, one bundled thousand whole tickets on
ly will be. issued.
Whole, tickets, tin; halves, ft; and quarters,
12. iu. hieven whole tickets lor flMl No dis
count on less than turn orders
The obitct of this third gift concert, like Die
two heretofore given with such unlver-al ap.
protnl, is the etuiugemenl nnd endowment of
the publio library ot Kentucky, which, by the
special set suthorning the concert for its ben
ell', is to he forever tree to all citis-ns of ev
ery Btnte The drawing will be under ihe an-
pervifion or ine rru-lees ot the library, as
sisted by the mod eminent cilisens of Ihe
United Htates The salu of tickets has already
progresaeil so far that complete success s-
hi red, and buyers are therefore notified I h i t
they tiitist ociier at mice if they desire to par
tiuipnle in the drawing
The ninnagemenl nf this undei taking has
been coiiuiMlled by the trustees lo Hen Tbos
B Itr uiileite, lute i.overiiorof KenluckJ , to
whom coinmiinicstions prrtaimng to theoilt
uonceri may oe aiireaaei
It T lll'KRETr. Pres't
W N MALI OMAN. Vice Pres't
JOIiy 8 CtlW, Sei-'v Public- Library of Ky
l AKYlER-i'e RIIV'K.S, BANK, Treasurer,
runiic i.in-sry ot kv. i.ouu-yil'e, By
Order' foi tickets oranplinitinna fur agen
cles, circulars, information ,etc, will meet
with prompt ntiPK ion t hen addressed lo me
THO) C BltAMLKTf K, Lnmaville, Ky
Ag-nt Pub in Library Ky
All niders fnr tickets should be sddreased
In r I I'lHHI.E A 01 Western LepntofSup
ply, I.M L i bulla St, Chicago, III
iy (Roods
Paint and Second Street,
Will have on Sale by the 20 f A inst.
a full line of
Dry Goods in his Wholesale Depart
Including the most popular brands of
Pancj Calioos,
Shirting Oalioos.
Brown Muslins,
Bleached Muslins.
Bro. & Bis Sheetings,
Tickings & Checks,
Domestic. Ciughaas,
Denims. Stripes,
- Drillings tic Cambrics,
Table Linens
Crash & Huck Towels.
Jeans and Flannels,
Irish Linens, &c., &c
Buyers sre solicited to extmine his stock
which will be ottered at prices ae low as in
other markets.
New supply of Brussels, Ingrain. Venetian,
Hemp and Cottage at
PERSONS indebted to me either b) note or
bonk account are notified to com lotward
and settle on or belore the
10th Day of March, 1873,
or suit will be entered at the expiration of (hat
tine to compel. W VI, bAUGtiMAM
2ailesi, February IS, W3
A Oood Easiness with an
Established Trade of
tma Seven Years.
DATI9 BRuf. navint business ta theDonth
which elslms their entile sltention
.tes.re to sell their Bool aud choe Dior in
Aniens. O. They have a well eetal lished
trade.clean Block. Una nuvm ,,k .
r.ii "",rJ01m"'"',t'inng. and moderate
on part If desired. Will trade lor Fes I JalaTe
fol,a'?" DATIa BB08.
. . Atkeae, Okia, .
! mmm
If Yoo
Want a situation
Want a servant eirl.
Want to a piano,
Want to sell a earrings.
Want to bnj orsell a farm.
Want a boarding- place.
Want to sell town' property,
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to find customers for anything,
Advertising will gain new customers.
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising nuerany always pays,
Advertising makes success easy.
Advertising begets confidence,
Auvenising snows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or 'bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Advert ii s
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who hat become
prominently rich,, hat. made hit
fortune by judicious advertising,
yo exception to (hit rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchantt, when a poor man, wat
driven ta advertising, at a last
resort, to get hit ttock turned into '
money to at to meet a note. . Ar
guing from thit that if' il toat
good for him in adversity, he
could make it it ill better in prot
ferity, he became a pertittent ad
vertiser, and thut gained hit co
lossal fortune.
Home merchants auy it is not worth
while to advertise; fur nn person read
advertisements; vet every merchant in.
thin county will read thia advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
offer wurth advertising. How much
more then will those rend tbem who
are not so largely supplied with read
ing matter, ore at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must itrportaot
item rf which is where they cart find
just what they want when they cn'me to
town to iuiika their purchase... Iiyout
stock is so old, rusty," dusty nnd but or
style that it is worthless, or if It ie run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to. the
times, and such as the people want,
dun't hide them, but publish to- the
world thut you have them, and want
to sell thoui at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle dny does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues iu a greater
ratio than moat men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Ir you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
nr if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement. But you will plod
along in business yenr after year, with
out calculating huw much you ure los
ing by not advertising it Rrporltr.
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
Live publicity to somo matter they
would nut care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obsoure corner of a
country paper arid see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser t
Gatelte. "' ' -. .
Advkrtisino is apt to give as that
gentle jiig ol' conscience which tells oa
that we'wnnt a new suit, of clothes fur
Sunday,' or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in.
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
last plnte. - Who will say that adver
tising will notyetciviliie the world!
W'ht do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there ia
Hnything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, anil to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced ra( nr n -.ini, tt,.
1 - ' t. auw
chance of an auction. For amusement
10 satiety curiosty. Because they
have read all Ihe stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals' and accidents.
HecriUSA thev want to ltn.... .L
con t help it Ohio State Journal
Trr nnwee sf nriid 1. .ll l.
but not well understood. A
ncntence has a wonderful advantiicr
ftVitfl nnm rhar im :.. I
, V . wii.wjh or Bpoien
iiib is ana nr inn mint hoiahs
elve n iinnorfsn M id:.:..,.
'.rle.ei:.... 1T r -" .
,cu iiiiim 01 experience,
do not cumDrehend as wall il...
might the capacity to infliaenee, to per
moild iA : i i . . . r.
.MnUC, , vuuviuoe, wnicn ues in print
ed matter. Spoken words reanire the
graces of elocution and the force of
eioqaenoe. jet even then fade away in
to notlnnpnaaa if sal ..n...
flight and printed. But there is some,
thine in the silent lammae bi
. - 0 bv, u iuioa
assertion and the sense of permanence
.hAnl A. ...
auvuiiiniiiBi maner wnicn gives it a
marvelous force and infln.n n.:
wwuv-. lunia
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
the nsintinar vwamab 1 .
.- r........a. y.wmxm. wrn io aaver
use, ana . men the "how, when a
where ol it and vn :it s. -
- j w nuJ SSTI
knowledge worth Jhswtng.

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