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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 01, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Oaand after Sunday, No. 1, 1S7S. train
Will run at IoIIowp: N- , , 6 and
rua daily; all other trait daily, Suulayatx
eepted. COIN'S I AST.
No. I. No . Nn.V
Ftation. Mail. Cm. Ex Rl I..Bx
Cinoiiinnii-...-.-. 2"m to so.on tiiou
I'rullicuih. II town V .Horn I alin
tichlaud Fur ..U oapin S ttlpin
Mamdea U xlpa S Upm
lini.T.fi. 19 9iim S ilium
1 3llli
t 4'Mm
t 6an.
S 117am
S Itinn.
Vinto ...12 Mum 3 Spm
nltki-.. 1 i'pn t opm
lo Furnace.... I Hpni 4 llpm
l'oruiburg....- 4 SJpin T wipn
No. 2. Ke. .
. Slihonti Hail. Ft. I. Kl
No. .
tin Ex
rrirtrurg . 1 HHiin M Jiiiem In 3Uin
Hone f uruc. ..W S:m I Hum 1 I'm
EaIki.. ..-.... W m 1 li-lpm
fiuio . W Mnra 1 32pm
)lcATnva II Mmd I 4lpm
Ham ien ....... ..II I6im I V'n
t'lcuiaod Kur..-11 3hb S Oopm
I hillH-ollit... 4pm S lUinn
,-iiacmmiu . .ft fpm 7 otipin
1 tin,
1 :n.ir
1 4Um
1 MUu
t l&in.
il UlHll
6 43an.
NO. 3 AND 4 will atop at C. A S. Junction
l.nveland, U.eeullohl, Cliillicothe, liamaen
Athen. itad band Landing only. NOS. ft
AND 0 w.ll atop MO. s . Junction, Madm.u
Tillti Loeeluiid.CreciilitM.t hillx-utiie, Ilmi
len Atheat au 13-iott' i.andiug ouly. NO.S.
1 AXD S fill uine nil slops'
Th laleskl Kreighl goln? e.l Icht
Chillieolli l ft ' m i lUvill 7 15; Rich
I nd Furnace, 7 Ms Ilaindeii, ariive .li-.
depart ii; Mi-Arthur, 0 In; Vinton, 111 A3;
t ifuski 11 . Going wet-Z ileegi. i on p m
Vinton i McAitlwr i M; llmiideii, arrm
3 'iil-depart 3 V, Kichlujid Furnace, 4 H;
kayville. 4 li; Unlllcnth. U 'i.'.
Tn rASI'sTOCK, wiili renular paaenfiei
ear attached, lemc Aihenx at ijift P. M ,fon.
Beating wiiii the H. V. K K hope :i xt, Zi
enkt 04, ViiU.'H 4 H, MArihur4 &4. Ham-
lien ft ID, Ktclilnd ft 6e, I hi licotlie 7 Ml.
Train on the poll I'SMoU i ti ItKANI'H
ill leave Hxnvlen al 7 is n.m. hqiI 3 41 p m
errifin M Purmmoulh l 10 20 m.anil II45.
m. Heturningtriiin lll leate PorUmoiilh
8 DO a. m, ana ml p. in a.rivingui Ham
la at II 10 a. m. and ft vi p. m.
TntiiKcnnnsi'ta: l.ofelan.l for all pninla'nn
fie Little! Miami Kailmad.amlatthe lnillunn
vlia and Umoiniuti Kailrnad Juncli n for al
unlnta WmI; at Alliens, with th Oolnmhu
H. V. K. R.. tt Parkerxhurt;. with the B.
O. R. B. W. W. PElHiiDY.
Oenrral Duperintendent.
JWILTj run hvk from Wilkeille
llamrirn and rf turn every Mondiiy, V'lm
ly. Friday and .alurili.y lr the nwoinmi'
liHtiou of naapeiiK'ra. innkinK idnne I'm'U-'-lion
with the mini I ruin on the M. C. K.
1 will alo inry rxprean pi:kaie h ppe'l
to or from poinu by Hie Adnnia Kxnreaa Uu.
nepT r IlirtlV Vi'WBLU
Our Mothers,
who were the neatest and tidies'
housewives in tbo world except
our grandmothers! took espe
cial pride io the possession
rows of timware thut glistened
like a polished mirror. Even?
article about their houses suscep
tible of polish, including the
truss knocker, was regularly
brightened up until it fairly glis
tened. 'With their primitive ni
terials, such as baih-brick, emery,
rotten stone, etc., it was a serious
labor, albeit one ol love. Now
a-days. however, their daughters
use Supolio, and in one hour can
polish more articles and do it bet
ter than they Could in a whole
dav. If you wish to excel your
mothers iu the brightness of your
kitchen ware, use Supolio.
A colored tuaii iu Baltimore
the other dav was urrested lor
drawing a pistol to prevent au
officer from entering his house.
The policeman hud a warrant
lor the arrest of a third pany,
vhtni lie Euspected to be in
this man's house. The court
held that a rnau's house is IU
castle, and the 6elf protective
negro was justified and dis
Is purchasing an ax a Bur
linglon, Iowa, man took special
paius to select the very small
f3t one he could find. When
asked by a companion why be
did this he replied: -My wile
in delicate health and could
not handle a heavier oue."
Tea aud coilee are as high
now as they were before the du
ty was taken off. The people
have gained nothing, the gov
ernment bas lost, aud the spec
ulators bave pocketed the du
ty. It is proposed to restore
the impost.
John M. Bacsu, an old army
telegraph operator, was 6 hot
on Saturday night, and instant
ly killed, by J. W. McDonald,
proprietor of the l'lanters'
House at Ciiro. Fub.ic sym
pathy is against McDonald.
The Atlanta Herald ays the
efficers of tbe National Grange
are considering tbe propriety
of Issuing a circular to the or
der, to the eflect that tbe gran
ges entering tbe political
arena mu6t expect a revoca
tion of their charters.
A MAS' in Indiana, felled
tree recently, the trunk ot
which, for a apaee of three feet,
was one solid comb ot honey.
Tbe prize weighed 156 prunds.
Singular to say, bis name was
A .dentist ineud ol ours wou't
i , , , . ....
jVr'ear, but snys "by gum."
Diamonds. Watches and Finer Goods.
ITTOITLH repeclfnlly aay 10 the flllxena of
M Vinton O thai hhrnlnr.'lhialorli
nakine nne of the larexM in the Bote, our
luiainrM h ini'riael every veer up to the
.irexent lime and we lel thKirttfiil to the pnh
lie for pant faTora, and are determined to keep
4 brxe loek ol eery thing u.unl'y round In
i Hrxt-elaxa Jewelry store, and will keep the
Alien mock of old and eolld nilver, lo the
hea Plated Uooda, u low an any home in the
We keep all lh different brand of Amen
.in Wtrhe Howrd. United State. Kliin
Vfnllhnm and Pnrinjlield Maniirhrliire. both
in gold and ilvercaxe. AUo a large tin el
from 125 In $.100 00, alio allrer from US In
IISii, We have teiy reliable lull Jeweled
ill if r Watch from UStotW.
A hill line of ll Kiorl in our lino, or made
Inonlerhy experienced workmen. Kepair-
nit win reoeive prompt aitentii'S
Pla-ie drop in and u. No (rouble to
hnw cooil. 24inl
lr. J. iuiki s tulii'ornia
Vinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made cbietiy from
tbo nativo herbs found on tbe lower
ranges of the Siorra Nevada moun
tains of California, tbe medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
tbcriilrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tlio question is almost daily asked,
" What Is tbo causo of tho unpar
alleled success of Vixegar Bit
ters!" Our answer is, that they
remove tbo cause of disease, and
tbo patient recovers bis health. They
are tbo great blood purifier and a
lifo-giving jirinciplo, a perfect Keno
vator aud Iavigoratnr vf tbe system.
Novor before iu tho history of the world
hw a raedicino been compounded pus
sosdiui; the remarkable auulities uf Tlx-
eoar Hitters ia healing tho sick uf
every disease, raau u neir to. TDpy art
a ceutle l'urentlvo 04 well ta Tonic,
relieving Coiiretion or Inflammation of
tho Liver aud Visceral urgans, in iiiuuuu
The properties of Dr. Walk
er's Vixbuab UiTTBttsaro Aperient, Dili
phorotio, (Jamiinative, Xatriliouit, Laxs
tire, Diuretic, Sedrttive, Couoter-Irritant,
Piulor1"- ' ' -".niljoiH.
It. n. MeDOW W.D Ac CO.,
Dnnrtata ft Oen. Art.. 8an FrancUoo. Callfnr.
Bla, A cor. of WaaliinKtnn and Charlton 8taN. V.
eutu iy au tw-agguu au Acmlcrs.
In Zaleski
THE Zlel(i Company, with view In thf
development of the Inenl interentunf Je
kl, to aet'iire He permanent pioxperily, Hid I'
add to itii pnpiilniion and wenlill. are now
onVrinj; to ax'tunl -ettleiM, town lot and (arm
landx al low iric-. and on liberal lenna.
I'xruonii ilenini( to exitmine the proper!
and tn buy cheap houxea will appiv at Ibi
Comiiany'a olUiea to
. K. TIHIMP-ntf, Manager.
Zalethi, Ohio, May Is, 1871. tf
AwiauiDir tii
American Institute.
. TO J. W. McKEE,
Embroidering and Tinting Machines
"I: ia InKenioii and will meet lb wanut ol
every maiion in the land.'
Exhibitioner 1878.
John E. Gnvit, Ken. Beo'y; F A. ftarnard.
Hrea.', Samuel V. Tilmuu, Correvpoudinv
New Torlt. ftoveml er 0, 1179
Thi ainiple and ing-nini a machine ia a
naefiil a the eewinn machine, jt.vl i fat le
cominn pupular with ladie, in Ihe place o
exp.B-e ntedle work. it work being- lunch
more riHndaotne, rqiiirni( niu h lev time
ami not one'trnih part li e expenne. ro hi
dyV loilrt le complete without it A machim
with illnntrated circular and lull inairudinr,r
aenl on receipt ol i or Bundled iu silver plate
lor 12 1i.
Addrcae, The BleKee nfaaafactarlnf Co.,
utimuHny. ew io(k.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
la recommit! led ly medieal practitioners
and t cieidv cure Kueranleeri for coldn.
couxhe, cBtxrrh, aetlima. I ronchilia, apittiim
lilooil, consumption, and all pulmonary com
plainla. Kidney t'eeare and nil nrt.cnoitH ol
tne urinul orjiana Perfectly harmlc fri-f
fron mineral or alcoholic proprlie plena
anl to lake and never known In fail Pric e i
per bottle. Kuli particular with medical tea
timoiiy and eertiflcaiea aent on nppliclion.
Aklrea I, K. liYLE CO., 19ft seventh Av
enue New York. 18Vep
Darts from the Devilior CupidAbused
A Imok j it i-t iMiied, expnainflhe 1 pereonnli-'
that have appeared in Ilia New Yoik New
paper: their hialnryand leon. 8tylish Til
lima fully expoaei. Adveitiaement from
deiipera'e men to beautiful women: clandea-
tin mtetinge; hnw Irustraled; the hielory of
tneuoounon traxeav, tne reuit ol a"pernon
al." Deturlptionof living Broadway aiatuee.
Expoee aoclal oorruplion Cent on receipt
ol (V) cent. Adrtreaa Cniqu Printing Hon,
3d Veaey at., N. T. U'ep
The Berk with ttO Family ewto BIa
tame a au Vy iriai nunv auVMnixnei.
over an. satiNMuiion ixunraniee i, or vw re
lunned. Bent complete with full direction.
Reikvriih Heaing Wa hineCo , etii BrnndwnT,
Hew Vork. HeP
A mM imfor .al arealiea. Mii by I'he hlaatia
Truu-. V , No. yut broadw. N. Y. City It
ret line rtlptara ahfohilelv in ra.ie anri Mm.
lort muhl ana day, at all time, and under al I
cinunrmuni ex, without any exceplioa what
ever io anr cae. end vhouid never be taken
od during the i-hort time reo.uii'ile tn eftecl a
ptriiiencui cure, reni ny mail. 1 irioilar
iree. Anydroigiet or phyaician win or icr,
Una new true for you withnt exir 'haree.
Which It adapted to
All Sewing Machines,
HHTirP. particularly the atai p of H.C
Oi-MiimiCU, Cb cKO. III., w.lh lite patent
teinpa. al. V. .Jlllltl4 II.
Uttl.-e and kilaarvom XUft btat u, i hn aKO,
. xaaUK4t
Doue Neatly
ftHrt I'rooiptJy,
I have just manu
factored and am now
offering at lowest pri"
cesa full stock of all
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals wJ
hearse when desirCi
runs mm ton,
Corner of High and Locust Btreett
TmarlHT. "
Dick'i Enpyclopei'I or Practic.il Rr-
cairr ink PaocxnHX. Conlaiiunif ",4iH nrac
tical rectipb, written in ptain and populur
innrner, an! illiirlraled with exnlunatorv
ovd-cut. rleiag a comprehenaive liookuf
r lereuce mr li e inen nant, manuiMCiurer. ar
liMn, amateur and liouoekeeper, including
ineoicine, pnaniiacy and uomrunc econoiay
I'he acuiie of Ihta work t entirely dittrent
irom any other book ot Ihe kind. rleiiea
ueiuira complete and aim' it itidir)ieniille
b ok (if reference for the ihouaaod nn.1 one
receipt nud articlea needed III every Iiouih--
hold , Mrm, gnrden, etc., it mcliiriea i Icar and
raily iindnr-toori directiona lor Iheannlica
l in of many of ih art uaiiall) acquired only
y long experienc e, and o oueaied of te li
niclialiiiea, or ihe teclmiciilitin ol leraik U'ed
lully explained a to bring Ihe entire euh.
Jecl within Ihe cmnprehenxiun olany perton
ni ordiimry intelligence, I'ruitiiineni among
i lie tminenxe inaa or mtnecli treated of to
ihe book ar III billowing:
'flic Art ol iJyeinii, Hard 8olt and Toilet
H inp, 'I aiming, liihlillatton, Imitation l.ii)
II . , Winra, Oonliala and Hitter, .liiler.
B ewing, I'erurmery.Flavnrinii E-cnce-,ic.,
o-meii.-, nHir nye anil wa-hea, fumadr
und I'erlunied ml-, Tooth i'nwilera, etc., y,
iiiim, alcohol and Alcoholinelrv. Peiiolcum
od Kcroaene. Hleachtng and Cleaning, Vtn
jar, Haucea, Caiuia and Hickel. Heceinla
l'ir Iheljnrden. Tn r emove Mnina.MpoU.eln ,
I'yrolM-linv and Ki lexive. Cemenle, ie ,
ivaterprooniig. Arlincial, Itema, Ink ami
Writing Fluuia, Aniline Color. Paint and
Pigment. I ainting and I'aper'hanging, Ka'
omine nnu wnuewaan, varniaiimg ami foi-i-h
ng, l.ubrir ora, Jpanning and Lacoiier-
ir g.Hoot and llarneaa Hla-king, Hliotagiaphr,
Mell and Alloya, (iiiding, riilvering. etc .
Klectrniyping, Klectrupleting, etc., "Pbleitt
tledicinr, Medical KeceipK Weighta and
tleaMire. OOT I'agee, rcyul uclavn, cloth.
Price li.tMl i.mar
I'ICn A FITZGERAM', Fullneheim, N. Y.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the magniflcent oil chro
mo, Yo Semite, we are able to otter eotnhin
.tint, of literary and anixtic wor.t olxeuuiu
wnnn.ano at price linptei pilpnieu
Tin flue copy of niece of NaluiVa grand
et work, I. not presented millennial lim
ited Myle, U ilimem-ione, Itx'o, making n
picture ni veiy neairanie "lie ill ll-eil.
graced by it- nreaence.
Hut a lew copir of thia beautiful I hromn
will 'je allowed lo go to the retail atorea, and
mo win oe wii'i hi tneir
ietaal ItetaU Price, S0.00,
which il niile-i n in conneciion with our Hag'
no, both will be furn'ehed lor
Aa a premium Die picture may he ohutined
ny aenuing u iwo aiiWHTipiinn lor I II Mag
line at one doilm each, or by aubacrbinii lo
the MagHiine two ter in advance, at on
dollar per annum. Annre,
Ntnbuiafai.N. Y.
S. E.SHt T&S, rubheher. taept
The Most Desirable Ees-
dence in IfoArthur,
InFFEB for tale my reaidence on North
street. It conitof a aplendid dwelling
hnue, well rtoiched, IneMle and out, with
eight room and a good cellar. A gooa oltice
building, viable, wood and coal houaeand oth
er nece'rary out building, lb premiee.
contain i acre, including I acre of i inetard,
all thrtlty Hearing vine; there are alao thirty
bearing ap le tree beet vnri.-ty of grafted
fruit, twrenty-flve tearing peach treea-beal
bud led fruit, cherriea, quinue. plum, and a
variety nfmll Iruit rorlurthfr pnrticulara
inquire at ihe cltici of thia paper, or at lb
prvmiw, leriuacaey.
decftutiia B. 8. POtLISOfl
Tree's! Flowers! Bulbs! Seedt
Hursery Stock! Frnit&Flower Plate
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
N aarer, ttt year; IS srtohou. 4 eat
Mlogues, xu cent. lljuijiu
AO. 110 TI1IRD ST.,
STOC"and 6e Sea"goaWnewfor
le at very low price. Call on
U.C.ODNEa ttorney.
Notice to Hunters.
VT0TICE : hereby give that alt peraan
XI aie lorbloueo to hunt or ehoot on the
premiae oi in undemgaea. All not heed'
log thi nolle, will be pro.ecuted.
ft M CltAH,
M.J HA Us.
K. bA:,n,
llaoTtm A. J, WuHTldAl.
[Continued from 1st page.]
led their ranks,, crossed tbe
line of separation, gone back
to Ihe weak and beggarly el
ements of that worship whose
"sacrifices were weak ia that
iher cootd not make the cor
tiers thereunto perfect." Num
bers who bad not openly re
nounced their trust io Jesus
crucified were forgetting to as-
sembla tbernselves together.
It was only a question ot time
when they should be known
and read of all men as having
abandoned bim whose disciples
they had formerly been. To
these Christian Jews, these be
lievinjt ' Hebrews, exposed to
this swift flowing current, who
hardly knew whether to sail op
stream or dowu was this exhor
tation given and this -warning
uttered: "How shall ye escape
if ye neglect so great salva
tion?'' ;
'Therefore you ought to give
the more earnest heed to the
things which ye have heard
lest at any lime you should let
them slip," this was the coun
sel which tbe apostle gave in
order that they might be saved
Irom this apostacy. They had
realized once Ihe inefficiency
of the law, that it was but the
school master to lead them to
Chribt. They bad been con
.vinced of the inadequacy of
the blood of victirns on Jewish
altars slain to take away sin.
They bad accepted the teach
ing which showed that a tem
poral deliverer was not the
true vision of the kingly Christ
ol God, that their ancient forms
and ceremonies were but the
shadows of good things to
come. They had believed 'hat
upon Citlvaray theLamb ot
God had beeu slain, but that
out of tho. dark chambers of
the (sepulchre he had stepped
forth Ihe conqueier of death,
the vanquisher of (ho power ol
the under world, Jehovah liit
nig him Up above the tumuli,
sin Hiid sorrow of eirth to the
ludeless joy and undying bliss,
and unceasing melody of heav
en. Aye, in their inmost souls,
in the very depths of (heir be
ing had they realized that bo
fore Ood I hey were sinner,
that -unless they ctme to the
blood which spuke hotter
things than that ot Abel and ac
cepted Jesus as their prophet,
priest, und king, ths brightness
und blessndness of eternity
would never be theirs, only a
fearful looking for of judgment
and of fiery indignation Go
back said tbe apostle, call to
mind the things which ye have
heard, stir again the dying em
bers of your first love tjial per
chance the fire again may
glow with heat and lite and
More has already been writ
ten than was at first intended,
but sisters and brethren, em
phasize the fact that this epis
tle was written to believers.
Ponder over it, think about it
seriously, that it was addresed
to those "who had tasted the
good word of God and who had
felt the powers of the world to
come." Are you not in danger,
are not all Christians In dan
ger ot being swept away by
many influences from faith and
trust in the Son of God! Is it
not a perpetual effort to Keep
the little bark heavenward?
Mot such a struggle as that
which these Jewish Christians
in Judea had, but nevertheless
a struggle calling out-every
heroic virtue and every manly
quality? What pleasant places
as we sail along tempt us to
cast anchor in their harbors
and forsake the ship of Zton.
Uow strong fl iws against us
the tide of worldliness. Ills
unpopular In be true to Christ!
Better lo be freezingly indiffer
ent than dead in earnest!
What muscle it taxes to ply
the oars and make any ad
vance. How many have fold
ed their arms and seem not to
care whether the church sinks
or swims; who would just as
soon as not, dnit away from
Jesus and go with the mulu
tude? The storms, with what
violence they sweep, and the
wjnds, hpw plteouly,,tTiey
moan. Is it any wonder that
we tail, anywhere tb find the
grand noble type of Christian
womanhood, and manhood
which ought to be developed
among professed believers?
Ahl no sadder sight is to be
seen in all this sad world than
when those who consciously
gave themselves to Christ
abandon his pierced side and
the church for which he shed
bis blood. Tbe angels in heav
en rejoice when one .sinner re
pents, but O what orroful
notes mnt they sing when a
child ot Uod wanders irom its
Father,-perhaps never . to re
turn. Shall such an example
influence yon? Shall such a
course west your progress?
Will you for a moment grow
discouraged? God forbid! When
the storm beat to hard, and the
waves run to high, and the car-
rent flows to strong that you
can not torce your hark for
ward do not go back, do not
driit, but cast your anchor
upon Christ, the Rock, tbe
Strength of your salvation and
stand enmoved and undismay
Who is it that has spoken to
you? Is it be who left the glory
ot God to save perishing men?
Is it be who upon his inixhty
heart carried the sorrows ol
humanist Is it he whose feel
never tired ou errands of di
vinest niercj? Is it he who
blessed little children and lilt
ed them lo his breast? Is it, he
who died upon tbe cross, the
just for the1 unjust, that all
iDii'ht live? I.i it he who
burst the bars of death and
brought immortality to light?
Is it he who entered the ver
heavens with Ins own blood to
purchase eternal redemption
for Ub? Yes, it i he. King oi
kings and lord of lords. The
once crucified Nazarene, but
now the glorified, crowned,
exalted Savior. Blessed be
God it is he. Know you not
ihe time when his voice in
sweetest accents fell upon your
ears, when your troubled heart
responded to his merciful invi
tation, when withtearlul eye
you threw your arms around
bis neck and in broken accenie
lruniised never lo leave him
nor lorsak bin:. Ah! t lust
were moments oi highest rap
lure Then for you the heav
ens were arched with the rain
bow of hope. Know you no
that the crown of life, Ihe joys
immortal, the eternal blessed
nees ot heaven are only lo
those who continue faithful to
the end?
You need not speculate jus'
now about those whose ears
have never been gladdened
with proclamation of tbo gos
pel, you need not be fretted re
garding those who have heard
that proclamation and resisted
its appeals, but this question
ought to thunder and eci
through every chamber of jour
toiils: Uow shall we escape,
we who have heard, we who
have obeyed, we who have re
alizod once the claims of th-
Son ol God upon us, -hnw shall
we escape if we upglect so
great salvation ?
God grant that uyou may-
give the more earnest heed to
tbe things which you have
heard lest at aoy time you let
them slip."
This is the earnest prayer of
your unworthy brother.
KxrERiENCB will teach any man that
it is advantageous t patroniza those
who advertise: in newspapers
. Kimono' , Photographer, Chilliootbe
civet careful attention to waking cnp
le of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as lurice aa life from tbe tiniest
locket piottire, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judioious
coloring. Photo-ruplis from nature or
from other piotares colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, v.yon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all rircum
Farmers sh mid not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate for
wnicn.ueorge w. urunton, He
Arthur, ia lha appiit in thin and
Jaokson county. It ia the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
lor a farm, costing titty per cent,
less than .he old fashioned irate.
- a
and is more durable, for it can
are in wcArtuur.
Arenureae laeertt 4 at fair -prices-
Y 7 ,
It Toe
Want a situation.
Want a servant girt,
Wnt to sella piano,''
Want to aell a canlnjfe,
, ' Wanttobiiyorsellafurm.
WHnt a boartlinir place,..
Want to sell town property, .
Want to aell jrrocerles or drujrs', '
- Wmu tosell household furniture,
Want ta-jll dry goods or carpets,
Want to Olid customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers.
Advertising will Kwp old custonifre,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
. Advertising begets confidence,
I Advertising shows energy,
a J I
Anverusuig riitiwepiucK,
Advertising means'biz,
Advertfse or "bust,"
. Advertise long,
Advertise well,
, . IsTOW;
Everu merchant, manufacturer
or busines man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made his
fortune by judiciout advertising
So exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, at a last
resort, to get hit stock turned into
money to as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, h
could make it still better in prot
perity, he became a pertislent ad
verliser, and thus gained hit co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person reade
advertisement; yet every merchant in
thia county will read tlii advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profti
by its sUL'Kestiun, if he has anything U
offer w rtti advertising How much
im.re then will those rend tliem who
are not so largely supplied w th rend
ing mutter, nr at leisure 'n me even
ing, and must depend un their paper fur
their local news, the most iu porinni
item 'f which is where they can find
just whnt they want when they come t
town to make their purchases. If youi
stuck is so old, rtflty, dusty and nut m
stylo that it is worthless, or if it ir' run
down so that you have nothing left thi'
people would w nt, it is not worth
while fur you to advertise. But it it is
new. freh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such us the people want,
don't hide them, but publish tn the
world that you have them, uud want
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day
and its effect continues in a greatei
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will mnke a man's name a per
nunent matter, a piece nf real proper
ty litiiltup in the mins nf men unti
it becomes more valuable than any
ctuyer lot in hia locality.
If you lose a watch, n dog nr a child.
or if you desire people not to truai
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rem:
ihe advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you ure Ins
ing by not advertising it Rrporter
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not real by the puhlto wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
vivo publicity to some mutter thev
would notcire to divulge tu the world,
even in the most obscure corner of h
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Adver liner' i
ADVK.RTisiNoiso.pt to give ns tha
k-entle jogol conscience which tells u
that we want a new suit of clothes for
(Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will eay that adver
tising will not yet oivilize tho world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To fee who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who hss
them. To know if any tine ia selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have rend all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio State Journal
Thi power of prlut is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that ia written or spoken.
This is one of tbe many reasons whioh
giveasn importance to advertising.' But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not ' comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influenoe, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
grace of elocution and the foroe of
eloquence, yet even thet fade away in
to nothinzness if not caught in their
Sight and printed But there is some
thing in the silent language, tbe quiet
assertion and the sense nf permanence
abont printed matter which give it a
marvelous foroe and influernce. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves tn , loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering use of
in printing presses. : iearB in aavevt
Ue, and then the "how, when and
.where" ol it, and ynu will hays a
knowledge, worth Having.
THK WSEaUr "OH im tatv widely ktowa
to re-pnre any iteadd reaomraeadaiiMt
but Ihe reaeoaa which liv elreeiry give II
(liy thousand aaratenbera, aad which will,
w, hope, aie it many Uoeeaeda aaera, wi
BileflyaiMlow i ' ':
It i a fnurate Bkppr. Allthf
th day wlH be found ilueondr. waa "
unimportant, at mil length whea of moment, '
and a'way, areaeiueq taa ejaar, JaleUbjiMe,
and inleteeung meaner. ..- 1
Il ia a Art-raU family paper, full of aUr
laining and uutructiv rwediaf of every kid.
but containing anthrac that tea-ea ta t
niont drlx'al lad acrupuloaa al.
Hi ani-Moraiealery aaeer. Thabeettalea
and romaneea of current literature art tare
fully telecied and efibly printed la it page.
Hi a nrvl-mt agriculleral paper. Tea
mntlrh and initruetiv articlea krU
culiur-l topic regaktrly appear ia thi sh
panrnenc . , ,.
It ia aomdependeal polifetepT,belob- '
ing lo no pirty and wearing a cellar ,It flgbt
for principle aad the ileciloa f tbaavt aia
l fittice It aeperially devote II aerg1 to
the eiportir nf the great corruption that
now wakea aei dlvamoa eat .vnlry,H
threnlen lo umlermin repiiblitatn maulutioae
aitogetner. il haa aetear or a nave, aad aaa
no (ty errahiaa a)orer. r r
It report h u4iieax for tlilMle,nd h 4
mirket for ihe men, eapecially Ihe caule
mrKeta. to wnien-iiiny pnieur rteeaiea,
Klai.l V. it i the clipitiiejit iei,ar nutlihd
One dnilur a year will eo.-urv il for aoy ,ure
ciiber, li ie uot mveaaarv lo gclnlub .
inofler I., anve '111 ft WhfcKLl billet thia )
raie. Any "B who aend, a iugl, dollar Witt
gel Ihe paper fu, a year . , : -
" - I
THK WEEKLY rx. Eight pagee,
lluy-aii eoluniu-. unit II . im. Kmii.
counts fnmi thi rate. . . ,
in h the daily Hun. aa OO va,. A dta
com t nfCO per eenl. to aluiar ef )orvr.
iiii,u.iii.iai j,- large lour page
newapaiter of tweul -eight roll mat. iMulV
nrnu-alinw aeee 10,0UU. ,l the eew fee
8 cent, hubacripiiun unee SO eenia a month,
or a year- lecitibael IQwf evar.adl
rniinl idinrper -ent;
Addreae THE 8l"f, Sew Yet '.,
, VmwotI fib, X 'ff .
,VH.T.Helmbe!4 jfi
la tb only Known Remedy for Bright' Di-
aiul ha cured every can ef DlalMrtca la
which it h been riven. Irritation of the Keck
of Hie Madder and Inflammation of tb, Kirinry.
Vlccrailim of th Kidney and Bladder, Reten
tion nf Urine, I)i,eo f Ihe FroetaM Gland,
Btime in the Bladder. Oravel, brick Dnt Depoeit,'
and Mucna or Milky Dixharcea, and for In
fecblcd aud Delicate Constitution, of both btxtt,
attended with th followirur arinpioma: T.o
of l'owor, Lo of Memory, Dlfflrsil' of Hreith
Ing, Weak Nerve, Wakefulaeie, fain in lb
Back, Kluehlngiif lb. Body, Eapi Ion oa tbe re.
Pallid Countenance, Lalt1 "f lb Syatcrn, etc.
I'tcd by pcrauna la lb dccUa or thang ef
Bfe; after confinement or labor paint, bed-w,l-Ung
in children, etc
In many aflcction, peculiar to tadie. lb Ex
tract Bucbu l Biieutialed by any other remedy
A in Cbloroal or intention. Irregularlly. Paia
f uIucm or Siippreealun of Cnatiwnary Kvacuallona,
Ulcerated or Schirru dale of tho fieri!, La
eorrhM or WhKw, eterllity. i t aU eom
plaint Incident to lb ex. It la prearrtbe
exienairely by th mini eminent PbT'iaiana a4
Mldwivet for enfeebled and dtllcalo coiMtlM-;
Hon of both sexes and all ace.- n
."wr Diuattl AiMxg from Imprwlmm,
II Uli f JMntHilkm. A'lc. io all their ftagea. at
little expenae, little or bo change Iu diet, no la
convenience, and noexpoeure It cau.ee a fre
quent dlre, and tflvc itreBgih to arinste.
tlicrcby removing ObtrneUoa,Trevntig an4
Curing Stricture (if th Urethra, Allaying Palo
and Inflammation. o frequent In thia elate of die
easct, and expcUiug all polaooou autter.
11.00 per bottle or tlx boltlea for fytO. dellTered ,
to any addret. teenre from ubttrvetioa. Sold by .
drUKgi.tteiery where. Prepared by
KKAK.NKY A ff.. 1W Daant St. K T.
to whom all letters t' vformatloB theuld ba
Xa CWg tor Adrio, aai CmnlUlica,
f)r. J. It liiioil. Gradtnleof J fftf if'M"tl
Coll'Vl, Pbiladrlphia. author of icrrral alual4 -work.,
can be coiiaulled a all ill'cate uf the,
Sexual or Urinary Orgaut, (which bj ha made
an vipeciul rtudy), either in male nr female, no
matter from what ranee originating, or of bow
long tuiiding. A practice of SO yvar enahlea"
hiin to treat dlteaw with vucceft. Cure ruar
antecd. Cliarti-a reasonable. Thole at a dia
lauco can forward letter detcrlhing yuiptorne,
and cncioxiiig elanip to prepay piwtace.
Beinl for Hie ifitdt tn lin th . Price in rent. ,
J. D. DYOTT. M. II., Thyticlau and Kurgeoa,
104 Ducne S u, Hew York.
A priftuCtiaHitrtetba
Morrlt4 ar lasts abaat
oiarr aa lbs paytV.lrir4
aty st tries aa4 re tloiisa so
iba oeisal svsMaa, vlib Uw
Uteri tiM-Tfrtta la pr4ltisf 4 pevsaiiaf nftyrfg.
aVatw ia BrMarTti the AWIBIDeCtloB. a.
Thlsie u iQUreiUoc veffk r t ki4r4 m tlilf
fts,witb Bunie-ceu 0rtvlnge, an 4 teauiM whni
fnrormaiioQ for those whe art trri4,wMtitalaisr
rtece. Still itia bosk tbet I u be kept latter task
sad key, ant BatlaM earalessly tha keaaa.
lieooulns lha aipcrleaaa auat a4vktaf a alrraUUsi
aybeaa rtputatloq la werlaVwIa'e, ud shaaU tvt la the sri.
wau drawer sf every aiala anl fea.ai tbraagkaat tfca eatlr
f leba. U anbraeaa at try tbloi aa ika aabjMi a f tba tea
ratlra ayattn Ibai la vertb kaaU,a4 Mk ihM U
at pabllsbed la aay atber vark. ,
Scat lo any aaa (free of posUfa) far fifl Caatt.
iddraaa Dr. kaiuPUBnaar,li. X3 1 KilklvtTMl
tl. Utiia, Ua.
Kotlea to ti ASicul ut V&MtaaUtf.
Vefar afplylac ta the aoiorWaa aebe vha Uvartlaa l
tablla aapara.or uttsi aa qooek n-aaaita fnu Dr.
oils' work aa muter wbai year 4aaasa la, ar kav Aofisr
biayaur aondlUoa.
Pr. Baits aaeapka a alembla Ihn af lawiTrfvfi
faoais;l slssa4rs4 byaoasaafibaaoMMtobvta4 asoal
Wlra(aoaovaariblaaaaatrTftB4 Raroat, aa4 taa baeoa
li4 pwraaaallj ar by aalf, aa the 4ltttsos noetloaetl la
bit works. UBos aoarlara. Ha. II K. Klfkla aHTaa
katwtM Markti aa4 Caaaaal. It. Ualt , Ma.
Notice to ihe BtocKholders of
the Oalipolia. McAnhur
& Columbus Bailroad Co.
AM, parfiet haling auhecnbtd I lb cap
IUI atoek ol the 6.. McA. A C B. R. are
hereby reqai.ed lo make payment lo Ihefee
retaryofthe Company, at bi office en the
Public 8itiare, in Gallipolie, Ohio, 01 if mora
eonvenienl, lo laniel Will. Preaideat of the
Vinton County Bank, at MeArthur, Ohio, ef
an inatallment ol Ave dollar on each ehare
o tubeoribed, whhiB tea daya of Ibis dale. - 1
Angu.llu, l7. - tr
G. McA. A C. R. B. Co.
dee 171.
t SIOO in Wall tt. oftea lead to
l loruin". ,iti na as-raw
pnmphlei rnr etamp. viTia
Tuaiaiixii A C., Baa k ere a4 ,
Broker, Wall it., W. Y. . I i , '
I JfljrV,'",'rH'r with Htencil A Key
MUtltlCI.eck ouuSt. CUIogue aad
full particular FREE. 8. M. Spiacaa, 11T
Hannover at., Boston. , .
"-at'' ;.

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