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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 17, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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0 endsfUr Sundav, November Sd. lSTi
trains will ran aa rollowet The St. Louis
Express run. daily; all other trams daily 8us.
Am wm -Tnljwl-
f-ha BVsl I. mat and BlDrSSS Will .top onlf
t ureleBd,Oreenneld,Chilli.-tns. Himd.D,
Athens and sootl s landing. fHiiuwiuin,
...i aid aloo at Blanchester, alio. Other
train slop at all atauoos.
Stations; Mail. FastL. rtUEx.
CtDioaail- . Jra 1 2"n P
Chlllieothe.- ...H SOam t tlpm lm
Aionland Fur.-..ll Spra ospro J 30 m
Hamden ip lpn J"
koAatsca.- 1 Uptn S 31pm I 3am
Vinto 1 13pm S 4"pm s "lam
Zsleski... . 1 tlpm pm 0(,n
Hop Furnaee... I Stpm Mpm
P.rK.rhuri 4 Mom 30pm 6 60am
001X0 WEST.
RUtinna. Mail. Fast L. flt.L.El
P.rk.V-yr 8 HMm 00am 1 65pm
HopsyTsroecsM... 1 09pra 11 SOam 3 85pm
Zat.w!!l....-.... 1 13pm II Ssara 3 83pm
fiTOn 1 8.1pm H n J Wpm
MoAitaua 1 liptn H 6.2am 47pm
Hanvten ........... 1 Wnm li oum I Mpm
Mtchlacd Fur..- 13pm 1 13pm 4 ""P"1
Chillioothe.. ... 1 lpm 1 00pm 4 65pm
Cincinnati..- .. 10pm 6 oupra 9 00pm
salsski accohbodatios.
The Zalsiki Accommodation going east
!... Ohiiiiontha at a Mi a. m.. RavsvilleT 0
Richland Furnace, t IS, Hamden arrive 45
depart til, McArth. as. vinionium,
Ealeaki 10 55. OoiD WrA-Zale.ii 4 ODp.m.,
Vinton 4 so, McAHh'ir 6 00, llsmden, arrive
t SU-d'epart 6 60, Richland Furnace, 20,
Kayavme, oo, uniincotiie.a f t.
Traiaa on Uie PORTSMOrjfS BRANCH
will leaf Hamdea at 16 a.m. and 4 00 p.m
...i.iiia t P.trramouth at 11 10a.m. and 7 OOP.
m. Returatngtraina fill leave Portsmouth at
I s a.m. and isxu p-m-, amviag av
at li;t4 a.m. and 50 p.m.
Tram, oonnect a: l.ovelsnd far all points on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
olia aid Cincinnati Railroad Jnnctl n for all
Joint. Weal; alAlheas, with the Columbua
H. V. R. R., at Parkerburg, with (tie B.
U. H. K. a.w, ruiwui,
Master of Transportation.
T WILL run t luck from Wi.kc.wtU to
inimatn sua reium rorj wwm"j " -dv
nod Friday, for the ivoommodation of
pftdsengert, mnKinR ciuae uiiur-;nuu win tw
mail irtiini on mo m. . n wm
airy ipreM pnokHsea ahipped to or from
(hoM point by the Adami Ex nreit Co.
WILL run rtftut.rljr to McArlhur Station
to meat all mail train..
Hack leaves McArlhur poat office at 12.00
o'clook, M. each day, to connect with mail
Orders left it the poat office, McArlhur, er
Pundas, prjinptly atundedto.
Hamden, Wilke.iville and Middleport
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above poinia 1 will be able to
furnish conveyance for paienjiera and theii
baggage lo and from. aid point on the follow
ing days: From Wilkeaville to Hamden and
back on Mondaya, Wednesday and Frittnys;
and from Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meix
Co, and back on '1'ue.days, Thuradava and
Baturrtats. 'OHN LEVIS.
Why do people read adver
tisements? To see if there is
anything now, or anything tbey
want. To see it ihe season's
styles have come in, and to find
out who has then:. To know
if any one is selling off at re
duced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auclion. For
amusement. To satisfy curi
osity. Because they have read
all the storiesarriages.births,
deaths, locals and accidents
Because they want to. Be
cause can't help it.
The East Side gas men
of New York, struck, last Sat
urday. The reserves of police
are sta'ioned in the Eighteenth
Precinct, disturbance being
Reprksentativk Finkelnburg
of Missouri, has the Secretary
of the Treasury's checks for
his back pay, with a request to
cover the amount into the
A bill passed the Arkansas
House Saturday fixing the pay
of all teachers, without regard
to sex, holding the same grade
of certificates, at the same
The services of two hundred
and thirty Revenue Assessors
and twelve hundred Assist
ants will be dispensed with on
and after May 20th.
An Iowa Bchool-teacher, a
woman, has been discharged
for lorcing a big boy to 6how
her how he kissed the girls in
the wood house,
Wesipobt, Conn., rings no
more babbath bells, on ac
count of the prevalence of
nervous complaints among the
Jobk Conrad, of Luzerne
county, Fa., cut his throat the
other day because his father
refused him permission to at
tend a ball.
Kid vests, are the latest nov
elty in ladies attire. They are
worn like the velvet Bacques
of last fall.
A discovert of extensive de
posits ot borax in Colorado
Desert is reported.
Thk Pope, owing to his fee
ble condition, ia forbidden
leaving his rpartmants.
In Zaleski'
THE Zale.ki Company, with view to the
development of the local intereata of e!ee
ki, to secure ita permanent pioxperity, aad to
add to us population, and wealth, are now
oltenng to actual eetllei a, town lots and (arm
landa at low prices, ana on noenu wim..
P.run. Hmn tn aiamine the orouertv
aed lo buy cheap houses will apply at lbs
Company s omcea to
1 ' K. THOMPON, Manager.
Zaleskl, Ohio, May 1, mi. "
ih. nm haiIiI law wa are aunnlvinff the Deo
tile with our line nickel white metui ware, of
triple electro-nlver plate, poet-paid to any
part 01 tee country uirvct ituiu our uiauuini.
Notwithstanding a large advance In nickel
we still oiler Ihe gooda, both plain and fancy
pattern., atformer factory rate, and will mail
anv quantity at these prices, on receipt of the
Butter knife, tickle fork, lunar aooon and
napkin ring, each II 00
Teaspoon. and nut pick., halt dot. 3 50
Dessert knives.lorks and anoons.halfdoi. 4 00
Table " " " ' " " 6 00
Replatl ng of old ware in the beat manner, at
one half of there pneea.
We will mall to any ndrfr phnfoirnpli.
and price liata of !oi)r KIXF. HILVEB
the manutactureof which is a ipeclalty with
It Is our privilege lo refer to the editors ol
all Cincinnati religious weeklies,
in what paper uid you see our advertise
64 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
31ocl872 M
One door tcel of Dan. Will Bro $.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
town lots In Vinton o' adoining counties will
null iracia w hi.i. inoiii .-niiiiik.
Persons wishing to (ell lands, farms or town
l.l. ...ill I..,. ... wwl nhom.A ff tirttna 1A hv
leaving description, etc. in oir hands.
V HI. J. KAKAMM a v-u.,
oct2S Main Street, McArlhur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's O'oldcn
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every cane where the monthly Ho hit
been obstructed thpnigh cold or disease.
IjUPOM;i)'s40LIjEN PILLS always give un
mediate rehe. A Indv wnte: "liupnnfnV
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mug
ic." The genuine are now put up in irge
wnite boxes'containing double the quantity ol
pills, aid upon each box you will find my
"Private V.'.H. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words MJPOiV'CO'S GULDEN
PILLS, in white letters, without that noue
are genuine.
rt-niemtier tne genuine i mine wnue none
Full a lid explicit di notions accompany each
box. Price II.IH) Der box. six nnves ().i9.
Sold by one druggist in every loan, village,
citv and hamlet throughout the world.
Bold in McArli.ur, .,
By Q. W. SIS SON. Druggist.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
Bv sending him 11.00 thrsnzh Ihe McArlh'ir
0., Post Office, can have the pills sentcoiitt
dentially, by mail, to any partnftlie country,
free of postage.
H. V. tiuv, rrnprieior, new lora.
The New York
A Journal for all True Kepublicans.
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
The New York Evening Post, edited by
William Mullen Uryant and Parke Godwin,
assisted by Ihe strongest talent that can be
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained the aame principles ol freedom
and progress, through all changes of parties
and policies.
It ataiiua for equal rights; for Ihe dlMrilm
lion of power; for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious results of emanci
pation and enlranchinemenl won by the war:
and ail practicable reforms.
If opposed tojnjustice and apoliation, dis
gnTsffl under the name of protection, and to
all corrupt party combinations which sajrilice
principleto mere success.
I twill riippott Grant and Vilsen, becaime
it believe, that under them the government
will be more stable, and the chsncea for pro
grea. and reform more certain, than underany
alliance of incompatible element..
The Evening Post is equal to anrolhera.
a newspaper.and l complete in iia political,
iu liter.irv, it" scientific, its agricultural and
its commercial departments.
Sing.e copy one year,! 1 6n-, five copies, one
year, 17.00; ten copies, one yar,$l'i.6o; twen
ty copies, one yenr, IJ.oo.
Sing'e copy, one year, $3 On-, he copies,
one year, 112.40; ten copies, one ye er, I2U.0O.
Those subscribing now for one r will re
ceive the paper until .Innoary I, .
Or we will send thefnllowing p diesis to
subscribers, in connection with Evening
Post at the pricee named :
With With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Pot. Evening Post
ITarper's Weeekly $160 $6 00
Harpcr'a Bazar 4 50 6 00
Harper's Magazine. ... 4 50 6 00
Every Saturday 6 00 6 60
Atlantic Monthly 4 00 6 50
Our Younjr Folks 3 00 4 50
Scribner's Monthly . . 4 60 6 00
Old and Ntw. 4 50 6 00
The Galaxy 400 650
Phrenological Journal 3 50 6 00
ine Agriculturist .. .2 50 4 00
Hearth and Home .. . 3 75 6 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 50
A ppleton'c Journal... 4 60 6 00
Wood's Household Magasine i 00 J so
Home Journal 3 50 5 00
The Christian Intelli.
gencer, with Chromo 3 75 6 33
To each subscriber to the Even! ng Post snd
Christian Intelligencer will be sent the beau
tiful Chromo, The G leaner..
For 34 cents we will send the Weekly Even
ing Post for two months, or lor 60 eesis we
will send the bemi-weekly Evening Post for
the sametime. Btecimen numbersaent tree.
Address, WM. O. BRYANT A CO
31oct New York.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galipolis, McArthur
& Columbua Railroad Co.
A I.I, parties having subscribed tothe cap
ital etoek ol the li.. McA. C. R. R. are
hereby requi.ed to make payment to Ihe.'ec-rt-tary
of ihe Company, at hit office 0.1 the
Public square, in Uallinnlis, Ohio, m if more
convenient, lo l-aniel Will. Pri.ni nt ik.
Vinton County Hank, at McArlhur, Ohio, of
an iDiaiiment ol nve dollars on each share
so subscribed, within lea days of this date.
Augut IU, 1871.
(i McA. AC. R. R. Co.
dec t 1ST1.
How to Obtain It!
AUx.H'1'S WAHIliD.
Particulars and Hamnles sent on receipt of
Stamp. Ne Capital NccesMry. AddressM.
1UTroN Co., 704 Broadway, New York.
tjaBimiT .
To a Soom over Jones'Billiard I aloon,
Where be will be pleased to see Ma old cus
tomers, and as many new ones aa wiah to
come. J. W.Ll'CUa
Head Sr. Holland's New Story.
600 Pages for tl ! cVe.
The publishers of Scaisxia'e Mostrlt,
promise for the entiling year a more brilliant
array of contributors, and an increaae in the
varielv and beamy of its illustrations, already
conceded by the critics to be "ftiur than aa,
tckick tin hitherto appeared In any American
nigs sine."
lr. Holland, theeditor, will writethe serial
story of Ihe yar, which will beaulobiogranh
ical In form, and will be illustrated by Miss
Hallock. Unentitled Arthur Bonnicsatle, and
will deal with some of Ihe most difficult prob
lems of American life. It will be commenced
in the November number.;
There will be a new a'ory by Saxe Holm,
The one legged Dnncera.
Hret Harte, the best writer of short stories
now living, will contribute a rharaclenaile
story, entitled The Epic of Kiddleiowu, which
will be illustrated by Sheppard.
R. 11. Stoddard will wn ea series ol enter,
taining papers about authors, their personal
charactenstica, home life, families, friends,
whims and ways. A aeries of portraits of liv
ing American writers Is slso promised.
Clarence Cook will write a'out furniture,
and Ihe decoration of American homes.
These papers will be eminently practical at
well aa ariiatic, and will be illustrated with
desivne and sketches by numerous artiste In
addition to tnoae wnicn tne people will fur
A mong those who will contribute are :
Hans Anderxen, Rryant, Uushnell, Kggles
ton, Froude, Uigainson, Bishop Hunt'ngton.
Hret Harte, JoFin Hay, H. H., Mac.lonald,
Mitchdl, M as Plietpx, Slcdman, Hiockion,
riiodoard, Celia 'I h liter, Warner, Wilkinson,
Mrs. wnitney, beaulea a host or others.
The editorial contiol and direction of the
Magazine will remain in the hands of Dr.
Holland, who will continue to write "The
Topics of the Time," which the N. Y. Inde
pendent savs "are more widely quoted than
any similar papers in any American niaga
sine." Watson fillder'will write "The Old Cabi
net;" as hiilierto. Krof. JohnC. Dmpercon
ducts Die dcparirrrfnt of "Nature and Sci
ence." The deparlmv nta of "Home and So
ciety" and "Cnlliipe and Progress," will en
gsge ihe contributions ol more than a score
of pens on both sidea of Ihe Atlanlio The
Watchman and Reflector says: "Scrilmer'e
Monthly fur September it ladter than usual,
which indicates n needless waste of editnritl
brains and publiahei's money, fur the Mag.
anne w gool enough before!" And yet the
publishers promise to make It still better lor
the coming year.
The tubscription price is tl no a year, with
special rates to clergymen, teachers and post
manters. The lollowing
are ottered to new snliscnbera :
For IS 60 the publishers will send, or anv
liookaeller or newsdealer will supplr, the
mngauna for one yenr, snd the twelve' num.
hpra nl Vnla II I and IV. n,il,ii n inn In I,
(.'inning of Mra. OliiihAnl'd srUI. "At Hi,.
Gates;" for $7 60, Ihe Magatinn for one year,
and i he 21 hack number Ironi ihe beginning,
for sin 60, the Magasine tor one year, nnd Ihe
i back numliera bound (4 vol.,) chnrges on
bound vols, oa d. This will gi e nearly 6,oon
naie of the chfticest resdini. u-il h ihn Hno.l
liliistrntinns, for tin AO, or nearly MR) page
mr a noiian anu win enaDie every subscriber
to obtsin the series from the tirot.
Special terms to Dealers, Clergymen and
8CR1BNEU CO., CJ1 Broadway, N. Y.
"Unquestionably the best sustained works
or the kind lit the World."
Harper's Magazine.
KotiM a Oil Pros.
The ever-increasing circulation of (his ex
cellent monthly proves its continued adapta
tlou to popular desires and needs. Indeed
when we lluuk into how many homes it pene
trates every month, we muil consider it as
one of the educators as well aa entei tamers oi
the public mind, for its vast pnpu'ariiv ha
been won by no appeal to stupid prejudices
or depiaved tastes. Bmto Glut.
The character which this Aujuiim possess
es for variety, enterprise, wealth, and literary
culture that has kept pace with, if II has not
led i lie times, should cause lis conductors to
regard it with justifiable complacency. I also
entitles them to a great claim upon the pub
lie gratitude. The Vagaiint has done good
and not evil all I lie di.jsof ita lite. XirooJttii
A complete set of Hapi's Mioazisi, now
comprising 43 volumes, in neat cloth biml'ng.
will be sem bv express freight at expense ol
purchaser, for 12 26 per volume. iu;'s vol
sines, by niail,pofjiaid, $;l 00. Cloth cases, for
binding, 68 cents, by mail, postpaid.
"A Complete Pictorial History of the
Tunes." -"The best, cheapest, and most
successful Family Paper In the Union "
Harper's Weekly.
The It'selly is the ablest and moil powerful
illustrated periodical published in tins coun
try. Ita editorials are scholarly and convinc
ing, and carry n.uch weight, lis illustrations
of current stents are full and lreh, and are
prepared br our heat designers, vv ith a cir
culation of lMl.rno, the tf'eesfy is read by at
least hail a million persona, and its influence
aa an organ nl opinion is simply tremendous.
The R'actjr maintains a positive position, and
expresses decided views on political and so
cial problems. LwiuMt (Jonrier-JourwU.
Theannnal volumes of Hitrn'i Wtiiur,
in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
free ofexpense, lor 17 00 each. A compltltSet,
compriting Sufera Vofrma. ten! on receipt of
"asn at tne rate oi to a per vol ,jreigia at sz
p eaas of purchuer.
"A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure and
Harpefs Bazar.
Kotictiqf Ikt Press,
The Bam is edited with a contribution of
tact and talent that we seldom And iu any
journal; and the journal itself ia Ihn oigan of
me great wnriu ol lasninn.- Boston Trawler,
'I hn Buar commends ltelt lo every mem
ber of Ine household to the chile ren by droll
and prettv pmturea. to ihe young ladiet by its
fashion plates In endlen variety, to the prov
ident matron by ita patterns for the children's
'lolh.s, to fattrfamiti b) Its useful designs
for embroidered slipperssnd luxurious dress,
ing gowns. But the reading matter of the
Bam ia uniformly of great excellence. The
paper has acquired a wide popularity for the
nreside enjoyment it affords. ',
Hupra'. Wrisir, Bins, or Haeas:si,
on year, each, $4 00.
An extra top) n tttker(ht MsoAitxa, Wxeklt,
or Balsa, mltheMppliedgraUMtoorerpctubofVirM
Hcsmjs ana at 14 iu eadk (a saw reMigaae; er,
tlx mpinft 120 On, without exlrm copf.
Htwii4os to Haapia'a Mabaxihi, Wivai.r,
md llsa. lo one mldrtu lor on near. $10 mi; or.
Urn of Hnrper't Permiuals, lo on. nddrem for saw
yenr ti lai.
Bock nnmbtn csn be supplied at any time.
The five vlume o' Ilaapea's Bia, lor
he years 18-a, "ji, "yu. '71, "It. eleuanfiy
bound in ureen morocco clot.,, will be sent by
express, fright prepaid, h.r 7 00 each.
The pia,i- on ti sapst'. V irai.v oi BasAa
l fi cents a yenr. Maoat.im 21 cents, which
mist b- paid at themlsvTtsT't post office.
Address HA RPCK A HIOIHEKW, -twYork
Love and Matrimony.
The anVctiona mar he gained by following
eimpl- rules, and all may marry happily with
out regard to wealth, age orbeajty. Address,
with .lamp.
Madam Lucille TJemarre, Bible House
Station, H. T.. ; . ; . anir;
Hollowa.v'8 Pills aud Oiuttuent
Although slow of beliet in
uch matters, the hokpitbl sur
geons of Europe have adopted
these great remedies. Wher
ever tbey are used, dyspepsia,
scrofula, liver complaint, and
eruptive disorders disappear,
Sold 78 Maiden Lan, N. T.
Price 25 centa per pot. Call
for new style; the old is coun
A letikr from Richmond
says that it seems to be pretty
well understood among rail
road officials that the Directors
of the Chesapeake & Ohio
Railroad Company have de
termined to make Yorktown
the deep water terminus of
their York River front, lroni
Darlington farm, in York Co
to Yorktown.
A farmeh's daughter out
West received a hairy poodle
dog as a present from a friend
in New York. The unsophisti
cated damsel wrote back
thanking her friend for ihe
present, and saying that she
found it very handy, when tied
to a stick, to clean the windows
An Italian uiuscian has in
vented a big fiddle, with me
talic strings going all around
it, which is said to make lour
times as much noise as the in
struments now in use, in bass-
violation of all the rules of
About 10 o'clock Saturday
a shooting affray occurred in
Chelsea, the northern portion
of Memphis, which resulted in
ihe death of John Newell, at
the hands ot R. VV. Coleman,
his brother-in-law.
A California admirer of
Tom Tuine has given $100,000
worth of cultivated land neat
San Joge to the Boston turn,
lor building a lecture hall in
memory of that illustrious in
dividual. Since Provincetown, Mass
has devoted the proceeds ol
its dox-tax to the maintenance
of its public library, it is said
that the books therein are
more terribly dog-eared than
ever before.
A young man advertised in a
country paper for a place as
salesman, and says he has a
treat deal ol experience, hav
ing been discharged from sev
en different situations within a
"How hollow it sounds," said
a patient under the movement
cure, as the physician was vig
orously pounding his chest
"Oh, that's nothing, said the
doctor; "wait till we get to the
A convict named Sterling
Sledge died a few days ago in
the Virginia penitentiary,
wherein he was imprisoned i r
manslaughter, leaving an es
tate ot $30 000.
Napoleon, Ohio, comraemor
ated Washington's birthday by
flying a large American eagle
which had been captured a
few days since in Liberty town
ship, Henry county.
Tub Cincinnati and New
port Bridge Company have en
tered suit against the United
States or something over half
a million dollars claimed as
damages for raising the bridge.
The Great Eastern is all
ready to start on her trip for
the purpose ot laying the new
cable for the Anglo-Ami ncan
and French Combination Com
pany. A young lady in Iowa recent
ly whipped out an incipient
conflagration with her Block
ings. -She had heard that fire
men used '-hose."
A waggish husband having
had twins born to him un the
sixth year of his marring1
named the first of them "N
B." nd the second "P. S."
A society of Philadelphia la
dies declare they will not
trade where female clerks are
employed. It destroys all the
romance ot shopping, they say.
King of the Blood.
Cancer. Case. Your medi
cine continues to give entire
satisfaction. One case of a
cancer on the lip, of six years'
standing, was entirely removed
by the use of three bottles, and
the person, M. tl. Crane, Esq.
ex-shenfl of this (Calhoun)
county, has requested us to
communicate the same to you,
If thereby others suffering from
the same loathsome disease
may be Induced to try the same
remedy with a similar result,
not only by being cured of the
disease, but by gaining that
peace of mind necessary to
Albion, Mich.
See advertisement in anoth
er column.
Experience will teach any man that
it is advantageous tn patronize those
whoadvertitis in newspapers-
We vrill furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
f 3.50 per year.
Advertising reminds people of
things they had been wanting an
along, but had forgotten all about
Simond'8, Photographer, Chillicnthe
gires careful attention to making cop
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as lurce an life from the tiniest
Iccket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful nnd judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or ink, at rates to suit all circumstances.
Dono Neatly and Promptly,
Catarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
Immediate relief nnd a permanent cure
guaranteed III every ae. Pariioiihrs sent
irec. Addiess 1 1 niton Medical institute, lit
Eal 16th St., N. V.
No Person can take these sinters ec
cording to directions, aud remain long unwell
provided tncir hones are not destroyed by nunc
ral poison or other means, ami vital orgaut
wiisicu ueyouu tne point oi repair.
DvsDCnsia or Indlsestlon. neadache
Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness oftlu
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Kructatlons of the Sto
macn, nad Taste iu tne nioutn, bilious Attacks
Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation of tlx
Lungs, Pain In the regions of the Kidneys, and
hundred other painful R.vmntoni.a, are the off
springs ot Dyspepsia, one uotue win prove i
better guarantee of Its merits than a length
For FeinnlcComnlalnta, In roan? or old
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
or the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display si
.loomed an Influence that improvement is tool
for iniinnimntory ami Chronl,
Rhciiiiintisin n nil (iout. Dillons, i.cinllteo.
and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the blood
Liver, Kidneys anil madder, these Hitters tmn
no cnuol. Such Diseases arc caused by Vitiated
Ther are a cenlle Parent lire as well
as a Tonic, possessing the merit of acting a
a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or in
duiumatlon of the. Liver aud Visceral Organs,
ami in bilious Diseases.
For akin Diseases. Emotions. Tetter. Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules,
llolls, Carbuncles, King-worms, Scalil-Hcad,
5ore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Dlscolora
Uons of the Skin, Humors and Diseases or the
Skin of whatever name or nature, are litcr-
ii ly aug up and carried out or the syg
.cm in a short time hy the use or these Bitters.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinkoar
Bitters the moat wonderful Invigorant that
iver sustained the sinking system.
H. II. tIcDOAiJD - CO.
Druggists and Ccn. Agts.. San Kranclsco, Cal.,
k cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts,, N.Y.
Ten years of a nob
lie lest has nrnved I)r
Crook's Wine of Tar tc
bave more merit thaD
any similar preparation
ever offered to (be Dub
lin. It la rich In Ih.
ZSRtorf'feZ! medicinal qualities ol
'm& WSkJ Tar Bn1 unequaled foi
-.issff, diseases of the T tirnni
Wa4-S ?.nd ", Performing
cures all i'onshs and
Colds. It bas cured so
many eases or Asthma
and Bronchitis, that It
has been pronounced s
specino tor tnese com.
plaints. For Pains In
&$V"m Back, tiravel or Kid.
Df the Urinary Organs, Jaandlee, oi
any Liver Complaint it has no equal.
It la also a superior Tonic,
Hestores Ihe Appetite,
otrvng-iQens ia syawm.
Bes tores the Weak and Debilitated.
Causes the Food to Digest,
Bemores Dyspepsia and Indigestion,
Prevents Malarious Fevers,
wive some se your nyatcna.
That Fale, Tallow, SleMy-LooMng Stir.
is chaneed to one of freshness and health
Those IX senses) or the Bkln. Pimples
Pnatnlea. Blotches and Eruptions art
remnved.Nrrofnls,ierofiilons Diseases
X the Eyes, White Nwelllnc, Ulcers,
Old Sores or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle and disappear under Its Influence
In fact It will do yon more good, and curt
yon more speedily thnn nny and all othel
preparations combined. Whit Is It 1 It is na
ture sown restorer i Asoninieoxya oi iror
combined with the medicinal properties ot
Poke Root divested of all diaugreeable auul
Itles It will cure any Chronic or Long
slandinsT Disease whose real or direo
cause Is bad blood. Bheninatlsm.Palm
la l.lmba or Bones.t'onstltntion bro
best down by Mercurial or other poisons
are all eared by It. For yphllla,or Syph
ilitic taint, there Is nothing ennnl to It
A trial will prove It. ASK FOR 1R
1 w
If You
Want a situation.
AVant a servant girl,
Want to sell a plnno,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to buy orsell n farm.
Want a board injr place,
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to find customers for anything,
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will Keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising; shows energy,
Advertising showspluck,
Advertising means'biz,
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has lecome
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
Vo exception to this ride can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it still better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Home merchnns it Jg not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
nlvertisetnents; yet every merchant in
this county will rad this advertise
ment, and if he is wisa he will prolii
by its suggestion, if he has anything tu
ifier worth advertising. How much
mere then will those read them who
ire not so largely supplied with rend
mg mntter, nro at leisure in the even
ing, nnd must depend un their paper for
lieir local news, tho must iirportani
tcm rf which is whero they can fin:
.ust what they want when they come to
own to make their purchases. Ifyotii
'lock is so old, rusty, dusly and out ol
ty Ic that it is worthier, or it' it it run
Inwn so that you have nothing left thin
leuple would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Hut if it is
lew, fresh nnd sparkling, up to the
linos, and nich us the people w.int,
Inn't hide tlicin, but publish to the
vorlil tliiit yuu have them, aad waul
o sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day docs duly beyond that day
ind its effect continues in a grentei
ntio than most men imagine. In the
nd it will make a man's name a per
n tnent matter, a piece of real proper
y built up in the minds of men unti
t becomes mnro valuable than any
turner lot in his locality.
Ip you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
ir if yon desire people not to trui-i
your wife, you rush to your local pa
.ier, knowing that every one will rent!
ne advertisement But you will plixl
ilong in business year after year, wiih
iut calculating how much you ore los
ng by not advertising it Rrporter
If those persons who profesj to be
ieve that newspaper advertisement
ire not real by the public wish to be
onvineed of their error, just let them
ivo publicity to sumo matter thct
would not care to divulge to the world,
ven in the most obscure corner of i,
ion n try paper, and see what notoriety
hey would soon attain. Adverliset
Advertising is apt to give us tlia'
entle jngol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a sew dress ns soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good phin for
Madame to nnrk this passage and lay
.he paper upon her husband's break
ast plate. Who will say that ndver--ising
will not' yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to leiirn
what is going on. To sco if there is
Mny'.hinji new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
ehance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curicsty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
Because they want to. Because they
oin't help it Ohio Slate Journal
Thb power of priut is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or spoken.
Thig i ono of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
stiade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even titer, fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed But there is sumo
thinif jn the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it a
marvelous force and influence. Busi
neas men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
the printing presses, learn to adver
Use, and then the "how, when and
where" ot it, and you will have a
knowledge worth having. .
f w n n 1
ViUi.iieunuo.u '
i. i.' ATJTVTW'M
la tho only Known Remedy for MeWt
a and I lias cured every case of Diabetes in
M h. EU given' irrltatl of ft. Na
of the Bladder and Inflammation of i ll KidntJ.,
Ulceration of tba Kidneys and Wadder, Keten
is Tf I'rlne Diseases of tho Prostate 01and(
Sbrs. fin l.o Blad er Gravel. Brick SussneOosil,
Snd Mucous or Milky Discharge., ghd? c-J tor
fecblcd aud Delicate Cons litn lions of both beiee,
attended with the following 'Tmptom f Of
of Power, Loss of Memory. Cifllcufty ol Brcatn
iul' Weals Nerves, Wakefulness, Pain In tho
rw'lc F Silling of li e Body, Eruption on the Face,
Used by persons in the decline or change or
Hfci after confinement or labor pains, bed-wot-ting
iu children, etc .
In many affections peculiar to ladies, the Ex
tract Buchu Is unenuafed by any other remedy
As in Chlorosis or'ltctention, Irregularity, Pain
fulness or Suppression of Customary Evacuations,
Ulcerated or Schlrrus ttato of the U terns, Leo
corrhaa or Whites, Sterility, ami for all com.
pUint. incident to' tho sex. ll ts Vcrli,A
extensively by the most eminent Physicians and.
Mldwlves for enfeebled and delicato consUtu
tioni of both sexes and all ages. s
Curt, Diitaut AiMni) from Imprydtncu,
niblu of IMfimUm. c. In all their itages, at
little expense, little or no change in diet, no In
convenience, and no exposure. It causes a Ire
quent desire, and gives strength to gnnste.
thereby removing Obetracttons,TreTenUng end
Curitig Strictures of the Urethra AllayWi Pala
and Inflammation, eo frequent in this class Ol uie
easoa, and expelling all poisonous matter.
11.00 per boltlo or six bottles for 5.00, delivered
to any address, secure from observation. Bold by
druggists everywhere. Prepared hy
" KKXRNKY ro., 104 Duane SL, N. T.
to whom all letters t ' "Uoruution should b
Ho Chargi for Advice snd ConiolUtloa.
7)r J. n JJitott. Graduated J.ffernm Mtdirnl
Col'ili, Philadelphia, author of several valuable)
works, can be consulted on all diseases of Iho
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which he hat ruado
an especial stndy), either In male or fcmsle, no
Binttcr from what cause originating, or of how
lone standing. A prnctico of 80 years enables
hini to trait ulseasca with success. Cures guar
anteed. Chargea reasonable. Tlioae at a dis
tance can forward letter describing symptoms,
and enclosing stamp to prepay postage 9
Beud lor tlin Unitlt to 7mm(A. Price 10 cenu.
- j H. DXOTT. M. 1 Physician and Burgeon.
104 Uuanom.,uw York.
TBS host thorough rmtmin or TBS
By Us ass Cancers are cared, snd
Cancerous tumors are dispersed without the sur
geon's knife Scrofula conquered, and Consump
tion prevented and cured.
Venereal Diseases, Mercurial and Miner
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, and vigor
ous health and a sound constitution established.
Female) Weakness and Diseases,
Dropsy, general or partial; Swelling, external or
Internal; and Tumors are reduced and dispersed
is a very short time.
Erysipelas, Bait Rhentn, 8cald Ttcad.asd
Fever Bores are soon removed by this powerful
detergent medicine.
Scorbutic Diseases, Dandrnfl, Scaly
or Rough hkin.and Pimples quickly glvu way,,
leaving the skin smooth and fair.
Cbronle Diseases, Fever and Acne, Bis
ordered Liver, Dyspepsia. Rheumatiam, Nervons
Affections, General Debility, in short, all tho
numerous diseases caused by bad blood are con
quered, and give way before this most powerful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Each bottle contains between forty and
fifty ordinary doses, costing only one dollar.
From one to four or five bottles will
cure Salt Rheum, Rcald Head, Ring Worm. Pim
ples on the Face, Biles, ordinary Eruptions, etc.
From two to eight bottles will euro
Scaly Eruptions of the Skin, Ulcers, Sores, and
Canker in the Month and Stomach. Eryslpelas,etc.
From two to ten bottles will restore
healthy action to the Liver and Spleen, will reg
ulate the Bowels and Kidneys.
From two to six bottles will be fonnd
effectual in curing Neuralgia, Sick-Headacne, SU
Vitus' Dance, and Epilepsy.
From five to twelve bottles will cars
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles wUI
Cure severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh.
From two to roar bottles will cure the
Worst cases of Piles, and regulate Costive Bowels.
From two to ten bottles will cure
bad cases of Dropsy.
Price It per bottle, or 0 bottles for $5.
Bold by all Druggists
D. HANSOM, SOX k CO., Propr's,
Bee testimonial in local column. Buffalo, IT. T.
"CA8L0 TS KlSCEUr," "O00D KOSimiS,".
" IWiU " aaa " ASU&F,"
kwiik tl. immc wsilv aa wkkilt CiaiS-i
TUS AT WOHl iiMMUoatN), aw fs.ee.
aTwe of ttMCanam s Iks ass ef Wlaa.
Awais sae Fart AlMpt" las AMI
k eoaMwkat aBsUar.
gabsernwrs hnliksi AT OMO .
ataaisasssHar tarns .
. UkntasawlUiaBy
uar as.nis .
. n.i. i
$SOO Pages, 2S0 Engratingg.
A storti ng expose of medical humbugs of
the psst snd present. It ventilates quacks,
traveling itoctM, noted female cheats, for
tune tellers and mediums, nnd gives interest
ing narratives of noted physicians. It reveals
startling secrets, and is invsluahle to all. Wo
give exclusive territory snd liberal commis
sions. For circulars and terina address the)
publishers. J. b. BURR A HYfjE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
Written by 80 eminent authors, inclrding
John li Hough, and llnrai-a Greeley,
This work is a complete history or all
branches olindustry, and is a complete ene
cvclnpeilia of arts and manufactures, "ns
ot our epenla od 13.1 copies in eight days,
another 3iiS in two seeks. Specimen asnl
Ireeon receipt nt stamp
J. B BUKH A nVDB. Publishers.
Ha.tford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
A NEW B0-X--
weeks agents who would secure territory,
should apply at once. '
J. B. H'IRR a HYDE, Publisher.
Hsrtford, Conn., or Chicago, HI.
Dr. Bowers, -Dentist, McAr

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