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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 03, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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fe anrfafUr Sunday, November Stl, ISTt
trains will run lollowe: The at. lotne
ftanreae run. daily; all othar train dailySua
ait aisented.
the Fast Linel and Bxpr will stop only
i i i C. M -1 .1 r-l.,ll,nfha Mm,ian
1 UUTMM'li WIWUUWIi .- --., -
AHisuaa-id Scoll'. Landing. FastiUn going
ill will iIod M Blaochanter, also. Ulnar
trams atop M all .Uuoes.
tationli Mail. Fast U
CiaAruoail.M.' tm W Oera
Bhlllieoth U tam 1 11 pm
yVotilaad Kur 12 Srtptn
h.,n l.o ..li lfiu SSIpm
HoAnTui'a.-.... 1 ufun :itpm
Vinton ...... 1 Uim 3 opm
E.lwki 1 2Jra I 48pm
Hop Furnace... 1 Minn 3 oSpsri
1 m
1 30am
1 4m
f 3m
S oiatp
3 Mrim
3 IThAi
Puraerburg...... 4 Mpm 'pm
t team
PUtiont. Mul.
Peikrr-il'jrg .......9 oOm
Bi-'aruc..... Mum
1 SSpra
fi'H',OQ....m. 1 ipm
lflTrt 1 ilpm
' Hamden ......... 1 rtfpm
ftichtacd Fur... t 19pm
Fast L.
( islam
11 acum
11 Ssem
II 6am
11 S2nm
12 own
12 13pm
1 wipm
12 Mpm
I xopro
I S.lpm
I supm
3 47pm
t Mpm
4 Uspm
4 Mpm
t ovpm
Chilli coth...,
... 3 ISpm
.3 loom
The taleskl Accommodation going east
I ...... iHiiiu.iha at a mi a. m.. Rar.Tille I 0
Richland Furuaca, t 1. Hatnden arrive I 4
depart S . McArthur, M. Vinton to an,
K-letki 10 M. Ooing Zuleaal 4 onp.m.,
9intoo 4 SO, MAith-ir6 "0. iiamdeu, arrive
SO- depart a ou, riiciiinnu ruiuwi
Kayaville, t 60, Chlllicothe. so.
fram. on th FOR i'oMOUTH BRANCH
Mil u... n.m.i.n i a l& a.m. and 4 uup.in
.i.. .i D...,.n,nnih at 11 lua m. and T OOP.
m. Returoiogtraio ill leave Portsmouth al
I 4-1 a.m. and 12 p.m., arriving ai n
Trama connect a; I.oveland for all polnta on
ha Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indiana--alia
and Cincinnati Railroad Jnncti n for all
polnta Waal; al Alliens with lhi Columbue
a H. V. K. H., at rarKer-ourg, wun me .
O. K. K. w.w. rttnuvif
Master of T rani-porta lion,
wnf.fv - V.... I. rm Willfe.vill ta
XUamdenand return every Monday, VYadnea.
dr and Friday, for ihe awommodation of
paaaengera, itiHKinn ciiwcuimmiiuu ......
mail train, on the M. A 0. K. R. 1 will alan
earry expremi pBokagea ehipped to or from
Ino.e point, vj tne Auania ajinj
UT loAAV n. iaiA.bK.
WILL run r)iuirly to McArthur StAtion
to meet all mall train,
dank leavee McArthur poat offlca aiu.oo
o'clock, M. each day, to connect with mail
"tlrdera left at the po.t offloe, McArthur, ar
I;dr"" P"mP''cHA'Ri:E8W.BABNElT.
Hamden, Wilkenville and Middleport
Hamden, Wilkenville and Middleport HACK LINE.
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above point 1 will be able t
luroi.h conveyance for paanenner" and iheii
baggage to and from -aid point" on the follow
ing dava: From Wilkenville to Hamden and
back on Mondaya, Wednesday, and Fridyi
and from Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meig
The motive ot the youth
Seviu, who recently tried to
kill hia lather, in the Depart
ment of Seine, Frame, was to
make himself the "only son ol
a widow," and thus avoid con
A writer in a Pennsylvania
paper said there was a'ugrea!
deal of cant about the liquor
question." To which another
writer replies: "So there is.
The poor inebriate cant work;
he can't pay his taxes; he can't
support his iamily; he can't be
a respectable citizen; he can't
live comfortably; he can't die
George Driver, who murder
ed his wife by shooting her
with a pistol, on the 30th of
November last, was hung at
Chicago on Friday of last
week. When asked upon the
scaffold if lie had anything to
say, he addressed the crowd,
stating'that whisky had brought
him where he was, and advised
all to shun it as a poison that
injured the body and mind.
Holloway's Ointment and Pills
To those tormented with
piles, or with scrofulous swell
ings of the glands, scabious
erraptions, or any disease of
the outward membranes, this
preparation gives immediate
and permanent relief. Sold 78
.Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price 25
cents per pot. Call for new
tyle; the old is counterfeited.
King of the Blood.
For scrofulous eruptions.
Catt-he3 I commenced
using W.ng of the Blood, I was
troubled with Scrofulous Erup
tion on the back of ny neck,
extending to the back of my
ears. It bad existed for tever
al months, also the inside of
my ears, both had been sore
for more than a year, and had
resisted all attempts at healing
(and they were many.) I had
used your medicine but a few
mouths before my neck and
ears were eutirely well, nd
have not troubled me , since,
aud it has been several mouths
MRS. C. H. WHITE Alden, Erie Co., N. Y.
See adveitisement in anoth
er column.
Wb will furnish the KAord and (lie
CinoiuDati Gtuettg w suiauhbert at
13.50 per year.
In' Zaleski.
rpn K Zaleaki Cotppaay, with a view to lb
X development oi in local iBiereaaeoi 4uea
ki. to eei-ur ita permanent pio.ptmy, aad to
ad-l to it population ana weaun, are bow
oitenng to actual eettlei a, town lota aod&trm
land mi low price, and oa liberal terma.
Tenon deeiting to examine lb proparty
and to buy cheap bonaea will applv at aba
lootpany a omcea 10
K. THOMPOON, Manager.
Ealeakl, Ohio, May 1. 1171. tf
lha new postal law wa ar uiplin tha doO'
pi with our tin nickel while metal ware, of
in pie eiectro-aiiver piate, pool paia to any
part of th country direct Irom our Dianufac
Nolwithatanding a larga advance in nickel
ire atill oiler Ihe goods, both plain and fancy
pattern, alformer factory rate, and will mail
nv quantity at the. pncaa, aa receipt of the
Butter knlfa, ,lokle fork, aogar ipooa and
napkin ring, each f 1 00
Ta apoon and mil plcka, hall doa. 1 t
Deaaert knives.lorka and poon.,half dot. 4 H
Table ' " " " " I 00
Renlatingnf olJ war la lha beat manner, at
ne naif or there pncea.
We will mail to any enMre.a iiholntrapha
an1 price li.t nf ;nnr FIK SILVER
the manufacture ol which la a ipeclalty with
It I our orlviler to refer to lha editor ol
III Cincinnati religioua weeanea.
In what paper uid you tee oar dvtrtite-
M Fountain tquare, Cincinaati, Ohio.
Jloct872 (t
Tfll. J. R4,LLL9 & 0.,
One door tout of Dan. Will t Bro'$.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Per.ona within to nurchaae land farm or
town lota in Vinton c adioining counliet will
Bud tracla to aim them by calliog.
Persons winning to tell Innna larma or town
lot will have a good chance of doing to by
Itaving description, etc. in our handa.
win. j. HAinnciiL.?; tu.t
octtS Main Street, McArthur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's Volden
The never fail, and mav be depended upon
In every case where the monthly 8o has
been obstructed llirniigh cold or diaeaae.
liUPJNCU s tiOLU.'SN 1'ILl.s aiwayagive im
raeriime relie. A ladv writes: "Liuponco'a
Golden Pills relieved me in one day Ilk mag
in." The genuine are now put up in large
wnite boxes containing double the quantity ol
pills, aid upon each box you will And my
"Private U.;8. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
slump see the worda 1UP0NC0'8 GOLDEN
riLLt, in wnite tetter, witnoui mat ouu.
are genuine.
iteniemner me genuine la in tne wnne oozes
Full and explicit dirtclinna accompany each
box. Price ll.iNl per box, six ooxet .
Sold by one druggist in every town, village,
cuv and niimiet tnrougnou-. ine woru.
Sold it McArli.ur, O.,
By G. W. SISSON. Druggitt.
Sole Aijtnt for Vinton County.
by vending him 11.00 threngh the McArthur
.. Post OhVe. can hare the pills sent conn
dentiull y. by mail, to any part of the country
liee or pottage.
ci. u. nunt, rrnpneior, ciew lorn.
The New York
A Journal for all True Bepublicans
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats,
The New York F.vening Post, edited by
William "nllen Bryant and Porka Uodwin,
assieied by Ihe etrnnj;est talent that can be
engftgea, nst tor more man nail a century
maintained the tame principle ol freedom
and progress, through all changes of parties
ana pottae-i.
It atauaa for equal rmhls; for the distribu
tlon of pnwer; for honesty and economy; lor
the aeurity ol the glorious results of emanci
pation and enfranchisement won by I lie war:
and ail practicable telorms.
It is opprAedto injustice and spoliation, die
guiaed under the name of protection, and to
all corrupt party combinations whicb tacrine
irij-iieio mere success.
1 1 win euppoit uriint ana usn, oecaiise
it believe, ihst uurierlhem the government
will be more stable, and the chnntes for pro.
dress and reform more certain, than under any
alliance of incompatible elements.
1 lie Kvening Poet la equal to any other ar
a newspaper,and it complete in iie political,
iu literarv, its scientific, lis agnculmral and
its commercial department
Singie copy one yenr.tl to, five copies, one
year, 7.uu; ten copies, cue year,T4.ao; twen
ty copies, one yertr, f 2D.no.
Sing'e copy, one year. S3 00-. live cornea.
one year, f iz.ou; ten copies, one year, ffli.oo,
Those subscribing now for one r will re
ceiye the paper until .lnnuary I, .
Or we will send the following p dicalafo
rubscribera, in connection wuh Kvtninj
roat. a. iu. price namen :
Wilh With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Post. Kveuing PoM
Harper's Wecenly $4 50 $6 00
Harper's Bazar 4 SO 6 00
Harper s Alag-izme.... 4 60 6 00
Every Saturday 6 00 '8 60
Atlantic Monthlv 4 00 5 60
Our Yotinjr Folk:i 8 00 4 60
Scribner's Monthly .. 4 60 8 00
Old and New 4 60 6 00
The Galaxr 4 no is Ml
fThrenological Journal 3 60 6 00
ine Agriculturist .. . a 60 4 00
Hearth and Home ... 3 79 6 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 60
Appleton'o Journal . 4 60 6 00
Wood' Household Magatine 2 00 3 60
Home journal 3 50 6 00
ine inristian intein.
gencer, with Chromo 3 75 5. 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Poet and
Christian Intelligencer will be tent tbe beau-
mm inromo, t ne i, leaner.
ForSS centt we will aenJ the Weeklv
iDh' Host for two months, or lor 60 ceate we
will tend the bemi-weekly Evening Pott for
ine fame sun, oicimen numoers sent tree
Address, WM. C. BEYANT 4 CO
loet Mew York.
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Galipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
AM, parties having subscribed to the cap.
it.il stock ol the t.. McA. C. R. R. are
hrehy requi ed to make pavment to thener-
ruaryoflhe Company, al his office Oil the
Public r-i-tiare, in t-mii.nlis, Ohio, ol if irrnri'
convenient, to I'aniel Will. President of Ihe
Vinton County Bank, at McArthur, Ohio, of
an installment ot nve dollars on each share
to subscribed, within ten days of this dale. '
dugu-t IV, l.
G.McA.aC. B. R.Co.
dee 171.
How to Obtain It!
Parti!iitiir an,l "anipies arnt on receipt of
stamp, ne taynai amvtmmry. aunreaaai
LUTTON 7U4 Broadway, Kw Tork;
To Boom over Jones'Billiard I aloon,
Where L will be pleated to tee hit old cus
tomer, and at many new one at wish to
cuiua. 4. w.til lUa
Bead Sr. Hollend'i Sew Story.
utaiotBiaiBT uauciatar to ttiiKatiiaa;
400 rage for $11 eVe.
The publisher of Scaitatt't Moithlv,
promt. for th ensuing year a mora brilliant
array of contributors, and an increase in the
varielv and beamy of it illustrations, already
conceded by Ihe critics to be "Uur Hum r
vkA Aom hitherto appeared. Ib aoy American
lir. Holland, Ihe editor, will write the aerial
story of the year, which will be autobiograph
ical In form, and will be illustrated by Mia
Hallock. It i entitled Arthur Bonnicattle.end
will deal with some of Ihe most difficult prob
fern of American life. It will b commenced
in the November number.;
There will be a new .'orv bv Sax Holm.
Th one legged Dancera,
Bret Mane, th beat writer or short atone
now living, will contribute a characteristic,
story, entitled The Epic of r'lddlelowo.which
win oe itiusirateu pynneppard.
R. H. Stoddard will wn.e a series el enters
taining papere about authors, their person. I
characteil.tica, home lire, ramilies, friends,
wbira and waya. A series of portraits of li v
ing Americsn writers Isslso promised.
Clarence Cook will writs anont fumlinra.
and the decoration of American home.
Thea paper will be eminently practical a
well aa aruslto, and will b lllualrated wilh
detlsnt snd sketches by numerous artists in
additiun lo those whioli ihe people will fur
Among those who will contribute are t
Hans Andersen, Bryant. Bu.hnell. Ecalea-
tan, Froude, Hignioson, Bishop Hunfnglon,
Hret Harte, John Hay, H. H., Macdonald,
Mitch.ll, M aa Phe'us. Stedman. Nlockion.
Btodaard.Celia Thaller, Waruer, Wilkinson,
tars, h nuney, oesiues a nol or otners.
The .dilonal conttol and direction of th
Magatine will remain in the handa of I'r.
Holltnd. who will continue to writs i-Tha
Topic, of th Time,'' which the N. Y. Ind
peudent taia "are more widelv o noted than
any similsr paper In any American maga
tine." Waleon Gilder'will write "The Old C.hl.
neti" aa hitherto. Prof. John O. Proper eon
ducts th department of N.ttira surf Hci.
ence." Tha departments of "ilome ami bo.
ciety"and "Culture and Progress," will en
gage Hie contributions ol more than a score
of pen on both aide of th Ailantio The
watchman and Keflector saya: "scribner's
Monthly fur September is better than uannl.
which indicates a needleaa waste of editonvl
brains and publi.i.ei's mnnev, for Ihe Mag
atine w,.f gool enough before!" And yet the
publishers promise lo make it .till baiter for
Ihe coming year.
The aubscription price t ft 00 a year, with
specisl rates lo Clergymen, teachers and po.t
master. Th following
are offered to new subscribers i
For 1 4 60 the publisher will tend, or anv
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, th
insgnsMiB ir on year, anil ine iweiv num.
beraof Vols. Ill and IVi contsinino tha be.
ginning of Mrs. Oliphant' Herlal, "At Hi
Hales;" for 17 AO, th Magatine for one ye.ir.
aud the 21 hack numbers Irom ihe heninnin:
Tor IIP 60, the Magssme lor one year, and the
kick numoers bound (4 vols.,) charges on
bound vols. a d. This will gi e nearly 8,iJ0
pages of the choicest reading, wilh the finest
illustrations, lor lit) 60, or nearly 6io pagea
for a dollarl and will enable every subscriber
to obtain Ihe tenet from th first.
Mpecitl terms to Dealers, Clergymen and
Teachi rt.
8CI1BNBR k CO., 6H Broadway. N. T.
"Unane.tlonably the beat analalnea worka
el the kiud la the World."
Harper's Magazine.
A'ouVei of Iht Prtu.
Th ever-increasing ciroiil ilinn of Ihla ex
cellent ninnthl) prove it continued adapta
tion to popular desire and needa. Indeed
when w llnnk into how many homes it pene
trates every month, we must consider it aa
one of th educators as well a entritainera ol
the public mind, for its vast popu arnv lias
been won by no appeal to stupid ptudlce
or depiaved tastes. BoK.s OloU.
The character which this U'igviitu possess
es for variety, enterprise, weslth, and literary
culture thsl has kept pace with, If It has not
led the times, ehnuld cause pa conductor to
regard it with justifiable complacency. I also
enlillea them to a great cliiiin upon the pub
lie gratitude. The Uasaiia has done good
end not evil all Ihe dH)tof its lile. Brooklyn
A complete aetof rUifta'i MtOiiiNt, now
cotniinung 15 volumes, in neat cloth bind'ng,
will be aeat bv express freight at expense ol
I'lirchr.s. r, for f i its per volume. 5i. vol
uw, by niail.jxwDaid, f l 00. Cloth cases, for
binding, Mcems, by mail, postpaid.
"A -Complete Pictorial TTIstnrv mt the
Tioiee."-"The beet, cbrapeat, and saaat
hcccmiui jiamiiy raper lo the liulaa
Harper's Weekly.
KoUemqf lAsPreat.
Th rVe.lI i the ablest anftiPio.l powerful
illustrated periudicnl published in thia coun
try. Its editorials are . hiilarly and eonvino-
iHg, and carry much weight. In illustrations
ol current (tents are full and rh, andare
prepared by our beat designers. ith a cir
culation of riO.rtaj, the H'ty it read by at
least hail a million persona, and ita influence
aa an organ ol opinion it sippl) tremendous.
The aeymaintaint a positive position, and
expresses neciaeo views on political and so
cial problem. Loaisrils Courier-Journal.
The annual volumes of Hasps'. Wimy,
in neat ciotn Dinning, win he sent ny ipre...
tree of expense, tor tl 00 each. A eomaUtSot.
compriiing Sixem Footau.. senl on receipt of
-a-ll at the rate olo HA per vol ,JrngU ml e
aaaai tarcAaaar.
"A &ep.Itr7 ef Taahlon, Fleatare aal
Harper's Bazar.
KoHomo IU
The Bom it edited with a eontrlhntion of
act and talent that we seldom find iu any
journal; aud Ihe journal itself la the oigan of
ine great world Ol lasninn.- Soalo Trottim,
The Busar commends itsell lo ever, mem
her of tne household to the chile ren by droll
nuu incur pHMure. tome young isaie oyite
fashion plalea in endlen varietv. to the nrnv.
irient matrun by It pattern lor the children'
moui.s.io paurjumUMi dj ita useful deaigns
for embroidered slipper and luxurious dress,
tng-gowns. But the resding aislter of the
Bam is uniformly of great excellence. The
paper has scomred a wi,la nonnlsritv tne th
fireside enjoyment it affords. X, T. Emif
Hxipta't Wxixlt, Eitxs, or Hisisiat,
on year, each, $4 00
A am copy nf ei'tAer tin Mssiiixa, Wiixlt,
or K.sab, wiltbeiHpplitdfratUlourqi Mo Flvg
Hctsra etas at 14 i earA I out remiasaee; r,
tix copiaor I'M 00, wifAoaf erfra copy.
HKbta ijs-ioai lo Hsapet'a M.iniist, Wisat.T.
aad Halt a. to on nddrtm jot tm ytar, 110 (Si; or,
Harper'. Periodical), lam. tddrm jar oa
nr ml uv.
Back mumbm ran be supplied at any lime.
l he rive volumes o' ilaapta'a B.sas, lor
he year '7u. '71, li. elegantly
bnttnil in green morncco i-lot.i.will he sent b)
exiuess, Ireight prepaid, (or 17 00 each.
Theposiaboh Hasp.' Wirairoi Rasa a
is ic i cents a year, Maoasisx X4 cents, which
must b paid at Iheealsvrioer'. post office.
Address HARPEh KOI HEhW, vcwVork.
Love and Matrimony.'
The affections may he gained bv following
impl- rule, and elf may marry happily with
nnt regard to wealth, age or beajty. Addreee,
with stamp.
Madam Luoills Demarre, Bible House
BUtion, I,-Y. 4jal7
Prof. Fowler's Greatest Work.
The National ' Publishing
Company, of Cincinnati, bare
just issued a very important
and valuable work, by Prof.
0. 8. Fowler, on Manhood, Wo
manhood, and their Mutual in
'errelations, Love, Its Laws,
Power,' etc. It is a masterly
exposition of Hid laws which
control the relations of the
sexes, and their duties towards
each other, and it is not assert
ing too much to pronounce it
the most valuable and timely
publication of the age.
'Know tnybelfl" was the pro
found injunction of the ancient
sage, and it is the neglect to
comply with .this precept
which causes nearly all the
misery and sickness of the
world. It is astonishing to find
how utterly ignorant men and
women, otherwise accomplish
ed and intelligent, are concern
ing themselves. Husbands
and wives constantly feel the
need of more light on the sub
jflct of their relations lo each
It is for tbe purpose of diffu
sing this knowledge that Pro
fessor Fowler fins given to the
world Ibis work, which is sim
ply an explanation of the laws
which govern the sexes in
their relations to each o'her.-g
lie points out the duties of
husbands and wives and dis
closes fads of which no true
man or worimn ought to be ig
norant, lie let, us into the
secret of preserving female
health and beauty far into old
age, and shows how mo1 hers
can aveid much of the suffering
of bringing children into the
world a sulject ' in which
every woman is interested, and
how "lemule ccmplaints" may
be avoided with ease and cer
His book is pure and eleva
ted in its style and ideas, ami
furnishes a practical solution
of many of the most perplex
ing questions ol life. It touch
es upon questions and discuss
them thoroughly, in whirl;
every married person is inter
ested. Tbe advice which i
gives to unhappy or indiuVr
ent husbands and wives is
sound and practical, and it
warnings to those who seek ti
promote, pleasure at the ex
pense of health ought to be
read by every one. The terri
ble practice of "regulating the
biza of families," which pre
vails in many parts of our
country, is shown in its trut
liglir, and we commend tin
chapters concerning it to ever.
husband and wile. 4
All friends of morality and
purity in social life will haii
the advent ol Prolessor Fow
ler's book with delight, and
those who seek information
upon the curious and tragic
features of domestic life, those
who study human nature strip
ped of its marks and ilipguisf,
.will find this volume tbo best
hand-book in exUtence. Young
men who value their domestic
happiness, should not fail to
read his remarks on the sub
ject of e ecting a wife, as tbe
information it contains is be
yond vhlue.
Tbe book is a real blessing
to the pul.lic, and wiU be re
garded at such by all who read
it. It is sold by subsciiption
only, and agents are wanted
in every county.
Adtkbthino reminds people or
things they bad been wanting all
along, but bad forgotten all about.
Simond's, Photographer, Chillicnthe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other piotures. Pictures may be
made as larje aa life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all eircum
job woks:
Done Neatly Ana .Promptly,
Catarrh, Consumption it Rheumatism
Immediate relief and a permanent em
guaranteed in every eae. Particular aeo
tret. Addiettaintoa atedietJ Inttitet, 147
leal latest., I. T.
Time, like Cruoe on his is
land, cutting bis daily notch
on his wooden calendar, makes
his marks on human faces and
forms. Like a faithful conduo
tor on the railway, at each
stage of tbe journey he puueh-
es the tickets, and says to trav
elers, "Keep this in sight." Be
wants all to know, just where
they are, what speed they are
making, and about how soon
the wheels will stand still.
These things are surely not by
accident,bot desitny.Behindtne
facts there is not only what we
call a natural law, but an in
telligent purpose, tbe sagacl
ous plan of an All-wise Crea
tor, lie causes the shadow to
traverse the dial, that all may
know what hour it is,and swift
ly flies the day.
Tub Tombs physician fays
that Foster would have died of
poison taken the nijtht before,
if thn execution had been de
layed until ten o'clock.
A Leipsic book seller calcu
lates that 361,000,000 copies of
Luther's translation ot the Bi
ble have been printed from
the beginning to the present.
A Snake River, Idaho, dis
patch Silys that cattle are dy
ing in large numbers in conse-
queuce of the severe weather.
Saturday was the seventy.
eixth anniversary ol the tirtli
lay of the Emperor William ol
The total va'e of iron and
copper produced in the 'Lake
Superior region since 1845 is
estimated at S120,678,353.
Tue United Slates will be
represented by the works ol
700 tuaniifictiirpi-3 at Vienna,
Experience will tench any man thai
it is advantaeoun to patronize those
who aiverfiaa in newapaners'
No Person cult l.su ii.-u ..i. nc
cording to directions, nnd remain long nnwell
provided ttiilr bones are not destroyed by mine
ral poison or, other msana, and vital organi
wancu Dcyomi tno point ot repair,
Dvanpiiala. or Inillce.tlon. Headache
Pain Iu the Shoulder, Cough. Tightness of thi
Cheat, Dizziness, Sour Kructatlons of the Sto
mien, Had raato in tne Houtn, uuioua Attack!
Palpitation nf the Heart, Inflammation of tin
Lungs, Pain in Ihe regions of the Kidneys, am:
a hundretl other painful symptoms, are the on
'pnngt or iiyspepaia. one Dottle will prove i
setter guarantee of Its uicills than a length'
Vnx FeuinluCoinnlnliita. In voting or old
married or tingle, at liie ilawn ol womanhood
or the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display .
leaded an luflucucc that Unpruvciocul is tool
tor innammstary ana inroni.
nheuinntl.nl and (iotit. Unions, i-cinlltc-u
aud Intermittent Fever. Diseases of the Hlt.od
Liver, Kidneys ami Bladder, these Hitters har
10 equal, buca Discasca are caused by Vltlatcn
They are n gentle Pura:allre at well
,it a Tonic, po-Messiug I lie merit of acting a;
i powcrml e;;ent in relieving Congestion or In
Uinmation of the Liver aad Visceral Organs.
,n l la Itlliou-t Diseuea.
for SMu Disease. Emnrlnnt. Ttt'or. Sal'
llieum, Blotches, Spots, I'lmplea, Punuler
Mlia. carimncles, lung-wontia, Scald-llcad.
'.oro Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, licurfs. Discolors
'ont of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of th
tin of whatever ntuio or nature, are liter
ly dug up ami carried out of the tya
mi In a short time by the use of these Bitters
Uralefnl Thousands proclaim Vinrhai
iTTEits the most wonderful Invlgorant thai
.vcr ttutalnol the sinking sratem. t
K. If. lacDOtAi.D . CO.
rn-r-flst9 and Ccu. Agw., Han Francisco, Cal
': ror. of Washington and Charlton fits., K.V.
. Ten yeexra f
lie teat hat proved Dr.
Crook's Wlaw af Tar Ic
have more merit than
any similar preparation
- -
ever onerea to tne pub.
Ho, It te rich in tha
Z -SSey medicinal qualltlea ol
t iAt Tar, and aneqaaled lot
a-rri'! Sam-. diseases of the ThrvMtl
mtrZf nd Lwnga, perform! rii
we most kimakkablS
tT wure ail Cwngha and
t- . k. toiufc it oaa carea to
irm manT oaaaa of Aathau
and Broaiehltla. that II
ha h-ato pranonnced a
petano ror weae com
plain ta. For Falsa in
,it, tne ureoHit, siae 01
XjWiJPi'fkt Bach.UrsTel or Kid-
asaaA---KauAF HOT. ' Tllu.ua
Mi uV-
ef the Vrlatar-F Orfatia. JaaBdief), ot
any Liver Complaint It has no equal
It la ala aoperlor Tonic,
. atMtores tbe Appetite,
Btrcngthen the Ityatem,
Beatorea the Weak and DekllltatXI,
Caaset the Fed to Olajeat,
KeasaTci Dyaap-la attel In4iretln,
Preventa FJalarloua Fev-tra.
QlTwa tone lo year kyaaota.
Tint Pale, Tellow. BleUy-Looldas Sldi
la changed to one of fresh neee and health
Those Dloenaea of tha NSiln. Ftanl.
Pnatale. Blotrbe and Ernnilona an
rnTTi"ti1 flrrtfnln.lrrafnlnn IHrat
ine ayes, wane awemag, Ulcer,
Old tare- or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle and disappear under IU Influence
In fact It will do yon more good, and enrt
TOa more epeedlly than any and all otbei
E 'reparations combined. Wist It HI Itlsna.
nre's own restorer I A soluble oxyd of I rot
combined with the medicinal properUeaot
Poke Rcatdiveetedofal dlaagreeabl qnal
Itlea It will cure any Chronic or Loaia;
atandlnv niaa-aao whoae real or dlree
Cause 1. mm! bio. Bhensnatlam,rHitM
In Islaaho or Bones, Con til tlaa hre
sen down by Merenrlal or other poisons
are ell eared by It. ForS)yphllla,or ByaB
little taint, there la nothing eqnal to It
A tHal wtll prv It. AJH FOR DBl
mooKn coiroilD iTBUr !
jrvmxm aovi.
: V V -EE
Ir You
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Want to sell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to bur orsell a farm.
Want a boardlnit place.
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want At sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to Hud customers for anything,
Advertising will g:iln new customers.
Advertising win Keep oia cuatomera,
AdvertUIng liberally always pays,
Advertising makes sucuess easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising snows energy,
Advertising fhows pluck, .
Advertising means'biz
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or buttness man who hat become
'prominently rich, hat made hii
fortune by judiciout advertiting
JVo exception to thi$ rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wa$
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, A
could make it still belter in pros
perily, he became a persistent ad
vernser, and thus gamed his co
lossal fortune.
Home merchants :ty it is nut worth
while to advertise; fur no person read
advertisements; yet every inereliant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profi
by its suggestion, if he has anything U
offer wnrtli advertising, flow niuel,
mere then will those read them who
are nnt so largely supplied with read.
ing matter, are at leisure in the, even
ing, and must depend on their paper foi
their local news, the must iy porta in '
item ef which is where they can fin;
jiidt what they want when they cmne (
town to nmkft their purchase. If yum
stock is so old, rusty, dusty end out n
style that it is worthier, or it' it it run
down so that you have nothing left tha
people would w.nt, it is nnt wortl
while fur you to advertise. But if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to tin
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to tin
world that you have them, and wain
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duly beyond that diu
and its effect continues in a greati-i
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
tnanent matter, a piece nf real proper
ty built up in the minds of men unti
t becomes more valuable than Bin
corner lot in hia locality.
Ir you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trusi
your wife, you rush to your local pa-
oer, knowing that every one will rend
he advertisement out you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you nre Ins
ing by not advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess to b
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not real by the nubl o wish to he
convinced of their error, just let tin w
livo publicity to some matter the
would not caro to divulce to the world.
even in the most obscure' corner of i
country paper, and see what nntor'eh
they would soon attain. Advcrtiter'i
AiiVkBTisiso is apt to give ns tha
gentle jog ol conscience which tells n
that we want a new suit of clothes fir
Sunday, or that we promised our wif,
a new dress as soon as the hay wns in
Perhaps it would be a good plan fn
Madame to nark this passage und lit)
the paper upon her husband's break
nst plate, . Who will say that adver--ising
will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to lenri.
hat is going on. To see if there i.
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the seasons styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at redueed rates, or to watch , the
chunce of an auction. Fur amusement
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have. read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Keen use they want lo. Because they
O tn't help it Ohio Slate Journal
The power of print is well knowo,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that ia written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
lo not comprehend as well aa they
might the eapaoity to influence, to per--made,
to convince-, which lies in print
ed matter. Snoken worda
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even thee fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
Bicht and nrinted. But there, la inmn.
thing in the silent language, the quiet
Btiieriion ana tne sense ol permanence
about printed matter whicb gives it a
marvelous force and iniuence. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to looas) aiirht nf what mnv K
accomplished by a persevering use of
lhAn.mli... . a . 3
...w f..,,.,u prcevc. i iarn mi ttuver.
tine, and then tha "how whan
where" of it, and you' will have a
mwiMga woru awinf.
la th only Known Remedy for Bright' Die
M .nd bat cured every ease of bbete la
whlch It ha been given, Irritation ot theNeek
of the Bltdder and IanammetJoa of the Kidneys,
Ulceration of the Kidney and Blddr, Rela
tion of Urine, Diseases of th ProsUte eland.
Stone In the Bladder. Gravel. Brick Dust Deposit,
aad Mucous or Milky Dlrs-harget, and 1 f o Ft
feebled aad Delifet Constitution. of both Bexeg,
Attended with the following Minptoint-Lo
of Powr, Los of Jmory. Clfflculty pf Brea-h-Ing.
Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, Ma la tha
Back, FluabJug of lb Body, Kruptloa oalh Fate,
FtlllS Countenance, Uatl Wde of the Byttvm, etc.
Used by person In th decline er chance of
Ufe; after eonflnement ot Ubor paiaA brd-wrt.
ting la ehlldren, etc. ...... a.
la many aJfscUont pecoluu; to ItdleS, five
tract Bucha baneqntfedby "r
At la Chlorotit or Ketentloa, lrregnrarlly, ajn
fain or Suppression of Customary Bra-u)Uaci,
Wcewtod or fienlrrt Ute of the yum. Ui
iorrhoiTor Whites, Sterility, and ordlo-n-elalnU
Incident to. the sex. Jl la pfm
xtenilvely by the a-tott eminent PhytlcltJiaaii
Mldvrlvea for enfeebled aad delicate Wttrata
Uons of both sexes and all ages. tf
Curu Diitatoi AiUing from Imprvdnm,
BnbiU of DUHnatkm. Etc., (a til their ttagea, a
Utile expense, little or no eaange la diet, no In
convenience, tnd no exposure. It cause a fre
quent desire, and give strength to tulnata.
thereby removing Obttrnctioaa, Prv-mtin; and
Curing Stricture of the Urethra. Allaytng Pala
and lnflammttton, to frequent In this class of ai.
eases, aad expelling all poitoaoat atatter.
11.00 per bottle or tut bottle for I&.00, W-a
to toy tddren, tecar from obtervtUoa. Bold Of
druggist e rywhere. Prepared by .
KEARNEY A CO., 104 Daan St, R. T.
to whom all letter t.fqrmatloa sbealS k
addressed. '
Be Charg tor Advio aai Corunlullca.
Dr.J.B Viiott.OnAmttiotJ'fftrtonUtdleal
Cotlrgt, Philadclpbis, author of several valuable
works, can be cuusulted on ail discs. of tbe
Sexual or Urinary Organ, (which he has mad
an especial ttudy), either Iu male or female, ao
matter from what cause orlglnatuig, or of how
long funding. A practice of 10 year cnablea
hint to treat diseaee with tuccest. Cure, guar
anteed. Charges reasonable. Tlios at a dis
tance can forward letter describing symptoms,
and enclosing Ump lo prepay postage. d
Bend for the (iuidt Iu llmdk. Price 10 cenu.
- J. B. DVOXT, at. !., Phy.iclan and Surgeon,
no most TBoaonoB niHirna or m
bivood tit siacovaaio.
By Ita nee Cancers are eared, aad
Cancerou tamor are dltperaed without th ear
geon's knife Scrofnlt conquered, and Coaatunp
lion prevented and cared.
venereal xriaeasea, atercunsi ana Miner,
al Poison, and their effecte eradicated, and vigor
ous health and a sound constitution established.
rentals wistness ana atiseaaoi
Dropsy, general or partial; Swelling, external or
Internal, and Tumors are reduced aad ditperttd
la a very tnort time.
Krvalaelaa. Btlt Rheum. Scald Bead, aad
Fever Sores are toon removed by this powerful
oeiergem meuicine.
Seorbatle Dlseaaea. DandrntT. Sctlr
or Rough Hkln.and Pimples quickly give way,
leaving the skin smooth and fair.
Caronle Diseaaea, Fever tnd Agne, Sit
Ordered Liver, Dyspepsia. Rhenmttitm, xfervont
Affections, General Debility, In short, all tbe
numerous diseases caused by bad blood are con
quered, and give way before thla moat powerful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Each bottle contain between forty and
fifty ordinary dosea, costing only one dollar.
Tram one to four or live bottles will
cure Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Pim
ples on the Face, lilies, ordinary arnptlant, etc.
Prom two to eight bottle will care
Scalv Emotions of the Bkla. Ulcer. Sore, and
Canker In the Month and Stomaeh.Kryslpelatte.
Prom two to ten bottles will res tor
healthy action to the Liver and 8plten, will reg
ulate tne uoweit ana moneys.
Prom tare to alz bottles will be fonnd
effectual in earing Neuralgia, Sick-Headache, St.
Vims' Dance, and Epilepsy.
Prom five to twelve bottles will ears
the worst eases of Scrofula.
Prom three to twelve bottles will
tore severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh.
Prom two to roar bottles will core the
worst ease of Pile, aad regnlat Cottive Bowels.
Prom two to ten bottles will can
bad case of Dropsy.
Pries St per bottle, or I bottles for 5.
Sold by all Droggitts
D. RANSOM, 80V k CO., Prspr-I,
See tMtimotuali In local colrima. Bftlt, IT. T.
" culo a icscHor," "sou mmus,"
i grawo flowers," "sctnira -rtowBas,''
iWiU'nt'iiiuur,- .
kwua tin irtimc wxsilv wrmi naja-i
TUS AT woai toiiin ), a bsm
ktw T IkawClnaM. M B fM f WMsj
Awaaa aa tm lines i- MM
sinwaal aaaiuar.
aKtaavtat. hralrJuI AT OMOS ,
wIMtttu uaui.
tHaWr saa,
. wHS-aU-a wliaaays
mom sasia-s-n.
ros ran
$SOO Pages, 2SO CttsTrartors
A Stirli ng expose of medlrsl humbug ol
the past and present. It ventilate quacks,
traveling dootnri, noted female ehests, for-,
tune tellers snd medium, and gives interest
ing narratives of note ! phyairian). It revest
startling secrets, and ia invaluable ta all. W
give exclusive territory and liberal commis
sions. Foroirnulartand terms address the
publisher, J H. BUBP. HTDI, ,
Hartfoid, Conn , or Chieago, III.
1,300 PAGES & 500 EXGR.ti lXCiS
Written by 1W eminent authors, inclrding'
John H Kough, tnd Unrace Greeley, "
This work ia a eomplele islory or Sll
bram-hea ol Industry, and i aeomplele ear
cyclopedia of arts snd manufactures. 'oe
ol onr agents sold 13.1 copies in efgbt day,
another 808 in two weekt. Bpeoiroeai seat
treeon receipt ol atamp
i. B BI'RH riYDE, rohltehert.
Hartford, Coaa., or Chlcego, III.
A NEW-BOr-nf
AST 1"" W.7-7.
J. B. H1RR a RYDE, PnMlsher. '
Hartford, Cone., orOiieatA, .
Da. BowKBfl, 'Dentist, Me At

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