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T1IUKSDAY. OUT. 23, 1873.
Is tho banner township of the
county. At the late election
they increased their majority
on the State ticket and ran ev
ery man on our county ticket
ahead of the Far,v v0,e- Al
honor to the Wilkesville Re
publicans. Tho result will
show the indolent brethren of
of some of the other townships
what may be accomplished by
a equare op and down hght for
the whole ticket. Their exam
ple is worthy of emulation.
At the time of writing this
it appears that Allen has been
elected Governor by a small
majority, owing to the apathy
of Republicans. The South
ern Ohio Republicans have
held their own well, compared
with Northern Ohio, yet in
Vinton county we had from
100 to 150 Republicans who
did not vote. To the solicita
tion of their fellow Republi
cans they replied that we could
accomplish nothing in the
county, that the Stale was all
right at any rate; they were
busy, and it would just be
wasting that much time for
nothing. Despite their pro
phetic wisdom we did accom.
plish something in the coun
ty aud the State didn't "go all
right." If they learn by the
result that Vinton county is
not bo hopelessly and perman
ently Democratic that it may
not be overcome by good nom
inations and an active cam
paign, and that the success ot
the party in the State depends
on each individual voter doing
bis whole dutv.
The Portsmouth Times says
that we lie when we say that
Judge Thurman has drawn in
creased pay as Senator. Now,
let us see whether we do or not.
Judge Thurman was questioned
about the matter when he was
here by Mr. 0. T. Gunning, and
replied that it was a mere ac
cident that he had not; that he
had a balance due on the old
account or he would have been
in tho same fix as Mr. Neal.
We set parties in Washington
to look up the matter, but the
Paymaster ol tho Senate re
fused to give any information
or to allow an examination of
lis books. Why? Because he
was afraid Senator Thurman
would be after his official head
if he made any damaging dis
closures. Treasurer Spinner
has no such fears, and we are
informed through him that on
his books Senator Thurman is
charged with a check through
the ergeant-at-Arms of the
Senate, since the passage ol the
salary grab, of $G25 the exact
amount of all the increased sal
ary checks. Now Judge Thur
man may credit that amount
on an old balance, but we will
venture be is not so charged
on the books. If 60, why would
the accounting officer refuse to
exhibit his accounts? Besides
it has been given out by Demo
cratic papers that Judge Thur
man had settled up his old ac
count, and turned the back pay
over and above his regular sal
ary into the treasury. II that
Is so, bow could that $625
check be on an old account?
In stating that Judge Thur
man had drawn increased pay,
the Times will be kind enough
Jo remember that we do not
'consider that it is in the least a
discredit to him to have drawn
the money. Ii " hi9 legal And
only 60urce of pay for his ser
vices as Senator. It is by his
course when the law comes up
for repeal that he may justly
be judged, and not by the facts
as to his drawing his salary
now. In the end the law will
give him just the same amount
as other Senators, no more tnd
no less, without regard to the
time it is drawn. The only
reason we ever referred to the
matter at all is because the
Democratic Central Committee
of this county, for buncombe,
refused to hear Mr. Neal of
Cbiilicothe speak, because he
said manlul'y that he had
drawn his salary and had a
right to-it without referring
(o anything 'accidental."
G. McA. & C. R. R.
Work has been commenced
on the Gallipoiis, McArthur &
Columbus Railroad Ibis Bide of
We have received some let
ters from President Langleyiu
reference to the building of the
road, lie says they will build
it if the people want it.
The difficulties heretofore ex
isting in the minds ot the peo
ple in reference to the right-of-way,
we understand, have been
removed. And all that is now
wanting to push the road iai
mediately to our place is, that
the people manifest their de
sire for the ro id by subscribing
the money. President Lang
ley will be here in a few days
to look after this matter, and
see what you desire. Think
the matter over and let us have
Logan Republican.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 14.
President of the United States
of America—a Proclamation.
The approaching close ol an
other year brings with it the
occasion for renewed thanks
giving and acknowledgment to
the Almighty Ruler of the uni
verse tor the unnumbered nier
cies which he has bestowed
upon us. Abundant harvests
have been among the rewards
of industry, and with local ex
ceptions, have been among the
blessings enjoyed; tranquility
at home and peace with other
nations have prevailed; frugal
industry gaining its wonted re
cognition and its merited re
wards; gradually, but under the
the providence of God surely,
as we trust, the nation is recov
ering from the lingering results
of dreadful civil strife. For
these and all the mercies
vouchsafed it becomes us as a
people to return heartielt and
grateful acknowledgments and
with our thanksgiving we may
unite prayers for the cessation
of local and temporary suffer
I therefore recommend that
on Thursday, the 27th day of
November next, the people
meet in their respective places
of worship, to make their ac
knowledgments to Almighty
God lor his bounties and his
protection, and to offer to him
prayers for their continuance
In witness whereof, 1 have
hereunto set my hand and
caused the seal of the United
States to be affixed. Done at
the City of Washington, this
14th day of October, in tha year
of our Lord 1873, and of the In
dependence of the United
States the 97lh.
By the Presideut:
HAMILTON FISH, Sec'y of State.
A Shooting Scrape.
Last Saturday a snooting af
fair took place in Union town
ship, in this county. It seems
that a young man, by the name
of Coe, bad a law suit with
Samuel Cooper before Esq.
Pollock, and after the jury re
tired in the evening, Cooper
attacked Milburn Coe, the
lather of young Coe, knocking
him down, and then prostrat
ing Mrs. Coe to the floor. She
hurled a chair at her assail
ant, and Mr. Coe, recovering
himself, fired a pistol at Coop
er, striking him in the arm the
ball passing from the wrist to
the elbow. A second shot was
fired, supposed to be by anoth
er Json of Mr. Coe, the ball
grazing Cooper and striking a
bystander, named William
Outen, the contents lodging in
his throat, making ugly and
dangerous wounds. 11 is lie
was at first despaired of, but
at last accounts he was btill
alive and hopes of his recov
ery were entertained. An ex
amination of the parties was
held before Mayor Flanders
last Monday, when all engaged
in the fray were bound over to
court and gave bond for their
Ports. Times.
The following was posted up
at the voting precincts in Ciu
cionali on Election day:
Miss Katb Hall, the re
ported keeper of a house ot
prostitution, on Spring sreet,
iu this city, attempted to com
mit suicide on Thursday night
last, by taking an ounce and
a half of laudanum and a half
ounce of kreosote. She took
he poisons about twelve
o'clock at night, aud was not
discovered until about 9 o'
clock the next day, when she
was touud in a perfectly
unconcious state. Dr Wat
kins was sent for and on his
arrival there, immediately ad
ministered antidotes, which
served to counteract the effect
of the laudanum and ultimate
ly restored her to conciousness.
The effect of the kreosote was
more lasting, however, and it
will be some time before she
fully recovers from its effects,
ller recovery, under the cir
cumstances, ia truly a marvel.
The unfortunate woman is said
to come of a good family, and
to possess considerable per
sonal beauty. She appears to
have been driven to attemp'
tho commission of the desper
ate deed, by thoughts of her
forlorn condition in the world
IN MEMPHIS,--Pomeroy Telegraph.
Is Baltimore there are about
fifty firms engaged in oyster
and fruit packing, ot which
twenty confine themselves ex
clusively to the packing cf
raw oysters. The fruit and veg
etable packing season is now
nearly over; the thirty houses
engaged in this branch of the
business have been busy up to
the present time, and nearly
all still have orders ahead lor
all kinds of canned goods. It
is estimated that about twenty
million cans ot fruit and veg
etables have been put up this
season, of which one-third are
peaches, and the balance of
other varieties of fruits, ber
ries and vegetables.
Joseph Cohwin Cloade, the
champion oarsman, who, some
three months ago started from
Philadelphia on a trial to row
to New Orleans by canals and
rivers, died on Tuesday last,
five miles above Pluquamine.
Cloade was found in his boat,
the "Jennie," in an almost ex
hausted condition, and died the
next day. 11 is diary shows he
has been suffering with what
he terms heavy 6hakes lor four
or five days before his death.
It has been suggested that
Peter II. Clark, whose efforts
have at least aided in securing
a democratic legislature should
now present a bill to secure
the rights of colored people to
seats at tbe first table in all
hotels, seats in Pullman Palace
Cars, cabin passage in steam
ers, etc , and petition that hon
orable body for ils passage
We hope he will not neglect
this opportunity.
R. D. McDoi'QAL, Repubh
an candidate for Auditor in
Ross county, was defeated for
re election by a small majority
principally through the efforts
of the Register, a newspaper
published by a relative. It is
decidedly the worst case of
"brother-in-law" that has yet
come under our observation.
The best proof that can be
given of the wisdom of tbe fi
nancial policy of the Govern
ment under a Republican ad
ministration, is found In the
fact, that while tbe best stocks
in tbe country were seriously
affected by tbe recent panic,
United States bonds were worth
their face in gold.
Hillsboro, III., has a philos
opher named Jeff Yokum. Af.
ter listening to various ex
ploits of other days, narrated
by a party of gentlemen, Jeff.
broke in with: "Well, fellows,
I tell you it seems to me that
as men get older fun gets
skeerser!" Jeff, was profound
ly r'ght.
All fair minded men wbo
Lave noticed tbe bitter per
sonal fight against tbe election
of Gen. Grosvenor in Athens
county will rejoice at his suc
A Big Ear.
David Clymer has raised on
T. II. '.Griffin's farm, near Lon
donderry, one ear of corn that
had 1751 grains which weighed
one pound and eleven ounces.
Trot out your big ears if you
--Chillicothe Advertiser.
Divorce Notice.
George W. Green whose place of residence
ik unknown is hereby notified that Louisa
M. Green did on the Md dy ot October, .
V. lata, nil nor iBimu. "
Clerk of the Court ot Common Hens within
end for the county or Vinton end State ol
Ohio, charging the said Ueoige W. Green
wun eiiranie unieiij w..iu noi, vu
I 1 , ... 2 ianm..mA trmr. I K A mailt
.11. Klin HIST O'lwn" '"' i ' .
George W. Green. Which Petition will it-oil
for hearing at (he neit term of said Court.
Haled tnia X Vmj or vciooer, a. ir. low.
Bt E. N. Bainiili, her Atl'y.
Vinton County national Sank of
MoArthur, 0.,
In 'the State of Ohio,
SEPTEMBER 12, 1873.'
Mane and discounts . 1102,021 S
1 1 v t'i'i I r. flu ........ 6lJ BO
V a Bonds to secure circulation....!11),) 00
Due from Re 'eeming aon
Keserye agent f 14,143 94
InieTm other Nat'l H'ks wm
State Bunks an. I banker S,:tf4 8 18,011 71
Legal Tender Noles......l,'Wu 00
National Bank Notes........ 3"0 00
Coin ...... .-3J oO
Fractional Currency (in
eluding nickels) 158 72 16,381 22
Current Kiieni....M.-...o:i7 61
Premiums pi'l.........lu,00" 00
Revenue Slumps........... 47 46
Furniture and nxtures...l,2ot 60
f309.i42 97
Milt MTU
Cnpitnl stock paid in .M.loo.ono 00
6uri,liisfund........- X.UUOOO
Iiisoounls ...2,4l 77
Eichange ... HI 77
..PA I.aim H-l
Profit and lose ... IS1 79 S.M3 15
National Hank circulation onttand'g!H,UUO 00
Individuid Deposits 111,688 30
Due to Kulional Banks 1,401 43
300,042 7
Count; of Vinton, ss.:
I, James W. iieluy, Cashier of the Vinton
Couuty National Bunk of McArthur. do sol.
emnly swear that the above statement II true
to the best of mv knowledge and belief.
SaMEsW DELAY, la-hier.
Subscribed and sworn to tieiore me this l'Jth
day of Uctoher, 1873
J OS K I'll KALER, Notary Public.
Correct Attest :
Sjul 1873
Legal Notice.
ELEANOR BEXNKR and Sam net Benner, her
Inubniid, will tare tioslce that pursu-iiit to an
older of the Commissioners of Vinton county.
Ohio, made at their September at-saion, A 1)
187'), viewers and a surveyor were directed to
i.:eel at the South end ot Mirk' it street, In tb
town of UcArtiiur, In said county, on the
30th Day of October, A. D. 1873,
at tbe bonr of 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said
dsy to view and snrvey the route of a certain
Miinly mad peiltained lor by Charles Birnett,
John J. shockey ami others trnm theaomli end
uf Market lire. I In the t"wn of .McArthur, thence
smith alioul 8J.j di-grers west mi a live with ei
street through the lands of Eira P Butt, well,
Joseph Do.lrl.lpe. David . Dulr , Uarrey Rub.
Ins, and the beimof Sarah bob.., deceased, to a
toint in the centorof the Jackson roid. north of
the residence o. Levi Wyuian, thbiice souih
through the lauds of euld VViman to a stake 41
links west f an apple tree, near south line of the
said Wynian's premises. Thence s uth about 8
dearees east to an oak tre on the premises of
Ivy Uiion, thence south alamt eight degrees west
to a white oak tree near tbe leeidence of John
Salteaid through the pre.uises of the heirs oldte.
phen salts, decease J, said but mentioned point be
ii.g ths place of teruiious.
J. J.blliJt KEV
Principal I'atiliooers.
September ii. 1873. 4w
ffifM I
Italian and Vermont Marble
Neatly nd promptly executed.
Mulberry St., bet'n Second & Watei
Ciiillicotlie, Ohio.
1 superintend all my own work in person.
I eierute all Hie finer designs, use the beet
material, andean not he undeiaold. Persons
wishing any work in my line are Invited to
ex.mine work, stock and prices, before mak
ing contracts.
1 personally supeiintend the careful setting
up of atoms snd monuments bought at my
Br buying at this shop yon will save from 15
to tn percent, paid to ag.ot. 24apr73
Foreign and American
Watch Materials,
Watch Makers'
Old Watch Caeea ea. eld GeU u HUrar
agkU .
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agents wanted everywhere. Business strict
ly legitimate. Particulars free. Addrese J
W'lKTH.St Uuis, Mo tsseutly
Legal Notice.
F'LEANOR BENNER and Samuel Banner,
. iher husbsnd, will take notice that pursu
ant to an order of the Commissioners of Vin
ton county, Ohio, made at their September
essiun, A. I). 1873, viewers and s surveyor
were directed to meet st the McArthur bta
lion in said county, on the
24th Day of Ootober. A. D. 1873,
at tha hour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon of
said day to view and survey the route of a
county road petitioned for by Philip Warner
and oihera from a point near the Mr-Arthur
Station, from thence souih-eaai'ly with the
street leading past the dwelling house of (r
ville Gunniogand through the premises of the
heire of Btephen Halts, deceased, tortile
west line of Ihe land and premises of Richard
f imms, thence easterly through Ihe land of
said Timms to Ihi norlh-east corner of the
noi th-west quarter of section No. ten, 10j of
township No ten, 11 of rtnge No. seventeen,
1 17, thence earl on or near these tion line
through ihe lands of William Mailin, Patrick
Craig, Nelson Holfhioes, -eorge Craig. Phil
ip Warner, Hamdxn furnace Co. and Daniel
Hall to the south-east corner of seclirn No.
two, 2 of said township and range, thence s
north-easterly direction through the land ol
Frederick Engliind to a point In the county
road leading from Eagle Furnace to McArthur
about four 4 rods north of the barn on said
England's premises, the placa of terminus.
Principal Petitioner.
eeptemberM.1873. 4
0. t). Cuipoon, Attorney for Petitioner.
SEPTEMBER 15th, 1873.
Jpy Goods
Paint and Second Street,
WOULD respectmUy Invite Ihe sttentiea
l ot buyers to his stock f
Offered at wholesale prices as low atsny
in any other market.
Bare on Sale full lines of
Orown &niencued Muslins,
Calicoes, Checks, Sttlpes,
Ginghams, Canton Flau
nelsand Jeans.
White and Gray Blankets.
His faciliti for business sre unequalled,
aliling him to otter inducements to the
trade equal to any other house. lUsep
The Most Desirable Ees-
dence in MoArthur.
I OFFER for tale my residence on North
street. It consists of a splendid dwelling
houe, well Itiiii-hed, inside and out, with
eight rooTisand a good cellnr. A goimottii-e
budding, stable, wood and i-oal houspaud oth
er necesary out biiildiiigs. The premises
contain'.!, acres, including, I screofineBrd,
alltlirilty neitring vines; there are also thirty
hearing apple trees best varisty of gmfled
fruit, twenty-five bearing peach lreea-bel
budded fruit, cherries, quimtes. plums, snd a
variety of simill liuit For further particulars
inquire at the office of this paper, or at tbe
premises, 't erms easy.
dec3iWin 8.8. D0LL1S014.
State of Ohio, Jachon County.
David L. Wadsworth, Plaintiff,
Tbe Wellington Manufacturing Com
pany and others, Defendant.
iw jacko corxTY rorirr of
PURSUANT to the command of an Order of
Hale issued from the Uotut rf Common
Pleas of Jackson County and lo me directed
aar-herifl -f Vinton cotinly, wil' oiler for snle
st the door ol the Court Hon e in Ihe town of
McArthur, Vinton County, Hiiio, on
Saturday, tht llthDayof October, 1873
st the hour of 1 o'clock P. H. of said dsy the
billowing lands and tenements, situate in Ihe
county of Vinton and Mate ot Ohio, to wit:
The south west quarter of the south-west
quarter and the south-east qunrier of I t
south east quarter of section tnirty-two, (M)
township nine, 9, range nineteen. l. and the
south hall of ths south-west quarter of sec
tion thirty-three CI, township nine, , range
nineteen, It.
Appraised at four hundred dollars, $100,
and must bring two. thirds of that nam.
To he sold as tho property of The Welling
ton Manufacturing Company, ti satiety an or
der of sale, Issued from the Court ol Common
Pleas in favor of Davlo L. Wadsworth.
Phen Hot Vinten county.
Janes Taire, Attorney for plaiotirl.
beptll, 1873. tw
State of Ohio,VintonCountytss.
llarrj Bingham, Plaintiff,
E. F. Bingham, Defendant.
PUR8UANT lo the command of an ord'r of
bale i. sued from the Court of Common
Pieas of Vinton County, and to me directed as
ttheriftof said County, I will otter for sale at
thedoorof the Court Ho ise, in the town of
I cArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, on
Monday, tht 10th Day of Horember,
At the hjnr of I o'clock P. M. of said
day, the following described Isnds and
tenements situate In the townshin ol
Hirhland, county of Vinton and State of
unio, bounded and described aa follows, to
win The equal undivided half of the north
half r.f south-east quarter ol section No. 31,
township No. , range IS, except nfly-flve
acres off the west side ol said tract, sold by
William Lackiu to one George Packer. Alan.
Ih. equal undivided ball ol the north half
01 tne soutn-wesi quarter ot section no 31,
township So. , range It, containing one
hundred and Ave scree, more or less.
Anorsieed it live hundred snd twentv-Bva
dollars (i62S), sod must bring two-thirds of
mat sum.
To be sold ss the property of B. F. Bingham
to satisfy an order of sale, issued from the
Court of Common Pleas, in lavor of Harry
rCKMSOFBALE: Cash In hand on lb
day of sale. dEOBGE KALER,
nhenrt Vinton County.
0. T. Gtraaia-a, Att'j for Plaintiff.
October , 1873. tar
Eipbbiimoi will teaoh any nan tha
it ii advantageous to patronii tlioae
whtadier ia newj0n5
Valuable Tavern Stand
lautsiii in vatirj. from hnstnesa I offer
for sale my terern stand known ts the
Baughman House, Za!eskl.
This house is doing a good business, is
And is ths
Principal Hotel In Zaleskl.
v. i . -I . n h.. l-ial Kaon tmnroved
snd refilled throughout, has all modern Im
proveinenie, ana gooa sunning .uiuuw.
to accommodate the run of custom of the
house. The house, atnl le, furnilure, and ev
erything in complete ehapefor man to take
right hold, wiil be sold, at a bnrgmn, and on
liberal payments. To any man who under
stands the hotel business, this ia an opportu
nity seldom "tiered, as the bouse is making
big money on the amount invented. If any
msn wishes to buy let lit.n call on me, and
aill soou convince him (list ihere ia money
in it. MM. B A I'd II M A.N,
.jsept Zaleskl, Ohio.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOT ICR Is heieli? Ri'en that Ernst fisher,
as guardian of Krnut Kisher bolen.a mi
nor, has filed his account with his said ward
for final settlement; and lbs sms is set for
hearing on the lath day ol October, A. V. 1873,
at 10 o'clock, A.M. "-""Vy1
Probate Juilg.
September 29,1871. 41
On manhood, womanhood, snd their mutual
intr relations; love, its laws, power, ele.
Agenta are selling Irom It to 20 copies a day,
end we send a canvassing book free Is any
hook agent. Addresa, stating experience, elo ,
NATIONAL. rUBI,18HIN(J CO., Phiadelphia,
II M V YOHKEK.the ureal illustrat.
IIIMI II I led agneul'ui-nT and family
weekly, is the standard auliority upon prao.
tiiM.1 suhm-ts and a h ah-tonsd literary jour
nal. Ontv ti.iu a year, less to clubs. Great
Sremium or casn commissions to sgsnle.
Ai.teeaam6erlOct. to lan.J On trial, for only
fllty centsl Premium lists, o., sent free to
sll trial subscribers. A'ldress II. U. 1.
IMOOltK, New York City.
liriaf nnOIN"" ready for agents, Heme
NhW bUUIxLife In Ihe Bible, by Haaial
March, U. 1'.. author of "Night tleeues m the
Bible" and "Our Kather'a Houe," of which
nearlv luu.tKH) copies of each were sold.
1, KtiLDR 1 M'CUKUY, 180 W. 4tb si.. Cm
ciunatt, O.
JftVarmers and Inrmeia' sons during Ilia
lUUfnll and wimer months to do business
in their own and adinininir townships rjtisi
cess respectable, easy and pays well. For
particulars, auuress a. a. Binimiuns w.,
Hartford, Conn.
Tne Scientific American Is Ihe cheapest and
lies', illustrated weekly paper published. Ev
ery number contain from lu In 16 oiiginal
engravings of new machinery, novel inven
lions, bridges, engineering woiks, arciii-ec
ture, improved farm implements, and every
new diaooveiv in ehemistry. A year's num
bers contain tt'tt pages and several hundred
engravings. Thousands of volumes are pre
served for bindinir and reference. The prac
tical receipts hre well worth ten timea the
subscription price lermsej a year uy man
Poecimenssent tree May be had of sll news.
deiilers. PATfcXTS obtained on Ihe best
teims, models ot new inventions and sketch,
ea examined, and full directions for obtaining
patents. A Idress for the paper or, concern,
ing patents, MUNX 4 CO, :i7 Park How, N Y
Branch office, corner r and 7th sta, W nulling
ton, U 0
Solid USack
Nt'Kl'D BRl'SIIEft. No raise back,
warning ot splitiug Received Ihe great gold
medal ol honor ol tho American Institute. I7v
Full size sample and pru-e It-1 si nt, post pail
on receipt ot in cents wuiiuDun. atrvuon
CD. 98 Chnmbers si N Y
X l.trgest siock in tne wesi; nne afsorwneu.
exlrt quality; packed to go snfely any ins
tance fcntisfHOlinn gun ran teed I rices low
by hundred or by Ih m-unil A full assort
ment of other trees, shrubs, plsnts, etc Il
lustrated catalogue sent tree to sppbeants
Kli H AHf UKU, loliiintjus nursery, voium
bus, O
The cheapest and heal in the ni ikei War
ranted to he self adjusting Special induce
ments to washing machine agents snd Ihe
country trade L't-eral terms Agents wanted
-end rm circular AM EH 1 4' AN MA.
CHINE C, Manufnciurrra snd pstenleee,
ortlce, 4J0 Walnut st. Philadelphia, Pa
Agents Wanted.
bc.HU F.MlCA'l AL"Gl'E.
Domestio Sewing Machine Co. N. Y.
Preserve the hands sud make husking easy
Made nt'theveiy oest material uniple pair,
full gloves, 12 6U; hnlfgloves fl lii; hent pre
paid, to any post ortice address on receipt el
price Ask your merchant ior. hern, or address
Hall's HusttxaOLovs Co, I45suth Clinton
st, Chicago, III
T4rn)T7QT7iX,MIN3E cne burn-
Mita, maue u I-lUME & AT Wool), pro
duces 'he lurerl lignt Can be used on any
coal oil lamp For sale by all lamp dealers
wanted OHM "E, Kochester, N V
1 how either sex may Tasci isle snd gain
the love snd snections of sny person they
choose, instantly Tina simple mental ac.
quirement all can poes: Tree bv mail tor
cents; togetherwtth a Mainsge '-I'lde, Egypt
inn Oracle, dreams, hints to l.-dies A queer
book 100,100 sold Aditiess T WILLIAM
CO Publishers, Philadelphia.
Have such a large ssle with so little advertls.
ing The reason Is a very simple one The
Bitters hate real merit, are sold sta rea
sonsble price, and the people appreciate them
Manufactured by Poor Mans Uitttrs Co,
Oswego, N. T. -oold by all druggisia.
Havin? struggled iwenty yesra
between life and ile.ult with Asin
ine or Piithislc, I expeitmented
myself by compounding roots
nud lie.'-, end inli.ilinv me med
icme i In- olna ued. I fniutnate-
y tiiwovered a most wooiierful
hnd i.s l.ioilieil dise.se-. War.
reme:lv enct siireciire .AfAchmt
ranted 10 relieve l e .eveie-t p: io-v.m io
atantly, -.otlie pntieolenn lie i'osu o rr-.i od
sleep i oinlortnuly. ONK YPIAL PACKAGE
dress D.LANGELL.A iieCi-eek,WsvneCo.,Q
Wl MV 1VMEH girls sntl boys wjnt-
t ' Tjlletl .o sell our Fiench snd
American Jewelry, Book, tismes, Ae.in their
own localities No e-. piuil needed Catalogue,
Terms, Ac sent rtis F O V1CKERI A CO,
Augusta, Maine
t4tOnier day!
f'vw,iiM1 of working
Agents wanted! Ai
workmv iiennl
either a. i, e vmorold. make mole mnn
ftt work for n In ihir nr mnm.nu At .1
Ihe time, tbannovihiog el6. Prticuirfre
If Yob
Want a situation.
AVant a servant iirl,
Want to sell a piano,
Wun t to tell a cnnlnge,
AVuiit to bur orsell a farm.
Want a bourtllri place,
Witnr lo cell town propt rty,
Want to sell groceries or tlrK9
Want lo eell liousehold furniture,
Want to sell dry poods or carpets.
Want to llnd customers for anything.
Advertising will fain new ctictomers,
Advt'i tl-iiift will keep old customers,
Advertisl'i'; liberally id ways pays,
Advertising iimke. siiecess easy,
Advertislii'i be-jrels eonlldence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Adverliee or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or buinea man who 11 as lecome
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by jno'icioi'S advertising.
.Vo execplioii lo this vi'l can be
cited! Stetcarl, ihe Prince of
Merchants, en c poo,- manwas
driven to ao'veriUing, " c last
resort, to gel n is siock tr,-rdinto
money so as 'o wwl v. no r. Ar
guing from this ilia! if it was
good for iti.n ia adveniiy, he
could make it still better in pros
perily, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while ca advertise; fur no person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this ;iunty will read this advertise-,
ment, and T lie is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, i' iie lir-s anything to
offer W'.rtli BiJveiiieiiVj; How ruuch
mure then will l!io-e reft J them who
are not eo largely up;lied with read
ing matler, me nt 'eisti e in the even
ing, and inuscdepeiu.' on their paper for
their locid new.-., the nto-t iii'portant
item i'f which is where they cun find
jii9 tvii.it ihev wun. ivl'en lliev come to
town to ke .Iieii'Hircltases. If you I
stock is o olt . rusty, ('nsty rnd o'nt of
style that 't is woi'Jtles-.. or if it vim
duwn an lilt t von have nothing le t tiiat
people won't! v.nt. it is not worth
while for you to m-veiiihe. Dili, if it is
new. lies... end mwkliii';, no lo the
time.- and sucIits i-te po de t':int,
don't hide tiieiii, hts nt':)lisii to ihe
world that yuu have .lie .1. aud want
to sell them el a 1'uii- p,ice.
An advertisement published For a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
If you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement. But you will plod
along in business rear after year, with
out calculating how much you ure los
ing by not advertising it Reporter.
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are noi real by (he publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
i;iyo publicity lo somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser's
Advkr'i'iSiko is apt tojive ns that
gentle jojol conscience which tells us
that we want new suit of clothes for
Sundnv. 01 tout we promised our wife
a new ui-ess lis soon as tbe hay wos in.
Perhaps t would be a good plan for
Madame to n. ii this passage and lay
the paper nwn iiev husband's break
fast plate. tVho will say that fldver.
rising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising nnd to learn
what is 3mg on. 1 o see u there is
anything new, or Anything that they
want. To see If the season's styles
have come in, nnti to find out who has
them. To know f any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio State Journal
Ths power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advbotage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives n importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influenoe, to per
suede, to convince, whioh lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed. But there ii some
thing in the silent language, tbe quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter whioh gives it a
marvelous forte and influenoe. Busiw
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
the printing presses,- Learn to adver
tise, and then the "bow, when and
where" of it, and yoo will have ft
Iwowledga worth having.

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