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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 08, 1874, Image 4

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rilUKSDAY, JAN' 8. 1874.
On and after Sunday, Nov. J, 1873, train
will run as follows: Nos. a, 4, 6 and
ruo daily; all other trains dull), buai)i ex
cepted. aotxa iiST.
No. I. No 3.
Stations. Mail. Cm. Ex
4 liin
1 3?:iin
S J I am
K 4-am
X annul
3 U7ani
S liinm
li A'aui
Cincinnati.. . giurn I" .ii.4in
Chiliiculhe. I u&nni
Richland Kur...li i5pni
tiamden ........... li Kipm
Mi'ATHi t.........l2 s.in
Vinton HWH mlJ .Vi(iii)
Ialnak.. .......... 1 (.m
Hoik Furnace.... 1 Hpia
3 x.tm
9 iipm
3 4.prn
.1 I.in
4 otpiu
4 lli. in
raxMeltutB....... 4 Mpm
7 uipm
No. 4.
No. 6.
lo 3opm
1 Run
1 2.IHIH
1 32 mi
1 4Um
1 sunn
2 M ini
3 uoiini
6 6UU111
Station: '
Parkerscirg ...
llopa f'uruace..
Ealeaiti.. .......
fiuloo ........
"ichlac.l Fur..
.... 7 loom
...111 3oam
.o 4-iuu
. . 1 Adam
...II Warn'
,..11 I.'i.'im
, 11 3.'tini '
,...18 4ii.m
....4 S'.pni
PI. I. Ex.
lo ;;nun
I H..n
1 ipm
1 J-'pm
1 4lpm
1 6ii,.iii
3 o.Vm
3 .Op in
T vopin
MO. 3 AND 4 will stop lit C. S. Junction,
LuvJaud, lireeoncld, I'liillieollie, lla'r 'en.
Athena, nod Scott " Lull. Itng only. NOS. 0
AM) 0 w.ll Hop nl U. s. Jim. (.on, MK,i. n
vi ll.i Loveland-Greenfield, Iiilhriiilii), ll:ioi
den Allien 1 and S poil's Landing only. NOS.
1 AM) t mil iuhko u II stops'
The Zileski KreigM going twl leares
t'liilliculhealJ 3 i. in.; Uuvaville 7 I.".; Hi. ll
lml Furnace, 7 6"; llumden, arriro 8 3S
depart i 4.'; Mc.Uthur, u I'.; Vinton, lo M;
g-dcaki ll 'ii. lioing est -Z 1 1 ' .i . . i on p in i
Vinton 3 3i, Jl.'Ai llior '.' lininden, arrive
3 XU-deprt 3 o'.; Kl.'l.l;.:! I Furuuur, 4 1U;
llaville, 4 4'.; rhillicolhe, U lio.
'i'ne r-ASl'li 1'OOK, utiih regular past-niter
ear al'.uehcd, li. Alliens nt Ij'.ft P. M . r..n.
nedim wan Hie !!. V. K K., Hope :l 7. i
It-Hki 4 04, Vinton 4 ski, McAriliur 4 fit. Ham
ilcu 6 l'J, III, liliiud 6, t hi licithe 7 fa.
Train on the full In.MOUill HHANt'll
will leave 11 tin. leu nt 7 iS am. and 3 43 p m
arriving nt I'ortamoulli ut lo -.ina m. eno u 4&p.
in. Katurmiit;ti-ain4 Aill leave I'orii.niouth Ht
a 00 n.m, end 'l oil p. m , errivmg nt ilam
lea at 11 10 a. in. nud 5 u." p. in.
Tram conne.'t it: I.ovelan I f.ir all pninta on
ti l Little Miami Kailrmi.l.un.l at the Inrii.iynp
aha Hil l Cm. '11111;. II Itailroa I Jnnrti n Tnr all
p tint Weni; at Alhena, Willi the Colum!)!!
li. V. U. It., it I'll kH.r-l.iirn. with Ilia U. t
O. 11. K. W. W. 1'EAHUliy,
General Siipcribtcndcnt.
IWltiL run a hvk from Wilkeenllft to
llnniilenaiid relnrn everv Mmidny, H'uhiii
.lay, Kndav and J-'aliir.lny for llie Hieointno
dation of pu-nenj-era. making elnce eonniw
lion witil the mail tniuia on the M. A C. K. R
1 will nlao eairy expreaa pu kau'ea i-luppH
lo or from poiuu hy the A.lamii KNpreH Co.
aep7 I1UUV Vi'WELL.
The Auditor ol State notices
the fact that ihe reports from
the various 'Jounty Auditors,
are more complete than hereto
fore. To arrive at the entire
expense of county administra
tion, the fees of Surveyors, Cor
oners, and Infirmary Directors
should be returned, and the law
changed so as to require bucIi
The examinations into the
condition of the Butler and
Fairfield county treasuries,
while showing great loss to the
county iu the latler'ease, and
gross impositions in tho Duller
Auditor's fees, develop no loss
to the State, except 2,341 iu
Fairfield which will ijrobably
be recovered.
The Auditor recommends the
appointmentby law of a special
commissioner to examine into
the condition of all the county
treasuries in the State. Under
the Kiw as it stands, the Audi-
tor of State can only institute
an examination when authen
tic information of fraud, defal
cations, etc., is lodged in his
hands. It was undei this law
that Gen. Godman was ap
pointed to inquire into the con
dition of the Butler and Fair
field treasuries.
The law now enables the
Probate Jude of a county to
appoint an Examiner on occa
sion; but the Auditor wisely
thinks, ttat such Examiner
should in jail cases be Iree from
local entanglements and influ
ences. ' '
Statistics show that, outside
the cities, public debts in Ohio
are not at all burdensome. It
is probable they would not be
come 10 even if the people of
couuties, &c, vere allowed to
relieve themselves of the pres
ent crushing railroad monopo
lies by building such other
railroads as they deem neces
sary and are willing to pay for
The ocean terry traffic in
creases astonishingly, Next
Bummer lrom twelve to fifteen
steamships will regularly leave
New York on Saturdays for Eu
rope and half as many on
Wednesdays. Some of the
companies will dispatch two
vessels on the same day, one for
cabin passengers and the other
for steerage passengers and
A grocer being solicited to
contribute to tbe building of a
church, promptly subsribedliis
name to the paper in the fol
io wing eccentric manner:
"John Jones, (the only place
in town where you can get
eleven pounds ot sugar for a
dollar,) twenty-five cents."
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
I vrOULU re'pertftill? ) lo Ihe cUliene of
IT vmton i;n mat lie naatniar-eu iiiaaioen
making one of the lariat in the State. Unr
buaineaa ha moraed every year uplothe
present lime and e teel thankful to trie pun
lie for paal favora. and are determined to keep
a In rue toek ol ever) thing Ufual'y foiled in
i tirxl-ela.-a Jeaelrv btoie, and will keep the
Hueit lo.-k of Hold and solid ailver, lo the
heat I'luted Uooda, aa lowaaauy house in the
We keep all the different bran. la of Ameri
can Watrhea Howard, I'nited Halee, Kliiin.
Wallham and SprinuheM Maiitiaeturee, huth
iu gj J and aihtr caaea, AUo a largo Hue ol
Kroin $-'5 lo 1 1110.00, alao ailver from 112 to
51. VI. Wwliavea veiy reliable lull 'Jeweled
.Silver W atoli from 1 1 i to tic.
A full line of all good iu our line, or made
lo order hy experienced workmen. Repair
inj will ret'cive prompt attention
I'k.He drop in au.l aee u. So IrouNe to
how tf.o.la. 24.nl
Dr. J. iVuiKer's California
VinPgar Bitters arc a purely Veg
etable preparation, miulo vbiutly from
tho native- herbs found on tho lower
ranges of tho Sierra Nevada nioun
taiiM of California, tho medicinal
properties of which aio extracted
t herefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question is almost daily asked,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
TERS f" Our answer Is, that tlicy
rcmovo tlio causo of disease, nud
tho pntient rewivi'M bin Jjt'ulth. Thfij
aro tlio grout blood purilior and a
lifu-giviug principle, n purfuct lteno
vutur nud luvhiorator of tho system.
'ver btiforo iulha history of tlio world
bus a medicine been comp nunlrJ pus
sosiing tho rcmnrkublo cHiiliticd of Vis
eqaii lilTTiin.i iu hiuliiig the Hick of
isvory dispuso nma U Loir to. They are
a poutlo l'urpmivo us veil m a Touio,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
tho Liver and Visceral Organ, iu Bilious
Tho properties of Dr. Walk
er's ViNiioAR Hitters urn Apurieut, Uia
phoretie, Carminative, Nutritious, Laia
live, Diurotiti.Sedativn, OouDter-Irritaut,
Sudor"- " ' ""' "'-'Wiims.
It. II. MrDOlVAIiD St CO.,
Droi-irlate it Oen. A(rta., San Xranciaoo, Cnllfnr
nia, 4 eor. of Wanliinitton nndCliurltnn St.,N.Y.
Sold by all Druggist sad Ucalera.
In Zaleski.
'pHE Zuleaki Company, with a view to Ihe
X. development of the loeal interest of ftlea
ki, to seeure it permanent pinperity, ni.d to
ad I to Us tiopiihiunn and wealth, are now
oilennit to uotualetileia, tou n lota and farm
limits nl low pm.ea. anil on liberal terina.
I'eraona .li'sninn to examine the properly
i nd to liny (.'heap houaee will upplv at Ihe
Jumi.uny'a olli.is to
K. THOMP-ON, Mannger.
Zalealti, Ohio, May 18, 1S71. If
AWAIlUl.DBt Till
American Institute,
Embroidering and Tinting Machines
"I: ih ineniini and will nietl the wanta of
every tnatioii in the land.''
Exhibition of 1872. .
John E. Onvit, Ree. Hec'y; F A. Barnard,
Prea ; bainuel 1). Tilmau, Correaponding
New Vork, November 20, 17J
Thia ainiple and inKnioia maohine la aa
liaeliil aa the aewina machine, nod l.ifal ht
cominii popular with la. Iie, in Ihe plaee ol
expensive ntedle work, ita work l.einii liim h
more liaiidaome, requiring mueh leea time
mid not onotenlh part ti.e eiornae. ho la
ily'e toilet i complete witlioul II A machine
with illuMriitcd circular nnd lull inalructiona
aent on receipt ulfti or finished iu ailver pl(e
for2 75.
Addresa, Tbo BIrKee .llnnufnrturilia; Co.,
&'J biuaoMay, fkew oik.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
la recommended hy medical ra titionera
and a speedy cure (guaranteed for colds,
cough, cntarrl, avthma, I ronchitia, apittniK
hlooil, consumption, and All pulmonary com
plHinta. Kidney 'liaensca and allntt. ciionsof
tne urinal organs perfectly harmleea free
from mineral or alcoholic prnpertlea pleas
ant to tnke and never known to fail I'rice tl
per bottle. Klill particulnra with medical tes
timony and certiricntea aent on application.
Addreaa L. K. tli'ljE 4 CO., 1M devenlh Av
enue Sew Vork. 18ep
Darts from the Devil;or Cupid Abused
A hook just issued, exposing Ihe -perhonals'
thnt have appeared in.lhe New Yoik News
papeis: their history and lea.-on. 8lylish vil
lians fully exposed. Adveitiaements from
despera'e men to beautiful women: clandea
tine iniclinus; how Iruatrated; the history of
the Unoil rich trajedv, the remit ol a"persi)n
al." Iiescnption ol living Broadway aiatues.
Exposea aooial corruption. Hant on receipt
nl ;'.u fenls. Address Lnlijue Printing Hone,
M Veaey at., N. . 18ep
Tbe Heck with Family enin Ma.
chine on 30 Da) a' Trial) many advnMages
over all. hatinliction guaranteed, or S2u res
funned. Sent complete with full direcliona.
Hejkwith Sewing Machine Co , till Broadway,
New Vork. ISseP'
A St.W KK.UKDY iOK Hl Pl i nK,
.1 moM impor'aut Imentiott. hold by The klaalia
Truss Co , No. IM Broadway, N. Y. City. It
retiina rupture absolutely in eaae and com.
fortnight and day, at all limes, and under all
circunistnncee, without any exception what
ever in any case, and should never be taken
ofl during the short lime ieo,iiisite to eflecl a
permanent cure. Sent hy mail. Circulars
Iree. Anydruugisl or physician will order.
tins-new truaa for you without extra harge.
' Which is adapted to
. All Sewing Machines,
MOTlftB particularly the tat-p of H.C.
GOO MUCH, Chicago. Ilia., w.ih lite patent
stamps. II. . 4MJDK1 II.
Office and salesroom Uti btaie at., hicago,
Ills. Seniigli
Done Neatly and .Promptly,
jtZ i i'ii fciUj-
I have just manu
factiired'and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to tliis market.
I will manufacture
to order anything do-
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Gases
always on hand. Wi 11
attend funerals w
hearse when desire i
Corner of High and locust Strcefc
7marlb7, - . .
Dick's Encyci.opehia of Practical Kk-
ckii'TS ii. I'aoiFssrs. l,'iMili.inii.)(.i,t'j'2 prac
tical rcftipt-, written in a p ain ni.d t i.i.ii..,r
iniii'iiciv ai.d illustrated Willi cxplainilnrv
aood-cuta. Hemic a comprehensive bonk of
r- lercnce lor tho nicicliant, mtiiitif.K-tii rt-i1, nr-
tisan, aiualcur ami liousekec,,er, in. lii.l.ni;
meuicine, pii.irn.iu y ami ili.tiu she eonoiMV
I heaL'opo of this work Is entirely ilill. iciii
from niiy other book ol the km. I. I.eri..es
l.eniK a complete and iilimst uidipeiiiiil.le
be ok of reference for the llii.lifi.n l ..n.l one
receipi ami in lu lcs me.l.il in every lions.-.
hoM .farm, uardeu, etc.. it include dear mid
easily understood directions lor Ihe n. plica
tin u ol many ofilr art" il.-imll v n.-riii.u .1 .nlv
by loiix expeneiM-e, nnd so oivcsieil nl te. li
iiicbalilies, or i tie tccliiiic.ihiics ol terms um-.I
so In II y explained as to briiiK.ihe enure sole
jeet within the coiiiprelienMon oiao person
oi or.unary inieiiiuen.-e. rromiiiieiii iiinoou
(lie iininense inass of siibiecla Ircaled of in
the book me the billow ing:
The Art ol liyeiim, Hard Soil nud Toilet
Snaps, Tiinuiiii, luslillation, In. Million l.i.
ll n, Wn.ts, Cur.li lis nn. Hiiiers, tinier,
D ewiuK, I'ciiifini rv.Klnvnrini; K-si ni'es,i ic,
. oiiieiii's, Hi.ir liyesand Washes, pmniidrs
and Perluined nil-, TdTilh l'..wders, eic, Sy,
nips, Alcohol and Alcoholmeiiy, I'i ih.I. nin
and Kerosene. Itleaching an. I ('lcaiiini, Vnis
car, l-nucea, CaNiips nnd Pickets, Ki ceipls
b.r the liar.lcn, To liemove stains, hpots, etc.,
Pyrotechnv ami Kx Icsives, I'cinciils, cic ,
Vs'iilerprooliiiK, Arlilicial, liein, inks and
WriliiiK Klui.ia, Aniline ('ulors. J'ainls and
I'lL'inclils, ainlinii nud Paper-linnuiiu;, Ka1
soinine nnd VVl.itcuasli, Viirnisl.ii.i,' mid I'ol.
si nit, I. ill. i lea oi m, J i pi 11 11 1 u and l.i.. .il. r
iru,Mout unit Harneas H!a-kmi. 1'iiotoinpliv,
Melals nnd Allnya, (.ililinx, Mlern.y. etc.,
Klecfrntypuitf, Klectroplslinn, etc.. Patent
Medicines, Medical IUceipts, Weights and
Mensuuea. 607 pages, royal octal o, c!..lh.
Price lr no i.iiiar
MCh flTZlJERAM'.riiWnshcrs.fi. V.
Worth and Beauty,
Having control nf tlP ninnifleeiit oil chros
mo, o Semite, we re B, , ,!,.,. , ,
allot, of lilf raiy Hildanist.e wor.i ntxiiiiiine
worih,aur H pnees unpre. c.lciiicl
1 hi;, nnecopy of a piece ol Natiue'a iriind
est work, is not presenleil in the usual lim
ited nyle, its dimensions, Uxdi, inaking a
picture ol very ilesiral le ir.e in itself.
graced hy lis presence.
Hut h lew copies of thia beautiful I tiro mo
will ie allowed lo go lo the retail stores, and
those will be sold at their
Actual llcluil Price, (!.()(),
which ifeidced in connection with our Mag
aline, both will he liiril'slie.l ,r
As a premium the pictine may he nl.lnined
hy senoiii us two aiibscript ions' lor ti.e Mar
line al one doilat each, or by siibsci tan l
Ihe Max. 'tine two veins in advance, al one
dollar per annum. Address,
Ni wbuii;h, .V V.
8, E. 811 1 TtS, Publisher. ' - 4se.t
The Most Desirable Ees-
sia3 dence in ITcArthur.
T OFFEn for tale my residence on North
l'trcel. It consisia uf a splendid iIwcIIiok
house, well tloisheil, insole and out, with
eiulit rooms nnd a good cellnr. A koci otllce
buildint!, atnble, wood nnd coal hoiisennd oth
er iie.e-sary oul-biiildiugs. '1 be premises
coninin2 acrea, including I acre ofvineiard,
all thrifty oeariuii vines; there are also tinny
nearuiK api ie ueea la-si variety ol viitlled
fruit, twenty-five bearing peach Irees-U'st
budded fruit, cherries, quinces, plums, and a
variety of small it nit For Inrlher particulnra
Impure at ihe orhce of this paper, or al (lie
premises, terms easy.
uecjisjin- o. o. uuijL.inu.1
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seedc
Nursery Stock! Frnit&Flower PlateB
Address F. Ka PHOENIX,
800 acrea; !1 at year; 12 greenhouses. 4ot-
aloguea, w cenia. 31jui2in
. AO. 110 THIRD ST.,
C'l'OCK and Ore Scales aa guod aa new, for
kjsaie at
Terr low price. Call on
H.C. J0NE3 Attorney.
Notice to Hunters.
NOTICE 'a hereby given that all peranns
aielorbidden to hunt or shoot on tbe
premiaea ol the undersigned. All not heed
lag this notice will be i.iosecuinl.
J.SA1.IH. ,
13oot5m A. i. W OKI MAN,
The Groundswell.
A History of the Origin, Alms and
rrojrress of , the lanucrs' Move
nit'tit: t'liibracinjc nn iiiiilioritutivo
account of rariwn Clulii. OrHiigps,
otc; a lull iJiM-iisflmi ol the Truiia
liortittloti QHttloii and oilier (Jriev-
. mice; ami a History oi itiuiistriai
Education in the I'niti'tl Stutrs: to-
jlHher w I tli Skt tthfsol the Lives of
prominent M'ticer. tie. uy joiiti
than iVi iam, Editor Wciiteru l.u-
ral, xc.
The above is the coruprehen
sire title uf a new book ot 550
pages, from the press of E. llaii-
naf'ord & Co., Cincinnati. The
author lion. Jonathan Periunj,
is oue of tho leading agricul
turalists of the couutry, a man
of conscientious principles,
large information, and practic
al good seuse. lie is the edi
tor ot the Western Rural, and
through its columns we have
become acquainted with his
ttbility to handle his subject
with power, candor and justice,
and we do not believe that as
able or unprejudiced a man
could Je luund in the whole
country. to sum up the causes
1 1 a .1
progress aim oujecs oi tne
Fanners' nioveineul,ns Mr. IVr
lam. liis paper, the Rural, has
been a tower ol titrengtli to Ihe
movement' in tho West; check
ing the hasty and heaJslrong
on Ihe one hand, and giving un
answerable urgunieiits against
i i s opponents on the other, his
has been the pen and voice,
more thin all others to whom
our attention has been called,
that has kept th movement iu
the right track and steadily in
creasing in strength.
The book is authoritative,
and has Ihe most hearty en
durscmenl of the leading farm-,
eis nnd diflcers of the Oranges.
It is nut pdi'liz.tn, no more than
is the Order iiself. As a speci
men oi its lion parlizan nature
we cile the handling oi Ihe
libiLsportalion queMion The
laiiner's tide is it jireecnled by
an able article written express
ly lor I his bonk by lion. W, E.
FIar'g,the vtll k: owul'resident
of the Illinois Slalo Farmer's
Association, and the railroad
side by a similar contribution,
by a leading railroad editor ol
Chicago. '1 he author then givet
his own views upon tins im
rork.nt siiljcct. He thows Ihe
injustice dune lo Ihe produc
ing classes tho mt.uied aris
tocrats vno manipulate rail
rotid stocks in New York, yet
Ji fines with precision the lim
its of the farmers' just demands
lie pIso indicates the common
ground on which both interests
may meet, and badsfactoiily
adjust their difference. These
chapters- must make the
Ukoindswell a UxAooh for
larniers, and all others who
feel' any interest in the solution
of the transportation problem
All other subjects lie handles
with equal cand ir, making a
book indispensable to a farmer
uf the present age, or to any
other person who wishes to post
himself on the great farmers'
movement, which is now occu
pying so much of public atten
lion and yet appears to be so
little understood. It is sold
only by subscription, through
agents, at the low price ol $2 75
tor cloth, black and gold bind
ing, or 3 25 in library style.
An agent is wanted for this
and every other county.
A justice of the peace at
Whitehall, N. Y., discharged a
man who had been arrested,
because "it was a lightning
rod man he kicked"
Experience will teach any man that
it is udviuitiieuu to patronize those
who advertise iu newspapers
Vision d's, t'hutographer, Cliillicutlie
gives careful attention to milking cup
its of other pictures. Pictures iuny be
made as lame as life from the tiniettt
l.'cket picture, and uiude in every way
siitislnctury by careful and judicious
coloring. I'liutoHraplis frufu nature or
from other pictures coiced in the best
(tyles id oil, water colors, v"yon, pas
tel or iuk, al rates to buu all circum
Fap.meus sli uld not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate for
which Ueorge W. Urunton, Mc
Arthur, is the agent in this and
Jackson county. It is the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
tor a farm, costing nlty per cent
less than .he old fts'liioned gate;
and is more durable, for it can
not sag. Examine it when you
are in MtArtnur.
AdTcrtiMBeuta Luserttd t fcJrprkes.
The Best Paper Try It! Beautifully
The Scienlifio American now
in its 20Ui year, envoys, the
widest circulation of any Week
ly newspaper of the kind in the
world. A new volume com
mences January 3,1874.
Its contents embrace the
latest and most interesting in
formation pertaining to the in
duslrinl, mechanical and scien
tific progress of- the world; de
scriptions, wilh beautiful en
gravings, of new inventions',
new jmplements,'new process
es, and improved industries of
allkiuds; useful notes, recipes,
suggestions and advice, by
practical writers, for workmen
and employers, in all tho va
rious arts. ' "
. .. 17
The Scienfific American is
Ihe cheapest, and best. illus
trated paper published. Every
number contains frotnJlO to 15
original engravings of new ma
chinery auii novel 1'iveutlons.
Farmers, mechanics," eu'gf
chemists, lovers-: of science,
teachers, clergymen, ' lawyers,
ind people of all professions,
will Hud the., Scientific Ameri
can uselul to them. It should
have a place in every family,
library, study, office, and count
ing room; in every reading
room, college, ucademy, or
A year's numbers contain
S32 pages and several hundred
engravings. .(Thousands of vol
umes nre preserved lor bindim:
and reference. The practical
receipts are well worth ten
Uyics the subscripiion prico.
TVrms S3 a year by mail. Dis
count to clubs. Specimens
sent free. May be had of all
In connection wilh the Sci
entific American, Messrs. Munu
it Co are solicitors ol Amen
can nud foreign pat on 1 3, and
have Ihe largest establishment
in 1 tie world. More ihati li'ty
.thousand applications have
been made (or patents through
H eir agency.
Patents aro obtained on the
best terms, models of new in
ventions and sketches examin
ed,, and advice free- All pat
ents arc published in the Sci
eniifie American the week lliey
issue. Send f i)T pel mphlelsllO
pages, containing lavvs and lull
directions fori obtaining pat
Address for the paper, or
concerning patents, Mutin .&
Co., 37 L'ark Row, N. Y.
lininch office, cor. F. and'7th
sts., Washinglon. D. C.
"Tins Bible Looking Glass"
Is the title of a new and ptr
l:aps the m isl original religious
work over produced in this
country. It consists of six dif
fere nt books in one thick vol
umo, of nearly COO .cap quarto
pages and 170 engravings, the
Irontispiece being a large fold
ing copperplate entitled "The
Voyage of L'fo.". Four of thete
books are books of religious
emblems; the filth book is the
Sunday Book of Pleasing and
Comloiiing Literature; and the
sixth book Cray's Elegy, illus
trated with a beautiful minia
lure engraving to each of the.
thirty-two verses of that world
famous poem. The preseut edi
tions are exquisitely printed on
rose tinted paper. There are
two etyles ol binding Que
English cloth $3.75; Freucli
Morocco, $600.
The' author, who is also the
designer and engraver of the
numerous ill uai rations, is an
old man, Mr. John W. Barber,
and his pictures are no less ec
centric than the idea and the
treneral arrangement of the
book itself, which is intended
to teach religious principles by
object Iestons, enlorced by nu
merous scriptural-quotations.
It is a book that will cell, and
being sold will be read and re
read, and do good. .It is sold
only by agents, and one is
K anted for this county. Ad
dress, Wm. Garretson & Co.,
Columbus, Ohio. ,
The Logan ladies are Bing-
ing about Hhe moth eaten bus
tle, tbe old 1 paper bustle, the
cloth covered bustle that hangs
OH 60 Well,"
Is ! .ili
Ip You :, ,
' Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Want to sell a piano,
' Want to ft carriage,
Want to buy orsellafarm.
Want a boarding place,
Wain to it'll town property,
Want to. sell groceries or druyt, i
Want to it'll household furniture.
Want to sell dry good or carpets,
Want to tlud ctstomers for anytUlng.
Atlvei'tlalng will (ruin new customers,
Advertising ivtll keep old Clistoiners,
Advertising liberully always pays, .
Advertising make mccesi easy,
. (, Advertising .begeta. confidence, i,
'Advertising shows energy,
Advertising showspluck,
.-Advertising means'biz,' 11
.Advertise or, "bust;"' ( .
Advertise , 1 o n.g,
Ailvertise well,
, Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man xvho has leevme
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising.
So except ion to this rule can he
cited! Stewart ihe Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stuck turned into
mor,eii so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it still better in pros
per il 'y, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
S uite ineroliants say it is not worth
while to ndiTeUtise; for no person reud
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read tlii.a advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
nifcr Worth advertising How much
mere then will those read them who
are not bo largely supplied wth reud
inji; matter, tire at leisure in tho evens
iugi and must depend on thtir paper for
their local news, the m ist important
item t'f which is whero they can find
just what they want wheti they come to
town to make their purchases, lfyotu
s'.ock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out of
style that it is worthless, or if it i tun
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while fur you to advertise. Liu t if it is
new, fresh nnd sparkling, up to the
times, nnd such us tho people want,
don't hido then), but publish to the
world tli n t you havo them, and want
to sell tliciu at a fair prico.
An advertisement published for a tin
gle day does duty beyond- that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's n.tino a per
in.tnent matter, a piece of real proper
ty Imiltup in tl 1 9 minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
If ypulosea watch, a dot; or a child,
nr if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your looal pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement But you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you ure los
ing liy not advertising it ltfjwrWr.,
If thnso persons who profess to be-
licvo that newspaper advertisements
nre not faJ hy the public wish to he
convinced ol their error, just let them
uivo publicity to some mutter they
would note ire to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attSin. Advertiser' i
Advkrtisinq is apt to give us that
gentle jug oi conscience which tells us
that wo want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
I'eihnps it would he a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the pa'per upon' her husband's break
fast plnte. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on, lo see it there is
envthing new, or anything that they
want, lo see it tbe season s styles
have come in, and to find out who hns
them. . To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it. -Ohio Slate Journal
Tub power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advhjtage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is ono of the many reasons which
gives nn importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to ptr
auade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed. Hut there is somo
thinn in tha silent language, tbe quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter "which gives it a
marvelous force andriofluernce. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves To loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a persevering us of
ine printing presses, j-iearn to saver-,
' na hatr'th 4 how, when and
7 where" of if,, and .yon .. wiU hftTB
ju.gvr.vuge wvrw paTiog.
THE WEEKLY "UN is too widely known
lo require any 6tenrieJ recommendation;
hut Ihe reasons which have already given.it
Ally thousand aunacribera, and which Wlli,
we hape, live il many Ikouaacds more, are
briefly aa fnllowa I
It ia a nrt-rat newspaper. All Ihe news of
the day will befonad la is. eoedenaerl when
unimportant, al full length when of moment,
andVways presented, in a clear, iDlellijnble,
and inteieali'ng manner.
It is a Bret-rate family paper, full of enter
taining and inatructive rending of every kind,
but eoniMiiing nothln that can often toe
Bloat delicate and scrupulous tte.
It Is a first-rate elory paper. The beat tales
and romance of current literature are care
fully aelected and effhly primed in Ha pane.
Ills a flrat-rate ariculmril paper. 'Ike
mnatlre-h and in-lrui'tive articles on sgrl-.
cultural topics reTilarly appear in Ibis de-
It jaanlndepeeHent political paper, belong-
Inn to no p irty and wearing no collar II Buhls
for privet) la and the eleeili.n of the heal men
lo otfice It especially devotes iis energies so
the expo-lira of the great corruiHiona that
now wewken and dlagraee nut country, and
Ih raaten lo undermine republican institutions
altogether. 1 1 has no lear ot knaves, and aska
no favora of their ait'iporlera. i .
It repurta f.ieliiona for theladiea and Ihe
marketa for the men. eapeiiullv the entile-,
market-, to ahich it iaya particular attenlioa.
Finn II y . it i a the cheapest paper published.
One doll ir a car will m in: re it for any subs,
tcuiicr. li la uot necessiirv io getupailub
in order to have TIIK WKkKLI BUN al Ihla
rail. Am Kiiewhij aenils a ain'ul dollar will
get the paper for a jeav .
THE WEEKLY M'.-Eight pages,
fifty, aix colon unlj tla jear. No flia-
ennuis from ihu r.Oe. . . t
six aa the lHily buu. HH.liO )er. A dia
coiini r.f2() pei cent to clul.a of 10 or over.
THE UAII.V SI'K.-a laige lour paae
iiou.inper ol luei.i i. tl.i vol, niU. Daily
circu.ation over 1 0,000. , the news lor
8 c. nte. Sul.acrii lion 1 1 l. i CO c ills a montlu
or SUayenr- 'lo clubs ol lOur over, a dia
count ol to rer eni .
Ailttrt-aa "THE ISt'N," New TerU Clly.
THAI It! . ,
KEARHEl"a '.
la tlio only Known K-ni'ily for l'.rlilit'a I)ia
caw and hiis cured every turn t f lindanes 111
wnldi it h.-.a been vlvcti, Init.ition of tl.eKcclc
of I he Uladiii r nud Iiilliiiiiinalioii id '.he Kl.!uey.s,
Ulcciniii'ii ef tliu Kidneys nnd BluiliU-r, K- t-u-tiou
of I'rliu'. Di.eimo of this l'roaiatc l.lm.d.
Sun. e In tliu Uludiler, Umvrl. ltrtclt l)ut Deposit,
nnd Jlucoua or Mliky llisclmreca, nnd for En
feebled uial nolicaiut'onatitutiul.sof both Scxn,
attended wlih tlio following artntiionis: Lo-s
of I'oivcr, Lo-S (,r Jleniorv, lllltfculty of IlreiilU
iiif. Wc.ik Nerves, Wakefulness, l'sln In tlio
Hack, Flushing nf the Holly, Krupilonoii tho Face,
rullldt'oiinlcii ince, Ltisiitudoof tlieSyatcm, etc. ,
I 'sctl by persons In tho decline or rhaagn of
llfo; nflcr contlncnwut or labor pulns, hod-wetting
In children, etc.
In miitiT affection peculiar to Indies, tho Lx
trnct Uucfiii is uueuniilcd l.y liny other rcmcily
A 111 Chlorosis or'ltotcnllon, Irrcjjularily, 1'uiil
f nlnesa or Suppreaalo'ii uf Customary Kvai untlo:;a,
Ulcerated or Schirrus atalo of tlio Vturtia, Lcu
corrlioea or Whites, Pt Tllity, and for all com
plninta Incident lo thj sex. It la prescribed
extensively by tho most eminent Physicians anil
Midwlve for enfeebled and dclici.ie toustltu
tious ot both sexes and all ni;cs.
"um Dl'taitt Aii'lnq from In.prudeneu, .
Jlihllt of Diminution, t'lc. In nil their stngi', at.
little expense, little or no cliaiujo in diet, no In
convenience, and no exposure. It cause a fre
quent doalre, and gives strength to urinate,
thereby removing Obstructions, Vreventkig ami
Curing Stricture of tho Urethra, Allaying rnla
and Inflammation, so frequent in thia clma of dis
cuses, audfcxp'vlliiig nil poisonous mutter.
1.00 per bottlo or six bottles for tS CD, dolivered
to imy addreaa, secure from observation. Sold by
druirsieta everywhere. Prepared by
KKlt.-i:Y c., lilt Dunne St, N.T.
to whom al kr.ors ' "v-foruitttioa should ho,
"avoid quacks hSd impostcrs.
Ko Charge tor Advice and Consultation.
Dr.JMI hi.r.U. Cirudnnto of J ffrtum ihiWnt
Coil'ilU Vhlladclphia. uutlior of acvin.1 viuiinhle
work, emu be consulted en ail lUseaa.-s of Ihe
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which lu lull ti.udo
on utpiTlul stndy), either in timlu or fen.ale, an
mutter from what i-aiiao original ing, r of bow
long atanding. A practice of U year enable
uim tn treat diseaara with maeaa. Cures guur
antccd. Clinrgca reawumblc. Tlioso nt a dia
tiincu can forward letter docrlldiig ryuiptum,
Aiid eiieiosing slump to prepay postage. -J
bead tor tlio 'ii,t In lii n lit. I'rice 10 cents.
0. 11. lilUTT, M. D., Pliyali iun and !lurgcon
1W Uuiuo Bt.,Kcw York.
'a book for the MILLION I
f AMawsl sash ma'I ApriitCnntefortt)Ui
JiVXCX7Xel& W rrled or tbost tHiut to
m j m "rr7 phynkkufcsil
fin j n ft yilrlrtinl renU Houwl
pW lltiitMiutltrt trm, tinth
litni dlMOTiriei la prodaelng ud pravunUag oOtprlDg,
fcow la preiervi th enmpleiiua, c.
Thlil i sin loteresilug vork o f tw hand red lod ilitf
(cf.wltb sumeroui ogravlngi, and cootaiin Tlqhl
uforniitioD fur those vbo artbtirrled,oreoiiiplittnir-
rlige. Sitlllllift book th it ought lob kept uadirlotki
m& kit, and not lld eireleidy aboui tbe house.
IieuoutDi tht iperteoct and adflca of a pbTilca
whose repuiatloB la world-w Me, aod aboald be In the pH
t drawer of every male and female tbronthout Uie entire
flobe It embraces every thing on tbeautjeciof the gen
entire vstem tbu U worth knwlugtaod uucbvhalU
(tot published In bot ether work,
gentto any one (Tree of postage) for Fifty Onls.
Address Ir. Butu' UispcBsarj'o. 13 N. lbtliBlrea
Bl. Uals, Hi.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunato.
We fore applying to the notorious qnaeks who adf errise In
nubile papers, or uslug any qaeek retnodles perose Dr.
Buns' work no matter what your disease it, or bow deplor.
ablayonr oadlttnn.
pr. Butu ooeuniet a double hoiH of twenty -teres.
Toomi ;! ilodorseil by some a f the nest celebrated airdi
alprofetsors of ibis country and K -trope, andean beeoa
lolted peraoBilly or by mail, on ihedhsaset mentioned Inj
tla works. Oltieo and parlors, No. 12 M. Eighth auefn
twati Market and Cbtsuul, St. Loaii, 11a.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galipolis. McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
ALT. pnrlips Tihti-ib snbuoritert loihe oap-
)U Htot k ol Ihe (.. MpA. A C. R. R. nr
hereby rrqtiiied to trntke payment to thebec
rftnrj of the Compnny, tt hit office on tha
Public Square, in Gnlln-olis, Ohio, oi if more
convenient, lo I'aniel Will. Pr?i-id7nt of tho
Vinton County Paiik, a McArthur, Ohio, of
an luxtallnien't ol Hve dollara on each har
no HtibBrrihed, within tea days of this date.
AUgU-l 1U 1071.
ti.MuA.4C. K. R. Co.
dec 9 1P71.
to tlOO in Wall at. often leads to
lorton.. 'o nab 32-page
pamphlet for atnmp. vauaaTiaa
TuMBnipoa St Co., Bankers and
Brokers, 3B Wall St., N. Y
SirtajrVVailarariidfy with rJlencll A Key
rVIUriCI CI.eck ositlta. Catalosuea and
full paiticulnr FREE. 8. tl. Bpiacn, HT
Hannover el., boaion.

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