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Uo ARTHUR .'Oil 10, -
TiiURHrAY; n r. ff.isu
Madison Township Farmers'
ZALESKI, Jan. 30th, 1874.
Ts Ihe Editor of Ins Tiutoo BecorJ:
Our liltla , Farmers' Club,
numbering , Uiirty , members,'
held its second annual election
on the 15ih iust., resulting in
the election-ol lie following
officers: president, Jos. Long
don; Vice President, L. Al.
Jones; Sec'y. iv E. Atkinson.
The other officers are the same
as last year. -The society was
never . on, as good footing i a
now. We have made a1 great
many , improvement which
would not have been done oth
erwise.', I don't think our wheat ever
looked betterjwe took good care
to get it m in.' good time, and
we hare great faith in oar re
ward. ' The bad roai'do not
interfere much as we are clear
ing, grubbing, fencing, making
rails; and getting ready lot a
good crop the coming season,
that is, we are going to. -play
our part," and we are confident
of oar success, i We have good
Dew land and well watered,
and good lor gfrnzitojj. Ouf
stock all lodks well at present.
We are under' many obliga
tions to Elon. II. 8. Buudy for
past favors, and' hope he will
Dot forget us for time to come.
The department of Agricui
tare at Washington, D. C. has
furnished us with a great
amount of seeds, with which
we have had good success. For
these favors we are under
many obligations to Frederick
Letter from Zaleski‚ÄĒReligious
ZALESKI, Jan. 25.
Ti th Editor of the Viutoo Record :
Nothing special has trans
pired in or near our town for
some weeks except a protract
ed or series of meetings that
wore commenced with our
quarterly meeting Jan. 3, con
ducted by Rev. . Nichols,' our
pastor, kept up tor three suc
cessive weeks, the fore part of
which the weather was inclem
eat, yet a fair turnout was kept
iap. The second week became
pleasant above and under foot,
(he meeting grew in interest,
the church in earnest, Satan's
kingdom began to tumble, ard
sinners quake beneath their
load of guilt until they were
compelled to yield because
1hey could hold out no longer.
Most gloriously did the good
work go on, mostly among the
young people, members of our
6abbath School, little boys and
girls, young men and women
until forty names were" added
(o the church, Our Sabbath
School has received new ener
gy and zeal from the same
source, and numbers near two
hundred., Both Church and
Sabbath School are in a pros
perous condition.
We 'owe milch to the untir
ing efforts of our pastor, wbo
las labored incessantly by day
and night among uc, preaching,
praying, and singing, almost
wearing himself out. Such was
lis interest in our behalf and
tha salvation ef souls no rest
be sought or lelt till the work
was done. Surely the Lord is
abundantly helping bis labors.
May he continue in the good
work till the Lord says : "It is
enough ; come up higher." Bis
labors were equally blest at
Pleasant Valley, two and half
miles east of us. ' To God - be
Rev. E. H. Dixon and wile
were treated to quite a sur-
prist party, at Athens, on
Tuesday evening of last week,
the osoasion being the 25th
anniversary of their wedding.
The presents and aupper cost
Ike donors (325.
A mas in Iowa by the name
of Silas Chew was married the
other day to a girl named
Anna Good. The most obtuse
person would call to mind the
icriptural injunction: "cJ.Cbew
that which is evil, cleaving on
Jj to that which la Good."
'He that goeth forth and
Weepeth, bearing precious
seed, shall doubtless
come again bringing
his sheaves with
, .
Last, week, wochrtnicled the
beginning of the women's, tem
perance reform in our town ;
after strengthening themselves
by prayer they had gone forth
in tears to entreat and persuade
the liquor' dealers of bur vll
lage to desist from their busi
ness. It gives us pleasure to
record this week the progress
ihey have'made lu the good
work. '
The union prayer meetings
nt the AJ. E. and the Presbyte
rian churches have been con
tinued each ' day and evening,
and the visits and prayer at the
saloons have been coulinaed.
0i Thursday morning, as star
ted last week, Mr. Horace Redd
signed the pledce. This was a
victorv accomplished so much
quicker than they expected
that the ladies were greatly
encouraged. . On the morning
of theaame jhy iu addition, to
visiting the liquor saloons they
visited the gambling rooms ol
Alfred Oilman, in T. 13. Davis'
building. Alfred is a contri
bution which the city of Buf
falo has lately made to our
population, i lie was popular
ly known as '-The Spider' and
it is said he has enticed many
of the little flies hereabouts
into bis web. The "Spider"
was sale within his little neat
when the ladies called, but the
door was looked, and they, not
being sure of their game, were
content to leave him after of
fering up a few prayers in the
ball and stairway. They were
not satisfied with this, how
ever, and in the evening they
so stationed their pickets that
it was not five minutes after he
entered his room until they
were aware of the fact The
prayer meeting at the Presby
terian church came, to an ab
rupt conclusion, and the ladies
of that congregation wended
their way Jo the Methodist
church, where after , a short
time spent in prayer they
formed in column aud moved
on Mr. Oilman's works. This
time theyDfound the door un
locked and the Spider at the
table in a game with one of
the young men of our village
They quickly filled the room,
a part of the force occupmg
Wm. Sry'B oyster saloon, where
"a quiet little game , for the
oysters-' was in progress. The
players disposed of their cards
as best they could, and the la
dies opened their meeting, and
continued it for about two
hours, the Spider meanwhile
sitting by his little pile of
"chips" like a martyr at the
stake. He had made sundry
threats of violence and insult
should the ladies call on him,
but he had the good sense not
to attempt to put his threats
in execution. They could get
no promise from him, but on
Friday he was busy selling his
traps, and on Monday morn
ing he shook the dust of oar
village from his feet and de
parted, let as hope forever, or
until he adopts some more con
genial mode of procuring a
livelihood. '.Mr. Sry readily
agreed to allow no more card
playing in his establishment,
said that be knew it was wrong,
and permitted it against his
convictions of right and duty ;
was glad they had come, as he
could now etop it. On their
departure he burned up the
cards and notified those present
that the last game had been
played in his establishment.
' On Saturday Mrs. ' Weisen
berger yielded to the entreat
ies of the committee, and
signed ' the pledge to sell no
more liquors, Patrick O'Eeefe
yielded so much of their re
quest as was contained in the
druggists pledge, and the other
saloons coated telling by the
dram. Saturday -was a dry
time for the old tipplers who
visited Mc Arthur that day, and
some of them who have not
been known to go home aobez
beloreviu twenty years no
doubt astonished their families
by appearing as straight as a
Oa Monday morning Mr.
Jones closed his doors for busi
ness and ouly opened to admit
lhe ladies iuJiheir customary
round of prayer, and proposed
a conditional surrender that
he would sign a pledga to ab
stain from selling for one year,
but ', the ladies, while noting
with pleasure the effect ol
their labors, hold out lor on un
conditional pledge. This leaveu
at the time of writing but one
saloou in McArthur that has
not given some solid , evidence
of their inteution to yield.
This is Shockey's, and even
there we understand dram sel
ling has ceased. The ladies
may well fee! elated at their
success thus far, and encour,
aged to persevere to the end.
The union prayer meetings
at the M. E. and Presbyterian
churches in furtherance of this
cause have grown in numbers
and deal from the beg'innipg,
and the ladies Who visit the sa
loons, though they commenced
with many misgivings, cay that
they never in all 'their lives
enjoyed meetings so well, or
felt that they were doing so
much good and so perfectly
carrying out the will of their
Master Many who never be
fore prayed in public now pray
in the saloons and oiler up
such petitions as have brought
tears to the eyes of their audi
tors. iVe attended the meet
ing at Oilman's gambling sa
loon last Thursday evening,
and have not witnessed so en
thusiastic a religious meeting
in twenty years, or seen a re
ligious congregation where all
seemed to enter into the spirit
of the meeting so earnestly.
The most perfect accord and
good feeling seems to exist be
tween the members' of the dif
ferent congregations, and there
is a large accession to the
ranks of churchgoers. Those
outside of the churches, those
who seldom attend church, in
cl'tffling several of lhe Baloon
keeper?, are becoming regular
attendants. Oa invitation" of
the ministers, the merchants
and business men close their
business houses, and attend
the first hour of the morning
One fact worthy of attention,
and the ladies never lire of re
peating it, the saloon keepers
have treated them most court
eously in every instance and
on every visit. The effect of
this has been to beget confi
dence and respect on both
sides. Said one of fhe ladies
the other day, "We have lound
out these men are worth saving
and we are bound to save
them." While they speak thus
of the saloon keepers, they are
not slow to say that the only
person who has offered them
an insult or treated them with
contempt is one who aspires to
be a leading citizen, and who
wishes to rank himself high
above saloon keepers. They
are disposed though to take it
in becoming meekness, and
pity rather than condemn.
Since the above was in type
we learn that Shockey closed
his bar on Tuesday morning,
bat while refusing to sell yet
refused to give any pledge.
On Tuecday evening a com
mittee representing the Ladies'
Temperance League called on
the three saloon keepers who
had not signed the pledge in
lull, arid obtained from them
their full consent to the follow
ing: We, the undersigned, citi
zens of McArthur, O., aeree to
dispose of our total stock of
liquors at a loss of ten per
cent, upon the wholesale rates,
if such disposition can be made
without any further loss to us,
and upon such disposition be
ing made we will sign the IP
dies pledge not to sell intoxi
cating liquors agaiu.'
We reg.rtJ this as a proposi
tion which ought to and will be
accepted, and the ladies propose
to 6eo what they can do about il.
We believe it will be the judg
ment of our citizens to accept the
proposition, and make good any
, , , . ,. , '
loss pver ana above tnat irDicn
... , !
ine saioon Keepers agree to laxe
upon themselves. If this matter
is to be adjusted amicably und
fairly, and in the spirit in which
the. ladies have conducted the
movement from the first, the pub
lic 'will now strp forward and
share the loss with the saloon
keeper?; for we must acknowl
edge that we have all encouraged
these men to invest 'their money
in this business negatively at
least by permitting it to be car
ried oo peaceably when it could
have been so summarily stopped
by law. An effort will be male
to dispose of the stock to whole
sale druggists at such discount as
can be effected, cifisens will be
called upon to make up 'the bal
ance, and as believe from the free
expression of opinion we have
heard on the subject that there is
no man in; this community who
has taken so little interest in this
movement that he will not -con-tribute
something to see it so hap
pily consummated. .
Krom the Ohio State journnl
Wkhn woman of wealth, cul
ture and the most delicate sen ¬
sibilities turn out by scores
to go aud personally implore
the keepers of drinking plaoes
to cease their traffic, when they
are willing to hold religious
meetings at such places, and
that for hour after hour in the
raw open air if necessary, and
when they are willing and de
termined to repeat this day af
ter day until success crowns
their efforts, it means that
something has broke loose,
and that there is to be a shak
ing among the bulwarks ol
things that will not be silenced
by a sneer or an epithet.
The human being probably
doss not exist so hardened as
to bo utterly indifferent to her
good opinion, or unmoved by
her gentle, earnest, persistent
entreaty. Men who tlely law
and contemn what Is known as
publfc opinion, are yet quickly
sensiiSve to wnat the pure
mined wives, mothers and
daughters of community think
of them. To be totally uncon
cerned as to that is scarcely
within the compass ot human
nature, and this, probablyis the
key to the remarkable success
that crowns the woman's tem
perance movement
And now, if personal inter
cession and influence may do
30 much to overcome hardened
men, may it not be equally po
tent to save abandoned wo
men! If it can so successfully
wrestle with intemperance,
may it not have like power to
overcome and banish from so
ciety a vice even more insid
ious and soul-destroying?
An Athens county woman
complains that since her hus
band has become a Granger,
he has sown nothing. but wild
oats. She ought to reap the
crop with a broom.
Toe Ironlon Register says
that a divorce suit has been
brought in their courts, in
which excessive tickling is
named at one. of the acts ol
cruelty, on which the applica
tion tor divorce is founded.
To fix the Salary of the Village
8 ic. 1. Be it ordained by the Council of
the Incorporated Villce of McArthur that
the Village Merahal, aa auch, and aa chief of
ponce ei omcio, aliall receive aalary at the
rate ef two hundred and forty doilara per an
num, payable monthly out ef the Village
Treasury Previded, however, that all itema
offeea andeoaie taxable to him for which the
village nay become liable ahall be I. eld and
treated aa aerged and aatiafled in trie (alary
provided aa aforeaaid.
Abo. J. Suit may be brought la the name
of aaid insorpoiated Tillage upon the bond ol
aid village marshal for any failure on his part
lu perform all and aeverally the dutiea that
may be lawfully impoeed oa him aa the in
cumbent of of aaid office.
bee. 1. This Ordinance aball take efect
from ana after due publication and all ordi.
nancaa.or parte of ordinancee ineonelatent
inerewiin are Hereby repealed.
by repi
V PAlfKE; Mayor.
Attest :
Moaau Eva, Clerk,
February i, 1874.
Complete instructions and large ool lection
ot new muaio.
. This work teaches in a conciea and simple
manner bo to play upon thia Inatrnment,
beginning with the Brat principle, and grid,
ually carrying the learner forward by a course
rightly Seed of making a good performer, in
tne anort-at poeaiMe lime, fubliabed
man cuusctt a oa, cumiomu.o.
To define and punish certain
Bio. 1 Be it ordained by the Council of Ihe
InrnrnoraltMl Ylllaffe of Mi-Arthur, thiit it
shall be union fill for any pron or peranna
snail I unix mi mrany peron or peranna
life any g:ime, device, or neeeil, or aaaist in
ine earn, for the purpose or fraudulently ot-
,l "u"ri"nn,ol'"r',r',nor,o,nn
or lfn . rnnni or hiiti.. fi.r 111 miritn. nl
any kind of gambling whaleeover; ad any
persun who h.iH in any way violate or st
Inapt to violate an v nr cither of lh provudona
ol' t Ilia asttluo shallupoo conviction before
the Mavor, La dam iu any euro, not less lima
It nor more Ihiin Ally dollar, oralialf beim-pru-onad
any tuna um e seeding thirty daya,
or both, at lha diserel on ol 1 1. a flavor.
Sit. i. Any pereon found is mid village, be
lag a vagrant, common proMtiiute, common
atrert bx ar, known or roiutil burner, thief,
pii-kpocltvt.hHll gxme plKyer.or eominsn swin
dler, practicing any guraa, Irick or davii'e tor
diationeit and fiainiiileni gain; or a ho beinn
a eiiapiciniia character can gie' no reaona
tie accoiir.t of him-ailor heraelO or ho thnll
habilimlly tlieturb tlia peace; or barings lam
ily ahull bue the mini; ahall be deemed
guilty of an oaVone, and on coiriotion therrnf,
hall ba fined in any mm not exceeding fiflv
doilara, or ha impntaned not axceeeini thir
ty day at 'he diwre'inn ol the Mayor
hat:. 3, Thia ordinance to take ertect and be
in (nretfrDiD and alter ila paeaage and due
publication .hereof.
HKNRY PaYNI, Mayor. -
Atlc.t;- -Uonu
CriiK, Clrk. ,
McArthur, Ohio Ft rum J i, 1871. r,
Tr.tjes! FlowersI Bulbs I
Nursery Stock! Fruit&Flower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX
COO aofei; 22d yenr: IS greonhoiiea. 4 rnt
Apple, 1,UU 1 vr.. I'ift; 1 y. flu; 3y.l-Ui.-4y SM
4 cataloguear 20 centa. k Jljiilini
Road Notice.
VfOriOE la hereby given thnt a paction
l will be prewuted to th )nminiihnpM
ol Vinion county, at their aott Hnsin, to he
lipid on the fal Monday of March. Ml pray
inn fur lha ostubhrhmeot of a .louniy road
along lha followtnii dcwibud rout" in anld
cniiniy, to wit; beginning at a point m the
center olthe enmity roi'ldxt lin pvtt Jonit
Ihiin W nlerx' house, about 10 rode weM of
aid Winter' houe in Elk lownvhip, Vin
ion county, Ohio) tnence running in a nnrlh
eniorly direction, the nearest mid beat route
through lhe lands ol Jonathan Wintera and
Mary Xichinond to point at or near tha
north waal corner of K. 1). Wo Pa garden,
thence in an emderly direution tliroiiiiti the
landaofaaid K l. Wolf nnd Oilman, Ward A
Co., aouih of the wnter mill of raid Oilman,
War U iJo.,imd along the couth line of iha
lot of land owned by Henrietta Wilxnn, nnd
interaeuling th Jackson and McArthur road
at n point about 13 feet south of the aouth
line of lhe corporate limila of the village of
BicArinur, id aam r.iK lownomp, Vinton
county, Ohio, and Ihoro to end.
Principal Petitioner.
January 20, 1874. 4w
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTIOK la hereby given that Robert U.
Couden. aa guardian, of Jitmea H.. Marv
J., Chnrlea B. anil Joaeph M. "nuden, minor',
naa nied herein nia account, (venrllv, wil.l
aaid warda, fof rlnul neitiement with the flrat
luo named, and partial wiih lhe thrr, and
thai Kind accounts are sot for heannaonthe
loth day of February, A. D.lS74.nt llo'.-lock,
A.M. H.H. MYK,
Probate Judge.
Jnnnarv 2D, 1874, . 4t
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinion County, Ohio.
VTOTlrE ia hereby given that l,uther Rolen
lland Martha llid'en, ndini iiidiiilnr" nf the
ealnte of Joel licli n, decenaed, huve HI d
herein their account ilh aaid latale lorhnal
eetllciiien', and thai the aume ia aei for hear
ing on the IMh dy of February, A. 1). Ib74,
at 11 o'clock, A. M. il.H. MAVn,
Probntc Judge.
Jar.uary 28, 1874. 4t
Always Keeps a FullLine of
Fresh Drugs, Paints. Oils, Varnishes,
Dye Stuffs, nnd Pure Liquors lor Me
dicinal purpoics.
Perfnmrry, Fine Toilet Soaps. ILiir
Oils. Pomade. Hair. Nail, Tooth. Fksh
and Clothes Brushes, Combs.
School Books. Blank Boots, Copy
Books, Pens, Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, Slates.
Fine Cut, Plug, ( hewing and Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes.
Lanterns, Lamps,Chimnoys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A full line of Gold,Coral, Jet, Topaz.
Amethyst, Agate, Garnett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Ear Kings, Necklaces
Sleeve Luttjns.
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines, Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin and Guitar Strings.
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ot Toys.
1 am also agent for all the Maga
lines, Periodicals, Literary and Dally
Papers, which I furnish from three
duystoaweek In advance of those
furnished by mail.
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
Sheriff Sale of Eeal
. .. ; Estate.
; John M. Sloan, Plaintiff,
Thomas M. Ljtlo, et si, Defendants.
The Hlote ef Ohio, Vlmos) Connty, s.s.
XTOT'CEii herebr alven that I trftl offer
IN for aale at pudic auction at the door of
tun rourt Mouie in ine wu oi oicartuun,
Vioton County. Ohio, on
Friday, February 27th, A. D. 1874.
at one otclock, P. M. of laid day. The un
divined five-aixlha 6 0 of the lollowing real
ealat aituaid in the connly of. Vinton aud
flale dl Ohio, and in Richlnud and llarrteon
lownthipaand bounded aaii'detonbcd aat'ul
Iowa, to ml: The south half of the north
wct quarter of section thirty one, 31 in loa
ahip nine, 8 range eighteen, 18. Alio the
noilh eaet quailer of the ncrlh wetquaHerr
aud the north west quarter Of lhe noilh.es-!
quarter ol aevtion tlurtv-one, 31 In lows-hip
ni.d range'aloreaa.d. Alto lhe aoiit)iea-t
quit! ter oi .'the north-east quarter f swiion
thirty-ait 30 in township nine 0 ol range nine
teer, 19. Also the nnrth-wedt quarter of the
north-welt quarter of section thirty-one, 31.
Also lhe soulh-wrst quarxr of ihe south
weal quarter or aectmn thirty, townnhlp
nine, range eighteen. Is nave and except, the
nurth-weat quarter of Un nnrih-raat cjitfirtee
of aeciion thiity-oi.c, 31 tuwimh'P nine, 0
range eighteen, 18 tieing the wime lunda con
vejed to J. M. Lyile bv Ucnrge iic!inonanil
wile by deed dated Orlolier 28, 1871 find con
lamina two hundred and eighiy two isi acre
mi.rj nr le-e.aiire and sn-eptlwonty xti acie
on Ihe noith eudd Hie somh-weal quarter of
tlie aouiii a-eel quarter ol aection thirty, 3U'
townihip nine, tt lange eighteen, 18 ruuuing
pnralle eaotandwe.it.
TKKMS uKaAl.K c'ah on day of aale.
. 'In be anld aa the property of Tlios. M. Ly
tic, ei al, to ntiify an order of a dd in lavnr
nr.lnlin M. Hlonn. isaued Ir.iin the I'ourt of
;oiumiui Plena of Viutuii county, hiu,und
to me iirt'i'icd aaehtrin el aiuil couMy.
(iiveu under ir.v h.iuJ thia -i I d iy of JunUi
nr), A. 1.I74; -
blieiid Yiutou Uounll.
' ,t 1 fj
nnn;y09, ll
Tat unexampled favor a"Corde) to 'this
Mugaiine by the public, ennhlea ua to etitei
upon the couung ye-r with the means 1 04 tun.
king it more attractive aud valuable than ev.
er heiore to Ua large aud ir)creiiiiig .lumb r
of render on both aidea of Ibe Atlaulic. The
aeritu atoi) ol'tthe yenr. j i
by Miaa Tralton, la n charming Inventory by
a gilted writer, which la duoliued to u wiue
popularity. .
There will be lnlllnnt novelettes nnd Hie
beet hort etonex, by Haxe llolln.vUrrle
Harte, and other delightful Mnrytellera.
A aeriea of etrikinu mid uuiqu- poem,willi
illualnitiuna, "Ol.l '1I3IE Ml'SIC"
b Hem. V. Ti'jb'r, knowu lor liiebiillir.nl
coni rib.iliuna to the YVev-lern Freaa will aing
to ja again ihn muaic of the Mpirlntng Whchl,
The Kluil, 'I ho fclaue l.'Oiu.h, T he .Mill, etc.
fortraili and biogriq lucnl altetthea ol
Anierieau aiiilnra; pupera on I'mry hnrmitig
and alock rnifiiig in burot.e, on hoMeeiiold
dceumtion and lui uiLuie, bemdea inoio lit .it
H It y other illuatraled aititlea ure now in pre
the rr oat Important and expensive acriea of
iiiusiriiieu pnpera evvr uiiucrtuKeu oy nny
inn pm no will be continued through the year.
In the beceuiber number so i-i'iuplcte Ihe
papera oil Louiainna, l he next iu ordur trill
iaiihe I.otiu btar Htate; T lie MuuiiIhiii Ke
giona id thbaoutn; The Iron Regions ol lltx
euurl, Ac, Ac. I neat), v i III tn h eranvs aud
editorial diBCUaiona ul literature, acieuce
and art, sketch. of travel, occh&iouiiI poem
and elclunga, will make up a magnaiue ol
Chiialian Literature designed to be
The Iiecr niber number (now re.dy) hna au
able article uu ihe lieuinption ol Specie
Hiiyiui-iH, by i'r. Aiwuter, pot-ma by urele
II arte, Mil' liiiimld uud others. The coll. lull
iitlou ol'lhe two aerial i-tonea, ehortcr aturiea,
eplcudid iiluritrutiuiia ot evv Uiluuua, tlio
I'.iri. of ai. cticii; etc
Kuilonala l,y a lar e and able corps of wn
ten,. Tonca oi t!iu Time bv I'r ilollnn l, in
a lik h he replica to ' iuire Kcl-gioua iv.it
pi,peia;"a biugluii'lt, ttchiuj, au ic. Au
t'liurt.iiiuug iiiiiubcr.--The
lloiidiiv Ku. of ST. MC1IOI.A.
euraplendul ew UluatrHted Miigniciiic Jor'
tiirla nud rjnya, the tine.-t cur ih-ih-.i, will be
sent to all the eliliMrribcra or K-iibucr'a
iMuntbly lor I" '.4. AUu the. November ami
luccmlwr iilllnlra nl St. in holim lent IreV
tn IhoKe who eubicribe for bil'i iiiKgndnea.
The July nuiiibur ul rcnbiicr'a Munilil) cun
tinning tne inirctui tury ante e of The tlrent
south acrica. aent to Kiib.icritiera to gcnl'iier
w ho reqi.eal it w hen, making their eubcripe
bcnbner'a Monthly ti t0, St. Nicho lit
..1. . at .... . .U
fd.uv n jeui, i vi.'iu lor num.
M'ltlKNbll A CU., U6J Baoiliwiv, N.Y.
Hy Older of Ihe l'rubalo
Court, Vinion County, O. -
Uu Saturday Feb. 'S,
At1n'clnck in the afternoon, nt Ihe dnnroftbe
Unurt IIoiwh in Die loan nr McA riliur. a ill !
aold to Ibe h'plicat bn der. Ti.e folh aing
rein eaiaieaatne property ol A brum I.. II1111
ler, deceaeed, to wit: one untuvu'ed bnt'i
part of the aoulh-eaid quarter of III.- aiuith-
weal quarter of aeclion Iwerly-eight. ('if) lhe
north half of the north-wl quarter of ee -tun
Ihiriy-three, and the notth east qitaitcr
ol Ihr norlh eaalqiiarlerofMi-tinu lb 111-twi,;
(it2) except nine ncre nut of th, couth wel
corner of aaid at dencrtb d tract -nil nfnud
Innda lying mid betn' in inwn-hip eleven, (II )
nl rMii aeventeen (17) co'tliiining one hull,
dred nnd aixty-two(litf) nerea, m,rc 01 b-a
the aaid one hundred and iox:v-two nerea htiv
ing def ended tn anid decedent, A brum L
Hunter nnd hia co-h"jr Irani their liithc,
lohn rJunler, deceased, an I being aiibie.it to
Ihe dower of Iho ntd Samh Hunter, wi-low of
Ihe :i'd lohn H unter, and one, nl the de'en.l
anta heieln. Annrnireil at three hundred and
atxty aeven dollars nnd thirty-hve cents.
TEKMd OKSAIK fah'in hand. .
Administratrix ol Abram L. 11 inner, de
ceaaed. H. C. Jossa, Attorney, 24Mealtr
Probate Notice.
Pro&fie- Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
1 -
VTOTIOE ia hereby giyen that Frederick
ll Cradlehaugh, aa tiiiaidian ol Kmina A.
Hmmer, a minor, haa hied herein hiaacoounl
with hia anid watd for partial acttleinent; and
hat Ihe aame ia act for hearing on tne 7ln
day ol February, A. I. 174 a', to o'clock. A.M
H. H. MAYO, Probate Judge.
January IS, 1871. u
New and fecund hand, of Drel-claftS makers,
will be aold at lower pncea tor cash, or on in.
slallments, inoity or country, dm ins this fi
nancial crisis and the holidays b HOKACE
VYATEItS ft MN, 481 Hroadwny. than ever be
fore nrlcred in New York. Ag, nta wanted tn
aell Waters' Celebrated I'tanoa, Concerto and
Orchestral Organs. Illustrated catalogues
mailed, (irent inducement lo th trade. A
large discount lo rmuiatera,churcurs, tuadny
Schools, eto.
Wood's Houpehold Magazine
8K Trt ffitPadnymade by eanvaaslng
,y 1 v- ejjj lOlor this magaxinc now in
its 14th vol. with chromo,
14x20 Inches In 17 Oil Colors.
Magntineoon year, with mouated chromo.
Magasine. one year, .with unmounted cho-
mo.fl 61)
Hagatme. alone, one year, II 00
Exam ne OUT clutjbin and nrsmtnm
Two rirat clys periodicals tor the price of
wuv. no eunci. eapenenoe 1 canvaasers and
others to arnd at once for terms and aprai
men magasine. Address 8. E. bHUTfcb
Pjbith.r, 41 Park Row, M. Y. City or New
burgh. N, Y. .
Will prolong (heir Uvea, make better lumber
and earn money eaaier and faster, by using
Inscriptive circular sent upon application
SINKER, DAVI9 A CO. , Indian ipolia, Ind.
t VlOO in Wall at. often leads to
a lorion. No risk Si-nase
pamphlet for Mam p. Vilsstiis
TCBIIIIMII A Co.. Bsakar n.l
Brokers, 3 Wall su, , I. .
For 1874.'
jun PAOESj too EftftRAVlNftS, and COL
ORKfl PUTB Piikhahed quarterly at 1 .
onnta a yexr. Fir af eumbe r for 1874 mill
ue l. A German ertitinn et same price.
Addre JAMKd VIVO, Rochester, . T.
Dr. ' Creole's - Wins : of - Tar
Coiitalne TtftmMS
Imjrdiento mf Urn
etsMMmi lettU TaliM
eoinblned . with th
rick Biuwldnal ejneilsa
una or lar, wnioa
er, and rasise th'
feed le a I a; est. re
movlnir Pyapepedsr
4utl laxlhrt aleai. It
ia a n perler Tem
lr, Fira the aaw
aietl teaoilil rs;v m
rat the ayHean Vot
rniaaliilhe BrsaaL
(tldeor Barb.lrs
ei ur saraary
rase, cthieaiire tM
I'rlaarjrv X e)ravaa,
jnanel.ee or. an
l iver C'omalalat It
hap lio nual. ltef
mis! or.if rv
ectually eurea all
Caatha. Cola, and
lldlanesesof lha THHWAf qd s.t7N,
and lias been iirbnouncetl, .aneclflo bat
Asthma aud BruucUitla. lUXlX.
bold by
' ?m OF THE OHIO :
With the T.nrgcat and Mont Seaeral mt
Valmiuic (jiroaisllsD ei euiy Jearaai
I'ub lif-hed In ibe Ccutral Ueslaa (
the 4iuciican Nutlua. . . i '
In addition to the universal etreejaiioo of
the Comtnercwl in Cinvitt and vleioity, il
ia told through over three hundred agencies
. il H j : wr . .. . 1 n't - Hr , ' .
Virgiiiia','aur6uuthern Illinois, and an all lh
raiiroada' in llioan stales, and there Utaape- '
cud call for it along the grcU nvera from
l'ltlrtbliig to New Orleana. "'
IU uuig, niii,ii.,ivi,,uvn, 1 viruiuuw.i,
o( ibeXliiuuerciHl ia Ihnl wilhin oae cay 'a
The territorv occupied by the ronalltuency
inilr.'Mii travel 01 uncinnati, ana mere are
reuiibir camera' roiitca for the Oomroereial
mUiilnnibui., Ohio; Indinnnuolia; Frankfortl
Nnahvilla; Charlerlun; Loutevill. Parkers
bur!i t huitiiiiimga; Vincennea; Lafayette)
Kv.iiivhhj Miciininud; Uayton) Xeaiai
dprniMtii'ld, Newnrk, 1 clnaare. au4 Zanea
villc, nhio; l.exingloii, Mayavillr: Pans, and
1'ynihiiuia; and scores of other auperb and
110 II rift II III u I'li'rs.
Uinctnniitl ia the innnt central of the large
cities of the nition, and on nil aides la sup
ported oy 111 nit y ami pioepeioua ccniniuni- -lie',
in every direction the Commercial la lh
lavorita newspaper.
In a pclttical aeuae Ihe Comrreieial ir Ihor
otigbly independent. It recugnxes no obll
uattniiii to imily orunnimHiiiia. Ilaiiucerily
111 this no-otioti 1 a populitrly undertoiid, and
n li rg ly upprt-c tided thnrilaulia-ril srs sad
lui itini puichiix-ra in either political party
until umber lho-e of Ihe. parly orgaua, aud its
aggregate ctrculaiion la greater than that e(
ite competitora t-oiubined.
It lakea a hearty iniereat in Ihe polities of
I'lirnpe hu h telegraphic con muiilcalioo haa
brouglil into very tut, mute rel ilioiia aithua,
and, earneatly vindicating nud atiatoiniug the
tevclupiuent of naltnniiltly in lierniany sad
Italy, It curdiall.v ampatluaea with Ihe rW
pubii an cntiKe in ainneo an I Hpain.
1 he aiiectalty of the Commercial ia the nf
,.r,hikil,i- U. u nn A,,rt n. n.. .
pene ill home or alirond. to obtain by tele
griinli, by mail anu by ei.ea. lhe luleel in.
lelligcih c, an I lo present it in 111. moM at.
tractive and authentic to-m. Our editorial re
iimrka t.p.in aw-nla, and diacuaainna of the
iiucaliona .it Um day, are according to our in
ilepcndi nt Vid.'nieut, hiivina always iu view ..
the ellicaft ul the tiiilh in Hie tntereata of Ihe
penpla. VY iiu m l M ik oftieial. n-vore or
iarti-iin piitronnge, hut rely ii,on the bnai
ucaa Hi.. I grow out 01 the respect aud good
will U tne iKiblie at large. -
' 'I he en r 1 1.1 hiatory ol the world will poa.
aea. Una winifcr, exreptioual iniereat. I'he
iittnir. of tuini;i,ncir cmi emed 'u mora
1 loi-ely tlnin.u).w The cumplicatinna n our '.
Icreigii reliilnma, even ilircnteiung war, mind)
coiiiinaud couetiMiiiy our aertotia conaidera.
lion, and the m'miiiii of the American Con
ltreia al out foniiiieiicinv. sflll absorb in aa
unusual degreu Ine iif.enti'iii nt 4lie country,
fur tlie-moal vitnl and acari liingtaatiea, flnsn
,i'iii and politic. il, n7 lit prii--lica aolution
'lhe d-nly uewauapcr al such a lime be
,coine iilmoat n nrccaaity of life, and it is not
h. irdmn tu claim lor lh Cincinnati Corn
iiiei'cal that il ia al once the moat complete
ami Irm-lunnhy Journal leaned in .the Ohio
Valley- the center of the population and Iho
i-eal ol Hie pnlilcal power f lite nation.
t)ur relatione w'th pnlitical partiea are auch
that ae will uni be aupected ol latnpeiing
withtiie ncwa in the int real of either. He
mean lu tell the plain truth, and ptihliah all
the iieai, 11 n innlier w hunt il helpa or hiirta.
Wc expect to l,e aa thorough and impattiat tn
pr-'aeniiug Hiinn-inl tnt lltgeuceas in dealing
with '.nliiK itl iiifnrmulion.
ur ' gents are reminded that thia la a
iriuiii'itg nine, to cni;vn.a for new auhacn
la ra.and it i- our impreaion that if a careful
anil energetic, crloit were made, there would
la- oci"itoii 10 iuereaae ordera largely.
Wo'iifcr un olher ii dueeinenta in MihsorU
I era I' r.n tin. f put 'i n nf ibe t'oininercial
i, r ( iiterprihe in iai Meeting the uewa, and hon
oiui.lo dt alirj; wiln the people in publishing
,1 lurl).
Al' ncplic.iii'a fitrniehed with anecimencop
lea und eirciUra g,vui) exact and full detail!
t bit- tna iiir,,rmiition.
Advi rtta iiif ri,iea Horn 10 In 4"t rrnta per
ng l I n". according b. dia biyrud poaition
M e la.t let in, nil. red by nuy flii--laaa Jour-
II I. i-h.ir.-t -ter Hud extent of circulation eo.
el-ieted. H. HALKTK.ADA CO., ,
I'ioj ricloraol Hie Cincinnati Commercial. '
A fin , lot of
33T.iA.NI5: BOOItS.SeO.
Also a full line of pure
fresh Drugs , Me4i
cincs, Chemicals, 1
Glassy Futty
Varnish '
es' and Dye
Stvffs Perfvm-
m.'j" nr.i.' t t ..
' ' I v -. 1
Terj low Prices. ;
Borth 8id8 Main St. two Soon
. West of Market, -
lOjul 187.
a ia.r s a a m-. a . a
$Stn12nrr rt3rI "genii wanted! AH
rimers i, v ungoroio, make moie aoosey
at work for na ic iheir spare moments, or all
the time, than anything else. Particulars frea
Address O. ttTINHON k CO., Portlaad.Maina.
' It rvei.m
sfiT $ fi V " wek eisiel ele.
if f I' 1 VlWIItsisoel rM
tlW0hlf resie-r eu
tisjlar 4sJSh" reta.
t5, isVtTillt cleanses Ibe Blom.
1 acta, relnica the Llr
I"ivwm un. i, yjr. ei'tbtnAKS I MO -
JT how either aei ma? nvscti ale and gala V
. the love and affections of any person the 1
choose, instantly This simple mental an' '
quiremenl all ran poaaesa, Ire by mail lor M
' centa; together with a Marriage I'uide.Egypt-
isa Oracle, dr-ama, htnt. to l.dies A queer
h(W.ar llkfl fatall Anld AM.im ttl t I ! a.
www r ruv nuilinaj VI 1 U LslA 11 m
CO Publisjiors, PhiUdvlphis. .

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