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TIIUKSIJAY. J.X 15. 1874
Tub Legislature ha been
trying ita Land and wasting its
tbje oa national affairs, dis
cussing a resolution censoring
Congress and the President for
tb salary law and demanding
Iti repeal. It is being done to
prewnt. a record for political
purposes, but we are inclined
to think tbe Republicans rath
er knocked the wind oat of the
censure, by the introduction of
a resolution that the legislature
bad better attend to the legit
mate affairs of the State, a,
joura, and stop their own sal
aries, which resolution t'je De
mooracy promptly vo'.od down).
We feel that Confess and tbe
President have been pretty
well censuied, yet we have no
objection to a little ruore; but
the people are able to attend
to tbat matter themselves with
vut paying a logiy.ature from
eiz to ten tUouaand dollars to
add their; mighty voices. It is al
toget.'uer too expeimvA a mod'
bf - expressing disapprobati
And then it is nut done in ei
nest, ia not altogether honest,
U of doubtful taste. What would
the legislature think if Con
gress should pass a resolution
censuring the Ohio Legislature
for wasting its lime discuesing
Congressional salaries, and at
the same time running op "a
grab" for themselves? Yet one
is of as questionable taste as
the other.
Because the proportion of
voters ot Indianapolis who can
read and write is exceptiona
bly large, Democrats can't get
office in that city; there not
having been a Democrat elect
ed there during the thirteen
years last past. Athena Met'
Temper the wind to tbe shorn
lamb. Mr. Mitchell, the pres
ent Mayor of the city is a
Democrat and a demagogue;
and the member of City Coun
cil who wanted President In.
galls, of the I. 0. & L. R. li,
to buy his vote, for the use ol
one of the streets ot that city
by tbe company, U ot tbe same
stripe. They both sneaked in
to office on a humbug labor
reform movement.
The McArlhur papers con
tinue to report work on tbe
railroad progressing rapidly.
Hocking Sentinel
Yes; everything is working
right along here, but we would
like to hear from Logan, flow
about that $50,000? We would
like to see tbe road pushed
through to Logan but it will
never. go there unless the citi
lens of tbat town put their
shoulders to tbe wheel. It is
now completed op to Earns'
in the heart of Swan township
ore mines, and past the Elk
Fork coal vein. When the
atrip of twelve miles between
Vinton Furnace and the Gallia
county line is completed it will
connect these two important
sources ot wealth with the
Ohio River. From the pro
tracted silence ot the Logan
people and press we presume
they would just as leave this
stream of wealth should flow
south, or perhaps west by the
Farmers' and Miners' R. R.
for that project ia neither
dead nor forgotten as north.
Tbay have the ability to con
trol Hi direction.
The report of the committee
to examine tbe report of the
Commissioners of Ross County
bows a high old state of affairs;
that money has been expended
ftod contracts let illegally, and
that all the county officers
have drawn salaries in o.xcess
of the legal allowance, the to
tal footing away np in tbe
thousands. We notice 'that
some of tbe expenditures set
down in the report of Vinton
county, and reported correct
by our committee, are clasned
as illegal expendiieres by the
Ross county committee. How
is thai? Did our committee
take jt for granted Hut every
thing was righ' and so report
or did they really investigate!
Mr. Editub: Please inform
those who complain o( bad
roads that they hive' been
worked too much;' The? more
they are worked theworre thVy
get. If they don't belie rn let
them get in tbe mud and atamp
awhile and tee if i they "Itfon't
get in deeper. '
In one sense of tit 'a word our
correspondent is right, ; It is
no use to attempt to repair
mud roads a', this season of the
year hy piling p.p additional
mud. l3ut while ibis is true it
is a 1.40 true that there are many
permanent mud holes which
can be effectually repaired now
by throwing in stone. ; Take
tbe one opposite George Wax
le r'a stone quarry, near Vinton
Station, for instance. It has
beu a mud hole ever since the
roalwis located and enough
time has been spent tinkering
on it to make a solid roadway
of stone, yet it has uH bee"
done, althou"' n
for noth'v -didn't
hav . more than
.00 yards. Even
.., the folly of cutting
.a piling in brush has 'been
repeated, and it looks like it
would be repeated for ages to
come, for the stone might have
been obtained cheaper and
easier than the brush. The
laws of Ohio are such that
there Is no excuse for impassi
ble roads, and enough money
has been spent on them to have
made bolid macadamized roads
The trouble all the 'time' has
been in tbe system, or rather
want of system, in working
them, everything being done
in a temporary manner.
The question for the farmers
of Vinton county to hp them
selves and seriously consider is
whether they will keep on in
this unthrifty manner, or will
avail themselves of the privi
leges ot our free turnpike laws
On this subject we select a
well timed article Iron, the
State Journal, which presents
some of the reasons why far
mers can not afford to use mud
roads. If they, who are the
most interested in roads, would
only take time to consider and
verify the facts contained in
tbe article we would not remain
long mud-bound:
There is a great deal of com
plaint in the local press of bad
roada. In Hocking, ears tbe
Sentinel, 'the teams of farmers
all over the county stand idle
day after day because the clay
roads are so bad 'hat an empty
wagon is a load. TheJSentinel
properly adds that with macad
amized roads the time thus
wasted might 'ue used in mov
ing farm products to depots
and warehouses, thereby saving
Valuable time for attention to
growing crops Not only so
but such roads add to the val
ue of adjacent property in far
greater proportion than their
cost, and are a local and indi
vidual convenience of the very
first importance. Farming
land provided at all times with
an easy outlet for its produc
tions, is generally worth at
least double tbat which is sub
jected ior "fiv-e months of the
year to a mud bloctTSuS. Un
der the admirable free turn
pike system of Ohio many
counties have already been,
and all might be covered wi4h
a network ot good substantial
highways. The materials for
their construction, in the form
ot stone or gravel exist in
abundance in nearly every part
ot the State, and when built
such roads are the property of
the public, controlled by no
monopoly, and contributing to
the general benefit. They may
be kept in repair, as they may
be built, entirely by disinter
ested property owners, each
contributing an equitable pro
portion oi their cost, in money
or in labOr, as he ctal 1 el-cl.
Every cent expended in such
improvements accrues to the
immediate advantage of those
making the expenditure, to day
not hint of the general public.
and is ni' re an investment
than a tax. When the way out
ol the mud ' is su obvious, so
eay and. altogether soidvaii
tageous, it would seem, that no
enterprising communitx ought
to be Very long . in finding it."
. N. B, The foregoing was pre.
pared utider the prevailing
moisture of last Monday.
Tub Democratic . press Has
wasted- ocearrs nf -irk abusing
Urant for spending tie beat of
the cummer on the sea coast,
at Lang Branch. Now they
have elepted an Executive, the
Uon. -Wru. Allen, and it is an
nounced that, be will only re
.main temporarily at the capi
tal during the sessions oi tbe
Legislature; that- he will re
side at Cbillicotbe, while Capt.
Putnam, his Private Secretary,
will attend to the. business o
the office. . Long. Brunch' is
closer., to, Washington tihan
Chillicothe is to , Columbu?.
We' have no complaint, how
ever, to file against the ..Gov
ernor. rn
administration. we are not
mistaken our new, Governor
rayed .quite at loud aa the
loudest on this point.
The inauguration of Hon.
Wm. Allen, Governor, and oth
er St ae' officers occurred' last
Monday, in the - presence ol
20,000 people. Gov. f Noyes
gained 'golden opinions from
those present for his courtesy
to the incoming Governor, and.
his conduct was in wdttai con.
trast'to that of tlis last Demo
cratic Governor, Medill, who
left the city, and refused to
Participate in the inauguration
of Gov Gbase.
Daily Meat Market
I BATE open
ed a daily
meat market in
Bhookey' Bail'
dine, opposite
the ViuloncoUB
7 till, and will
Keu euDKiantij
tin hand alt the
varieties and the
bl meat to be
lound in the
1 will sell at
fair price', and
br fair dealing
hope to merit
tna piioiie pat-
1 ft m mou A- L SHOWI,
Jiee tnouM.
Vinton County National Bank of
Ho Arthur, 0.,
In the State of Ohio,
DE0EHBEB26, 1873. '
Loan and diounti..... ...U9,M3 73
OverdrelM . I.Cid
U. ei bomls to eecure circulation....Kl.liO Ou
Furniture and rtilures....... l60
Prpmiums paid - lo.OOii 00
Curreut Kieiiee...M....-. 1,300 07
Due from Re'eemingand
ReKerre anente f7,7lT It
Due Pin otlwr Nat'l B'ks tt it
suite Bankaan'l bankers 1,979 86
Legal Tender Notes...m..'iO,l&u 00
National Hank Note 1,2U0 00
Frai'tional Currency (io-
eluding nickeU) VO 00
Older ta,h Items 4 SI 81,177 39
Total Rourc.......... W5.t77 It
Capital stock paid in.........-....10".000 00
National Hank circulation ontstand'g 90,000 on
8ur.ii fund 2.HI 110
IndUidunl Deposits....... i,74
Ime to National Banks...-..-..-.. 913 78
Discounts e,tA 3T
F.ichnnxe 2.14 41
loerext 3,481 48
Profit and lest 161 79 10,311 03
Total Liabilities .....i9J,9T7 II
Conntjof VintoDjU.; ,r
I, Jamea W. ooIrj, CAtftte'f'of the Vinton
County National Hufifc of McArlhur. do eol.
eeinlytwearthAltheahoTe etatement is true
to thebesimT knowledge and belief.
. JAMES WlJBLAy.fai'hler.
- sunecribed and sworn to belore me this 14th
day of January, 1874.
J08KPH KALER, Notary Public
Correct Attest:
E. D. DO DOB. j
Probate Notice.
Proftofs Court, Vinton Count), Ohio.
NOTICE is hereby given thst Frederick
Cradlebaufh, aa tiuaidian ot mma A
Bramer, a minor, ha kted herein his account
with his said waid for partial settlement; end
hat the same ie set for hearing oa tha 1th
day ot February, A. D 174 a 10 o'clock, A M
B. B. MAYO, Probate Judge.
Jaonsy 18, 1874. 4t
Probate Notice. NOTICE.
Probatf Court, Vinton Counto, Ohio.
HO. JONES and J, W Rannells. admln
istrator ot the estate of liavld Joeea,
deueaaed, have Died iheir accounts and vouch,
era for final settlement and the same will be
set for hearing Fshrusry 7th, 1174.
H BUt TO, Probata Jndge.
January 1, 1874. in
IHEBFRT warn tae public against bnytng a
ol on me d-led Uctuher S4ih, li'73 or
l kiii I that Um, and calling fnr eleven hum
drei Inlliirr film in one yar from dale The
a. id note mured by a tiifjiuaye on niy farm
was vtven to one Hsmson PrieM, ;on or
about i h- I4t h'tay of Ortot-er lat. hut since
that time id nmrigsg and note have loin
lieen lr'i- or piirlouieil irom the house of the
the said Harrison Hnet I hereby notify the
tinier or the pr-neiit holder that eaid note
has been sattefie'l and canceled, and warn any
peraon against bujing the ame.
Bt B. W Coi-itsaf, Att'y. 4w
$72.00 HAOH WEEK. .... .
A tents wonted everjehera Hitstness strict
ly Irgitiuate. Partk'ubtra Urea. A id reus J
WURIM.Bt Louis, Mo SSeeutly
carlhur?! latontf.'O. .
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
I i 1 . ,-T
il'HR following lands will bo eld iaw en
JL nasoaabls terms as to payment i
nACRK4 ot flat "limber Isod, mr the
IZV&tC. R. R. The umber will non
It-ma pT Iter lb land II put Dp id ths msrkst,
I'm perfect. For full description tell iipoa
er write la ti.ti,JvKli.
AmA W 1TH IN mil of the M. A 0. R.
"J h R The Isrm contain CO scree
tortjr aore cleared. Pair improve
" tnenle. A good coaLhsnk open end
working. 4i test best ooel. For Ml e cheep.
200 Acres ' in Jackson Townhlp.'
i A AAORESImproved. Fair house and t a
lUUble. 100 good limber, good orchard
171 graded apple, 100 peach, 40 cherry sod
pear tree.
1 will take 11,700 for the tract; II POO In
band. - liberal lerme oa deferred payments.
Title perfect
Tnie (and must sell.
120 Aores in Earrist - TAwnihip
OOD timber land,
ell wi
ine railroad.
M ue weaned, iliu idu,..- .
tii aisle of Penn'syirsnla. and Mar; E. Metca f
and William N. tiruiumuna who reaide at
Hamilton, ohm, Emma aultaer and J. Jrnee
who reside al Ennesville, Ohio, 8 arab M. aad
H. Theiesa UritmmoDs who reside stCeshoo
Inn, Ohio, J. It. Orummons who resides at
Cincinnati, Ohio, i. U. Oriimmont who tf
sidee at Loaanaport, Indiana, Catharine
Orummons h lesiites at Hournenlle, Ohio,
Mamie bruminonswho rexides al Zanesrille,
Uhloand.leseeQrummons, who resides in the
Stale of Pennsylvania, heir at law ol lohabod
(trummoos, deceased, 'will take notice that
Uilea KadnlifT. administrator of tha eHtate of
lchabod tirummnns, deceesed, on the 'i7th
day of . ece'mber, A D. 1173 Sled his petition
iii tbe Probale Court, wuh'P and iurthe coun
ty ot Vintoa nd state t nhio, allefrini that
the personal estate efeai.i decedent is iniuffl
ienl to pay his debts nj ihechres of ad
ministering htj fule That he died seised
ia fee simple of ih followinn described real
eatftie '.Utinteln the county or Vinton and
"".le of Ohio, to wit: twenty to seres oft the
west half of tbe north.wei-t quarter of the
a iuth-west quniter of neotion twelve, l'i tor, n
ship ten, 10 range nineteen 10.
Aloe, he north-east quarter of tb'j aeuth
exat quarter of sevtioa eleven, U tewailiip
and range sforesaid
The prayer of said petition Isforsn order
authorising the sale of said premines for ths
payment of the debts and charijes aforehid.
caid petition will be for henriog on the 7th
day ol Kebruary, A. D 1874 or as sooa there'
alter as leave oan be ohtmned.
Administrator of tha estate of Ichabod
Urummon", deceaaed.
Jauunrv 16, 1874. 4w
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order, anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Cases
always on hand. ' Will
attend funerals w'I
hearse when desired
Corner of High and Looust Streelt
notice to Hunters
VrOncS 'aerebtitejD.that Hj)ersons
li are forblden' to hunt or ehoot on ihV
premises oftb undersigned. All not Deed
ing rtms aotic will he prosecuted.
Wood's Hiupehold Magazine
8 TO OiKa day made by canvaKiing
i) IV Dior this msgasine now in
Its I4th toI. wi) chromo,
14x20 Inches I IT OU Colon.
Msgnaineona jar, with tnouated chromo,
12 oo
Msgasine, one eat, iwith unmounted cho-
Magaine. alone one year, II 00
ExHmne our flubbing aud premium lists.
Two fliet clasl periodicals tor tha price of
one. We solicitexperiencl canvassers and
others le send sj once for terms and aneot
men msgasiDe.i Address 8. E. BHUTKo,
Pjb lsh,r, 41 Ptk Kow, K. T. City or Hew
burgh, W, T. . .,
Will prolong thiir llree, make better lumber
and earn monel easier and faster, by using
the . . J .......
lieeoriplive cirtular seat upon application
BLNKER, DtVH A CO., In tiampolis, Ind.
hew and eemnil hnd.ol hrt-.n."H makers,
will be sold atlower prices Mir cash, or on in.
siallments, ntity oreouniry. dining this fl
nneial crisis 'and the haduKys b) IIOHAt'g
W TEhH A N..4I1 HrnsdWHy. thsn ever be
fore ottered in Nw fork. Agent wanted to
srll Waters' Otlpbrated Pianos, Concerto and
Orchestral Organ Illustrated catalogues
msilxd. Grnal inducements to the Irade. A
large discount to mlnisterehurcbee, buadsy
Hchoola, etc.
ta 100 io Wall St. often leads to
. ti.rn'ii". o- risk ax-page.
psniphlel ror stsmp. Vslistiss
Iuissiiios A Co..fiankaxa and
Brokers, SS Wall at., N. Y.
t i i .-, m
AlwaysKeeps aPullLineof
Fresh D'rirgs, PaViri Oirfcarnishei,
Dye Stuff, and Pure Llqovra lor Me
dlclttal purpote. k
, - ' .
C. "' i"
rerfumery, Fine Toilet Soapljalr
Oils, Pomade, Hair, Nail, Tooth, Flcah
and Clothes Bruihes, Combs,
" ; f: - .-'
School Books. Blank . Books, Copy
Books, Pens, Ink, Paper; and Peucils,
Envelopes, Slates. j ,
Fine Cut, riiifr., t hew In o; mid Smok
ing Tobacco," Cljiafrs, Pipes, "
i ; ' : '' - -
Lanterns, Lamps, Chimneys, Shades,
. .Netdles for all kinds of Sew'.ag Ma
chines. ' ' ' i
Musical Instrutt.'en7i, turung Forki
Violin and UlU'ar StrlnKS. ;
. ". '
aocks, b atches and Kcyi.
TolJct end Work Botes, and an end
lees variety ol Toys.
; if
1 tm also .aeent for all tho lIana-
zi'nee, Perfodiculs, Literary anp ViWy
rapers, wuicn i lurnisti from three
days to a week' ia advance of those
furiflbhed br mall.
. . . . ' i ! !
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
State of Ohio, Vinton Co.,ss
Benoni Hisson and Wife, Plaintiff,
' Acainst
BeDrj. Hoffhinesi' Defendant
NOTICE is hereby given that I will crier
for sale rit public auction at the door of the
Court House to McArlhur, Ohio, on -
Monday, the 9th Say of February,
A. D, 1874,
At the hiinr of 1 o'clock P. M. of said
day, the following real estate, situnle in
county of Vinton, sod Biate of Ohio, to wit:
the west h df of the north wel quarter of
aection three, (S) containing eighty (80)
scree. Also part of the north exst quarter ol
sictionfour. (4) commencing at the north
esst corner of said section I hence south with
said section line to the middle of ssid section-,
whence west to the Marietta A Cimdnnaii Kail
road, thence nortn-esst with said railroad so
as to intersect the first-named line or place
of beginning containing lorly (40scres, more
or leas. All of the above denonbed land, and
tenements being and lying in township ten,
10 of rene seventeen IT.
Appraiied at four thousand two Lusdred
dollars f 1,200.
TEKMS OKSALE. Cash ondsyofsale.
Taken aa the proptrry of Henry llorlnmes
on an Execution in favsr ol Benoni Hixson
and wife issued hy the Court of "ominnu
Plas of theoonmv ol Vinton and to me di
reeled ss Hheritt ofssid county. Utven under
my hind this 7th d v of Isnusry, A. I ISTt.
Shenttof Vinton County, O.
January Sth, 1874. Aw
Fourth Grand Gift Conoert
Tuesday. 3lst March Nextl
tocomnlete tha sale of tickets end make a
1,2000 Oath Qifti will be distributed
by lot among the Ticket Holders.
One grand cash gift, 12.V1.0O0; one grand cash
gift, 100,000; one grsnd each gilt. 6,0uO; one
frand cash gift, 75.U00; one grsnd cssh gift,
7,600: 10 giand cash gifts, lli.Ki0each,li0,tiO0;
80 cash glfls, 6,0(4 escn, 150,000; 60 carh gifts,
1,000 each, 60,f00; 80 cash Stfifts, 600 each,
40,000; 100 caxh gifts, 400 each; 40,000; 160 cash
gifts, 3(KI each, 46,000; 260 cash gifts, 100 each,
60,0(0; SU&caah giftn, I (Si each, Vi,M; 11.000
cssh gift,M esch, 650,000 Totsl 12,0O0ifts,
all rssh, amounting to SI ,600,000.
Theohaooea for a gilt areas one to Bve.
atVThe concert and distribution of gifts
will patithelp and unepttvoclli Inkt place on tk4 dax
nmfxtd, whether all the tickets are sold br
not, and tha 12,000 gifia all paid in propors
lion to the number ol tickets sold.
Whole tickets, 160; halves, 126; tenths, or
each coupon, $6; eleven whole tickets for ISOO;
!2t'ckets for i,00O; 11.1 whole tickets for
16,0110; 227 whole tickets for IIO.OUO No dis
count on less than 1600 worth of tickets.
Applications lor agenciee and ordera for
tickets rhoul be addressed to
Public L.brary Kt , and Manager Gift
Concert Publ.e Library Building, Louis
. ... yille, Kentucky.
(TfntOnrer davl Agents wanted! AH
$iilV$4Jrtrpr, 0f working people, of
either a x, V ungnroid, make mote money
at work for na in their spsre moments, or f II
the time, than anvthing else. Particulars free
Address 6. STINSON CO., Portland, Maine.
r liAH .illiur mat nt.i.m.1. .nil .in
the love and anectinna of any person they
choose, instantly This simple mental sc.
quuemeut sll ceo possess, five by mail lor SS
cents; together with a Marriage '-uide, Egypt-
isnlirsele, dreams, hints tolsdiea A on. er
book 100,100-sold Ado ress T WILLIAM A
CO Pubuabaf a, Philadelphia. . -; . ,
, t .A.
State of OMo Vinton County
' '. I).! .'Shivel, Plaintiff,
,. -V . ' Against
Silas Smith, Defendant
j j OHAEHOI SALb ( )
ntlttSyANT to the ooutmaud ofaa Order nf
iHale on J. P. Tranncnpt issDed from the
tjgurtcf Common Pirns of Vinton County, and
.to me directed aa Hherilt -f Mid ouuolv, 1 will
offer for asla 41 tha donrol the Court H Suae,
fn the town of McArtDur,Vmton COuutyrOfiio,
Saturday, the 31 t Day of January, 1871
at the (Miar of 1 oFvockP. M. of aald rlay the
followi ev desuntied lanls an'Heueineiiis situ
ate ik theceunty of Vintoa aud state Tor Ohio,
to wit:
The norlh west quarter of the soiith-et
quarter of aection eighteen, (181 toannhip
ten, 110) rang sixteen, (IS) in the lihie Co:n.
panv s purchase, containing tony (ill) esrea
more or less, said lands being situate in Vin
toa eountv, Ohio i
Appraissd at nine hundred dollars, (100.)
and mast bring two, thirds of that auia.
To he sold ss the property of miss Smith to
satisly a vendi order of sale, issued from Uie
Court of Common Pleas Id (avor of D. B. bntv-
Shenltol Vintoa county,
U. 8. CurpnoLa, Alturaey for p'.siotirt. -Jan.
I, IH74. r sw
State of Ohio, Vinton County
Jonatn Blore, Plaintiff, .
H'nry Winklemsn, Defendant. i
-.. -'
' nf Common
i8le liiHiiea'tru,',, . .
L. i ..r . , . - n . J .
i ran. u, Timnn uunniji hiiii lu in. unv..
ss bhenffof said county, I will otter fm sale al
hid iiwi ui nivuuurt nuuH, lu ,ua w.HVi
McArlhur, Vluton County, Ohio, oa
Saturday- the 31st Day of January,
A. D. 1874,
at tha horn oft o'clock, P. M. or sard dsy, the
following deauribed lands anil tenements, sit
uate in Hie county of Vln'on sud Hi.ite ol Ohio
and hounded aoddcBcriU-d as follows to wit:
"ommffli ing at the south-west corner ol
fraction No. eighleen (ID) in sections Nos,
twenty-ore and twenty two (21 A 22) thence
es-t on Ihe south of usid fraction so far that
aline running north to the north line effrac
tion No. seventeen (IT) parallel to Ihe west
line of .a d Irantion No. seventeen, (17) III
section twenty-tno (22) thsnoe west to tho
coraer ol said (ruction No seveuteen, (17)
tbeau south to Ihe elnseof bemnningsona
ks U include and contain one hundred an I
sixty (160) sere, of Inn a intown.hip No. ten,
(10) range sixteen, (l'i)
tppraised at fuur thoo.'and eight liundred
dollars, 14.800 rnd must bring two-thirds of
thst sum.
c To be .old as the prorn rty of Henry Wmkle
man to sntisly an enter ol sale, Is ued from the
Court of Common Pleas Ia favor of Jonathan
TEKM8 OF BALE: Cash in hand on Ihe day
or sale. C1EURUE KAEEK,
bherirl Vinton i;onniy.
BsTToa and Basssill, Allornevs for
January 1st, A. D. 1874. Sw
Stale of Ohio, Vinton County,e..
Mary A. DeGgh, plaintiff,
John W. b'ain, defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common
Pie as, Vendi Order of Sale.
PTTRSUA.Vr to the "nmirwl of a Vsndl
Order of Sale issued frm the Court of Com.
nion Pleas of Vinton county anil tome di
rected si Hherifl of.iud county, I will otfor fjr
sale at the door or the Court House, in the
town of McArtbur, Tintoo county, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 31st Day of January,
t the hour nf 2 o'clock, P. M. of said dsy he
foil .wing lauds and tenements, to wit: the
undivided one-teuth part of the north west
quarter of section No. three (t) township No.
twelve, (12) range No. seventeen (17) (except
o oefmirth of en sere on south side of said
north-went nurtrtsr heretofore sold bv Phil
ip Sain) containing one hundred and severity
three(l7) seres mere or less Appraised st
eight hnndred end Kill) five dollsrs (Sti6.)
Also, the one.ter.th 1-10 pert oMn lot'
No twenty-'eight 28 apprsised at twenty
dollar. (120 1 and thirty two f2 appraised at
lour dollars and Afty cents, (14 6iJ in tbe town
of New Mount Plrs-nnt. In Vintnu count,
Ohio, said lands and tenements nemg hereto,
fore attached by me on an order dated March
12, A. D. 1B7.1,
Appraised at eight hundred and eigbty ni ne
dollsrs and Illy cents and must bring two
thirds of that sum.
To be sold as the property of John W 8am,
to satisfy a vendi order nf sale, issued Irom
the Court of Common Pleaa in favor ol Msrv
A. !efih
bheriil oi Vinion l.onn'y.
Oan.vtaoa and Br attoh, Att for plaintiff.
Jsnunry 1st, 1874,' tn
State of Ohio, teuton Co., ss.
Mary A Deficit, plaintiff,
John W, Sain, defendant.
In Vinton County Coutt of Common
Phot. Vendi Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to tha conrmand of a Vendt
Order of Sale issued ilom Ihe Court of
Common Paras of Vinlou county, and to me
directed asMhenlfol saidcoun y, I will offer
lor sale at the door of theCoutl Hou-e, in the
town of McArtbur, Vinton county, Ohio, an
Saturday, the 31st Day of January,
at the hourof I o'elock P. M of said day, the
following aescriuru .'an"s r.na tenemeius, io
wit: thee undivided nne-tenth ll-10part of
the north-west quarter of section No three,
al town-hip No. twelve, 12 rsnge No. sev- I
enteen, 17 excepting one Ihurih of an acre
on south side ol said oorth-westquarter here
tofore sold by Philip 6ain, containing one
hundred and sevrnty-tl ree acres more or less
Apprtised at eight hundred and sixty Ave
dollrs (1866
Alo the undivided one.tenth l-iO part of
in lots No. twerli eight, t appraised at twen.
ly dollars, $20 and thirty-two, 32 appraised at
four dollars and fifty cents, 14 60 in the town
of New Mount Hlesssnt, Vinton county, Ohio
Said property being heretofore attsched by
me on an order dined February 27th, 173.
And also the undivided oue tenth 1 10 psrl
of the north esst qusrler of seetion four, 4
township twelve, 12 range seventee 17contsin.
og shout one hundred and sevenly-lhreel73
acres more or les Appraised at flvo hun
dred and nineieendollare. 1619.
A) ol ssid lands and tenements being iitn,
7ln Vinton couni Ohio, anl appraised in
frtS at fourteen hundred and eight dollars snd
flfiv eents, 1401 60 and must bring twe-tbiras
of that aum.
To be sold as the property of John W. Sain,
to sstlsfy a Vendi Order nf Sale, ifsoed from
the Court of Common Pleas in favor ot Mary
A. I'efigh.
t-henlt of Vinion County.
Oaoavnoa and Rsatton, Alt'ya for plsiniifl
January 1U, 1874. 6w
T. Pe "Wl't Tslmage is editor of the Tk
Ciritfiss al Work: O. H. fburseon, enecisiC
contributor. They write f r no other psperi
in An er lea. I bree magnlhcent chromoa
Pay larger con. mission thsn any other ps
lier. iiiHunviAiLHuni,
-qctartsnism. fo sertiuusli-m. O e sgsni
recently oblsined 3tS0 subacrirlinns in
eighty hour sbsolute work. Hampla oop
ics and circulsrs sent tree. '
ACENTS Wanted.
H. W. Al'AHl. puhbsher, 102 chambers
. s'reei, new tors
nn PARTS; 600 ENG RAVI ttf.9, sad COL
ORE!) PLATK Publish el quarterly at t
cents a ysnr. First aumber for mn it
ire i. A Oermsn edition st same ertevi.
Address JAMba VICK, Rookester, U.T.
Dr.- Crook's" Wintf. of JPar
'-Oootalna ree-swl
Ingrrttitnti nf tlw
stewasesl , ftwla walwey
co mill tied with they
T, rlcti metilevniU quail-
,in or sir,i wuiris
causa it to aaiiti si at
He wrsk anel sSe
WlkalfS aatel raps
slryr eeatwrw
Haaafeel alraglbu
It cleanses tbe bum
acb, ralaxea tbe Llr
er, and saw, a1 S4a
raad te ellajaaAi' re
moving was as la)
ud lmm .' II
la a Staperlwr Taaj
te, ree I ere tbe ape
pell laaodelressa;!
eaa the ayaleaa. le
-laln tha Btraaal,
Hide or Baek.tUra
I or KMaey stla
rase, dleeaaee af Uia
eVrlnarw.. , Orajaaa,
Jaaud.eav or .any
I I ' ft..-.-.. I:
1- I
l.li.rlsnpiaiai n
aiiMli eiirea.-.all
all diseases of the THHO AT and LCXilM,
and haa been (ironnuncud a sueciflo tut
Aalluaaaud JlroacUAlta. lEx It.
Bold br
GEORI.E V. M.SSON, McArthar, Okla.
.. ,r, -i : ytr, f l.
Complete instrui.tio.is and latge iollectloa
of new inv-iu. - -y,.'!
""lis work lescli.s in a concise and limpet
iner how to plav upon tnii inslrunient,
inuing with the (In-1 principles, and gr id
ly carrying Hie learner forward by a coarse
pmgie ssivt It s-or.s, such ssrsn not tail, if
:htly unfd o( pinking a good pertorrjisr, la
the sliort-st pos.il le time.- Published bf
JOHN C1IUKCU A CO., Cimunusti. O.
? " . " , ' 1 ,
OR, "
XBYTIi03. Wr,XN0xl "'. ;
942 P'giOotavo. 130 Fine EngravInJI
Relstes meidents ami aoeidents hi ynal lh
light of day; startling adventnrea mail parts
ot the world mines and mode of wnrkieff
them; undercurrents of society, gambling
and its horr ira; cavern and thsir mysteries,
the dark ways of wioke'lness; prisons sad
their secrets; down in the depths of the aea
strange stones of the detention of crime.
The book I real ot me expenenoe with brig
ends; in opium dens and gambling hells, Ilia
in prison; stories of exiles; adventuree
among Indisns; journeys tl. rough sewers aad
catacombs, aooidenta in mines; pirates aad
piracies; tortures of the inquirlt en; wonder.
lul burglaries; underworld of the great ci Use,
eto., etu.
send for otrcnlars and terms to agents,
J. MI. it amt K t o., . .
Aoekts Wanted fob TBI -
iVror.'s CO i Cctare Tnfn Prefimlf Vlnttrntf,
IViiii wish to know how Jortuoea are
I 'lisiiennu ioki; now ehretaj men are rv
I M tied; how psn'is ere created, how
I locks nre bought and sold. Kesd this
II book. It relates the hiogniphies of tha '
J.X great leading speculators of New York,
with a history of Wall street an 1 lie op
erations during the ps-t 200 ysnis. Korcir
utilorsand letms, sil'tress the publishers.
Hr easd na etgat o'ersisa cAraas, monnUd tn4
ready or Jrmting.Jnt lottery Ant'
J. It. It U it it if CO ,
annn alt salt' t Brill . . 't II II Ikill I I
Hit ll.Ul.VUI. lUliyLuLLlL
: . ,.i- i . '
With the Largest and Mont General auei
Valnnble Circa I at ion of any Joaraal
Published In tbe Central Keaiaa
tbe American Nation,
In addition to the rmtverxaf etrcuaio af
the Commercial tnr Cincinnati and vknoity, II
i- sold through over three hundred agenciea
m Ohio, Indians, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wesl
Virginia, mid Southern HVinoto, and on all that
raiiroads In those st ites, and there is a spa
i ml esH for it rlnng the grt,l rivers fronv
1 iltehuig to New Orlinns.
I ho territory occupied by the ct itslltnency
of Ihe Commercml is lhi,t ml bin one dsy'a
mtlro.id travel of Cmemnnrtr, aad there are
regular carriers' routes for the Commerciaf
in Columbus, tihio; Imlinnsiiohs; Franklorti
Nnshville; Chorlc.ton; Luuisvilla. Parkers
tinrg; t'hsitniiiiojja; Vineennes; Lafsyetie;
KvrtiMviili.; kiehinnnd; Iisyton; Xrnia;
r-prinyntld, eM'nrk. lielassre, snd Zaaes-.
Mile, tihio; Lexington; Mit.v.ville: Pans, aatt)
Cjnthinmi; end roki of other superb snd
nourishing cit.es.
Cincinumi is ihe most central of the large
cities of the nutinn, sntl on sll sides Is sup
ported hy thrifty and piosperoas eomaiaoe
lies, ia every direotion the Cbiotnercrbl n the
favonle newnpuper.
lu a political sense Ihe Commercial if Ihor
oughly independent. It recognises no obli- ,
gstiousto party orgnnisarions.. lie alnoesily
tu this position is popularly under-mod, ant
so largely spprtclated that ils.subscrirerssad
halmiial pun haers in either political party
outnumber thoe of Hit party organs, and ita .
aggregate circulation la greater than that al
its conipctitorscuinbined.
It takes a hesrty interest in tha politics of
Europe shich telegraphic communication haa
brought into very intimate relations eithus,
ana, rarnesuy vinaicating ant sustaining the
development of nationality in Germany and '
Italy, It cordially sympailusea with tbe Hi "
publi an cause in Prance and Hpain.
I he specially of the Commercial is Ihseewa
of Ihe day. We spurs no ettort ann no ex
pense al home or abroad, to obmin by tele
graph, by mail sou by express, the lal.l ino '
telligence, end to present it in lh most at-
tractive aad authentic foim. Our editorial ra
niarks tpon events, and discossions of tha '
auestions of the day, are according to our in. . '
ependeot udgmeot, having always in view
the emracv of ttieliuih in the latereessof tbe
people. We do not seek official tsvors or
partisan patronage, but rely upon the busi
ness that grows out ot tha respect sod good
will of the public al large.
The current history ot tha world will pos
sess, this winter, exceptional interest. Tha
arrairsof Europe nevr oomerned as mora
closely than now. Tha complications in oar
foreign relations, area threatening war, mast
command constantly our serious considers,,
tion, and the session of tha American Coa -gress
about commencing, will absorb in aa
unusual degree the Attention of the country,
for the most vital and aesrebing issues, finan
cial and political, await practical solution
The dmly newspaper at such a lime be
comes almost a necessity of life, aod ilk) no! "
hsaardous to elaim lor lite Cincinnati Com-"'
merclal that it is at once the most complete
and trustworthy Journal. issued in the Ohio,
Valley-ihe center of tha population and that
seat ol ihe politcsl power or the nstion.
Our reletione W'lh political parties are sock '
thai we will not be aulpected ol tempering
with the news in the interest of either. '
mean to tell the plain truth, and publish all, .
the news, no matter whom it helps or bona.
We expect to he as thorough and impartial 1'
presenting flnsncial Intelligence as In dealing!
lib political information
ur igeota are reminded thst this la a.
p minis' ng nme to canva-s for new subeen-.
bt-ra.and it hour impresion that if acareftif 1
and energetic ettort were made, there would
lie occasion to increase ordera largely.
We oiler oo other inducements to subscri
bers thsn the reputation of the Commercial
or enterprise in collecting Ihe news. sad. kon. 1
oraiile dealing with tbe people in publishing
it tstrly. "
all applicants furnished with speetasea eon
les snd circulars giving exact aad tuk detail i
1 business information.
Advertising rate Irom 10 to 4 eents par
sgate line, according to display and position-
.ne dcki terms oaerea ny any nrat-Blsaa.
nsl, chsre-cter and extent of cirenratioo con-
idered. M. HAUJTEA1) A CO..
tProtirielor ol tbe Uincianali CommardaU,
IT I ihlh

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