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McARTUUIt, 01110,
T ! I UK SPAY, MA It. 13,1873.
The voters of -are
notified that Le Republi
can County Convention for the
j'urjiose of selecting a candi
date for Delegate to the Con
stitutional Convention, will
meet at the
-0 N
11 0 CLOCK, A. M.
The meeting to select dele
gales to this convention will
be held at the usual place ol
holding elections, by the sev
eral townships at 4 o'clock)
P. M., on Thursday,
March 30th. The town
ships will be entitled to one
delegate for every twenty-five
votes, or fraction of thirteen,
cast for A. T. Wykoff, for Secre
tary of State, last fall, being as
Elk 8
Eagle 2
II am-, on 2
Kichland , 5
Jackson 5
Clinton 5
Swan 6
Wilkesviile 6
Vinton 1
Madiuon 6
Brown 3
Knox 2
By order of the Executive
So the Democratic Conven
tion disregarded our advice,
snubbed the Liberals by not
even mentioningPotter's name,
and nominated U. S. Claypoole,
legal advisor of the Commis
sioner3 and Prosecuting Attor
ney of Vinton county, for the
responsible position of Dele
gate to the Constitutional Con
vention. Claypoole, however,
is the tall gentleman, who in
the heat of his enthusiasm,
when he thought Greeley was
sure to be elected, sported a
magnificent white hat and
Brown ribbcn, and it is
thought this fact may appease
the Liberals, lie dropped the
Brown ribbon wfien the politi
cal sky became overcast by
tho October storm, and this
may be against him; but it
doesn't make much difference
bj far as the number of the
votes U concerned, only for
the unity of the two parties.
We bt?g our country friends
not to consider anything above
in the light of a joke. It is
really true that Claypoole is
nominated. It will no doubt
be a strange fact for them to
comprehend, but it will con
vince them that the ring can
do one thing just as well as an-oiher.'
Sam. Fleming, a former engi
neer on the M. & 0. R. R., has
been a participant in a recent
prtee fight at Columbus, whip
ping a man named Stephen
Ryan in three rounds.
IIesey S. JJeal is the Repub
lican candidate for Member of
the Constitutional Convention
froai Lawrence county, and
will probably be elected with
out opposition.
The steam tannery of Arm
strong & Story, Chillicothe.was
destroyed by fire last Saturday.
Loss, 25,000, on which there
is an iosurrnce of $11,009.
Is the Ross county (Jommis
'sioners contested election case,
Reed vs. Rockhold, Judge Sat
ford has rendered a decision
awarding the office to Mr.
Judge Royye, Post Master of
Waverly, died at his home on
the' 1st inst., at the age. of 65
years, after an illness of sever
al months.
Tub 'Triumph" is the name
ol a uew luruace company just
organized with a capital of
8100,000, at Jackson.
" Elskwhkbk we publish the
call'of the Republican Execu
tive Committee lor a county
convention to nominate a Del
egate to represent Vinton
county in the Constitutional
Convention. This is the most
important public officer that
the people will be called upon
to elect for years, and we there
fore hope that the convention
will place a man in nomination
whose integrity, good judg-
1 mcnt and personal popularity
commands the respect of our
whole people without regard
to partisan feeling a man
whose good sense and sterling
honesty will reflect credit up
on the county he represents.
With such a man, his election
is assured. But to secure such
a nomination it is necessary
that the people manifest their
interest in this matter by at
tending the primary meetings
ot their several 'townships and
solecting delegates who will
attend the convention, and be
ing there, will care more to se
cure such a nomination than
to gratify their mere personal
Between the candidates
themselves there is not likely
to be any strife for the honor.
Two are announced by fheir
repective friend, and others
are beiug solicited to permit
the use of their names, but so
far as we know they are all
men who are not hungering
and thirsting for official posi
tion, and would only accept a
nomination when tendered in
a spirit of unanimty by their
fellow-citizens. And let their
friends manifest tho same
John Lantz.
It is the office of the pen to
record alike the saddest and
the most joyful occurrences,
but seldom is it required to re
cord a death of such awful so
lemnly as that of young John
Lantz. On last baturday eve
ning at about 8 o'clock, one fa
tal blow received in play,wounl
his bright life to a most sudden
close. The physicians who
were called to attend him
made use of various experi
ments to restore lite, but to no
effect. In one instant he had
been ushered from a state of
mirlhfulness in this life upon
the solemn realities cf eternity.
The change was no doubt well
with him.but the stoutest hearts
have been made sad, that a
boy so promising and so much
respected throughout the com
munity, should be thus sudden
ly cut down. Deep sympathy
is felt for the bereaved parents
who feel that death has dealt
hardly with them in taking
away a son who has always
been regarded as a "favorite''
in the family. But Jolm was
no less a favorite in school
than at home. His kind and
amiable dispositition made him
beloved by teacher and schol
ars; and his eagerness to learn
and willingness to obey made
the duty of instructing him a
pleasant task, lie was in many
respects a model boy. His
language was untainted by
profanity, and his habits were
good. His obedience to bis
parents, his diligence in
school, and his gentleness ev
erywhere won for him the es
teem of all who .knew hiin.
But now that he is gone, the
fond hope entertained in him
by loving parents and friends
has been blasted; still there is
sweet consolation for them in
the remembrance of such a
boy. Yet they may truly say
iv e loved him and lost him. C.
Jackson county should send
Davis Mackley to the Constitu
tional Convention. He stands
squarely and truly on the is
sues which demand settlement
before that Convention. No
more suitable man in thtt
—Ironton Register.
Mackley says written consti
tutions are a 6ham and delu
sion. Still he might make a
useful member to get up in his
place each day, and move a
permanent adjournment.
Dr. Cowers, Dentist, McAr
thur, O.
A Denver paper Bays that
100,000 head of buffaloes' were
killed last year. Many were
shot for mere sport, and at the
present rate of destruction the
number ot these animals will
diminish rapidly.
Main Street, Opposite Court House
(VfcArthur, Ohio,
I HAVE token possession of the abovs hotel,
renovated and port 1 7 refurnished It, mid
will be glnci o urt Ilia old customers of Ihe
house, and especially my old friend of the
Hocking Valley who mar he visiting this
point. The Utile will be furnished with the
beat the market Horde, end care taken to
make guests comfortable. Good stabling at.
tached to the house; Charge reasonable.
Ulnar 1173
Vinton County National Bank of
MoArthur, 0.,
In the State of Ohio,
rEBEUAET28, 1873.
Loan and discounts. .m,......$iio,79 t
Overdrafts ..... .... ., ) ,767 18
U. 8 Bondi to secure cin;uUtlon....l"0,iiO Oo
s'urnituro and .SAiure....... I,2o0 60
Current expenses- .. 7147 37
Premiums paid 12,10117
Due from Ke 'coming ami
Reserve agents 23,MO 39
Due Pin other Nat'l B'ka 1,110 31
State Banks nnd bankers ISM 25,070 89
Ca-hitems(inc'KHtimps) 114 88
Bills ol other Nut'l U'ks 1,084 00
Fractional Currency (m
eluding nickels) 20g 11
Specie, Til. Com 4 go
Legal Tender nvtei jij g9 UJaT 37
121,029 u
Cnpilnl etnok paid in...
Surplus fund .....
iioo.noo oo
1,000 oo
Discount 1,080 10
Exchange ... 69 Ol)
Interest I.S43 58 3,280 73
National Bank circiiliitioo oulsland'g 9u,t)UO 00
inuiviiiufu ueposus sa,7.u uj
Due to Motional Hanks 3.3a'j tit
" " State B'ksnnd B'kr'f 210 87 89,339 43
2b3,G29 10
County of Vinton, ss.f
I.. Turned W. ilelav. Cashier of the Vinton
County Nnt'ionnl Bunk of MoArthur, do aol
e fnnly swear that the above statement is !rue
to trie nest or hit knowledge and belief
Subscribed nnd sworn to hciore me this Will
day of March 1873
Correct Attest t
cmm.ES BROWN, V Directors.
13mal 1873
Mary A. Dehgh, pltf.f) In Vinton County, 0.,
vs, VCourl Common Hleas.
John W. Sain, delt.J bastardy! attachment
THE said John W. Sam, Defendant, of the
State of Indiana, will take notice that Ma
ry A. DeflKh, delendant, of sAid county ol
Vinton, did on the 27th day of February, A.
D. 1873, Hie her complaint, inado before Isaac
Keynolds, J. P. of said Vinton county, and
transcript of the proceeding before mid Jusi
tice of the Peace, in bastardy, in the said Court
of Common Pleaa. againBt the raid defendant,
and which pro;eedinas are now peuding in
said Court, lor the purpose of having a trial
aud final adjudication tnereon, charging in
said complaint among other things, that the
said pUuititt is the mother of a bastard child,
that lha ski, I delendant accused therein is the
father of said child That the said delendant
so charged, absconded from this Stale, with
intent to defraud complainant, and that said
accused is a nonrsilent of theStMe of Ohio,
and that an order or attachment has been is
sued and served therein; and bv virtneof
tnid order of attachment tieo. Kaler, hherift
of said couniy of Vinton attached the follow
ing real estate situated in anid Vinton county,
as the property of laid defendant, John VV.
Bain, to wil: The one undiviued tenth pari
of the North West fjuai Icr of section number
three, in township number twelve, of range
number seventeen, couiaibiiig 173 acre, (ex
cept y of an acre oil the smith side of said
N. W. quarter, heretofore i-oid by Phillip
Sain,) also the one undivided l.Mith part ol
in-l. ts number 28 nnd 32, m the town ol New
M. Pleasant, Vinton counlv. Ohio, as re.
corded In plot of s.iid town, that said pro.
ceeding will be for hearing at the next term
of said Court, or so soon'therenfter as counsel
can be heard, and that, plalutitt will ak for
an order or decree Tor sale of said realty, and
proceeds or so much thereof not exf ceding
11,000 a may be necessary lo satisly plaintiff's
claim heieiu. MARY A. DKKK.H.
Bf Bsattox A Huston, Att'ys for plt'H.
March 13th, 1873. Ow
Mary A. Deflgh, PlalutllT, vs. J .un W- Sain,
In Vinton foiiDty, Ohio, Court of Common
Pleas. Civil action. Attachment,
John W. SAIN, Defendant In above action, of
Tippecanoe County, Stats of Indiana, will
take uotict, that Mary A. Deflgh Plaintiff In
above action, of the County of Vinton, State ol
Ohio, did, on llis 37th day of February, A. D.
1873. flle har'petitlon In the Court of Common
Hloas within and lor said Vinton county, aganst
the said John W.iSaln defendant, setting forth.
that the said delendant from she summer ef
1803 to tbs month o i June loiia. paid b Is sddresa.
ea to, and waited upon the plaintiff, that on the
6th day of February, A. D. lmtf, the said plaintiff
ana aeieaumi entered Into a marriagu contract.
That said contract was tu be consummated on the
4(h day of July, 1864, that llie said plaintiff was
nnd is still unmarried. That aaiddefaudiLt did
not st ssld time, egreed on, nor at any other
lima nittr.y said nlaiutifT. and that in the month
of Jiiue lstis said delendant absconded from tbs
State ot Olilo.aod has Dot resided la the State of
Ohio since, nd praying r a Judgment for
85,000, nnr damages sustained. That on the said
27th day of febrnary, 1873. said plaintiff flled an
affidavit in said Court ol G immon Pleas III sal.;
action, for, and cause an Older of attachment to
Issue thereon in said action md that by virtue
of said Older i f attachment the J -hern" of said
Vinlon County aUaehad the following renl estate
a tua ed In said V In cod Oeunty; OIi."h the p ov
erly of aid defendant Ji an W, Be n! to wit
o en .divided tenth lat ol ibe north aeatai a'-
'terof lectlun numbtr tbiee in -ownnhip tiiiiulwr
twelve ol range i a i.b r leventceu containing 173
acres (etcepi y of an acr i a so uth sids of raid
north-wait quaiter hanttoforesuld by Phi lpSaln,)
Also, one uodiyi led lea b part of "The
nor: heist quarter of taction Four, id town--hip
IV e ve, of rane Seenteen, containing
173 acies; and, also, m-'ois number 28 and 3i
io the ton of New Mount Pleasant, aa r
corded in the plat ol said town. And the ea d
jonn w aain la nmihed that he is required
to appear and answer said petition, oo or be-
fore th third Saturday alter the 8tn day of
wry ioio. aiAi a- i'r.riiju
By Bamon Houston, Attj's for Pletff.
aiaren u isfa. sw
Estate of John - Wjman, Deceased.
TiHE undersigned has been appointed nd
A qualified aa administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of John Wyman, late
ol Vinton couniy, dvceased.
Dated this 13th day of March, A. D 1871
Seeds, Plants, Trees, prepaid by
My new priced descriptive catalogue of
chclce flower and garden seeds. M aorta of
eiiber for II; new aud choice varieties of fruit
and ornamental trees, aiiruns, evergreens.
roes, grapes, lillies, small fruits, house and
border plan. a and bulb; one year grafted
fruit treea for mailing; fruit stock of allkinds;
hedge plants, Ac; the most complete assort
mem in the coiiDtry, will be sent gratis to any
nlain addreae. with P. 0. box. True Cane
Cod Cranberry for upland or lowland, 18 per
1000; per too; prepaid oy man. irate mi
to dealers, oejds on commission. Agents
mB? VL. WATSOJT, Old Colony
Xnrseriel and Scad Waxehonse,Ply
mouth Kasi. Established 1842,
' Vinton Covxty, O., V
- March I, A. D. 1873. J
To las OnolijM Posn of Vinton Connty, Otis .-
WHKKEAtt, by the laws of Ohio regulating
Elections it is required of the Bherin of his
Couity lo give notice before the time of hold
tng a general Kleelio by Proclamation
throughout the eaamtv of the lime on which
aucb Elect ion anal I be holdeo. -
In pnssiianee of such requisition, I,
R GORGE KALER. bhrnH of Vinton County,
Ohio, do hereby pioojaim and make known
that the
First MoriHay of April 1873,
(Being the 7th Say of Baid Month,)
is by the laws of Ohio appointed the day on
which the qualified (lectors of Vinlon County
nre notified to meat in their respective Town
ships, at their neual or proper nlm-es of hold
ing April r'eclions, between the hours of 0
o'clock in the forenoon and I o'clock in the
afternoon ol aa d da, and then and there pro
ceed to vote by ballot for the following o nicer,
to wit I
One Delegate to the Constitutional
for Vinton County, Ohio.
Ciesa aaoVr ar assif, ol my oltet, JfcAtlknr,
las day 0 Alan A, A. P. lxfl.
Sheriff f Vlnteu County, Ohio.
S3 X
661 Broadway, New Tork,
IS the best system of modern abort hand
writing. By its aid reporters are enabled
lo wnle verbaUm the spcehe,i cf the most
rapid t'.'neiii, Willi tiie greatest ease. It is a
uranch of study as easily learned aa any of
the common branches, such at reading, writ
ing, arithmetio ot grammar, and may be ac
quired bv any child that can rend common
print readily. lis characters are as fixed
ana certain in Iheir meaninga, aa legible, as
philosophical, as beautiful aa those now in
common iia. are more systematic, and more
readily learned.-
The great utility of Phonography is fully
conceded by teache". students, liuinea and
prolessionnl men. The demand for I'lionoj
raphers is greater than the supply, and con
atnntly Increasing. It is a sure and easy
stepping stone for a young man or woman to
immediate, permanent an I rcpectable em
ployment, at salaries of from $ I, Son lo 13,000
per year, as reporters for newspapers, civil
and militnry eourts. Legislatures, Conven
tions, etc., or aa clerks in Ihe offices of rail
roads, telegraphs, lawyers, physicians, mer
chant and manufacturing houses, and in all
the departments of in National tiovernmeuv
and as secretaries and nmenusises. Thtre is
no Held of labor so certainly remunerative,
and no iiiieful art so easily acquired.
To Ihe lawyer in noting down testimony
and leferences, and in preparing first dm It of
bneftnnd otter legal papers it is Invaluable.
To the clergyman, in preparing hia sermons,
to the pubhu speaker in preparing a rii.
course, lo any person hsving studio or cler
ical duties it will save Ml per cent, of time.
PARENTS, why not have your children
learn Phonography a useful and beautiful
art, refining amusement, a uniqn accom
plish Tent, in any vocation 01 1 le it will re-
fiay many time its coat in money tune and
ervslvle of the art commencing with Ike
analysis of wotds, and proceeding to t ho mod
rapid reporting siyie-m Miens torin anu
manner, with nitch fullness of eiiilanalinn.
and completeness of lllil-lnilion, and with
alien otl erieallire as 10 iiiuy auapi ine sum
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Price, ti; by mail f I.'M.
Mr. Ginhain isthoatithor of a I'honngranh
ic Dictionary, Readers, and other work, also
publisher ot a newspntier called "The Wtu
dent's Journal,'' devoled to the advancement
ol Phonography. Hend ftr a specimen num
her coniaining a full description of Ihe var
ious works 0,1 Phonography which nre pub
nsnea oy nim.
fifeb 5U3 liroadway, Me York.
Too many parents put oft' having'
pictures made of their children until
it Is forever too late. Many sail rei
grets would be prevented If it was at
tended to in time.
"Secure lite shadow ere the substance
A met co trlto but well and aptly said ;
Aud oft recurring.-as with anxious
We gnze on forms which bloom, alas!
to die.
Be wise in time; improve the present
PJuck while we may the rose of beau
ty's bower,
And from its bloom, an evanescent
Extract a balm, a sweetness to destroy
The poison mingling of the cup of
And soothe the anguish of its parting
Billinghurst is always ready to at
tend to such matters. Every person,
old and young, should attend to this
duty without delay.
The tipring Term commences Aril 1st;
Summer Term, June loth.
Vxdesire lo announce that unprecedented
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cation. 8. Its freedom from political or
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sTWe are responsible for the statements
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Head st once for descriptive catalogue or
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J. FRAI8E RICHARD, Principal.
Wewing Machine
Agents wanted Bend for circular Address
Forest andEvergreen Trees and Seeds
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Wauksgan, III.
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LUCK CO., .No. A1S MsrketSt., Harrisburg.l'a
Dr. BowR3, Dentist, McAr
thur.O. .
window shades!
YEO & CO.,
Union Block, Beoond St., Chillicothe,
INV1TK the attention of housekeepers of
this place and vicinity to their slock of Wall
Spring Trade of 1873
A large assortment just received. Call and
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Linen and Paper Window Shade$, Iiu$
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ations in the township 'S'he farm in Liber
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Lamb's Ointment.
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Ag9 la lAs Broatt, Caking qf tkt Milk, r Tn inert
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innmnmiory UweMngs.
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H. C. CADY, Sole Proprietor,
State of Ohio, YintonCounty, 88.
Rumscy & Co , PlaintifTa
John E. MoVey end Kullie MoVey,
TUFSUANT to the command of an order of
X Bule I'suvd from the Court of Common
Pleas of Vinton County, and to mo dliecled aa
Sherift of said County, I will oiler lor sale at
the door of ilia Court Ho i-e, in the town of
t cAilhur, Vinton Co'intr, Ohio, on
Monday, the 31st Day of Maroh,1873
at the hnur of 1 o'clock, P. 51. of anid day,
the tallowing described hinds auu tcueinents,
to wtl:
The north part of Iracl'onal In-lnl No. .17
thirty-seven, in tho villiigd of New Mount
Pleasant, in Vinton County. Ohio, and being
the following tract, to wit !
Commencing at the norlli cnt cornet ol
in lot No :i7j thirty. seven, in the town ol
New Mount rlcnssnt, and running thence
southward I fit Hlty eight del, theuce in n
weslvily course about In Ion rods, thenoe
north ;mj thirty fe-t lo a tore, Ihcm e cni
wiinily Jli'iUl one hundred air.! liny leel lo the
pi ice of begiiiiiini;, and bcingofau ir.-lol No.
137) Ihiily.fCien.
Apprafed at three humlrnl and sixty-seven
dollars and niut bring two-ihirds ol lha
To lis sold as the pioprrly of John E. Mo
Vry (ml Snllie MoVey, lo satisfy an Order of
Silo, fssued from the Court ol'l'ommoti I'lcn
in f:ivor of R'lini.v 4 Co.
TRhMS OFdAL'I'l : Oi-.li on hand on the
day of sale. UEOKUK KAEEIt,
hlit-rirl Vintou County.
11. adnata, Alt'y for l'lauitilt.
Fcrruary i7, l"7'l.
Sore Lips, On ucas tf tlto Nkiii, etc., etc.
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UruggistH, New York
ff Eatublished I S30. J
M ii ii 1 1 fart il re r o I qhhh,
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nr.ee, containing in one group, the laees ot
nesieyann oi Disnnps uoae, Asoury, wnac
coat, George, Roberta. McKendree, Hedding,
Waugh, Hamline, Baker, Thomson Clark sod
Kinualey, in addition to those ol the living
oisnops inis Diciure is, ineretore oi
The Methodist, although bearing a denom
inMional name, contain i much to interest all
who want
It has a strong editorial corps and mnnv
able contributors. The lecture room talks
of Beecher end Ihe sermons ofTalmage, bish'
op Simpson and omers are regularly pub
lished. The international Sunday School
lesson is of value to all teachers, while the
Ch ildreo a Department is unsurpassed for va
riety anu imprest.
Subscriptions may he sent direct or paid to
the nearest jletnodisl preacher, bpecunen
copies tree.
V. C. HAL8TED, Pobllsher.
I Hi haaa sUreet, riew York
American Hand Corn Planter.
Sent by express on receipt ol JIM MAr-N
A CO, manufacturers, St Louis, Mo Liberal
terms to dealers Bend stamp for circular
Wood Workine Machinery Generally.
Hperlnltlesl-Woedvrortll 1' I a a I a ,
ToiiKurina and tirooving Machines,
ltic'hnrdson'e Patent Improved
Tenoo Slacbiues, Etc.
Central, cor. Union St.,V0E0ESTEB
Stationery, Portable and Blast
Saw Mill, Flouring Mill and blast Machinery
U. A F. BLAND Y, Newark, Ohio.
iiinniuin ni iaa
VVUHMMl llLHdd.le fooaweek
fiuarauteed. Hespectable employment si
lome, dsy or evening; nocspiul reipiired;
full InHrui'lions anu a yslissbie package ol
goods sent Iree by msil ' Address with ticent
return stamp, M. YOU.NO A CO., 16 Cortland
St., N 1.
r- Oflrer dayl Agents wautedl All
JIU AUeH8,es 0f working people, of
either S'X.V ungorold, make more money
at work lor ns in Iheir spare momenta, or all
the time, than anything ehe. Particulars free.
Address (i. STKN'SEN A CO., Portland, Maine.
I suffered with f'ntarrb thirty Ways, nnd was
cured by a sin pie remedy. Will send receipt,
pnsmgelree, to all afflicted. Rev J. T. MEAD,
Drawer 170, Syracuse, N Y
EATERS, boxi, s
. ri.....n M...h ..an P Ii
$100,000 forOnly 010.
1'udcr authority of special legislative net of
Mntili 18. im. llie Irui-lees now -111111. mice Ihe
ThfTil (jiand Oill Concert lor Die beiielit oi the
Public Liliimy of Keniiicky. lo come olt in
Library rlull at Louisville, Ky , on
TtieKf'ny, April Mil, 1ST3.
At this concert Ihe best miisicul lidnnt that
can be procuiod from all parts o. 'ho oimtry
will add pl.'iiiiro to Ihe enterinimnent, and
ten tlioii-nnd i n.-h Bill, nggregitling a vast to
tal of hull it million doll.'is cor.eiii'y will he
ilislrilu.ted by lot lo Hie ticket holders, as
Due grnnd ensh gift Jlt:n,0o0, one grnnd cash
gilt oo.ikii, one grand cash gill ii'i.ul"', one
grand cn-h gilt xu,"i, one grand cosh gilt,
one. grand cnsh gift 1U,;WI, one griind cash
KflMK'U, '.'4 cnsh gills of tl.liiK) ench 21 IMHI.
ill ciikIi gilts nf 5i il ea' h Sf.ViMI, HU cai.li gil'tm.f
4iki each :w,nsi, lmicasli guts of iuki en.-h an,.
(sm), I611 cnh gdl of 2011 eni-h ai,Mts, Mm csh
gills ol US) ea'h Mi,ihjII, O.ikhj cii-Ii gilts of lo
eiich UO.uutl. Total, 10,000 gills, nil cash,
To provide menn for this magnificent ton
cert, one bundled thousand anole ticliels on
ly will be ifsued.
Whole tickets, J10: hnlvc,Jo, and qnirters,
12. ,0. Kicven whololii kets lor IliiO No dis
.niir.it on less llian H'.hi orders
Tlin ohicl of this lliirJ gilt oon-eit, like Ihe
two heretofore given with such univernil np
protnl, is tiie enliiigemeiit and endnwmenl of
the public lilirnry ol Kenluclty, .vhlch, by the
spei iiil s't nlitliorit ng the conceit for ll ben-t-lii
, is to be forever Iree to nil citizens of ev
ery Slute The drawing will be under the an
pervinon of the Trustees of the library, as
listed bv Ibe most eminent citizens nf the
liiuied SI lies The snlo of tickets has already
nromessed so fur that ooinii'ele success is a
Mired, and buyers ore tln-refore notiHeil ih it,
I hoy iiiu-t or.ior at once il'lhcy ilea lie to pur
ticipntc in Ihe dniwing
lliri mnnngi meiii oi inis iiniienniing nns
lii'ii coiiuoiiii'd by Ihe trustees lo Urn Thos
l Pr ni'l die, bile Governor of Keuliicki , lo
wlioui coiiimuiiicntioiis pf naming tu IlieUil't
I onuuit limy be ndd.eseil
It I I ui Hit i'. I i , i-res i
W N HALlJti.MAN, Vice Pres't
.1011 y SCMN.Sec'v Public Library of Ky
. A It W I'll1'' niKIVKK.S' HANK. Treasurer.
Ihe tm.' for Ihe Co icctt is clo-e at hrnd
(pril Aih.l p rt es wxnting li'ikets "hou d
snd in h'ir orders linniediitly if they
V7. Ill'i nvoul ihe rush ami delay absolutely
l.n .iimliililv in llu f-winys precciling the
d:i.win-i. UI ou'er- for sgencies, i'iroiai
nnd iiift.i in 'to n w.ll m i-i with prompt itt"i.
t on. TIIOS. E. BKAMLKTTfi. Auenl Pub' C
Llbrnr) Kiiuu. uy, l.ouiavillo, y.
I Oil
Paint and Second Street,
Will have on Sale by the 20 th inst.
a lull Ime of
Dry Goods in his Wholesale Depart
Including the most popular brands of
Fancy Calicos,
Shirting Oalicoa.
Brown Muslins,
Bleached Muslins.
Bro, & Bl, Sheetings,
Tickings & Checks,
Domestic Ginghams,
Denims, Stripes,
Drillings & Cambrics,
Table Linens,
Crash & Huck Towels,
Jeans and Flannels,
Irish Linens, &c., &c
Buyers are solicited to examine his slock
which will he otieredat prices as lo,r as in
other markets.
New supply of Brussels, Ingrain. Venetian,
Hemp snd Cottage at
8ot R. B. SMART.
PERSONS indebted to me either by note or
twok account are notified to come forward
ana seme on or Deiore the
10th Day of March, 1873,
or suit will be entered at the expiration of that
iiih 10 compel. w vi. oAUIiilHAPt
Zaleski, February 13, 1873
Vinton County, Ohio.
TH Knoxt term commences April 1st. Hie
expensa ol tuition, fuel, light, washing and
room rent, 13. Ml a week sir boarders; il to
fi.6u for eel f. boards.-s. frr further particu
lars spply to . F. M. CHKADI.E,
emaraw . . PrluclpaU. .
aT'J"J'TTsaj ar We cure the habit per
i 111 I I II manently, cheap, quick,
I I U I llLwillioul siiHenug or in
III I yrconvenicr.ee. licsciibe
III I Irvnurciise. Address S. Ii.
UL I 1 1 AP.MSTRONR. M. !).,
ill tain;1
s s
If You
Want a situation.
Want a servant eirl,
Want to sell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to buy orsell a farm.
Want a boarding place,
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpets.
Want to llnd customers for anything,
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence, .
Advertising snows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has lecome
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judieiout adverliing.
JVb exception lo this rule can be
cited! Meivarl, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as. a last
resort, to get his slock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this .that if il wat
good for him in adversity, he
could make it still belter in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
wliilo to advertise; for no porson reads
advertisement; jet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise--mcnt,
and if ho is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
offer worth advertising. How much
more then will those rend them who
aru not so largely supplied with read
ing matter, arc at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper fur
their local news, the moet iirportnut
item i f which is where they can find
just what ther want when they come to
town to make their purchases. Ifyotii
slock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out of
style that it is wnrtlVeaa, or if it is run
down so that you have nolhirg left that
people would wint, it is not worth
wind) for you to advertise. Hut if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to tho
world tlmt you have them, ur,d want
to sell tliom at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day rlncs dutv herond that tlav,
and its cfi'ert continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's naind a per
m tnent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tho mine's of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
If vcu lose a watch, a do or a child.
or if vou desire peoplo not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, Knowing that every one will rend
(he advertisement. But you will plod
along in business year after year, with..
out calculating how mush you are los
in by not advertising, illifporter.
If thnso fcrsons who profess to be.
lievo that newspaper adrertisctnents
n re not real hy the public wish to lie
convinced nf their error, just let them
jjvo publicity to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most ohsouro corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser s
Gazelle. - ,
AnvBHTisiNQ is apt to give us that
gentle jog of conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that wo promised our wife
a new dress as soon ns the hay was in.
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to aark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
Using will not yet civilize (he world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is coins: on. To ana if thp ia
anything new, or anything that they
want. 10 see it the Benson's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To Vnow if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read nil the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because thoj
can't help it Ohio Stale Journal
Thb power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives so importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity tc influence, to pern
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, et even then fade awav in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed. But there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it a
marvelous force and influence. Busi.
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may bo
accomplished by a persevering use of
the printing presses. Learn to adver
Use, and then the "how, when and
where" oi it, and yon will have a
knowledge worth haying.

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