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McAltl'llUK, 0111 0,
The Republicans of Vinton County
art berebj notified to meet at their re
ptctive placet oi holding elections, on
Saturday, September 13, 3 o'clock, p.m
to select delegates to attend the conven
tion at the
11 O'CLOCK, a. :m.
for the purpose of selecting candidates
for the following county offices : KepN
resentative, Auditor, Prosecuting At
torney and Commissioner. Tbo towoi
ships will be entitled to delegates as fol
lows, being one for each twenty-five
rotes cast for Capt V 'jckoff for Secre-
tary of State, last fall: Brown 3, Clin
ion 5, Eaglo 2, Elk 8, Harrison 2, Jack
son 5, Knox 2, Madison 6, Richland 5,
Swan 6, Vinton 1, Wilkeaville 6.
No persons will be allowed to take
part in the deliberations of theconven
tion unless they are regularly chosen
by the people of their township at a
meeting as above directed, and come
as regular accredited delegates with
authority to represent their townships.
The township meetings will also des
ignate persons to the convention to act
as members of the Central Committee
in the proportion of one member for
each township and ono additional num
ber for evory 100 votes or fraction
greater than 50, cast for Capt. Wyckoff
Inst fall, the following being the num
ber of members to which each town
hip is entitled: Brown 2, Clinton 2,
Eagle 2, Elk 3, Harrison 2, Jackson 2,
Knox 2, Madison 3, Richland 2, Swan
3, Vinton 1, Wilkesville 3.
The committee invite the hearty co
operation of all persons of whatever
politics who are opposed to Credit Mo
biliers end salary grabs, whether in
Washington or in Vinton county; all
persons who are tired of being bnr
dened by a ring with increased county
taxes, useless, extravagant and careless
expenditure of county money
All persons who are in favor of lift
ing Vinton county out of debt, and
maintaining her credit on a par with
that of properly managed counties, are
invited to act with us in an effort to
bring about a reform in the financial
management of the county.
The steady increase of taxation, to
gether with the steady increase of
eouoty debt represented by unpaid
and depreciated county orders, demand
that the taxpayers take the manage
ment of the county out of the hands
of the ring which has brought about
this unfortunate state of affairs, aid
elect men to office who are in sympathy
with the people rather than with the
By order of Rep. Ex. Com.
Does anybody know why it
is a crime ior L. T. Neal to
draw his calary as a Congress
man while the action is quite
commendable in "oar noble
Senator?" Answers solicited
from the Democratic Central
Vermont and Iowa congratu
late themselves on being free
of debts. Who ever beard of
a Democratic State that was
out of debt?
B. F. Gavloed has been nom
inated for Senator from the
Scioto district. lie is deserv
edly a popular man, and we
believe, will be elected.
Halt eabb tickets to the Cin
cinnati Exposition are good on
the M. & U. R. JR. lor six days.
The Kosa county display of
fruits took the first premium at
lbs Ohio State Fair.
Neal, Thurman and the Democratic
Central Committee.
As we predicted the Demo
cratic Central Committee of
Vinton county showed its lit
tleness and hypocrisy in enter
taining and courting Judge
Thurmau notwithstanding he
hid taken his increased pay
just a& Mr. Neal did, whom
they condemned as unworthy
of being heard. They hadn't
decency or courage enough to
treat them both alike, after
tbey found that both were ea
titled to the same treatment.
If they were willing to relent,
after they tound "our noble
Senator" was caught, they
should have shown fairness
enough to have apologized, and
should have made their apolo
gy as public as their insult.
But no; Ihey are mum about it.
They have been caught in a
dirty little piece of trickery,
and dare not say a word ono
way or the other. That was
what was to be expected from
a committee which would re
sort to such hypocritical prac
tices, Siuce they have refused to
give Mr. Neal a hearing, wp
have obtained permission from
him to publish his letter to the
committee, winch is given be
low. May he Mr. Bowen or
some of the committee will
show him enough courtesy to
answer it. II ere it is:
CHILLICOTHE, O., Aug. 27, 1873.
J. W. Bowen, Dear Sir: I
have received your letter ol
this date in which you ask
whether I am "drawing my
salary as a member of the
House of Representatives at
the rate of $625 per month, un
der the .late outrageous salary
law." My answer consists of
two words: am. It seems
strange to me that you or any
one else would think that I
would do otherwise. I cannot
conceive upon, what theory
you would have me refuse com
pensation under the new law.
I look no part in its enact
ment. I was not a member ol
the Congress thut enacted it.
Do you say the fact that the
law was in force at the time ol
my election fixed my compen
sation at $5,000 per annum
constituted a contract between
me and the Government by
which I was bound to serve
for that sum! It is not so.
There was no such contract, nor
can you, by any process ol
reasoning, fair or unfair, arrive
at any such conclusion. The
most that can be claimed is
that I agreed to serve for that
sum, subject to any increase or
diminution that might be made
by Congress; for it cannot be
denied that Congress has now,
and has always had the legal
and constitutional power to
fix its own compensation. Sup.
pose that instead ol increasing,
the last Congress had reduced
the pay of members of Con
gress. Would you then insist
that I should draw my pay un
der the old lavoi I thmlc not.
Yet such would be the logical
result of the course of reason
ing I have assumed for you.
Besides the $5,000, I was en
titled under the old law to
$125 per session lor stationery,
about $200 per session ior
mileage, and the franking
privilege. By the new law all
these are taken aw?y from me
The old law itself is repealed.
And where, 1 ask, am I to get
any compensation if not under
the new law? Let me not be
misunderstood. I do nut up
hold the new salary law. I
think it unwise, impolitic, and
utterly indefensible, at least so
far as the "back pay" feature
is concerned, and I expect to
vote for its repeal next winter.
But until ic Is repealed 1 in
tend to draw my pay in accord
ance with its provisions. I
hxve yet to hear oi a tingle
Senator or member who has re
lused to draw his pay under it.
In conclusion permit me to
say that the people of Vinton
county are as anxious to hear
me speak as I am to speak to
them, and that I will not fill
the appointment made for me
at McArthur by the Democrat
ic blate Central Committee.
lours innasie, -j
Democratic Nominating
Slim Attendance and a
Weak Ticket.
Another Nasby Preacher to
be Offered up as a Sacrifice.
The Rev. Harrison Lyle Nominated
for Representative.
Slnjt the hliue
Blough ye the'tr impet blough,
The sadlt-solemu sound ;
Let Vinton county know
Thnt Harrison's around.
The "Liberal Republican and
Democratic" convention met
last Monday. .The attendance
was very elim. Richland, we
believe, was the only delega
tion that was full. After con
siderable figuring the delega
tions were filled up to suit the
ring, and all was happy and
ready for business. Wat. Pil
cher was selected to cast tb
vote of Eagle tp.we suppose be
cause of his unbounded popu
larity out there, as evinced in
the election last (all when he
ran about thirty votes behind
his ticket for Sheriff. The De
mocracy of Eagle will no doubt
feel highly honored when they
learn that Mr. Pilclier repre
sented them and did their vot
ing in the convention.
When everything was in as
gocd trim as it could be made,
the convention organized by
electing Dr. Monahan as chair
man, and Richard Craig and
T. A. Murray as Secretaries
Thereupon the chairman intro
duced a novelty in political
conventions, by requesting all
those who were not members of
the convention to retire, so that
the convention might hold a
caucus. The bystanders re
fused to go out, whereupon the
convention itself went out into
the jury room, which held them
very comfortably, and held
their little caucus, the first ap
parent result of which was to
choke Patrick Kelley off ol the
track for Representative by
nominating him lor Commis
sioner, which was done by ac
The next in order was the
nomination of a candidate lor
Prosecuting Attorney, J. M.
McGillivray, B. F. Armstrong
and O T. Gunning being the
candidates. McGillivray was
nominated on the second bal
lot, Gunning having withdrawn
and McGillivray having pre
tended to withdraw.
W. W. Beiford was nominat
ed by acclamation for Auditor.
- For Representative the
names of Thos. McGee, John
Frazee and llarrUon Lyle were
presented. Mr. Frazee's name
was presented without author
ity and was withdrawn. The
ballot resulted M;Gee, 20;
Lyle, 33.
No candidate for Survevor
was nominated, but Richard
Craig is the man that the ring
will put on the ticket.
The ticket then stand? thus:
For Representative, Harrison
Lyle, of Richland.
For Auditor, W. W. Beiford, ol
For Prosecuting Attorney, J.
M. McGillivray, of Elk.
For Commissioner, Patrick Eel-
ley, of Wilkeaville.
For Surveyor, Richard Craig,
ot Elk.
On motion the following
Central Committee was ap
pointed: R. Craig, Geo. Lanlz,
A.J. Swaim, J. W. Bowen and
W. W. Beiford.
The ticket is a weak one and
will not command the support
of the people. The conven
tion appeared to think that
they had done a bad job and
just kind ot dissolved in mu
tual disgust, not more than a
dozen being present on ad
journment. All of the candidates are the
regular old pullers at the pub
lic teat except Lyle, the candi
date for Representative, and
are well known to our people.
Lyle is the only one unknown
to fame. He is from Richland,
is a Nasby preacher, and for
years has been a trimmer in
search of an office. He has at
length got a nomination. His
friends thinks he is the most
available man that being a
"preacher," he will have the
support of the religious ele
ment, while bis habits will
command the support of the
saloons. That kind of -a man
won't do for the people of Vin
ton coun'y. They expect their
preachers to practice, at leas'
enough to keep duly sober.
Harrison Lyle will never be a
Represeutative-irom this county.
This is the way Capt. Wilson,
of the Ironton Register takes
his defeat for the Senatorial
nomination, lie is just about
as happy as though he had
been nominated:
"A telegram from Gallipolis,
received just before going to
press, announces the nomina
tion, on the first ballot, of Dr
Philson, of Meigs, as tin Ro
publican candidate for Senator
Irom this District. The ballot
stood: Dr. Philson, 27; E. S.
Wilson, 22.
"Our iniormstion concern
ing Dr. Philson is that he is an
excellent man, a thoroughly
active Republican, and well
informed upon topics requir
ing atteution irom a person
filling the position to which he
will be called. The Republi
cans of Lawrence will give
him their earnest and strong
"The defeated candidate
above named returns many
warm thanks for the friendly
efforts in bis behalf, and hopes
they will be now averted to
ward accomplishing a magnifi
cent victory ior the successful
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First Gun for the Fall Campaign.
The Republicans carried the
State of Maine at the election
last Montlaj. They have also
carried New Mexico, defeating
the present Democratic Repre
sentative in Congress.
Slate of Ohio, Jackson County.
David L. Wadsworth, Plaintiff,
The Wellington Manufacturing Com
pany noj others, Defendant-).
I jacknox corxTYComT or
PURSUANT to the command of a Onler of
Hale laii.il from the Court of Common
Plea, of Jackson Couniy and to me directed
aa Hherifl -f Vinton county, I will oflcr foreal
at the door ol the Court H ouae, in. the town of
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Saturday, the UthDayof October, 1873
at the hour on o'clock P. M. of aald day the
following land. anl tenements, eitunte in the
county of Vinton ami Mate ol Ohio, to wit:
The aouth west quarter of the aoulh-areet
quarter and the .outh-eaal quarler of ti.e
south-east quarter of section t-irty-two, (.12)
township nine, , range nineteen, IS. and the
aouth half of the south-west quarler of ec
tion ihirtv three S3, township nine, 8, ran,
nineteen, 19.
Appraised at four hundred dollars, 1100,
and must bring two. thirds of that mm,
To he aold an tho property of The Welling
ton Mnnnfni'turing Company, tt satisfy an or
Her of aale, issued from the Court ol Common
Fleas in favor of Davlo L. Wadeworth.
Bh.nHol Vmioa county.
Jiata Tiler, Attorney for plaintiff,
fceptll, l73. 8vr
Ihe C incinnati Furnace
IITAVE declared ft dividend of 1B', per
rent, on the above names account; pay.
mcnt tu commence on Monriny, H.ptomher
15th ai the office of thet'robate Judge, Mo
Arthur, Ohio. 8. W. K 1 1. VERT,
Assignee Cinciuunti Furnace Co.
ltaept 1873. It
Vinton Couniy, Ohio, September 4, 1 71. J
To the Qualified Voters ofVinton County,
Ohio I
11711 EREA3. By the law of Ohio recnlatinz
11 elccliona, it I. required ol the b hen It of
hia county to give notice before Ihe lime of
Homing a geuerm election uy procmmiion
thrnuidiout the couniy, of the lime un winch
audi election .hall he hohlen i
In purKiinnre of auch reqillsitien, 1,
GEO it (IE ItALER, bhenil of Vinti.n
count', Ohio, uo hereby proclaim and make
known thnt the
Second Tuesday in October, A.D.1873
(Being the ith Day of said Month )
la by the Constitution and lawa of Ohio, ap
pointed lie day on whi.'h the qualihed fleet
on of Vinton county are notified 'In meet in
their respective tnwn.hips. at their iikuxI or
proncr phtcea of holding election, between
the hour, of a o'clock in the forrnoou aid 6
oVIofk in the afternoon of .aid da?, .tiid then
and there proceed to rote br ballot for the
following officer, lo-wil:
One Oorernor for the 8lnta of Ohio;
One Lieutenant Governor for the .ttute of Ohio;
One Judue of ihe Supreme Court for the lung
term lor Ihe Hate of Ohio;
One Judye of Ihe Mipreme Court for the khort
lorm for the State of Ohio;
One TreaMirer for the Hair ot Ohio;
One Attorney General for the State nf Ohio;
One Comptroller ol the'l'rea.ury f-r the blate
oi Ohio
One Member ot the Donrd of I'ublic Worica for
the blate ol Ohio
Ono Senator for the 8nd'irial fiistrict com
pixed of the counties of Viulou, Gallia,
Meig. and Lawrence;
One Judge of the (Joii-l ol Common Pirns for
Ihexei'ond Hubdiriaion.ot the bevenih Ju
dicHl Idflricl, compoaed nf tho connllcs of
Vinton, Jackson, Lawrence, Scioto and
One Representative In Ihe Legislature for
Vinton Countr;
One .-utditor for Vinton Couniy;
One Prosecuting Attorney for Vinton County,
OneSurvHyor for Vinton County;
One Commissioner for Vinton i;ounty.
And the Truxteea of the several tovnshipi
In said cnuntr are hereby notified that Ihe fol
lowing number of Juror are apportioned to
their townships respectively, and thnt lliev
are required to aekct Ihe aaid number and
make rHurn thereof to the Clerf of the Court
of Common Pleue, together with the Poll
Elk 17
E:t)rlo 5
Wilkcsvlllo 8
Knox. 4
HicLland 10
Harrison 6
Swan 9
Clinton 14
Vinton 6
Jackson , 0
Madison 14
Brown 7
Oiven nnder my hand, at my office, In Mr
Arthur, thia 4tn a.iv of ptmhr. A. I. 18:3
Mierittof Vinton County.
Beptember 4, 1873. - 4w
. State ef Ohio, Vlntea Ceantyi
Samuel 0. Griffin, Plaintiff;
A. Arganbright & Wife, Defendants.
tit vnTo?r coijJfTY rornT or
con nox peeas-okoer of male
PURSUANT to the command of an order of
aale Issued from the Court of Common
Plea, of Vinton County, and lo me directed
aa Sherifof raid County, I will ntfxr for sale
In front of the Court House In the town ol
McArthur, Vinton Couniy, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 4th Day of Ootober,
A. D. 1873,
at the hour of 1 o'clock. P. H., of aald day, tli.
following itocrlbed land, and IrnemroU, to wit;
aitnntid in the Conaly of Vinton and Slate of
Ohio, and bounded and described aa tillomi; Bo
fining at the north-wait corner of Marina Ar.
ganbrlglit'ourjey. on Ihe weat bonr.dary ot wrc
tion aizteen, (111.) tlmrce north with Mid section
lineaerenteen chain, to Mi. noith west cornsr of
aaid aection thtleen, (16,) thence ett with the
north line of uid auction, fortvelnht (48) point to
stake on In. aertion line, then south .Tn
degree eaat eighty (80) chain, a- d ninty (MO)
link, to a oormr on Ihe aouth aide of aald section,
thence e-t three (3) polr. nd tw.lve (12) llik. to
a stake, thence south flfly-eirhl (68) chain- and
fifty (oil) link, to a stk, thvios wmtwardly
tirtv-.li (4il) pole, to the aouthut cmerof lh.
Martha ArnanbrlKht'a .urrey, thence with th.
east boundary of the Mid Martha Arjrtnhrlghr.
aurvey to the place of begining-. and eon sluing
on. bnndred and thirty (i:) acre, mora or less.
Appraised at Twenty-two hundred and wsnty.
flv. (2.S76) dollara, and must bring Iwo-lblrdsol
lint aum.
To be aold as the property of A. Arganbright A
Wife, to Mtiafy an order of -ale, Iwucd fn m th.
I'-onrt of Common Pleaa In favor of Samuel O.
TtRM OF SALE.-Cash in hand on day of
ceorqe kaler,
Mienrt Vinlon County.
X. 0. Zona. Att'y fcr Plal tiff.
Stptfib. 1873. t-w
A .Wert lac areata Iwertc4 as Hbe price.
Notice of Appointment.
Estate Enoch Rutter, deceased.
THK undersigned haa been appointed and
nu.aliftd aa exssutor of the will of fcnoch
HulUr. Ile of Vinlon county. deieased.
Ijated ,h 4,h -EL aV-TCLr?-
A to ok of m 'xc. homr.K how, hn
Mid where to adverliee, an.i containing a li.l
of nf arly S.tmo ncwapapera, will) much other
information to ail.er.iaera. Andrew UKO.
P. HOW EM. CO., Fwhllahern, 41 entk.
How, New York.
Which la adapted to
All Sewing Machines,
-NOTIHR particularly the .lap of H.C.
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ehimpa. 11. V. .OODBl II.
OtflYe and knlesrooiu ii Hbiie u, t:hi aKO,
Ilia. ataiinU
Attachment Notice.
Hugh R. Henilricke, plaintiff, againat Georje
bhull, defendant.
Before R. 8. Uaruhill, J. P. of Jnckaon town-
ship, Vinton county, Ohio.
ON the28lh day of Inly, A. n.1T3, aijrt
Justice iaaiii'd an older of allni hment in
tin aliove action lor Ihe nm of JMftU and
a.iid aue la et for hearing on the 13th 'ly of
September, A. I. l7:t. at I o'ewk. H M.
Hl'till K. HENiJlUCkg, plaintiff.
August iiu, l7:t, 8
Agents Wanted.
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tiyapepsln. Rick Headache,
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Unordered condition of the
tnmarh and liver. Muniifnc
itrA t.u IW. Uan'a hill, ra
Co , O.aegn, N, V. "3old by all druggista.
2 ct. and tl a bottle.
TU'I E, New Haven, Conn. Preparatory to
college or busincs.. (,'iiviiliirs sent on appli
cation. W.M. II. KUHtiKLL,. Piincipsl.
KHnXlZVVa'l'r"''''" wiln H"ncl Key
ITIWIlh. I ciieou omnia, catalogue, ami
Check omrlta
lull pHKuMiluri KKEK. 8,
Hannover St. , Boston.
M. bpiacis, 117
We cure the hnlit per.
'mnnenlly, chenp, quick,
Iwithout sullerinx or in.
I'onvenience. Uescrihe
vniircne. A'ldresiiS. U.
AK.MHI KONlt, M. I),
lie i r if n 8)riDK, Michigan
fei.tini er davl
Aeents atileil! All
wcrkimi neoMe. of
either an, V unit or old, make moie money
al work lor its ir. their spare mofV.enla, or all
Ihe tune, than anvlhing else. Particular free.
AdilroMiti. BllNsuN a CO., Portland, Mniue.
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ation ent tree, W. F I(MHELI. A Co ,
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Iishera' nine., date of establishment, si,
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nil n?t-p ipir in the United States and I'o
minion oft ana-in.
by mail. Addren Publishers, iNo 41 Paik
Row, N.Y.
Slate of OhloJ'lnton County
Ul 1U1 1
si i in i
John P. Coe, riainllff,
William and Hnchel Lee, Defeodanta.
7;t Vinton Couniy Court of Common
rteas An Order of Sale.
Pl'RlTST to the command of nn Order of
Side issued from the Court nf Conimn
I'lfus ul Vinton County, nnd lo me ihrected
a bherift of said county, I will oiler fm .ale al
the dor ol the Court House, in tho town o I
McArthur, Vtuton County, Ohio, on
Tuesday, the 16th Day of September
at Ihe hourofl o'clock, P. M. of said dny.the
fnllowiniilB'rilied hind, and te- e ms nn, sit.
uate in Vinton county, Oi.io, and bounded
and described as followa, to win The eolith
west quarter of Ihe soulh-eant quarter of sec
tion 18, lonililp 10, of range 18, containing
forty nnd forty seven one huniireths(4U47.ii)
acres. Also the south-west qiimtrr of the
nnrthenst quarter and the north-west quar
ter of tho Houth-ciut qnailer ol eeitionl8,
township 10. rane 18 containing eif(i,ty one
nnd tif een humlreths (HI la.lisi) acres. Also
the eat hall of the oiiih-wel quarter ot ace
tion 18. town.'hip u, if range 18, containing
eiluy I8l acres more or less, all of said lamia
lie.ng hi the iirict of land, aubjoct to sole at
Chilliuothe, Ohio.
Appratse.1 at eighteen hundred ll8n(l dot
lars and must bring two. thirds of that sum
To I aold aa tho properly of V illiam and
Rn-hel Lee, to sntisiy an order of eali , issued
from the Court ol t oimnon Plena ir. fnvor ol
John P. Coe, nnd also to satisfy a judgment in
favoi- of H. C. Jones lor Iiu7, and also a iud
rnent in favor ol Wm Murk for 1204 which are
declared to be Lena.
TEKMH OF bAI.K: rash in hsnd on Iht day
of aale. 44KOROE UAI.EH,
bhcnll Vinton t ounty.
Ci. H.GaosviNoa, Attorney for Plaintitl.
August 14, A. I. IS7.I. dw
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hroHlrrniK machine, send lor illu'trnted clr
cular, to the Mi-Kee Manufacturing Coinimnv.
Wflroadway.Kew York. lmyam
State of Ohio,VintonCountyts.
Joseph Stewart, Plaintiff,
William Dole and William Dolei, Jr.,
I3f TIJITOJf f'Ol'RT or ronxox
IURBUANT lo th command of an ordrr of
... M. I'""1 from "'Court of Common
I'leaa of Vinton Couniy, and to me directed a.
Hherift of aaid County, I will oner for sale at
the floor of Ihe Court Ho im, in th town of
1 cAnhur, Vioton Coiotr, Ohio, oo
Monday, the 29th Day of Beptemher,
at the hourofl o'clock p M. of said day. Ihe
following described IsmU and tenemenia sit
uate in the as i.l county of Vinton. anl fiate
of O 10, to wit: Ihe sonlh.west quarter nf
th south east quailerof etelinn ihiilv-si,
J.l'.j township nine, (ill and of Mag aeventeeo,
I7 containing kiriy 401 acre, more less
Appraised at four hundred 'olUra 4oo and
mu-t bring Iwo thirds of that sum
To he aold aa the propeity irf W llllam Dnlea,
to satisfy an orderof sale, Issued from the
mcMr" Common pleM' ln or of Joseph
TKRMSOFBALBs rash In hand on lh
dnyoful. VEORUR KAI.ER,
. Hhenlt Vinlon County.
AflKuatw, i8T8i (rf
Located at Aahland, th. S0?'??"
Indold Irnnsvlran'a. Bixcellege. In opera
S?,th mmy profeaaore, and .00 .lud.nt.
row- i State.. Entire feee for colleg.al lr,
xi. envoi in the law, medical and commer
cial college.. Boa, ding from M 10 per
week, ror catalogue, mm
MAS, regent, Lextngtou, Ky.
A Bne lot of
Also a full line of pun
fresh Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Fain ts,
and Dye
Stuffs, Perfum
ery, Soaps, Toilet Ar
ticles, Notions, Jewelry, etc,
1 large Lot ol . Xotloui at
very low Pricei.
North Side Main St, two Doom
West of Market,
mini mi
and dealer in all kind, of
careful, done, and Ihe imallest ilcturel
enlarged to any .lie, and
Finished in Oil,
or any other style that may be desired, at Ihf
Large anil finely flnl.hrd Fhetoaraak -can
be made from old aad faded, er
scratched picture.
Pictures of all kinds framed tv
an I all work arranted to giro lalisfaclioni
I may 1873
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in mv line.
A full stock of Gof
fins and Burial Cases
always onhand. Will
attend funerals w'!
Corner of High and Looust Street
7 marl 87.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock! Fruitiriower Plate"
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
no sci cs; 21 .t yean M greenhouie. 4 eat
alonea, tu rente. 31jnllm
V V A iV ' I ' 17 It ' ou aa4
iiv iuji women
Business that will Pay.
from 14 to M per day, can be pursued In toor
oi n neighborhood; it is a rar. chance lor
thosooui ol employment or having Insur
lime, girls and boya rreqoeotly do a aell aa
men. Particular, free.
. ic v.n J. LATHAM CO.,
IjdICw 192 Washington at., Boftoa, Man.

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