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TIIUltPVY. JAN 8. 1874.
A Hint to Our Constitution
The new constitution which has
just been adopted by the people
of Pennsylvania compels parties'
pplyirvg'for any locariegislation
to f drertiae the same at least four
weeks in advance of its introduc
tion, in the newspapers bf the
setoien affected, or from which it
originates. Not a mere notice,
but the full text is to be published.'-
This is right, for if bad
bills then pass, the people will
lave bad proper warning, and
will have nobody to blame but
themselves. The New York and
NeW Jersey papers, pursuant to
the law in those States, advertise
all the acts of the Legislature,
after their passage a system
having merits, but improved up
on by the new ' constitution of
Mr. Busdy, our member of
Congress, is whacking in bis
votes just right. Ue is on the
record as opposed to the boli
d.iy, adjournment, in favor ol
Judge Kelly's resolution op
posing an increase of National
taies, in iavor of Kasson's
thorough repeal of the salary
law, and against ilarlbut'a $6,-
COO ammendment. Good. Mr.
Bundy by his votes not only
acquires tbe increased respect
of the people, but strengthens
the Republican party in the
The Marietta Register and
Scioto Valley Post have been
compelled to add four new col
umns to their size by reason of
increased business.
D. Montague,formerly of this
place, and Jap. A. Miller have
bought the Athens Journal.
Both are practical printers,
and we believe will have the
practical good sense to work
tbe J ournal out of the deep par
tisan mire in which it has been
buried, and make it a useful in
dependent newspaper.-.
Alas. E. D. Siewart, who for
merly taught school in McAr
thur, but now of Springfield
Ohio, entered a saloon a few
days since in disguise, called
and paid for a glass of liquor,
with which she walked off. At
a temperance mass meeting in
the Central Methodist Episco
pal Church on Sunday night'
Mrs. Stewart made an address,
creating quite a sensation by
producing tbe glass as it was
handed to her in the saloon.
Tbe saloon-keeper is to be
A temperance revival ii in
progress at Washington and
Ilillsboro, 0., and all liquor deal
ers have quit the business, most
of them voluntarily, inducedjto do
o by the persuasions of commit
tees of prominent ladies of the
respective places. Bonfires were
made of some of the liquors and
others were shipped away.
Those persons who have
been 'sitting back grumbling,
and refusing or neglecting to
pay their railroad subscriptions
and giving as a reason that Dr.
Wolfe, Ed. Dodge and other
large dubscribers had not paid
op, have lost their last hold
Those gentlemen have thought
better of the matter and paid
tip tho full amount of their sub
scriptions. Work has been pushed as rp
idly on tbe railroad as the weath
er would permit during the past
week. On Monday the' teams
had turned the curvo at Brown's
hill and were working rapidly to
wards the Station. If the weath
er was only favorable the force
would, make short work of this
section of tbe road.
CastkIjLar has beEn outvoted
and . deposed by tbe bpenish
Cortes, and: a new ministry re
jected. The event is regarded as
boding no good to the republican
cause. .
Miyis Smplet, of Firette
county, who lias been visiting
his brother S. S. Shipley, Ziles
ki, since Christmas, jlied sud
denly,1 of typhoid fever, last
Sundaj night.
Local Chronology for 1873.
George Kaler assumes the
duties or Sheriff, S. B. Winters,
Deputv, and Geo. W. Holland,
Clerk of the Court. Judge
Craig appointed Surveyor.
L. C. Day, Zaleski, makes an
The Auditor finds the Stand
ard weights and measures, ex
cept the hall bushel at the
steam milL
Old boaid of R. R. Directors
Taxpayer" uses up the
Prosecuting Attorney in a se
ries ot communications.
The Christian Witness makes
its appearance, and 11. C. Jones
promoted to Elder in the
Nasby church
Davy Shutts and Judge Pot
ter in town.
Small pox scare at Mrs. Wm.
Tbe Commissioners let the
Infirmray contract to 04 W.
Gilman, at 19,945,' that being
the highest bid.
John Mayo started lor Texas
to benefit his 'health.
Dr. Uorsline injured by rail
road accident at Uutndeu.
Court in session, and an Irish
woman, after listening to the
McLain-Mitchell abduction
case, gives the "blackguards" a
piece of her mind.
John Lantz killed by acci
dent In front of Gilman &
Wards' store.
U. S. Claypoole nominated
by tbe Democrats for member
of Constitutional Contention,
aud liarvey Wells by Repub
licans. Wells was elected.
"B." writes a communication
for the Record which collapses
the "Roll of Honor" of the
McArthur Schools.
Stephen Salts died.
T. E. Knauss made a literal
proposition to build a furnace.
Everybody said it was liberal,
but no perjon took Block.
Politics red-hot, and tbe
Lightning Calculator counts
out ahead.
J. J. Shockey receives tele
gram of the sudden death ot
his son Crittenden.
Mrs. Lavelle killed by light
ning. Real estate market active
and several old residents sold
Court in session.
John Mayo, Andrew Digging
Mrs. Jonathan Winters and
John West died.
Adam C Doughty killed on
the 0. & H. V. R R.
Decoration day not observed
First Grange of Patrons of
Husbandry instituted.
Meeting held to secure pay
ment of railroad subscriptions
so that work might commence
on this end ot tbe road.
M. R. Barnes elected Super
intendent of Public Schools by
a vote of the people.
Wm. Matthews had his leg
The Fourth celebrated at
Arnold's Grove.
Rufus and Miles Gilpin com
mitted to jail for .horse steal
A stamp ran away with tbe
Prosecuting Attorney, two
borses and buggy. Every
thing tore to pieces except the
King Wells' leg broken.
Two men killed by the acci
dent on M. & 0. R- R. at Vin
ton Furnace.
Capt. Armstrong1, of tbe
Ross County Register visits
McArthur and hashes at the
Hulbert House. The landlord
misses spoons, towels, napkins,
etc. he says he don't think
Armstrong took them, but we
have since observed in his con
versation a declining respect
for the editors of religious pa
pers. Harley Jones died and tbe
boys bad a boss funeral.
Two runaways, Ew'd Clark
badly hurt, and agent of tbe
Champion Machine Co. slightly
Dr. Wilcox, of Alle'nsville,
Swan Grange instituted.
Van Humbug's show in town
Dr. Byers arrested, charged
with attempt to rape a little
Rannells,- Johnson and oth
ers make conditional sale of
12,000 acres of land at Hope
Furnace. Real estate market
lively; and Hon. Harvey Wells
options the Bundy farm.
From 60 to 80 ore wagons
passing through McArthur dai
ly, hauling ore from Swam Tp.
to Vinton Furnace. Mucb
prospecting for ore and many
new veins discovered.
Nominations for county of
ficers made by both parties.
Work commenced at McAr
thur on tbe railroad.
The panic knocks real estate
speculation in this county.
J. U. Boley killed in Iowa
by baloon accident.
Nothing but politics and
Six -deaths in and near Mc
Arthur within ten days Chas.
A. .Mutschler, Fonela Wyptt,
Eliza Carson, Sarah Dowd, J.
G. Swetland, Sr., and John Dil
lon. Court in session.
Commissioners establish new
road to McArthur station.
Judga Mayo's friends peti
tion Gov. Alleq to appoint the
Judge State Librarian.
Mail snatcher knocking the
mail in the mud semi-occasion-ally,
and business men annoyed
in their correspondence there
by. The work on the railroad
completed as far as Karns', the
Vinton Station route adopted,
Vinton Furnace Co., subscrib
ing $70,000, and the force put
to work between McArthur and
Vinton Station, aud south of
Vinton Furnace.
Puiluiibs Who-.milc AND RlTltli
Booksellers, Stationers. Prlntera,
Dealers ia
Law, Medical, THRoi.ooicRr., School,
63 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
aHPCatalogtiea fiirnishel gratuitously on
application and any book sent by mail, posts
aje paid no receipt ol published price.
Teeth Set Without Fain
and with
by the use of
Can h found at my office.
Dr. S. T. BOGUK48, Jackson, Ohio.
State of Ohio, Vinton Co.,88-
Benoni Hixaon and Wife, Plaintiff,
Henry HofTbine, Defendant
in vistow cocxtt rorRT o
NOTICE la hrreny given that I will offer
for tale at public ani-tion ntthe door of the
Court House id McArthur, Ohio, on
Monday, the 9 th Day of February,
A. D. 1874,
At the honr of 1 o'clock P. M. of aaid
day, the following real estate, aituaU m
county or Tininn, and 8tat of Ohio, to wit:
the weal half of the north-watt quarter of
section three, (3) containing eighty (So)
acre. Alan part of the north-etat quarter ol
a Mi on four. (4) commencing at the north-
aat comer of id eectioi thence aouth with
aid eection line to tne middle of said aection ,
.hence we.H to tbe Marietta A Cincinnati Kill
road, thence nortn-etst with said ratlroaaeo
a to intersect the first-named line or plant
of beginning containing lorty (tnjacree, mora
or less. All of the above de-cribed lands and
tenementa being and lying id township ten.
It) of range seventeen
Appraised at four thoutand two tundrsd
dollar M.no.
TERMS OK 8 ALE. Cssh on day of ml. -
Taken a the properry of Henry Hortnine
on an Execution in far.tr ol Beooni Hixaon
and wife iesued hy the Court of Tommnn
Pleaa of tke connty ot Vinton and to me di
reeled aa Hharitt or said county, t.tven under
my hand thia 7th dv of lanuary, . I) I87t.
PhertUof Vinton County, O.
3 aniiary Ith, 1874. 6
Wm. (fflBETSON, & CO,
Odd Fellows' Block,
Publithert of
And other
Standard Religious Works,
Canvassing Agent wanted la every coooty
ta the 1,'nitaal (MM, janf
State of-Ohioi Vinton County
D. B. Shive), Plaintiff,
Silas Smith, Defendant.
PURSUANT ta the command of an Order of
Hale on J. P. Transcript leed from the
Oourtrf Common Pleaa of Vinton County, and
In me directed as sheriff -f raid county, I will
offer for aale at the door ol the Court House,
in the town of McArthur, Vinloe County, Okie,
Saturday, theZUt Dav of January, 1374.
at the hour ori o'clock P. M. or aald day the
following deacribed landt and tenementa. situ
ate in the county of Vinten and Butte ot Ohio,
to wit:
The norlh-weat quarter of the south-sail
quarter of aection eighteen, (18) lowwshtp
ten, (10) range sixteen, (18) in the Ohio Co.a
paay a purchase, containing lerty (4'i) aarea
more or leas, aaid lands being ailuate la Via
ten county, ohie
Appraised at nine hundred dollars, (11(a))
and must bring two, thirds of that auto.
To h aold a tno prsperty of files Mm ith fe
satisfy a vendi order of sale, issued from the
Court of Common Pleas in litror f I), ii. bhir
r,oKl KALIS,
Bhsnttol Viaieat'oeaty,
U. S. CtAtpooia. Alluruey for plaiatil.
Jan. 1, 1 si 4
State of Ohio, Vinton County
Jaaalhaa Blnra, PlaintiS,
Henry Wlnklsman, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common
I'leat An Order of Sale.
PURSUANT lo Hie command of an Order of
H:ile iHued from the Court of Com in, m
Plena of Vinton County, and to me directed
as sheriff of aaid county, I will otter foi sale at
the door of the Court House, in the towa. ol
Mi-Arthur, Viuloo Countr, Ob to, on
Saturday, the 31st Day of January,
A. D. 1874,
at the hour ofl o'clock, P. M. of said day, the
following deairihad lands anl teaemeata, sit
UHte in the county of Vln'ori and Rlate 01 Ohio
and hounded and describi d as follows to wit;
rommen' ing at the snuthwesl corner of
frtu.-tto No. eighteen (11) in sections Noa.
twe uty-oce an.i twenty two (II A 11) thenee
ea-t on the south of said fraction ae far that
a line runmag north to tke north line of frac
tion No. eerenteen (17) parallel to the weat
liae of aa d traction lit. enteea, (17) in
teotion twenty-two M) tlmer-e west te tke
corner ol laid frai'tien Ne aareateea, (17)
thence aouth to tne olassof kemnniag so aa
as to include and contain one hundred an t
iily (ItiU) aerea flano. in tewoilup No. ten,
(10) range aixteeu, (H.)
tppraiaed at four thouand eight hundred
dollara, (4 tHXl rud must bring two-thirds of
that aum.
To be aold as the property of Henry Winkle
man o antisiy an onler of sale, la lied from the
Court ol Common Pleat iu Iavor of Jonathan
blore. ,
TERMS OF SAf.R: Caah in hand nn the day
of sale. tjiEOItUE KALER,
client! Vinion county.
Rrattok anal BiaamiL, Attorneys for
January let, A. I. 1174.
Slate of Ohio, Vinion County, s.i.
Mary A. Dcfigh, plaintiff.
John W. tjuin, defendant.
la Vinton County Court of Common
Vie at. Vendi Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to (he .omm-nd of a Vendl
Order of Hale trailed frtn the Court of Com
mon Pleaa of Vinton county and tome di
rected af ttherifl nfamd rounty, I will offer far
ale at the door of the Court' Houae, in the
Iowa of McArthur, Viotoa county, Ohio, oa
Saturday, tbe 31itDay of January,
t the hour ofl o'clook, P. M. of aaid day the
loll wing lands anil tenementa, to wit: the
undivided one-tenth part of the nenh weat
quarter of section Nn. three (3) townxhip No.
tuelte, (It)' rinne No. seventeen (17) (except
o neloiirth of an acre en aouih aide of said
norlh-weat quarter heretofore sold bv Phil
ip Sain) containing one hundred and seventy
three (178) ai-ree mere er less Appraiaed at
eight handred and aixtflve dollars ().)
Also, the one lei. th 1-ln part of in lota
Nos twenty-eight V8 appraiaed at twenty
dollars ami thirty two f:i'J appraised at
tour dollars and Illy corns, I4 9HJ in the town
of New Mount Pleasant, In Vintoii oountj ,
Ohio, aaid lands and tenementa neing hereto
fore attai-hot by me on an order dated March
11, A. 0. 187$,
Appraiard at eight hundred aad eighty-m na
dollars and 1fly cents and must bring two
thirda of that aum.
To be sold aa the property of John W. Sain,
to satiafy a vendi order of aale, issued from
the Court of Comaien Picas in fnvnr ol Mary
A. Iierlxh
TEKMd OF BALK f.ish.
Hhrnrtoi Vinton County.
aosviana and Kksttui, Alt's Isr plaintiff.
January let, IS74. w
Stale of Ohio, tHnUu Co., $s.
Mary A. Definh, plaintiff,
John W, Sain, defendant
In Vinton County Court of Common
fkat. Vendi Order of Salt,
Tl'RSUANT to the command of a Vendi
I Order of Hale iaaued fiom the Court af
Common Pleaa of Vintou eouniv. and ta me
directed aa Mhertffot aaid coun y,I will onVr
lor aala at the door or tho (Join t Hon-e, ta the
town of McArthur, Vmtoa county, Ohio, nn
Saturday, tne 31st Day of January,
at (he hour of 1 o'clock P. M of said day, lha
following described ladila end tenemen.a, to
wit: thee undivided one tenth ll-10part of
the north-weat quarter of aection No three,
131 town hip No. twelve, Vi) range No. sev
enteen. 17 excepting one fourth of an acre
on south aide ot aaid north-west quarter here
tofore sold hv Philip Bain, containing one
hundred and eeventy-tl ree acres more or leaa
Appriised at eight hundred and atxty hve
dolhre SMM
Aho the und-vided one. tenth 1 10 pnrt of
in Iota No.twerti eight, 2s appraised at twen
ty dollars, m and thirty-two, 32 appraised at
four dollars and illy centa, 14 40 in the town
of New Mount -leaaant, Vinton county, Ohio
Said property keina heretofore attached by
me on an order dated February S7-.li. 173.
And alan the undivided ou ten'h 1 10 part
of the north east quarter of aection four, 4
township twelve, 12 rango seventee 17 contain
ing abo.it ope hnndred and seventy-three '1 73
acres mora or lea Appraised at fivo hun
dred and i,ine,eendollara. 1619.
All ol said lands and tenements being ailn,
ated in Vinton county, Ohio, and nppraiaed in
total at fourteen hundred and eight dollars and
tifiv cents, I40 Maud must bring two thirds
of that sura.
To be aotd aa the property of John W. Sain,
lo aatlafv a Vendi Order of Sale, itened from
the Court of Common Pleaa in favor ol Mary
A. I'efigh.
TERMS OF 8ALI--reah.
t-heriB of Vinion County.
Gindviaoi and BaaTtoa, Att'js for plaioiitJ.
January 1U,H74. 6w
T. P Wi't Talmage is editor of the Tl
chruiiau el R'srA; 0. H. Bhurteon. eoe-ia
entribntor. They wrilefrr no other paper!
n air erica, i nrea maa-nincent enrnmos
Pav lareer t'Ommiaatun than anv other na
.-er. CttROnOB ALL HF.ADT. ...
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receutly obtained 310 eubscrii tinne as,
uglily hours absolute work. Sample cop
as and circulars ent tree.
ACENTS Wanted.
fl. W. Al'AM-a, publisher. 1IU Chambers
a reet, Nw York ' -
AlwaysKeeps a Full Line of
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Dye Stuffs, and Pure Llquorg ior Me
tlicliinl purpoieg.
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aud Clotlicg Bruslns, Couiba.
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Books, Pens, Ink, Paper aad Ptuclls,
Envelopes, Slates.
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A mvthy t, Agate, G arnett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger und Ear Kings, Kei-klaces
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Need I en for all kinds of Sevrlnjr Ma
chlnts. Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin aud Uultar Strings.
Clocks, Watches aud Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety el Toys.
1 nra also agent for all the Mnga
lines, Period Ionia, Literary and Dally
Papers, which I furnish from three
days to a week in advance ef those
furnished by mail.
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
MAI5 ST.. M'AltTIirB, O.
I suffered with Catarrh thirty years, and was
cured bva simple remedy. Will send re
ceipt, poune free lo all afflicted. Kev. T.J.
MEU) tirawer 176, Hynn-nrs New York.
This Firat-vlitsa Chromo will he g ren to ev
ery auoscriher to
0 DEY'S LADY'S BOOK for 1874
Whether to amnio subscriber for Tr.iee l)nl
larx.nr in a -Jltib of six. for fourteen 'lollnrs,
Address I.. A. diUlrKY,
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,hi, Pa.
arsee Terms in Lady'a Book for other clubs
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dnsaes of working Iteople. of
either a x, f ling or old, make mnie money
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Dt Order of tbe Probate
Court, Vinton County, u.
m asa I i i
ON tbe 24tn day or Janusry, 1874, at 1
o'clock in the afternoon, at the door of the
Court House in .he town of MoA rthur, will be
sold to the highest bidder. The following
real estate as the property ol Abram L. Hun
ter, deceased, to wit: one unoivided tenth
pan of the south-east quarter of the south
west quarter of section Iwe nty-eight, (28) the
nori h half of the nort h- west quarter ol section
thirty-three, (.1:1; and the north-east quarter
id the north east quarter uf section Ihirtv-two;
(32) except nine acres out ot I hi. eonth-west
corner of aaid last descnb d traot all of said
lands lying and being in township eleven, (II)
ol range seventeen (17) containing one hun.
rired and siny-iwo (IW) acres, more or less
the said one hntored and emv-two acre hav
ing dew-ended to eaid decedent, Abram L.
Hunter aud his co-heirs Iroin their lathe',
John rJunler, decease,!, an i being subject to
the dower of the -ahl arh Hunter, wi.iow ot
the said John H nnter. and one of the rie en.t
auts herein. Appraisedat three hundred and
amy eevea dullara aid tiiirty-hve cant.
!.? ao,
Admioiatratni ot Abram L. Hunter, da-,
U.O.Jpna, Attorney, - IMailw
For 1874.
. too Pf)FS; 600 ENiiRA VINOS, -and COL
OHED PHTK Publishel 0,'iarterly at 24
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etc., etc
Bend for circulars nnd terma tn agents.
J. It. It I' It II & to.,
Aoknts Wanted worths
Ntarlf 600 Octavo Paget Vo)y llhurulrp,
TaraiYoii wish to know how fortunes ero
I I Imsilennd lost; bow shrew! metinie ru
I LJ 'l0w P,""P8 are created, how
I i -locks are bought and sold Head tint
II tinok. It relates .lie biographies of tne
XX great leailing'peculatnra of New York,
with a history of Wall street an I i.a it
eration during the past 2nn yeais Kor ctr'
oulora and terms, address the publishers.
It's ead na elfgaul Ueivtan chromo. mounted aad
ready for turning, fref loerrry AgrtU'
J. II. II V It H if CO ,
With the Largest and Most General anil
Vnlunblc Circulation of anv Journal
I'tibllahed In the Central Krgiun of
tbe Auierlcan nation.
In addition to the um eraal circulation of
the Commercial tn Cincinnati and vicinity, It
is told through over three hundred agencies
in Ohio, InJiunn, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and Southern Illinois, nnd on all Hie
rai. roads in those states, nnd (here is a spa
cml call I6r.it nlong the grin rivers from
Pittsburg to New Orleans.
'I he territory occupied by the c nstittiencv
of the Commercial is that within one day's
lailroad travel of Cincinnati, and there are
regular camera' routes for the Commercial
in Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; Frankfort,
Nnshville; Chnrlerton; Louisville. Parkers.
Iiorji; I'hnttanongn; Vincennes; Lafsyette;
bvansville; Knnmond; I'ayton; Xenia;
Hpriiiytteld, Newark, llelnaare, n' Zanes
ville, Ohio; Lexington, Maysvillr; Pans, and
Cynthiana; and scores of other superb and
Cincinnati is the moat cenfrn of the large
cities of the nation, and on all sides is sup
ported hy thrifty and ptosperoua enmmuni
ties, in every direction the Commercial is the
lavunte newspaper.
Iu a political sense the Commercial ir thor
oughly independent. It recognizee no obli
gationsto party organisations.- Its sincerity
iu this position is popularly understood, and
ho largely appreciated that itsubscriliera and
habilunl purchaser in either political pnrtv
outnumber those of Ihe party nrgana, and its
aggregate circulation la greater than that ol
its com petitors combined.
It tskesa hearty interest ;n the politics of
Europe which telegraphic communication haa
brought into very lulimnte relations minus,
and, earnestly vindicating and sustaining the
ceelopuient of nationality in Oermauy and
Italy, it cordially aympatlutea with the hV.
publi an cause in To me and Spain
. I he specialty of the Commerciul isthenewa
of the day. We apara nn ettort ami n ex
pense at home or abroad, lo ohttin by tele
granh, by mail anu by express, the l uesi in
telligence, and lo preaeut it in thi mot at
tractive snd aulheoiic lo.m, Our editorial re
marks Lpon events, and discussions of the
aueslions ot the day, are acoording to our in
cpendent ittdgment, having always in view
the erhcacy of the tt ulh in the interests of the
people. We do not seek official fevors or
partisan patronage, but rely upon -Ihe busi
ness that grows out ol the respect and good
will of the public at large.
the current history ot Ihe world will poa
sess. this winter, exceptional interest. The
affairs of Europe nevr enmerned oa more
closely than now. The complications in our
foreign relations, even threatening war, must
command constantly our eerioua consider,
linn, and the sesaion of the American Con
gress about commencing, will absorb in an
unusual degree Ihe attention of the country,
for the most vital and searching issues, finan
cial and political, await practice aolution
The daily newspaper at inch a time be
comes almost a necessity of life, and it is not
hsiardous to claim lor the Cincinnati Com
mercial that it le at once the mnst complete
and trustworthy Journal issued in the Ohio
Valley-the center of the population and'tbe
eat of Ihe pohtcal power of the nation.
Our relations with political parties are such
that we will not he suspected ol tampering
with the news in the interest of either. - a
mean to tell the plain truth, and publish all
the news, no matter whom it helps or buna.
Weexpett to he aa thorough and tmpaitiai in
presenting fmsn-ial intelligence aa in dealing
with politiil information
"ur 'gents are reminded that this la a
promis-ng lime to canvass for sr subscri
bers, and it is our impreaion that if a careful
and energetic eflort were made, there would
be occasion to increase orders largely. .
We otter no other inducements io subscri
bers tan the reputation of lb Commercial
for enterprise in ci. Heeling the newts and hon
orable dealing witn tbe peonfe in publishing
all applicants furnished wuhepecimeneop
tes and circolara giving exact and (uh details
ol bus nesa information
Advertising ratea lion 10 to 4n cents per
ag-.t line, according b displavend position
the best terms ottered tie m nr-L. i,..
nsl, tiaraler and extent of ninilsiron Ma-
lueren. m. HAiTrili iftl
.M HAiKTP.tri a rni
iProprietora of th Cinclnaati Oomrosrelal.
People woo take the Times
set the Worth of their
The onronraATi weeit Tuna
The most popular family newspaper, of
national character and reputation, la about
entering the thirlv Brit year of its publica
tion. To tnose who are not wersonally ace
quatnted with its merits, it need only be aaidx
IU editorials are spirited; its correspondence
extensive; its new varied, and Irons every
quarter of tne globe; it agricultural depart
mentfullof practical information; while its)
stones, life sketches, and a iscsllany are
adapted to both veung and old: and it re
port of the markets, of live stock, grata, gro
ceries and dry goods, are aiwaya Ihe latest,
and most reliable.
Thia new organiaatlnn of Ihe rarmers will
Dol in Ihe Timea a friend lo the objects
sought lo be aeeured by them, and in Ita eol.
limns lha mora important doings ot IJ
We eaa'l do without lha Timea after having
read it eight yoara. Bend it le 111 Applt
Ion street Lowell, Mass. L. A. Kolsob.
We have doubled our list of last year. Cast
do without tne Times, although 1 am aa old)
Iiatnocral. 8. 0. H use, Monte sums, O.
I 4n not know of any paper that la devoted
to all ttm interests of th human family, a
much aside Tituea.-U. T. Isissua, band
Cut, Pa.
The Timea s very popular here, for oa
retson.aud th,t is your outspoken coure
agamat the salary stealers' W. A. Wtaa,
I have been a ionatent reader of the Wek
ly Ti mes for iliree yeara, sad can't do well
without it now. W. P. MaxwaLt, Bay Spring.
M isa.
I 'ear Old Times: This makes about twenty
years that I have taken yiior excellent papers
and the more I read it the bektei 1 like II.
Ltvi KixssDT, Meiropo'iaCity, III.
I think it is the bent paper in the world. I
like the way you tnlk in regard lo th Con
giesaional liauds; and I also like your sup
poitofllie Patrons of Industry J. C. Lloa,
Valley Jutiuliou, Iowa.
Every pation of the Weekly Time is pr
aented with a copy of (he
An elegantly printed volume of ISO scientific
snd miscellaneous arlidea, Illustrated with
nearly I'iO of Ihe finest engravings. It also
contains a diary for Ihe year 174. In value
and attractiveness It ia superior lo any press
ent ever brloreolhred hy cswspaper publish"
Every elub agent ia compensated for bis
services, either with an extra paper, or some
desirable premium.
lhK.Mhi Single subscriber, per year, tl Mr
club of Hve subscriber, per year, each, I Tt;
club of ten and iipaarit, per year, each, 1 W.
Hand for .1st of premiums, ele , lo
Cinctnna i, Ohl.
Fourth Grand Gift Conoert
Tuesday. 3l8t March Next
In order tn meet tbe general wyh and x
nectittinn of tbe public and lb licKet holder
for the full payment nf Ihe msgniflctiit aifta
announced fr the Hnijrtn Oratid Olfl ("on
cer! ol the Public LlbriHy of KentiH-ky, th
m:naizeinent hare determined to nosiuoaa
he concert an I drawing until
Tuesday, March 31st, 1874.
They have already realised
and have a great tnnny agent yet lo hear
Ho itonltt it nlrrtamttl oMs tah omrf lithti U.
or. thi di-Qieing; toil yhtthtr all art told or aof Ik
concert ami druwiiiq Kill naroaiffy (arrpMcseit
(As day now fiud. and if any rornain s U Ikf will
be rssceffrd, and th pruei Kilt U rttlucod la prof or.
lion lo Iht aiuofd tirteft,
1S,060 CASH aiFTS
ffti cno nnn
will be distributed among the ticket holders.
The tickets are printed in coupons, ol
tenths, and all fractional pans will lie repre
sented in the drawing just as whole ticket
One grnnd cash gift J2i,ni 0; One grsnd rash
gift, llio.nno; one ginnd t'nsh gilt. tV'.OMl; one
fiand rnsh gift, M.otiO; one grnnd cash gift,
7.SIHI; IP ginnd rnsh gifts, m.i taieach, 100,WO;
3d cash gilla, ,W eacn, IfiH.tKKI; K eah gifts,
l.dtai ench, 6ti.fi; 80 cash gifts, 5(K each,
lo.otai; lnocash gifts, tun cMi;4.iaai; 1lOcaeti
gil ls, mm each, 4i,li(l(i; jull cash gilts, 2nd esi-h,
oli,(M (l; .Ti', cash (pfis, Inn each. ll.taiu
cash gift-, on each, BSn.tofi lnt.il ia,wo gilts,
all cash, amounting In ll.JOn.oou
The dunces for a gilt areas one to fits.
rmri: or tickets.
Whole lickels, f.Vi; halves, $-.'fl; tenths, or
ench coupon, .'; eleven whole ticket fortioo;
asKfcketa for $1, mil; 11.1 r hole tickets for
I.'i.ihk.; in whole tickets for IHi.idO No diss
counl on less Ihim $Vio wonh of lirketa.
'Ihe Fourth Uift Concert alii be enniinefed
in all repecta like the three which have al
ready been given, and full particulars msv bw
loarnM fro-n circulars. hiaii will be sent free
liom this office lo all a ho apply tor them.
irder for tickets nnd a pi lii-n'tions foragea
cica a ll he -stu n led to in (hson'er in which
they are le-tivcd, and it t hoped they will
he sent in promptly, ibni there mat be no die.
appoititmen or ilelny in tilling all. Liberal
terms given to those who buy tn sell sgain.
All agents nre pe.einplnrily requited to settle
up their accounts nod retiunnll insold licit
etr by llic'i'l'li ,lhv nl Msr lr
Agent Public l. brarv Ky , ami MnnagerOiri
Concert Puhl c Minnrv Hiiilding, Louis,
ville, Ketitiicky.
AGENTS0 enuaue WITH vs.
Mlv.N, Women, Rovs, and isirla eaa avaka
an honest living at thcli homes. NO CAP
ITAL KLQI llti:il. Foil Infermatiaa
free. Address at once.
BUH EN dc CO., .Marloa.Ohle.
Ildecl873 am
CO .'
o U2
a o
a B
Ei5-g gS.2
S s S
..- o
nAinbEiv. o.
WE have narchased and fitled np th
above mills snd solicit tn trad ol th
farmers of this vanity.
Special attention gi-ven
And csre givea to pleaae all eostoaner. Br.
A. A. COZZKNB, an esperienced sniHer, haa
charge ol the mill, and will not tail lo deal
fairly and give genera talieCacltoa.
Flour. Meal and Feed
, Oa bend aa 1 for aale at
fnlir- . . . COZZEK8 JOBKSODr

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