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McARTUUK, Oil 10,
Therk will be a meeting ol
the Republicans or Vinton
county at the Court House on
Saturday, August lGib, for the
purpose of selecting delegates
to the Senatorial and Judicial
Some of our brethren in the upper
counties have been intiumting that the
Senatorial candidate for the present
campaign had been already virturtllj
selected by the party managers therea
bout. We have before intimated that
Lawrence County was entitled to bo
heard before the Convention, tho tinio
for holding which is near at band.
We dosire to present as a candiJato
before that convention the uamo of .Mr.
E. S. Wilson, editor of the 1 ronton
Register. Mr. Wilson is a gentleman
whose habits and acquirements woll fit
bim for the Scnatorship. His stand
ing at a Republican and gentleman is
not eioolled by any in this district
As an earnest and sincere worker for
the Republican party, both as an edi
tor and an individual, he deserves to
be well remembered.
We believe he would make an ao
tive and wide awake member of tho
Senate if elected, and Lawrenco Coun
ty Is entitled to the candidate for thn
next term.
The Republicans of Lawrence aro
always prompt to discharge their duty
to the party, and are to be relied on in
doing their duty by any candidate for
their yotes. They aro disposed to in'
eist that they shall oame the nest Sen
atorial candidate, md we trust that
their claim will be received by the oili
er counties of the district with the at
tention it deserves. Mr. Wilson will
give as much strength to the ticket as
any man who could be put on it.
Jt is only proper to say that this ar
ticle is written without the remotest
knowledge or solicitation on the part of
Mr. Wilson, or any one authorized to
speak for him, and is prompted only by
the feeling that the Candida is de
served, and would be very acceptablo
to Lawrence County in particular, and
when considered, equally so to the oth
er counties in the district Ironton
We are unable k surmise
what the Journal meaii3 by its
opening sentence We did
have 6ome intimations that a
little fixing had been done last
year, and it was intimated that
some of the lrienda of Law
rence had a hand in the fixing;
but of this we do not pretend
to be advised fully, and have
Jbeaid nothing lor this cam
paign. We can endorse what the
Journal says as to the charac
ter of Mr. Wilson. However,
we learn that the name of E. S.
Branch, of the Meigs County
Press, will also be presented to
the convention, and Capt.
II. C. Jone3, of this county has
been solicited to be a candi
date. Capt. Jones would have
the advantage of a more exten
sive acquaintance over the Dis
trict, and having been tried
and found a sharp campaigner
and an active, honest represent
alive of the people. The other
gentlemen, however, are men
of ititegrity and intelligence,
and should the convention se
lect either Branch, Jones or
Wilson, we shall feel that we
will be creditably represented
in the Senate of Ohio.
UuiPiiAN of the Meigs Coun
ty Telegraph, has been nomin
ated for Representative. We
have had frequent friendly edi
torial bouts with Chapman in
which we have abused him, as
he deserved. We have got him
now just where we want him.
lie dare not say anything in re
ply, eo we will take it ail back,
and acknowledge that we have
do doubt be will be elected,
and that he will make an honest
and capable Representative,
doing honor to himself, the edi
torial fraternity and the good
people of Meigs county.
A BRAKEM ax had his leg
broken by falling from the Zi
leski Accommodation, at Za
lebki, on Monday of last week.
Dr. Scearce, of Chillicothe, was
telegraphed for, and he, with
Dr. Ilastingt, of Zileski, set
the limb, and he was doing
very well when we last heard
from bim.
Orville Gunning, hurrying
to his assistance at the time
of the accident, slipped and
wrenched bis foot so as to part
ly disable him during the past
The Political Situation.
Thk Democratic party of Vin
ton County is m a badly de
moralized condition. An ob
serving citizen likens their
present situation and condition
to that of an old sitting hen
that has had her nest broken
up, and is fussing around un
decided to rebuild or turn into
a nest already built. They are
commencing to see, feel and
denounce the blundering of
their leaders, aud tacitly ac
knowledge the incompetence of
the party to ever accomplish
any good, and its want of at
tachment to any principles ex
cept the loaves and fishes. The
departure alter Greeley list
Fall, the late departure of their
Allen county brethren, their
refusal to select delegates to
tho Democratic Stale Conven
tion and bold declaration that
their party had outlived its U3e
faluess; the support of the de
claration by prominent leaders
such as 1'ugh, Etfing, Collins
and otherj is having its effect.
They have lost faith in their
part', in its ability to gain a
victory, or its disposition to ac
complish any good if they were
placed in power.
This situation applies to the
State in general as well as to
Vinton county, and the victory
is lairly won before the cam
paign is commenced; but in our
county we have the misman
agement and selfishness ot lo
cal politicians, the high taxes
and unnecessary expenses, and
a kind of a loose way of run
ning everything into the hands
of a select few for their person
al aggrandizement, to which
the rank and file have now got
their eyes open, to help us
along, if we are only wise in
our local nominations. The
Democracy never entered a
campaign in a worse fix, the
Republicans were never more
united, an I never had as fair a
prospect of a sweeping victory.
Tue Henry Home, Chilli
cothe, whose reputation and
inmates are well known here,
was the centre of a big sensa
tion one evening a week or
two since. The 6creaminj as
of some perjon in deep an
guish was heard, and soon a
crowd of probably a hundred
women of the neighborhood
was collected around the door
No men were present as the
situation was discussed, and
each was anxious thai the oth
er should go in and see what
was the matter. The cries con
tinued, and many were con
fident tl ey could hear the
words, Oh, my dear! Oh, it's
dead!' and a thousand conject
ures were raised as to what
species of deviltry was going
on inside. Finally Policeman
IS erg appeared, demanded ad
mittance, and told the proprie
tor that the people were dis
turbed by the noise aud want
ed to know what was going on
iu the house. lie stepped to
the door, where he saw. the
crowd and addressed them
thus: Tf you want to know
what's the matter, it's the boy
got the earache!" A further
investigation by the policeman
revealed the truth of the state
ment and convinced him that
the cries heard outside, "Oh,
my dear! Oh, it's dead!" were
really, "Oh, my ear! Oh, my
head!" On the announcement
above the crowd disappeared
as if by magic, and if a good
housewife in that vicinity is
now likely to be attracted to
the front door by an unusual
noise, an intimation that it's
only a boy with the earache
is sure to take her back
promptly to her household du
John Clewell, a lunatis who
has been confined in jail since
December, 1870,was sent home
yesterday, it having been dis
covered that he had money
and property sufficient to pro
vide for his wants. Ilia board
dunog the time he ha3 been
confined has cost- the people of
the county upwards ot 000.
A fikb nt Portland, Oregon,
on the 2d destroyed $1,500,000
Worth Cf "'onerrv.
All Aboard for the Great Mass
Meeting at Athens.
The Great Stale Mass Meet
ing at Athens on the 23J, to be
addressed by Hon. 0. 1 Mor
ton f.nd Gov. Noyes, promises
to be the largest ever held in
this section of the State. The
railroad will issuo tickets at
half lare, good on nil trains on
the 22 J, 23 J and 24th, and will
run special trains from Chilli
cothe, Portsmouth and l'ur
kersburg, stopping at all inter
mediate stations. The special
west of Athens will leave Chil
licothe tt 9:45 A. AT, connect at
Uamden with the train from
the Portsmouth Branch; re
turning will leave Athens at
5:45 P. M. Arrangements are
being made for a large delega
tion from Mc Arthur, with Hags
and banuers, to be accompa
nied by tho McArthur Brass
Band, and they invite the citi
zens of Uamden, Zileski, and
the county generally to make
arrangements for delegations to
meet them on the train at the
most convenient stations. A
great many of our people have
heard our one legged soldier
Governor, know ot what metal
ho is made, and will uot fail to
hear him. lion. O. V. Morton's
fame as a statesman and orator
is world wide, and an opportu
nity is presented to hear him
at his best, as he has almost en
tirely recovered his health. Bo
feeble for years that he could
only sit and address his audi
trices, he has attracted crowds
of people hundreds of miles,
and electrified them by his elo
quence, and convinced by tho
lorce of his arguments. What
then may we expect from him
since he is on his feet and in
We saw a very tine speci
men of iron ore at the Vinton
County National Bank, taken
from a two foot vein on Ben
son Dunkle's farm, in Swan
township. Mr. Dunkle is haul
ing this ore nine miles, to Vin
ton Furnace, where he sella it
lor 4.75 per ton.
Nine cjbic feet of iron ore
will weigh a ton, and an acre
of this thickness will contain
O CSO tons, which at 4.75 per
ton ,is worth ?45,0Si). The
ore is worth in the bank to-day
one dollar per ton, or 9,GS0
per acre. If the G. McA & C.
R. R. passed by it, so it could
have a ready market, it would
he worth twice that sum. These
figures are reliable and we
commend them to those per
sons who own ore lands, and
yet make no eflort to complete
the road and bring the ore into
The New Democratic Party
held a convention at Columbus,
on the 30; Ii ult. and nominated
the following ticket:
For Governor. 1. C. Collins of
Hamilton county.
Lieutenant Governor. A. Saunders
Piatt, of Llardin.
Jiubje of Supreme Court Long
tiirm P. 11. Ewing of Fairlield. Short
term I). W. C, Loudun, of Brown.
Attorney General. Seraphim Mey
er, of Stark.
Comptroller oj the Treasury. C. P.
L. Butler, of Franklin.
Board of Pnblic Workt. James
Mclieth of Athens.
Treasurer. Jonathan Harphna, of
Work is still progressing on
the railroad in Gallia county,
110 men aud 52 teams being
the force engaged at pesent.
We have been permitted to see
a letter from Prest. Lang'ey to
Mr. Karns from which we learn
that work will commence here
as soon as arrangements can be
Tue Enquirer says Senator
Morton, who opens the cam
paign at Athens on the 23d,
voted for the salary grab. The
official record says that he did
not. So much for the Enquir
er's reliability.
The concert by the party of
amateurs from Chillicothe, for
the benpfit of the M. . Church
has been fixed for the evening
ot the 21st.
Mrs. BucK,wife ot G. M. Buck,
Mail Agent on the railroad,
died of flux last week, at her
home in Portsmouth. Jack-
Senator Morton.
The habitus last winter of the
galleries of Congress and the
corridors of the hotels would
hardly identify, with the pale,
leaden-skinned,, prematurely
decrepit man who then totter
ed through the aisles of the
Senate Chamber, with feeble
gait, and supported by crutch
es, the vigorous, rosy cheeked
and heal'hy Senator from Indi
ana, who walked into the Kb
biti.Ilouee yesterday morning,
aided only by a slight walking
stick. Seated at a table last
evening, over which a brilliant
jet ot gas threw a strong light,
bringing into view every linea
mout of his face, Mr. Morton
struck tho many visitors who
called on him with utter aston
ishment at his changed appear
ance. His hair, which was al
ways of a jet black color, has
gained a glossy hue, and his
eyes a sparkle and intensity
that speak volumes for the re
cuperative powers of the hot
springs ot Arkansas, where he
resided as a patient for several
weeks. The paralysis of his
lower limbs, once so painfully
apparent, ha3 been conquered
to such an extent that while
there is a perceptible halt in
his gait, the locality of the
trouble is confined almost
wholly to the right foot. This
rejuvenation of his physical
system .seems to have affected
his general spirits in a corres
ponding degree, and he con
verses with an ease and dash
that would be strangers to any
thing but a healthy physique.
Washington Chronicle, 31st.
Ministers or Justices of
Peace who send us piarriage
notices will secure their inser
tion by enclosing fifty cents
with parh notice.
Fall term begins September 2, 1873.
For Catalogue or information, address
W. 11. WOTT,
OFFICE In Pavia' Building, opposite
the Vinlou Couuly !ationaI bunk, up stairs,
aiiills7.l ly
Attachment Aoticc.
SdwardT. Dearth, PlaintiH. agamst Franklin
Loam an, defendant,
attachment before A. N Oz id. J. P. of Rich-
land townshi p, Vinton county, Ohio.
OS tne 2;th day of -tulv. 4. I. 1873, said
Justice issued an order or utta.'hiiieut in
lie atsive action tor the sum of hijc dollar
and lo-tv cent. KUWAlllJ T. DhARTH.
Julv the isih, 187:1.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock! Fruit&Flower Plates!
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
GOO acres: 21-t year; 12 greenhouses, t cat
alogues, gu cents. :iljiiriiu
N'OTICE is hereby given that a petition will
be presented to th Commis-ioners of Vin
ton County, u. at their n-Jtl feuhtr sc-sion,
to he hel l on Mocdav, the 1-t day ol Septem
ber, A V l57't. praying for the e-taidi.-hment
of a county road along the folluwimi decnl,ed
route, to ait; commencing at a whit ouk tree
at Mi'Aithur Motion, from thence nouih-ea-t-
erJy with the street leading pt the swelling
houneofiiMillHjoi,nin;:aod through iheprern
ises of the heir, of -trphen rtalta, ue'd, to the
we.t I ne ,.f the land and premises of Richard
I 'mm, thence easterly through ihe lati'l of
raid '1 iriiin to in. norih ea-t corner of the
noith-oe-t quarter f section .No. ten, (Kij of
lowti-hipN'o t-n, l'3 of nnge No. seventeen,
1 17, theme earl on or ner these tion line
through the 'and. of William Maitin, Patrick
Craig, .Vflsn li,ttti:D, -eorjte Craig, Hhil
ip Warner, tiarnden furnace Co and 1 son-1
Hall to the aouih-ei.pt corner of wiiio.No,
two, iij of aatd town. hip ana range, thene a
DOrth-eaiteny direction tnrouzh Hi land ol
Frederick England to anoint in the county
road leading from Kagl r'umace to McArthur
ahoul four t rod north of the harn on said
England's premises, the place of termiini.
July 3M. A. b. 173. 4w
Hoad Notice.
VTDTICe it herehv mien that a nettlinn w II
tie prewnted to the Cominiokioneia of
vinton ouniy, unio, at tneir neit eion to
be held on Monda.September lab 1873, pray
ing for he tarlihment of a county road
along Hip following roule, to wit' Begtcningal
the aouth end of Market atreet, in the town of
McU'hur, in aaid county or Vinton, Irom
I hence nouth alioul 'i degree wen t, on a
line with aaid atreet through the lands and
pretniaea of Ezra P Bothwell, Jn.eph bod
diidge, David V. Haird, harvey RohMnn. and
the heir ofttarah boho, deceased, to a pr int
in the center nt the .laokson road, north of
the residence of lvt Wyn an, thence aouth
through the lands and nrem wea of Levi Wv-
mnn to a alake 45 links went of an apple tree
near tne aoutn line oi aaio wymnn prem
lae; thence aouth about 8 degree eaHt to an
oak tree on the premiaea of I vy H ix on, near
tie anuin line oi cik townnip, and near the
aouth line ol the landa of aa'd Ivr Hixann:
thence aouth about 8 degrees went to a white
omk tree near the reaidence of John Halts,
and through the premiaea of the heira ol Kta
phen Salt a, deceased, aaid laat mentioned
joint being thetertniouaot said road, and be
ing in Clinton township Vinton county, uhio
July 17, 1873. 4t
Having struggled twenty years
netween nieana aeain wun Aatn-
ma or Phthisic, I eipenmented
myself by compounding roots
and herbs, and inhaling the med
icine thus oniained. i fortunate-
v discovered a most wonderful
remedy and surecure for Asthma
nd Its kindred d.wasea. War-
ranted iu relieve the severest naroxvsm in
stant Iv. ao the Calient can lie down to rest and
aleep comfortably. UNK TRIAL PM'KAl.E
dress D.LANGELL, Apple Creek, Wayne Co.,0
(No tar uaed.l for outside work and Inside,
InstesH of nlsjiter. Felt CArnetinaa. Aft. Hnd
1 1 sumps for circular and samples. C. J. FAY,
btv , iar . m I
83,000 FOR 20 CENTS
Keloreyou atart on a louiucy, buy ap acci
dent inu rant e ticket of the Kailaay pawen
grra Aaai.rancs Co., ot Iliutfotd, Ceun. Tick
ets for aale at railroad nations. Aa t for an
insurance ticket.
The next term in College and Academy be
guia i huraday, Hcpi. 4. 'I he town ia healih.
nil and plrai-ant, the people intelligent re
fined and in full sympathy with the college,
t abiueta and apparalut are Urge and excel
lent; the number of tnliimea lii.ooo Candi
dates lor the ministry have tuition and room
rent remitted, and aid ia given to other worthy
atudenia needing K. 1 lie niten. ance ol the
lat two years much larger than la?fore. Ad'
dreaa the Preeiueut, I. W. AMJllKW.S.
Fourth Grand Gift Conceit
For Ihe Benefit of the
Vim CAbll OIF1S 1,500.000.
Every Fifth Ticket Draws a Gift.
8250,000for 850.
The Fourth Grand G'.ft Concert authorized
hyapecial act ot'lhe Legislature for the bene
fit of the Public. I.ihraryy tif Kentucky, will
take pi ice in Public Library Uull,at Louis
villa . Ky ,
Only aixty thouannd ticket will be aold and
one-half of theae are intended lor the Kuro
pean Market, thii leaving only :u,iil fur rale
in Ihe United htatea, where KHl.oia" were dis
poned of for the third concert. 'Ihe ticketa
are divided into ten coupons or pnita and
hntre nc their h ick Hi" acheine with a full ex
planation of their mode of drawing.
Al thia concert which will be the grandeal
inn-iciil display ever witnessed in lb. a coun
try, the unprecedented slim of
divi led into -2,iak cn-h gifts will he distrib
uted by lot among ihe ticket holders. The
nmnbera of the ttcaeta to he drawn fiom one
wheel by blind children nnd the gilta Irom an
One grand rash gilt, t2.Fo.ron; one grand
cash gill, HM.IHHl; nun grand cash gift, Sii.ihiii;
one grand cash gilt, io.imn, one grand cash
gilt, 17,6ial; HI cash gills IIMMH) each, Iiki.ikni;
an cash tiiit ft,iKi each, I3ii,imu; An cash gilts,
l.iilio each; Co.iKsi; bHi'Hsh gilt. Mm mch. 4c,
mi; lno cash gtlta 4ta each, 40,m0j l.'ii)cn-h
gilta 300 each, 4.',unti; iRit cash g Its, 2H0 i a. h.
6o.iio; ;t;r ?asti gifts ion ench, :w)Ou; li.ooo
cash gills each, AMI.isiO.
Told, li,w gilts, all catli, amounting to
The distribution will he positive, whether
all ihe tickets are sold or not, and the 1-J,mhi
gifts all pi I in proportion to the tickets aold
til unsold ticketa being destroyed, aa at
the first and second conceits, and uot repre
sented in the drawing.
Whole tickets halves irr, tenth or each
coupon, ; eleven whole tickets lor 6'HI; 'i't
tickets for l.iioo, lt:ihnl tickets Inr.i.ooo;
2;!7 whole tickets for Iii.ihki No discount rn
lese than I'aai worth of tickets at a tune.
The unpanillcle I success of the third gift
concert, as well m lh satisfaction given by
the first and secon . makes it only necessary
toanuoiiiira the fourth toin-ure the prompt
aale ol everv ticket. The fourth tift concert
will be con dueled in all its details like the
third, and full particular may be learned
from circulars, which be senl Ireo from this
office In all who apply for Ihem.
Ticketa now icioiy lor aale, nnd all orders
accnmpan'ed hy the money promptly filled.
Liberal terms given to thon a ho buy to sell
again. Tllos. K HHaM LET TK,
Atfent ''i.M. Libr., Ky and Manngeriiilt Con
cert, I'll , lie Library UuiUling, Louis
ville, Ky.
Write for price lift to S. II. JOII.VSTO.V
170 SmitliH"! i at , Pittsburgh, Pa.
Breech-lo uhng sic. I guns, M"toS:i. Potiblc
shot guns, (a to 8 1. Ml. Finnic guns, S I to till.
rtittes. ?H to J7S. Revolver-. S: to M. Pis
t,,la, !1 to S. Gun material, fi-hing tackle,
Ac. Lirgo discounts to dealers or clubs
trmy guns, revolvers, etc , bought or traded
for. lioodsseni bv fxptcas U. U. to Le
examined, before paid for,
6 N "LY T HTNK 1 T2 5C N T s
Kor a half n pint bottle of
'I he best and ehenpe-t Hitters made. They
cure all billtous diseases and are iiivnliiHhle
as a preventive of lever and n'jiie.duinh ague,
chills nnd f- ver, etc., etc. M uiiiliieliirc.i by
N. Y. Large hollies, full quarts, SI. ITFor
sale by all druggists.
Aotii'c to T'TSsipiisscrs.
TOT'CE ia hereby given that we forbid all
ii persons tre-vpus-iug. on our prer.isa in
any manner whatsoever. Any person found
on on; premises v ithoiit permission will be
prosicuteu to tne inn extent in me inw.
Jl'.XA I n .A V I i I e.K3.
17juHe73 iw HAKVfcY RUBIIiN.S.
iiaiiiii:, o.
VT E have purcha-ed and fitted lip the
If llltfve mills nnH solicit Hia tm,ln ol b,.
larmers of lliia vcinily.
Special attention given lo
And care given lo nlease all customers. Mr.
A. A. CL,ZZE8. an experienced miller, has
charge ol Ihe mill, and will not lail to deal
lanly and give general satfaution.
Flour, Meal and Feed
On hand an I for aale at
?uii7 cozzkns t Johnson.
A fins lot of
Also a full line of -pure
Jresh Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, l'ntty,
P a i n U,
and Dye
Stuffs, Perfum
ery, Soaps, Toilet Ar
ticles, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
4 large Lot ot Notions at
very low Prices.
North Bids Main St. two Doors
West of Market,
HnrnoM, Saddles,
llrldlPN, Halt era.
Whips, purs, Trace.
Chains. Hames. and all
Other Articles of Saddlery.
My friends and the pnnlic KneraMv are lnrit
ed to call and examine my atock and pn
cea. I make )ioot linnet work, use. the
lieat stock, and stll al the very lowest prices.
and manufacturing done to order, and all
Work Warranted as Represented,
and dialer in all kinds of
carefullv done, and the smallest picture
enlarged to any site, aud
Finished in Oil,
or any other style that may be desired, at the
I.nrvc nnd fliii'fjr finished 1'liotonrnphs
rmi be iiiadc Irom old mill lulled, or
scratched pictures.
Pictures of all kinds framed to
nnd all work warranted to give satisfaction.
1 limy 1673
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ce3 a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
Corner of High and Locust Streets,
The Favorite Fine-Cut
"r'HE',Chewers' Choice, la now takinv the
I lead oi all other llrmids. Hnuht in color.
pleasant in taste, tonuh and lusiini' in chew,
this loliacco posseses every quality to suit
chewers, nnd sells liv the 10 noiind tuiokat
fully inc cheaper per pound, thau any other
nrano ui me piooe kihoh sno pernaps less
quality, lull buckets of this celebrated brand
have been sold In Chillicothe alone within
the last two months, and trad still increns
loir. "Try It" 8JHEH Ell A KKaMkk
Chillicolhe, Ohio, are the Manufacturers'
auetits and ell at lowest Factory I'rices.
'may mi.i
i.i:siii:T dliisi,
Jackson, C. H., Ohio.
Can at all times he found at his office.
T K iu Til 1' X I It A i V E D.
Absolutely without pain, and with perfect
ealen, hy the usj of
22may lHi.'t.
To ael 1 our new book , now ready
A true picture of scenes in thelate civil war
bend stamp for oircular.
W. 1. HOI.LAXn cV CO.,
Spribgfleld, Mass , or t'h cao, 111.
FA It ill FOR ALE.
raiHE Jennings rarm,
vvTj)a 1 one mile norm .west
(afof Hamden, adioining
V farm of Hon. T M. bav.
coniainintt ISO acres, 130 acres in erassaud
balance in timber. A pew two-story frame
hou-e, tMrn. smoke bouse and other necessa
ry out-houses are among ihe improvements.
1 he larin Ilea well, ia well wawred, fencing
and everything connected with it in good re
pair, ror lurmer intormauou inq'iireot
v. 8. WILCOX liamdon, Ohio
Hlate of Ohio, Yiutoa fouutyt
Samuel 0. Griffin, Plaintiff,
A. Ariianbrigbt & Wifo, Defendants.
PURSUANT to the command of an order ol
aale Issued Irom the Tourt of Common
I'lessof Vinton Countyi and to m directed
as HhenPof said llonntv, I will offer for sale)
in from of (he Court House in the town ol
Mcarthtir.Viiiion County, uhio, on
Saturday, the 30th Day of AngUBt,
A. D. 1873.
at the hours of I o'clock. P. If., of said day, the
following descrilsl lauds and tenements, to. wit:
slitintid in Ilia Countv of Vinton and State of
Uhio, and Uximlrd anil described aa fulloas: Be
glniiiKst Ihe ninth west corner of Alarlli Ar
KBiibriKhl'ssurey on the west boiu.daryot sec
tion sixteen. (li.) Iliarcn north with said section
line seventeen chains to Hie north west corner of
said section aixicen, (10,) thriiceav-t with the
Ui rlh line of said aoctlnn, furl velubt (48) poles to
a stake tin Ihe section Una, thence south eleven
dearers east ellity (Hii) chains a'dnlnty (90)
links to a corner on I he south tide of said section,
thence east three (3) poles an J twelve (12) IlLks to
a slake, thence soiill, nfiy-eb'ht (68) chain- aud
lifty Ui) links lo a sinks, theno westwardly
foriyix (4ii) polea toihe south east eorner of the
llartlia ArnaiihriKht's survey, thence with the
east boundary of the said Martha A nt nbright'e
survey to the plate of Isvinins:. and coll alning
one hundred and thirty (i:U) acres oture or leas,
Apirsied nt Twenty-two hundred and seventy.
Ave (2,276) dollars, aud must bring two-thirds of
Hi it sum.
To he sold aa the property of A. Arganbright A
Vile, In satisfy sn order of .ale, Is.ned front the
Court uf Common l'lvm in favor of Samuel 0.
tin Ills.
I KUM OF SALE.-Cnsh in hand on day or
Mien it Vinton County.
K. C. T.oxa.Att'v for I'lal HIT.
July Ulsl, l7.l. 6-w
tftnf"" "' Agents wanted! All
JlUUt.Msl, 0f wor,, people, of
either ant, y jinu or old, make moie money
at work lor uf in their spare moments, or sir
the tune, than nnvlhinn else. Particulars free.
Address U. b'l'INSuN CO., Poriland, Maine.
Me ere the habit per-.
manently, cheap, quick,
iwithout snfterinR or ins
Convenience. Describe
your case. Address 9. 0.
Uerrien SprinfcMioluuan
eiy ia'iy wan.s i.ue I Every man wants one !
beat on receiptor ten cents. Andress h, K.
11VDE 4 CO. l'.iS Huieulh Avenue. New York.
1 may 187S am
imtiurinut lunnlK.s. Ii retains the rupture nt
all times, and under the hardest exercise or
severest rtrnin. It is worn withnomlort, ami
If kept on n in lit and day, f Meets a permanent
cure in a few weeks, bold cheap, and sent by
mail when n n'iested. circulars i.ee, when or.
lered hv letier sent In I he KluMin Trims Co.,
No. liKl Hrnmlwry. N. Y. City. Nobody uses
metal sprinu trusses; too painful; they slip
on loo Ireqiienlly. Iinyim
A nv nelson, old or vniinit, ol cllli"! sex.
can iiiakH from flu In ." per week, at home
or in conueclion with other business. Want
ed iiy al . fi.ltat.le In either ciiv orcoiinliy,
and any season of tho war. 'I ins is a laie
opportunity lor those who are out ol work,
ami out cl money, to make an independent
1 1 vi siw. o cipilnl neinx require,, nur
pniiiphlel, "How to Make a Livintf." Rivlnx
fill instrni Hon", sent on rei'eipl of lo cents.
Address, A lU'UTU.N Jt CO.,Morrisinna,V est.
Chester Co., N. N. liiiyam
-"1 .-.
Italian and Vermont Marble
scotch mm mmim
Neatly and promptly executed.
Mulberry St., hct'n Eecoid & Water
Cliillicollit', Oitio.
1 aunerli'tcnd all mi own work in nprson.
I I'Xrcute all Ihe finer dciun. use the best
iiiiileniil, suit enn lot la. undeisohl. I', rsona
wn-hnig any anrk in my line are Invited to
ex- in i ne work, stock aud prices, More niak.
IliU coniracis.
1 persnnallv siinennlend the careful settnor
up of slon a nnd mouuiiienis bonuht st mi
e.-lnl listimeiit.
nv buying nt tins shon von will sin e from IS
to 2u percent, paid to agents. 24upr"3
8 n aiib; lane, n.y.
Foreign and American
Watch Materials,
watch Makers'
Tools, Etc.
Old WutcU Cases nnd old Hold and Silver
21n pr!87
The Best and Cheapest
Circulars Sent . Free.
ISmav 1S73
VTANTEI, aoents and peddler for our
Hressand lrainr- Presses and strain!
lams, jellies, herbs, vegetables, lard, tallow,
meats, cheese, Ac. Over 60,maj sold in a
Tew localities. Bella quick. Every family
wanta it. "ewing Machine and other estabs
lii-hed asenta are finding ihia very profitable.
Ciroulsrs fiee. I.ittletield and Lime. in)
ahineton street, Boston, Mass. Imaw
8enl on leireiot ol Vt cts. Unique printing
and publi ailing House, 30 Vesey street. New
lrlt- Irpy.ri,
The Berkvrlth 20 Fsimllj Sevrlns Ma.
chine, on 30 lny Trial many aihaniav
.es over all. Kaiirlaction goaranleed. or f'2Q
lefunded. fient complete.with full directions.
Herkwiih Bowing Machine Co., 862 Bresdwsy,
K.Y. Imyam
!;-f-il"'t,v. . -i;-

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