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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 08, 1873, Image 4

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alcARTlI Ult, 01110,
ihTURSDAY. MAY 8, 1873.
6s andnfUr Sunday, November 3d, 1873
train will run a lullowi: ina i. uoun
Kaprms runs daily; all other train daily Su-
Th Fast Lm' n.l Kiprese will atop oolr
I Lovaland.Gr-enneM.Chilli.-olhe. Uamilrn,
Athene and Bolt's Landing. FaeliLine going
wo will atop al Blaochaater, alao. Uluw
Iraiaa atop at all statioa. .
tahoasi Mail. FastL,
1 in
t J;im
i 63am
S Ilium
s im
I 6010
iaoinnaii.:t Want 10 SOara
OajllUcuih -...II iWara
ftichlaod rur.H XW
tfMMiMKii ro
MoAaraca.-M...... 1 t3A
Vinton I m
Salskt 1 iJpm
Hop Kurnaaa... 1 aspm
Parnaibura.M a &5pm
t Hum
I ogm
a xipua
S Slum
1 tufnn
1 4bpm
3 44pm
Ftationi. Mail.
Para.tTfc-jr,j..l 6uam
Hopa.Vuruaua.- I 0pm
Ufc-i.. 1 Upm
fiatdo ... 1 Mpra
Meairasa - 1 Hpio
c . T at ? v
noarn 1 64pro.J
11 auim a zaprn
11 34am
II Warn
11 Mara
It oum
I Wpm
S 4opn
S 47pm
3 Wpm
4 ocpm
4 64pm
HuD'l.o ... 1 lupm
Hiohlaed Fur.. I ISpm
ChlUicotha.. 3 13pm
Ciacmaeu .t lupm
la 13pm
1 uopm
6 oupra
lALtsai accoaaoDATioa.
Tha Ealeski Accommodation going east
loaves Chilltcolhe at uia. m., IlavvilleT o
Riehland Furnace, I l. Hainden arrive (
depart t U, Mc-Artplir, M, VuitonlO 3.1,
Salaaki It U. (JoindWJft-ZnlenKl 4 00p.m.,
ViakM , McAllh TV S 00, Mamden, arrive
9 depart M, Richland Furnace, to,
Kay.nl la, a M, Chillicothe. i
Train en the fORTbMUUTH BRANCH
will leave Hamdea at It a.m. I nd 4 00 p m
arriving at Portsmouth at II 10 a m.aodT W)p.
m. sUtoraiogtrains ill leave Portsmouth at
Se.ra.aadliK p.m., arming at Uamdeo
at li;4S a.m. and 10 p.m.
Traiaa connect as l.oveland for all point! on
ha LiUla Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
alia aid Cincinnati Railroad Juncti .0 for all
Sol ate Went; at Athena, with tha Columbui
H. T. K. K., t Parkerburg, with tha B. a
Master of Transportation.
TWXhZi run a hvk from Wllkeaville to
""".'"C7. TZt rtt'TH Monday, Wednei
day and Fridayi to r I ha 'acco m modatlon of
passenger making clone connection with the
mail trains on the M. AC. R. R. 1 will alao
carry sprea package snmi.ru
0HAELE3 . BARNETT, Proprietor
WILLranregnlarljto UcAiihur Station
to meet all mall traina.
Hank leavea MeArlhur pot office al 12.00
'cloak, M. each day, to connect with mail
Order left at the pout office, McArthur, ar
Dnndae, prjinptly atundfd to.
HamJen, Wilke.iville and Middleport
HATING the contract for carrying the mnil
between the above pointa I will be able to
larni.li conveyance for paengtrt and their
bagKDge to and frnmaald pointa on the follow
ingdava: From Wilkeaville to Hamden and
backeeTHInndnya, Wednednv and Kndnyi
and horn Wilkraville to Mnldlcport, Meig
Co, and buck on Tueadaya, Thumlaya nd
Baturdaya, IOHN LVIS.
Tbo Scarcity of Money
li in a great measure caused by
ending an ay to other towns or
cities for articles that can be
found just as good and cheap at
hone. If you wish a veryfine pic
ture of yourself or friends do not
be deluded into the ides that
you can do bettor by going to
Chillicothe, Cincinnati and other
placet without first calling on
C- J. BruiNanonsT, of McAr
thur. No artist has a better
reputation for doing good and
honest work, and nothing in the
picture line is too dificult for him
to undertake. See his advertisement.
A Washington special says,
as the result of a consultation
by Ueneral Sherman and Sec
retary Robeson, there will be
transferred a large number of
troops from east of the Rocky
Mountains to the Pacific coast,
and . a determined effort
made to exterminate the Mo
L J. IIoback lound on Buz
zard's Fork of Tracefork, in
West Virginia, a poplar log 9
feet, 4 inches in- diameter at
the butt, and 7 feet at the top.
and 65 feet long, which, it is
calculated, contains 80,000 feet
of half inch lumber, worth
about $900. A West Virginia
aristocrat cat it down, one
night to "catch a coon."
Tab box stolen irom the
Safe Deposit Company con
taining 53,600 and papers to
the value oi $200,000, was
found in the coal vault attach
ed to John McDevitt's whole
sale grocery, on Market street
The box has been returned to
the bank, minus the money.
There is no clue to the thief.
Pittiburg Dispatch.
A Baptist clergyman, who
las been traveling through the
South, layi that the freedinen's
churches are, to an alarming
extent, under the control of
ordained ignorance. An un
earned freedman preacher
will not study himself, and
tells his people that they need
sot be educated.
'PnrGB wishes to know what
is the difference between fixed
star-and shooting stars. The
answer is that the one aro
Buns, and the other darters.
Stil Broadway, New York,
13 the beat aystem of modern ehort hand
writing. By ita aid reponera are aiabled
to ania verbatim the apeeishea of tha moat
rapid tulkera, with the greatest eaae. It la a
nranco 01 aiuavav vasuv immw mnj
i.mnchpii. .iicli a reading, writ
ing, arithmetic 01 grammar, and may bec-
qiiired bv any cniid ini chu raau common
nnnt readily. Iia character are aa fixed
and certain in their meaning., aa legible, aa
nhiloaoubical. aa braulirul aa Hioe now in
common uae, ar more.ayatematic, ""d more
readily learned.-
The great utility of Phonography la fully
conceded by teaatiera. atudenta, busineaa and
proleeaional men. The demand for I'a .noj-
raphera la greater than tha aupply, and con
atanily increaaing. It la a aura and ea.y
etepping atone for a young man or woman to
immediate, uermanent an I respectable em
ployment, at ealariee of from 11,600 to fa ,000
per year, aa reporter" ior uewspaperv, umi
and military uourts, Legialnturea, Conven
tions, etc., ar aa clerk, m the offlcea of rail
roada, trlegrnpha, law) era, physician., mer
chant and manufacturing house, and in all
the Departments of tm Natmnal Government
nnd aa teorctiiriea and ameauaiaes. Tht re la
no Aeld of labor ao eerlainly remunerative,
and no useful art ao eatily acquired.
To tha lawyer in notina down leahmony
and lefereneea, and in preparing first draft of
brieraand otter leaal papera it ta iiivaiimble.
To the clerg) man, in preparing Ins sermons,
to til public eprtrter. in preparing a dis
course, lo any peraoffli'ving studies or cler
ical duDr-a it will save -0 perceut. of time.
PA HUNTS, why not nave your children
'earn Phonography useful and beautiful
art, a refining amusement, a uniqn accom
plishment. In any vocation ol I fe it will re
fny man times it cost in money time nod
ry style of the art commencing with the
analysis of words, and proceeding to the moM
rapid reporting atyie-m such a form and
manner, with auch lullnessof explanation,
and oompleteneas of illustration, and with
aucn on erieaiureaas to inuy auapi ma worn
to the use of achoels and to sell -instruction.
Price, tl; by mail f i to.
Mr. Oiahtm lathe author of a Phonograph
ic Tjctionary, Readers, and other wuik, also
publisher ot newsp.iper called "The Btu
dent' j Journal,' devoted to the advancement
ol Phonogmphy. Bend for a specimen num
her coniaininga full description of Hie var
ious works o,i Phouogrnphy which are pub
lished by him.
Aildresas ANPREW J. GTtAttAM.
fifeb 63 Broadway, New York.
the new postal law we are supplying the peo
ple with our line nickel white metal ware, of
triple electro-silver plate, post paid to any
pnrtof the oouulry direct Irom our manufac
tory. tsiwilht.inding largo advance In nickel
we still otter the goods, both plain and fnncy
patterns, al former factory rales, and will mail
any quantity at these price, on receipt of Hie
Dutter knife, i.ickle fork, augnr spoon nnd
napkin ring, t,ach ft (s
Tea spoon mid nut picks, hull dna. 2 fsi
Dessert knives, lorks and spooiis.lialf dot. 4 !'
Tnlile " " " " " ' 6 0c
Keplntingnf old ware in the best manner, al
one In. If of these prices.
We will mail to any address phntocrnph.
ami price lists of ;iiir FIK MILVCR
the manufacture ol which ia specialty with
It is onr privilege to refer to the editor ol
all Cincinnati relimnu weeklies.
In what paper did you see our advertise-
64 Fountain square, Cmolnnati, Ohio.
31octl7a tit
vrsi. J. RANZVELLS & CO.,
One door west of Dan. Will & Bro'l.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persons wishing to purchase lands farm or
town lots in Vinton or adoining counties will
find tracts to suit them by calling.
Persons wishing to sell lands, farm or town
lots will have a good chance of doing ao by
leaving description, etc. in cir hands.
oct2 Main Street, MeArlhur, O.
l)r. Duponco's Golden
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every case where Hie monthly flow hats-en
obstructed through cold or disease.
bUPOMCO'd IJOLIJEN PlLUS always une im
mediate rehe. A lady w riles: 'linponco'a
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mng
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
wnite boxe containing double the quantity ol
pills, and upon each box you will find my
"Private U. JH. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words DUPONCO'S GOLDEN
PILLS, in white letters, without that oone
are genuine.
Remember the genuine is in the white boxes
rull and explicit dirtetions accompany each
box. Price ll.oo per box, six boxes t.9.
Hold by one druggist in every town, village,
city and hamlet throughout tha world.
Bold U McArti.ur, O.,
By G. W. SISSOX. Druggist.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
By sending him It.OO through the McArthar
O.. Post Office, can have the pills aent confi
dentially, by mail, to ny part of the country,
free of postage.
8. O. HOWE, Proprietor, New York.
St itoovferf Edition. J. W. Watson. aulhorof
"The Outcast." BmUimllm lUwtralei.Jromorif
MaVsieat y fitoara L. Hemy. Complete in
one inrge octavo volume, in uniform style
with "The Outcast and Other Poems," being
E rioted on the finest tinted plate paper, and
mnd in green morocco cloth, with gilt top,
gilt sides and beveled boards, pries Two Do.
lars, or bound in green morocco elotn, with
gilt aides, and beveled boards, price Three
a A anveeeei U for ash all toebslfcr, ar eaa
imfjiluUlbt tnl, awrf-jkurf, la as oat, srnhr, of
mail, 0 amf e rsMiffis; tkt pries nUfn fas naMilA
atM Chestnut 61., Phil Delphi, P.
m art 873
Agents Wanted.
For the great sensation ol hygienic litera
ture, oar digestion; or.
Dr. Dlo Lewin new work I an immense
success. Saves money, worry, and precious
health, and shows how to live well
fxl on II a week, agents are coining money,
and doioga world of good with l. Theaarre
chances still open. IMay not, but address at
once, at. HANNAFORb a CO , Publishers.
177 West Fourth street, OincinnaH, O. tmarS
Notice to the Stockholders of
the GaUipolIs, McArthur
& Colambas Eailroad Co
ALL parties harm subscribed toth earn,
ital atoek of the G Me A. A O. R. R. are
hereby requited to make payment to th9eo
retary of th CompaoT, at his offic ou to
PuWie Square, m Gallfpoll, Ohio, or if mora
convenient, to Daniel WUI. President of the
Vinton County Bank, al McArtbur, Ohio, of
aa installment of five dollar on each share
ao subscribed, within tea days of this data.
August 10, urn.
Vlwegar Dttter are not Tile Fancy
Jrink, uiatlo ot Poor Hum, Whiskey, Proof
ipirlt ud Refuse Liquors, doctored, spiced,
ind sweetened to pluaae the taste, oallcd
Tonica," "Appetizers," " Restorere," Ac,
hat lead the tippler on to druukenuess snJ
nln, but are a true Medicine, made from the
lative roots and herbs of California, free from
til Alcoholic Stimulants. They are the Great
Blood Purifier and s Life-giving Principle, A
rctfect Renovator and Invlgiaator of the Sys
xm, carrying orr all polaVsous natter and
storing th bloed to a haatthy condition, en--lolling
It, refreslilng and Invigorating both
nlod and body. They aro easy of acluiinlstra
4on, prompt In their action, certain In their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
K Person cam take these Hitters ao
iording to directluus, and remain longun well,
irovlded their bone are not destroyed by
itinera! poison or other means, and the vital
rgana wanted beyond the point of repair.
Dyspepsia or Iiidlgeatlon, headache,
Pain In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tlglitnesc ofthe
wheat, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of theStoiu
tch. Bad Taste In the Mouth, liillous Attacks, Pal
pitation of the Heartlnnamniutlouof the Lungs,
Pain In the regions of Ihe Kiilueya.and a hundred
tlicr painful symptoms, are the offsprings of
Dyspepsia. In those complaints it has nn equal,
md one bottle will prove a better guarantee of
,1s merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Female Complaints, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
it the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so
Iccldcd au Influence that a marked improve
ment la soon perceptible.
For Iiiliouniiatorjr and Chronic
IXbeuniotlam end Gout, Dyspepsia orlndl
jostloo, Lilious, Remittent and Intermittent
Fevers, Diseases of the Ulood.Uver.Kldncys and
Bladder, these Bitters have been moat successful.
Such Diseases arc caused by Vitiated Wood, which
Is generally produced by derangement of the
Plgeslivo Organs.
They are a Gentle Pnrcntlve a well
aa a Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit
5f acting as a powerful agent iu relieving Con
;estion or Inilaiiinmtlou of tho Liver and Vis
ceral Organs and In Bilious Diseases.
For skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt.
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules.Uolls,
l'arbancles,Rlng-wonns, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes
Krrsipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoiorallons of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin, of
whatever name or nature, are literally dug tip
and carried out of tho system In a short time by
the use of these Bitters. One bottle in such cases
will convince the most Incredulous of their cur
itlve etrccts.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever
you Und its impurities burning through the
tkln In Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores ; cleanse it
when yon find It obstructed aud sluggish in the
veins ; cleanse It when It Is foul ; your feelings
will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, aud
the health of the aystem will follow.
Grateful Thonsniuls proclaim ViNprurt
BiTTKiis the most wonderful luvijjoruut that
ever sustained the sinking system.
Pin, Tape, aud other Worms, lurking
In the system of so many thousands, are effec
tually destroyed and removed. Says a distin
guished physiologist : There la scarcely an Indi
vidual on the fiiceof llieeanh whose body Is ex
empt from the prcBciico of worms. It is not up
on the healthy elements of the body that worms
exist, but upon the diseased humor and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of
disease. No system of medicine, no vermifuges,
no nnthelminltlcs, will free the system fioui
worms like these Hitter.
Merhanlcal Disease. lYrnons engnged
In Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they ad
vance In life, aro subject to paralysis of the
Bowels. To guard against this, take a dose, of
Ulllnns, Remittent, and Intermit
teut Fevers, which aro to prevalent in tho
valleytofour great rivers throughout tlieL'nlu d
States, especially those of the Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri, Illinois, Tcnneaaee, Cumberland, Ar
kansas, Red, Colorado, Ilrazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke,
Jsmes, and many others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entlro country during
the Summer anil Afltumn, and remarkably ao
during seasons of unusual heat and dryness, aro
Invariably accompanied by extensive derange
menu of the stomach and liver, and other ab
dominal viscera. In their treatment, a purga
tive, exerting a powerful Influence upon these
various organs. Is essentially necessary. There
Is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Da. J.
Walkf.k's Vinkoar Bitters, as they will
speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter
with which the bowels are loaded, at the same
lime stimulating the secretions of the liver, and
generally restoring the healthy functions of the
digestive organ.
Scrofula, or King' Evil, White Swell
ings, Ulcers, Erysipelas. Swelled neck. Goitre,
Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent luilanima
llotis, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Erup
tions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc, etc Id these
as In all other constitutional Diseases, Vaj.s Kit 's
ViNEiiAit BiTTKiis have shown their great cura
tive power lu the most obstinate aud intract
able cases.
Dr. Walker California Vinegar
Outers act on all theso cases In a similar
m.mucr. )ly purifying the Blood they remove
the cause,, and by resolving away the effects of
ne innuinmauon line luoercuiar ucposiia) tno
irfected parts receive health, aud a peruiancut
cure Is eifcctcd.
The properties of Dr. Walikr'sTineoak
Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carmin
stlve, "-urinous, laxative, Dlureilc, Seda
tive, Coniiter-Irritoot, iiudoriUc, Alterative,
and Antl-Ulllou. - -
The Aperient and mild Laxative proper
ties of Du. Wahsk's Vinkoar Bitters are
the besp safe-guard In cases of eruptions and
malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and
toothing properties protect the humors of tho
fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain in
the nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either
Irom inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc.
Fortify the body against disease by
Rurifylng all iu fluids with Vinkoar Bitters.
o epldemio can lake hold of a system thus
Direction. Take of the Bitten on going
to bed at night from a half to one and one-half
wlne-glasHfull. Eat good noortslung food, such
a beef-steak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef,
ind vegetables, and take out-door exercise,
rhey are composed o( puref vegetable Ingre.
licots, and contain no spirit,
r. h. Mcdonald & co.,
Druggists and Gen. Agt., San Francisco, Cal.,
A cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., N.Y.
Ten yenrnofay pnt
He test has proved ir
Crook' Wine or Tnr U
Imve more merit than
any similar preparation
ever oMored to the pub-
3svjv medicinal qualities ol
"WSSS Tar, nnd iim-ciunlcd foi
uinenis's Ul llie s nroni
mid I.nnga, perlorming
JAi1. ctren. It EFFECT
?5rv;,A!,seurca all Couuli
"rS ''' I' has ci
V1 rnnny cAKea of Ai
iauiihs nuu
cured so
and Uroiirhltia, Hint il
lias Iwen pronounced a
epeciflo for these com
liluiuLs. For Iniiis In
the Ureast. Mlde oi
llnrk.Uravrl or Kid
sicw DineRM. IImiiuu4
Of tho Urinary tlrurana. Jaundice, ol
any aiver aompinuit n nus DO equal
It la also a superior Ton r,
Itpalorea the Appetite,
Pttrengthen the Nyatem.
Beatores the Weak and Debilitated.
Cause the food to It I Rest,
Remove nyapnin and ladiarentiott.
Prevents Hnlarious A'everaj
Give lone to your hyatein.
That Pale, Yellow. Sicklj-Looilng 6Uz
Is chnmred to one of frebiir-sa and heulth
Tbnm Disrnaeis of the Nkln, Pimple
Pnalnlea. niotehea nnd Krnptlosia an
removed. He roriila,HrroruloiinDlHeaae
or tha F.yra, H hit Kvrplllnr, I'leer
Old faorrai or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle nnd disappear muler Its InRuence
In fnrt It will do you more good, and eiirt
yoa more speedily than anv and all olhei
preparationaoombined. Whitliitl It Isnav
Inre own restorer I A aolnble oxyd of iror
combined with the medicinal properties o
Poke Iloot divested of all disagreeable quul
Uie. It will cure any C hronic or Ionsr
fctatsdlnar Dtaeaae whose real or dlreo
eansn Is bad blood. Rheaimaltam.Palnt
1st l.linbaor Bonea.t onatllotlona bre
ken down by Mercnrinl or other poisons
are all cured by It, Forfynhllia,or Sypb
llltle taint, there ls nothlna equal to it
A trtal will prove It. ASK FUR DR
mooBiv cokpochd bt&ip oj
roaic soor.
Du. Boweba -Dentist, McAr
thar.O. -
Onk of the trange8t careers
of modern times has just ter
minated in the death of Lady
Elleuboroogb at Damascus.
Forty years ago she was one
of the most noted women in
Europe,-and her residence in
the East has long been a sort
of scandalous romance. The
daughter of the late Admiral
Sir Ilcnry Digby, beautiful,
witty, and rich, shv married in
1S24, the Earl of Ellenhorough,
who wa3 afterward Governor
General ot India, and who at
that time was one of the most
brilliant men of the day. She
was about seventeen years of
age at the time of her marriage)
and Ellenborough, who was a
widower, was thirty-four. They
lived together some six yearst,
and her dissolute conduct was
a cause for scandal for some
time previous to the catastro
phe ot her elopement with
frince Felix Schwarzenberg, a
celebrated roue, then Austrian
minister in London. The event
caused an immense sensation
in the world of aristocracy and
fashion. Ellenborough pro
cured a divorce Irom Parlia
ment and never married again;
but hib runaway wife soon sep
arated from Schwarzenberg,
and in 1S32 married Baron
Venningen, a Bavarian. Tiring
of hire presently, and with
great wealth and personal las
cinations having little difficul
ty in procuring divorces under
the easy laws of Germany, she
was married in succession to
five other Individual?; but as
none of these unious met her
expectations they were all dis
solved alter a short durational)
1848 she was living iu Athens
with her eighth husband, a
Greek colonel, Count Theodoki;
but without waiting to become
a widow she had this marriage
also dissolved, eet out for the
Levant. During a journey
from Beyrout to Damascus she
found a new oflinity in tho per
son ol an Arab camel driver,
known as Sheikh Abdul, whom
she married after the Arab
fashion, and who was the ninth
and last of her conjugal part
ners. For a whole year she ac
companied him on his journeys
Letween Beyrout and Babylon
laiihfully lulfilling all the du
ties of a camel driver's wife,
even to milking the camels.
Tiring of this nomadic life, she
built lor herself a charming pal
ace in Damascus', where she has
sincejived in her own style,
a great object of curiosity to
all European travelers. Abdul,
continuing iu business as a
camel driver, was always hos
pitably entertained by her
whenever he came to the place.
And now, she is dead, having
completed nearly three score
and ten years, leaving a col
lossal lortune to her relatives
of the Digby family in Eng
land and a memory of warn
ing and of shame.
A lawyer once came into
court drunk, when the judge
said to him: 'Sir, lam sorry
to see you in a situation which
is a disgrace to yourself and
family, the court and the pro
fession to which you belong."
The reproof elicited the fol
lowing colloquy: lDid your
honor speak to me?" "I did,
sir; I said, sir, in my opinion,
you disgrace yourself andfam
ily, the court, and the profess
ion by your course of conduct."
'May i-I-it please your honor,
1 have been an attorney i-i in
this c-courtfor fifteen years;
aud permit mo to eay,that this is
the first correct opinion I ever
knew you to g-givel"
Charles Weed, of Franklin
tp., left home on Tuesday, the
15 th inst., to go to a .taw mill
near Byers' Station and has not
been seen at the mill nor has
he returned home since. lie
drew about $200 that he had
on deposit in the First Nation
al Bank In Jackson on the
same day he left home, lie is
a young man not over twenty-
eight, and but recently marri
ed. He has always sustained
an excellent character, and
was one among the best teach
ers ol the county Jacktpn
"When a boy, Gen. Canby re
sided with' his father, Dr. Can
by, iu Lebanon, Warren coun
ty, for a number of years. The
Lebanon Patriot claims that
he was appointed a cadet to
West Point while living; in
that place, but this is amis
take, as the Army Register
quotes him as appointed from
Indiana. Dayton Journal. '
A number of Toledo, Colurr
bus and Lancaster capitalists
have formed a heavy coal com
pany, to operate in IIo:king
county. They have 3,000 acres
of the best of coal lands and
intend to "lay out" a town. The
project is iu the hands of some
ot the best 6o!id men of the
three cities. So says the Col
umbus Journal.
If you have occasion to stop
your team while in town, al
ways make it a point to stop it
on the street crossing. In this
wty, you a.Tord pedestrians nn
excellent opportunity to walk
around your team, and take
the correct soundings of the
mud in gaining the opposite
side of the street.
Tuk controversy between
the Roman Chalholic and
Greek ecclesiastics of Jerusa
lem, occasioned by the restora
tion of a portion of the tapes
try of the Grotto ot the Nativ
ity with Latin inscriptions, has
been settled by the Porte by
the removal of the obnoxious
Gen. GiLLiiM, Colonel of the
First Cavalry, now command
ing in the Modoc war, is a
Tennesseau, and while in com
mand of a mounted division
under Sloneman in 1864-5,
saw some of the roughest .rid
ing and sharpest fighting of
the war.
Holloway's Ointment.
Ladies whose complexions
are blemished by eruptions of
any kind may remove them by
a single pot of this ointment.
It gives a healthy tone to the
external fluids. Sold 78 Mai
den Lane, N. Y. Price 25
cents per pot. Call for new
style; the old is counterfeited.
What Those Who Use it Say.
Your llive Syrup nnd Tolr,
or Honey Syrup, has proved
itself tho most reliable medi
cine for the purpose intended
of which 1 have any knowledge.
MILTON, Wayne Co., Ind.
We consider your llive Sy
rup and Tolu, or Iloney Syrup,
an excellent article, and can
conscientiously recommend it
to the public.
N. W. BARLOW & Co.
How to Break up a Bad Cold.
Take a teaspoouful of Dr.
Miller's Magnetic Balm in a
teacupful of warm sweetened
water on going to bed. It will
throw you into a sweat, ai.d
you are all right in the morn
ing. 25 cts. per bottle.
See advertisement in anoth
er column.
Better and Better!
cry every quart
er in respect to the wonderful
effects of Dr. Wilhofl's Ant!-
Periodic, the greatest achieve
ment of modern science aud
bkill in treating Malaria Fev
ers, Chills and Fevers, Enlarg
ed Spleen, Enlarged Liver,
Dumb Chills, Sun Pains, and
all kindred diseases.
The great virtues of this
truly popular medicine con
sists in its cheapness, its effica
cy and its promptness in the
cure of the above named dis
All through the West and
Northwest, the South and
Southwest, and along the Ohio
valley, its use and success are
Wb nill furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gacette to subscribers at
$3.50 per year.
Advkrtisinq reminds people of
tnings tney naa Deen Hunting all
along, but had forgotten all about.
Suiond'b, Photographer, Chillioothe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made ia every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring- Photographs from nature or
from, other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or. iuk, at rate to sail all circum-stance.
s1 h
If You
Witnt a situation.
AVantB servant girl,
Want to Ki'll a pin no,
Want to sell a curriiige,
Want to buy orsell it farm.
Want a boarding place.
Want to Bell town property,
Wunt to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to Hud customers tor anything,
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will Keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes suceess easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Atlvcrtisli) shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or 'bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every vierchant, manufacturer
or business vian who has become
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
No exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
mor,ey so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, h
could make it still better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiscr, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants suy it is not worth
while to advertise; for no poraon retda
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he hits anything to
offer worth advertising. How much
more then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied with rend
ing matter, are at loisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, tho most iurportanl
item of which is .where they can find
just what thoy want when they come to
town to make their purchases. If youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or it it if run
down so that you have nothing left tl.at
people would w.int, it is not woith
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, freBh and sparkling, up to the
times, nnd such as the people want,
uiiu t iiiuo mem, uui imuiisii to me
world that you have them, and want
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tho minds of men tinti!
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Ik you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement. Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you ure los
ing by not advertising MRf porter
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
tivo publicity to somo matter they
would not cue to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of h
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Adv tr titer' k
Advertising is apt to give os thai
gentle jog of conscience which tells up
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper npon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will notyetoivilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see inhere is
anvthin? nnw. nr nnvthin th.. i
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, !ocals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can t help it Ohio Slate Journal
Thb power of priut is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is ono of the many reasons which
ITIvesan linnnrtnnA In n .
o . r..u. wauTcrilBIDtr, 1UI
advertisers, even those of experience.
u. V v rouB.ui wen as they
might the capacity to influence, to per.
suaOe, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Snnknn
graces of elocution and the force of
0104ueo.ee, J "n then lade away in
to notbimtneaa if tint o..i.. : it
ight and printed. But there is some
ming id me silent language, the quiet
assertion and tha r
about printed matter which give it a
ttamlooe force and influence. BubU
Bees. men almnM n.a n.u .1
selves to loose sight of what may be
-vvuuipjiisueu dj a persevering Use of
the Drintinff nrana . t.aarn tn
twe, and then the "how, when and
where ot fc, and J(m. m
knowledge worta aaving.
,L)F V&T.Hehnboia.
1 i5i '" !
MARK. I Jjij
la th. onlr Known Itamcdr for VrgWi V la
ease and ha cured evry caae of BiubeW In
whTch It has beet, plrenf Irritation of tho Neck
Sf th. Bladder and Inflammation of tho ldn 7.
Illeeratloii of tho Kidui-y and "ladder, It len
Jlin nf Ilrine l)lcaea of tho I'rostate Gland,
ind Mucous or Milky l'-V.h Kei"
fnThlod and rtcllrate Constitution! of both bnea,
;t?Srwltb th. following symptoms: to.
of Power, LoTa of Memory filllUfir oT Dre.th
lnir. Weak Norvca, Wakefjtlne, fain Iu tl.o
Ita. k Flu.blnif of the Body, Eruption on tho Fscp,
Vsed by pcraona In th declln or chtnp or
life; after conflnemont or labor paini, bcd-mit-ting
in children, etc. .
In many affection peculiar to ladles, (ho Ex
tract Buchu U uneonafed by any olber ri-n.e.ly--AVln
Chloroai. or Ventlon, IrreKularlly, Pain
fulne.aorSupprelonofCiitomar,Kc,w Ulcerated or Schirrus slala of tho Uterus, Leu
corrh or Whiles, Sterility, and for aU com
plaint. Incident to lha act Jt I. preached
extenslrely by th. tnot eminent Phrsiclan. and
Mldwire for eufeeblcd aud delicuw constitu
tions of both aexel and all ages.
Curt JHuaut AiMnQ from Inprudtnctt,
Uibiu ofVUripntton, tie.. In all their atages, at
llltle expense, little or no change in dl.t, 110 In
eonvenienco, and no exposure. It causes fre
quent dealre, aud irivc trenglh to nrtutef
thereby removing Obstruction, I'reT.ntkiK ami
Curing Strictnrea of tha Urethra. Allayma Pain
and Inflammation, no frequent In thla clusa of dis
eases, and expelling all polsouous matter.
11.00 per bottle or six bottle, for $3.00, delivered;
to any address, aecur. from obaervatlon. Sold by
druggists every where. Pn-paredby
KKAItN BY A I'O., 104 Duan. 8L.N. Y.
to whom all letters t' 'Uormatlou should b
addressed. '
Ho Charge for Adtlca and Cosinltatioa. 1
Ir J. B Vuotl,C,niwteutJ:f'rion il'dlenl
Collo; Philadelphia, author of several Taluablo
works, can b. consulted on all diseases of Iho
Sexual or Urinary Orpine, (which he ha mado
an especial aludy), either In male or female, no
matter from what eauso orlKinalluft, or of how
lone atandlng. A practice- of 80 year enable
hun to treat dlaeaac with aucccf . Cures guar
anteed. Chargea reasonable Thoso at a dis
tance can forward letter describing symptom,
and enclosing alamp to prepay postage. 9
Bend for tho Uuiilt Iu IJriulh, I'rico 10 cenu.
jr. DYOTT, M. 1)., Physician and Burgeon,
''V lMlJuftnoBU.WswYoik.
Dr. Cox' lllra (Cronp) Syr op baa
been known and nsed by the mciHcal profession
over 100 year, and a. a remedy for Colds and
Coughs ha. an older and better reputation than
any other Cough medicine ever ollered to tha
Suhlic. It 1. known as the Compound Syrup of
quills, and a formula may be fouud ia .very
medical dispensatory.
Dr. Hansom's IIlYa Syrnp and
Tola, In addition to the iugrcdlenta for Cox'
Hire Syrup, contain. Balaam of Tola, decoction of
Skunk (.'abbngo Root and Lobelia, a combination
that must commend it In every one a. a superior
remedy for Cronp, whoopiBS Conga).
Asthma, Bronchitis, Couch aud
Colds, Indeed fur all affections of th. Throat
and Lung where- a Cough Medlein ia necessary.
Thla Syrup la Carefully Prepared
under 111. personal direction of regular J'bysl
clan of over twenty years' practice, whose signa
ture I attached to the directions on the bottle.
II taste ia very pleaeant and children
like it.
Every family should keep It a. a ready
remedy for Croup, Colds, etc., among the
D. ItAiiaoM, Son H Co., Propr'a. Buffalo, N. T.
It rare If by MAGNETIC
IVKLCKNCB, Neuralgia and all pain, and 1
therefora very properly termed " Magnetic
Balm." It Is purely a vegetable preparation. It
lias no equal as a remedy for
Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Dysen
tery, Coll and all Bowel Complaints.
, It timely use will cure Cold., t roup, Dlph.
theria. (uiiisy, and all Throat afleclluns.
When properly used, Kcver and Ague,
and other eompioiuta incident to our western anil
sou I hem climates, are easily broken Dp.
Nervon Pain, Slck-Ileadache, and Rheu
matism aroenred by this medicine when all other
have failed. Toothache, Earhche, Burn.. Chil
blain, and riratae. are relieved st one by its use.
The genuine ha D. Hansom ACo.'a
Srivate Kevenna Blamp on th. outside, and Dr.
. R. Miller's Magnetic Balm blown In the bottle.
Examine closely, and buy none but the gen
uine, at
Bold by all Druggist. Prlco SI cent per
D. RaitioH, Sow t Co., Propr'a. TtntTalo. W. T.
" cmo ih JCBCEni," " ooos aoxirraa," a
h-sreufo rwwm," schmcr ixowxai,ni
A "AWAiX"" ASLXW," i
Uw tftimt wsit sa wrmi.y maii-i
kTw. ml UiissCsnnM an Os Mm "WlSti
Awoa sa rut aiiMpi" Um
sola hi eauusr.
BaattrlSOT fcralikH AT ONO ,
wiu utu tkiajk
m Makt kUr torwi k
IU wUia wttfeaaji
roa th
$SOO Vagts, 250 Enfrnringn.
A startling expo of medleal humbug, ol
the paat and present. It venlilatra quacks,
traveling doctors, noted female cheata, for.
tune tellers and medium, and gives interest
ing narratives of noted phyaiciana. It reveal
startling secret, and ia invaluable to all. W
give exelusive territory and liberal commis
sion!.. For clreular. and terms address tho
publisher.. J. B. BURR A HYDE.
Barlfoid, Conn., or Chicago, III.
Written by SO eminent anthors, inclrdin
John B. bough, and Unraea Greeley,
Thi work Is a complete history of all
branchea ol industry, and ia a complete ane
ot onr agent told lMeoples in eight day.,'
. - "rKB. oueoimena sens
treeon rarmptot aUmp
J. B. BURR A riTDE, ruhliahers.
Hertford, Conn., or Chieago, UK
W,k,j- ''rnU houll ".our territory,
kbould apply at one. '
J. B. B'TRR At BTDK, Puhli.hera.
' " Hartford. Conn.,orChieago, III,
A4Tertres.at hsMrtwl at fair Prtee

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