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TI1UKS1.VY. OUT. 2. 1873.
Fur fiovernor,
Lieutenant (iovernor,
JuJe of Supreme Court, fa Tet'a,
Judgo of the fnprtme O.urt, To fill
Treasurer of State,
Attorney General,
Comptroller of the Treninry.
Board of Publio Works,
Common Pleas JuJe, 2d Subdivision,
7th Judicial District,
Prosecuting Attorney,
Brown T. It. James and Isrtao An
Clinton Jits. W.Yeeley and John Dill.
Jucknon Dr. Ss. C. Teetois and Oliver
Kiclilund I. N. Lottridge and E.
Madison G. E. Atkison, D. Duncan
and H. J. Norton.
Knox Levi Hobinet and Aaron Mar-
Swan R. F. Johnson, I. F. Sain ond
m. I'yle.
Wilkes John Miller, W. C. Cline ond
A. A' Crowcll.
Elk G. V. VVnxler, Enos. T. Win-
tera and Henry llerruld.
Eagle Wm. Jt. V aple and Jesse Hay.
Iiairison Marcus II. Walker, Peter
Vinton Harrison Campbell, Andrew
We Lave already shown that
Ibe sum received for indexing
uy Gov. Noyes as Probate
Judge of Hamilton county was
less than that now being paid
to the Democratic Probate
Judge of Vinton county for the
same work in proportion to the
size of the two counties and
amount of work to be done.
Tbe Enquirer says there was
no warrant of law for the work,
and advises the Prosecuting
Attorney of Hamilton couuty
to bring suit to recover the
money paid Noyes. As both
Probate Judges did exactly the
same kind of work, and both
received contracts in exactly
the same manner, wby does
the Enquirer run so far away
from borne to get up a suii?
Why don't it advise the Pros
editing Attorney of Vinton
county to bring suit against
Judge Mayo? Simply because
J udge Mayo is a Democrat, and
it would shield him if it knew
be was stealing! By the above
remark we do not wish to cast
any unjust reflections upon
Judge Mayo, but only to re
mind Democrats that every
word they have yet said, and
that they can say, about Gov
Noyee as Probate Judge of
Hamilton county reflects upon
Judge Mayo and the Commis
sioners of this county. 'Now,
if there is anything in it, wby
din't their Democratic Prosecu
ling Attorney of Vinton coun
ty commence right here and
clean the dire from our own
. door, and get back our own
soney paici Judge Mayo under
an "unlawful contract?" There
i3 its much in one as there is
ixt- tne other, and we think
tfcete'd nothing in either; but
tbe Enquirer exhibits its uii
fairness and political dish on
esty when it denounces if s op
ponents and calls them thieves',
while it serenes Its political
friends who are equally guilty -if
there be any guilt
A full Republican vote
ought to give us the State by
at least 30,000 majority. As
this is the off-year in politics,
jl will probably tall below this,
but we call upon our Iriends to
exert thejnsslves to bring out
every vote that can be reach
ed. To be over confident, i
to invite deleai; to labor es If
9 eiwcle vu,e WHtf to decj.Ie the
content id to secure a biiuuul
Last January, Mr. BelforJ,
Auditor of Vinton county, and
now candidate lor re election
on the Ring ticket, advertised
for proposals for building an
Infirmary, without having pre
viously given four week's no
tice to the people that he
would receive petitions for aud
or against the same, as is
required by the law. lie
worded his advertisement so
that the contract for building
tbe house was let under it, not
to the LOWEST, but to the
people thereby lost &970,
the bid that was accept
ed being; that much
greater than the lowest
bid offered. This is no new
matter just sprung. We have
been ever siuce last February
trying to get the Enquirer to
delend this "grab" which Mr.
Belford this "best Auditor
Vinton county ever had" se
cured for the Ring by his strat
egical advertising. We can't
get it to say a word. It don't
want the Democrats of Vinton
county to hear of it. It knows
that it was a clean grab ot
$970 given to the King; that
the honest, tax-paying Democ
racy of the county will not en
dorse or re-elect any man who
connived at letting them have
it, by neglecting or refusing to
perform his full legal duty.
For eight monihs we have
tried to get the Enquirer to
face the music publicly, but
not one word will it say. While
it lias remained mute though,
the ringmasters attempt to ex
plain by going around quietly
and saying what they know is
untrue that Belford has no re
sponsibility in the matter; that
it was the Commissioners who
did it all. The' are willing to
sacrifice Mr. Kelly if they can
only save their own Billy Bel
ford, whom they delight to say
is the best Auditor ever they
had. They can stand it to
throw Kelly overboard as their
'tub for the whale'' if they can
only carry Belford through.
We have no defense to oiler for
tbe Commissioner's part in the
matter; but Mr. Bdlford is re
sponsible for his own short
comings. The law directs that
he shall attend to his own du
ties, and the Commissioners are
not responsible for his neglect
or bungling.
Our readers will remember
that Fairfield county has sul
tered a loss of 142,000, stolen
Irom them by the Democratic
ring of that county. Uen.
Thomas Ewing, the mo6t prom
inent Democrat ot the country,
said in the Constitutional Con
vention that if there had been
one Republican member on
the Fairfield county Board ol
Commissioners or a Republi
can Auditor or Treasurer, the
people would have escaped
their terrible losses by thievery
and unlawful expenditure of
public money. Why? Because
the ring that was running the
Court House and plundering
the people had a community
of interests, political and other
wise, and hid each othe.'d plun
derings, knowing that the ex
posure of one was the exposure
of all. Voters, apply the same
rule here for self-protection. It
you had had a Republican Au
ditor in this county, or any
ctther man who was opposed to
the IMcArthur tax-eater's ring,
in the matter of the Infirmary
bui'ding you would have saved
Mb. Bay'u son-in-law nor
"Bill" Yaple have neither writ
ten an j thing for I he Recoi l,
nor lurui-iht-d U3 inlurruatiitn
noon wh'ch we have written
No Dun chat can say a sin
gle wnrd against the Republi
can administration ot 'Slate af
lairs. Not one word.
Was this our Own Harrison
Was this our Own Harrison Lyle?
[From the New York Wild Oats.]
An individual, dressed in
seedy black, entered a saloon
in Nassau 6treet, the other day,
and stood in front of a party
of young men who were drink
ing, lie bad a long, white
face, but a very suspiciously
tinted nose. "My friends," he
said,1 have you ever heard of
the Midnight Mission? You
don't answer me. Then I take
it for granted that you never
heard ol it; but 1 will tell you
what it is. The Midnight Mis
sion is an institution got up by
the Young Men's Christian As
sociation and other good socie
ties for the purpose of enter
ing the very depths of vice
and bringing sinners from the
paths ot hell. Now the mis
sion that I am on at present is
of a somewhat similar charac
t t. It is my 'self-impose J du
ty to visit the bar rooms of
this wicked city, and endeavor
to lead young men from the
broad road that leads dovn to
the drunkard's grave."
"Here, that's enough; you
take a walk," said the bar-tend
er, pointing to the door.
"The country is swarming
with fanatics all reformers
now," said a stout old gentle
man, after gazing seriously on
the debris of his brandy-smash.
"Pshaw!" exclaimed an evil-
minded customer, "he is an
old bummer. Look at hi nose."
"Not at all, t'r, ilaCs the Rev
erend II L of Allens-
ville, said a bystander.
On bearing the last remark
a customer awacvar in a cor.
ner descend d fron a brrrel
and in two or three ticks
reached the stranger, lor ked at
him from head to foot, and
6tamered out:
".Say, trr-r-uly good ma,
judging from your sign-board
you take your eofee. What will
yon havcf"
"I'll taTce a little Bourbon,"
was the reply, and the stranger
dropped his holy expression of
countenance and grinned from
ear to ear.
Neal and Thurman Again.
We publish a rather lengthy-
article on the first page in re
gard to the Neal, Thurman, and
the salary bill. Since that waj
in type we learn something
more from the Cincinnati Com
mercial which has an indirect
bearing on the subject. It ap
pears that pending the final
vote on the salary question
Mr. Neal was present in the
United StateSenate with Judge
I'hurman. Mr. Stewart of Ne
vada had just made a speech
in favor of the bill. Judge
Thurman congratulated him on
the speech, and said, "Stewart
you are right. You are exactly
right." He then turned to
his seat, which was occupied
by Meal, of Chillicothe. Mr.
Neal immediately commenced
a long and earnest conversa
tion with the Senator, who
p lid the closest attention and
was visibly affected by what
Mr. Neal was saying. Imme
diately thereafter the vote was
taken, and Mr. Tburman voted
against the bill. Hon. John
Q Smith, who witnessed the
whole scene, and furnished the
information to the Commercial,
was surprised at Thurman's
vote against the bill when he
had just been talking for it,
and could not account for it
unless it was influenced by Mr.
Neal's conversation. So it ap
pears after all that what lit Me
credit Judge Thurman has in
the salary business he borrows
from tbe man the Democratic
Central Committe, through
Bowen, declared was not fit to
speak to the people from tbe
same slump with Thurman.
That 970 blot is still on Mr.
Belford's books, and tbe En
quirer, having its particnlar at-
.tMitiort called to if, does not
ry to erase it. It can't be
ubbed out.
Dr. BAiuDhas been danger
ously ill of typhoid fever dur
ing the past week, but we ara
glad to loam is improving.
Toe workers for the ring are
spreading the report that Mr.
Keck is illiterate can scarcely
write bis name that he got
the books of Wilkesville (own
ship in such a mess when be
was Township Clerk that neith
er head nor tail could be made
of them; ia short that Mr.
Keck is unfitted for the office of
Auditor by lack of education.
Now, every word of the report
is false, and they know it. Tbe
truth i that Mr. Keck is one
among the best penmen and
rapid writers and accountants
in tbe county, is a plain, cour
teous 'gentleman and has the
knowledge and ability to fill
any office v, itbin the gift of our
people with credit to himself
and satisfaction to the public,
and his books as well as his
manner and success in conduct
ing his own business, bear us
out-in the assertion. He sur
passes MrBelford in the cler
ical qualifications, as well as in
the more important quahfica
tions of opposition to Ibe Mc-
Arthur tax-outer's ring. The
troublo with the ring is that
they can not control him ii
elected; that he has the good
sense and stability of charac
ter, to be an efficient aid to the
people In breaking their hold
upon the County Treasury.
How Dje j tbe Enquirer know
that we charged the county a
"large price"for publishing the
Auditors advertisement for
proposals for building the In
firmary? We have never bund
ed in any bill lor the work; but
when we hand it in, it will be
exactly the same amount the
Enquirer charged; for the ad
vertisement was in each paper
the same number of times, oc
cupied the same space, and
we both charge the same rates
for that kind of work. Better
attend to that S970. There is
more in that.
"He ia too honest to ever be
elected , to office in Vinton
county,'' was the compliment
which r-ne of McArthur's
knowing Democrats passed up
on Mr Keck, after conversing
with him last Saturday. We
will see about that; we will see
which js to count the most
with our people acknowl
edged sterling honesty, or the
cunning and craft of the poli
ticians, which lie, cheat and
steal for private gain.
Tuk Republicans ot Vinton
county have nominated a
6trong ticket. Hon. T. M. Bay,
present, member has been nom
inated for Representative. His
opponent is Harrison Lyle,wbo,
the Record says, was recntly
turned qui of the Nasby Church
for drunkenness.
Wm J. RanueliS is candidate
lor Prosecuting Attorney. lis
is a good man for the place.
Wo are not personally ac
quainted with the other candi
Jackson Standard.
When the Enquirer wants to
say a.iylhing that it thinks is a
little meaner than usual it pub
lishes it as a communication.
That is too thin, and was worn
through long ago. Bowei.'o
ear marks appear too plain to
deceive any person by signing
"Republican" "Working, ""In
dignant"' or otherwise.
Thk money panic seems to
have subsided, although busi
ness at the great money cen
tres has not yet fully resumed
its regular channels. Every
thing looks hopctuT, and points
to returning confidence.
Thb Enquirer don't want the
Democrats to know that the
Ring skinned the people of the
county out of $970, through
Belford, on the Infirmary con
tract. Will you take tbe
trouble to tell them about it.
Thirty teams were at work
ou the railroad yesterday, and
the force was !o be increased
this morning. The woik Is prc
gn singmost satisfactorily.
Tiik Gallipoli9 Ledger, here
tofore independent in politics,
has hoisted the Republican
ticket and is doing battle for
its election.
[From the Ironton Journal.]
Common Pleas Judge.
For the beoefit of tbe peo
ple of Jackson, Pike and Vin
ton counties, to whom Major
Clierrington is but little known
we will state: he is a gentle
man of fine literary attain
ments being a graduate of
the Ohio Wesleyan University,
of Delaware, Ohio; and Is also
thoroughly versed in the prin
ciples of law. He possesses
an analytical, legal mind, of
fine discriminating qualities,
and we doubt not will prove
an ornament to the Bench as
be has to the Bar.
While at college, he left his
studies and volunteered as a
private to go forth and fight in
behalf of his country, against
treason, rebellion and disunion.
Afterwards he was promoted
to be Major of a colored regi
ment, and served with credit
to himself, and profit to the
Government We therefore
commend him in the strongest
terms, not only to the Republi
cans ol the District, but to all
the people who wish to elevate
to the bench an able, honest
and impartial lawyer, and dig
nified, upright, conscientious
"The present need of the
country," says the Missouri
Republican, uis the annihila
tion ol the Democratic party."
The Republican ought to know,
lor until quite recently it was
looked up to as the leading
Democratic paper west of Ohio-
Timet for Holding I'ourtN In
Ilie Seventh Judicial
Pt'BUCAKT to authority cf Uw.lt la hereby
orrUrtnl th it Ills ievsrsl term, of lb. Uomt of
C.i'iiniiiii Pleas an I the District C ui t within and
fur tli. Stimuli Juilici.il Distrist fur the year
1874 lit bald at the UiKss following, to wit ;
District Court.
Wellington, Arll9; Meigs, April tS- Oillln,
April lr.; Lawrence, Apil UK Srioto, April '3;
I'ikn, April U7; I'crry, Aivin-t 24; Kail ft. Id. Au.
fii!t 27; llni-kihff AnjriiMt )tl; AthiiA, "ptember
i) Viut. in, fvulunilar 7; Jucknon, St'pt. niuer 9.
Court of Common Plena.
Perry January SI; Mny 4; Sopttmlior 28
lurking t'niimiiry HI; Jl iy 2'i; tlcl.iier 1!
I'nlill.lil ilunli U; Jiiiivli'.Nuvrnilierit.
sr.oxn I'nniviiiii.if.
Liwronn Jnnimry 27; Mav S; Septrmlior 22;
nYI.,io-Mri'li2; Jilua I: IMntwr I'l.
Jurk.in--IVbninrv 1; Mny Jo; 0 tuber 12.
I'lke Miir.-li :; junn 42; .Vovpmbr 17(
Vh ion February Vj M ly 3, .-p(embir 14.
Gulilr Fetrnarr 2; April 27; September 14.
M.lir le'irinry ii; Muy 14; Octobon"'.
V, abitiKto - SI a' rh "; Mny 21; litmlivr 19.
Allii-n, .tlinrh 2:); June II; Nuteuiber HI,
And It ia Inrthfr onloreil thnt due record and
publication ol the Joieguing be made according to
Wiln".oiir hiiiiln Mill loth day of SeptrihlxT,
k. D. 1H7 I.
J.illM .1 IIMtl'KIl.
T. A. PLANTS, VJu-g.I.
i i.i. i a. n n. ti.iMi.Mn,
EltAfTlS A. GLTllttlK,
Vist.i Coixtt; 8i )
1,0. W. Holland, ( lrk of theConrt if Cm
moil Pioan within and fi r nid cuinly and StuM
heieby c rtily the fiirego'ng to be a true copy ol
the i.riaiiwl order uw on Hie in my office.
r" - n it?
l. S. Sep
Yi lTNCM my hand and tlii aval of said
Court at 3IcArtliiir. thia 2 .d day uf
September, A. I). 187:1
2octl87.1 3w
State of Ohio, Vinton County
Franci t Shades, FlalntlR,
George W. Miller, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common
ritas An Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to the cnmmnnd of an Order of
Snle Honied from the Court of Common
Plena of Vinton County, and to me directed
aa Sheriff of aaid county, I will olfer foi anle at
theiloorol the Court Houae, in the town o I
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 1st Day of November,
A. D. 1873,
at the hour ofl o'clock, P. M. of aaid dny, the
following desrnhed landa and tenement, to
wit: twenty-five feet ort of the south aide af
in.lot No. fourteen. (14) in the town of K ilea
ki, Vin'on county, Ohio; aaid p re miaea be
ing twemy-five feet front by 160 feet deep,
aa.d premiaea being lully deHcritied and laid
down on platofanid town made by Lewia W.
Hiflord topographical engineer on the 26th
day of December, 18ii3.
Apprameii at one hundred and ninety Hoi
lara It 190 and must Lring two-thirda of that
To he sold as the property of George W.
Miller to intifcfy an nrder of anle, i-sued from
the Court ol Common Plena in favor ol Fran
TEKMS OF SALF: Cnah in hand on the day
of sale. UKORGE KALEK,
bhentt Vinton bounty.
. A. BaATTOK, Attorney for Plaint IH.
October 2, A. U. Ie73. Sw
Legal Notice.
ELlANOR BENNKE and Samoel Banner, her
husband, will tare notice thattpureuaut to an
oider of the CoroniiMlnneri of Vinton county.
Ohio, made at their September euaaioo, A. D
173. Tiewera and a surveyor were directed lo
meet at Ibe south end of Mirkut street, in t he
town ef HcArthur, in aaid county, on the
30th Day of October, A. D. 1873,
at tbe hoar of 10 o'clock In tbe forenoon of said
day to view and snrvey the route of k certain
county mad pititloned lor by Charles Barnett,
John J. Hbockey and others from tbe south end
of Market stre. t In lha twn of McArthur, thence
south about 3 degrees west on a lira with aaid
street through the lands of Eire P Boti well,
J.eph bodndpe, David T Bair , Uarvey Rob.
ius, aud .'he bei-aof Karati Hobo, deceased, to a
point in the centorof ih Jacktun n. id, oorih id
ibe ree d.'ni-e o. L. tI W'yman, thence souib
thmiigh tlm lauds or said W'jiuin to a stake 4S
link, wet uf xn apple tree, ne.r'Utb line or the
said nymin's premises. Then.e a utb al'Oi $
decrees east tu an ak tri e on the planless of
Ivy lilxon, tbence ton b about eight d. trees west
to a bite oak tree near the leeiuVnce of John
Baits SLd through the premises of tbe haira ot Ste
phen Salts, deceased, said last mentioned point be
ii.g the place of teruiiniM.
J. J.bUlXKkY
Principal fsUtloaers.
September 25, 1873. i
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agent wanted everywhere. Buetneae strict
ly legitimate. Parlieular fre. Addreae J
WOKTH.8ll.oun, Wo Meeplly
Legal Notice.
I, 'LEA NOR BENNbR and Samuel Banner,
jher husband, will lake notice that pursu
ant lo an order of the Commissioners of Tin
Ion county, Ohio, made at their September
session. A. ii. 1873. viewers and a surveyor
were directed to meet at the Mo Arthur bla
lion in aaid county, on lha
24th Daj of October. A. D. 1873,
at the hour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon of
siud day to view and survey the route of a
county road petitioned for by Philip Warner
and others from a point near the McArthur
Station, from thence soulh-easte'ly with the
street leading past the Dwelling house of Ur
ville Uunniugand through lha premises of the
heira of Btephen Malta, deceased, tojlhe
weal line of the land and premises of Richard
Timma, thence easterly through the lands of
aaid Timma to lh north-east corner ol the
noith-west quarter of section No. ten, (lOj of
township No ten, 101 of ringe No. aaventeen,
1 17, thence earl on or near the ae lion line
through the lands ot William Maitin, Patrick
Craig, Nelson Hotfhinee, .eorge Craig. Phil
ip Warner, liannlen furnace Co. and L'amel
Hall lo lha anuih-east corner of seclicn No.
two, 2 of aaid township and range, thence
north-easterly direction through Hie lands ol
Frederick England lo a point in the county
road loading from Eimle Furnace lo McArthur
about four 4 roria north of the barn nn said
England's premises, the plsceof terminus.
Principal Petitioner.
September V. 1073. . 4w
U. S. CtaipooLi, Attorney for Petitioner.
SEPTEMBER 15th, 1873.
Eimj Goods
Paint and Second Street,
VtT'OULn reepectttillv invite the attention
t of buyers to hit alock of
Offered at wholesale pricea aa low aa any
in auy other market.
Have on Sale lull lines of
ilrown &. Rleflchcd Muslins,
Calicoes, C'liecks, Sis Ipcs,
Ginghams, Cnnton rinn
' ncls and Jeans.
White and Gray Blankets
His fnei!itis for business nre unequalled,
e. nlilliig him to otter inducements tu the
trade eiiial lo niiy other house. lKsep
The Most Desirable Bes
dence In MoArthur.
1 OFFER for vale my residence on North
street. It consists of n splendid dwelling
hou-e, well Itnii-heil, inside and out. with
eight rooms and a good cellar. A good office
building, stable, wood and conl house and oth
er necessary out buildings. The premises
nontain 2, acres, including t acre 01 vineara,
ill tliriltv uenrini! vines; there are also thirty
bearing apple trees beel vri?ty of grafted
fruit, twenty-five bearing pencil trees best
bud led fruit, cherries, quiimea, plums, and a
variety of small fruit" For further particulars
inquire nt the orhce of this paper, or at the
premises, terms easy.
decMiiiu B. S. DOLLISOX
State of Ohio, Jucfoon County.
David L. Wailsworth, Plaintiff, '
A irninsr.
The Wellington Mnnufncturina Com
pany and others, DelendunU
i jackso rorjiTVforiiT of
1)llRSrANT lo the command oran Orderef
Mule issued from the Court rf (Tommon
I'leaa of Jnckaon County and lo me direcleil
as sheriff f Vinton county, I will offer for sale
at the door ol the Court H ouse, in the town of
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Saturday, the UthDayof October, 1873
at the hour ofl o'clock P. M. of said day the
following lands and tenements, annate til (lie
county of Vinton and Mate ni Oh io, to wit:
The south west quarter of the souih-weal
quarter and the south-east quarter or t' e
noulh east quarter of section t.iirty-two,
township nine, 9, range nineteen, if. and the
south hall of the aouth-weet quarter of sec
tion thirty three 33, township nine, 9, range
nineteen, 19.
Appraised at four hundred dollars, 1400.
and must bring two, thirds of that sum,
To he sold as tho property of The Walling
ton Manufacturing Company, ti salisly an or
der of shIb, issued from ihe Court of Common
Pleas in favor of Davlu L. Wausworth.
ThHMS UK BALti.-Cssh.
SlieriHol Vision county.
JswrsTairr, Attorney for plaintiff,
beptll, 1873. 6w
Slate of Ohio, Vlnlou t'onntyt
Samuel G. Griffin, Plaintiff,
A. Arganbright & Wife, Defendants.
iw vixtojt rorsTT oofrt op
PURSUANT to the command of an order of
aale Issued from the Court of Common
Pleas of Vinton County, and to me directed
aa 8heriPof said County, I will offer for sale
in Iron i or the court Houae ID the town ol
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Saturday, tho 4th Dav of October,
A. D. 1873.
at the honr of t o'clock. P. H., of aaid day, the
following described lands and tenements, to-wit:
sltonkd in tlie County of Vinton and Bute at
t'hlo, and bounded and described aa fullowa: Be
giningat the noith-west corner of alarth Ar
ganbright's snriey, on the west boiir.dary ot sec
tion sixteen, (18.)lberce north with said section
line aaventeen chaina to the north west corner of
aaid section sixieen, (IB.) thence ee-t with Ihe
north line of aaid section, forty-eight (48) poles lo
a stake on lha section line, thenr south eleven
degreee east eighty (80) chaina a'dnlnty (Mi)
links to a corner vn the south side of said section,
thence ea-t three (3) poles snd twelve (12) liaks to
a slake, thence south nfty-elht (58) chain- aud
fifty (6u) links to a stake, thence wealwardly
fortyii (4H) poles to the aouth-eaat e-irner of the
M.irlha Arsaiibrlght's snrvey, thence with the
east boundary of the raid Martha Argtnbright'a
survey lo the plsre of bcglniur. and con aining
one hundred and thirty (KtO) ttcrea Dtore or less.
Appraised a( Twenty- Iwo hundred snd seveoly
ftve (2,276) dollars, and most bring two-thirds ol
Itmt sum.
To be sold as tbe property of A. Arganbright A
Wife, to satisfy an order of .ale, issued frum the
Court of Common Pleas in favor of Samuel 0.
TbKMV OF SALE.-Cash in hand on day of
e'hentl Vinton County.
R. 0. Loo. Att'y hr PUlutiff.
apt 4th, 187, r-W
Valuable Tavern Stand
ISUINti lo retire from bueineai I offer
for ssle my latern stand known the
Baughman House, Zaleskl.
This hour e la doing good busineaa, It
And la Ihe
Principal Hotel In Zalcskf-
II ia almesl new has lately been improved)
and relitled throughout, has ait modern lm
firof etnenle, and good atnliliug sufficient to
o accommodate Ihe run of custom of the
house. The house, stable, furniture, and av.
erything In complete .nape ror a man to lake
right hold, wul be sold, at a bargain, and on
liberal paynienta. To any man who under
stands the hotel business, thia la an opportu.
nity seldom ottered, aa the house ia niakiaaj
big money on the amount inverted. If anv
man wishes to buy let him call on me, and I
will eooa convince him that there ia money
in it. WM. BAlUHMAs,
ItOaept Zaltaki, Ohio.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
VVOIICK is hcrely given thai Krnsl Fishia,
IVik gtiiinluin ol hiio-l Firhcr Hnlen.a mi.
nor, Iias Hied his account wall Ins suid ward
for final eeitleuieiit; und th suiie is sel for
hearing on the Ittlidiiyol October, A. It. Wi,
ni 1U o'clock, A. M. 11. U. M.WO,
Probate Judge.
September 2i, 187:1. 4t
On innnhnoil, womanhood, and their mutual.
Int'-r rehil.ons love, its laws, owe r, etc.
Agents nre selling trnm 1 to i copies a Hsy,
and s. nd a canvassing book Iree lo any"
book iigent. Address, stilling experience, etc .
N tTIU.N AL PUUf.l411l.MJ CO , Phiadrlphie,
VuKK Kit. Ihe grout illuslriit
"d agrciil'ursl and laniily
weekly, is tho aiaiutiird not I'.my upon prsc
lien: sii' iivts and a h gh-toned hieinry jour
nid. Omv tJ.Su ii year, Ices ui clubs. Orenl
pieinitim- r cn-u coininissinna to agenta.
'I irtrea shsiIsts tlcl. to Inn. On irtnl, for only
finy ci nl-l Piemiiiin lu.li., Ac, sent Iree to.
all Iriiil Mibi-cribcrx. Address l. II. T
II (10 UK, New York Hy.
Nl'f Dfini""' lendy firagents,llome
CVl DJUlVl'ife in the Mild, by lsniel
iMuivli, l. i., iiiiilinr id "iNiglit fceuea in ihe
I'iIiIb" and "imr Kmher'a llou-e," of which
neurit Hi.is)a copies of each were sold.
ZIKlll.LK A iM'CUKUY, 180 W. lilt rt.. Cus
cinn.iii, U.
IflO nrni,ri and fnrmets' anna ditiinglhe)
lJ IJf .ll itii.l winicr iiinuihs lo do busine-a)
tu ilieir nan and ii.lpiiiiing tnwnshipa Hli-'
r.es" tcspcctiililo, easy anil pnjs well. hr
piirticnlirs, address 4. SDK AM UN A CO..
Iliirtfonl, t'unn.
tiS'best" paper.
Tnc & lent Be Aincricnii is the cheapest ami
bo.' illiisti'iiie I n. el.lt piiper puldilied. Ev
ery n. imlier coiitiii n from in to IA oilginal .
eiiKruviniLS of new mncliinerv, noel Inveiw
Huns, bnilgci, cniimenng wotka, sri-hiieo.
lure, iinpruieil liiim iiiiplenielitr, and every
lice tlienovciy in wh, mielry. A year's ntlin
her emihiin Mj page nnd scn r.il hiindroil
engravings. Tliuusnnils of volumes ire pre
served fur binding and reference. The prac
Ileal receipts i.re well worth ten times rh-e
subscription price Terms $:) a year by maal.
Specimcrrs sent ires. Jrty tie had of all news,
drillers. PATEXTS nbtiiiiied on the best
tettns, models ol new invert tiona nnd aketch.
es exiiinined, nnd full directions for oblnining
pnlents. A hirers for lh" puper or, concern,
nig patent-., MU.NN A CO, H7 Park How, N f
Hrnnch nrtioo, corner Fand 7lh sis, Washing
ton, 0 0
goIi(. Uncla
SVnvn IIKiaiiiKM. no Ihlae lisck, 1)..
wnrpiiig oi spilling Keceived the great gold)
medal ol honor ol tho American Institute).
Foil sue' sample and price Ii' t si nt, post psid ,
nn riceipl of Scents WUOHBUKY BHUSlI
CD, 98 Chsinhers st S V
Lirgei.1 stock in itieweat; tine uoriiiieiii,
extrn qimlity; -sacked In go safely any dis
tance tSntisfaclion giiHranleed I' rices low
liy hundred or hy thiiteund A full nssorl
menl of other trees, shruhn, plants, ewr II
litstritted cniiilogite sent tree lo applicant
K H H tNFOUD, Columbus Nursery, Colum
bus, 0 '
The cheapest and lel in Ihe ni. ihct Wnr
ranted to lie self nduting Hpecia indm-e.
ments to washing ninchine egema and th
country Inde Lil'erul lprm A peuts wanted
fend foi cirril.ir AHEHICAX MA
( III.E "', Muntifaciiirers and patentees,
ollice, )0 Wiilnut at. Philadelphia, Pa
Agents Wanted.
Dome8tio Sewing Machine Co. H. T.
Preserve the hands and make huakingeasy
Made of the veiy oeat material Himple ir,
full gloves, ti iu; halfglovea l 25; bent pre
paid, lo any post office address on receipt ef
&rice Aalc your merchant lor then, or addrese
all's HussisoCiLova Co, 145 South Clinton
at, Chicago, 111 . ;
'l7T'DT,QTTi'C',,,'N9B cne burn-.
ik.l3, mane uy PLj'TME A ATWOOD. pro
duces he Israel i lignt Can be used on any .
coal oil lamp For aale by nil lamp dealer
wanted C H MDhUE, Kochester, NT ; '
A fiow either aex mar fascti ale and gain
the love and enactions of any person they
choose, tnstaiilly This simple menial ac
quirement all can poasesa, free by mail lor tS
centa; together with Marriage '-uide, Egypt
ian Oracle, dreams, hinta lo Indies A queer
book 100,000 sold Address T WILLIAM At
CO Publishers, Philadelphia.
nn 15 I I (WHY IT 18 THAT THE
poor TviA-iT's - ; ,
Bare such large aale with so It tile dvertis
Ing The reason Ia very simple on The
Bitters have real merit, are sold at a rea
sonable pnee, and the people appreciate them
Manufactured by Poor Man BiiUraCo,
Oswego, N. Y. aWtiold by all druggist. ,
Having struggled twenty yearn
between life and death with Asth
ma or Phthisic., 1 experimented
m .1 1. .nn nAll nn. nM MaI.
and herbs, and inhaling the med
icine thus oniainea. i lorwuw
Hi. .mo rail mMt HAnriMlflll
r.m4 anrt SO r Clir. foe AsthlBSi
Inn tl. IrinitraH HiseajusM. War-
rsuted to relieve the aevereat paroxysm Jo
stantly, so the patient enn lie down to rest end
sleep comfortably. ON K TRIAL PACKAGB.
dresa l).I,ANiKLL,A pleCreek,WyOtO
U'f I 1 V XTMEU girl and boy wmU
Kf I Yj 1 ed to sell our French Mat
American Jewelry, Books, (ianiea, Ao.tn ihei
own localities No oi pital needed CalalpgUK
Terms, Au sent rat PO V1CKERI 1 CO
Augusta, Main .
RtOni'r dayl Agents wanted!- All
OIOa;Ue,f, 0f working people or
either -x,v ungorold, make more money
at work for na in their apare motnenla. or all
the time, than anything elae. ratieular frw
Addre Q. aTiKOV CCParttMMM.,
mi flier
t": l

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