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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, July 31, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McAKTHUK. 01110,
Om ud after SiiBrfay, May tVh, 1873, Irsin
will run u loitowat n.n. , , mma
raa cUilj; all other traias daily, 8uoljex-
Na.t. No. S. No. 1.
Slutioam St. I. Ex. faslL. Cm. Ex.
CiaMnMil.-.10 SUpm 1 00pm 1 Mm
Chilliroth... t lfctm i ODpm U 4m
RichUnd rw i 04m i 48pm 11 4 Jpm
rlMixtr ... I Ua pm W Wpm
Moatiii'.... I Ham t 11pm 1 (Upm
Vintoe , i S 37ro tipra 1 lpm
talli . I 4fem X'-'pm 1 tapra
Horn Furnace.... Mom pm I npn
i upm e sipra
No.t ho .
tafion. Fut L. fit.1. x
Para war -J rg . i OOmo U Mpm
Hof furnace .10 Stfm lpm
tlesKl 11 Vla 3 01pm
fm-n i II ium 3 10pm
McAbtnob 11 lm 3 tpm
Hwalen .11 iim 3 31pm
MtehUcJ Fur.. -11 4&am 3 44pm
Chillicoth. ..! Mpm 4 iim
CiorioaMi .. topai I J"pra
Ho. 6.
Cm. Ex
10 30pm
1 Mam
1 loam
1 17am
1 Hum
1 32nm
1 45am
t 4am
MO. t will stop blwa Cincinnati and Rl-D-ehetiar,
at C. 8. Junction sad Loveland on
ly! east ol HI"Diheler it will atop at ail t.
lion except Farmer', Harper' , Moooville,
Mineral, New England. Big Run, Cutler. Lit
tie nocking, FiominqV, sol Tunnel. Nil. 3
will atop oa Weatara Diviainii at 0. B.
Jusct'Oo, l,reland and Greenfield only; oo
Kaetero Division at Hamden, MoArlh ur,
Zaleaki, and all tilonaloi Atheu. Thu
train will alio atop at King', Ins-ham, Moon
villeand Mineral Ciljr on ignal. NOH. 4AND
6 will atop at 1. d. Junction, Lovelami,
UrenAeld, Chillicolhe, Hnmden, Alhen and
Seotl'a Landing only. NO. 9 will nuke nil Ine
alopa between Parkrrhur and WanehssUr,
except Tunnel, Fleming', LHlie Hocking,
Mineral Cltjr, King', Ingham Vinton fur
nace and Farmer'; between Blanoneater and
Cincinnati, at Lovelantl. C. 8. Junction and
Cumminevtlle o.ily. NO. 4 will aUip lit Bel
pre, Vincent', New tngland, all Nation be
tween Alhen anl Hamdmi, and weof Han,
den, at t.'lullicolhe, (ireenfield, foreland,
Mdloavillc, C. o. Ji'iKtion and Cmnwint.
The Prkerburg, Marietta and Z ileakl Ac
eommodatmn leave Zileaki at 6 In a. m.,
arriving at Parkrrsburg at 3 30 a. m re
turning leave Parksrsburg U 3 10 P. M.
arriving at Zaleaki at 6 30 J?. M. Ibi tiaiD
atop at all atittoai.
The Zaleaki Freight going east leaves
Chillicothe at OOa. in i Ravanlle T 35; Rich
land Furnace, 3 OA; Uaindeu, arrlre 3 3
depart 8 0"; McArthur, 3 K Vinton, IS OA;
Kileaki I0IUI. Ooing went ZnleKi,4 00 p m I
Vinton 4 , McAilhir 3 00; Hamden, arrive
3 30depart On; Richland Turoace, 6 30;
Bararille, T 00; Chillicolhe, 8 is.
Traini on in 1-OK I'SMUUTfl BRANCH
will leara Hamdeo at 3 18 a.m. and 3 43 p.nv
arrifing atPortamouth at 11 20a m.and 4Sp.
m. Returning trams ill leaf Portsmouth at
8 IS a. m, and l'i 34 p. m., arrirmgat Ham
den at II 13 a. m. and 6 44 p. m.
Tram connect a: Loreland for all point on
the Little Miami Railroad, nnd at the Indianap.
olia and Cincinnati Railroad Jiincti n for all
polnta Waal; ai Athena, with the Columbua
i H. V. K, R., at P.irker-.hurg. with the tt.
tieneral Superintendent.
CHAELE3 W. BAENETT, Proprietor
WILL run reguirrlt to HcArftiur fitalion
to meet all train.
Hack learea McArlhur jot office al-10
o'clock, A. M , to meet Faat Line Weal; at
13 M. to meet the Cincinnati Expas going
eaat; at 3 o'clock P.M., to meet the St. Louie
Exprtex gmrc went, at 3 P. M. for Faat Line
ant. Wnl meet the I'arkerabiirg, Marietta
ad talexki Aucotnmodutioa on application
in person or by letter.
Order left ai the pot office, McArthur, or
Dnndaa, pr jinpllT attended to.
Hamden, Vilke.tville aud Middleport
HAVING the contract for carrying the mail
between the above pointa I will be able to
lurniah conveyance for paaaenger and beir
baggage to and fmmaaid pointa on the follow-
ogdaya: From Wilkeaville to Hamden and
back on Mondaya, Wedneaday and Friday;
and from Wilkeaville to Middleport, Meiga
Co, and back on Tueadaya, Thuradava and
Saturdays, lOHN LEVIS.
mmriLLEAiu) hamden
I WILL run a hack from Wilkeaville to
Hamden and return every Monday, Wednes.
day, Friday and Saturday for the accommo
dation of oaaaengers. making cloae connec
tion with the mail train on the M. A C. K. R.
1 will also carry exprexa package shipped
o or irom point by the Ao:arrra express to.
Uessrs. Orange Jddd & Co.,
245 Broadway, New York have
ent us copies of The Straw
berry Girl" and "Mischief Brew
ing,"' which they gire to sub
scribers to their excellent peri
odicals 'earth and Home"
(weekly) and the "American
Agriculturist," monthly. The
price oi the former is $3 a year
and of the latter $250, and of
both $4. The chromos possess
unusual excellence.
The potato bug which was
complained of so greatly early
io the season has not done
much injury to the potato crop.
Farmers from different parts of
the country tell us they will
have good yields. Certainly
thero have been some very
nice lots offered in town from
The meting houjes should
be as good as our private
dwellings. The temple built
by Divine direction was the
most costly, gorgeous, and rich
.y furnished of all the build
ings in Jerusalem or the Doly
Land. Many of our houses of
worship are a little below par
in this respect
The new Boston directory
contains Brown .797 times,
Jones 420, and Smith 1,270.
If - seven days make one
week, how many will make
one strong!
Paper for roughs Sand-paper.
Rather contradictory Gay's
Weight for the wagon,'
tang theafat lady.
ysnbian iaerta4 avt fair FricM
Ml Broadway, Kew York,
13 the belt ytem of modern hort hand
writing. By it aid reporter r a tabled
u nta verbatim the iDeeahea of the moat
rapid talker, wilh the greateat eaae. It i a
branch of attidv a eailv learned a any of
the common branchra, aucn a reaumg, writ
ing, anaoaaetio or grammar, and may be ac
quired bv any cmlJ mat can read common
print readily. Its characlera are a fixed
and certain in Iheir meaning, aa legible, aa
philosophical, a beautiful a thoaa now in
common ue, ar more ayitematic, and mora
readily learned.
The great utility of Phonography 11 fully
conceded by teacher, atudenta, bumneaa and
proleaeional men. The demand for Phmoi
rapher la greater thn the eupply, and oon
inntlv increasing. It la a aur and aaay
tapping tone for a young man or woman to
immediate, permanent ant resectable em
ployment, at aalaries of from ll,oott to 13.000
per rear, aa reporter for newppera, civil
and military Mart, Legulnturea, t'nnren.
lion, etc., or a clerk in the office of rail
mail., telesraoha. Iiiwver. Dhvslnana, mer
chant and manufacturing houaea, and in all
the department or ln national uovernment
and a aecretariea and amenuaiae. Tht re la
no field oflnhor ao certainly remunerative,
and nnnneful art o eauiy acquired.
To the Inwver in cotina down teatimonT
and leferencea, and in preparing fliat dra It of
bnehand oirer leaal papera it is invaiusoie.
To theclercvman. in Dreimnna his sermons.
to the nulilio rneskcr in prenariiiK a dis
course, lo any person having studies or cler
ical ailliea II will HI. "w pnr veil.. .iiii".
a?ARKNT8, why not have your cniiuren
leara Phonography a useful and beautiful
art, a refining amusement, a uniqe acenm-
plishneat. la any vocation oi 4 te it win re
pay many time ita coat in money lime nnd
r alvle of the art commencinx with the
annlvaia of words, and proceeding to the most
rapid reporting tyie-in aucn a inrm anu
manner, with such lullneas of exnlanition,
and cnmpleleness of illustration, and with
aucn oil erieature a to iiuiy anapi me wre
lo the use orachoel and to aell-iaatructioa.
Price, ; by mail li t.
Mr. Uiahm latheaulhor of a Hhnnoranh
Ic Dictionary, Readers, and other work, also
publisher oi a newspuper called "The Htu
dnnt'a Journal,'' devetea to the advancement
ol Phonography. Pid for a specimen num
ber containing a fnll description of the var
louawnrkaoa Phonography which are pub-
lianed Dy tiicn.
lifeb S'3 Broadway, New York.
the new postal law we are supplying Ihe peo
ple wilh our line nickel while meul ware, of
triple electro-silver plate, post. paid to any
part uf the country direct from our nmnuf.ic-
n. i ' -t , : . I t. I...I
we lill oiler the goods, both plain and fancy
patterns, atformer factory rates, and will mail
an quantity at these prices, on receipt of the
money, .
Butter knife, tickle fork, sugar spoon and
napkin nng, each fl '
Tea spoon and nut picks, half dm. 2 6"
Desatrt knives, lork and spoons, half doa. 4 ia
Table " " " 8 Oil
Replatingof old ware in lha beat mnnner,at
one half of these price.
We will mail to any adores phnlonraplis
and price list of Jour FIXK NILVK
the manufacture of which is a specialty with
u a.
It I our privilege to refer to the editors ol
all Ciucinnati religious weeklies.
In what paper uid you eee our advertise
M Fountain square, Cincinnati, Ohio.
31octlt)72 8t
One door west of Ban. Will 2fro'.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persona wishing to purchase land farms or
town lots in Vinton 0' adiotmng counties will
And tracla to suit them by calling.
Persons wishing to sell Innda. farms or town
Iota will have a good chance of doing so by
leaving description, etc. in our hands.
oct28 Main Street, McArthur, 0.
Dr. Duponco's Golden
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every case where the monthly flo hn
been obstructed through cold or disease.
mediate rehe. A lady writes: "Duponco's
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mag
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
white boxes containing double the quantity ol
pilla, and upon each box you will find my
"Private U. ;rt. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
atamp see the words DUPONCO'S UOLDEM
P1LLM, in white letter, without that none
are genuine.
Remember the genuineia in the white boxea
Full and explicit dirfcliona accompany each
box. Price (l.uo per box, six boxes I5.U9.
Hold by one druggist in every town, village,
citvand hum let throughout the world.
(Sold in McArti.ur, O.,
By O. W. SIS SOK. Druggist.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
By sending him 11.00 threngh the McArth'.ir
0., Post Offli'e, can have the pill sent confi
dentially, by mail, to any part of the country,
free of postage.
8. I. HOWE, Proprietor, New lork.
Krw IUtutmttd KduioD. J. W. Watson, author of
"The Outcast." BwtMl) V)v)TateS,jrmong
tnai daigtu eg Edward L. Henry. Complete in
one Inrge octavo volume, in uniform style
with "'I he Outcast and Oiher Poems," being
printed oo Ihe finest tinted plate paper, and
bound in green morocco cloth, with gilt top,
gilt aides and beveled boards, prio Two Dol
lars, or bound in green morocco cloth, with
gilt sides, and beveled boards, price Three
t AhaM booltt for tale h) all bootttUen, or cap
iat if U it Ul be tenl, pod paid. It aa, one, perretmrn of
mail, oa um om re niUing Ihe price of it to Ike pmblith
80R Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Agents Wanted.
For the great sensation oi hygienic litera
ture, our digestion; or,
Dr. Dio Lewis' new work Is an immense
sucneas. Saves money, worry, and precious
health, and hows how to live well and grow
falron fl a week. Agents are coining money,
and doing a world of good with i'. The satre
chances still open Delay not, but address at
once. It. HANNAKORD CO. Puhlishers.
117 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, 0. 6mar3
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Galipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Bailroad Co.
ALT, parties having subscribed loth cap
ital stock ol the ti.. McA. C. R. R. are
hereby requited to make payment to Ihe Sec
retary of the Company, at his office on the
Public Square, in UhIIiooHs, Ohio, or if more
convenient, to Daniel Will, President of the
Vinton County Bank, at MCArtnur, Ohio, of
an installment ol Ave dollars oo each share
so subscribed, within tea days of this data.
agut tu, ion.
e.McA.-C. B.B.CO.
doe 1 1171.,
Vinegar Bitter are not Tile Fancy
Wnk, made ol Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof
iplrtis and Refute Liquors, doctored, spiced,
tnd sweetened to please the taste, called
Ionic," " Appctlxera," "Restorers," c,.
lilt lead the Uppler oa to drunkenness and
-uin, but are a uxe Medicine, made from tha
jailve roots and herbs of California, free from
ill Alcoholic Stimulants. They are the Great
Slood Purifier and a Life-giving Principle, a
Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the Syt
ra, carrying off all poisonous matter and
estoring the blood to a healthy condition, en
letting It, refreshing tnd Invigorating both
slnd and body. Tbey ore easy of sdniinlstra
ion, prompt In their action, certain In their
resulta, safe and reliable io sll forms of disease.
Ko Person ea a take theae Bitters ac
wrdlng to ilirectluns, and remain longun well,
lrovided their bones are not destroyed by
Dlneral poison or other means, and the Vital
rguna wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigeitlon, Headache,
Pain In Ihe Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the
.Cheat, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of theStom
tch, Had Taste in the Uouth,BiliousAttacks,Pal
illation of the Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs,
fVln In the regions of the Kldneys,and a hundred
ther painful symptoms, are the offsprings of
Djupejwia. In these complslnta It has nn equal,
tnd one bottle will prove a better guarantee of
its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Female Couiplalnta, In young or Old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
tt Ihe turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so
lecided an Influence that a marked Improve
ment Is soon perceptible.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
tli.nmail.m and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indi
gestion, Uillous, Remittent and Intermittent
Fevers, Dlaeascaof the Blood.Uver.Kldneys and
Bladder, these Hitters have been most successful.
Such Diseases arc caused byVitlatedBlood.whlch
is generally produced by derangement of the
Digestive Organs.
They are Gentle Pnrgatlre at well
at a Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit
f actlug as a powerful agent la relieving Con
gestion or Inflammation of the Liver and Vis
Krai Organs and In Bilious Diseases.
For Skin Disease, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Aheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples. Pustules, Boils,
Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes
EmiDolas. Itch. Scurfs. Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin, of
-whatever name or nature, are literally dug np
ind carried out of the system in a short time by
Ihe use of theae Hitters. One bottlcln such cases
will convince ttie most Incredulous of their cur
ative effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Tllooil whenever
you find Its Impurities bursting through the
kin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores ; cleanse It
wrlicn jou find It obstructed and slupidsh In the
veins ; cleanse It when It Is foul ; your feelings
will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, aud
Ihe health of the system will follow.
Grateful Thousands proclaim VlNFtnn
Bittkiis the most wonderful Iuvlgoraul that
ever sustained the sinking system.
Fin. Tnpe, and oilier Worms, lurking
In the system of so many thousands, areeileo
tunlly destroyed and removed. Says distln
'gvislied physiologist : There is scarcely an Indi
vidual on the face of the earth whose body Is ex
empt from the presence of worms. It Is not up
on the healthy elements of tho body that worms
exist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of
disease. No system of medicine, no vermifuges,
no anihclmluitics, will free the system from
worms like these Bitters.
Mechanical Diaene. Persons engaged
In Paints aud Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, aa they ad
vance In life, are tubject to paralysis of Hie
Vowels. To guard against this, take a dose ol
Walker's Visboar Bitters twice a week.
Dillons, Remittent, and Internilta
teat Fevers, which are so prevalent In the
wallcysofour great rivers throughout the United
stales, especially those of the Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri, Illinois Tennessee, Cumberland, Ar
kansas, Red, Colorado, Ilrazos, Itio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke,
James, and many others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entire country during
the Summer and Autumn, and remarkably so
during seasons of unusual heat antl dryness, are
Invariably accompanied by extensive derange
ments of the stomach and liver, and other ab
dominal viscera. In their treatment, a purga
tive, exerting a powerful influence upon these
various organs, is essentially necessary. There
Is n cathartic for the purpose equal to Dm J.
Waiter's Vinegar Bitters, as they will
speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter
wilh which the bowels are loaded, at the same
lime stimulating the secretions of the liver, and
generally restoring the healthy functions of the
digestive organs.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White Swell
ings, I'lccrs, Erysipelas, Swelled neck. Goitre,
Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inflamma
tions, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Erup
tions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc, etc In these
as in all other constitutional Diseases, Walier's
Visboar Bitters have shown their great cura
tive powers In the most obstinate aud Intract
able cases.
Dr. Walker' California Vinegar
Blltere act on all these coses in a similar
manner. By purifying the Blood they remove
the cause, and by resolving away the effects of
the Inflammation (the tubercular deposits) the
affected parts receive health, and a permanent
cure Is effected.
The properties of Dr. Walker's Vineoab
BITTER are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carmin
ative, yntrltlous, Laxative, Diuretic, Seda
tive, Counter-irritant, ttudoriflc Alterative,
and Antl-Bllious.
The Aperient and mild Laxative proper
ties of Dh. Walker's Vinegar Bitters are
the best safe-guard In cases of eruptions and
malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and
toothing properties protect the humors of the
fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain In
ihe nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either
rom Inflammation, wind, colic cramps, etc.
Fortify the body agnlnat disease by
Purifying all its fluids with Vinegar Bitters,
No epidemic can take hold of a system thus
Directions. Take of the Bitters on going
to bed at night from a half to one and oue-half
wlne-glossfull. Eat good nourishing food, such
is beef-steak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef,
tnd vegetables, and take out-door exercise.
They are composed of purely vegetable lagre
lienta, and contain no spirit.
h. ii. Mcdonald a. co.,
Dniggists and Ocn. Agts., San Francisco, Cal.,
a cor. of Washington and Charlton Sta., N.Y.
Ton yrnri of n pnl
lfC lOSt llll.M plflVl'il 1,
Cronk'N i i- ol 'I ii r i
liuvu iiiiuo Merit 1 1 in
any Klmilur r-inr:itit
ever oIUmciI lo the pui
lie. It Is rich in II:
niuilicinul (jimmies
T:ir, nnd ti 1 1 - u : 1 1 d f
diseases of tlio 'I liroi.
nnd I.iniKS. perloriiiii:
cures ull t'ouliH urn
t'oliln. It lias euivd
ninny csisex uf AnHiiii
and ItronrliltlM, that i
bus been piunoiinced .
sped lie for these colli
pliiiiit. 1'or I'iiIiih I:
I lie llronsi. Side n
llnek. Urnvrl or Kid
iMy limwtMi. Disease
Of the I'rlimry Orirnu. JiiiiimIIcp, o
any Liver I'omplniiit it liu uo ecjuii.
It la also at superior Ton r,
itoHlorci I lie Appetite
NtrengtlieiiK Hie Kyxtem.
Beatorea llie Urnk nnd l billtnled.
4'aiiaew I he food lo liicHt
Bemovea lypepil:i nnd IndiircKliwu
FrrvpntN Mnlnrioua i'ever.
Glwea tone to your fcyatcui.
That Pale, Yellow. Sicily-Looking Skit
is chanced to one of freslines and lie.illli
Those DiaenM of the HUln, I'lmplet
Piialale. Rlnlrheaand Krnptiona nrt
removed. Ncrol'nln.erofnlona IHneaaei
of the Eyea, Wh:te H welling. Hirer
Old Hnrea or nny kind of Humor rapldlj
dwindle and disappear under its Influence
In fact it will do you more good, aiid eun
you moreapeedily than nny and nil olhei
preparations combined. Wlitltltt Itlsna
lure 'sown restorerl A soluble oxyd of Iror
combined with the medicinal properties o
Poke Root divested of all dlsflgrcenlile quul
Hies It will cure any Chronic or Long
atandintr Itiaeaoe whose real or diree
eauselsbad blnari. RhenmaiUm.Pnint
tai I.lmhaor Bonea.t'onatilnliona bro
bra down by Merctirlnl or other poison
are all cured by it. ForNyphills.or Nypli
llltle taint, there Is notlilnu exiHul In it
A trial will prove It. ANK FOR DR
Wi will furnish the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to Bubtoriben at
13.50 per year,
From Spain.
A special edition of the
Daily News announces that a
large Carlist force has been
defeated by the Government
troops at Igulada, in the prov
ince of Barcelona, alter a bat
tle of eighteen hours, during
thick the town was frequently
taken and lost by the opposing
The number of dead and
wounded left upon the field is
so large that all vehicles of
every kind in town were press
ed into service for their re
moval. Gen. Loganero has resigned
the command of the Republi
can forces in the Province ot
The Carlists have been re
pulsed before the town of
Estella. It is reported that
Don Carlos has ordered his
forces- .not to interfere with
communications on the line of
the Northern Railroad.
The Captain General of Bar
celona authorized the citizens
to organize for protection
against the operation of the
International Pocieiy.
Tub following stock compa
nies in this State, were incor-
poarted last woek:
Auglaize County Miners'
Building Association, capital
stock $100,000, in shares ol
$200 each; Cambridge Glass
Company, capital stock $25,
000 in shares oi $100; Snow
Fork and Cleveland Coal Com
pany, capital stock $3,000,000;
the principal offices will be in
Newark and Cleveland, and the
coalfields are in Athens, Llock
ing and Perry Counties; the
Centralia Flouring Mills, Ualli
polis, capital stock $15,000.
To Pickle Sweet Apples.
To one peck of apples make
a syrup of four pounds of sugar
and one quart of vinegar. Boil
the apples in the syrup until
tender, and then take them out
and save that syrup for other
sauce. Put tho apples in a jar,
boil five pounds ot sugar and
one qutrt of vinegar with some
cinnamon and cloves twenty
five minutes, and pour it hot
over the apples. This pickle
is delicious.
Three convicts have died of
cholera at the Ohio Penitenti
ary since last report Da
vid Nichols of Cuyahoga Coun-
ty; William Cannon from Pick
away County; and Patrick Mal
lery from Cincinnati. Mallery
had been in prison only about
three weeks. The first death
from cholera in Columbus oc
curred last Monday.
We have olten wished for a
sentence that would clearly ex
plain it. A wesiern paper
kindly supplies the want in
this beautiful simile: You
might as well attempt to sham
poo an elephant with a thim-
ble full of soapsuds as to do
business and ignore advertis
The Yale exploring party
celebrated last night tho victo
ry of their college at the
Springfield regatta, and to day
they leave for Fort Bridger,
where they will spend the next
six weeks in investigating the
geological formation of the
Wasatch Mountains.
Barndm keeps constantly
on hand at his country resi
dence, in Bridgeport, duplicate
girafles, sea-lions, rhinosceros,
impfoos, and other rare and
costly animals to supply any
sudden loss by accident or
The National Photographic
Association which has been in
session in Buffolo, N. Y., since
Tuesday of last week, adjourn
ed last Saturday, to meet at
Chicago the 'Second Tuesday in
July, 1874.
The Ohio River is in excel
lent boating stage, having
swelled considerably from the
late rains.
A young lady called at the
book store, the other day, and
asked for "a peck of them new
postal keerds double bead-
Beneficiary Scholarships For
Medical Students.
The Trustees of the Loais
ville (Ky.) Medical College
have created a number of Ben
eficiary boholarshipa, for the
poor but deserving young men
seeking a first-class medical
education. One Beneficiary
Student is received from each
Senatorial District of any Slate,
and from each Congressional
of the different Slates. Sons of
physicians and clergymen are
very properly accorded Benefi
ciary Scholarships. Each Schol.
arship is worth to the recipi
ent of it $200, and those receiv
ing such aid are known only to
the Dean. Mode of obtaining
a BeneficiuryScholarshlp learn
ed by applying to Dr. E. Gail
lard, Dean, Louisville, Ky. As
the next session begins in Sep
tember, all young men needing
aid should apply as early as
A taking paper The Sher
iffs warrant.
Holloway's Pills.
Billious disorders of every type
from a slight derangement of the
liver to confirmed jaundice and
intermittents of the most obsti
nate type, are subdued by a
course of HolloffAy's Pills. Sold
78 Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price
25 cents per box. Ask for new
style; the old is counterfeited.
In cases of Piles, Dr. Trask's
Mugnetio Ointment sets like a
charm, affording immediate and
positive relief by one application.
We know of persons who can
get relief from no other source,
and who place an extravagant
value on the ointment on this ac
count alone, when it is equally
valuable for many oioer uses.
See advertisement in another
A Great Horror Done Away
louse cleaning is a great hor
ror to nine men out of every ten.
When the time comes the "men
folks," a9 a rule give the domes
tic hearth a "wide berth."
Oceans of sudsthe product of
tons of soap fuirly flood every
part of the house. The women
from the mistress down labor as
they never worked before, and
what with the discomfort, the
smell of suds and the dampness,
and not unfrcquently sicknesp,
the product of colds and over
work, matters are generally disa
greeuble. Tho simple use of Sa
polio instead of soap does away
with all this discomfort. It light
ens the labor a hundred per cent,
becu?e it removes dirt, greose,
stains and spots, with hardly any
labor, with but little water and
one-tenth the usual time,
The Great Chill Medicine.
No other equal to it; it is un
rivaled. Dr. Wilthoft's great
Anti-periodic is the poor man's
friend, because it is cheap, re
quiring small doses to effect a
permanent and complete cure,
It comes nearer being a speci
fic than any other medicine now
sold, is indorsed by the most
learned and skillful physicians in
the country.
It appeals to the common sense
of the peoplo, because of its effi
cacy in the oure of chills and fe
ver, enlarged spleen, billious fe
ver and others of miasmatic ori
gin; because of its permanent ef
fects in removing the cause or
neutralizing the effects of malar
ious poison; and because of its
cheapness which places it in the
reach of every family. Buy it
and try it, and if, after closely
following the directions, a cure is
not effected, return to the drug
gists and demand your money
back again.
Farmeks should not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate for
which George W. Brunton, Mc
Arthur. is the affent in thin and
Jackson county. It is the best
ana cneapest gate ever designed
for a farm, costing fifty per cent,
less than ihe old fashioned irate.
and is more durable, for it can
not sag. Lxamine it when you
are in McArthur.
Advkrtisino reminds people of
thines thev had been aantinir all
along, but had forgotUm all about.
Simond's, Phoroerapher, Chillicntha
gives careful attention to making cop.
let oi timer pictures, nciureg may be
made aa lame as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every wav
satisfactory by careful and judioioug
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the heat
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rate to suit all circumstance.
If Yotr
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Wnt to sell a pluno,
Want to sell a cimliijre,
Want to buy or sell n farm,
Want a boarding place,
Want to sell town propt-rty,
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture,
Wanttn nil fir i; cmrwls or Ctimetg.
Want to flud customers for anything,
Advertising will gain now customers,
Advertising win keep 0111 customers,
Advertising liberally alwnys pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or bmtnett man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judicious advertising
JVo exception to this rule can be
cited! blewarl, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, at a last
retort, to get hit stock turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
guing from this thai if it wat
good for him in adversity, h
could make it ttill better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune. .
Some merchants sny it is not worth
while to advertise; for nn person reads
advert isemenU; yet evory merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anvthinir to
oiler wurth advertising. How much
more then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied with rend
ing matter, are at leisure m the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the most iirportanj
item f which is where thev can find
just what thev want when they come to
town to make tneir purchases. It join
stock is so old, rusty, dusty nriU out of
style that it is worthless, or if it is run
down so that you have nothing left thai
peopie wouiu wmt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise, tiut if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, nnd such as the people want.
don't hide them, but publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell thorn at a fuir price.
An ftfirprriaamont miUiaTiAl Pr m !..
gle day does duty beyond tlmt day.
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than moat men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's mime a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper-
tv blnlt tin In ilia minds nP nni!
J - f .. . -0 mvu UIIW
it beeomps morn vnlnnKIa than an
W..UW mij
corner lot in his locality.
If VOU lose A wntrh. n cnr cr a hil1
or if you desire people not to trust
juur who, vou rusn 10 your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertiRRmnnt Itut mn will
along in business year after year, with-
yua lioiuumnuji uuw uiuon you lire los
ing vj nut, Buverusing nl(fporter
If tlinaft rtArann nrhn nrnflis. tn
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not read by the publto wish to be
convinced nf thiii
t v..v.., juU, auv iijrjm
tive publicity to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see whot notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser'.
r i j -
Advkrtisino U ant t ... !,,.
eentle jogol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
mow ureas aa goon as me nay was in
icuinpa 11 wuuia oeagooa plan lor
Madame to mark thia nuiu. ,a i
- ---. f. ..u..i.u out It, V
the paper upon her husband's break"
rnB. -.1- ,,1 ...
oo. pmio. it no win say tn at adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do neonle rear ftfisAriiaantan,.?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
wiibub going on. io see it there is
anything new, or anything that they
want, To see if the season's style
have coma in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. Jnr nmilaam.nl
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
nave reaa aa toe stones, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Decauss tney want to. because they
can't help it Ohio Slate Journal
The nower of nrint I nil i...,.
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advhdtage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives sn importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print-
-A . . U 1 ...
cu waiter. rposen woras require the
eraces of elocution
eloquence, yet even then fade away in-
vi niituingnesB 11 noi caught in their
fiicht and nrintarl Knt ia. I.
r- 1 - -" ...v.v 1 0 njlUD1
thing in the silent language, the quitt
aservioii ana me sense 01 permanence
about printed matter whioh gives ita
marvelous force and influence. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose aiirhr nf what K.
accomplished bv a nerseverinir nan .f
f , r.
th. ...intinfl n n - . 1
r-iiuwuK prcpBca. jjettru w BQVer-
twe, ana then the "bow. when and
where" oi it. and v..n will h... -
knowledge worth having.
Bhj your
11- r - f boot aid ;
."Vvi I dhneaof .W.
f- V, J WILSON, at
rf L I namden, who
tViSlu'eiI manuCacturea ;
t'rprtt Otu-tively ta
7$ryl I tooaoartiale. 1
jfL!ufVk tontioa gi"B '
r N'vy lto Pin Call f
, ivs ur.
vf Va.T.Helmbold. 3
I the only Knowa Kemetly for Bright' Dl
caw nd ha cured every caao of Dlabcti-j in
whltB It ha bci-ii piven, Irrltatlmi of tlicNecfc;
of the Bladder and Inflammation of tho Kidneys,
Ulceration of tho Kidney and Bladder, Hi-ten-tioq
of Urine, Diaeaae of the Prostate Gland,
Stone in tho Bladder. Gravel, Brick Dimt Deposit,
and Mucous or Milky DlnchurKe, nd f'
fcebled and DelicaloContltiitiouof both Seses,
ttlended with the following symptom: Losa
of Power, Lo of Memory, Dimcultr of Bleath
Inir, Weak Nervp, Wakufttloeaa, Pain In Ilia
Buck, Flushing of the Bniljr, Krnpllon on tho Fuce,
Pallid Countenance, lassitude of tho Syatcm, etc.
I'sed by persons In tho decline or chni;e or
life; after confinement or labor pain, bed-wct-tlng
in children, etc . .... .,
la many affection peculiar to Indies, lh Kx
tract Hucbu la nnennnled by any other remedy
Aa In Chlorosis or Ketenlion, Irregulurlty, I'uin
ftilnesa or Suppression of Customsry Evacuiitiona,
Ulcerated or Schlrnis atalo of tho Vterlta, Lcu
eorrhtra or White, Pterilily, and for all com
plaint incident to tho (ex. It is prescribed
extensively by the most eminent Physicians and
Midwivc for enfeebled and deUculo constitu
tion of both sexes and all age. r
Curtt Dltiaui Ail'intj from Inprudtnta,
Ilibilt of DMimtion, Etc., In all their itaffe, at
llltle expense, little or no chango In diet, no in
convenience, and no exposure. It cause a fre
quent desire, and pivea ttrength to urinate,
thereby removing Ol)tructlon,Prevcnttnt and
Curlnu Stricture of the Urethra. Allaying Pain
and Inflammation, to frequent in this clan of dis
eases, and expelling all poisonous matter.
$1.00 per hottlo or lx bottle for $5.00, delivered
tn any address, aectire from observation. Hold bf
drueglata everywhere. Prepared by
KEAftNEY & f'O., 104 Duane St., N. Y.
to whom all letter ' '.formatioa should bs
"avoid quacks rdo impostshs.
Mo Cbarg for Advice tnd Conraltation.
J)r. J. II liott. Graduate of .hjferran Uidirnl
Coll'iH, Philadelphia, author of several valuable)
works, can be consulted on all diseases of lha
Sexiiul or Urinary Orpins, (which ho ha rtmdo
an especial study), either In mulo or female, no
matter from what causo orlinullnir, or of now
long atandinc. A praclicu of 80 years enable
him to trcot diseases with success. Cures guar
anteed. Charge reasonable. Those at a dlM
tance ran forward letter describing symptom,
and enclosing stamp to prepay postage.
bend lor thu Onitte lu ilraiih. Price 10 cent..
J. fl. D1UTT. M. II., Physician and Surgeon.
101 Dittos St, Now York.
Dr. Traak was engaged for twentv rears In
a course of experiment upon the medical prop.
ertle and power of vegetable, aeparate and
Combined. At the age of aeventy year he sue.
ceeded In presenting to the world, as the result
of hi experiment, a combination of Vegetable
eitract. the power of which In removing die.
ease I nneqaaled ia the annals of Medicine.
Ill discovery conaUta In a combina.
lion of these nowarfnl VeffeLahla Rztrartti with
Eioctricity or Magixutlsm lu tae form of an OlnU
Certain, It la, that the remarkable and
Unprecedented success which has attended Its
application la the cure of diseases, atamp It at
once as the greatest discovery of the age, and
calls for a trial and dose Investigation of Ita
H never raile, while there remains snf.
tclent life lo restore a natural and healthy ac
tion to the capillary vessels of the body, and
eqnallte the circulation of tha blood. By this
means a controlling power is gained over the
moat malignant form of disease, which cannot
be obuined from any other remedy.
.Such Is the power of this combine
tlou, that it penetrates to every portion ol
the human frame; every bone and mnacle, vein,
nerve and ligament 1 searched ont and made
Jeoslble of lu purifying and healing influence.
Hence it copes a readily with internal as ex.
ternal dlteaae.
Natmerona instance are on record
where this remedy has restored health to pa
ti - so near the grave that the most powerful
. .rual remedies railed to produce any effect.
Such ha frequently been the case in innrnm
tion of the Bowel.
No patient ever need die with this
disease where the Magnetic Ointment can be ob
tained. Por Inflammatory Rheumatism
tni Ointment ia the moat complete remedy ever
prepared. For Diphtheria or Putrid Sort Throat
It I unrivaled.
In nlnetTMilne eases oat of a
hundred, it will afford entire relief to the wont
eases of Nervons Headache In thirty minutes.
For Nervons Dlseaaea this medicine ta
Of immense value.
Affections of the Spine, BbeomaUsm.
Lamenes. Ulcerated Bore Throat, Bronchitis!
Pleurisy, Croup. Colic, Cholera Morbas, Ague in
the Face or Breat, Burn, Scald Head, Scrofula,
Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Inflamed Eye, Fever
Bares, Sores, etc.. will be Immediately relieved
by the use of Dr. Trask's Magnetic Ointment
D. Baisok, Bob Co., Propr's, Buffalo, N.T.
Jyj'rjmhrrtt tn ,t onrnew and
WAN ED to sell our new aol novel enY.
broKlenna machine, send lor iilu-trated clr.
cillI ih M'nufMtnrinaCompanf,
09 Broadwiy, New York. Imyam
I "cum m lnscaur," Hooos xsunns," J
V" areilta AowtRJI, MgrMMRt VLOWIBS"
AWAJta lM " ASliSP," W
wak tks lattnt vntntT n wtnmT aranv
TUi at woaa (OtMollaaM), fM tin,
Tw f UMwCuraM tn lis t tt Wli.
AwatoaMradMijtksU M
tatmnNn hnlikW AT OKCK
VA wiUi Uuti Cknu. M
VaV m. mIi hMtar erme m
VA wllk aslku wIUimt
MW (abiaksn. m
Sbwt, m
TT1 (72 in em-ma sosjEmi ruxi
h ? T-. ! mmn,
I ett.r nmtttmttrueantet
I JlMllMlelratM,rall.tapwa
J V- . 1 "Satwo sKxsa.- u.VMd.rfai Z
.- r!JW-" """is 'k. -rv BtMlL
Sl.litMWwssrsrnfWmSlMur. CautatM s. let
. alcott, ybuu,, at w. tJZZZJZIZ!

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