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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 18, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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rilUHMDAY. DEC. 18. 1873
Oasad flr Sunday, Hot. 1, 1173, train
VIII ru u ronows: ro. , , a sn.i i
MB dmiljri all tUicr traias dsilv.SuoJay. ex
No. I. No 5.
iab.it. Mail. Cm. Ex
No. J.
Cfoainati - n lu m
1 iUm
I'rtUlieoia. ......! I Main
x Jura
Nxklaaa Far....! uSpim I tiiun
a tllain
Hsnade.. 14 ilpse. a Sapni
kliiAwa.a..... li j)tm 3 4Hn
View .... ..-.la' AUpia 3 Vipia
Isleaki.... 1 tra Went
Mo. Fatroaee.... 1 Upra 4 llprn
ffakja.- - 4 tipm T uopm
No.,. Nc. 4.
tatioas: Mail. Kt.l,Kx.
Farksururg . T luam 10 ""iu
Mop J uraac...iw Kihun 1 Hpm
IJe.io. ..-.! Msrn 1 x.ipin
IBWi....... 10 Mhuj 1 JIID
MsAaiava II utsio 1 4lpia
Usee .... ..II Itnra 1 4vm
awhlaed Pur..-11 Warn 8 oftpm
Crulljc.tli.....lx 4pio Winn
fiiac assail... . xipm 7 tropin
X 4- HITl
x dsarn
I O'Hin
3 lttsm
t Ham
No. t
CI n El
HI 3Upm
1 lorn
1 32111
1 4lin
1 aain
1 o&tm
t 6am
NO. AND 4 ill atop at C. 8. Junction
Loteland. Ureeullelil, ChrliVoIha, Hm'in,
Athens, aail Beau . Landing onlr- NO. A
AMU 6 w.ll Hop al U. A Junction, Msiioxin
villa Levelsnd. Greenfield, Chillicuthe. Hum
lea aibeal sad Sootl's t.sn.liug ouly. 0.S.
I AN1 S (Till ma all stops-
Th Ealeski Freight going east leaves
Ctullieolhe at Sua. m.J Ravsville 7 IS; Hu h-
land Furuaea, 7 as,- liaiiideii, arrive g
denart I 44; McArthur. If.; Vinton. 10 U.
aWeski II xi. (Joinn est-Z.ilesi. 1 Do p.m ;
Vintoa I CI, McAithor 2 66; Hiimden, arrive
I JO a. pert i Xi; Hichlaud furnace, 4 10;
fiayavilie, 4 46; Chillicnthe. 25.
Tna f A3 f STOCK, with renular peeng er
ar attached, leaves Athens at I JiS P. M , con
necting wiin tha H. V. K K., hope 3 xi, l
leak! 4 14, Vinton 4 , McArlhur4 64, Main.
den 19, Richland ft 6", I hi.licctlte 7 60.
Traiaa tna PUKrnMuUTU HRAM H
III leave kUmiien at 7 x a.m. nnd S 46 p.m.
arrtTini at Portamoulh at 10 xo a m. and 0 46n.
m, Raturaing trains il I lears Porifmouth nl
uwa.ra, aud x vu p. m., arrivingal llam
daa at 11 U) a. m. and 6 06 p. m.
Trail, eanaaot at Lofeland for all poinla on
ni uuia Miami Kailroad, and at tha Imlianan
ebu and Oincinuati Railroad J nnuti a for all
8.1 ata Weal; at Alheni, with tha Ooliimbu.
H. t. R. It., it Parkrrbiiri(. with the B.
V. . H. w. W. rKAHUDY,
General Superintendent,
IWlLt run hwk from Wilkeatilln t
Hamden and return every Monday, U'eHnei
dav, Friday aod itaturdny for the acenmmo
alatlaa of paa.engere. makinK I'lnne conned
tioa with the mail train, on the M. A C. K. R
1 will alto carry exprena pMkairea Mhprd
le ar from uoint.br the Adams Expre Co.
aapf HiKM Vi'WKLI.
What is the Matter?
It is a plain and incontrovert
ible fact that, particularly in
our cities and large towns, the
printing business is at a low
ebb and affords a smaller profit
than at any previous time dur
ingtbe l6t quarter cf a cen
tury. It is true that the print
ing buisness, while it requires
a heavy capital, educated taste
and skill, intelligence aud
brain, great and constant car
and close attention, a:id is
more than ordinarily subject to
loss, really pays a less profit
than almost any other mechan
ical business that can hi
named many if not most ol
them requiring but a tithe of
the above qualifications. Ii
is true that these are facts, and
that they are evory day becom
ing more andmore apparent.
Printer's Cabinet.
King of the Blood.
It Is with pleasure I write, in
behalf of my n:oiher, who has
been taking your medicine,
King ot the Blood, for a tumor,
and can say she is most entire
ly cured. She has taken four
bottles of the medicine. The
tumor was as large as a goose
eg; when Bbe commenced. It
is now only about the size of a
grain of com, and rapidly dis
appearing. She has doctored
hundreds of dollars awaj with
out benefit, until using your
medicine, tor which we will al
ways be thankful, and can re
commend the King of the
Blood to any one needing it.
Yours respectfully,
Kenton, Ohio.
See advertisement in another
Thb Centennial of the "Bos
ton Tea party" will be observ
ed ia that city on the 16th
inst., as well as in Philadel
phia. The lion. Josiah Quincy
will preside, and a number oi
prominent gentleman have
been invited to deliver ad
dresses. During the exercises,
which will take place in Fan
euil Hall, tea and a simple
repast will be served by young
ladies dressed in the antique
costume of the olden time
the garment being such as
have been preciously preserv
ed by descendants of those
who lived in Boston a hundred
years ago.
BmoHB'i, Photographer, Chillicotha
giro! careful attention to makiDg cop
tea of other picture. Pictures my be
made a large aa life from the tiniest
locket pioture, and made in every way
satisfactory by earelul and judicious
ooloring. Photograph from nature or
from other pictures oolced ia the bent
styles in oil, water colon, Ton, piu-
oi ur turn, at rates iij aula ail Circum
aMrwfiUwMa lMea M tali- rhfa
Diamonds. Watches aad Fancy Goods,
vrtvOULIi repectflillr J to cllurna of
W ViulonCo thai he he enlnred hl.alock
making one of the larsMd in the tjlale. Our
bu.iness haa incieaned every year up 10 the
present lime and we letl Ihunkl'ul to !he pub
lic for pant fvom. and are determined to keep
a Inrxe .lock ol evert Ihmg umihI'y found in
a iirt-:la?e Jraelrv btore, and will keep the
fluent lock of icnld n,i ,ll(1 "Iver, lo the
hem I'lated Uooda, aa low aa any house in the
We keep all tha different hrand of Amri
ran Watchei llnwrd. United ftalea, Klain.
Wallhain mid HprinKtield Maniifnvtiiren, both
io gold and silver ca.ea. Also a large line ol
Krom 12.1 lo 1:100.00, also silver from f 12 to
1160. We have a veiy reliable lull Jeweled
Silver Watch from fl6tof20.
A full line of ill good, in our line, or made
to order by experienced workmen. Repair
inn will receive prompt attention
l'le drop in and see us. No tronb'e lo
how Koods. 24 1 1 1
vv. i. tiuuei ii t'ulifornia
Vinegar Bitters aro a purely Veg
etable preparation, mado chiefly from
the nativo herbs found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
therefrom without the use of Alcohol.
Tlio question la almost daily asked,
" What Is the causo of the unpar
alleled success of Vinegar Bit
ters V Our answer is, that they
remove tho cause of disease, and
the patient recovers his health. They
are the great blood puritier and a
life-giving principle, a perfect Reno
vator and invignrator of the system.
Never beforo in the history of the world
has a medieino been compounded this
aessiug tho roumrkuhle rjuulitius of ix
koar Bitters iu healing the sick of
every disease man is heir to. They are
a gentle Purgative as -well as a Tonio,
relieving Contention or inflammation of
the Liver aud Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of Dr. Waik-
Bb's Vinkoar Hittkrs aro Aperient, Dia
phoretic, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Sudorilf ' i-i t oi.nilious.
R. II. MrDOT.n Jtt m.
Drnirirbt & Oen. Art., Ran Francisco. Cnlifnr.
Ilia, 4 our. of Waaliinfrton and Charlton 8u,N.x".
Sold by all OraggleU and Dealers.
In Zaleski.
TIR Ealeski Company, with a view to the
development of the local interet of Jalea
ki, te secure its permanent uioperitv, aid lo
add le its populmion and wealth, are now
edema;!? cuiual-etilem, town lota and farm
ends al loir price, and on liberal terms.
Persona de.iiinir to examine the nronertv
and to buy cheap houes will apply at the
Ciaipany'a eftiues to
n. t miariifl, i.anser.
(aleaki, Ohio, May 18, U71. tf
American Institute,
Embroidering and Rutin g Machines
"I: is Inseniou. and will meet Ike wants ef
everv matron in the land.'
Exhiokloa of 18T2.
John E. Gavit, Ree. Bt-c'y; F A. Psrnsrd,
Hren i Samuel u. Tilmau, Correapouding
Kew lork, novemi-er W, Wi
This simple and iiiE-nioi s machine ia aa
useful as th" ewina machine, a,vd t fast be
coming populnr wuh ladies, in the place ol
expi nive ntedle work, its work beinn much
more hnndsome, r quiring much leas time
and not one-tenth part tt.e expense. to la
dy'e toilet ie complete without it A machine
with illustrated circular and lull instructions
sent on receipt of 12 or fluit-hed m silver plate
for 12 75.
Address, The RIcKee Maimfartnrlng Co.,
3 UroauMay. New utk.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
la recommended lv niediaal practitioners
and a speedv cure Kusranteed for eolds,
coiijihii, cstHrrh, axthms. I ronchitls, spittinx
blood, consumption, and all pulmonary coin
plaints. Kidney ise.e and all atbctioiieof
ttie tirtnal organs ierfeclly ha mil ess tree
from mineral or alcoholic properties pleas,
ant to take and never knovta to fail Price fl
per bottle. Full particulars with mediesl tea
timony and certificates sent on application.
Address I, K. HYDE CO., 'Ji oeventh Av
enue New Tork. 18-cp
Darts from the Devil;or CupidAbused
A honk just issued, exposinf the ' personals'
that have appeared in (he New Yoik News
papers: their history and lesion, t'tvli-h vil
Mans fully exposed. Advertisement- from
despera'e men to beautiful women: clandes
tine mtetinaK how Irustrsted; Uie history of
theUoodnch traitedv, the remit ol a "person,
si." description oflivinff Broadway aiatues.
Exposes social corruption. Hnt on receipt
ol 60 cents. Address Unique frinting House,
3d Vesey St., N. . lep
The Beeksrlth tSO Family . ewlns; .tin.
chine ea 30 Uays Trial nuny advnntsges
over all. batislivtion guaranteed, or tin re
funded. 8ent complete with rull direanona.
Heckwith He ing Machine Co ,i Broiulwny,
New York. J8eH
A mo4 impori-inl lnrtiliom. m,,i by The fclastis
Truss Co , No. bta Broadway, N Y. City It
ret line rupture absolutely in ease and com.
fort niKht and day, at all times, and underall
circumstances, without any exception ahat.
ever in any case, sad should never be tsken
of) during the short time requisite to efleri a
permanent cure, Scot by mail. Circulars
tree. Any druirgist or physician will oner
thia new truss fer you without extra harga!
Which ti adapted to
All Sewing Machines,
NOTICK particularly the atat p of H.C.
GOODRICH. Chic. bo. Ills., ar.ih t,.i..i
stamps. II. C. 4iIKU II,
Ortl. esnsl salesroom X06 blate su, i.bs ago,
WITHIN , mile cf the M ICH
"-1 If K I lie larmvnotaios M) sores
Illnrt) acres clsared hsir in i,in,.
meats. goort coal bunk nrrnand
rori-j)(. t, feet best aoaX I'orsa .rrn-au,
' M.C.JvMid.
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals w'M
hearse when desired
Corner of High and Looust Street.
Dick's E.WYcr.oPEi'iA of Practical Kb-
csists nh I'sncessts. ConliiiniiiKi'.l prac
tical receipts, written in a pisin iind ropulur
mai ne,', and illustrated anil expbiiuitor.v
wood-cuts. Heinar a coinprr liensive tionk (if
lerenee lor ti e inerclmin, mniiiit iclurer, cr
loan, amiiteur aud h"llekeeier, including
mediciite, ph:ruiney and donx stic cennoiHV
The scope of Una work is entirely dirt' rent
from any other book oi the kind, Hesines
beinira complete and slnnst iieli-penml.le
b ok ol relerence for tip' iIioiihih) I ami one
receipts and silicles needed In every house
hold . farm, gxi'den, ele., it incliplei clear ind
easily iindsrstood directions lor Ills npplica
tion ol nmnv of h arts Usiiidlyii iu;iedi.iiiy
by bing experience, and so oiv'csied of tei-ti.
nieliiilnies, or ihe tecliuicjililie. ot terms used
so Hilly explained ns to bring the entire sub
ject within the comprehension of any person
ol ordiniiry intelligence. I'roiniineiii among
tile immense mass of subjects treated of in
the book are the billowing:
The Art ol liyeing. Hard Soil nnd Toilet
8oaps, Tunning, Instillation, liniliitioii l.i
llnr. Wlun. Cordiuls an I Hitlers, .liilnr.
Brewing, I'erulmery.Klnvorinii E-sences,etc.,
o-me(ies, Hair lives uiel Wa-Ues, 1'omiidrs
snd I'ertiimed ml-', Tooih powders, etc., Sy,
tups, llcoholand Aleohulinetry, I'eiiol. inn
and Kerosene. Hleacbing nnd Cl'. niiing, Vm
evnr, Ssuees, Catsups nud PicKels, Keceipls
lor the Harden, To V emote ti'lhs,Spcits,elc ,
Pyrotcehiiv and Kx lesives. Cements, etc,
Waterpronnng. Artifleisl, (iems, Inks and
Writing Kluiiis, Aniline t'llnra, I'ninls and
Pigiiieuts, I nmling and I'Dperdmnging, K.i1
somineand Whitewash, Varnisi. ii,g nnd Pol.
ih ng, l.ubnca ors, Japanning and Lacquer
irg.Hoot and Harness Hla-king. Plioiogniphv,
Metals nnd Alloys, liilding, Mlering. etc ,
Eloetrotypuig, Klectrepluti ng, etc., Pulent
Medicines, Medienl Receipts, Weights and
Measures. 6u7 pages, rcyul ortavo, cliuh.
Price 15.00 . mar
WCe. FlTZtiEF AM', Tublni-liers, N. Y.
Worth and Beauty,
Itnvlng control nfthe mngnidcent oil ehrns
mo, Yo riemile, we are able lo oiler a comhin
aliot. of literary and amtin wur of genuine
worth, nnd at prices unprecedented
This flue copy of a piece of Nature's grand
est work, i not presented in the usual inns
Ited style, its dimensions, I4.x20, making a
picture ol very desirable size in itself.
graced hy lt presence.
Hut a few copies of this beautiful I ttromo
will be allowed lo go to the retail stores, and
those will be sold at their
Actual Retail i'rlce, tfl.UO,
which if orde'ed in connection witb our Mug
aiiue, both will be furn'shed lor
As a premium the pictuie may be oblnined
by sending us two subscriptions for the Msg
Bine at one doilai each, or by subserbing lo
the .Mazarine two yesrs in advance, at one
dollnr per annum. Address,
Newbuiuh, N. Y.
8, E.SHiTES, Publisher. sept
tjk The Host Desirable Ees
i&3 denoe in McArthur.
I1FFER tor tale my residence on North
street. It consists of a aplendkl diivllin
house, well Hnished, insMle and out, with
eight rooms and a good cellar. A goon ottiee
budding, stable, wood and coal housesnd oth
er nei'e-snry out buildings. The prn)iea
conlniil, acres, including I acreof vineyard,
all thrifty '-iring vines; there are also thitty
hearmg amJe trees- best varirty of grafted
fruit, tweptysnte bearing peach trees best
bud led fruit, cherries, nuincen. plums, and a
variety of small Iruit h or further particulars
inquire at the othce of this paper, or at Ihe
decSiaiia ' 8. 8.P0LL1PON
Trees! Flowers! Culbs! Seedj
ITnrsory Stock! Frnit&Flower Plates
AddrcosF. II. PEiOENIX.
ty0 acres: 21 t year; 12 greeuhousea. 4 cat
alogues, xo cents. 31jul2m
Ko. 110 THIRD ST.,
OTOCK and Ore Scales ai good aa new; I
very low price, uall on
U.C.ONEH Atterner.
Notice to Hunters.
NOTICB hereby gneo that all person,
ire lorhldden lo hunt or shoot on tha
premises of the undersigaed. All not head.
log this notice will he prosecuted
bE). H'KI" H INE9,
A. H.I t'KVEY,
M.J H Li's,
R. rM'l ),
13aor3m A. 1. VVOKfjsVN.
A Paper of Established Reputation,
Adapted to the Fireside,
Farmer, Mechanic, Merchant,
Manufacturer, Professional
Man, and Banker.
The coming year promises to
be an eventful one in politico.
Leading questions are lo be
met nnd decided, and above all
it is to be determined whether
the Republican party shall be
purged of all its objectionable
features aud retained in power,
or whether the Government
shall be sufiered to tail into
the hands ot the Democratic
orpaniz ition. The new party
movement which brought out
Horace Greeley lor Ihe Presi
dency in 1872, and showed it
self feebly in Ohio and New
York in 1S73, has failed utter
Iv. It has assisted in restor
ing to life the Democratic
party, but it is now entirely
oui oi me neiu oi pontics, ana
there are tut two organiza
tions belore the country Ke
nubli'an and Democratic. In
vifw of this luct the Gazette
1. that Ihe restoration of the
Democratic parly to power
would be a rial i mil calamity
It is Ihe same now that it was
in 1S50, when Hie Missouri
Compromise was repealed and
tne in rii l ve slave law was
adopted; Ihe same ns it was in
18G0, when the great rebellien
was orcnniz"d: the same as it
was from 1860 tolSGG when,
as apnitvit Sympathized with
l lie rebels. The results ol the
war have not been accented
by it in good taiih. It owes a
delit lo its Southern friends,
which ll paid would entail a
heavy burden upon Ihe nation.
It would pay for Ihe emanci-
iiaied flavts, and assume nan
if the expenses incurred bv
the South in its efforts to de
stroy the Government. It is
essentially a corrupt party.
whenever U lias power it
squanders and steals. The
Tammany ring Is an illustra
tion ol Democratic rule. In
New York millions were stolen
bv Democratic cfficHs, and to
this day not one of the thieves
hh8 been punished.
The G-izelte holds that in eo
ar as the Republican party
litis erred, it shou'd be reform
ed. in order that it mav be
worthy of its great missions.
It is the parly of the people.
It is Ihe party of lieetlom. Ii
is rrognsM've. It is not lied
to the pust nor tho present,
but learning as it progresses,
it is capablo of grasping the
future, dropping whatever the
nation has outlived, and iah
log lipid of every measure ol
reform which experience mav
have demonstrated as just and
in the line of progress. To this
end evpry dead weight miif I be
dropped. To land grant jobs,
railroad monopolies, salary
grabs, and extravagant appro
priatinns there must be a stop,
and Republicans, however
high Ihey may bava stood;
however mneh they may have
done for 111 parly and the
country, who have connected
themselves with schemes of
'ensive to an honest public,
must be ordered lo the rear.
No man is deserving of a posi
tion in the Republics party
who does not stand above sus
picion, or who uses a position
of sacred trust lo ndvance pri
vate interests. The Kepulican
parly can not stand unless i
c mminds the respect and con
fidence of the ppople. In
order that it may have both ii
'hould be thoroughly purged,
and to that end the Gztte
wi" devote its bet, efforts,
having in view the importance
of ronMnuing in power the
great parly which has a name
second o none in the pages of
American history.
3 The farmers' movement in
an honest one. and it has our
sympa'hy, nnd will have our
support. 7o do not recognize
it ns a political partv. It doea
not claim to bp surh, hut it
haa principles which we desire
lo see engrafted mlo Rennbli-
can platforms, and it includes
meamres which we shall labor
to have carried out by the Re
publican party.
4. The nali n suffers from
intemperance. ThN is one ol
Ihe great evils of the day. I
may not be suppressed bv pro
hibitory laws, but. so far as
practicable. legislation should
be directed against Ihe Irafic
in intoxicating drinks. This
trd is attainable Ihrnrjgh the
Republican parly, and we call
upon temperance reformers to
throw their influence in this
direction, rather than fritter
it awav through separate nnlit
ical organizations.
5. 8n callod organs of nnh.
lie opinion that deserted the
Rppnhlican partv in 1872 and
joined the opposition, are dn
geron guides, nnd are to he
avn'dod not followed. Our oh
servatioa is that the faction
that controlled the Cincinnati
convention in 1S72, and now
makes the loudest professions
of honesty, is made up mainly
of men who brought disgrace
upon the Republican party,
and having lost standing be
cause ol (heir bad habits, are
now seeking t place in some
parly that will recognize them
us leaders.
6. The financial question is
one of paramount importance.
Extremes are to be avoided.
Specie payments are in the f'u
ture. Contraction, ut present,
would be disastrous. Expan
sion would also be destructive
The "let alone'' policy is Ihe
best one. The national bmk
Hct needs to be amended in or
der that those institutions may
be operated in Ihe interests of
the industrial classes rather
than in the interests ol e
gamic speculators and stock
end mercantile gamblers. A
return lo specie pavmenls is
to he kept in view, but this can
not be brought about until the
country is ready lor it. The
development of our resources
is the only sure road to a
specie currency. If attention
shall be wisely directed to this
point, and we shall avoid
lorced contraction on one hand
and reckless expansion on the
other, specie payments will
follow m due time
The general character of
Ihe Cincinnati Guzotte is so
well known that it neda no ex
planation. While it is a Re
publican paper, it asks no la
vnrs of those in power, and it
is independent in that it lear
bssly expose& abuses, whether
inside or outside of the party,
with which it. acts. It recog
nizes no political friendship
or men who betray their
trnsls, nr will it seek to cover
up or apologize 'or abuses that
out'lit not lo exist in any part
worthy Ihe support ot the
American people. As a news
paper, it acknowledges no su
perior. Its value ea an agri
cultural paper is recognized by
practical farmers, thousands of
whom exchange their views
through its columns. As a
commercial paper, it is stand
ard authority.
The Weekly Gazette is an
eight page paper of lorty eight
columns, printed from stereo
type plates, nnd Ihe Duilv and
Semi-Weekly are of the same
size, and printed in similar
The following are tho terms
of Ihe Gazette for the ensuing
Weekly Gazette.
Five conies, "eticli I 7" '
Ten ciipirs. each 1 70 j
Twentv eniilcs. eneli inn:
Thirty ctriies. etieh 1 fin
rtity copies, each I 45
Sixty copies, each l 40
Seventy-rive copies, each 1 35
One hundred copics.nnil ovcr.eauhl 25
Premiums to Subscribers in
Ve will send the Wwlv r.a-rnrtnnim
yetir nntl gold plutetl m:igij pencil,
ring head very ft no. and suitable for
a latlv or !rpiitlni!iii : nr. II nnderiwl
a Xo.fi gold pen. with a goltl-plnted
nun euony Telescope noitler. to every
club subscriber desiring It. ut the fo.
I'lwiiigrntes viz.: in club of five
paiier nntl nencil. or tmin-r m rl mm.
S;l 15: in clubs often. :t 10- liwlnha
of twenty. 3 05: In clubs of thirty.
6 en; incliuisot tlftv. 2 05; in clubs
of seventy .live. 2 DO; in clubs of one
nuiiureii ii lid over. 2 85.
Semi-Weekly Gazette.
COOV. OIIC VPHP. Si nO fluo nnn
l -B. incb. 3 50; ten copies, each. 3 25;
iweniy copies ami over, each,
Premium to
We will send Hie Seml-WWUw r. .
Z' treone year unit a very tiuegobj-
idiiieii intigic pencil, suitable fo- lady
or gentleman ; or. It preferred, a ftne
No. C gold ien nnd gold.p'at' d nnd
ebmiv holder, toe.verv club subset iber
desiring it. at the following rates
viz.: In clubs of live paper and pen
cil. or paper nntl pen, 4 05; In clubs
often. 4 70; in clubs ol twenty and
over. 4 50.
Send for terms to
Advice For
Costs Nobody Anything.
Lotions and cosmetics make a
superficial coating on the skin
give an artificial color easily
seen, but are vilely destructive of
the oolor, texture and pliability
of the skin itself. Wrinkled,
haggard and prematurely old
locking, exactly describe the ap
pearance of those who habitually
-paint their faces" If you would
have the clear, transparent heal
thy and soft-tinted complexino
which nature gives, free from
pimples, tan, freckles, or all oth
er disfigurements, use Hand Sa
polio the most effective fra
grant toilet soap ever manufac
tured Sold bv all dealers at in
tad 15 eents a cake
Farmers sh uld not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate for
which tieorge W. Brunton, Mc
Arthur, is the agent in this and
Jackson county. It is the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, costing fifty per cent,
less than he old fashioned gate,
and is more durable, for it can
not sag. Examine it when you
ire in McArthur.
Expbbibnoi will teaon any man tha
it ia advanU-eoui to patroniz tlioM
who MVP's,-
If You
Want a iituatioo,
Want to aell a piano,
Want to sell a cariiax
Want to buy oraell a Tina.
Want a boarding pl,
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell groceries or dniga,
Want to sell household fnriiitura.
Want to sell dry goodi or carpeta,
Want to find customer for aiiytaiux-
Advertising will gain new cnatomera.
Advertising will keep old auatomeri,
Advertising liberally always payi,
Advertising make aucueia easy,
Advertising begets confltUnca,
Advertising allows aiiergy,
Advertising (hows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertis wall,
Every merchant, manufaatursr
or business man wh has leeumt
prominently rich, has mads his
fortune by judicious adoertismg
-Vo exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Pnnce tf
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertisina, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
vtoneu so as io meet a note. Ar-
gumg from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, A
could make it still better in pros
verify, he became a persistent ad
veruser, ana thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while (0 advertise: fur an narsnn reads
Advertisements' vet svsrv uisrnhini in
this ceunty will read this advertises
ment, and if lie is wine he will profit
by iu atigesiion, if he has anything to
offer wirtlt advertising How tuueh
intra then will these read them who
are not iu largely aupplied w th reads
in" mutter, lire, ut Uianra in Ilia ansa.
ing, and must depend un their paper for
thoir local news, the inmtt important
item cf which ie where they ean find
pise wnnt tuer want when thty eome to
town to make their purchases. Ifyoei
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worth lets, or if it ii ran
down at that you have nothing left that
people would w nt, it ii not worth
while for you to advertise. Dut if il ii
new, fresh nnd sparkling, op to the
times, and such as tli people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world that you have thei, ar.d want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piy:e of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
I r you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not tn trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement lint you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you are los
ing by not advertising it Brporter.
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not rea l by the pubho wish to be
convinced of their errt.r, just let them I
cive publicity to sumo matter they I
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country pnper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advtrtutr'i
Advertising ie apt to gira us that
gentle jog ol conscience which tells aa
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife i
a new dress ns soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark thia passage and lay
the poper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say ihut adver
tising will not yetoiviliie the world'
W ht do people read advertisements?
To see who ia enterprising and to learn
whatia going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything thai they
want. To see if the season' styles
have come in, and to find out who hue
them. To know if any one ia selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages
births, deatlia, locale and accidents
Because they want to. Because thev
can t help it. Ohio State Journal.
Thb power of priut ia well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence haa a wonderful ad v. .Mate
over one that is written or apoken.
I his is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capaoity to influence, to per
auade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Snnbnn v,l. .l.
gracea of elocution and the force of
ciu4uruce, yei even met lade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed But there is some
thine in tha xilnnt Inmrnsno .k.
- - fruc uuiei
assertion and the sense of permanence
uu iTinwu matter whicb give it a
marveloua force and influernce. Buai
nesa men should never permit them
selves to Inns, siirl.f f ,t,i i
! u j -" ""a, mav De
accomplished by a persevering use of
Use, and then the "how. when and
whew of it, and you will Lave a
wledg6 ni4 '.
m most TBoaopaH roatriaa of taal
Option to tus vVoaT BCRoruis.
Br Ita Cancer are ear.
Cancerous tumors sr. di.perl vri0)ou th. ass
ieon's knife bcrofuls conqanrsd, and Conaantfs
lion prevented and cured.
Venereal DIase,Merenril aaeVH nan.
al Poisons, and their effects eradicated, aad'f levr
oa. health and a sound eon.iltuUon esuhllihsd.
Fenaal Weakness and !
Dropsy, ireneral or partial; Swellings, external of
Internal; and Tumors are reduced and duperee
la a very short Ume. , . . ,
Krf.lpelaa, Bait Rtaeom ScaM Head,a4
Fever Bores are soon removed by this powerrs
detergent medicine. ,
Scorbutic Dlaeaaes, Dan JrnflT, Seal?
or Rough Kkin.and Pimples qutcklv give way.
leaving the skin .mooth and fair.
Chronlo DUeaara, Fever and Ane, Dl
entered Liver, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Jlervone -,
Anions. nrbelHT in ehort. all Ike
auraerous dlseasee caused by bad blood are eoa
auered, and give way before this most powerial
corrector the King of be Blood.
Kach bottle conulns between forty aaf
Iftv ordinary doses. Costing only one dollar.
prom one t four or Te noMleswM
tare Salt Rheum. Bcald Head, Ring Worm. PUss.
Die on the Face, Biles, ordinary Kruptlone, esa.
From two to eight boltlee wul ear
Scaly BrupUoneof tb hkln. Ulcers, Sores, aa
Canker in the Mouth and 8tomarh.yelpU,s,
Prom two to ten botllee will restore
healthy action to th Liver and Bpleea, will Net
Blate the Bowels and Kidney.
Prom two to alz bottle win be foi
irTectual la curintr Neuralgia, BlU-Hesdache,
Vitus' Dance, and Epllepsv.
Prom Ave to twelve bettlee will tar
tha worst case of Scrofula. . . .
Prom three to twelve bottlee wll
tnr severe and obstinate ease of I'stsjTB.
Prom two to four bottlee will car tae
worst eases of Pile, and reflate t ostiv Bowel.
Prom two to ten bottlee wUl eare
bad case of Dropsy. . . ...
Price It per bottle, ot t bottlas r .
Bold by all Drngglsta
D. BiXSOa, SOX k CO., Pwarl,
let teitlmoalali I& local column. BaflUt, I.T
wi, ....
V,H.T.Helmbold iSL
Is tlin only Kit'iwn K'lUMly fur BrigM's sX.
et'u anrl Ims i-iircd every cu.-s r f I'isoSs in
wnlcli It hi s licuri (rl.'t ti. lrrilstlon of ti. sslc
of tiio Illndilcr and liijlaainutiiin of tk Ki-tn's,
I'Uerailnii of tho Kidneys end bladder, tw
tion of I'rinc. l)iicacs of tho Prostate flvsd,
Blono in the Illsililer, Oravsl. Brick Irsrt Dssrt,
and Mucous i.r Milky Diatlutrges, sos for Bn
fsrhlcd uuil DcllcstoCoiistitiitionaof bank exsa,
all' ndsil vith the fiillowinc synptniri: Las
of Power, Lo- of Memory. Ditncultvof Brsas
Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, fxln ss ssj
lkc It. Flushingof the lloily, Knip.lfin n tk Fa,
Pallid Countenance, Ls'sitieie nf the Systest, .
I sid by persons in Iho decline or chassje ef
life; uftcr co iUiicrmiut or lubur puias, b4 w
ting in cliihiren. etc.
In mimy n Huns prrnliar to l:idls, llsB
tract Uiic hu i- uupinsle:l I y iiy otasr imtiif
As t:i ChloriMis or Retention, lrroi nlsrily, Pat
fiiliiessirSnpprcsi'ini:( t'utomsry Kvacsalloas,
Ukcratml or Scliirruj .t.i'e of the I't.rr.a, La
cnrrhita or Whilrs, fti-iillty, ar.d f,.r ail -p'.aints
inciilent to ill j six. It Is rreeerihed
extensively by the mt om;ncut PI ' .ic's 4 aad
Midnivsn for enfeebled and dclics. uaUlisi
tions of both sexes and rill u;cs.
i vrtt hUtattt AiWvq fim 1'ipruilintt,
11 hUt of Jittlifitlon. h ., In all their tUra. at
little expense, Utile or no clisnyj in :'. so ssr
convenienvc, and no exposure. It cai.se a fre
quent desire, ai.d L'ivc strength to nriusts.
tiierRhy removing Obstruction, Prcveiitsiif nasi
t'uriiij; Stricture of the Vrethra, Allaying Paia
end Inflammation, io frequent in thlscia.s of die
cases, and expelling nil poisonous mutter.
11.00 per bottlo or six bottles for (J 00, delivered
to any address, secure from nbsc-rvHttun. Bold hy
driurirtBiBe ervwhert Prepared hy
KE vftNEY fo.. 104 Dusnc St., X T.
to whom all letters f ' furmutiou should ka
He Chaxg tor Advice anil Cun.oltaticu.
Dr. J. It lmU. Oradnntcof .1 pi run Sl.di'itl
Coll'iit, l'hilsdclphia. autbor of Veveri.1 vuinshla
works can he consulted on all diseases of the
Siinul or I'riimry Oruns. (which Id has n.d
au epcciul study), ci ther in ii,alu i r fcii.s'.c. no
matter front what inuse uri;'intitig, or i f how
lout; standiuR. A pnictica of :) years enable
Lint tn Ireut discaws with succe.. Cures rusx
nutceil. Chars.i' rensoi al le. Tliose at a eis
Utueo can f..r'ril letter rlcsrriliina syinptom,
anil eiicio.-ir. inm;i to pri pay p.rstre.
bend lor t,i irifs f ;-i, r'A. I'rice 10 cents.
i. a, DVU'IT. M. 1., I'hysieiu.i unci bur.con.
10ii:uiineBt.lMew York.
yjTfi smsmJ n D'l HauCasMtorttk
aMssGkaVaV aVClK W, ksrrlil sr IboM about te
J J isiarrj . la. pb7.l..l.,ka
asws theMaaaliyitesi,wlih,hs
mtatt SliMvcria. la srsdsalag ss4 .rsLsUss .Bisrls.
is srtMrv. th. nDiplcxloa, .
Thl.l a sa Isurmlsi work I iws ksslr all .lit
Sfta.wllk suaaaraa. t.Ts,laa, sat aoauloa talaabl.
anrsrsutloabr Ikaa. kar.siarrled,orMaMBiptit.Baas
staia. atlll ill., sosk tbst.ufbllabs il't aa.ar lt
aedktr, aa4 astlal .artltMlj abeat tk. koaa..
llsaatsia. Ik. sapsrlaao. as advlc. .r pkralelaa
km rapauMoa I. w.rla.wMa, ssd ikssld tx Is tb. prfc
su Srasar r star? siala and ttaisla tkreaakent tb. .sttre
(tob.. , ankrasa. arambla. as lb. aubjett . r tb. tea
srattr. aralt si Ikal la vonh ka.lss, aa sisak tkat IB
aeatuaar ss. (ft, arpsatsfe) IkrVtrtv CesU.
X.drtaa Or. Balls' OUpw.sr;,hs. 13 - Kl(ktk Mrtfl
t. Ul, Us.
Notles to tit .USlc:ei tsA Uafortnattd.
Btfftra spplylsf I. Ik. sslorlsa. qaaak. k. sdvartlasf
Kklla p.nri,.r aala. aa; .uaek r.medl.1 parai. Dr.
mi' w.ri a. saalur kal j.ar dlHsi. Is, ar kas sSslssa
kl. y.ar sasdttto..
Sr. Bum sseaplr. s loskl. keaH f twratT.MVM
Vsssiaii .t.dsra. kf aan. sf tb. siaal ..labrstae mda
sslpramnrasriklaasaatrr as Kurap. aad ess k.
Clltd smasallr sr fcy Ball, oa lb. dlia.Ma Basllosee la
a warka. orsa. sod parl.r., No. II N. Eisklk ausas,
Htwtta a-ark.1 sa Gkuasi, at. U.la, Uu
Notice to the Stockholders of
the McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
VI.li parties having subscribed to the talis
lUI stoek ol the McA. 0. R. R. ar
.ereby requi.ed to msks tisin.entto theses.
etHryorthe CGni'sny,st his office on th
'uliliePipiare, in Usllifolis, Ohio, ot if more
onvenient, to I'sniel Will. Prrsirisnt of the
Vinlon l onnty Hsnk. si McArthur, Ohio, of
n instHllment ol Hvs dollars on esch shsr
o stilisr-rilied, within tea dsys of this dale.
August lu, 1871.
, . McA. AC. R. R.Ce.
dee 9 1871.

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