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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 29, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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TIItntOAYjANSO, 1874
On and after 8iady,Nov. I, 1873, Ininn
Will run as tollowei Ni. 3,- 4. 6 and
ma daily all other traina daily, SuaJaja excepted.
Nn.l. No 3. No. 5.
tteliona. hail. Cm. Et 8t. I. Ex
CinolnDiiii.. um 1 tUHam 4-imn
Chlllict.th. I C6im t lnm 1 a7nm
trchland Fur ..li Oou.u S t-lpm 1 olnm
n airmen u xipa
HcitMoi.li 39itn
Vinton ......U uOm
a .lApm
3 o'.pm
4 (Mm
4 llpm
1 oupm
ii 4'Mm
1 Mum
3 07m
.1 ISam
3 2tm
6 nm
laiesai. ... i uupra
Hop. Furnace.
. 1 Hnin
4 JJp n
No. 1. Ne. 4. No. 4.
8tntinns: Mnil. Pt.l..Ex. Cln Ex.
Psrker.ir-.ira; ....... 7 IUnn 10 SOam in 3pm
Hope r'urnm.'....lU SU.ira ' I 14pm 1 Hani
fc'lMHi,,,. 10 Uam 1 !3pin 1 Wain
f.aoa.-. .. 10 Jra 1 :t-Jpin 1 .'ttuii
NoAaTea....T..lf (Mum "141pm 1 41am
Hamten .11 Iftara 1 6uvm 1 So in
Mchlacd Fur.. 11 3Am 103pm 3 04am
Chillicothe.........l 4Hi.ro ,-S K)pm r oia'
Oincinnalt... .t SSpieV, I Ouito 1 ft Wain
. NO. 9 AND will 3tj alO. 8. Junction,
Lavalatd, ttreenlelti, -Onillicolhe, Ham.ien,
Athens, and boat's Landing only. NOS. ft
AMD 0 Will atop at C. A b. J unetioo, Madison
villa Lovelaod. Greenfield, Clulliculhe. Hum
ln Ailienl and Scott' Landing ouly. , HOH.
1 ANUS will uisa all stops- ' '." v ' '
The laleaki . Freehs going ol leave
Chillicothe al Sua. re.; Ravsville t 16; Rteh
land Furnace, 7 Mi Haindeu, arrive 3 as
depart 3 4&; McArthur, 9 IS; Vinton, 10 IU,
tales ki 11 33. Hoing weat Z;dcl,i 00 p rn ;
Vinton 3 3i, McAtth-ir 3 oA; Hamden, arrive
S 30 depart 3 33; Richland Furnace, 4 10;
Kayaville, 4 'n Chillicothe, 8 44.
Ine A8r STOCK, wilh reuular pa'senger
ear attached, leave Athena al IJi5P. M .con
necting wiin the H. V. K. R Hope .1 its, Za
Iraki 4 04, Vinton 4 1(9, McArlhur4 64. Haul'
dee 13, Richland 6 60, Chillicothe 7 60.
Traina on the POH I'aMUUTri H RANCH
will leave Hamden at 7 26 a.m. and 3 43pm
arriving at Portsmouth at 10 20 a.m. and 46p.
m, Keituroingtraiua leave Portsmouth at
3 03a. m, and 3 00 p. m, arriving at Hant
aan at II 00 am. and 8 06 p. m.
Trame connect at Loveland for all pointa on
the Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
lie and Cincinnati Railroad JiinuM a For all
pointa Weal; at Athena, with (he ColU'.i'i'uu
A H. V. R. K., M PnrkrHhiirg, with the B. A
- . General Superintendent.
I WILL-run a hack from Wilkeaville to
Hamden and return every Monday, Wednt-e
day. Friday and Saturday lor the act-ommo
dalion of uaaaengera. making clone connec
lion with the mail traina on the M. A C. R. H
1 will alao carry exprena pitckagea chipped
le or from pointa by the Adnme Kxpreni, Co.
aepT HlttVS VoWBLU;
Honest ducks dip their heads
under water to liquidate their
little bills.
A photographer requested
that his sign'taken from life,'
should be his epitaph.
UQahNs" says that, in these
hard times, a five dollar, green
back looks as big as a circus
- . , :
A Nevada postmaster has
written to Washington to know
if lie can rent part of the of
fice for -a faro bank. ,
Bclwer said that journalism
is mofefitted'to deitroy bad
governments than to construct
foundation for good ones.
Josn Billings says: 'Success
don't konsisl in never making
blunders, but in never making
the same one the second time.''
If you wish to travel cheap
ly, patronize lho3e railroasd
which advertise to carry their
passengers "through without
A WicniaAH" newsdealer re
ceived this order from a young
lady: "Send me a Novtl called
buffalo bil and the dais doins'
At, a recent dinner ot shoe
makers the following toast was
giver: :.!lJly :we have all the
women, the country 4o shoe
and ail the men to boot."
A Mr. Dahai runs a . large
stove store tip at Eagle Harbor
and the Marquette Journal
says: "lie must have an ex
tensive; -trade, fof ..we have
heard bis name mentioned in
connection with all the stoves
and stovepipes we ever saw
put together, here or. .else
where.,?-A ; "
A man in Hartfqrd has stop
ped his newsparjerbecauseis
name was -jStinted Irl a list ol
advertised letters,,and bis wife
happening to see it first, went
and got it for him and found
it was from a young lady, who
complained that be didn't meet
her at Worcester, as he prom
J 0sT tow when persons are
casting about lor something
to read for the coming year,
we wish to remind them that
the Ohio State Journal, Colum
bus, is the foremost paper of
the State for State news, and
is alt6getber a rei-hot, reada
ble and reliable Republican
paper. We will send the Rec
ord' and' State Journal one year
for $3.25. - ' -
Adtibtiiino reminds peopl of
things they bad been waaiing all
aloafc bat as4 forgoitea all atvut
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Ooodi.
' cniLLicoin&biiio
TTOl'.l retpectnilly aa) lo the rltliena of
VI vision Co tnai lie naa eiiiHT'eu niaaiwa
making one of the largat In theHlate. Unr
twain ha inciveaeri every year unto the
nre-ent Hme and e tel lhn kful lo the nuh
lie for pnal favora. and are determined to keep
a large toi'k ol evert thing utual'y found in
a flret-clai-a Jenrlry btore, and will keep the
Aiieai alnek of gold and (olid ailver, alao the
beat Plated tiooda , a low a any houae in the
We keep all the dinVrent brand of Aaoari.
can Walche Howard. I'nited Hlatea, Klgin.
Waltham and Spriagfield Mnufnctiirea, both
in gold and ailver cane a. Alao a large line of
. it --
Kmmf'.Sta S3 00.09, alao ailrer rYonatft tai
3IW. Wehavea veiv reliable lull Jeweled
Oliver Watch frem 114 to W.
A full line of all good iu our line, or made
loonier by ex per len'ed workmen. Repair
Inir will receive prompt attention
Plvae drop io and aee ua. Ho troub'e lo
hnw cooris. 24'"l
Dr. J. WaiKer'8 (Jiilit'ornla
VInPgar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made cliicrly from
the native herbs found on the lower
range of the Sierra Novada moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which are extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question Is almost daily asked,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
TERS t" Our answer is, that they
romovo the cause of disease, and
tha patient recover Lis health. They
are tho great blood puriflcr and . a
life-giving principle, a perfect lteno
vator and Invigoratnr of tbe system'.
Never before in the history of the world
has a medicine boon compounded pos
sessing tho rctntrkublo qnulitiej of VIX
eoar Bitters in healing tbe sick of
every disease man 1j heir to. They are
a gontte Purgative, as well as a Tonic,
relieving Cotigeation or Inflammation of
the Liver and Viucerul Organs, in Bilious
Tho properties of Dr. Wat.it.-
Br'3 Vinboar BiTTBRsare Aperient, Dia
phoretic, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretic, Suilativfi, Counter-Irritant,
Sndor" ' -' iliimi.
R. n. MeDOlf AID b CO.,
Drofiflit A Oen. Agt., San Franc laoo. Callfor
Die, & our. of Waahington and Cliarlton Su.,N.T.
old by avll DrngglaU mmi Dea.Ura. .
..:.Id. ZLaleski. ...J.
T'HE Zaleaki Oompahy, with a ylew to the
ilevelopment of tlieim-al intereetanf jalea
ki, to aectire it permanent piOKierity, hi.iI lo
add to ita populaiion and wealth, are now
orlenng to actual eettlet a, (own lota and farm
land at low price, and on liberal terma.
Persona ileaii i ng to' examine the property
and to buy cheap huuaea will apply at the
Company' offices to
B. THOMP-'ON, Manager.
Zaleaki, Ohio, May 18, 1871. U
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Machines
"Is let Ingeniou and will meet the wanted
every matron in the land.''
ExhlbitlM of 18T2.
John E. Gnvit, Rec. Pec'y; F A. Barnard,
Pre.; Hamuel I). Tilinuu, Correrpondlng
. New York, November 30, 1873
Thia simple and Jng-nioia machine ta a
useful aa the newlng machine, a .id infant be
coming popular with ladies, in the place o'
expenive ntedle work, it work being much
mure hnndaome. requiring much lees lime
and not netenlh part tt.e expense. No la
dy toilet it complete without it A machine
with illustrated circular ami lull instruction
aent on receipt of 32 or flniuhtd iu silver plate
for 12 7.V
Addresa, Tbe BIcKee Hlannfnctnrtnf Co.,
3iV Broauaay, ew totk.
Dr. O.trvin's Elairbf Tar;
la recommended liy medisal practitioner
nd.a speed cure ' gnarknteed for Folds,
cough, cairrr, aathma, bronchitis, apiUing
blond, consumption, and all pulrnonury coin
plaint. Kidney 'lO-enaC and allnttecnonsof
tne urinal organs perfectly harmleea free
from mineral or alcoh lic properties plena
anl to take and never Known to fail Price ft
per bottle. Full particular with medical tea
nmony and certificate sent on application,
Addrea ,. X. uYlE A CO., 105 Seventh Av
enue New York. 18ep
Darts from the Devil;or Cupid Abased
A book juet leaned, etpoMne ibf ' pnraonal'
that have appeared ill the NewYoik New
paper: their hiatoryand leaon. Btyliahvil
liaoa fully exposed. Adveitiaement from
depera'erneu ta beaulifnl women: ehtndea
tine mieUngH now rruatrated; tbe history of
the Wood rich tragedy, the reult of a"peraoo.
al." lieacription of living Broadway alatue.
Expoaea sooial corruption. Hunt on receipt
of 60 cent. Address Unique Printing H oue,
3S Veaey at., N. Y. 18ep
The Beckvrllk tO Fttmtly ew1nt Ma.
chine o SO Uaya Trial mny auvainagea
overall, cjaliattutinn gUHranteed, or2oxe
funned., Sent Tom plete Flit) paM )iaeolioaa.
Bejkwith!iaA)g.WachioeH:e , fcrrftwiiT,
New York. 18eP
A to4 importuni nmkn. Bold by The felaalla
frua Co , No. U)3 Broadway, N. Y. City. It
letaiaa rupture absolutely id ee and com.
fort night and datt all Iimea, and under nil
eircumetam es, without any eiceplicn what
ever io any caae, and ehouid never be taken
oil during tbe short time reqmeite to effect a
fi'rnianent eare.. Kent, by mail. Circilare
ree. Any drbcgvel or phvaieian wiri emer,
this new true fer you without extra barge.
Which li adapted to
All Sewing Machines
NOTICE particularly the afar p ofR.C.
Otx)lRICH, Chicago. III., w.ih Ave patent
stamp. H. C. .OODBllH.
UrB. e and ialesroont 303 fclaie at hirago,
Ilia. , . , .. ' ngt '
Done ICeatly and Vroniptly.
ATTHiBOtflVlf, '
1'eopU Tlia lake, f lie Times
get (lib Huhb or Iheli
: Money. .
The mot ayipular family aewapaper. of a
nattenal ckaiga'er a.rpiiurlai About
entering the thirty hrt jear of ita ublica
linn, i n ttioee who are uot roially aca
quainted with Ha a.eril, i tared only tie aaid:
I u eduoruda are epirited; ita correspondence
eitenaive; ita newa varied, aad frem every
quartet of Ine glol; it. agricultural depart
men I lull of practical information: while l la
atones, life ketches, a l n Mellany aie
adapted to both veung and old; aad 11a re
ports of the market, ol live Slock, grain, gro
eerie and dry goods, are always the latest
and moat reliable.
This new organisation of the farmer will
Bad la the Times a friend to the objects
sought to be secured by them, and la it col.
iimn the more important doings of tha
We ean't do without the Times after bavins
read it eight yeaia. Send It to 113 Apfk-
ton street Lo ell, Ma L. A. FoLwa. .
We have doubled our Hat of laat year. Can't
do without the Time, although I am an old
lemocrak ri. O litis, M oolemma, O.
' I do not know or any paper that ia devoted
lo all the interest of the human family, aa
much aa tha Timaa. U. T. 'iaataua, bead
Cut, Pa.
Tne Times la very popular here, for one
reiaon.and that la yourv onlnpoken course
agninat tha salary atealerY W. A. Wiaa,
iarton,Tenn. ,
I have been a on.tant re flerofthe Week
ly Timenfor three year. H i-n't do well
without now. W. P. MlxwtLL, Bay8priugs,
Mias. ,1
Hear Hid Times: This makes about twenty
tears that have taken your excellent paper,
and the more I read it the hettei I Ilk it.
Lavi Kssnedt, Metropo'iaCity.JU.
I think it i the i.et paper in the world. I
like the way Tnn in regard to the Con
gresainnal itai:.'..l d I alio like your sup
port of the HlroD i;r Indtistry.-jxojt-Valley
JunctionInw.-, '
Every patton of the Weekly Time is pre.
senled with a copy of tha
An elegantly printed volume of 1AO scientific
and miscellaneous article, illustrated wilh
nearly loO of the finest engravings. It slso
contains a diary for tha year 174. In value
and attractiveness it ia superior to any nrea.
enl ever Odor otk red by newspaper publish
er. Every olub agent 4a compensated for hla
servicea, either with an extra paper, or some
deairatile premium.
TbHMbi Minnie subscriber, per year, II on;
clno of nve subscribers, per yenr. each, I 7A;
club of ten and upward, per year, each, 1 60,
Baud for ilat-of premium, et , to
Cincinna I, Ohio.
Dice's Encyclopedia f Practical Kr-
osiers SHU paocaseaa. Containing!!.'-? prac
Heal receipts, wriiien in a p ain and pnpiilur
mill uer, and illtistiHted with explanatory
woodcuta. Beiag a comprehensive honkuf
f lerence lor the merchant, munufuolurer. ur
lisan, amateur and houeekeeper, including
meilicli e, pharmacy and domestic economy
I'he cope of this work ia entirely dirterent
tram any other book ot the kind. Beside
oeiuga complete and nlrmst iiidispennUe
bi ok of reference for the Ihousnnd and one
receipts and articles needed in every house
hold , farm, gurden, etc., it includes ulear and
eaily under-tood directions for the applica
tion of many ofihe arts usually acquired only
tiy long experience, and so mveaied of let h
nichalinea, or ihe technicalities ol n rms used
so lully explained as to bring the entire sub
ject within Ihe cnmprehensiuu ofHoj person
of ordinary intelligence. I'roiniineiit among
the immense masa of eubiects treated of in
the book are the Pillowing:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard Soft and Toilet
Snap, Tanning, Iuslillntion, Imilntiou l.iq
ura, Wine, Cordial -end Hitlers, older,
B ewing, Perufmerv.Plnyorins Essences, etc.,
o-meiu-s, Hair Hyea and Washes, Pomades
and I'ertliRied tllls'. Toolh Powders, etc.. By.
nips, Alcohol and Alcoliolinetry, Peiioleum
ind Kerosene. Bleaching ami Cleaning, Vin.
Mar, Bailees, Catupa and Pickets, Receipts
lor the (Junleu, To Hemovebtaina.Bpota.etn.,
I'yroteehny end -Kapleeiye. Cement, etc ,
Waterpruotiiig, ArliilciHl, Gema, Inks and
Writing Pluida, Aniline Colors, Paints and
Pigment, tainting and Paper-hanging, K'.
omlne and WhiSewnafr, Varnishing and Pol.
ib ng, l.tibrica'ors, Japanning and Lacquer
irg.Hootand Harness HIA-king, Photogiuphv,
Metala and Allots, chiding, Silvering, eta.,
Kleclrntyping, Klectrnplstliig, etc., Patent
Medicine, Medical Receipts, Weights and
Measures. 607 pages, rcyal octavo, cloth.
Price ti.nu i,mar
DICh A FITZCERALI'.Publnshers.N. Y.
Worth and Beauty,
Having control ofthe mnaniflcent oil chro
mo, Yo Beinite, we are able to orler combin
utioi. of literary and ariistin worit of genuine
worth, and at prices unprecedented
This flnecopy of a piece of Nature's grand
est wnrk,l not presented in the usual lim
ited slyle, lie dimensions, ltx-20, making a
picture ol very deairatile ise in itself.
graced hy its presence. . :
But a few copte ef this beautiful (hromo
will be allowed to go to the retail stores, and
those will be sold at their ) .ek..
i Actunl Retail Price. tn.HO. . V.
r . , ' nt
ich ifcrdeseu in connection wilh our Maw
ne, bofb will be furn'hed for , -Ta,
50. V
Asa Br em loin the Dicture may he nbtajnciT
hy aendisg a two subscriptions for the hlag.
sine at oe dollar each, or hy aubsvrbing fo
Ihe Magintin two, years in advancwat on
dollar per aunum: Address, .
J- KewbutghTNTV.
8, E.BHtTES, Publisher. itaapi
ine mosi ivesiraow iieB-
... ..j i
11 1 uouud iu iiiUaCaViiuur,,'
I OFFER for isle my residence on North
street. It consists ot a splendid dwelling
houser-.waJl finished, insxie and out, with
eight rooTtsand good cellar. A gooa office
building, stable, wood and voal liouseand oth
er neeateary put-butldtnga. Ti prutriieea
cnmsiist apras, including I sore of vmeiard,
all tliriwy bearing vinew; there are also thirty
bearing apple trees beat, yarisly of gralled
fruit, tweniy-flve bearing peach tree best
bud led fruit, cherriea, quince, plawis,and a
variety of email fruit ' Porfurtber aarticulra
inquire at the office of thia paper, or at the
premise. Terms easy.
dec30Kia 8. 8. DOLLISOK.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds
if artery Stock! PriitiFlo wer Hates
Address F. K.r PHOENIX.
3100 ttjipfj TON jST7 jB7,
' i.'fif
600ncrejf lift ytstrt 12 greoJious. 4 iU
alogueS, AculX I 51 4 ' aijuijni
o. HO, THIRD ST., ,
Odd FelWs Block, ' J i
; nd other e.-I. ;
Standard Beligiouf ( Worki,
Caavassiag Agent waolad la aver eoant
U tbs UsiM 8l. . ...
for 1874—Seventh
Year. The Aldine.
Ah ntustratec! Montlilv Journal, unj
.iersllv stlinlttwi to be the hand
iiiine-at ncrirMllcal In the World. A
' Cham
impfon of American Taste. Not
for saiu iu Book or News Stores.
. The Aldine, while issued with
1) the rrgulsrity, has none of ihe
temporsry or timelj interest
cbaracteristio of ordinary period
ical!. It is an elegant miscel
lany of pure, light and graceful
literature, and collection of pic
tures the rarest specimens of ar
tistic skill, in black and white,
Tbe Aleinb is a unique and orig
inal conception alone and un
approached absolutely ' without
competion in "price or character.
The possersor of a complete, vol
ume can not duplicate the quan
tity of fine paper and engravings
in an other hape or number ot
volumes for ten times its cost:
and then, there are the chromos,
Tbe illustrations of Tns Al
dinb have won a world wide rep-
ptation and in he art ter 0f
Europe it is an admitted fact that
its wood cuts are examples ot the
highest perfection ever attaiued.
The common prejudice in favor of
steel plates is rapidly yielding to
a more educated and discriminat
ing taste which recognizes the
advantages of superior artistic
quality with greater facility of
production. The ,wood cuts of
Tub Ai.DiNB possess all the dsli
cacy and elaborate finish of the
most costly steel plate, while they
afford a better rendering of the
artist's original.
In addition to American artists
Tub Aldine will reproduce. ex
amples of the best masters.
The quarterly tinted plates for
1871 will be by Thos. Moran and
J. P. Woodward.
Every subscriber to The Al
dine lor the year 1874 will re
ceive a pair of chromos by
Thomas Moran, whose great
Colorado picture v. as purchas
ed by Congress for ten thous
and dollars. The subjects were
chosen to represent The East
ami Tbe tVest. One is a view
in The While Mountains, the
other Green River. Wyoming
Territory. The chromos are
each worked from thirty dis
linct plates, and are in size
(12x18) and appearance exact
lac-similes of tbe originals.
These chromos fire in ever.v
sense American. They are by
an original American process,
with muterial of American
manufacture, from designs ol
American scenery by an Amer
ican painter, and presented to
be the first successful American
Art Journal.
Ii any subscriber should in
dicate a preference for a figure
subject the publiihers will send
thought, of Home, a new beau
tiful cbromo, 14x20 inches, rep
resenting a little Italian exile
whose speaking ! eyes betray
tbe longings of bis heart.
; $5 per annum, in advance,
with oil chromos free. For 50
cents extra, the chromos will
le sent mounted, varnished
and prepaid by mail.
Tub Aldine will hereafter be
obtainable ouly by subscrip
tion.' There will be no reduced
or. club rate, cash for subscrip
tion 'must be sent to tbe pub
Ushers direct or handed to the
local canvasser,' without: re
sponsibility lo Ihe publishers
except in cases where the cer
tificate is given, bearing tbe
fad Bimile signature of James
Sutton cVCo.
Any person wishing to act as
a local canvasser - will receive
full and prompt information by
applying to James Sutton &
Co., , publiihers, 33 Maiden
Lane, New York. ,, :
A WesTkrn journal probably
wishing to do the handsome
thing by the local doctor, re
cently announced that "Dr.
Crawford was called in, and,un
der his prompt and skilllul
treatment, the young man died
oil Wednesday afternoon This,
tbe Detroit Free Press calls the
puff oblique,', and says, "We
don't ' know what tbe doctor
says to this, but if the editor of
that newspaper is taken tick,
Weadvise him not to call in
Crawford, v
Tub Peoria Re flew sly s that
a lady teacher in one ot the
public Behools was amaied the
other -day by teeing a perfect
forest of juvenile hands fly up
iu the air aud .shake and ges
ticulate with violent agitation.
"What do you want?" queried
tbe puzzled instructor. Chorus.
"Yer hair's falling off.'
Air Indianapolis editor is re
sponsible for this: UA young
lady in Indiana sought to de
molish an unfaithful lover , by
publishing some verses ad
dressed to him, in which, after
prophesying her Jmmedia'te
dissolution, she said: 'Come
Raze upon my dust, false one.'
But the compositor spelled
dust with a 'h. "
1 One of the Japanese students
at Yale was accosted by a
Sophomore the other day with
'What's your name!" The
gentleman from Japan answer
ed politely, giving his surname.
Oh," rejoined the questioner,
rfyou heathens don't have but
one name, I see." "What was
the first name of Mose6?" was
the reply.
Editors make mistakes in
their advertisements as well a
other people. In fact it is a
very easy matter to make an
error in writing out an adver
tisement.. A New York Stale
editor gives. out. this notice:
"Yearly advertisers will be
charged extra for dissolution.
Also, other notices not connec
ed wilh their regular busi
AM absent-minded man en
tered a Troy shoe store the oth
er day and wanted his boy
measured for a pair of shoe'
But where's the boy?" asked
Ihe dealer. "Thunderl" said
the man, "I've left the boy at
home. I'll go and gel him;"
and off he started for his house,
six blocks away, .
Avery prudent man in Dan
bury provides himself with an
extra hat for the mqnih of No
vember. He carries it in his
coat tail pocket, and when the
wind lilts the one from hii
head he straightway jams on
the oilier, and then puis alter
he' first, and not only saves
much chafing from the unre
generate, but actually gets
credit as a philanthropist, Ihe
general impression being that
he is alter somebody else's hut.
Fulfiliueut Ut tier Thau Prom
Some of the papers last year
were six or eight months behind
hand io filling their orders for
chromos. Talmage's paper, The
Christian at Work, has taken
time by the forelock, and has
scores of thousands piled up in
its warehouse ready for any
emergency. Agents make a note
of this. Sample copies and terma
sent fieo. Office 102 Chambers
ttreet, Ne York. See their ad
vertisement. '
Wk will send the Record. and the
Cincinnati, Gaiette to subscribers one
year for $3.25. t .,...!
Wk will sond the Record
and Wood's Household Maga
zine, one year lor $2 80, and
make each subscriber a pres
ent or a handsome chromo of
the celebrated Yo Semite Val-
... f i
ley. Wood's is the, best maga
zine for the price -in tbe'eoun
try, and the chromo is a fine
picture... Specimens of each
may be seen at this office. '.
Extebjencb will teach any man that
it is advantageous in patronise those
who advertise in newspapers'
. 1, - .
Simomd's, Photographer, Chillioothe
gives careful ' attention to making cop
ies of other picture. : Pictures may be
made as large as life from tbe tiniest
lecket picture, and made in everj way
satishtctory by careful and judicious
coloring.' r Photographs from natnre or
from other pictures colored in tbe best
(tries in oil, water colors, v.nyon, pas
tel or isia, at rates to suit all ciroum
stanees. . .-
I Fahmeks shjtild not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate foi
which Ueorge W. Brunton, Mc
Arthur, is the"'sgeoun this a tin
Jaekson county. It is the bes'
and cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, costing1 fifty per Cent
less than .b,old:&Bbiofied'gate)
and is more durable, .for it cat
pot sag. Examine it-when yot
are ii McArthur.' ! li " '
.fi-'oxni ron'i.v 21.
y- -EE
If You .
. Want a situation. i
tVant a servant gtrl.
Want to srII a piano,
Want to sell a carrUjrc,
Want to buy or sell a farm.
Want a boarding place.
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell groceries or drugs.
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to spII dry goods or carpets.
Want to Mud customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will Keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising bertts confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'ble,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or busine$ man who hai become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judicious adoertiting.
JVo exception to thit rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, teat
driven to advertising, at a latl
resort, to get hit stock turned into
money so at to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it wat
good for him in adversity, he
could make it it ill better in prot
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained hit co
lossal fortune.
S.ime merohants say it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person reada
advertisements; yet every merchant io
this county will read this) advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
tiller worth advertising How much
more then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w tli rcnd
ing matter, fire nt leisure in the even
ing, and tnuRtdepend on their paper for
their local news, the must important
item t'f which is where they can find
ust what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases. If youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it if run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Hut if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, np to the
times, and such as the penpla want,
don't hide them, hue publish to the
world that you have thum, and want
to sell tli cut at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day tines duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men) imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Ip you insert watch, n dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rend
(he advertisement But you will plod
along in business yenr after year, with
out calculating how much yon ure los
ing by not advertising MRfporter.
If those persons who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the pubho wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
uive publicity to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser t
: Advertising Is apt to give ns that
gentle jog ol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hny wss in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Vlndame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that . adver
tising will not yet civilise the world!
Ex. '';''"
Wry do people read advertisements?
To see who ia enterprising snd to leurh
what is going on. To see if there is
anything- new, or anything that they
want Ta an a if tha A,ias w'jb ,.
naiia vv owv as "u wunmint m IvP
have come in, and to find out who bs
them. To know if any one is selling
off at redaued rates, or to watch' the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To" satisfy 'curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deathst loeals and accidents.
Because 'they want to. ' Because they
ean't help it OA to State Journal -
Tub power of print is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advwjjage
over one that is written or spoken.
Thisis one of the many reasons whioh
gives n importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not' -comprehend as well as they
might tha capacity to influence, to pert
auade, to convince, which lies In print
ed matter. Spoken words feauire the
traces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade Away in
fo nothingness if not caught in (heir
flight and printed But there is some
thing ia the silent language, the cjuiet
assertion, and the sense of permanence
tbout printed matter which give it a
marvelous force and influernce. Busi
new men should never permit -them-
-elves to loose sight of what mat be
accomplished by a persevering me of
me pruning presses, ussra to suirer
tiae, and then tbe "bow, when and
where" ol it,' .and ye .will have a
knowledga worth navrng.
r I
THK WRRKLY i-ON la tno widely kaovsf
to rexiiiira aoy extended reoommaadalwai
hut the reason vrhM-h have already gives It
fill; thnusand auharnbera, aal ahleh willf
e hpe, give it many thousands snore, ara
biieflraa lollowa i .
It In a nrt-rt new-paper. All the news of
tha day will be found in it. rondenaad wheal
unimportant, at full length whea of memeol.
aoo a'ways presented in s elear, intelligible,1
and inteietins mnnner.
It I a flret-rate family paper, full of enter
taining and instructive reading of every Sioa
but eontaining nothing that can otlend tow
most delmate and scrupulous laale. .
It la a Srat-rate alory paper-' The beat (afeaV
and romance of current literature are ear-,
fully aeleeted and eg'hly printed in Ha Sam)
It la a 0rt-rate Sg-rioullur il paper. Tha
most frenh and instructive article on agrt-cultnr-l
topica regularly appear in Ibis Ot
It I an independent political paper, belong
Ing to no party and weanrg no cellar II Mbt'
for principle and the elei-iirn of the beet meal
tootfioa It especially devotee lie energiea is
the expui-ure of ihe great corruption thai
now weaken and dicjirare nut country, aa
threaten lo nmleriniea republican institution
allieiher. It haa nolear ol knave, and ask'
no favor of their eimimrier.,
it report rt'.ihiifor thjeMia vtMfli
markets for ihe men. eapeciallv trie cattle
market, to hirh it pay particular altenlina.
Klnallv. it a the cnenpei-t per published.
Onedolinr a year will eeture it foraev -'
ciiber. It iont nei-eaaary lo reMipiebJW
inorier to have THK-WKEK Lf bPN atlbiS
rale. Any one who send a aingl dollar will
get the paper for a year . . , r
THK WEEKLY SirjT.-Eijht page,'
flny-an column-. Only SI a jear. Podia
i-oi:nta i'rrim tin rale.
sise a the daily 8un. t3 00Jear. A
ci'iint nfSO per rent, tn rluha of IO or over,
THE I) A ILK HUN. -A lame lour pass
newspaper of Iweni eifht enlimna. lwl .
eircu.allon over 120,000. Ail thenewafof
B rent. bulKriitioii i rn t CO cent a monthi
or SO a veer- 'i n clubs of 10 ur over, a die
coin. I i,f 0 per sent.
Address, THE 8l'N, New Yark Cltf,
- ' - ' .
L.TT.T.'rTnlinhn d
fM-T IBBk vram S
la tho only Known it.-ni ily for Ilrlchfa l)l
ea'O and lis cured every ciihj i f Iilal.elis I
which it Ima heel, t'lvt-ii, liriliitlim of tliuNnK
of tho lllniUli-r and Inflaiiinuitiiui of tlw Kiiliu y,
Ulcc-rsllmi of the Kidney and Bladder, It, i, u
tiou of Urine, Diaenscs of thn 1'roetate Gland.
Htoue In the llludiler, (Iravi l, Brick Dual Deperit,
anil Mucon or JJllky Dlacharct-, and for Eu
fecblcd and Ddlraie t'ouHltlltiolisof bulk Vcxea,
att'-udcil with tho follov,-fiig symptoms: Lm
of l'o'vcr, Ln-a of Slemnry, Dlfnculty if Brcstlt
liiK. Wrak Nerves, Wnkefnlncas, Tsln In (he
Hack, Flushing uf Ihe Body, Erupilon on the Face, ,
Pullid Oiunlenitncc, Laasiutdo nf tho System, etc.
I'scd hy persons in tho decline or change of
lire; after confluemeut or lubur paius,bcd-wit.
ting in children, etc. .
In many affcctluna peculiar to Indies. Ilio Ei' ,
tract Duchu launennnled by anyllii rrcmi-ily- "
Aa in CblurosLs or Itctrnlion, Irregularity, IV.m ,
fulness or Suppression uf (Customary Evacuatluua,
Ulcerated or Hchlrrua atato uf tlio Utufus, Lea-. -.
corrhceo or White, Sterility, snd fir ail oum.
plaint incident to tha sex. Jt la prescribed, I
extensively by the most eminent PlinlclnnS and
Mldwives for enfeebled aud dilicuu cututltoy
Hons of both sexes and sll ages. , i is r- .
Cu; t$ Diftaitt AiMuq ' fnm In'pnitlnut,
11 Mil of LuHnntion, Etc., lo all their stayca. at . ,
Uttlo expense, Utile or no change In tiie, no In-
convenience, and no exposure. It causes a fre
qnent desire, and gives strength to urluste. (
tliercby reumvlng Ol)alructiuns,Trceiitaig suit
Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying Pain
and Inflammation, sn frequent in this class of dbf
cases, and expelling all poisonous matter. . .
t l.W per bottlo or six bottles for 5.00, delivered)
to any address, si-curo from observation, bold by
drUL-eist evervvrhere. Prepared by
KEAftNEY CO., IWDuaneSt.N. T.
to whom all letters t' " formallou should b
Ho Charge for Advice and Consullallsa.
Ihr. J. B h'ftf. Gradnnte of J fftttt M.Mmt '
Cotlmt, Philadelphia, author of evvrnl yaiuabl-v
works, can bo consulted on all rilfasns if ths
Bexunl or Urinary Orcans, (which lie liM nisdfl
an espcciul siiuly), oitlier in nialu r feu.ale, n t
matter from whut cause oriciniiting, ur ft hoy
long atandlng. A prucllco of 3D year enable .
him to trcut dlseoeca with success. . Cureapiav
antced. Cliargca reasonable. Those at a ills' , . .
tnuco csn forwnrd letter describing ryuipssma,
and eticilii: stamp lit prepay postage. 1,
Bend for tno r'ios tn h i lit. I'rice 10 cents,
J. J3, Di'oTT, M. 1., I'hysiiiaii and Surgeons .
104 Duiiio St., New York. . . ,
1 1 ArifftUCiHlrUII4.
isuarry m tk rja4.,istk(fl
I Aytrieai4 revaUvnMf
lllh ft mgtl aval sat li3 L .'
HttMt lsattt tHei la yrdtitl ao4 rraUsi tfi(tt'
fcew la prwHrv ta eoiapstiUti, k
Thiele aa Inurvstiof work tftwa imsSrvd 4lf
bactf.wlta auascrtiat tafravlai. bb4 asauia4 TSsliilfsj
iDtorauiiea for Umm wha art) aiarrirf,retBiplawBisir
rliii. BUIHtlaa booh that eugh t u t kept ia4r 1S1
iUf, aa4 a 1 114 arattl alsmtlaabaafat.
It oatalai tha airstrtcaea. aa4 advlea I a stavtieUal
vkoeaTvpatatioa It weridwlilt and saaaM at la tacarl
vat drawer twary atala and fetai tarff aaat ta tatlrfi
float, li .aiaraota rcrwtalag aa the aaUtat a t tha taa
rati', it mm that Ii wenh haawlaf . aad mh thai la
piiDiitDeaiB apr oiatr wan.
ithed la any Otbtr work. ,
t aoy ana (rrra af aaiufa) fcr fifty CtaU.
Dr. BatW DUpansar.N. 13 alf hit. lU
DtBtta I
lis IsOttU, Jit,
.Notice to the ciffilctel TJiiMuiuU.
attfart ap ply losj ta tha ttatarlaBi qaatka vha adwtrttta la
tablia partri,ar attng any qBaek ra.dla atrata Dr
ita' work Daw at tar what jaar dMtaatla. ar iatf tar li
hhlavanr aoadUtaa. r V
Dr, Batta aee a pled ft fonbla haata af 1ntr-sTat
mtaa;l aladaracd bf aam a f lb awat celttiUad mU
lpivfiaaaraafthUoaaatraB4 Krfa.BadtBa aataa . i"
kliwarka. Ofoea and parlart, Ka. II If. Klahth4inaaj r
sWivaaa Markat aJt4 Gaaaaai, It. UaU, Ka. . . , i
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galpolis, McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
A Mi parties havinasobsensed In the eap ft
M xtoeW bl Ihe G.: McA: A CI R. R. ar
lereby requi.ed to make payment to iheBee
retary ofthe C'ompsny.at hie office oa.th
I'ublle Square, tn Uallinolls, Ohio, or if riqrVat1
inneenient, lo lianiel Will, Preeident of th
Vinton t.'ounty Bank, at Mcarthnr, Ohio, of
iniDatallmentolrjve dollars a eaeb sharaf
0 aubseribed, within lea dayaoflbt date. ' '
August IU. 1871. 1 -
, , . WM.'HOBRR.Bee'r
dab. mi.
lYIUNtf Check nuiAte. TTataloguea ar.
ill paitieulars FREE. 8. M. riniaei. uf
Hannover St., Boston.
1 ' r s-r r t tjt -,.,fr
' Si I i ; i ' l i.ie !.-! r.-
1 ! ,-'l MtlH I.I1 f l-JffiI
- .

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