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THURSDAY, FfcB: 10. 1874
Prohibition State Convention.
The political cormorants
kocwQ as Prohibitionists, who
mate a bvsin-ctj of temperance,
have heard the din of the wo
man's war, and are now forag
ing tor the spoils of btttle
They have issued a call for a
convention on the 26th, at Ml.
Vernon,to nominate candidates
or State (sfEcep. We are in
favor of temperance, and glory
rn tiro woman's work, or any
ottoer honest effort at reform;
bt we have no use tor these
temperance bummers, lor the
one substantial reason that
they do the cause more harm
than good; that their only in
terest in the matter is to
squeeze enough money out of
their dupes to keep them in
bread and butter. They adopt
temperance as a business just
s salooa keepers adopt dram
celling as a business, and they
need praying for quite as much
as the saloon keepers, if not
a little more. They have been
slashing away in this State for
years, spending thousands of
dollars in salaries for Jecturers,
secretaries, presidents, editors,
etc, whose eilorts have not
been to subserve the cause of
temperance, but to put money
la their own pockets. They
have met with no success what;
ever, for the reason as we veri
ly believe that they are wolveB
in 6heep's clothing. In their
years of existence we have
never heard of one naloon
closed or its keeper converted,
or even cine person induced by
their efforts to abstain from the
use of liquor, while the wo
men, who are earnest in tern
perance, have caused during
the pasl week, counting only
those reported in the Cincin
natl Gazette, the closing of
131 places where liquor was
sold,' and it ia estimated that
40,000 persons have signed the
personal pledge. Not onl this,
the "Prohibitionists" have been
positively injurious to the
cause of temperance. Wit
ness the present Legislature ol
the State. By chicanery and
a multiplicity ot candidates
they have divided the temper
ance vote, causing the Legisla
tare to be so constituted that
the friends of temperance are
in the" minority, and if the
Adair law one of the best
practical temperance laws ever
devised is not repealed, it
will be because the efforts of
the ladies have aroused public
feeling to such a height that
members have fears of their
Official heads.
We believe Dio Lewis, when
he estimates the temperance
people of the State when
aroused to be three-lourths of
the men andj nineteen
tietbs' of the women, under
estimates rather than over
estimates the strength. Why
is it then that the Prohibition
ists .have tailed ds a political
party! Because 'they have , no
groand to stand on; they have
made no effort to : assist the
. jcause they profess. . Our peo
pie are eminently practical
nd they can see no good the
party Jbas done orstriven'to'do.
The laws heretofore has been
trocget , than public senti
ment. It remained a dead.let-
ter upon the statute books, yet
their cry has been fori more,
while they laving the pcwer,
failed to. use what they -already
bad. . If Ahey had used the
mean in their bands and found
it inadequate, to meet the evil,
they might have bad grounds
for a new patty if the old ones
would not give them what was
required; but they have chosen
to waste their energies in run
ning candidates for Treasurer,
Auditor, Secretary ; of State,
etc., who have no more to do
with the making or enforce
ment of liquor laws than has
the man in the moon, while
they have fooled away their
means in paying their "Jectur-J
era" for stumping the State in
behalt of. their oaudidate. In
short they have done every
thiigio leather thtir own "ucslV
and nothing to forward the
cause of temperance, afccT de
serve to bo treated as any oth
mi 1
er swindlers, me uaies' or
course, will give iheiu i wide
berth, and we hope no true
Iriend of temperance in the
State will be misled by. their
professions. Le( (hem strive
tor that which is practical, and
help build up a public senti
ment which Hill enforce what
we now have rather than waste
their energy on political the
Tub reason why Boweu re
fused to sign the pledge of
sympathy and support to the
ladies was the fiuaucial intrest
he has in a new consignment
of giu just received and for
sale. The fact "that he pub
lishes a religious paper in
conuecliou with his gin mill
should not prevent tbe ladies
Irom holding prayer with him.
Mr. S. Koinf.r, living near
Wayuesboro, Vo-, recently or
dered au old ouk to be cut
down, remarking that the cul
lers would Bud a rock in the
body of the tree, which he had
put there filly-four . years ago
when he was a little boy re
turning from school one day
When the tree was cut, in the
heart of it was found imbedded
the identical rock which Mr.
Koiner had put in the fork of
tne little sapling more than a
half century ago.
A REMARKABLE rose busll
adorns the cottage of S. A.
Kendall of Santa Rosa, Cali
fornia. It was planted in 1858,
and is of the Lamarque variety,
the most beautiful of the white
roses. Imagine 'an immense
boquet of white roses, twenty
five feet hifeh, twenty-two leet
across, beautifully rounded,
with a blossoming surlace ot
four hundred square fast, with
lour thousand full blown roses
and twenty. thousand buds!
TiJE.only difference between
our account of Mackley at the
Cliillicottae editorial Conven
lion and Mackley's account of
ouiself at the Athens conven
tion, is that our account is true
and Mackley's is false. We are
prepared to prove both propo
sition?. The public debt was reduc
ed during the month of Jan
uary, $1,845,211. This is the
moqt encouraging indication
we have seen, ot the return of
good times. It is to be hoped
there may be no ebb to this
tide, now that it is' turned in
the right direction. .
A quarrel between two
men of iloboken about a trivial
matter resulted in an attempt
on the part of one to shoot the
other. The latter was lollow
ed and captured by a crowd
which knocked him down and
kicked him so severely that he
is not expected to 'live.
' Tds two Houses of Congress
contain thirty ex-officers of the
late Southern-Confederacy, di
vided as follows: Major (Jenvr
als, 3; Brigadierljeneral8, 5;
Colonels, 8; Lieutenant-Colon
els, 5 Majors, 5; Captains, ;
Tub .Massachusetts Senate
has passed,-. by a vote of 26 to
7, the resolution, annulling and
rescinding the ' resolution: of
1872, which censured Charles
Sumner for bis action relative
to the battle flags.
jbn women aua twa, men
have organized for f an -anti-
whisky crusade, in N,ew York
They will devote t he ; present
week to .prayer for increase of
their number, ,
r AS interviewer who' has talk
ed with the new Chief Justice,
concludes that be has -no bias,
but very decided opinions.' HJ
proposes; to ' make; Washington
his home. '
A youso man in Iowa. was
fined twenty five dollars lor
getting dronk, going to church,
and being toe - demonstrative
in bis devotions. 'Young men
don't seem to get mucjnaicour-
agement in some places'.' ' '
The clereymen and la
of Ilillsboro have joined in an
appeal to the people" of the
numeroue villages of the Slate
to organize temperance
leagues similar to those, now
so extensively organized and
actively' at Work 1d Southern
Ohio, and make one grand f
tort to exterminate Intemper
ance. They also enclose a form
of petition to be 6igned and
forwarded to the Constitution
al Convention. We publish it
below,' end recommend that
sojie person in the several
neighborhoods of the county
cut it out, paste it on a 6heet
of paper, obtain as many sig
natures as possible, and for
ward by mall to Mr. Wells,
our member of the Constitu
tional Convention:
To ihb Mevilert oftha Conttilu-tional
Convention of the Stale
of Ohio.
Tho undersigned citizens of
Ulghland county, 0., in view
of the great and increasing
evils resulting from the man
ufacture and sale of intoxicat
ing liquors in our midst, do re
spectfully petition you to in
sert a clause into the Consti
tution which yon are now
Iraming, which shall give the
Legislature . ot ' this State full
and ample power to regulate,
limit, or entirely prohibit, the
manufacture and sale of all
intoxicating drinks, and also
declare what driuks are intoxi
eating, and within the intend
ment and operation of such
legislative enactments.
We lurther petiiiou you to
insert an additional clause in
said Constitution, which shall
give authority to the Legisla
ture of the Slate to pass laws,
giving to each Township and
each Incorporated Village and
City, full and adequate power
to regulate, limit, and entirely
prohibit, the manufacture and
sale' of all intoxicating drinks
within their respective limits,
and'to' declarealj sucb Illegal
manufacture ana sale a public
nuisance, which may be abat
ed. ''"
Tub Enquirer doesn't mani
fest that concern in the Record
in connection with the tern,
perance question -this week
that it did last week. A due
regard for the secrecy of its
own gin mill prompts its si
lence. It thought he was run
ning his gin mill on the sly, and
didn't want the matter ventil
ated. . i . k'
Two young women came
very near preventing the pub
lication of the Pittsburg Lea
der, the other day, by sending
a package of caramel into the
office. Llalf the editorial force
went to bod with the tooth
ache, And the other half spent
the night in pulliug their false
teeth apart.
Douglas county, Oregon ,
boasts of a lady who has been
married nine times, 'ha's eight
husbands living, and is living
with none 'of. them. More than
this.'she has a daughter who is
now twenty-three years of age
and living with her third bus
band. :
A PHiLADELPBiAman broke his
haott- silting down on a chair
alter some one had pulled it
away. lie said be could tell
that was a joke the - very min
ute his pants struck the floor.
-' A Cincinnati - lady offers' to
lay a wager that there is not a
faFhionable jpt in 'Cincinnati
but would rather stay froru
church than to wear a pair oil
single button gloves.
Laborers engaged in grad
ing the Lowell and-Anderson',
Mass., railway, have strucR for
an increase .-of their present
wages, one dollar a daj, which
op'y pays board bills. .
Tub shakers at Mount, Leb
anon, N. Y"., recently ad vertwed
lor converts. The shakers have
belter .business ideas ..than
some people, who never think
of advertising.
Judge Waitr is he seventh
Chief Justice that has been ri
.pointed, in the United ' States.
To restrain and prohibit ale,
beer and porter houses and
y shops, and places ot habitual
'tesort for tippliug and in
temperance Bacnoa 1. Be it ordained by the council
or th1aaoranratd. Village of cArthur,
Ohio, that il ah,U be unlawful -for any per
soaar person to keep wilhia she said incor
porated village of McArthur.sny . room,
oktf, tooth, arbor, cellar, or place of habitual
resort lor tippling or intemptrance.
bsvrtoa . Be il further ordnned. lhal it
hall le unlawful for any person or peraona
to keep wnhm the aaid Incorporated Village
of McArthur, a aoM. , roam, booth, artor,
erUor, or place where ale, porter, or heer la
habit ualty eold or fnrn ehed to be drank, il
upon or about the houee. anop. rojm, booth,
arbor, cellar or place, wheie ao told or fur,
baoTioa I And be it tnrther ordained that
for any notation of the Drat aection of Ihia or
dinance, the peraon or persona ao ottending
hall npon eomiction, forleil and par a fine
ol not lean .han ten dollare or more than filly
doilart aad ahall be impriaooad in the county
tail for a period not eiceeaing thirty daia.
That for every notation of Iheaecond aeclion
ot Ihn ordinance, the peraoa or person ao
bffend'ng ahall, upon conviction forfeit and
pay a One not exceeding hfty dollare and be
Imprienned id the couuty jail not exceeding
twenty daya.
Sbotioh 4. Be it htrther ordnlued, that all
proaai'Utioa under ihu Ordinance shall be
in tue name of the Incorporated Village of
MoArthur, and (hall be oomineoced upon a
written complaint under oth or atflrmalion,
before Jie Mayor ol aaid Village; and upon
the filing of tuch eomplaiol the Mayor
hall laaue a warrant, directed to the liar,
hai of aaid Tillage for lha arrest of the ao
eiiied. The Marahal ahall forthwith arreat
the person hua charged and bring the ao
euaed before the Mayor, who ahall proceed as
provided by law; and Ihe Mayor, upon con.
fiction of any person for the violation of eny
of the prorinioas of tnisoidinance, may make
it a part of the aentence, that the accuaed
ahall stand committed te the jail of the.
county until the One and costs aseased'
against such pen-on 'hall be paid, or secured
to be paid, or other ise discharged according
to law.
Bbctiow S. ft ahall be the dutv ol the Mar
shal and Assistant Marshal of said village
to make complaint againat all parsoos lound
vioiat og any or toe provisions oi tnia urui
nanoe. Sarnoa (. All ordlnancea or parte of ordi
nances which in anjv way oonHiot with auy of
the provinons of this nrrtinanee shall be ana
the same are hereby repealed.
SaoTina 7. This ordinance shall take effect
from and after ita publication according to
law in a newspaper pnn'eo in aaid village of
MoArthur. Ohio. HEHRY PA VNK,
Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Mo
Arthur, Ohio.
:ia Evaa, Clerli:
February 17, 1874.
Insurance Company
St ati or Onto, lasoaiaci I)spiTT, 1
CuLimavs, January W, 1874. J
"WfBEREAa, the Aetaa Inaiirsnce Com
Tv pany. located at Hartford, in the State of
Connecticut has filed in this offloe a
sworn stalemenl, by the proper officers there
of, showing Ita condition and buaineaH, and
has complied in all reapecta with the lawa of
thiaUtate, relating to Fire Insurnace Compa
niea, incorporated by other Btates of the Uni
ted 8lata.
Now, therefore. In pursuance of law, I,
WILLIAM K. CHUKCH, Muperintendent or
Insurance oftha Stale of Ohio, do hereby cer
tify that aaiil company ia authorised to trans
act ita appropriate busintsa of Klre Insurance
in thia State. In accordance with law, during
the,current year. The condition and business
of said company at the dale of U 'h state
ment, Ueceniher 3lt, 1H73,i shown aa follow;
Amount of actual paid op capital f.V',uoo,uiKi 00
Aggregate amount available aasets 1,844 JbVi U3
Aggregate amount of liabilitiea, ei , .
cept capital, including teinaur- '
' ' ance.......... ....3,3M,015 84
Amount ol income for the preceding
year in cash 4,050.597 18
Amouniol expenditures for (he pre
ceding year in caah N...4,'1S,331 7,8
In witneaa whereof. 1 have 'tisreunto aUb-
scribeG my name, and csnsi d the ael of my
office to be amxed,;uie' day and year above
Beal. W. F. OHUROH, Superintendent,
, U. 0.J0NB.8, Agent, McArthur.O.
Tousandi of Lives and Millions of
Property Saved
These lamps are made of brasa and will
never hreak.
The burners have a safety lube attachment
for the escape of gas, and will never ex ploue.
Theohimneyi are made of mica or isin
glass so called and they are the only lamp
chimneys made that will not break by heal or
cold. !
Glass chimneys are oaaafe and expensive -thia
is the universal complaint.
fiver seventy-five millions of glasa lamp
chimney are broken in this country every
Price of hand lamps, complete, with mica
Chimneys, one dollar. Price of bronse parlor
or stand lamp, two dollar sent to eny part
of the United btates by express on receipt of
the money by mail. 1000 agents wanted to
sell thene lamps snd mica chimneys in eyeiy
city and town, to whom a liberal discount will
be made. Bend for "ample lam os snd circiii
lars giving all particulars. They apeak for
themselves and sell on light. Address,
No. S40 Pearl street, few York.
Administrator's Sale of Beal ttate.
IN pursuance ol an order of (he Probate
Court ol Vinton roanly, Ohio 1 will otter
fur aale at public auction on
.; ,
Friday, the 20l Day of March, A. D.
.. 1874.- '
at lfl o'clock, A; M.atthe Esgla Mills, to Ea
gle township Vinton county, Ohio,hloilnw.
in deienhed reel exists situate in lhe comity
Of Vinton and Stale of Ohio, to.wit: twenty
acre off the wwst half of tho aorth-west qua'
Jet Vf Ihe sou th-weM'o.nsrtor or section num,
ber twelve! ti ydwoebip eiaibkr ten, 10 range
Nineteen, 19.- . . B
Also the nortS esit quarter : of the sooth
eaat quarter of section number eleven,. 1
township and range aforesaid. - u,-.,.
Appraiaed' at three hundred dollar. 300
and must, brmr two Ihiroaof that mini, I
TEKM8 OK 8A LtS . ine-hslf in hand, and
one-ball id one year Own day of sale with in
terest. Inferred payment to be secured by
mortgage upon Ihe premises sold. 1 .
Ull td I tan
Kdmlnlstraior of the Juauteof Jthsbodyrunv
qiooe, oeceasea. 22feb
Foarth Grand Gift Conoert
Tuesday. 3 1st March Next
uncomplete ihe ule ortijkeli and make a
UOOO Oaah GifU wiU Jbe diitribuied
V 1 - a. t tflt .
bj .tj. jtmong ina. iicge. Jioiaeri.
On t-rsno' casn gift. 1260,000; one grand cash
gift, 1O0.UUO; one grand eh gilt, jw,OnO( one
arand raah eifl. 911 llsi. .m.j A..k ....
WO; IU giaod cavh uft, KiTojeaeh, looMO;
rash gifie,,oieapn, lau.mh; fWcs.h gilts.
w" y:,, ww,w, wciFn ins, oui eacn,
u.ouut KiOeaah gift, tne,hi0.uoO; tMcaah
gifts, each, ia.UK); toOcaeh lifiv. KM each.
All fM,,, iS ..a K ),. k ..... ,,
caenginx.au eacn, saw.oou Total Ix.otW gitta,
N, RNl, Ml.UaHUf W f lWfHI "
a hi vu.ucea isr a gut are a one to ore. ,
01 1 11 eonrart 'anil 'iatvl.ittAM .f MS.
will wstsirWif wad a-oo photon OeaW
ami fad, whether all the Uckeii are anld or
not, and the 13,0oOgina all paid In proper,
tion le to aumber of ticket sold.
Whole tsekets. 10! halves, fit: tenth, at
each coupon, S6; eleven whole ticket for mm;
KHt'ckete for flNio; III whole ticket for
l,uu; 2T hol lickeu for flO.uie No dia
eouat oe ee tbsa IAu worth of tickete.
AppnoatiAna lor ageeciea and orders for
IK sets enour. l aiirtreeeed to . i
VUAH.a V n M . m-w ' I
uvaa. a, oaanLSl I a, I
Agent Public Ubiarv Kv ,'aaJ ASMmserOifl
Coaevrt PuW.e Ubrary Building, Louis. I
Till Kentucky,. , ;j .
J. . COLL11 M. II.
Hu permaoenUx !octd m
lor the practice of
to which he will devote hi entire attention.
OKeV'K in itavia' Huilding up stain). oppo
lie Violon Couuly bank.
Cat. Booms.
B. H. Dorreaja.
Establisheil ll. 67,69,01 snd KiWeat Fr ntst.
Foot oftuspensioo Hridga, CINCINNATI, 0.
Cass. BoDMta I o., Propnelora. Daily auc
tion and private sale of leaf tobacco. Bun
nees siruily commission. Liberal adtance
made on consignment.
A I'aaoestno Wsislt. Kslahlished I860.
It supports WhUt Bnrrmacf, politic al and so.
ciil. Terms, ti pel vear. To clubs, nine cop
ies free. Address IJA Y-BslC'K, Kcw York
Wood's Houfehold Magazine
8" TO Q 1 d7 m,d by canvassing
O ' - SPlOlor this insgaaine now in
ita 14th vol. with chrorao,
14x20 Inches la IT 0U Colors.
Msgnsineoo year, with mounted chromo,
t uu
Maiiasine, one 'year, .with unmounted cho-
rao, si 60
Usgssme. alone, one year, tl 00
kxnmneour clubbing and premium lists.
Two Hrst claaa penodicsle tor Ihe price of
one. We solicit experience l canvassers and
others to irnd at once for terma and sneci
men msgaalne.- Address 8. K. bHUTEft,
P.ihlish.r, 41 Park Row, N. T. City or News
burgh, Jl, V.
And Insect Powder
For Bats, Mica, BoaoHs, Ants Bed
Bugs, Moths, &o.
J. F. IIENKV, ClUltAN cV CO., N. Y.,
Hole Agents.
Will aais Mots aa linii Bsuas than
isr Malhims in Ust. Adopt so smd i'isd st
tms LSAWro Ban i Maavrtcruasaa. Mahuvaii-
AMES M'F'O CO.. Chlckopce, Mass.,
ttfnt'T'fVer day! Agents wanted!. All
JlUU,,81(,eB 0f working people, of
either e.x, V ung or old, make moie money
at work for ns In their spare momenta, or all
Hie time, than anvthing ele. Particulnra free
Address 0. nTINHON CO., Portland .Maine.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinton Cjpunty, Ohio.
OTICK is hereby given that Robert H.
1 1 Pouden. as man
nisn, of James 11., Mary
J., Charlea B. and Joseph M. Douden, minors,
has filed herein his accounts, scvenrllv, with
said wards, for tinal settlement with the first
two ui.med, and partial with the others, and
that said accounts are aet for hearing on the
l'Jth day of February, A. D.1B74. at II oMock,
A.M. H. H. MAYO,
Probate Judge.
January 28, 1874, 4t
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE is hereby given that l.nther Bnlen
and Martha Helen, aclmt ntralor of tne
eslale of Joel Bolen, deceased, have Hl.d
herein their account with said eatnte forhnal
aetllemeiit, snd that the snme ia set for hear
ing on the 18th di,y ol Feurunrv, A. I). 1874,
at 11 o'clock, A. M. H. R. MAYO,
Probate Judge.
January 28, 1874, 4t
AlwaysKeeps aFullLineof
Fresh Drugs, Paints, Oils, VarntsIiM,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors lor Me
diclnal purpotes.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps, Hair
Oils, Pomade, Hnlr, Nail, Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes Brushes, Combs,
School Books, Blank Books, Copy
Books, Peng, Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, Slates.
, Fine Cut, Plug. hewlnj? anil Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes.
'' " !''.' i
i Lanterns, LampslCliiraneys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
; i A full line OfGold.Coral, Jet, Topaz,
Amethyst,' Agate, Garnetl'Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Ear Kings, Necklaces
Sletve BuUjus.
; I . i I I ' V ; . I i
Needles for all kftids of Sewliig MaV
;' . 1 . f 1
Musical Instruments, Tuning forks
Viollti aud Guitar Strings.
: f Ail ' v-: !(
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less tarl'ety 61 Toy i. 1 :
lam also aeeoior all the Masraw
ztnes, Periodicals, Literary andDailv
Papers, which. I furnixh from three
duvs to a week in advanca of thV
'ftirnishttl by mafl, j, ,.,?r
All of the -Above, ' and'a
inousautt Other Arti
, a cles,- to be had at i -
',- -T
Sheriff Sale of Real
John M. Bloan, PlaiDt'.ff,
' Againat
Thomas SI, Ljtle, et al, Defendanta
The State af Ohio, Tlnloa Caaaty. aJk
NOT'CE is hereby given that 1 will oftef
for sale el puMio auction al the door or
Ihe Court House In Ihe towu ol MoArthur,
Vinton CounlT, Ohio, oa .
frldaj, February 27th, A, D. 1874.
at one olclock, P. M. of aaid day. The un;
divined flve-sixthr 6-6 of the lollnwmg real
eaiate situated in the county of Vinton and
State ol Ohio, and in Bicnlaud aad Harrieon
townships and bounded and uevcribrd aa fol
lows, to will The eouth hair of the north
wet quarter or section thiily one, 81 in loa
ship nine, 9 range eighteen, 18. Aleo the
nuilh eart quarter or the nenh westqusrter,
and Ihe north-weal quarter or Ihe north-east
quarter ol section thirtv one, 81 in township
snd range aloresa.d. Also the oulhat
quatterol the north-east quarter rf section
tliirty-su 30 in township nine 8 ol range aine
leer. It. Also the nortlr-weat quarter of the
north-west quarter of section thirty one, 31.
Also the south-west qnartfr of the south,
weal quarter of section thirty, 80 township
nine, 8 range eighteen. 18 aave and except the
north-west quarter of the north-east quarter
of section thiityouc, SI township nine, 8
range eighteen, 18 being the same lands con
veyed to J. M- Lytle bv Ucorge Inckineonand
wile by deed aateu uctooer is, ion snu cun
laming two hundred and eighty iwo SM acres
more or les.save and except twenty ii acien
off Ihe noith end ol the south-west quarter or
Hie souih-west quarter of section thirty, 30
towuslnp nine, 0 tange eighteen, 18 running
psralle east and west.
UfBALIi Cash on day of sate.
To be solil as the property of Thou, M. Ly
tle, et al, to r-atiafy an order of sale in favor
of John M. Hloan, issued from thet'ourtof
Common Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and
to me directed asbherilt er sai J county.
Given uoder my hand tins W l day of Janu,
arj, A. D.187I..
Bhentt Viuton Uouuly.
January , 187. sw
Tss unexampled favor accorded to this
Mags line by the public enablea us to eulei
upon theooming ye-r with the means of ma
king it more attractive and valuable than ev
er beiore to Us large and Increaaing .lurnb r
of readers on both sides of Ihe Atlantio. The
serial atory of the year,
by Mis Trafton, is a charming love atory by
a gifted writer, which Is destiued to a wtua
There will be brilliant novelettes and the
beat short stories, by Baxe Holm, Brele
11 arte, and other delightful storytellers.
A series of striking und union pnems.wilh
illuatrationa, "OLD TIME MlNIC"
b ben. K. Taylor, knoan lot Ins brilliant
com ribulions to the Werlern Press will sing
to us again t tin musio of the Spinning WheAl,
The Flail, 'Ihe btaue lloach. The Mill, eto.
Portraits and biographical sketches of
American authors; papers on Dairy farming
snd stock raising in Euro, e.'on ho"senolJ
dmtoration and furniture, besides more thin
Hltv other illustrated articles are now Id pre
pu ration,
the irost important and eipeniive series of
iiiusirniei pspers ever unueriuken by any
tnagusine will be continued through the year.
In the liecember number wa cumplete the
papers on Louisiana, The next in order will
be the Lone blur Mate; The Mountain Re
gions ni the rlouth; The iron Regiuns of Mis
sourl, o., Ac These, viilh the essays aud
editorial discussions ol literature, science
snd art, sketches ol travel, occusiuunl uneiiis
sod' etchings, will make up a magaxiue of
v-unsiian Liiefaiure uesigned to ba
The December number (now re.idv) has au
able article on Ihe Kesuin ption of Hiiecie
i'ayment, by Ur. Aiwater, poema by brele
Hurte, Mu iJonald and others. The continu
ation uf ihe two serial stories, shorter stories,
splendid illustrations of fievr Orleans, the
Pari of ai,,pir1i; eto. "
Editorials by h lar e and able corps of wri
tera. Topics ol the Time bv Ijt Holland, In
which he replies to ':ionre. Religious News,
papers;" a laughable etching, u 4o. An
entrlAininir number.
The Holiday Mo. of ST. KICIIOLAH.
eur spienniii new I illialtuted Magiiaiue lor
(iris and Boys, Ihe finest over issued, will be
sent to nil the subscribers of Sciibner's
Monthly lor IH74. Also the November and
Lirct-mher numbers of bt. MiMmlae teut free
to those who subscribe for botn. nuigasinea.
The July niimbnr of ecribner'e Monihly con
laming the intreductury artic e or The Great
boulh aeries, sent to tubscribemi to Scrihner
who reqi,est it when making iheir subscript
Scribner'a Monthly ti 00, St. Nicho
I3.U0 a year, or $7.ou (ir boih.
bflKIBNHR A CO., 8SI Baoawfar, N.Y.
Hy Order or the I'robate
loiirt, Vinton C omity, O.
Ou Saturday Feb. US,
At lJoVlock inthe afternoon, nt the door or the
Court House in he town of McArthur, will be
sold to Ihe highest bidder. The following
real estate aa the property ol Abmm I,. Hun
ter, deceased, to wit: one unmvided U-ntli
part of the south-east quarter of ihe south
west qimrter of section twenty-eight. (28) the
nort h hnlf of the north-west quarter of eection
thirty-three, (S3) and the north east quaiter
of I he north -east quarter of section thirtv-two;
(S3) except nine acres out of tho south west
corner of said ht describ d tract -all or said
lands lying and being in township eleven, (11)
ol rang seventeen (17) containing one him.
dred and sixty-iwn(li2) acres, more or less
thossid one hundred an'lsixtr-two acres hav
ing descended to said decedent, Abram L
Hunter and hi co-heirs from their fathe',
John tinnier, deceased, and beinor aubie.it tn
the dower of the aid Sarah fhinler, widow ef
Ihe aaid John Hunter, and one of ihnileian.l.
ante herein. Appraised at three hundred and
sixty seven dollars and tnlrly-bve cents.'
I--TEKM8 OF8ALR- Oashin hand. '
Administratrix ol Abram L. Hunter, de-
t U. G. Joxxa, Attorney,
Probate Notice.
Profati Court, Vintori County, dhio.
NoriCU la Hereby giyeh tliafFr-denek
Craillsbaugh, as Ouaidian ot Emma A.
Bramer, a minor, has hied herein Ins account
with his said ward for partial aelllemenUend
.... - .... itcairu, v (111
raVy olfebruaryj A. D 1874 a. lOo'clock, A.M
u. o. haiv, rrooaie junge.
January 18, 187.., , . , ,u
Road Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition
will be presented to the Commissioners
of ViaioocMiotv, at their aext eesioir, h he"
held on the Bret Monday of March, 187 praya
ing for the establirhment of a dounty road
along the following. rlHacnhM
ooonty, to wit; Beirinning at a point in. the
censer oi tne county rotd leading past Jona
than w nlers' house, about 10 rods west of
said Winters' house in Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio) tnence running In a north
easterly direction, the nearest and best route
througli the lands ol Jonathan Winters and
Mary Kichmond to a point at or near the
north-west corner of fcVD. Wo fs garden,
thenoe in an easterly direction through the
lands of said E 1. Wolf and Pilman, Ward A
Co., south of the witer mill of saidSilman,
Ward i.o , and along the south line of he
let or land owned bv Henrietta Wilson, and
intersecting tin Jscksoo and McArthur road
at a DOint annul l.TA rUA, r k. .L
. r .w- .wm.i, v, .IIO SOU10
line or the corporate limits of the Tillage of
,u cik townsmp, Vinton
county, Ohio, and thro to end.
. ' ' Principal Petitioner.
January 29, 187. . &
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Kttrsery Btockl FruitiFlower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
6O0 acres; 2d. year: 19 ereenhoo... x
Ann le. l.oou 1 vr i. .... -
camiogues, w cenis. mm
"g 4100iii WatlatioTle'irleadsio1
Ji Z." -. T"f- , 82-page
: broker., WaU 7k. ?. ?
For 1874.'
Xkl PAflW; tOO EMOR AVI Wfl, sad 00 tj
ORED PUTS Published quarterly at M
oeaisayear. First noravr for 187 asl
sue t. A Uermsn edition at same prlea.
Address JAHP.8 VICE, Rochester, ll.T.
Mi :l ?(v
If yon are Suffering from aT
Broken Down CiuUtaUsaV:
Or require Remedy to
rnrifj and Enrlfh ibm Hld,
Tou will find Dr.Crook'aCBssiBeHjre
tip effeke Boot to jaaesee aresMar sawew
it, cure you more speedily, and do yon
more good than, any and all other reme
die combined. That Pale, TeltoW,
eklylootiltir Akin ll changed to one
of fxextaness and health. Tttoae fctoaaasas)
of the Nkla, 11 in pies, rstaSstse-a.
Illotrhes and Erpila are removed,
ek-rofula, Merefulens Dtoeasas ot the
Kyoa, Hhlie Hwelllsife. lleera. I4
Korea or any kind of Homor rapidly
dwlndleand disappear nnder Its Influence,
thrttlsltr It Is nature's own restorer I
A soluble oxyd of Iron combined with the
medicinal properties of Poke Kootdlvsete
ot all disagreeable qualities. It will ware
any Dlacaae whose real or direct eanse M
llt BI004. Ithesianatisisi. JTaJsta tm
l.lmba or Bencii,Cesislltsitleaie as asassj
dawn by Mercurial ur other poisons, are
all enred by lu For Syphilis, or ypesb
lltlcMsIn, there la nothing eiiual to It A
trlaJ will prove It, Boldby
With the Largest mmt Meet eaeraJ aad
Vadaable Circa latlea ef aay Jearaal
lubllaked la the C'eairmt BeatM ef
Ihe American Nation.
In addition to the universal eireolaliea ef
the Commercial in Oinomnah and Tleraity, It
is sold through over three hundred agencies
In Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Teoneesee.West
Virginia, and Southsrn Illinois, and on all the
railroads In thosa states, and there la ape.'
cisl rail for it along lb grtU rivers from
Pittsburg to New Orleans.
The territory occupied by the ecnstltaeae
of the Commercial ia that wilbla one day's
railroad travel of Cincinnati, and there are
regular earners' routes for the Commercial
in Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; Frankfort! t
Nashvllle; Chsrleiton; Louisville. Perkers
bur; Chsttanoogs; Vincennee; Lsfsjsllel
hTansville; Kichmond; sjaytoni Xenial
SpringAeld, Newark, Delaware, aad Kaase
Tille, Ohio; Lexington; Marseille: Paris, sad
Cynthiana; aud scores of ether superb aad '
flourishing cities.
Cincinnati ia ihe moat central of the large
cities of Ihe nation, and on all aidea le aups
ported hy thrifty snd piosperoua comruuol- ,
ties, ia every direction the Commercial is Use
favorite newspaper.
lu a political sense the Commercial is Ibec
ouglily independent. It recognises ao obli.
fationsto party organisations, lis si seen te
ll tiiiwposition ia populnrly understood, en it
so largely p predated lhal lis, ubenriberasaoj
hal.itual purchaiera In either political part
omn umber those of the parly organs, and it
aggregate circulation Is greater loan lhal el
its competitors combined.
It lakes a hearty interestia the polities ef
Europe winch telegraphs.' communication has
brought into very Ultimate relations ailhss,
and, earnestly vindicating and sustaining the
tevelopment or nationality in (iermaoy aad
Italy, It cordially a)sopaihiiea with the Hi.
publi an cause in ranee and Upain.
1 he specialty efthe Commercial is the nswt
of the day, Wa spare no eflorlanp bj ex
pense at home or abroad, to obtain by tele
graph, by mail anu by exprese, the latest in.
tclliKcnce, aad to present it iulh most at.
Intel 1 ve aad atiiheolic foim, Our editorial re.
marks i.pon events, and discussions of toe
iiuotions of the day, are according to enrin
dependent mdtimeul, having always in View
the emraet ef Die tuith in the interests oftha
psoile. We do act seek official favors or
partisan pstrnnage, bat rely upon Ihe busi
ness that grows out cl the respect aud good,
will of Ihe publiont large.
The current history ol the world will pos.
tees, this winter, exceptional interest. The
attsirsof Europe nevr comerned oa more '
closely than now. The complications in our
foreign relations, even threatening war, must
com maud constantly our serious considered
tion, and the session of Ihe American Con
gress about commencing, will absorb in aa
uuususl degree Ihe attention of Ihe country
for the most vital and searching Issues, finea
oial and political, aurilt prauticn solution
The daily newspaper at such a time be
comes almost a necessity of life, snd it is not
hiiardoiis to claim lor Ihe Ctnoinnsti Com
mercial that it is al once the most complete
and trustworthy Journal issued in the Ohio'
Valley-ihe center of ihe population and the
seal ot Ihepnhtcal power or Ihe nation.
Our relations wih political parties are each
that we will not lie suspected ol tampering
with the news in Ihe interest of either. We
mean to tell the plain truth, and publish all
the news, no matter whom it helps or hurls.
We expect to he as thorough snd impartial la
presenting ttnancial intelligence as In dealing
with political information.
Our i gents sre reminded that this is a -promis'ng
time to canvsss for new subscri
bers, and it is our Impretion that if a careful
and energetio eflort were made, there would
be occasion to increaae orders largely.
We otter no other I nducemente to subecrl -bcra
thin the reputation or the Commercial
for enterprise in collecting Ihe news, and hon
uml.le dealing with the people in publishing
it fairly. . "
All applicants furnished with specimen eop
ics and ciicilars giving exact sud full details
ol bus ncss information.
Advertising rides hom 10 tn 40 rents per
sg t. Iiii", according to display end position-
li.i- lwt leiina nth-red by any flrsl-clsss Jour
n I, lur'-Wei- and extent of circulation coo.
s.dcred. . : . l. HAI.STEA0 A CO., i
II'km rielora of Ihe Cincinnati Commercial.
1 A Una lot of
. . IMTI4L pa piirrsi ; d
I A tt
'I I' 'III .'I- , ' ''
' . JCbT RECEIVED. - " ,
Also a full line of : pur.
Afresh . Prvgs, : Mejli- -cities,
1 Chemicals, J ' '
. i es -and Dye
,.' Stuffs, PerfvhJ"
eryCSoavBli TtnlAt AiL i
tides, fffyJwelrg, eje,
Ulasa MJ:
large Lot ot notions at
; very low; pri3,ri -)y y j
North Sida Main St. two Doort '
f Wfrt of irartet,r:"fT':'fr-i'r
' McARTH U R, 1 O hi 10'e
lOjlll IWTt. ,
onJS nleu'io?,TU, :ii0 Dd 00,1el,,
m?n1i,?,.,,?,,'e, n t'onelseaad almphv 1
msnaer howtolav upon thit lnstruenlt. -H
beriming ,tt, the first principles, and wTd
nally carrying the learner forward by s course
ef brogre ssive lessons, such sacan not nitlTf
rightly used of making a good performer, n "
ww saBvrirv

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