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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 29, 1874, Image 2

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Tbi Logan papers ' were
greatly exorcised at the rail
road war which has prevailed
in Gallia county lor the past
two years, and gave that as an
excuse for Loganites not sub
scribing to the 0. UcA.A 0. R.
It We are .only too happy to
announce that the war has ter
minated In the most complete
triumph oi the railroad forces
those who are determined the
road shall be built, tod all have
ettled down into quiet broth
erly love and affection, and the
can will be running nearly to
the north line of Via too county
just aa quick as muscle ean
bui!d t wo miles of roadbed and
lay the iron, unless something
nriioreBSin- and unexpected
should occur in the financial
world,' 150,000 and three
month's time, or less perhaps,
will enable the company to
make Logan the terminus, in
stead of Hams'. If there is any
enterprise about the people of
Logan now is the time for them
to give ua a practical demon
stration of iU Talk's talk but
it takes money to pay men for
grading a railroad.
llts talk oi the movement ot
the ladies in iavor of temper
ance as ol something new un
der the son. It is as old as
Christianity itself -it is re
turn to genuine primitive
Christianity. Christ and the
Apostles did but little of their
work in the synagogues; but
went into the highways and
byways, to the Jews and the
Gentiles, in prisons and in tem
ples, and taught the fellowship
of all men. They sought out
the sinners and by lessons of
love and affection won them to
the path of duty. With each
weapons, coupled with zeal
and persistence, this work en
tered upon by the ladies will
spread, and work out a reform
second to none the world has
ever known.
Apropos oi the temperance
movement there is a little mat
ter. connected with the assess
ment of the tax on retail liq
uor dealers by the United
States which is misunderstood
by some, it being supposed
that this government grants a
license or permit. Such is not
tue case. We quote the law,
which is 60 plum that none
can err in understanding iU
"Sec. 59. And he it further
enacted. That the following
special taxes shall be, and are
hereby, imposed; that is to
"Retail dealers in liquors
hall pay twenty-five dollars.
Every person who sells or offers
for sale foreign or domestic
distilled spirits, wines, or malt
liquors, in less quantities than
five gallons at the same time,
shall be regarded as a retail
dealer in liquors."
The law then goes on and
describes wholesale dealers
and distillers, and continuous:
But f the payment ' of any
special tax .imposed by this act
shall not be held or construed
o exempt any person carrying
on any trade, business, or pro
essioa from any penalty or
punishment therefor provided
by the laws of any. State; nor
to authorize the commence
xnent or continuance of any
such trad v business, or pro
fession, contrary to the laws ot
any State, or in places prohib
ited , by municipal law; nor
stall the payment of any such
tax be held or construed to
prohibit'or prevent any State
from placing a duty or tax on
the same' trade, business, . or
profession for State or other
All . the train and track
bands of the M. & 0. R R.
have been put on full time, in
consequence of the increased
business on the road.
Chiixicothi will celebrate
the 22d of February, and her
military will entertain two
Companies from Cincinnati.
Soxk Y. M. C. A. correspond
ent hM written a communica
tion to the Euqulrer to show
that we were disposed to scoff
at prayer, The occasion is that
e said lajtr week that theY.
M. C. A. bad prayed lor a tem
perance reform so long that
they: ran. out of wind before
they got into action. It the
correspondent had as much
brains aa a fried oyster he
would know that we simply re
corded facts, without comment
or attempt to cast a slur upon
prayer. The article was in
tended to let facts rebuke their
failure to act and we are glad
to tee the correspondent "feel
the shoe plnchns" if IherY.
M. 0. A. is to be known only
by "much prayer" and commu
nications so destitute of com
mon courtesynot to say
Christianity as that ' in the
Enquirer, their "exceeding
rigbteousnees" will shine with
the same light aa that of the
Pharisees of old.
Editor Record: The ladies
of this place, as yoo are aware,
are engaged in a temperance
crusade, using as their weapons
of warfare love, persuasion, en
treaty, prayer. The churches
all endorse the movement Be
sides the churches there are
three institutions in our midst
which profess to have forjtheir
objects of association the ame
lioration and elevation of their
fellow men. I refer to the Ma
sons, the Odd Fellows, and the
Patrons of Husbandry. There
was never a better1 time than
the present for them speak out.
We know how many of them
stand individually. Are they
with us in their associated ca
A deplobablk homicide oc
curred witnin two miles of
West Jefferson' 0., on the 4tb
lost., while Clinton Kouff, age
17, son of a widow, was play
ing on the violin, be was inter
rupted by his si8ter,an esteem
ed young lady, who jerked the
bow from his hand and entreat
ed bim to cease playing on
Sunday. Finding her efforts
of no avail she started to an
adjoining room to inform her
mother of his action when the
young man became enragged,
seized the fire poker, and struek
her on the head, inflicting a
wound from which she died al
most instantly.
Tub number ot Granges or
ganized in the United States
up to December 1st was 8.835,
with a membership of 602,665.
These numbers have been ma
terially added to since that
date, as the organization of
new Granges was never so ac
tive as at present. It would
he a very low estimate to put
the number of Granges now
organized at 10,000, and the
members 1,000000
"Dutch Mip" wb-bad pep.
haps the finest saloon in Ports-
mouth;1 bab thrown . up the
sponge to the: ladies, of that
city, and arded to, 6)11 no more
liquors. Mike .invited the la
dies to come, jiist lor the fan of
the thing, and was the first to
succumb to their persuasion.
The ladies are encouraged at
their success, and are pushing
the column.
Thi Rev. J. M. Drake and
wife, of Lima, Ohio, hare just
died from poisoning. . They
were preparing to paper a room
in theif bouse, and la tearing
down the old paper, which was
a deep greet color, a dust .was
created which was inhaled by
them, and they were 1 poisoned
by it. They died within a short
time of each other, and were
burled on the same day.
Tbb Portsmouth Mayor's of
fice and calaboose were de
stroyed by fire last Fridaynight.
Wm.Dunn, a young man twenty
two years of age was seriously
injured by a fall from the roof
of an adjoining bouse..
Tbb Postmaster General rac-
ommei ds the tree transports
tion of weekly ' newspapers
within' the counties ot their
publication, which was hereto
fore lorbiddeni "
445 JnGarteJl oaaly,
read in an almanao thU bis
could be kept warm by
his boots wjth cayenne
pepper.. Lie ;4on.'t feef: much,
like waklng now, lot ha says
he would like to Hnd Jhe man
what put that inihe almanac.''
Portsmouth is agitating the
question of building a bone for
destitute children. 'Marietta
has one, which we regard as
the foremost charitable institu
tion of the age. We wish there
was one. in every county in
Tub Athens Asylum is now
ready for the reception of pa
tients, one manrfrom southeas
tern Ohio, we believe, having
already been received. '
Or the Governors that Ohio
has had lour of them have been
from Ross county, viz.: Edward
Tiffin, Thomas Worthington,
Duncan McArthur, and Wil
liam Allen.
Tub Republicans of ' New
Uamp6hire have nominated a
Granger one who works in
the fields with his bands for
Governor. The election occurs
on the 10th of Mrcb.
It is not true, as we reported
sometime since, that Gen. Fre
mont was'fatally afflicted with
cancer in the stomach. Mrs.
F." writes that the General is in
excellent health. .
Dii( Felto? says he has the
finest line of .'calicoes ever
brought to this market.' '. '
"You might nearly as well
forget 'your churches, your
academies and school houses as
to forget your local paper. It
speaks to ten times the audi
ence that your local minister
does. It is read eagerly each
week from beginning to end.
It roaches you all, and, if it
has a lower spirit and less wis
dom, it has a thousand times
better, chance at yon. Lying,
as it does, on every table, in
almost every louse, yoo. rally
to its liberal support, and ex
act from it as able, heightened
a character as you. do from any
educator in your midst. It is
in no sense beneath your no
tice and care unless yon your.
self .are' beneath .notice and
care-j-for it is your representa
tive. Indeed, in it character
it is the summation of the im
portance, interest and welfare
of you all. It is the aggregate
of your consequence, and you
can not ignore it without mis
N. Y. Times.
ADTKBTUina . remind people of
things they hut been moling til
along, but had forgotten all about
Trees! h Flowers! Bulbs!
Hanerj Stock! Frnit&Flower Flates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
SOfl acres; tli yean It greenhouse. (Ml
Apple, 1,000 1 jr., IM; I y. fat; Sy. S4o,-4y fas
4 calaloguee, SO eenta. .Ijul2m
Road Notice.
NOTICE "it keraby glva that a astilioa
ill ba prentd u Ih OommiKion.fi
of Vlalea eaaatr, at htr aatt mmki, la tw
hld oa tha Irtl Mondr f March. 1ST pray,
tnglbrtae labhrhaint of oouoty read
abtag tba following; described rout ia id
eouaty, to wit Beirinning at pewit la tka
center alt ha eunly road iMdint oat Jaa-
thaa W tln' hen, akont 10 rod watt of
sua wiotrr noua (in Elk towhenia. Via.
toa eouaty, Ohio) taeet rwaalag- la a north
atrlY direction, lha aearaet aad boat root
through (ha laada ol Jaaatkaa Winter aad
Mar? Ri.hmoad to a poinl at ar aeer tht
aorlhw.at ornrof t. D; W,r tardea,
thaaea ia aa ea.Mrly dlretia rhroagh th
laadaofaaid E. V. Wolf aad Pilia. Ward A
Co.. aouih af tha wator aaill of aaid Gllataa,
Ward Ce.. aad aloof; lha aoatn linoof ib
lot of land owned by Bannaita Wilsea, aad
intraoting tb Jtekto aad MeArtfear road
at a aaiat aboat UA foot a at a r.1 th .t,,h
Iina of lha eorparata brail tha tnH.g of
tiMiigor, m ana bib tOWB.IIB, TlatOI
owinly, Obi. aad Ihora la aad.
1 . ,..10ST. WlSTKaf,'
. Pnaatpal Patilioaar.
Jaaoarj t, UTi. . . .vr. s
Probate Notice.
Pxplatt Court Vinton County, Ohio.
VOTICB la her.br (Irea that Rebartd.
J., Charlaa B. aod -loaoph M- Ooudaa. mioor.,
haa Hlad horaie hi aeenanbl, wtoarllT, with
aaid ward, for Inal aaltiamaat with h tnt
twoBamod, and partial ailh lha othra.and
lhalaaid aneennU ar aot tor bWrng oa lb
tth day af Ftbreary, A. D.1IT4. at It o'clock,
A.M. fl. H. MATOl
' FrobaiaJodna.
January , 174, 4t
Probate Notice.
PrcbaU Court Vinton County, Ohio.
OTTrfc i, hmhj iTa (hat l,athr Botoa
aod Martha Folra.admMiatratora f IB.
tt of Jool Bola, dcMd, ka SUd
brrla lhtraouHtwith aaid Mlalo for baal
aotlhtmtM, aad lhal lha Ma. la M for baar.
aa oa lha llth dav ar ttbntrw, A. D. lit,
alHo,loek,A.M. H. B. MA TO,
. rroMteMdav.
; Joha M. Biota,' VUlniiS,
'' " r ' Agiinat
Thomtt U. Lj tit, t.tl, Defendant.
s L v Am nVBI Af MAI c
Tba Biutm at ObU, Ttaloa Coaaly, a.
XTOT'OK m harcby pia thai I will oflr
ll for Mia at puMia aaelioa a lha dor of
lh Court Uoum ia lh Iowa ol tdCArlhur,
VialoaConatT.ubio.oa. . .
Friday, FtVuiry 27th, A. D. 1874.
at oa lrlek, P. M. t aaid day. Th aa
dirinad li-aiilh ol lha folliwiag raal
oalal ailaaiad ia lha touaiy of TiBloa and
blalo al Obia, aad id Riohlaad and HarriMta
kaabi a aad boadd aad deten d aa rbl
law, to will Th (oath half of lb aorib
wm4 nartor f aaelioa lhirty-oa,l la la
abip ala. raag igbtoa. I. Alto lh
Bilb-oal eaartor lb aorib wtquartr.
aad lha artb-wl qoanr of th aorth-aarl
quart of aaatioa Ihirlf.oao, l la Uwa.bip
ad raai aforaa.d. Aiao tba aontha.t
oaMtor ot lb aonht quarter rf aaciM
iainyMi i
irtyMi M ia toaaahla bib. l raaaa am-
toar.l. Aiao tba aoribwtqoartorW tha
Bortb-t auarMr of aiioa lliirty aaa, II,
Ato Ik Muth-v! quarwr af ib ulb
UI aarlr f axrlioa thirty, M lowathiB
Biao, raagighta. It f aod axc.pl lb
Bnb-wl qaarlar of lb artb-il qurtr
of oeiioaj lkiitTa, At lowaibia a i a, C
raag igblB', II Iwiag lha aam laBda oo.
fyd to 4. M. Lytl b tirg DiokiBaaa aad
wila by dad datd Oclobw l. 1171 aad eoa
laldiag Iw hoadr.d ad ihy lw lt cra
ror r lM,ar and aicapllwaaly 10 Mr
of lb aoi lh aad o( lh aouih-aaat Barter f
Iba aonih-aaal qimri.rof mcKob thirty, ?W
towaahip aloa, taoga aightata, 1 ruoaiag
panill al aad watt.
. TbRMdUKSALKCaahoadayofaal.
Ta b hH aa lha property of Tha. M. Ly
ll, t al, lo (ifjr aa ordar f tal it toror
of John M. Sloaa, i.auad from lha I'ourt of
Comiaoa Plaa at. Violoa eouBly, Ohiu, aad
la m directed aPk.nil af aaideoualy.
flf badarmy hand Ibia Ud day of Jaau.
aly, A.p.mi
Bherid Viulou Couuty.
JaaaaryM,ieT4. km.
Tbb QBiaapltd fator tnaonlcd lo thia
Maaaatne by Iba pobiia, eoablmi aa to auiar
a no a the ooming yer nh lh moan, of bm.
kiag II aiora allraallre aad luNo thaa
r bior to lit large aad iDcrMing numb-.r
of rdra oa both aldaa of Iba Alitalia, 'l ha
enal alary of tha year,
by M itt-Traftea, ia a ebarmlng lor itorf by
a gifted wnier, whinb It duu.d ta a wiua
aopalarilT, ,
Tberawill ba brilliant aTlellt aad lh
b.H abort ttoriaa. by Sax Ualai, Ural
arte, aad other diighlAil aurylellara.
A aentl ef Mnkinn and aniqux peaiua.wilh
illuatraltoaa, 'L0 TIME Mi t MIC
by . P.. Taylor, kaoea lei hia brilliatt
eBtrilMlMBt to lh W rater Preai will iog
le it egata the mu.ie of ihabpinoiag Wheal,
Tb Flail, lb Blagoeb, Tb Mill, eu.
' Ponraitt aod biographical akelchea f
aaientaa utneraj paper oa vairy rarwiiBK
aad air raiaiag in Earope, oa hoiaeaold
danonriioa aad lurailur, baaidea (aoroibaa
Bltf other illustrated article ara Baa lo are
parallot. ' . .
the rro.t Imparlaat and exp.niire uriei of
lllualralad papara er.r .underlnkea by ay
rnaiiaaioa will be cenlinued through the year,
la the beeeaiber auuiber wa compute the
paper oa Louieiana, I lia t.t in orlr will
bath Lone Hiar Hut.; The Mouulaio he
ginaa nT lb doulh; The Iron Kagioaa of Mia
aouri, 4o.,. to. llieae, ailh the aud
editorial diKuaaiuna ol literature, acieaca
and art, aketehe el Irarel, occaaiuoal pnaina
and clckitga, will make Bp a magaitu of
Chntlno Literature deaignad lo be
Tb beiaberumta(ao rd'y)halB
bl arliol oa 'lha Keeumption of Bnert
Paym.ot, ky tr. Alwator, poem by bri
Marl, MUoeaid and tubtra. Theeea.iua
alma of lh two aanal aloriei, ahorter iluriea,
tpleadid ilaaraliaa ef Hew Orleaoa, lha
Pari ef aiA.ncai.lc.
KdJIrala by lar. aad abl eorpi f wn
era. Teplea el lh Tim b? lr Holland, ia
wkioh h ruiljee to sorre Religiou Newa
paparaj" a laughabl tching, ao A. Aa
alartoiBiBf auaabar.
Tb Holiday o. of 0t. KICHOLAS.
uraplaadia Kw llluatrated Magaiia for
Girl .and Boy, th Suuir la.UaJ, will be
aaat to' all tli aubtcriber of Horiboer'
Monthly for IMt, Alap the Norember aod
lieeember BBmhera of ol, tchola not free
to tboae whsaukKcrib for both manaiBM.
Tb July atnibor af eoribotr'a Mooiliiy ooo
taiBiog Hie ialredurlury anic a of Tht Ureal
South aeriea, aent lo aubacribera to eVrihner
who reqi.eal it when making their aubeenp.
Serihnar't Monthly ft 00, 81. Rieholaa
li.w a year, or f iur txitn.
HNtK A CO., CM BlOipwiT, N.Y.
By Order of the Probate
Court, Vinton County, O.
On Saturday Feb. 38,
AMJo'eloek tit he afternoon, at the door of th
Court Hon. in ih town of Mc Arthur, will b
told to th highrat bidder. Th following
real eatate atthe property ol Abram I,. Hun
lar, deceued, to wit! one andinHrd tenth
eet of Iba MMlh-at quarter of the aonth
weet quarter of taction Iwenly-eighl, (28) lha
aorth half of the aorth'went quarter of aertion
thirty-three, (M) and lh north ea.l quarter
of th north -tut quarter of aectios thirty-two
(31) except aiae acren out ol the touth-weat
eoroer or aaid leaf damno" rrant all of aaid
landa I ring and being in lownrhip rleteo, (II )
at rang erwiteea (IT) contatnitg on bun.
dred and tlltj- two (IK2) acre, more or Ime
the aaid oa haBdred aad atxtf-lwo arrea bar
ing rteerendee to aaid decedent, Abram h
Bunter aad Ua o-hira from their lathe',
Job a Hunter, deoeaeed, and being .nhie.H to
th dower of lh .aid Sarah Hnol.r, widow of
th aaid John H unter, ni oaa of I he delend
anta herein. Appraid al three hundred aad
xtT'erea dollar and thlrty-nr cent.
TERMS OF8ALE.'i-0h ia hand.
AdminiatnUni ol Abram L. Hunter, de
eeaaed. ,
H.C.Joatu, Attorney, ' lideelw
Probate Notice.
, eeBBMtaBBaV
Probata Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE it hereby giyen that' Predanck
Cradlebaugh, a Guaidian. ol Emma A.
Hramer, miuor, h kied herein hiaaoeount
with ht aaid ward for partial eettlement; and
hat lh earn la tet for hearing oo tha 7th
day ol February, A. D. Irtl a', lOo'clock, A.M
fl.B. MAYO, Probata Judge.
January IB, 1174. 4t
New aad aeeoad haad.of Irvl-olaaa makera,
will be aold al lover price, for eaan, or oo ita
wtollmeal. la oily or country, durint thi fi
nancial erieir- and th hoiidayt by HORACE
WATERS AWN, ttl Broadway, than erer he
fore eflered ia New York. Ageola wanted lo
ell Wator' Celebrated Pianoa, Concerto aod
Orcbetlral Urgaa. Illuatraled eataloguea
Buitod, Great iBdueameoUr to the trade. A
Urge diteoUBl to loittora.churcbeii Buaday
oebooU, ato..' .- . t .
Wood'i Household Magazine
& X TO 45 1 K. dT mtdo by eDYalng
ffiO W e? lOior thi nagaiiao-aow ia
lit 14th tbi. with ebromo,
14x20 Utehea la IT Oil Caler. ' ; i
Magatina on year, with mounted chromo.
f 2 oo
Maaatine. on 'jeay, iwitb nnmonnted eho-
rao,l M , , .
Magaatne. aloaa, om year. It OO '
Examine oar elubbinc and ore minai liata
Two It ret elaaa penojk-ala lor lha price of
vav. ne aoirai.aapenenewi eanraaaera aad
othera to trad at oace for tor ma and epeei
men magaaiD. Addreea 8. . BUUTK.
Pjb itbtr, 41 Park Row, M. T. City or Hew
burgh, M, T.
Will preloag their Urea, snake better lumber
aad WB osotey oaetor aad (aaier, by tuiag
Deeeriptlre circular t upon applieation.
'UfKES, DATI8 i 00. , ladiaaBpolit. Iod.
a-!T-a faU9IOOIa Wall at. oft a bade to
"k a tortaaa. Ho nk it-p
flJa. VpMriphlo for trap. VtaaTB
TiiniMi Co., Baakars aa4
. - r '
AlwaysKeeps aFullLineof
Frh Drujrs, Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors lor Me
dlclual purpotes.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps, Ilslr
Oils, Pomade, Hair, Nail, Tooth, Flesh
and Clothes Brashes, Combs,
School Books,. Blank Books, Copy
Books, Pens, Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Enrelopes, Slates.
Fine Cut, Plug, ( hewlnc and Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigar, Plpts.
Ijtnterns, Lmp,CliImney, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A full line ofGold.Coral, Jet, Topnx,
A methjot, Agate, Qarnett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Ear Kings, Necklaces
Blctve Butt jus.
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma.
Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin and Uuitar Striugs.
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boies, and an end
less variety ot Toys.
1 ara also agent for all the Mnga
sines, Periodicals, Literary and Dully
Papers, which I furnish from three
days to a week In advance of those
furnished by mall.
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
AIS Tn gf'ABTHl'B, O.
State of Ohio, Vinton Co,8t-
Benont Iliiton and Wife, Plaintiff,
Ilenry Iloffbinef, Defendant
iur viktojt cocsiXY coiubt or
NOT1CR ia hereby girea that 1 will ollor
for .ale al ptibl it- am'lioo nt the door of t he
Court House m McArthur, Ohio, on
Monday, the 9th Day of February,
A. D. 1874,
At th hunr of 1 o'clock P. M. of amd
day, the following rrnl eatate, ailunle in
county of Vinton, and Htalo of Ohio, to wit:
the weal half of the north-wert qiinrter of
trcuoo three, () containing eighty (8U)
acre. Alan part of lh north e.ht quarter ol
ate tion four. (4) commencing at the north
ea.l corner of .aid rei4k.i thrme icouth with
aaid aectioa line to the middle of aaid eertion.
thence weal lo Iho Marietta A Cincinnati Kail
road, Ihrnce Bortn-etxt with aaid railroad ao
aa lo Interned the h ret. named line or place
of begiaoins eoataining lorly (Ki)acre, mora
or Im. All ol the bov de-enbed landt and
tenement, being and lying in lowanhip ten,
lOof range aerenteen IT.
Apiried at four thoutaod two hundred
dollara St.iOO.
TEKM.HOK8ALE.-CMh on day ol Ml.
Taken a th proptrry of Ilenry llolthinea
on an Execulioa ia far or ot Heooni Uix.on
and wife iaaued by the Court of Common
Pleat of theconnty ol Vinton and lo me di
reeled a Hhenltot aaid county.' titten omler
my bind Hut 7lh d of leniiary, A. I 17I.
ci host (J C KALEM,
Shenltof Viotoa County, O.
January Slh, 1874. , tw
' A fine tot of " '
blaistk: BQOKS,&;0.
Also a full line of pure
fresh Drugs,. Jledi'
, cines, CJiemicals,
. r Gfasi&utty, ; , ;
Varnish" .
u h : and Dye ;
' Stuffs, Perfvm-
ery, JSoaps, Toilet Ar
ticles, JSfotions, Jewelry, etc.
A large Lot of Notion- at
verj low Price.. . 7.
Horth Side Main 8t. two Soon
r Wett of , Market, ;
. lOjul Mil -V ' , ' ; O '..
JT How ilheeex mat fuecii alt and gxln
lha lore and eflectioBa of any paraoa they
ehoo, iBetaally Thai timpw Biebitl w
quiremeat aneaa poaew, tree by mail lor U.
cant; togetberwith a Harp air nuide,Egypt-
wnurBrie, areama, mat to utflie. a qoeer
book 100,000 told Adore x WlIXliN
COrQbbtars,FbiJadipaia -
. . ' . I J.. , A '
State of Ohio, Vinson Count
D. B. 6hIvel,Tlaintia;
Situs Smith, Defendant.
Sl.0i l'I.KAlta
P0R9t'A NT lo Ih eninmand ofan Order of
Male na J. P. Traawripl ieeaed from the
Oourtcf I'otnmon I'leeaof Vinlon County, and
lo ma directed a Hli-nlt .f .aid county, I will
orTer lor aal at the door ol lh Court Hnoae,
ia lii Iowa f McArthur,ViDtoaCouBiy,lbio,
batwday, tht 3tt Day of January, 1S74
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. or aaid day lh
following deeunbed land, aad teBenirnle, .Ku
ala ia thecoooty of Violoa d kltld oi'Obio,
lo wit:
The Borlh-weal quarter of the outh-eat
quarter of eeclion eighteen, (18) loanchip
tea, (Hi) range aixteen, (16) ia the ohm Corn
paay I purchat. coataiatag forty (t) acret
mora or leaa, anld landt being eltael in Via
toe county. Ohio
Appraieed at nine hundred dollar. (Sono.)
aod null bring two, third ofthat anm.
To b aoldaa the properly of Mla Hmtthj lo
eati.ty a teadi order or aale, iaaued from Ih
Court of Common Plea in laror of 1). B. Hhn
i. TERMS OF 8ALK. Ca.h.
Bherid ol Vinton county.
U. 8. ClATpooia, Atloroey for plaiolilt.
Jan. I, IB74.
State of Ohio, finton County
Jonuthan Blore, Plaintiff,
ilenry Wlnkleman, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common
Pleat An Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to lh command ofan Order of
8nle imiued from tlvaeOourt of Common
Pleaa of Vinlon CountTTand lo me directed
aa bhertfl of aaid county, I will oftrr fot anle al
tha dour ol the Court Home, in th town ol
McArthur, Viuton County, Ohio, on
Paturday, the 31st D&j of JaDuary,
A.D. 1874,
at tha hour of 1 o'clock, P. M. of aaid day, tht
following deanribed lunila an-i tenemeuta, ail
uate ia lha county of Vinton and Hlnle ot Ohio
atid hounded and deaoribnd aa followH lo wit:
nommeniing at the .outli-west corner ol
fraclion No. eighteen (18) in aecflont Not,
Iweuty-or an.i twroir Iwo (il a 12) Ihenc
e't on the aouth of aaid frai:tioo ao far I hut
a line running north to the north line orfrno.
lion No. eeventeeo (17) parallel lo the weal
line of aad Iran lion No. aerenteen. (17) in
.ection twenty-two (2-J) Iheone went lo the
corner ol raid (motion No .ereutean, (17)
theuce aouth to In place of beninnir,gon
aa to include and contain one hundred and
aixty (lot)) acre, of land la towurhip No. ten,
,(IU) range aixleen, (Hi)
Ippmi.i'd at four l(ionand eight hundred
itoilara, H.tuu rnu must bring two-lhirut or
To lie .old aa I lie property of Henry Winkle
man to entialy nn oMer ot le,i ued from ilic
Coiitt ot Common Plea in liitror of Jonntiian
'I KK MS OF 6AM?: Ca.h in h-ml on tht day
of tale. UKORCJE HAI.KH,
bhcnlt Vinton i.ouiny.
IUattok and Uia.nni.1., Attorney! for
January let, A. 1. I74. &w
Slate of Ohio, Vintott County,s.t.
Mary A. Defigh, pluintifT.
. Again f
John W. 8nin, defendant.
In Vinton County Court oj Common
Pleat, Vendi Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to lh -ommnJ of a Vendi
Order of title inued frm the Court of Com
mon Plea of Vinton county an'i to ma
reeled mi Sheriff, of amd county, I will otlurfir
aaleat the door nf the Court llouae, in lliv
town of Mu Arthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on -
Saturday, tha .31st Day of January,
1874, ..
atthe hour of! o'clock, P. M. ofanid day the
foil iwlng Innda and tenement", to wit: the
undindeil anetenlh part of the north west
quarter of aw tion No. three (:i) township No.
tMrlve, (W) range No. aeve.nleen (17) (except
onerourlh of an acre on aouih ide of xnid
north-went quarttr heretnfore aold by Tliil
ip Hum) containing one humlred nnd aeventy
three (173) ai-rei. mere or lem Apprnixeii n I
right hundred and aixt)flv rfollani (Julio )
AIo, the one tel. th 1-1") part of in lot ,
No twenty-eight tl8 nppnied at twenty
dollar tiii and thirty Iwo tfJ uppmiaed at
tour dollara and tidy uonta, M ij in the town
of New Mount Pli'Hnt, In Vnilnii count;,
tlhio. aaid IhihIh and lenementa ia?inu hereto
fore attached by niaon an order dated Hitrch
U, A. l. lT-t,
Apprameil at eight hundred and eighty-m ne
dollar and Ifty cent and mutt bring two
third of lhal Mim.
To be .old aa the property of John W. Sam,
to .aliafy a remit order of anle, umiiciI Irotn
the Court of Common Pleaa in favor ol Mary
A. Detlxh
bheriit 01 Vinton t uiinty.
Otoerxxoa and Batton, Ait'a for plaiolilt.
January l.t, l74. 6w
State of Ohio, Vinton Co., a
Mary A DeBh, plaintiff,
John W, Sain.defendtnt
In Vinton County Cnmt of Common
PUat. Vendi Order of Sate.
PURSUANT to the command cf a Venrti
Order of Bala innned fiom the Court of
Common Pleaa of Vinlou county, and lo ma
directed aa fhonffol aid coun y,l will ottiT
tor aaleatlh door of the Coii:t House, jn the
Iowa of McArthur, Vinlon cuunly, Ohio, on '
Saturday, the 31st Day of January,
,-;r::.v. i71 -f
at the hour o J o'clock p. jj of aaid day, the
following dererihed htdtla and tenement, to
will Ihee nndiridrd one lenlh I l-t)( ptirt ol
the norlh-wt.t quarter of recliou Nn three,
S1 town-hip No. twelve, range No. eon.
enteen, 17 excepting one fourth of an acre
tfn aouth aideol raid north-weal quarter here
tofore .old hy Philip Bain, containing one
t-nndredand rerrnly-tl reeacrea more or lea
Appraieed at eight buarired and tixty h
dollar ttkAi
AIo th undieidtd one-tenth t',0 part of
in lota Nb. IwepM eight, t apprtlaed It twen
ty dollara, 120 arid thirty. two, 32 appraiaed al
four dollara and fifty cente, ft 60 in the town
of New Mouat 'leaeant, Vinton connty.Ohio
Said, property being heretofore attached l,y
m oa an order dated February 27th 1878.
And aiao the undivided on tenth 1 ID pan
of the north eaat quarter of aection four, 4
townahlp twelve, If range (eventee 17 contain,
ing abojl on hundred and teventv-lhree'm
acre' nior or lea Appraised at Bvo hun
dred and mneieendollara. 1619. "
I ol .aid landa and tenement being iilu,
In Vinton count t tjhin. and nnar.t.oH in
"ul at fourteen liuudredandeiirhtdollara and
flrtr. eenta, 1108 60 aud mutt bring two-thira.
of that aum,
To be aoid at tha property of John W. Bain,
to aatlafv a Vrndi Order ofHale, haoH from
Hit Court of Common Pleaa in favor ol Mary
A. Dcfigh.,. k- r .- ; :
TKBMS OF 8Al.F-raah. ' "
t-hcrin of Vinmn Ciiunty.
Gaoovr.NO and Bbattom. Att'ya for pbtmiiS.
January lit, 1874. 6w
jt rw Vln T.... . -a.. . .i. M I
varwn mi wart; u. n. OOUTgeOn, tpeciai
contributor. They writ for so other peperj
. .w'iw, iuito idk(iiiiic. canjoiofl
Pay larger eommiaaien' than an other na
aectanaaiami no aectioualiam. O e.genl
iwr.ui uuinmva w auoecripiiona in
eighty noure abaolute work. Hamplecop
i aod circular" wo! Iree. ,
; A rtBIs .a. a. a
t I a VT BnlBDi
H. W. AX'S M 6, pbbhaher. ira Cbaaberi-
I - . J atraal. Nw Varlr ' '
For 184.V.
MrtPtOFP; eonEN(.BAVlNf!8, aadPOI..
ORKIi PLATE Pnbliahe.1 qnarlerl at SS
eenlaayertr. Fir el BUmher for 187t ml !
me t. A Uerman eHitinn al aama erica.
Addrea JAM bS V1CK, KocheMar. N.T.
Dr.. Crook's Wine of Tar"
Contain FVeewAta
Inifv-Uitntt Vmm
twM lewt TBI os
rtinolned with tha
rh-u mmilclnal qnalt
tica of Tar, which
CHiiae it to kajlldi a
I he weak a)) dla '
blllluel aad twav
Idly reir
hataittc alr)ih.
It eleniiaet lb Btoma,
a in x.iT
aaaa SIM
it ifi,rjsr. n'' a
t6 la dlgeaC r
nmvlna! vyaavepntw
i.ud ldla aliwia. II
la at liaar rf Ta.
p, ealrw tit
eais Uia Srateaa. far .
PtvlaaJn lh Sir
HteJaor Shaeli. Straw
el or Kldary ,Vta.
ease, d taar or tha
IT rl wary rgsxta.
Jaaadi.r or any
I'tr-rS" M-V-Ai'S I liertaapwail
I l,erCoBBlaiatll
alldfseasetof Hie THKoAT and LVNtJAt,
and line been' pmnnnnreit a arieciaa M
Jtathma aud JBroaaUIUa. 1EY IX, . ,
Bold bjr - .' -.' - .
liKOKIIB W. 8ISMON, MeArtbar, OU.
Cnmiileleln.trn-'tiant aod laige oollrction
of new niui-t-:.
Thia work l.arliea in a t-encii-eand limpt
manner how lo play upon thi Inairumenl,
beginning wiin Hie Aral principle, and grid
Uiilly t-Htry inn thr learner fnrwaril ly lean
ol prngre eaivt loi,a, am h a. ran aot tail, if -rightly
uaeilol making a good performer, in
th" alioil-al poa.il le lime. ' Pubhahtd 'br
JOHN CilUKCU A CO., Cincinnati. U. ,
942 P'gs Octavo. 130 Fine Engravings .
Kriatea incntenla and aoeident. beyond IBS
light of dity; atartling adventiirea in all part
ol the world mine, and nimle of workma; r
llii-ini underctirrenta of aoi-iely, gitinlding
and it hurr ra; env erna nnd their inyateriea,
the dark wuve of wcke lnt-aa; priaona and
their ae-reiai down in the tleiilhk of lha ara
atrauge atoea of the tletis-tion ofcrime.
Tile book liYHla of the experience wtlh brig
anda; in opium dena and giiiilding hell. Ufa
li prion; aturie. of -.ilea; udrenttire
ainnng Indians jniirnrya tl,ruali aewvr. and '
ciitiu-uiiiha, ncciiicn'a in imnea; piralea nnd
pinii'iea; lorlurea of the inqilirit on; wonder,
ml Inirgliiriea; unilerwurld ot the great ciliet, .
etc., etc
Send for eireiilitra and lerm.lo ngenla.
J. It. lit It ft tf UK,
Ackntj Wanted for tub . ,
Marly 60O Ctlun rune, fniWfefy IllmMfoIrp;- '
n-iVou wirh lo know how fnrtun.a -ar ,
uindeand loal; how threwl menai ru
I ned; how pi'n'ca are created, ' hew .
It iouki ar nougat nnn eom.. ilea inia
I book. It relate he hiogrnphiea of lha
grenl leading apeenliltnra of New Vork.
nun a matory or wan airn:n i rapi
ertitiona rinrinii the paat 21") y.aia. For cu'
ouloratind leinir, aililreae the t'lihiiahera. --.
II'. rvii rt riegatil (Jrnwiu ctroiao, wownhhI aad
ready for fni1intf. free torterm Agent
J. II. II V It II K CO ,
lilt UAtl.lThi)lIliERiIAL
With the I.nrgcat and Klnst Oeaeral aad
Vuliinblc Circulation of nny Jaaraat
Pub Halted in the Central Keajlca mf
tbo Aiiivrtcnu Niullon. .
"J, . i k tf
In addition to the unwerxnl ptrciUattori of
the Commercial in Ciii(!inn.iti and vlcniity, it
ia fold ihroiigh over three linndf.d ageneira
in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tritnrae,Wet '
Virginia, and Southern lllinoi., and on all th
rn'irnii'la In Ihnae atntea, and there l.a.p
cial tor It along t)ie.grtt liter front:'
I'lttalinry lo New iirlniiia.
'I lie li irilury oi'i-npii-it h ihc r Brtituewy
of the ('eiiinu-rcial ia ilu.t within on day'a
lailri-iid liiivi-l of Cini-innali, and there a r
regular carrii ra' roiitea (or the Commercial
in Coliiiiiliiir, i iliio: Imlianapoliai Frankfort) '
Nnrhvillo; Clinrlerloii; l.iuiiaiilla Parktr
'inrv; I h iltmionga; Viiu-rnnea," l.atajetie)
hv.tfii'l-; kiritmnn.l; I'nyton; Xrnia)
priiiyliilil, Newark. Lelaaare. ant Zaa ;t
villi', nliio; l.c.n;lon, Mnyaeillr; Pane, aad
I'ynihi.Miii; and at orea of other anperb aad
Ciih innHii ia he mat ccnlrni of the large .
citiea of . the n il inn, and on all ide ia aupa i
poyted hyiilinfty ami ioateroiia eomttiK ' '
tie, ih every direction I lie Commercial M Iba
fiiYonta newspaper. i
In ii priiiii'ul heiiae the Commeieint if (hor
oiiLilily imlcpendt-nt. ll rnuugnaa no obli. . -.
g.ilionato party organization. Ila interttf ii i
in tl la position i popnliirly uoderatoitd, and v
en Ii rg ly rpprt elated Ihatila eulwri ert and ' "
ha1 ituil puii-hn-era in either political party,
onm unil cr llicw. f ihi purl y organa, and ita ,
aggruguie em ulation ia greater Hum that -of -heconipetitora
II take a henrty intereatin th political of
Knrope which telrgraphic coir munical ion baa
brought into very niliiiinlc relation, anh na,
and, earneatly vindicating and au.taintng tha "
(.eveloputent of nntionlility in Ueniiany an4. '
Italy, ll cordially aympntliitcw with th Hi. .' '
publi an cauae in "ranee and Spain. .
I he auecialty of Hie Commercial is Ihenewt ' '
of the day. wa apar noetlortann no ex- ' '
penae at home or abroad, to obtain by tela '
graph, by mail nnu by expreaa, lh lale.l ia-. '
telligem-e, and to present it inlhVmo.teW
tractive and antheoiio foim, Our editonal r. '
aiarka i pon event, and diacnaaion of th ' '
quealiona ol the day, are according to our ia -
dependent uidgineul, baring alwava la Tie'-j '
theetHrapy of tliatiutb in the interest. of U L
people. W do not eeek official tavsra or
pnrti.-an patronage, bulretf Beo th bsst- V
nraa lhal rowaoutoi th raapaot aad good "
will of the public at large. - -
1 ho current hialory ot th world ail Boa.
teaa, Ihia winter, rxeaalfonat Inttrssi Tba
attain of Europe nevr, eom eraed n mora
c-loaely than now. Tb comnlicauoat la war
foreign relaUont, treo tfinatawrag war, nlutl - ' ' .
command conaiantlyour teriont eonatdenu
lion, aud the- seaaion of lh American Cb.', r
greaa about eommencing, will abaorb uta"' " 1
uuugtial decree the attention of the country. '
for the moat vital and "ean:hingii.iie,llnau- 1
cial and political, awnt prnvliuH- aolutioa
The daily newapaporat ttich t tiny b-
come, almost a Peceaalty of life, and Hit Bot-'i?
batiirdout UTchiim 'lor th Cincinnati CoTnV '"" "
mercial that it ia al onoa lha naoat eomi.uia
aud trustworthy Journal iatued i th Ornw i
Valley- the eenlvf of the.ppaiM aidth .
teat of flie pnlitcnl power of the nation.
Ourrelntlona wth pohtfeal partiea are loch '
that wo will not he auapeeted ol Umpenna ,
with the newa in the interest r either. Y '
mean to tell lha plain truth, and publt.h al)
the newa, no matter whom it help or burl.
We, ii pec to baa thorough and UnaMBainv
presmling-financial intetligenaoaa ladeaIiBr
with political information.
.Our agent ara reminded that Ihi ta a
Promia'ng lime to eantaaa for aew tukaeii. .
bera.and it ia our impreaioa lhal 4 a careful
and energetio effort were made, there would
be occtiaion lo increase order largely.
Weoffer no othar inrfn.m.nu ,A
bera than the reputaboa of the Commercial
for enterpnt in collecting th aew, and how '
orable dealing with the people ta publiihiBf
All applicants furnmhed wtlh arveeimneo
let and circulara giving eol aad full dttaila
ui ou.meaa iniormanoB.
Advertiaing rale Irnm 10 to 40 centi tier'
agate line, according to display aad poailton -
Hi beat temrt offered hy ,y Brat-claat Jearv ' v J
nal, char-ajter and extenl of circulation cob
!ited', T '' ' AI.HAL8TEADA00., f
U'roprleloriofthoUiDcinoatlComrotroi!. a.I'd

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