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1T1IUK8DAY, AUG. 21, 1873
The Republicans of Vinton County
are hereby notified to meet at their re
ipective places of holding elections, on
Saturday, Seplemher 13, 5 o'clock, p.m
to select delegates to attend the conven
tion at the
11 O'clock, a.. jvi.
for the purposo of selecting candidates
for the following county offices : Kep
resentative, Auditor, Prosecuting At
torney and Commissioner. The town
ships will be entitled to delegates as fol
lows, being one for each twenty-five
votes cost for Copt Wyckoff for tfecre.
tary of State, last fell; Brown 3, Clin
ton 5, Eaglo 2, Elk 8, Harrison 2, Jack
son 5, Knox 2, Madison 6, Richland 5,
Swan 6, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 0.
No persons will be allowed to take
part in the deliberations of the conven
tion unless they are regularly chosen
by the people of their township at a
meeting as above directed, and come
as regular accredited delegates with
authority to represent their townships.
The township meetings will also des
ignate persons to the convention to act
as members of the Central Committee
in the proportion of one member fur
each township and ono additional num
ber for every 10O votes or fraction
greater than 50, cast for Capt. Wyckoff
last fall, the following being the num
ber of members to which each town
ship is entitled: Brown 2, Clinton 2,
Eagle 2, Elk 3, Harrison 2, Jackson 2,
Knox 2, Madison 3, Richland 2, Swan
3, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 3.
The committee invite the hearty co
operation of all persons of whatever
politics who are opposed to Credit Mo
biliers and salary grabs, whether in
Washington or in Vinton county; all
persons who are tired of being bnr
dened by a ring with increased county
taxes, useless, extravagant and careless
expenditure of county money;
All persons who are in favor of lift
ing Vinton county out of debt, and
maintaining her credit on a par with
that of properly managed counties, are
invited to act with us in an effort to
bring about a reform in the financial
management of the county.
The steady increase of taxation, to
gether with the steady increase of
county debt represented by unpaid
and depreciated county orders, demand
that the taxpayers take the manage
ment of the county out of the hands
of the ring which has brought about
this unfortunate Btate of affairs, and
elect men to office who are in sympathy
with the people rather than with the
By order of Rep. Ex. Com.
By order of Rep. Ex. Com. JOHN T. RAPER, Sec'y.
Senatorial Convention.
Tbe Senatorial Convention
meets atUallipolis,on IVednes
day, Sept. 3d, 9 o'clock A. M.
Tub Cincinnati Enquirer is
laboring to prove that Wrn.
Allen was a Union man daring
tbe war and supported tbe gov
ernment in its time of trial. It
could prove that Alex. II. rite
phecs was a Union man by tbe
same kind of evidence. Both
made good Union speeches, bat
neither had the backbone to
stick to the sentiments they
knew to be right and patriotic,
and Stephens made amends to
his section by becoming tbe
lieutenant of Jeff. Davis, while
Allen showed his fealty to bis
party by serving as Vallandig
ham's chief of staff, each trying
by extra zeal to compensate (or
their unguarded utterances- in
favor of the nation.
Thk Postmaster General is
very confident that the aboli
tion of the franking privilege
will result in a very material
increase in tbe revenues of the
postal service, lie is ot the
opinion thkt the increase will
be 8 j great that the depart
ment will become entirely self
sustaining. Ex.
Yes; but how about the
Treasury, War, Navy, Execu
tive, Judicial and Legislative
departments with a deficit of
three or foar millions to pay
their postage by reason of the
abolition of the franking priv
Iege? It is there out of the
United States Treasury that
Mr. Cresswell gets the cash to
make bis department "self sus
taining." We would like to see
where the people are benefit
ted. If Mr. 0. can make the
public rich and lurnish money
to pay off our national indebt
edness by taking money out of
other departments and making
up the deficit in bis own, he U
almost as smart a financier as
the Pendletonians, who propos
ed to pay the whole debt by
giving their notes for the
amount as fast as the preues
could print them. One is just
about as great a humbug ps
the other.
The official report 6hows the
Fairfield county defalcation to
have been under estemated.
Instead of 87,000, as reported
tbe official report shows
$142,515.71, or about
$5 per head for every
man, woman and child
in the county. That
amount has been descovered,
and no person knows what
amount of stealing undis
covered. Fairfield has been
Democratic time out of mind,
had this sweet tongued thiel
for Auditor for the last thirty
five years, lie knew just how
to set 'em up, conciliate the
ring, and keep things moving
smoothly. Lie was such a ciev
er fellow, and such a good
Auditor that the county could
not do without bis services,
you know.
A good deal of stuff is being
written about Win. Allen, Dem
ocratic candidate for Governor,
as a farmer, lie is about as
much of a farmer as General
Noyes, the differencce being
that Allen owns a large farm,
Noyes, a small one. Both are
lawyers. There is but one gen
uine, two fisted, practical farm
er on the two State tickets,
Isaac .Welch, Republican can
didate for State Treasurer, and
he don't make any blow about
it either.
But if it comes to buncomb
of this kind, every candidate
on the Democratic State ticket
who is known outside of the
township in which he resides,
is a lawyer.
We denounce every member
of Congress, whether Republi
can or Democrat, who support
ed the law increase of salaries
or received and retained the
money procured thereby."
Democratic Platform.
And yet every Democratic
Congressman from Ohio has
drawn and kept his back pay,
and Lew Oampbell, one of the
number was one of the leading
spirits of the convention, ca
vorting around with the money
in bis pocket, and was one oi
the first speakers to "ratify
Allen's nomination.
Tub Ross County Register
says: "We will not lack for
sensation at the next term of
our Common Fleas Court. We
will have three trials for mur
der, to wit: John S.Blackburn,
lor the killing of Mary Jane
Lovell; Valentine Weis, for the
killing of Summersett; and
Johnson, for the killing ot
Boggs. Tbe two first are un
der indictment for murder in
the first degree."
The Chicago Times calls
Judge Thurman the Mephisto-
phelian captain of the dead
carcass ot Democracy. This is
sad, coming as it does from a
paper heretofore esteemed the
leading organ of the Demo
cratic party in the Northwest.
What an Old Democrat Thinks
What an Old Democrat Thinks HAMDEN, O., Aug. 12, 1873.
Editor Record: I notice in
the Enquirer of August 6, a
meeting of the Democracy and
Liberals ot Vinton county lor
the purpose of appointing del
egates for the State convention
to be held at Columbus and al
so to choose seven delegates to
represent Vinton county in the
Judicial Convention at Torts-
mouth, and the Senatorial Con
vention at Gallipolis at some
future day. I notice W. V.
Belford, M. R. Potter, 0. T.
Gunning and J. W. Bowen were
appointed delegates to the
State Convention, and U. S
Claypoole, J. M. McGillivray,
C. W. Holland, 0. T. Gunning.
Wm. Baughman, J. W. Bowen
and T. A. Murray were ap
pointed delegates to the Sena
torial and Judicial Convention.
Now, Mr. Editor, I am a reader
of the Enquirer and have sup
ported the Democratic party
lor about twelve years. I have
noticed that IheEnquirer for the
last fivo or six years has been
full of slang and abuse in re
gard to the Grant family and
relations holding office, Ac.
Now please examine the ap
pointment of tbe delegates an
nounced in the Enquirer of the
6th of August and see what you
think of the principle set forths
in those appointments, and see
whether there is anything,
as the Enquirer would say,
Grantish in them; see it there
is a representation of Vinton
county or merely a represent
ation of two townships of the
county. There ara but two
delegates appointed for all of
the conventions that do not re
side in Elk township. If the
Democratic party wish to pros
per and elect any part oi the
ticket which they may nomin
ate, I would advUe that the
county be represented in place
of the little family in McAr
thur. There are plenty oi good
honest men living in other
townships in the county that
would make good delegates,
then the county wouU be fairly
represented in the conventions,
and the parly will be more suc
cessful, lor we don't intend to
support the little family in Mc
Arthur, or any of their nomina
tions until we have a fair rep
resentation of tbe county in
our conventions. We have
twelve townships in our coun
ty. Only two are represented
Horrible Railway Accident.
Chicago, Aug 17. A terri
ble accident occurred at hall'
past 10 last night, near Le
na on t, on the Chicago & Alton
Railroad. An incoming freight
train collided with the south
bound express passenger train,
almost entirely wrecking the
latter, killing six persons out
right and fearfully injuring
some thirty-seven others, many
of whom, it is said, will die.
The cars caught fire, and a
number of the injured are
burned badly, while others
were scalded by hot water
from the locomotive boilers.
Lemout is about twenty
miles south ot this city, and
the accident was not known
here, except to railroad of
ficials, until morning, and then
only to parties who happened
to ascertain that surgeons had
been sent for to go to the
wrecked train. It is impossi
ble to give full particulars at
present writing, but they will
be sent later, among thoce
dangerously injured is Hon. J.
VV. Smith, Warden of the 111.
State Penitentiary.
Chicago, Aug. 17. The to
tal number of the killed, and
dead ot their injuries, by the
collision on the Chicago & Al
ton R. K., near Lemont, last
night, is up to three o'clock
this afternoon, eleven, and, ol
the wounded thirty-five.
The Hocking Sentinel don't
like the idea of having a Lo
ganite that won't drink, wants
to get rid of that teetotaller
and tbrer tens to send him to
McArtbur permanently. Keep
him to look at, Bro. Green.
Jealousy, and What Came of it.
One Patrick Sullivan the
name tells the place of birth-
lived in Huntington township,
blessed with a cabin, wife and
children, yet he was not hap
py. Instead of being always
satisfied by the loves of that
dear duck of a wife, he sought
the "strange woman," in the
person of one Martha Tyler,
who was known to retail her
virtue for money, aud upon
her, Patrick, unmindful ot hi;
nuptual vow, wasted all his
spoony endearments and ready
cash. Martha succumbed to
his sersuaslve measures of ab
sorbing devotion, and recipro
cated every advance and took
in every dollar Patrick carried
in his bifurcates, while tbe off
spring of the son of Erin were
allowed to go enhungered and
withoutmeat. Mrs. Sullivan,
knowing -that patient prayer is
a powerful purchase, tried its
efficacy, but failing to move
the heart now become common
in its loves, secured her little
pistol on last Thursday eve
ning with the avowed inten
tion of sending Martha to that
far off country where the good
things of earth are multiplied
and intensified. Thither tbe
insulted spouse repaired, but
not being lamiliar with the
prehensile features ot Martha,
she mistook her sister Mary,
who was dandling a baby at
the lime,' for the insatiable, se
ductive Martha, and pointed
ber little pistol at her, the ball
entering the left shoulder, lodg
ing in the neck. Slill suppos
ing that sho had given Martha
over to an undertaker, he
withdrew, and shortly after
took the cars lor Pennsylvania
Mary nurses a wound, Martha
far from being food lor worm,
nurses a taby, and Paliick,
wifeless and lull of grief, nurse s
a condemning conscience. The
wounded woman will probably
—Gallipolis Journal.
Wilford, 6on of Senator II.
M. Siimson, of .Marietta, has
recently finished an appren
ticeship in a Cincinnati job
printing office, and has come
out a thoroughly competent
printer. The young man's
sterling good sense, as herein
evinced, is to be commended,
—Athens Messenger.
A chip off of the Old block.
Gkx. EtYiKCt said at Colum
bus, the other day, that the
Democratic party is no longer
"a fit instrument of reform in
American politics." Llow long
it takes these Democrats to find
out things! Republicans (aid
the same lhing a dozeu years
ago, and they would not be
lieve it.
A mlrcuant who has a class
in Sunday-school, asked, "what
is solitude?' and was visibly
disturbed when a miserable
boy answered: "The store that
don'l advertise."
Kektucky is the first gun in
the fall campaign. A good
Republican gaiu in the legis
lature is rather a damper to
Democratic hopes and pros
pects. Dr. Bowers dentist, McAr
thur, 0. '
State of Ohio, Vinton County
John P. Coe, Plaintiff,
William and Hachel Lee, Defendants.
In Vinlon County Court of Common
Pleas. An Order of Sale.
PUR9UA NT to the command of an Order of
Hale issued from the Court of Common
Plena of Vinton County, and to me directed
ae bhonflof said county, I willofler for aale at
the door ot theCourt House, in the town o I
McArtbur, Viuton County, Ohio, on
Tuesday, the 16th Day of September
A.D. 1873,
at the hour oft o'clock , P. M. of said day, the
following described lands and tenements, sit
uate in Vinton county, Oi.io, and bounded
and described as follows, to wit: The south
west quarter of the aouthi-east quarter of see
tion 18, township 10, of range 18, containing
forty and forty-aeven one hundreths (40 47-1UU)
acres. Also the south-west quarter of the
north-east quarter and the north-west quar
ter of the eoulh-eat quarter ot section 18,
township 10, range 18, containing eighty-one
and (if een hundreths (81 1&-1UU) acres. Also
the eaat half of the south-west quarter ot sec
tion 18, township 10, of range 18, containing
eighty 80 acres more or less, all of said lands
heini in the district of lands subject to sale at
Chiliicolhe, Ohio.
Appraised at eighteen hundred ll8O0 dol
lars and must bring two-thirds of that sum.
To he sold as the property of William and
Rachel Lee, to aatisiy an order of sale, issued
from the Court ot Common Pleas in favor ol
John P. Coe, and also to satisfy a judgment in
favor of H. 0. Jones lor fOJ7 and also a iudg
ment in favor ol Wm Hark for 1206 which are
declared to be hens.
TERMS OF KALE: Cash in hand on tht day
of kale. OEORee KALER,
bhenS Vinton county.
Cms. H. Geo.vcjioe, Attorney for Plaip tMI.
Aoguat H, A. 1.1873. in
Vae&i and Ingtramentai
THURSBdit Eve August m
The Old Home 'Alnt What It Used To
Galop De Bravoiirl-Piano Solo
Dasliliijr White Sergeant Soprano Solo mbs. 'V., Vr?,Xr , i vil
See the Pale Moon-Vocal Duett. . . Miss IDA ROW and II. L. 'OLI.VM
Gathering Home Quartette T iIitvt t p
TheTempest-rBas Solo '"''Vt.i ','tu
The Sleigh Ride-Quartetto 1Ifc
Brilliant Vniintlonft-rinno Solo -.--Mim VwhpJpp
Indian Maiden Song-Soprano Solo Mits. "Y,ii,,,. i ,vn
Good Night, My Love-Tenor Solo H. E. JO''v f "
Summer Sweets Shall Bloom Again Quartette - - !? , ii
The Old Sexton-Bass Solo ; '.ir,-,.;. i ii r
Let Us Gather Bright Flowers Vocal Duett. . .Mhs. LAWRENt L aud II. h.
HOLLAND. rrni-rTT'lJ
Tbe Night Birds Whisper Soft and Light Quartette TllbCLtu
To be had at the Principal Stores.
(3- IR,
oiin v
Indiana's Great War Governor, and
Will positively be present.
The greatest Meeting ever held
in the btate,
A special train will leave Richland, at 11
o'clock, A. M.; Hamden, 11:30; McArthur,
11:43; Vinton, 11:53; Zaleski, 12:03; Hope,
12:14. Returning will leave Athens at 5:45
Will be present.
Be-Quartctte -i1. C,mw
.. Mi Vwvvrir
60 Mill
FROM my premises in Mcirthnr on the
night of the 18th mst., a beautiful dark bar
Ally, two years old and well broken to ride.
Any perxon riving tne iubecriber information
that will lead to the recovery of the animal
will he generously rewarded.
2iaug3w ANDRfcW WOLF.
Attachment Notice.
Joel 0. 8wetland, plaintiff, against the Cham
pion Machine Company, an incorporated
company duly incorporated under the laws
of Ohio and doing busineas in Ohio, defend
Before Henry Payne, Justice of the Peace, of
Elk townahip, Vinton county, Ohio.
ON the 4th day of August A. P. 1873, said
ustice issued an order of att.'hrmnt and
garnishee in the above action for tbe mm of
three hundred dollars, and that tbe him waa
duly served. The said cause ana adjourned
until the 2"th day of September, A. . ifrrs at
8 o'clock, A.M. JOEL 0. 6 WETLAND.
Hailgl8T3 Sw
AOfcKT every here In sell tnrnew and
WANl'EDto sell our new and novel em
broidering machine, send tor Uln'trated cir
cular, to the MvKee Manufacturing Company,
09 froadwaj, yaw Joxk, ( Imyam
Slate of Ohio, VintonCounty, ss.
Joseph Stewart, Plaintiff,
William Doles and William Doles, Jr.,
PURSUANT to the command of an ordrr
Sale i, sued from the Court of Common
PImu nf Vintnn Pminl w mnii ,n m m. .li i ....
Sheriff of said County, I will otler for aale
meuooroi in. uonn rio jse, in tne town
cArthur, Tinton Co"ntr, Ohio, on
Monday, the 16th Day of September,
at the hoar of 1 o'clock P. H. of said day, the
following described landa and tenements ml.
uate in the aaid county of Vinton, and State
the eouUi-east quarter of section ihirtr-six,
(H'j townahip nine, (9) and of range seventeen,
17 containing forty 40 acres, more less.
Appraised at four hundred lolUraf4noand
must bring two thirds of that snm.
To be sold aa the propel ty of W illiam Doles,
to aausfy an order of sale, issued from the
Court of Common. Pleaa, in bvor of Joseph
TERMS OF SALB ! Caah In hand on the
day of aale. OROROE KALER,
bhentt Vinlon County.
Clabc and Me.GrtuvBjkT, Att'va for plaintiff
August!, 1(73; 6w
cii coi PK.. .r"-""'J rr. J n BOW
Mk. Vr CalalOgue, uui -.
MAN, ieenl, Lmngtou,
A Roe lot of
Also a full line of pure
fresh Drug, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, l'nlly,
P a i n t,
Va misfi
ts and Dte
Muffs, Verfum
Stums. Toilet Ar- .
tides, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
A large fot ol ollons at
very low Prices.
North Side Main St, two Doors
West cf Market,
iniiil l71
and deiler in all hinds of
aii I
C O F7 1 N C
csrefii'lv done, and the amallest i let Tea?
enlarg il to any site, and
Finished in Oil,
or any other style that m;iy bedrsireil, at the
I.nree and flnrly Anlsbrd Pbntaiirnpfc.
ran If made tram old mid fuilid, er
M-rnlihi'd picture.
Pictures of all kinds framed to
an 1 all work jrnrrnnteil to give inlisEiclinn.
I may 1873
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Gases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired
Corner of High and Loeust Streets.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Uursery Stock! FroitWlower Plateil
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
eon acres; 21st year, 11 greenhouses cat
alogues, !W cents. Sljoism
W ANTEU.";." m"
Business that will Pay,'
from ft to 8 per day, can be pursued In your
own neighborhood; it is a rare chance lor
those out of employment or haunt; letsarw
time, girls and boys frequently do a well as
men. Particulars free.
3jol(w m Waahlnftoa at., Boston Has,.

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