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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 25, 1873, Image 2

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 23, 1873
For GoTernor,
Lieutenant Governor,
Judge of Supreme Court, Full Term,
Judge of the Suprcmo Court, To fill
Treasurer of State,
Attorney General,
Comptroller of the TwMtiry, :
Hoard of Publie Wort,
Common Pleat Judge, 2d Subdivision,
7th Judicial uistrict,
rniLLir keck.
Prosecuting Attorney,
Judge Thurman, Credit Mobilier
and Salary Grab.
The burthen of Judge Tbur
man'B campaign speeches have
been Credit Mobilier and the
salary grab. The credit mo
bilier stock was placed before
Judge Thurrnan was a member
of the Senate, and consequent
ly no responsibility attaches to
him for that scandal. But let
U3 see how it is in regard to
the salary grab. Judge Thur
rnan ia a man of. influence
among the Democratic side in
that body. It was bis duty to
use his influence and his posi
tion as leader of his side to de
feat that odious meajure. Its
passage will cost the people
millions of dollars ot their hard
earned money. Let us see how
this man used his position as
leader and what was its effect
on the Democratic side of the
Did a respectable number of
Democratic Senators vote
steadily against it? Did he al
ways vote against it iu all the
various forms in which it was
presented? Did he fight it at
every step earnestly, honestly,
judiciously, with that power
which the people of Obio
might expect from their repre
seutative when a plan was on
foot to rob their treasury? One
would think he had to read
the speeches be is now making
before them. If be did he is
entitled to credit, if not he is
particeps criminit. It is a small
matter that he voted right on
the final vote, and that he
turned bis increased salary
back into the Treasury, lie
probably had sense enough to
know that he would not have
the shadow of chance lor
re-election a matter then
pending unless his recotd
was clear on that subject. Let
us see. Leaving Judge Thur
man out ot the count, at one
time and another pending the
final question every Democrat
ic Senator voted for the bill,
and on the final vote thirteen
voted for it and only four
against it. This is a mighty
poor showing for Lis side of the
Senate. But let us see if Mr
Thurrnan tried to induce a bet
ter showing. Actions some
times speak louder than words.
On one of the most important
votes, on a motion to re com
mit the appropriation bill to
the committee with ins true
tlons to erase all that part re
latlng to increase of salaries
where the vote was close,
Judge Tburroan, though pres
eat on the floor of the Senate,
failed to vote at all! That was
the interest be took, and that
the example he set. Is that
the part of an earnest oppo
nent of the measure? Did be
at any time make one earnest
appeal to his fellow members
to vote against the bill? Not
one word of that kind did be
utter. On the contrary be nev
er made but one solitary
speech on the subject, and that
was a short one ridiculing the
speech of a Republican who
bad just appealed to his fellow
members to spare the country
the disgrace of the passage of
a bill so infamous. ' And of all
the numerous motions which
were made by the astive oppo:
nents of the bill, Judge Thur
rnan offered none. With snch a
record on the part of the leader
is not the demoralisation of bis
followers explained? Does any
body belive that if Judge Thur
rnan had used such arguments
there as might have been used
by a stateman against that bill
that be might not have influ
enced the votes of other Sena
tors against it, and perhaps
enough to have defeated it) Is
not bis sin of omision in this
respect greater than the sins of
commission by some of the
lesser lights?
And to re-elect this man,
Democrats, you are now asked
to send a man to Columbus as
your Representative, whom it
is almost universally conceded
is unworthy, and in nowise fit
ted for the position. You are
asked to sacrifice your own in-
terests in order to advance the
personal interests of Judge
Thurman. Isn't it a little too
From Hamden Furnace.
HAMDEN, O., Sept. 18th, 1873.
Ed.Recubd: It is sometimes
supposed that the people
around a furnace are a rough
ignorant, class of people, but
each can not be said of the
citizens of this place, but on
the contrary, tbey are a moral,
upright, intelligent class. It
is seldom we see a person un
der the influence of ardent
spirits, seldom we hear a pro
fane wtrd and it is very sel
dom we hear a man say he
will support the ticket that the
Democratic ring of Vinton
nominated at their convention.
I have yet to hear a man say
he will support their nominee
for Representative. They show
their good sense by declaring
they will not vote for a man
who so frequently "lets a theif
in at the mouth to steal away
the brains," a man whose sen
timent so nearly accords with
the language of Byron:
"Fill the glasses again ; for 1 never
Felt the glow which now gladdens
my heart to the core;
Let in drink I who woqM not? since
through life's varied round,
In the glass and th cV'rcA my eltetisn
is found.
lie need not think his drink
ing qualifications if he has
any will gain votes for him
in this section, or that his Nas-
by principles will carry the
vote of the Methodist class at
Hamden Furnace. The Nasby
feeling was demonstrated here
last fall, and there will be a
clearer demonstration this fall
when Vinton will finish the
work of purilying some of our
county offices. Not one of ten
men who are boarding at the
house ot Mr. Bigley will vote
tor Mr Lyle or any other min
ister (?) of the gospel who will
try to diffuse the gospel with
his mouth and at the same time
commit the diabolical act of
diffusing the extract ot sod
corn and rye to his penitent
followers. I think tbe sensible
voters of Vinton county, will
convince him that tbe two in
gredients of his recommenda
tion, viz., religion and whisky,
will not mix at all.
The Nelsonville Miner is the
title of a newspaper just start
ed in Nelsonville by George
Cook, late of the Hocking Sen
tinel. It is a sprightly sheet
and devoted to the interests of
the Democracy.
We have also received the
first number of tbe Regimen
tal Flag, published by George
Raper, formerly of this office.
and a brother of tbe publisher
ot this paper. It is devoted to
chronicling tbe news of camp
life in New Mexico, and espe
cialiy that relating to tbe
Eighth U. S. Cavalry. It is
published at the headquarters
of that regiment, and is a new
featare in journalism.
The people are for Keck; the
ring-masters are for Belford.
He is their favorite.
E. R. Ocas writes a comma
nication to the Enquirer to say
thai our. statement that the
Rev. Harrison Lyle was
"churched" for drunkenness is
false. We don't know who Mr.
E. R.' Ogan is, or anything
about him. We haven't the
time to collect the evidence
for this week's issue, but if we
don't establish tbe substantial
truthfulness of our assertions
in next week's paper, we will
not go beating about the bush
about the matter, trying to
matte the people of Vinton
county believe a lie, as the En
quirer is in the habit of doing,
but will' make our retraction
so broad that Mr. Lyle will
have no cause to complain that
the article evet appeared in
the Record. We will see it we
can't find more "knowledge" of
this matter than Mr. Oitan
wants.the public to get hold of.
We know just about, what we
are doing and never make such
charges against candidates un
less we are satisfied that they
can be substantiated.
TaiEnquirer hasn't one word
to say about that blot the Rec
ord pointed out laBt week on
Auditor Bell'ord's books the
$90 grab given the ring. We
have .been trying ever since
last February to get it to say
something about it to defend
its party, its Auditor and its
ring, but it is as dumb as an
oyster. Why? - Because it
don't want the Democratic tax
payers oi Vinton to hear a
word about the matter; it
wants to hoodwink them into
support of its ticket. It hopes
that if it don't stir the matter
up that we will forget it, but
we intend to keep up the fire
until every voter in Vinton is
acquainted with tbe facts. We
would like to bear what the
ring organ has to say lor its
"best Auditor Vinton county
ever had," after its eight
months' silence.
Wm Griffith, Jr., of Galli-
polis, is writing letters to cap
italists and others all over the
country, who are likely to be
come interested in tbe G., Mc
A. & C. R. R., misrepresenting
everything along tbe line, or
connected with the road. His
letters are as lull of falsehoods
as they are of gross libels, and
may do harm where he is not
known. It is time the correct
ive should be applied without
The ring are concentrating
all their energies lor Lyle and
Bellord. They are their favor-
Legal Notice.
IrtLIANna BKNNandSael B.ar, her
whaaband, will take atxka that,unrMut to aa
ider of Ih Coaini'uloaar of Vinton tovaty.
Ohio, mad, at their soptember aeealo. A. O
1174, v.owtre M n ,nrv,yur wore directed le
moot el lb, tooth end of Market tra,l, in t he
town of hKArthar, In laid county, on Ih
30th Day of Ootobir, A. I). 1873,
at th, hour ef 10 o'clock In the atrenoon of hM
day to view and uny the roete ot eortaia
tunnty road piltkrd lor by Charlea Btrntt.
Juan t. Upock.y and oihon from Ih aoatb end
olMarket tr t la ibotnwaoiacArtaar, tnanc
oath about i degroM wwt a lino with aaid
treot Ihrouich the land, of Earn P Botliwoll,
Jaeeph Dal rid,, David W. Belr , Hamy Bob.
la, and In hem or Sarah nootf, doceaWMl. to n
puml in the coaler of Ihe Jeckoon mi aortk of
th realdenco ol Lovl Wyaian, thaco eowh
through the land of aaid WraMa t a otahe is
link writ of an apple tree, Mtr nath he of the
aid Wyaian', pitailae. Tim e enntk about a
eagre, out to aa no Ire oa tbe praaiin, ef
try tllion, tnencj eou' n anout oigiil ovgne weal
to a white oak tree near lb, iMidrnc of John
salt bd througli the pramiea ef Hi hair ol St.
fihen Halt, docoaMa, at Id but nlloma point be.
i. th plan of Ur-Hloua.
iinmu naaaaiT,
. Principal Pelitioaen.
September 15. 1871. 4w
Legal Notice.
V?LEA NOR BENNfcR and 8amol Beaner.
j'jher huaband. will take notice that onrau-
tni to a order of th Commiaaioner of Vin
ton county, Ohio, made at their rleptember
Maaion. A. U. II7S. viewer end a aurvevor
weredireo'ed to meet st the Ho Arthur Bas
tion ia aid tounty, oa the
24.h Daj of October, A. D. 1873,
at the hour of It o'clock In Ihe forenoon of
aid day to view and aurvev Ihe route of a
county road petitioned for by Philip Warner
ana otnera irem a pom, near tne mearinur
Station, from thence aoaih-eaate'ly with Hi
ttreet leading paet the dwelling hoiiM of Or-,
vill Gunning and through Ihe premieea of the
heir of Htophea halt. de'ed, togihe
weat line of the land and preinite, of kicnaril
Tinim. thence eaaterly through the land of
Mid iimma to th nort h-eat corner of the
noilh-we-d quarter of acclioo No. ten, lOjof
townahip No ten, (101 of Mnge No. eenleea,
1 17), thence eart on or near the ee tion line
through the 'and, of William Mailin, Patrick
Craig, Nelaon Hofihinea, teorge Craig, PhiU
in Warner, Uamilen furnace Co. and L'aniel
Hall In the eolith-ewe! corner of eeclicn No.
two, 2 of Mid townahip and range, thence
nortli-eaaterly direction through the land ol
Frederick England to a point In th county
road leading from Engl Furnac to Mc Arthur
about four 1 rode north of th bera on Mid
England' premiaM, the place of farminua.
Principal Petitioner.
September . 171. fv
U. H. CuipooLa, Attoray for Petitioner.
Legal Notice.
JOHI D. W JONIA, a arn-raaldent ef the
oou"ty of Vinton. Ohio, will take notice that
pai want to aa order of the Commkulooers of aaid
Viii Ion eoonty, Obio, mad at their gepuiabrr
eaiina A. D. 117 viewer, ,,4 a tnrraver were
directed to maet at th Wraof AUI Walla in
euanty.oa the
38th. Dy of October, A. S. 1873,
at Ike honr of 10 o'clock ia tk tbranoon of aaid
day, to view and anrvey tbe net. of a certaia eoaa
ty road pelitloned far by Maitin Doffjr aad otb
r froai e point near a pair of bar on Ihe praai
leaa of Abel Walla, at the fool of the hill on tbe
Wllkeaviile road, lb' c a aortbtrly dinwtlun
kmc th hoi teat and beet root tbruein lb
lead of Abel W.IU. of Job D W. Jonea,
Bartm vnney, of Heard Fletcher and of Araoa
Bulky, to poiet en Ihe Jackaoa road, at tar line
beiwoM tbe lud of Mid Alio, Hartley aid laid
dward Fletcher, the ple of termine
ABTIM ncrPT, Prlnclpel Petitioner,
epteaber 16, 1171. w
$72.00 EACH WEEI.
A lent wanted vrywhr. Buina triet
ly legitimate. Particular free. AddreM
W'KTfl,8lLoali, Ho Vpil7
Valuable Tavern Stand
ISHlNut to retire from uin I offer
lor Ml my larera iUnrf knows u th
Baufjhman House, Zaletkl.
Toil hoar if doing a too bullae, Is
, And M Inn
Principal Hotel 1st Zaleakl.
It In timet aew. ha lately been Improved
aad fettled throughout, hu all modern In
provemeala, nod good ateblmg Mflleient to
to accommodate the run of tuilom of the
houae. The noun, tM, furniture, nude?.
,r jilting In complete hape for a men to ink
right huid, will be told, at n bargain, and oa
liberal payment. To ny men who under
tend, tne hotel buaineu, thie I, no opportu
nity teldom ottered, a the fcouee U making
big moor j oo ih, amount invented. If any
man wlabc te-buy let him call oa me, and I
will ooaeearlac him that there i, money
in it. WM. UVOHMia,
gisept Zaleakl, Ohio.
Guardian's Notice.
Probata Court, Ft I' County, Ohio.
N 01 ICS It hereby given that Eraal Fither,
aa guardian of cvrnat Fiaher Holea, a mi.
aor, hae filed bit account with bia Mid ward
for final settlements and the stanch, eel for
heanag on tbe lllh day of October, A. D. UTS,
at le o'clock, A. at. H.U.MAiO.
Probata Judg.
September 15,1873. . t
Oa manhood, womanhood, and their mutual
inter relation; lore, ite lawa, power, eta.
Agenta are oiling Irora U to M copio a da,,
and weeead a eanvaaaing book free to any
book gebt. Addrese. atailng experience, eta ,
YORKER. the ereallllualrat.
led (iineul'uraT and family
weeklf. la the etandard authority upon pro
tKl aubieuta and a h ghtoned literary jour
aal. Only W.Se a yeer, leaa to eiube. Great
Sromiura or eeen eommlaaion to agenta.
irM Realtor, Oct. to Jan. On trial, for only
fil'ty cental Premium liele, 0., Mai free to
all trial auhaenbefe. Addreas D. D. I.
MOORE, New York City.
MFiAf I)fA!Now ready foragenli.Hem
HtXl DUUlWeinthe Hible, by lianiel
March, b. U., author of "Night Scene in the
Bible" and "Our Father" Houae," of which
nearly HO.UOO copiea of each were eold.
ZIKOLER M'CUKllY, Ml W. tin at., Cin
cinnati, O.
J AfY'arm.r and tarmeta' ion during the
lvUfall and winter month to do buaineae
in their own and adioioing townahip. Wnl
a raiipeelable, eaay and paya well. For
Particular, eddre.a . S. bCKANTOh CO.,
lartford, Conn. -
Tne Scientific American I the cheapest and
beit illiiHtnttexl weekly papar pubhahed. Ev
ery number contain, from 10 to la original
engraving of new machinery, novel invn
tion. bridge, enrinrering woika, architec
ture, Improved farm implement,, and every
new diaoovery in hcmielry. A year' num.
bera couUm Mi page and evml hundred
engraving. Thouaand, of volume, .re pre
nerved for binding and reference. The prac
Ileal receipt- are-well worth ten time the
aiiliecnptioo price. Term 13 n ymr by mail.
Specimen aent free. Hay be had of all new,,
dealer. PATEJITS obtained on the bent
teima, model Of new invention and altetch.
e xamlnd, and full direction for obtaining
patentev A ldr for the paper or, concern,
ing patente, HUNK A CO, 87 Park Row, N Y
Branch office, corner Find 7th ata, W Halting
too, DO
Solid BBack
mVMVU BaratlKK. No mlae berk, n..
waruini or arlitltit Received Ihe great nnld
medal ol honurol the American InaiiluSe. 1x1
Full aiM Mine) and jrlce li-1 nt, pnawtaid
on receipt of AUtoewS WtMJVBUkY. BHUflU
CU, M Chamber, Mm
Largeat alk to Ihe wel( line aeeortinent,
extra qimlity; peeked to go aafely any die
lance SatUmcllon guaranteed I rice low
by hundred or by liuuaand A full anon.
menioi oiner ire, nriiDa, pinnia, eta it
Itiatrnted eatalogim nl t,e to applicant
ROBANFOKO, V'oUmbu Nureery, Colum
but, O
The cheapest and beat In Ih murart Wor
ranted to tie eirnuaiing ppeclat induce
mente to WMliing machine agent and Ih
country trad Lilrnl term Agent wanted
Send for circular ANEB1CAM HA.
CHIME C' Manufacturer and patentee,
office, 4M Walnut at, Philadelphia, Pa .
1 mt wtti a
Agents Wanted.
Domestio Sewing Machine Co. H". Y.
Preaervetl.e handaand mak. hutkingeaay
Made of Ih very beet material (Umple pair,
inn giovoa, z ee; nan giovee 11 as; bent pre
paid, lo any poat otic addrea on receipt t
6 rice Aek your merchant lor Ihena, or addrea
ll' HuaiRtiieva Co, Its south Clinton
r i fvvrffTi if ri' for bun chim
u,.ue by Pu'TME ATWOOD. pro
duce h larcet light Can ke tiaed on aay
com on tamp ror aai ny an tamp dealer
Hikttm CAHD miNTER Agnta
wanted 0 H MOKdK. Kocheater, N T
A bow either leg may fuel uate and cain
the love and affection of one nrae thee
chooae. inaleatly Thia impl mental ac
quirement all ca poea, free by mail lor U
cenla; together with a Marriage (uide,Egypt-
lan urarte, dreama, ainta to laoiea A queer
book luo.ooo eold Adilre T WILLIAM A
Cu Pnbiiahar, Philadelphia.
inn in arlWR IRI ASKED l)II.T
linidlllWUT IT 18 THAT THE
lave inch a large Ml with ee little adverti.
ing Th reeled iaa very aimpl on Th
Bitter have real merit, are eold at a re
aonable price, and the dccdI enoreeiate them
Manufactured by Poor Man' Bitter Co,
uawrgo, (i, i. rsolc by all druggist.
ttavine atrnceled twentv veer
between life and death with Attn
ma or Phthialo, I eipetiroented
myaelf by compounding root
and herb, and inhaling the med
icine mua ohtaioea. J lortunate-
y diacorered a moat wonderful
remedy and u re cure for Athma
hod Ita. kind red dteaeea. War
ranted to relieve the Mvereat paroiyamin-
tently, o the patient eai lie down to real and
lep comfortably. ONK TRIAL PACKAGE
dreM D.LANGEI,L,Apple Creek, Wayne Co..O
LVf W I? MMEI', andboyi want
VV 1 M VjW ed to ell our French and
American Jewelry, Boofce, Game. Ac. in their
own localiuei Ro capital needed Catalegue,
Term. Ac eenl raaa P 0 V1CEERT A CO,
Augnata, Main
CKne)Arer day! Agent wasted! All
ytOdtatUeiu,,. gf ve,,ing people, of
miner ax, v nng or on, mane mote money
at work for o in their aoare moment, or all
the time, thaa anything eiac. Particular free.
Addrea O. bTlNtJUN A CO., Portlaod.Maine.
Dn. Bowibs, Dentist, McAr
I al
a '
SEPTEMBER 15th, 1873.
JBtpy Goods
Paint and Second ttreet.
WOVLtt reapectrally Invite th attentiea
of buyer to hi (lock of
O fie red at wholeaal price aa low at aaj
ia any olhar mark!.
' Bar oa Sal fall tin of
Browa A, Bleached Maallat,
CallcB,CtaeckB,8tilpeaf '
Glagbaas, Caata flaa
White and Gray Blankets
01, fccllltlee for buaine, are nneqaalled,
enabling htm to Oder indwCementa to Ihe
trad qual lo any other houie. lep
State of OMotVintonCounttf,$8.
Joseph Stewart, Plaintiff,
William DoJei and William Dole, Jr.,
Iff TIXTOir covbt or COMMOJf
Tl'R8UANT to the command of an order of
H OMie irauea irom tne vourt oi tommoi
Pleaa of Vinton County, and to me directed a
Hherifl of Mid County, I will otter for aalc at
the door of the Court tlo iae, in the town of
I (Arthur, Vinton Conaty, Ohio,
Mondaj, the 29th Day of September,
at the hour of I o'clock P. M. of Mid day, the
rollowing derenbed lamia ani tenement ell
iptic in Ih aid county of Vinton, and Slate
of O to, to wit: Ihe soiilh-weat quarter ol
Ihe aouth eant quarter of notion liiirlr ait,
townahip nine, () and of rang nineteen,
in containing lorly tu acrea, more leaa.
a,irarii ai mor uiin,ireu .unai.,iwiau
ntiat bring two thirda of that ,'im.
To be anid aa Ihe property of William Dole.
to aaliefy nn order of eale, ieaued from Ihe
Court of Common Pla, in favor of Joaeph
TKK MS OP BALE I r,ah in hand nn Ih
dnyof.ttle. (IEORVE KALEB,
, nnrrin vinion uounty.
On-1 and Meflauvaat, Art') lorplainliS
Jfcvtietttt, ram. fw
The Host Desirable Ees-
dence in If oArthur.
1 OFFER for iale my reauleai-e on North
atreei. It ronll,uf a ,nN-ndid dwelling
houae, well rtni.hed, ineide and out, with
eight voomennd good cellnr. A gomi office
building, liable, wood and coaI houneandotli
er nc-earjr out buildiDK". The pr-mite
ooniainS nc're,iiu'luding I acre of inea.-J,
alllhriny Hearing vine.; there are alan thirty
hearing ippte tree Dcet varirty oi vraneu
fruit, twenly.fiv bearing peach tree beet
budded fruil, cherriea, quiiwiea, plum,, and a
variety of email fruit K or further particular
Inquire at the ofhee of thi, paper, or at the
premtees. irm eay.
j a . a a nn. . inn.
a rejourn a. b.
Statt of PMo, Jachon County.
David L. Wadsworth, Plaintiff,
The Wellington Manufacturing Com
pany and otbers, Defendant,
in jAfKsos mvttTY cottar or
pURSUANT to th command of an Order of
Ml raie laauan irom ine lOiiri or common
Flaaa of Jackeon County and to me directed
aabheriff .f Vinton eonnty. twill oflei forule
at the door el Ihe Court H ooae, in Ih towa of
McArthur, Tint County, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 11 f A Day 0 Octoler, 1873
at the honr of 1 o'clock P. M. of aaid day th
following landa ami tenement, aituat in the
county f Villon and ktate of Oh to, to wit;
' The aoulh west quarter of the aonth-weal
Quarter and th outheat Quarter of !
eouth-eat quarter of unction luirty-lwo, (31)
uwnenip nine, a, range nineteen, ana me
outh hall of th aoulh-weit nuarter of aee
lion thirty three Kl. townahip nine, I, rang
nineteen, .
Appraised at four hundred dollar, 1400,
and muat bring two, thirda of that aum.
To be aold aa the property of Th Welling
ton Manufacturinc Comoanv. t- tatiatv an or.
der of ale, iaaued from Ihe Court ol Common
riraa In mvor oruavlo L. Wadaworth.
Bhrnltol Vinteneenaly.
Jawi Taire, Attorney for plaiatiB.
beptll, K73. Iw
State ef Ohio, Vlntan Ceawtyi
Bamoel 0. Griffin, Plaintiff,
A. Arganbright k Wife, Defendants,
in TiiT?r rwtrwTT rmT er
PURSUANT to the command of an order of
tale iaaued from the Court of Common
Plea of Vinton County, and to me directed
a 8he.nl' of aaid County, 1 will offer for eale
in front of the Court Houae in tha town of
McArthar,Vintoa County, Obio, oa
Saturday, the 4th Dav of October,
A. D. 1873.
at the hear of t o'clock. F. M ., of M day, the
following deaerlbed land. nd leneetenta, to-wlt;
eitnaUd in tbe Conaty of Vinton and Bute of
Ohio, and bonded and described aa lullona: Be
giningal Ih nottb-WMt onrnerof Martha Ar
gaabright' mi ,y, on th weal bonLdary ol aee
tioe aUleea, (lit.) thence north with aaid eetio
line aeventee chain to lb north wet corner of
aid e-clioa rilleea, (IS,) thence el with Ih
north line of .aid auction, trty-ight (4S) pole le
n atak oa th nrtion lln, thence aonth aWvea
degrei eaat eighty (u) chain dainty (W)
link to corner on the aonth tide of Hid .action,
tnnc .t three (3) pole and twelve (12) llaki lo
natake, thence aonth Sfly-eie-hl (M) chain, and
Sfty, (on) link to euke, thence wedwardly
lbrtyli (4U) pole to the nnth-eat wa-nr of lb
Martha Araanbrlght'a Mrvey, tneoce with Ih,
eeet boandary of la aaid Martha Arganbright1
urvey to the place of beglnlng. and eun alolng
one k and red and thirty (ISO) acre mor or le.
Appralaedat Twenty-two hundred and aeventy
S, (S.STA) dollar, and But bring two-third ol
I hit earn.
To b. aold M th property of A. Arganbright A
Wife, to aatiely an order of ak), I waned from lb
Conrt of ComcM) Flea la fcvor of baaaaal 0,
TERM" OF SALBCuh IB hand ea dav of
bhenff Vintoa Conatr.
B. 0. love. Atfy t rialultf.
tepttta, 1171. . -W
' ira.
Alwaysleepa aFollLineof
Fresh Dru g, Palhta, 011a, Varnlihes,
Dye Stuffa, aod Tan Liquors tor Me
dicinal purpotet.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps, Hair
Oils, Pomade, Hair, Nail, Tooth, Fltth
nd Clothes Brush, Comb.
t T
School Books, Blank BooVi, Copy
Books, Pens, Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, Slatei.
Fine Cut, Plujf. thewlnjrand Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigar, Pipea.
lanterns, Lamp,Chimneyi, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A full line of Gold.Coral, Jet, Top. a,
Amethydt, Ajate,GArnttt!;t, Brace
lets, Finger uud Ear Hinge, Necklaces
Sleeve Butt jus.
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin and Guitar Strluxs.
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys.
1 am also agent for all the lMnga
sines, Perludlcdls, Literary and Dully
Papers, which I fumkh from three
days to week in advance of those
furnlahed by mall.
All of the Above, and a
Ihousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
T.A. Kfellor'a Adyertiaeraent
AM determined to Hi out my Bnntmer
ca or
Ready-made Clothing,
Dry Goods and
lo mak room for my Fall Stock, and for that
purpo am offering every thiol la that line
All ef Iheee good in adapted to tt ia narticu
lar aeaann. and many are auitnble for ate fell
wear, beina lte ourchaae. 1 am determined
to keep nothing ovr aa I want the room for
my new tall chick, and am om-rug auch bar
gaia aa can not be obtained eleewhere ID Ihe
county. Come and eee me. I am hound to
elocc outth atock and will make it an in
ducement foronalomer lo come out of their
way to make purchaaec.
v - . 1.A na . e..n n.. r
Graccrlea, qn ? ware, Ta
aie aaa rocaet tunery
aad Notion at a
I ffliallenge a Compar
son of Stock and
Difhest Rlarkct Price
Paid ror Country
OIt aie a cftll-at Mrs. SoIuri
Old Bund.
. tlWB(llTt
ClosiM ost SalB
103 Main Street,
Makes pfotelly ef ...
Fine Watches and Clocks,
Give . Him A. CalU
llaepl UTS
, . AwaaaoiT TBI
American Institute,
F0 , .. .
Embroidering and Fluting Ksohinif,
"It i iogeaioua and will meet th weal of
vary matron in Ih land.'' ,
Kxhlbttke f ISTt.
Joha E. Oavit, Ree. Sec'y; F. A. Barnard,
rr.) oamuat v,..'iim,aa, iorraapoauig
. Dew yen, novemncr 10, ina
Thia alniple and lna-mm, maehin taaa.
nteful aa llif eewin machine, aad unii b'
coming popular with ladiea, in Ihe place of
xpenaiv nieuie won, 11 worn neiag muci
mor handaome, requiring wittrh lee lime;
end not oiilrnth rait fl.c etpena. No la
dy'e toilet I. complete without it A machiae
with illbetrated cinrular and lull inairaetioaa
enl nn receipt of f 1 or fiutebed m nlrer plat
lor ii ia. -
Addrea., "The McKc ManwfltetwrfaNf C
tsriiaoway. irw iwra.
I recomm.n led by medioal practitioner
and a apei dv i lire guaranteed for cilcl, '
cough, valnrrt', aathm. I rowhilia, apitling
Mood, conaumplien, anl all puimnnMy cone
plainle. Kidney 'Heeaeea ami all H-clioii of
tne urinal organ ,ierfeclly haimleea Irea
fro n mineral or alcohtdic properliea pleaa.
ant to lake and never know p fail Pre e II
per bnllle. Kull parlicnlu(a with medical leaw
limnny end rerliHi-aie, eent mi nppheliiin.
Addrea, I,. K. TUE A CO., 14 deieath Av
enue New Vnrk. Keep
Darts from the Deviljor CnpidAbnsedi
A book jilal laeiled, rxpnaing Ihe peraonala'i
that have appeared in Ihe new loi ncwa.'
paper,: their hietory and leaaon. Htyliah vll-
lim fully exiMMed . Ailveili.emeuta front
ueapern'e men to beaui'itu women; clanite''
line mtetmga; how (run rated; the hietory ef
theUoodrien Imgedv, ih re, nil ol a'-pereoa.
al." Iteauriplion ol living liroadway alatiiee.
Expoae aocial corruption. Cent on recetpi-
of 50 cent. Addrea I'aique Frmling Hetrae,
36 Veey at., N. V. IS-ep
Tha Brrkerllh tO Family cwtaa Ma
chine 30 lkwy Trial, mmy ailvnniuge
over an. naii.iwiinn guaranteeti, or TP' re.
funded, foul oomiilete with full direcitoa.
Rcckwilh i-ein Machine Co .etvi Bieedwnv.
New Vork. laael
A mnimprit tmremtwm. Hidd by The hlaatta
True, t'o , Mo. r.S3 Kroadway, R. Y. City. II
ret una riii lnre ahanlulely In eaae and com.
fort muhl and day, at all limee, and under all '.
ciri'iimalamea, withnulany exception whiil
ever in nny raee, end ehnuid never he taken .
of! flaring the abort time nquiail In rflerl a
ptrrunn.nl cure. Pent ny nun, t irourarc
ire. Any druvgial or phVeii'ian will oner,
Dim new irua, fr ynu wilhiul extra iharge.
L API Oi:s,
Which ia adapted to
All Sewing Machines, ..
NOTICF, particularly Ih alar p of H . C-
GOtl)HICH, Chicago, III,., with Ave pale
tamp. IS. (.OtlORK U,
Utile and fcaleerooin toi blate at., Dim ki.
I II. gaiigft
A XVKJKJ M-Jix I'll a. A A vXl
Tintcn County, Ohio, September S, t-T'l. f
Te the Qwafllfe Tter rVlnta Cawnty,
uai I ,
, '
WHEREAS, By the law ef Ohio regulating,
election, it I reitNiied ot In bnenftof
hit county to give notice bekte rtee Dine of
holding n general election fry prochmtion,
thrnugliont. Ihe couniy.of the tim wah
auch election thall he holdea I
In puranance of auch reanwrrmn, r.
OEOHtlE KALER. Hherilt of Tinto
count', Ohio, ao hereby proclaim aad maitai .
xoown mat in
Secopd Tueidaj (n October, A.D.1873
(Being the 14f4 Day of said Month.)
la hy th Conatitulion and law of Ohio, p
poinled tie day on which Ihe qualifeed elect'
oi of Vinton county are notified te aae.l ia .
their reepective townahip, at thetr neaal c -proper
place of bubling electiena between '
the hour, of a o'clock In the forenoon ul
o'i'IcH'k ia the afternoon of aaid dav . and Ihea
and there proceed I vote by bU4 for lit
following orttcer-, lo-wit;
on itmaranr air iiw oan. oi ,f nn.,
One Ijcwnewl Governor Ibr the Stale crohlo,
One Judge of the Supreme Ceort for Ihe lone;
term lor the slate of Ohio;
One Judge ef Ihe nopretne Court tor th aherl
term for th Hint ef Ohio-,
One Treasurer tor tne Bute ol Ohio;
One Attorney General for Ihe Slato of Ohio;
One Comptroller ol the Treasury br Ih Hut
One Member ol the Board of Fubll W ark for
the Blate of Ohio.
On Senator for the Senatorial frtatrtet com
poaed of Ihe connlie ef Vinton, Uallia,
Meira and Ijiwrence:
One Judge of the Cou't l Common Flew for
tnetaecono; BUDdiviaioei,or tne oevemn jup
dical Ihelnet.compoaed ef the eonntieeot
Vinton, Jackaon, Lawrence, Scioto andi
-r -
On Rcpreaentatlv IB th Legi.latur for
- Vinton Oountr; -
On auditor for Vinton County; '
One Proaecnting Attorney for Vinton covniy;
One H nrvavor for V inton County: ...
On Comuiiionr for Vintoa County.
And the Trnatee of th aeveral townahip
In aaid county are hereby notified that Ihe fol-
lowing numhef of Juror are apportioned to,
their townahip nreepecUvely, and that they
are required to .elect .the aid number and
make return thereof lo the Clerk of Ih Court
of Common Pleaa, together with tha PolU
Bock. . ..-.
Elk. .
Raffle .
Harrison . . .
Clinton ,
Jackson ....
... 8
... 4
... S
... 9
... 8
... 7
Given nnder my hand, at my efflee. Is Me
Arthur, thi 4th day of September, K. D. 1;S
ruentl of Vintoa County.
Beplember 4,173. 4w .
Administrator's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio,
NOTICE hi hereby given that Harvey Rob.
bin, administrator of Ihe ealcte of Jamea
Robbin, dereaaed, ha Sled hi account w itbt
laid estate for partial ettlenent,nd thatth
same ia act lor hearing tha Uth day of Octo-
UrlSTS. H. B. Ma TO, .
Prokat Judge.
S,U,llTa.. ttv.-

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