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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 20, 1873, Image 4

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McAKIUUK, 01110,
THURSDAY. MA K. 0, 1S73.
On and.ifter Hunlsv, Novemher 3d, 1872
trains will run as follows! The St. Linn
Kxpresa run. daily; all other trains daily Sun
days sieepled.
The F:m l.me'an 1 Express will stop onlv
X Lovelnl,(liec.ili-.l,Chilli'nlhe. Iiaimien,
Atrium!! Scoil's Landing. Kant i Line fcning
Wrtit ill tp i HUnehe-iler, aUo. Other
train stop at all stations.
Riohland Fur.,
riainden ..........
FastL. St.T.Ex
,.11 .touin
..13 .V.pm
,.1'i 1 'I'm
.. 1 ( ip'u
... 1 l:ipn
10 2om t a."'im
2 21 vn
3 ('jim
3 2lpin
3 31pm
3 4'm
3 ISj.ni
3 .S
1 4"aiu
2 30 im
2 4-.-UI1
2 Mum
a hi am
3 W till
a it t in
6 50a ui
12 i"pn
3 'iipm
3 33 pm
3 tiipm
H 47pm
3 Soplll
4 uspin
4 Soplll
it uopm
1 iUra
Hod Furnaee... 1 31im
Paraeiburg ........ 4 6ipin
8 (pin
ItAtion. Mail. Kant L.
Parkerr-jrii . 9 Wnn 9 ",,',rn
Hnp,Vnrnaee.... 1 ft'i'in H
ZalcYivl 1 2-ipm U 3sam
firiEon.... ........ 1 aipm 11 f'.nm
McAavHiia 1 4Jpin 11 Sinn
Uam.len 1 Mum 12 win
Kichlacd Fur.... 8 Mim U 13.im
Ohillieothe .... 3 Inim 1 '"I'm
Ciuciuuuli - ....S lopm 6 t'pm
The iilMki Accommodation e.-iiiis el
leives Chllliootlieiil 0 mu. 111., HavaVillei rt
Riclilud fi.riiace, I", ll.imdeii arrive 8
depart 9 . McArlhur, 9 65, mtnn 10 &,
Zileaki 10 M. Uoinit wet-Z ileum 4 imp.ni ,
Vinton 4 30, McAi th'ir 5 ml, Umnden, arrive
t 30-'dep.ist 6 8ti Richland Furnace, 6 M,
Rnysvdle, 6 50, Cliillicntbe.il 2:.
will leave Hiimden at IS a.m. and 4 lnip.ni
arriving at Portsmouth at ll loa m. and 7 cop.
m. Returning trains leave Portsmouth at
8 41.in.andU'-n p.m., arriving at HaindeD
atir.Ua m. and 5 jo p.m.
Trains connect :: l.oveinnl for all point, on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at lie Indianap
lis and Cincinnati llailroad Jnncti .n for nil
points Wn.i; at Athens with the Columbus
i II. V. It. II., .it Purker-dmrg, with tlio U. S
O. R. R. W. W. I'EUUU.Y,
M.itcr of Transportation.
IWlI.li run hvk from Wilkesvifle to
llamdenaiid return everv Monday, Wednes
day and Friday, lor the accommodation of
passengers making close conne-lion with the
mail trains on the M. 0. R. U. I will also
carry express pac kages sli pped to or from
those point by the Adams K press Co.
iep7 ISAAC W, JllLLhK.
TILL run rctuirly to McArlhur Station
to meet ah mall trains.
Hack leaves Mc tithur pot office a. l-J.oo
e'ulouk, M. each day, tocouuect with mail
"(Irdcra left at Ihe post office, JIcArthur, or
DiiQdaa.pntiilitly nltfndedto.
Hamdon, Wilks.iville ancl Middleport
HAVINO the contract for enrryini the mail
between the above points I mil tie able to
furnish ionveyance for passengers and thiol
banu me eo and from said points on the follow
intrilava: From Wilkcsville to llamden and
back (in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays;
and from Will.esville to Mhblleport, Meius
Co, and back on Tuesdays, Tbiiisilays snd
Batunlays. iqH.N l.EVH.
A Few Figures About Wool.
The Springfieia (Mass.) Re
publican says : The holders of
wool have brought the nianu
lacturers to terms, and the
trade is quite acljve now at ad
vanced prices. The statistics
of the staple for 1872 show that
the American wool clip
amounted to 100,000 pounds,
or 14,000 pounds more than in
1871 and 3,000,000 less than
in 1870. The importations rose
to 98,300,581 pounds, an unpre
cedeuted amount, 20,000,000 in
excess of 1871 and 70,000,000
in excess of 1870. The present
stocks in Boston, Philadelphia
mid Njw York are about 12,
000,000 in excess of. those at
ihe sumo time last year. Oi
the entire stock, 154,000,000
pounds were used in domestic
woolens, 19,000,000 in shoddy
5,00),000 in hosiery, 13.000,000
in worsted, and 25,000,000 in
carpets. Trices arh now a tri
fle lower than in January, 1872,
but a great improvement on
those of last fall.
Our business men are look
ing forward with hopefulness
that the spring trade will open
up briskly. Everthing now
indicates that they will uot be
disappointed. We expect to
nee a large force at work on
that part of the Railroad line
lying next to the city at an
early day at least, as soon as
the right of way can be ob
tained, and we understand
6tepa have been taken to ccn
demn it at once, as there are
difficulties in the way of ob
taining it in any other manner.
This done, we have reason to
believe the work will be push
ed rapidly to finish up the grad
ing as far as gone, and in all
probability the ties and iron
will then be laid and a con
struction train put on. That
time can not be far distant.
Our Railroad is a sure institu
tion. And it must make bus
iness look up. The wise busi
ness man will take timely ad
vantage to secure benefit to
himself in the approaching
—Gallipolis Ledger.
Tub Tennessee Legislature
Las enacted laws for the plac.
ing of the free-school system
of that State on a most liberal
and enlightened basis.
JohsL. Gill, of Columbus
lately sold 30,000 of H. V,
Railroid stock at $110, cas!)
bo says the Dispatch.
In Zaleski.
THE Zalcski Company, with a Tlew to the
development of Ihe local interests of Ja!e
ki, to secure Its permanent piosperity, aad to
ad.l to Us popnlaiion and wealth, are now
orterinK to actual -elileis, town lota and farm
lauds at low price, and on liberal terms.
Persons desinn to examine the property
aod to buy cheap houses will apply at the
Company's offices to
K. 'I HOMP-ON, Manager.
Caleakf, Ohio, May ID, 1871.
the new postnl law we are supplying the peo
ple wuh our line nickel wlute metal ware, of
triple electronlver plate, post paid to any
part of the country direcllrom our manufacs
'or,v- . , . . , ,
Notwithstanding a large advance in nickel
we still lifter the goods, both plain and fancy
patterns, atformcr factory rules, and will mail
nnv quantity nl these prices, on receipt of the
Culler knife, viekle fork, eugar spoon and
napkin ting, fach f 1 wi
Tea spoons and nut picks, hall dos.. 3 fin
)estrt knivcs.lorksaud spoons.half dm. 4 00
Table " " " S W
Keplntingof old ware in the best manner, at
one halfoi tlior prices.
Wo will mail to any address photographs
ami price li.H of ;onr FIXE MLVtlt
tho manufacture ot which is a ipecialty with
It is our privilege to refer to the editors ol
nil Cincinnati religious weeklies.
lu what paper uid you sea our advertUe
msni? H AXMG, KoniXSOJf 4. ( 0.,
f.t Fount.iiu qu.ir, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Slocll; tit
One door west of Dan. Will it Bro't.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
n .. ,K m.Kik.a. Inn', farms HI"
town lots in Vinton O" adioining counties will
rind Uncts to suit them by cslhng.
Persons wishing to sell lauds farms or town
lots will have a good chance of doing so by
leaving description, etc. in our hands.
Vt J. J. HAA.sr.l.UI l-u.,
octi Main Street, McArlhur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's O'oldcn
They never fail, ami may be depended upon
in every case where the monthly How has
been obstructed through cold or disease.
1 if l'i INCH'S UULI'KN PI M.rt always give im
mediate relie. A lady writes: "Imponco's
lioldcn Pills relieved me in one day like mag
le." The genuine are now put up in large
vrniie boxes containing double the quantity ot
pills, ai d upon each box you will find my
"Prnate U. IS. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words l.UHONCO'8 UOLI'KN
PILLS, in white letters, without that none
are genuine.
H.'incmls'r the genuineis in the white boxes
Full and explicit dirt ctions accompany eni h
box. Prico SI.iim per box, six boxes Ki.iifl.
Sold by one druggist in every loan, village,
citvand hamlet throughout Ihe wjild.
i"ld in McArti.nr. (..,
Jly (S. II'. SlisSOX. Druggist.
futile Aijcnt for Vinton County.
By sending him t .00 thrnngh the McArlhur
O., l'ost OlhVe, can have the pills sent confl
deiitinlly, by mail, to any part of the country,
tree of postage.
8. U. HOWE, Proprietor, Nework.
The New York
A Journal for all True Eepublicans,
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
The Nvw York Evening Post, edited by
William lullen Hryant and Parke Godwin,
assisted by the strongest talent that can be
engaged, has for more than half a cenlury
maintained the same principles ol freedom
and progress, through all changes of parlies
and policies.
It stniiiis for equal nghfs; for the distribu
tion of power! for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious results of emanci
pation and enfranchisement won by the war:
and ail practicable reforms.
It is onnnsed lo.iniut.tlce and spoliation, dis
guised under the name of pretention, and to
all corrupt parly combinations which sacrifice
principleto mere success.
It will suppott Grant and lilnen, because
it believes that utider I'nem the government
will be more stable, and the chances for pro
gressand reform more certain, than under any
alliance of incompatible elements.
The Kvenins Post is equal to any other as
a newspaper, and is complete in iis political,
m nterarv, its scientinc, us agricultural auu
its commercial departments.
Singie copy one year, SI DO; five copies, one
year, it.uii; ten copies, oue year, tiz.w, mea
ly copies, one year, to.Mi.
Sine'e conv. one year. S3 00: five copies,
one year, flJ.SO; ten copies, one year, fju.uo.
Those subscribing now for one r will res
ceiye the paper until January I, .
Or we will send the following P diesis to
subscribers, in connection with ETtning
Post at the prices named :
With With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Post. Kvculng Post
ITiirper's Weeehly . ... $4 50 0 00
Hurpyr'a Hazar 4 50 8 00
llafpcr'g Magazine. ... 4 50 6 00
Every Saturday 5 00 6 50
Atlantic Monthlv 4 00 5 50
Our Young Folk's 3 00 4 50
Sciibner's Monthly .. 4 50 0 00
Old and Ktw 4 50 6 00
The Galaxy 4 00 6 50
Phrenological Journal 3 50 5 00
The Agriculturist..... 2 50 4 00
Hearth and Home. ... 3 75 5 25
Little's Livlng.Age... 8 00 9 50
Appleton'c Journal... 4 50 6 00
Wood's Household Magniine 2 on 3 60
Home Journal 3 50 6 00
The Christian Intelli.
gencer, with Chromo 3 75 6 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Post and
Christian Intelligencer will be sent the beau
tiful Chromo, The Gleaners.
For 25 cents we will send the Weekly Even
ing Post for two months, or for 60 ceats we
will send the bemi-weekly Evening Post for
the same time, fcpecimeo numbers sent free.
Address, WM. C. BRYA.NT CO
aioct yew York.
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Ga'lipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
ALT. parties having subscribed to Ihe cap
ital stock ol the G.. McA. C. R. R. are
hereby requiied to make payment to ihe Sec
retary of Ihe Company, at his office ou the
Public Square, in Gsllinolis, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Daoiel Will, President of the
Tinton County Bank, at McArthur, Ohio, of
an installment ol Ave dollars on each chare
so subscribed, within tea days of this date.
August 10, 1B71.
ti iicA.AC. R. R.Co.
dee 9 18T1.
Slftdflf) How to Obtain It!
Particulars and Famnles sent on receipt of
Stsirio. No Capital .ecrarT. AddressM.
M'TroN Cu., 704 JJioauway, Kew York
To a Boom over Jones'Bllliard I aloon,
Where he will be pleased to see Ms old cus
tomers, and as mauy new ones as wi-h to
come. J. W.Ll'CL'9
Bead Dr. Hrllmd'a flew Story.
IXTaiOHDiNiiv' iKDCciMEXTS to si'sscsisiaa;
AOO Pane for ti ! oVe.
The puhl'fhers of Scisx'a MoTHtv,
promise for tne ensuing yenr a more brillian'.
nrray of contributors, snd an increase ;n the
varictt and lieautyof its illustrations, already
conceded by Ihe critics to be "Jlmr (ana any
irftidb Aur hitherto appeared in any American
migix ne."
Iir. Iloilmid, theeditor, will write the serial
story of Ihe year, which will heaulot.iogrnph
leal in form, nud will be illustriiled by Mis
Hulloek. It ise.ititled Arthur Konnicsstle.and
will desl with some of ihe nmstdimciilt prob
lems of American life. It will be conimeuced
in the Novemlier number
There will lie a near s'ory by Sale Holm,
Tin onelegned linncers.
Jlret llarte, the best wilier of short stories
now living, will contribute a clinrnclcrisiic
story, entitled The Kpic of Kiddletowu.whicli
Will be illustriiled by sheppnrd.
R. il. titoddar.i sill wn e a series ol enter
tnining papers about nutltors, their persoiiol
cliaiactel istics, home lile, liuuihes, friends,
whims and wns. A series of portraits of liv
ing Anieiican writer Is lo pronned.
Cliuence Cook will wnle S 'Oiil furniHire,
nnu the decoration of American honies-
Tlicso papers will u. t'tpiurnilv practical a
well as artistic, and will be illuirated with
desitrns and sketches by numerous ar'ists in
addition to those which the people will fut
Among those who will contribute are ;
Hans Ander'en, Hryant, llmlinell, Kgule
ton, Kroude, lligumson, Bishop Hnntingtoii.
II ret llarte, John Hay, H. II., M.ie.lnnabi,
Mitchell, M ss Phe'ps, Stedmsn, rtocktnn,
8iodicird, Cebn 'llnxter, Wnriier. Wilkinson.
Mrs. Whitney, besides a host of others.
The tditorial conliol nnd direction of the
Magazine will remsin in the hands of I'r.
lloll.tnd, who will continue to write '-The
Topics of the Tune,'' which the N. Y. Inde
pendent sats "are more widely quoted than
any similar papers in any American mngn.
Watson flildcr'will write "The Old Calii
net;' as hitherto. Prof. John C. Iimpcrcon
ducts the department of 'Niitnre and Sci
ence." '1 he depiirlments of "llo ce nn l So
ciety" sdiI Culture and Progress,'1 will en
gage llie contributions ot more than a score
of pens on both shies of the Atlantic The
Wnti hnian and RelleWnr says: 'trcribner
Monthly for heptemlier is better than usual,
which indicates n needless wastA of editori.;l
brain and publisi.ei's money, for the M ag-
azine w s goo I euougli btfore!' Ami yet tue
publishers promise to make ll still better lor
the coming year.
The subscription price is Jl no a year, with
special rates to clergymen, teachers and post
masters. The following
are ottered to new subscribers :
For Ji 50 the publishers will send, or any
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
ningatine fur one yenr. nnd the twelve num
bers of Vols. Ill and IV, containing the be-
Finning of Mrs. Oliphnnt's Serial, "At His
Gates;" for IT Ml, the Magaiine for one year,
and l lie 'J I back number limn ihe beginning,
for (In 60, the Magazine lorone year, and the
"4 bick numbers bound (4 vols.,) charges no
Dounn vols. nan. t nis win gi e nenny o,imi
psge of the choicest reading, with the finest
lilustrations, for f 10 61), or neatly 6no pages
for a dollar! nnd will enable every subscribe!
to obtain the series from the first.
Special terms to Denlers, Clergymen and
i eiicm rs.
SCMB.NEU k CO., W4 Brondwny, N. T.
"rnqncstloiinblythebest snstalned works
of the kiud hi the World."
Harper's Magazine.
A'eicM of tht Prtu.
The ever-increasing circnlition of this ex
cellent monthly proves its continued adapta
tion to popular desires snd needs. Indeed
when we think into how many homes it pene
trans every month, we must consider it as
one of the educators as well as entelUiners ol
the public mind, for its vast popti'nritv has
been won by no appeal to stupid prejudices
or deptaved tastes. Hmlen (llvlie.
The character which this 3lgazim possess
es for variety, enterprise, wealth, and literary
culture' that has kept pace with, if it has not
led the times, should cause its conductors to
regard ll with justifiable complacency. I.alao
entitles them to a great claim upon the pub
lic gratitude. The Vinjantut has done good
snd not evil all the dajsof Its lile, DrwUyn
A complete set of Heza'a M A oazisk, now
comprising 4' volumes, in neat clolli bind'ng,
will lie sent by express freight at expense ol
niirchr.sor. for tl tU ner volume. BiuaU tot-
mm, by mnil,poipiid, f:i 00. Cloth cases, for
Dinuing, oo cents, ny man, pusipaiu.
"A Complete Plctorlnl History of tbe
Tiines."-"Tbe best, cheapest, nnd most
successful Family 1'aper In tbe Lulon "
Harper's Weekly.
A'oh'ce. nj llit Prm.
The Wall) is the ablest and most powerful
illustrated periodical published in this coun
try. Its editorials are scholarly and convinc
ing, and carry n.tich weight, lis illustrations
of current events are full and (rfh, and are
prepared by our best designers. v ilh a cir
dilation of l.iii.too, the HWUy is read by at
least hail a million persona, aud its influence
as an organ ol opinion is simply tremendous.
The Weekly maintains a positive position, and
expresses decided views on political nnd eo
cial problems. lunieeill Courier-Journal.
The annual volumes of HAapaa's Weekly,
in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
free of expense, for 7 00 each. A eomfleleSel.
competing Hitleen Volume, sent on receipt of
cash at the rate of 15 'ia per vol ,reiglt at ex
pee ojinrciwer.
"A Repository ot Fashion, Pleasure aud
Harper's Bazar.
Noticetqf lUPrem.
The Bator ia edited with a contribution of
tact and talent that we seldom find in any
journal; and the journal itself ia the oigan of
Ihe great world of fashion. Botton Traveler t
The Bazar commends itsell to every mem
ber of the household to the chili ren by droll
snd pretty pictures, to the young ladies byite
fashion plates in endless variety, to the prov
ident matron by its patterns for the children's
clothts, to faleramiliai by its usoful designs
for embroidered slippers and luxu.-ioua dress
tng gowbs. But the reading matter of the
Uamr is uniformly of great excellence. The
paper has acquired a wide popularity for the
fireside enjoyment it affords. A', ). Evening
Haapia'a Wiiult, Baui, or Moi:a,
one year, each, 14 00
A extra top of tilher (he Msoaiii, W'iklv,
or bassa, iril6 mpplied gratis to ererg dubof Fiva
Bcasca aaas at 4 00 ear, is om remittance; or,
nix copieefor 120 00, without ejrtra copy.
ISlttipteiu to Haspis's Maosiisi, Wisely,
aad Bit a, to oae arfdreM for oue year. 910 Oflj or.
boo of Harper's iViodicufi, to oue addrem or em
year 17 00.
Bacissmlxr. can be snnplied at anytime.
The rive volumes of Haapta's Bissa, for
the years 18f8, '6l, '70, '71, 'Tl, elegantly
bound in green morocco clot. i, will be sent by
express, freight prepaid, for $7 00 each.
The postage on Hsapn's Weiklvoi Biaaa
is cenU a year, Msossisi 24 cents, which
must b paid at thelTiWi post office.
Address llAIIPEh KO'lUEKtt, ncwTurk.
Love and Matrimony.
The affections may be gained bv following
simpl- rules, and all may marry happily with
out regard to wealth, age orbeajty. Address,
wuh stamp.
Madam Lucille Dem&rre, Bible House
Station, V. Y. jauly
Boiler Explosion at Jackson,
Tbe boilers of tbe Orange
Furnace exploded near mid
night Sunday. Two men were
severely injured, and one is re
t'Orled missing. The furnace
is a complete wreck, and many
houses in the vicinity are in
jured. Tho explosion was ter'
nble, large pieces of the boiler
being thrown for half a mile.
The cause is not known. The
damage will be in the neigh
borhood of $10,000. The miss
ing man wus one of tho em
ployees, aud it is feared lie may
have been buried in the ruins.
Tuk friendship growing up
between Prussia and Japan has
received a new manifestation
by tho resolve of the Japanese
government to copy ihe Euro
pean institution of a ministry
of public worship Hnd inslruc
tion, strictly upon the Prussian
model, securintr the services
of a Prussian schoolman for
its introduction. Negotiations
are now in progress with sev
eral eminent Prussian peda.
Scrr has been brought un
der the civil rights law before
U. S. Commissioner Ualliday,
at Cincinnati by the father ol
three colored children, residing
in Clermont county, against
the directors ami teacher oi
sub district No. 10, ior the ex
clusion of said children from
lh4 school of 6aid district. This
being probably the first caso ol
the kind in Ohio, the result
will be looked for with some in
Gen. Fxtz Hugh Lee sat down
to dinner at the same table
with Gov. Pinchback, colore 1,
at Washington, Ihe other day,
and remained until he had
finished a equare meal. When
quizzed about it, Lee remarked
'Pinchback did not say any
thing to me, and 1 hope my
presence was not distasteful to
Holloway's Ointment.
Why is this preparation in
such demand among 'families?
Because every mother feels
that for the external injuries
and diseases Incident to every
household it is a sure and im
mediate remedy. Sold 78
Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price 25
cents per pot. Call for new
style; the old is counterfeited.
King of the Blood.
For salt rheum, eruption?,
scald head, etc.
Case. I have been troubled
(or the last thirty years with
salt rheum on my hands. They
have been so at times that 1
have betn unable to use the.n
for any purpose lor which i hey
were intended. I was advised
by a lriend of minp, who had
use.d the K. of the B. to try it.
1 did so. Have used seven
bottles, and to all appearances
my hands are well. They look
and feel as though an entirely
new skin had been formed.
11 L. Hulbert,
Drugeist, 44 South st., Utica.
See advertisement in anoth
er column.
Wb will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
$3.50 per ear.
Advertising reminda people of
things they una been wanting all
along, but hit a torgotten all about.
Wb will furnish the Record and the
New York Times one year for $3.
Any of our subscribers wishing to sub
scribe for sny of the leading newapa
pers or periodicals can get them at the
publisher's lowest club rates, by sub
scribing at this office.
Simoxd's, Photographer. Chillicuthe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from tbe tiniest
lecket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas-
tei or luK, at rates to suit an circura
Done Neatly and JFromptly,
Catarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
Immediate relief snd a permanent cure
guaranteed in every case. Particulars sent
tree. Addieee Clinton Medical Institute. 147
East 16lhbt.,N.Y.
- EE
If Yotj
Want a situation.
W nut a servant girl,
Wnnt to sfll a piano,
Want to soil n ciiriliitff,
AVunt to buy orsi ll a farm.
Want a boiinliiijr place,
Want to spll town property,
Want to sell groceries or tlnij.
Want to sell liousclioiil furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to Hnd customers lor anything,
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old ciit-tomcrs,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes micciss easy,
Advertising begets conllilence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Atlverliso well,
A d v e r t i 8 e
F.very merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has become
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising.
Xo exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to gel his stock turned into
mouey so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it still better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co-
vssal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person rends
advertisements: yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertises
me tit, and if he is wise he will profit
li v its suggestion, line has anything to
offer width advertising. How much
more- then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied with reads
ing matter, ore at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the most important
item ef which is whero they can find
just what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases. II youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out ol
style that it is worthless, or if it it run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would wint, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, nnd such as tho people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell thorn at a fair prico.
An advertisement published for a sin-
trie day does duty beyond thnt day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece ot real proper
ty built up in tli9 minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
yeu lose ft watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will reau
the advertisement. Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you nre los
ing by not advertising it Reporter.
lftlioso persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not read by the public wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
civo publicity to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, nnd see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser's
Advkrtisino is apt to give us that
gentle jug ol conscience which tells us
thnt we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to uark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break-
lost plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. - Because they
have read all the stories, marriatres.
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
c.iu b ueiy il. intv Ajtutc journal.
Thb power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or BDoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suaue, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution, and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in'
to nothingness if not caught in their
night and printed. But there is some'
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which give it a
marvelous force and influence. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
tne priming presses, i-iearn to adver
tise, and then the "how, when and
where" of it, and you will have a
knowledge worth having.
Tea year of paw
He tnt has proved Dr.
Crook's Wins of Tar tc
bave more merit than
ny similar preparation
ever ottered to the pub
lic It la rich In the
medicinal qualities ol
Tar, and nnequaled fot
diseases of the Throat
: ; nnu s. u a, , iTwviiija
cures. It EKs-IMTUALLY
Kjr cures all Coughs and
.Iv t'oMa. It hits cured so
-wjw, ruilliv cases oi sbuiih"
aud Broncbltla, that ll
lias been pronounced
specific for these com
plaints. Kor Falna In
11 , the Breast, nine oi
VSUA Baek, travel or KI
Of the I'rlnary Oritana, Jaundice, ol
any liver Complaint it baa no equal
It Is also a superior Tonic,
as siss . . JJMloM., ,ne Appetite),
Strengthens the Nvatem.
Bestores tho Weak and Debilitated,
Cannes tho food o Klgcat,
Bcmovcs nyspepsln and Indla-esllon,
Presents Malarious levers,
GIys tone to your System.
That Pals, Yellow. SlcHy-LooMnp Stir
Is dimmed to one of freshness and health.
Those iHsees of the Skin, Pimples
Pustule. Hlotehes and Eruptions art
or the Eyes, White Kwelllntr, HffM
Old Hores or nny kind of Humor ropldlj
dwindle nnd disappear under its Influence
lu fiiet It will do you more good, and riirt
you more speedily than nny nnd all pthei
preparations combined. WUtllltl Itlsna
lure's own rentorer I A soluble oxyd of lror
roniblned with tho medlclncl properties o:
Poke Boot dl vested of nil dlsnRreeablo nual
Itles It will cure any Chronic or Lous;
Standing llseae whoso real or dlreo
cause Is bd blood. ItlienniBtlitmJ'nlni
In I.linbsor Ilones.t'onxtltnlioiis bro
ken down by Mercurial or other poisons
are nil cured byit. For yphlll,or Nypl
llltle taint, there Is "olhlne to It
A trlnl will prove It. ASK JOB IH
BimvHtr v Rr.snn.ma nv Aft mos
"A'N "sis niii4iii,) pun ui)8utsn. jo moo ?
''ivj 'o.ijutM,i uns "siiiy -u.i!) puti siu)aui(j
"oj v a'ivNoaw h i
'lljids on iiimuoo pus 'sinotf
ojSiii .iiqniofloA jCiajnd jo pinodmoo o.io a j
'swpjoxd joop-ino oii pub woinmoajA put
'j.wcumcu 'unsiuJA 'dull.) tinnniu 'MUJin-inon st
ipiis 'pool SniiiKijnou pool) itr-t 'iijsKUH-au.u
jpii-.nio pun 0110 oi v mcuj main poq 01
snrii msisXa jo piorj otn uro niuwpid.i ow
KH.-UJ.Ill IIVD-INIA MUM Klll(l H Ull.CjJtld
tt asijip niiit3ii A" poq oi XjimooI
oio 'suunuD 'ohoo 'pniM 'uoiintiiintmut uto.11
J01l l 'KIO.UOI! pilB 'pmuO)8 'U10ISAS 8UO.M3U OIU
u tii:d tons boiudiIojiI oaiwims jioijj, -noantij
oil jo Homiui Bin:i')ud tioiiJ.iUoad fluiiiiook
pUS 'Hunn.lll '3tUU!lUq J01l "tJ.lA.lJ IIIClUljllHU
pilU BIKIIIUIIJO JO IMtllJ ll pjI13-0Jl!S S,I( 0I1
-JjdoJd 9AH)XU'l pUl PUD tu.l.ld v IX
stio nil-nnv pas
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po 'aiisanKi 'aAiioxu'i unoiiMiun a.MH
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jo 8 polio 9ti a'omh )1uaOko.i Sr pnn 'obiiiio oii
oaoiii.u a.iiii pooin 9ii attAj!Jnu ait -jonuiitu
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jooj 'Xohshiaa 'tuna jooj 10 srwin 'u4C
fruiij sua ion 848 liiiiiii asifaaiA
Experience will teach any man that
it is advantageous to patronize those
who advertiss in newspapers-
H.T.Helmbold. Jfr
tii ao 10 rJTV
I. the only Known Hemedy for r.&M"tm
tL and lias cured -very ciise ..f J J A1' 2 '2
wiilcli it lias been plvcn. Irritntli.il of tl le NecIC
of ho Hladder mid Infliimination of y k'1'1."')""
l'lctm'ion of lb ' Kidneys snd Itlttdder, 1 Hen
tioii f I rill'", l)!teae$ of the I'rostnte tilam ,
K ne lti tl." lib.Mer, (imvel. UrickDi.st Depo.t,
end Mucous or Milky Dleclwrges, , '"'E"
feeblcil aud DtdiealoOmstitutioiisof both Bcxcs,
attended vlth tho Mtovtof ,ymPtomf lrLJ
of I'" cr, L-ws of lein..ry,I.in(cultr of Breoth
iiir Wrak Nerve., 'akefiihic, Psln In tho
Pallid C.i'.iuten iii:-e, Ijissitii'lo of th System, etc.
I' seil by persoiis in 4lio d.-cllna or chnneo cl
llf,-; nfler roaf.ui'tnsut cr Ubor pains, bed-wet-
''Tn'miuiv nlTeitUit's pccnliur to Indies, ll.e Es
traet Hurbil I ui.eqiinfitl by any oilier remedy
As in CliloriHis or Hetention, Irret'tl larity, l'ain
filliicssorSiippreseitinuft'dstornaryfcvaciiuiions, Ul 'eratcd or Achlrras flat- of tho I'tcnts, Leu
ci rrluea or Whites, Ft.rility, and fr all com
plttiiits Incident to llu sex. t I t.rcscribcj
extensively by tho mntl eminent Phvuicinns and
Widwives for cufeehled nnd dilicato countltu
tlons of both sexes and nil a'es.
iTin'i DUiatei Aii,nq firm Ivimdencet,
flibili of Vitupntlon. t:tc. In all their etapes, at
littlo cxtiennc, littlo or 110 chuiifce hi diet, no lu
convenience, and no exposure. It causes a fre
quent dcKire, and pives strcnrtli to nrinate.
thereby removing Obstructions, Preyci,ti and
Curlnir Strictures of tho Urettirs. Allaying I ain
and lnflammntio.i, so frequent in this class of dis
eases, andcxpellina all poisouous matter.
11.00 per tioMlo or six bottles for 1VO0, delivered
to ui ucUlrcsi. n-cnro from observation. Sold by
drill-gists ercrvw here. Prepared by
KKI:M:Y .. HHlane St., X.T.
to whom ull K'ttcii f "i.ormatiou should bo
Eo Chargo lor Advice anl Ounsnltnllon.
Dr J. Jl Grnt'.tintoof .tffmn iliillml
ro't-ne, PhilaiU'lphia, nutlior of several talnablo
works, can bu coiisulled on all discuses of tho
Sisutii or I'linnry tirimns, (which hi) has inudo
an especial mitlvl, ether in timio ur female, n
maltvr from whin canto ort-innilnir, or of how
U.ws M-iiHliiij.'. A pri.ctiru f D years rnnblM
liini to treat diseases Willi nicies, fnrcs puiir
aritccil. t'liarL-es rcssi.iial le. Those at a tlin
lu.cn cn.i f 'rrtiird letter den rll ini; yiuil""'s,
aud I'lii'lo-liiK sln!ii t.ipreiay pustule. t)
Send lor Hie '."iifi ' Itvmili. rricu 10 eeliu-.
J B, JJVO'i'T. M. !., I'liysiilim nud hurijeou,
10-1 liuano Bt.ew Vork.
tub most THonoron ptmiriKB or ins
By Its nso Cancers are cored, and
Cancerous tumors are dispersed without tho sur
geon's knife Scrofula conquered, and Consump
tion prevented and cured.
Venereal IMseaaes,Mcrcnrta1 and Miner
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, and vigor
ous health and a sound constitution established.
Female Weakness and Disease
Dropsy, general or partial; Swellings, external or
internal; and Tumors aro reduced and dispersed
ia a very short time.
Erysipelas, Salt Rhenrn, Scald ITcail.asd
Fever Sores are soon removed by this powerful
dcterRCnt medicine.
Scorbutic Diseases, Dandruff, Scaly
or Rough Skin, and Pimples quickly glvo way,
leaving the skin smooth and fair.
Chronic Diseases, Fever and Actio, Dis
ordered Liver, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Nervous
Affections, General Debility, In short, all tho
numerous diseases caused by bad blood are con
quered, and give, way before this most powerful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Each hottle contains between forty and
fifty ordinary doses, costing only one dollar.
From one to four or Ave bottles will
cure Salt Itheum, Scald Head, King Worm, Pim
ples on tho Face, Biles, ordinary Eruptions, etc.
From two to eight bottles will euro
Scaly Eruptions of tbe Skin, Ulcers, Sores, and
Canker in the Mouth nnd Stomach.Eryslpelas,etc.
From two to ten bottles will restore
healthy action to the Liver and Spleen, will reg
ulate the Bowels nnd Kidneys.
, From two to six bottles will be found
effectual in curing Neuralgia, Sick-IIeadachc, St.
Vitus' Danco, and Epilepsy.
From live to twelve bottles will enre
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles will
cure severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh,
From two to four bottles will cure the
worst cases ot Piles, and regulate Costive Bowels.
From two to ten bottle will cure
bad cases of Dropsy.
Price $1 per bottle, or 0 bottles for (5.
Bold by all Druggists
D. RANSOM, SON k CO., Propr'n,
Seotestlmonlalalnlocalcolnmn. Buffalo, 1Y T.
"CAELO IM IflSCEIir," "QOOD liOBSma,".'
iwiu soa uiiW,"
iWiti Hi. WLECTIC Wr.SM.T WMtEl.T rtlRIS-i
TUN AT nOSK (CoanMldstsd), for 94.0O.
Two of UtwCliramM sts the eat ef "Wlfci
AwsU SDS Ml AllMpl" im eusn
. hmvdm smAutr.
BabKribOTi fsnlihel AT ONCt
wlls Ihr CarOLM.
suks kettar Urns ,
. with 01 Iku wiu my i
HM puDuauw.
. gtrwt, .
. B.I. ,
ros Tks
$SOO rages, 250 Engraringrs.
A slartlint expose of medical hnmbuaeel
the past and present. It ventilates quacks,
traveling iioctnr, noted female cheats, for
tune tellers and mediums, and lives interest
ing: narratives of noted physicians. It reveals
startling secrets, and is invaluable to all. We
give exeluKlve territory and liberal commis
sions. For circulars and terms address the
publishers. J. B. BIRR A HYDE,
Hartfoid.Conn., or Chicago, III.-
Written by 20 eminent authors, including
John B Gough, and Horace Hreeley,
This work is a complete history of all
branches of industry, and is a complete enr
cyclopeilia of srls and manufactures. One
ol our agents sold 13.1 copies in eight days,
another 308 in two weeks. Specimens sent
tree on receipt ol stamp
J. B. BURR A n YDE, Publishers.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, I if.
A NEW BOOKB.VPu,,,rmh".
u" UWV"V'H be ready ins few
weeks. Agents who would secure territory,
should apply st once. . '
1. B. B"RR a BTDE, Pnhlishers,
Hartford. Conn., or Chicago, 111,
Dr. Bowrs, Deatist, McArT

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