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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 11, 1873, Image 2

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THURSDAY. DEC. 1 1, 1873.
Work is progressing as rap
idly on the roadbed oi the
weather will peruiU The force
will complete tin work above
as far as Karris', within a "week
if the weather should be so
they can work at all, when
they will commence work be
tween McArthur and the Sta
tion. An additional force will
also be put to work south of the
M. & C. R R. in a short time.
The prospects of the road are
excellent. With a little more
help from our people, which
they are abundantly able to
furnish, there will be no halt in
the work between Gallipolis
and the iron fields in Swan
township. The completion of
the other end of the road as
originally intended will de
pend on Logan. If they can
afford to do without the rail
road to that point we can too.
Other points will perhaps suit
our purposes better.
Tub Cincinnati Gazette's
market report of Tuesday says:
There has been a large in
crease in the volume of cur
rency employed in active busi
ness during the past week in
nearly all the larger monetary
centers. This is the natural
result of returning confidence,
and the Jarge depreciation
in prices of merchandise and
securities. As confidence be
comes more firmly established
money is brought out of its
biding places, and employed in
business, invested in securi
ties or deposited in bank, and
in either case it is brought in
to the channels of trade, and
enables the banks to enlarge
their lines of discount, while
prices of merchandise having
declined, a larger amount of
business can be done upon the
same capital than before the
panic, and mercantile credits
having been reduced in time,
and debts having been so gen
erally liquidated that there is
less demand for money, the
markets are working into an
easier condition. There is
every reason why this should
continue for some time yet to
come, except that the advance
in securities and merchandise
will absorb more money in
their transfers.
The Storm.
Cixcixnati, Dec. 5. Advices
from the surrounding country
show that the damage to
houses, fences, etc., from the
late gale was considerable. At
Dayton, Ohio, a large brick
building, one hundred and fifty
by fifty feet, and four stories
high, occupied by the screw
factory was razed to the
ground. The structure was a
substantial one, the walls be
ing eighteen inches thick. The
damage is estimated at $10,000.
The roof ot Peregine's machine
hop .was blown off. A num
ber of wooden houses and
sheds in different parts of the
town were blown down.
In the country near Dayton,
leng lines ef fences were lev
eled, and one large barn was
moved several feet from- its
foundation. Mr. Hall's barn, on
the Eaton pike, was completely
demolished, and for half a mile
at one point all the fences were
blown down. A frame cottage
was blown from one side to the
At Laurel, Indiana, houses
were blown down, many un
roofed, and a great amount of
damage was done. A car was
blown off the side track near
Fort Wayne, on the Wabash
railroad. The fast line train
ran into it. No one was injured
At New Paris, Ohio, a flour
ing mill was oproofed; also,ihe
railroad depot.
Court is in session in Jack
son county, Judge Hastings
Water will find its level. In
Marino, Ohio, last week, John
O. Water was married to Caro
line Level.
Congress is engaged on the
repeal of Iho lalary bilL
Court of Common Pleas.
Timothy Barrett vs. John
Barrett, suit to recover real es
tate. Judgment for defendant,
and cause appealed to District
Miller, Green fc Joyce vs.
Wui. Mark, James Miller and
Francis Shades. Suit on note,
and judgment by default
against Mark and Shades for
$236 63 and costs.
Wm. D. McLain vs. Jihn
Mitchell. Damages for seduc
ing wife. Second trial, and verj
diet for SI, 500.
Benoni Uixson vs. Henry
Ilofi bines. J udgment by con-
sent lor providing for mother of
defendant for $1,120.
E. A. Bratton vs. II. C. Ply-
ley, administrator of JobnP.
Plyley. Judgment $80.33. "
John P. Coe vs. Wm. and Ra
chel Leo. Sale of lands by
Sheriff confirmed.
Helen A. Will vs. George B
Will. Divorce granted, plain
tiff's maiden name, Helen A.
French, restored, and care ol
children awarded her.
George Cravens vs. M & C.
R. R, Suit for damages for
killing cow; verdict for $47.
. A. J. Boyer, charged with at
tempt to commit rape, gave
bond for his appearance in the
sum of $S00, John Lowry and
James McGee, bondsmen.
John M. Sloan vs. Thomas M.
Lytle. Foreclosure of mort
gage granted, and Sheriff or
dered to sell property.
Wm. Wyatl vs. David Kee
ton and William Fee. Judg
ment on note lor $165 66.
Mary A. Dtfigh vs. John W.
Sain. Breach of promise of
marriage. Verdict for 1,500.
Second trial granted defend
ant on filing bond for 2,000.
Trustees of Harrison Tp., vs.
'lhos. and Wesley Thackcr.
Judgment for $13 50.
L. W. Baker vs. Trustees ol
Richland Tp., Judgment tor
$29 96, for medical attendance
on pauper.
Jonathan Blore vs. Henry
Winkleman. Foreclosure oi
mortgage orderd.
E. P. Bothwell vs. James B.
Johnson. Suit to establish a
partition line and for a deed for
lands set off. Judgment for
defendant, and notice of ap
peal to District Court.
The Sheriff was allowed a
guard to assist in transporta
tion of prisoners to Columbus.
Clark & Boggs vs. James
Kennard. Sale of land by
Sheriff confirmed.
Court adjourned on Friday
without day, the next term
commencing Feb. 9, 1874.
Hon. U. S Bundy, our mem.
ber of Congress is chairman ot
the Committee on Mileage, and
member ol the Committee on
Public Lands.
Lee Eicuelstune, of Ports
mouth, well known here as
agent for S. J. Eichelstein, was
stricken with partial paralysis,
the right side of his face being
the part affected.
John Wright, one of Ports
mouth's most esteemed citi
rans, was drowned last Thurs
day, in trying to cross a creek
which was much swollen by re
cent rains,
A barn, owned by Pickett
Clarkfl, was destroyed by fire
in Jackson county last week,
and a jack, some grain, and
valuable farming atensila were
consumed in the flames.
Attorney GeneralWilliams,
who has been appointed Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court
of the United States, was Chief
Justice of the territory of Ore
gon under Pierce and Buchan
an. Mayor Golden and wife, of
Athene, celebrated the 51sr
anniversary of their marriage
at the residence of Mrs F M.
Steadman, their daughter.
There were present five mar
ried children and seventeen
A new bank has been started
in Jackson. It is called the
Ixoa Bani,
Dull Times.
The Milwaukee Wisconsin
relates the following:
Alter the crash of '57, when
everybody was almost seated
to death and the croakers pre
dicted that the country had
gone to smash, a dry goods
house was opened iti this city,
which proceeded on the prin
ciple that in order to reach ihe
hoarded money in the pockets
ot the people the proprietors
must sell at very reasonable
prices and advertise very large
ly. They worked vigorously
upon this principle. Their
brother merchants who did
not advertise predicted that
the new comers would be ruin
ed, as they paid too much for
advertising. Nevertheless, they
persisted. In a single year
they paid five hundred dollars
in gold to the Daily Wisconsin
lor advertising, and at the end
of seven years they retired
from business with a fortune
ot one hundred thousand dol
lars, while other merchants on
the same street, some of them
opposite their store, had failed."
We remember a similar in
stance, continues the Wiscon
sin, among our advertisers in
1S57. A merchant continued
his advertisement in our col
umns throughout the whole
period of stagnation, and not
withstanding many predictions
that "it wouldn't pay." His
testimony afterward was that
his sales were steady and his
profits satisfactory, while many
a merchant around him who
"couldn't afford to advertise,"
saw his clerks, stand idle be
hind the counters.
A financial panic does not
mean that no one has any
money. There is plenty of
money in the country, and
i hose who hoard it Are just the
ones to be eager lor the 'bar
gains" which a fall in prices
holds out. But to buy they
must know where to buy, and
the merchant who tells them,
will receive their cash.
Transfers of Real Estate.
iletki Company to Clarinda
Brake, part of Phillips lot, 50
by 151 feet, Zaleski, $200.
E. U. Moore and J.M.Welch
to Eugene A. Colby, 336 acres,
Knox township, $26,880.
Eugene A Colby to Chas J.
Hess, 336 acres, Knox tp.,
$43,6S0. '
Jonathan Brine, sen., to Jon
athan Brine, Jr., in-lot 201 Mc
Arthur, $50.
Sheriff to John P. Coe, 200
acres, Jackson tp . $1 200.
Jonathan Brine Jr., to C. B
Ward, in-lots 222 and 223,
Shry's addition, Mc Arthur $100
Chas. P. Ballard to James
Ballard, quit claim, 160 acres,
Knox tp., $1.
Sheriff to D. B.Stewart, part
in-lot 45, McArlhur, $1,500.
S. T. Boggess to John Miller
part in lot 72, Wilkesville, SSO0
Eli Reynolds to Harvey Rob
bins 23 acres, Elk tp., $1,123.47
Oliver Wood to Elisha Jew
ell, 40 acres, Madison tp., $900
An Indian maiden of four
teen years named Minnie Era
aneeska, or the "White Feath
er,:' died on Sunday in BoBton.
She was the sole survivor ot
the Cheyenne Indians massa
cred some years ago at Sand
Kiver by orders of an officer
who was dismissed from the
service for the barbarous act.
She was adopted by a Boston
family, and great attention wta
given to her education. The
United States authorises set
tled upon her 640 acres of lands,
which now reverts to the na
A Circleville boy, unknown
to bis employers, rode a horse
home from the livery stable,
and on his return the horse
threw bim, fracturing bis skull
and killing him. Some of the
MoArthur boys would do well
to make a note of this.
Thb Democratic Senators
have resolved to support Allen
G. Thurman for President of
the Senate pro tern Senator
Carpenter is the Ilepublican
nQmuiee, t
VI, OT of hoiiieheld and kitchen liirnittir
inel.ici IBM tuo buitat.a. I"r aale cheap.
A..l.t TlildUKPlCfc.
AGENTS' ksuaue WITH rs.
.IK., Women, Hnym and Uirla rail amiUe
Hn hone! living nt Ihtrli biimra. N( CAP
ITAL KK1LIIU.I. Full lul'orumlion
free. Atltlrrw at ttnrf
HUWE.X tfc CO., .Murluu, Oblo.
11 aw 187 3 Sin
For 1874.
ORE!) PLATE Pufclnhel qnnrlorly nl V
rents a year. First numhur for 171 ut if
us I. A tiennan edition nl mine price.
AdJre.s jAMhS Vlt.K, Kocaester, N. Y.
Complete Initrii'jtloas and luxe oollecilon
of new niuie.
Thie work teacliea m aconeisennd aim 1
moniMr howlonlnv uuon thi' Instrument,
brilinmnK with the first .rim-i ple, and icnd
unllv rarrvinn thr learner forwiiril l ft coiirw
of proifreaaivt leasona, men a&cnn not lail, il
nglitty uaeti oi minting n kuiiu in-nriiici, m
lh abort 'at rioaailla time. PuliliMied by
JullNCHUKCH 4 CO., Cincinnati O.
Now is vour time to
et your PICTURES
made to present to
your friends during
the Holidays.
Heating School Houses,
Churches, Lodge Iloom,
Court Houses and
Public Halls,
IM clemly, it in economical; it Is kralili
Inf. It keeps up n perfect circulation uf ni r,
wfminx nli puna i the mom ulilie. Il look
the hri-l premium ovel H II competitors nl the
Vienna fcipniniiiin. Ci renin ami lamnlileli-
containing en),'raviiur and lull put In nlma lur
mahPil on application, or one ol ihtt Moves
may be eaen in operation at my Ho re You
are lu vi ted to rail, and eu lor jocreelvea.
No. 9, Main St.,
Chillicothe, Ohio,
Sole agent for Vinton un I Ro counties, ami
Healer in all Ihe moil approved C'lnUmif ami
Heating t-tnvea, Hiuie Kurnii-hinv (ioo I.-,
and nianulHctiirer of nil kimii. of Tin, the I
Iron and Copper Ware, Onltr Irom the
country lor Hpoulinv, Poolimr, etc., will nl
wata re five immeiiinteatteuiiou.
f - ?i
T T Z 5 r
x o i'Z r --3
-2 z
w e --r i
i- a.
lets 1 1
sin sl
S2500 A YEAR
made utih our tpltudid
It represent .ample pnie. and ftvle ofbinning
ol 60 intensely inte re-tin if and iiceful
bnoka, that aell in eterr famllv Het thinu
ever tried by i aniicei". AGr.N I S W N I KD
to make ft permanent btiineM on thei-e
worKa in every oounty. Pro.periu. aent pn.t.
paid on receipt of priee. $1 4u- For clrei lar.
nd liberal terma.addr J()H K PUTTtR
4 CO.. Publiehera, Philadelphia, Pa.
Rulea cf prnceedins and debate in deliber
ative aaembi lea. Am imlvfiivibt' iW-l)lor
trfry member nf m dWiWad'rt 6cirfyt &nd the au
thontT in all the "ta'ea.
"The mot authoritative expounder
American parnamemarv law. ('Auriea Sum-
Pride, Mcenta. flnt bf ma-1 on re-eiptol
pnee. Addre.a THJMPiJ', BR'JWN
CO., Bo-Ion, Mix.
Mmj Goods
Paint and Second Street.
TX70ULD respecttuilv invite the attention
1 of burera to hia Block of
Offered at wholesale pricea as low any
in any other market.
Have on Sale full linea of
Brown & Bleached Muslin,
Callcoen, Checks, Stalpes,
Gingham, Canton Flan
nels and Jeans.
White and Gray Blankets
Hia hcllitiea for businena are unequalled
cabling hiaa to fler inducement, to the
tea imi tf nj otiir bvmt. iiitp
20 SAVED !
roDKatfbaryniilflauiad of tin limd.
knit tttUminii to
ami wilt A.TniiVr aril their 9 Muekiitt Jot f45. ami
other ttfjfc J i i)jor(toM.
u Ik' OXL YUnctuf HmkiMtkal iroi rati
mini nr'vinift w to rifkt iiaj rrt. Ihe yHr,kiinr
i"liyr ( kuhmtt jWa IMPHOVf l) ASt
tilMI'LIFIVU. nod u jurhtHtr than iiWim
ekiiM la Ik murktt.
Flonnf, Mau,, Xof. I, 17:1. Jynilt n'oatrd.
No Fluctuations! Alwayi Improving
in Value!
Tht n'tulik nf On Coanra u mailt la Ikt Adjunct in
Heal Wnle.
Milliona of atreaof thahneat landa on the
continent in eaitern Nehraaka, now for aale
m iuf ,f them arrer keurt in lh awrial at price!
thai ilefy competition.
Kiva aid T : Yiah C. b t it Cit, witu 1
TiataT at 81 Pa CiaT.
The Land Hrnnt Honda ot tha Company ta
ken at par fur lanrla. They van now be pi.r-clia-eil
al a laie iliacnunt.
"FhH i.aitieiilara iiiven. new Guide with
uew map. mailed tree by addreaainn
U.K. Im'VIS.
Land Commiysiouer. U. P. R.
Uniaha, Neb.
4 tn imaraiiteed to amenta. Addreaa
2llO I .vf.ULLlTANCU.,8tI'aul at
baliiiiiuie, Md.
T?T'DTl,CTTi,C4"'j: cune hukn-
XSxLikjxlJIUn u'R Hu cuim
iNh.i, iiHule l.y I I. TME ATWoori, pro
duces ihe Inrtci t Hunt Can ne u.ed on any
coal oil lamp Kor aula by all lamp dralera
X tic
ow eitlici aex may faci 1 ale and ain
i ne love aim enaction 01 anr paraon they
choline, inatHiiily Thm aimple menial ac
iiiiii'inent all can powie.a, free by mail InrSJ
cenls; toiietliervrith a Marriae (uide,E)(ypt
in Oracle, dreamt, hiuta to ladies A queer
boo Kio.dOO aold Aililrea T WILLIAM
CO Publixliera, 1'hiMdeiphia.
U'i1 1? TMES glrla and boya want-
. I I'j 1 ed to aell our French and
American Jewelry, Hnoln, Uuinea, 4o. in their
own locahtieM No 01 pitid needeil I'litalnue,
Terinn, Ac fenl rati PO VICKEliY i CO,
AiiyiiHia, Maine
VPAIR of men's kid nlovea with a border
i.l fur taken Irom a dealt in my otli e,
on 4'iturdny laat. 1 adriaa Ihefudr 10 return
them. H. B. MAYO.
rrolatts Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
Nn ICK I. herel y given Ihnt H. flar Plv
Icy, iiiimiiiiairator of the otnte ol John P.
l'ljley, deceased, haa filed hia ac. oiinta vrilh
rmd estate for pirtial aettleinenl; and Hint
the heannii thereof i tet fur Ihe If rh day of
1'eietiilaT next,(l71.l at 2 o'cl ick P. M.
II. H. MAYu, Prolate Midge.
Novunlier 27 , U7.I. -It
Valuable Tavern Stand
TISHlNiJ to retire from busineaa I offer
lor aale my tavern M.mil known aa Ilia
Baughman House, Za!eskl.
This houre ia doinx A f(ood bu.iineaa, is
And ta Ihe
ri lnclpal Hotel lu Zaleakl.
It i alme't new has lately ben improved
and relitted Ihroiiuhnu:, has all mn.larn Im
provement., ami jtood etnbliiig etilrlcient to
to arcoin module the run of eualum of the
house. I he hoime, utal le, fiiriiiliire, and ev
erything in coiniileie -hape fur a man to lake
riiilii hold, will bo eold, at a barium, and on
M.erjl pajmenlK. 'lumiy man vihn ti.ier
i-ta mle the Imti I btisineea, thia l au opportu
nity aeldoin ollered, a Ihe house in aiKking
big money un the iniount tnve-led. If any
man ihe to buy let In in eall on me, and
will suOJ convince him that there i money
in it. WM. BAI MIMA.,
J6cpI jleekl, Ohio.
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Anents wanted evervhoro. Huaineaa strict
ly lejiitnri.te. Par'ticuliira free. Address J
W'IKTII , St l.oma, Mil Si-eptly
Notice of Appointment,
Estate of John Dunkle, deceased.
THE nnileraijnied ha been appointed and
nuahfied na adlninitrntnr nl Hia ..lain
of John lunkle, laieof Vinton county, dc
l'nted 1 Ina 20th day or November, A. tJ 1873
:,t JOHN P. ylJNKLE.
Notice to Hunters.
N'OTICE;a hereby Riven that all persona
are lorhidilen to hunt or ahoot on tlu
premisea ol tlie underained. All not heed
iDfj thia police will lie prosecuted.
W M. (.'KAIO.
K. 8:,Tt),
innovSm A. J. WO HTM AN.
Agents Wanted.
Domestio Sewing Machina Co. N. Y,
Are the beat, the least painful, produce Iras
alrkncMtf and do Ihe ayMem more good than
any other i.illi in uae. The mo.t akepttcal
hBve only on-e to try them to oe convinced of
their ureal merit.
MDK1CV "" ';" with Btencil Key
III U ilk I Check nuirits. Catalogues and
mil paitic ulari KREE. 8. M. bptacta, 117
Hannover Ht , Boston.
$5tO$20r,"r Renla wanted! All
Tlwveleea of working people, of
a. uuK nr 01a, mnae moie money
at work for u ic their spare momenta, or all
ihe time, than nny thing else. Particulars free
Addroaa G. bTlNSON CO., Portland.Matne.
We will insert an adiertiaement of one inch
apace one month in 81 inMlan Ohio Pa.
For hsls of Jinrera in other RUtea, addre.s
OEO. P. KOWELL CO., 41 Park Row, N. I.
book of nu pagee, wltL editors' and pub.
tn-hera n'mi,, dale of establishment, eiae,
politics, subscription price and circulation of
II newspapers in the United dtatea and i;o
minion of Canada.
tT m'VI'"A'Jdr PuUiahera, o. Park
KoWf IS, Y
A book of SO pagea, showing how, when
nd where to advertiae, and eontaining hat
of nearly S.O0O newspapers, with much other
information to adver.iaere. Addreaa GEO.
JjROWH cp, u fKk Hrw, tw
Dv. J. 'nlker'8 Luiuornw
YIneafar Hitters nro a purely Veg
ctablu lircparation, nunlo clilftly from
tho nativo lierlm fimml on tlio lower
raiiL'es of tho Siertii Nevada moim
tahis of California, the medicinal
properties of which nro extracted
therefrom without tho use of Alcohol.
Tho question is almost daily risked,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
alleled success of Vinegar IUt
TEitsi" Our answer is, that they
romovo tho cause of disease, and
tho patient recovers Iris health. They
are tlio great IiIihmI purllier and a
lifo-girinft priiifiiiln, pi-rfect Kcno
TiUor nml Inviiirntor nf the system.
Never before in tlio history of tho world
has a meilieino been compounded pos
sosaiug tho remnrkahlo tiuilities of IX
eqib Bittkrs in heitling tho sick of
everv disc ;ko man is heir to. They are
a pe'utlo I'urgativo as well as a Touio,
roliuviiiK Congestion or Influiimmtion i
tho Liver and Viseoml Orguus, iu Uilious
Tlio pronovtifis of Dr. Walk-
ir's Vinkoak lliTTmtsaro Aperient, Dia
phorutio, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Suilorifie. .li"iivp, and Anti-Bilious.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters tho most wonder
ful Invigorant that over sustained
tho sinking system.
Ko Person can take those Bit
ters according to directions, and ro
main long unwell, provided their
bones aro not J jstroyetl by mineral
poison or other uiuans, aud vital or
gans wa.sted beyond repair.
ttilious, itcinittcnt, and In
term itt out Fevers, which aro so
prevalent in tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially tuoso of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tenucsseo,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Hcd, Colo
rado, Brazos, Kio Grundo, Pearl,
Alabama, Alobilo, Savannah, Ko
inoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, nud remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
beat ar.d dryness, aro invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
ments of tho stomach and liver, nnd
other abdominal viscera. Iu their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful iuflucnco upon theso vari
ous organs, is essontially necessary.
Thcro is no cathartic for tho purpose,
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they will speedily remove
tho dnrk-colorcd viscid mutter with which
tho bowels nro loaded, At tho sauio timo
stimulating tho accretions of tho liver,
and generally restoring tho bculthy func
tions of tho uigestivo organs.
'Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vinegar Hitters. No epidemio can
tako hold of a system thus toro-anned.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, l'aiu in tho Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Had Ttislo
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, I'tilpila
tirm of tho Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, Pain in tho region of tho Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful (symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. O110 bot
tle will prove a hotter gimniutoo of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Wbito
Swellings Ulcers, Krysinelns, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Indtiuiinatious,
Indolent Inflammation, Mercurial allec
tions, Old Sores, Kiuptiims of tho Skin,
Sojo Eyes, etc. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Talker's Vis
Ioak Hitters have shown their great cur
ative powers iu tho most obstinuto and
iutractahlo cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent nnd Intermittent l evers, Diseases
of tho Blood, Liver, Kidneys nud Bladder,
these Hitters have no equal. Such Dis
ases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Typo-6ctters, Gold-heaters and
Minors, as they advauco in life, nro sub
ject to paralysis of tho Uowels. To guard
against this, tako a dose of Walker's
VrtEOAE Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Hhcum, Blotches, Spots, Him
pies, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Soro Eyes, Erysipo
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, nro literally
dug tip and carried out of tho system in a
short timo by the uso of theso Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking iu tho system of bo mauy thou
Bands, aro ell'ectually destroyed aud re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, do authclminitics will free tha
iystern from worms like theso Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at tho dawn of
womanhood, ortho turu of life, these Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse tho Vitiated Mood
whenever yon find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores ; cleanse it when you tiuu it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
yon when. Keep the blood pure, aud the
health of the system will follow.
DrnfrirlMa Ic Gen. Agtt., San Francisco, Califor
nia, St cor. of Wuliintrton and Charlton Sta..N.r.
Hold by all Drugglata and UeaUra.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court. Vinton Coun.y. Ohio.
NOT ICR la hereby (jiven lint lxmh p. 8a'in,
ciinrtian or Anni, Jnuppr H , Thoinan
S. an'l Georo William S. L', ha- tile.l hm.ii--
coiini n.r hnul witlrmcnl, anil lhnl Ihe aam
it' et for hairinir on the iiHth day of Noveio
next, (1S7J,) at 11 o'clock, A. M.
11. B. M.kYO, Probnte Judge.
Oat. 18, 1873. 41,
Guardian's Notice.
County. Ohio.
NOTICE la hereby gtren that W Mliam Van
derford. aa Giianlian of William, Henry,
Ijraren, Wealeyand ary M.Hhivelv, haaflleu
hia account-, a-Terallv, will, aiirt wnrda for
final aettlement with Ihe firsl-nRmed two and
lor partial settlement with lh- olh-r three;
and that the wme are net for hear ni on the
S9lh day of November instant, at 11 o'clock,
H. B. MAYO, Probate Judge.
Not 6,1873.
MO. 110 THIRD ST.,
V. J
'If You
Want situation.
Want a servant Kirl,
Want to si'll piano.
U'ant to if II a carriage,
Want to buy or sell a farm.
Want a boarding pU.
Wuui to sell town property,
Want to sell jrroeeriM or dnijt,
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry food or carpel.
Want to llud customers Tor anytfcluf.
Advertising will ffitin new cnitomtr
Adverti-iuK will keep old customer,
Advert IsbiK liberally always paja,
Atlvt'itlslnx iniikes iiiceesi easy,
AdvertMng begets conflduc,
Advertising shows energy,
Advei iising shows pluck,
A'l vert ising means'lii,'
Advertise or 'bust,"
Ailvertise long,
Advert isa well,
A tl v e r t i s
Entry merchant, manufaeturtr
or biminets man wlio hat leeumt
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judiciout advertising.
So exception to thit rult ean it
died! Stewart, the Piinc tf
Merchants, when a poor man, wtt
driven to advertiting, mt lati
retort, to gel hit ttvck turned init
money to at to meet a not. Ar
yuiny from thit that if il wtl
ijooil for him in ndvertity, hi
could make it ttill better in prot
perity, ht became a pertittenl d
,verlita and that gained Mt
1'jtnal fortune.
Sotns merchants y il is nol worth
while to iilvwrl.ir; for no person Mae's
nihertiaeinent; yet every merahaalia
this county will read thi edyertite.
merit, and if ho is wiie he will prell
liv its nni'?oitinn. if he he nvlhinr be
. - -ri- 1 rr
! ouor Wni ili adrertiiing How aiuok
! mt: re then will those read them wka
are not so largely supplied with reerk
ing imtttHi', nre at leisure in the evea
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their locul news, ilia must ia portaal
iti'in i f wliii'h is where ihey can Id4
just what I le y want when they eon ta
town to make their purchases. Ifyoai
slock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
stylo that it is worthies, or if it if rua
down so that you have aothinj; left thai
people would w nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Rut if it ia
new, fresh and sparkling, op to tht
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publieh to the
world tlnit you havo them, a&d waat
to sell the tit at a fair price. '
An advertisement published for a a!a
fie day does duty beyond that day,
and its e fleet continues in a f reater
ratio tlutn most men imagine. In tha
end it will make n man's nirae a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tits mine of men natil
it becomes more valuable than a ay
corner lot in his locality.
I f you lose a watch, a dng or a eflild,
or if you deiire people not to truit
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement But you will plot
along in busine si year after year, with
out calculating how much you re lni
ing hy nut advertising HRtporlr.
If those persons who profess to be.
lieve that newspaper adertieemenl)
are not real by the public with to ba
convinced of their error, just let then
uivc publicity to tomn matter Ihey
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most oliscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advtrtittr't
Advkrtisixo is apt to give nt that
gentle jug ol conscience which telle na
that we want a new suit of clothet for
Sunday, or that we promised our wifa
a new dress as soon as the hay wat ia.
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to nark this passage and la
the paper upon her hueband't break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will notyctoivilize the world!
Why do people read advertisemcnttT
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there ia
anything new, or anything that thtj
want. To see if the season's stylet
havo come in, and to find out who hat
them. To Itnow if any one it telling
off at reduced rates, or to watch tha
chance of an auction. For amusemsat.
To satisfy curiosty. Became they
have read all the stories, marriaget,
births, deaths, locals and accidentt.
liecause they want to. Because Ihey
can't help it. Ohio Slate Journal.
Thb power of print is well know,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advkjHi
over one that it written or apoken.
This is one of the many reatont which
gives an importance to advertising, lint
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well at they
might the capacity to influence, to per
euade, to convince, which liet in print
ed matter. Spoken worde require ihe
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, vet even ther. fail. ...
to nothingneet if not caugbt in their
flight arid printed But there it some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and Ihe sense of permantnea
about printed matter which gives it
marveloua force and influernce. Buti
nest men ehould never permit them
telvee to loose tight of what may ba
accomplished by a persevering me of
the printing prestet. Learn to advert
iise, and then the "how, when aa4
where" ot it, and yon will km
ypmt&ft wvrtk bsriagc

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