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THUKHDAY. FLD. 12. 1874
TliK Marietta Register in
commenting upou an article
in the Recoud expressing the
vishthat each county in the
State was blessed with a Home
tor Destitute Children like that
in Washington county, express
es the opinion that counties of
the class of Vinton have not
enough wealth to aflVrd such
an institution. The Register
underestimates our wealth.
We speud enough foolishly for
whisky every year of the world
to build a marble palace lor
(he unfortunate children
the county. It's not lack of
wealth that holds ua back.
Mr. JBundy has made a speech
qu finance in the House which
has attracted considerable no
tice from bis iellow members,
in which he defends the cur
rency of the country; argues
that its amount should be in
creased sufficient to transact
the vastly increased business
of the country. On the sub
ject of a resumption of specie
payments -he offers the simple
and only plan such legislation
aa will make our annual ex
ports exceed our ivuports, thus
leaving the balance ol gold In
our hands. When Free Tra
ders will consent to see so
plain a proposition the days of
a depreciated currency will
have ended.
The Cincinnati Gazette in an
article on the permanent ef
fects of the woman's temper
ance crusade says:
"It raisea up a public senti
ment, zeal, enthusiasm, and in
fluence which unite the com
munity in the cause, and which
will make drinking disreputa
ble. In this it it seems to us
will be its great and perman
ent fleets. It has also imme
diate success in suppressing
a nr ii
me iramo aua making mai
obnoxious. It will be of little
avail lor iraaers 10 resist mis
crusade. They will find it hard
to contend at law against the
united women of the communi
ty; and besides their trade lt
ylf;is illegal,-and therefore has
so standing ground to light up
on." From ths Jackso n Btandard
The McArthur Uncord lust week pub
lialied tbo names of several of the
hardest old topers of that place who
have signed a pledge not to drink in
toxicating liquor for one year, but we
regret that we do not see' among the
Domes that of the editor, one John T.
It wts the evil example of
-one Davis Mackley, the wick
edest man in Jackson, to
gether with the fact that we
were not solicited to do so, that
kept us from signing it. When
we remember that the Editorial
Union meets next at Chilli
colhe; that Gov. Allen resides
there and will probably be one
of the things to be "done" on
that occasion; and how D. M,
who bad cursed whisky up and
down all the hills of Jackson
.as the vilest thing on the face
of the earth, at a previous re
union had tried the tall Sena
tor's old -rye, and how D. M.'s
countenance rose and fell and
rose again aa he got the first
jsraell at his old friend; how bis
total abstinence lips opened
and let in what if taken by a
common Jacksonian would be
"liquid poison;" and how they
smacked and s9id it wa? good;
when we remembered al! .this,
cur heart would have siled us.
True, out of deference to the
solemn company there present
and the well known temper
ance sentiment in Chillicothe,
we refuted to partake; but ii
the immaculate Mackley bra
ved all and drank, while his
countenance beamed and spar
kled like a fresh run bed of pig
iron; if he, the Boss temperan
cist, whisky hater and drunk
ard driver of Southern Ohio,;
fell before the ileaHiig lumen j
of King Akhobul, bow could
our poor weak human nature
trust itself to sign plfdges and
hope always to keep tbeiu, be
fore the demoralizing example
ot the Ureal Mogul I
From the Cincinnati Commercial.
A Refugee.
We had the pleasure, recently, of a
talk with h Mr. 0. , who came
to this city from McArthur. Vinton
County, Oliio, where he had a sort of
a club room where a game of cards
could be played, and a drink of whis
ky b'.krp. lie was driven nut bv the
woman's war against whinky and
cards. Mr. fl 's description of
the war, as he saw it, is good. lie
"They climbed op to my place a
week ago last Friday night, fifty-four of
them, young and old, rich and poor,
some in rags and some in fine harness.
Each of the fifty four women came up
personally and spoke to me, and hoped
I'd get a new soul. Of course I had to
treat' em politely. There was only
one lamp burning in tbe room when
they came in, so I lit another for them
to make it lighter. Thon they took
out their hymn books, and all sang to
gether One or two ol 'em led, and the
rest joined in. After they bad sung
fifteen minutes or to, t ey all got down
on their marrow bones and prayed.
There was one woman there that could
pray loud enough to be beard all over
1he villace, which has only eight hurt
dred inhabitants. )A woman would
pray, and the rent would join in with
a-a-amon, a lonit and lood one. One
of the women that prayed was seventy
years old. She prayed so long and
strong that she got herself all of a
tremble, and had to be lifted to her fee;
and carried down stairs. One t'.me
they called, all got down on tbev m ar
row bones, on the outside, and gang
and prayed.
Keporter lou closed dp, finally:
Mr. G. There was nothing else to
do when thoy wer-tf onrrviBg nn that
way. Ihey closed everything in the
village down to an oyster saloon where
the folks were in the oatit of playing
PV.ne of cards to see who'd pay fur
'.'iie stews, a place where there wasn't
a drop of liquor sold.
KepoTter How do they treat a fel
low in their prayers?
Mr, G,- I hey are very kind in their
prayers at first. They pray for a fel
low j soul, and then stick a petition be
fore bira. If he don't sign to quit,
they pray for lightning to strike his
A new consignment of gin
just received by the publisher
of the Christian Witness and
Enquirer at his pawn proker
establishment on Main St, Mc
Arthur, sign of the three gold
Tub Constitutional Conven
tion Las adopted a half way
measure on the question of the
Governor's veto. This work
compares favorably with the
rest of the work of the conven
tion. Tbe body is becoming
noted as a maker of nothings.
A Washington letter calls
attention to the noteworthy
fact that not a dollar has ever
been missing from the depart
ment of the Comptroller of the
Currency, where women ex
clusively are employed as
ttTni Flat-iron Brigade," is
wbat the incorrigible sots of
Gallipolis, call their Women's
Temperance Lpague. The in
dications are that the saloons
will be flattened out before the
movement is over.
Hon. Kufus Kixa, who was
elected President of the Ohio
Constitutional Convention in
place of Chief Justice Waite,
was -born in Chillicothe in 1817
lie graduated at Harvard Uni
versity. A rf.cent Grand Jury an
Clermont county reported one
hundred and eighty bills of in
dictment for selling liquor, and
six ior keeping rooms for
The amount ot mail matter
sent out by members of Con
gress through the House post
office averages $500 a day.
Many of these are letters to
Boldiars on pensions, bounties,
A Georgia girl allowed three
hundred men to kiss her at ten
cents a head for the benefit of
an orphan asylum, and then al
lowed one man to kiss her three
hundred times lor nothing but
her own satisfaction.
It is a ? erred that the reason
American girls refuse to enter
domestic service is that they
object to anything approach
ing menial employment what
they seek is Sy-meniaL
The British Conservatives
have gained 46 in tbe recent
election, and now have a ma
jority of 36, las far as heard
Fifteen ijc.ndrkd cars, con.
lainii.g thirty imlliou pound
of wool, p 'S.-eil through Omaha
lrom Citliforni i in 1873;
Bowks will advocate the
tempt rauce reform when he
Stills las ftin, Maybtl
In regard to the luture of
iron in this country a writer
observes: There seems to be no
limit to- the demand for iron.
Manufactory after manufactory
is established, and still the cry
is for more. That this will ex
tend ipto the futnre there is no'
doubt. Tbe multiplying uses
to 'which iron in lis-various
forms cau be put, insures a d'e
mand for it in this country,
which will continue to grow as
our population increases and
new ways ior utilizing it are
discovered. In a large degree
it no takes the place of brick
and stone in building. It is
substituted for timber in bridg
es, in ships, in the manufacture
ol, vehicles of all descriptions,
and even in the- lighter and
more graceful ornamental work
required by our advancing
tastes. Tbe. demand forfit is
rapidly grqffing and will con
tinue io grow. As timber be
comes scarcer we do pot doubt
that iron will take the place of
wood in thn country as it has in
the town, and be put to a thou
sand uses which are now un
thought of.
Tiierb is a curious trial for
polygamy in progress at Port
land. A Mrs. Waite is charged
with having married Mr. Waite
while her first husband, Mr.
vValler was alive. Iler reply
la that she has been mistaken
for Mr 8. Waller. She professes
entire ignorance of the man
who claims to be her husband,
and of the boy and girl who
claim to be her and his
children. These three persons,
Mr. Waller's sister, bis brother
in-law and half a dozen other
persons, swear positively that
the woman used to be Mrs
Waller. Yet she inaintainsjher
plea steadily. The evidence is
overwhelmingly against her,
but the case may be a parallel
in real lile to E. E. Hale's ' My
Double, and How lie Undid
From the Ross County Register.
Death of the Oldest Resident.
Mrs. Margaret W. 11 1 finagle,
eldest sister of Rev. Dr. S.' Mc
Adow, died on Wednesday
last, February 4th, in the 79th
year of her ae, at the resi
dence of her son-in-law, Mr.
Win. Hamilton, on Fifth street.
Her disease was caucer of the
Mrs. llufTnagle was born in
Bourbon county, Ky., Nov. 17,
1795, and removed with her
parents to Chillicothe in April,
1797, where she has resided
continuously ever since, being
a period of 77 years, a longer
time than any other person ev
er resided in Chillicothe.
The temperance question is
he I ore the U. 8. Senate in the
shape of a bill for the appoint
ment of a commission to con
sist of five .persons to investi
gate thn alcoholic liquor traf
Go in its economic, criminal,
moral and scientific aspects in
connection with pauperism,
crime, social vice, the public
health and general welfare of
the people, and who shall also
take testimony as to the prac
tical results of license and re
striclive and prohibitory legis
lation for tbe prevention of in
temperance in the United
States. The Commission is to
serve without pay.
After all those Japanese
beatub in our own line. A hie
of Washington has been issued
by a Yeddo publisher in forty
four voLumnej, in Japanese
and profusely illustrated. The
father of his country is repre
sented in the dress of the pres
ent day, with a perfectly sweet
moustache, carrying a cane,
and accompanied by a skye
terrier; he is gazing in an en
raptured manner at a lady with
a train, Grecian bend and wa
terfall of elaborate dimensions.
Tbe New York banks hold
thirt v-three millions more ol
depoeiiH than before the panic
and ixiy ihrte millions more
than un the first ol December.
How nalral it z tor man,
when be makes a mistake, to
Korrekt it by kuseing uoaie
Lydy else lor it.
What Kills Towns.
From the Mt. Vernon Republican.]
A respectable gentleman
Baid: "I am going to move
away from Mt. Vernon." And
why? "Becatiee there are 60
many liquor shops and gamb
ling houses. 1 have two boys;
it is my duly to go where there
will be less temptation." But
where will you go? 'I will go
where professedly respectable
people do not patrouize these
places, as they do here." And
is it so that good citizens are
to be driven from our midst by
a business discreditable, and
because persons recognized by
'.he best society - give counten
ance to the degrading businesb?
On Friday last while Mr.
Win, U. Hatch was engaged in
sinking a drive well on the
place of Mr. Wm. Henry, about
a mile and a half from War
ren's Station, and when the
bore bad attained a depth of
about twenty ieet, there sud
denly issued from tbe aperture
a stream of gas and water, the
latter spouting above the sur
face to the height of twenty
feet or more. The gas continu
ed to "blow" until tbe succeed
ing day. This fact argues the
certainty of coal or oil in that
locality. Athena Mestenger.
A clerk in, the Boston post
office has been detected in the
pilfering of letters by bis hab
it ot incessantly sneezing
while sorting letters. It was
in paroxysms of sneezing that
the pocket handkerchief play
ed a very important part. The
detectives watched his sneez
ef, and discovered that a letter
disappeared with each explo
A Virginian, writing from
Georgia, says that the south
ern people are not bait poor
enough for their own good yet
They haven't learned yet that,
in order to prosper, they must
go to work with their own
hand?;' but as soon as they are
reduced to absolute want, and
are obliged to do for them
selves, the tide will turn in
their favor.
Gov. Allen has made- tbe
following-appointments, to-wD:
J. 0. Amos, of Monro, for
Adjutant General; 0, H. Sar
geant, of Cincinnati, for Assis
tant Adjutant General; and
Arnon Layman, of Columbus,
for Executive Clerk.
A bill increasing the fee of
witnesses, passed the House
last week. It fixes the fees
at $1.50 in courts of record; at
$1 in Coroner's courts; at 75
cents before Justices' courts in
civil cases, and $1.50 in crim
inal cases.
England is not quite doing
the business that she was a
year ago. The returns show
that hei exports have fallen off
in that time about seven per
cent., while her imports are
correspondingly increased.
Benoni Howard, millionaire
watch maker, convicted of
counterfeiting revenue stamps,
has been sentenced to the Pen
itentiary five years by a New
York jury.
The preis and bar want
Waite to abandon the black
gown when he takes his seat
as Chief Justice. Gowns are
for women and parsons.
We hope the ladies will not
neglect Mr. Bowen's gin mill.
Administrator's Sale of Eeal .Estate.
IN pursuance ot an order or the probata
Court ol Vinton count;, Obio 1 willoHer
for sal at public suction on
Friday, the 20th Dy of March, A. D.
tin o'clock, A. M.at the Essie Hills, in Es
sie township Vinton county, Ohio, the tol low
ing described real enisle situate in the county
of Vinton and Btate of Ohio, to wit: twenty
acres off the west half ot the north-west quar
ter of the south-west qnarler of section num
ber twelve, It township number ten, 10 range
nineteen, 19.
Also the north-east quarter of the south
esst quarter of section, number eleven, 11
toxnihiuend range loraid.
tpprai-ed at threp hundred dollar, $300
and ti.u-t brinr twnirirdsnrihatsum.
I fr.RMS r' 5A LK. One-hall in hand, and
one-hall in one rear from day of sale, with in-
! U-rert. Jefeired payments to be secured by
, mortgage upon the premises sold.
I Mll-Ko Ril-CLIrF,
Administrator of the Kslateof khabod'irum
mone, deceased, tlfeti
lot agents. Large, income guaranteed. En
cine stamp lor cinder. K. ALLUOA, ltf
'Chambers it., fl.T.
Has permanently located in
MoAB.THUE, 0.;
lor ths practice of
to which he will devo'e his entire attention.
OF KICK in liati' Huilding up etairn. oppo
site Vinton County Bank.
Cbas. Bosnian.
H. H. HorraAjS.
Established 18M. o7,M,l and MWeat Front st.
foot of Suspension Br id. CINCINNATI. O.
Cms. B'.DntK 1 1 o., Proprietors. Daily amo
tion and private aales or leaf tobacco. Busi.
nesa stri.-ily commission. Liberal advances
made on consignments.
A litaocatTio Wisklt. F.stat!ished IBM.
It support H'sife Ssurmuice. political and so
rial. Terms. Si pel rear. To clubs, nine cop-
tea tree. Address IMY-BOOK, Hew lorn
Wood's How ehold Magazine
8"? Trt IPS day made by canvassing
J 1 u qplvlnr this magasine now in
its 14th vol. with rhromo,
14x80 Inckew la IT Oil Color.
Maaanne one, year, with mojated ehromo,
t'i mi
Magasine, one 'year, .with unmounted cho-
mn, l 60
Msjrasin. alone, on year, fl 00
Examine our flubbing aud premium list
Two Hrst class periodicals lor the price of
one. We solioit experience t eanvassera aud
others to send at once tut terms and sprat
men magaslne. Address 8. K. KHUTKn,
Publish r, 41 Park Bow, N. T. City or New
burgh, N, r.
isa "s. And Insect Powder
Ior Eats, Mice, Eoaohei, Anti Bed"
Bugs, Moths, &o.
J.F. HENRY, ftlRRAN oV CO., N.Y.,
Hole Agents.
Will hais Moaa aa Bittib Baiiat than
ant Maihinb ih Usi. ADorrso AN HID IV
THa LSADiro Baict HsNi'VAUTVaaa. Manuvaq
TUIKao AND sold av.
AMES M'FU CO., ChicUopee, IUn.,
RrnfOfyer dayf Agents wanted! All
JlUUctHsva 0f working people, of
ettner an, V ung or old, mskemoie money
at work for lie In their spare moments, or all
the time, than anvthing else. Particulars free
AddrosaO. HTINHON CO., Portland, Maine.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICK Is hereby given that Rnbert'J.
Onuden, as mardian, of James H., Mary
J., Charles B. and Joseph M. Cnuden, minora,
has Hied herein hia accounts, si vearllv, with
aid wards, for Hnal settlement with the first
two uamed, and partial with the others, and
that said accounts are set for hearing nn the
10th day of February, A. U.lH74,at II o'clock,
A. M. a. B. MAYO,
Probate Judge.
January 28, 1874 , 4t
Probate Notice.
rrobate Court Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE is hereby riven that laither Bnlen
and Martha Bnlen, sdinlnstrators of tne
estate of Joel Bolcn, deceased, have fil. d
herein their account with said estate for hnal
settlement., and that the same is set for hear
ing on the Itth day or Februnrv, A. L. 1874,
al 11 o'clock, A.M. H.B. MAYll,
Probate Judge.
January 28, 1874. 4t
AlwaysKeeps aFullLineof
Fresh Drugs, Paints, Oils. Varnishes,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors lor Ale
dlcliial purpoteg.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps, ITalr
Oils, Pomade, lialr, Nail, Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes Brushes, Combs.
School Books, Blank Books, Copy
Books, Pens, Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, Slates.
Fine Cut, Pltitf. ( hewing ami Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes.
Lanterns, Lamps,Chimneys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A full line of Gold.Coral, Jet, Topaz,
Amethyst, Agate, Garnett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Ear Rings, Necklaces
Sleeve Butt jus.
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin and Guitar Strings.
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys.
1 am also agent for all the Maga
rines, Periodicals, Literary and Daily
Papers, which I furnish from three
days to a week la advance of those
furnished by malL
All of the Above, and
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
Sheriff Sale of Real
John M. Sloan, Plaintiff,
Thomas M. Lytic, et al, Defendants.
The Htata of Ohio, Vluten Coauty, a.a.
NftT'CE is hereby given lhat 1 will ofler
for sale at puMio auction at the door of
the t'ourt llou.e In the towu ot Moarthur.
Vinton Counlt. uhio. on
friday, February 27th, A. D. 1874.
at one olcloeg. P. M. of eaid day. The un
divided Bve-aixlhs i-S or the lollnwing real
state situated in the conniv of Vinton and
Mate ol Ohio, and in Rit-hlaud and Harrison
townships and bounded and uesennea asioi
lows, to wit: The south hslf of the north
wet quarter ol section thtily one,31 lnton
ahip nine, range eighteen, IS. Alo the
nmth eai-t quarter of the orrih west quarter,
and Ihenorth-wext quarter ol the north-eat
quarter ol section Ihirtv-one, 31 in township
and range aloresa.d. Also the eoiith-eai-t
quatterot the north-eaat quarter f (eclion
tlurty-.su 30 in township nmn V ot range nine
teer, IV. Also the north-west quarter of the
north west quarter of section tniriy-one, HI.
Also the south-west quariir or ifie south
weal quarter of section thirty, 30 lownxhip
nine, S range eighteen. IB save and except the
north-west quarter of the north-east qmirte
of section thiitv-oi.c, 31 township nine, 9
range eighteen, is being the same lands con
veyed t I. M. Lytle bv Ucorge Ih.-iiioi-onaml
wile by deed dated Octnlier H, 1871 and con
laining two hun-Tedand eighty two acres
more or le.-s.aave and en-ept twenty 2aaie
off the noi th end ol the souih-west quarter ot
the aouili-a est quarter ol section thirty.au
to win in p nine.S tange eighteen, IS runuiug
parade east and west.
TUKM4 UKBALK Cash on day of sale.
To be aold as the property of Thou. M. I.y-
tltt mi ! In HfltlMfv an nrtlff of Aula in lavor
of John M. Hloan, issued from the Court of
Ounmnn Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, aud
to me directed as hht-rirt si siml county.
Given under my haud this ti i day of Janu,
art, A. I. I7I.
bhenit Viuton uouuty.
January 80, 1871. '
Ths unexampled fhvnr accorded to this
Mnganne bv the public, ennblea ua to enlei
upon the coming yer with the means or ma
king it mora attractive and valuatiie than ev.
er beiore to Us large and increasing .iiiiiih r
or readers on both sides or the Atluutio. The
serial story ol the year,
by Miss Tralton, is a charming love story by
a gifted writer, which is deatiuod to a wme
1 here will be brilliant noveleltea and the
best liort atones, by 8axe Holm, Brele
Uarte, and oilier delicti tful story-tellers.
A series oretrtkinn and iiniqti poems, with
illuaimtiona, "OLD TIME Mi l It"
b tit-ll) . K. Taylor, kuoan lot his brilliant
con i ribiilions to the VY extern I'ross will sing
lo js sgnm ill" mimic or ihe Spinning Wheel,
The Kliiil, 'the btnue tJoach. The Mill, eto.
foriraita and biographical sketches or
Amcricmi authors; papers on Dairy farming
and stock raising in Europe, on ho"eenold
decoration and lurnituie, bxaidea more thin
tllty other illustrated articles are nuw in pre-
'THE ii IS 12 AT 01 IIS.'
the rrost Important and exnenive series of
illustrates piipers ever undertaken oy any
IDMUitsine will be continued throuuh the vcar.
In the iJec-ember number we complete the
papers ou Louisiana, llie next in oruer will
bell's Lone blar state; The Mountain He-
ginns ol the Mouth; The Iron Regions ol Mis-.
soun, ac., av i uese, hud me essnvs ami
editorial discussions ol literature, science
and art, sketches ol travel, occasional poems
and etchings, will make up a mag-unoe of
Christian Literature designed lo be
The fiecemher number (now roidy) has au
able article on Ihe Resumption of Hpecia
Payment, by l'r. Aiwuter, poems by Urcte
H arte. Ma Uonald nnd others. The continu
ation otitic two serialstories, shorter stories,
splendid illiistraiiona of New Orleans, the
fan. or ai..enca; etc.
Editorials bv a lar e and able corps of wn
tera. Topics oi the Time bv l'r Holland, in
papers;" a laughable etching, v to. Au
wnicn ne replica to '-noire Kcligious news
The Holiday Ko. of HT. ftlCIIOI.AN.
atir splendid New HluMruted Miiin.jihb tor
-Oirls mid Hoys, the rluext over iaued, will be
sent to an t lie eut.scniiers ot Bi-iuiner s
Monthly lor 1104. Also the November and
liecrnilicr niimliers of bt. Nicholas lent free
to Ihose who siibacnlie nr hotii inngatines.
tne July niinibur ol r-cribuer's Monililv con
laiuing the inireiiuctorv aruc e or 'I he tirrat
boiiin aeries, sent to suiMi-rioera loscrinner
who request it when making their subscript
Herilmev's Monthly H.00, St. Kicho
13.00 a year, or H7.u fr both.
MiKIBNtU A CU 651 Uboadwat, N.Y
Hy Order or the 1'robate
Court, Vinton County, i.
Oil Maturdny Feb. 2$,
At lo'clnck in Ihe afternoon, at Ihe dnnr of the
Court House in he town of McA rlhnr, will be
sold to Ihe highest hi.'der. The following
reai estate as tne property ol Aiinim I.. Hun
ter, deceased, to wit: one undivided lentil
part or the south-east q'mrter of the south
west quarter of seclion twenty-eight, 'is) the
north halfurthennith-wext quartern! sec-lion
thirty-three, (-WI and the north-eai-t onnit,-r
of the north-east quarter of .-ection llurtv-two;
(32) except nine ai-re.oiit ol the. south -we-l
corner of said last de.-erib d tract-all of said
lands lyingand being in lown-hip eleven, (11)
ol rang.' seventeen (17) containing nne ruin,
dred and sixty-two (IM) acres, more or le-s
the said one Jiur.it red andsixtv-twoncrea hav
ing descended to said decedent, A brum L
Hunter and hia co-heirs from their lathe',
John Hunter, deceased, and being suhje.it to
the dower of the aid Xsmh Hunter, widow of
the said John Hunter, and one of ihcdelend
anta herein. Appraised at three hundred and
sixty-seven dollars and thirty-bva cents.
(:iii7 3A)
TERMS OF8ALR. ftoh in hand.
Administratrix ol Abram L. Hunter, de
ceased. H. C. Jokis, Altornev, 25deslw
Probate Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE la hereby giyen that Frde.nck
Cradlebaugh, aa Guardian ol Emma A.
Hramer, a minor, has hied herein his account
with his said waid for partial settlement; and
hat the same is set for hearing on the 7th
day ol February, A. I) 1874 a, lu o'clock, A.M
H. B. MAYO, Probate Judge.
January 19, 1874. 4t
Road Notice.
OTICE ts hereby given that s petition
11 will be presented to the Commisaionera
or Vinton coiintv, at their aext session, lobe
held on the B rst Mondty of March, 1874 pray,
ing for the eatablohment of a county road
along the following described route in said
cntinty, to wit.- Beginning at a point in the
center ol the county roid leading past Jona
than W nters' house, about 10 rods west of
said Winters' hquse in Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio) tnewe running in a north,
easterly direction, the nearest and heat route
through the lands ol Jonathan Winters and
Mary Xichmond to a point at or near th
north-west corner of K. It. Wo Ts garden,
thence in an easterly direction through the
Inodsof said E 1. Wolf and Pilman. Ward A
Co., south of the water mill of said Oilman,
Ward Co., and along the south line of he
lot of land owned bv Henrietta Wilson, and
intersecting thi Jackso.i and McArthur road
st a point about I3S feet south of the south
line of Ihe corporate limits of the villsge of
McArthur, in said Elk township, Vinton
county, Ohio, and thro to end.
, ' Pnneipal Petitioner.
January SO, 1874. 4W
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
NunerT Stock! Fruit&Flower Kates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
WO acres; 2d yean IS greenhouses. 4 eat
Apple, 1.ISW 1 yr.. 2S; 1 y. fas; 3y. 40,-4v ISO
4 catalogues, 20 cents. aijiuim
to 100 in Wall st. often leads to
a torloii". So risk 32-paae
pamphlet for stamp. Valsstins
TcasaiDQi A Co..B.nUr.
Brokers, M Wall St., M. X.
For 1874.
tonPAOEP; 600 ENGRAVlNr.8, and COL
ORKtl PLATE Published quarterly at M
cools a year. First numhe r for 1874 ust is
sue I. A Uermsn edition at same price.
Address JA.MKH TICK, Rochester. N. T.
If you aro Suffering from any
Broken Down ConslltatloiV
Or renulra ft Remedy to
rurirjr and Enrich the Blood.
You will find Dr.CrooR svornpBBaBy
nu of Poke Knot to ttofrtt prUr wwr
ii, euro you more speedily, ana 00 yot
more good than ny and all other reme
Ulea comoinea. i nne .
H rkly-looUInf Hkln Is cliajigKd to on
of lieslinesaaud health. Those llses)
of the Mklu, Flmples, Foatnlw
IWotrhrs and Ernptlone are removed.
Sx-t-oluln. Keroruloiie Wlsesiaea of the)
Kyee, While SHvelllngra, llcera. Old)
Korea or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle ami disappear under Its Influence.
. ... it ... -1 . . . n n rm 1 1 r r I
vi nsi n r i, is bb.uiv - w .. - -
A aolttb:e oxyd of Iron eomblneoVvntn the)
n.n.llnl.tnl nru tloanr Poke llnaldlvestedl
ol 1.11 disagreeable qualities. It will cure
any l)lps whnae real or direct cause I
Bail Hlootl. ttlienmaliam. i-sias
l.tmbeor llaaei, 1'oualltwtlons brokesa
down ly Wercurlnl or other poisons, er
II cured by 1U t or fcyphlllavr BjrphU
It He iHlnt. there lanntliliig eiiuftltolk A
trial will prove It. boldb
CiEOHCiE W. SISSON, McArthar, Ofle.
With the I,n rarest and Moat Oeneral end
Valuable Clrculntion of any Journal
.Published In the Central Krglen of
the American Nation.
In addition to the universal circulation of
the Commercial in Cincinnati and vicinity, it
is sold through over three hundred ageoclee
In Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and Southern Illinois, and on all the
railroads In those states, and there Is a spe
cial call for it along the grtil rivers from
Pittbiirg to New Orleans.
The territory occupied by Ihe pcnstltuency
of the Commercial is that within one day'
tailroad travel of Cincinnati, and there are
regular carriers' routes lor the Commercial
in Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; Frankfort;
Nashville; ChsrleMon; Louisville, Parkers
burg; Clialtauongn; Vincennes; Leli-jetieS
Evansviile; Hichmnnd; liayion; Xenia;
Springfield, Newark, l'elnware, snd Znnea
ville, Ohio; Lexington, Maysville; Paris, and
Cynthiuna; end scores of other superb and
flourishing cities.
Cincinnati is ihe most central of the largei
cities of the n Hum, and on all sides is sup-
ported by thrifty aud ptosperous communi
ties, in every direction the Commercial is the
favorite newspaper.
In a political sense Ihe Commeic.al if thor
ouglily independent. It reitngnises no obli
gationato party orgnniintiona. lis sincerity
in tins potition is iopulrly understood, and!
so liirgcly appreciated that its.stili'cril'ers and
ha' itiml purchiwera in eithar political party
outnumber iho-e oC Iht party organa, anil Its
nggregiiie circulaiion is greater than that of
its coiiipetibirsconibiner
It lakes a hearty interest ;n Ihe politics of
Kiirnpewhich telegraphic coniinunicntioii has
brought into very intimate relations Willi us,
and, earueaily vindicating and sustaining the
cevelopiuent of nationality in (iermany and
Italy, It cordially ajmpaihiiea with the Ki
pulji an cause in a ranee and Hpnm.
I he spei-inlty'of the Commercial is ths new
of the day. We spire no ettortano no ex
pense at home or abrond, to ohtoin by tele
graph, by niail anu by expiess, the latest In.
telligenee, an-l to present it in Iht most at
traetive and authentic foim, Oureditorinl re
marks t.pon events, nnd discussions of the
3uesliona ol the day, aie according to ewrin.
epeudent lud.'meiit, having always in view
the elhcacy ol the ti nth in the interests of Ihe
people. We do not serk official fsvora or
juirtiMin patrnnnge, but rely upon the buai
nesa that glows out ol the respect sod good
will of the public at large.
The current history ol the world will pos
sess, this winter, exceptional interest. The
affairs or Europe nev-r comerned as more
closely than now. The complications in our
foreign eelstions, even threatening war, must
command couslc.iiily our serious considered
tion, and Ihe session of the American Con
gress nlioiil commencing, will absorb in an
unusual degree the attention of the country,
for the most vilnl and senn hing issues, finan
cial and political, nvr itt practical solution
Thej daily newspaper at such a time be
come, almost a necessity of life, and it ia not
hasnrdoits to claim lor the Cincinnati Com
mercial lhat it is at once Ihe most complete
nnd trustitoilliy Journal issued in the Ohio
Valley- the center of the population and the
seat ol the pnlitcal power of Ihe nation.
Our relations w'lh political parties ore aswh
that we will not be suspected ol tempering
with the news in the interest of either. A e
mean to tell the plain truth, anil publish all
Ihe news, no nuttier hum it helps or hurts.
We expect to be as thorough and impaitiai in
presenting ttiinn'-ial intelligence as in dealing;
with political information.
Our rgents are reminded that this ia
promia-ng lime to canvass for new subscri.
bcra.and it Is our impreainn that if acnreful
Bnd energetic erlort were made, there would
be occasion lo increase orders largely,
Weorler no other Inducement lo subscri
bers t' liu the reputation or the'l'ominerc-ial
for enterprise in collecling the news, and hon
orable dealing with the people in publishing
M applicants furnished with specimen cop
tes and circulars giving exact and full details
ol tins nesa information.
Advertising rules Horn 10 to 411 cents per
egitc line.nccorillng to dis lay and position
the ixt terms nltered by any Itrsi-claaM Jour
n l, hnr"i If r and extent of circulation con
sidered. ,M. HALbTEAUACI).,
il'ioi rielorsol the Cincinnati Commercial.
A fin:) lot of
Also a full line of purs
fresh Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, Futty,
Oils, .
and Dve
Stuffs, Perfvm- '
ery, Soaps, Toilet Ar
ticles, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
A large Lot of Notions at
very low Prices.
North Side Main St, two Soon
West of Market,
iQjui wa
Comnete instructions and large aollectio
of new muhic.
This work teaches in a concise and simple V
manner now to nisv i,nn .h. i
beginning with the (fret principles, aad rd-
ually carrying the learner forward hy a course
or progre ssiv lessons, such ssean not toil, if
Vhm il ,"r. ,' mBk'.ng lo'0d P"tormer. a
the short .st possii le time. Pnhh.h.H h
JOHN CHURC& 00., Ci;BIa?. o. -

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