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THURSDAY, MAIS. 27, 1873.
K lectio a on Monday, April 7, 1873.
The Conventions and Their
no telling what will
be the result or a nominating
convention more than what
will be the verdict of a jury.
Tiers was one point ot sim
ilarity in the conventions late
y held in this county repre
senting the two parlies, and
only one: that neither selected
the strongest man recommend
ed for their consideration.
Here the point of similarity
ends. The Democratic con
vention was taken charge, of
and ran by and. in the interests
of the MaArthur Court House
ring, Mr. Claypoole receiving
the nomination by the manip
ulations and in payment of the
services rendered the ring. In
the case of the Republican
convention, the Republican
of Elk township and Mc Arthur,
yielding to unnecessary and
unprovoked mutterings of
some of the outside townships,
not only held aloof, but the
candidate of her ' choice
virtually withdrew and left the
matter to be settled by them
without even so much as
advising. There was no good
grounds for their remaining
mute in the contest, for the
Republicans of Elk have never
sought to take undue bdvan
tage of their sister townships,
and, we take it, they are as
much a part of Vinton county,
and as much interested in her
welfare as they are. Elk saw
fit though to yield (o this feel
lag in the outer townships.
They nominated Mr. Harvey
Wells, of Wilkesville. W-
want to see them elect him,
Tie is a worthy young man,
and It merit between the two
candidates will tell, they can
do it. But it will require or
ganization; it will require
worK; mere is not a moment
to spare if that result is to be
secnred. The ring will not
leave a stone unturned for
Claypoole. It is true they are
in bad repute and must work
on the sly.through other agents
but they are as active as mag
gots in a carrion. We look to
the outside townships to doff
their coats and show us their
mettle. The man and the ca use
is worthy of their best efforts.
The Republicans of Elk will
cot fail to do their whole duty.
Our Candidate.
The convention, on Saturday,
nominated Mr. Harvey Wells,
of Wilkesville, for Delegate to
the Constitutional Convention.
To the most of our people Mr.
Wells is well known, haviDg
been born and raised at
Wilkesville, where he learned
the meaning of hard work by
farming under his father "King"
Wells, a prominent Democratic
politician of that township.
Having a knack for tools he
dropped the plow, and learned
the carpenter's trade, following
it for a living until some our or
five years since, when bis active
mind originated a system of
arithmetic, which is to figo.res
What short hand or phonog
raphy is to writing. Since that
time be has taught his system
of figures in the principal
schools, colleges and universi
ties in the country, the value
of his method being attested
by such men as Profs. Tappan,
Young and Howard, of Athens
University, the Professors at
Delaware, Oxford, Marrietta,
Oberlin, etc., and the principal
Commercial Colleges in 'the
Hit varied experience as a
farmer, mechanic, author, and
teacher has given him a knowl
edge of the world, which, to
gether with good judgment,
sound morals and integrity ot
character, peculiarly fits him
for the position to which he
has been nominated. He is
aa active, energetic, strictly
temperate young man, with no
bad habits, correct in business,
can neither be bought, Iribel
nor bullied, has the judgment
to know right from wrong and
the courage to maintain the
right under all circumstances.
If elected he will be a credita
ble representative in every
Tub Hocking Sentinel, re
marking upon the quarrel of
our Qallipolis neighbors about
the management of the rail
road, says: "The latest move
we notice is the issue of a quo
warranto writ in order to test
the validity of the election.
We stand by our original posi
tion. Let Gallipolis take the
end of the road south of Mc
Arthur and build it, or quarrel
to their satisfaction, but let
McAnur and Logan take this
end of the line and with our
united efforts we can build the
road before Gallipolis ge s her
quarrel settled."
The O. McA. HQ. Ct. has
the right of way, and ard not
such fools as to five awiy val
uable property. Gallipolis
has nineteen miles of the south
end about gMded; McArthur
and Logan luive not thrown a
shovel full of dirt. The citi
zens of Logan were solicited
to take stock before the pres
ent unfortunate difficulty com
menced or was dreamed of, and
although they encourage us to
unite with Gallipolis and ap
proved the project throughout,
they would not subscribe one
cent when we asked them for
stock. This being the citua
tion we are now invited to
break with Gallipolis, after
they have spent near $100,000,
and do what the people of Lo
gan ought to know we can't
do build a road over another
company's track. But Galli
polis, through her citizens, and
through the management of
th? '3. McA. fc C. Co., long ago
said to Logan and McArthur
that they would build the road
to the crossing of the M. & O.
R. R., if we would build it
thence to Logan. That they
would make it a condition of
oar stock subscriptions that
the money should be spent on
the old H. V. roadbed. Now,
Bro. Green, let us hear lrom
you. Vinton has $50,000 to
spend between here and Lo
gan. How much will Hocking
subscribe to meet us? Put
it down liberally now,
friends, and you will hold the
balance of power at the next
election, and command the sit
Wm. Foster, who murdered
Avery D. Putnam with a street
car hook, in New York, some
two yean since, was hanged
last Friday morning at 9 o'
clock. B'oster was of a good
family, but was himself h
drunken brute, whose better
nature had become depraved
and deadened by the long use
of whisky, and murdered his
victim in cold blood without
provocalion. All that money
and influential iriends could do
was done to save nis neck, but
Gov. Dix steadfastly maintain
ed that the public good de
manded that the law should be
Before any tax-payer votes
forClaypeole he should remem
ber that he is the legal adviser
of the Commissioners and Pros
ecuting Attorney of the coun
ty, .and as such has managed
the Io.firmary business in such
a bungli'ng manner that he has
got theV commissioners into
a snap that they all wisn they
were well out oT. il ne
would construct a constitution
as loosely as he constructs a
contract, and,con6trues Jhe law,
there would be no end to the
ratcaliiies which would be per
petrated upon the people.
Mb. W. W. Bokd, of the Sci
oto Gazette, has been unfortu
nate in the loss of his only
child, a .little daughter three
years of age. The blow is all
the harder to bear as it follows
swiftly upon the death of his
father and a younger child, all
of whom have died within a
few months.
Whistling to Keep Their Courage
'The New Hampshire ejec
tion last week resulted rather
disastrously to the radicals. All
three of the Democratic Con
gressmen were elected. For
Governor no choice was made
by the people. A year ago the
Rads carried the State by over
two thousand aiajority,and last
fall Grant had a large majority."
The above item of "news"
was taken from the Jaokson
Herald of last Friday. The
McArthur Enquirer of Wednes
day had an item of similar pur
port. It was well known on
the preceding Monday that
Governor Straw, the Republi
can candidate, had a clear ma
jority over the combined vote
of his three opponents, and was
therefore elected by the peo
pie; that the Legislature was
Republican by a . largely in
creased majority; that of tho
three Congressmen to be
elected in the State, the Re
publicans elected two, and the
Democrats one, to take the
place of the present delegation,
all three of whom are Demo
crats. What these papers ex
pect to gain with sensible peo
ple by such downright, lying
is more than we can tell. We
simply call attention to it as a
fair specimen of the want ol
candor with which Democratic
newspapers furnish their read
ers with tho news of the day,
wherein their party may be
believed to be the most
remotely interested. Such
bold-laced lying ou the part ol
these editors can only be ac
counted for on the theory that
they believe one-half of their
readers are knaves and the oth
er half ignorant tools. Just in
sofar as their theory is false
t''ii Vifrnm Aetiva roArij' tin or
agents for the Republican par
ty; 'for no honest man who
takes pains to inform biosni
of passing events but what, m
time, becomes disgusted with
such lies, and loses confidence
in the integrity of the party
which regularly resorts to bucIi
means to advance its cause.
We firmly believe that the lack
of truthfulness on the part ot
the Democratic newspapers is
one of the most active and
powerful agents, within the
Democratic party which be
trays to .the people the true
character ot its leaders.
Considerable feeling was
manifested over the rule adopt
ed by the Republican County
Convention excluding all per
sons from participation who
were not regularly accredited
delegates. It has been a cus
tom in this county heretofore
to allow persons who might be
present, to represent their re
spective township3 of which
they were residents, if no regu.
lar delegation was reported,
and we have even known non
residents selected to represent
and cast the vote ot a town
ship. Of the abstract right ol
dslegate convention to ex
elude all who .were not regu
larly selected as delegates
there can be no question; the
manner of its adoption at this
particular time may be ques
tionable, but we do not pro
pose to argue it now. In its
adoption one township at least,
where a meeting was held and
delegates selected without re
ceiving any written creden
tials, was wronged; but as they
did not make their situation
known to the convention, the
responsibility for any inten
tional wrong does not attach
to the convention.
But we commenced this ar
ticle to call particular atten
tion to this rule under which
the convention organized, and
the importance of its observ
ance ever hereafter. Its neg
gleet has been Hie cause of fre
quent complaint in former con
ventionsquite as much as its
enforcement at this conven
tion, and more especially with
the Democrats than with the
Republicans. It is through
this open door that the Court
House ring Dnd convenient ac
cess to. and easy control
Democratic conventions. By
keeping an eye to filling up the
conyentions they have con-
(rolled them, and many limi'sa
(tingle man has been admitted,
whe had no shadow ot author
ity to represent any person,
and, within himself, out voted
half a dozen good men who
were delegated by the people
to represent a township. The
only way a fair expression of
the people through a conven
tion can be had is through del
egates selected in the regular
way, and when autho rity is
granted to unauthorized per
sons to come in and vote for
townships which have not dele
gated them that power.the con
vention lays itself open to the
manipulations ot professional
Thk Rev. L. D. Huston, of
Baltimore scandal notoriety,
has been convicted of immor
rality, and expelled from the
M. E. Church South.
Mayor's Proclamation.
IiuJaapoasvED Viluoi or McAlTHUI,
, - Vinton County, Ohio,
if arc 24, 1873.
WHEREAS br the laws ol Ohio regulating
the eieccions for municipal officers il in
required of the Mayor of each city or incor
porated village to give nonce by Precoma
Hoo at least lea days betore the time or hold
ing flection' of the time of holding such
election, of the time ami place, when and
where such election will be holden, ana of the
otttcwra to be choen.
In pursuance of such requisition, T, Henry
Payne, Mayor of the Incorporated Vill .ge ol
McArthur, uhio, do hereby proslaim and
make known that the
First Monday of April, A, D. 1873,
(ding tht 7 th Day of mid Month,)
It b law agisted the day on which the
qualified electow of the Incirpomted tillage
of MoArlhur are notified to meelal the Court
House, in and Village, at the usual place des
ignated lor holding such elections, between
the hours of aix o'elook in the inrenr-on, and
o'clock in the nltemoon of said day, and
then and there to proceed to vote by ballot
for the following officers, to wit:
Four Members or the Council or said Village
Three of said members io serve rach for Ihe
term of two yjars and one lo serve, for the
term of one ye.tr, to till vacancy.
Uiveo under my hand at my office, In snlj
Village, this Mih day ufMnrch, A. I). 187.1.
H E HI PAY NK, Mayor.
Choice Flower and
North Side Main St, two Doers
West of tfarket,
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something on hand that it worth ad
vertmng. IMow your own trumpet.
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ple who want to buy, don't road adver
tisements, and those who want eggs
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vertisement, they would learn their
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Mart h I, A. U 173. J
To ( Qunlijltd Volmo of Fiaoa Coasts, OAie .-
WHbKKAS.tiy ths laws or Ohio regulating
Electiona ii is required ol the Nheritt or hi
Uoujly to (ire nonce I fore the tim or hold
log a general Election hy Proc lama lion
throughout the county or the time on which
such Election shall be hnlden.
In pussusnce or such requisition, 1,
GKoRl.E KAl.KR.r-hcrifl or Vintnn County,
Ohio, 'lo hereby pioclaim and make known
that the
First Monday of April 1873,
(Being the 7th Day of said Month,)
is by the lawa nf Ohio appoints! I ha dsy on
whic h I ha qualified electors of Vinlnn County
are notified to meet in tl.eir respective Town
hips, ai iht ir usual or proper nleres ol hld
mk April elections, 1-els.een ihe hi-ura of 0
o'clock in the forenoon an.l o'clock in Ihe
af if moon ol aa ! l , ami ihen end there urn
cceil Ui rote by ballot fur Ihe following officer,
lo wit t
One Delegate to the Constitutional
for Vinton County, Ohio.
Qirm aaJer aty ftdaif, ai my qlce, in .Sfdrfaar,
Ihu let day of Mar k, A. . IK73.
Sheriff r Viatou County, Ohio.
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8ale i. sued from the Court of Common
I'leas nf Vinton Cnunly, and to medliecledas
Nheritt of said County, I will oiler (or salo at
the door of Ilia Cum Ho i-o, in the town
cAithur, Vinton Co'JDty, Ohio, ou
Monday, the 31st Day of MarcL,1873
Ihe hour of 1 o'clock, P. M. ef said day,
he billowing described lands anu iciicintnia,
1 he north Pirt or Iract-onnl In-lnl No. 1.17
thirty seven, in the village or New Mount
I'lenssni, in Vinton County. Onio,and beiug
the fo lowing trad, to wit :
Commencing at the north east cornet ot
n-lnt No :i7i llurtv.seven, in the town
New Mount I'leasant. and running thence
southward I58 Itlty eight bet, thence in
wesleily course sl.uilll i' len ro.ls. uience
north :iu thirty feet lo a -tore, thence east
wards ll.'iol one hundred and filly leet to the
"Hoe of beginning, and being of mi lu-lut No.
37 thirty-seven.
Aniirai-ed at three hundr-d and siitv-aev-
n dollars and inuat bring two-llurds ol Ihn
To bs sold aa the nronrrtv of .John E. Mo
Vey ind Sallie .McVey, lo satisfy ail Crder of
Tile, issued Iro n the Court ol common I'leas
n mver of Kumsvy & On.
TKHMaOr aALK : Onlmn hand on the
day of sale. (JEORftK KAI.EIt,
Mieritl V mtou County.
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nlored plate snd chrnmo cover. The first
edition ol two hundred thousand iust pilnted
in l!.nglisli and i-ei man , and ready to send out.
j, u s,t v ti;n, ito nosier, n. r.
. No. 501 Broadway, New York,
Impor'ers, Manumcturers A Jobber i of
Albums, Photographs and Photo
graphio Materials.
The Methodist of New York Is giving swsy
to each subscriber who pays 82. W) lor a year
published or to be procured elsewhere atsny
pnee, couiaiking in one group, tbe lai es
tiesieyanu oi niiiops ;.ike, A-liiiry. What
mill, l.i orge, Kobi-rts, McKendree, Hedding,
W.ujh, II iniline. Halier. Thomson Clark
Kinusley, i i ndditio-i to those ol tha living
bishops This picture is. therefoie ol
The Methodist, althouah heanna ailennm
in-vtional name, contain i much to interest
who want
It has a strong editorial corps and msnv
able contributors. ' he leetute room talks
of Heecher smiths sermons i.l Tslninge, Bish'
op eumpson and otiiera are regularly pub
lished. 'I he irtern.-tt-onal 8unday School
lesson la or value to all teachers, while
vniiiiren a I'epanmem ia unsurpassed ror
and Interest.
Subscriptions may be se it direct or paid
the neareet jlethodist preacher, fepecimen
vvpiva uev.
O. C. HAX8TED, Pabllaher,
114 Naaaaa Stmt, Now Yarfc.
riety In
American iland Corn Planter
lent by express on receipt ol f t to MANN
A t:u, mauufaclurera, l Ixiuis, Mo Liberal
terms to dealers Head stamp for circular
Wood Workine Machinery Gen6rlly.
tipcclaltlrai-Weed worth Plaalat
Tongaeing and Jraovlnsi Marhlaes
Uicbardson'a I'atent Improves!
Tenen Slarklara, tic.
Central, cor. Union St.,0ECE8TEli
l. u. wither by. o.i. ruc 1
Stationery, Portable and Bias
Saw Mill, Houring Mill an I Blast Machinery
U. A P. BLANDY, Newaik, Ohio.
guaranteed. Hesprclahle emplnymei t at
home, day or tVeninf, nneapiul required,
full instructions anu a velusble pscksg ol
goods sen tree by mail Address with a cent
return stamp, M. YOUNO A CO., IS Corllang
st., n r.
fntOil. r dM Agents wahtedl All
either aex.y ungorold, make mote money
at work lor us in iheir spsre momenta, or ail
the tune, than anything else. Particular free.
aaiiruss u. bi maun a uii., Portland, Maine.
I suffered with Catarrh thirty Java, and waa
cured by a am pie remedy. Will send receipt,
iusihk iree, io sn amiciea. ney J- l . m&AL,
Drawer I7, Syracuse, N Y
We cure the habit per-
manenMy, cheap, quick,
without suffering or in
conveniepc. Iiescilbo
vnur oase. Address 8. U.
ARMSTKONa, M. 1).,
Herricn, Michifan, P. O.
Box S, .
S100,000foT0nly $10.
Under authority or special bgislallv act ol
M iriji IS, Is7l, the trustees now snnouncsthe
Thu d Grand Gilt Concert lor Ihe beuettt 01 Ihe
Public Library of Kentucky, to coma oil In
Library Hull at Louisville, tty , on
Tuesday, April Ntli, 1ST3.
At tnis concert Ihe best musical tslent that
can be procuiod from all parts 01 'he country
will add pleasure lo the entertainment, anu
i en tlinu-nnd cm-h gills, aggregating a vaat to
tal or huir a million dollars curiency will bo
distributed by lot to the ticket holders, aa
One grand cash gift IUK),OoO, one grand caah
gilt oii.lMiti, one grand cash gift i!5,(HNi, one)
grand ca-h gilt ,' ', one grand cash gilt,
inie) trnnd cash gilt Iti.oofl, one grand cash
gflA,IS'U, cash gills of 1 1. is SI each 24.000.
'Ml cash gifts of 4i beach 9A,Uti, W cash gifts of
4isiesch:i.is, IOii cash gilts of mi e. h an..
ismi, io cash gilts ol 2011 each Dil.ntiU, HH) cssh
g.ftsol IUO ew Ii fi9,uni, ,msi rash gilts or 10
null vc.uon, Tutid, lu itiu gilts, all cash,
To provide mean for this magnificent con
cert, one numbed thousand wnole tickets on
ly will bs issued.
Whole tickets, f 10: halves, H, and quarters,
i'J. di, hieven whole lii-liets for $100 flo dis
count on less than lloti ordera
The ohpcl of ibis Hurl gilt cnn'eit, like lha
two heretofore given with such universal ap
pruvi ), Is the enlaigemenl and endowment nf
lh piibln- libiarv ol Kentucky, sihlch, by the
special act sllthtirit ng Ihe ooncert for its ben
ch', is lo he fniever Ire lo all cinxena of ev
ery Mute The drawing w. II be under ihe su
pervision of Ihe Trn tees of the library, as--iled
by the most eminent eilitens tit tha
United Hatei The atu of tickets has already
progressed so far Unit complete success as
sured, mid I. overs are therefore notified th'it
they st order at once if they desire to par-
Imipkte in the drawing
Ihe. mnnanemeiil of this iindetlaking has
been cnitnnilted by Ihe trustees to Hen Tlios
E Uriuileiti', I .le i oven or of Kenlm k) , lo
whom coiiimuniciitiona pi naming to Ihe Uilt
Concoit may be ail-I.eseed .
II T I ill K II RTI', Tres't
W N H A LI HM N, Vice Trea't
JOHN f CUN.fec'v Public I ihrnrvof Ky
i-AKMKK-' URuvE'td' HANK.Trcainrar.
As the time for Ihe Conceit is rlo e at hi ud
(tpnl M h.i pirtiea wmling tl gets shoi d
-end in lhir orders immedidely if they
V7 ii I I svoid ihe rush nnd delay absolutely
nil .voidable in llw f. wi avs preceding tha
dinwing. ll older, lor agencies circular
an.l inform itu-n w dl in i with prompt sttei.
lion. TllUh. K. Bit A M I.KT TK. Agent Pubho
l.ibraiv Keniiick), I nuHvlle. "y.
Dty Goods
Paint and Second Street,
WM have on Sale by the 20 th inst.
a full line ol
Dry Goods in his Wholesale Depart-
Including tlie most popular brands of
Taccy Calicos,
Shirting Oaliooa.
Brown Muslins,
Bleached Muslins. '
Bro. &B1, Sheetings,
lickings & Checks,
Domestio Ginghams,
Denims, Il tripes,
Drillings & Cambricr,
Table Linens.
Crash & Huck Towels,
Jeans and Flannels,
Irish Linens. Ac. &c
Buyers sre solicited to examine his (lock
which will be ottered at nries in..,.
other markets.
New supply of Brussels, Ingrain, Venetian,
ucmp snq voltage at
WILL find lha Record office supplied wilh
Ih i lsrg st assortment of Horse and Jack
cuts to bs found in any office la this section
of the blabs.
Bills Printed on Short Notice
Main Street, Opposits Court Hqiw
EVIcArthur, Ohio,
JAMES WOBKMAN, Prorrietor.
I HAVE taken possession of the above hotel,
renovated and partly refurnished it, and
wil be glad lo serve the old customers or lha
house, and especially my old friends of lha
Hocking Valley wbo may be visiting thia
noiiit The table will he furnished with the
best the market srlnrds, snd rare taken lo.
make guests r-nmlortahle. Good stablir.g ats
lached to ih house; Charges reasonable.
13inar 1S73
Aavuthseaseau haoert4 at fair rrtee

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