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UcAiiTiiuit, oiiio,
TUUUSDAY, ALU. 14, 1873
'liUkK will te a meeting ol
the Republicans of Vinton
county at the Court Llouse, on
Saturday, August lGih, for the
purpose of selecting delegates
to the Senatorial and Judicial
Free Farm.
From what we can learn the
Infirmary farm is leing abused
shamefully, and the chances
are that it will be rendered as
nearly worthless a3 bad usiige
can mako it before it is occu
pied by those unloriunales for
whom it was intended. Every
one of the faithful who feel
that they want anything on it
just go and lake it cut a little
batch of hay or scratch up a
litle patch for turnips, just as
their wants appears to demand.
As the farm was bought by
taxes wrung lrom tho people
of the whole county, we leel
that the whole people should
know ot the matter and put in
their claims. The Elk town
ehip Democrats, by reason ol
iheir convenient situation, are
getting more than their share.
Give the outside townships a
Ilox. CJeo. E. Ptuii, one of
the ablest Democrats of the
State, tho man who retired
Wm. Allen to private life by
beating him lor the United
States Senate has taken to tell
ing the truth about his parly,
which he has lately declared
a spoiled political institution,
useless for any good purpose.
In renouncing his party he
said in addressing a mass meet
ing at Cincinnati: .
"As for myself, I could have
had the warmest corner on the
hearthstone if I had only 6hut
my mouth against th steal
ing going on among the Demo
crais. Why, my lriends, look
at Cutler county. Good lor
2,200 Democratic majority.
Less than two yean ago they
took the money out of her
treasury and left her without
a cent, and compelled her Sen
ator to appeal to the Legisla
ture of Ohio for leave to use
her credit to pay the ordinary
expenses of her administration.
Look at the Democratic coun
ty of Fairfield and Eee how her
assets have been stolen and
her peoplo robbed."
Democracy is the same every
where, yesterday, to day and
forever. The Fairfield county
Democrats, in imitation of
their Tammany brethren, have
stolen the tax duplicates ol
the count', not, however,
before Ex-Auditor of Slate
Uoduian had unearthed steal
ings to the amount of S7,
000. Tho Eagle, the Dem-
ocratic paper, and organ of
thieves, has lots of room to
comment on the Salary Grab
and Credit Mobilier, but tries
to shield the thieves nearer
home by 6ileuce. Llence, we say,
Democracy is che same every
where, yesterday, to day and
Mr. Grice, a lawyer of Ports
mouth, was a candidate for
nomination for Prosecuting
Attorney, and when called up
on by the Republican conven
tion of Scioto county to pledge
himself he responded in this
novel, but no doubt truthful
manner: "I nominated myself
for tho office, and worked for it.
I did it because 1 wanted it. II
any other person is the chince
of the people, I am willing for
them to have it." No "soft saw
der" about that statement ol
his position.
Capt. Putnam, in proposing
Wn. Allen's name to the Dem
ocratic State Convention.spoke
of him as the man whom the
Democrats proposed to take
from the plow to the helm of
State. We would like to see
that plow. We have Known
Mr. Allen personally an 1 by
eputation a long time, and if
jver he had hold of a plow in
his lile, wo are s.iU-netl it nitist
'ava been during .he kst century.
Democratic State Convention.
The Democratic State Con
vention which assembled in
Columbus on the 6lh inst.,
nominated the following ticket:
Fur Governor Wm. AlleD,
ol 11 jb8 county.
For Lieut. Governor Barna
bas Hums, of Richland county
For Supreme Judge, long
term lienry C. Whitman, of
Hamilton county Short term
' J. U. Scribuer, of Lucas county
For Attorney General M.
A. Daugherty, of Frauklin
For State Treasurer Geo.
Weimer, of Summit county.
For Comptroller of the Treas
ury J. K. Newcomer of Maii
on county.
For Member of Board of Pub
lic Wo. ks Chris. Suunk, ol
Mercer county.
Judge Follet, ol Newark in
seconding the nomination of
Mr. Allen for Governor be
lore the Democratic State Con
vention, assured that body that
Mr. Allen wad not ashamed ot
the Democratic name ot prin
ciples. It Judge Follet's de
claration bo true Mr. Allen
shows a remarkable lack ol
moral responsibility. If he
isn't ashamed, he ought to be.
Mackley says he refused to
drink when he was in McAr
thur some four years ago. That
will do to tell the Jackson
county marines. They don't
know how these straight-backed
fellows do when they are
away from home.
II on. M. L Clark is spoken
of as a candidate lor Common
Pleas Judge in the Ross coun
ty district, a position lor which
he is well fitted.
Gejj. Joilv Bkows ha9 been
Treasurer of the Ohio Univer
sity lor forty-nine years.
Dan. Siiiu.ner is getting out
a Bill Poster's Directory for
the United States and Canada.
Advices from Europe indi
cate that there will be a large
demand in that quarter lor our
surplus agricultural products.
An Illinois wind-mill lately
ran one huudred and eighty
one days, without stopping
once for lack of wind.
Senator Morton and Gover
nor Hendricks, of Indiana, are
considered by Harper's Week
ly to be the most thoroughly
representative men ol the two
Dr. J. 11. Piiilson, of Racine,
Meigs county, is announced by
his friends as a candidate for
the Republican nomination for
Senator from this district.
The citizens ot Athens are
making arrangements lor the
reception and entertainment of
the Ohio Conference, which
convenes in that place, on the
2ilh of September.
John Paul, tho principal
owner of Bloom Furnace, Scio
to county, died suddenly on
Tuesday of last week. He was
a prominent Odd Fellow, and
was buried with the usual
honors of that order.
Tiir Fourth Annual Fair of
the Ross County Agricultural
and Horticultural Societies
will be held in Chillicothe, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday, September 9th,
10th, 11th and 12tb, 1873.
Tub famous bull, Eleventh
Duke of Geneva, was sold this
week at Paris, Ky., lor 10,000.
This beats the Third Duke ol
Oneida, which brought 6,600
at Mr. Seymour's stock sales,
in Ross county.
A Democratic organ, the
New York World, in reviewing
the Ohio Democratic platlorm,
and remarking its barrenness
of living issues, offers this ex
cuse :
"The facts that stand oat
prominently to impress the
people ure that the debt has
been reduced during the time
Un. Grant hu held fli -e
nearly lour hundred million;,
and that the country is at;
p taco i.nd rrosperous.
A Democratic Picture of the
Kentucky Democracy.
From the Louisville Courier Journal.
There is a deep significance
in the result of-the recent elec
tion iu this State, and if the
Democracy of Kentucky are
not hopelessly blind and big
oted the lesson will not pass
unheeded. The parly rin
masters at Frankfort wil! en
deavor to explain the large
Radical gains which the returns
from every section indicate.
They will attribute those gains
to various causes, but they will
(killfully dodge wlui is the
only real and true cause. It
lies in the fact that there is a
strong and growing desire in
the minds of the people for re
form; and, as many Democrat
ic candidates, deluded by the
selfish and incompetent lead
ers at the State capital, threw
themselves in the path ot re
lorm, they were run over and
trampled on by Radicals who
derived all the benefit ol the
popular impulse.
The groat muss ol Kenlucki
uns are Democratic to the core
They have proved their devo
tiou to the principles of the old
party under the tempest of too
much trial and peril lor that
devotion ever to be questioned
now. It is certainly true there
lore, that they would never
have allowed the election of a
large and powerful delegation
ol Radicals to seats in the Leg
lslature if they could have
found Democratic candidates
pledged to reform. But it is
equally clear that if Democrat
ic candidates won't come for
ward as the Representatives of
the popular wish, they will
elect Radicals to perlorm the
office. They have tulTered too
long and too grievously to be
mincing matters now. The
abuses and corruptions of legis
lation are loo flagrant and de
fiant to pass unnoticed. They
know that special acts of the
legislature cost the State more
than one hundred thousand
dollars per annum. They know
that it is by the passage of such
acts that a swarm of profession
al lobbyists are fed i'i Frank
fort; that by them measures
are manipulated, exclusive
privileges secured, and by
them rings and cliques through'
out the State are enabled to op
press and plunder the commu
nity. They wisely conclude
that a constitutional provision
which will prohibit all thn and
protect tho humble and honest
who are without influence in
the lobby from the rapacity ol
the co'ruplionist and jobber,
will prove a blessing. They
demand it and will have iL
The St. Louis Republican,
w hich it will be remembered,
is the leading Democratic pa
per of the West, says "the Dem
ocratic party was and is practic
ally dead? and proceeds to dis
sect the corpse thus :
"The masses of the patty are
honest and patriotic. But as
an active political organization
it is undeniably controlled by
leaders, many of whom are sel
fish demagogues, many wed
ded to old fashioned and ex
ploded notions, and not a few
corrupt or unreliable.
In our own State we have
been compelled to confess with
humiliation and shame that the
promises of reform consequent
upon hurling the Republicans
from power have failed ol lul-
hlment, and we as outspoken
and independent journalists,
must acknowledge that look
iog the country over, there
seems to be but little ground
to hope lor reformation lrom
the accession to power of the
Tub politicians in many
places are maneuvering to
catch the Patrons of Husband
ry. When they learn that the
Granges are organized to ad
vance the interests of farmers,
and not politicians, the latter
will 6ee just where they tooled
their lime away.
Judge Saff i;d, ol IIosb coun
ty, dt-clinej being a candidate
lor rc-elt etiun to the couiintm
pleas bench.
Tub Mount Pleasant Press
notices an especially commen
dable feature about the Patrons
of Husbandry in Henry county.
It 6ays:
They are settling disputes of
the members of the Order by
peaceable arbitration, thus
keeping out of court the miser
able little law suits that some
times disgrace our docket. It
may work a decrease of some
lawyers' incomes, but no hon
orable attorney seeks that kind
of practice. It farmers will but
remember that the costs of le
gation lar exceed the amount
recovered by it, without . plac
ing any estimate on the ill feel
iugandhrrd words and lalse
swearing that oftentimes at
tend it, it would seem they
would hail with delight the
timely introduction ot peaceful
arbitrament There is need of
lawyers and of courts, so long
as men are imperfect, but be
lieving firmly that the world
grows better, aDd that quarrel
ing and lawsuits must diminish
at it grows, we hail the arb'.tra
tion iu the grange as a move
ment of the right kiud In the
interests of peace "
At a time when unusual
jealousy exUls in regard to the
encroachments of railway mo
nopolies, the Democracy have
nominated a railway lawyer
lor Attorney General. If this
does not lay them open to the
charge of partiality toward
powerful corporations, it shows
they are at least careless ol
the public interest. The At
torney of the State should have
no buMiiess or other connec
tions likely to make him par
tial to any railway company or
combination. Ohio Slate Journal.
George Johnson, a farmer,
and No. 1 man, is the Kepub
lican candidate for Represen
tiitive in Scioto county.
State of Ohio, Vinton County, ti
Joseph Stewart, Plaintiff,
William Doles nnd William Doles, Jr.,
ili:a! oitutn or hale.
PURSUANT to Ihc command of an orrl. r of
Ail. failed from III. Court of Common
1'leas nf Vinton County, and to m. dncuied a.
Hicrillof said County, I will ntl.r for .ale al
the Hour of lha Court Ho i-o, in Ilia town of
i cAiihur, Vinton Co'tntv, Oiiio, ou
Monday, the 16th Day of September,
at the hour of I o'clock P. M. of nid day, th
following described land, and tenements sit
uate in Ih .hiiI county nf Vinton, and Scute
of U io, to wit: the south-west quarter ol
t he southeast quarter of xenon thirty-six,
(J'i) township nine, (9) and of ranjt. seventeen,
l7 conlnininu Inrtjr 40 1 acre, more less.
Appraised al four hundred dollars ttut) and
tnu-t tiring ton third, of that ann.
To he .old aa the propeity of William Dole',
toeaiii-fvan order of sale, issued from the
Conn or Common Plans, in furor of Joseph
TKHMS 0FSA1.K : Cnsh in hand on the
(lay of ..lie. U:OR: KAI.KR,
Hhvrirt Vinton County.
Ci.n and MeftiLUTiai, Alt'), lor pl.iinlift
August 14, 17.1. iw
Stare of Ohio, Vinton County
John P. Coe, riuinlifl,
William and Rachel Lee, Defendants,
In Vinton County Court of Common
l'leai. An Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to Ida command of an Order of
bule isaii.d from the Court of Common
flees of Vinton County, and lo me directed
aa Sheriff of Mid county, I will otter foi .ale al
the door ol the Court House, in llietownol
MvArthur, Viuton County, Ohio, on
Tuesday, the 16th Day of September
A. D. 1873,
at the hourofl o'clock, P. M. of said day, the
lollnwinjc described lands and le- emem, sit
uate in Vinton oountv, Ol.io, and bounded
and dem-nlied as follows, to wil: The south
west quarter of the eoutheaxt quarter of sec
tion 18, lotnshlp 10, of range 18, containing
forty and forty serenone hundreths(tu47-Hiu)
acres. Also the south-west quarter of the
north-eat (quarter and the north-west quar
ter of Hie south-east quarter ol section 18,
lownship to, rsnit" 18. conuiniiiK eiKoty-one
and (if een hundrelhs (H 1&-10II) acre. Also
the -Ht half of the south-west quarter ot sec
tion 18, township 1, of range 18, conlnininu
einhtv 1 8lll acres more or less, all of said hinds
If.n iu the isirict of laud, subject to sale at
iiiinicoine, unio.
Appraised at eighteen hundred II800 dol
lars and must bring two-thirds of that sum
To tie sold .a the property of Will am and
Rs,-hl l.ee. to sntis an order of salt, issued
from the Court ol Common I'leaa in faTor ol
John P. Coe, and also to satisfy julgment in
Hirer or H C. Jones lor I -ii?. and also a ludit-
ment to rator ot Wm Mark for tiua which are
dsclared to be I. ens.
TKKMS OF bALK: Cah in hand on the day
or sale. vtOHUE HAIiMI,
bhentt Viiiiod county.
Can. H. Gaosfixot, Attorney lorPlaintiH.
August 14, A. 1'. 173. 6w
Attachment Notice.
Joel 0. 8 wetland, plaintiff, agsinit the Cham
pi on Machine Company, an Incorporated
company duly incorporated under the law.
of Oiiio and doing business in Ohio, defend
Before Henry Payne, Justice of the Peace, of
Elk township, Vin'on eonnly, uhio.
r the 4th da nf August A. I. 1173, said
I I iiimih- ,Mi:etl an onter of atta lm nl and
C irni"li in the nle action for the mm of
inife nin-iion nouar. an'i urn m- r--inw w
duly !! I he sid i aiii-e wis adjourned
uuiil Hit tnn d:iy of r-epteinlwr. al
lii'i:l,rk.t .d JjfcL . sWhTLAND.
I4ugls7j 3'
ACie VIN everywhere l sell our new snd
HAHiiKUl'i e!l our n w ai.d no 'el cm
iMiii irriiin machine, send l"i illii-trnil i r-
culr. toihe M'-Kee M .ntiUctunr.j; C'.m!'.y,
Loc.ted at A'hland, the Home of Henry Clay
nd OKI Irsnnlvau's. Hix colleges in opera-
tinn, with thirty professors, and KH students
iron to oimius. cim. c irr lur VUlirniw. J rm i
fiO.eu'ent id Hi In, medieal and commer
cial colleges. Hex, ding lrom t'i l l per
week, fat catalogue, su.lre-s j. n. iuw
MAN, tegeut, L.xmxiou, Ky.
A Am lot of
Also a full line of pure
fresh Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, Putty,
and Dye
Stuffs, Perfvm
erv. Moans. Toilet Ar
ticles, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
1 large Lot ol Notions at
very low Prices.
North Side Main St, two Doers
West of Market,
lOiul 1871
c. j. bUjIinghurst,
nd dealer 10 all kind, of
earefiillv done, and the amttllont tlcturea
enlarged to any ane, and
Finished in Oil,
or any othor style thnt may be desired, at the
T.nrsc nnd finely finished rimtnurnlilia
rnn lie nindtt from old unit ludcd, or
.ciatcked plitun-H.
Pictures of all kinds framed to
and nil work warranted to giro inliafaction.
linny isJ
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
Corner of High and Locust Streets,
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock! Frnit&Flower Plates!
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
600 acres; 21 t Tear; 12 ereenhoiie. 4 cat-
ali'itues, 20 c-eiiti. ul.tiil'm
Business that will Pay.
omi i..i;'hl iliau i. it i rirt- rmii- (i
iho-eciH ul r il irifiit or hsiiug 1 i-'irt-iniiH,
11 1- tui l ! irtqueull) do ij
I'ai houlAt frt?.
J. IsUIUM A Vn ,
ITLarcest Exhibition in tho known
kenslvs a',i7,'r
clrcu. pcrroruiaacc. It i exclusive!)
Congress of Animated Naturo!
COur.8in that .-.au
Trnm all the knosra eonntrle.
only but (cresi ut.vsuvi
gj0i fjs HALF X DUiaaua uuiiW""'
LIVING LION Luuojj m uie biuLijT UNCHAIwlJH
And siihiirt In no ri"iinlnt whateeer, exwpt tli'evcrwiilclifnj
cj o otot tils kui por, uiouutwl on tho very muiin.it. ul
The Great Golden Car of Egyp.
Thnt msinilflrent mass of znhlon sptTdee, m"1e.l lnfte.
i- li nt llm pllnn c.'sWii. and ronstr i-l-d mi n si-iili- or uiUKkdU
ii- ticc ub'suUt.ly unciualud In tlio world, ix eul ly
It' M 1
The Colossal
TVhlrh fur Korecnns tfandoiir
11,11111 I' ll III iiiiv li.uiiir, nil
, us v.c ll horc to t.uii) tho
piitu, tlml
Tho Vans, Dens & Cages
r.i'lonilni to lh Oront flnlilen Slfnaperlr are eonstrneteit and
iiri.iinii-iili'il villi nstih- ii'i.i lliilsh nllrely n. w linil urlnliiul
Villi th Brent Mreaaerl" ' on
111 i"llll )! 11:17.711111 Mill
Uili'. Hid v. or'd in" ilivii'i
JP IIHH'Srillt
AriintOudUvisumUrvialtUiaUupics cl' Uia Uicumpm-a-
T" Is I'xtilliltlim Ih'Iii? p.in-lv rnnloirteal. enn aid fines have
evervdi liiirlnii-nt niuiliicti-d on iihtrirtlv niiinil jir.Mi-lplf.und
li iiimu'hUo v i;u ci-uiidot exhitlllon ot uny via or
Kciwn?A -5t- "..ti-'x
Innnottirr pli!iril-in In Amr-lM, flfd p-o'idv not In th.
known wnrl-t. ean there li.-fnwd vi'! n vn-le-of wennerrul
r.ii.mr.1 a tli.js.- owiied by this !,r. ul Mei.ins- rlv Company
P!oe Afi-lcua K!ephu;it Una any ot'icr txlilbitloti la
Wore Twn Humped Cninrln limn njr idlici ejlpultlon la
Mnrefnered Cuttle from tatlU lliKi iy ctitcM-sUIW.loil
I'.iL l.J. u All.'.NIIr.
More MnziTamlm LiottHtlian any oilier cbCiitinn ont:.!J
More Moruiiilli Aiiteiope.t t!.on cny olher ti'.ilMi!o;t In
More AitMrrillnn Ktiuguroo. than any o'.h:r rxV.'.ilt:on
culMdc of Aiuit.ilui. m
Wore A fi lean .tlran than anyotlurcihlbUIon In Xew
More African Spriui llm Us than any oilier exhibition over
In uuy country ou tliv t;lobc.
nioreSonth Af'tcun DuyVur Cocks t!iaa any other
lubllin.i in 1 1 ii I.I1UK n world.
More f'npo Cuunns than any other exhibition In Kortli
mir sp-re prrrnlt we p-ljrhl nu-nllon mnr othr animal.
tlTt Hits rn a Nil nsci rle C'iinpaiv Imve un-i.ter nnnilv raof
than suv mil' r exliililtlnii In rxistenee In the known world. It
,h i nipl uUcully lU'j uv.l cGtoal iUl'JiUuu ot tliu Mnctuunth
Ih. Zepher llx. embodiment of lerial enice, whiaw exiiiisile TIUIIT HOPE Exerelsei have never bee
approached la Cicdknto by tao tiT Jilt of any arttu ou the toidc IvuJuo who luu yet sppcarvd U
Auurlva. '
Brilliantly Illuminated with G A3, UIDO'3 1MTEST, for One Trice of Admltalom.
fMumoa 0 Ccsti UilOxoo mint 9 yavs of ui M Cnaki
NATIMAL ma i uim
Golden Cfeariot,
and mai'nlllneneii Is utterly uih
iii: . V I . .. I illJ
vrrce;av of whuU i bcjouil ilU
ol. Ou l ti nidi' nnd eniini mj
nthefceoftheerm,ootainfa r MfyJi
. ,. Uiais ran. ,

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