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Election oo Monday, April 7, 1873.
It Is Possible
That next Muoday may bo a
fine day, and many farmers be
tempted to remain away frtm
.he polls to plow n other
necessary wo:. ye hope they
may no jicidto the tempta
tion, Another constitution
al convention may not be called
iu the next fifty years if this
one does its work with intelli
gence. It is important that
every citizen should record his
Evert tax payer should re
lnember that without the ap
proval of Mr. Claypoole, the
Infirmary contract, by which
the building of the Infirmary
was let to the highest, instead
oj the lowest lidder, could not
have been fastened upon the
people of the county. As
Prosecuting Attorney it was
Lis duty to approve or disap
prove the contract. He took
Bides with the ring and let the
contract for a thousand dollars
snore than the figures of the
lowest bid, and all the bids, no
'doubt, made in the interests of
the same person.
Mr. Claypoole, nor any other
member of the ring, has ever
attempted to deny or refute the
facts which we have been
pressing upon them for the
past two months in regard to
the Infirmary that the people
were swindled by the ring, and
no attempt was made to let the
oontratct in the interests ol
the people. Not one voru
have they to say in defense;
it is too bold and bare-faced to
admit of argument. Tax-payers,
remember that Mr. Clay
poole, as Prosecuting Attor
ney, fastened this ten thousand
'dollar grab upon you and upon
the duplicate, for you to pay,
that the ring might still
further feast on your toil. You
have a chance next Monday to
repay Mr. Claypoole tor his
faithlessness to your interests.
Vote for Wells.
Oeorb Cook, who was Dem
ocratic candidate fdr Cleri last
Fall Las written a letler to the
Enquirer In whio'n he says he
is satisfied that Mr. Claypoole
voted and worked lor his elec
tion. We don't know how Mr.
Claypoole succeeded in satis
fying Mr. Cook, but we do know
that Mr. Claypoole before and
since the Fall election has ta
ken particular pains to impress
upon the minds of George Hol
land's friends that he voted
and worked for Uolbnd. We
don't know how he did vote,
and we doubt whether anybody
else does; but we do know that
he professed to have voted for
Holland, and we know that he
.threw cold water on, George
Cook's chances, and worked in
directly against his. election.
This he had a right to do, but
having done so. be ought to
stand the responsibility like
nun, not go slopping about
with water on both shoulders
.. Cut that would be an im-
-possibility with Claypoole. He
has been trimming his sails for
first one office and then aqpth
' r ao constantly that k has no
positive opinion on any sub
ject. He thinks people are
such eggregious fools that they
can't see throagh ?eh thin
High Price of Horses.
The Circleville Democrat
says: Oar readers will remem
ber that when the epizootic
started on its tour, we predict
ed that after it had, passed
over horses would command
good prices. The prediction is
cow fully verified. Good horses
are up to almost fabulous
prices. From $500 to $600 is
paid in Eastern cities for heavy
dray and truck horses. When
buyers come around on Stock
bale day, in such numbers as
they did on the last Sale day,
' Mk enough for ytux horses.
The Enquirer of this week is
filled with low personal lies
and slanders about Mr. Wells.
The Enquirer of last week had
nothing to say about Mr. Wells
notwithstanding the lies which
it now publishes were then be
ing industriously peddled on
the street by the ring. In ad
dition to this the circulation of
the paper in McArtbur has
been withheld to keep us from
getting hold of it in time to re
fute its falsehoods. Lies which
have to be nursed so tenderly
are altogether too delicate lor
for this climate. We are in re
ceipt ot the paper, however, by
the underground railroad, and
shall proceed to give the facta
in the case which the Enquirer
has distorted.
We believe it is true that
Mr. Harvey Wells lived for a
time over in Jackson county,
and having been there sufli
cjently,long to entitle him to a
vote, he voted at Jackson.
On the first of February, Le
came back to Wil'tcsville, the
place his. iormer residence,
where he wasborr: and raised
and has lived almost continu
ously all his life, and has had
his residence there ever u'nce,
and is to-day as much a citizen
of Vinton couuty a3 is Bowen
or Claypoole. If Claypoole
thought otherwise he woiv'.d
not spend his time and 'nrdtiev
peddling around ce:uacate8 to
accomplish W'U' defeat, but
would take the cheaper and
surer ro'jt'uod of just keeping
quiet u-atil the polU closed on
APHa. . li Mntt 1. L
iuajt, niicu, uu uiaiiei vviiitt.
'.majority Wells might have, if
he' is not, a citizen, Claypoole
would be elected. .
' But what of it? Can't a man
change his residence without
being abused and villi Bed? It
a man once goes out of Vinton
county is he compelled, to stay
out the remainder ot his day6?
Claypoole has lived all over
Southern Ohio. He generally
stays till he plays out and then
moves, Wells moves when he
As to the matter of tax93.
The Enquirer says he does not
pay bis taxes, while owning
considerable property. Mr.
Wells has shown to us his Da
cember tax receipt for 5130, for
one-half tax. The other half
will be due in June and we
have no doubt will be paid.
Mr. Wells has met this lie be
fore in his travels, and goes
armed with his receipts to re
fute it. Now, it , it comes to
this, where is Mr Claypoole's
tax receipt? It will take an
industrious man a long timo to
find his name on the duplicate.
Again,' Mr. Richmond, the
Treasurer of this county, would
take great pleasure, in arrest-'
ing Mr. Wells,, bothering him
in the canvass, and degrading
him belore the people, if he
did not know to a positive cer
tainty that Boweu lies. Mr.
Richmond would never lose the
opportunity of playing 60 hand
some a card for the ring, if he
only had it in his power to do
so. Gentlemen of the ring, if
you must lie, tell ' something
reasonable. Don't try to palm
off such thin stuff on sensible
people. '
' So all Mr. Bowen's insinua
tions fall to the ground, and the
sneers with which he was
pleased to answer the enconl
uras passed upon Mr. Wells by
the neighboring press of Chilli
cothe, Athens and Jackson, re
turn upon their author. We
publish acouple more articles
of the same class from the, Cin
cinnati Gazette and the Ross
Couuty ' Register this week.
How does Mf. Bowen like them?
The factis just as we have seat
ed. Mr. Wells is an honest, out
Spp.k e n. joung m an.pie.U.-,ell
known all over this end of the
State and conducts himself in
such a manner as to. win the
friendship and esteem of re
spectable, fair-minded men, at
home or abroid.
One more thing and we let
the Enquirer go with its burden
of falsehoods, for this week. It
declares that Mr. Wells, since
his nomination, said in sub
stance that he would, yote for
the deyil on the Republican
ticket in preference to Jesus
Christ on the Democratic tick
et. Mr. Wells declares the
statement to be false, and it is
unreasonable to suppose that a
man running for office in as
close a county as this is would
sacrifice his last chance lor
election by any such language.
Mr. Wells, however, says that
shortly after the nomination of
Mr. Greeley, in an argument
at Ilamden with some friends,
he used language which some
of his enemies have endeavored
to torture into a declaration of
that kind.
The Difference.
Ozro J.. Dodds, late Demo
cratic Member of Oongresc
from Cincinnati, and Gen. Jas.
A. Garfield, Republican Mem
ber of the last and present
Congress, voted for the retro
active salary bill. Dodds is a
little two-by-cine politician
without name or fame; Our
Heid has ranked among the
foremost men of the country,
euJeared to his constituents by
long service, gentlemanly cour
tesy, wiuning manners and
persuasive eloquence. Dod's
was met by H constituents
with open - ariiis and new hon
ors, in a nomination for the of
fice o( bolicitor for the city ol
Cincinnati. Garfield was met
with the taunts of his constit
uents for his faithlessness, and
after listening to his explana
tions, the first Republican con
vention of his District assem
bled last week at Warren,
Trumbull county: and unani
mously adopted a resolution
asking the lion. James A. Gar
field to resign his seat in the
House of Representatives, de
claring that by voting for the
retroactive salary bill he hid
forfeited the confidence of his
constituents. The simple facts
speaks in stronger language to
the thoughtful .' citizen than
any. comment we might be able
to add.
Too Thin!
A little caucus of Claypoole's
friends assembled at his office
one night last week and notu
Inated a ticket for the Democ
racy or IMS township to .sup
port Clavpoole, bemg in fa
vor oj buildingrailroads by
taxation, thought' it neces
sary to sugar up the anti rail
road element a little and put
on three candidates for Trus
tees, who are of the opposition.
Should they be elected they
might, in opposition to the da
dared wishes of more than
two-thirds of the people, sur
ceed in involving ' tbe town
ship in a lawsuit, but what Is
that to the ring if tbey can
carry their point, and elect
Claypoole. - The present Trus
tees have shown no dii
position 10 nurry tnings or
take any undue advantage of
the minority before the law
was tested by other parties in
the Courts, and the best thing
the people of the township can
do is to elect the Republican
ticket, two of the ' candidates
being members or "the old
Board. '--
Bring Out Every Voter
If 6ity voter'in Viniou coun
ty is at tbe polls next Monday,
Mr. Wells is elected, and tho
Court House ring, which is now
.welLscoched, i8,deadlr,
Ihb increase of populatiah
In Ureal Bitain jn, tha lasUen
1 years exceeds
.. . . , -u
There are several considera
tions whyJbe people ot Vinton
couaty'sbonid ' elect Mr.; Wells
to represent tnern ia ihe Con
stitutional Convention, and
why they should not elect Mr.
Cliyppoie,' il r, WeJ Jsr,i J s tri c tj
.y, temperate luJtia halite,-and
an honest, consistent, plain
spoken man. If he, says he
will or he won't you may de
pend upon him. Ir. Clay
pcole's character , in x this re
spect is clearly depicted in the
matter concerning , George
Cook's candidacy, of which
mention is made elsewhere. ; ,
Mr. Claypoole is, a constitu
tional officer-seeker, allied and
identified with the Court House
ring, and is not out of one of
fice until he is grasping for an.
other, to the injury, and at the
expense ot the people. lie
now holds the office ot Prose
cutitig Attorney and is alsosleT
gal adviser of the Commission
ers. Our Common Fleas Court
meets in May. The Constitu
tional Convention moets at the
same time. Should Mr. Clay,
poole be elected he will find it
necessary to attend the con
vention at a time when Court
is in session, and he is needed
to attend the duties of his
present office, and in his ab
sence it will be necessary for
the Court to employ an attor
ney to look after the interests
of tbe county or adjourn cases
over to the next term, heaping
up additional costs. In either
case the people will be com
pelled to foot the bill, while
Claypoole draws his 5 per day
at Columbus.
It is scarcely nectssary to
call attention to tho advertise
ment of Rose Grcvo. Nursery
as it i3 so ?:orr1,nent our rend
ors w"iil hardly fail to observe
it, We were well repaid for
our trouble last week in visit-
ing . Kose urove. llie mam
moth greenhouses are full of
the most rare and beautiful
flowers. Always beautiful, this
season surpasses all past. The
nclement winter lias prevent
ed much out-door work and
Mr. McKellar has occupied the
time in propagating new plants
aud the erection of a fcrotto,
cascades, and lountain in his
arge central greenhouse. Per-
soiis visiting Chillicothe, should
hot fail to visit Rose Grove
Nursery. Mr. McKellar will
take great pleasure in showing
you his grounds and all they
contain, and while he will nev
er say.Huy" to you once, his
flowers will, extend such a
pleasant invitation to pur
chase, you will never have the
heart to resist. His stock ,is
very Jarge and prices very lib
eral. .
Tuk death of Bishop Mcll
vainu leaves a vacancy in the
Feabody Southern Educational
Mayor's Proclamation
lscotrouTio ViLisaior McaTHoa,
Vinton County. Ohio.
WHRRRAS, By Ihe Hrstsmtioo olan Ant
passed by lbs General Atsemblj of the
Slate of Ohio, passed March 10, 1804, it is pro
sided. That it shall be unlawlul for any per
son within this sjtaie, to a. II. barter or jtive
ewsy, spirtuous vi. oua or malt liquors,
on ihedsy of any election held within the
State, ueder ihe Constitution or laws thereof.
And it is thereby made the duty of each and
all persooa who are authorised under or by
the laws nr this mate, or the munaipal regu
lation of any cit. town or inoorirftrated vil-1
r Isge of this ctaie to sell or barter any spirit-1
tious, finoue or man lupiors, io cioe their
revpecli so ewtaolish ments on th dee dava. ' 1
An' pe-aonotfendlniaxain8ttha provisions
of Ihll AA shall be Rned ia any sum not lest
than Sve nor more than one hundred dollars,
aad be imprisoned in the County Jsil fore
period or'aot exceeding ten days lor each ol
nsa ao oosnmitted tod t shall be the duty
of all Mayors of cities and incorporated villa
, within this bt('e.oa the dsysof eleo-
tions as aforesiid to tesue a proclamation,
warning the InhsibitajiU of sueh .city or Til
lage of the proviaions of this Act, and that ail
flotations or the same will subject the oflend
er to prompt and speedy punishment and
requiring Marshallsand Police officers ueuer
their rsspecuve Jurisdictions to close all
hoee violating Wie provytions of this set,
SDd to reiort lorthwith all violations thereof
to such Mayer. ,i , ., i
And whereas, there will be an election held
U this etate under the law thereot tyij .
MONDAX, ; APRIL ..; 7, ,1873,
Nosi, therefore. 1. Heerjf. Payne. Mayor'ef
the Incorporated Village ot McArlhnr, Vii.
ton county. Ohio, lo wnrd the'inhabitants of
the Incorporated Village of McArthiir. Vinton
county, againat .siolatiog aoy or all of. the
provisions ofeaid Act, end the Marshal orsaid
Village is hereby directed to close all houses
lorn d violating any of the provisions ot said
Act and to rtpoit forthwith all violations
thereof to tha Msyor ol said Village.
. Giveo nader my hand and official leal.
IL.S.1 tbieSrldayof April, lH73.-'
, . . HENJtY PAYNB, .
Mayor Incorpeieted Village of MoArthur.
. . , '.,'...1. "... ., . . j'::;-rj
the Reeuiger' Sash liocK 'and Biippori'lq
No spring ts break , aeenttin c( , sh ebcip,
durable. fry easily applied; holda saih at
anspWi dJbd,in4 a self fsswaer when
ihesasq ie 4am.. Bend stamp for circular,
Ursula! a4 hi: contHuSbroaed, locks snt to
sny addrtas i ihe U. rt , postpaid, on receipt
01 tu'iw .r-r'sii tfHviscrnjefisj roiiif entile:
AtenU wanted: Address KKI8INI.ER bhi H
LOLK CO., lie. ill Market St., Uarn.bor,Pa
4; : 1
WM.mnrftho Knror4rfflMipMrt ilh
th Irt rit t hj.o rttrlent Vf fl 6rV mid Jhek
puis to be fouqj ijj noy olficfl in lhi jpgUwn
Bills Printed on Shcrt Notice
,1 OF ' -.I ik
Intention' to Build Bridges.
NOTJCE im lifrflSr gifn thft Ifrn-Onmmin
loners of Vioiou couDly, Will (oikiicJ to
t 11 n is if is u 1 im; as,
' 1
at Ihe points anil places of trarol, as" follows,
tj wit; .
Oil OovitiB BaiDoi with itojii AsuraxaTi,
In Rrown town.lilp, Vir.ton county, Oliio,
near the Mill ofliiinitl Wotlmtn, one . , )
Cover'd Bridge with EtoneAbutm'ts
, !... "--t -1 f
irKlirttnn township. Vlntnn count-, Ohio, On
the roud lemlingfrnm Hum. Inn lo W'lleville,
near the residence ol llenrj U. Kotibliir; ono
Open Bridge with Stone Abutments,
in 'Knot tpirnshlp, Vintnii copmy, Ohio, acar
the lesidrinee of bainuel Ueukley. The
Plans and SpccliTcatlons
of said Brldfrps nre on file in the Aii'lUor' of
tU'6 ofSHlrl county, and aroopen for inspection
by all parties concerned or interested in the
examination of the same and Ihe oonalruu
tion of said Bridges. ,
Petitions for and Kcnionstrnnce Asalnst
tho proponed cnntruction of wild Bnilffes as
named tnd located, will bo paused upon on.
Tuesday, the 20th day of April, 1873,
at 3 o'clock P. M. of unid day.
jiy oiuer oi wie lyoiiKniismncrs
il'''..or, Viiiloo County.
' w '
April .1,1871.
NOTICB is hereby iven Ihstsanled propo
sals mil be received at tho
Vinton County, Ohio,
8 O'CLOCK P. 2vl.,
-0Ii-. .
Tuesdaj.the 29th Day of April, 1873
for the tinkling of '
Two Covered Bridges,
... .. ANU ...
One Open Bridge,
t the places hareia .descri liedue follows
to ml: one
Com ) BniDci IfiTf Stox iths!it8,
. Acrote , . -
In Brown township, Vinton county, Ohio,
near the mill of lianiel Wortmun, also one
-;-.- i-. - -
Cmttd JSridga with.Mont Abutments
in Clinton township, Vinton county. Ohio,
on the road leading from llninden to Wilkes,
villn near the residence of Henry C. Robbina,
ami also one
In Knox township, Vinton county, Oliio, near
the residence of .Samuel Hecklcy.
Contractors to furnish all the 9Iatt'rialaJ
Plans and Speclflcallous.
are on Die for Inspection at Ire Auditor's Of
Hce. All b d lers lr contract or contracts are
required to ale with his bid or tuns, s bond
double the amour t of such hid or bids, wi'h
good and responsible surety or sureties,
the acceptance of ihn Commissioner for the
fsillilul aotpiflioo of such work. i
The Cutniimsinnere. however, reserve the
nam 10 reject any an J all Olds.
order ot the Commisioners.
Auditor of Vinton Ccunty.
April 3, 1873. iw
Clioice Flower and
North Side Main St, two Doors
West of Market,
J I li.l'J i li $Ji I .1 i
Seeds Warranted to be
the best Variety and
i - "V
n inrniiiT nnriTin
lqm m uuw
Tha TJiojrd'bred Horse
Will ataniffliVensuinjr season, commencinft
April 1, and endinir July 1, ' The
Owner'. Xtuble lu In Jackson Township,
wl Vleiaity. -
Logni)Ii'()UiltlpplVy. hands
hiKh, weight I.4IKJ pouiHin. 8 yours old. He is
lwi"Wed of great urenBthnart powers prelt
JuriuKe, having proved to b Ilia -bos.1 draft
stock here.
.c .ia1: z
LoRan's lira was Wildaat, imponed from
EnuUud, his dnm wai Bonnia bcotlnod, im -poitrd
from r-cotlsnd. Both dnm and sire
were imnnrlnd by J. .Conner sod brpnght to
Tennessee, from which Stale ' Logan ' was
orouyht to Viulun coiiuly, lastsuiniiier.
18 to insure. Trading or parting with mare
forfeits iiilirsuee. ' ")
-- It. Cl'WTISLETfTOwnef.
3apr3t - '
i .s 2 if i .- ;i l
ros County, O., J.
rch I, A. D. IMS. )
. .. , March
Tit thg OMilUnl Voter ff Viulon Cmtuu. (ikia ;
WIlKKK'.n.hy the laws of Ohio remilating
Klections il is required ol the fcheritt of his
County to nive uolice helora the tim. of hold
l"K a tonarnl Elecllon by I'roolarnstinn
throughout tha county of llie time on which
vucli Election shul I be hnlilen.
I-iHisounnv of such requisition, I,
(iK'iRiiK KAI.KIlhnntt of' Vinton .County,
Ohio, iio heiotiy pioclaim aud innUe known
that the
First Monday of April 1873,
(Being the 7th Day of laid Month,)
is hy the laws of Ohio appointed tha day on
which tha qualified electorn of Vinton County
are notified to ment in their respective Town
ships, ai their usual or proper places of hold
mi; April elections, between the hours of 6
o'clock In the forenoon and o'clock in Ihe
afternoon ol sa d dav, and then iui there pro
ceed to vote by ballot for the following officer,
to wit I
' ' !
One Delegate to the Constitutional
for ViMon County, Ohio.
Cirm uaJrr my mii.t, at mil Ic, ia Me Arthur,
tint 1st iluy qf Jlank, A. . lT;l.
Shcrlfl'of Viutou County, Ohio.
atiTiioa iND rviLisim,
BUI Broadway, New York,
IStliebcst system of modern sliort banii
wriiinit. Hy its aid reporiera are a laliled
in write verbitun the speejlies of the most
rupid talkers, with tlm grestest ense. It is a
hrnncii of study it ust-.il v lesrited ns any nf
the common hraiichb, such as rending, writ
ing, aril. iniclio oi grammar, and nmy beac
uuued l.v any child Hint can read common
print readily, lis characters tie as llxwl
nnu certnin in their meanings, as legible, us
philosnphicnl, ss liesuliliil as those now in
coiuiiinii ii"e, are more systematic, snd more
readily U-nriic-ft.
The grent utility of I'linnngraphy is fully
conceded hy tenchers. stiiiients, business and
prolcsxintml men. Thedemnnd for Ph-moir-rnphers
is greater than the supply, and con
stiuiilv mcreitsing. II is a sure snd easy
stepping stone for a young man or woinnn to
iminediiile, permanent an I repecttthie em
ploymenr, nt salaries uf tram SI ,lt"0 to t3.unO
per'vesr, as reporters for newspapers, civil
mid military eourts, Legislatums, Conven
tions, etc , or as clerks in the offices of rail
roads, li'lcgrnphs. lawyers, physicians, mer
chant and manufacturing konsea, and in all
the iepastmnrn of tin K uiuoal lioteramcni
and as Hpcretnnes and nuicn nines. Thtre is
no field of Inhor so certainly remunerative,
and nniinpfiil art so ea.ily acquired.
To the lawyer in noting down testimony
and leferences, and in preparing first dm It of
brief mid oirer lernl pauers ttt invnlunble.
To tlieclergvmsn, in preparing Ins sermons,
to the pnhlio spenker in prepntiug a (lis
course, to any peron hnvingstudie or cler
ical ilntica it will save -u per cent, nf time.
PtHKNTS, why not iisve your children
learn Phonography a useful and beautiful
art, a refining amusement, a tiniqa acenm
plishnent. ' In any vocailnn ol I fe it will re
ply many tlirtcs its cost in money time and
the u.iivn-nooK ofntaxdard
I . i
ery style of the art commencing with the
an dysis of words, and prisiecding to the mort
rapid reporting slyte- in such a form and
manner, with i nch h:llnes uf explnnntinn,
and completeness of illustration, and with
such oil er feslures nt to fully adapt the worK
to the us of Kennel and to 'sell -instruction.
Price, ti; hy mail ti K. . . ,
Mr. Ginhim is the author of1 lhnnoraoh.
ie Inct'onarv, Renders, snd other work, also
publisher ot a newspaper called "The tti
ilcnt'j .lournsl.'' devoleu to the advancement
ol Phonography. Heml for a specimen num.
her iriininining a full description of the var
ious works o.i Phonography which are pub
lished hy him.
feb .! Broadway, New York.
The Spring Term comnieoce A,yril 1st;
Slimmer I enn, June Huh.
We desire to nuiiounca tliat unprecedented
adining can be euioyed at this in-'Hution
onnng the next two terms hy teachers and
hose desirmg to preiisrs lor teaching nrbua-ine-s.
toadies and genll men will hnd this in
stitution more pruHiahle ihm ahy other in the
Htiie, bn-aic-e of t 1 lis cheapness ol tuition
and Ismrdiiig. 1. Its great range ol studies
and drills. 3. Its live, pracilcnl and titor.
ou.h trachers. 4. Its snving of time. 6. Ha
earnest! enthusia.tio spirit of work. C. I
freedom from the tea and temptations
isrge towns snu rines. 7. It neaitniul to
cation. 8. Its freedom from political
eeo-Urisn restraints.
are responsible for the statements
trwste rre or ia eur catalogue and circular.
Heed at eoee Tor deeiTlpiWe catalogue
personal iniormslion. Ail will be cheerfully
furnished by
J. FH AISE RIC1IAUD, Principal.
yowinrr Machine "
Agents wanted Send for circular Address
Forest andEverrroeu Trees and Seeds
15 Mlllioai Evergreen Trot ISMUIlone
European Lurch, etc., etc All giown iroin
spans in nurnwu mirseiiea. Also, Frail and
Forest Tree Heed, ttstaiogne tree.
ti,Olk,Ui' liuUil.AiiA bOKS.
Main Street, 0ppoeite Cfl.rt House
McArthur, Ohio,
JAMES ,W0EKMA5, tror;ietor
. s. ;:-lVJti.-t
IHsTE taken posslotfof the above hotel,
renevnted and pnrtly',rernrnihed it, and
will be ((lad Id sen e Ihe old customers of
noue, and especially my old friends of
Hocking Valli-y who may h visiting Ibis
point ThstsMe wul be liirm'shed wiirj
oestthe msiHet affords, end rare tsVcta'
msk guests jomUiruble.. Good stkhhr g at
twfied to th Tiou tr ChaVil, TeasonwhS."
Uotar 1179
window ' 'shades!
YEO &.CO., :
Union Slock. Seooud gti; CMlliootho.
INVITE th ttentiqn of housetteepers of
this place and Tivinitj to their stock of Wall
epv..iif .hi u .
A-tL-N EV'S T Y1E 3
Spring , Trade of 1873
A large asertment just received. Call and
, I eisininejmS.ti ;4u arjf jn ChilJJq,h.) t.
Linen and Paper Window Shades. Xus
tit shade, at cost; gooa Assort
ment of Miscellaneous pn
Articles, fc.
TaE fojra ob which I n,ot reside jn Jacks
J sob town.'1'iPt PiK.Oo.i 0 nesrfirtsroni
vllle, and coaliiiimitt nearly fii hundred seres
Also i iv fnrm in lnlisrtT lownshiD. Hoss Co.,
(i., and conuiiniujj abauf. seree. .. wiifseli
either or
For lurtber ihformatiou call on or write to
me directed to Oinexa, Pike Co , O, Toe
Arst farm is in one of the most desirable ltu
atiooain the. towiittilB,r'''tie" fari la .Liber-
tyllownshif'ia vrrV cdnVetliiht to the depot
at I.oniloudef rj
I tr f 1 !,?I7.'
THIS highly popnlar artiefc is anee,oalled
bany other applicaiion (or the euro ol.
Ayu$ is 'rts fireost, Caking qf tU Mill, or Tumor
from other awssv fmk WtmwU or Unti.sh.
ftrtr Barm, or otssr old Bora or Ilcsrtj
Csapptd ffusili, SA'is Dtuau; Spniuh
liiug Worm, Sail Klmm Teller,
Altcouth Poilt, Burnt, $cM, m"' ,
, I. , . FtloM, ' ti )
Drtuing of DIUtert, Coral, Chilblain, Ctrbundtf,
J i b'Ml't' - t
It will hifoind very efflnacfbtia th tha Sure
cf Neuralgia, Sore Eyes," Face Ache, end all
inSammatory Swellings.
Pre50cenispefriox. ' . .
H.C. CADY, Sole Pfpprletoiv
S7fehin7.tlm .: ' - .
8ore'Llps, Dryness of the tSUnvetCi, etc.
Cured al once by ilegeinan'e Csinphof In
with fiiyueriue. It keeps the hands soft in all
weathei. Hee that you get Hegeman'e. Bold
by all liitigisis. Only 2A cents. Mnnufac
lured only by liegeman A Co , Chemists and'
druggists, ietr York. . , .,
- ' ;' ' ' 11 . 1
rf fKBtiililialicd 18.10
itisiiuuii'liliei - Ul o
'i RtiPKHIOK TI) A LI. O'lHKBB-- -
QasTHnoa lists and ctr-nhrs free.
wrfna Str nt?TTTTTTTQ
) Boatoiif aiosa. and Detroit, .tllrh.
rplIG fiuide Is now published quarterly.
1 cenis pays for the yenr, lojr Diiiiibers,
which is not hnlf the cost. '!' io.e who iilicr. .
wnrds send money to ihe amount of one dol
l ir or more lor seeds mnv also nr.lcr twenty
five cents aorili extra-ihe niice p:si.J lor the
tiulde. '
'lbs Jiiliiiary number Is t.enulitiil. ginni
ilana fhr emkina Hiiral Homes, Design for
dnniK Tithl liecointtiiiis, Window Gardens,
Ao., an I ennwlnlng a m nf inforpisiion in-
viiliutlile lo ih l.iversof llowers. tine hun
dred and tll'ty pug', on flu tinted pupni,
some 11 e hundred engravings and 11 superb '
colored plate r.nd chrnnio cover. I he Br't
edition of two hundred thousand 1 11st piinted
in bngliah and 1 .pi man, and ready to send cut.
j.t.u f.t v 11. l, itncnostcr, iv. 1.
E, & K, T, AUTHONY & CO,
Xo. 691 Broatlwny, ?icw York,'
Importers, Msniinctiirers A J'.hberj of "
Allium?. Photographs and Phots-
graphic Materials.
The Meiho.li-I of New York Is giving iiwny
tueucli si l.-cribi-r who pays SJ.CU lot a yrnr'
suVcrippon, , .
putilished or to be proc.irod elsewhere at any
pr,ce, colitniniiig 111 one group. Ilia laces id
Wesley and ot lihops Cose, A-httrr, What-
coat, ticoige, Koherts, McKendree, Heddiniv
Wsttgh, tl ui) line . linker, Tlionisoii t'luik an I
Kiniisley, io additio-i to thne ul lh. living
bishojia Thti picture 1. therefore ol
The Melliodint, although hearing a denoin.
inaiinnal iiutite, 0tit.itu . inuuti to intViestlill
whow.itil - ' ' aa- t X.
It has a strong ed'tprjal eorp'i and mans
able contributors '1 go. lei Jure mom islks
of Heeclierei)llheef(nontTalmage, Bish
op Himpson end others arts' refulaily pub
lished. The internat'onal gilnthiy Fchool
lesson is of value lu all, leschrs', while tho
Children's Deirartment 13 uusiiruagsed for Ta
nety and Interest.
Hubscriptions may beskt ilisect or mud hv
'the nearest jtelhodli ptu.-her. kpeoimen.
copies ire. r fc , :.
. O. HALeiTKD, Pebllsket,
. . . ' 114 Naaeaa Ktrcett New I01W
t.X Sse
Mary A. Defljh, , rUlutiff,. n, John 8ala'k
Defendant '. '! .
In Vinton Cennty, Ohio, Coart' of Commoa
' Plesa. Clrll. action AtUclllil.ot, '
John W. SAIN.Dsftodsnt In abfjv. action, of
TippetHOue Oonnty, Htats of lodisaa,- wAt
lass auiios, l
atsva a. lion.
, list Hsry A. Dtfluli Plaintiff I.
u,f tbe County of Viotun, Stale ot
Vhlo, dill, on
lbs Hill day.of rebrearv, A. D.
ota.Mli IIV fsillivn in IBS LOOrt Ot Lumnon
I of Cui
leas witnin ami lor said Vinton enunly.agsnst
IhsssidJobn W.fiain defendant. ssttiug fortb
that the n il . delsndsut from "lie summer -of
186-1 to the notith June 1806. paid hie address,
es to, sud waited opi.n Ihe piaiulilf, that on lh
5th day of Vsbruary, A. II. IMA, lh eejd plaintiff
anddefcndant entersd-hrto a aiarrlsaW amtrsct.
That said contract was to be consan mated on tbe
All dsy ofJoly, lM. toss ib said pb Intif a
tnd is still ainarrled. That eslddeledLl did
ot at said tuns, sgrsed on. por st any ether
tin aiwry said ulaibllfr, aaa that In th laoulh
.4 June 1W sail deleudant absconded from-tbe
stent uiuo.ann has not resided In llie Slate ef
nhin siucs, audj praying lor a Jndgaieul for
f.t.1 00, her dasisges suatal d Thnt on the said.
27lhdayofKebrnsry. 187:1. add pupmlffnlsdan
alfl.Uvil lu said Court ol Common Pleas iu saLI
aciion. for, and cause an aider of attachment (0
issue Ihereon in ssid ai tiou aud tlutt by virtue
of ssid ooJrr f attachment the l&berdT of said
Viniou County a.'tach d tha followlug rvtl vstat
sllusled la said Vlnron County; Ohio.sa lbs prop.
ertr of as d nVunluii J, l w blm In wlL
otuorvdi vldeJ tsatb part ol lha north west qitar-
si ui Kcnoa eoniiwr tbiee la icwaslitp susissr
twelve of range 1 ambsr seventeen ronUlnlng ITU
acres (except uf anaor on south side or .aid
nortk-srest quarter barttuni sold by fblllpSRln
Also, one undivided fenrh part of "The
noriheaat quarter of section Four, in town
ship Twelve, of range Seventeen, ooauinmfc
173 acres; aid, also, in-tol number 29 and
in Ihe town of New Mount Pleasant, aa re
oorflM In the plat otsftid town. -Andthreaid
John W Sain ia potihed that he is required
to appear and tnt said ixtition, 04 prt
fur tha third Saturday after the eih day of
MeyliTS. . UARY A. I'EKKiH
By BasTToe A Housrog, AUy s lor Platff.
, .March Ul3... , ,(.,
AeretilMBseat isertsd at fair Price."

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