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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 27, 1873, Image 4

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T II UK SPAY. MA It. 27, 1873.
On and'fter Bungay, November Sd, 187t
Irmim will run lolloas: The St. Louis
ti.rw. run dil; ad other traina dally 8un-
4eV ell'l.
I'iia tn Line' and Exprfat will stop only
I Lvl:ind,Gretnneld,Chilli:,"irie. Hamden,
Alhiand icon's Landing. r'asliLin going
w-u .ill stop nl Blanehsstar, alio, inner
I rata stopet hII .tutious.
Rations: Mail. Fatt.. St.l.Ex.
t!ifiiiiiiml..-.. x-'iam 1 nin aSpm
0il!i..ih 11 m S tlpm
V4iln I Far 11 a.iiini u9n
rlsiu.lm ........ 1 4Jp 3 21pm
WcAurui'm...-.. I -'m :,1''m
Viuiou 1 l:tpm S "!"
Z:ilwki 1 tpm S 4pni
Hons Kiiruaee... 1 Sletn 3 Mfl
1 wm
1 30m
1 im
1 3am
3 nlxm
3 Cfcufi
3 mil
I 6Jinu
1'ar.larbura .. 4 frpm 30pm
001N0 WEST.
.-iliAns M:ol
Kiut I..
14 6pm
8 UAptn
8 Mi1'"
3 4npm
3 47.m
8 &jpm
4 iwpm
4 Mpm
ratker.e'.irt- 6i.n
11 mm
11 Stun
11 vuu
U .'inn
12 dim
1j IM,im
1 iHinin
Faruitue t Klein
L.U-Kl 1 '.tipm
fioton I lupin
JHcAhthcs 1 4'pin
Ham-ten . t Mpm
MtchUmi Fur..- Went
giuKicuiliji.,,..... 3 l'ipm
fWinnati 8 lOpin
The Ide-iki Accommodation going mm
lAv.l'hillieollie at "" " RvvilleT
Rmlilind Furnace, in, llam.leti arrive i l
-depart 0 ii, McArthur, 9 nS. luton l M,
lilmKi I M. l.oing sre-t-Z.ileiKi 4 uup.ni.,
Vinton ). MeAitlwr. 00 Hi'm.leti, arrive
t HO depart 5 W, Richland Furnace, II io,
JUy.vtlle, 6 SO, Cliilli.othe. 8 2"..
will leuve llamden fttfl IS a m- and 4 lHip.ni
arriving al Portsmouth at 11 la m. and 7 ip.
m. Returning train ill leave 1'orf.month at
( 41 a in. aud li i" p.m., arriving at Homnea
ItlWi.n.nn'lil" p.m.
Trams ennuecl at Lowland fir nil points on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the lmlianap
lis and Cincinnati Kailroa.IJiinc.ti n for all
points Went; at Athens, with the Columbus
k H. V. K. 11., At Parker-.lnirg, with (lie U.
0. B.R. W. W. I'EAHUDY.
Mastt-rol Tran-poitntion.
I WILL run a hv-U from Willtillf to
Hamdn and return every Monday, Wednes
day and Friday, for the accommodation or
paenirer. making clna connection with the
mad train on the M. C. R. K. 1 will alao
carry expreaa paokagea ihipped to or ftonj
Ihoxe pointJ by KM'S.H0!- itd
T-ITl'.Lriinreiuitrlyto McArthur Station
W to meet all mall trains. .
Hack leaves MeArthur post omce .l'iOO
o'olouk, M. each day, to connect with mail
(inlers left at the post office, McArthur, er
Diindaa.prjuiptly atumledto.
fcnr C11ARLK3 W. BAREIT.
Hamdsn, Wilke.iville and MiJdloport
HAVING the contrnct for carrying the mail
Letween Ihealiove poiuts I will be able to
luroish conveyance for piii-senger. and their
bnggMje to and fromsald points on the lollow
mailiys: From Wilkcnville to flainden and
back on Monday, Weduenlny. and Fridays;
and from Wilk'esville lo Middleport, Metg'
Co, and back on Tuesdays, Thursdays
Baturdays. lOHN LKV13.
Cinciuuatl Musical Festival.
Preparalions for the Cincin
nati Musical Festival are in ac
tive progress. Among the
features is Theodore Thomas'
Orchestra increased to 108
pieces; a mass chorus, the larg
est ever assembled in the West,
a monster organ adapted to
the size of ot the hall
and number of voices; and a
chorus of 1,000 children from
the public schools. The Festi
val will be held in the Exposi
tion Hall.
Season tickets, with secured
seats lor the entire Festival,
are to be offered for sale dur
ing the first two weeks in
April. These tickets will ad
mil (he holder to all the con
certs. They will be made
transferable, so that a whole
family may attend on the same
ticket, pioviding they attend
on different days, as, of course,
no ticket will admit more than
one person to each perform
ance. As only season tickets
will be sold during the first
two weeks, their purchasers
will have the first choice of
eats. The price of season
tickets, including reserved
seats, is fixed at $10. Theodore
Thomas' orchestra concerts
draw lull bouses nip ht!y,and for
reserved seats to hear this or
chestra S1.50 to $2 is paid. At
the Festival this orchastra will
he doubled, and to this will be
superadded a grand chorus and
an unexcelled combination of
Boloists.These facts, and tickets
being transferable, and giving
first choice of seats, at the
moderate sum of $10 for eight
entertainments, will make this
class of tickets so popular that
prompt application will be
necessary to obtain them.
Siugle tickets, with reserved
seats, are placed at $2. The
aale of these tickets will com
mence two weeks later than
that of the season tickets.
Ii is unlawful in Ohio to use
cr occupy churches, the doors
of which oppn inwardly. The
object of the law is to afford
protection tocongregatior.s in
the event of a panic from lire
or other causes.
It is a sure sign of an early
spring to see a cat intently
watching a .mall hole in the
In. Zaleski.
THE Zaleakl Company, with yiew to the
development of the loeal interexteef a!es
ki, to seeure it permanent piosperily, ai.d to
add to it populaiiot and wealth, are now
oftVruiK to actual ellei a, town lota and (arm
lands al low price, aim nu" n,m.
Puuu riMirim to eunune the property
sod to hny cheap Iioumi will apply at Mie
Cempiny's olllcts to
Zaleki, Ohio, Mar U, ll. "
the new postal law we are supplying the pen
pie with our rlne nickel while meul ware, of
triple eleilro .ilver plate, post paid to any
partoftlie country direct Iroin our manufio
'"Notwilh.landing a large advance in nickel
w sill) oiler the nods, both plain and laney
i. iiirn. nrr.irm. r ri"orv rnta.and will mail
anv i)ii:Qtity at thane prices, on receipt uf the
Butler knife, lckle fork, angar spoon and
napkin ling, a h I' ,l"
Tea jpoon. nnd mil pick, hull doj. i 8"
f)ef rt Idiives.lorks mid epoons.half do. 4 t'
Tiihle " ' ,10
Replatingof old wure in the best manner, al
one Imlf ol ihese pi'ces.
w will mnil to unv addre.s t.hotns,rph
and price l.rs of ;onr HHK MLVtvK
1'I.A Tl.U A.U
the manufacture ot which la ipecialty with
II is our privilege lo refer to the editor ol
ail VTiicinnnn religious ...nn...
In what paper uid yon nee our advertise
A4 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sloctl871 t
On ioor wt of Dan. Will t Bro'i.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
A...... ai.liiii (a mi pnli.IA l.nrfs f.lTni Or
town lots In Vinwm o' adioining eounli.. will
find tract, to suit them by rilling.
Persons wishing to sell land. tarm. or town
lots will have a good chance of doing so by
leaving description, etc. in o'ir hands.
IV ill, J. ttAttr.i.ii a vw.,
oct28 Aiin Street, MaArihnr, 0.
Dr. Iluponco'u Golden
They never fail, and may be depeaded npnn
in every cne where the monthly flow bus
been obstructed through cold or diseime.
Lil'lMNCU'S iULIKN 1'ILLrt always give im
mediate relie. A lady wrilo: "Luponco's
Golden Pdls relieved me in one day like inng
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
wnite bo.ic. containing double the nuanihy ul
pills, aid upon each box you will And my
"Pnviite II. ;s. Revenue Stamp." I'pon the
stums see the words LLTONCO'b UULDIt.
FILLS, in while letter., wuhout that noue
are genuine.
Roniemlwr the genuine i In the white boxes
Full and explicit dirctinus aceonipany ewh
box. Price Jl.oo per box, six hexes f5.n.
Hold by one druggist in every tonn, village,
citv nnd limnlet throughout I lie woil 1.
bold in McArli.ur, O ,
rj l. II". SIS SOy. Drvgght.
Siile Antnt for Vinton County.
By sending him il .00 through the McArthur
u I'osl umre, can nave tne pun sen. conn
dentiHlly, by mail, to any part of the country
free of postage.
8. I). HOWE, Proprietor, Wewlork.
The New York
A Journal for all True Republicans
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
The New York Evening Foil, edited by
William Mullen Uryaut and Parke Godwin,
assisted by the stronger talen t that can be
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained the same principles ol freedom
and progress, through all changes of parties
ami poucie'i.
It stands for enual rights: for the etistribu
lion of power; for honesty and economy; lor
Ihe security of the glorious remits of emanci
ptition and enlrancliii,emenl won by the was:
and ail practicanie reiorms.
It is ouuosedtojniusticeand ipoliahoa, dis
guised under the name of proteeticn, and te
.! corrupt party comuimuions wnicn sajrincc
orim.inleto mere success.
It will support (irant and fllsen, because
it believes thpt under them the government
will he more stable, nnd the chmo s for pr'.
gres and re.orm more certain, than unuerany
allisnce of incomnntible elements.
The Evening Post is equal to any oilier hf
a newspaper, and iscomclete in i political,
iU literary, its scientific, its agricultural aud
Its commercial departments.
Singie copy one year, 51.50; five copies, one
year, ti.uu; ten copies, oue ycar,ii'.3u; eo'
ty copies, one year, S-'iUkj.
Sintr'e conr. one venr. S300: five copies
one year, HJ.5U; ten copies, one year, iiO.UU,
Those subscribing now for one r will res
ceiye the paper until .1 miliary I,
Or we will send the following p
subscribers, in connection with
Post at the prices named :
dicals to
Weekly Semi Weekly
evening I'osl. hvening Po"t
Harper's Weeekly $1 50 $6 00
Harper s Bazar 4 50
Harper's Magazine. ... 4 50
Every Saturday 5 00
Atlantic Monthly 4 00
Our Younr Folkg 8 00
Soribner's Mouthly . . 4 50
Old and New 4 50
The Galaxy 4 00
Phrenological Journal 3 60
The Agriculturist . ... 2 50
Hearth and Horn . . . 3 75
Little's Living Age... 8 00
Appleton'c Journal... 4 60
Wood's Household Magaxine 00
Home Journal 3 00
The Christian Intelli.
genccr, with Chromo 3 75
6 00
6 00
6 60
5 50
4 50
6 00
6 00
5 50
6 00
4 00
5 25
9 60
6 00
3 60
5 00
5 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Post and
Christian intelligencer will be seat the beau
tuui chromo, i he u leaner..
For 45 cent, we will aend the Weekly Even.
Ing Post for two months, or tor 60 rests we
will aend the bemi-weekly Evening Post for
ine same time, specimen numoers sent tree.
Address, WM. C. bRYA.NT CO
31oct xNew York.
Notice to ihe Stockholders o
the Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co
A M parties having subscribed to the cap'
l j-iwi sioen oi ine u.. MCA. u. K. K. are
hereby requited to make payment to theSec
ret.iry of the Company, at his office ou the
Publio8iiare, in Uallipolis, Uhio, or if more
convenient, to lianiel Will, President of the
Vinton County Bank, at McArthur, Uhio, of
an installment ol Aye dollars on each share
se sunscnoea, witnin tea days or this date.
August 10, 1871.
G. UcA.AC K.R.L-0.
deo 1 1171.
Particulars and Samples sent on receipt
Stamp. NaCaplta.INeeeea.ury. AddressM
Viri TUN 70 Broadway, New York
To a Eoom over Jones'Billiard i aloon,
Where he will be pleased to see Ms oldens
tnmora, and as muny new ones as wi-h to
come. J. w. IA cus
Bead Sr. Holland's Kew Siory.
600 Faces for tit 4.0.
The publvhers of Pcsissis's Month lv,
promise lur Ine ens'ting y. nr a more lirtllmu!
arnty of conti iliii'ori, sml an tnereese ,n the
viirn u siiM tcfltuv ot tt- iiit'.riiti'iii nir'ii'iv
conccilcii I iv IhA critics lo lo "jlnrr Ift'in aij
vims hmt hiiheilo appealed io auy Americuu
I'r. iroliiii'i, thecditnr. will wriletne serint
story of the year, w ehwill heaiilohioxraidi
ic.il in lonn, nnu wit m iniistrnteu ny m.k
llnllock. Il i-e.it'llcd Arthur llviinu'sk ,e.unl
w ill de d wi.h son'e of the most tliihc pi'ob
Icnis of Ainei'ciiD life. It w.ll be commenced
n ibe Novemner niinilM r.;
iheeiil lie a new s orv by ?axe Holm,
Tli one leaded iJ.incer.
I ret Unite. Ine ti".t witter of short srortcs
now l:vin.'i, will inntiilutte a i-hiirnciensiic
story, en .lee" The Kpic of Kiddletowu, which
w II lie illiiHinitc'l by Sheppiird.
R. 11. Htoiiuanl a ill wn.e a series ol enter
tniimi': papers about nulho . Iheir persnoid
chiirui'li'iiilii'S, home hie, Imn'l'n, Iricmls
whims ami u A rii'-i of poiirtnts of li v
ng Ame-icnn a: Ut is s'-o piomi'ed.
Clarence cook will wnte a'lont fiti nittire,
ano the de"ornlion or Ani - , tin home..
These papers will U?ein.neinly piaclical as
well arliitie, ami will i.s llln-ti ilc.l uilli
desirn. and ske . V by nnnierous nrfi-ls in
adilu va to ihoss which Ms people will fur
Among those whn will contr hulp nr. :
Hans Amler.en, Bryant, Hiihnei, Kyle.
ton, 'io e, Hukiii'on, Bishop Hunt igton,
Hret Hnrle, John May, H, II., Mucdo '!,
Ulilch.ll, M ss I'heiiis, teilirmn, H.ockton.
Sindusrd.C'elia Thixier, Warner, Wilkinson,
Mrs. Whitney, b.'.idcs n host of cihers.
Thetdiloit.il connol nnd direct. on of the
Hsgntine will remnin in t' e bntn's of Pr.
Holl i id. who will c:.iiinoe to writ "The
Topics of the Time," which the N. Y. Inde
peude.it says "are more widely quoted than
any aim :( paper, in any American mags
sins." Watson fiilder will wri a "The Old Cahl-
net;" as hitherto. I'rof. John C. Utr.per con
ducts the depariment of -Natnie and Sci
ence. 1 he depart menls or "Homennd eo.
ciety"and "Culture and Progress," will en
gage Hie contributions 01 more thun a score
of pens on both side, of the Atl.inho The
watenman ana mnecior snys: "r-cntiner s
Monthly for tieptember i. better than usual.
men inmcntes a oee'iien irnt oi euitortHi
brains and pii'jhs..ei's money, for the Msg.
aane w a scoi e :ntigh before!'' And yet the
publishers pieun.ie to innke it sail tieiteMor
he coming year.
t i,s suu.cn i:ion pr ce is 4 i. yeni-,wiin
special rates lo clergy meu, tenc hera aud post
The lollowing
are offered lo new stiiiscnbers !
For 60 the publishers will send, or anv
bookseller er news.'nler will siitii.lv, the
rii.grtzihe for one year ard (he tv.cUe ntiin.
hers of Vols. Ill end V, eonuiioing Ihe lie
cloning ol Ori'lituit a erllll. "At ni
tia'ci;" for 7 n, the M'tanrinc for one yeiir.
and tlie'JlbicIt mnnlier. Ir.nn the iM g-n'iiiiii;.
ln 60, the Mi.g inine tor one v.-r, end tin
ilt bi cV nllllilws bound (t vol-..i cii.it " on
nd vols. o d. I ins Will g, e ce. i iy j.iniii
page, o tne chsiceM reod'tri, ivi.Ii t tie liiiei-t
iliishiiiionx, lursio no, or nemiy .vki tinges
for a (lolhir! nml will eiudile every stib-cnbei
to obtsia the series li.-.,i the tirsl.
f peoial terms lo fienlers, Clergymen and
SCEIBSBR CO., SI Prondwav. N. T.
"I'nqnrstlnnnbl (lie best siistnlneil works
ot Ihe kind In the World."
Harper's Magazine.
A'oicsi of tilt Pl HI.
The ever-Increasing cirnnl dion of this ex
cellent monthly proves its continued ailnpta
tton to populcr itesires Ann neeos. in'ieen
when we Hunk into how many homes it pene
trates every mouth, we inn . I con-iilcr ii a-
one or Ire eiiticn.or- ps well as emeu liner-, o1
the pubi c iiiicu . lor lu vt opii'i'iy ha
been won by no appctil lo stupiu pruiudices
or deptaved tastes. Loton t;j.
The character which this MngziM poshes.
ea Torvanetv, enlerpnse, weidth, and literr
culture that has kept usee with, if It ha. noi
leu Hie times, siioum cause us con'iu'-tois to
regara it with ipstthablecomplHCeucv. I nls,.
entitles them to a gresl olmm upon ihe puh
lie gratitude. The Vujfanse has done gcoo
and not evil ail tne un)9 oi us iue. is.wHiyu
A complele set of If ARrca'a Maoaiine. now
cninpns ng 45 volumes, in neat cloth bind'nj
will be seat bv express Ireight at expense i.
nnmhascr, for fi M per volume. Biwjlt tot
siiim, by mail, foJj ud, $ I CU. Cloth cases, lot
uindiug, on cen i, oy wail, postpaid.
"A Complete Pictorial History of the
Tmiea." -"The hem, cheapo.!, nnd most
snecesslul family 1'nper in (lie Liuon "
Harper's Weekly.
h'otien of Of P,rm.
Tho 1TAI is the ablest and most powerful
illustrated periodical piiiilislie! m tin-cmin
try. Its eilitoritds are w holm iy nnd convinc
ing. and carry rittch r.'eii;hi. lis nlnstntton
of current eie is nre full and lnh, and are
prepared 1-v our best designers, vv itn n c
culation ol l'tl.l'lU. the BWry is rerd l.v al
Ica.t h:i't a million pci .ons, nod its influence
HSan orgnu ol opinion is avnp') ireuieinioii
Tho Wtrkl'j mainiidns iiositive position, an
expresses iJecded view, on pohticHl sud so
cial problems. -fiOHt'.'ic' VowKr-Jwrnal,
The annual volumes of rfAnpsa's Weraiy,
in neat cloth binding, will lie sent by express,
free ofexrente, tor 7 00 each. A comvtotlt
conipri.ing 6tx,ii Volume, sent on receipt
'.HSU HI IIIO rHH3 Ul i 'Cl fill .jiri'j".
iitntt of pMnhaMtr.
"A Repository of Fashion, Pleannre and
Nttiatef Ikt Prut.
The lor is edited with a contribution
tact and talent that we seldom find in any
journal; aud the journal itself is the oigan
live great world Ol lasnino.- Motion irartter.
The Bazar commends it-ell to every mem
her of Iue household lo the chili ren by droll
ana pretty picture, to tne young laaiea oy it
lasnion pteies in enme'B variety, io tne prov
ident matron hv its patterns lor ihe chilifren'i
clothes, to Hi.-flmi.'if b) its useful designs
forenibroideredshpperaand luxurious dress-
tng-gowns. But the reading matter of the
Batar is uniformly of great excellence. The
paper has acquired a wide popularity lor the
fireside enjoymeut II aflorua. N, i. Ecming
IlApi's Wxr.ai.r, Bazab, or Mahiini
one year, each, 4 w.
A n nlra cnint of titlit Ihe Maoazixc, Wxeklv.
or rlAZAa, Wlttbe ptlift grntii to trrry cluhof VlvE
HUBsca ..lis st 14 isi racA. lu 0w remitraNce;
fir coniet for $'20 On, vitltoHt trim corii.
Sfbta tutu to HakpeVs Maoazinc, Wekilt.
nud Bazaa. to owe nMrnt fur -tine near. $10 0O;
tiro of Harjier'f VerUnUratt. to one addreu for
year f 7 OO.
Hade ntbm can be enrobed nt anytime.
The tire volumes of ilAanca's luzsa,
she years lStS, 'en, '70, '71, '72, elegantly
bound in green morocco elnt.i, wll be sent
express, iieigni prepani, lor 7 uu cai-n.
The postage, on liAapis's WrrsLtoi Baza
is 20 ceBls a year, M ousl 24 cents, which
must b pcid at Ihemfnurider's post office.
Address HAIil'EH A hltOTHEKB, new York.
Love and Matrimony.
The affections msy be gained by following
simpi rnirs, kimi mi mnj msrrj ouppii y Wll
regard to wealth, age orbeajly. Address,
with stamp.
Madam Lnoilla Demane, Bible House
(Station, a. x. qaniy
If we had notour trials, the
pleasures of this sublunary
scene would render ua forget
ful of another world.
A correspondent writer: "The
fashionable ladies of London
wear nothing but blhck ollk
8toc!ing9." The tide of emi
gratiation will be to England.
n place of from it, this season.
The sight of lie fashionable
adies of London, adorned with
black silk stockings only, roust
be a tight much more interest-
ng than either the Yosemile
Valley or Niagra Falls. Th
steamship lines chould issue
excursion tickets at once.
Wood's Household Magazisk
lor April invites us lo (he Kn
owing ''1'oa-t of reason ind
flow. of soul:" The Uood God-
dess; Mid-Summer Dream; The
Slow Poisoning; Whims, by
Addison; Miss '-roii-In;" JIusic;
Make Your Opprirtunitieij; A
n'zeStory; An Llonest Rum-
seller's Advertisement; Unrea
sonable Devotion, by Unil
Hamilton; Simplicity in Pray-
er; Jiy Liiiue ueniieuiftn, oy u
M. Alcott; Cradle Song, by J.
G. Holland; Rikke-Tik e-Tak;
Good Advice, by Harriet
Beecher Slowe; and Editorial,
including The Pictures in Our
Iomen.Correspomlence, House
keeper, Fashion Letter, Sense
and Nonsense, Home, etc. We
also notice that about four
thousand profeFsional men
and women, farmers, etc., who
want "something: to do," may
be accommodated by address
ng the Editor. For t-pecimen
copy, enclose two stamps and
address Wood's Household
Xlagazine (Times Building.)
New York City, or 81 nnd 8-3
front St., Newburgh, N. Y.
s. - -
"Tun liEi'i'iiuc, a mnnihly
magazine ilevoti'U to tne uis
semination ot Politic il Inform
ation," is the titlo of a new
magazine at $2 a year, publish
ed by "The Rppublic Publis
ing Company,1' Washington, D.
C. It .contains matter of grpat
value to the politician, The fir.-t
number, March, has the Credit
Mobilier Report in full, a fair
resume of the work of (he Forty-second
C ingres?,and a num
ber of other summaries all of
great conveniece and value lor
Ilallownj's Ointment and Pills
Persons leading sedentary
lives will find in Ilolloway
Pills fie best substitute which
science can supply, and in this
ointment a remedy for all ul
cerous diseases. Sold 7S Mai
den Line, N. Y. Price 25
cents per pot. Call for new
style; the old is counterfeited.
King of the Blood.
For scrolulous sores.
Case. I was for several
months unable to walk without
crutches in consequence of
.scrofulous sores upon my an
kle. They were indolent ul
cers of a very bad character.
I was recommended to try
Kinfr of the Blood, and 1 used
several bottles as directed.
am now entirely recovered
Irom my lameness, although
my ankle is badly scarred.
Toledo, Ohio.
See advertisement in anoth
er column.
We will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
$3.50 per year.
Advertising reminds people of
things they had been wanting all
along, but bad forgotten all about
Simond's, Photographer, Chillicothe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful nnd judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circumstances.
Done Neatly and Promptly,
Catarrh, Consumption A. Rheumatism.
Immediate relief and a permanent cure
fruaranteed in every cae. Particulars sent
tree. Addiees Clinton Medical Institute,
v y
If You
Want a situation.
AViiut n servant girl,
Want to st'll a piano,
U'nn t to s'H a caniage,
Want in bur or'lla I'.inn.
Want a luianliiig place.
Want to st'll town property.
Want to 8"U grufi'i-ien or ilnigs,
Want to sell liotist'lioiil in rn im re,
Want to sell ilry gooil.A or carpets,
Want to H ml eii.toniors lor anything.
Ailvortisiiig y 111 gain new customer.
AilvorlUing will keep oltl customers,
Ailvi'rtlsiiijr Hlierally always pays,
Advertising makes siiceess easy,
Atlveriisiiig begets eontltleiiee,
Advertising shows eiergy,
Advertising shows pluek,
Advertising means'biz,'
Adverliso or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Evert merchant, manufacturer
or business man tvho has lecome
prominently rich, has maJ his
fortune by judicious advertising
yo exception lo this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as lo meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in aJ versify, he
could ni'.tke it still letter in pros
perify, he bi'-.wne a persistent ad
vertier, and thus gained his co
hss'tl fortune.
Siimi! mcrehnnh say it is not worth
wlii'ii to ii'lvert;se; for mi person reails
inlvertisetJicnts; jet every iiir-relintit in
t!;U comity will rea I this vonie
luent, nnil if li is wUo ho will profit
hv its sttos iiuii, if he hits onytliing to
i H'cr w-.rtli mlvertisiiig. How much
int re then wi. I thoso rcul them whn
are tint so largely supplied with retttl".
ing matter, nrn nt leisnro in the even
ing, tne must depend on thdr paper for
their local news, tho m .st itrportnnt
item cf which is wliore they ean Cnd
just what they wuit when they Ciime to
town to make their purchases. If youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthies-, or if it if run
down so that you have nothing left thkt
people would w.mt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. I5ut if it is
new. fresh nnd sparkling, up to the
times, and such ns tho people want,
don't hido them, but publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. Jn the
end it will make a man's name a per
innent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tha tilings of men until
it lireoun-s inure valuable than any
eorner lot in his locality.
J p you lose a watch, a d"? or a child,
or if you de.-ire people not to trust
your wile, you rusii to your local pa
per. knovin; that every one will rene
the advertisement lint you will plod
alonjt in Imsincss year after year, with
out calculating how much u ire los
ing ly not advertising it Importer.
If thoifl persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not reu I by the public wish to be
convinced of their error, just lot them
mvc publicity to soino mutter they
would nut cire to divulge to the world,
even in the most o'lscare corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. AJcertiter't
Aovkrtisinq is apt to give ns that
gentle jog of conscience which tolls us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
iMnuuuie to warn tins passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
J o see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages.
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
liectiuse they want to. Because they
c.inmeipit. unto mate Journal.
The power of priut is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one mat is written or spoken.
This is ono of the many reasons which
gives pn importance to advertising. iJut
advertisers, even those of experience,
do nor comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to imluence, to per
suude, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter, r-poken words require the
graces of elocution nnd the force of
eloquence, yet even then fude away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed, l'ut there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense ot permanence
about printed matter which gives it a
marvelous lorce and influence, ltusi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a nerseverinz use of
the printing presses. Learn to adver-.
i tise, and then the "how, when and
where" ol it and von will havn a
t i 1 J
1 knowledge worth having.
Teat year of pub
lie teat has proved Dr.
Crook's Wine of Tar M
bave mora merit Mian
any similar preparation
ever ottered to ilia pub
Ho. H la rich In the
medicinal qualities ol
Tar, and nneqnaled foi
.ii n. , I. n 1 h
and Lungs, performing-
n Aitr u iu sw,i
W cures. It EHECTUAI.I.
:f? cures ait ;onaju anu
,,V Colds. It baa cured so
Ma rnany cases of Asthma
and Broncnitis, uiut it
bus been pronouueed
pecillo tor tlioae com
plaints. For Pains In
the Itreast, Hide 01
Hack, Uravel or Kid-
Of the Urinary Organs, Jaundice, Ol
. i ,..l..i.i.t It. Iiiim no enual
It is also a superior Tonie,
itealores the Appetite,
Strengthen the . .
Beatores Ihe Weak and Debilitated,
Causes the Food lo IHireat,
Bemoves Iyapepsln and Indiirnttlou,
Vrevenls Malarious levers,
dives tone to your hystem.
Thai Pale, Yellow. Sickly-looklnJ Skit
la clmiiKod to oue of freKlmeas uiid fiPAltli
1 nose iiisniwn
PuatulPH, llloti liea anil fcrupt lona ar
removed. Ncroliila.Serofiilotis IUeaael
of Ihe Eyes, White Nwcllliiir, I leera,
Uld Korea or any kind of Humor rapid! j
dwindle and disappear under Its influence
In fact It will do you more good, and cum
you more speedily than any ,nn,ln'1 ,otnel
preparations combined. Vhitultt It ls na
liire'a own restorer I A soluble oxyd of iror
eombined with the medicinal properties o:
Poke Root divested of all disHKrecuble qual
ities It -will cure any Chronic or Lona;
Mnndina Plaeaae whose real or dlreff
cause Is bad blood. Rheumallsm.Palni
In l imbs or Bones.t onatitutlona bro
ken down by Mercurial or other pelsons
are all cured by it. For(yphill,Orlypli.
Illlle taint, there Is nothing equal to It
A trial will prove It. ASK OR DR
suM'ivmr t Risionniia nv ah aios
818 noJlJiiiio puB U03lI1tMtA JO "J03
'TO 'ostipnuj.i as 'w8v 'nao lu sisiSJfiuu
iiji'Io on uuuniij nun 'sinorc
-.uSnt ."ita.npfl.iA Xioand ;o r-wilmoj ojs iouj
osi.u.ixB jnop-ino ooi puu uinia3M put
'i.i.m ltmoj 'uosinoA 'doiu tioiinui 'suoia-MOn si
t.)t!H 'pool jliuiisunoa imioS icn imjasiilJf-siil.M
jiii-.itu) pun ami oi jii v mojj viiu in p.iq
nuua uo uoitm 3t( jo 0Hl'l--,il(-'Jia
ftiT;i mn;p.fH k ;o pjotj TTK) onaspida o.j
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pus Muimi '3iurst ji.hu Vioaoj iunui(wra
pun euoiidiuj jo msuj ti lumiS-ajm m.x) sip
jouDJa p;iu pus )i.nav aij,
unonm-iitiY put
a.itirjsiTV 'ODWepnf) 'imrii.iJi-joiunoo '8au
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joo;,i 'oiuiuav 'tutiH Jonj 10 8(mm 'au(
A3uiij sua a loa bj sai)ia jiha
KxruRiBNCB will teach any man that
it is advantageous to patronize .those
a l.
who advertiss in newspapers-
sl "sT rw
la tho o".lr Known liemnly f-ir I'f ',,t',,H?l
ea.e and h -ir'.l every caw of '' 5
wnich It li .a W' h (Mil, Ii:itu-.:iiof tjicoi
Sf thS I'la'j'r and I.tiimor, of I fee Kidneys,
UlconiiMi of Hi" Kiiluejs rml WaiUkr, !
tion f I'rine. I)is.w.s of the l'ritate Claud,
in'l y'lVieis ,,r Milly ?l
f ".bli'il and DoKra-oCniistltutloiiS of both Setra
siient'id v.!;h t!:e followini? eyniptoir.-: l.er
ot I'oacr. IV," of Memory, flinfcuflr of Erratli
fn.. We- k Nen-e. Wakefitlneas. Tain In tlia
limit KliihliiKf Iholloily.Krui.iionun thcFate,
I'i il.iV n 'n- ire. Las-itude of the System, etc
l-Mil by ens i" tho decline er rHnca of
life: aft. rtoi'f'r.crtKlit or labor littluf.lietl-w.t-Ui;i
in children, etc. .
la mimynfTiiitioiia peculiar to ladle. Ilia Hv
tra. tHa. llu is iiiic.iiuif.-d by any oilier r''""''!
Ae In C'lil'iro.is or hvtentloo, Irrcjriilarily, Pain-fiiIiiewiirH:ippreiiin-.f
Ulccratca cr Achirrus alal.i of the Vtcmj, Leu
rorXa or Wliit. a, Ft tllily, ar.d for .11 com
nla int' Incident to thJ sex. U If pretcribotl
Jiten dvely by tho most eminent Physicians tnJ
Midivlvcffor ciifcehlcd nud dclioiia coUDtitu
tioni of both sexes and all ngef.
rvrei Plnaia AiMi'7 from 1'npruJtneu,
11 bin or-Ui'Htlon,k..n all their itagcs, at
little expense, little or no ctianije In d.ot, no m
conveniem e, and no exposure. It cauaif J a fre
quent ilenlro, and cives atrenh to urfnite.
hereby removing oHMructlona.l'revei, kiB snd
CurliiK Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying; Pa la
nnd lnllummulion, io freqnont in tills class of dlt
nasct, and expelling all poisonoua matter.
f 1.00 per hottlo or lx hottlea for f 5.00,
to anv aiidn-a. secure from bservation. Bold by
drui'ilstf aorywheri!. Prepared ny
'-b KKAftNKY 'V. 104Duana8t.N.T.
to whom all li'ttcm t ' formatlou thould bs
Uo Chargf for Advice and Cemultatlca.
I)r J. 11 I'vol'- Cradnnteof 7rw Mi dl -al
Coll'ii; I'hiladel)hia. author of revere! valuable)
work, can he consulted on all dijeastf of ins
Sexuul or Urinary Oriran. (which bo has mads
an especial siudy), either in mala ur female, no
matter trom what canae orlirinalluit, 1 r of hmy
lonx aUiiditie. A pructico t.f 81) jean enables
him to treut uineascB with fucceiji. Cur.-s guar
auleed. Chnrevs reawinaMe. llioe at a dla
tuuc can f..rwrd letter di-scrlMi tympterr,
aud vnclodi.K -tanip lo prepay ueilaKO.
u 1 .... ..... J....I . iA 1'rifi. 10 cel.. .
J J3 liVOTT. M. D., Physician and Surgeon.
MDuwioBt.,St;vi Yotlu
tm atoev TnoBoron inmmiR oy tbs
blood tit DtacovxasD.
juiUrTlOfi if AUJk vv uiu A DVitur U1.A.
Br Its nae Cancers sirs eared, and
Cancerous tamoil are dispersed without the sur
geon s knife bcroruia conquereo, ana uonaump
tlon prevented and cured.
venereal aiseiBises9 mercnnai ana miner,
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, and vltror-
ona health and a sound constitution established.
Female Weakness and Diseases
Dropsy, general or partial; Swellings, external or
Internal; and Tumors are reduced and dispersed
la a very anort ume.
Erysipelas, Salt Rhenra, flcild Ttcad, asd
Fever Sores are soon removed by thil powerful
detergent medicine.
Scorbntle Diseases. DandrntT. Scaly
orRoogti bkin.and Pimples quickly giva way.
leaving tne sain smooin ana isir.
Chronic Diseases, Fever tnd Apie. Dis
ordered Liver, Dyapepsla. Khennutism, Nervous
Affections, General Debility, in fhort, all ths
numerous dlaeaacs caused by bad blood are con
quered, and give way before tbia moat powerful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Each bottle contains between forty ana
fifty ordinary dosea. costing only one dollar.
PniM nna to four or five botlleavrtll
curs Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Pim
ples on the Face, Biles, ordinary Eruption., etc
" n t... . kA(U. lll
rrOlU SWV . V ci S" vu.w
Scaly Eruptions of the Skin, Ulcers, Soret, and
Canker in the Month and &toraach.Eryslpelas,etc.
From two to tea bottles will restore
healthy action to the Liver and Spleen, will reg
ulate the Bowela and Kidneya.
From two to six bottles will be found
effectual in caring Neuralgia, Sick-Headache, 8k
Vitus' Dance, and Epilepsy.
From fly to twelve bottle will ears
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles will
tare fevers and obstinate cases of Catarrh.
From two to four bottles will cars the
font canes of Pile, snd regulate Costive Bowers.
From two to ten bottle will core
badcaseaof Dropay. ..... .
Price t per bottle, or 0 bottles for $5.
Bold by all Druggiats
D. IMSOM, SOS k CO., Propr'f,
Bee testimonials In local column. B sJTale, .1. I.
"CASIO 18 K5CIIXT," "0MB HOlUffla,"
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$SOO Pages, 250 Engratlnf.
A startling expose of medical humbugeet
the past and present. It ventilates quacks,
traveling doctor, noted female cheats, for
tune tellers and medium, ami aires interest
ing narratives of noted physicians. It reveal
startling aenreta, and is invaluable to all. Wo
give exeluaive territory and liberal rommls
iona. Fercirtulara and terms addresa tho
publishers. J. B. RUHR A HYDE,
Hertford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
1,00 PAGES & 500 CGU WIXGS
Written by SO eminent authors, incleding
John B Gough, and ilnrare Greeley,
This work la a complete hiatory of all
branehe of industry, and i a complete enr
cyclopedia of aria and manufactures. ine
ot ourarenta sold 13a copies in eight days,
another 3i In two weeks. Specimens tent
treeon receipt ol tamp
t. B. BURR A nYDE. Publishers.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
A NEW BOrffLba;
weeks. Agents who would secure territory,
should apply at ones.
J. B. BHRR A HTDE, Publishers,
Hartford, Cnna., orOhiearo. HI.
Dr. Bowrs, Dentist, McAr
thur, O.

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