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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 06, 1873, Image 4

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TIIUItSlhVY, 9IA1C. O, 1873.
Oa andifter Sunday, November 3J, 1872
rains win run follows: me pi. louis
Express runs daily; nil other trains daily Sun
days axeented.
'ill Put Lin el an! Express will "top only
at bovatand.ureanneld, Lhillioine Hamden,
Athene and 8cott't Landing. FastiLine going
veil will etop at Hlanchesler, also. Cither
train atop at all stalioas.
Stations! Mail. FastL.
0innilv.. 2Aam 10 20am
Chilliouthe 11 9ra S 21 pm
Hiunland i-"ur..l Supo Jrn
Hmnden ........H 4Jnn 3 21pm
MoAavnoa.... 1 ultm 3 3lpm
Vinton - 1 l:-i'm 3 4opm
SalMki... I 2.1pm S 48pm
Hor Furnace... 1 84pm Mpm
r-iuetbur. ...... 4 Mpm 6 3'pm
flntions. Mil. FaidL.
Parkerafcurg. ........ AO.im 9 eoain
2 m
2 J3ain
S iiiarg
3 lfti;6
3 I7jrn
i JOaiu
IS 6jpm
3 2Apm
3 3.1pm
3 4(ipni
3 47pm
3 85pm
4 (pm
4 66pm
HnnAjfurnaue.M.. 1 ti9um
ZaliVTl.. 1 23pm
f iT!?bo........-.. 1 sipm
McAtTHca 1 4:ipro
11 noun
11 34am
11 fiam
11 52am
12 tHIin
ilamrten l Mim
Michlar.d Fur.... 8 13pm
Chillicothe...... 3 l.ipra
Cincinnati.... ....8 lupm
12 13pm
1 oopm
i oopm
The Z.ileiKi Accommodation going ra.l
leaves Uhillieothe at II uu a. m., Rnysvillo T H
Richlnd Furnace, 8 10, Uamden arrive 8 4S
depart 2S, Mi-Arthur, M, Vinton 10 M,
tSiletki so. Hoing west-Zdesiti 4 Oiip.m.,
Vinton 4 3n, MiAithir5 00, lhuniien, arrive
30-dep.irl 4 60, Richland Furnace, t) 20,
Rayaville, 0 60, Chillicothe. I u.
will leave Hamden at 6 16 a.m. and 4 OOp.m
rri.ina at Portsmouth at 11 10a m.and 7 Pop,
m. Rettiroinitmins leave Portsmouth at
a.m. ana p.m., annum .
at 11:43 a.m. and 6 20 p.m.
Trams eonnect at Loveland for all points on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianan
Us and Cincinnati Railroad Juncti n for all
points West; at Athena, with the Columbus
H. Y. K.
it Parker.burg, with trie 11. a
O. R. R.
Master of Trans portatlon.
IWILt, run a hack from Wllkesville to
Hamden and return ererv Monday, Wcdnes.
day and Friday, for the accommodation of
passengers, making close connection witu the
nail trains on the M. a v. K. it. i win also
carry exprcs packsges shipped to or from
I none points uy trie Adams express vo.
CHAELE3 . BAENETT, Proprietor
VITILL run regmsrly to McArthur Station
IT to meet sli mall trains.
Hack leaves McAitliur post omen a. 12.00
o'clock, M. each day, to connect with mail
Orders left st the post office, McArthur, er
VHDaas, promptly aurnnpo io.
Hamden, "Wilke.iville and Middleport
H AVISO the contract for carrying Hie msil
between the above points 1 will be able to
luroih conveyance for passenger and their
baggage to and from said points on the follow
lagdiiya: From Wllkesville to flnmden and
back on Mondays, Wednesilny. and Fridays;
and from Wilkesville to Mxidleport, Meigs
Co, and back on Tuesdays, Thursdays Mid
Jatnnktys, iUUN LRVIS.
A Dubuque girl, Miss Mc
Laughlin by name, who works
hard for her living, had a cas
ual acquaintance with a fellow
named Smith. Smith rushed
Into her presence one day and
swore he would shoot himself
if he didn't raise some that
day that he was hard up, out
of work, desperate, etc. She
took pity oa him, loaned bim
$36 all she had and told him
he could pay it back when he
got something to do. lie fi
nally got a situation, but didn't
repay the loan, and abused his
sympathic friend scandalously
whenever she dunned him She
sued him, but only succeeded
in recovering part of it, and
so, last week, she bought a
good horse-whip, called on Mr.
Smith, and gave him as good a
thrashing as a man ever got.
Minister Sickle3 has recog
nized the new Spanish Repub
lic. The lady to whom Roche-
lort was married, just before
ehe received the last sacra
ment ot tne cnurch. and was
supposed to be dying, has
Queen Victoria has granted
a pension of $250 a year to the
widow oi the gallant Captain
Knowles, of the Northfleet,
who loBt his own life in exer
tions to save others.
In Brooklyn, on Saturday,
Michael Fox was arrested on
the charge of kicking to death
his son eight years old, be
cause the boy refused to go for
liquor without money.
Geo. A. Clark, the well
known cotton thread raanufac
turer of Newark, N. J., died
suddenly on the 13th of heart
disease. His estate 13 valued
t $3,000,000.
Oua native population is in
round figures 30,000,000, our
foreign-born population, 5,500,
000. Of these foreign-born
citizens, 1,690,000 are Ger
mans, and 1,855,000 Irish.
This advertisement appears
in the London Lancet: "Want
edA respectable and respon
sible female attendant for a
young lady addicted to intern
derance." all
Dh. Boweks. 'Dentist, McAr2
thur.O. '
In Zaleski
THE Zaleskl Company, with a flew to the
development of the local iotereataof ales
lei, to secure Ms permanent piosperily, aad to
add to its popolaiion and wealth, are now
ottering to aciunl seltleia, town lots and form
mods at low prices, and on liberal terms
persons desiring to examine the property
aod to buy cheap houses will apply at the
Company's offices to
R. THOMPSON, Manager,
laleskl, Ohio, May 18, 1871. tf
the new potl law we are supplving the peo
pie with our tine nickel white metal ware, of
triple eiectro-mlver plate, postpaid to sny
prut of the country dirrcllroin our manufac
Kotwith'tanding a large ailvitnce in nickel
we still oner the gooda, both plain and fancy
patterns, at former factory rates, and mil mail
anv Quantity at these prices, on receipt of the
Butter knife, pickle fork, ugar spoon and
napkin line:, each Slim
Tea spoons ami nut picks, halt dos. I 60
Dexatrt knives.lorksand spoons.halfdoi. 4 UO
Table " " 6 00
Renlfitingof old ware in the best manner, at
one hnlf of thefe prices.
We will mail to anv addreas nhntnirrsnhs
snd price lit of Jour FIXE NliiTKR
the manufacture ot which is a ipeclalty with
It is our privilege to refer to the editors of
an umcinnsti religious weeklies.
In what paper did you see our advertise-
61 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio
31octl872 8t
Ont door wen of Von. Will t Bro'$,
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Persons wihini to ourrhase larnfs firms or
town lots in Vinton c adiotning counties will
and tracts to suit them by calling.
Persons wishiug to sell lands, larms or town
lots will hnve a uood chance of doina so bv
leaving description, etc. in our hands.
V. M. 1. KA..hl,l.ii CO.,
ocl!8 Main Street, McArlhur.O.
Dr. Duponco's Ooldcn
They never fnil, snd mny be depended upon
n every case where the monlhlvtlow has
been obstructed thpiiiuii cold or disense.
I'l'PONOO'is UOLIiKN 1'lLI.S always giveim
nieiite relie. A Indv write: "liUDonco's
Uolilen l'ill! relieved me in one dny like mas
ic." The genuine sre now nut tin in Isrue
wnite boxes containing double the qimntily of
his, nid upon eacn vox you win nuu mi
Private U.?S. Revenue Stump." Upon the
stump see the words liUPUMCO'S GOLDEN
PILL4, in white letters, without that none
are genuine.
rt'inemher the genuine l In the white boxes
Full and explicit directions ncconmnnr eai'h
box. Price 81. utf ner box. six boxes t5.l.
Sol I by one druggist in every town, village,
city snd li unlet throughout the world.
Bold in McArti.ur, O.,
By li. II'. SISSOX. Druyyltt.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
Bv sen. hue him II 00 thranohlh McArlhnr
0., Post OftVe, can have the pills sent confl
dentiHlly, by mail, to any part of the country,
free of postage.
. u. uuv e, i-roprietor, new lorn.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock, Fruit tEoirer Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
600 acres; 21st year; 12 'Jreenhonsea.
Apple, 1,IXI 1 vr.. tM; 2y. HO; Jy. 40; 4y. 150
4 catalogues, 20 cents. Bauglin
The New York
Journal for all True Eepublicans,
' for all True Liberals, aud all
True Democrats.
The Niw York Evening Post, edited by
Willinm Mullen Bryant and Psrke (iodwin,
assisted by the strongest talent that can he
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained the same principles ol free-lorn
and progress, through all changes of parties
and policiet.
It stands for equal rights; for the distribu
tion of power; for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious results of emanci
pation and enfranchisement won by the war:
and ail practicable reforms.
It is opposed toinjusticeand spolistion, dis
guised under the name nf proteetion, and to
corrupt party combinations which sacrifice
principleto mere success.
I twill support Grnnt end Vilsen, because
believes Hint uuder them the government
will be more stable, and the chances for pro
gress snd reform more certain, than underany
alliance of incompatible elements.
The livening Post is equal to any other as
newspaper, and is complete in iis political,
literarv, its soieniino, its agricultural and
commercial department,
Single pop one yenr.ll.SO; five copies, one
year, $7.00; ten copies, one year,lia.W; twen
ty copies, one year, $20.00.
Single copy, one year, 3.0O, five oopies,
one year, 112.50; ten copies, one year, S-:0.0O.
Those subscribing now for one
coiye the paper until Junuary I,
Or we will send the following p
subscribers, in connection with
Post at the prices named :
r will res
diesis to
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Post. Kvening Post
Harper's Weeekly $4 50 6 00
riiirpcrs uazar 4 50
Harper's Magazine. ... 4 50
6 00
6 00
bvery Saturday
Atlantic Monthly....
Our Younjr Folks....
Scribner's Monthly .
Old and New
5 00
4 00
3 00
4 50
4 50
4 00
3 50
2 50
3 75
8 00
6 50
6 50
4 50
6 00
6 00
5 50
5 00
4 00
5 25
9 60
6 00
3 GO
5 00
5 25
The Galaxy
i r -
Phrenological Journal
The Agriculturist.
Hearth and Home...
Litcle's Living Age.
Apploton'c Journal.
4 50
Wood's Household Magazine 2 00
Home Journal 3 50
The Christittu Intelll.
gencer, with Chrorao 3 75
To each subscriber to the Evening Post and
Christian Intelligencer will be sent the beau
tiful Chromo, The Gleaners.
For 25 cents we will send the Weekly Even
ing Post for two months, or lor M rents we
send the bemi-weekly Evening Post for
same time. Biiecimen nnmberssentfree.
Addres, WM. C. BRYANT k CO
3loct New York.
Done Neatly and Promptly,
Forest anoEvergreen Trees and Seeds
13 Millions Evergreen Trees 12 Millions
'Sl 18 M
All urow
seeds in our ow o uiirseties. A Iso, Fruit mat
roresi iree needs, csialoguea free.
Waukegan, 111.
To a Boom over Jones'Billiard aloon,
Where he will be pleased to see his old ens.
tomers, and as many new ones as wii-h to
come. j. w.Ll'CUa
Read Sr. Hcllcnd'a New Story.
xrsioBDimiT iKDucmtNTi to idisoiiiiis;
OOOPngcsfor It! ic.
The puhlirhera of 8ciisxit'a Moktblt.
promise for the ensuing vear a more brilliant
array of contributors, and an increase in the
varielv and beautv of its Illustrations, alrnadv
conceded by the critics to be "fitter Dm any
viicl han hitherto appeared in any Aniencan
un imsme."
It. Holland, the editor, will write the serial
story of the ysr, which will be autobiograph
ical in form, and will be illustrated by Miss
Hsllock. Ins entitled Arthur Bonnicsatle.and
will deal with some of the most difficult prob
lems of American life. It will be commenced
In the November number.;
There will be a new s'ory by Saxe Holm,
Th one legged Dancers.
nret Hsrte, tne best writer or short stories
now living, will contribute a characteristic
story, entitled The Epic of Kiddletown.whieh
win De iiiiisiraieu pyaneppard.
R. H. Stoddard will wire a series ot enter
tsimng'papers about authors, their personal
charscteiistics, home life, families, friends,
whims and ways. . A series of portraits of liv
ing American writerx is also promised.
Clarence Cook will write al.out furnilure,
snd the decoration of American homes.
inese papers win or eminently practical as
well ss artistic, and will be illustrated with
designs snd sketches by numerous arfu-ts in
addition to those which the people will fur
nish. Among those who will contribute are t
linns Anderxen, Bryunt, Buihnell, Kgules
ton, Froude, Migginson, Bishop Huofngton,
Bret llnrte, John Hay, H. U., Macdoniild,
Mitr-hdl, M ss Phe'ps, Stednmn, Htockton,
Hloddard. Colin Thaxter, Warner, Wilkinson,
Mrs. Whitney, besides a host of others.
The editorial contiol and direction of the
Mainline will remain in the hands of iir.
HolMnd, who will continue to write "The
Topics of the Time," which Hie N. Y. Imle
pendent sns "sre more widelv minted ilmn
any similar pspers in uny American maga
line." Walson Gilder'will write "The Old Cabi-.
net;" ss hilherto. Prof. John U. Draneri-nn.
ducts the department of "Ksturesnd Sci
ence." The departments nf "Home ami Nn.
ciety"and "Culture and Progress," will en
gage ihe contributions ot more than a score
ol pens on both sides of the Atlantic The
waunman and Ketlector snys: "Scribner's
Monthly for September is better than usual.
which indicates a needless n-nsta of editorial
Drains ann publishers inonev, ror the Mag
azine w:-i gool enough beforel" And yet tne
publishers promise to make itstill belter lor
the coming yenr.
Th subst-riplion price is $4 00 a year, with
special rates to clergymen, teachers and post
masters.' The lollowing
are offered to new subscribers i
For th 60 the publishers will send, or any
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
mngsnne for one year, and the twelve num
bers of Vols. Ill and IT, contnining the be
rinmng of Mrs. Ohphsnt's Serial, "At His
Hates;" for $7 60, the Mnganne for one year,
snd the 21 bnok numbers trom ihe beginning;
for lo 60, the Mngunne tor one year, and the
H buck numbers bound (4 vols..) charges on
bound vols. oa d. This will give nearly ,00
pages of thechsicest reading, wilh the finest
illustrations, for lu Ml, or nenily Sun onges
for a dollar! and will enable every subscriber
to obtain the series from the first.
Special terms to Dealers, Clergymen and
8CK1BNER CO., 6J4 Broadway, N. Y.
"Cnqucstionablytliebeat sustained works
of tbe kind in the World."
Harper's Magazine.
Ktiia of tin Frew.
The ever-mcreaslng circubition of thlsex
cellent monthly proves its continued adapta
tion to popular desires and needs. Indeed
when we think into how many homes it pene
trates every month, wo mint consider it as
one of the educators as well as entei tamers ol
the public mind, for its vast popu'aritv has
been won by no appeal to stupid prejudices
or depraved tastes. Boston Globe.
The character which this Jlugiuine possess
es for variety, enterprise, wealth, and literary
culture that has kept pace with, if it has not
led Ihe times, should cause Hs conductors to
regard it with justifiable complscencv. 1; also
entitles them to a great claim upon Ihe pub
lic gratitude. The Magazine has done good
snd not evil all the days of its lite. llrooilm
A complete set of Ha aria's MiOAiiNK.now
comprising 45 volumes, in neat cloth bind'ng,
will be sent bv express freight at expense ot
purchaser, forfU 24 per volume. Single vol
., by mail.poifpniit, :) 00. Cloth cases, for
binding, M cents, by mail, postpaid.
"A Complete Pictorial History of the
Tiine."-The best, cheapest, and moat
successful Family Paper in llio laioa
Harper's Weekly.
SUiatof thtPrm.
The Weelly is the ablest and most powerful
illustrated periodical published in this coun
try. Its editorials are scholarly and convinc
ing, and carry much weight. Its illustrations
current events are full and fresh, and are
prepared by our best designers. With acirs
culation of 15(),rou, the Weekly is read by at
least hait a million persons, and its influence
an organ ol opinion is simply tremendous.
The Weekly maintains n positive position, and
expresses decided views on political and so
Cial problems. Loultrille Courier-Journal.
The annual volumes of Hupaa'a Wiiivr,
neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
free of expense, tor $7 00 each. A complete Set,
compriting Siilee Volume: sent on receipt of
cash at the rate of S5 26 ner vol.. treiald ol as.
jmm of purchaeer.
"A Repository of Fashion, Plemsnre and
Harper Bazar.
Kolienof Ihe Prom.
The Boair is edited witlTa contribution of
tact and talent that we seldom find in sny
journal; and the lournal Itself is the oigan of
the great world of fashion.- Botlon Traveler
The Bazar commends itsell to every mem
ber of tne household to the chik ren by droll
and pretty pictures, to the young ladies by its
fashion plates in endless variety, to the prov
ident matron by its patterns for the children's
clothes, to paleramiluu bj its useful designs
mr embroidered slippersand luxuiious dress,
tng-gowns. But the reading mailer of the
Baiar is uniformly of great excellence. The
paper hes acquired a wide popularity lor the
fireside enjoyment it affords. Jv", Y. Evening
HAipia'a WiiaiT, Bins, or MiOiitss,
one year, each, 14 00.
A extra copy of either the Msoixigi, Wikilt,
or BlSAI, mil be mpplied gratit It every club of Fiva
Bossca (las st 4 UtracA. taoas remittance; or,
nz eopieefor f 20 0o, mlhoulertra copy.
Submipliome to Usapaa's Msoixiaa, Wtnii.v,
and Basse, to me addrem for erne year, 10 00; or,
hso tf H.tjwt'i PeriodicaU, lo one addrem for one
year 17 00.
Rusassiftencan be snpplied at any time.
The Ave volumes of Uiepsa's Bassa,' lor
the years 1W8, '69, '70, '71, '72, elegantly
bound in green morocco clot.i, will be sent by
express, freight prepaid, for 17 00 each.
The postage on Usapn'a Winn oi Bsaaa
20 cents a year, Msoiiiss 24 cents, which
must be paid at the eubeeriber'i post office.
Address HA RPEB k BROTHERS, WewYork,
A Jolly Friend Worth Having.
"Our Digestion; Or, My Jo
ly Friend's Secret' is the hap
py title of Dio Lewis' latest
and most important book,
beautiful buund copy of which
we have just received from
Messrs. E. Dannaford & Co
tbe Western Publishers. We
assure the readers of the Rec
ord, that the aforesaid 'Jolly
Friend" communicates not one
only, but a goodly number
secrets well worth knowing.
lie solves the problem of
cheap living, showing how one
may live well and thrive, upon
less than one dollar a week!
lie teaches how to live so that
one need never be troubled
wilh the blues," or suffer with
billiousness, or dyspepsia. He
tells bow to manage so that
you snail have white teeth
sweet breath, strong muscle&
geod spirits, refreshing sleep,
and long life. Our "Jolly
Friend" counsels well and wise
ly on all these point?, and
many more, and enforces his
precepts by a host of anec
dotes, and a vein of mirthful
raillery, that are enjoyuble in
the extreme.
We confidently believe this
book will save thousands of
doctors' bills, if its wisdom is
heeded; for how to keep well
is, alter all, the principal thing
lo most of us. This elegant
volume 19 sold exclusively
through agents, and at quite a
low price for so valuable a
work. We commend it to any
of our readers who may be on
the lookout for profitable em
plnymenr. E. Uannaford tfc
Co.. 177 West Fourth Street,
Cincinnati, is the full address
ol the publishers, and one ol
the most reliable firms in Hie
book business.
We should not fonret to
mention the beautiful steel
plate portrait of the author
and the other excellent en
gravings with which the book
is embellished, and which add
greatly to its attractiveuess.
The Western Rural.
The Western Kural is, un
questionably, the best agricul
tural paper in the West. El
gin, lll.y Advocate.
It is now, as berore the fire,
the best farm and stock journal
in the West. Mason CityIoa
Decidedly the best agricul
tural journal in the United
States. Knox County Demo
crat. Ranks foremost in the agri
cultural papers of the whole
country. Catiton,Mo., Press.
No periodical could e.o illy be
spared as the Western Rural.
Chicago Advance.
Really tbe best agricultural
paper in the West. Danville,
111, Commercial.
The Western Rural is an
eight page weekly, printed on
clear type and fine paper. It
is published at $2 50 per year
2.00 in clubs, or the We6t
ern Rural and Young Folks'
Rural for $3. Address II. N. F.
Lewis, publisher, Chicago, 111.
Donn Piatt, though cordially
opposing Messrs. Wilson, Colfax,
and Kelley, has the grace to be
lieve them honest, and says in
his Washington Capital: "The fact
that after a generation of public
life, a public life that hts been
sober, hard-working and econom
ical, a good sized army blanket
would cover the property of
them, is proof as Btrong as Holy
Writ that they are honest."
Carpenter's great painting
of the Cabinet scene during the
consideration of the emmancipa
tion proclamation has, at the re
quest of the committee on the Li
brary, been placed in the old
Hall of Representatives, in or
der that it may be judged in a
good light. A proposition to
purchase it is now pending.
Sihond's, Photographer, Chillicothe
givei careful attention to making cop
ies of other plotures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or ink, at rates to suit all circumstances.
An Awful Story.
There was once an awful lit
tie girl who had an awful way
of saying 'awful" to every
thing. She lived in an awfu
house, in an awful street, in an
awful village, which was a.n
awful distance from every oth
er awful place. She went to
an awful school, where she had
an awful teacher, who gave her
awful lessons out of awful
books. Every day she was so
awful hungry tbat she ate an
awful amount of tood, so that
she looked awful healthy.
Her hat was awful small, and
her feet were awful large. She
went to an awlul church, and
her minister was an awful
preacher. When she took an
awful walk she climbed awful
hills, and when she got awful
tired she sat down under an
awful tree to rest herself. In
summer she found the weather
awful hot, and in winter
awful cold. When it didn't
rain there was an awful drought
and when the awful drought
wa9 over there was an awful
rain, bo that this awful girl
was all the time in an awful
state, and if she don't get over
saying "awful" about every
thing, I am afraid she will by
and by come to an awful end.
—S. S> Advocate.
The Illustrated Phrenological
Journal, Volume Fifty-six,
Phren'oloqv, the basis ol
Mental Philosophy. Shows
low human character and ca
pacity are related to tbe uni
versal laws; and how humanity
harmonized wi'.h Divinily.
The Origin of Rucjs, involv-
ng the Origin of Lite, earnest-
discussed by Ethnologist
aad Physiologists, can not fail
lo interest the truth-seeker.
Physiology and Psychology
are prominent features; em
bracing the subjects of Soul,
Mind, Bodily Structures and
unctions, Social Relations,
Education, Religion, Criminal
urisprudence, etc.
Physi gnomy and Temper
ments, Signs of Character,
eculiarities of Organiz ilion
considered, with illustrations
from life.
liappy Homes are the re
suit of a normal education and
developmentand a life accori-
ng to the law9 of lile.
The Phrenological Journal
"or 1873 will keep paco with
the march of events, Scientific.
bocial, and Political, and seek
to declare the good and true.
Terms. S3 a year; single
umbers, 30 cents; ten copies,
or more, z, each. And
the u Anxious Mother," a splen
id Oil Chrorao, price $5, given
to every new subsciber. Our
Chronios are now ready for de-
very. If sent by mail, mount-
d and varnished, ready for
framing, 30 cents extra musi
be sentfor each picture.
Agents wanted everywhere,
and cash commissions given.
Send P. O. Orders; or, Register
i Letter. Address all letters
toS. R. Wells, Publisher, 3S9
Broadway, New York.
Physician's Testimony.
The undersigned practicing
physicians and surgeons, certi
fy that we have used and pre
scribed Dr. Ransom's Uive Sy
rup and Tolu, or Honey Syrup
and find it an excellent remedy
lor ordinary coughs, hoarseness,
bronchial and lung affections :
J. A. Resigue, E. E. S.Lyman,
George Blunger, U. Mead.Theo.
Mead, E. H. Gray, F. W. Root,
B. Wilcox, J. Mott Throop,
Levi P. Greenwood, residents oi
Madison Co., N. Y.
Dr. Willer's Magnetic Balm
is purely vegetable and has no
equal as a pain curer. It cures
so promptly that many claim
that it contains magnetism. 25
cts. per bottle. See advertise
ment in this paper.
Holloway's Ointment and Pills.
To use an expressive West
ern phrase,t he ointment"wipes
out" every eruptive and ulcer
ous disorder, while the Pills
purge the internal organs of all
impurity. Sold 78 Maiden
Lane, N. Y. Price 25 cents per
pot or box. Call for new style;
the old is counterfeited.
Experience will teach any man that
it Is aJvantazeou8 to patronize those
who advertiss in newspapers'
Wb will furnish the Record and the
New York Times one year for $
Any of our subscribers wishing to sub
scribe for any of the leading newspa
pers or periodicals can got them av the
publisher s lowest club rates, by snb
scribing at this office.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
LT parties hAving lubseribed to the cap-
xuui mock oi tne u.. mca. k. k. lire
hereby rcquiied to make payment to the Sec
retary of I lie Company, at hi office on the
Public Sniiare, in (inlliiiolis, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Haniel Will, President of the
Vinton County Bunk, at McArthur, Ohio,
an inHtallment ol nve dollars on each there
o subscribed, within tea daya of this dale
AU1JUM iv, ion.
G.McA.iC. K. R. Co,
dee t 1X71.
How to Obtain It!
Particular and Pample eent on receipt of
Stamp. No npitiil eceanry. A'imeHS.M.
lillTlON CO., 7u4 bioaUWH', el lorlt.
Catarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
Immediate relief anil a permanent cure
guaranteed ill every cae. Prticulura sent
tree. Addioea Clinton Medicul institute, 147
East 15th St., N.Y.
Errors of Youth.
Rules and Prescription that will cure any
case of Seminal Weakness, Emission-), Ac.,
and restore lost manhood to perfect health.
Sent vara to all, by one who haa sullered nud
now cured. Address, with stnmi). Khoab
Tiexmm, tftnlion L. New York. 2anly
Love and Matrimony.
The affections miv he sained bv fnllowini
impl- rules, and all mny'marrv happily with
out regard to wealth, ao orbenaty. Address,
with stamp.
Madam Lucille Demarre, Bible Eons
Station, N. Y. 2Junly
mmvatt ? Ri.sino.iim tiv Art mns
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jooj 'asiUAA 'mnn jooj 10 apem '3uij
XatniJ jou 4 ja4ia initium '
' Ten yearn ot n pnfc-
lie let., hiw proveU Dr.
Crook's Wine of Tar to
bave moro njerlt thau
any similar preparation
ever otrered to the pub.
11c It is rich In tin
medicinal qualities ol
Tar. and unequalrd fot
dlKeiiHcs of the Tbronl
nnd Lunita, performing
cnrM all i'onifhn an J
Coliln. It bos cured so
rnnnv cnaes of Asttima
nd ilronehil, that It
lms been prout unced a
g peel llo for thete com.
plnlnta. Kor 1'aln in
liio llreast. Side 01
Ilnck. travel or Klil
ney ItlHenwe, Diseases
f Ihe Urinary Oricniiii. Jmnniice.
my Liver ComplHhU It liua no equal.
II la nine a l,er'0Lj?I!lfV.,,i,
Itentorea tbe Appetite,
RtrenKthem Ibe s'"'',J.lM. V
ttetore the Weak anil Debililalect.
4'annes Ihe faml to Wlareht,
Bcruovea lysepl and lndletlou.
Vreventa Malnrloua Fevers,
Gives tone to yoor SyMtcin.
rhat Tale, Yellow, SIciV-Iodklnff SJtia
h eliiuiL'i'd to one of fioslmess nnd liraltli
riioao lisenies of the SRIn, IMmpleMi
PiiHtnlPx. Illolrlies and F.riiplious nr
nr tlm t'.yes, Wh te KwpHinir. l'lcrr,
(Mil Korrs ornny kind of Humrrr rapidly
i.i,.n nn (I illsunnenr under Us llilluenco
In fart It will do you more Rood, and cure
you more speedily thnn nny nnd nil othol
firennrntlons combined. Wbitbltl lt lsnn
ur.' own restorer I A soluble oxyd of Iron
combiner! with tho medicinal properties ol
Poke Itoot divested of all disagreeable quul
iti It will pure nnv t lirouleor I.onir.
Htiuifllnu I)lKrne whose real or dlroot
cniisnlabnil blood. Ilhenmiilltm.I,nliis
In I,:nhs or llone, onxiiinnoii urn.
ken down liv Jloreurlnl or otlies poisons,
lire nil cured by It. l-'oi S.vnlilllM.or N.Tph.
Illlle l.l'iit. Ihi'io is niitliiiiK ciuni 10 11,
A Irtnl will proio It. ASK FOR OK.
rouE1 itoor.
T t . .
Dr. Cox's Hive fCronoi Srrop has
been known and used by the medical profession
over 10O years, and ss a remedy for Colds and
Coughs has an older and better reputation than
sny other Couch medicine ever offered to tbe
uhllc. It is known as the Compound 8ymp or
auills. and a formula may bo found In every
medical dispensatory.
Dr. Hansom's IIIvo Svrnn and
Tola, in addition to the Ingredients for Cox's
Hive Syrup, contains Balsam of Tolu, decoction of
Skunk Cabling Itoot and Lobelia, a combination
that must commend it to every one as a superior'
remedy for Croup, Whooping Cough,
Asthma, Hronclilllx, Coughs ana
Colds, ludecd for all affections of the Throat
and Lungs where a Cough Medicine is necessary.
This Syrup Is Carefully Prepared
Under tbe personal direction of a regular Physi
cian of over twenty years' practice, whose signa
ture is attached to the directions on the bottle.
Its taste Is very pleasant and children,
like it.
Every family should keep It as a ready
remedy for Croup, Colds, etc., among tho
1). Hansom, Sox Si Co., Fropr s, Buffalo, N. T.
It cures os If by MAGNETIC
INFLUENCE, Neuralgia and sll palu, snd is
therefore very properly termed "Msgnetlo
lialm." It is purely a vegetable preparation. It
has no eqnal as a remedy for
Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Dysep-
tery, Colio and all Bowel Complaints.
, Its timely use will cureColds, Croup, Diph
theria. Quinsy, nnd sll Throat affections.
When properly used, Fever and Ague,
and other complaints Incident toourwestcrn and
southern climates, are easily broken up.
Nervous Pain, Sick-Headache, and Rheu
matism are cured by this medicine when all others
have failed. Toothache, Earache, Bums, Chil.
blains and Bruises sre relieved at once by its use.
The genuine has D. Hansom &;o.'s
Srivato Revenue Stamp on the outside, and Dr.
. R. Miller's Magnetic Balm blown in the bottle.
Examine closely, and buy none but the gen
uine. Sold by all Druggists. Price 25 cents per
D, Ransom, Son Ss Co., Fropr's, Buffalo, H. T.
with ik. txi.r.rTic wT.mt,v ni wkrei.v nuts-.
TiAa AT ffUHK (uiasolldaud), wr S4.0O.
kTVo of IbtM Chroma th. liM of "Wldi
. Anekt and Fmi aaimpi tbt oxaen
I n MiMwbftt ainmUor.
Bobwribtn finilib AT ONCB
wilt utu VhttCM.
nn meke hoMsr terna .
. with w Ulan wim uy i
SSOO rages, 250 Engravings.
A startling expose of medical hiimbiias ol
the paat and present. It ventilates quacks,
traveling rioetur, noted female cheat, for
tune tellers and medium, and gives interest
ing narratives of noto-l physieiass. It reveals
alartling seeretn,and is Invaluable to sll. We
give cxi-liisive territory nnd liberal commis
sionH. Koroireularsnnd terms address tha
publishers. J. B. BUKK ft HYDE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, llf.
1,300 PAGES & 500 EMllimfiS
Written by 20 eminent authors, including
John B (iough, tnd Horace Greeley,
This work is a complete history of all
brunches ol Industry, and is a complete enr
cyclopedia of arts and manufacture. ino
ot our agents sold 13.1 copies in eight days,
snot her 3ii8 in two weeks.- Specimens sent
treeon receipt ol stamp
J. B. BURR nVDE, ruhdsher's.
Hartford, Conn., or Chiosgo, 111.-
A NEW BOOKB1PPu,l"'l,mnor'
at B-M-"iillbreadyinafew
weeks. Agents who would secure territory,
should apply at once.
J. B. B'IRR A EYDB, Publishers,
. Hartford, Conn., or Chieago, 111.
James Dunkle's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE 11 hereby given lhat Mm. Cynthia
Dunkle. admlnlciratrl .r ik. ..... .
James Oiink e. dec-eased, has filed her ac
count with raid estate 'for final settlement;
and that the same is aet lor hearing on the 81 h
day of February, A. D. 1873, at 11 'clock.
J.n.16,1871. P'obaieJudge.
miance in limner. A new two-etnry frame
ry out-hou.es are among Ihe improvenleDte,
iheiarm lies well, is well watered, fecoini
snd everything connected with tS is good t!
" """"''uuKeana otner necessa
r.- ror lurinermmrmallon inqnireof
e.t WILTOX Hamden, Ohhi. J
gg-finm ffi,rpBB Jenninga r.rtn.
fn? 4 one 'e north-weal
"3Ta lti 7of Uamdes, sdjoinint
Afirni of Nnn.T m u..
nlHinins 180 aerea. 1:10 1. ...1

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