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MO A II 111 UK, 01110,
There will b a must con
vention or the Republicans of
Vinton county, at the
1$ O'CLOCK P.M.,
for the purpose of selecting
three delegates to represent
this county in the State Con
vention to be held at Col
tinibii. may 31st, and the
selection of five mem bars of an
Executive Committee for Vin
ton couuty for the ensuing
By order of Ex. Committee,
j. n. Mclaughlin, ch'n.
Jas. W. Delay, Sec'y. .
We should think Mr. Wells'
majority in his own township
would shame the ring into si
lence on a ccntesi upon such
frivolous grounds as non-residence.
105 majority from Lis
own immediate neighbors
the largest majority ever given
for any candidate since the
township was organized
looks as though they enter
tained no doubt of his citizen
ship, nor of his personal worth
as a citizen. We may be per
mitted to say, too, that his ma
jority has some political sig
nificance. Not that all these
Democrats Iiave turned Re
publicans, but thai the con
duct of the Democratic party
generally, and of this county
particularly, has broken their
faith in the integrity of its
management, and they are no
longer ready to follow blindly,
ihe dictates of self constituted
party leaders, but are prepar
ed to think for themselves. It
has more significance, too, in
the election, of Mr. Wills than
would have been the case in
(hat ot any other man. It will
be remembered that the week
after the convention we said
we did not regard the nomina
tion the strongest that might
have been made. Not that
Mr. Wells is not a worthy
young man in every respect,
but because he is a most ard
ent Republican, enthusiastic in
the defense of his principles
and party, and sometimes in
discreet in his language, de
nouncing his opponents in the
bitterest terms that he could
command. It was thought
that this might prove an ele
ment of weakness in securing
Democratic support, but it is
creditable to tnem, that over
looking these moments of ex
citement, they took Mr. Wells
in his true character of a clev
er, courteous gentleman, with
the independence and the man
hood to defend what he be
lieved to be right, and voted
for him in preference to follow
ing the dictates of the ring.
We say it is significant that
the ring, torturing and magni
fying all that Mr. Wells might
or might not have said, were
unable to persuade the voters
to trust them once more. It
is a forerunner of the utter ex
termination of the ring. It is
dead now if they only knew it,
but they have been pulling at
the public tit so long and it
has yielded so handsomely
that they will make a vigorous
effort this fall to retain their
grip. But the people will re
pudiate them then as they
have now.
At a meeting ol the Ohio
Republican Association,' in
Washington city, last week,
Jos. B. Will was selected as
member of the Committee
from the 11th District.
Tbx best time tew repent of
a blunder iz just before the
blunder iz made. People with
small inkoms, or large, never
maik a blunder bl subscribing
for their county paper.
Two Sargeants of the New
York police have been arrested
for clubbing a man to death. ,
The Cemetery Purchase.
Considerable feeling was man
ifested on Monday when it was
loarned that the Township Trus
tees were about to purchase of
Jacob Clements, a pieoe of
ground containing eight or ten
acres, for cemetery purposes,
paying him therefor $100 per
acre. It was believed to be an
extravagant price, and it was
thought by many and we be
lieve with good reason that if
the matter was opened to com
petition, and notice given that
sealed proposals would be re
ceived for the furnishing of the
site, that suitable grounds could
have been purchased at much
lower figures. A petition nu
merously signed was presented
to the Trustees requesting such
action, but, was disregarded by
them, partly, as they claim, be
cause certain wishy-washy indi
viduals, after signing the peti
tion, went privately to them and
advised them to complete the
purchase. People who have no
minds of their own ought not to
sign petitions of any nature, as
by taking one action in public
and the opposite in private, they
place publio officers who are
compelled to act, in an unenvia
ble position.
However, tliij affords no ex
cuse for the Trustees,who should,
of their own motion, have opened
the matter publicly for sealed
proposals, and then taken the
best grounds, all things con
sidered, which were offered. -
Such transactions give general
publio satisfaction, and any other
modo gives just cause for gener
al complaint. The purchase of a
cemetery especially, is a matter
of peculiar interest to every
man, woman and child in the
township and the greatest pub
licity and ample time to hear
from people, would have been but
the commonest act of courtesy,
which the Trustees virtually re
fused. While the action of the
Board has all the time been
strictly legal, but little or no re
gard was paid to the wishes of
the people, nor was the only ao
cepted way of making a fair and
economical purchase' adopted.
Take notice that a Repub
lican Congress thought Mr.
Grant deserved twice as much
for being President as Gen.
Washington, Gen. Jackson or
Gen. Harrison. Jackson Herald.
Take notice that a Repub
lican Congress thought nothing
of the kind, but fifty-nine Dem
ocratic members and a propor
tionate number ot Republi
cans thought there was a
chance to steal $5,000 apiece,
and they combined together
and stole it.
We have inlormation that
there are at this time the iol
lowing lorce at work on tht
railroad: 70 men, 50 horses
and mules, 15 scrapers and 16
carts in rock cuts. Persons
are daily offering to go to work
but aslittle can be accomplish
ed to advantage as the weather
has been, and is now, the force
we presume will not be in
creased until it can be done to
the interest of the work. It is
hoped that it will not be long
before a large force can be
employed that the road may
The alarm of fire last Thurs
day night was caused by the
dropping of a lamp from the
hands of one of the domestics
of the Hulbert House. She
saw-or thought she saw, which
answered the same purpose
some person in her bed,
screamed and dropped the
lamp, which broke, the oil ig
niting. The fire was smother
ed out before any damage was
The election of a street com
missioner takes place to-day
The office appears to go beg
ging. No candidates are an
nounced at the time of going
to press.
Don't forget the Sale at Hen
ry Clark's, next Thursday.
D. owB& 'Dentist, McAr
The Thomas Monument.
Editor Viston Record: I
hand you herewith a circular
letter from Uen. Thos. J.. Wood,
(well known to most ot the
soldiers of this county), which
letter explains itself:
DAYTON, O., Nov. 29, 1871.
. Comrade: The S' ciety ot
the Army, oi the Cumberland
resolved, at its annual meet
ing, held in Detroit on the 15th
aud 16th inst, to erect a suita
ble monument to perpetuate,
in an enduring and appropri
ate manner through all the
ages, the memory of the great
services and lofty virtues of Ma-jor-General
George U Thomas.
The Society proposes to solicit
funds for this purpose through
out the whole of the United
States, and thus make the tes
timonial truly national; and,
with this view, the Society ap
peals to the publio generally,
as well aj to thoso who bore
arms in the late war, to con
tribute to this worthy purpose.
The Society confidently be
lieves that the great military
services of Gen. Thomas, his
sublime and useful patriotism,
his unsullied and lolty integ
rity, the grand simplicity and
purity of his character in
short, the noble example ol
his whole liie, which will, in
all time, teach to posterity the
great lesson, that the path of
duty is the path of glory, will
commend the design of perpet
uating his memory by a suita
ble monument to the gener
ous munificence of his coun
The Society appointed one
of its members, with power to
appoint such number of assist
ants as he may deem neces
sary, to solicit funds in each
State. The undersigned was
appointed for this State; and
you are hereby most respect
fully and earnestly requested
to solicit subscriptions iu your
county. The undersigned re
quests that you will take the
matter in hand earnestly im
mediately, and obtain as liber
al subscription as possible.
(He also suggests that, so far
as It may be possible, subscrip
tions be paid -hen made; and
that as rapidly as the money
is received, say to the amount
of fifty or one hundred dollars,
you remit the same to him,
that he may report it to the
treasurer of the Society.
Further, that when you have
collected all you can in your
county, you remit the balance
in your hands, with your sub
scription list, to him ) A
blank subscription list is here
with sent vou, the receipt ol
which please acknowledge,
and inform the undersigned of
your williugness to aid in this
noble and patrotic work.
Very truly yours,
Major-General U. S. Army.
Hon. U. C. Jones, Ag't.
At the meeting of the Soci
ety of the army of Cumber
land, held at Daytoc in No
vember last, it was decided
that the monument be erected
at the National Capital, to
be a colossal equestrean statue
of the General in bronze up
on a metal base.
The last Congress granted a
site in Washington and gave
eighty condemned Cannon.
This monument will indeed be
a grand National work; every
State and Territory, county
and town in the Union con
tributing to its erection; nor
are centribulons asked of ex
soldiers only but every citi
zen is invited to unite in pay
ing tbis tribute to the memory
of one of the greatest military
chieftains and purest men of
this or any age.
The name of each donor will
be transmitted to the Secro
tary ot the Society and will be
by him carefully preserved.
Ex-soldiers will give the com
mand in which tbey served.
Contributions may be sent to
me at McArthur.
Fbank Emebson, 14 years old,
hanged himself in Exeter. N.
oa Wednesday.
If that broken Court House
spout u left to itself much
longer, throwing its water over
the sides of the building, keep
ing it constantly damp, it will
not be long before there will
be another $2,500 job of re
pairs. The Commissioners have
suffered it to remain in its
present condition notwith
standing they paid the con
tractor two years ago for fix
ing it. He has poeketed the
money, and the Commissioners
still hold the broken spouting
to show for it. How is that
for taxes?
We have heard persons ob
ject to the purchase of a Ceme
trey because they thought the
people of the township would
not like to. assume an addition
al tax at present To such the
information- will no doubt be
welcome, that the amount re
quired has already been asses
sed and one-half of it paid with
the December installment of
taxes, the balance payable in
June, so that the purchase does
not involve additional taxa
tion. Ax the last examination of
teachers the following named
persons received certificates,
as follows:
For 18 month. W. S. Ssge.
For 12 months. Miss E. A.
Mace, N. C. Darst and Miss Liz
zie Barllett.
For 6 months. Miss JEdith
Hays, Eliza Mitchell,- Mary
Uunter, Dora Snyder and W.
From a copy of the Annual
Report of the Trustees of the
Athens Lunatic Asylum, for
which we are indebted to Hon.
II. S. Bundy, who is one of the
Trustecs,we learn that the Asy
lum will be open lor occupa
tion by July 4th. It is one of
the finest buildings of the kind
in the country.
Mrs. Botuwell, mother of E.
P. Bothwell, who has been ab
sent visiting her children in
the West,- has returned. Mr,
B. is now eighty-five years old,
aud is a remarkably fine speci
men of our pioneer mothers
who roughed it in this country
when it was a wilderness.
Tub weather last Friday
astonished the oldest inhabi
tants, snowing nerrly the
whole day. We do not believe
we ever 6aw snow fall faster,
or in larger flakes, than it did
for an hour or so in the after
noon.! Mrs. Charles Brown, who
resides on the east end of
Main street, slipped ar.d fell
one day last week, spraining
her leg severely. Her injuries
are very painful and keep her
confined to her bed.
Persons who have been
working in their gardens where
they had pototoes planted last
year, report innumerable Col
orado bugs buried in the
ground ready for active opera
tion as soon as the weather
will permit.
and dealer in til kinds of
carefully done, and the smallest pictures
enlarged to any use, and
Finished in Oil,
or any other a tyle thai may be desired, at the
Large u4 flae7 flalahed FteXearmtbi
iu b aamela fraaa eld 'mmi fadest, ar
cratcbaa ftetarea. at
Picture, of all land franed to
Btt all work Yrraal4 to fir HtUfKtion:
Da. E. H. Chapin, the emi-
nent Universalis! minister in
N.Y., most earnestly warns his
bearers of punishment beyond
the grave, but holds that suf
fering as the fruit of sin will
not be endless.
Italian and Vermont Marble.
Neatly and promptly executed.
Mulberry St., bet'n Second iWatei
Cbillicothe, Ohio.
1 superintend nil my own work In person,
f evepnta all Dim finer rieaisn. una the beat
matorial, and can not ha undeieold. Persons
winning any work in my lina are Invited to
tKiniii work, stock and prices, before mak
ing contracts.
1 personally snoel Intend tha careful actting
up oi stones ana monuments Dougm ai mj
Hv buvinii at thin shop you will save from 15
io xu percent, paid to agmis. xvapru
The law of Deevmber 44, 187, requires tr
et eeraon enuaued i n an J busmen, ev cat oil!
or employment, allien senders him liable to a
special tax:,
to procure and plnce conspicuously in hit
tablialuneni or place of business,
a st.a.:m::p,
denoting the payment of aaid Special Tax be-
lore comwenjing business.
The taxee embiaced within the iirovislons
ol the law above quoted aro Hie follo.iing,vis:
Kectiflerg $200 00
Den I era, mull liquor 25 00
Dealers, whokWe liquor 100 00
Dealers lu malt liquors, whole-
ealu 50 00
Dealers in malt liquors, retail. 20 00
Dealer in leat tobacco 25 00
Kethil dealers in leaf tolmceo. 500 00
nutl on sales of over $1 000,
fifty cents for every dollar iu
excess ol 91.000.
Dealers l'l manufactured to
bacco 5 00
Manufacturers of stills 50 CO
and lor each still or worm
manufactured 20 00
Manufacturers of tobacco 10 00
Manufacturers of cigars 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco, first class,
(more than 2 horses,) 50 00
Peddlers of tobacco, second
. clans, (2 horses) 25 00
Peddlers ol tobacco.third class,
(1 horse) 15 00
Peddlers of tobacco, (outth
class, on foot or xubllc con
veyance J 10 00
Brewers of less tlianoOO barrels 50 00
Brewers ot 500 barrels or more 100 00
Any perron who ahl (Mil to comply with
the foregoing requirement will be oubjeoi to
Hire penalties
Special-tax paver a throughout the United
Slaloa are reminded tlmt Ihey mm1 make ap
plicanon to tha Collector lor Ueputy Collect'
or) of their repeclite district and procure
the proper Mmp for the Rperial-tax Year,
coinmencini Hay I, 11 -i, without waiting for
lurther notice. - B. K. CoATE.-t,
Collector Internal Revenue, 11th hint net, 0.,
H.C. Mili.ii, Deputy Collector, Jaukfon
u. II., umo. imw
T7ANTEI, agent and pertdlera for our
i rreaaami airainer rreaaes ann atraina
lama, ielliex, herb, vegetable, lard, tallow.
meats, cheese, kc. Over 60,im aold in a
few localities, sella quick. Every family
warns ii. ewing aiacnina anil niner ealab
lished agents are finding this very rroniab
Circulars fiee. I.itllerield and Liame, H4
Washington "reel, Hoeton, Haas. iinayNw
James DunLlc'i Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
VrOTlCEisher'by given that Burnet Aiken,
il a guardian of Linnia J , Kola?rt A , John.
Barah K., Arminda, and Nancy B. Iiunkle,
,,iiuv", ..no um mo ji;,,ui,.b emu war'i,
severally, lor hnal aetilement with the first
n mail m w A lnm nn.lii.1 u&. ,...... . L. . L.
pc.iruicil. will,
otherr; and that aid several accounts are set
for hearing on the 15ih 'lay of May. A. I).
178, al l'i o'clock, A. M.
H.B. MATOi Probate Judge.
April 24, 1873. H
Any person, old or youn, of elthi aez,
can make from (Iu to $.10 per week, at home
or in connection with other buainesa. Want
ed by al . butable to either city or oountiy,
and any aeaaon of the year. Thia la a rare
opportunity fcr tho.e who are out or work,
anri out of money, to make an independent
living. No capital being requireu our
pamphlet, "How to Make a Living," giving
fill instructions, sent on receipt of liicenia.
Addreav, A. HURTO.N A CO., Morriunna, West
chester Co., N. N. lmjam
AUCXT evtryahere to sell our new and
H ANa'KDto sell our new and novel em
broidering machine, send lor illustrated cir
cular, to the M. -r.ee Manufac-turintn nin rati nv.
3U9 ilroadwiy. New York. Imvanf
eiy hviy wan cue I Every man wants one l"
t?.?5 2" TtKt,l'i r cente. Address L. P.
Hi UE CU.lai Hevenlh Avenue, New York
THE PARI. on mis as aw mar
Sent on receipt ol il eta. Unique prion,,.
.m piui,ui. uuum, oa vesey street, aew
1 in yam
The Becbwlik ZO Fasnily Hevrlog Ma.
ckiae, aa 30 Days Trlali uisny advantax-
over all. Ualislac-tioo guaranteed, or tiO
lelunded. bent complete.with full directions.
Heckwuh sewing Machine Co., 62 Breacjway.
fr'- Jmyam
inporuxmt lactation. It retains the rupture at
all times. and under tha hardest exercise or
severest strain. It la worn with comfort, and
if kept on night and day, effect a permanent
cure 10 a few weeks, bold cheap, and seat by
mail when requeated. circulars Lea, when or
derad by letter aeot U The Elaatio Trusa Co..
No. esa Broadwry. H.T. City. Nobody uses
metal spring trasses; too painful; ther slip
OB too frequently., Imy un
WILL And tha Record office supplied with
the largest aasorvmant of Horse and Jack
CDta to be found ia aay oftjea la this section
Billi Printed on Short Notice
it i ,;.
rrHE undersigned hsving sold h-a fcrm, sit-
rI aT.j 1 l.lJ. ...ih of MnAlthur. Will oflsr
al publio sale residence, oa
tbo tallowing personal property to wits
three years old, good sise.
consisting of 1 mr. mn years old with a
young colli 1 three-year -old ni 00lu
i.00etwiyear-eld, and yearlings. -
OneTiro-Year-Old Bull, Fine-blooded
1 Four-Horse Wagon,
1 Sot Bin; Ilaraeea. S Seta Doasls
and a lot of
TERMS mado known on the day of Pale
Bale toioraraeo.ee it 10 o'clock In Ih. fore
ooon, HfiftKY tLAHKi
April IS, 1873.
Mayor's Proclamation.
IacoipoeaTSD Villaos or McAaiau
Avril If, 11173.
fTT RRRRAfl hv the laws ol Ohio regulating
tl theelectiona for municipal ohicere It ia
required of the Mayor or each city or incor
nornierf village to vive notice by PrcelamS'
tion at least ten dnya hetore the time of hold-ina-
electiona of Ilia lima of holding auch
iMttwin. nf tha time and olnce. when the
where men election will be holden, and of the
officers to be chosen,
in nnraiiunca of such reaiiisltion. T.Henry
Payne, Mayor of the Incorporated Village of
mcArthur, unio, ao nereoy proclaim auu
make known that me
First Day of May, A. D. 1873,
la Ihe day on which the qnalifled electors of
me incorpornieu tliiave oi iMCiruii.r are no
titled to meetnl tha Court House, inaid V 1 1 -
lane, at the usual place deaivnaied tor holding
such elections, between Ihe hours of six
o'clock in Ihe forenoon, and I o'clock in Ihe
alteinoon of said 'ay. ami, Mien and thereto
proceed to vote by bailul for the following
orucer, to wit:
One Street Commissioner for said Village,
to serve for the unexpired term of one year,
to All vacancy.
Ulven under my hand at my office. In said
Village, thia nib. day or April, A. v. un.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
The State of Ohio, Plaintiff,
Abraham Wilber, Defendant
iw vixtojt roi'XTY rornr or
TURSUANT to'the command of an exenu
L tion issued Irom Ihe Court of Common
Pleaa of Vinton County, and to me directed
aa 8herirnf said County, I will otter for sale
1 1 front of the Court House in the towu ol
McArlhur.Vioton County, uluo, on
Wed'sday,7th Day of Mayl873
nt the hour of one o'clock, P. M. of aaid day,
one large, bay hurst, thiee (3) years old, Willi
three white feel. j
To be eold as the property of Sylvester Wil.
vr, to smi-fy an execution Iasuod from lh
Ciurt of i;oin.Tun Pleas for costs in aloie
vase . ,
'1ER11H OK BAI.K -fash in hand
slientl Viulou Cuuniv.
April 34, 1873, 2w
State of OMo,VintonCounty, is.
Cornelius Kurns, Plaintiff,
The Vinton Furnace & Coal Com pan j
of Ohio, Defendants.
PURSUANT to the command of an ordr r of
Hale I-ailed (mm 111. i-aii. r.t t-nm
Pleaa nf Vinton County, and to me dltecled as
sheriff of said County, I will niter for sale al
the door of the Court II o ie, in the town of
a cArihur, Vinton Co'mty, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 17th Day'of May, 1873,
at the hourori o'clock P. M. of snid day, the
following described properly, to wit: situate
in the said county of Vinton, O 10, a partol
the aouthswesl corner of the north-ea--t quar
ter ol section Mo. 2itwenty five, townahip No
11 eleven, of range No. 17 seventeen and e.
pecially described as a tract or land tlfly M
(eet in width running diagonally from a
point twenty-five feet north ol the lands eiir.
veyed by H. W. Blone lor a railroad from the
Vinton Station lo the Vinton Furnace, where
said line intersects the west line of said quar
ter seilion, thence running south-east paral
lel to ssid surveyed line, be I laenlv-five feet
north of said survey, which said hue running
aaaforeraid, is lo be the center of said strip or
tract of land herein conveyed
Also three 3 acres and live 5 rods, beings
atrip of land being thirty five 86 fet wide
Irom thecentrt of the railroad tract of the
V.titon Furnace Coal Company of Ohio's
railroad on each side of said railroad tract,
Irom the center, located in the north-west
quarter of section Ho. ilS, towvship No. 11. of
range No. 17, in Vinton county Ohio. Also,
the railroad iron and ties located in theabove
described read estate, suppoaod to be about
two lhirds of s mile io length.
iAW''!4 "'.''""y-'our hundred dollars,
13,400 and must bring two-thirds ot that sum.
To be sold .. tne property of the Vinton
furnace Coal Company of Ohio, at al, lo
satislv an order aale, issued Irom Ihe Court
te k Ma ok sai 's ?"ror 0J?"Tr,'y K-rn'-
J&KMS ot BALE: Cash in hand on Ihe
day of sale. CEOBOE KALES,
bherid Vinluo Couuty.
Cobsilios Ktias. '
Ar.l 17. 1873. lw
Foreign and American
Watch Materials,
ITT A aalsBV aaj "
watcn makers
Old Watch Casea awd aU GeU s4 HUyer
ExrgRiENci will teach any man that
it is ftdraotageoag to patronixe those
who adrertiM in newspaperr
Db. BoWaUs, DentiiL McAr
tliur, 0.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton Count
Humphrey Clark, PlalnUS,
Nicholas Pilfer, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common
Pleat. Vratr oj aaic.
. .. , .... A.J..
PURSUANT lo Ihscommeaa oi "
8la ihsued from the Court of Crnni
Pless of Vinton toumyisnu
s.Bhenfl of said county. I will ofler for sale at
tha door ol Ihe Court House, in the tow OI
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, oa
Saturday, tha 17th Day of Maj. A. D.
10 I ill
at Ihe hour of f o'clock , P. M. of said day, ho
following described lands and tenements, to.
wit- Part of the et hair of the soothfast
qua'rterefaeetion Wo. bve, () township Ho.
nine, l) of range No. eighteen, (18) Mm.
meneing for the same at a atoae, eighty four
(H) rods north of Ihe south-west corner ol
liress, aass ivuii. "V; , "nli j.
chains to a stone, thence vy Bvs )?
m I .Ul4a ail aa lBisinilffair1ltisl
grees, ew nve auu '"'"J -""":
(&.3o)ehaiaalo aawaa, theace) north iwelvo
(Is) aegreea wesi iur vi
thenco west llleso and forty-eight hundredths
! . ... . . .... i ii . . MA.ith S uraaal
lio.iai cnains i a iire..iii. - -
wenty-three (4 .83) huadreths chains to lue
place of beginning, being ten (10) acres nut
ate in Vinton rouoty, Stale of Ohio,
Appraised at three hundred and twenty-sax
Hollars and aiatvsix and Iwo-lhirda cents
ii.yt aud must bring two-tnirds ol thai
"aTso. t lots Nos. ihlrly-three.33 slalom,
111 thirty four. 84 and Ihe east half of No. fif
teen, 15 said Ink) being situate ID IDS lows of
Allensulle, Vinton county. Ohio.
Appraised at seven hundred and nfly-elgnl
dollar and thirty Ihraa and one-third eenta,
;&a.:i3 and must bring to thirds of lhal
To be sold as ' he property of Nicholas Pilfer
to satisfy an order of sale, issued Irom me
Court of Common Pleas in favor of Hum
phrey Olark.
TKKMtJ OF BALR: Cash in hand 0" the day
or sale. OCOBCIE MAtEB, ,
bherirl Vinton touniy.
H. O. Jonas, Attorney forPlainlid.
April 17, A. 1. 187. tW
Legal Notice.
Humphrey Clark, plaintiff, vs. Nicholas Pfifere
Vinton Comiron Pleas,
ri' bE dejendnnt will lake notice thai on that
1 lth day ot April, 1873. the plaintiff filed
his petition in the Clerk's onVe of Ihe Com
mon Plea a Court of V inten County, Ohio, al
leging that the plaintiff sold lo Ihe defendant,
Ihe following described real eatale, situate ia
Vinton County, Stale of Ohio, lo wit: a part
of Ihe east half of Ihe sooth-east quarter of
section No. 6v range No IS. Commencing at
a Hone, 84 rods north of the sonlh.weat cor
ner ot said lot. I hence H. 76 E. 14.50 chains to
a stone, thence N. 46 east 8.30 chaina to a
stone; thence N. Ii3 W. 4 chains lo s stone
thence West 18 48 chains to a stone, the new
south 413 chains lo Ihe place of begiuning,
conlsiningten acres.
Also in lots Nns. S3, 31 and 18, and Ihs east
hnll ol in-lot No. 15, in Ihe town ol Allensville,
in ssid county and Utaie, and furtner avering
that delendaul gave lo plaintilf sundry notes,
two of which are overdue and unpaid, for Ihe
sum ol itW each, List the same were on in.
lereM from February th, 1871, and that Ihera
is due thereon IhJ sum of Ave hundred dol
lars, with interest as aforeasid. and praying;
for a judgment for Ihe sai l sum. and also a
finding and decree of said Court that Ihe saano
la a hen on said lands far purchase money.
The ssid causa will he lor hearing at the
next term of said Common Plas Court. 4
H. C. II IM Etf, Ailcrney lor plaintiff.-
April 17, 187S. 4w"
State ef Ohio, Vlatoa Caaatyt
John Madsris, Plaintiff,
Sencoa W. Ely, ot al, DefecdMiff.
fa Ffatoa Cosafy fmri nf Ptmmm Pfeos. Order )
AdXa Plarlin'oa,
PHRSPANT In the enmrnind of an Order of
Ofil in Partition Issued fro-n the fnnrt rt
romman Plesa nf Vintnt Tnttntv inittsms.
direcled a- "heel If -f sai.l pnnntv. I will ofler 1
fnrsnlest th door n the Torirt Hone, in the
lown of McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on .
Fr da.thMMh nn nfMn. A. 71. 1ST
at the hour M o'elo-It P. M. or aaid day Ihe
(..ilowlntt l-inda and enemen'. 'Inn in tho-er-nnly
-fVinfnn nm Vial oTOhin. U wit:
It The soiHh hal' nftha sntrth esst quar-
ler or .ecwnn no. y. Msn.nin ive, li.sn-1
r nge Jin. 17. enn'stmngeNirhtv aers tn"r or
ess. Km trnr-e hemw sppiaised at sizieen
lnini'red rtnlinrs (81 .(W) 1
2nd A'sn the north hslfnf the anrlh-esat
n'mr'ar of "eptmn S4. fnwnshin No. 11,
snd rsnse No. 17.cnnininn eighty serea ()
more pr 'es aid trst i'ni snpr'ed el
fourteen hnndred and rrT dnl'ara. (81,440.1
Sr-i Also the e.l hrH of ihe north .eat
quarter nt sn-tin No. 4. tnwn'h'p No. 11,
sndranre No. 17, ennfslnlnt-aosres, rnnre
oe less. Appraised al twelve hundred dollars
(fl.vtm )
4th. Also the north half nt fn smilh-wes
onarter ofseetinn No 4. Inwahia.ln IT. and
Ring" No 17, enntilnln elirhrr aeres mor
esa Apnrni.ed nt twelve hundred and eighty
5'h. Alnth west h"'f ol (he north-west
nnnrler t s-d se-llon No 81. Inwn.Mn and1
rsnie alnresaid, eonfsin'nt !hly (fiiil anreaj
more r ls. n-r"is.-l st thirteen hundred
and twenty dollars ( .X2ti i
Cih. A'"ilhnnrh hilrnf Ihe nnrth-essl
onarter nf section No M. (nwnhio snd rsnt-a
sfnresald, exoeptms len anrea off tha weal
end nf snid Irnet leaviny serenfr (in) acre
more ore.s. Atmralsed at twelve hundred
an- eighty dollars (tl.tan)
7lh. AIo the aonlh-esaf o;ifrfer of Ihe,
north east qnarfernf section Nn . townhlr
snd ranee aforeaiid, mms three 18) seres
1-eleng'm? 'o whst ia known ss Ihe Grnrgt W.
finslln Farm arp-ae . aj( hundred and
twenty-nlne Holism f829 )
Hih. Alo the noefh hh of the h snnli
easfnnorternf section No. Jft ownhin snt
ranee nforesild, pnnlsln'nsr elhiy tan' seraa
T 1," Poraised at sisteen hundred
ih. Also tha north east rpiar-.r of the,
south-west qua rtero' section No.2n.iown.hio
No. 11, and rna No. 17. enntsimnr 4L8
sere, mora or l. An.l..H nt seven hun
dred end twenty dollsra (8730.)
Exeepllns- from shove fraela UT serea off
Ihe a-st prt thereof heretofore anH to ono
Patnelt far hj W. W, and W. R. Madiera,
dated June 1A. , .
Each tract nfihe ahora deaerihed lands and
tenements must bring two-thirds or the an
praised vslne. , r .
Ordered lo he sold In eerlain narltlmn pro.
eeedinns latelv nendtnw ,n Ih. .ahm. r r. .
"son Pless of said ennnty, wherein John Vnl
...n. ... nnrinnera sac. Beaeca W.
tal were defendants.
One third cash Inhan1;and one third lit
one year and one third In tw., years from
day or sale. Pef-rred payments to hear in
teres! at a per real, per aannm and (e he so
oured by merlgsgs cn the premises ,etr.
flKOROR KALF.lt. .
Fhenfio' Vintnnennnty.
TJowas if! .Jo,.,, Attorney for plaldllff. '
Apnl 10, H73. lw
rpHB turn on which I now rasldo la Jack.
.Mi!0n 'ownlh,P- Pil, C- 0-. nearSharoi.
ville, end rontaimng aearly en hundred acres
Also niy farm in Liberty township, Rosa Co..
ei't'henr docr0BU""D bout m -eras. 1 will sell
For further inlorsnatios call on or writs to
Jie directed to Omega, Pike !o , O. Tha
first farm is in one of tha most desirable aim.
ations io the township- The farm is Libeir
tjitownshiius very convsnient to the denat
7hbl87 MASON iOUS-B.
Iamb's Omtment
THIS highly popular article Is naequalled
o; any other spplication lor tha cure ot
sips (a lasBraasl. CaHa, (As H to, m laiars
TZ 8or?:.or o" 8"s ae Dicers;
Caaaasat Hani,, Skin Dimum, Bprmiu,
Mutf Worm, Ball Aaeant J'sKar,
JUmbms, Boils, Barns, SeoMs,
Drt a Buster. Coras, GkOtMmt, CavssaNlsK
It will kr....j . m i
. . T i.ij wiiicaanoaa in tee enra
f Neuralgia, (tore Eves, Face Ache, and alt
inflammatonr Hwallin.a. ' aa ait,
, ..--
Prloa M eeaa par bo:.
tt. Q. CADY. Solo.Proprlwfe)ra

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