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T1IUKSDAY. AUG. 28, 1873
The Republicans of Vinton County
are hereby notified to meet at their re
speetive places ol holding elections, on
Saturday, September 13, 5 o'clock, p.m
to select delegntes to attend the conven
tion at the
ii o'clock:, a.
for the purpose of selecting candidates
for the following county offices : Rep
resentative, Auditor, Prosecuting At
torney and Commissioner. The town'
ships will be entitled to delegates as fol
lows, being one for each twenty-five
votes cast for Capt Wyckoff for Secre
tary of State, last fall: Brown 3, Clio
ton 5, Eaglo 2, Elk 8, Harrison 2, Jack
son 5, Knox 2, Madison 6, Richland 5,
Swan 6, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 6.
No persons will be allowed to take
part in the deliberations of the conven
tion unless they are regularly chosen
by the people of their township at a
meeting as above directed, and come
as regular accredited delegates with
authority to represent their townships.
The township meetings will also des
ignate persons to the convention to act
as members of the Central Committee
in the proportion of one member for
each township and ono additional num
ber for evory 100 votes or fraction
greater than 50, cast for Capt. Wyckoff
last fall, the following being the num
ber of members to which each town
ship is entitled: Brown 2, Clinton 2,
Eagle 2, Elk 3, Harrison 2, Jackson 2,
Knox 2, Madison 3, Richland 2, Swan
3, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 3.
The committee invite the hearty co
operation of all persons of whatever
politics who are opposed to Credit Mo
biliers and salary grabs, whether in
Washington or in Vinton county; all
persons who are tired of being bnr
dened by a ring with increased county
taxes, useless, extravagant and careless
expenditure of county money;
All persons who are in favor of lift
ing Vinton county out of debt, and
maintaining her credit on a par with
that of properly managed counties, are
invited to act with us in an effort to
bring about a reform in the financial
management of the county.
The steady increase of taxation, to
gether with the steady increase of
county debt represented by nnpaid
and depreciated county orders, demand
that the taxpayers take the manage
ment of the county out of the bands
of the ring which has brought about
this unfortunate state of affairs, and
elect men to office who are in sympathy
with the people rather than with the
By order of Rep. Ex. Com.
Senatorial Convention.
The Senatorial Convention
meets atUallipolis,on tVednes
day, Sept. 3d, 9 o'clock A. M.
The opening of the campaign
at Athens, last Saturday by
Govs. Morton and Noyes was
a splendid success. Over 5.
000 peoplejwere present. The
speeches were able presents
tions of the two parties, such
hs has placed the opposition
on the defense, and set the
whole Democratic press to
A flock ot snow-white Peli
cans paid Duck Creek, in No
ble county, a flying visit last
Saturday. J. P. Arnold shot
one near Dudley Station, which
measured five leet from tip to
tip of wings, and four and one
half feet in length. These
birds are seldom seen in these
Mr. Howard, Engineer of th
G.McA. &0. RR,i8 now en
gaged in running a line via
Vinton Station and Vinton
Furnace, and it looks at pres
ent as though that would prob
ably be the route selected
should the ground lay as favor
ably as has been represented.
The people along the route are
anxious to have the road go
that way, and offer the right ol
way and liberal subscriptions
to the capital stock, and it is
reported that Vinton Furnace
Co. offer to donate their switch
and subscribe liberally to the
stock besides. A better feel
ing prevails among our citizens
on railroad matters, and confi
dence in the success of the en
terprise is becoming the pre
vailing sentiment Let our
friends be of good cheer, and
meet the call for their subscrip
tions with that promptness
which will enable the Directors
to push the work. We will
have the road. The manage
ment which has built the road
thus far despite all difficulties
will not be balked in the com
pletion of the road by whatever
remains to be done.
Cincinnati carried off fifteen
medals at Vienna, standing
second only to New York City,
which obtained twenty-eight.
Chicago was awarded but three,
St. Louis two, Philadelphia
seven, New Orleans four, Bos
ton five, Louisville three, Balti
more one, Milwaukee one,
Washington one. Ohio got six
medals outside of Cincinnati,
which is equaled by only two
other States.
Jeff Davis has been making
a speech at White Sulphur
Springs, Va., to a rebel associ
atlon in which he says that
they would not have surrend
ered if tbey had known what
was to follow. Brave words
for the bero of the "lost cause,"
who was caught trying to
sneak off in petticoats.
Capt. Putnam has sold the
Chillicothe Advertiser to S. L.
Everett, formerly of the Daily
Akron Times. Capt. P. has
made the Advertiser one of the
best Democratic papers in the
Stale, and we regret to notice
his retirement. His successor
Is spoken of very favorably by
tho Chillicothe papers.
Ladies underwear is becom
ing a prominent feature in pol
itics. Petticoat Davis on one
side of the line has responded
to the nomination of Petticoat
Allen on the other, and we can
see that the heart of rebellion
is encouraged.
An article published in last
week's Record directing the at
tention of farmers to their want
of increased manufacture as a
solution of the transportation
problem should have been
credited to the Ohio Stale
The aggregate prosperity ol
manufactures and the aggre
gate prosperity of agriculture
are intimately connected. The
superior steadiness ol the de
mand of a domestic market
for the surplus products of the
soil, is alone a convincing ar
gument of its truth.
Prof. W. H. G. Adney, of the
faculty of the Ohio University
has accepted a professorship
in Washington and Jefferson
College, Pennsylvania, and
will presently remove with his
family to his new field of labor.
Porter Dtj Hadwat has been
nominated for Common Pleas
Judge by the Democrats of
this district The Republican
nominating convention meets
at Portsmouth to day.
The Hocking Valley Rail
road Company have pot op
iron bridges, in the place of
wcolen ones destroyed by thi
late lreshet
Hon. A. S. Dickey, who was
Judge of Common Pleas Court
of the Ross county district,
died last Friday ol cholera,
near Ripley, where he was on
a visit.
Steamboat Explosion.
The George C. Wolff, blew
up seventy five miles below
Memphis, Miss., last Friday af
ternoon, August 22. bhe was
twenty one days from St. Louis
and eight or nine from Shreve
port, on her return. This Is the
third steamer Captain U. G.
Carter has lost in less than two
years first the Oceanus, by ex
plosion, and then the Lock wood
by ice. The survivors of the
Wolff await an upward bound
steamer at St Francis Island.
The Phil. Allen and Cheek,
both bound down, were first to
reach the wreck, and got there
that night Both offered every
possible assistance, and carried
a lew of the injured to Helena.
The George C. Wolff was a
large stern-wheeler, and one of
the very best of that class of
boats. She was built by Cp
tain Gray, at Metropolis, Illi
nois, and named after a large
liquor dealer in St Louis. Be
ing designed for the St Louis
and Red River trade, she was
built very stout, and was only
about eighteen months old.
Twelve persons are reported
lost and fifteen wounded. The
officers were all saved, except
the second engineer, who was
on watch at the time of the ex
plosion. The lady passengers
were nearly all saved.
Peru now possesses a rail
way across the Andes, which
is represented to be the great
est modern triumph ot engineer
Ing skill. Passing from the
seacoast directly over the
mountains into the interior, it
asceuds by a long series of re
markably easy grades and
beautiful curves to the high
est point ever reached by a lo
comotive, and through some of
the finest 6cenery of the South
American mountain regions.
Among other attractions of the
route is the celebrated Lake
Titacaca, the shores of which
are skirted by the railway, and
which is the highest body of
water in the world. The great
e?t elevation on the line is ii,
063 feet, at which altitude the
summer temperature drops as
low as 34 degrees, and July
snow storms are no novelty.
The falling off in the export
of iron from Great Britain to
the United States is conceded
in England, and is only ques
tioned in this country. A Bir
mingham correspondent of the
London Enquirer says: "It has
transpired that it is impossible
to do business with Continen
tal Europe or with America at
anything like our prices for fin
lsbed iron. It is within our
knowledge that German mer
chants who have bought bars
at 12 ($60 gold) and plates
at 14 ($70 gold) a ton declin
ed to have them shipped even
at those figures, which are too
high for competition with na
tive products. In one case, a
German merchant, on being
told lhat.the iron must be sent
from the works, replied that it
might be sold at public auction
in this country and he would
—Industrial Bulletin.
There is one disadvantage
under which the farmer labors,
which we have not. seen presented,-
namely: He sells his
products in their crudest,
cheapest forme,and 6oys what
ever be. needs and does not
produce in their most com
plete and dearest forms. It
has long been a maxim in Po
litical Economy "that the na
tion that exports raw materials
and imports manufactured
goods will become impoverish
ed," and no class or calling can
continue to pursue a policy so
disastrous to nations without
suffering similar consequences.
Empty sleeves and legless
pantaloons are excellent Re
publican arguments in a po
To be sure. Few thing's are
more suggestive of Democrat
ic iniquity than empty sleeves,
—O. S.
Db. Bowers dentist, McAr
thur, O.
Wrecked on the Raging Canal.
A Willmington, Delaware,
dispatch states the damage to
vessels and canal barges In
the Chesapeake and Delaware
canal during the recent storm
in the East includes eleven
schooners and eighteen barges
hopelessly wrecked, while twen
tyeight schooners, thirty-seven
barges, two trigs and one pro
poller steamer are stranded,
anl most of them more or less
injured. One vessel lies four
hundred yards from the canal.
All the crnfts east ot St George
escaped serious injury. The
canal authorities hope to get
them oat in a lortnight Those
at St. George may be released
in a month. Many ot the
schooners and most of the bar
ges are loaded with coal.
The Democracy say in their
platform they will "continue to
denounce and oppose" as they
"have always -denounced and
opposed" land grants to cor
porations. But the fact is that
whatever credit or blame at
taches to the inauguration of
the land business belongs to
the Democracy. The first grant
was that ot two and a half
millions acres to the Illinois
Central by a Democratio Con
gress. Stephen A. Douglass
was the author of this measure,
and worked it through both
Houses. Prior to 1858 it was
followed by thirty-nine other
grants, making an aggregate
amount of over thirty one mil
lion acres of the public lands
given to railways by Demo
cralic Congresses. When the
Bourbons resolved that they
had always denounced land
grants they had probably for
gotten these facts. But then
Democratic principles are suit
ed to all times and circum
—Ohio State Journal.
An attempt was made last
week to rob the pay car of the
Hannibal and St. Joseph rail
road between Cameron and
Kansas City, by b gang of men
-who- are thought to be the
same who robbed the train in
Iowa some time since. The
engineer saw the men obstruct
ing the track, reversed bis lo
comuiive and ran back to Cam
eron. Another attempt was
made to run a train off the At
lantic and Pacific track near
Leavenworth, but without sue
cess. Several shots were fired
at the engineer, and all tbi
windows of his cab were bro
ken, but he escaped unhurt
A dispatch irom Alexandria,
gives the particulars of the
loss in the Red Sea, near the
eastern entrance,of the freight
ing steamer from Singapore
and Shanghai, for London. The
Captain, officers and some ol
the crew were lost. Thirty-six
of the men reached the land,
but fell into the hands of Sa
manlee's Mohammedan tribe
on the shore ot the Gulf of
Odan, and are held prisoners.
The Athens Messenger says:
A two horse wagon, nearly
new, belonging to the late
Judge Pruden, carried away by
the flood of 1842, in the Hock
ing river, and entirely lost
sight of for more than thirty
years, was turned op by the
July freshet in a pretty good
slate of preservation, near the
State dam at Chauncey.
A younqy lady in Indiana
sought to demolish an unfaith
ful lover by publishing some
verses addressed to him, in
which, after prophesying her
immediate dissolution, she said:
"Come gaze upon my dust
false one." But the composi
tor spelled dust with a "b,'
and the young man went to
see her the next evening.
The Italian Government
does not flag a particle in its
proposed reforms. It now lays
its finger anthoratively on the
shrine-pilgrimages, declares
them the great hot-house of
political trouble, and forbids
their continuance.
The Louisville Courier-Journal
sars ex-President Taylor's
grave near that city is neglect
ed und. forgotten,
An Alleged Remedy for Cholera.
In an old number of the Lon
don Times was found the fol
lowing notice of "a Remedy for
the Cholera," which Ms easily
prepared, and so harmless that
it may be useful at this time to
republish it:
Mr. CaulfielJ, of Creagh Rec
tory, Skibbereen, has addressed
the following letter to onetf
our ministers and to the Board
ot Health:
My Lord: As I am in posies
sion of a simple but effectual
preventive to the spread of
cholera, as well as a remedy of
very great power for those at
tacked with this disease, I ven
ture to apply to your Lordship
to have it made known, should
it appear by trial that it is as
effective as I have (ound it As
a clergyman I have had many
opportunities of trying the rem.
edy, and in no case did the
patient die, the recovery being
always speedy and perfect. I
make no apology for venturing
to address your Lordship, as the
great importance of the subject
will be, I trust, sufficient.
"The prevention is simply a
small teaspoonful of powdered
charcoal taken three or four
times a week in a cup ot coffee
or other vehicle in the morning
When attacked with cholera, a
mixture of an ounce of char
coal, an ounce of laudanum and
an ounce of brandy or other
spirit, well Bhaken together,
may be given, a teaspoonlul
every five minutes. In half an
houi I have known this to ef
fertuatly relieve and stay the
disease. As the patient be
comes better the mixture may
be given at longer intervals. 1
have known a patient in the
blue s' ace, and collapsed, per
feclly recover in a few hours
The charcoal was tried as a
preventive on a large planta
lion in the Mauritius, and not a
single individual out of eight
hundred was attacked with the
The Republicans in the Sen
atorial district across the river
made a gallant fight, last Mon
day, and put the laurel on the
brow of their candiJate Capt.
Culbortson. We rejoice with
Ihem. Their Senator elect ia a
splendid man, full of energy
und proud of the long strides
Kentucky is making toward
Republicanism, on the estab
lishment of whose principles
depends the prosperity of that
community. The section ol
country across the river is im
proving rapidly; manufacture
is advancing; industry is devel
oping the wealth that the bills
cover; education is encouraged;
churches are fast building;
population is pouring In, and
consequently, Republican prin
ciples are in lively exercise.
Democratic ideas would never
bring out a country in that
way. Let any one take the
the trouble to examine
Tacts in the recent contest,
across the river, and they will
find that where industry thrives
the most, where material de
velopment is liveliest, where
the greatest substantial prog
ress has been made, there the
Republican candidate was the
strongest, while the strength
of his opponent lay in the pre
cincts where enterprise has
scarcely raised a hand and
where the pole cat builds his
—Ironton Register.
Prince Napoleon has been
elected President of the Coun
cil General of Corsica by a
majority of thirty. The Prince,
in an address to the Council
accepting the position, recom
mends that its proceeding be
confined to matters of depart
ment interests.
A. J. Reynolds, the default
ing Sheriff of Athens county,
has been arrested and brought
home for trial.
A book of 144 page, ehowirx how, when
nd where to adrerliee, and containing a ltt
of if arly tMO newepapere, witn much nih-r
information to edvrr.iaer. Addreea GEO.
P. MWIU co, raMJatMM, 41 rtk
Which ii dpted to
All Sewing Machines,
- r n
NOTICR pari cularly the siai-p " "
Goodrich; ch.c.go. iii.. wi-hj.pM.n
...m. M. C. ttOODHMII.
oSd s.le.roo.0 iOJ uue h
I hi.
Attachment Notice.
Hugh R. Hendricks, plaintiff, egaioat George
bhull, defendant.
Before R. 8. Bamhlll, J. P. of Jackson town-
hip, Vinton count;, Ohio.
in anove action ior '."..,
said .-aiiaa It et for heann op thelSth day or
September, a. v. ieia. m-
II tun .-- ' I
A ngust S6, IMS,
Agents Wanted.
Domestio Sewing Machine Oo. N. Y.
They rurify the Blood.
rivanepsia. Wk ffeadarhe.
latin lire, I eruon)inin',iii
ill ilnt.AMi.il ariinii fro.u a
liaordered condition of tho
tomaihand liver. Maniifao
Ured by Poor Mens BilUrs
Co , Oswego, N. Y. Sold by all druggists,
lieu, end fl a bottle.
bTUTtk. New Haven, Coon. Preparatory to
nl.l,h(ilATE COM M F.KOIALi l.tSTI
college or business. Circulars ent on appli
cation. (IN, 11. husbbjLiLi. riiucipu.
MadtraMl, with Stencil k Key
Check oninta. Catalomiea and
nil paiticulAH FREE. 8. M. Sinncia, 117
Hannover at. , boston.
We cure the habit pert
manenlly, cheap, quick.
without miltering or in.
ontemence. I'cecritw
vourcane. Aidrexaa. u.
K.MHIKi'M, M. V,
llernen SmiKtMiuhigiin
fCi.tlAi er davl Aventt wnule.l! All
pJlUpU, .!,,, 0f wrrktnjt people, of
either aex, v uniiorolU. make moie money
at work lor ne In iheir Mm re momenta, or all
the time, than nnvthini ele. Prtirulrfrec
Adilruae O. bTlNsuN A CO., Portland, Mama.
AFOHTl'JIK. How? Hv eperiilnlin in
atocka ami gold. Capital, f 10 to II" 'i
will pay I lot) to tl.oiiO a month. Full explan
ation aenl free, W. P. HI'HHEI.I. A Co.,
Hanker, and Broker, 39 Will St., New Yojk
Hoi 2M.
FOK 18T3. Jl'ST IHHl'ED.
A book of lino panel, will, eilitora' and puh.
Inner' name, dale uf ealaliliahment. m,
p ilitiea, aiihscnplirn price and clrriilmlon of
an nw.puper. in ine vnneu owihrdu vv
minion of Canada.
br m:iil. Ait ren Publiahera, Vt 41 Park
Row, N y.
Stale of Ohio flat on County
John P. Coe, Plnintilt,
Willuiiri and Hnehel Le., Itcfcmlanta.
In Vinton County Court of Cinumon
Pleat An Order of Hale.
Pl'RSUVNT to the cninman.t of an Oplerof
Siile iinvd from the Court ol IVii.mon
I If mh of Vinton Coil lit J, and lo me rliwled
ae chiTittof iniii county, I will onYr lot l at
tlieilmirnl the Court Holme, in the town o I
Mi-Arthur, Vinton County, Uliio.on
Tuesday, the 16th Day of September
A.D. 1873,
at the hour ofl o'clock, P. M. of eaul dny, the
fiillnwiiiif ilt-arrihed lands and le ellienn, sit
uate In Vinton county, O, In, and bounded
and ilem'rilKMi a follow , to wilt Tho eolith
wet! quarter of the auuthreaat Qiiarit-r of ecu
lion l to nihl lu, of range IS, cnnininniR
forty and forty e veil one huniirelli(tu47-li)
Tea. Alan the aoulh-weit quarter of the
north-cant qunr'er and the norlh wrel quar
ter of the eolith eiut quniter ol tiiul8,
town-hip III, Mnic 18 continuing eiRi.ty one
and lifeen hundrelha (HI IVlm) airea. Aleo
the wet Ic If nfihe ouHi-wel quarter ol edi
tion 18. town-hip In, nf mime 18, containing
eighty H norm more or IcM.all ofaaid limits
tie.ng in His ''i-triet of laodn aiibjert lo erne at
Chillicothe, Ohio.
Appramed at eighteen hundred ll8O0dol
lara ami muat brinjr, two-third of tuat amn
To I auld aa the properly of M illinin and
Raohel Lee, to eatiaiy an nrutr offal. , laeued
from the Court ol i.oinmon I lern- in furor 01
John P. Coe. and nleo lotatiafy a i nl ginen I in
faro,' of H. O. Jonea lor f 47, nnrl ulo a iuU
meni in favor ol Wm Mark for 12nd which are
declared to be Lena.
TERMS OK eAI.K: Caah in hand on I hi day
of sale. Ut OHOE HALI H,
bheritt Viniou county.
Cae. H. Gnoevixoa, Attorney for Plaintitl,
August 14, A. 1. im. 6w
Attachment Notice.
Joel O. Swetland, plaintiff, against the Cham
pion Machine Company, an incorporated
company duly iacorpornled tinder the law
of Ohio and doing business in Ohio, defend
Before Henry Payne, Justice of the Peace, or
Elk township, Vinton oounly, Ohio.
ON the 4th day of Auguit A. P. 1873, aald
lustice laaueU an order of attachment and
farniehee in the above action for the um of
three hundred dollars, and that th earn waa
duly eerved. The said cauae was adjourned
until the Suth day of September, A. Ii. 1873 at
I o'clock, A. at. JOEL 0. SWETLAND.
14auul873 Sw .
ACaENT) everywhere to sell our new and
WANl'ED to sell our new and novel em
broidering machine, aend lor illustrated cir
cular, to the McKee Manufacturing Company.
(19 Broadway. New York. lmyam
Stale of Ohio, VintonCounty, t$
Joseph Stewart, Plaintiff,
William Doles and William Doles, Jr.,
PURSUANT to the command of an ordrr of
Bale naued from the Court of Common
Hlea of Vinton County, and to me directed aa
Sheriff of said County, I will offer for sale at
the door of tho Court flo a.e, in tha town of
1 eArlhur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Monday, the 29th Day of September,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. If. ofaaid day, the
rollowiac described lands snd tenements Mt
oate in th said county of Tinton, and State
of O m, to wit: tha south, west quarter ol
t haaouth-eaat quarter of section thirty-aii,
(SJ township nine, (9) and of range aeventoea,
17 containing forty 40 acre, more leaa.
Appraised at four hundred dollars 1400 and
unt bring two third of that sum.
To be sold aa the property of William Doles,
to aatisfv an order of sale, issued from the
Court of Common Pleas, in taror of Joaeph
TKRMS OP SALE : rash in hand on the
day of sale. EOB6E KALEK,
tthentt Vinlon County.
VJd MjOuwaAi, AkVya tor plain tiB
Angus! M, 1173. 6w
l Ashland, th. H om. of JBM7 Cly
cial collie.. Hon ding from IS to per
week. For catalogue, ddre-a B- ,0W
MAN, regent, Lsialou, hy.
A One lot of
Also a full line of pure
i. t 1
jresn Mmy, arcw
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, Putty,
es arid Dye
Stuffs Perfum
ery, Soaps, loilet Ar
tides, Motions, Jewelry, etc,
4 lurse Lot of Soflons at
very low 1'rlces.
North Sids Main St, two Doors
West of IffArket,
lnjiil 1872
an l de . It in all kind of
pitrruiiM oitD,
co pTing
earefiillv done, and tha imalleat iletiires
enlarged to any sue, and
Finished in Oil,
-any othor style that may be desired, at tho
Large mui flaely Inlawed rhetographa
can be made from eld and faded, er
ecratcbed plclares.
Pictures of all kinds framed to
an I all work jramuted to give satisfaction.
Imay 1873
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always onhand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
Corner of High and Locust Streets,
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Kursery 8tock!Froit4noirer Plate-!
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
00 acres; Slat year, IS greeohouaes . 4 cat.
aloguea, SO eenti. SljuISm
Business that will Pay,
from ft to SS per day, can be pursued In yonr
own neighborhood; it a rar. chance lor
thoae out ol employment or having iMaora
lime, girla and boy. IrequeuUy do a veil aa
men. Particulars free.
. ,. m J- LATHAM A CO.,
tjuiev- 91 Washington at., Boston, Mats,

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