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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, June 19, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McAKl'll UK. OHIO,
T 1 1 U KHDAY. JUNK -' l87;
On mill lifter Hua.lsy, Mny JHh, 1873, :m;n.
will run a lnll: N . 4, and li
run 'Inlji all other trams dsily.Sua lays as-
N.i. A. N.'. 3
No. 1
Cm Fx
7 U'miii
It 4 '-it in
li 4 im
li A'pm
I t'Siitn
1 ixpm
1 Vitpn
I Hapni
4 x"nn
Ptationa. Ft.l. hx. r.ii i
CuiWiinaii....... I0 3"im
I'tHlls-uthe. ........ I6im
KiWilsti'l Fur-.. 3 oIkiii
ll-un,lm -.......- 3 I7.im
Mi'AT"-' - 'm
Vinluu - ! Main
titliwki-. "
Hoi Kiirnnc.... 3 "Jain
A imjim
6 4jin
6 llpm
V) pin
ft Winn
ft :t!iin
9 3jim
No. (I.
Cm Ex
111 UUpm
1 t.x.iin
I Iii.iiii
1 17. in
1 Slum
I .linn
1 m
x 4 'n m
V l,m
Nil i. No 4.
Union-. Kastl.. Si I. Kt
Prrr:rs auoun I J lopm
1uhi t'lirunca M o.'hiii
EtlvsKl.......-ll "
f.Dion H lim
McMa-ms 11 l.iin
HanWen .......... .11 n
I'lfhUrJ fur.... H 4.'nin
I'liilln-oilia IS f-M'in
CliH-iiik:iti .. ... 4 &upm
x .Mum
3 01 pm
:i toptii
3 i ipin
3 .li pin
3 .im
4 inn
NO. I will lonbelartenCiiieiniiiiti and n
cheater, nl C. A 8. Junction and Lovel.wd on
ly; aa-l ol rtluu-liesierit w;ll slop t il
linns en-ftil runners', Ilnrier's, Moonville,
,M merit1, Now KnJinH. Hig Klin. Cutler, Lit
lie nocking. Kiw.tmiif'. I'unn.-I. Nil. 3
will to,i ua Westrn Division at f!. A 8
Jaoc lon, l,ivpnil mid Uromilielil only; on
Kstern Uiv'swti at llHinden, M,!rlhur.
Ziileaki, and nil la ionseiistol Athena Till
tr im will tlo stop Kl Kou's, liwh on. Moon
Till nni Mineral City oni.iii:il. NOS. 5 AMI
S Will IOl Hi ". 4 Jll icluill, l.nvel ill'l,
tifjenlleld, ChtlliPMhe. Hitni'lrn, Allien" nml
bcotl's Landtag only. Ml. 8 " makes!! tiif
H,, iwlween I'lirknrilinrK an I HlMtielin-tir.
num.! .Tiitm-I, Fleming's, Lime Hooking
Mineral i Ity. Kim's. ln;-li:on Vinton tut
nscetiud fminerV; lietaeen Ul.inenester and
;inenmtti,itt l.nvclin l. IJ. 4 8. Junction Hipi
Cuinmiinnllnortly. Nil. 4 will utip "I Hel
pre, Vnwi-nt'ii, New KiuIhii.I, hII HhI Iw
loi 11 Allien n I ll iiinleii, Mn.l west of !!iim
tlen. nt Chillicollie, Un entiel.l, l.ovelnn t.
Mtiliouville, C. 3. J I'd Hon iiDilCiiiiiuiiiu
leitve" Ztlenki lit 0 M A. m.,
einvinjinl IHrkerehuiK hi -I" n. in ! re
turning leitven I'.trk-r-bnri- tl 3 III I. M.
nrri-.nnnt Zilexki at U M P. M. Tin. timn
vt.ipmiliill t IIIUH4.
The koiuk
I'lullienlhenlil nun. m i llnvuville 7 i Rich
I mil ri.rinire, Irt; Hmipleii, nrrive 8
rfeiturt U iMcArthnr, l 3H; Vinton, 1U OS;
Kilenki lAo. Uoinu wrt-iSileKl.4 on p.m !
Vinton 4 J. M'-ltili'ir i llnniilen, nrrive
( 3U-iei:irt 6 Hi; Hii'hhtn, furnace, U 30;
Bnynlle. 7 00; Cliillioolhe. H 3i.
will leave llmnilen nt II 15 a.m. and .1 45 p ni
arriring nt Hortuniouth at II iiOa m. anil 0 46 .
ni. KoinrningtrKin will leftfe Porltinonth I
8 IS a m, nun li P- m , arrinngut Hiuii
ilen at II 15 n. in. ami 4 iS p. m.
Tram-connect a: l,oelnn.l for all points or
the Little Mi tmi Kmlrnail, nmlnt the Inilinnan
olix an'l Cincinnati Rnilrnwl Inncti n for al
noint Waal; at Allien', with the Ooliimbu-
- with the U. A
General Superintendent.
CHAELE3 W. BABNETT, Proprietor
lTILIi run regmerly to McArihur Slnlion
to meet all irnin.
Hack lenvea McAiihnr pot ofnoa m V
o'clock, A. M , to meet Knt Line Went; ai
1 J M. to meet the Cincinnitti Kxp e go ng
tut; al Jo'ciock P.M.. to mcel the t. Loin.
Kspre-- gunit went, al S P. M. for faat l.ini
i-t. Will meet the I'urkcrshnrg. Marietta
aail Zile.ki Accnmin jJatiun on apphculion
in peron or by letier.
tirilera left al the post office, McArihur, or
Cumin, promptly atifmleil to.
IWU.Tj run a hvk from Wllkesville te
Hamileit ami return every Monday, Weiincr.
day aail fridny, for Ihe accommoilntion o
pinnenjiera mnking clone connwiion with I hi
mail trxina on Ihe M. A C. K- R- 1 will alno
earry eipre pnekngea ah'pped to or from
tkoee point' by tile Adams Kxpreaa Co.
HamJen, Wilk8,iville and Middleport
n AVISO the contract for carrying Ihe mail
between Ihe above point 1 will be able to
I urni-h conveyance for pawengeri anil Iheii
baggage to nnd from anld ioint on the follow
ingdiiy: From Wilkeville to Hamilen anil
back on Mondays, Wednesday" nnd fndaya;
and fiom Wilkeeville to Middleport, Meig
Co, anl hick on Tuesdays, Thuradaya and
Batunlma. IQHN LEVIS.
The Best Chill Cure.
Dr. Wilholl's Anti-Periodic
cures chills and fever and all
o Iht kindred diseases and
prevents Ihe horrid sequelae ol
malarial poison, such as bloat
ed fpeep, enlarged spleen, pale,
sallow complexion and shaky
It contains no arsenic which
is used lo destroy rats and ver
min. It contains no strychnine,
used tc kill wolves, pole caU
and vicious dogs.
It contains no quinine which
splits the bead and stops the
But its combination is simple,
containing only a few innocent
drugs that any child or old la
dy can take with impunity.
Wilbolt's Tonic is as safe as
it is sure, and a cure guaranteed.
A Kentucky man purchased
a coffin fifteen years ago so as
to have it handy, and the oth
er day he was burned up in a
hmeKiln, and the colli n was a
Tue heaviest brain on record
was recently found in the skull
of a London bricklayer who
could neither read nor write.
It weighed sixty seven ounces.
Tiie new postal cars, between
Cincinnati and Grafton, via the
Ualtimore and Ohio Koad will
commence running about the
first of July.
Tub Secretary of the Treas
ury calls for the redemption
sixteen millions in coupon
bonds and lour million regis
jtered bond3, to be paid Sept. 6.
ACTuot ko rutiuiui,
Jul Broadway, New York,
IS Ihe beat -ytem of modern eliort hind
nun. My it aid reporters are e tabled
to write verhitnn the ap-ej'te of the most
rapid talker, nilli the gre:ttet ease. It is a
i.rnch of eliulva ea-ilv letrnet a any ol
the common I, ranches, such as re.idiiu, writ
ing, arithmetic 01 grammar, and may be ac
quired tv any child lint enn rend common
print readily, lis character-! are as tiled
inn certain in Ihtlr meanings, as legible, as
philosophical, as btaiiiifnl as t'tose now in
oininnii use, are more systematic, nnd inure
readily learned.
The great utility of Phonography is fully
uticeded by teachera. Undenta, lminesa and
liroleasion.il men. The denanri for l'lrno
rnphers is grentrr than llio supply, and con
lanlltr increasing. It la a sure and easy
topping stone for a young man or woman to
'niuiediate, perm-nettl an I repe.;tHbie em
plovment, al salaries uf from S I .Son lo f 3 !
per" veer, as reporter" for newspapers, civil
,nd military eourts. Legislatures:, Conven
ions, etn., or aa clerks in Ihe offices of rail
roads, telegraphs, lawyers, physicians, mer
li.inl nnd maniilai'turing houses, and in all
the liepnrintenlMOf tni National ilovernmem
and a secretaries and amenusiseH. T hi re is
nn Held of Intro so certainly remunerative,
and nniioefiil art so eaiily acquired.
To the lawyer in noting down testimony
in,i leferences, nnd in preparing Rial drail ol
hriefsnnd other legal papers it is invaluable.
To the clergi man, in preparing Ins sermons,
to the public penker in icnnti j a dis
course, lo any person hiving studies or cler
ial duties it will save ! per cent, of time.
PARKNT8, why not have your children
earn Phonography a useful nnd beautiful
irl. a relinin amusement, ttniqe accom
plish nent. In any vocation ol I fe It will re
iwy many times its cost in money lime and
UK ArltKKAM I1I0.UU It Al'lll,
sry slvle of the art commencina with the
in.dvs'is of wonls, and proceeding to the most
rapid reporting style- in such a form and
inimner, with inch lullnessor ecphin ilinn.
ind completeness of illustration, and with
such oil erfealurea as to fully adapt the worn
to the use nfachoeN and lo sell -instruction.
Price, 12; by mull ti 'tu
tor. Uinhim is Ihe author of Phonograph
ic lnctionarv, Renders, and other work, also
publisher ot a newspiper called "The Stu
dent's Journal,'' Uevoien to the advancement
ni Phonography, fend for a specimen num
ber conmiDing a full description of the var
ious works oa Phonography which are pub
hshed hy him.
Address! ANPREW J. GRliAM.
t.frh ya Broadway, New York.
the new postal law we are supplying Ihe peo
ple wuli our line nickel white nietnl ware, ol
nple electro-silver plate, post paid lo nnj
part of the country direct Irom our mnnufoc
'orv. N'mwithshindlng a large advance in nickel
re still oiler Ihe goods, bolh plain and fane
, 'interns, atfnnncr factory rules, nnd will mini
inv ipiaotity at these prices, on receipt of tin
Hotter knife, .irk!e fork, sugar spoon and
napkin nng, each (1 "
I'ea spoons nnd nut picks, hall dox. 'i
liess-rt knives,lorks and spoons, hairdos. 4
Table " " " " " " 8 IS
Reidntingnf old ware in Ihe best manner, a
one half of these prices.
Wo will mail to any address photograph
m l price lists of Jour FINE NILVEK
Ihe manufacture ol which is a tpecinlty with
II Is our privilege to refer lo the editors ol
all Cincinnati religious weeklies.
In what paper itid you see our advertise
64 fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio
31octlH72 81
VfM. J. U.I WELLS & CO.,
One door treat of Dan. Will Bro's.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persons wishing lo purchase lands farms oi
town lots in Vinton o adioining counties will
Hnd tracts to suit them hy callihtf.
Persons wishing to sell lands farms or town
lots will have a good chance of doing so b
leaving description, etc. in our linnds.
oct2S M-in Street, McArihur, 0.
Dr. Diiponro's Oolden
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every case where the monlkly fin ha
been obstructed thrmigh cold or disease.
l'UPi.NCO'tU0i,DEN PlLLS always give im
mediate relie. A lady writes: "Duponco's
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mag
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
wtiite boxes'containing double the nimntity ol
pills, and upon each box von will And my
'Private (J. "8. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words liUPONCO'S GULDEN
PILL-i, in white letters, without that none
are genuine.
Remember the genuine ta In the white boxes
full and explicit dinc'.inns accompany each
box. Price f l.nu per box, six boxes 15.09.
8old by one druggist in every town, village,
citvan'd hunlet throughout Ihe world.
Hold in McArtt.ur, U.,
By G. W. SISSOtTi Druggist.
Sole Ayeiit for Vinton County.
By sending him 11.00 throngh the Mc Arthur
0.. Post Office, can have the pills sent confi
dentially, by mail, to any part of the country,
tree or postage.
H. I). HOWE, Proprietor, Nework.
Sfw IIMmlcA Edition. . W. Watson nuthnrof
'The tltitcnst." Brnminlln lllwi'ralaf.ramory
itmldetignt 6y Edward L. Henry. Completo in
one hi rye octavo volume, in uniform style
with "'I he Outcast and Other Poems," being
printed on the finest tinted plate paper, and
bound in green morocco cloth, with gilt top,
gilt sides and beveled boards, pric Two Dol
lars, or bound in green morocco cloth, with
gilt sides, and beveled boards, price Three
'a Aboc boottUfor tahhg all 1nbitUerli, or cop
to of U iri'f be tent, poet-paid, to any one. per return of
mail, on any on re niUj the price of it to the pnblith
30 Chestnut St., Phil-delphm, P.
Agents Wanted.
for the great sensation ol hygienic litera
ture, our digestion; or,
Dr. Dlo Lewis' new work la sn immense
success, cave money, worry, and precious
health, and shows how to lire well and grow
fat on II a week. Agents are coining money.
and doiiiga world of good with i'. Thesnrre
chances still open Delay not, bu' address at
once, K. HANNAKORU A CO, Publishers,
177 West fourth street, Cincinnati, O. Omar:)
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
A LI, parties having subscribed tolhs cart'
iVital stock ol the U.. McA. 0. B. R. are
hereby requited to make payment to Ihe Sec
reUryoflhe Company, at his office on the
Public Square, in UhIIIpoIIs, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Daniel Will. President of the
Vinton County Bank, at McArihur, Ohio, of
nn installment oi nve dollar on e.icn snare
k.. rt...nf ih.s
datelMrJLJ,uii'uJniah.Jhft Kecord and the
Visiea-ar Bitter are not Tile Fnncy
Jrlnk, made ol Poor Hum, Whiskey, Proof
ipirlli nd Refuse Liquors, doctored, spiced,
ind sweetened to please the taste, called
Tonics," "Appetizers," " Itestorers," Ac.,
list lead the tippler on to drunkenness tad
uin, but ire k true Medicine, made from the
utive roots and herbs of California, free from
ill Alcoholic Stimulants. They are the Great
aiood Purlllcr and a Life-giving Principle,
'erfect Renovator and Invigorulor of Ihe By
iu, carrying ODT all poisonous matter and
catering llie blow! to a healthy coudli ion, en
tchlng It, refreshing and Invigorating both
niud and body. They are easy of adtiiinistra
Jon, prompt In their action, certain In their
psults, sale and reliable In all forms of disease.
No I'erson cwit take these Hitlers ac
sordlng lo directions, and remain longun well,
irovided their bones are not destroyed by
nlncral poison or other meuns, and the vital
rgana wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dyspepsia, or Iuill-jest Inn, Headache,
a In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tlghtneac of the
Cheat, Dizziness, Sour Kructutions of theStom
ich.Had Taste In the Mouth, Bilious Attacks,Pol
sitationofthe Kcart.ltirtammutiuuof the Lunga,
Phln in the regions of ihe Kidueys,aud a hundred
)ther painful avmptoitis, are the offsprings of
Dyspepsia. In theso complaints It has nn equal.
Hid one boltlo will prove a better guarantee of
,U merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Kemnle CoinpUluts, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
)r the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so
lecided an Influence that a narked Improve
ment is anon perceptible.
For Inilaiiiiiiatory anil Chronle
(Iheniiinllam and (lout, Dyspepsia orludl
icstlon, llilluus, Itemittcut and ltitcniiittent
Fevers, Diseases of the Blood. Liver, Kidneys and
Bladder, these Hitters have been most successful.
Such Diseases arc caused byVitlatedlllood.whlcIl
is gencnilly produced by derangement ef the
Digestive urg.ii.
'l b ry are ntientle Pnrgatlre a well
a Tonic, posacasitig also the peculiar merit
t acting as n powerful agent lu relieving Con--csiion
or Iiillamniation of the Liver audVla
:er.il Organs nnd in Bilious Diseases.
For Skin Diseases, Kmptiona, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Bolls,
Curbuiicles,Rliig-worms, Scnld-llead, Sore Eye
Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolur.ttiona of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the skin, of
whatever name or nature, are literally dug up
ind carried out of the system in a short time by
the use of these Bitten. Ono bottle In such cases
will convince the most Incredulous ef their cur
itlvc effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood Whenever
you llud Its Impurities bursting through the
skin In Pimples, eruptions, or Sores ; cleunse It
when you tlud it obstructed and sluggish in the
reins ; cleanse it when It Is foul ; your feelings
will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and
the heulih of the system will follow.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinegar
Bittkiis the most wonderful Invigoruut that
ever sustained the sinking system.
Phi, Tape, nnd other Worms, lurking
In tho tystcin of ho many thousands, are circc
tunlly destroyed nnd removed. Says a distin
guished pliys'lnloglHt : There Is scarcely an Indi
vidual on the fare ofl he earth whose body is ex
cmpt from the presence of worms. It is not up
on the healthy elements of tho body that worms
exist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of
disease. No svstcm of medicine, no vermifuges,
no anthcliiiluiiica, will free Ihe system from
worms like these Bitters.
Mtrhaiilcal Diseases. Persons engaged
in Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
setters, Cold-beater and Miners, as they ad
vance in life, are subject to paralysis of the
Bowels. To guard against this, take a dose of
Walk kk's Vinkiiah IIittkhs twice a week.
Billons, Remittent, and Intermit
tent Fevers, which arc so prevalent In tho
valleysof our great rivers throughout the Inited
Stales, especially thiac of the Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, CuiiiIktIuihI, Ar
kansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke,
James, and many others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entire country during
the Summer and A-utumn. and remarkably so
during seasons of unusual heat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied hy extensive derange
ments of the stomach nnd liver, and other ab
dominal viscera. In their treatment, a purga
tive, exerting a powerful Influence upon these
various organs, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Dit. J.
Wai.kkk's Vinkimk lliTTKiis, as they will
speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter
with which the bowels arc loaded, at the same
lime stimulating the secretions of the liver, nnd
generally restoring the hcultliy functions uf the
digestive organs.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White Swell
ings, llcera, Erysipelas, Swelled neck. Goitre,
Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inllamtna.
tions, Mercurial Alfcctions, Old Sores, Erup
tions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc., etc. In theso
as in all other constitutional Diseases, W-i.kkb's
Vineuak BiTTKits have shown their great cura
tive powers In the most obstinate and intract
able coses.
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar
Bitters act on all these cases In a similar
manner. Hy purifying the Blood they remove
the cause, and by resolving away the effects of
the inflammation (the tubercular deposits) the
affected parts receive health, and a permanent
cure Is effected.
The properties of Dr. WAI.gKR'8 VlNEOAR
Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carmin
ative, "urinous. Laxative, Diuretic, Seda
tive, Counter-irritant, tiudorlUc, Alterative,
antl Antl-Bilioua,
The Aperient and mlltl Laxative proper
ties of Dk. Walker's Vineoar Bitteks are
the best safe-guard in cases of eruptions and
malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and
looming properties protect the humors of the
fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain In
the nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either
from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc.
Fortify the body against disease by
purifying all its fluids with Vinegar Bitters.
No epidemic can take hold of a system thus
Direction. Take of the Bitters en going
to bed at night from a half to one and one-half
wIne-glassfulL Eat good nourishing food, such
as beef-steak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef,
nd vegetables, and take out-door exercise.
They are composed of purely vegetable ingre
lients, and contain no spirit.
k. h. Mcdonald y co.,
Druggists and Gen. Agts., Sn Francisco, Cal.,
It cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., N.Y.
Ten years of at nnb
lie teat has proved Dr
Crook's Wine of Tar tc
have more merit than
any similar preparation
ever oftered to the pub
lic. It Is rich in the
medicinal qualities ol
Tar, and uncqunlcd fat
BKMni n mm t"ei siirwni
WJF iSS" Bni "nMi performing
J"? the MOST KKM AKKAlll.g
. M rem. miron. If. vvruTitii.i.v
ciirptt nil Conirh nnd
PMSS folds. It baa cured sc
and Bronchitis, that 11
baa been pronounced a
specific for these com
plaints, for Pnlns in
tho Breast, Hide oi
Bnek.Uravel or Kid
ney IliMeiiMe. Disease
Of the llrinmry Orgrnna, Jaundice, oi
any Liver Complaint It lias no etiuul
It la also a annerior Ton e,
Ktores the Appetite.
Ntrengthenn the NyHtein.
Bestorea the Weak and Ui bllltaled.
Causes the Fond to lllgosit,
Bemovea llyapepaln and Indlicfitloii.
Prevent malarious Fevers).
Gives tone to year syatein.
That Pals, Yellow. SicHy-Looiins Skit
la chann-ed toone of freshness and health
Those Disease of the Nkln, Pimple)
Paatulea, Blotehes and Km pt Ions an
removed . H erof n I a,ierof n I o n n H I steaae
of the K.yea, White Hwelllns;, llleera
Old Horea or any kind of Humor rapitll)
dwindle and dlsoppear under Its Influence
In fact It will do you more good, and ctin
you more speedily than any nnd nil othei
firepnrntion8 combined, titiiltl It Isna
ure'sown restorerl Asolifldeoxyd of Iror
combined with the medicinal properties o
Poke Root divested of all disagreeable quid
Ities It will cure any Chronle or I.ona;
Btandlna; Disease whowe real or diree
cause is bad blood. Rhenmatlam.Pnlm
In 1,1 mba or Bonea.t onatllntlons bro
ken down hv Mercurial or other poisons
are nil cured by It. for Syphilis), or Syph
llille taint, there la nothing eounl to It
A trial will prove It. AUK FOR DR
First Impressions.
Tiie subject of impres
sions at fir -t sight vrai being
talked over, on Christmas Eve,
in a family circlo of specula
live christians, when the leraa!e
head of ihe family said:
'I always lorm an idea
of a person on first sight, and
generally find It correct."
'Mamma," said her youthful
"Well, my dear, what isiif'
"1 want to know what your
opinion of me was when you
first saw me."
Tho lady did not come up to
the necessity of the occasion:
and the question is traveling
about unanswered.
Whether you work for fame,
for love, for money, or for any
thing else, work with your
hands, heart and brain. Say
44I will," and some day you will
conquer. xMever let any man
have it to say, --I have dragged
you up." Too miny friends
hurt a man more than none at
A son of Mr. James Vince,
of Morgun Township, Gallia
county, was slut in the face
with a charge of bird 6hot, on
Wednesday last, by another
boy with whom he had been
quarreling', aud dangerously
injured. One of the boys is
eleven the othei thirteen.
Said Mr. Lincoln: "-With
public sentiment nothing can
fail, without it, nothing can
succeed;" and be uttered no
truer saying than this: "In
tins country the peoople are
the rightful masters of Con
gress and of courts."
Julius Cesar, is now pro
nounced in this city by tduca
ted individuals as Jalius K-i-s
e-r. Well, we are a progress
ive people, we should think,
after the adoption of that system
of pronunciiitioa. Galli-
Gallipolis Journal.
The revenue laws lorbid any
one to "sell or dispose of to
bacco in any form without pay
ing a license." It is therefore
unlawful to give a chew of to
bacco. What's to become ol
such chaps as beg all the to
bacco they use?
It is said that ''necessity is
the mother of invention," but
go to the Patent Office, in
Washington, and they will tell
you that invention is the moth
er of necessity, Nine in
ventors out of ten die poor.
A worthy Kentucky farmer
being asked il a daughter, re
cently married, was still liv
ing with l.im, he replied:
'No, 6 i 1 1 when one of my gals
swarms she must hunt her own
A Lancaster man had what
he thought to be a very pain
ful bunion; but on paring il
he found the cause ol irritation
to be a long human hair, which
had by some means been im
bedded in the flesh of his loot.
The flag of Sumter, that was
lowered by Maj. Anderson
April 14, 1801, is in the pos
session of a man in Stamford,
(Jt., aud was exhibited in the
procession there on Decoration
The wife of a Louisville law
yer made a bustle of Borne im
portant legal documents, and
Court had to adjourn until she
could go home and return
them in proper shape.
' I sever complained of my
condition, but once," said an
old man, ' when my feet were
bare and I had no shoe?, but
I met a man without feet and
felt contented."
Illinois u well provided
with railroads. Of the one
hundred and two counties in
the State, only seven are not
reached by railroads, and they
will not be long without them.
A mare belonging to a St
Paul, Minn., man trotted one
hundred miles in fifteen hours
recently, taking a rest of three
and a half hours, after the Gr6t
fifty were accomplished.
A Wonderful Invention Recently
An elegant little instrument
which combines twelve prac
tically useful tools, viz: Pock
et rule ruler, square, bevel,
pcrew.driver, chisel, compasses,
scissors, tuition hole cutter,
paper knife, eriser, mid pencil
sharpener. The article is
made of iteel and evidently
durable. Agin's aro wanted in
every lowu. The proprietors
olfer to send steel polished
post paid bv mail for fifty cents
Silver plated, one dollar. Gold
plated, two dollars. Persons
desiring an agency or to obtain
the tools should apply at once
Hie proper address is Combi
nation Tool Co., 124 Nassau
Street, New York. Also, the
new Revolver Lightuing Trap,
which winds up Iiko a clock.
Kills rats, gophers, squirrel?,
mice, &c. and throws them
away and sets itself as quick
as the name indicates. One
trap sent by express for ono
dollar. Also a new invention
that scours or polishes knives
and forks instantly nnd will al
so sharpen carving knives.
sent by mail for one dollar.
Also, the Telegraph Knife and
Scissors Sharpener. It sharp
ens dull knives and scissors in
stantly and will cut glass like
a diamond. Sent by mail post
paid lor 50 cents. Please at
tend to this at once or make a
memorandum of the address.
Good for Horses.
I have used Prof. Anderson's
DermaJor on my horses for
galls,scratches, heelcracks,etc,
and am pleased to say that it
is the best preparation that 1
have ever used for such cases,
I have been a constant traveler
on the road, driving horses lor
seven year-i, and have never
lound its equal.
Traveling Agent, Dr. llerrick's
tee advertisement in this
Holloway's Ointment and Pills
Iiilermilteiil fevers ure being
broken up by the Pilk They
ict simultaneously on the liver,
bowels and nervoui sysJen.
Eruptions vanish under Ihe op
erations of the Ointment.
6o!d 78 Maiden Line N. Y.
Price 25 els. per box. Ask for
new style; the old is counter
Newspa per mistakes are
scarcely unnvoid; ble. Every
issue of many journals in
volves the pi acini: ol 150,000
types. Out of that number
some will be wrongly placed,
in spite of the best of care. A
Pittsburg paper made a rather
ridiculous blunder lately, and
yet there was only one letter
out of place. The editor said,
"The Legislature pasted (pass
ed) tiie bill over the Govern
or's head."
Sure The lawyer's bill of
The Scarcity of Money
Is in a greut measure caused by
sending away to other towns or
cities fur ar icles that can be
found just as good and cheap at
home. If you wish a vervfioe pic
ture of yuursell or friends do not
be deluded into the idea that
you can do better by going to
Chillicolhe, Cincinnati and other
aceslp without first calling on
thur. No artist has a better
reputation for doing good aud
hoaeat work, and nothing in the
picture line is too dificult for him
to undertake. See his advertisement.
ZALESKI, O., April 24, 1873.
Editor Record: Please an
nounce through your valuable
columns that the village of Za
leski Company's Coal Mines
situated in Brown township,
dubbed by some,"Uoal Hollow"
and by others Bungliole," will
from and alter this date, be
known as the village of Coal-
Manager Zaleski Co.
Advertising reminds people of
things they had been wanting all
along, but had forgotten all about.
Simond's, Photographer, Chillicuthe
gives careful attention to making cop-,
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made aa large as life from the tiniest
li-cket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful nnd judiciou
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, wuter colors, crayon, pas-
I? You
Want a situation.
Want a servant jrirl,
Want to "I'll n piano.
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to buy orsell n farm.
Want a bouruinjr flce.
Want to sell town propi-rty.
Want to si-II jfiocerlt'sor tl ru!.
Want to sell Iioii.l'IiiiI(I furniture,
Want to sell dry jrotiil.-i or carpets,
Want to llud customers for niiytliiiig,
Advertising will gain new customer,
Atlvertislujr will keep old customers,
Advertising liberr-lly nlwnys pays,
Advertising makes nieces easy,
Advertising beget confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising raeans'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has become
prominently rich, has made hk
fortune by judicious advertising
Aro exception to this rule can be
cited! tStewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to gel his stuck turned in(o
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this thai if il was
good for him in adversity, he
could make il slill heller in pros
perily, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
.Sumo merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; fur nn person rends
advertisement; yet every merchant in
this county will rend this advertise
ment, nnd if ho is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if ho has anything to
oiler W'.rtli advertising. How much
mcro then will those read them who
nre not bo largely supplied with rend
ing matter, are nt leisure in the even
ing, nnd must depend on their paper for
their local news, the most iirportiuil
item ef which is where they can find
just what tlicy want when tliey come to
town to make their purchases. Ifyotu
slock is go old, rusty, dusty nnd out uf
style that it is worthless, or it' it i; run
down so that you linve nothing left thai
people would w.nt, it is nut worth
while for you to advertise. Hut if it is
new, fresh and apurkling, up to tho
times, and such ns the peoplo want,
don't hide them, hut publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day dues duty beyond that day.
and its effect continues in a preutei
ratio than most men itnngine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
m.incnt matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the ininds.tif men until
it becomes more valuable, than any
corner lot in his locality.
If you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire peoplo not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rend
the advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how inujh you nre los
ing by not advertising it Rfporter
If those persons who profess to bt
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publ o wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
dvc publicity to some matter they
would not caro to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of u
country pnper, and see what notoriety
they would Boon attain, Advertiser t
Advkbtisixo is apt to give us that
gentle jog ol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress ns soon ns the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Mndame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plnte. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize die world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising nnd to learn
what is going on. To sco if there is
rtny'.hing new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curicsty. Because they
have read nil the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
ISectiuse they want to. Because tbey
can't help it. Ohio State Journal
Tub power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advudtase
over one that, is written or spoken.
This is ono of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed. But there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it a
marvelous force and influence. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
me printing presses. i-,earn to adver
tise, and then the "how, when and
iMT'n'1Tot!uyiithaTeii a
it 'I
Bui vour
Hoots sod
8hoof I.W.
Ilamlan, who
an I itaila
claiively i a
t-io-a nrti ;ls.
tention gi"i
w rins u.iii
. -'s ar.
fX VH.T.Helmbold
la tho only Known Iteniotly for Dritrht'a DIs
eao and luts cured every ciisu of Diiilictcs In
which It hits buen Riven, Irriliitinn of tlieNccic
of tho BlndiliT and Inrlammation of tho Killings,
Ulceration tif tho KiUnevs and Bladder, iti'len
tion uf Urine, Dincawa of tho Prostate Glunil,
Stono In tho Bladder. Gravel. Brick I)nl Di-pusit,
and Mucous or Milky I)l-charRes, and for En
feebled and DcliratoCoiwtltutionsof bolh bexes,
attended with lh following symptoms: Lom
of Power, Liws of Memory, Difficulty of Breath
fnif, Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, Pln In Ilia
Buck, Fliwhliitf f the Body, Ernpllnn on tho Face,
Pallid Countciiunco, Lassitude f tho System, etc.
I'sed by persons in Iho decline or chnnL'o of
life; after confinement or lubur uaiu-.bcd-wct-ti
S in children, etc.
In many affections peculiar to Indies, Iho Ex
tract litii hu is Hiieqiinli d by any other remedy
As in Chlorosis or Itetcntion, Irregularity, Puln
fiiliicssorSiipprcssionof Cnstoninry Evacuations,
Ulcerated or Sclilrrus slalo of tho Uterus, Leu
corrhcea or Whites, Fterility, and for all com
plaints Incident to Iho sex. It Is prescribed.
extensively by tho most eminent Physicians snd
Midwives for enfeebled and delicuto constitu
tions of both sexes and all ages. -a
Vttrtt DUtaui AtUhtf from Iwprudenca,
ff iblti of Ultfiimtton, Etc., In all their stages, at
littlo expense, little or no chungo in diet, no In
convenieuce, and no exposure. It causes a fre
quent desire, and cives strength to urinate,
thereby removing 01)stractions,PreventiK and
Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying rain
and liiflammotlon, so frequent in this clusa of dis
eases, and expelling all poisonous matter.
,1.00 per bottlo or six bottles for S.0O, delivered
to any address, secure from observation. Bold hy
druggists everywhere. Prepared by
KEARNEY W. 1114 Duane St.. X. T.
to whom all letters t ' 4.formatiou should bo
Ho Chugs for Advice and Consultation.
Dr. J. II liwtl. Graduate of J ffetton M'dlml
CotUiii, Philadelphia, author of several vulimhlu
works, can ho consulted on all diseased of iho
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which hj has mudi
an especial study), either in mulu or female, n
matter from what ranto originating, or f how
long standing. A practice of lit) yeors enable
him to treut diseases with Fiiccess. Cures guar
anteed. Chargra reasonable. Thoso at a dis
tance can forward letter describing rympioms,
and enclosing stamp lo prepay postage. Q
Scud for the tiuiite Hi. Price 10 cent.
J. B. DVOTT, M. I)., I'hysiduu mid Surgeon,
11)4 Dueue St., How York.
Good for Alan. Inflammation of all
kinds. Diphtheria, Wounds, Bruises, Burns,
Sprains, Rheumatism, Son Throat. Swelling of
the Glands, Inflammation of the Eyes, Broken
Breast, Frost Bites. Chilblains, Files, Bee Stings,
and all Sores.
Good for Beast. Fresh Wounds, Galls,
Poll Evil, Sprains, Bruises, Cracked Heels, King
Bone, Wind Galls, Spavins, Sweeney, Founder,
Lameness, Sand Cracks, Scratches, or Grease,
Mange, liorse Distemper.
Thla truly-wonderful Liniment was
discovered by HOMER ANDERSON, A.M., lato
Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics in tho
Clinton Liberal Institute, of Oneida County, N.Y.
In experimenting for the purpose of making
Pinssie Acid, by uniting the independent gaseous
bodies of which It is composed, a residuum waa
left, which, on being applied to braises and In
flamed parts, by tho students of the Institnte, waa
found to possess the remarkable property of cool
ing down and carrying oft" the inflammation and
soreness at once, and restoring the parts to sound
ness and health in a few hour without pain or
It la not a heating Liniment, bnt
acta by Its peculiar specific or chemical qualities
In dissolving and scattering the soreness and in
flatnmaUon of the Injured part By a free ap
plication, the red surface soon becomes cool,
moist and natural, and Is restored to natural
health without suppuration or destruction.
Aa Liniment for Hone Flesh, for
the cure of all the ailmenta named above, we
challenge the world to find its equal.
Price 25 4c SO cents per bottle.
D. EMSOM, SOIT & CO., Propi's.
See notice In local column. .
" casio nt inscaizr," " boob koshcis,"
twin tit. icumc wxaiLV -as wcxstt naig.i
nil AT woaa (Uc-aousaMd),foc 94.00.
I'm tf tb-M Chroma In U lb. Wlai
Awsu ms rut AuMpi
Srit-rfMn fSralsbad AT ONCK
wttkutu Cfcrauo.
en silt letter tarns ,
, wtlkMUuui wltkuji
tenw -uuu-n, .
I S'r5 i
C3 (71 tbi nraa mmm mrmt
f- nw lahlilMt mtdiM t-r met swrut
Ul ku toMlTtd -, ikltk for mmI wfer
e)rut eVteuet tucreem em nfttert multttlil
Than Is aatlth Is iheas "fnuul k-fox-Ai tf
aiacatalaasr Tk-u -mi modi, .ad Iba
fatal aUlMt-a tm -u-UatMui - " -
J L II la "S A VINO RENRK" ,k. .!..f, .Ilk.
-n-a wwHa aa ooe-ara. nj awi,
reuatoUtrtrntiMtrtdUtur. Cilataioaa fna. Addrtas
B.M.ALCOTT, aubUaaar, 01 W. rsnk si, ClaataaaU, 0-
AOENT"i everyahere to sell our new snd
WAN 1 ED to aell our new and novel em
broidenng machine, aend lor illustrated eir
ln Inllm-MiiK etiJapinctiiringjCniripsnv,
!XSC$imXl'f maauficlures '
VrJK',JKf .10 an I ilanla a !l
VViisfTvifcf clmively I a 'I
B tno-earti ilea. J
KNNjM' Baanial at- J
JtsHl'jIJW 'antmn gin

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