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T II U USD AY, JI Alt. 20, 1873.
The voters of Vinton county
. are notified that the Republi
can Couuty Convention for the
purpose of selecting a candi
date for Delegate to the Con
stitutional Convention, will
meet at the
-0 N
11 O'CLOCK, A. M.
The meeting to select dele
gales to this convention will
'beheld at the usual place of
holding elections, by the sev
eral townships at 4 0'clocL,
F. IH., on Thursday,
ITIarch 30th. The town
ships will be entitled to one
delegate for every twenty-five
votes, or fraction of thirteen,
cast for A. T. Wykoff, for Secre
tary of State, last fall, being as
Elk '. 8
Eagle 2
Uarricon 2
Richland 5
Jackson 5
Clinton 5
Swan 6
Wilkesviile 6
Vinton 1
Madison 6
Brown 3
Knox 2
By order ot the Executive
This week the Record com
mences its twenty-fourth year
ot successful publication. In
its time it has witnessed the
rise and full of a score of news
papers within the county, while
it has moved straight forward,
sever missing an issue. In
commencing this volume we
know our friends will be glad
to hear that its prosperity is
greater than at any previous
time. We have increased our
facilities for job work until we
are prepared to do work as
neatly and promptly as any
office in the State, and we are
doing a larger business in that
line than ever heretofore and
giving better satisfaction to
our customers. We shall keep
up with the times in this de
partment notwithstanding the
Jew who still persist iu jend
ing their work to foreign offi
ces, and if they don't want to
build up home industry we can
stand it a3 long as they can.
If we can't do their job work,
ome day we will Lave the
pleasure of writing their obit
uary. That, at least, can't be
let to a foreign office.
Oar circulation is larger
than at any previous time, be
ing quite as large now as dur
ing the heat of last campaign
when we had some large cam
paign clubs on our list, and
most ot them pay up with
commendable promptness.
Of our advertising patron
age we have no reason to com
plain exeept that it is just now
occupying more of our space
than we like. We wish the
business of our town were bet
ter represented in oar adver
tising column. That is a mat
ter though in the hands of our
merchants, manufacturers and
dealers. Oar columns' are al
ways open to them, and ii they
are so short sighted as to al
low the business men of neigh
boring towns to advertise and
coax customers from under
their very noses, they will per
haps live long enough to see
the error ot their ways. We
bope so, at least.
Gex. Garfield publishes a
defense of his vote for the $5,
OOO back salary bill, basing it
upon his being on the confer
ence committee and knowing
his inability to defeat it by his
individual vote. Now, let him
send $5,000 to the "conscience
. funl" of the Treasury and his
sUrti will be cleared.
The Business of McArthur.
Judging McArlhur by its
newspapers, as towns are al
ways judged away from home,
one would think there was no
person doing business here ex
cept the druggists, the under
takers; the lawyers, and the
Sheriff. We are upon the eve
of opening out to the world,
and by reason of new and ad
vantageous railroad communi
cations, inviting immigrants,
capitalists and manufacturers
to settle among us. Our busi
ness men 6hould think of this
when they neglect or refuse to
make know their business
through the advertising col
umns of their home paper.
Wouldn't it take a robust,
courageous man to even visit
McArlhur with a view to raak
ing it his borne, alter making
the abovo summary of our
business as dealers themselves
present it? if wo want new
mouths brought here to feed
we must hold out inducements
for them to come by letting
them know there ii some per
son already liere.
We expect from time to time,
as heretofore, to poiot out our
natural advantages and ourJSu
perior mineral resources. Our
business men should make
known the business which is
already in successful operation.
No person would want to move
to a locality where they could
not buy a pair of shoes or a
yard ot muslin, and for all the
papers tell about it, this is that
kind of a place.
McArtbur is new becoming
known to the outside world as
9 point worthy of notice for its
situation in a rich mineral sec
tion which is on the eve of be
ing penetrated by a new rail
road, and we have frequent re
quests for specimen copies of
the Record, from persons de
sirous of forming some judg:
Hlent ot our town, if the b;;
with its $100,000 capital, was
represented in the advertising
department the natural infer
ence would be that it was a
better point for business than
if -we had no bank, for it would'
show that that amount 'of
capital, from some good
and sufficient cause, had
been induced to come here
So, if our five dry goods
houses, two hardware stores,
five groceries, two saddlers,
three shoemakers, two milli
nery establishments, two sil
versmiths, carpenters, builders,
our benevolent societies, etc.,
were all represented, it would
create a much more favorable
impression Of the town, and in
the end it might, gain us new
citizens and new capital. This
much it would benefit the gen
eral public, and indirectly ben
efit all; but in addition, would
draw in new trade, and pre
vent trade which legitimately
belongs here from being di
verted to other points. These
are matters for all persons to
consider who desire the ad
vancement tf our town.
It is altogether right and
proper that a Congress that
should fail to expel Ames and
Brooks for attempted bribery,
and for being bribed, should
follow up its action by a retro
active law voting themselves
$5,000 increased salaries. The
whole Credit Mobilier business
is bad enough, but men may
have, and we believe, did, take
stock in it without knowing
the true character of the com
pany, but all who took stock in
voting themselves increased
salaries for work performed,
over and above that which
they had agreed to take, did
so with their eye3 open. We
bave always refrained from
wholesale denunciations of
Congress believing it to be
very much like the same num
ber of wen who might be gath
ered together for any deliber
ative purpose else where com
posed of good, bad nd indil
terent, with the good predom
inating; but this vote on the
salaries ba3 weakened our faith
fearfully. We can only regard
it as a bold robbery of the
treasury, and we believe the
people should and will hold
its perpetrators responsible.
It is two years yet until
new CoDgressstnen are to be
elected, and many no doubt
thought the people would for
get in that time that they had
been robbed. We sincerely
hope not. They 6hould de
mand that this wrong be right
ed by the new Congress, and
bhould that fail, should eloct
no man to the next Congress
who is notpledgod to that pur
pose. It is a precedent which
should never be allowed to go
without the severest rebuke.
If the Treasury is to have no
guard from the avarice of hun
gry Congressmen it will soon
be depleted by increased de
"Roll of Honor."
Ed. Record Dear Sir: Un
der the caption, "Roll of lion
or," is wnat purports to be a
list oi pupils in McArlhur
schools, who have maintained
a perfect grade in deportment,
and who have been neither ab
sent nor tardy without a prop
er excuse during the month ol
February, and a similar report
appeared not long 6ince for the
month of January, both of
which reports contained the
names of pupils, who, to my
personal knowledge were tardy
many times during those two
months without proper excuses.
As regards a perfect grade of
deportment, I'm not quite sure
that I know exactly what that
means. I do not suppose the
word perfect is meant to be ta
ken in its absolute sense in
that connection.
Now, I take it that tha pub
lication of such unmerited re
ports, have a tendency to viti
ate and corrupt the standard
of public morf.kty. In the first
place it is paying a premium
on tardiness if not on evil de
portment, for the pupil will
very naturally, and lojucallv
argue, "WhfU have I lost by my 1
tardiness or evil deportment, or
what have they gained by their
punctuality or good deport
ment, since my character is
put on a level with those care
ful ones?" On the other hand,
it is putting punctuality and
good deportment at a fearful
discount; for, on the same prin
ciple, the worthy pupil will
very naturally and logically
reason thus, "What have I
gained, or, what profit have I
for be ing punctual, or, for dil
igence or for good department,
since my deportment is put on
a level with those, tardy, care
ess ones?"
Such unmerited reports have
a tendency to lower the stand
ing of our schools in the opiu
ion ol those who are acquainted
with the facts, which are qa
tent to all4 pupils, and many
of the parents who patronize
the schools. They have a ten
dency to mislead 6uch parents
j? .
oraguaraians as nave nor a
knowledge of the tardiness or
misconduct of their children or
wards, and tlni3 deprive then:
of an opportunity of assisting
in the correction of these evils.
Tardiness, while in its incipient
stages, should be treated as an
accute disease (croup, for in
stance) for if the habit is in
dulged in until it becomes
chronic it will be as hard to
cure as "consumption," which
no remedy will reach. There
fore, I insist that it is better to
have no report published at all
or else bave a report that
A. J. Reynolds, Sheriff of
Athens Co., has absconded,
having forged the name of his
lather and Jacob L. Baker to
notes on which he secured
loans to the amount of $2,600.
lie is also defaulter to the
amount ol $2,000 or more in
his official capacity. Ilia bonds
men, Joseph Uerrold and Ja
cob L. Baker, are men ol
wealth, and will have to make
that amount good. lie had
heretofore borne a most excel
lent character, was a married
man, and left a wife and two
John W. McCoRiiicKis the
Republican candidate for Con
stitutional Convention for Gal
lia county.
The Repablicians of Mont
gomery county have nomina
ted lion. Peter Odlin and Cap
tain E. Schultz lor Delegates
to the Constitutional Convention.
Choice Flower and
North Side Main St , two Doors
v ''West of Market,
Seeds Warranted to be of
the, best Variety and
Warranted to Give
Lays an epg the cockles. It is hen-
nature. Y lien a man get 1 1 a new
stock of good, it is human fur him to
crow over it. When tho hen cackles,
peoplo know that she has laid in some
fresh stock, and feels rather proud of
it. When the merchant opens his new
styles, and hlows his trumpet in the
newspapers, people know that he has
goinethincr on hand that is worth ad
vertising. Blow your own trumpet.
It won't hurt you or the trumpet ci
ther. But then some merchants think peo
ple who want to buy, don't read adver
tiseuients, and those who want eggs
don'Histen fur 'the hen to cackle. If
they would just think long enough to
know that even the; had read this ad
vertisement, they would learn their
Any merchant who has anything
woith cackling about can make as big
a noise as he has a mind to, in the ad
vertising columns of the llccord.
WILL find the Record office supplied with
the Urgst assortment of Horse nnd Jack
cuts to be found in fitiy office in tins section
of (lie fctnte.
Bills Printed on Short Notice
Main Stiect, Opposite Court House
McArthur, Ohio,
IIIAV E taken possession of the nhove. hotel,
renovaten' And portly refurnished it, and
will be Rind to serve the old customers of the
house, and especially my old friends of the
Hocking Valley who may lie veiling this
point. The table will be lurnished with the
best the market atiords, and rare tnken (o
make guests comfortable, (jonil htnblir.K at
tached to the house; Chargss reasonable,
lltmar If 73
Mary A. Dtdgh, Plaintiff, vs. Julia W' Sain,
In Vinton Connty, Ohio, Court of Common
Pleas. Cirll action. Attachment,
folio W. BAIN, Defendant In above action, of
U upprcmoe Uoiinty, stats or Indians, w ill
take uuiinel that Mary A. Deflgh Plaintiff in
alwve action, of the County of Vinton, State ol
Ohio, did, on the 37th day of February, A. I).
1873. file her'l'etitioii In the Conrt of Common
Picas within and lor said Vinton county, agnnst
the said John W.fSaln defendant, senilis forth.
that ths bad deleodant from the suiumor nf
1 8ti.lto Ibonontli ol Juno ISUs.naid his address.
es to, and waited anon the uiaiutiff. that on the
6th day of February, A. I. 18iiS,tlie said plaintiff
and defendant entered into a marring, contract.
That said contract was tu beconsnrannitcd on the
4th .lay of July, 18M. that the said plniutitT w ax
ind is still unmarried. That suiddefendsi.t did
not at said time, agreed on, nor at any other
time many said idamiiff. and that iu the month
of June lsno aid defendant absconded from the
State of Ohlo.and has not resided iu the State of
Ohio since, ami; praying for Judgment for
io,ou, wraamsges sustained. Tuat on the said
27th day of February, 1873. said plaintiff filed a
affidavit in said Court ol Common Pleas Iu sal
action, fur, and cause an order of attachment to
Issue thereon in said action and that by virtue
of said Older of attachment the 'Sheriff of said
inionuounryaacnu ine lollowlog real ostate
situated In said Tincon Connty; Oliin'aa the prop
erty of sa-defendant Ji hn W. Sam: to wit
one undivided tenth part ol l lie north westauar-
tor of section number thiee In Icwnahln number
twelve of ranee i umber seventeen containing 17.1
acres except ui an acre on soutn stae or paid
north-west quarter herotofore sold by PhilipSatn.)
nieu, one unaiviaea lenm pari ot "ine
northeast quarter of section Four, in town
ship 'IMeive, of range Seventeen, containing
17J acres; and, also, in-lots number 28 and ii
in the town of New Mount Pleasant, as re
corded in ine pint oi ssia town. And the said
John W Sain is notiiied that he is required
to appear and answer said petition, on or be
fore the third Saturday after the 8th day of
By Hbatton A Houstox, Atty's for PUtff.
March 13 1873. vr
Seeds, Plants, Trees, prepaid by
My new priced descriptive catalogue of
choice flower and garden seeds. 21 sorts of
either for II; new and choice varieties ol fruit
and ornamental trees, shrubs, evergreens,
rn.es, grapes, lillies, small fruits, house and
border plan. a and bnlhe; one year grafted
fruit trees for mailing; ruitstock of all kinds;
hedge plants, Ac; the most complete assort
mem in ma country, win tje sent gratis to any
plain address, with P. O. box. True Cape
Cod Cranberry for upland or lowland , f il per
1000; II per 100; prepaid by mail. Trade lit
to dealers, beads on commission. Agents
3. M. WATSON, Old . Colony
Nurseries and Seed Warehoas.Ply
mouth Mass. Established 1842.
March 1, A. D. 173. J
To Ms Qualified fosrs Fimlom Commlf, Otis
WHt,KKA8,by the laws of Ohio regulating
Elecliooa it is required ol the Sheriff of his
County lo give nonce before the time of hold
ing a general Election by Proclamation
throughout the county of the time on which
such Election shall be hnlden.
In reissuance of such requisition, I,
fiKDRI.E KAI.ER.i-heriflof Tinton County,
Ohio, do hereby pioclmm and make known
that the
First Monday of April 1873,
(Being the 7th Day of said Month,)
is by the Iswa nf Ohio appointed the day on
which the qualified rlectors of Vinton County
are notified to meet In their respective Town
ships, at their usual or proper plares of hold
ing April elections, between the hours of 6
o'clock in the forenoon and f o'clock in the
afternoon ol sa d da", and then and there pro
ceed to vote by ballot for the following officer,
to wit t
One Delegate to the Constitutional
for Vinton County, Ohio.
f?ira ssder my hawl, nl wy cfficl, la ilcArthur,
Ihu lit rfus oi J.ir., A, l. lnTJ.
;i:oiu;E kaleii,
HhcrMTer Vinton County, Ohio.
601 Broadway, New York,
IS the beat system of modern short hand
writing. By its aid reporters are enabled
lo write verb.itim the apeeuhoa of the most
rapid talkers, with the greatest ease, it is it
brunch of study as easily learned as any of
the common branches, such as reading, writ
ing, arithmetic oi grammar, and may be ac
quired by any child Hint ran rend common
print readily, lis characters are as tiled
ami certain in Iheir meanings, as legible, as
philosophical, as beautiful as those now in
common use, are more systematic, snd more
readily learned.
The great utility nf Tlionngraphy is fully
conceded by teacher, students, business and
professional men. The demand for Ph'inog
rnphers is greater than the supply, and con
siantly inorensing. It is a sure and easy
stepping stone for a young man or woman to
immediate, permanent an I respectable em
ployment, nt salaries of from SIiMi to 3,u0
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ami military vuurls. Legislatures, Conven
tions, etc., or na clerks in the offices nf rail
roads, telegraphs, buyers, physicians, mer
chant ami innntil'ni'liiring houses, and in nil
the liepiirimenls of tni National tiovernmcui
and as secretaries ami amoimsise. Tlu re is
no Held of labor so certainly remunerative,
and nnn.'ieful art so easily acquired.
To the lawyer in noting down testimony
and irlerenees, nnd in preparing Hist dralt nf
briefsand other legal papers it is invaluable.
Totheclergymnn, in preparing lussermons,
to the public speaker in piepnring a dis
course, lo any person hnvingstudies or cler
L'nl duties it will save Ml percent, of lime.
PARENTS, why not have your children
'earn Phonography a useful and beautiful
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plishiient. In any vocation of I fe it will re
pay many times Us cost in money time nud
ery style of the art commencing with the
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rapid reporting styie-in such a form and
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such otl erfeatures as to fully adapt the wors
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Price, ti; by mail ii 'M.
Mr. OiiiIhiii is the author of ft I'honomanh
ie Ihctionurv, Renders, and other work, also
publisher ot ft newspaper called "The Stu
dent's Journal,'' devoien to the advancement
ol Phonography. Penrt for n specimen num
her containing a full description of the var
ious works o.i Phonography which are pub.
hsbed by him.
Cfeb 503 Broadway, tiew York.
Too mnny parents put oft having
ptcturns made of their children until
it Is forever too late. Many sad re
grets would lie prevented if it was at
tended to iu time.
"Secure the shadow ere the substance
A mctto trite but well nnd nptiy said ;
And oft recurring, as with anxious
We gaze on forms which bloom, alas
to die.
Be wise in time; Improve the present
Pluck while we may the rose of beau
ty's bower,
And from its bloom, an evanescent
Extract a balm, a sweetness to destroy
The poison uiingliiifij of the cup of
And soothe the anguish of its parting
stri fe.
Billinghurst is always ready to at
tend to such matters. Every person,
old and yotinsr, should attend to this
duty without delay.
The ripring Term commences Ajiril 1st;
Summer Term, June loth.
We desire to announce that unprecedented
advantages enn be enioyed at this ins'Hution
during the next two terms by teachers and
hose desiring to prepare tor teaching or bus
iness, ladies and gentlemen will hnd this in
stitution more pro ii i at le thin any other in the
State, because of : 1. Its cheapness ol tuition
and boarding. 2. Its great range ol studies
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ough teachers. 4. Its saving of time. 5. Its
earnest! enthusiastic spirit of work. . Its
freedom from the vi and temptations of
large towns ana cmsa. i. its healthful lo
cation. 8. Its freedom from political or
sectarian restraint.
nre responsible for the statements
made here or in our catalogues snd circulars.
Send at once for deecriptive catalogue or
personal inlormalion. Ail will be cheerfully
lurmniit". ny
fewincr Machine
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Snrlnsr Trade of 1873
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either or
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State of Ohio, YintonCounty, ss.
Kumscy Si Co , rinintiffj
John E. MoVey and Gallic MoVey,
I cfendunt.
pURSlTANT lo the command of an order of
X nsie i-siieu irom tnetonit or i oioinon
Pleas nf Vinton County, and lo me dlioc'ed as
shcriftof said County, 1 will otter for sale si
the door of the, Court Ho l-e, in the town if
l cAithur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Monday, the 31st Day of Marcb.,1873
al the hour of 1 o'clock, P. M. of snid riny,
the following described lands ana tenements,
to wit;
The norili purl of Irnnl'onnl in lol No. 37
Ihlity seven, in the villus of New Mount
i'lennni, in Vinton County. Ohio, and being
the fo Jotting tract, to wit i
Commencing l Hie north ea.-t corner oi
in-lot No :7l thirty, seven, in the lown of
New Mount Pleasant, nnd riinnir.it thence
southward IS8 fifty eight hi t, thence In a
wesleily course about in ten roils, thence
linrlh :)0 thirty fet to a store, thence eat
wanlly (MM one hundred nnd filly feet to Hie
pi ice of beginning, nnd being of nn ic-lol No.
I'M thirty-seven. s
Appral'ed at three hundred nnd sixty-seven
dollars and nitht brinx two-thuds dt Ilia
sum. t
To bs sold as the proprrty of John E. Me
Vey ind .Sal'ie Mc Vey, to satisfy an Order of
bile, issued Iro.ii the Court ol Common Pleas
in favor of Itumsev A Co.
TEKMS OF SA1.K ! Oislinn hand on the
duyorsnle. OlOntiK KAI.KIC,
hhentl Vinton Couniy.
II. C. Jones, Att'y for Plaintiff.
f'errunry 27, ls.73.
Sore I.lps, Dryness of the Skin, etc., etc.
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Druggists, New York-
rKstnlilislipd 1 830. 1
Maniifai lurersnt saws.
EVEKY SAW W A it n v.vri: J).
OfisPrico lists nnd circulars free.
mm. vv XjLjj ik ix unujciino,
Vt Huston, .llnss. nnd Detroit. Mich.
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in bnglisli and (ieimnn.and ready to send out.
JAMESVICK, Rochester, N. Y.
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.
No. 601 Broadway, New York,
Importers, Manufacturers A Jobber of
Albums, Photographs and Photo
graphio Materials.
The Methodist or New York Is giving away
to each subscriber who pays 2.oo lor a yeaa
subscription, '
published or to be procured elsewhere atany
pr,ce, containing in on group, the lo. es ol
Wesley and ot Hishops Cke, Asbury, What
TWu''; KohSrV- M'Kendree, Aedding,
Wsiigh, H.imhne, Maker, Thomson Clark and
hinusley, in additio-i to those ol the living
bnhops This picture is. therefore ol
The Methodist, although bearing a denom
inational name, contain j much to interest all
who want
e ,. . . lcl ls"i room silo
of Beechcr nnd I he sermons of Talmage, Hish
op Simpson ami othera are regnl.irly pub-
ished. 'Ihc international Sunday school
lesson Is nf In nn l .,11 ...... .
, , V "".-hits, Willie the
Children s Department is unsurpassed for va,
rietv ami interest. '
Hilli.i.rinlinn. n,.. k . J! . ...
the nearest jlethodi.t preacher, t-pccimen
copies free. 1 "
. I i HAUSTED, Publisher. .
114 Nmsaaa Rrrert, New Ysnk.
American Hand Corn Planter
Sent by express on receipt of MM MANN
A CO, manufacturer. HI Louis. Mo Liberal
terms to dealers Head stamp for circular
Wood Workine Machinery Generally.
Speclaltleei-Woodwortli Plasties
Tonatielnc nnd tiroovln Machines,
lticbardsou's talent Improved
Tenoa Machines, tic.
Central, oor. Union St.,OBCESTEB
Stationery. Portable and Blast
Saw Mill, Flouring Mill and Blast Machinery'
H. F. BLANDY, Newark, Ohio.
uinniitm m nnoMALE
f lit) a week
giiarauteed. Respectable employment si
home, day or tveningi nncapiul required;
r,,n in.irn,. lions anus valuable iiscksse of
goods sent free by msil Address with ceat
return sinmp, in. iuuu au., m iunmim
ut n r.
Bni9flrer dayl Agents wanted! AH
4JlUiPAUuaases of working people, of
either s"i, V ung or old, make moie money
at work for lis in their spare moments, or all
the time, than anything else. Particulars free.
Address 0. I'lNSEN CO., Portland ,Msin.
I suffered with C'ntnrrli thirty days, and was
cured by a sin pie remeiiy. Will send receipt,
postage free, to all afflicted. Rev J. T. MEAD,
Drawer lit), Syracuse, N Y
We rure the habit per.
msnently, cheap, quick,
without suReriog or in
convenience. Describe
your case. Address 8. ti.
Berrien, Michigan, P. O.
Box 6,
cash gifts.
$100,000 forOnly $10.
Under authority of special Ivgislntive act of
M mil l, IKM, the trustees now announce the
Third Grand Out Concert lor the benefit ot the
Public Library of Kentucky, lo come oil in
Library Hall at Louisville, Ky., on
Tuesday, April Mil, 1S73.
At this concert the best musical latent that
can be proctnod from all parts ol 'liecounlry
will add pleasure lo the entertainment, anil
i en Ihoii-iind ensh gilts, nggregming avast to.
lal of Indi a million dollars currency will ba
distributed by lot to the ticket holders, as
line grand cash gift $MO,(ViO, onn grand cash
gift 11,1100, one grand cash gift 'J.'i,uon, onn
grand cn-li gilt i,im, one grand ensh gilt,
one grind cash Jift iu,uix, one grand cash
grtR.ls n, Mcash gills of tl,iK each 24.1100.
M cash gifls of 61 ii riich Sj.onO, 0 eafh gifts of
4ixi each :U,mni, lo.) cash gills of :imi eschiilV
ism, I .Vi cssh gdls or 2IIU each 3u,nuo, f.'JO cash
gilts of H Oeui'h f.O.iK.ll, 'J.imo ensh gilts of 10
enli llil.VCO. Tnlnl, lo.iuo gilts, all cash,
To provide means for this migniflcent con
cert, one bundled thousand nole tickets on
ly will be issued.
Whole tickets, $1(1; halre, i'i nndqmrters,
1 2..i(l. Kieven whole tickets for 11(0 Ho dis
joint on less i han Hon orders
The oliiicl oflhis Hurt gift con-crt, like the
two heretofore given with such universal np
provnl, Is the enlHigenient nnd en'lowment of
Itio f.t'M !:Si.iry cf Kentucky, which, by the
spn.iiil ad i uthorit ng the concrit for its hen
eli', is to be forever Irco to nil cinj'ns nf ev
ery State The drawing will be under ihe su
pervision of tho Tin tees of the library, as
sirted by the mol eminent cilircns of lh
United States Tho sale of tickets has already
progressed so fur Unit enmp'ete success is .
s u vi'il , nil'l buyers arnHh-rcroro nonfled Ihit
t hey must or.icr .it onco if they desire to par
ticipate in Ihe drawing
The rm nnucment nf this unrlei Inking has
hern commuted by the trustees lo Hi n Tims)
E Hr indelle, l .te imik n.or of Keutm-kj , i
whom conimnnii-ntinns prrlmning to thoUltt
Conceit may be a bl.'ese I
It T IH'IIIIRTI'. Prcs't
W N IIALIiU.MAN.Vice Pres't
JOIiy SCMN.Scc'v Piibhe Library ol Ky
. AHMKIt-c I'RdVKtS' ItANK, Treasurer.
As the inn f for the Co ccit is clo-e al hi nl
(pril K'h.) p rt es wanting il -Kets sho i d
send in lior onlers i nmcdi t ly if they
r ni l HV"id tho rush nnd ilclnv alsnliitely
nil .toidnbl'.' m tlu fewi'njH preceilmg Ilia
diHWtu. 1 1 niTer- for agi-iines, cirmlara
and iiifiiim-'tinn v II m. i w th prompt ntiei.
ton. THOb. E. UHA.M LET I K. Agent I'ublin
Librnij Keuiiiciiy, l.ottiiyillc. Ky.
A T-
Paint and Second Street,
Will have on Sale by the 20A inst.
a full line of
Cry Goods in his Wholesale Depart
Including the most popular brands of
Pancy Calicos,
Shirting Calicos.
Brown MnBlins,
Bleached Muslins.
Bro. & 51. Sheetings,
Tickings ic Checks,
Domestic Cinghcms,
Denims, Stripes,
Drillings & Cambrics.
Table Linens.
Crash & Huck Towels,
Jeans and Flannels,
Irish Linens, &c., &c
Buyers are solicited to examine his stock
which will he oflered al prices as low as in
other markets.
New supply of Brussels, Ingrain, Venetian,
Hemp snd Cottage at
n. B. SMAKT.
PERSONS indebted to me either bv note or
nook account nre notified to come forward
and settle on or before the
10th Day of March, 1873,
or suit will he entered at the. expiration of that
time to compel. W Vi. iSaUGhMAN
Zuleam, rebruary 13, 1873
Vinton County, Ohio.
'T'HK next term commences April 1st. lh
rim'SSril fUif' 1 "h'h.ng.nd

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