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The Republicans of Vinton County
are hereby notified to meet t their re
ipeetive pieces oi holding elections, on
Saturday, September 13, 5 o'clock, p.n
to select delegates to attend the conten
tion at the
11 O'CLOCK, -A..
for the purpose oT selecting candidates
for the following county offices: llep
resentative, Auditor, Prosecuting At
torney and Commissioner. The town"
ships will be entitled to delegates as fol
lows, being one for each twenty-fire
Totes cast for Capt Wyckoff for Secre
tory of State, last falL Brown 3, Clin
ton 5, Eagle Elk 8, Harrison 2, Jack
son 5, Knox 2, Madison 6, Richland 5,
Swan 6, Vinton 1, Wilkestille 6.
No persons will be allowed to take
part in the deliberations of the conven
tion unless they are regularly chosen
by the people of their township at
meeting as abore directed, and come
as regular accredited delegates with
authority to represent their townships.
The township meetings will also dee
ignate persons to the contention to act
as members of the Central Committee
in the proportion of one member for
each township and onoadditional num
ber for erery 100 rotes or fraction
greater than 50, cast for Capt. Wyckoff
last fall, the following being the num
ber of members to which each town
ship is entitled: Brown 2, Clinton 2,
Eagle 2, Elk 3, Harrison 2, Jackson 2,
Knoi 2, Madison 3, Eiohland 2, tiwao
3, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 3.
The committee inrite the hearty co
operation of all persons of wbaterer
politics who are opposed to Credit Mo
biliers and salary grabs, whether in
Washington or in Vinton county; all
persons who are tired of being bur
dened by a ring with increased county
taies, useless, extravagant and oareless
expenditure of county money;
All persons who are in faror of lift
ing Vinton county out of debt, and
maintaining her credit on a par with
that of properly managed countta, are
invited to act with us in an effort to
bring about a reform in the financial
management of the county.
The steady increase of taxation, to
gether with the steady increase of
county debt represented by unpaid
and depreciated county orders, demand
that the taxpayers take the manage
ment of the county out of the bands
of the ring which has brought about
this unfortunate state of affairs, aid
elect men to office who are in sympathy
with the people rather than with the
By order of Rep. Ex. Com.
By order of Rep. Ex. Com. JOHN T. RAPER, Sec'y.
Dr. Fhilson, ol Meigs county, was
nominated yesterday by the Republi
ean Senatorial Convention, in Gallipo
lis, so the first ballot, there being bu(
two candidates before the convention,
Br. Philson and E. I. Wilson, of Law
rence. Dr. P we understand, is wsll
qualified for the position, is a man of
the people, who has never sought an
office, and had but little to do with
politics, and served in the army dur
ing the rebellion.
Judge Wisahs, the Greeley
candidate for Congress in
Xenia district last year, has
declared his intention of sup.
porting Gen. Noyce for re
election to the, office of Gov
ernor. Thk latest instance afforded
by a fond mother of her son's
cleverness, is said son'j cor
recting her for saying he was
all over dirt Ha said the dirt
was all over him.
Straining at a Gnat and
Swallowing a Camel.
The Democratic Central Committee
of Vinton county have written a letter
to Hon. L. T. Neal, Congressman from
the twelfth distrionotiryiog him that if
he is drawing $625 per month, as a
Congressman, they don't want him to
come to McAithur to speak for thorn
to-morrow with Judjce Thurman, as
they want nothing to do with any man
who is deriving any benefit from the
increased salary bill. In addition to
this tbey have been going around the
strests parading and making publio the
fet that they had snubbed Mr Neal
and would snub and spot any man who,
like Neal was drawing bis alary.
Now, it so happens that Judge Thur
man, who is advertised, and will speak
to-morrow, and who was not snubbed
nor spotted; but, on the contrary, is
the man whom the Democracy are
now honoring by patting him forward
as a candidate for the United States
Senate, hat drawn hit incrtated
talatyjustMeJVr. JTtatto
the very fraction of cent.
It may be that the Democratic Cen
tral Committee did not know that
Judge Thurman was drawing bis in
creased salary when they wrote to Mr.
Neal In tict we are satisfied that
they did not know it, or self interest,
which prompted them to write to Mr.
Neal, we believe would have prompted
them to keep their mauths shut. How
ever that may be, they know it now.
What will they doT Will they shut
the Court House doors in Judge Thur
man's face, as they did in Mr. Neal s,
and tell him they do not want to hear
a man who is drawing the iucreaied
salary, and have the fact telegraphed
all over the State? No; they will not
They didn't mean anything by snub
bing NesL They just simply thought
here wss a ohanoe lor a little cheap ex
hibition of virtne, and in they went, to
degrade and belittle Mr. Neal, never
thinking that when they sprung their
trap on Little Neal, the grissled beard
of "our noble and eloquent United
States 8enator, Hon. A. O. Thurman"
would be under it,
Now. we challenge the Democratic
Central Committee to refute what we
have said, by their action to morrow,
irie challenge them to elote
the door on Judge Thurman.
This is what tbey hove done to Mr.
Neal, and they have even failed to
publish his letter to them or his state
ment made in other papers, whils they
have all the time bold him up to scorn.
If they do not treat Judge Thur
man as they have treated Mr. Neal
they will show to the world that there
nn pnnflilonna in he nluced in their
professions, and they have been guilty
or a mean, airty, coniempuuie u.ecc ui
Annninff and thnt the do not hesitate
VMMUSSI - - - j -
to defame and vilify the character of
iL.!. HnliiiA.1 t mt A m whan
h think the have an oooertunitv
of gaining some temporary advantage
The Convention rt Ports
month last Thursday nominat
ed Major Thomas Oherington,
of Lawrence county, as candi
date for Common Fleas Judge,
Judge Hastings, ol Jackson,
Geo. D. Cole, of Pike, being
his opponents for the nomina
tion. It is due to Judge Hast
ings, the out-going Judge, to
say that he has given as gener
al satisfaction to the people ol
this county as it was possible
for any human to give. It has
been complained that he was
slow, that he showed no adapt
ability to the business of the
Sencb; but it is universally
conceded that he was honest
and painstaking, giving his
best efforts to secure justice to
those brought before him. lie
has many warm friends here,
and it is probable that even
the objections of his opponents
were not well taken.
Of Major Cheringtou it is
only necessary for us to say
now, that he is a gentleman In
every sense of the word, is a
well read lawyer, and has that
honor, uprightness and dignity
of character which will com
mand the respect of the peo
ple of the district. We do not
believe there is better timber
for a just Judge in the district
Mb. Alleh made a speech at
Columbus last Friday. Much
ot it was devoted to abuse oi
Gen. Grant lor appointing the
ex-rebel General Longstreetto
an office. We publish a speech
of Jeff. Davis on the first page
of this paper, in which he
abuses Gen. Longstreet not
naming, but meaning bim nev
ertheless lor surrendering bis
rebel principles, accepting the
situation, and taking an office
from Gen. Grant. The com
munity of interests between
Messrs. Allen and Dhvis will
be observed.
Next Tuesday is regular
stock sale day, and we are in
formed that a considerable
amount of stock: will be offered.
J0H5 C. PUGH is about tO
start to Lagrange Furnace,
Tenn., where he will engage
in teaching school.
Thi County Commissioners
wer ia session this week.
Ancient History.
We have been looking over
some old files of the Scioto
Uazett to see in what repute
Wm. Allen, whom the Democ
racy are now worshiping as an
ancient demi god, was held
some iorty years ago when he
was on the active stage of pol
itics. We find that in 1834,
Wm. was a candidate for Con
gress against Wm. Key Bond;
that Boud challenged him to
debate, and if the report of the
paper is to be believed,Mr Bond
completely used up his antago
nist; certain it is that the peo
ple retired Mr. Allen to private
life and elected Mr. Bond over
him, repeating the same dose
in 1836 and 1833
The papers are full of com
munications about the petti
coat story. The first mention
we noticed of it was in 1836.
It appears that Geo. Harrison
was looming up ps the Whig
candidate for President, and
that Mr. Allen said in an 8th
ot January speech at Colum
bus that the ladies of Cbil
licothe, when they presented a
sword to Col. Croghdn for his
gallant defense ol Fort Sandus
ky, also presented a petticoat
to Gen. Harrison, for his imbe
cility. The story was told to
break down Gen. Harrison's
military reputation, and his
growing strength for the Pres
idency. Of course it was false
in every particular. Mr. Al
len was denounced for starting
this scandal in the most bit
ter terms, all ol which be
swallowed, without an attempt
to deny or explain. But it is
to be remarked that while he
was resting under this charge
ol slander of one of the great
est and best men Ohio ever
gave to the nation, in order to
still father degrade and belit
tle this old soldier, Mr. Allen
stumped all over the State
with Col. Richard Johnson, one
of Harrison's subordinate offi
cers, and after deriding Gener
al Harrison's claims to the af
fection of the people because
of his defense of their homes
and firesides, was in the habit
of holding op Col. Johnson's
arm and exclaiming, "Here,
fellow citizens, is the arm that
defended the people of the
In his first campaign with
Mr. Bond, some of the princi
pal objections put forward to
Mr. Alleu was that he was a
blggoted partisan; that he was
the slave and tool of the ad
ministration, and obi virtuous
William, that you abused the
franking privilege; that more
mail came with Wm. Allen's
frank than there was paid mat
ter from all other sources
from 100 to 300 letters and
speeches per day at every lit
tle cross-roads, and more than
he could have mailed without
the aid of clerks.
So it appears that Mr. Allen
is not made of more than the
ordinary clay of which Con
gressmen are made. When it
is proposed to run a man into
offl.ee because he was regarded
as a demi-god half a century
ago it is well enough to go
back to the history and men ol
the times and see what he did,
and what the Ancient thought
of him.
Tbeasubeb Spinner announc
es that when Congressmen
cover their back pay into the
Treasury, it having been given
without any consideration, it
may be legally rcleaimed. bo
it appean that covering doesn't
end the back pay matter as
has generally been supposed.
fliABLY the whole of the
Lancaster Gazette of last week
and the week before is occopi
ed by the official report of how
the Auditor and Treasurer of
old Democratic Fairfield man
aged the books so as to steal
five dollars per head from ev
ery man, woman and child in
the county.
Thi last'DemocraticLegisla
turesat the longest and corl
the most of any ever held in
the State.
D. Bowebs, Dentist. McAr
[From the Scioto Valley Post-Democratic.
Something to the Point.
We see in the Enquirer of yesterday
that L. T. Neal, of Chill ioothe, the
Democratic Congressman elect from
the 12th District, is announced to
speak in Jackson with Senator Thur
man. If it it drawing, $625 a
month Jrom the U. S. Treatury, un
der the increased talary act, the Dem.
ocralt of Jackson county do not with
to A tar him.
"Does all the denunciation of that
law mean nothing? Is the perempto
ry demand made by both parties and
the whole people for its immediate re
peal mere empty wind? If the people
are in earnest in their opposition to
that increase of salaries, and in earn
est in the demand raadnwith more
unanimity than the American people
ever showed on any other question, for
the immediate repeal of that law, then
tbey do not wish to hear, as a repre
sentative of their principles, any man
who is ignoring the will of the people,
by profiting by the dishonesty of a
Congress universally condemned.
It is said that the late Congress vio
lated a contraot to serve the people for
$5,000, when they raised their own
salaries 'Without the consent of the
people. .Did not the Congressmen
elected last fall make the samo con
tract (at 5,000 a year)? And have
the people shown any signs of consent
to the change thus dishonhestiy made?
Until the people acquiesce in the new
contract, the Congress eleot is bound
—Jackson Herald.
We have seen Mr. Neal, and
he states positively that be has
been taking the increased sal
ary, and will continue to do so
until that law is repealed. His
defense is that while he was
elected under a $5,000 law, yet
there was at that time mileage
stationery, free postal facilities,
&., attached to the position, all
of which the new law does
away with, and further, that all
the other Congressmen and
Senators are taking the in
creased salary, no matter what
they may have done with the
"back-pay." Mr. Neal said that
he would not go to Jackson to
speak, and declared that the
people over there were not act
ing justly inmaking the invita
tion to stay away include him
only while saying nothing to
Judge j Tburman, who was
drawing his $625 every month.
Mr. Neal puts the case well.
Of course, it would be wrong
to censure him and endorse
Tburman. Now, what we hope
the Herald and the Jackson
people will do is this: Let
Judge Thurman know that you
don't indorse the increased sal
ary bill tell him that yoi con
sider $5,000, without mileage
or any other additions, suffi
cient pay lor a few month's
work at Washington, and that,
he being one of the leaders in
Ohio of the honest and econ
omical Democratic party, you
want bim to publicly declare
that he will not only work for
a repeal of the law, but also
refuse to take increased com
pensation. That will set the
Democratic party in Ohio on
a square, honorable platform.
If Judge Tburman does not do
so, then men who are not
blinded by partisan sympathies
will readily perceive that Pagh
was right when he said in Col
umbus, with the Third Party
men, that he could find no
true earnestness in the Demo
cratic party. - Why," said Pogb
on that occasion, "if the Dem
ocrats in Congreri bad made
opposition to that infamous
salary bill it would bare Utn
defeated; bat they did not; thty
were folly as aoxioos as the
Republicans to get I'M jf the
wages of sin, We want Tbur
man to head the ttwvewtui tor
economy, and if L tails U dv
it, we wast to see hitu treU4
just as Ur.Ne&l Las Wju jy'o4
let tbe Jackson people te ovu
sistent, and, our word far ,
redly tultlantud Uotu niJJ
accrue lo tbe people.
The real estate market Is se
live nd considerable property
is changing or about to change
bands, at what would have
been regarded as very high
figures a year since. Give u
our railroad and McArlhur and
the country adjacent to the
road will advance more ia (he
next five years than it has in
the last twenty,
Advertisements Inserted at fair peices.
TT1THIN Smile Ih M.AO.R.
fiiis. B II H Th. farm contains SO acres
IE Iorty acre. cleared. Kir tmprove-
nients. A uood eonl hunk open nd
working. ! feet Deal coal. For sale cheap,
isept H.O.JO.NE4.
I AM prepared to furnish lh bestqualitv of
fresh lima from my kilo, 1 mile north of
MOArtnur, at oneoonar per oanei ai ma aim,
buyer furnishing their own barrels,
.septtw WM. MATTHEWS.
Vinton County, Ohio, iptssbr 4, 1 71.
Ta Ike QaaJlflt Vatera af Vlntaa Ceaatys
WHEREAS, By tk law of Ohio regulating
eleclioaa. il i required ol Ihe Sheriff, of
hiii county lo give notice before Ihe lime of
nowing a general election oy srociainuon
throughout Ihe county, of tke time on which
uch election ahall he holden I
In pursuance of auch requisition, 1,
OEOMCIE KALER, bhetilt of Vinton
count", utiie, uo hereby proclaim and make
known that lha
Second Tuesday in October, A.D.1873
Being the Uth Lay of taid Month.)
Is by the Constitution and laws of Ohio, ap
pointed ilie day on whiuh Ihe qualihed elect
on of Vinton county ar notified to meet in
their respective towmhipa, al their usual or
proper places of holding eleo iena. between
the hour of o'clock in the forenoon kid 4
o'clock in Ihe ailernoon of said day, and then
and there proceed lo Tola by ballot for lha
lol lowing olBoert, towiti
One Gofernorfor the Suite af Ohio;
One Lieuteuant Governor for Ihe state of Ohio;
One Judge of the Supreme Court for Ike long
term lor the state of Ohio;
One Judge of thesupreme Court for the short
terra for the State of Ohio;
One Treasurer for tne Hiaie ol Ohio;
One Attorney General for the State of Ohio;
One Comptroller ol Ihe Treasury fur the Htate
ol Ohio
One Member ol the Board of Public Works for
Ihe Bute ol Ohio.
On Senator for the Senitorial District com
posed of the counties of Viulon, Uallift,
Meigs snd Lawrence;
One Judga oftha Court ol Common Plestor
the Second Huudivialon. ol the UeTenlh Ju
dicel LMMricl, composed of tho counties of
V in too, Jackson, iwrence, ncioio sea
One Representative in lha Legislature for
Vinton County;
One Auditor for Vinton Countv;
On Prosecuting Attorney for Vinton Couuty;
OneSuriRjor for Vinton County;
Ooe Commissioner for Viatoo county.
And tke Trustees of the several townships
In said countv are hereby notified that the fol
lowing amnlierof Jurors are apportioned to
their townships respectively, and that they
are required to selM Ihe sulci number and
make return thereof In the Clerk of IlieCouit
of Common Fleus, together with Ihe Full,
Elk , 17
Kii'Mo 5
Wllkosville 8
Knox 4
UlcUnnd 10
Harrison 5
Swhii 0
Clinton 14
Vhitoii 0
Jackson 0
Madison 14
Brown 7
liven under my hand, st my office, in Mr
Arthur, this 4lttd y of -tepiemher, . I. 183
Hnerittuf Vinton Couniy.
September 4, 187:1. 4w
Slate af Ohio, Vlntaa Ceantyl
Samuel G. Griffin, Plaintiff;
A. Arganbright & Wife, Defendants.
iw vivrojr roi'XTV c-oi-rt or
PURSUANT lo the command of an order of
sale issued from Ihe Court of Common
Pleic of Vintnn County, and to me directed
as Hherfof raid County, I will offer for sale
in front of the Court House in Ihe lowu ol
McArthnr.Vinlon Countv, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 4th Day of October,
A. D. 1873,
at Ihe hour of I o'clock. P. M., of said day, the
fallowing desrrihed hods snd tenements, to. wit:
li-u4i lbs liooiy of Vinton and Stale of
Ohio, and founded sad described as fdluas: Be
lining al the aoilh-sl ormr of iarlh Ar
gaabrilirsar'ey. on tb west bom.dary ot sec
tioa siiieen. (K) there north with said section
line eeveatees chain lo the north west corner of
said eeeieva sine, (l.) thenceet-t with the
sjunh line of said c.'b, forty-eiihl (48) poles to
a suk o tbe sertioa line, thew sontn eleven
ecrsKe tut tlrbty l) chains d ninty (!DI)
baas lua ovvm m lhaaoaih sldsof said seetion,
IkssktweMtbres tficolef snd Iwelv (12) liiks to
a stake, isvwos toatk RfVy-irbt (M) chain- and
fly lis) links le a stake, thence wealwardly
lirijmt '44) p loth satb.earteroer of Ih
Kartk Arsaabrtgnl's sejrvey, tber with ths
es srxaytaryof 11m said Msrtha Arganbright's
ssuwy taw V of beiolor. and coa aining
m hsasdrssl aad thirty Ci:i) scree nor or leas.
Apr"M Twenty twt knadred and seventy
t' 'XjrT! aVdlars, aad siast bring two-thirds ol
Us mm.
T let rM a the property of A. Argiabrltfht t
Writ, t aussfy sa ordev of ale. Issued fri the
Crt saf tMsskva PVta la fc'K of ftaaosl O.
Tt Kkf Or ALEMh ia hand oa day of
ehe-rio1 Vial UMiolr.
1 C.lM.l'ff hthsi 111
Sollc r AppolatBieat.
tUtJt Cwfjg JPtnutt,
rt'MK Vf4svi a Ws ywl4 vf
J .lt-4 t riivf h r
berisM, tm S r-w vni, 4.
In 4 b H f V lei'ewn, 4 f. Mm.
" M lf.Ki.lkl ',U 1 1.
Vorth and Beauty.
If ViM etM mtV ail ehro
"' --, i owara eomhtn
M f iwfy ) annstMi wim of geanine
sswf M pew napr-adnt4.
Tfcri (aaw.py of a pusee of Nature' gram!-
worn, l of presented in tne asoal lim
Wyw, its itisnaneinaa, I4i3rt, making a
psegstra of very dMsiraMa ia itself.
gref hr It prasMaee.
Plot dm eop.ee of this baantlfol I hromo
will b allowed to go ia tha retail store, aod
I bo a will be sold at their
Aetaal Retail price, t&OO,
which if ordered la connection with our Hag-
s wa win um lura-enea lor
A a premium the pictur may be obtained
oy seuuing na two auoacnptiona lor the Mag
sin at one dollar each, or bv aubafrhina f..r
the Maganne two tear in advance, at on
aoiiar per annum, aooreaa,
s.j.BHiTLs, PobUrt-sr!i,wbttl,l,pVji
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Enoch Rutter, deceased.
TrtKbndenigned ha been -PP?lB,,d
qcallllHd as eiacntor of the will of bnoch
paled ..... am r VtcLI r F.
A book of 144 psges, showing how, when
and where to advertise, and conisining a list
.niormauon iu "-'- " i
P. KOWELIj A CO., Paklikherk, 41 Pmtk
Ksw, New York.
Which is idspted Id
All Sewing Machines,
NOTIOR psrllculsrlv the lnp of H.C.
GOODRICH, Chicago, Ills., w.thfive patent
sumps. M. C. GOODRICH.
Orticaand lesroom but u, t.hi. ago,
I lis. 2u4t
Attachment Notice.
Hugh R. Hendricks, plaintiff, against George
Bhull, defendant.
Before R. 8. Bnrnhlll, J. P. of Jackson town
ship, Vinton county, Ohio.
Off the 2th day of July, A. D. 1873. ad
Justice Issued sn older of attachment in
the above action tor the sum of M Ml and
.... i ....... i. uAt fnp heannff on Ihe 13th nay of
September, A. 1. lt7:. at I o'clock, P M.
" ...fi.. n UPUIiDli'VU nl. ntif.
August 26, UT, a
Agents Wanted.
DomeBtio Sewing Machine Oo. K. Y.
They Purify the blood.
riyspepsia. Sick Hendache,
lnundice.l iverComplninMnd
ill diseasea arising from a
lisordered condition of the
iloinachand liver. Hanufac
Hired bv Poor Man's hithrs
Co , Oswego, M . V . aWSold by all druggists.
3. cts. and f I boltle.
TU'I K, New Haven, Conn. Preparatory to
college Or business. Circulars sent nn nppli
cation. WM. II. KUSSELL. I'rincipul.
1J nVIC V ,'n'' '"I'M) with Hlencil k Key
lYlUrit I Check nuilits. CHtalogue ami
nil pariicuiar rstb. o. n. Bpsacsi, in
Hannover SI. , Boston.
We cure Ihe hnl.it pen
mnnenlly, cheap, quick,
without fullering or ins
convenience. Hewriba
ynurcHse. A lilreHsS. O.
Herrien 8riiig,Miuhin
c IrttOfll rr -1 Agents wauled! All
aiulUAVinHees of working people, of
either sex, ungnrold, make mote money
at work lor us in ilicir simre inot..enl, or nil
the tune, than nnvilung else. I'urliciilnis free.
Address ii. BI KNS-JN a CO., Portluntl.Miiine.
A"r'KTi; . K.-ilon ? Hy npeciibilinir in
lock nii'l void. Ciiniiul, fin to tlis:
will iiiiv loo to sl.iM) n month. Knll exilian-
atioi. sent free, W. F. HUHHEI.I. A CO,
Hunkers snd Brokers, 39 Will bt., Mis Tiiuk.
Box 2-'U '.
FOlt 1873. Jl'ST INMl'ED.
A lionk of lino pages, will, editors' and pn'i
lishers' neme.s, tiato of eritt.ldisli.nenl, etse,
D ilitii's, ailbscrildicn price nod circlll ilion of
all newspupers in the United Suites and uo
minion ofl'anaiia.
by mnil. Address Publishers, No 41 Talk
KOW, i. I.
State of Ohio, Vinton County
John P. Coo, riiiintiH,
Willi.tm and Hachel Lee, Defendnnts.
Ill Vinton County Court of Common
Pleat An Order of Sale.
PUR3U ti NT to the command of nn Order of
Sale, ifiied fmm the Court of Cnnimon
Pleas of Vinton Countv, and tome directed
as bhenff of said county, I will oiler fin enln al
Ihe door ol the Court House, in the town o I
McArlhur, Viuton County, Oh to, on
Tuesday, the 16th Day of September
at the hour oft o'clock, P. M. of said day, the
following nescrinei. lanus ana te ementt, sit
uate in Vinton couuty, Ol.io, and bounded
and described aa follows, to wit: The south
went quarter of the aouthi-enat quarter of sec
tion 18, township 10, of range 18, containing
forty and forty-seven one hundreths (40 47-100)
seres. Also the soulh-wesl quarter of Ihe
north-east quarter and the north-west qusr
ler of the south-east quarter ot section 18,
township 10, range 18. containing eigi.ty one
and fif een hundretha (81 15-100) acres. Also
the east half of ihe south-west quarter ot sec
tion 18, township In, of range 18, containing
eighty 8o acres more or less, all of said lands
being in the district of lands subject to sale at
Chillicolhe, Ohio.
Appraised at eighteen Hundred. (I8n0 dol
lar and must bring two-thirds of that sum
To he sold ss the property of William and
Rachel Lee, to aatisiy an order of snlt, issued
from Ihe Court ot Common Pleas in favor oi
John P, Coe, and also to satisfy judgment in
favor of H. C.Jones tor 4i7, and also a iudg
ment in favor ol Wm Mark for 1206 which are
dwlared to he I, ens.
TKKMB OF bAI.K: Cash in hand on the day
bheriH Vintou County.
Cass. H. Osoevisoa, Attorney forFlaintift.
August 14, A. 1'. Ie73. 6w
AtsEwjT every here to sell our new and
WAIi CDIo sell our new and novel em
lv'i'lring mar-hin. send lor llll.'IraU-d cir
cular, to lha M K Manufauturina Coinnanv.
f hx'rwt,. New York. lmyam
fitaterf Ohio,VinlonCounty,n.
Joneph Hlejwart, Plaintiff,
Wjlliam Dole And William Doles, Jr.,
i Ti-To?r cocbt or com n on
TTJR8uANT to the command of an order of
A nai isnea irom me court or Common
Plea of Vinton County, and to me directed as
Sheriff of said Oonntv. I will niter for sale si
the door of the Court lloise, in the town of
earinur, Vinton county, Ohio, oo
Mondaj, the 29th Day of September,
at the hoar of I o'clock P. M. of said day, the
following described lands end tenement ait
nale In th aaid county of Vinton, and stiate
of O to, lo wit: the south-west quarter of
Ihe south eaal quarter of xction ihlrtv.su,
() township Dine, (i and of range seventeen,
17 containing tony (4U acre, more less
Appraised al four hundred solLrs 4iK and
ust bring two third, of that sum.
To be sold a the propeity of W Milam lol,
to eeliefv aa order of sale. Issued from Ihe
Court of Common Plea, in favor of Joseph
TKRMH OF BALK t Caah In hand nn Ih
day of tale. UEORCiK KALtR,
Siherilt Vln.on n,i,.i
Otss and MmntiyMT, itt'ya lor plaintiff
Attfuatlt, U7I,
j uiiu
. .i i.hi.nd. th Home of Henry Clay
"row 28 .SOttea. '&u7, Tfee. for college, year.
20, except in the law. me.... ;"",X,'i,i1"":r
iial college.. Boa. ding from 12 lo l Pr
v.T. ..lulnsna. address J. o. tOn
MAN, regent, Lexington, hy.
A Una lot of
Also a full line of pure '
fresh Drvys, dledi
cines, Chemicals,
Ulass, rutty.
en and Dye
Stuffs, Verfvm
). Soans. Toilet Ai'-
iicies, Hotions, Jewelry, elci
A largo Lot ot flotlon at
very low lricei.
North Side Main St. two TJoort
West of Market,
mini '"J
andUeiilerm all kinds of
rsrefullv done, and the smallest t let'ire
enlargotl to any sixo, and
Finished in Oil,
or 1 ' '
or any other stjle thnt may be desired, nl the'
I.nrse and finely flnlshed Fbolegraphr
tun be made fn.ni old and faded, ar
scratched plctarea.
Pictures of all kinds framed to
an ' all work -arrant ed to give satisfaction.
I may 1873
here mm i
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
cesa full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything: de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
Corner of High and Locust Streets,
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!.
Vnrserr Stock! IraitiHower Plate!
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
too sores; slat year; IS greenhouse. 4 rat.
aloguea, 'JO cent. - UljuISm
W will fpva men aod
Business that will Pay. '
Iro.n S4 lot per day, van be pursued In your
own neighborhood; it ia a rar. chance tor
Ihoeauul ol employment or-having leisure
time, firla and boy frequently do a wall aa
men. VarUeulara fr.
jaUw tt Waiblto it., Btpsra, tint.

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