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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 01, 1873, Image 4

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THURSDAY. MAY 1. 1873.
Oa andafler Buodey, Noramber Jd, 1S7J
tramii will run as lollows: The Bt. Louis
Eipresa runs daily; all other trains daily Sua
daya axptl. .
The Fast Line' and Express will "top only
I Lovelen.l.Greennelil.Chillbotha Hamden,
Athanaand Siotfe Lulling. FaatiLioa going
wa.t mil (top l Hlanuheater, alio. Other
t mil stop at all atatioas.
Station Mail. F L.
CiaWuMii 1 Aam 10 xOam
OhiUicothe ...11 aoura 1 lpm
Richland Fur.-. .11 iira t uepra
Uamden 11 1 pra
WoAtui.... 1 uVaas. MP'"
Vmioo 1 lJpra 1 " m
Zatuki.... 1 Upia pm
H on Furnace... 1 84pm Mpm
1 wm
1 m
I 4tem
1 63am
8 mum
S ofeuO
I SOaio
rrnrburg... Mpm 'pm
Stations. Mil. Fait L.
PJueriture;...... 0n "u"m
Zaliiifl . 1 pm 11 Iam
fmWn....... 1 3-ipm 11 am
McAbthos 1 4apu 11 52am
Hanvten 1 Mpm 11 Oum
vichlacd Fur.. Wpm 11 Wpm
Chillioolhe.......... 1 15pm 1 UOpm
Cincinnati....... l"Pm wPm
U 65pin
I supm
3 Mpm
S 4Upm
I 47 pm
S &6pin
4 OKpm
4 66pm
salsski acconaooATioa.
The Zsleaki Accommodation going east
laaraa UhHIicothe at ou a. m.. Ravaville I 0
Richland Fumar-e, ll, H,ndn , 4
depart 9 15, MArtlw, M. Vinton 10 JA,
Ealsaki 10 M. Iloin wfl.-ZnleKi 4 00p.m.,
Viahta 4 80, UfAithiir & 00, Unmdeii, arrive
8 SO-dpar 60, Richland Furnace, ( 10,
Bayaville, . Chillicothe. S tj .
Trains on the FOR TbMOUrfl BRANCH
wlU leave Hamilen at 8 IS a.m. and 4 00 p m
arrir In at Portemoulh at 11 10a m. and T con.
m. Returoinglraina ill leave Portamouth at
I 4JV a.m. and 12 ai p.m., arriving a4 Uamden
mUi;46a.m.and5 10p.m.
Traina oonnect a: Loveland for all pointa en
he Little Miami Railroad, and at the lodianap
olia aad Cincinnati Railroad Junction (or all
pointa Weat; at Athena, wilh the Columtme
a. V". R. R.i at Parkaraburg, with the B.
Maatar of Transportation.
I WILT, ran a hvk from Wilkeaville to
Uamden and return every Monday, Wednea
day and Friday, for ihe accommodation of
paaaangera. rakin)oBeconiieioiiKhUi
mail traina on the M. A C. R. R. I will also
carry expreaa package ehipP'd to or from
CHAELE3 V. BAMETT, Proprietor
WILL run regularly to McArthur Station
to meet all mail traina.
Hack leavee McArthur axrat olBco nUi-09
o'clock, M. each day, to connect with mad
trataa. .
Ordera left at the noat office, McArthur, r
Dundaa , prjmptly aiun.led to.
HamJan, Wilkeiiville and Middleport
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above pointa I will be able to
lurnihoveyanco for patmenger and theit
baggage to and from aald pointa on the follow
lagdaya: From Wilkeaville to Bamdrn and
bark on Mondays, Wedneadaya and Friday"!
and from Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meiga
Co, and back on Tuesdays, ThuraHaya and
Baturdaja, "OHN LEVIS.
Outrage in Louisiana.
A terriable massacre of the
colored people took place in
Grant Parish, Louisiana, last
week. The facts, in brief, are as
follows: The Democrats of the
Pariah attempted to oust the
present Parish officers by force
and failed, the sheriff protecting
the officers with a colored poese.
Several days afcerward, recruits
from other parishes, to the num
ber of three hundred, came to
the assistance of the assailants,
when a demand was made for the
surrender of the colored posse.
This was, of coarse, refused by
tbe Sheriff, when an attack was
made, and the colored men driv
en into the court house, which
the assilants fired. As tbe blacks
escaped from the burning build
ing they were shot down. Over
one hundred of them were taken
prisoners by the mob, who shot
them and threw their bodies into
the river Only two of the as
silants were wounded.
Tbe Scarsity of Money
Is in a great measure caused by
.ending away to other towns or
eities for articles that can be
found just as good and cheap at
home. If you wish a very fine pic
ture of yourself or friends do not
be deluded into the idea that
you can do better by going to
Chillicothe, Cincinnati and other
places without first calling on
C. J. Billing hurst, of McAr
thur. No artist has a better
reputation for doing good and
honest work, and nothing in the
picture line is too difficult for
him to undertake. See his advertisement.
Tut man who advertises
shows not only a business tal
ent above his neighbors, tut
he may at once be reckoned
among the independent, gen
erous and public spirited of the
community. Be who hides his
light under a bushel, when
such advantages at those at
present afforded are so freely
offered him, does not deserve
to succeed.
Thb following concise and
comprehensive note was sent
to an Illinois merchant by a
neighboring farmer tbe other
day: "Send me a trace-chain
and two hinges. Jane had a
baby last night also two pad-Jocks."
m Broadway, New Tork,
IS the beat eyatcm of modem anora nano
writing. By iU aid reportera are eiabled
to write verbatim the epaeohea of tho moat
rapid talkera, with Ihe greateet ease. It la a
i . ' ...il. tarnl - inf Al
iKnacn ui ' - - -.
the common branchre, auch a reading, writ
ing, arithmetic oi grammar, and may be ac
quired b? any child mat can read common
I I. a nKarmflar. in IH flxad
ana certain in their meanings, aa legible, aa
philoaophical, aa brauiiml aa lhos now in
common uaa, ar mora ayatamatic, and more
reamiv irarueu.
The great utility of Phonography la fully
conceded by teacher, atudenu, buoinesa and
proleasional men. The demand for Phinoi
raphera i greater than the supply, and oon
atantly increasing. It la a aura and easy
stepping atone for a young man or woman to
immediate, permanent anl repectb'e em
ployment, at aalanes of from tl,5 to ll.ouo
per vesr, aa reporters for newopapers, civil
and military courts, Legislatures, Conven.
lions, tut., or aa clerks in the offices of rail
roads, telegrapha, lawyera, phyaiciana, mer
chant and manufacturing huusea, and in all
I.. ...n.AH. In. Kahitnal ijAi.rnm.n,
and aa secretaries and amenusises. Th ro is
no neia oi lanor ao oerwiniy rimumnuwi
and noiineftjl art ao easily enquired.
To the lawyer ia noting down teetimonv
and leforences, and in preparing flialdralt of
to the public speaker in preparing a dis
course, to any person having atudie. or cler-
i ...: . . 111 ..kAuFH.ii, nriim.
I3BI 1 Will MTV " VVH. ' "
PARENTS, why not have your children
t ML. . 1 1 a a Cl 1 1 m n ti K U 11 , i fll I
fnru i iiniii.Kif.'iij -
trt. a refining amusement, a uniqa accom-
pilNnlient. in mui .wmiuu vi , i. i
pay many times it coal in money time and
ery style of the art commencing with the
amilvaia of words, and uroceedinc to Ihe most
rapid reporting style-in such a form and
msnner, Wlin SUCH fullness OI vapinnnuipu,
and completeness of illuVration, and with
auch oil erfealuresasto fully adapt the work
to the use of schools and to sell-initructioa.
Price, 12; hy mail 11 W.
Mr.nnhim ia the author of a Phenoiranh-
lo Dictionary, Readera, and other work, also
publisher newspaper called "The Stu
dent'. Journal,'' devoted to the advancement
ol Phonography, "end for a specimen num
her containjDff a fall dearrtntiun of the van-
tons worVs o.i Photography which are pub-
lisnea Dy nun.
Address! ANPREW J. GEAhAM.
lifeb Ju3 Broadway, ew Tork.
raanew nostal law we are eanulvim the reo
pie witn onr ane niraei inns nwui ware, oi
triple eieciro-siiver piaie, siovi-psMi wj any
part of the country di reel Irom our manulac
N'otwithstiindini a large advance In nickel
we atill ofler the aoods, both plain and fancy
patterns, atformer factory rates. and will mail
anv quantity at these prices, on receipt of the
Butter knife, pickl fork, sugar spoon and
napkta ring, each 1 1 '
Tea spooas aad wet plcka, halt doi. 160
Desetrt knies,lorki snd spoons, hslfdoa. 4 tio
Table " - ' " ' M 6 00
Renlstlngof old ware in the beat msnner, at
one half or these prices.
We will mail to any adrfresa laWngraphs
snd price lists of r FI!E SILT KB
(he manufacture of which ia a specialty with
It ia onr privilege to refer to the editors ol
all Cincinnati religious weeklies.
In what paper uid yon see our advertise
51 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
SloctlsTJ 8t
W3t. J. RA.WLLLS & CO.,
Ont door wett of Dan. Will A Bro"i.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persona wishing to purchase lands farms or
town lots in Vinton o' adioining countiea will
find tracts to suit them by celling.
Persons wishing to sell lands farms or town
lota will have a good chance of doing so bj
leavinii description, etc. in o'ir hands.
oct28 Main Street, McArthur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's Golden
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every case where the monthly flow has
been obstructed through cold or maease.
LiCPiJNCO'S 'iOLDEN PI LL8 always gi ve im
mediste relie. A lady writes: "Uuponco's
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mag
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
wnite boxes containing double the quantity ol
pills, aid upon each box you will find my
"Private U.J8. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words liUPONCO'8 GULDEN
PILLS, in white letters, without that none
are genuine.
Remember the genuine is In the white boxes
Full and explicit dirtciinns accompany each
box. Price f l.oo per box, six boxes 15.ii9
Sold by one druggist in every town, Tillage,
city and hamlet throughout the world.
Bold in McArti.ur, U.,
By (i. W. SIS SON. Druggist.
Sole Ayoitfor Vinton County.
By sending him 11.00 threngh the McArth'.u
0.. Post Office, can have the pills aent confi
dentially, by msil, to any psut of the country
free of postage.
8. D. HOWE, Proprietor, Nework.
Arw f ltmtratt Edition. J. W. WaUon.authorol
"The Outcast." Bmutiutl) IlltlrtUtd, from orif
btmlinigtu bf Edward L. Hem. Complete in
one large octavo volume, in uniform atyh
with "TheOutcaat and Other Poems," bein
printed on the finest tinted plate paper, am;
bound in green morocco cloth, with gilt top.
gilt sides and beveled boards, pries Two Dot
lars, or bound in green morocco cloth, with
gilt sides, and beveled boards, price Three
Above book it far taltbf ail moolmVtn. or eof
fcs of it will 6 srst, yntt -paiti, to anm ess, ear rstara oj
mail, tm osy mtrmilM ,g til prim of il loth publiti
rs. T. H. PKTKRd"N HKivrH EKS,
son Ch sstnnt St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Agents Wanted.
For the great sensation ol hygienic litera
ture, our digestion; or,
Dr. Dto Lewis' new work is an immenst
success. Saves money, worrv, and precious
health, and shows how to lire well and groa
fat an II a week. Agents sre coining money
and d,ng a world of good with i'. The snnr.
chances still open lielav not, iu address a'
once. K. HANNAi'ORD A CO, Publishers
177 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, 0. tmari
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Galipolis. McArihui
& Columbus Bailroad Co
ALT, parties having subscribed to the cap
ital stock ol tbe U.. McA. A C. R. R. an
hereby required to make pavment to ihe dec
retary ofthe Company, at his office ou th
Public Square, in Gallmolis, Ohio, or ifmon
convenient, to Daniel Will, President of th
Vinton Connty Bank, at McArthur, Ohio, o
an installment ol Ave dollars on each shan
ao subscribed, within tea dayaof this date.
Angust 10, 1871.
. e.McA.AC. B,B.6e.
dee 1 1871.
Vlaiegar Bute re are not it Tile Fane
Wnk. mule ol Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof
ipirtta and Refuse Liquors, doctored, spiced,
ind aweetened to please the taste, called
'Tonics," "Appetisers," " Restorers," Ac.
hat lead Ihe tijiplcr on to drunkenness and
uln, but are a tn.e Ucdlclne, made from the
latlve roots and hcrba of California, free from
til Alcohollo Stlmulanta. They are the Great
Hood Purifier and s Llfe-glvlne; Principle.
?erfect Renovator and Invigorutor of the 8ya
icm, carrjiug off all poisonous matter and
restoring the blood to a healthy condition, en
Ichlng It, relrcahlng and Invigorating both
nioxl and body. They are easy of admlnlstrrv
lon, prompt In their nction, certain In their
results, aalo and reliable to all forms of disease
No Pereoii caa take tlieae Hitters ac
wrdlng to dlrcctluoa, and remain longun well,
rovldcd their bones are not destroyed by
mineral poison or other means, and the vital
rguna wasted beyond tho point of repair.
Dyapepala or Indlgeallon. Headache,
aln In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the
Cheat, Dlizlnesa, Sour Eructations of the atom
tch. Bad Taste ia the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Pal
illation ofthe Hcart,Inflammatlouof the Lungs.
Pwinlntherrglonsofthe Klilnejs,and a hundred
thcr palnlul aymptoms, ire the ornprlngs of
Dyspepsia. Ia these complaints it has no equal,
ind one bottle will prove a better guarantee of
.la merits than a Icngihy advertisement.
For Feenale Complaints, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
it the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display ao
Icclded an Influence that a marked Improve
ment In shod perceptible.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indi
rection. Bilioua. Remittent Slid Intermittent
Fevers, Dlsenseaof the Blood.Uver.Kidneysand
Bin.MiT these nitters have been most successful.
Juch Diseases are caused by VltlatcdBlood.whirh
Is generally produced Dy aeraugeiueni oi me
Dlgestivo Organs.
They are at Gentle PnrRwttTO aa well
aa a Tonic, poaseaslno; also the peculiar merit
f acting as a powerful agent In relieving Con
gestion or Inflammation of tho Liver and Vis
serai Organs and in Bilious Diseases.
For akin Ulaeaaes, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Holla,
Carbunclea,Rlng-worma, Sen Id-Head, Sore Eyes
Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolomtlons of the
SUn, Ilninors and Diseases of the Skin, of
whatever name or nature, are literally dug tip
ind carried out of the system In a short time by
Ihe use of these Bitters. One bottle In such cases
will convince the most incredulous of their cur
stive effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever
rou find its tinmiriilcs bursting through the
ikln In Pimples, Eruptions, or bores ; cleanse It
when you Aud it obstructed suit sluggish In the
reins ; cleanse It when it Is foul ; your feelings
will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, aud
the health of the system will follow.
Grateful Thousands proclaim TlSlOA
BtTTkiis tho most wonderful Invlgoraut that
ever sustained the sinking system.
Phi, Tape, and other Worms, lurking
la the ijstein of so many thousands, areerrvo
tually destroyed and removed, bays a distin
guished physiologist t Thero Is scarcely an Indi
vidual ou the face of the earth w hose body hi ex
empt from the presence of worms. It Is not up
on the healthy elements of the body that worms
exist, but upon tbe diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of
disease. No system of medicine, no vermifuges,
do antliclminitlcs, will free the system front
worms like these Bitters.
Mechanical Diseases Persons enraged
In Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they ad
vance ia life, are subject to paralysis of the
Bowels, To guard against this, take a close of
Walkih'8 Vinkuar Uittkks twice a week.
Bilious, Ilemtttvnt, and Interiult
tant Fevers, which are so prevalent In the
valleysof our great rivers througliont the United
States, especially tlieae of tho Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri, llliuois, Tennessee, cumlierland, Ar
kansas, lied, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke,
James, and ninny others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entire country during
the hummer nnd Autumu, and remarkably so
during seasons of unusual beat and dryness, are
Invariably accompanied by extensive derange
ments of the stomach and liver, and other ab
dominal viscera. In their treatment, a purga
tive, exerting a powerful influence upon tlieae
various organs, Is essentially necessary. There
Is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Dh. J.
Wai.kkk's YiNKum Uittcrs, as they will
speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter
with which the bowels aro loaded, nt the same
time stimulating the secretions of the liver, and
generally restoring tho healthy functions of tbe
digestive organs.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White Swell
ings, llccrs. Krvsiiielas, irclicd neck. Goitre.
Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inflamma
tions, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Erup
tions ofthe Skin, Sore Eyes, etc., etc. In these
u in all oilier constitutional iuscases,rt alkkk's
Vinkiur Bittkiis have ihon a their great cura
tive powers In the most obstinate aud intract
able cases.
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar
Outers act on all theso caws in a similar
manner, By purifying the Blood they remove
the cause, ami by resolving away the effects
the Inflammation (the tuliercular deposits) the
affected parts receive health, and a pcmiaaeut
cure Is effected.
The properl les or DR. WALIKR'S VtNKOAR
Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carmin
ative, wntrHloua, Laxallve, Diuretic, Seda
tive, Counter-irritant, builoriOc, Alterative,
and Antl-Blllous.
The Aperient and mild Laxative proper
ties of Dh. Wai.ikk's Vinegar Bittkks are
the beat safe-guard Id cases of eruptions and
malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and
toothing properties protect the humors of the
fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain
Ihe nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either
from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc
Fortify the body agnlust disease by
purifying all ita fluids with Vinegar Bittkrs.
No cpldemlo caa take hold of a system thus
Directions. Take of the Bitters on going
to bed at night from a half to one aud one-half
wine-glamfull. Eat good nourishing food, such
u beef-steak, mutton chop, venisou, roast beef,
ind vegetables, and take out-door exercise.
I'hey are composed of purely vegetable logra
itenta, and contain no spirit.
ii. h. Mcdonald co.,
Druggists and Geo. Agts., San Francisco, Cal.,
v. cor. of Washington and Cliurltou Sis., N.Y.
Ten wears af a aak
lie teat has proved
Crook's Wine of Tar
have more merit than
any similar preparation
ever offered to the pub
lic It it rich la
medicinal qualities
Tar, and nnequaled
diseases of the Throarl
and Lungs, performing
the moot kkmarkabli
oures ail Coughs and
Colds. It baa cured
many cases of Asthma
nd Bronchitis, that
Las been pronounced
apecino lor ueee com.
filalnta. For Pains
he Breast, Side
Back, Vrnvel or KM
new Disease. Diseases
Df the Urinary Organs, Jaundice,
any Liver Complaint It baa no equal.
It la also superior Tonle,
fteatorea tbe Appetite,
ntrensnneas too system.
Beatnrea aha Weak and Debilitates!.
Cause the Food to Digest,
BemSTes Dyspepsia and Indla-eatloas,
Prevents Malarious rowers,
Ulwes tone to yoar system.
Tint Pale, Tallow. Hclly-LooMaf STdi
Is changed to one of freshness and health,
Those Diseases of the Skin, Pimples
Pnstnlea. Blotches and Emotions
removed. stcroftila-Herofolona Ptsesset
of the Eyes, White Swrelllnar, Ulcers,
Old Sorest or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle and disappear under Its Influence
tn fact It will do you more good, and can
you more speedily than any and all othei
preparations combined. Witt U It I It lsna
tnretown reaiorert a aoiuDieoxyu oi irui
combined with the medicinal properties
Poke Boot aivesteaoiaii msagreeauie qua
ittM It will ram anv Chronie or Lonar
Btnndlnar nisenae whose real or direct
eaaselsbskdfcleoat. Kheamatlasa.PaJaM
In Limha or Bones, Constitutions bro
ken down by Mercurial or other poisons
are all cured by It. For Syphilis, or Hypey
little taint, there Is nothing equal to
A trial will prove ft. abh rose im
EiPMiBxca will teach an man that
it it advantageous to patronize those
wbo advertise in newipaperr, .
UoKGitESStfEir Lamison, Dem
ocrat, who represeats our Obio
hoop-pole district, supported
the salary grab. At a recent
convention in his district, a
resolution condemning bis
conduct was offered, but not
adopted. No matter: that's
the last ol Lamison. The peo
ple will be heard, in spite of
politicians and caucuses.
Thb Now York grand jury,
instead of finding indictments
for violation of the usury law,
have united in a recommenda
tion to the Legislature to repeal
the law so far ts it applies to
the city and county of New
Tub clergyman of the Epis
copal church at Freehold sup
plied one of tbe services at
the Methodist Episcopal church
of that place rectnlly, during
the wedding tour of the Meth
odist pastor.
A desttjctivk fire ia West
Virginia, commencing on the
9th instant and burning three
day 8, burned large numbers of
farm houses, barns, etc., and
the station of Meltons, and
part of the Chesapeake and
Ohio railroad.
Rome ruffian without con
science stole Dr. 11. T. Uelm
bolld's bull terrier pup 'Bu-
chu" the other night, ll was
sent to him from London by a
grateful patient about three
months ago, and is a most bu
chuful animal.
A newly appointed Philadel
phia policeman, on the occa
sion ot his first special detail
ment at a theatre, was with
difficulty restrained Iroru ar
resting both Richard and Rich
mond for committing a breach
ol tbe peace.
Is view of the certain pre
valence ot tbe Colorado po
tato bug, the coming summer,
it will pay our farmers and
gardeners to raise a plentiful
crop of sweet potatoes. Po
tato bugs, it is said, will not
touch sweet potatoes. They
will be largely used, and will
bring good prices.
A speakers in a meeting en
larging upon the rascality of
the devil, got off the following
pithy words: "When I was
about geUing religion, the
devil tried to dissuade me
from it, and told me if I did
get religion I could not go in
gay company, and lie and steal,
or do such thing.', but I have
found him a very great liar."
Ah eccentric old fellow, who
lives alongside of a graveyard,
was asked if it was not an un
pleasant locality. "No," said
he, 'I never jined places in
all my life with a set ol neigh
bors that minded their busi
ness so sliddy as they do."
44 Pa," said Charley to his pa
ternal progenitor, holding up a
Sunday School-book, "what is
that?" "That, my son, is Jacob
wrestling with tbe angels."
"And which licked?" inquired
the young hopeful.
The Chicago man who step
ped behind a pair of mules
that he intended to purchase,
asked with much feeling,
when be was picked out of the
gutter, "if the derrick killed
anybody else!"
One ol tbe New York gas
strikers, who bad no more re
gard for the law than to hit one
of the substitutes employed in
the works, has gone to Sing
Sing to have a little experience
of penitentiary life.
A VViLson connty (Kansas)
farmer intends planting ten
acres to castor oil beans this
season. He says one of tbe
neatest incentives to immigra
tion to a new S'ate is cheap
physio and whisky.
The latest thing in dueling
for both parties to taks strych
nine, and then play old sledge
for the first pull at the stomach
pump, i
"I dont remember ever having
seen yea before," as tb lawyer
aid to bis consoienct.
Robbing the Mails.
For months past tbe pop
ular and reliable publishers,
Messrs. Hunter and Co., of
Uinsdale, N. H., have been an
noyed and dismayed at tbe im
mense losjes of valuable let
ters which were daily occur
ring. Aided by the chief De
tective and two special 1. O.
Agents, they have at last tbe
satisfaction of teeing the thiel
a night clerk in the Boston
P. 0 "behind the bars," and
be has confessed all. Messrs.
Ll. & Co.'s losses have been en
ormous; in fact, no exact esti
mate can at present be made.
Tbe thief carefully examined,
aided by a light, every letter,
and took every one that con
tained money, lie was caught
in the act and arrested, and, if
be gets his dues, will board
with the State for from five to
ten years. Meantime the pros
perous business of Qur.ter &
Co. goes on with its usual en
ergy, promptness and care, and
those who have lost money by
mail will now see just where
it went, hud avoid giving the
blame to honest persons.
One hudred dollars a year,
from an ordinary business,
spent in advertising, will bring
five times the return of the
amount spent in any other
Holloway's Pills.
A loul stomach produces ob
structions in the liver, irrita
tion of the bowels, headache
nervous debility, emaciation,
exhaustion death. Arrest the
cause of these terriable conse
quences with llolloway's ir
resistible Pills. -
Sold 78 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Price 25 cents per pot. Call
for new style; the old is counterfeited.
Better and Better!
Is the cry from every quart
er in respect to the wonderful
effects of Dr Wilhofl's Anti
Periodic, the greatest achieve
ment of modern science and
(.kill in treating Malaria Fev
ers, Chills and Fevers, Enlarg
ed Spleen, Enlarged Liver,
Dumb Chills, Sun Pains, and
all kindred diseases.
The great virtues of this
truly popular medicine c:n
sists in its cheapness, its tfTu-a-cy
and its promptness iu the
cure of the above named dis
All through the West and
iNorthwest, the bouth and
Southwest, and along the Ohio
valley, its use and success are
King of the Blood.
Swelled Meek and Enlarg
ed Glands. Case. For sever
al years past I have been bad
ly afflicted with Goitre, or
dwelled Neck, and it had be
come so bad that an effort to
raise my arm above my head
produced a choking sensation,
which was almost unendurable.
After trying several remedies
with no benefit, I was advised
to try King of the B'ood, which
I did, and tbe effect has teen
almost miraculous. I took
nearly seven bottles, and it
has not only cured my neck,
but greatly benefited my gen
eral health, I have not felt so
well for years. I have been
troubled from childhood with
tatty tumors on my arms, and
I cau see tbe wonderful effects
of your medicine npon those.
lor they have already beirun to
diminish, and I think that if I
continue on with the medicine,
they will entirely disappear.
With gratitude, I remain,
Charlotte S. Smith, Colum
bus, Pa.
See advertisement in anoth
er columo.
Wa will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscribers at
$3.50 per year.
Ai'VKRTiBiNO reminds people of
things they bad been wanting
along, but had forgotten all abont.
Siuond'i, Photographer, Chillicothe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other piomres. Pictures may be
made as large aa life from tbe tiniest
lecket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
trom otner pictures colored in the best
, , . . ,
styles in oil, water colors, orayon, pas-
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circum -
D J)
If You
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl.
Want to sell a pliino.
Want to dell a carriage,
Want to bur orsell a farm.
Want a boardinjr pluoe,
Want to sell town property,
Want to soil groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to Bell dry goods or carpets.
Want to find customers for anything,
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
.Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or butiness man who hat leeome
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judicious advertising
JVb exception to this rule can be
cited! iSlewarl, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, at a last
resort, to gel hit slock turned into
money so at to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, Af
could make il still belter in pros
perify, he became a persistent ad
veriiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants suy it ii not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if ho is wise be will prod
by ita suggestion, if he has anything to
offer worth advertising. How much
mere then will tlioso read them who
are not so largely supplied with read
ing matter, are at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must iirportnnt
item 'f which is where they can find
just what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases. 1 1 youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out ol
style that it is worthless, or if it it run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would wint, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Hut if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to tin-
world that you have them, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day
nnd its effect continues in a grentei
ratio than must men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
minent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tli9 minds of men unti
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Ir you lose a watch, a dog or a child.
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, ynu rush to your local pa
per, Knowing that every one will read
the advertisement, liut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you are los
ing by not advertising it urporler
If those persons who profess to b
lieve that newspaper advertisement'
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
pivo publicity to somo matter the
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of n
country paper, and see whut notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser'
Advkrtisino is opt to give us tha'
gentle jog ol conscience which tells
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wif
a new dress aa soon as the hny was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to lenrn
what is going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see -if the season' atvlna
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auctioa For amusement.
To Satittfv PUrinatV ItonnimA
- J J ' "WWIVUCW ftllGJ
have read all tbe stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
liecause they want to. Because they
vu uoip Ik. iio oiaie journal.
Thb power of priut is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantaee
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives en importance to advertising. Hut
advertisers, even those of experience,
uu noi comprenena as wen as they
might the eapacitr to influence, tn
snade, to convince, whioh lies in print
ed matter, ypoken words reauire the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed, liut there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and tbe sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it a
uinrveioue lorce ana inuuence. , Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what mat h
accomplished by a persevering use of
1 : i r " '" viu hi auTor
tise, and then tha "how, when and
1 where" of it, and you will have
iiio priming presses. L,earn to adver-
snowieage worm Having. - - "
s Exr,
marlr vin
la tha onlr Knows Remedy for Brtghrt Dla
a." and h.a cured every caw ol ' DMrtesU
rrLt. i, haa hucii clven. Irritation or ineneca
BhuM iSV.'S ?,', $S25
niraratinn of tha Kidneya and BladUer, juien-
Uofof Urlni. Slaeaaea of the ProaUtt iQland,
lid MiTcoua or Milky '"hargca and for En
feebled and Delicate OonaUtutlona of both Dcxca,
Si with Iht : tofcERM'jJS
of Power, Lom of M emory. Difficulty of VKM
w Weak Kervea, Wakenlneaa, Pain In i the
Bark Flushing of the Body, Eruption on the Face,
Pallid" Coun cuanco, Laaai tilde of the Syatem, etc.
P by pcraona" In tba declln. or Chan of
nfeHSter confinement or labor pains, bed-wet-tlnir
In children, etc. .
in many altcctlons peculiar to ladlct, the El
tact Bucbu la nneunafed by any olber rcniwly
Xa In CUIoroaia orWenllon, Irregularity, Pain
fiUarSupnrearlonofCuatoinaryKvacua Ulcerated or Schirrua atate of th; Uterua, Leu
eorrh a or Whltea, Sterility, Snd for allcom.
plaint Incident to lh sex. It la prerlbd
extenalvely by tho moat eminent Physicians and
Midwlves for enfeebled and dcUcaW conaUtu
tlona of both saxes and all ages. !
Curt$ IHtta$ti At Mnt from JVrudmttk,
Hibtu ofDUrinntom, Ktc, In all their tagea, at
little expense, little or no change In diet, no in
convenience, and no Mpoaure. 'r1
quent dealre, and gives atrcngth to urinate,
hereby removing qbVtructions,lreTeii kig and
Curing Strlcturea of tho Urethra. Allaying Pala
and liThammatlon, so f roqnent in this class of dis
eases, and expelling all poisonous matter.
$1.00 per bottla or r-tx bottles for 5.00, aJ'!?
to any addrraa, secure from observation. Sold by
druKEists every whore. Prepared by
KEARNEY & rp 104 Duane St, K T.
to whom all letters t' formation should ba
He Obarg for Adrios and Consultation. I
r J. n VwM. Graduate of .jrra Mtdieal
Coil'", Philadelphia, author of several valuable)
works, can be consulted on all uiaeaete of the
Sexual or Urinary Orpins, (which he has made
an eapeclal study), either In male or female, no
matter from what cause originating, or of how
Ions atanding. A practlco of SO years enablea
bin? to treat diseases with succeas. Cures guar
anteed. Charges rcsaonablo. TUoee at a die
tauco can forward letter describing lymptoms,
and cncloiiif! atamp lo prepay postage. 0
Send lor the Uuidi to hraiih. Price 10 cenu.
J B. 1) YyTT. M. ., Physician and burgeoa
tug atoet thobottob Ftmma) or Tn
JtHUfilun iu xun nuiui Bvnvuia.
nv IU nee Cancers are care4. and
Cancerous tumors are dispersed without the sur
geon's Knire bcroraii conquerea, ana venaamp
ion prevented and cured.
Venereal Dleeneee.Mercnrial nd Miner
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, and viror-
ens health and a sound constitution established.
Female) weaainesa ana jJlaeaeet
Dropsy, general or partial; Swellings, external of
Internal; and Tumors are reduced and dispersed,
la a very abort time.
Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, aad
Fever Sores are soon removed by this powerful
detergent medicine.
. Meorbafle Diseases. DandrsaT. Sealr
er Rough Skin, and Pimples quickly give way,
leaving the skin smooth and fair.
Chronie Diseases, Fever snd Agne, Dis
ordered Liver, Dyspepsia. Rheumatism, ferrous
Affections, General Debility, In short, all the
numerous diseases caused by bad blood are con
quered, and give way before this most powerful
corrector, the King of the Blood.
Bach bottle contains between forty and)
If ty ordinary doses, coating only one dollar.
from one to fouror Ave bottles Will
cure Salt Rheum, Scald Bead, Ring Worm, Pirn
pies on the race, tines, ordinary traptiona, etc
Front two to sight bottles will curs
Sealr Eruptions of the Skin, Ulcers, Sores, snd
Canker in the Mouth and Stomach.Ery slpelas,etc.
From two to ten bottles wilt restora
healthy action to the Liver and Spleen, will rct
Uate the Bowels and Kidneys.
. From two to six bottles will be found
effectual In curing Neuralgia, Sick-Headache, St.
Vitus' Dance, and Epilepsy.
From five to twelve bottles will cure
the worst cases of Scrofula.
From three to twelve bottles will
Cure severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh.
From two to roar bottles will cure the
Worst cases of Piles, and regulate Costive Bowels.
From two to tea bottles will cars
bad caaeaof Dropsy.
Pries 11 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5.
Bold by all Druggists
D. RANSOM, SOS k CO., Prspr't, .
See testlmonlali In local colamn. BaJWs, Jf. T.
" Casio oi inseiuj," "sooa vofirQM,".-
l smuts ru)waTts "Sttmm narnm," k
kWHa tVa ICltmC WltllS.LV aa WIKaTV CH
TUN AT WOKa (OeaaolMalat), kt SUK.
aTwa 1 tkaaCanmai ara u aba af "WUei
. Awau aa Tm AUpi" ties
l soatwhal eauular.
EaksernMn fanilrtrf At OHCS
wtMUiar vaiaua.
LVilkMlkH WlUlMji
roa Tks
$SOO Pages, 250 Engraringt.
A alarthng expoae of medical humbugeot
the past and prenent. It ventilates quaoka,
traveling iloctiira, noted female cheata, fo
tune tellers and medium, and givea inUaaot
ing narratives of notel phyaic-iana. It aeveals
inrtling seerrta, and is invaluable to all. Ws
give eicliHve territory anil liberal commia
ion. Kxr circulars and terms address ths
publishers. J. B. BURR HYDE,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
1,300 PAGES ft 900 ESGUnXGS
Written by V) eminent authors; inrlrding
JohnB Gough, sod Uorana Greeley,
This work Is s complete histery of alt
oiwhe ol industry, and i a complete rar
cyclopedia of aria and manufaclurea. tns
ol our agents sold 13.1 copies in eiht days,
anoihersiis in two weeks. Specimens snt
tree on receipt ol aUmp
t. B. BUHK A nVDE, rnbliahers.
Barlford, Conn., or Chioigo, III.
K 4 onhe.WOUld ,8ea
"u HrHIi HTDE PoWlrters.
Hartford. Conn., or Chicago. 111.
Aavertlseaeats loserud a tjtV Fisews
C 1
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