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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 08, 1873, Image 2

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Louis Eymajt, a ion of Dr.
Ejman, of Cincinnati, who has
been in attendance at St. Ma
ry'a Inititnte, Dayton, wai
kicked ontil bii leg wai broken
and otherwise ill treated by 'a
pneit at the Institute, until
hit life ii deipaired of. Through
the influence of the priest he
told his father that his leg was
broken while playing foot ball,
nd it was only when hope of
recorery was passed that he
felt far enough removed from
the priest to tell the truth.
These facts came to light last
week, and now comes Mr.
Bing, of Sandusky, who states
that his son Henry Biug, a lad
of fourteen years of age, was
reported misting from the in
stitute on the 10th of Maroh.
He was not informed of the
departure ot his son promptly,
and when he called at the In
stitute and asked to see his
boy's trunk in order to see
what suit he wore away, they
refused on the ground that th
priest in charge oi the ward
rob was not present Mr. Bing
has not yet heard anything
whatever from his son, and be
exnresses a determination to
make a thorough investigation
of the workings of the insti
A Suggestion.
The Cincinnati Gazette of
Wednesday contains the fol
I see that various papers in
the State are suggesting vari
ous names (or the position of
chairman of the Constitutional
Convention. It can do uo
harm for me to suggest that
of Milton L. Clark the member
elect from this county, as
man suitable in every respect
for the position. Free from
the partisan prejudices of pol
iticians, elected on an in
dependent ticket, a man of
if rge intellect, comprehensive
views, and a thorough know!
edge of parliamentary rulings,
and the general requirements
of the State, bis elevation to
the place would, I am sure, re
fleet credit on his fellow mem
bers, and insure the rapid and
thorough transaction of al
business brought before the
Apropros to this, I might
mention the fact that, in case
the convention adjourns from
Columbus, Chillicothe is an as
spirant for the honor of being
eelected as the place for its
Elsewhere we publish a let
ter from CapL Wilson on the
salary question in reply
some strictures upon the same
subject in the Jackson Stand
ard. We will be likely to have
some 'randoms thoughts' in re
ply. Be it said to Capt. Wil
son's credit that he honestly
voted against not only the
back salary bill in every shape
in which it was presented, but
against all bills for increasing
the salaries of public officers
which, have been considered
during his term of office. Hav
iog done his duty in this re
aped we fail to' see why
blame should be cast upon
him ior making the only legal
settlement he -could make
with the government.
Thk books of the Treasury
Department show a reduction
of the public debt during the
month of April of $2,247,485 60.
The total reduction since the
1st of March,1869, is $368,082,
89 48. Daring the same pe
riod the -British national debt
has been reduced but about
one-fourth that amount, a lit
tle over $98,000,000, while at
the same time the receipts of
tne English government have
been almost twice as great as
the receipts of our own govern
ment Thus it appears' that
the governmental expenses in
that country are twice as great
as In para. - .
eo- 1 i
Exmixxcs will tmc!i toy man tbat
IS i stfTantaxeoiM to patroni tkoe
Wea4Tarlifi ia Biwipapsrt; .
A Letter from Hon. John T.
TRANQILLITY, OHIO, April 26, 1873.
D. Micilit , Etq. 8ib: Hitherto
I have uot (itemed it proper in a
tingle instance to reply to a newtpaptr
attack from any quarter howeer
aeorriloat it might bt. But hating
lately eeaaed to It a Mrrtnt, I now
claim to bo one of tho aorereiga peo
ple postesting righta in common with
other, lleuce a few words in self de
fense mat not be inappropriate. ' Your
attacks upon ma io erery number of
your paper for the hut six weeks, to
say nothing of former years, have been
so marked, and to grossly personal
that I doubt if anr one Lit failed to
see that tome pent up and private
grief has long been rankling io your
heart, awaiting tome pretext to omen
forth in a torrent of ihmy abase, ana
joa seem determined to persist in ma
liraing mo in each successive issue
forgetting the adage that "those who
lire in glass houses ought not to throw
e . a
stones." The passage of toe late Jaw
increasing talariet affords a tubject for
just critioism by the press and tho peo
ple. But when a journalist fails t to
critioise in chaste and general terms,
nnd resorts to the vocabulary of the
fUh market for terms to apply to
single individual, be only gives en
denoe of deep depravity and a desire
to make an ast of himself, In the
Standard of last week you commence
an article as follows. "We have been
reluctantly forced to the conclusion
that the late member of Congress from
this district has received and appropri
ated hit share of the people's money,
which was stolen from the public
treasury. This tentenoe embraces
the question involved and will be re
plied to. The remainder of the artiole
as well at tome preceding onet savor
so strongly of falsehood and billings
gate, not to eay blackguardism, tbat
1 can not allow myself to reply at
length, as I never bandy words with
"fish women." If you really ' desired
to know whether or not I had received
any pay beyond tbat allowed by tne
act of 1866, why did you not address
me a note of inquiry, as you have often
done on matters relating to business or
politics, and you would have been
promptly advised. But your objects
and aims, were altogether in another
direction, at I shall presently show. In
order that you may have a dittinct tar
get for your pop-gun exercises in fu
ture, I will state tbat I did not take
tlolen money from the Treasury, as
you allege, but I did take f 4,496 allow
ed me by law at back pay and in this
I aoted prcoisely as my predecessors
in seven different Congresses had done
before me, none of whom so far at I
know, were ever accused of stealing,
that epithet having been reserved
seemingly, for the use of the Editor
of the Standard. And just here, it
may be well to inquire whether the
late act increasing salaries is an in
fraction of the organic law of the
land, or a departure in its retroactive
feature, from the uniform practice
since the foundation of the Govern
ment The Constitution declares that
"Senators and Representatives shall
receive a compensation to be ascer
tained by law, and paid out of the
Treasury of the United States," and
in pursuance of this olause the several
acts increasing salaries have been ap
proved. Without going back further
than 1818 it will be found that in Jan
uary of that year, ao act was approved
providing that the pay of members
should be $8.00 per day and $8.00 for
orery twenty miles of travel to and
from the Capital which was forty ctntt
per mile both ways; thus giving mem
bers from tht South and Weal a de
cided advantage, and if the law exist
ed now, the mileage alone of members
from the Paoiflo States would be large
ly more than their present salaries,
$7,500. This law not only increased
salaries but like all others on the same
subject, wai retroactive, running back
to March 4, 1817. In 1856 an act was
approved Increasing salaries to $3,000
per annum, leaving the mileage olause
at before. Thie act applied to the
Congress which passed it. On July
28, 1866, an act was approved increas
ing salaries to $5,000 per annum to be
computed from the first day of the
then existing .Congreast which was
March 4, 1865, nearly a year and a
half back, and . twenty cents per mile
ior travel, being one-half of the for
mer rate, but. excepting from this re
dectionof mileage, the tecounti which
had already accrued. Hence it will be
teen that members of the 39th Con
gress by virtue of this act received in
addition to $5,000 per annum mileage
for the first session at the rate of forty
cents per milo, making an aggregate
sum which approximates the present
salary of $7,500 under the' late law,
which cuts off all mileage and station
ery allowances, and I may eay in this
connection tbat each of the preceding
Congresses that considerably increased
the pay of their members deferred it
until the laet session. Bnt according
to the Standard all these men (and
they are many, embracing some of the
purest and best of our statesmen) were
thieves and robbert.
I submit, therefore, whether it is
not better to examiie thie whole ques
tion io the light ahed upon it by the
constitution and legislative precedents
before proceeding to characterise eith
er individual members or an entire
Congress at a pack of theWes. Much
as I was opposed to the meaeare it it a
law of the land, passed by a majority
of the people's , RepcMnteties in the
wtreiia of kgitJatixs, powtrt and.
must remain until it can be repealed.
Tour "stop thief ories, however grat-
fying they may be to yourself, will
probably not convince your readers
that yon either know or care much
about the subject further than to grat
ify your own private feelings.
Men of braint toldom misrepresent
questions at issue, while the weak and
feeble often do, in order to oover their
imbecility." When the people find
time to examine the salary question I
have no doubt their verdict will be
against the inorease. But at the same
time they will find that the present
salaries of members of Congrrtt with
out mileage or stationary allowances
does rot amount in the aggregate to a
sum largely in advance of the former
rates and they will further find that
the pretext for increasing the salaries
of tht President, Vice Presllent,
Judges of the 8upreme Court, Cabi
net officert and their asBiatanta, to
gether with officers and clerks of the
Sonate and House, was even more
flimsy thsn that nrged for the inorease
of the salaries of Senators and Repre
sentatives, and that the inorease all
told does not amount to more than
about three quarters of one million
dollars per annum, whioh will not be
likely io cripple a nation much whose
people have been able to pay into the
publio Treasury annually for eight or
ten years past, an average of more
than four hundred million dollars, and
still art, tht mott prosperous people
upon the globe.
But, sir, the salary question, at
havn estimated, is not what troubles
you; one or two little matters ot
personal and private nature to whioh
I shall allude, make up the fruitf I
source of all your spleen. You know
perfeotly, thai I uniformly voted
against the salary bill, but in your es
timation, that goes for nothing, simply
because I obeyed tho law after it was
passed and took the taok pay. When
I left Washington, I had not heard of
a single man who had rnfused to re
ceive his back pay, and I did not sup
pose my constituents desired me to be
more liberal in that regard than other
membors. No one, so far as I know
has complained except yourself, and
and judging from the past I have no
doubt a little of the Oakes Ames med
icine administered in time would hare
set you all right If you had said,
took what lawfully belonged to me.
you would have told the truth; but
you are not in the habit of telling the
truth, where a party is concerned
against whom you have a private pique,
and for want of brains to look up
facts and argue points, you descend to
the lowest and meanest ribaldry.
In a recent paragraph you referred
to the seat of my pantt with an air
and In language adapted paly to.he
meanest and lowtbt haunts tf vice,
and yet you claim to be respectable,
and expect decent men, and refined
ladies to read your paper. To reply
In merited terms would only tnd to
bring me on a level with a loath
some creature, hence I refrain. You
commenced a series ot misrepresen
tations prior to my nomination in
1870, and after I had been nominated
despite your opposition you wrote me
a letter saying "you honestly believed
the contest would be a doubtful o&,
not only in your county, but alto in
the district; that your paper bad the
largest circulation it ever had and
much influence; that you had never
held but one small office, and that If
would give you riva hundred dol
lars, you would go into the fight in
good faith." You "did not want me
totbink you wero trying to extort
money from me; you would just as
soon rest during the campaign as
not." After reading your letter cov
ering three pages and involving
names which I do not care to bring
Into this controversy, I came to the
conclusiou that you belonged to the
slimy tribe and have had no occasion
to change my mind since. Of course
I modestly declined to accept your
proposal, and there ti e trouble com
menced. If I had submitted to this
black mailing operation, all would
have been well and the "goose would
have huagklgk" at least for a time, and
I would have "been compelled to sub
mit to a few fulsome jmffs in your pa
per. But I refused to buy you even
at the low price of 1500. O&kes
Ames would have managed the thing
better. He styt the way to make
man attend to butlaess, is to interest
him, and Oakes, you know is wbe on
this subject and understands just bow
to reach the vulnerable points In such
men as you. Suppose you deny hav
ing ever wrote me such a letter and
tell your readers the whole thing is
sheer fabrication. You must either
own up, deny, or be mum : which
course do you propose? Now for
display of ingenuity or abuse, or both,
at the case may be, with your new
Fairhaven press to aid you.
Then again, during the contest for
the Post Office in Jackson, for which
vourson-ln.law was an applicant,you
wrote to me in hit interest, laying
hard thlnga of some of your neigh
bors, and after the present incumbent
wps appointed in obedience to the
wishes of a large majority ot the peo
pie, you wrote me a mott bitter and
upbraiding letter making this em
phatic, threatening remark, "Thank
God there it a hereaiter." Well.
suppose the hereafter hit come, and
hope yon will make the mott of it, at
you teem to be actuated by that un.
dj log spirit ot revenge characteristic
only of tbe savages of the wilderness.
Now, In view of the foregoing facts,
can any man fail to see what Is wrong
with the editor of the .Standard?
think not. Inasmuch at you profess
to be In favor ot equal' righta arid fair
play, i.bope you will printtbU con?
municatlon in your paper, but I ven
ture the prediction that you will not.
Lest you become weary iu reading
thla long letter, I thall now take my
leave, trusting you may lead a quiet
and happy life in the future, and al
low your neighbors to abide In peace,
and when I go to Congress again, I
will make it a leading feature In my
duties to get office for you and your
sons and sons-in-law and all that per
tain to von. Then you will have
ifood time. aLd We will be friends
agalu. - Respectfully,
As iron bridge at Dixon,
111., gave way last Sunday with
crowd upon it wno were
witnessine a baptism which
was taking place in Rock
River. 75 persons were killed
and 32 wounded. The bridge
was what was known as the
Truesdell patent The bridge
built at Elgin, III., upon tne
sutne model, fell, under simi.
r circumstances, and . being
rebuilr,;felLpf its own weight.
It is
a suggestive
stance thatjjwith perhaps three
exceptions the United States,
Germany and Great Britain-
nil the civilized countries are
steadily increasing their debts.
The greater portion of them
have been created within the
memory of the present genera
tion: the great majority of
them are rising still with a
rapidity which is adding an
nually hundreds ot millions ol
dollars to the national liabili
ties of the world.
Dr. Bowers, Dentist, McAr
thur.O .
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Cheap Farms.
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m. )
Columbus, O., April loth, 187S.
WHHREA8, The New England Mutual
Life Insurance Company, located at Boa
ton, in the Btato of Massachusetts, has filed
in this office sworn statement by Ihe proper
officer, thortjof, showing iu condition and
business, ana has complied, in all respeele,
with;ihe lawa of this Bute, relating to Life In
surance Onmpaniu, organised by act of Con-
grese, or by or under the lawi of anv other
late of the United States.
Now. therefore, in pursuance of low, 1, W.
P. Churoh. Bjpenntendent of Insurance of
the Htato of Ohio, do hereby certify Hat said
Company IsCauthotised to tranaaet its appropri
ate business of Life Insurance in this Hiate in
accordance with law, during to current year.
Tbe condition and busineaa of said Comas
ny at the date of such statement, (Deo. tl,
ll71,)ia shown as follows:
Aggregate amount of sdmltted aa.
sets,, tr.clnding the sum of
2.S97I 10 in premium note,
and loan, held by tho Company
on policies in forc...... .lI,4tll,4tS.74
Aggregate amount of liabilities, ins
eluding tlu,IUi,248.t4 for re in
?sursnce reMive..10,e8,824.42
Amount of income for tbe preced
ing year in cash. .., a,40t,74t.t3
Amount of premium nolo of in-
rome for Iho preowling year 017,633 f I
Amount of oxrndittire. for the
preceding year in csHh l,7M,&30.vll
Amount 01 piemium note expen
ditures for the preceding year.. 473,34I.r
IN WITNESS WHBREOP, I have herountn
.ubscribed my name, and caused tho seal
- of my office to be affixed, the day and year
above written. W. P.CHURi'tf,
Jo T. Rapt, agent at Mctrthur. O.J
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d.i. In mmaiw... t 10 o'clock In the fore
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April IS, 1173.
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tablishmem or piace 01 ouiner,
denoting the payment of said Special Tarn be'
lore commencing business.
The taxea embraced within the protislone
of the law above quoted aro the following, m
Rectifiers 200 00
Dealers, retail liquor 25 00
Dealers, n holvsule liquor 100 00
r)pn1ira 111 malt liouors.whole-
eulo 60 00
Dealers In malt liquors, retail. 20 00
Dealers In leat tobacco 25 00
Retail dealers In leaf tobacco. 600 00
and on sales of over $1,000,
fifty cents for every dollar In
excess of 11,000.
rfulira I'l manufactured to
bacco 6 00
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manufactured 20 00
Manufacturers of tobacco 10 00
Manufacturers of cigars 10 00
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(more than 2 horses,) 50 00
Peddlers of tobacco, second
clacs. (2 horses) 25 00
Peddlers ot tobacco.third class.
(1 horse) 15 00
Peddlers of tobacco, fourth
elasa. fun foot or nubile con
veyance J ... 10 00
Brewers of less thanoOO barrels 50 00
Brewers ot 500 barrels or more 100 00
Any nerson who shall fail to comply with
the foregoing requirements will be subject to
serere penalties.
Special-lax payers throughout the United
Etalosare reminded that tney mus' mane ap'
nlipauon to the Collector (or Denut Collect
or) of their renpective districts, and procure
the broner slmn for the Special-lax Year.
commencing Hay I, 1ST3, without waiting for
111 ri her nonce. n. r. uva i ca,
Collector Internul Rerenue, lllh liiatrict, O..
, portsmnutn, O.
H.C. Mim.ii. Deputy Collector, .Isckson
C. U.,Ohio. lmj4w
Slate of OAiotVintonCounty,t8.
Cornelius Karns, Plaintiff,
The Vinton Furnace & Coal Company
of unio, Ueienuants.
PURSUANT to the command of an ordrr
Bale issued from the Court of Common
fleas of Vinton County, and to me directed
Sheriff of said County, I will otter for sale
thedoorof the Court Ho jse, in the town
1 cArlbur, Vinton Co'inty, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 17th Daylof May, 1873,
at the hour or 2 o'clock P. M. of said day, Ihe
following described properly, to wit: situate
in Ihe said county of Vinton, O io, a part
ihe south-west corner of the north-east quar
ter of section No. 24 twenty five, township No
ii eleven, 01 range no. n seventeen and es
necially described as a trsct ol land rlfly
leet in width running diagonally from
point twenty-five feet north ol the land. ur
veysd by B. YV. Blon lor . railroad from the
Viuton Station to the Viuton Furnace, where
said line intersects the west line or said quar
ter section, thence running south-east paral
lei to said surveyed line, bt-l twenty-five feet
north of said survey, which said line running
ssaforeraid.ia to be the center of mid atrip
tract of land herein conveyed.
Also three 3 acre, and five S rods, being
strip of land being thirty-five 36 fret wide
Irom the centre of the railroad tract of Ihe
V.nlon Furnace A Coal Company of Ohio's
railroad on each side of said railroad trsct,
from the center, located in the north-west
quarter of section No. 26, towvxlilp No. 11,
range no. 17, in vmion county Ohio. Also,
the railroad iron and ties located in the above
desc-rihed real estate, supponod to be about
two-thirds of a mile in length.
Appraised at thirty-four hundred dollars,
3.4UO and mutt bring two-thirds 01 that sum.
To be sold as Ihe urooertv of the Vinton
furnace A Coal Company of Ohio, et al,
ratisli an order sale, issued from the Court
01 vommon rieas.in lavor of Cornelius Karns
3 &H.MS Vlr BALB : Cash In hand on Ihe
uj 01 saie. vtUHUE HALES,
bheritt Viuton County,
Coskxuds Kilts.
April 17, 1873. 6w
Foreign and American
Watch Materials.
Watch Makers'
Tools, Etc.
Old Watch Caoeo aad old Gold auto 8Uvr
, , bongkt.
Any person, old or young, of either sex,
can make from llu to M per week, at home
or in connection with other business. Want
ed hy ol . Hkitahle to either city oreountiy,
and any sesaon of tho year. Thla la a rare
opportunity for those who aro out or work,
snd oat of money, to make an independent
living. No capital being reouirau Our
pamphlet, "How to Make Living." giving
rill instructions, sent on receipt of 10 cent..
Address, A. BURTON W.,Momsinns,Wsst
chaster Co., N.N. - .myam-
State 9f OMo.rinton CoUntg
Bompbrey Clark, FlaiBUfl,
Nichols Parar, Defendant.
a m m W. . - a
rn Vinton County Wt ivmrnv
fleas. VTuer oj www.
.k. .1 ike Conrl Mouse, i
McArthur, Vintot vonnu,
Saturday, tie 17th Day of May. A. D.
-I Wam A ft s'tMk.
P. ; of said dsy.tno
"" ": " -- j la.
follow eg aescnoeo iaau .
wit- Pa?l of tho oast half of the sontheeaal
" Ii ZLtin. No.kve. (6) township Wo.
! y- - - -,ht..n. (It) eom
mencing to the Mm', at a .too., ei'ghty.feur
ST,ou. north of the eoulh-west eor.er of
said lot, theneo sontn '""J?" ' v.-A
cnains mo i":?r,L .ii h..drdiho
J hi i,ortn iwelvo
tv xj Mho,ina In
' . . . r . ti Attains ta t MOB
t) degree. - .- , "J ---t- . - 'irvnhi
( 6.41) ehain. to a slone.lhene. Muth k ur a4
enU-lhreo (4.t3) hundrethe ehaioa to tho
"ace'of beginning, being ten (10) .or... . lo
tto in Vinton eounty. Stale ' Ohio.
inpraised at three hundred and ""'J.""
dollar, and sixty.a.i asd h' c -hi.
3ia.oJ, and must bring two-tnird. ol thai
..' . v.. thlrtv.thrM.SS sixteen,
la thirty four. 84 and the eaet 'f t(
teen, 16 said lots being situate la ! oW of
Appraised at .even nuuur... '"';"
. ,k . iM. Anslh rd eeata.
t;5S..l3J4 tad muss bring two thirds of thai
"To be told a. he property of Klcholaa PSfef ,
to satisfy an order of sale, Iseued Irom in.
Court of CommoB PIm. favor of Mnm.
f TtKMS OF BALE: Csth In hand o- tho iff
or.slo. taEOBClS KAIEB, ,
bhentl Vlnion County.
H. C. Joms, Attorney for Plointlfl.
1673. w
Tnn.HTTANT to Iho eommeod of at Order of
Pb.U tiom tho Cort of C.mmg
Fleas of TintoB County, "d to e
M bhsrifl of said eouoty, I w.U ?'
Legal Notice.
Humphrey Clark, plaintiff, ts. Nicholas Pflfefs
Vinton Comnron Pleat,
fi HE deiendant will take notl.e that 01 1 two
1 lilh day ot April, 1873, the plai.lilf fll.d
hi. petition in the Clerk's office of Ihe Com.
mon Piss .Court of Vinlon CouAty.Ohio, ale
leging Hint Ihe pl.inlilt sold to the defendant
the following described real estate, situate in -Tintnn
County, Bute of Ohio, to wit; a part
of Ihe east half of Ihe tooth-east quarter or
section No. t, range No 18. Commencing at
a stone, rods norih of the south west cor
ner of ssiil lot. thenfle8.76 g. 14.60 sham. lo
a .tone, thence N. 44 east S.Se ehaint too
stone: thence N. f W. 4 chain, to a stone
thence Went 15 48 chains to a stone, theneo
south 4 1 chains to the place of beginning,
containing ten acres.
Also in lots Na. S3. SI and It, an-l Iho east
half of in-lot No. 15, in Ilia town ol Allensville,
iu said county and Stale, and furlner arena,
that defendaul gave to plaintiff sundry neles,
two ofwhii-h are overdue and unpaid, for Iho
sum ol lawi each, tnst tho same were 00 in.
lorest from February th, 1871, end that Ihero
la due Ihereon Iho sum of five hundred dol
lars, with interest as aforesaid, and praying
for. judgment for Ihe said sum. snd also a
finding and decree of ssid Court that the urns
in a lien on said lands for purchase money.
The ssid came will be lor hearing at tho
Plas Court.
next term of said
H. C. .KIN ES, Attorney lor plaintiff.
. April 17, 1873.
"sheriffs sale.
State of Ohio, Vlntoa Coaalyt
John M adorn, Plaintiff,
Seneca W. Ely, et al, Defendant..
In Vinton County rnrl of Onmiaoa Pfeoi, Order if
Alls fa Partition,
TVlRSf'ANTtn the command of an Onlarof
I Pale In Partition Issued fro'w the Court ef
Common Pleas of Vinton County and Io mo
directed a hrif? '-f said cnnnlv, I will offer
for sale t the door ol the Court Hoae, in Iho
town of McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
FrUlay.the 16fl Da of Slay, A. D. 187
at the hour ofl o'clock P. M. of aald dsy tho
following lands sn'l tenement, sitnste in Iho
nonoty f Vinton and Ktsf of Ohio, to wif!
lt. Theaon'h hslf of Ihe south seat quar
ter nf eelin No. 84. lownhip No. Il.snl
range No. 17. ron'sining elghtv serrs rnnra or
V. Psi-i Inirt being appralred at sixteen
hundred dollars (fl.aifl
!nd Also the north he If of the snrlh-esst
qnsrferof "eelion No. 84. township No. II,
snd rn No. 17. ennlstning eijhly acres (Wl
mnre or '. Omh" trst helni apprs"ed at
fourteen hundred and fsrfy rlnl'sra. (f1,440.
Krd. Also the fst-hslf of the norh-est
njnsrter of section No. . township No. II,
and range No. 17, eonlslnlnc seres, morn
or less. Appraised al twelve hundred dollars
4lh. Also the north haff of lha sntilh.west
onrter of section No tl. nwnhip No. 11. and
Fsnge No. 17, confining eiuhtv'krres more or '
less, tpnrsised at twelve hundred and eighty
4'h. Alo the west hlf ot Ihe north-west
qnsrlerof ssid section No. 21. lownhin and
range aforeraid, pontain'ng eiihty aoreo
more or les. nnriset f thirteen hundred
nnd twenty dollars (1 MO )
(th. Also the north hslf of the nnrth-essl
nnsrter of seclinn No. Wl, fownshm snd ranro
aforesaid, exeentmg ten acres off tha want
end of ssid trsct leering re vent v f7i) sere,
mora or less. Appraised at twelve hundred
and eightvdollsr. (11.181) )
7th. A10 th snnlh-eost o.rarter nf tho
north east qnsrlerof section N" M. township
and range aforesaid, excent three ft) seres
I'flongnff to ehat is known aa Ihe Reorga W,
nn.lin Fsrm arprsised t six hundred ami
twenty-nine dollars (t2 1
8lh. Al.olhe roth half of thw the sonlh.
eat qnarter of roclinn No. as. mwnntn and(
ranre aforesaid, containing elgh'y fafl) wree
more or les. Appraised at sixteen hundred
ih. Also the north est O'laner of llr
aonth-westqiinrtoro' section N.?3, tnwnshln
No. 11, and rang. No. 17. rnntsiring 41. M
acres more or loa- Anieled at seven hun
dred snd Iwenlv dollars (S7J0.1
Excepting from shove tracts 117 sere, oil
the ej-st pirt thereof heretofore ent to ono
JMnok I.esr hy W. W, and W. R. Msdisra.
dsled .tune 1fft.
Zach tract of the shovo described lsnda and
tenements mutt bring two-third, or the ap
praised value.
Orrterod Io he .old in certain partition pre
eeedinva lately pending in the Conrt of Com--"on
Plees of saW eonnly, wherein John Ms
diera wss petitioners snd Seneca W. Ely-
wv,e i,oie,iusu,n.
One third cash In hsnd; anil one third la
one veer snd one third In tw. rear, from
dsy of sale. Deferred payments to hear in
terest st t per cent, per ennnm and Io bo if
cured by mortgage ct the premise, told.
BhanBo.' Vinton eonnty.
Horn C. Jnewa, Attorney for plaintlt.
Arrll 10. 1873.. . r tw
THE ftum on which I now reside in Jack,
on township, Pike Co., O., near Sharon. '
villo, and containing nearly six hnndred arree
Also my fsrm in Liberty township, Rosa Co..
t., and containing about 880 acres. 1 will sell
either or
For farther informatioa call ot or writ, to
m directed to Omega, Pike Co , O, Tho
first farm la in one of tho most desirable aito
ations io tho township- The farm in Liber
t jilownshir-is very eonvenlent to the depot
' Ifndonderry. MASON JONES.
James Dnnkle't Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTlCEis hereby given thst Rarnst Aiken,
osguardian of Linma J., Robert A , Joha,
Barnn ., Arminda, and Nancy B. Honkle,
minora, has filed his ..counts with said wards,
aeverally, tor hnsl setileinent with tho Drat
named, snd for partial aettlement with tbo
others; aad (hat said several accounts are set
I"' "" n he ISth day of May, A. D. .
1871, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
. , B- MATO; ProUU Judge.
Aprll M, 1B73. "4 .
rJ3 fi2 m j WMM idnrtM
I 01 sm ssoeve. pes, sklet lsa ssssMat wsy
.aVr...l,...r TksNsnMnassKsslko.
tAyu,tf ",-We3?
I kaek vkart Is aJhraa. a. e .
. M. iunra vu.l.. .TZtTl" '""".e" wss. asms.
-w . u W. S-evte tu, CIl

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