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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 24, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McAKl'llUIt, OIllO,
Ob sndirlor fhmdsv, Noyember Sd, 1871
train will run loll"! The bt. Louis
Express run ltily; nil other trains dsil Sua
d i vs sleiled.
the FsslLme'anl Etpress will stop onlr
I Lnveland.r.reenrleld.Cliilli-othe Hsmilcn.
Alliens and coit' Lsndmg. Fsst Linegoing
vast will stop M lllmii-hn-.ter, also, other
train stopsl all station.
Station: Ntl. Ka.tL. St.T.Ex.
Cinclniwil .. Vm W -.Mam rm
ChillKiihe......ll ahim ll" 1 '"
Riohlnol Fur..U S uupro iim
Hsniden 13 ISpm 3 Slpm 4Um
Mr.Tiici... I i" aipm 1:""n
Vinton ....... - I ISpin J "l" 8 "Urn
gileskl... 1 Mpm 3 3 "V"
How Furnnee... 1 aipin a Mpm 3 I7.un
Paraerburji ........ SSpin 6 W'pm 0 60am
Pfcihons. Msil. Fast!.. fit.L.Ex
ParkersV'irs 9 joam ").iiti W Slpm
Hope.. Furnace 1 l'9im 11 30m 3 Worn
Z.,e,ti 1 li'pm 11 3Hiim S 3.lpm
fiuion.... 1 tlipiu 11 Warn 8 li'pm
U.Astiii 1 4ipm 11 S&tm 8 47pm
Hninden .... 1 3pra 14 com 3 Mpm
Vuhlun.i Fur.... S 13pm 11 Mpm 4 Wpm
Chilhcothe........... 3 lopm 1 unpm 4 Mpm
Ciaeiuuati .........8 Wpm 6 nopm oopm
The Zsln-eki Accommodation going easl
leye Clullicolhe l m., KavsvilleT o
KiehWnd Furnace, 1. Hninden arrive 8 4S
depart 9 41. McArlhur, SI. Vinton W M,
Rilmki lu M. toin wes't-2leii I 0'ip.m ,
Vinton 4 31, McAith'ir nil, II im.lon. arrive
4 30-dep.irt 4 50, Itichland Furoaee, 6 ISO,
Rnvaville, 4 AO, chdhcothe. 2.
trains rui the 1'OK ISMUUTH BRANCH
will leave Hninden at a IS a.m. and 4 uoii.m
arriving at Portsmouth at 11 10 a in. and 7 cop.
m. Keiinningtrnin ill leave Portsmouth nt
I 4 V a.m. and i M p.m., arriving at Humden
it 1 1 a.m. and 5 ) p.m.
Trams connect a: l.oveland for all points on
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
olis aad Cincinnati Railroad Juneti n for all
points Went; al Alliens, with the Columbus
H. V. K. 11., at Parkersburg, with trie h.
O. R. R. W. W. PEHLY.
Master of Transportation.
T WIT.!, run a hack from Wilkcsville to
Jg. 11 niliuen niiu reiurn ctci j mw
dav and Friday, for the awommndntion of
prtSenu'r!! HinKinff CIO?f.fttnn;in'ii w x.u .lie
mail I nuns on the M. A C. K. i- 1 will alao
narry exprex packagea Mi'ppod to or from
thou point by the Adams Exnresa Co.
T'rILr. run repniorly to McArlhur Station
y V to meet nil mail I minx.
Haok leaves McArlhur post ofTW a. V.'.nn
o'clock, M. eath day, to connect with mail
Oriera left at the poat office, McArthur, er
Jjundait, prjtnptlv nlif nded to.
Hamlen, Wilke.ivilla and Midclloport
n AVISO Hie contract for rnrryins the mn:l
between the above pnintH 1 Bill be nblc tn
liiriiih eouvcynnce for piisreiiyi r nnd then
bnjiif ige lo and Inimsnid iiintnon Hie follow
lngd.iv: From Wilkexville lo llinnlf-n nnd
buck on MondiwK, Wednesday and Fridnys;
nnd from WilkVaville to Middlepnrl, Meii!"
Co , nnd back on Tuesdnv., 'I h uradnva ir.d
Batind.1. 'OH N I.F.VIS.
Holloway's Pills and Ointment
Multitudes have died crip
pies, who might have been
rendered sound and ac'ive by
llollowaj's Ointment, Coun'
less victims of internal disease
have Jperishcd, whom his Tills
would have cdred. Think of this
Sold 78 Maiden L:ne, N. Y.
Trice 25 cents per pot. Cull
for new style; the old is counterfeited.
A new, practicable and in
xliauslable source lor the sup
ply ot soda has been found in
Nevada. There is a small lake
in Churchill county of that
State, on the shores of which
carbonate of soda is formed in
a very pure state, and where
it is found as fast as it is re
moved. It is said to be equal
in all respects to the European
soda, nnd the probable yield is
upvvarda of 20,000 tons annually.
If pegged boots are occa
sionally dressed with petrole
um between the soles and up
per leather, they will not rip.
If the soles of boots and shoes
are dressed with petroleum,
they will resist wet and wear
well. The pegs, it is said, are
not affected by dryness after
being well saturated with the
Exocii Ferdinand Shaun was
hanged at l'reston, Pa., April
12lh, for the murder of his
wife, on May 4lh, 1S72. Ilis
paramour and accomplice, Su
san Eberhart, is under sen
tence to be hanged May 2.
Two sisters and two brothers
of the woman Eberhart wit
nessed the executiou.
The Cedar Kapids Times
says it Jails to see anything
more sinful in burning corn,
which only requires three to
lour months lo grow to per
fection and which can be pro
duced on the same soil year
alter year, than to burn a tree
which it has taken scores of
years to erow.
Credit Mubniur l'atlerion
has sent his domination as
President of the Ohio Agri
cultrual College to a member
of the BoarJ of Trustees.
Cincinnati and Columbus
have elected the Deajocraiic
In Zalesld
THE Znleeki Compsny, with ietothe
development of the local mteresU of a!e
ki. to aecure ll permanent piosperity, aid lo
add to Hi popnls.ion and wealth, are now
n lie ring to aclu.il .ettleis, town lots and farm
lamia at low pnt-rs. au I on liberal terms.
Persona deiiriuii to examine the property
aod to buy i-lienp huui-e will apply at the
Company' ohVes to
It THOMP-'OS, Manager.
Zale-ki, Ohio, May 18. 1871. If
the new postal law we are supplying the peo
ple with our tine nickel while metui viare, of
triple electro Hlver plate, poet paid to any
pai l of the country dirtrcllroui our innufu
NotwilhtnndinK a large advance In nickel
we atiil orler the gunda, both plain and laucy
patterns, atformer factory rules, and will mad
anv (inutility at these price, ou revei.l of the
Butler knife, pickle fork, eugar spoon and
napkin ring.farh fl m
Tea spoons and nut picks, hill dos. 1 Mi
leHert knives,lorks nnd spoons, half dos. 4 U0
Table " " " 4 Ou
Replating nfold ware in the best manner, at
one half of these prices.
We will mail to any adHresa photnirraphs
and price list of 'our FIXK 8ILVKK
the manufacture nt which is a ipecialty with
It I our privilege lo refer to the editors ol
all Cincinnati religious weeklies.
lu what paper did you see our advertise
ment? M AXXl.XG, ROBI80X & CO.,
64 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
31octl87j 8t
ff.ll. J. IMWLLLS & CO.,
One door tcest of Dan. Will & Bro't.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persons wishing lo purchase landa farms or
I own lots in Vinton o' ndoining counties will
tit) ft tracts to Bint (hem bv oiling.
Persons nulnng to sell Itin.ls larms or town
lots Mill hnve a good limine of doing sob)
leaving deuliilion, etc. in n ir hiiniis.
W.M.J. RANNKl.l.LiCO.,
oet2 Miin Street, McArlhur, O.
fill'. Dnpoairo's Oolden
They never fail, nnd mny be depended upon
in every enso where llio monthly Ho ha;,
iw.rn oli-triictC'l thr-iiiiih cold or disensi'.
iL'l''M)o' HULI'K I'lLI.Snlwaya give nil
nieilmto relie. A lady wrMes: "'I'uponcu's
Uol.len I'lllsn lieved me in one day like mug
ic." The genuine are now put tip in large
white boxes containing double the oiiinitiiy ol
pill-, aid upon euch box you will find mi
"Private IJ. ;H. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
slaniw see the words I UI'O.NOO'S OUlJiE.N
PILLS in white letters, wiihoul that uone
aiii genuine.
rl-iiiemlH'r Iho genuini in the white boxes
Full mi lexpbcit dirtc'.iniisiu'i-otiipnny cm I.
hex. Price Sl.oU per box, six noxc.i S.i.'CJ
.ol I by one druggist tn every ton n, villagu,
city ami h unlet throtiglloul I lie stuuJ.
ijtild in McArti.nr. t ,
Uy 0. W. MSSOX. Drwj'jist.
Kule Atjent for Vinton Vmtuhj.
Hv ceii'iing him ll.tin thixngh the McArth'ii
0.. l'ost tim.-e, can have the pills senteouH
deiitinlly. by mini, to any pait l the country
iree of postage.
K. I). HOWE, Proprietor, New Wit.
The P-ew York
A Journal for all True Republicans
for all Truo Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
Tho Seir York Kvening Po.t, edited b
William 'Inllen Bryant nnd Pmke Uoduin.
assisted by (lie fitroh'ii-st talent that can h'
eiiL'ai!eil. has for more than half n eeniury
inaiuuined the snme prin.'iples ol freedom
and progress, through nil chanae" of partia.-
nn'i iioiicie'i.
It stain:!, for equal righ!?; for the ditribu
tion of nowcr; for honesty Hnd econoniv; lor
the security "i the glorious results of emanci
pation and eulraiicliiseineiit vvou rjy tne war
mid nil praetii-nble retorms.
It is opposed to iniustice and spoliation, dis
gnisfd under the mono of protection, nnd to
nil corrupt pnny combinations which sa:ritice
principteto mere success.
It will siippoit Crunt nnj I'ilsen, because
it believe Hint under them the goveinment
ill be more stable, and the ehnni es for pr
r.'1'es.s nnu rciorni more ceriaiu, than unuernny
alliance ofinconinaiible elements.
The Kvening Post is equal to anv other ns
a newspaper, and is complete in i'H political,
i la literary, us scienunc, its agricultural ana
uncommercial departments,
Singie copy one year, SI 60; five copies, one
year, ti.w, ten copies, one year, ji'i.ouj twen
ty copies, one yenr, tin. in).
Sing'e copy, one year, J3 00; hve copies,
one year, tiz oii; ten copies, one year, tu.ou.
Those subscribing now for one r will ros
ceive the naner until January I. .
Ol we will send thefollowing p dicalalo
subscribers, in connection wub vtnin
Post at the prices named :
With With
Weekly Semi Weekly
fcvemng pom. nveninit Post
Harper's Weeekly $4 DO 0 00
Harpi'r's Bazar 4 50 6 00
Harper's Mitjrnzine.... 4 50 6 00
Every Saturday 5 00 6 50
Atlantic Monthly 4 00 5 50
Our Youno- Folk's 3 00 4 50
Scribner'g Monthly . . 4 50 C 00
Old and K(w 4 50 6 00
The Galaxy 4 00 5 50
Phrenological Journal 3 50 5 00
The Agriculturist ... 2 50 4 00
Hearth and Homo ... 3 75 5 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 50
Appleton'c Journal. . . 4 50 6 00
Wood's Household Mugaiine a 00 3 60
Home Journal 3 50 5 00
The Christian Intelli.
gencer, with Chronio 3 75 5 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Poland
Christian lntelbgencer will be sent the beau
tiful Chromo, The Gleaners.
For2 cents we will send the Weekly Even
ing Post lor two itioniha, or lor 5u ceata we
will send the ncmi-weekly Kvening Post for
the -aineliine. biieoimen numbers sent (ree.
Address, Wi. 0. riRV.l.N r A :
Sloct . sew y1K.
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Galipolis, McAnhur
& Columbua Railroad. C6.
A Mi parties having subscribed tothe cap.
Aitl stock ol Ihe .. McA. & U. R. R. nre
h-reby requi.ed to make pnvinent lo ihe-ec.
retaryofilie Company, nt his oflice on the
Public Square, in Uallicolis, Ohio. 01 if more
convenient, lo I'anicl Will. Presid-ntof the
Vinton County Hank, ai Mc trlliur, nhio, of
an installment ol five dollars on each shn'e
so subscribed, v ithiu ten days of this date.
Augu.t lu. 1871.
decani. 'C.B.B.C.
810(100 How to Obtain It!
9iW,iJiJU AFi'sJ WAWTiiU.
Particulars and rnnioles sent on receipt of
Stamp. Ko Cwpllal Necessary. Ad.iressM.
VVT r.)N t;u 704 Broadway. New York
To a Boom over Jones'Billiard t aloon,
Where he will be pleased to see his old cus
tomers, and a many new ones ns wih 10
come. J. VV. Ll't.'LH
Eead Sr. Hdlend i New Stoty.
500 rages for 1 ! ic.
The publishers of Bcttsxna'i Movthlt,
promue for the ensuing year more hnllinnt
array of contributors, and an increase m tho
vaneli and beauty of its illust rations, already
.onceded bv the critics lo be "finer Mna ouy
Kidb r hitherto appeared in any American
I 'r. Holland, theeditor, will write the serial
story of lh yenr, which will be aulobiouraidi
leal in form, and will be Hliistrnleil by Miss
Mullock. It is entitled Arthur llonntcssile.Hiid
will desl with some of the most difficult prob
lems of American life. It will be commenced
in the November number.;
'I here will be a new s'ory by Saxe Holm,
Th one legged fJuncera.
llret llarie, the best wnter of short stories
now living, will contribute a ehnrnclerisiic
story, entitled The Epic of Fiddlelowu.whicli
will be illustrated by Sheppsnl.
K. H. Slmldard will wn e a series nt enter
turning papers about authors, their personal
charactei istics, home life, liimiliee, friends,
w lunis and wnya. A series of portraits of hvs
ing American writers la sNo promised.
t'larence (,'ook will write a'.out ftirniliire,
nno the decoration of American homes.
These papers will be eminently practical as
well as artistic, and will be illustrated Willi
designs and sketches by numeroua artists in
addition to those which the people will fur
nish. Among those who will contribute are:
Hans Anderseo, Hryant. Uuslmell, Kgile.
ton, r roude, HigKiuson, Hmhop II untingion,
Hret Hnrte, John Hay, II. II., Mncdomild,
Mitch II, M sa Phelps, Stedman, Ktocktnn,
8indnsrd, Ceba Thaxter, Wsrner, Wilkinson,
Mrs. Whitney, besides a hnt of oihers.
The editorial conttol and direction of the
Magnsine will remain in the hands of I'r.
Holltnd, who will continue to write The
Topics of the Time," which the N. V. Inde
pendent sas "are more widely quoted than
any similar paper In any American mnga.
Watson Odder" will write " The Old Cnbi.
net;" as hilheno. Prof. John (J. I'rapercon
ducts the department of "Nature and Sci
ence." The deparlments of "Ho-iio and So.
ciely"and "fultiire and Progress," m en
gaga the contributions 01 more than a score
ol pens on both spies of the Atlantic 'lie
Watchman and Hellector says: ".-cribner
Monthly for septi nils r is better than usual,
w hicli indicate a nee lies. v.nte nt editoriul
brains and pubbsnei's money, fur the Mug.
nziin-w 1 gi.oi enough Ufor'el" Ami yell.
publisher promise to make il still belli"-lur
the coiniiiir year.
Tl" subscription price is St on a year, with
special rates to clergymen, tencheis nud pust
masters. The following
are ottered lo new subscribers :
ror Ji flu the publishers will send, or anv
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
magazine tor one yenr, and the twelve num.
beiHofVols. Ill and IV, containing the be
ginning ot .Mrs. Hiphniil's sertiil, "At His'
liates;' 1 or 07 Ml, the Mnuaztne lor one veir.
and ihe'JI luck number Horn ibe lieginning,
lor Kin in, the Magazine torone year, and the
-'I hack niiiiibers bniind (4 vols.,) charges on
hound vols, -in d. This will gi e nenriy S.ntui
pages of the cliaicest remling, with the' Hnest
lilnstriitinns, lor Si" ra), or nearly bw puces
Ibr n dollar.' nnd will enable every feubsciiber
to obMin the seine from thetirst.
-peeial terms lo fiiHlers, Clergymen ami
1 enciif rs.
8CR1BNEHA CO., 051 Hrnndivny, N. Y.
"I'nqncstlonnblytlicbrst snstnlncd works
of the kind lu the 01I1I."
Harper's Magazine.
AViVej q the Press.
The CTcr increasIng ctrcnl .tion of Ihisfx
I'elleul tnnnllil) proves Its continued ndapla
tion to popular desires nnd needs. Indeed
tthen we think into how many homes it pene
ira'.es every month, wa nuui cuiider it ns
one of tho educators its well as entel I liners nt
the public mind, for its vast popu'niuv hns
been won bynnnppeal to stupid pi-e,uiiije
or deptaved tastes, IJoiton Glle.
Tho charaetor whicli this Mwji'm possess
es for variety, enterprise, wealth, and liter.iiy
culture that has kepi pacn with, if It has 1101
!cd the times, should cause ps conductors to
regain it with justifiable complHCencv. I also
entitles them to a great claim upon the pub
he gratitude. TIih Magazine has done gnod
mil not evil all the dajs of its lite. : Brooklyn
A complete set of tl.tnpm'H Maoazinc. now
coinprisiiig i't volumes, in neat ( loth Inml'iig,
win im3 seat ov express treigut at expense ol
I'llri'ht.s. r, lor ii '2 per volume, timjle vol
iimei, by mnil.po.nnf, J;i 00. Clotl enses, for
oiiiuiug, aa ctnis, ny mail, postpaid.
"A Complete Pictorial History or the
Timcs."-"Tlie best, chcnpcsi, mul mo.tt
snccesaliil t unilly 1'uper in tlin Union"
Harper's Weekly.
KMca nf tin Pro.
The fTwHy is the ablest and most powerful
illustrated periodical published in this conn
try. Its editorials are scholarly nnd convinc
ing, mul carry much weight, lis nliistntinns
ol current events are full and Irei-h, nnd are
prepared by our best designers. vV ith a cir
ciilalmn of l.'ili.l'du, the Wtelcly la rend by at
lenst hail a million persons, nud its inlliicnce
as an organ ol opinion is simply tremendous.
The Weekly maintains a positive position, and
expresses decided views on political and so
cial problems. Luuucille Vvurier-Journal.
The annual volumes nf IlARpRtt'a Wzr.xi.y,
in neat cloth binding, will he sent by express,
free of expense, tor 17 00 each. A complrfe.Srf.
computing tiixtetn Volu met, sent on receipt of
cash at the rate of 13 IW per vol ,reiijiU at ex
pesM of purchaser,
"A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure and
Harper's Bazar.
Kotiatiof Ike Prest.
The Bmnr is edited with a contribution ol
tact and talent that we seldom find in say
journal; and the journal itself is the oigsn of
Ihe great world ot fashion.- BoHnn Tranter,
Tho Lunar commends itsell to every mem
ber of tne household to the 0111. ren by droll
sod pretty pictures, to the young ladies by its
fash'on plates in endless variety! to the proy
ident matron by its patterns tor the children's
rlolhes, to pater familial b; its useful designs
for embroidered slippers and luxurious dress
ing gnwi.s. Hut Ihe reading matter of the
Biirur is uniformly of great eNcellenee. The
paper has acquired a wide popularity tor the
fireside enjoyment it slfords. .V. i . Krenina
lUspia's Wrr-KiT, Eazar, or Masai ke,
on year, cu-h, H "0
An eilra rap nf eilktrthe MaoaziK, WrrKl.T,
or Habar, udl be mpplietl gralit to etery clttba Kivg
rifaea nm -I ti Uiraik U one remillancr; or,
fix rapiajar S20 IKl, itilkoHlerlm ceji.v.
Siika ipI'MM lo II Ai.pr.s's MaoAzinx, WiriLT,
aud Bajia k. to one mUtret for one yeur, 110 'si; or,
tuvi of Horjifr'. Pcruxtitule, to one addran for one
year J7 "(1
nrl.winircnii he f.ipplied at anytime.
'I he live v.iluuies of llAitpr.n's Iinn, lor
'he years 18' 8, 'C 1, '7n, '71, '7i, elegantly
bound 111 .jrcen mor icco ( lot. 1. will be sent bv
expiess, height prepaid, (or 17 OO each.
The po-int-on llAiipe.'s WrtKi.vni Raias
is an cents a year. Miiiiii M cent', which
mii-t b- paid i.l iherilr' post office.
Address HAHPbr i Inn l.EHH, ..cwYork
Love and Matrimony.
The nffW'tions may lie guue.1 by following
snopl rules, nnd mII may marry happily with
out regard to wesllh, ago or beajty. Address,
wuh stamp.
Madam Lucille Demarre, Bible House
Station, N. Y. 2Janly
Proceedings of the Vinton
County Sunday School Convention.
Mr.,Editok: As the proceel
ings of the Vinton County Sun
day School Convention, held
last fall were not published, I
beg leavo to plice a portion ol
them before the public through
Mie columns ol your paper :
The convention met at the
M. E. Church in McArlhur, on
the lGth day of September,
1872, and organized by elect
ing 11. W. Coullrap, temporary
chairman, and G. ,W. Ilol!anl
secretary, the permanent chair
man ard secretary being ab
sent. After making out a list
o( the delegates present, a re
port of the condition of the va
rious schools represented was
made by their respective dele
gates. The reports almost in-
variably wero discouraging in
this, that they reported a want
of efficient teachers. This con
sequently became Iho import
ant question ot the hour and
was the subject of much and
spirited discussion. Manyolh
er questions received the atten
tiou of the convention. Among
them the following one: "Llow
best to impart instruction ami
secure attention," being mile
the order of a.i evening session
receive! special consideration
The discussion of ic was ablv
opened by Prof. B irnes and Dr
S. 0. Teeters, who rvere follow
ed by various other spjaken ii
pointed speeches.
At the close of tlia busines
of ihe convention an electioi
was held, and the follovun;
officers were elected lor Ihe en
suing ear:
President, II. LI.S v.ii n; Sec
letary, J. fe. Iluhn.
( R. S B.i rn hi II,
Ur. S. C. Teeters
Eveculivo J II. V. Cmiliran
Commiltee Gen. V. Unlltn 1
j K Al Steel,
lU. W. Rickey.
One Vice President wn chit
sen fi om each township n
follows: Jnchsnn, W. M. Wall
er;Swan,E.W. Ellis; Eiple, J
M. Walker; Elk, U. Cruii :
Uichland, John Mills; M ull o
K. G. Thompson; Kinx, Clm
McPherfon; Prown, Alvin Pii
ney; Vinton, J.imes Pi pit
Hnrrisim, Win. Clark; Clinton
It was revived that ee
Vrice President ha req'iestf'd t
visit al! Ihe schools of !iis town
ship, and collect statistics an
forward them to secretar
nnd where practicable organ
izs new schools.
Also, a resolution was pis
cd, that the executive commit
tee prepdre a plan for Sun
day Srhool Missionary work in
the county, and secure the ser
vices of live working men t
visit schools that hive gone
down nnd try to resurrect them
On motion the convention
We trust that much good
was done, and that all Hip del
egiles returned home filled
with 'new zeal nnd impulse for
a g?neral forward movemet t
along the whole line of thr
Sunday School nrmv.
J. S. HUHN, Sec'y.
Tub following will refresh
the minds of our realers as
to the dates of the most im
portant inventions, discover
ies arid improvments, the ad
vantages of which we now en
Spinning wheel invented
Paper first made of rag
Muskets invented and fh'sl
used in England in 1421.
Pumps invented 1435.
Printing invented by Faust
Engraving on wood invented
Postoffiee established in Eng
land 1404.
Printing introduced into
England by Caxton 1474.
Violins invented 1447. '
Roses hrst planted in Eng
land 1205
Hatchets first made in 1504
Punctuation first used in lit
erature 1520.
tences were put togethcrlikethis
Floating greenbacks, 358,
535,527. .
King of the Blood.
Cancerous Minors. Case.
It is with pleasure 1 write in
behalf of my mother, who has
been taking your medicine,
King of the Blood, for a tumor,
and can say she is almost en
tirely cured. She has taken
four bottles of the medicine
The tumor was as large as a
goose egg when she com
menced. It is now only about
the size of a gniin of corn, and
radidly disappearing. She has
doctored hundreds of dollars
uway without benefit, until us
ing yfiur medicine, for which
we will always be thankful and
can recommend the King of the
Blood to any o.ie needing it.
My mother's name is Sarah Du
lin. Yours respecttully.
King of the Blood. SARAH MCMINIS, Kenton, O.
See advertisement in auulli
jr column.
Tug new national flag of
China is said to resemble bn
ld bed quilt with lobsters run
ning around the edge.
Experience will tench any man that
it is advuntiiireoua tn patronizo those
who aJvcrtiss in newspapers'
We will furnish tlio Record nnd the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
$3 50 per year.
AdvkrtisIXO reminds peoplo of
liinxs they lind liean wnntin; nil
lion;, but luid forgotten nil about.
Simosd's, riwtograplier. Cliillicuthe
.lives careful nttention to making cop
es of other pic'.nrcs. 1'icturca nitty lie
mule its lunio ns life from the tiniest
ekct picture, nnd mndo in overy way
satisfactory by careful nnd judicious
iiluriii. riiotintplis from ntiturooi
i'iiiii utlier pictures colored in the best
Ivies in oil, liter colors, crnyon, ptts
nl or ink, nt rates to suit all circuia
atarrh, Consump'ion & Rheumatism.
Iiiiine.iinte iciitf nnd a pcrtnni.ent cine
n 1 1 i inc.' I in every ens'-. P irneulnr. sent
re". Addicts Clinton Medical Jin-t, lute, 117
':.i-t l'.lh St.. N V.
No Person can lake these Ivnieis uc
.'ordiug to liircclioiH, nud r m;ii u long unwell
irovl.lcd thdr bones nro not destroyed by mine
p.n-oti or other iii' iun, find vital urgau:
wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dyspepsia or Indices! inn, Ilcndjirhe
Pllill III Urn Sliouldcis, Coughs, Tiglitncss ofllH
.'licst, Dlz.incss, Sour I'.ruclallotis of the Sto
iniich, Hail Taste la tho Mouth, bilious Attacks
i'.i pita! ! hi of the llcfivt, liiilaiiiinntloa of tin
i.iings. Pain la the regions of tho Kidneys, nai!
i liiiiulrcd other painful symptoms, arc the oif
prings of livspcpsin. Oho liollle will prove i
ucticr guariinicc of its merits than ulcugtlii
For KcniiilcCniiipliiiiits, In young or old
married or single, nt Uicdaivu ol yt-oinanlinod.
rtr the turn of life, tlicsa Tonic Hitters display si
lecnlcd nn lunueucc that Improvement is auoi
For liiflniiiinntnrv' ntifl C'lironl.
Hlieiininlisni and (lout, bilious, i.cinittcii'
m l liitcnitlttcnt levers. IHscnscs of tho Hlcod.
Liver, Kidneys nnd Hladdcr, these lllttera havt
10 equal. Such Diseases aro caused by Villa'.cti
They nre n gentle Pingntlve ns well
as a Tonic, possessing the merit of acting as
i powerful agent in relieving Congestion or In
lammatlnn of iho Liver and Visceral Organs,
Hid in lliltnu Diseases.
I'or Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
ftlisuin. lilotchcs, Spots, Pimples, Pustules,
.mils, Carbuncles, ltltig-worins, Scnltl-Hcad,
inro Fyes, Kryslpelas, Itch, Siturfs, Dlscolora
Ions of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of the
-kin of whatever name or nature, are llicr
i!ly dug up and carried out of the sys
cm In a short time by the use of these Hitters.
tJrnleful Thousands proclaim Vinkoak
iltTTKKS tho moat wonderful luvigorant that
jver sustained tho sinking svstem.
It. II. iricItOiMAi.D A. CO.
nnijrglsts and Oen. Agts.. ban Francisco, Cal.,
11 cor. of Washington nnd Charlton rMs., N'.Y.
Ten year of a ntib
lie teat hns Droved Dr
Crook's Wine of Tar tc
have more merit than
any similar preparation
ever ollered to the pub
lic. It is rich la the
medicinal qualities ol
Tar. and uneounled fht
,"'MSt dl"en,e" ot th Throat
i7SA cures, it, effectually
toltln. It hns cured so
and lironchitlsj. that
has been pronounced
epecino lor tliese com-
filaints. For Fnlns in
he Ilreaat, hide m
Ilaek.Uravel or Hid.
lier Uiaeasie. Diseases
of the Irlnnry Organs. Jaundiee, oi
any i.iyer lorapisini it una no equal
It la alao a aunerlor Tonic.
Hesitorea Ihe Appetite,
nirenginena ins sysirm,
Beaitores ihe Weak and Debilitated.
Cnnses Ihe Fond lo IMg-eat,
Bcdiotm lly apopslM and IndiireMtion,
Prevents) Malnrloua Fevers,
UlTea lone to your ryiieui,
That Pale, Yellow. Sickly-Looking Skit
la clianeeo to one or iresiiness ami ireaitit
Those IlMones) of the Rkin, IMmnlesi
PiiNtulca. Illolrlies and Kriipllnna nr.
removed. Hrrofnla.Xerornloua ItiMenaet
of the I'.yea, W h te Nwellinar, Floor.
Old Korea or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle nnd disappear under lis Influence
In fnct It will do you more good, and curt
you more speedily thnn nny nnd nil othei
rirepnrntlonaconihlned. VTiitllltl Itlsna-un-sown
rrstorerl A soluble oxyd of Iror
eomhlned with the mmllrlnsl properties o:
Poke Root divestedolnlldisnurofubli. quul
Itlcs It will rnreany ( lironieor I.o'ik
atandinar neae whose ronl or rtlrec
cause is had blood. Rhemnnt Isni.I'nlni
In l.linlnnr Hnne, ont lln lion bro
ken down hy Mercurlnl or other poisons
srenllrnrwl by It. Korpiyiilillix.orf.ypli.
Ililie ta'nl, there is notliins eonnl lo It,
A trial w'll prove II. KSU FOR 1IK
l-OKK JtOOT. -
A A!
jD D
If You
"Want a nitiuitioii.
A nut a servant girl,
IVnnt to si'll a piano,
Want to sell tt carilnjie,
Vfint to buy or wll a larin.
iVimt n boartlitig place.
Want to fell town property,
Want to Bell jriopcrlcs or ilnif.
AVniit to soil household furniture.
Wont tosi.ll ilrv urooils or carpets.
Want to Itoil ctistoiiicrs for any thing.
Advertising will gain new customer?.
Advertising will keep dd customers.
Advertising literally always pay.
Advertising mal.es eiicccss easy,
Advertising besrets conlldcnec,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Atlvertiso or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advenhe well,
Ui'crit merchant, manufacturer
or luniitess man who has become
prominently rich, has made hi
, . 1 ! I . ... I .'..,. .
roriunc 01 juatctous uuceittxwy
Xo exception to this nth can Ic
cited! 'Stewart, cite Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, ivas
driven to advertising, as a lasi
4 , , 1 ' I ' I I'.I
resort, to act, nis mocic tunica iii'.u
money so as to meet a vote. Ar
aninfi from this that if il wan
tjootl for him in adverviiy, h
could mal-c it sltll better in pros
pcrih, he beanie, a jersis!cnt ad
verttscr, and tints gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is n.iS word
while to advertise; for no person read
advertisements; yet every merchant it
this county will r'nd this advertise
ment, nnd if he is wiso he will prnli
hy its suggestion, if he ling anything t
'iler vi rtli ndvertisinj;. llow intu'l
aic re then will tlioso read thorn vh
ire not so largely supplied with read
ing mutter, tire nt leisure in the even
ing, nnd must depend on thiir paper fin
heir local news, the innst in portaic
tern i f which is where they can I'm
.list what they want when they cmue t'
own to make their purchases. If you:
tock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out
tyle that it is wnrtli'ess, or il' it i; rut
Inwn so that you hnve nothing left tha
.lenpln would w.iit, it is not wort I
.vhilrt fur you to advertise, lint if it o
iev, fresh nnd sparkling, up to tin
noes, n mi such us the peoplo want
lon't hide tlicm, hut publish lo t ) i
vorld that you have them, ur.d wan
a sell them at u fuir price.
An advertisement published Hir a sin
iU day dues duty beyond that diu
ind its efTect continues in n firent-i
atio than most men imagine. Jn the
nd it will liuiko a man's nnn a per
ninent. matter, n piece of real proper,
y built up in th'j mill'' of men initi
t becomes more vnbinble tana nn;
tnrner lot in his locality.
If you lose a watch, a don or n child.
t if you desire peoplo not to trusi
our wife, you rush to your local pa
er, knowing that every one will rein
he advertisement I!ut you will plm
ihin in business year after year, with
nit calculation how intijli you nre Ins
n liy not advertising it llf porter
If those ersons who prnfesi to b.
ieve that newspaper advertisement
re not renl by the publ c wish to b
iinvinced of their error, just let tin 11:
ive pniilicity to some matter the
vould not c iro lo divulge to the world,
von in the most obscure corner of i
nontry paper, and see what notorietv
hey would soon aUuin.Adeertiser'i
AuvK.RTifixG Is npt to give ns iba
:entle jogol conscience whicli tells u
hat wo wnnt a new suit of clothes fm
onilav, or that we promised our wif
i new dress as soon ns the hay was in
Yrlnips if would lie a good plan f.n
udiime to niark this passage and hi
he paper upon her liusband'g lireuk
st plate. Who will say that adver
ising will not yetcivilizo iho world!
V nt do people read ndvertisements:
I'o see whii is enterprising and to lean,
vhat is going on. 'I'o fee if there is
nythinir new, or anything that they
vutit. To see il the season's style,
hove come in, nnd to (ind nut who'bns
hem. To know if nny one is seiliii!;
If at reduced rates, or lo watch the
diance (if nn miction. For nintiscment
To satisfy cnriisty. Huenu.e they
i nve read nil the st'.ries, marriages,
births, deaths, !oenls nnd nccidents!
teeause they want lo. Heeanso they
e n't help il. Ohio Slate Journal.
Ihi? power of print is well known,
ut nut well understood. A printed
-ciitence lins a wonderful ndvantane
ver one that is written or spoken.
I I. is is nun of the many reasons which
.lives mi importance to advertising. ISut
advertisers, even those of experience,
li not comprehend ns well ns they
might the capacity to influence, to per
siiade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words refpiiro the
L'raees of elocution nnd the force of
j eiorpicnce, yet even thet fade nwav in-
" nothingness if not enimht in their
Might and printed. Cut there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
. iihsertion nnd the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it n
marvelous force and iolltienco. Husi.
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may bo
accomplished hy a persevering use of
the printing presses. Learn to ndver
Use, nnd then the "how. when and
where" ol it, nnd you will huve a
knowledge worth having. .
UT.Eelmbold. A.
Is tho only Known nIFJPfc
SSh U K been glvenf Iriltatli'n of the.Vcck
of lie V aUdcr aiu 1 Innan.mation of tho Kidneys,
ricira, on of h Kidney, and Bladder. Heteij
tiit of Vrln'. )isca.-s of the Prostate Oland
8 o ic In tli "uiadder, tiravel. llrlckDust Pepos t,
i h C i S w, I.ai l "de !f tho System, etc.
1 I' ed by Arsons' in lira decline or change , of
life-after connnemcut or labor pulus, bed wet-.
ting in children, cic. .. ,
In manv aftVctioni peculiar to ladles, Ihe Fx
tract Dacha is uncqunU by any other r'"1);
A In Chlorosis or Hctention, Irregularity, I'uin
ftdness or Suppression of Customary Evacuations,
nwrated or Miirru state of tho Vtcriij, I.cu
co rhrea or Whites, ftcrilily, and fur all com
pUi U incident to tlu .ex. t U rrcl.t,l
extensively by tho most eminent Physicians and
Midwivc. for enfeebled nnd dclicaw constltu
lions of both sexes and all o-cs.
li bit of hMlt'itton.Mc, In all their stages, ut
little expense, little or no cliango In diet, no Hi- j
convenience, and no exposure. It causes a fre
quent desire, and gives strength to urinate
Uierehy removing Obstructions, Preyentsig and
Curing Strictures of tho Vrethra, Allaying Pam
and liitlanunatimi.so frequent inthiscUtss of dis
cuses, nndexielllngall poisonous matter.
11.00 per hottlo er six hnttlcs for t.1.00, fiell'o'l
to any address, seciiro from observation. Sold by
druggists everywhere. Prepared by
KE(tNF.Y A f'O., 104 Dunne St., N.Y.
to whom all letters f "'.formutiou should be
Ilo Charge for Advice and Ccasultntioa.
7)r J. II Ortuliinle of .I fn'on M.tlUnl
Coll.iie, l'liiliidclphia. author of several vnhinnln
works, can be consulted en all diseases of Iho
Sexual or Vriimry Orpins, (which ho has mode
un especial study), cither in ninlo or female, no
matter from what cutiso originating, or of fcmy
Ion- stuiding. A practice of 3D years enables
liliu to treat diseases with success. Cures guar
anteed. Charges reasonable. Tlioso ut a di
tnneo can forward letter describing fyraptorns,
ami enclosing slump to prepay pnsiiigc. O
bcml lor lliu tiuitlt tu llfi.lh. Price 10 ccnu.
i U.DIO'i'T, M. D., Physician and Surgeon,
104 Duauo lit., Iev York.
tdb host Tnonorort prmiriKn or id
By Its use Cancers nro cared, and
Cancerous tumors are dispersed without the sur
geon's knife Scrofula conquered, and Consump
tion prevented nnd cured.
Venereal Dlsoasca,Mercnrlnl anil Miner
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, nnd vigor
ous health and a sound constitution established.
Female Weiikneasi and Disease,
Dropsy, general or partial; Swellings, external or
interlink and Tumors are reduced sud dispersed
in a very short time.
Erysipelas, Suit Ithcnm, Scald Tlcail, od
Fever Sores are soon removed by this powerful
detergent medicine.
Scorbutic Diseases, Dandruff, Scaly
or Hough r-liin,and Pimples quickly give way,
leaving; the skin smooth nnd fair.
Chronio Diseases, Fovcrnnd Ague. Dis
ordered Liver, Dyspepsia, lihcumntism, Nervous
Affections, Oencrul Debility, in short, all tha
numerous diseases caused by had blood are con
quered, and givn way before this most powerful
corrector, the King of tho Blood.
Kach bottlo contnins between forty and
fifty ordinary doses, costing only one dollar. 1
From one to four or Ave bottles will
cure Salt ithcnm. Scald Head, King Worm. Pim
ples on the Face, Biles, ordinary Krnptions, etc.
From two toefglit bottles will chid
Scaly Eruptions of the Skin, Ulcers, Sores, and
Canker in the M -null and Stomnch.Eryslpolos.ote.
From two to ten bottles will restore
healthy action to tho Liver and Spleen, will reg
ulate the Bowels nnd Kidneys.
From two to six bottles will be fonud
effectual in curing Neuralgia, Slck-IIcadaclie, bt.
Vitus' Dance, and Epilepsy.
From Ave to twelve bottles will euro
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles will
Cnre severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh,
From two to four bottles will cure tho
Worst cases of Piles, and regulate ( :ostive Bowels.
From two to teu bottlea will euro
bad rases of Dropsy.
Price 1 1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for (5.
Sold by all Druggists
D. RANSOM, SOX & CO., Propr's,
See testimonials In local column. Buffalo, IV. T.
" cablo m mscniir," "qood hoshim,"
'aw au " ana asuu&i,"
Lwith ih. r.i'i,r.r-nr wkkklv wkf.xi.t fnnis-i
1U.1 Al nulla (CoDSOlldstM), for S4.00.
.Two ot UiswCliromoi an Oj Su ef " Wldei
Awsks sad Ful AilMpi" IUoUuis
i .. somtwhat smalltr.
EubserOwn foraUbtd AT OHCX
win uulr CtrouK.
ean nnkt bttUr tana ,
iV BMkmui
k Btrett,
SSOO Pages, 230 Engravings.
Htnrtl ng exonse of medical humbugs ot
ihcpnsl nnd .iesrnt. 11 enlilatcs quacks,
iniveling .iout..r4, noted female cheats, for
tune t. llersnnd medium', and gives interest
ng narratives ol note I .hM i.niB. It reveals
s.arlling secrets, in d in invnlusble to all. We
give exclii-ivo temlury and libernl cninmls-sion-.
for circulars nnJ terms nildress the
puidishers. .1 II. IIUHR u YI'K.
Hartroid.Conn , or Chicago, 111.
t .All
Written by 20 eminent authors, incli'ding
.l.,lin t I-..I...U ii . O
This work is a complete, history of all
lira in-hes ot Industry, nnd Is a complete f nr
cyclopedia of nils and nisniifnelures. i'ne
ot our snenls solu ixtrnpies in eight days,
nnoiheraiS In two aeeks. Specimens sunt
ireooii rcceiot ot atiiiup
J. B bllltH riYDE. rnhlishers.
Ha.-tfurd, Conn., or (Tiicsgo, III.
A NEW B0OKB,;.n1po',u,',r,,,"hor'
,vrvill be ready ins fw
week Agents who would secure territory,
thnuld apply n nnce. .,
J. B htTRB r. TDK, Publishers,
Hartford. Conn., nrCHieago. .
Dh KywiKs, -UentiBtrlilcAr
Ihur.O. - ' '

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