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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, June 26, 1873, Image 4

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TH U KSDAY, JUS E 20, 1 873
On anil after Sunday, May 2Vh, 187S, train
ill run m follows: Na. 3, 3 and a
run daily; all olher train daily,3uala)eex-Oepted.
Station Ft. I, Ex. Fasti.. Cm. Ex
Cmi(iioil 10 SOpm
t'hillicuthe.-... 1 15m
Aichlacd fur 3 uluin
riiumlro 3 Hum
tocATl'B...... 3 Wtm
Vmiou .. ....m. 3 37in
Zuleila .... 3 tisrn
1 uonm T Mam
A uipm 11 4'nm
S tHpin 12 iipm
lx &pm
a Hum
(I 21 pm
S 29pm
9 SSptn
1 niim
1 ISpm
1 58 pm
1 34pm
4 aupm
Hoik Furnace.... 3 Mam
Par.etburg .
Cm. Ex
111 30pm
1 liani
1 lliam
1 n.ini
1 2litm
Kant I.. 8t 1. Kx
Parkersjyra; .
t oum li loom
Hooa furuacs 1U t'.'Htn
1 Slum
LiIbdkI... .ll ui.un
finion ...-. II HUm
MoAaruca II Wain
Hum-ten ......... ..II hra
fcithlai-d Fur... 11 5im
Ohillicoths.......ls. (Sum
Cluciniiu... .-4 tupm
3 01 pin
8 10pm
a 2"pm
3 ulp'H
3 4im
4 lip in
1 S.'.'m
1 43.' m
. 4 m
6 itunm
8 ipm
NO. 1 will stoubenrten Cincinnati and HI-d
cheater, :il 0. A 8. Jununon aid Loveland on
lyi cant ol BUnt' hauler it will slop at all s:a,
lions except Fanners', Harper's, Moonville,
Mineral, New England, Big Kun, Culler, Lit
tie nocking. Funning', nl Tunm-I. NO. 3
will nop ou Wnrn Division at 0. A a.
Juiclon. l.velunJ miJ (treouBeld onlv; on
Kulero Division at Hamden, Merlh ur,
Znlrski, and ill ataiionaloi Alliens This
truio wiIIhIo utiiu at Iviiix'. Iiwh nn, M-n
ville antl Mineral City ougnal. NOS. 5 AND
6 will atop at ''. A d, Junction, Lovel.mcl,
OrMntlelili Chilli!ollif, Hamden, Athens nn.l
8coU' Landing only. JiO. li will m'ikeall the
ktnpa between Parknrttiiiru: anil lllnni'lifhti r.
exeuMt Tunnel, Fleming', tntio llcxkin.',
Mineral City, Kiiik's, luijlmm Vinlon Fur
nace and Karmera'i between Wanunester and
Cincinnati, at Loveland. C. A 8. Junction and
Cumminsville only. NO. 4 will t"P at Bel
pre, Vincenl'a, New tngland, all slHtious bo
tween Alliens nnl Uamdu, anil wen of Mum
den, at Cliillicolhe, (inentield, Lnrelan I,
Mdiaooville, C. A S. Ji'n .tion undCuinmiut
The Parkerabure:, Marietta and Zileskl Aoi
commoitalinn leave Zileski at S M ft. hi.,
arriving al Parkerrburg at 9 30 a. in ; rw
turninR learoa Park-rabur H 3 10 P, M.
arriving at iiuleski at 0 60 f. M, Till (tain
tops at all Mltiont.
The Zaleskl Kremht goinij e.l
Chlllleothe at On a. m i RavaTiHe TSjiRich
Nnd Furnace, I OA; Uaimlen, arrive 8
depart 9 Oil; Mc.Xrtllur, 9 3it; Vinton, 10 OA;
Zuleaki lOAO. tioiiiK we.it-ZuleiKi,4 00 p.m ;
Vinton 4 3D, Mi'Aith'ir ft on; lluniden, arrive
t 30-dep.art 6 Ni; Highland Furnace, 8 3u;
Ray.ville, 7 UO; Chillicothe. 8 .11.
Train on the fUlUSMoU I'H BRANCH
will leave Hamden at 8 13 a.m. and 3 4ip.ni
arrivinic at Portamoulh at II ao a m. ami 8 46 .
m. Ktturuini(tr.ii!n will leave Portmnoiitii 1 1
8 16 a. m, and li 35 p. m , arriving at 11am
den at 11 16 a. m. and 6 4A p. III.
Tram connect as t.oveland for all points on
the LiltleMmini Itnilroail.andatthe Indiitimp
olia and Cincinnati Railroad Juncti n for all
pointa Weal; al Athena, with the Coluinhii"
A H. V. K. K., it Pirkerihurx. with ttio U. t
General Superintendent.
WILL run regularly to McArthur Station
to meet all irnina.
Hank leaves McArthur post office nt 10
o'clock, A. M , to meet Fast Line We!; nt
li M. to meet the Cincinnati Exp ea going
eiat; at o'clock P.M.. to meet the St. l.ouia
Expreaa going went, at S P. M. Tor Fast Line
et. Will meet the I'arkcrsburg, Marietta
and Ztlaki Accommodation on application
in person or by letter.
tirdera left at the pout office, McArthur, or
Dundaa, promptly atlf nded to,
ittlmr CUARLE3 W. BARN El T.
I WILL run a hvk from Wilkesville to
Hamden and return every Monday, Wednca
dav and Friday, for the accommodation or
pn8engera. making close connection with the
mail train on the M. A C. K. R. 1 will uIko
rry expree packages "hipped to or from
thoae points by the Adam Kxpresa Co.
EamJen, "Wilke.tville and Middleport
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above pointa I will be able to
lurnith conveyance for paaaengera and theii
ibaggage to and from said pnintaon the follow
.log days: From Wilkeaville to Harden and
bark on Mondays, Wedneadaya and Friday;
and .from .Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meiga
' , and b.tck 00 Tuesdays, Thnradaya a.nd
Baturdaw. IUHN LEVIS.
The Newark American Las
the following in reference to a
new and important railroad en
A parly of gentlemen rep
resenting the Newark, Somer
set & StraiUvi'.le road, tlie
Straitsville & Hocking Valley
.Road, and the Sandusky, Mans
field & Newark Road, made a
visit to Baltimore last week,
and in connection with the
Baltimore & Ohio Company
made arrangements for the
consolidation of the Newark,
Somerset & Straitsville with
the Straitsville & Docking
Valley Road. This necessi
tates the building of nineteen
miles of new road, leading
from a point near Shawnee to
the Carbondale branch of the
Marietta and Cincinnati Road,
And thereby giving a through
line from the lake to Beveral
important points on the Ohio
The new line will be built
under the auspices pf the
Newark, Somerset & Straits
ville Company; the Baltimore
& Ohio Company furnishes the
means therelor. When com.
pleted it will be leased to Uie
Baltimore & Ohio Company on
the same terms as they now
hold the Newark, Somerset &
Straitsville Road.
The Newark American of the
5th says nearly all the wool
in this county will be ofl the
Bbeep this week, and ready for
market '.Some few sales have
been already made at forty
cents per pound. There are
very few, however, of our best
clips which are likely to be
sold at this Agare, at the pres-
aotHoa iid mxinHit,
601 Broadway, New York,
19 the best ytem of modern ahori hand
wriiinj. Hy it aid reporters are eialiled
to write verbttiin the apeeu'ie.a of the moat
rapid talkers, with the greatest ease, ltiaa
hnnch of atndv m ea-.il v learned a any ol
the common brancho. aiu-h a readini, writ
ing, arilr.metio ot grammar, and may be ac
quired bv any child mat enn read common
print readily, lis character are aa fixed
ami certain in their meanings, n legible, n
philosophical, a beautiful aa inoae now in
common use, are more syeteniatlc, and inure
readily learned.
The great utility of Phonography is fully
concede 1 by teacher, utmlem, business ami
p ro'casionnl men. Thedemand for Ph'moif.
rapher is greater than the supply, and con
jliiiltlv in reusing. It is a sure and easy
stepping stone for a ynun; man or woman to
immeaiate, permanent an i reapeinao'n em
plovment, at salaries of from f 1 ,4( to $3 omt
per'vesr, a reporter for newspaper, civil
nnd military vourta. Legislatures, Conven
tions, etc., or a clerks in the office of rail
romla, telegraph, lawyers, physicians, nier
chant and miiiKl'a -tunn houses, and in all
the Department of tni National Uovernnieui
and aa secretaries and ainenusisei. Thtra t
no Acid of lihorso certainly remunerative,
and no useful art so eauily acquired.
To the lawyer in noting down testimonv
nnd leferences, nnd in preparing (list dra it ol
bnefa and olher leal papers it is invalunbln.
To the clerg man, in preparing hia sermon",
to the piihbo peaker in preparing a dis
course, lo any peron having studie- or cler
ical duties it will save " per cent, of time.
PARKS Tf, why not have your children
'earn Phonography a useful nnd heaut.fiil
art. a renninn aiunseinenl, a nniqe accom
plish rient. In any vocmion ol I fe It will re
ay many time its coat in money tune nnd
ery style of the art oommeholng wi'h
an dvni of words, and proceeding to the mo-i
rapid reporting style-in such form and
manner, with elicit inline of erpl.inition.
and completeness of illu-tr.uion, and with
such otl er features as to fully adapt the worn
to the use ofschoel and to sell-instruution.
Price, H; by mail 11 40.
Mr. tiiah un i theaullior of a Phonograph
ic Dictionary, Reader, and other work, also
publisher ot a ncwspipnr called "I ho Slit
dent's Journal,' devotea to the advancement
ol Phonography, fend for apecimen num
her containing a full description of the var
ious works o,i Phonography which are pub
lished by him.
Ad.lresat ANPREW J. GRWiAM.
iff h f'3 Broadway, New York.
(he new postal law ve are supplying the peo
ple wiih our Hue nickel white metal ware, ol
triple electro-silver plate, po-t paid to any
part of the country direct Irotn our manufac
tory. Notwithstanding a large advance in nickel
we still oiler the good, both plain and lnnc
patterns, at former facim y rules, and will mail
nnv quantity i these prices, on receipt of the
Duller knife, pickle fork, fUlgftr spoon nnd
napkin nng, aeh II i-
Tea spoons and nut picks, hall dos. 2 So
'less, rt knives, lorka nnd spoons, half dos. 4 IS'
Table " " " " " " 6 IN
RenlatingnfnlJ ware in the best manner, ai
one half ol these price.
We will mail to any adores plinlournpli-n-l
price its of ;..ur Fl l" KILVIIll
the manufacture ot which Is a i peclnlty with
It I our privilege to refer to the editors of
all Cincinnati religious treeklie.
In what paper nid yon see our advertise
61 Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
31octl7i 8t
H .11. J. k am:lls & CO.,
Otte door vest of Lan. Will C Bro's.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persons wishing lo purchase lanr: farms or
town lots in Vinlon a' adioining counties will
Hud tracts to suit them by calling.
Persons wishing to sell lands farms or town
lots will have a good chance of doing so b;
leaving description, etc. in our hand.
oct28 Miin Street, McArthur, O.
Dr. Dupoiico's G'oldcii
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every case where the monthly Hoar h i
been obstructed thpiugh cold or diaense.
DUPiJNCO'S'-iOLDICN PILLS always give im
mediate rehe. A laily writes: "liiponc'n
ijol.len Pills relieved me m one day like mag
ic." 'J he genuine are now put up in large
wnite boxes containing double the qunnliiy ol
pills, ai d upon each box von will rind my
"Private U. .S. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the word DUPOMCO'S (jULtE.
PILLs, m white letters, without thai uone
are genuine.
Remember the genuine i In the white boxes
Full and explicit dirtc'.ious accompany each
box. Price Sl.uo per box, six boxes 8i.uo.
Sold by one druggist in every town, village,
citvand himlet throughout the world.
Sold in MoArli.ur, O.,
By a. W. SISSON. Dmggiit.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
By sending him 11.00 threngh I he McArthur
O., Post Office, can have the pills senteonH
dentially, by mail, to any part nfthe country,
tree of pontine.
8. I). HOWE, Proprietor. Newnrk.
Kea Ilbvtraled Edition, i. W. Wataon anthorof
" The Outcast." BtanliMp HluitntM.f'tm orig
Imldaignt Ay Edward L Hnrf. Completo in
one large octavo volume, in uniform etyle
with "'1 he Outcast and Other Poems," beinx
printed on the finest tinted plate paper, and
bound in green morocco cloth, with gilt top,
gilt aides and beveled boards, pric Two Dol
lar, or bound in green morocco cloth, with
gilt sides, and beveled boards, price Three
Abov4 book Lm for tahhm all hoohtUm. er eoa-
bqfUKillb9mU.po4paidt to ang on, per return o
mau, onanyoit re nun if we price oj u to wpnoiuh
30 Chestnut St., Plul-delphi, Pa.
Agents Wanted.
For th greai sensation ot hygienic litera
ture, our diga.tion; or,
Dr. Dio Levin' new work Is an immense
success. Haves raoiwv, worry, and precious
health, and shows how to lire well and grow
fat on II a week. Agent are eoininz money,
and dOiUga world of good with i'. The sarre
chancel still open Delay not, bu addreaa at
once. It. HANNAKORU.A CO . PuMtshera,
177 West Fourth street, Oincinnah, O. Bmar3
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
ALT. parties having aubeenbed toth. cp
ital toek ol the 0. McA. A C. R. R. are
hereby requited to make payment to the Sec
retary of the Company, at his office ou the
Public Square, id Gallfnolis, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Daniel Will, President of the
Vinton County Bank, at McArthur, Ohio, of
aa installment oi five dollars on each share
so subscribed, within lea days of this date.
August XO, 1871.
- . r, -. U.i if) p p a
Vinegar Dltter are not it Tile Fancy
)rlnk, made ot Poor Rum, Whiskey, Poof
Spirit and Rcfuso Liquors, doctored, spiced,
tnd sweetened to please the taste, called
Tonics," "Appetizers," "Restorers," Ac.
hat lead the tippler on to drunkenness sn.1
-uln, but are a tn.e Medicine, made from the
latlve roots and herbs of California, free from
ill Alcoholic Stimulants. They are the Great
Blood Purifier and a Life-giving Principle, a,
crfect Renovator and lnvlgorator of the 8ys
xui, carrying ou all pobonous matter and
estoring the blooil to a healthy condition, en
icbing it, refreshing and invigorating both
nlnd and body. They are easy of adrainlstra
Jon, prompt In their action, certain In their
faults, safe and reliable la all form of disease.
NoPer.oii cart take these Bitter oc
iordlng to directions, gud remain longun well,
jrovlded their bones are not destroyed by
iilncral poison or other means, and tho vital
irgans wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dy.pcp.la or liidlRCillon, leadache,
"aln in the Sliouldcrs, Coughs, Tightncsg of the
Sheet, PIzzlnes, Sour Eructations of UieStom
icb.nailTuate In the Mouth, lillious Attacks,Pal
plt.nionof the lieart.liinammatiou of the Lungs,
Pbln In the regionsof the Kldneys,ancl a hundred
)thcr painful svtuptonis, are the offsprings of
Dyspepsia, In these complaints It has no equal,
tnd uue bottle will provo a better ruarantto of
,t merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Female Complaint, In young or Old,
married or slugle, at tlie dawn of womanhood,
3r the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so
leelded au induence that tuarked Improve
mrnt Is Boon perceptible.
For Iiillammatorv anil Chronle
rilieiimnlisiii ami (lout, Dyspepsia or Indl
zestiuii, llihous, llcmlltcnt aud Intermitteut
('overs, Diseases of the Ulood.Llver.Kldneysand
Bladder, these Hitlers have been most successful.
Such Diseases arc caused liyVitlatcdltlood.whlcli
is generally produced by deruugeuieul of Ui
III..A-.'- Ilrirall
They are a Gende Pnrfrntlre aa well
a a Tonic, possessing also the pcctillur merit
jf acting a a powerful agcut In relieving Con.
jesttun or Inilanunatlon of the Liver aud Visit-nil
Organs and In bilious Diseases.
Forfekin Disease, Kniptlons, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, lllotches, Spots, I'lmples.Puslules, boils,
Curbunclcs,IUng-worm, Scald-Ilead, Sore Eyes
F.ryslpcl.as, Itch, Scurfs, Dlscolorations ol the
skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin, of
ahutcver name or nature, are literally dug np
ind carried out of tho system In a short time by
the use of these Ultters. One bottle in such cases
will convince lUe most Incredulous of lucir cur
ative ctrccts.
Clennse tlie Vitiated Dlooil whenever
rou Hint it Impurities bursting through the
ikin in Pimple, Eruptions, or bore ; cleanse It
when you find it obstructed and sluggish In the
veins ; cleanse It when it is foul ; your feeling
will tell you when. Keep tho blood pure, and
llio nculih of the system will follow.
Grateful Thousand proclaim VlXKflAR
DiTTKits the most wonderful luvlgoraiit that
ever sustained the sinking system.
Plu, Tope, and oilier Worm, lurking
In the system of so many thousands, arcetfec
lually destroyed and removed, buys a distin
guished physiologist ; Thero is scarcely an Indi
vidual on t lie face of the earth whose body Is ex
empt from the presence of norms. It I not up
on the healthy elements of tho body that worms
exist, but UKin the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed theso living monsters of
disease. No system of medicine, no vermifuges,
no nntlielinliiitics, will free tho system from
worms like these Hitters.
Merhaiilcal Diseases, Persons engaged
In I'ulnw and Minerals, such ns Plumbers, Type
setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they ad
vance In life, are subject to paralysis of tho
Dowels. To guurd against this, tuke a dose of
Wai.kkk's Vinkuak IHTTKI13 twice a week.
UHlous, Kcinittciit, and Interiiilia
lent Fever, which arc so prevalent In tho
valleys of our great rivers throughout the United
States, especially thcto of the Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Ar
kansas, Red, Colorado, liruzos, Itlo Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke,
James, and tunny others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entire country during
the bummer uud Autumn, and remarkably so
during seasons of unusual heat and dryness, are
Invariably accompanied by extensive derange
ments of the stomach and liver, and other ab
dominal viscera. In their treatment, a purga
tive, exerting a powerful iuiltience upon these
various organs, Is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic fur tho purpose equal to Da. J.
Wai.kkk's V in tout Hittkks, as they will
speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter
wllh which the Isnvcls arc loaded, at the same
time stimulating the secretions of the liver, and
generally restoring tho healthy fuuctluns of the
digestive organs.
Scrofula, or King' Evil, White Swell.
Ing, L'lcers, Erysipelas, Swelled neck. Goitre,
Scrofulous luiluiumuiloiis, Indolent liiilamma
tions. Mercurial Ailcctlons, Old Sores, Erup
tions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc., etc. In these
is in all other constitutional Diseases, Wai.xek'8
Vineuaii IliTTKits have shown their great cura
tive powers In the most obstinate uud Intract
able cases.
Dr. Walker's California. Vinegar
Dllters act on all these cases in a sliullur
manner. Ry purifying the Blood they remove
the cause, and by resolving away the effects of
the inflammation (the tubercular deposits) tho
iirected parts receive health, and a permanect
cure is eifcctcd.
The properties of Dr. Walker's Vineoar
BiTTtu.s are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carmin
ative, ymrltlous. Laxative, Diuretic, Seda
tive, Counter-irritant, iiudoriflo, Alterative,
and Anti-Bilious.
The Aperient nnd mild Laxative proper
ties of Dit. Walkf.k's Vinkuak Bittkk are
the best safe-guard in case of eruptions and
malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and
soothing properties protect the humors of the
fauces. Their Sedative properties nllay pain in
the nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either
rom Inflammation, wind, colic cramp, etc
Fortify the body against disease by
purify ing all it fluids with Vineoah BirrKR..
No epidemic can tako hold of a system thus
Directions. Take of the Hitters 00 going
to bed at nlghl'from a half lo one ami one-huff
wlne-glaasfull. Eat good nourishing food, such
js becf-steak. mutton chop, venison, roast beef,
tnd vegetables, and take out-door exercise.
They are composed ol purely vegetable lngre
licnts, and contain no spirit.
it. ii. Mcdonald & co.,
Drnpgi9ts nnd Gen. Agt., San Francisco, CaL,
A cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., N.Y.
Ten ycArnof it pnb
lie lest lias proved In
Crook's Wine nt Tnr tc
have more merit tlinu
any similar preparation
ever ottered to the pub
lic It is rich iu the
medicinal qualities ol
Tnr, nnd nneuunlcd fot
discuses of the Throat
nnd Inng. performing
cure all I'ongh and
Colli. It tins cured sc
many case of Aslhmn
and Uronrlillla, that 11
bus been pronounced a
spcclflo for these com
plaint. For rain lu
the Urent, Hide ol
Uaek, Uravrl or H Id-
tier Diseiiae. Disease
Of the Urinary Oran. Janndiee, ot
any Liver Complaint It bus no equal
It la also a superior Ton r,
lleotorea I he Appetite.
(Strengthen, the Mvntem.
Be tore the Weak and l bllltnled.
4'aue the Food to IXgext
Remove Dyspepni" and Indisrcsition.
I'revenl Malarious i'evers.
Gives tone to yonr atystein.
That Pale, Yellow. SieUj-LooMnj Skir
t chnmred toone of fresline and health
Those Diseami of the Skin. Pimples
Pnatnlea, Blotrhea and Krnptions an
removed. Kcrorril,erof u Ion Isisieaae
f the Eyes, Wh te Mwelllnar, t leer
Old More or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle and disappear under It influence
In fact It will do you more good, and can
yoa more speedily than nny and all othei
preparations combined. Witt lilt I It 1 na
ture's own reatorer! A oolnble oxyd of Irot
combined with the medlcinsl properties o
Poke Boot divested of all disagreeable quul
Itles It will cure any C'hrenleor Lons;
standi na Piaeawe whose real or dlreo
cause la had blood. Rhenmatlam.Palnt
In I.lmb or Done,4'ontilntlon bro
ken down by Mercurial or other poison
are all cured bylt. Foryphll,orhypli
llllle taint, then) Is nothlnsj eou.nl to II
A trial will prove It. A.1K I'OR DR
iRooK f raspot'HD (xkip oi
We will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gaiette to subscribers at
Belfokt lurnnce received
last Tuesday evening 15,000
toDS Iron Mountain ore. They
have lately tried some Tennes
see ore, with very good results.
They have coming 100 tons of
a brown hematite ore from
Buffalo, Putnam county, West
Virginia. This ore is from a
two foot vein, is about 50 per
cent, iron, shows no sulphur,
phosporous or eilicia, and con
tains about 2 per cent, of sil
ver and the same of mangan
ese. This ore In connection
with our coals, it is thought
would produce an excellent
iron for the making of Besse
mer steel. Should the experi
ment of smelting these 100
ions be successful, the Pike
Iron Co., of Uufftlo, from
whose lands it comes, will
build a blast furnace at ouce
Ironton Journal
Are Advertisements Ever
In the course of a spicy arti
cle, answering this question,
the Mobile Register says:
"If any man affects to be
lieve that advertisements are
not read, let liim advertise that
he wants to buy a dog, for in
stance. If he is not funnslicj
with every variety of animated
sausage that morning for
breakfast, and besides with one
or two sound grounds for suits
against him for assault, wo will
break our golden rule and
deadhead Ins advertisement.
And it is fair to inler that any
man who wants to sell a dog
also withes to buy eotuetbing
with the proceeds of his canine
venture. And so up to the
man who wishes to sell his
cargo of Western produce.
Capt. S. A. Burnap, formerly
prosecuting attorney of Mei-.s
county, at one time, since tin
war, worth 40,000 in cash, left
Pomrroy last week lor Califor
nia, dead broke. With his mon
ey lie went into the Clifton
Nail Mill, opposite Middleport,
and a new salt furnace, near
West Columbia, and, ufter sev
eral years of worry and disap
pointment, left his old stamp
ing ground, with the furnace
which he idolized, an adjudged
Marietta Register
James M. McDermontt, a
butcher, was shot dead in
Sixth Street market, in Cin
cinnati, on the 11th inst, by
W. C. Daniels, alias Mackey.
McDermott was standing in
his meat-stall wtun shot lie
claimed to have been insulted
by Daniels on Sunday, and was
asking for an explanation
when the affair happened.
Diniel?, who is a had charac
ler, does not deny the shooting,
but says it was done In self-defense.
Two- o'clock Wednesday
morning a masked party broke
into the house of John Jen
nings, chief of a gang of rob
bers in Wetzal county, Wes
Virginia. Mrs. Jennings seized
an ax to delend her huban',
wheu the party fired, killing
Jennings and fatally wounding
Mrs. Jennings. The lynchers
left written notices to other
members of the gang to leave
the county on peril of their
Jcdob E North Cdllom, of
the Filth Louisiana District
Court, rendered a decision ol
$1,000 damage in the case o
Josephine Drenir, against the
owner of the steamboat Gov
ernor Allen, for refusing plain
tiff, a colored woman, cabin
passage, and such accommoda
tions as were extended to white
ladies. This is the first decis
ion under tho State law rela
live to common carriers.
Pickpockets do not enjoy
life in California. An old "bull
whacker" lelt a strange band
in his pocket there recently,
and, pulling his penknife, with
a blade that weighed a pound,
cut off the man's hand at the
wrist, and threw it alter him,
with thft advice to "put it in
whisky where it wonld keep."
And now Stokes don't hang.
He is to have a new trial. The
Court of Appeals unanimously
The following bill to amend
an act to provide lor the crea
tion and regulation of Incorpor
ated companies in this State
was passed at the late session
of the General Assembly and
is now a law:
Section 1. Be it enacied ly
the General Assembly of the
Stale af Ohio. That Ser-.timi
-i i i
thirteen of the above mention
ed act be amended Bo as to
read as fo'Iows:
Section 13. Such corpora
tion or any corporation operat
ing a railroad in whole or in
part in this State, may demand
and receive for the transport
ation of passenfers on said
road, not exceeding three cents
per mile for a distance ot more
than eight miles, and for the
transportation of property, not
exceeding five c nts per ton per
mile, when the same is trans
ported a distance of thirty miles
or more; and in case the same is
transported a less distance than
ten miles, such reasonable rate
hs may be from time to time
fixed by said company or pre
scribed by law; and every such
corporation, company, persor
or persons who shall violate, or
permit to be violated, the pre
visions of this act, or any other
oorporaiion, company, person
or persons who shall demand or
receive a greater sum of mon
ey for tlie transportation ol
passengers or property on or
over their railroad than the sum
allowtd by law, shall forfeit and
nay to the aggrieved a sum
equal to double the amount ol
the overcharge, but iu no cas
shall the amount of the forfeit
beless than twenl.v-fivedollprs
Sec. 2. That said section thir
teen 13 hereby repealed, and
i Ins act 6 h u 1 1 be in force from
and after its passas-e.
Speaker of the House of Representatires
President pro tem of the Senate.
Greeley, Cl , comes proud
ly forward with a Mrs. Wilber,
a slight person, and formerly a
chool teacher, who this sea
son has rigged up a gang-plow
and prepared and sowed eigh
teen acres in wheat.
Wilhoft's Great Chill Cure.
The unfailing ever faithful
friend of the unfortunate who
are afflicted with chills, fevers,
agues, enlarged or engorged
spleen, sun pains and the
Jreadlul frightful congestive
chills that takes its victim in
the short space of an hour or
two. Wilhoft's Tonic is the
cure for this, for these and for
all diseases that have their or
igin from miasmatic poison in
the atmosphere you breathe.
This tonic contains no poi
son, no arsenic, no mercury, no
quinine, nor any deleterious
Irug. It is as equally safe for
every age, and leaves no rack
ing pains in the limbs nor split
ting pains in the head; but the
renovated patient gels up a
new man, and knows that he is
whole once more. Just try it.
and you will be convinced.
An eminent scientific man
explains why Prof. Anderson's
Dermador acts so much more
promptly than any other ap
plication in curing sore parts,
as follows: The usual applica
tions, such as plasters and
poultices, confine the heat so it
escapes with difficulty, and the
cure must be slow.
The Dermador acts in direct
opposition to all such applica
tions it keeps the skin moist,
and instead of confining it con
ducts the heat off, and reduces
the ltiflatnation immediately.
See advertisement in this
Holloway's Pills.
The physical disturbances (o
which females are exclusively
subject, and the many disor
ders proceeding from their ne
glect or maltreatment, are at
ouce relieved by Holloway's
Pills. Soil 78 Maiden Lane,
N. Y. Price 25 cts; per box.
Ask for new style; the old is
Adtbbtising reminds people of
things they had Deen wanting all
along, but had forgotten all about.
Simond's, Photographer, Chillicothe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other pioiures. Pictures may be
made as laree as life from the tiniest
lecket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all eiroum
If You
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Want to wll a piano,
Want to sell a cnrriiijrc,
Want to buy orsell a farm.
Want a bbarflliijr plaee.
Want to sell town property,
Want to Bell groceries or drugs,
Want to soil household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or carpet.
Want to II ml customers tor anything,
Advertising will gain new customers.
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays.
Advertising makes success easy,
AilvcrtHiig begets coiillileiice,
Advertising shows energy,
. Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising raeans'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Adveriise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has become
'prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
Vo exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Piince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity. If
could make it still belter in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Sumo merchants say it is not wnrtl
while to advertise; fur no person read
ad vert isements; vet every merchant in
this county will rend this advertise
ment, and if ho is wise- he will prnfi
ly its suggestion, if he has anything t
nQer W'-rtli Advertising. How mucl.
mere then will those rend them wh
are not so largely supplied with rent
ing mutter, nre at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper fin
their locnl news, tho most iirportnm
item f which is where they can fin !
just what they want when they come ti
town to make their purchases. If yout
stock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out ol
style that it is worthless, or if it i? run
down so that you have nothing left thn
people would w.nt, it is nut wortl
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh nnd sparkling, up to t!it
times, nnd such as the people want,
don't hide tlietn, but publish to tin
world that ynu have them, add warn
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
glo day does duty beyond that dav
nnd its effect continues in a g rente i
ratio thnn most men imagine. In tin
end it will make a man's name n per
uunent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men unti
it becomes more valuable than anj
corner lot in his locality.
Ip you lose a watch, a dng or a child,
or if you desire people not to trui
your wifo, ynu rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rend
(he advertisement But ynu will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how muah you nre los
ing by not advertising it Rfporter
If those persons who profess to b
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not rea.l by the publ.o wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
Kivo publicly to sumo matter thei
would nutcire to divulge to the world.
even in the most obscure corner of h
country pnper, nnd see what notorieh
they would soon attain. Admrtucr't
AuvKHTistNO is apt to give us tha
gentle jog ol conscience which tells u
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or that we promised our wifi
a now dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan foi
Madame to nark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to lenrn
what is going on. To sco if there is
anythini! new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's style
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curios ty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it. OA to State Journal.
Thb power or print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advkjtage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives sn importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, whioh lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed. But there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
abont printed matter which gives it a
marvelous force and influence. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
the printing presses.- Learn to adver
tise, and then the "how, when and
where" of it, and yoa will have a
Rut tour
hootn and
Shoe, of I. W.
WII.)N. at
Ham ien.who
an I tMla ai
oliKitraly i a
Snaoial al-
teatinn sifea
to fine Cll
It tho only Known Hcmcdy (or nri"ht' DU
ao and hua cured every cno ur Diuhotva la
which It hna been piven, Irritation of tltcMcK
of tho Bladder nnd Inflammation of tho Kitlneya,
Ulceration of tho Kidneys and Bladder, Reten
tion of Urine, Diaeaace ot tho rrostato Gland,
Btono in tho Bladder, Ornvcl. Brick Dnxt DcpoJit,
and Slucoua or Milky Uncharge, and for En
feebled and Oelicatot'on.titutionaof both hesen,
attended with the following Tmptorn: I.ori
of Power, Ln of Memory, Difficulty of Breath
ing Weak Nervca, Wakefulness Pain In tho
Buck, Klushlnsnf the Body, Empilon on tho Face,
rallid Countenance, Latitude of tho Syatcm, etc.
I'tcd by pcrona In tho decline or cnanco or
life; after confinement or labor palua, bed-wct-tine
in children, etc.
In many nuYctiona peculiar to Iadlea, Iho Ex
tract Buchu U itiieiimiled by any other icnieiiy
Aa In Chlorosis or Itetcntlon, Irregularity, I'ain
f hIiicm" or SnpnrcKidon of Cnstnmnry Evacuuliona,
Ulcerated or Sclilrrus itnto of tho Utentj, Leu
corrhcea or Whites, BUrility, end for all com
plaint incident to tho sex. Jt is rrcscribcil
extensively by tho mot t eminent Phvsiciona and
Mldwivcs for enfeebled nnd dellculo couatltu
tiona of both aexea and all oea.
Ptrrt DUiaM AiM7 from Imprudence.
Tl biU of Vi'riixitlon. (... In all their Uigc, at
little expense, little or no clianfo in diet, no In
convenience, anil no exposure. It cauaea a fro
qnent desire, aud pivee strength to urinate,
thereby removing Ol)structions,Trevet)tkiif and
Curing Strictures of the Urethra. Alloying Pain
and Inflammation, to frequent In thia class of nia
cafes, andcxpclling ull poisonous matter.
f 1.00 per hottlo or fix bottles for 5.W), delivered
to anv address, secure from observation. Bold by
druggists everywhere. Prepared by
KE KNEY f'O., 104 Puane St., N. Y.
to whom all letiera t ' "vformatiou should bo
Do Charge for Advice and Consultation.
Dr. J. li iHott. Graduate of .1 ffetnm M-diml
Colttge, Philadelphia, author of M-renl talnahlo
works, ran bo consulted oil all diseusi-s of Ihn
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which hj hai mad-3
an especial study), either In nmlo r female. nr
matter from what caiiMi originating, r i f hn
long standing. A practlco of ,10 years etmlilc.-t
him to trout disease with success. Cures guar
anteed. Charges reasonable. Those ut a dis
tance can f'irwHrrt letter (lesrrlhinir t-yinpti"",
and cnclo-ing stamp to prepay postiiL'c. Q
Scntl for tno tiis ,i lint.th. Price in cinu.
J.fl.l)XOTT, M. D., Physician and Surgeon,
101 L'tiiuo fcSi.,isew York.
kiuds. Diphtheria, Wounds, Bruises, Burns,
Spraina, Rheumatism, Sore Throat, Swelling of
the Glands, Inflammation of the Eyes, Broken
Breast, Frost Bites, Chilblains, Piles, Bee Stings,
and all Sores.
Good for nesmt. Fresh Wounds, Galls,
Poll Evil, Sprains, Bruises, Cracked Heels, Hfcg
Bone, W ind Galls, Spavins, Sweeney, Founder,
Lameness, Sand Cracks, Scratches, or Grease,
Mange, liorsu Distemper.
This truly wonderful Liniment was
discovered by HOME it ANDKUSON, A.M., lata
Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics in the)
Clinton Liberal Institute, of Oneida County, N.Y.
In experimenting for the purpose of making
Piusslc Acid, by uniting the independentgaseons
bodies of which it is composed, a residuum was
left, which, on being applied to braises and In
flamed parts, by the students of the Institute, was
found to possess the remarkable property of cool
ing down and carrying off the Inflammation and
soreness at once, and restoring the parts to sound
ness and beilia in a few hoars without pain oc
It la not a heating Liniment, bnt
acts by iu peculiar specific or chemical qualities
in dissolving and scattering the soreness and In
flammation of the injured part. By a free ap
plication, the red surface soon becomes cool,
moist and natural, and is restored to natural
health without suppuration or destruction.
As Liniment for Horse Fiesta, for
the cure of all the ailment named above, ws
challenge the world to find Iu equal.
Price 25 V 50 cents per bottle.
D. EA3TS0M, E05 & (XX, Ml
u , , , , BUFFALO, N. V.
See notice In local column.
cmo ih inscsur, M "ooos xoumis,"
i graiNQ nownts," (imxn ixowna," i
. iwiu-M-uuir,-kwita
u numc wtnur sm wmxv fHxJS-J
IU) AT wos.1 (oroudttad), atse.
aTwa at UMMChram srs OU Mh t "WMsJ
Awak ana rut iMmpf tMstasn
nan art aaiaUaf.
Maaibtn Smltkai AT ODCX
win, tsar tars as.
. vttkalM wluiaaji
RM puiwm,
Cm (71 to bwk-o vmsm irsiltla
tm lahlllM itaMllea k mry .wul
I has daednd va. iki.b .
evf dieeenu hmu. mm -
Thar. U nltt ta ika -frmni trfoM ef
..ncarMOTMr- TkCM(nUDnii4i,,adlt
fetal fttflaelM la Mfl'u.i ,.. .
T J L " "8ATn, SWSt.- SM -naXerfml kaltk-
& M. AU!QTT,Mlt,. II r.rmkh, CImIm.u, o-
AGEXTJ everywhere to sell onr new and
WAX I ED to sell our new sol novel em
broidering maehinn, send tor illu-tnled cir
cular, to tho Mi-Kae Msnuftmturiog Company,
JSVSrfV-' V to Cine CUIt .

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