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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 15, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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o ARTHUR," Oil 10,
Oeand after 8udaj,Nov. S, 1)73, trains
WIU ran M follow.: 'No. S, 4, 4 nd I
run daily; all othar tnune dilY,SuoJyx
eapted.. . .
ObllfO IA8T.
No. I. No S. No. 5.
Stations. Mailer Cia.Eg. Bt.ls.Ks
Ciooiooaii...... nm 10 nm t topia
Chillicoth. I uo.ua t xipro 1 OTaia
Richland Far .11 oJpnt " fctpm t Slain
Hml..li II pm I 36pm Hm
4oAvo....) supra 3 4epm S 6ntn
' VmioKi ,,.,-...J ovpn . 3 Sopio 07. m
Ealaski . 1 uupm 4 trtptn 3 lm
Hope furnace.... 1 ltpra 4 llpm 8 4m
Farcfbur,.... 4 36pm 1 uupm S iluam
No. J.
Ne. 4.
No. (.
tin Ex.
Hi 3upm
1 Warn
1 Ham
1 Siiini
1 4Um
1 60am
1 05m
3 OUam
Station) Mail.
Paraerac'jrg ... T HMm
Hop f urao....10 3om
tJi.. -.10 4'asm .
fiaw....Mi...H' aam
8t.L Ex.
10 auain
I Hpin
1 Upra
1 3-iprn
1 4lpm
1 6upm
t 06pm
MeAarac.... .,..11 ptaia
( Harhden .11 16am
Miehlaod Fur..- 11 36am
Chilliootha...l 4ipm
Cincinnati. . ibfca
3 10pm
T OOpia
MO. S AMD 4 will atop atC. a 9. Junction,
LovslaaJ, Orrrfllil, Uhillicothe, Hamdeu,
Athaaa and -baoua bunding only. N08. ft
AND e Will tlopal C. a a.. Junction, Madiaoo
vill Loveland. Greenfield, Chilheulhe. Hum
den Athenl and Spoil's Landing only. tiOH.
1 AMDS will mate all stop'.,
i . ." i IILIII fKWOUr'
The Zaleski Freight going eo4 leave
ChillfcAlhealo, 3a. in ;.Ravville 13; Rich
land Furoana, 7 aii-HanwIeu, arrive 8 86
depart 8 46; McArthur, 16; Vinloo, 10 63,
Zaleski II i. lioing west-Zalesal, t 00 p.rn ;
Vinton 1 3)1, MMtlh'ir 86; Hanideu, arrive
1 )-deprt 8 36; Highland Furnace, 4 lu;
Rayaville, 4 46; Chillicnthe, 8 26.
Tne CAST tjl'OCK, wiih reaular pa'senger
ear attached, laava Alliens at J18 P..M , con
necting with thai. V.B. K., Hope 3 2i,Z
leaki 4 04, Vinton 4 29, MeAnhur 4 6t, Ham
den 8 M.Riclilsnd 6 60, (hi.licothe 7 60.
will leaf Hum leo at 7 25 a.m. and 3 45 p.m.
arriving at Portsmouth at 10 40a m.anU 0 46p.
meaWlurningtrain aill leave Portsmouth at
8 08 a.m. and t 00 p. m., errivingat ham
e'en at 11 W) a. m. and 6 06 p. m.
Trams connect at I.ovalan.l for all point on
the LM4le Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap.
olie anI Cincinnati Railroad J uncti n for all
rime Want; al Athens, with the Columbus
U. Y. K. K.i t Parker-burg, with the II.
O. B.. W. W. PBAMODY.i . ,
. . General Superintendent.'
ITMj!. run a hark from Wilkeaville to
Hamden and return every Monday, Wednc
daf , Friday and SaluMoy r the aooemmo
daben of paaaengera. making Hone connen
tiowttli the mail train on the M. C. R. R
1 will also carry expreaa packagoa chipped
Co or from point by the Adnma Exprejn Co.
Transfers of ,Itcnl Estate.
Ja'mesIIawkto Iliram Ilawk,
80 acres, Wilkesville township,
' Robert Skelly to Joel Bolen,
acre, Knox tp., $275.
Joel Bolen to Herbert Beck
ley, $ acre, Knox tp., 1300.
llerbert Beckley to James
Tewksberry, -J acre, Knox tp.,
Jeremiah Martin to Aaron
Martin, 57 acres, Knox tp.,$700.
MrS. Dixon to Levi Jones, et.
al., -120 acres, Harrison tp.,
Levi Jones et. al. to llenry
Dubois, 125 acres, Harrison tp.,
L. d. Sain to I. F. Sain, quit
claiin, 320 acres, Swan tp.,
$800. ' :
Isaiah Tucker to Samuel
Graves, ;42J acres, Richland
tp., $300.
Zaleski Company to Catha
rine Mellor, part in-lots 26 and
27, Zaleski, $223.
Zaleski Company to James
Peacock, 1 6 100 acres, Madi
son tp., $116.
Elias P.Davis to Lewis Webb,
80 acres, Vinton tp., $1,200.
Elias P. Davis to John 11.
Cotterill, 10 acres, Vinton tp.,
: Jacob P. Shattuck toH. D.
Brown, 320 acres, Brown tp,
$2,400. '
H. D. Brown to G. T. Gould,
320 acres, Brown tp., $1,300.
Geo. T. Gould to.E. U.Moore
& J. M. Welch, 312 acres,
Brown tp., $8,210?
E. H.Moore & J. M. Welch
to Eugene A. Colby, 312 acres,
Brown tp., $28,640.
Eugene A. Colby to Charles
J. Hess, 312 acres, Brown tp.,
$42,120. '
Wiliam Dixon to Joseph
Clark, i acre, Harrison lp.,$141
Moses Rambo to Safety M.
Howe, in-lots 34, 35 and part
36, Mt. Pleasant, $500.
Safety M. Howe to Thos.
Sweptstpn, same, $400.
. The Empress of Germany
dresses very plainly. Her dry
gooda bills are less than those
of the wives of merchant
princes of Berlin. The Queen
of Denmark drives oat in a
calico dre86, and Princess Bis
marck, fresh and comely when
past eixty, superintends her
farm ' work, goes about the
house with a great bunch of
keys at her girdle, and her
house, is fiilel with' knitted
quilts and curtain, tli evi
dences ol her -kill and iudus
try. Panic never got his u .'!.
nose into her home.
W will lend the Record and the
Cincinnati Gazette to subscriber, one
car for 13.25.
Di'amonds. Watches and Fancy Good.
cniLLicoihE; 0U10
TTTOULU re.peotfullr to the cltlieo of
V Vigton Co thai he haa enlarged hi atork
m.kini mi of the larihat in theBlala. Our
huaineaa haa increased every year up to the
pranvatilme and we leal thankful to (he puh
lieforpaat faor.and are dterminel to keep
a large .lock ol oer thing u.ual'y found in
a ttrsl-claya Jewelry Bio re, and will keep the
flueat alock of gold and eulid eilter, also the
heal Plated Uooda , a low a any home la the
We keen all lha differenl brand of Ameri
can Watrhe Howard, foiled blalea, Elgin.
Waltham and Bphnglield Manufacturea, both
in gld tod ailvsr eaaee. Alao a large line of
From 125 lo 1100 00, aleo ellver from til tn
1160. Waha.aa eiy reliable lull Jeweled
8ilTr Watch from 116 to 120.
A full line of all good in our line, or made
to order by experienced workmen. Repair
Ini will reccne prompt attention
rieae drop in ana ee ue. no iroume io
how good. Mini
Dr. J. Hnlker'8 California
Tinogar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiutjy from
the nativo herbs found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
proportion of which are extracted
thcretrom without tno uso or Aiconoi.
Tho question is almost daily, asked,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
alleled success of Vinegar Bit
ters t" Our answer is, that they
rcmovo tho cause of disease, and
tho pnticut recover his honlth. They
aro tho great blood purifier and a
lifo-giviug principlo, a perfect Keuo
vator and Invigoratof of tho system.
Never beforo iu the history of the world
has a medicine been coinn,-iundntl pos
aofuiug the reuiarkublo qualities of Yl.x
EGAS Ditters in healing tho sick of
every disease mnn is heir to. They are
a poiitlo 1'urpative as well as a Tonic,
relicvine; CuDfiestion or Inflammation of
tho Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
Tho properties of Dr. Walk-
Bit's Vinkoar HiTTKiisare Aporiont, Dia
phoretic, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretic, Sadativn, Counter-irritant,
Sudor"- " - " ",1 ' ""-bilious.
ProgglBt 8c Oen. Agt., San Franci.oo, Califor
nia, & cor. of Washington and Charlton Sul, N.Y.
Bold by all Urnf glat mad Dealer.
In Zaleski
THE Zaleski Company, with a view to the
development of the local intereatanf Zales
ki, to secure it permanent pioperily, nbd to
add to ita population and wealth, are now
orlcring to actuulxettleis, town lot and farm
land at low prices, ana on noenti terms.
Persons desinni to examine the property
and to buy cheap house will apply at the
Company' offices to
A. i nwm r-ii manager.
Zaleski, Ohio, Hay 18, 1871. tf
American Institute,
Embroidering and Plating Machines
"It is ingenious and will meet the want of
every matron in the land.1'
Exhibition of 1872.
John E. Gavit, Rec. Sec'y; F A. Barnard,
Pres.; Samuel 1), Tilman, Corresponding
sew YorK, novemoerai, 1872
This simple and ingniot machine la h
useful as the sewing machine, and lafasi be
coming popular with ladies, in the plitceol
expensive ntedle work, its work being much
more nanusome, requiring mucn less lime
and not one-tenth part II. e expense. No la
dy's toilet is complete without it A machine
with illustrated rirwilar ami lull Instruction
sent on receipt of li or finished iu silver plale
lOr 12.70.
Address, The BIcKce Itlanufartarlng Co.,
3v Broaaway. Iiew York.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
I recommended by medioal practitioners
and a apeedy cure guaranteed for colds,
cough, catarrh, asthma, I rnnchitis, spitting
Diood, consumption, and an pulmonary com
plaints. Kidney diseases and all anVctions of
the urinal organs perfectly harmless free
from mineral or alcoholic properties pleas
ant to lake and never known to fail Price II
per bottle, full particulars with medical tes
timony and rertilicate sent on application.
Addresa L. K. aYUE CO., 195 Seventh Av
enue New York. 18.ep
Darts from the Deviljor CupidAbused
n uvmh infiicti, expnmwx ine persiinsis
that have appeared tn Ihe New Yoik News
papers: their history and lesson. Stylish Til.
liana fully exposed. Advertisements from
desperate men to beautiful women; clandes
tine meetings; how frustrated; the history of
theUoodrich tragedy, the retult ol a"person
al." Description of living Broadway statues.
Exposes social corruption. Kant on receipt
of 60 centa. Address Unique PriDting H nue,
36 Veaeyat., N. Y. 18wp
The Berk with 20 Family dewing Irla.
chine on 30 Oars' Trial) many advsnisges
over all. eausitviion guaranteei, or yii) re
funned. Sent complete with full directions.
Beckwith Sea ing Machine Co. ,862 Broadway,
new rora. laser
A mo important luteal). Sold by The Elastia
Trnss Co., No. 683 Broadway, N. T. City. It
retains rupture absolutely in ease and com
fort night and day, at all times, and under all
circumstances, without any exception what
ever in any caae, and should never be isken
oil during the short time requisite tn effect a
permanent cure, Bent by mail. Circular
iree. Any aruagiet or pnvsioian win oruer,
idis new true ir you wunout exira narge.
Whtcn is adapted ti
All Sewing Machines,
N'l'l 'fE yar'icnlnrly ihe nar p of II. f!
fi'Mil Klt'H , lie. -kko. Ills , w 'h I've rteul
-!ii,Pk. It. ,J4lI)l.M II.
ib. atid t.alcsri'1'iu '"u btsiv si,, Iikso,
lit.. 2slig4t
Doue Neatlj' and JToniptly,
People who take the Times
People who take the Times get-the-Worth-Of their
The moat popular fcmlly aewanaper, of a
garioaal chuarier and reputation, le about
entering the thirty Brat year or It .uUiea
Una. To tnoe who are not petaupally ac.
qaainted with It merit, it need only be eaid:
lie editorial are .pirited; itecorreapondenea
eiteie; it oew yried,.aad trom every
quarter of tn globe; it agricultural depaits
meat lull of practical information: while ita
toiie. life ekelchee, an t a lacellany ate
adapted to both yeung and old; and lie re
port nf the merketn, of lire atock, grain, gro
eerie and dry good, are alwy lb lateal
and moat reliable.
Thi new organltatlnn of th Au-niar will
Snd la the Time a friend to the object
ought to be eerurad by them, and In it col
amn. the more important doing of the
read it eight year. Send H to US Appli-
wd .irne. towen, naaa.-u. a. roma.
We hare doubled our Hal of last year. Can't
do without the Times although 1 am an old
Temocrat b. O. Hiua, Mooleium, O.
1 do aot know of any paper tliai i deeoted
lo all the interli of the human family, a
much a th Time. 11. T. 'laaais, band
Cut, Pa. ...
Tti Time I yery popular here, for one
reason, and that i your oulapokon course
gaioat th aalary teaUra-W. a. Wiaa,
baiUon, Tenn, .
I hare been a sonatant reader of the Week
ly Time for Ihree year, and I ran'l do well
without it now. W. P. Maxwiu, Bey gpringa,
Pear Old Time: Thi make about twenty
year that I have taken your excellent paper,
and the more 1 read it the bettei 1 like it.
Levi Kxaaioy, Melropo'i City. III.
I Ihink it i th beat paper in the world. I
like the way you talk in regard to the Con.
gienaiooal riaiida; and I alao like ybur up
port of the Patrons of Industry J, Q. Lion,
.': ,I?wa. - - -ii'
Every patton of the Weekly Time la pre-'
aented with a copy of the
An elegantly printed volume of ISO ulentino
snd miscelUiieous articles, illustrated with
nearly H O of the finest engravings. It slao
containaadiary for the year l7t. In value
and attracliveuesf.it i euperiqr to ny pres
ent ever belore otic red by newspaper publish.
r. .
Every elub agent Is compensated for hi
services, either will) sn extra paper, or some
desirable premium. i
TbKMSi Sinule subscriber, per year, $3 HO;
cluo of live subscribers, per year, each, 1 75;
club of ten and upaard, per year, each, 1 60.
Bend for ,it of premiuma, eta , to
.. Ciacinna K Ohio,
Dick's E.noyci.opkhu of Practical Re-
ciipt snd PaocisBts. Containing ,421 prac
tical receipts written in a plain and popular
tnauner, and illnstrxted with explanatory
wood-cuts. Being a comprehensive book of
reference lor the merchant, manufacturer, ar
tian, amateur and housekeeper, including
medicine, pharmacy and domestic economy
The acope of thi work is entirely different
from any other book Ol the kind, besides
being a complete nd lm't Indispenxble
bcok of reference for the thousand and one
receipts and articles needed in every house
hold, farm, garden, etc., it include clear and
easily underttood direction for the apnlica
lion of many of the arts usually acquired only
by long experience, aad so divested of teuh
Dichnliiies, or the technicalities ol term used
so lully explained a to bring Ihe entire sub
ject within the comprehension of an person
nf ordinary intelligence. I'romlinent ainoug
the immense mas of subjects treated of in
the book are tne following:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard Soil and Toilet
Boapa, Tanning, Distillation, Imitation Liq
n ira, Wines, Cordials and Hitters, Cider,
Brewing, Perufmery.Klavonng Ersuncea, etc.,
lo.melit-s, Hair lives and Washes, Pomade
sod Perfumed Oils, Tooth Powders, etc, Sy,
tups, Alcohol and Alcoholmetry, Petroleum
and Kerosene. Bleaching and Cleaning, Vin
(Var, 8uces, Catsups and Pickets, Heceipl
tor the Gurden, To Hemove Stains, Hpot,etn.,
Pyrotechny and Explosives, Cements, eto ,
Waterproofing, Artificial, Gema, luk and
Writing Fluids, Aniline Colors, Paints and
Pigments, I aiming and Paper-hanging, Kn'.
sominennil Whitewash, Varnishing and Pol.
ish ng, I, ubricaiora, Japanning and Lacquer
Irg.Hoot snd Harness Bla:king, Photography,
Melnla and Alloys, Gilding, Silvering, etc.,
Electrotyptng, Eleetroplatiug, etc., Patnt
Medicines, Medical Receipt", Weights and
Measure. 607 page, royal octavo, cloth.
Price 15.00 amnr
DICK k FITZGERALD, Publnshers, N. Y.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control nfthe magnificent oil chro
mo, Yo Semite, we are able to oiler a coin bin
atiOL of literary and arnstin work of genuine
worth, and at prices unprecedented.
This flnecopy of a piece of Nature' grand
est work, is not presented in the usual lim
ited style, its dimensions, 14x20, making a
picture of very desirable iie in itself.
grnced by it- presence.
Hut a lew copies of this beautiful t hromo
will be allowed lo go to the retail stores, and
those will be sold al their
Actual Retail Price, tO.OO,
which if ordered in connection with our Mng
asine, both will be furn'shed for
A a premium the picture may be obtained
byseuding us two subscriptions for Ihe Msg
line at one dollai each, or by subscrbing fo
the Maganne two yean id advance, at on
dollar per annum. Address,
Newbutgh, N. Y.
B, E.SHt TES, Publisher. 4sept
The Host Desirable Set-
denoe in KoArthnr.
I OFFER for tale my residence no, Kortb.
street. It consist of a arnendid dwelling
house, well finished. Inside and out. with
eight rooms and-a good cellar. A good office
building, liable, wood and coal houseand oth
er nouessary out-buildioga. The premise
contain 2J, acre, including 1 cre of vineyard,
all thrifty hearing vines; there are also thirly
nenring sppie trees oes variety 01 vrauea
fruit, twenty-five bearing peach trees best
budded fruit, cherries, quinces, plums, and a
variety of small fruit For further particulars
lutpiiiv ii vuivb vi tnis psper, or at tuw
premises. Term easy. '
uecjuttm a. a. uullisuu.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds
Hureery Stock! FraitiFlower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
600 acres; 21st year; U greenhouse. 4 rat
aloguea, 20 cent. 31jul2m
AO. 110 TI1IBD ST., .
Odd Fellows' Block,
TuhUshert of ..
And other -
Standard Religious Workj.
I Canvassing Aaenta wasted ia every county
U Ult VuM BfiMMv jA
The Rich and the Poor.
-What is we.Uiili Wealth is
whatever men, can realize from
nature for their sustenance and
enjoyment. Labor is what re
lizes it. Prudence eaves from
it, aod the savings beoome cp
ital which extend and multiply
the '.operations of. labor and
thus create more capital. The
wealthy are composed of thoao
who have inherited property
from others, those . who, have
acquired it accidentally,, and
those who have realized it for
themselves. , The poor in like
manner are composed of those
who .have inherited poverty
from others, those who have
become poor through accident,
and. those who have t brought
poverty upon themselves. The
most familiar way of producing
poverty is by idleness. A man
will not work; he will realize
no weallh; he is oi course poor.
Or, he' squanders in some ab
surd ' manner '. the earnings
which heroes realize, and thus
remains equally 'poor as if he
did not '-work.' ' The poverty
arising from idleness will only
be cilrable, as it ' has fev4r
been since the beginning of the
world,' by indistry. Thut
which comes from wastelnlness
will only be curable by econo
my. ; '
The Most Successful Man.
There is nothing more lorlu
nate for moderate genius than
to be born poor.r The 'silver
spoon" class are a very com
fortable people, no doubt, but
the great trouble witb them is,
if they don't become very great
they are ' extremely likely to
become the very opposite.
Poverty has helped men solve
some of the greatest problems
of life. II alt its brave deeds
have been a necessity, and the
most of its noble sayings have
been born of a determined op
position. It does a man good to
put him at hie wits ends.
Emergencies make men. Any
man can be a general or a pilot
in a calm; but storms show the
metal. Reputation is made
more by boldness and will, than
by ability and patience. Life
is too short lo wait for the tide
that leads on' to fortune. We
must make the ruoRt of our op
portunities, but we cau hardly
do it, unless present topportu
nities are in the main necessi
ties. The man who works out
tbeee to the fullest extent is
the tuosi successful man.
A CpRtKtSPONDKNT of the Gal
iipolis journal, writing; from
Santa Birbara, California, says:
I visiied yesterday what is
said to be the largest grape
vine in the world. It is three
miles from this pluce, and was
planted forty six years ago by
an old Spanish lady. It is 4 J
feet in circumlereuce two feet
from the ground, and it yielded
one yetr over three tons ol
grapes. ..
Mr. J. M LAHGsroir, a color6d
lawyer, formerly of this State,
succeeds Gen. Howard in the
management al Hard. JJni-
verauy. '
City vs. County Papers.
Under the above caption the
Marietta Register asks certain
pertinent questions which it
drives home with a reflection and
a reminder: " .
'Do the city papers aay any
thing in regard to your own coun
ty? Nothing. Do-they contain no
tices of your schools, churches,
meetings, improvmeuts, and
hundreds of other local matters
of interest,-which your papers
publish without pay? Not an item.
Do they ever say a word calculat
ed - to draw attention to your
county and its numerous turning
towns, and aid in their progress
and enterprise? Not a line, and
yet there are men who take such
contracted views of this matter,
that unless they are getting as
many square inches of reaiiirg
matter in their own paper as they
do in the city "paper they thiuk
they are not getting the worth
their money. Thu reminds us
the person who took' the largest
pair of boot' in the box, simply
because they cost the same as
pair much smaller that fitted him.
' . ,
AirniltmntM lmcnm4 M fldr rio4
' Training wu' for therize
ring, they are 'not allowed to
touch lager beer,' tobacco or
aay other Both stuff. 1 Billiard
players training for a: match
carefully avoid all such indul
gences.)'' When' not training,
these people are very likely to
indulge pretly Ifreely1 in spirits
and tobacco;1 but when seeking
ihe higheVt health they 'ire
compelled to dtny themeelvesv
And; yet we constantly 'bear
the healthfullness of lager and
the 1 meeriiihaum1 sermusly dia
cussed. ' I.t is stated as a histbr
ical fact, that no man who hai
graduated! ai the head of his
class in Harvard College; wih
in (ihe last fifty ifivei years, has
used either spirits or tobaoco in
any form. And when it U sta
ted that the: use of both is very
common among the 'students
in that famous university, and
that formerly such indigen
cies were well uigh universal,
the fact that no victor has used
eilher Is Very wgirTTiltant.
Speaking of the ' training of
prize-fighters, I have wttclied
the candidates for the prize
ring during the training with
great interest. Jack , a
famous fighter, was a great de
votee ol cigars. lie" did about
twelve a day." On the day be
fore he went over iuto New
Jersey he did seventeen, by the
way of emphasis, t was curi
ous about' one thing how he
could cut oil so short? I said :
'Jack, I should thiuk ii
would nearly kill you to break
off so suddenly.
Oh, no," he replied, not if 1
am training. If I were loafing
'round, eating and drinking ev
erything,! would be awful hard
on me to give up cigar?; but
when I co training, 1 don't even
think of it."
Whoever is in high health,
with pure blood and clear head,
finds it easy to give up bad
habits. Uigh temper and pro
fanity are easily got rid of when
the brain is clear and clean.
Ahl wht a means of grace is
Sir Edwin Landseer.
Of the great painter, Sir Ed
win Laridseer, the Imperial Bi
ognphy of Art says: No English
painter'has been more popular,
and none except Sir Thomas
Lawrence hts received such im
mense sums for his works. For
the copyright of some of his pic
tures he obtained 3,000
($15,000,) in addition to the
original price of the picture. It
was a masterstroke when the
publishers of the Christian at
Work presented the triple com
bination of a magnificent chromo
(about two by two aud a halt feet
in me) of Lundseer's great
painting of dogs and sheep
The Twins' with Talmadge as
editor of their paper, and Spur
geon as speeial contributor. Tbey
deservo success, and will get it.
Write to them 102 Chambers
street, N. Y for sample copies
and terms. Agents wanted. See
their advertisement.
We will send the Record
and Wood's Household Maga
zine, one year for $2.80, and
make each subscriber a pres
ent of a handsome chromo of
the celebrated Yo-Semite Val
ley. Wood's is the best maga
zine for the price in the coun
try, and the chromo is a fine
picture. Specimens of each
may be seen at. this office. .
ExriRiBNca will teaoh any man that
it is advantageous to patronise those
who advertise in newspapers
. Bimono's, Photographer, Chilliootht
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other piotnrea. Pictures may be
made as large, tu life from the tiniest
locket pioture, and made io every waj
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature ot
from other pictures colored in the ben
etyles in oil, water colors, vr-tyon, pa
tel or. ink, at rotes to suit all circuni
FaumeKS 6b iuld not fail to es
amine the paterit 'farm gate ft
which Ueorge W. Brunton, Mi
Arthur, is the? agent in this an
Jackson county. It, is the ber.
and cheapest gate ever designe
fur a farm, costing fifty per cen
leas than ;he old fashioned gate
and is more durable, for it c
not sag. Examine it when ju
-are in McArthur; '' ;'
iio no'....' T
i) D ;
- T . T '
R -
,-:i.,.i... rr m-'"
-!1 JL..!
.iioiK i'. " '.- T '
.! -il ii .JL '! ''- ' jJ .
, s . . s
, . It YOU
Want a situation. .
in "Want a servant ffirl,
. . Want to sell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
. Want to bur orselt a farm.
Want a boardlt.it place.
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell frroceries or drugs,
' Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry (roods or carpets,
Want to And customers for auytliing.
Advertising will gain new customers,
: Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
1 Advertising makes success easy,
jdveQ'r betets confidence,
'-Ai ..-.'.iJ snows energy,
Advertising (hows pluck,
. Advertising means-biz,'
Advertise, or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise w e 1 1 ,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has leevme
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising.
No exception to this rule can be
cited! ' Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
mfaey so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it sua better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
ver liter, and tnus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Sume merchants s.-ty it is not worth
while to advertise: fur nn person reads
advertisement; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if ho is wise be will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
offer wurth advertising. How much
more then will those read them who
nre not so largely supplied with read
ing matter, nre at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend un their paper fur
their local news, the most iirportnnt
item i'f which is where they can find
just what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases, ifyoui
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it is run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.int, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Uut if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people want,
don't bide them, but. publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell thorn at a fuir price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece ol real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in hie locality. ,
I? you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush feyoiir local pa
per, allowing unit every one win reac
the advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you nre los
ing by not advertising it tirporter
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the puhlio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
givo publicity to somo matter they
wonld nut care to divulge to the world,
even io the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Adter liter t
Advertising is apt to give as that
gentle jog ol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a aew dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it wonld be a good plan for
Madame to nark t!us passage and lay
the paper upon hei husband's break
fast plate. wUio will say thai adver
tising will not yetoiviliie ihe world!
Wht do people read advertisements?
To see who ii enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if tbere is
anything new, or anything that they I
want. To see if the season's styles
bave come in, and to find out who bat
them. To know if any one ie selling
ofi at reduced rates, or to watch the
ohanoe of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curios ty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and aocidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it-Ohio State Journal,
Thi power of print is well known,
bat not well understood. A printed
lentence has a, wonderful advantage
tver one that is written or spoken.
f his is one of the many reasons which
ives an importance to advertising. But
tdrertisers, even those of experience,
In not comprehend as well as they
night the capacity to influence, to per
uade, to convince, which lies in print-
matter. Spoken wrds require the
-races of elocution and the force of
loVience. yet even thet. fade away in
nothingness if not caught in their
liu'ht and printed Hut there i some
'ting in the silent Inngdage, the quiet
-ertion and the sense nf permanence
'xiut printd matter whioh gives it a
l trvelous force and influernce. Bosi
-s men should never permit them-
dves to loose sight of what mar be
.complUhed by a persevering use of
in printing presses, ueiro to saver
e, and then the ''how, when and
-here" oi it, and yon . will have a
anowiedgs worm baying.
TUB WEBLYBCNia tne widely know)
to require any eitendeJ recommendation!
but toe reaaena which have already artvea ii
flfly thousand auhacrtberw, aad which will,
we bap, ftiva It maaf thouaand mora, are
bilefly follow t
ltiaalrt-nttaswpapr. All th aew or
the day will befound ia it. condensed wheat
unuDportaai.al full length w baa of moawnt,
and !wsjs presented io a clear, intelligible,
and interesting manner. . , ,
ft la a Br-rat family pr,nlrof enter
taining and inatructiv reading of verjr kind,
but containing nothing that eae eflead Ine
mod deliuata and (crapulous fast., : . .1
III a first-rate tory paper. The beat Ulae
and roaaacoa of current literature aa-eeera.
fully selected end egiU y printed H i pales.
' It la a flrst-rat agriculture! pap" The
moat fresh and instructive article on gri
culturtl topic ragularly appear 1 thi daw
parameni. 1 ,
. It la an independent potttleal"pfer,rlocg.
ing to no party and wearing a collar It Sf hi
for principlo and thl.-iion of the best mea
to office It especially devoir IKeneraie to
the exnorare of the great corruptions that
now weaken aud 'disgrace out Country, and
threaten lo unilermine republican institution
altogether. It ha aofear ol knaves, aod ask
no favor of their utortra. '
It report he fashion for (lis ladle aad Ihe
marketa for Ihe men. especially the oUl
markets, to whk-h iltwy particular attseuoa.
Finally, it I th cnciest paper published.
Onedollsra year wilt secure it for any tub
(ciibar. It 1 not necessary io gvtna selub
in order to have TUB W kJEK tf VV alttiia
rate. Any one who send a singl dollar will
get th paper for a year. ; . . '.;
TUB Wrmi.T aisiar it,
ht pages,
nnv-aii eoiuninv, uniy ft a )nr.
I'unmw irom irus rss.
sisaasihe daily Hun. 3.0Ontr. A Si
count nf go per cent, to club or IO or over.
THE DAILY HUN. A Urge four rla
newspaper of tweni .fight- enli Bin. tmily
eirenialinn over 180.OOO. .4,1 Ihe aewsfor
8 cents, t-uliscrii'tion price SO cent a month,
or SB yrsr- 'lo clubs ol 10 ut ovrr.aUi
couut of 80 rer -nt.'
Addreaa "THK BtX.w New Yark City.
. VT3 "r. .
f Xmui mWt V 'Iff
xf V.H.T.Helmbo:d ' .
I tlio only Knmrn ll-nicdy for Ilrljjlit' Dl
eac ami ha cured every enso nf DlfiUlr in
wnit li It h is liccii kIvi-ii, Irilialiun of tliuNik
nf tho lUncIuYr and Inrlaiiimallun of thu Khlm ya,
Vlccrniimi nf tlx; Kiiliicr mid llladilcr, Rctrn
ti'iii nf Vrluc, l)i.cnc nf thn l'rostnte (Hand,
Hlimeiii thn lllad'lar, (iravcl. lirkkDiist Dspoiif,
ml JIiicuiis or Milky lcharifcs, and for En
feebled ami nclicaioCnuntltutionsof Nilh Srirs,
attended wlih tho following svmptoms! Ix;s
of 1'iiwcr, Lost of Memory, DiMrulty of Mrralh
lni. Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, rin In tin
llm-k, Flui-hlncof llicBody, Eruption on the Facr,
I'ullid Couiileiuiiico, taasitude of tho System, etc.
I ted by perfim ill tho decline or thane n(
life; after confinement or labor pains, bcil-wtt-ting
in children, etc
In many affections peculiar to ladles, the Ex
tract liiicliu is uiicunsk-d by any other remedy
A In CuloroU or ltctcntlon, Irrcgularily, Pln
f ulucss or Suppression of Ciulomary Evacuations,
Ulcerated or Schirm taio of tint Vtunis, Iu
corrtKva or Whites, Sterility, snd for all ccm
plalnts incident to th) sex. It U prescribed
extensively by tho most eminent Physician and
Mlduive for enfeebled and delicuto coutitur
tinu of both (exe and all ogc. e
'Vrr Dili out AilMnif from ImfiruJntu,
11 bin of UMmtiun. Etc., In all their Hares, at
little expenie, little or no cbango In diet, no In
convenience, and no expoiure. It cause a fre
quent dcslro, and ulvc strength 10 urlnsts.
thcruby removing Obstruction, PrryenUng anil
Coring Stricture of the Urethra, Allaying Piln
and Inflammation, o frequent in thi clas of dis
eases, and expelling all poisonous matter.
11.00 per bof tlo or fix bottle for 5.0O, delivered
to any address, secure from observation. Bold by
drugiste everywhere. Prepared by ,
KEArtNKT A fO 104 Dnane St, K T.
to whom all letter t' ''.formation should bw
He Chrg for Advice amlXoainltntlca.
Tr. J. n liyoil. Graduate of J.fftrton M'dl'at
CotUvt, Phlladelphi. aulhof of veTcral vnluthla
works, can hu consulted on all dlsrasss of tb
Sexnal or Urinary Organs, (which he ha aiada
an cspocUl nudy), either In malo or female, ao
matter from what cause original ine, or of kow
long standing. A pracllco of SO year enaMra
him to treat diseases with success. Cures pusr
autccd. t'liarRe rrasonahlo. Thoao at a dis
tance can forward letter rlescrlhfii).' rymptoma,
and cncloriiii; slump tn prepay postage. 4)
SScnd for mo (imtlt In llrmlh. Price 10 cent.
J. B. DYuri'. M. 1)., Physician and Snrgaea,
lMBuauoSU, Now York.
trriM r a
ftrrr Mtiiaibra)fil
laatyautif mud rtTtUllMMf
lUwfMlWtl STBUaai. Vila. Iktl
HUH tJlssMTflritf la prtlwfaf an4 rfnUg ffaprttifc
k u Bntatrr Um mrkiiH, at.
TtrJala mm litvrtailaf wark ariwa kavttraslttattliif
tMt, with tBgravlaft, aa4 miuIm Vftlaatsst
nrorBUa far laaat wa ra aarriaa.areWMpUWMkrv
rug. SUll ill. a tfcMk tkiahi (aba ktpi awti laaft
ui kty, aa4 aatlaM aarvlaaal absnitria bVm.
1 1 aoalaiaa Ifet tiparitaTrca itrl a4f e a f a ahttiabfj
irheaN rapaiallaa la warl4-wMt, aaS tkaiM Taa la taa art
Tata 4rawr af try aila aod rtajt.it tkroaiasaai tk tailra
f iaa. 11 ataaraMi tTtrtaiaf aa ina tMct ar ua fa-
raUvtarrtitai tkal la wtrta kMwUf.tvaei aaatl, laal iaf-
laiUbaa la aay atktr work.
Aal la aay aat (Itm af tattiAf) far Tin Caata. -
AdartM Or. Iitu' HUpamaar.l.a. 13 K. kUftk ilml
I. Utit, M.
Kotlca to thi elffllctd tni UiiijrtnjiiU.
Htnaw aaslrlsi ts uis aaurtss, sstki wks saVtrHst la
(sbll, teri,r salBf .ay .Mk rSM4ls parM Dr.
tu wsr k as ssatiar what yssr Slissn Is, ar !
ls josr ssaaiilsa. f
Dr. a.iu Mc.pi.1 a SowMs ftsan sf twvaiy-stv
Ma;l slaVM4 krswsrUi,wilMlskrsu asHI- '
s I pnfMMri f Ulii M..U-. as Ksrsps, ss4ia kM
tlu fcrsssillr sr kj sislf, ss lklM.M ai..UBia
kli wwka. OKn soil parlavs, Ss. II a. Klklk VlefS
slwtsa llarktt a Ckiiaat, Sk Usli, at. .
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
the Ga llpolls. McArthur
& Columbus Bailroad Co.
ALI parti having anrSlribed to the cap
Hal stock of the O.. MoA. t C. R. R. r
hereby requited to make payment lo theSee
retaryofthe Company, at his office on thw
Public Square, in Oalln-olla, Ohio, or ifmora
convenient, to Daniel Will, Preairisntof thw
Vinton County Bank, at MeArthor, Ohio, of
an installment ol five dollar ea each share
subscribed, within tea day af tbi date.
august iu, ion,
G.Mca.AC. B. B.Co.
dee 1 171.
sTVt -a fta tlOO in Wall at. often lead to
wkk I fj la lorinnf. Mo risk 8if-pga
IjjJ M. V pamphlet for stamp. Van vis a
Brokers, S Wall St.. N.Y:
ijnUTV with HtetMll Hey
mUllCl Check ontflt. Catelognea ndl
full particular FREE. 8. H. Bpsacaa, UT
Hannover 81. , Bestow.

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