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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 13, 1873, Image 4

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THURSDAY, MA It. 13, 1873
Om sndafUr Sunday, November Sd, 1J7J
Irmin will ran ae lollowe: Th St. Loin
Bxprm rune duly; J1 ether trains daily Sua
ilfl .xaenuid.
fa Faat Lm ud Express will (top only
l Loveland, Greenfield, Chilli:oth, Hamden,
Athens and Scott's Lsnding. FastiLin going
t will stop at UlaocheaUr, also. Ulher
iraiaa stop at an stations.
Station,: Mail. Fut L.
Oioinnil.......t 84am 10 2Uam
GjtUeoihe.....ll SOam V Slpm
Aiohland rur.U SHnm t UVpm
Hamden ....1 ifhm lpm
HoAlTMUvan,. 1 UftiUI 31pm
Vmio ....... 1 Upm 1 4f(m
Zahaskt.... I ilpm I 48pm
Bpt furnace... 1 Mpm I Sopai
rarSar burg. .... 4 66pm 4 aopra
ooiNt) WEST.
i own
I 3oin
1 44rn
S 63ara
S Olsin
I 0.O
i nitrii
I 6uro
Bastions. Mail. Feat L. PI. I,. Ex
arktribura-.. ...... 9 Warn ( ooora 1 to pin
Horiafi'urnace..... 1 0pm It SOarn I 2Jpm
tr-3l. ....... 1 Knn 11 3Sara dJpm
frKSn.... 1 Upm lH.'.am I 40piu
MoAamva 1 tapes 11 iium I 47pm
Bamdea 1 Mnm 12 uum I Mum
Ktchlaed Fur.. 1 13pm 12 Upm 4 tmpm
ChiUiotb...nw S 19pm 1 Wpm 4 66pm
Clihaii... ...I lopm 6 oupro. I uuprn
Ttaa Zalaski Accommodation going; eaat
lar,Chillicothsal Oua. m., Ray. villa T u
Richland Furnace, I 10, Hamden arrive ( 45
denarl IS. McArthur. 65, Vinton 10 M
taleaki 10 M. (Joint west Zaleaai 4 00p.m.,
Vinton 4 So, McArthur 6 UO, Hamden, arrive
SO depart 6 50, Richland Furnace, VI,
Jaavavilla. 50. Chilllcothe. I 25.
will lain Hamden at 15 a.m. and 4 00 p. m
arriving atPortamoulb at 11 10a m.andT W)p.
m. Returning traina mill leave Portsmouth at
4 a.m. and 12 20 p.m., arming at Hamtlen
at li;4 a.m. and 5 no p.m.
Trama connect as l.oveland for alt points on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the inuiaoap
allu anrl rtinninnatl Railroad Innctin for all
Dolnta Weat; at Athena, with the Columbue
A H. V. K, R., At Parkernhurg, with (he it. at
V, tt. It. w. rw iwy 1 1
Muter of Transportation,
I WILL run a hack from Wllkesville to
Riitdin and return avarv Monday. Wednes-
da? and Friday, for the accommodation of
passengers, malting close connection wim me
man trains on me M. a v. n n. i i
arry sxprens paukages thijiped to or from
laoe. point oj tneauam, niurea. m.
WILL run regularly to McArthur Station
to meet all mail trains.
Hack leave McArthur poit office el 12.00
o sioea, u. eacn uay, 10 connect wuu man
Orders left st the post office, McArthur, er
uundas, promptly atifnuemo.
Hamden, Wilkauville and Middleport
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above points I will be able to
I urnish conveyance for passengers and their
baggage to and from said points on the follow
angdays: From Wllkesville to Hamden and
back on Mondays, Wednesday' and Fridays;
and from Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meigs
Co, and back, on Tuesdays, Thursdays nd
Saturdays. JOHN LEVIS.
Tab Boston Journal 11 confi
dent that the idea that house
hold work is thought degrad
ing in the United States, in any
general senBe, or to any excep
tional degree, as compared
with other countries, is utterly
absurd, and that as a whole,
the women of America stand
at the very bead of the house
hold workers of the world.
A bill was passed In the
Ohio House of Representa
tives on the 4th instant, pro
viding a penalty for transport
ing paupers into counties
where they have no legal resi
dence, in order that the cost of
their maintenance may fall on
the wrong county.
The National Dkbx was re
duced five millions of dollars
during the month of February.
It will be recollected there was
an increase during the two
months previous; and having it
under control once more, it is
hoped the authorities will go on
in the good work of reducing
The ex-Queen Isabella of'
Spain met her husband ior the
first time in several years ft
the late funeral of the Duke de
San Ricardo in Paris, and
showed him his little baby
which was recently born.
A coboueb's jury in Missouri
resently gave an intelligent
and explanatory verdict thus :
"We find that he came to his
death from calling BillJackson
a liar."
At Paris, Ohio, a yellow pop
lar tree has just been cut
down which yielded more than
70,000 feet of lumber. It was
sold for $10 a thousand feet
A totjnq lady doing honors in
the White House, is a novelty
in American history. The dis
tinction will fall on Nellie
Must to favor An old neigh
bor," Ex-President Johnson ar
gued a case beiore a Tennessee
Justice of the Peace, a few days
A widow argued a will case
before a Georgia court, and by
putting in a judicious assort
ment of smiles and tears won
Atlisrytlstai 1 Uwertad at fair Price.
In Zaleslri
THE Zaleskl Company, with view to the
development of Hie local interest of Zalea
ki, to secure its permanent piosperity, aad to
auu 10 lie population ana weaun, are now
onering to actual aettleis, town lots and form
lands at low prices, and on liberal terms.
Persons desiring to examine the property
and to uy cheap houses will apply at lbs
lompanv s omees to
R. THOMPSON, Manager,
laleskl, Ohio, May Is, 1T1. tt
the new postal law e are supplying the peo
pie with our tine nickel white metal were, of
npie eieciro-sitver plate, post-paid to any
part of the country dt reel from our manufac.
Notwithstanding a large advance in nirkel
we still orler the goods, both plain and fancy
patterna, atformer factory rates, and will mail
any Quantity at these prices, ou receipt of the
Butter knife, pickle fork, sigar spool and
napkin ting, each $100
Tea spoon, and nut picks, hslt dos. 2 50
Dessert knives, lorks and noon,, half dos. 4 UO
Tsble " 5 00
Resisting of old ware in the best manner, at
one half or these prices.
We will mail to any addreas nhotniranhs
snd price lists of 'our FIE SILVER
the manufacture ol which is a specialty with
It fa .it, nrlail. I. ..r. 1. .. -J. I... l
.11 'i. i. ... i.i.
m. wiuLiiiiwii iviijiiiu ...Kiigp.
In what papar uid you see our advertise-
14 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio
llotl72 St
Ont door voett of Dan. Will Bro'i.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Persons wishing to purchase lands farms or
town lots in Vinton or adioining oounties will
tnd trscts to suit them by calling.
Persons wishina to sell lands, farms or town
Iota will bsve a good chance of doing so by
issviog nescnpiion, sic. in our nanus.
oct2l Bain Street, McArthur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's (-'olden
They never fall, snd may be depended anon
n every esse where the monthly do has
been oMrticted through cold or disease.
iiutows iiULDbn riiu. always giveim.
mediate relie. A ladv write,: "'Duoonco'a
Golden Pill, relieved me in one day like mag.
io." The genuine are now put up in large
white boxea containing double the quantity of
puis, ana upon eacn uox you win nnn my
"Private U. Revenue Stamp." Dpon the
stamp see the words liUPO.NUO'S GOLDEN
PILLS, in white letters, without that none
are genuine.
iteniemoer the genuine is in the white boxes
Full Snd exnlieit dir. ction, aecomnaav esi'li
box. Price II. 00 ner box. six boxes IJ.Iit.
Sold by ene druggist in everv town, Tillsgs,
city and hamlet thronshout the world.
Bold in McArtl.tir, O.,
By G. )V. SISSOX. Dnggitt.
Sole Ajent for Tinfoil County.
Bv sendinir him 11.00 thranirhlha MeArthnr
0.. Post Office, oan have the pill, sent confi
dentially, by mail, to any part of the country,
free of postsze.
b. v. uost, proprietor, Jew lor.
The New York
A Journal for all True. Bepnblicans,
for ail True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
The New York Eventnc Post, edited bv
William Mullen Brvant and Parke Godwin.
assisted by the strongest talent that can be
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained the same principles ol freedom
and progress, through all changes of parlies
and policiei.
It stands for enual nehis: for the distribu
tloo of power; for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious results of emanci
pation snd enfranchisement won by the war;
and ail practicable reforms.
It is opposed toinjustice and spoliation, dis
guised under the name of pretention, and to
all corrupt party combinations which sa:riUce
principle to mere success.
I twill support Grant and Cilsen, because
it believes that under them the government
will be more stable, and the chances for pro
gress and reform more certain, than under anv
alliance of incompatible elements.
ine r.vening post is equal to any other as
a newspaper, and is complete in its political,
iU literary, its scientific, its agricultural and
is vomiuerciai uepartroeois
Single copy one year,! 1.50; flva copies, one
year, $7.00; ten copies, one year, (12.&U; twen
ty copies, one yer, l.'O.oo.
Single copy, one year, $3.00; hve copies,
one year, 112.50; ten copies, one year, f 20.00.
Those subscribing now for one r will res
ceiye the paper until January I,
Or we will send the following p diesis to
subscribers, in connection witb Evening
Post at the prices named :
Wilh With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Post. Eveoing Post
Harper's Weeekly (4 50 $6 00
Harper's Bazar 4 50 6 00
Harper's Magazine. ... 4 50 6 00
Every ??r'!y 5 00 e 50
Atlantic Monthly 4 00 5 5C
Our Youno- Folks 3 00 4 50
Scribner's Monthly .. 4 50 6 00
Old and New 4 50 6 00
The Galaxy 4 00 6 60
Phrenological Journal 3 50 5 00
The Agriculturist 2 50 4 00
Hearth and Home 3 75 5 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 50
Appleton'c Journal. .. 4 60 6 00
Wood's Household Magazine 1 00 3 50
Home Journal 3 50 5 00
The Christian Intelll.
genccr, with Chromo 3 75 5 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Post and
Christian Intelligencer will be tent the beau
tiful Chromo, The Gleaners.
For 25 cents we will send the Weekly Even
ing Post for two months, or lor 60 oats we
will send the Semi-weekly Evening Post for
the sams time. Specimen numbers sent free.
Address, WM. C. BRYANT A CO
31oct New York.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galkpolis, McArthur
& Columbus Kailroad Co.
ALT, parties having subscribed to the cap
ital atoekol the 0.. McA. ,C. B. R. are
hereby reauired to make navment tn ihs.
retary of the Company, at his office ou the
Public Square, in Gallipolis, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Ilaniel Will. President or th
vinion uonniy Bank, at McArthur, Ohio, of
an installment 01 nve aollara on each share
so subscribed, within tea days of ibis data.
AUHUSi IVj tOll.
deo 1171.
$10,000 is&is wsi!'
Psrticulars and Sample aent on receipt of
Stamp. N Capital Weeetasary. AddressM.
Ul'TTON Co., 70 Broadway, Jfew York,
job v. LUCUS
To a Boom over Jones'Billiard Saloon,
Where he will be pleased tosaehll oldcus
tomers, and as many new onea as wish to
Bead Dr. Holland's New Story.
50O Face for 1 ! Arc.
The publishers of Scaissit's Mokthit,
promise for the ensuing year a more brilliant
array of contributors, and an increase in the
varielf and beauty of ita illustration., alrea.lv
conceded by the critics to las "fntr Uum aay
waica aur nuuerto appearea in any Amencau
It. Holland, the editor, will write the serial
story of th, year, which will be autobiograph
ical in form, and will be illustrated bv Hias
n shock, it is eauiieu Arthur uonmcsstls, and
will deal Willi some of tha moitditflcull orob
lems of American life. It will be eommenued
in the November number.:
There will be a new s'orv bv Saxa Holm.
The one leaned Dnncers.
Bret llano, the best writer or short stories
now living, will contribute a characteristic
story, entitled 1 he bole of Kiddlelowo, which
will be illustrated bysheppard.
R. H. Stoddard will wrnea series ot enter
tslntng'papera snout authors, their uersoual
characteiistica, home life, families, friends,
wnimaanu ways. A aerie, ol portraits of liv
ing American writers is slso promised.
Clarence (Jook will write a'.out furniture,
and the decoration of American homes.
These papers Kill b eminently oractical as
wen as artistic, ana win be illustrated with
desirns and sketches by numerous artists in
audition to tnose wnicn tne people will fur
Among those who will contribute are ;
Hans Andersen, Bryant, Bushnell. EaArt
ton, f'roude, Higijioson, Bishop Huntington,
in iiniw, tfumi fiiiv. n. a., aiaciionuin.
Mitchell, M ss Phelps. Stedman. Stockton.
Stoddard, Celia Thaxter, Wurner, Wilkinson,
airs, wnitney, Desiuea a nosi or others.
The editorial conttol and direction of the
Maintain will remain in th hands of lir.
Holland, who will continue to writs "Tha
Topics of the Time," which the N. Y. Inde
pendent ear, "are more widely nuoted than
any similar papers in any Amencau maga
sine." Watson Gilderlwill write "The Old CahU
net;" ss hitherto. Prof. John U. lirapercon
ducts th department of "Mature and Sci
ence." 1 he departmenta of "Homsand So
ciety" tnd "Culture and Progress," will en
fant Ilia contributions or more than a acore
of pens on both side, of the Allantio The
w, u nman and Kenector says: "Scribner's
Mouthiy for September is better than uaunl.
which indicates a needles, waste of editor-mi
brains snd publisher's money, for the Man.
aune wns gool enough before!" And yet the
fiuhlisliera promise to make It still better for
hs coming yenr.
The subscrintinn Price is f 4 00 a vaar.with
special rates to clergymen, teachers and post-
The following
areotlered to new subscribers :
ror 11 50 th publisher, will send, or anv
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, th
magazine for one year, and the twelve num
bers of Vols. Ill and IT. containina tha lie.
ginning of Mrs. Oltphant'a Serial, "At His
Gates;" for 17 50, the Magasine for on year.
aud the ill back numbers trom the beginning; 1
for liu 0, the Magasine lorone year, and the
24 back numbers bound (4 vols.,) charges on
bound vols. ia d. This will give nearly S.tiuo
pages or the choicest reading, wilh the finest
illustration,, for liu 60. or neall son n..
for a dollurl snd will enable every subscriber
to obtsin th series from the first.
Special terms to Dealers, Clergymen and
8CE1BXKRA CO., 54 Brosdwsy. jr. Y.
"rasjaeetlesaklnaie beat alnes work
f tkskJnd U lb VrU."
Harper's Magazine.
Aettos Us
Th ver-lneralng eire oUtioa of th i ex
cellent meoihl) prove, it. continued adapta
tion to popular desire, and needs. Indeed
when we think into how msoy homes it pene
trates every month, w mutt on.ider it as
on of the educators s, well ss enteitvnen ol
the public inind.forit, vast popu'aruv hat
been won by no appeal to stnpid prejudices
or deprsred taste. Bottom Gfoov.
The character which this Jfoauas possess
es forvsnety, enterprise, wesltn. and literary
culture that has kept pace with, if it ha, not
led the times, should cause He conductors to
regard it with justifiable complacency. I. also
entitles them to a great claim upon the pub
lic gratitude. The Vcfaiim hs, done good
and not evil ill the days of its lite. Brooklyn
A complete set of Hurst's Mteattsi, now
comprising volumes, in neat cloth bind'ng.
will be seal by express freight st expente ol
purchaser, for i ii per volume. b.oU tot-
by mail, potipatd, it 00. Cloth ca.es, for
bindiug, 58 cents, by mail, postpaid.
"A Complete Pictorial History f the
Times." "The beat, cheapest, and snoat
successful Family Paper la lb l'ala "
Harper's Weekly.
Noticm of fas Presa.
Th Wetkli it the ablest and moat powerful
illustrated periodical published in thu coun
try. Its editorial, Hre scholarly and convinc
ing, and carry much weight. Ha illustration
of current events are full and Iret-h, snd are
prepared by our beat designers. With a cir
culation of 160,100, the Vinkl) is read by at
least hail a million persona, and its influence
as an organ or opinion is simply tremendous.
The Weekly maintains a positive positiou, and
expresses decided views on political snd so
cial problems. Louisville Cmrtsr-Zoarsal.
Th annual volumes of HaBpst't Wmu,
in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
free of expense, tor 17 00 esch. A ampleUStt.
compruing Bttfen VoJanu. sent on receipt of
cash at th rate of 14 25 per vol., frei)U at as
psM ofHrduier.
-X Eeposltery ot rTashloa, PUasare and
Harper's Bazar.
Notica oj IU Praw.
Th Bam is edited with a contribution of
tact and talent that we seldom find in sny
journal; and the journal itself ia the oigan of
the great world of fashion.- Bottom Tmrjtr,
Tho Buar commends itself to every mem
ber of tne household to the chile ren by droll
and pretty pictures, to the young ladies by its
fashion plates in endless variety, to the prov
ident matron by its patterns for the children'
clothes, to pateramUiat h) its useful designs
for embroidered slippers and luxurious dressing-sow
ne. But the reading matter of the
Kanr is uniformly of great excellence. The
paper hss acquired a wide popularity for the
fireside enjoyment it affords. K. i. Eenimg
Biapxi'i Wkiit, Basts, or MaSAiuii,
one year, each, (4 00.
A s atn eopf of either the Masiiiii, Wsiklt,
or Bitaa, be supplied jraiu lo trerf cfstoKlva
Sbtsca ttat at 14 00 eoca, lim remidaMsy er,
six copies for 120 00, ttUhomtertra capy.
itoiiptio. lo Hsspxt's Maoaiiss, Wtlll.T,
nd Basas, to om odrirem for om fear, 110 Ou; er.
two of Harper', Periodical., to one addrem for om
pear 17 00.
Back mmmben can ba tnnplied at any time.
Th flva volumes of Haipta'a Baiab, lor
th yeara 18(8, ', '70, '71, 7i, elegantly
bound in green morocco clot.i, will he tent by
express, freight prepaid, for 17 00 ack.
The postage on Haapsa's Wsssivoi Baiab
is 20 cents a year. Masasiss 24 cents, which
must bs paid st the mlmber't post offtee.
Address HARDER 4 BROTHERS, hewYork.
Lovo and Matrimony.
The affections may ba gained by Allowing
simpb rules, and all may marry happily with
out regard to wealth, age or beauty. Address,
with stamp.
Madam Lnoilla Demaxre, Bible Honai
Station, H. T. 2)anly
It is but a few years since
the vote of a leading Senator
of unquestioned integrity, was
sold ior $10,000 cash, and the
money actually paid to the
lobby and by them divided or
used for their purposes, though
the fact did not come to the
knowledge of the Senator un
til years after; and this is the
way it was done.
An important financial meas
ure was peuding, and a knowl
edge in advance of which way
it would be decided would en
able operators ia the great
cities to make a large amount
of money; and, alter a careful
canvass of the views of Sena
tors, the lobby reached the
conclusion that, as this partic
ular Senator should vote, so
would the question be decided.
The position of the Senator
seemed to require that he
should not disclosa his views
until he was ready to do so on
the floor of the Senate, thai
the whole couutry should be
notified at the same time, and
all parties be placed upon an
equal footing. Through some
leakage from the committee
room, the lobby ascertained
that the Senator was privately
preparing a speech on the
question, and it, therefore, be
came important to know the
tenor of this speech before it
could be delivered.
A. person having access to
the committee room undertook
tlm task, and by unlawfully
opening the desk or drawer in
which the papers of the Sena
tor were kept, procured and
read the notes ot the speech.
laving thus surreptitiously
obtained the required knowl
edge, the lobbyist was prepared
to negotiate upon a certainty,
and at once applied to the
proper parly with the proposi
tion to guarrntee the vote ol
the Senator for the sum ot $10,
000, which was promptly put
up p.nd, upon the delivery of
the speech and passage of the
bill, paid over to the contract
ing party; and the agent of
the parties who favored the
passage of the bill, and proba
bly the parties themselves,
were left to the conviction that
this distinguished Senator had
actually bartered his vote for
the sum of 810,000, while in
fact, the Senator knew nothing
of the matter until some two
years after,whenitaccideatally
came to his knowledge; till
then he supposed that the de
livery of bis speech in the
Senate gave the first knowl
edge of his views outside of
the committee room.
Cases not unlike thid are of
common occurrence, though
generally "involving smaller
Rodney Foos, Clerk of the
Supreme Court, has received
notice from W. II. Sly, Grand
Master of the I. O. O. F., of
Ohio, that he has been elected
Deputy Grand Master of the
State, his term of office com.
mencing the second Tuesday
oi May.
If the editor of the Jackson
Standard has to go to the Con
stitutional Convention, he will
favor a clause allowing women
to vote, hold office, drink cock
tails, ride astraddle, and do
every thing else the men do.
Senator Sumner has not en
tered the hall of the House of
Representatives since the joint
meeting to declare the vote for
President, four years ago.
Both Houses of Congress, on
Saturday, resolved formal con
gratulations to the Spaniards
on the recent change in their
form of government.
Mice harm the cheese, but
the girls charm the he's. The
same is true of their respective
eating of cheese and cheating
of he's.
Mrs. Poland, mother of Ma
jor Wm. Poland, died in Chilli
cothe, on Tuesday, of last week,
aged 73.
Pomerot will summer at
Watch Uill.R. L Kansas is
too hot for him.
As the 4:30 train Irom New
York reached Stamford Satur
day, an antique looking-look
ing dame thrust her head out
of the window opposite the re
freshment room door, and
brieflly shouted "Sonny 1" A
bright looking boy came up to
the window. "Little boy" said
she, "have you a mother?"
"Yes, ma'am." "Do you love
her!' "Yes, ma'in." aDo you
go to school?" uYes ma'm."
"And are you faithful to your
studies?" "Yes, ma'am." "Do
you say your prayers every
night?" "Yes ma'm." Can I
trust you to do an errand for
me?" "Yes. ma'm." I think I
can, too," said the lady, look
ing steadily down on the manly
face. Here is five cents to get
me an apple: Remember Uod
—Hartford Post.
It is in contemplation to re
duce the number of Represen
tatives in the New Hampshire
Legislature At present the
proportion is about one lo
every barn, and the farmers
complain that while laws are
made their crops go to ruin.
The decreasing population of
the State is explained on the
ground that large numbers
of persons are forced to emi
grate to escape being elected
to the Assembly.
The iamous Jumel estate
case has come to an end at
last. The plaintiff, George W.
Bowen, claimed the estate on
the ground that he was an il
egitluiate son of Madame
Jumel, deceased. The Court
held that Madame Jumel had
only a life interest in the es
tate; and the jury decided that
this view was correct, and
that, furthermore, Bowen had
not established his claim to be
ing the offspring of Madame
Is Arkansas, a man was sen
tenced to be hanged, but all
the carpenters in the neighbor
hood refused to build a scaffold.
As the condemned man was
himself a carpenter by trade,
the sheriff tried to Induce him
put up the gallows, but he
steadfastly declared he'd Le
hanged if he would.
The Varner House of Ports
mouth, Ohio was sold under
the hainriier last week to L. C.
Damarin, for $15,050.
King of The Blood.
Prairie Itch is caused by a
disordered and inactive Liver,
produced by miasmatic poison
upon Iho system. The King of
the Blood acts as a stimulating
alterative upon all tho glands
ot the body, especialy upon
the Liver (which is a glandular
body,) and will, therefore, by
correcting the secretions and
curing the Liver, remove in a
short time this troublesome
and loathsome disease.
See advertisement in anoth
er column.
Holloway's Pills.
Thousands drop into the
grave without a specific com
plaint the premature victims
of exhaustion. Yet when vi
tal energy fails from any cause,
these Pills will recuperate the
8 y stem, bold 78 Maiden Lane,
Hi. Y. Price, 25 cents per box.
Ask for new style; the old is
Wa will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
453.80 per year.
Advkrtisiso reminds people of
things they had been wanting all
along, bat had forgotten all about
Wb will furnish the Record and the
New York Times one year for $3.
Any of our subscribers wishing to sub
scribe for soy of the leading newspa
pers or periodicals can get them at the
publisher's lowest club rates, by sub
scribing at this office.
Suiond's, Photographer, Chillicothe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other picture. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or ink, at rates to suit all circum
stances. -BJ'S5asnvstioina'qmopt
Catarrh, Consumption k Rheumatism.
Immediate relief and a permanent cor
guaranteed in every osse. Particulars sent
Ire. Addiees CI intoi Medical Institute, 147
East 16th St., M.Y.
-- Tea yearra p
A8 He teat ha proved
2f ' V Crook' Witt of Ta
ijjiy have more merit tl
any similar preparation
llo. It I rich In the
medicinal qualities ol
mKH Tar, ana nnequaiea lot
nd '"v performing
mwt v uie siuni a..An.AOb.
w cures. It EKf KCTUA.LLY
WIST ...mm all i nnvh. unit
s.oiua. 1, una cuicu mj
many cases of Aitkma
aud Bronchitis), that
has been pronounced
plaltita. f or rsins iu
for Pnlna
f,.A 1, An. . MI.I
,119 . ... . . .
. val n, tf 111
llluau TlllUAJWa
Of the Urinary Organs, jauuuiee, m
any iiiver o,iii , .""
It la alao a unerlor Tonle,
beatore the Appetite,
NtrenKthen the "Jrni.
Bea tores the Weak and Debilitated.
launr, ...w ...... - -
Bemoves lysnepsli and Indigestion,
Prevent Halarlou Fevers,
(live tone to your nyaieiu
That Palo, Yellow. SlcUy-Loollnff SMi
la ennntteu to one ot iresinirm "
rhnu niuAHMea nf the Mkln. Plmplea
Pn.inlm. lllnlrhM and Eruption art
removed. pJcrofuln,ScrofnlouUlanaef
or the Eyen, wnite iweiuer, ntyy.
Old Korea or liny kind of Humor rnpldlj
dwindle and disappear under Ita Influence
In fuct It will do you more good, and curt
you more speedily thnn any and all othei
prepurntloiiB combined. Wilt ll HI It Is na
ture's own restorer I A soluble oxyd of iror.
combined with the medicinal properties a
Poke Hootdl vested oi oiiiuwinroeiiuitiquiti
Ities It vy 111 cure any t'hronle or Long
Standing; ltlaeane whose real or dlreo'
cause is bad blood. Khenmatiam.Paini
In U nib or Hone, Constitutions bro
ken down by Mercurial or other poison
are all cured byit. ForNyphllU.or Syph.
Illtle taint, there 1 nothing: equal lo It
A trial will prove It. ASK FOR DK
vJHa'ivau v sisinnnHa.Tir Aa trios
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kuio9 no sM3)na om jo 9.1BJ, 'iuon3Mia
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tajo eqi aj iatix iiaBinujnB onoqooiv ui
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in njojj apBtn -aupipan -u oj jnq "uio,
po v3ouaunjp 0 do jaiddn oq psai mtr
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PaiiTO aiswi aqi swBaid 01 pauaiaaa pm
paoids 'pajoiaop 'sjonbn esnjaa pus iind
joojj 'XamruM utnn jooj 10 opara aDuf
Xanitf 0A jou eat tuma aw.wIA
ExPKRiK.tcB will teaoh any man that
it is advantageous to patronize those
who adrertiis in newspapers- I
VJi, x.iieiniDo:av
. i-trt .
la tho otily Known Remedy for Bt-lL-M' DIs
eto and has cured every case of W'ibelcs In
which it Ims liccr. plvcu. Irritation of tho Neck
of tho HIaud.T and Inllainmatlon of thy Kidneys,
l'lccratloii of tho Kidneys and Bladder, Kctcn
Hon of Urine. l)ieacs of tho l'r.istste Glum ,
Stone In 111 BlaiWer, Gravel. Urick Dust Deposit,
snd Mucous or Jliiky Di-charges, and for tu
feeblrd Delicate Constitutions of both bexes,
altcuued with Hie fu'low'nfi.IP''Li0!
of Toner, Lo.s of Memory, DllUculty pf Breath
in Weak Nerves Wakefulness, Pain in Iho
Buck Flti.-hlnguf llie l)"ly. Eruption on tho race,
l'ollid L'iiuntcu.ince, Lassittido of thu System, etc.
I sed by persons in tho decline or clumpo or
lite; lifter conftnement or labor .paius, bed-wct-tinj
iu children, etc.
Iu many auYcllunt peculiar to Indict, ll;o Ex
tract liucbu U uiicriuufed by any other rimci.y
As lu Chlorosis or Keteution, lrru(,ntlarliy, ruin
fiiluessorSupprcseliini'f Customnrjr Evacuations,
Ulcerated or Schirrus stato of tho Lterns, Leu
corrhtra or White", Sterility, snd for all coin
plaints incident to liu tex. Jt Is pretcribed
extensively by tho nion cmiucnt Physician and
Mldwivcs for enfeebled and delicutu coustitu
tions of both sexes aud all aires. f
tri PUtam AiMl from Imprudinca,
IIMU of Jjutil'ttUon, Etc., in til their ttages, at
liltle espense, little or uo cbungo iu diet, 110 lu
cunyuuleuec, and uo exposure. It causes a fre
quent desire, and give strenirth to urinate,
thereby removing Ofotructions.Treventkiif and
Curing Strictures of the Urethra. Alloying Pain
and lunummatinn, so frequent iu this class ui aU
cases, and cxpelliiii; all poisonous matter.
$1.00 per bottlo or six bottles for J.VCO, delivered
to any adtlree, secure from nbservutlou. Sold by
drui'sisls e crvwhci 0. Prepared by
KE li.N F. Y 'i.. KU Duane St., N. T.
to whom all letter - furinatlou should bit
Ko Chargs lor Advice aud Ooniolttillou.
Dr. J. B lnott. Graduate of .1 ffenun ttidUnl
Colltut, Philadelphia, author uf eevcrul yuluahlo
works, citu he cuusttlted all discs uf tho
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which hj hai niudu
an especiul study), cither iu malu or female, no
matter from what coumj orij.'inaliug, t.r of how
loug standing. A practice ut t) years enable
hint to treat diseases wilh success. Cures guar
anteed. Charges rcnauuublu. Thoto ot u dis
tmico can forward letter describing syuiploms,
and cucluaitig etamp t prepay poHtiiiic.
Scud lor Hi" O'tiiio hi Urmth. 1'riiu 10 cenu.
J. B. JJi'OT'l', M. 1)., Physician and Surgoon,
104 Duttuo St., Kuw York.
TUB most Tnonouon Fuittrixrt or m
Br Ita use Cancers are cared, and
Cancerous tumors are dispersed without the sur
geon's kuife Scrofula conquered, and Contamp-
uun prvvuntcu aim eureu.
Venereal Disease, Mercurial and Miner,
al Poisons, aud their effects eradicated, and vigor
ous health aud a sound constitution established.
Female) Weakness and Disease,
Dropsy, general or partial; Swelling, external or
internal; and Tumors are reduced and dispcreetl
la a very abort time.
Erysipelas, Salt Rhenm, Scold Tlcad, aad"
Fever Sores are soon removed by this powerful
detergent medicine.
Scorbutic Diseases. Dandruff. Scalv
or Rough Ukin.and Pimples quickly give way,
leaving tho skin smooth aud fair.
Chronic Diseases, Fever and Ague, Dis
ordered Liver, Dyspepsia, lthenmatism, Nervoua
Affections, General Debility, In short, all tho
numerous d I senses caused by bad blood are con
ouered. and trive way before this most nowcrful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Each bottle contains between forty and
fifty ordinary doses, costing only one dollar.
From one to four or 11 re bottles will
cure Salt Itheum, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Pim
ples on tho Face, Biles, ordinary Eruptions, etc.
From two to eight bottles will euro
Scaly Eruptions of tho Skin, Ulcers, Sores, and
Canker in the Mouth and Stomach.Erysipclas,etc.
From two to ten bottles will restore
healthy action to tho Llrer and Spleen, will reg-
luiuo lue ouweis auu muueys.
From two to six bottles will he fonnit
effectual in curing Neuralgia, Sick-Headache, St,
uub irauce, anu r.puepsy.
From five to twelve bottles will enm
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles will
Cure severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh.
From two to roar bottles will enre tha
Worst case of Piles, and regulate Costive Bowels.
From two to tea bottles will curs
bad cases of Dropsy.
Price $ 1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for tS.
D. EaSSOM, SON & CO., Propr's,
SeetettlmonlaltIjicalMlainn. Biiffluo, IT, T.
roa Tt
$800 rages, 250 Engratlngu.
A itartling expos of medical humbugs ot
the past and present. It ventilates quacks,
tmveling doctors, noted female cheat., for,
tune tellers and mediums, and gives interest
ing narratives of noted physicians. It rev.ala
startling secrets, and is invaluable to all. We
give exclusive territory and liberal commis
sions. For circulars and terms address the
publisher. J. B. BURR A HYDE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
woo pages & 00 mmm
iflVu'? raJBent authors, including
John B. Gough, and Hnraoe Gmley,
This work I a complete history of all
elebTnVr - induslry. nd is aeompl.7. "r
cyclopedia of arts and manufacture. ina
nth a?-?? ,odl33eoP' m iht dsys,
another SCS in two week. Specimens ssnt
Iree on receipt ol stamp
B. BURR A rlYDE, ruhlishsrs.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, HI.
A NEW B6i?JI?"r
weeks. Agent, who would wVl&tiZ
should spply st once. wmwry,
J. B. Bn RR A-HYDE, Publishers.
Hrtford, Conn., or Chieaao. m.
Dr. BowiBs, Dehtlst, McAr
. sim.
"casio is insoaiiT," "oeos KOJimii,". I
sntiHa ftowrjtsK sntnin novfrBS." m
" AWAJkX mA" A3Hir,"
wita a,, taicnc WBIILT mm WnttTT tWM-af
HAS AT WOM QoomolUtiUl.m tiS. M
Twt at IkwCtnam nttssW Wii
. Awtk. mn tt AalMei" tssetkart
SMsnaal (mall. M
Sibsvrfbira raialas AT OH CI
t euault,Tawtraa B
vtlk Mlau wlOiaav
tmm saslkkan. M
R.w'lslia M
vaimi, m

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