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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 09, 1873, Image 2

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TUUHSO.VY. OCT. P. 187tt.
For fioTf rnor,
Lieutenant Governor,
JuuVe of Supreme Court, Full Term,
Judge of the Supreme Court, To Ell
Treasurer of State,
Attorney denejal,
Comptroller of the Treasury.
RoiwJ of Publio Work,
ruiLLir V. llEKZlNGr.
Common DeAS JuuVe, 2d Subdivision,
7th Judicial District,
ruiLLir KECK.
Prosecuting Attorney,
Brown T. K. James and ldnao An
Clinton .las. W.Yeeley and John Dill.
Jackson Dr. S. C. Tecteis and Oliver
Kiuhland I. N. Lottridge and E.
Madison 0. K. Atkison, D. Duncan
and S. J. Norton.
Knox Levi Kobinet and Aaron Mar
Swan B. F. Johnson, I. F. Sain and
Wm. l'ylo.
Wilkes John Miller, W. C. Cliuo and
A. A' Crowcll.
Elk-G. W. Wnxler, Knos. T. Win-
ters ani Henry llerrold.
Eagle Wm. It. Vnple find Jesse Ttiiy.
Hnirison lNlurcus U. Walker, Peter
Vinton Harrison Campbell, Andrew
We call your special attention
to the ticket this Fall, and in
vite the most rigid personal
'criticism on its merits. From
top to bottom the men all 6tand
No. 1 for ability and personal
integrity. We also ask your
attention to the large number
of important, cilices .to AH
fifteen in all. Oa you depend'
the result of tho election next
Tuesday, Utli inst. In the
State and in the District we
are in the majority, but that
majority can only be depend
ed upon when each individual
Republican does his duty. In
the county, honest Democrats
are disgusted with the master
tiip of the Ring, and tired of
paying taxes to be gobbled up
by them lor high priced poor
farms, palatial infirmaries and
monster covered bridges across
dry runs, and hollows where
there never was a run of any
hind, to reward favorites and
supposed "influential workers''
for the Ring. They are tired
of this and will vote for a
change, but their votea will be
of no avail unless the full Re
publican vote is polled. The
danger in the county tliis year
is not that the Democrats will
blindly uphold nominations
which they csnfess are unwor
thy. The only hope of the Court
House ring is in the supposed
apathy of the Republicans.
The rank and file of the De
mocracy are determined to
shake them off, and they have
a right to expect the most ac
tive co operation of the Re
publicans to that end. Let
every Republican vote, and let
bim take the pains to Bee that
bis neighbors vote aleo.
An Opinion Worthy of Attention
and Respect.
Judge Johnson, of Lawrence
county, than whom perhaps
there is no man in the District
better qualified to judge, and
whose opinion will have more
weight with the people of both
parlies, says of Major Thomas
Cberrington, that he regards
bim as the lest available timber
in the District for Common
fleas Judge. Major Cherriug
ton has but a limited personal
acquaintaince in our county,
and we desire to place Judge
Johnnou's opinion against the
statements of the curb-stone
Eoliticiaiii who are trying to
olster up Du lladway by in
sinuations against Cherring
ton's ability.
That $SW
How the Vinton County
Treasury is kin lied
bv the McArlhur
Ta i - H ater'a
Plain Facts For
Plain People !
After efcht month's lubor the moun
tain hrs brought forth a mouse. Krer
since the luttur part of last Jnnuixry
we have been trying to Ret the Knouir
er to come to the defense of Auditor
IK'lford nnd the Kind n ,tne Infirmary
swindle, as represented in the letting
of the contract Over ehiht month
we hive been digging wv at thorn,
and not until now. tb iast week be
fore the election, when they are driven
to it by inquiries of Democratic tin
payers who don't like to be ekinnei
out of their money, do they attempt an
explanation, and then they devote a
column to saying we are a fool and a
Jinr, and a beggarly three inchra of
space to the real mutter under consid
eration. The article is a general denial (in
which unfortunately for them creep a
partial acknowledgment) of what we
Lhave charged. Now, if this thing ad
milted of such a general and emphatic
denial, why did it take them eight
months to frame their answer?
Hut wo will take the points up in or1
deras they are stated. "Hrst," says the
Enquirer, "the notice was legally and
properly drawn." We fay it was mot
"Second, Bel ford did not draw it."
Why need Mr. lWford deny the draw
ing of it if it wna legally and properly
drawn. Hut here is the advertisement,
word for word, letter for letter, as it
appeared; lot it speak for itself. It h"i
Mr. Helford'a numo to it, and we are
not prepared to say whether tiie "best
Auditor Vinton cdintj ever hud" is
compelled to have sdino outside porson
draw su simple a thing as an advertise
uu nt for him; but whether be drew it
himself or permitted the liing to do it
for him, it was his duty to do it Nor
can he shift any of the responsibility
onto the shoulders of the Commission,
er?, as his friends are trying to do to
1'atrick Kelly's disadvantage, for the
law prescribes whut he shall do, and
the Commissioners have no power to
miike him do an illegal act. lint here
is the advertisement:
Kotioe of Intention to Erect Infirmary
and -
TOTICE is hereby given that tilt Commla
ll aionvr!. ol V In ion county, Ohio, Intend to
erect n building for a county Infirmary, on tl
hinds I it.'l v purchased Lv smd Commission
er of Ixttiu: I'llmn, for Infirmary purposes,
situate in Elk township, of said county.
1 lie Mini Commissioners hnve procured to
itmali by nn architect, till I, enmpb to and
a. curate phin vf said Inlirmaiy building which
said )h n showa nil Urn nuooomy details of
the work lo be do ne, anil attorn1 all n.edl'ul
in'ortiintion tu parlies who ai. expected to
bid thereon, nnd wheare hereby invited to
miike bnla nnd proposals for theliirni.hingot
uflthe material ami peifoiming nf the work
in the construction of raid I iittrmary building.
The Haul plan and Npeeitii'jitiuna are on Ale in
ilia Auditor's office in sntd county, and aie
open lo the inspection nf all persons inter
ested in Hip ex i munition of the name.
The ftiinl Coinnaiaionciit propose to locate
the stiid lnhrinary ImildinK imiiiediaely norih
ol tlio dwelling houpe nn ssid Inhrmai-v farm.
The several bide Hint may maoe tor the
constructing of -.ai'i I-Hrmary hu Iding wjll
he opened at Ibe Auditor' office, lu end
l OUIIIV nf Vlnl"- -.- - ; " "
Friday, January 3!st, 1873,
ar tli" hill' ol o'clock, r. M i until h!ch
lime ani nr'pnrls Jor 111 aamewi.'l hp re
cjired at t.i- iHiti.r' "tflce, and Ihnontract
aardd at that time, or ' '" t!ire.ilir
tiwhioli the vnirt Commiion.- fuiy pub.
Ik Iv adjourn the comi leratlon f tn J'ne.
'Ills ani I Ooiiiiniamnnera will alo, on lli
aaid llsl day of January, A. P. 1K7;, before
awardinf any pontrnct, hear petition for and
remon trance ngftnt the proposed con
trnction of laid Xottrmarv h 1 1 1 1 1 1 n and the
location thereof. W. W. tiEI.KURIi,
Janttsry 9th, 1873. td
It is an innocent cnourh looking ad
Tcrtisement 'to the uninitiated, but the
reader will observe that any person can
bid without giving bond and security
that he will fulfil his offer, or he may
bid a d' zen or an hundred different
bids, if ho can find that many persons
who will allow him to use their names,
nnd then, when all the bids are opened,
and he knows all the other men's prices
he enn put in his security "where it
will do the most good" where it will
bring him tho moH money. If the ad-ver'i-anient
had been "properly and le
gully drawn" it would have stated that
bids tr hen filed with the Auditor must
be accompanied with a penal bond in a
sum doul e the estimate 1 price of the
house, $20,U(iO, for the faithful perform
ance of the contract Here is where the
"best Auditor Vinton county ever had"
opened wide the door for the free en
trance ani exit of the Ring with the
people's money. He did it. He can't
"plead tho baby act" that some per
son else wrote it So much the worse
for him if he allowed so ran other person
to do it, for it is a virtual confession
that he is but as putty to be molded as
the King chooses
And there is yet another equally
lame place. It will be observed that
be does nor. even reserve to the Com
missioners the poor, customary legal
privilege of rejecting any or all bids,
and thug virtually turns their, over to
the King bound hand and fool
"3 and 4. Four weeks' notice was
given in the Enquirer and Record."
Four weeks' notice was not given by
either paper. Hut tho law requires
eight weeks' notice, (our of intention
to build, so the people may petition
for and against and after that, if it is
determined to build, four week's no
tice to contractor for bids. The adver
tisement above calls for both at once,
and only gives twentytwo day's notice
at that. Look at the figures. It is da
f.i "January 9tb, 173," and says bids
Wiil 'e received till "January 31, Jni3
just (weotj-two days, and the Ring
will havrt get up a new almanac be
fore tbev can iu.ke fo r weeks out of
r . .i o-hw ik;.
twenty two aavs, .&-' "uj ",u
cent haste? Tho ring vV? rr!'d uj
outsiders would hear of ihC proposed
building, and get in a bid; afra'J the
advertisements if allowed to run ti.P 'r
legal time would have xeeu'ed tho peo
ple contract at lower figures.
"5. The contract was not let to ibe
highest bidder.'' The contract was let
to the highest bidder whtse bid under
the law could not be considered at all.
Wat Holland for fun, bid $25,000.
Mr. McCov, of Marietta, came over to
bid, examined the situation, saw the
combination of the ring, and said he
would not bid at a'l; nut before he
weD tawny be bid $ 1 0,800. Neither of
these bids could be considered under
the law, because the; were greater
than $10,000. the estimated cost of the I
'"""'"S WJ -""I
other four bids, and the only
within the estimate, were;
bids I
Harvey Zimmerman $8,073
0 W. I'ilcher . 8,989
Leander Sprague , 8,'J'J.I
0. W. Oilman 9,945
The contract was let to Mr. (). W.
Oilman, and if be isn't the highest
bidder, and if his bid isn't f'J70 more
than Mr. iuiruernmn'i, there is no
truth in figures.
Sixth says that thn contract "wa
let to the lowest bidder who complied
with the requirements of the law In
giving .bond anil security for the
faithful iierloriiiiiiice tliPitM.f." That
U Just where the cloven font Is shown,
ami where the ring managed to make
their grab. The advertisement should
have r quired security to bo 11 let 1 with
the bltls, and that would have driven
out "sttaw bidders." We have here
tofore explained bow Mr. Sprngne
was prepared toglvebnml on bis bid.
but "saw it was no ne and thought
1 e wouldn't make n fuss about It, as
Ci!man would get It any wav 1"
Now for the other two. They are
employees of Mr. Oilman, ai d it is
generally believed and acknowledged
that they were biddliig for hi n, and
that If Mr. S B. Ullom. John Dye. or
any other builder in Vinton county,
or elsewhere, had put In a bid at 'a
a sum above Mr. Zimmerman's bid
ami below Mr. Gilm in, Mr. O would
have stepped in. given seenrl'v ami
taken the job for Mr.Z. at hi figures;
and to. It the bid had been nbuve Mr.
Pilcher'g. be would have stepped lu
and furnished security for bim and
taken the contract at hi figures. In
deed, Mr. niom was solicited to bid,
but replied In effect that he would
not bid agnlntt such a combination.
Now, none of this matter is new to
our rentiers. We recited every fact
over eight months ago. and from
time to lime since have demanded au
explanation, but rot one wordortitut
has the Enquirer ever made lu reply,
until tin week u uiiu' iiakPS to make
a general denial, Ilow successful Its
denial has been the public may judge.
But lr swi further and discovers
tbst we are actuated In waking these
dieMf-Pures by a desire to get the
Auditor's printing. We might retort
by tut tug that the Enquirer was nc
tuiitetl In its delenso by the hope of
retaining the Xudltnr's 'printing, but
those who know anything of tho
matter know that tho law requires
most, of the Auditor' advertisements
to be published In both papers, nnd
that Is tho way wo cniuo to publish
the Infirmary advertisement. But
we didn't play Thiiiinau's salary
game ol laving still until the mis
chief was all done, and then kick up
a fuss about it. We tiled to save Mr.
Ileirnrd from the position in which
be is now placed, ami save tho people
their money, ami exposed the ille-
f:ality nnd unfairness of bis actl m
lel'ore It was consummated or out of
bis bands; when he could have with
drawn the whole matter. He chose
not to do so to favor tho ring
against the people, with his eyes open
and now let hlru abide tho consequences.
Common Pleas Judge.
Major Thotnutj Cbeiringtun
is the Republican candidate
lor Common l'leas Judge. He
is a gentleman well qualified
for the position, firm and con
scientious in all bis acts, a hard
siudent and learned in the law,
ana is considered by those who
are best qualified to judge as
the best available man in the
district forlbo position- "For'
fcrisiwiedge of the law and in
tegrity of purpose be is all that
the people could ask. In addi
tion to this, his record is clear
and patriotic. lie loft college
land joined the army as a pri
vate, serving as such until he
had fairly earned is promotion.
This, while his competitor, Tor
ter Dulladway, was carrying a
white flag with a turtle dove
engraved upon it to Vallandig
ham meetings, and crying lor
l'eace at any price" a peace
which meant un unconditional
surrender of the nation to the
rebels on their own terms, and
an utter dissolution of the
Union. Yet we have been told
that & considerable number of
the Republicans of Vinton
county are going back on JMaj.
Cberrington. We did not be
lieve it, and our inquiries have
confirmed our belief. It is
their same old game ot brag
on which they tried to carry
Ureeley through last year.
Major Cberrington will be
elected at any rate, but the
Republicans of Vinton county
cannot afford to prove fahe to
such a man with such a com
petitor; for, politics and the
war record of the two men all
aside, Major Cberrington, on
his personal character, sobri
ety, integrity and knowledge
of the law, far outstrips his
competitor. The district is
overwhelmingly Republican,
bat let each individual do bis
duty, without presuming on
Be sure to read every name
on your ticket carefully. It
has become the custom in Ibis
county to print all kinds of
mixed tickets, and it is only
by seeing that each particular
name is on your ticket that
you will have any assurance
that you are voting for just
those you wish to. Don't trust
to the name at the bead of the
ticket, lor you may thereby be
Yoib for Morgan.
The meanest electioneering
we have heard of yet U that
resorted to by some of the
Democrats of this county.
They have adisod poor iguor
ant people that the National
Banks all over the country are
breaking; that their notes will
be worthless, and if they have
any of them they had better
spend them now, lor soon they
can get nothing for them.
Many poor, ignorant people
have taken their advice, and
the prospect is they will suffer
this winter for it, or, at best
their little saving are gone
for things they don't need.
The National Bank circulation
is secured so that their bills
cau not din or depreciate in
the hands of the people. The
National Treasury holds 5 20
government bonds to tho value
of $112,000 lor every $9)000
of circulation of each bank,
audit the bank fails the gov
ernment retains the bonds to
pay the people who hold its
currency. Under the old bann
ing system in time of a panic
the first thing to fail was the
currency in your hands. Uu
der the National system, which
has proved itself so well in the
late crisis, the currency can
never fail.
There is not a Democrat in
Vinton county who knows the
two men who, if ho had buai
ncss to be transacted in Colum
bus, and Harrison Lvle and T.
M. Bay were going there, but
would trust his business to Mr.
Bay rather than Mr Lyle. Such
being the case, why should they
not vote just as they would
transact their private business?
Our Representative is called
upon to transact our public
business, refuse or permit tax
levies, and enact all manner of
laws which affect our private
interests. If every county in
the State Bends good men, the
laws they enact will be good.
If they disregard the personal
character of the men they send,
they may depend on the laws
that are passed being unwhole
some. . Vote for Bay.
A runPiiRTKD communication
in the Enquirer says .we insult
ed Mr. E 11 Ogan on our visit to
him last week, and were driven
out of the house. The state
ment is false in every particu
lar. We called on Mr. Ogan,
staid two hours, and we treated
him throughout the interview
as a gentleman, and be treat
ed us in the same manner. It
will be seen too that Mr. Ogan
assents to the truth of our re
port of what occurred at that
interview, for while A. O. K.
which names Harrison Lyle-
publishes three or four com
munications in the Enquirer
on the subject, it will be
seen that he could not got Mr.
Ozan's assent to the use of
hia name for any more denials
or whitewashing of character
Read the communications in
the Enquirer of Sept. 23, Oct.
1, and Oct. 8, signed A. O. K ,
E. R. Ogan and Reuben Phil
lips. They were all written by
the Rev. Harrison Lyle, Demo
cratic candidate for Repiesen
tative. They are an index ot
U 13 mind, character and lan
guage. Read them, and see il
you think ho is fit to represent
Vinton county in the Legisla
ture. Rev. II. Watsuh has a beau
tiful Estey Organ, purchased
of J. S. Ilulick.
New Goods at Dnwd's.
Legal Notice.
ELEANOR BKVNKBandSamocl Bnni, tiar
liuabnnd, will take no'lca thnt.mrati4iit 10 ftQ
older ol the- Conim'aMonent or Vinton ronnty.
Ohio, made lit their tfeptember iIod, A I
inn, Ticwera and a anrvyr were directed lo
n:eet at the anulh end of Marknt atreet, In tha
town of afcArlhur, In aaid county, on tha
30th Day of October, A. D. 1873,
at the honr of 10 o'clock In the forenoon of aald
day to view anil aurey the rinle of a certain
county ruad pelitloni-d lor by Charlea Burnett,
Joint J. bhock.y and olhera from theeoutli end
of Market aire. I In the twn of Mc Arthur, thrnce
viuth aliout SdrKreca weal '" a Hue with aaid
airrei inroilll tne imhub ui r.zra I- jii.weii(
Joapph Dodridpe, David F. Bair , Harvey Kub
iua, aud ihe helniof 8arah Bubo, deceaHed.toa
point in the center of the Jackaon roid. north of
the reeidence ot Levi Wyman, ttitnce aon'h
Ibrongh the laud, of aaid Wyman lo .take 45
II uka went of an apple tree, tie.iratutb line nf Ihe
aiiid VYyman'e premise.. Thence a nth about 8
dearer eaat to an k tree on Ihe prrmiaeaof
Ivy llixon, thence, eolith alwut eight degree, weat
to a white oak tree near Ihe leaideuce of John
Salt, al d through Ibe pre.ni.ee of the heira ol Ste
phen Salt., demue.l, aaid but mentioned point be
ing the place of teruiinua,
t, t. NilUCKEY
Principal Petitioner.
Sejitetaber 9, frf
Toe stock market, which is
regarded as the financial bar
ometer, has resumed its wont-
nd activity, and the monev
panic is considered as having
subsided, leaving all more
scared than hurt.
Mayor's Proclamation.
MAYOlt'H urvirr..
l9CiaroaT(D Vn.noa or McAiram,
Vlnlrin (.'nunlv. rhit
WT HEREA9, My the nr.t aeotion ol an Act
T pa.-.d by the lieueral A.aenihlv of the
Hta.e of Ohio, paai.ro! Maruh 111, IhU, it la
provided itmi it atiall he iinlnwliil for any
periuinmllun thitlale lo etll, barter or mv
away .pinluciua. virion, or malt Iniuora on
Ihe dny of any eleeiion hel.l williin the State,
under Ihe ConMltutien or law. thereof. And
it la thereby made Die duty of each and all
ferun who a'e authoriaeii under or by the
awe ofthia Ktale, ur ihe municipal regula
..'I mUj tuwi r incorporated vil
lage of tin. Shite, lo veil or barter any apir
ituoita, noon, or malt liquor. t. elo.e their
respective eitali'inhineiite on Iho.e day..
Any person orb-n-line aiMinxt the nr..i.inna
ol tin. a.t shxll I fined hi any an in not leea
th.iu live nor more than oue bundled ilollnr..
and be iinpnaoned in the County Jail lor
ITun ei nni ricee'iiiH lenuaya lor earn
intense an roniinitled: anil it almll he tha
duly of aM Mnynra of cities end incorporated
omagra wiunn tnia male, on the iliit.ol elra
tiona aa ahireaaid, tn laaue a proelamalion
warning the iiiliahiinnta of audi en v or vil
lage of Hie provision, of thin A -t.aml that
all violations of ihe aaine will atiliievl Ilia of
ten ier to prompt ami apeedy piinialiment,
and reauirinir Marahal. and Police officer
limler their renective luriedictiona to clo-e
all hou.ea violating the prnyi.iona of thia
Act, and to report forthwith all violiitiona
uereoi to alien .Mayor.
And wherein, lliero will be an election held
in thiaailale iimlci the lawathereol on
Now therefore, I, Henry Payne, Mayr-r of
the ineorporiileil village of McArlhur, Viu
Inn county, (lino, do warn the inhibilanta of
Ihe, ineorpor.iteil Yil'iwe of McArti.ur. Vinton
couiHTi piint violating any or all ol Ihe
provisions of anid Act and liie Marxhal of
am t villajfa ia herol.y direclrd to olo.e all
liouaea biiind violatniK nny of tho proT aionn
of anid Ad, and to report lorlhwith all vio
lation Unroof to the Mnyorof laid village.
(iiven under my hnnd and nfhcial teal.
IL.8.1 tills 9ih dny of October, 1H7I.
Mayor Incorporated Village of McArlhur.
State of Ohioy VintonCountys.
Harry Bingham, l'laintifT,
E. F. Dingham, Defendant.
PURSUANT to the command of an ordtr of
Sale OMleil from tlieCuuit of t'oinnion
Plena nf Vinloii County, anil to me directed aa
Mleriltof anid County, I will utter lor anle al
thedimrof Hie Court Ilow, in the town of
1 vAiihur, Viulon C'o'jnty, Ohio, on
Monday, tha 10th Day of November,
At the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of arud
day, the loIloainK ilocribcil binds and
tenements eittmte In the town-liip ot
Pii'hlnnd, county of Vinton and Htnte of
Ohio, hounded and Hen-iilied as follow, to
wit: The eipinl undivi led hnlfofllie north
half of Houili-enst quarter ol section No. 31,
towiHiip No. !, mutte is, except hfly-tive
acres off the wet aide o' aiid tract, sold by
William Lnckili to one t.eorito Packer. Alan,
the e.iml unilivided hull ol t'le norlh hull
of the Hiiiitn-west ijimrler of action No IK,
town. Inn Nn. II, finite la, containing one
llilndre.l nml Ave Here, more or less.
Apprised it hve hundred and twenty-five
doilura SW3), iinil must biins two-tlii'rJM of
that anm.
To be sold aa the propetty nf E. F. riinslinm
to aniiffy nn order nf ole. U.ucd from the
four! of Common, l'leas, in favor of Harry
reitJHOKSAI.rc: nnab in hind nn Ihe
dny of ..lie. UEOltftE UAI.l.n,
Mientl Vinton Uouuly.
O. T. Oi'NMsn, Att'y for Plaintiff.
Ocloner U, Ie73. 8w
Tiiiieit for lloltiliiff Coiirts In
Ihe Seventh Judicial
TURKL"AT In anlhorltv cf lnw.lt I. b.reliv
L llld.ruil til 1 1 the aeveral lei ill. of the Court of
Co'iimon Plena an I the District Court within and
for Ibe Seven ill Judicial Hhtrlct Tor the year
1874 be bald at Ibe date, following, to wit :
District C'onrt.
Washington, Aril!); Mclgs, April 13- Rallln,
April in; Lawrence, A pi II mi; Scioto, April 1;
Pike, April 'i7; Perry, Ancml 2V, Faiiflelu, Au.
gust 27; llockliiR AiiKiist III; Athens, September
3; Viuton,N;ptoniber7; Jackson, Sep U-iuber 9,
Court of Common Pleas.
Perry January 2f.j May 4; September 2fl
Hocking Keiiruary III; May i'f, (Miilor IP.
Vaii Held March U; Jun8; KovcmberV,
(kcu.nd sunnmstu.
Lawrence January 27; Miy 5; September 22;
8rioto-llarili2; June I; October 111.
Jacksrn February 2:1; May 25; O-'tolier 12.
Pike 3tarcb3l; Jnne 22; November 17,
Vinton February 9; May 5, Scpteiuber 14.
Tiiinn svniiivwio,
(J.IM. February 2; April 2"; Sept.maer 14.
Meixs February 23; May 14; Uctulier ft,
Wmliinntoii March May 21; Uctolwr 19.
Allien- March 24; June II; Novenilier 10,
And it la lurlher onlureil that due record and
Miblicalton of tile foiegulug be made according to
Witnen our handa thli 10th day of September,
A. 1). 187 I.
T. A. PLANTS, I Judge..
ItUASTUS A. 0 L' T 1 1 It 1 K , J
Vixtom i.'otxTr; aa. )
I,G. W. Holland , I lrk of theConrt of Com
mou Pleas within and fur anid cunnty and Stats
beieby c- rtily the foregoing to be a true copy ot
the original order now on Hie in my efhVe.
i v
Wltrn my naud and the aval or aald
Court at McArlhur. thia 2 Id dav of
u. d. oepieuiuer, a. ii. ini.i
2octl873 3w
State of Ohio, Vinton County
Franoi i Shades, PlalnlifT,
ana mar
George W, Miller, Defendant.
7 Vinton County Court of Common
Fleas An Order of Sale.
T)URSUA NT to the command of an Order of
X hale issued from the Court nf Common
Plena of Vinton Count , and to me directed
a bhenftof said county, I will ofler for sale al
the door ol the Court Home, in the town o I
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 1st Pay of November,
A. D. 1873,
t the hour of I o'clock, P. M. of aaid day, the
followinir described landa and tenements to
wit: twenty-five fret oft of the south aide of
nieiot no. lour teen, (14) in the town or z ilea
ki, Vin'on county, Ohio; said premises be
ing twen'y-nve feet front by 160 feet deep,
sa d premises being lully described and laid
down on platof aaid town made by Lewia W.
Hilloid topographical engineer on the 25th
day of December, MM.
Appraised at one hundred and ninety dol
lars if ISO and must bring two-thirds of that
To he sold aa the property of George W.
Miller to sntialy an order of salt, issued from
Ihe Court ol Common Fleas in favor ol Fran
oia Shade.
TEKMS OF SALR: fah ip hand on the day
of sale. CiKORUE KALEH,
therm Vinton County".
E. A. BeirroK, Attorney for Plainlifl.
October J, A. If. 175 Say
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agents wanted everywhere. Buameaa strict
ly legitimate. Particulars free. Addreaa J
VY'IKTH, Ml l.ouis, Wo lB.epllj
Legal Notice.
IM.RANOK BENNKR and Samuel Benner,
. jlier bueband, will lake ounce that purse
em to an order of Ihe Commiasiouers ol Vin
lun county, Ohio, made al their nepi'mlier
aeiun, A. l. I87J, viewers and a au'veyor
were direu'ed to meet at the MuArlliui ela
tion io said cjunty, on the
24ih Cay of October, A. D. 1873,
at the hour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon of
anid day to view and survey Ihe roule of a
cniiuiy road petitioned for by Philip Warner
and olhera from a point near Hie McArlhur
Station, from llience aoulh-easle'ly with the
atreet leading past the nweliing house of Or
Tille (junniugaml through the premises of Ihe
heire of htephra rialta, deceased, tuthe
weat line of Ilia land and preiuieea of Itichard
Timnia, thence easterly through the lands nf
said Tim ins to th nort h-east corner ol the
noilh-west quarter f aection No. ten, IU of
township No ten, lul of ringe No. seventeen,
1 17), thence eat on or near Ihe se lion line
thriiiuih Ihe lands ot William Maitin, Patrick
Craig, Nelson Hottlunea, .eorge Craig. Phil
ip Warner, Hani. len furnace Co. and 1 aniel
Hall In the south-east corner of sactii n No.
two, 2 of said township and range, llience a
north-easterly direction through the lands ol
Frederick England to anoint In the county
road leading from Eaule Furnace to McArlhur
alsiut four 4 roda norlh of (he barn nn aaid
England's premise, the place of tea-minus.
I'll 1 1. IP WAKNKK,
Principal Petitioner.
September 2. l7.l 4w
U. B. Ciaipooii, Attorney for retitioncr.
SEPTEMBER 15th, 1873.
Jftpfjf Goods
Paint and Second Street.
"IVOl'LO reapeeliullv Invite the attention
II ol buyers lo his slock of
OhYrcil at wholesale prices as low as any
in any other market.
Have on Sale full lines of
Jlro.Tn &. Illenched Musllnx,
Calicoes, Clietks, SttlpeN,
Clngliams, Canton Flan
nclM nnd Jeans.
White and Gray Blankets
HI. facilities for business are unequalled,
e,.nb:ing him to otter inducements to lie
trade eipial lo nny other house. lHsep
The Most Desirable Res-
denco in McArthur.
1 OFFER for tale my residence on Ninth
street. It consists of a splendid dwelling
house, well mushed, inside and out, with
eiijlit rooms and a good cellar. A guou uthce
building, stuble, wood and coal hnuseand ntli.
er neee-sary oitl-huihliuca. 'Ibe premises
com in n 2' acres, including 1 acre of iueiiird,
nil tliritty iienring vines; there are also thirl)
hearing apple treesbest vuriMy of crnl'led
fruit, twentyflie bearing pench trees bel
bud led fruit, cherries, quinces, plums, and a
variety of small fruit For tm Iher particulars
impure nl Ihe oftice nf this paper, or nl the
premises. Terms easy,
decautiiu 8. S. DOLLISO.T
Slate of 0iio, Jaclson County.
David L. WauVworth, riaintiflT,
The Wellington Munufncturin; Com
pany and others, Defendants
ur J4riHo rorJiTTWRT or
PURSUANT to the command of an Order or
Mule isaue.l from the Court r,f Common
I'leus of Jackaon 1,'eunty and to ma directed
aa fherifl -.f Vinton county, I will oiler for sale
at the door ol the Court House, in Ihe town of
McArlhur, Vinton Ceunly, Ohio, on
Saturday, the UthDanf October, 1?73
at the hour nf 1 o'clock P. M. ot aald day the
following lands and tenements, situate in tie?
county of Vinton and Mate of oh in, tn wit:
The south weat quarter of the south-west
quarter and the sonth-enst quarter of ti e
south-east quarter of section tnirty two,
township nine, 9, rauze nineteen, it. and Ibe
south hall of the south-west quarter of sec
tion thirty-three 3.1, township nine, (, range
ineteen, 19.
Apprsised at four hundred dollars, flOO,
and must bring two, thirds of that sum.
To he sold as tho property of Tho Welling
ton Manufacturing Company, ft aatialy an or
der of sale, issued from ihe Oourt ol Common
l'leas in favor ol Davlu L. Wadaworth.
TfcKMii OF HALli.-Cash.
hernial Vinton county.
jAMrsTsipe, Attorney for plaiatifl.
beptll, 1H7:I. Sw
8tateof Ohio. Vinton C'oentyl
Samuel 0. Griffin, PluintilT,
A. Arganbright & Wife, Defendants.
PURSUANT to the command of an order of
sale issued from the Court of Common
Fleas of Vintnn County, and to me directed
aa Shenfof said County, 1 will offer for sale
in front of the Court House In the town ol
McArlhur, Vinton County, uhio, on
Saturday, the 4th Dav of. October,
A. D. 1873.
at the honr of 1 o'clock. P. M., of said day, the
following described lands and tenements, to-wlk
aitiuiUd In the Countj of Vinton and State of
Ohio? and bounded and described aa fultona: Be
fining at the noitli.weat corner of Marina Ar
ftanbrigbt'sanrfey, on the weat boundary ot sec
tion .ixteen, (lii.) tlier ce north with laid section
line seventeen chains to the noith west corner of
said section .ixteen, (10.) thence ea t with the
north line of said auction, forty-ebt (48) piles to
a atake on the section line, thence south eleven
denreea eaat eighty (80) chain, s dninty (90)
link, to a corner on the south tide of said section,
thence eat three (3) poles nd twelve (12) licks to
a stake, thence south flfty-eielit (58) chain- and
fifty (50) links to a stake, thence westwardly
artyix (4H) poles to the southeast corner of the
Martha Araanbrlght's survey, thence with the
east boundary of the aald Martha Arganbright's
survey to the place of beginioit, and con ainlug
one hundred and thirty (MO)acrea more or lets.
Appraised at twenty-two hundred and aeventy.
Ave (2,275) dollars, and most bring two-thirds ol
thut sum.
To be sold as the property of A. Arganbright A
Wife, to satl.fy an order of tale, isaued from the
Court of Common Pleas Id favor of b'amuel 0.
TERM' OF SALE. Cash in hand on day of
bherill Vinlon County.
B. 0. Lois. Att'y fcl PUiuUlT,
Srpt 4ft, im, l-r
Valuable Tavern Stand
T18U!V1 lo rebre fmm bueineas Killer
lor anle my taivrs aland knows u the
Baughman House, Zaleskl.
This houte is doing good bnainess, il
And is the
rrinrlpal Hotel In Zaleskl.
It i. alme.t nets has lately been Improved
and rrHtted throuvhou:, has ail modern low,
provernenls, and good slalding sufficient 16
to accommodate the run of eueioin of Ihei
house. 'Ills bouse, stable, furniture, and ev
erything lu complete -liape for a man to take
right hold, will be sold, at bnrg.in, and on
liberal pa) mt ii'a. 'loaoy man who under.
Manila the hotel business, this is an opportu
nity aebtotn ottered, aa Ihe house is niakiaj
big money on the amount inve ted. If any
man wishes to buy let him call on ma, and I
will souucoDViuce bun that there la money
ill it. WM. BAUill.rIA,
KOacpt Zaleskl, Ulne. ,
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, I Couttfy, OMo.
XTDI ICR la hereby given that Ernst Flshar,
1 as giisrdiitii of ICinst Fisher Holm, a mi.
nor, ha. hied Iua m-cuunt with Iua aaid ward
for linal selileimnl; and the anneis set for
hearing oullie leth tiny ol October. A. l. 1S7J,
at lu o'clock, A. M. H. H. MAM),
P tubals Judge.
Beplemher:), 1K73. 4t
On manhood, wnmnnhonri, and their mutual
liit-T rrlnl.oiis; love, its biws, power, rlc.
Aneiits are selling Iroin l-l to itn copies a dayr
and ae hi n l a canvassing laiok Iree lo any
book agent. Addreaa. atnilng experience. elo .
N V I luNAL PUBI.14ill.MJ CO., 1'biadelphia,
VilKKEK, Ihe great illtialra.
il Hgncul'iirnl and lamiiy
weekl), is the standard iilil'l'-nly upon prae
licit', .ul.ici ta and a h gh-tnncd literary jour
mil. C'nlV iua yeni, leas io clubs. Great
pieiiiiunia or can coin missions to agenta.
Thirttrn anailxn tllct. to .Inn. On Iruil. for only
flity ct nt-l Premium bet-. Ac, sent free to
all trinl subscribers. Address U. D. T.
.HOOKi:, New Vork lity.
hir.af nflfll"w r''lv fnrngents.Home)
ntlW UJUlLile In Hie Hil.le, by I'anlel
Miuvli, 1 1. i., Hiiihor ol "Nik'iI cceue. in ih
i'll.lc" and "nut FiiIIk-i a House," of whicti
ne-iilt oo.iiii copies of null were anid.
KI Kill. Hit M'CL'KL'V, W. Uh at., t'iu
cmn.iti, u.
Jftrt nrmcra' nn-l fnrinei ' aona during lh
I vj Lf'H a i l winier luouihs to do business)
hi ih-'ir nan- ntr-l aloiiin towiish'ps l-uai
r.ees r,'s,ecl.ilic, easy and piiva well. For
pint bus, addreaa d. S. fct'KA.N'lUN A CO.,
Ilariliir'i, Conn.
'J iiy IT.
Tne Pcii-nl-fl.r American i Ibe e)ienpe. and!
be-' ill llr:ili"l a-iedlv pn ei piibli-lied. F.T
ery noiulrr conlinii, from I" lo 13 niiitinnl
c-iiurnviiiks of lien iiuicliineiv. novel inveii
tiiius, bridge., cncinieriiig woi ka, architeu
tine, iiiiprovtil bum implement", nnd every
nea- ili.oinei y in whenueli v. A year's nuui-.
ber- ennbiin Mi puiiea nml sevi ml liiindrcil
engiaviiigs. Thousands of volumes ire pre
aeived for bimlintt and reb-rence. Tho prae
Ileal receipts nre will worth ten limps lbs
siileicriplion price Terms ti a year by mail. .
Specimen, sent iron iliiy be had of nil news
ilenlera. I Alt JUTS nlitiuned on the best
leiins, inoilels ol new inventions and sketch,
es emmmcd, and full direutions for obtaining
patents. A blrns. for lli piper ur, concern,
ing putents, MUNN A CD, :7 I'urk How, N V
Knini'l: nlllce, corner Knnd Till ots, Washing
ton, l C
Ntm n KRrSIICS. No fnlse bsck, rt'
wariung ni splitiinr Ke'eived the ureal gold
mednl ol honor nl thnAniericnn lnlitu:. l7s
Full sue sample and price li t si tit. post. paid
on receipt of 2.") cents WOODBURY UKUall
CO, t8 Cluiiubers at N T
J, riest stock in the weat; tineassiiriineiii,
extrt qimlit); packed tn go safely any ills
tnuco iitismclinii gu-,rniiteed I rices low
by hundred or by thnund A full assort
ment nfnl her ireea, shrub-, plants, etc II
lustriifed ciilalngue acnt tree to applicant'
li'i UlNKOUl', Columbus Nursery, Colum
bus, o
mi lipr,
The nhenpeat and best in Ihe miRet War
rnnted tn tw self adiusting Hpei-iul induce
ments tn washina ninehine agenta and the
eounlrv trade Liberal terms AienU wanted
enl Tor circular ATiEllICAJI MA
( llI.N'i; t"'t Miiuufaetiiren. and pelenlees,
ottlce, Ml Walnut al. Fnilndelphia, Pa
Agents Wanted.
Domestio Sewing Machine Co. N. T.
Preserve tl.e hand a and make husking easy
Made uf Ihe veiy Dost material sample Ir,
lull gloves, 2 6o; hairglovea (I Z"; hent pre
paid, to any postolni-e aildre-s on receipt of
price Ask your merchant lor then, or addrese
li all's litssiso Glove Co, 146boulh Clinton
at, Chicago, III
ftfcia, nmiie b ri.'I.MEA ATWnoD. pro
duces the Indent liubt Can be used on any
coal oil lump For sale by ail lamp dealers
Al CARD FKI.NTF.lt Auenls
wanted C H M HUE, Hocheaier, N Y
X Hoar either se.v may faacn ate and gain
the love and affections of nny person they
cboi.se, instantly Thia simple mental an
qmrement allcan possess, free by mall lor ii
cents; together with a Marnaue t-uide, Egypt
ian Oracle, dreams, hints to Indies A queer
book loe.HOV sold Address 'I WILLIAM A
CO Publishers, Philadelphia.
Till 10 I I (WHY 11' 13 THAT TUB
Rave such a large sale with to little advertise
ing The reason is a very simple one The.
Bitters have real merit, are sold eta rea
sonable price, and the people appreciate then.
Manufactured bv Poor Mnn s HitUra Co.
Oswego, N, Y. sieTSold by all druggists.
Having struMled twenty year
between life and death with Asth
ma or flu h isle, I expenmentej
mysrir by compounding roots
md herbs, nnd inhaling the med
icine ihus obtained. Ifortunate
y dtacovered n mnat wonderful
remedy and aurecure for Asihma,
md ils kindred d'.seases. War-,
raii.cd to lelieve the severest paroxysm iOi
stantly, ao the patient can lie down to rest and
sleep comfortably. ONE TRIAL PACKAGE
dress f i LA Nn F.LI,, A pie Creek, Way ne Co.,C
UTl 1 lk 1? VMES girl" sod boys want,
I I VdlS ed to sell our French and
American Jewelry, Books, tianies,Ac in ihei(
own localities No ci pilal neerled t'alalngtie,
Terms, Ao aenl ran P O VICKtKI A CO,
Augusta, Maine
K.'ilnOni" rtT' Agents wanted All
l(ViPAWeiassea of working people, of
either x, ungnrold, make mote tnone
at work for na is their snare motr.enle, or all
the time, than anything else. Particulars free, .
Adtbosi 0. BTUfcog O0,f orUMdiftUlIks, .

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