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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 22, 1874, Image 4

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THURSDAY, JAN 22. 1874
Oa sad after Sunday, Nov. t, UTS, tntinw
III raa a follow: Not. a, 4, 1 d1
rwm dailyi all other train daily, Sunlsys excepted.
No. I. No. 3.
I 4opm
1 37m
1 31am
Mail. Cin. El
10 3Ura
t s.tprn
S ilpm
3 Sapm
1 tupm
3 Mpm
4 Wpm
4 llnra
,11 Mum
Suehlaed Fur..U UAum
Ilaavies 11 HI pa
See Furnace
l Mom
I Mum
1 U7am
li aopm
. 1 uupm
.... 1 14pm
4 Vipm
I 16am
3 ttam
C HOaru
7 ouptn
No.!.- Nr. 4.
No. .
Parker.curg -slope
Sssasii.. ......
. 7 Hum
..10 3lhm
,.1U 4inm
... 10 Mam
....II otain
...II lfin
PI. I. Ex.
Hi euam
I 14pm
1 tipm
1 3-'pm
1 4lpm
1 Mioin
t njpni
Hi 30pra
1 14am
1 2.1am
1 :Msm
1 4lnm
1 Min
3 in lam
6 Sitem
Michland Fur..- 11 3Sm
ChiUiooth-....! 4pro
Olnciaoau. thpm
3 lOpm
T UUpm
NO. AND 4 will atop at C. 4 S. Junction,
Lafalaad, Greenfield, Chillicolhe, lianvlen,
Athene, and Bcolt s Lsnding only. NOS. 5
AMD Will .lop all;. a a. junction, Biaisoo
villa Lovelsnd.GreenHeld.nhillicothe, Hum
dee Alheni snddootl's Landing only. NOrt.
1 AMD t will make all slopr
The tales: I Freight going east leaves
Chillieethe at A Sua. m l Ravsville T 16; Rich
laad Furosce, T M; Hamden, arrive 8 SJ
depart f 4i; McArthur, 9 16; Vinton, 10 A3;
Csfeski 11 tt. Doing wet-Z:denci, i 00 p m ;
Vintoa t JO, McAtlhor 1 M; Hamden, arrive
1 ao depart 3 s; Kinhland r urnace, 4 iu;
kav.ville. 4 45: Chilllcnlha, 26.
tn rASI' a rouC, with regular pasenger
ear attached, leavea Athens al i;is r. M,, con
necting with the H. V. K. R., Hope 3 22, Z
iekt 4 0, Tinton 4 , McArihur 4 61, Ham-
dra a l, Richlsnri t W, Chi licothe 7 AO.
will laara Hsradon at 7 2 a.m. and 3 45 p m.
arriving at Port.moulh at 10 20 a m. and o 4Ap.
m. Raturaingtraina ill leave Portamontli at
I 00 a. m, and 1 00 p. m., arriving at Ham
aaa at II CO a. m. and A 06 p. m.
Train oonuect a: I.oveland for all point, on
the Little Miami Railroad, aud at the lndianap
lie and Cincinnati Railroad Juncll n for all
rial. Weal; at Athena, with the Columbus
t Prkerhurg, with the B. k
General Superintendent.
I WILL run a hack from Wilkeaille to
Hamden and return eery Mondny, Wednea
daf , Fndajr and Palurday for ihe aci-ommo
dattaa of paaeengere, making clone connea
Moa with the mail traina on Ihe M. AC. R. R
1 will alao carry aipreae packagea ahipped
la or from point by the Adama fcxnreaa Co.
eepl HiRAl VOWELL.
A Rebel Yell.
This is the way ihe Austin
(Texas) Gazette rejoices over
the Democratic victory in that
State, and of course, you know,
'Democracy is the same every
where:" The bonny blue flag that
bears a single star, went down
in the great civil war, only to
rise more resplendent above
the horizon in this great day
of a regenerated State. Vic
tory perches on the banners of
the Democracy ot the Lone
Star State; thousands are sing
ing hozannas with grateful
hearts, for though the story'of
their wrongs may sound like
an oft-repeated tale to the peo
ple of the far north, those who
hare lived and suffered under
Ihe bitterness of burning
wrongs for so many years as
Tezans have, may well be for
given for rejoicing at deliver
ance from thraldom."
Our State Senator.
From the Marietta Register.
This town RacineJ is the
home of lion. J. R. Philson,
State Senator elect from that
district, lie is a man of large
general information, well read
in the statutes of Ohio, and
will make a valuable member.
He is a genial, good natured
man, fine conversationalist,
hut he has one bad habit. lie
mokes too much. No better
evidence of this is needed than
the fact that he has already,
by, correspondence we believOj
elected his cigar dealer in
Columbus. If be shall only
moke out the legislature, after
it is through its work, and pre
vent too large an appropriation
lor the Constitutional Conven
tion, we will forgive him on
this count.
Mint a mickle makes a
muckle. The five cents savings
tank oi Boston has accounts
with sixty-four thousands de
poaitors, and the amount stand
ingto their credit is upward
ef eleven millions of dollars
The unit is the basis of the
million; take care of the dimes
and the dollars will take care
of themselves.
From the Marietta Register. The "N. Y. Independent on T.
DeWitt Talmage.
The N. Y. Independent says i
Mr. Talmage is a pulpit phenom
enon. He is in dead earnest,
and everj blow tells."
Mr. Talmage bas become edi
tor of the Christian at Work.
Spwgeon, of London, js special
contributor. This is one of the
greatest newspaper combinations
of the day. The office is at 102
Chamber! atreet, N. Y. Speci
men copies mailed free. .
Adyattaiaieau Imaerted at fair prie
Diamond. Watches and Fancv Goods.
XT0VIM repeolfully aay to the elllien. of
V Vinton Co I hat he ha enlarged hie alock
making one of the lerxcH la Ihe Hlate. Our
buaineaa baa ineraeaed every year up lo the
present lime and we leil thankful lo the pub
lic for paat fayora.and are determined to keep
a brge .tock ol every thing u.ual'y found io
a fiiTt-clai'. Jewelry Store, and will keep Ihe
flneal atock of gold and ."lid ilver, lso the
beat Plated Goods , a low aa any hou.e in the
We.t . ,
We keep all the Jiff-rent brand of Ameri
can Walohe Howard, United Htatea, fclyin.
Wnltham and Springfield Manufncturoa, both
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how goods. 24iul
Dr. J. Walker's California
Tinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
tho native herbs found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question Is almost daily askod,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
alloled success of Vinegar Bit
ters!" Our answer is, that they
romovo tho causo of disease, and
the patient recovers his health. They
aro tho great blood purifier and a
life-giving principle, a perfect Iteno
vntor and Invienrator of tho system.
Never before iu the history of tho world
has a medicine been compounded pos
sessing the remarkable cpialitie.i of Vis
soar Bitters in healing tho sick of
every disease man is heir to. They are
a gentle Purgative a9 well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
tho Liver and Visceral Organs, iu Bilious
Diseasos. .
The properties of Dr. Walk-
br's Vinegar IJittkrs are Aporieut, Dia
phoretic, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretio, Sedative, CouDtor-Irritaut,
Sudori" " ' ""-bilious.
n. n. Mcdonald & co
Druggist A Gen. Agts., San Franclico. Califor
nia, A cor. of Washington and Charlton StsN.V.
sola oy iu Druggist sad ueaicrs.
In Zaleskie
THE Znleaki Company, with a view to the
development of the local intercut of Zalea
ki, to Heciire its permanent pioxperily, nid to
add to it population and wealth, are now
orlering to actual aeitieis, town mis ana rarm
land at low price, and on liberal term.
Persons deainni to examine the property
aod to buy cheap houses will apply tit the
Company' offices to
n. l in.ir"iin, jnannger.
Zaleskl, Ohio, May 18, 1871. If
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Machines
"It I Ingenious and will meet Ihe wants of
every matron in the land.1'
Exhibition of 1872.
John E. Gavit, Rec. Sec'y; F A. Barnard,
Pres.; Samuel I). Tilman, Corresponding
new TorK, novemoer iu, itii
This simple and ingmoi machine is sm
useful as the sewing machine, s,nl ufast be
coming popular with Indies, in the tdacenl
expen'ive ntedle work, its work being much
more nanusome, requiring mucn less nme
and not one-tenth part tt.e expense. Ho In
dy's toilet is complete without it A machine
with illustrated circular and lull instructions
sent on receipt of 12 or Buished iu silver plate
Address, The BIcKee ?Innnfactnrln Co.,
u oroaaway. new I oru.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
Is recommended by medical practitioners
and a speedv cure guaranteed for colds,
coughs, cstarrh, asthma, bronchitis, spitting
blood, consumption, and all pulmonsry com
plaints. Kidney diseases snd all hi elions of
the urinal orgsns perfectly harmless free
from mineral or alcoholic properties pleas
ant to take snd never known to, fail Price SI
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timony and certificate sent on application.
Address I. V. HYDE A CO., 194 Seventh Av
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Darts from the Deviljor Oupid Abused
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papers: their history and lesson. Stylish vil
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new lora. isser
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retains run tore absolutely in ease and com
fort night and day, it all time, and under si I
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ever io any case, snd should never be taken
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re. Any druggist or physiotan will order,
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Which is adapted to
All Sewing' Machines,
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III. xsaug
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Worth and Beauty,
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This Anecopy of piece of Nslure' grand
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graced by it- presence.
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The Most Desirable Ees-
deuce in MoArthur.
T OFFER for tale my residence on North
Astreek It consist of a splendid dwelling
house, well finished, inside and out, with
eight rooms and a good cellar. A good office
building, stable, wood snd coal houseand oth
er necei-ary out buildings. The premises
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aecaoorn o. a. DULLIBUH.
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AO. 110 THIRD ST.,
Odd Fellows' Block,
PatJiiAer o
Aid othsr
Siandard Religious Work,
Canvassing geutswMle4 In MT conuty
IB the UaiteS SIM jkaS
From the Jackson Standard.
Letter From Hamden.
To A Editor of t$ Slan&dr'i :
' As t&e Jackion coal fever
is now epidemic, and rapidly
extending to other localities, I
proposo to give your reauera
some of my views of the caasl
lion. , ..t
I hare been reading tbe let
ter of Coates Kinney which you
published in your last week's
iasae. Also an editorial in the
Xenia Torchlight of Deo. 24th,
and another in the Xenia Oa
ZAtte of the 30th, each nearly
as glowing as- UarVey Wells
could desire. Strip those state
ments of superficial possibili
ties down to solid facts and
probabilities, we still have sufli
cient evidence of mineral
wealth in this locality to as
same it to be practically inex
haustible for ages to come.
To obtain a correct knowl
edge ol geology here it is nec
essary to follow two pretty reg
ular and valuable guides. Ihe
gray limestone ore overlaying
oar most regular and extensive
coal vein. And bearing upon
it our moBt valued ore. This
occurs east of the Railroad in
the tops of the higher hills, and
dips to the southeast untj) it
disappears under the streams
in Gallia county. West ot the
Railroad I know of but two
hills high enough to catch it,
one on tbo Allen Austin Farm,
and the other near the resi
dence of Henry Nickels, in
Washington township. ' '
About 137 feet according to
Prof. Andrews, below our first
guide occurs our second, the
lilue limestone, which, like the
gray is accompanied by ore and
coal. This is olten low in the
lulls along the line of the Rail
road, and about a mile above
Young America it disappears
below the s'ream.
Below this lower marker oc
curs a remarkable and valua
ble improvement in the quality
of tbe coal. The first strata
which I will notice occurs in its
greatest known perfection on
the farm of Dr. Wolfe, near
McArthur. This I think will
prove identical with the shad
coal owned by Abraham Wil
bur, about one mile south east
of Uainden. And also with
that once owned by Wm. Oier,
about 2 miles west of Wilbur's
Shaft, on the line of the M. &
C. Railroad. As it is thn opin
ion of several of the coal
men residing between here and
Jackson that the Anthony is
but about 00 leet below the
blue lime instead of 125 as re
ported by Prof. Andrews, I ad.
vise them lo carefully level
from the lime down to the coal,
and if they find the distance
about 83 feet it is the Wolfe
coal instead of the Anthony.
Then if the Anthony can be
found about 40 feet farther
down, nobody should crumble.
The Anthony, Petrea, Win
fough, Scott, Sell, Wellston and
Vinton Furnace shaft coals,
are generally and perhaps cor
rectly regarded as geologically
identical, though varying some
what in thickness and quality.
The extent of '. territory which"
is underlaid by this 'Valuable
coal, is in my opinion much
grealer'than js generally sap-
posed, though many borings for
it bave not. been successful;
yet it bas been found, I think
sufficiently often for us to as
sume that it occurs under one
half of the surface 'of Lick.
Washington and Milton town-i
ships, in Jackson townships, in
Jackson county, and also Rich
land and Clinton in Vinton.
think I have observed a pecu
tiarity of this coal which may
account for its apparent ab
sence in many places. It is a
delicate coal and is rapidly de-
.. .. ' '
composed oy tne weamer, con
sequentjyits outcrop, is often
difficult to find.
Its ' thickness is variable,
principally in its western oat
crop. Ia the eastern portion of
Jackson township, in Jackson
county, and the western pari of
n li . r . a .
Richland, in Vinton, it "fre -
. 1T
quently too thin for profitable
working; but as we trace it fur
ther east it is generally thicker,
So generally is thi the 'ease
that I can think' at present ol
,bat two boflngs where the coal
was fdund at all that the thick
ness would not pay for working,
both occurring about one mile
east and southeast of ilamd&n,
But about half mile further
east, at ilamtien Furnace, 4
feet is said to have been found,
and a half mile wes'tS feet of
partially decomposed coal was
taken but from1 the bottom of1 a
well. It is evidently the opin
ion of Prof. Andrews that this
coal can not exist in the vicin
ity of Hamden, Inconsequence
of the supposed existence ol an
elevation of the Waverly Sand
stone which he refers to as an
evidence of ihe Inequalities ol
its surface in the Geological
Report of 1870, page 60, and
shows it in bis map of Sections
No. 2. I was With Mr. Bullen
tine when a part ot that Sec
lion was made, and am positive
now that tbe blue lime which
served as hia starting point was
at least 20 feet below its natur
al position, and should bave
been shown just above the u ri
per coal instead of between the
two; consequently that "ridge"
is more imaginary than real.
I intended to bave said
sometning of your shaft coal,
but as I know nothing really
new I had better quit.
Rival Anecdotes.
Dr. Robert Chambers tells
tbe following' story, which be
had from the Rev. W. McGreg
or, Stirling. Mr. Finlason,
Town' Clerk' of Stirling in the
latter part ot the seventeenth
century, was noted for the mar
velous in conversation. He
was on a. visit to the last Earl
ot Monteith anil airth, in his
castle ot Talla, on the Locli ol
Monteith, and was about tak
ing leave, when he was asked
by tbe Earl whether he baa
seen the sailing cherry tree.
"No," said Finlason. "What
sort of a thing is ii?" "It is,"
replied the Earl, "a tree that
has grown out of a goose's
mouth from a stone that the
bird bad swallowed, and which
! . J
she bears about with her in
her voyages round the loch
It is now in full Iruit of the
most exquisite flavor. Finla
son," he added, "can you, with
all your powers of memory and
fancy, match my story of the
cherry tree?" "Perhaps I can,"
said Finlason, clearing his
throat, and adding; "When
Oliver Cromwell was at Airtli
one of bis cannon sent a ball
o Stirling, and lodged it in the
mouth of a trumpet which one
ot tbe troopers in the castle
was in the act of sounding"
"Was the trumpeter killed''
said the Earl. aNo, my lord,"
replied Finlason, determined
to outdo the Earl, "in drawing
the long blow he blew the ball
back, and killed the artillery
man who had fired it."
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i .7
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leg of other pictures. Piotures may be
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basket picture, and rndde 1h every way
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amine the patent ""farm gate foi
which George W." Brunton, Mc
Arthur, is the agent in this anr
Jackson county. . it is tne best
and cheapest gate ever designe
i wr a urtn, costing nity per cent
l, thsn j,e 0ld l-sbiined gate
s . . .
and is more durable, . fur it oat
not sag. Examine it when yoi
aira-ii MaArthor't' at.-: r...i :a
If Yotj
' Want a situation,
Want a servant girl,
Want to seill a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to buy or sell a farm,
Want a boardlr.x place,
Want to sell town propt-rty,
Want to sell groceries or drug,
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to sell dry goods or carpet.
Want to li nd customers for anything,
Advertising will jraln new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising snows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise of "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or btmnets man who hat lecoine
prominently rich, has made hit
fortune by judicious advertising.
No exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, at a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so at to meet a note. Ar
guing from thit that if it was
good for him in adversity, ht
could make it still belter in prot
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
S'tme merchants say it is not' worth
while to advertise; for no porson reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
offer worth advertising. How much
mere then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied with rend,
ing matter, are at leisure in the even,
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the most iirportant
item i'f which is where they can find
just what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases. If youi
slock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it if run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would wmt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world tluft you have them, and want
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, n piece of real proper
ty built up in th 9 minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his loculity.
If you lose a watch, n dog or a child,
nr if you desire people not to trust
your wife, yon rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement. Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you ure los
ing by not advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not reaJ by tho pnblie wish to he
convinced or their error, just let them
pvo publicity to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the moBt obscure corner of
country paper, and see - what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertuer't
Advrbtisino is ant to give, ns thai
gentle jug ol conscience which tells us
thai we want a new suit or elothes tor
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
s new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it wnnld be a good plan for
Madame to mark thia passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilise (he world!
YVht do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what Is going on. lo see If there is
enythjng new, or anything that they
want, lo see H the season's styles
bave come in, and to find out who hos
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction, for amusement.
To satisfy curiosty. Because ' they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio Slate Journal
Thi power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful ' advantage
over one that is written or spoken.
this is one ot the many reasons which
gives sn importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do' not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, whioh lies In print
ed matter. ' Spoken words require the
graces of e'.ooution . and the fore of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in'
to nothingness if not caught In their
flight and printed. But there is some'
thing in the silent language, tbe quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it
marveorHis lores ami muueruoe. ' onu
ness men should never permit them'
-elves to loose sight of what ' may be
tocomptished by a persevering use of
'no priming presses, uesra so surer
iie, od then the "bow, wbes and
where of; it, and, yoe L.wiU have
knowledge worth having.
' WlkaXT, SBatl-WlULr AMD UaA-t,
TBK WEBtTLT CN I too widely aaowa
lo require an; extended reeommaadatioal
bnl the reasons whu-h k already given w
in; thousand subserihera, am) rtie Bj. wiM. .
w hope, give it manv thousand more, are
biiefl; follows t
It l a lrUrmte newspaper. All Ibe ewamef
Ihe 4s; will be found in it. condensed whB
Unimportant, al full length wheaof momeot,
and ways presented in a clear, intelligible,
and interesting msnner. , . .
II isa flral-rate family paper, full ot eaters .
isining snd instructive reading oCry kladV .
but eonisining nothing that can oOeod tod
most dels-st and srruptiloe tet.
Hi aftrst-raieslor; paper. Th besl tale
and romances of current literature adear."
full; selected and eg'Wy printed ia its Da-,
Ilia a ht-rt arf'icullurtl pap. The
mnstfre.h snd instructive article oa acri.
culiunl topic regularly appear in IblaUe
partment. .
It Is sn Independent polities! paper, belong'
Ing to no p,rt; and wearirg no collar. It 8f hT(
for priuuiple and the eleeiinn of the best meal
to office It espeiinlly devotes iltsnergte to
the eipositre of the great corruptions that
now weaken aud disgrace out country, and
threaten lo undermine republican insliUiUo
altogether, it hn nolear ol anavee, aad ak
no flivor cf their su'iurters.
It reports 'hi fsshions for tbelsdle and Ihe
markets for the men, especially the eallle
markets, to which it ny psriiculsr ttentioa.
Finsliy, it i the cnespeel per published.
One doiir s year will tci:re it for anl sub
cither. ia not nereasarv io get up kclolk
in order to have TH E W hKK Lf f Uf) at Ihlir
rsle. Any ne who send a single dollar will
get ths paper tor a yesr
THE WKF.HLY rjf. Eight pages,
fifty-six column-. Only 1 a jear. KooiiV
t'Oimls t'roni thisrnte.
THE Kt:.Ml-WKf:KI.Y SCW.-Sme
sise as the liHily Sun. SS(JOs)esr. A dis
count of 80 per cent to clubs of 10 or otsr.
TllR ItAII.Y Kl'N.-A large loUf r.se
newspsper of tsi nl' eifht soil dim, ail;
eirniiislion over 1120,000. All the new. for
t cents. 8ul,Miri'lioii prii.-i SO cents moDlh,
or to year- 'in clubs ol lOur over.sdi
count ol SO rer ?ent.
Address "THE Hi N, New Terfc CHr.
1 TTt
XII AD 1 i
I the only Known Rcmnly for Brlslit' Dl
eaw and lias cured every cow of lliubsle ia
wiilrh It lis been given, lrill.Hiiunif the Neck
of the lilnddi-r suit Inflammation of thn Kidneys,
Ulceration of thu Kidneys and Madder, ltd
tiiin of Urine. Discum- of tint l'rostnta Gland,
Stone In Hie Uliiddsr. (Irnvrl, Hrlek Unst Deposit,
and Mucous or Milky Dlrchsrge, and for En
feebled mid l)ellcnlu Constitutions of both Sexes,
alfiidt-d with the following symptoms: Los
of IVwcr, Los of Memory. l)lf!culty of Drrsthr
ItiL', Wenk Nerves, Wakefulness, Tain in the
Hack, Flushing "f the Bud;. Eruption on ths Fste,
i'sllld Coimtonsncu, lassitude of the Syslewi, eta.
lscd by perrons Iu tlio derllne or t hongn ef
life; ftcr condiiemcut or lubur jialns, bed-wef-Uug
in children, ct. ,
In many afferllons peculiar to ladles, tbe Eg
tract lttichu is mirqnalcd by any other remedy
A in Chlorosis or Ketetilion, Irregularity. Fain,
fulness or Suppression of Citstomnr; Evacuslinns,
Ulcerated or ftchlrnis stste of tho I tome. Lea.
eorrhoMi or Whites, Ptcrlllt;, and for all com
plaint Incident to the sex. Jt Is prescribed
extensively by the most eminent Plirsirisns snd
Mid wires for enfeebled and dcUcaia consUtn
lions of both sexes and all aces. r ,
"itrr$ Dluaui AtiHnif from Inprudtntti,
Ifibili of DitHixitinn, Etc., In all Ibcir stage, at
llttlo expense, little or no chsngo in diet, no UV
convcniencc, and no exposure. It causes a fre
qnent doslrc, and elves strength to nriuste.
thereby removing OtHtrnctlons,Treventkig snd
Curing Stricture of the Urethra. Allaying Fslnj
and Inflammation, so freqnent In this class of dls
ease, and expelling nil poisonous matter, '
ll.flO per hnttle or six bottles for fS.OO, delivered
to sny sddrcss, secure from observations Sold af
dniffEists everywhere. Irepsred b; .
KBArtNEY A CO., 104 Puan St, N. T.
to whom all letters f -formatlou shenld V
Ko Ohargt for Advlot and Ceniultatita:
T)r. J. It fryt'tt, Cradnntoof J- frrro M'4irot
CotUa; Philadelphia, snlliur of scversl valnsbiw
works, can he consulted on all rilscast'j of Ihe
Sexual or Urinary Orgsns, (which hi Its and
sn especial study), cither In main ft female, M
matter from v. but causa originating, or ol lovf
Ion? standing. A prncilco of SO ;er enable
hint to irvnt diseasca with snccess. Cures' raae
anteccL Charge reasonable. Those at n dis
tance can forward letter describing symptom,
and enclosing stamp to prepay postsgc.
bcud lor tlw Umitt tn llra.th. Price M cent.
1. B. DVOT'I', M. I'., I'hysicinii ami Surgoon,
101 Duauo tit., New York.
ta smm! Aiaw'l A rivU Cansrisrtatisj
AQXriag0lrrt4 .r Ik.-
-m m w lrry b tht pbyskttoffkil
CU.ld.fi I tri rtvaUllMMf
thtMiulayat?m, wlih lh
taiast ilatwrtfief la prodwlsi Mid yrtf mitm wAiprUi a
fcowtaprswrvieitenptoxiesa,t. ?,
Thiit i tottreeUag wtrk f iw fcalrdMe1alit7
Mitwlih Horiis enfntvtici, m4 siitM alukl
h forma tlos far tboMhreairrlel,rctplatMe
rtaft, StUllilss. ImsjIi tkatsMffhtu W ktMMWMll
sdky, fto1 otll4 sartUsaly abmi tbe komm
II eoiulu lb fliparteMSj usl a4tc f ft pbTsfcU
VkoMrtpuwHea U world-wide), aad ikiiMWIi Um pri
eu 4rawtr r trtry a4 hnile tt.rchiti ikt tattt
globe. Jl tabrtsoea sverylilag the aubitet I iht ftV
raUTesyiua tbal la worth kMiis,sa. KKhUui U
I pwbllshed ia aay ether wtrk
SslUaayM(rerp4mae)lr?tftr(Vflle. 1 ' .1
AddrttaDr. BtlU'BUpiafll.e.ia.'4UlVw 4
lU Leal, Mt. ' . :
Kotlw to tha -ifflicUd mi VziiMliuti-
Vttbrt applyrng to the aaierkaa aaaihi wha adtertias laj
tablli papeira.er aalaf aay quack remedial pcraaa Dr
tta' work a natter whaiyaardlsaMir at hw 4pkr
ftalajaer aaadliiaa t - .M .
aablla papeira.er aalaf aay ejaack remedial peraae Dr
pr. ISttS iccipifl vouoier assiBfj ! iwiiy-7yri
taami;l atadoraed byiamaaf th awatitftarauil audi
talprefHaaraaf thtacaaatrr aa4 Kirapa, aad aaa aaaaa
I aatuel pcraaaally ar by mat 1,01 taadUaaaaa anaiiad laj
tawaria. umea aaa parira,fla. sa je. asiai HfTm.,t
btiwaaa lUrbii aad CbaiBut, fit. Laaia, Ma. .. m ,
. .
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galpolis, McArthur
the Galpolis, McArthur & Coumbus Railroad Co.
ALT, parties bavins subscribed lothe cap
its! stock ol tbe G MeA. t C. B. R. are
hereby requiied to make payment to IheSee
retary oi me v
Public Square,
convenient, to
he Company,! bis office oa the'
jare, in Oallipolis, Okie, or if snore ,
it, to lisniel Will, President of lit
Vinton Count; Bank, at MeArthur, Ohio, of
an installment ol Ave dollsr en esck,hre n
.0 aubsenbed , within tea day of Ikis dale.
August iu, ISfl.
dee S 1871.
If nklCV1"'4''1" wl'h Stencil A Key
MUriCF Check omfits. CsUlognee sad
full particulars FREE. . 8. ; M. Bpiscla, rll
Hannover St. , Boston.
sA .UJDii

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