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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 19, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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THURSDAY. FED. 19. 1874
Ob ml after Sunday, Nov. I, 1BT3, Inmn
will run a follower Noe. , 4, t and t
rua daily, ell other train dilj,8uu lay tx-Otpted.
No. I. No 3.
Station. Mail. Cia. Ex
Cinciowul. . snam to aom
t'hilllcolh..-...ll Osam - t SSpm
Richland Fur..l. Mpm ttlpm
iamdeo.......W vlpia 1 SApm
HcAtcs.1! S9pm I 4pro
V in toe ......l ftopm 1 6pro
Saleeki... 1 OUpra 4 IMpm
lop Furnace.... I Hpm 4 I lpm
Faratibuig.. 4 34pm I OOprn
I 4"lm
1 37m
t Slam
3 4m
3 5(Wm
3 U7am
3 ltro
3 34am
I in
No. 1. We. 4.
Rtationei Mall. Ptl.El. Cln.Ex
Parkertrcrg... T Nm 10 xOain 10 3pm
Hope Furouc.....lo 3om I Hpm
1Iki....-...-.1' 4nn 1 xapm
futoi,. 10 Mam 1 apin
McAavaue 11 tMatn 1 4lpra
Hamden .11 16am 1 6Upm
fichlacd Fur.... 11 S6m 3 Minn
Chillicoih.....! 4.pm 3 lOrnn
-Cincinnati . .-. pm 1 oupin
1 Ham
1 23am
1 M2.ii,
1 4lxm
1 Auxin
3 i"4im
3 twn.
( 6am
NO. 3 AND 4 U atop at 0. A S. Junction.
l,ovtand, Ureeufleld, (hillicolhe, Hitin len.
A then . and Hcoll a Landing only. NO. 0
AND 0 w.ll Hop at C. i . Jum-tion, Mdi.,o
ville l.ovelsnd. Greenfield, I hills-utiie. Hm
den Alheni ami SooU' Landing ouly. J OS.
1 ASD 8 anil mn ill tops1
Tha Zaleaki Freight going e-l leave
ChillaeoUie al 3"a. m ; Revaull 1 IS; Hi. li
laad Furnace, T A; ilaiiiden, arrive 0 SU
Popart I 4i Mi-Arthur, It I; Vinton, lo M;
Zafeaki II W. Woing wet-Zlea-i. I 0 p ill i
Vinton 8 1. M'-Ai Ih'ir 1 B; Hainden, arrive
3 ) depart 3 -H; Kichlaol Furnace, 4 Id;
Rayaville, 4 4; Chilllcnthe. !.
fne FASt' sTOCK, iib renulftr pa rentier
cr attached, leave Alheotai IJiP.M . c.i..
aeeting vim tha H. V. K. K., hop 12t,Zi
Iraki 4 "4, Vinton 4 29, McAnhur4 31, Ham
Vn IV, rlichland 6 60, Chi licothe T &n.
Train on the fOHInMDUTu HKlMil
ill leave Haniden.at 7 S a.m. and 3 45 1 m
arriving atPurlainouth at 10 a m.and tU5p.
m. Returning train ill leave Portsmouth at
ioOa.ai, aud t uti p. m . a riviugal II am
Ua at II ou a. m. aud 6 do ni.
Traintoonneot a: I.oveinnl fur all pointa nn
fie Little Miami Railniad, and at ihe Indiannp
01 io and Cincinnati Kailmad Juncti a for ah
Saint Weal; at Athena, with llw Ooliimliu
U. V. R, H., .( Prkrtrhuri witb Ihe U. t
0. R.B. W. W. PEHiDV,
lifnernl Snprrintendent.
IWlLli run a hack from Wilkeaville lo
Uamdenand return eery Mn- dny, W eom-
day. Friday and Bturdny ir 'he H.i-oiinno
dation of oaaaengera. making i loe eoiinei
lion with Ihe mail traina on the H 0. K. K
1 wilf alao carry eipreaa pairkg i"h'pped
lo or from point br the Adania Kunreai, Cu.
Pkof. M AcALLtSTKR, the ma
gician, is an intimate Iriend ol
W. B. 'Donaldson, the ceronuut.
Ua Bays that Ihe latter is now
at Norlolk, Virginia, ent!apeil
in building a large balloon, tlie
largest ever constructed with
the exception of the Dail.v
Graphic Lalioon, and that in it
he intends lo make, next
Spring, another effort to reach
KuKipe through the medium ol
the balloon. The Prof, says he
has been invited lo accompany
Donaldson as navigator, ami
that he Bhall certainly accept,
A Nevada man went to a
store tha other day and
bought a new dress pattern for
his sweetheart and a pair 01
red flannel drawers for bitnseli
The first idea he had that he
had got the package mixed was
when he found himself rolling
down 6tairs under the inspira
lion of t warming pan and an
old hoopskirt. He has taken a
Arm resolution never, so long
as he lives, to present his eir
with a pair of red flannel draw
ers again. Court plaster is too
costly to permit him to do it.
What must the or Ji nary at
mosphere of a Pennsylvania
school room be? Seventy chil
dren were nearly suffocated by
coal Tgas in a Fchool-room at
Oakland, Pa., the other dav
and the teacher n?ver perceived
that (here was anything unu
sual in Ihe air ol the room i n
til the simultineous lallinir
twenty hi dren ir ro Her
seats' sucgested ihat sou.ethii g
was not quite riht..
ADVERTi-iiia is a blister
which draws customers. Ad
vertidng Is like Ihe celebratei
magnetic-stone; it draws every
body and his wife right up to
the point. ' You might as well
try to make a dead man wim
up stream as to keep people
from buying of a liberal adver
tiser. This is the experience
of every man who has tried i
The best mediam for. this vi
cinity i the Visxos 1?ecobd.
A KovtL claim has been rre
sented to Congress by a Doctor
Zachane, a . chiropodist, who
alleges that he removed forty
six thousand dollars' worth ol
corns irora the aching feet of
Our -patrio'io soldiers during
the late war. The tesiinnwi)
of a number of F-d-ral rfln:. re
is addressed in support ol (he
Bow many apples did our
.first parents eat in the Gar ten
of Edenf TenEve 8 and Ad
a. a.
1 -im itrtKor- - -Diamonds.
Watches and Fancy Goods.
cniLLicoinEi omo
ttrnl'Lli repeelfnllT t m Ihe ellliena of
VmtonCn that he hff enlarged hla alork
making one of the lam, at (a Ihe mate. Our
buainraa haa in'r-ei,ed e?ry tear up lo the
prei-enl lima and e lel thankful to the nun
lie ftir past fatura. and are determined lo keep
a largo toi k ol eei thing urual'r fuund in
a Kri'l-elBr'e Ji-aelr? Htore. and will keep Ihe
Hnetl Hock of gold ard iolid ailvrr, ao the
In-Ht Plated Uooda, at low aa any houae in the
We.l . ,
We keep all tha diftVrentbraide of Ameri
can Wah-hea Howr.l. I'm ted Mialea, Klgin.
Waltham and Ppringrtrld Hamifnrturea, both
in Kld and kilver vaa. Alao a large line of
Kmm 123 lo tino on, alao (direr from f 13 In
3IMi. We have a en reliable lull Jerled
Silver Wati-h from tlntof'o.
A full line of ill gnnda in nur line, or mad
to order h eiperien'ed anrkmnn. R.''air
Inir will rorcive prompt atlentlun
1'Ua.e drop in and e ua. No IrouVe lo
hrtw vooda n'-.ii
jjr. J. Walkei'd California
Vinegar Bitters aro a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
tbo native licrla fuuml on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Novada moun
tains oi laiuoinia, 1110 uicuicmni
nroiiertic3 of wlnt'.i aro extracted
tlioa'l'roni without t'.io uso of Alcohol,
Tbo question ii almost daily asked,
' What U t;io causo or tno unpar
alleled success of Vinegar Hit
TEnst" Our answer is that they
roinovo tlio cause of disease, and
tlio natient recovers hU bcaltb. Thor
are tho great blmij purilicr and a
luii-giving jirincinio, a puriect iteao
rator and Invi(furntor t l' tho vygtem.
Never bcfuro ia tho history if tlio world
haJ a lncdicino boia C(iiiinmnilt'd jh
ge.iug tlio remnrkalilo tiuulilicM of IX
eoar Ilimns iu lu'iilimr Ibo sick of
every tlUi'tio man U beir to. Tby are
a pontlo Purpniivo m wi'll in a Trniio,
rclioviiiR Cnii(.'i'stiiiii nr Inlliuunmlinn of
tho Liver aud lcerul orguuj, iu liUluus
Tha nronnrtios of Dr. walk
er's VixutiAR IHttkiis aril Apurieut, Dia
phoretic, Ciuiinimtive, iuntum, Laxa
tive, Diiirptiti.Srt'tativn.Oounter-Irrltaut,
Piulo-' ' Milium,
R. tf. MrDOXlT.D it CO..
Drortrlett A Oen. Agta., Ran Franclaco. Call
nia. .V cur. of Wiudiliurton and Cliiirltun Sta,N. V.
boiii oj au urafguu aia iMaier.
In Zalesld.
TRK Z:ilealii t'ompimy, with a view In the
develiipmnnlof the hh-hI inlerentanf Jalea
ki, to neciire ll permaurnt p.O'peri.'y, ai.d to
add to ita pnpulniina and wealth, are now
ottering to avium -eilieia, town loia anoiarjn
landa al low pricea. and nn liberal term.
Peraiina deamng to examine Ilia property
and In buy cheap huuMa will apply al the
Company' oltlirea to
i ii'i.ii r"i, nanagrr.
Zaleakl, Ohio, Mkv IU, l7l. If
American Institute,
Embroidering and Flu tic g Machines
"I; ia ingeoiniia and will meet Ihe want ol
every mation in the land.''
Exhlb.iioa of 18T2.
John E. Gnvil, Her Pfc'y; F A. Barnard,
I'rt-a ; Samuel it, Tilma'u, Correppouding
' New York. Novemi er'n, ifT'J
Thia aimple and ing'iiioi a maohine ia a
uapful a the rewina niarhine, a. id ufai le
I'oniiug popnlar aiih ladi-, in Hie" pl.u-e ni
expi n-e ntedle work, ila work being innr-h
Inore handanme. n quiring nun h leva nine
and not une-teoih pail ti.e expense. Nn la
dy'a toilrt Ir I'oinpleti wilhom it A marhinr
wiih illi.i-traledi-in nlar ami lull inaiiui-tump
eeni on receipt ul 12 r ttuiahed iu ailver plate
lorli 7 J.
Addreaa, The SIcKee Olannfaetarlng Cm
ui.uauan), New lura.
Dr. Garvin's Elixir of Tar.
I reconimin led by niclieal practitioner"
anil a ecdv Hire guaranteed lor eolda.
cough, catarrh, aatlim. I ronchitia, apithug
hlnoti, cB-umption, an I all pulmonary com
plainly Kidney toeasee and all th eiunof
tne urinal organ erlectly baimteea tree
Tro ii inuieral or hlcoh lie propitiea pleaa
ant to lake and never known lo fad Prb e f I
per bottle. Kid particulara w.lh medical lea
ttmony and certificate aent on applicHtiorJ.
Addrea I, V. liVliKC(i..lU5-evenih Av
enue New Vork
Darts from the iitvitjui iiupiubuor.a
A lok iu. I ireiied, exposing i he ' perrunal'
that have appeared in Ihe New Yok New'
papers: iheir hiatoiy and ea-on. Htylish Vif
Miua fully ejnu - l. A Iveitiaewent- from
de-perce men to liiiiiifiil women: clandea
line inietings; bow Im-lrated; t4ie hft-inry ot
Iheuooilraih Ira net v, ihe retull ol a' perron
al." I'ercriplion ui luing Broadway aiatue-,
ExpnaeaaiM-ial corrupli'-n Haul on receipt
oi iui uenia, Addreaa L'niqae printing Hnn-e,
36 Veeeyrl., N. Y. 13-ep
Tha Beck vrltli 20 Family ' evrlng Ma.
cblua aa 0-Uyw 'l'itil H-mv aeehb,ge
itvei mIi saiiel iction Hiiraiitee I, nrf$re
funned. Hem unmpleie with lull direcnona.
He.kwiih etng Macbiaeuo .tajbrrvriway,
ew York. . . .. 18eP.
A aMwywimi cafio. n In h i nC 11 laali
Truas :0 , No. iea Broadway. N Y. I lly
letiina ruitiire al-enliittly in eai e and com.
fort night and day. at all iiinee, am) under all
circiinirtam ea. without any. exception what
ever in any ea, and ehnuid never he taken
nM during the short lime requisite In effect
ptrmaneat cure. Heat by n ail. Circulara
tree. Anydruvgirt or physician will oner,
thia new irtuta far you withi.ut extra barge.
Winch ia adapted lo
All Sewing Machines,
Ni'Tlf'K paniculril) i.e Hal p of B
fitHlhhltUI, liii'o III, w ih rite palrnl
sisnns. 11.4'. .t(LkI4 1l.
orhceand valeerootu xoi, Hate n., heaifo,
Ilia. Saauxll
vJob work:
Done Neatly and Promptly,
l'epl- wise take tb mes
(rlike Horlh f their
The mol popular hmily aeaiper, of a
national rhaia. ter and rt piilatloB, la about
entering ihe thirty find year of Iu .ubliea
linn. Tnttioe who are uol pr.onally a.-
quainled aith Ha merila, ilnted only be aaid:
I te ediioriala are epiriMd; II eorrotioadenee
extenaive; ila newa varied, and Irom every
quarter of In glut) Ila agricultural depart
meat full of practical information: ahileil
atniira. life akelchea. and a tacellany aie
adapted to both leung and old: and it re
port nf Ihe inarkela.ol nro-aiock, grain, aro-
cenea aad dry gooda, are alaayt lb la teat
and no! reliable.
Thu sea organlaallna of the armor will
And la Ihe Time a friend lo the object
aougl.i lo be aeeured by them, and ia it eol
umna ihe mora important doing of lb
W can't do without the Time after having
read it eighl yeaie. bend it to 113 Amot
ion tireel Lot ell, Ma L. A. Foiaoa.
V) e hare doubled our Hal oMat-t yaar. Cam
do without Ihe Timea, although I am an old
liemnerat. a. U Hii.ii, Moniraurna,0.
I do not know of any paper Ibat i devoted
lo all the Intereata nf Ihe human family, aa
much aa Ihe Time. U. T. 'laaaivi, band
I ut. Pa.
1 ne Time Is very popular nere, for one
rewon and that ia your oulxnokeB court
g:tint the aalary alealer. W. A. W aa,
I have been a ynant reader of lh Week-
ly Time for 'hree year, an4 I can't do well
wiinoiit it now. w. v MaxwaLi, nay spring,
W laa,
lear Did Time: Thin make about twenty
leiira that t have taken ya.ir excellent paper.
and the more I read il Ihe better I Ilk it.
Livi KinnioT, MetroiK)1! City. III.
I Ihink it i Ihe lie.l paper in be world. - I
like the Way ynu talk in regard In Ihe Con
gie-aioiixl tiaiida; .tnd I alao like your iup
loirt nf Ihe Patron,f loduatry J. 0. Lioa,
Vail y Juncnon, low,
Every patinn of Ihe Weklv Tirneal pr
aented with a copy of I h
An elegauliy printed volume of IManiemiflc
and miacell uieoua ariiilea, illuatiated with
nearly liOof Ihe flneel i-ngravir.g. II lao
coiiiainaadiary for Ihe year 1"74. In value
and attraeiivt aea it ia auperior In any pro
mt ever Dclote o red by Deaapaper puUu-h-eta.
tv r club agent i eompenaated for hi
erv.cea, either with au extra paper, or (otiM
deairable premium
TbhMM rinaleuliriber, ieryer. It i
club of live aubcribera, per yeer. each, I TA;
vluh of ten and upvard,per jeer, each, I 60.
send for lu or t reiniuuiN, t , to. '
Cincintiu I, Ohio.
Ukk's Eni yci.opriia of Practical Kr-
caieia ni Paoi iKnaa. Cnnlaining,4'J3 pra
Im hI recriiiti,, written in a piain and pnpukir
iiiaiiier, aud illiiKlratcd wnh explanatory
aoodx'Uta. Heing a conipn henaive liookuf
r lerence Mr ti e inen naui, inaiiuiai-iurer, ar
lian, amaieur and huekcepf r, including
medicice, pharnncv and dnmeatir economy
I'heacupe nf thia work laeniirely dilterenl
from any other book oi the kind, Heioea
lieiura eoni Icle and alm al indiapentible
b ok ot reference for tho Ihouaand nd one
receipt" and articlea needed iu every house
hold. IRrm, garden, etc., it includea dear and
ex-ily understood direi'liona for the applica
lion nfnianv of ih" ait UMiallya,'qiiireionly
by long einerien. e, and Kt mveaied of te, h
nicnline, or the lei-bnicaliliea ol Icrme ueed
o lully explained aa to bnux the entire rub-Je-t
within Ihe comprehension olam pereoo
rt onliiiary iiilelligence. I'roiniinent among
the iiiimenae maa nf aubjeuta treated of in
the book are the billowing:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard Boll and Toilet
Soapx, Tanning, luetillalinn, Imiiatiou I ii
n ira, VVinra, c,irdnl and Hitiero, Older,
Brewing, Herufmery.Klavoriny Eraencee,eic,
n-meiic. Hair I'Vea and WHhei, Pomade
and I'erliiHied ml-, Tooih I'owdera, etc., rjy,
tiipi, 4b-nholand Alcohulmelry, Henob-um
and Keroaene. hleachmg an't ('leaning, Vin
ear, Haucea. Cataupa and Pirkela, Htveipt
br the liunleu. To r emove Maiua.Spolatn.,
yrotehiiy and Ki leaivea. Cernenla, eic ,
W'aterprooHng. Arliflcwl, - Genu, Inka anil
Writing Kluioa, Aniline Cclora. Palm and
PiKinenl". I aiming and I'aper-hanging, Ka1--online
and Whitewaah, Varnialiiug and Pol.
i-h ng, l.ubnca nra, J ipanning and Lacquer
irg.MocAand Harnea H!a-kin, Photogiaphv,
M elnl and Allnya, Uilding, shivering, etc.,
Rlectrntyping, KlectroplaiinR. eui., Putent
Medicinea, Medical Keceipta, Wright and
Measure. stT page, rcyal octavo, cloth.
Price Si.on t.mar
MUh A FlTZfiERALT, Publnrbere, N. T.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control nf the magnificent oil chros
mo, Yo i-emite, e are able to otter a combin
allot, of literary and arn-tic wora of genuine
wnrih. and at price unpiecedenled
This tine copy of a piece of Nature' grand
eat work, la not prei-rnled in llie ualial Inns
ited style, it, dimension, 14x21), making a
picture ot eiy deairable aiie initelf.
graced by its preaeoce.
Hut a lew copier of this beautiful I hromn
will allowed to go in the retail atorea, aod
thoae will be aold at their
' Aetanl UelaU Price, S6.00.""
which it Qide-eii inconne!iinn with our Mag
anue, bMb will be furn-rhed lor i.. ;.
A premmni the uictuie may.be obtained
hyaeuding ua two auWriptionsnr the Mag
Hue at one doilai each, or by aubevrbmii to
Ihe Magasine lo leara id advaee, at on
uuiiar ja-r annum, aonreae, v -VIUOI
'3 rlOl btliOLI' MAGAZINE,
" . Nebuigb,N Y.
8. E.SBt TEH, Pubhaher. , 4aept
The Host Desirable E.
.a .j
denca in VcArthnr.
f OFFER lor tale my reaidince on North
J. -t reel. It consists uf a sidendid dwelling
hoii-e. aell rtiiirhed, in,rnie auu out, nithr
eigm rooms and a good cellar A gone otUca
building, stable, wood and coal houacandoth
r neie-rary out Iniiloiiiya 'll.e premiee
ooniainil acrer.in, ludin I acre ul tinevard,
all llinny rlng vtueaiiheb era lao thirty
bearing api le lieea beet varirtv ol graded
frmt, tweni)sRe Ixanng ,ieach tree beat
bud led iron, chernea, quince. pluna,aud
variet.t of srawll Irurl porturther particular
luqitireai the orhveof thta-papen or al lb
prrmispa. ierma eaey.
decJUKin 8. 8. DOLLIPON.
- '
. ' . ' ' ' ' ' I -
AO. 110 HI1RD KT.,
(VPW 173 . ...
3 Odtf rellowi" Block,
' Fubluhert of
And other
Standard, Beligious Works,
CaovaMlng gents wanted ia very county
in lb I'aitee bute. jam
. . .
$72.00 EAOH WEII.
Agenla wauled every here Hu.ineaa alricU
ly Ifg.iirrrie. lariKuUr Ire. A-btrea
WhlH,bt Uuia, tdu JA-epily
I C I 0 K D" Oie Scale as good aa new, for
I Otale at Vry low price. Call oa
B.O..OX&8 Alton.
juu . . r.
-A lew nights sibce, Mr.
George Tiie, residing near
Uibbardsville, bad otcaein to
visit his corn crib, taking a
lan'ern with him. Arriving at
tie door ct the crib, what was
his consternation to find that
he was surrounded by rats.
They swarmed in every direc
tion and in their efforts, to es
cape, or possibly, tor the pur
pose ot repelling an invasion
of their domain, quickly knot Ic
ed the lantern irrm his hand.
He beat a nasty retreat. Next
morning be procured the assis
tance of two or three neigh
bors, and proceeded to make a
radon the habitation of the
aforementioned rodents. After
tearing up and pulling down
everything . of a. movable
nature all the while keeping a
th rp lookout and usmatkinat '
t very rat giving them half a
hance, they desisted from the
tray, and counted the trophies
ol the victory. Eighty rats lay
on the' Held of battle.;- They
were weighed afterwards, arid
there was just fifty-seven
pounds of corn fed rat meat.
And it wasn't a good day lor
Athens Journal.
Tub great lelencopp, for the
construcliouof which Congress
made an appropriation ol $50,
000, and which has now been
mounted., at the National Ob
servatory, Washington, rests on
a pier ot stone and brick work
extending eighteen teet below
the surlace. and the pier ia cap
ped by a 6ingie block ol sand
stone, weighing about two tons.
On thidslone rests a heavy iron
casting weighing one and a
quarter tons, and this supports
the instrument. Although the
wt-ight ol the moving parts is
four tons, the immense mass
t'sn be moved by a slight pres
ure ol the hand. The length til
the telescope is thirty-two and
a half leet, aud the lube is of
sheet steel, riveted together.
The ol ject glass is twenty-six
nches in diameter, and was
made in England, at a cost o1
When Washington was . on
tiis way from Alt. Vernon to
New York to be inaugurated
as President, he rode through
the bridge at Trenton, Nw
Jersey at the northern entrance
of which the Uest-ianJ were de
feated by the colonial forces
under his command in t he mem
orable engagement on Christ
mas Day, 1776. A triumphal
arch was then erected upon the
bridge, bearing the insciiption:
4,The D fender of Ihe Mothers
will be Projector of the Daugh
terf." As Washington passe. i
under the arch he was met by
a company nf the matron? of
Ttenton, accompanied by their
daughters, dre-sed in white,
Pinging an ode composed for
the occasion, and strewing fl
ers in his path as he advanced
bareheaded in their midst The
t a rcli was preserved in retnem'
lirance of the incident, and will
be appropriately exhibited at ii
centennial tea party to be held
by the larlie n the 25th ii'S'J
On . Chrutiiwai v-vi -a .letter
and paper pouch were stolen
fiotn the mail back while en-
route Irom Portland to tlrta cii.
On last Thursday, Jan. 22 1, thv
pouch was irtuiuliu aoin bush
es in t lot about 400 yards thin
side of Adanieville. It" had
been opened, and its contents
rifled. Tie letter contamin
1 1 .... . . . .
checks and other valuable
written matter, were, thouuh
opened, otherwise l"ft undis
turbed. Hie letters containing
money, if there were any, are
raiding. Dr. Newton'teported
the missing mail to the Depart
ment when it occurred, and a
detective was sent along the
route to work op the robbery
but be was unsuccessful. The
pouch was accidentally found.
Gallipolis Journal.
& maluci C3 person says
that cotton sheets and new-pa
p- r eheeis are alike in the re
spect that a great many people
he in them.
Tub Aurora, organ of the I!
linois State Agricultural Col
lege, speaks of fattening bogs
as -susiouuure."; t
. (.' ii'Cii
Tukbb is an old darkey down
in one of the lower counties'
who lately voted lor local op
lion, as lie understood t, but
not as the public generally an
derslood it. The story, a true"
one runs thus: At a recent
election, a frlehd asked the old
man how he was going to vote.
hOh," he replied, ihe Repub
lican ticket, I always vote that
"But how are yon going to
vote on local option!"
The darkey, looking op, ass;
ed ''What's that?''
"Why local option in putting
down liquor"," was the reply.
"Lors a m assay,,' said the
darkey, 4 of course I voie for
local option; I votes to put
down liquor to the old price,
tip penny bit a pint!"
Wanted to be Heard From.
If any bo I his ever used the
thorough and scientific course of
treatment recommended by the
proprietor of Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy for the cure ot Catarrh
and has rot been perfectly cured,
the proprietor. Dr. R. V. Pierce,
would like to hear from that per
son, and by addressing him at the
World's dispensary, Buffalo, N.
Y., such person if there be one.
will hear of something to his T
her advantage, as the Doctor is in
earnest when he offers $500 re
ward for a case of Catarrh which
ia can not cure, and is perfectly
able to pay it if he fails in a sin
gle case, as any one may ascer
tain npon enquiry. - The thor
ough course of treatment refer
red to and recommended by Dr.
Pierce ronsists in the use nf Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy with Dr.
Piareu'j Tenant Dniictio whiflh ia
the only means by which the
flui I can be carried high up am)
applied to all parts of the nasal
passages and the chambers con
nected therewith in which ulcer
exist and from which the dis
cliargi proceeds. In addition to
this thorough application of the
reibedy, which should always lie
used warm.' Dr. Pierce's G"Men
Medical Discovery should be ta
ken earnestly as a constitutional
treatment, 'without which few
cases Can be cured as the dieaa'
is always constitution and must
be treated accordingly. Thi
treatment has no unpleasant fea
tures about it, und has the ad
vantage of never driving the dis
ease to the lungs as there is dan
ger of doing by tho use of strong
rricating snuffd or poisonous
FR NFFORT, Mich., Sept. 13, '73
A year ago 1 had a bad cough
rom Catarrh which had got in my
thr at. I tried a good m ny
things but got nothing to do ne
any good until I used yoor Go!
oen Medical Discovery and Dr.
Sajje's Catarrh Remedy. They
cured me in three . months fir
which 1 am very thankful,
Wb will send the Record
and Wood's Household Mag
Zine, o'h'e'year lor '$2 Q, and
make each siibacriber a '.ores-
nt 6t a handsome 'chromo ol
the ce'ebrafed 'Yo "Seniiie Va -
ley. Wood's is the best maga
zine for the price in the coun
try, and the chrouio is a fine
pictured Specimens of each
may be 'seen at th ia iffice.
KxrsaiRNCB will teach any man that
it ia adtahtuiieous tn patronise those
who advertise, in newajiftperr
I -: iai
Wb will tend die Keoord and the
CJnuinaati Gacbtte to ; subacribers one
year fur $3.25. ' ,
Hihond's, ftiotagtapher, Chillionthe
gives oaNful attention to making oops
lea nt utber piuiure. Pictures mav be
made as targe ' aa life from' the tiniest
licket, picture, and made in evry way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. ' Photographs from nature or
from other pictarea colored in the best
style in oil, water colors, .Yon, pas
tel or luk, al rates to suit all circua
atanoes. - i '
Fai.mehs stnuld not fail to ex
amine the patent farm gate for
which Ueorge W. Urunton, Mo
Arthur, is the agent in this and
Jackson county It is the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
fr a farm, coating fifty per cent,
lees than be old fashioned gate,
and is more durable, for it can
not sag. Examiue it when yon
are id MCArthur.
Anvaivtaiafl - eenainrla -nainla
lings the. l-d t , ,,nting
iaIoi but had forgott-sa ail abmi
. - .sfj.s..y.. I.'-
If You
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Want to fell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to bnjr oraell a farm.
Witnt a boarding place,
Want to aell town propt-rty,
Want to sell groceries or drujfs.
Want to sell hoiifehold furniture.
Want to aell dry goods or carpet.
Want to Mud customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
AdvertUi'ig liberally always pays.
Advertising make nieces easy,
Advertising bejrets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising chows plunk,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or butmest man who hat lecume
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judiciout advertmng
.Vo exception to (hit rule can be
cited! .Stewart, the Prince of
Merchant!, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, at a latt
retort, to yet hit stock turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
guing from thit that if it wat
good for him in adversity, h
could make it ttill belter in prot
penty, he became a pertittent. ad
verliser, and thut gained hit co
lot8al fortune.
Rune merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; fur nn person read
advert isementa; vet every merchant in
this county wilf read thi advertise
ment, and if he is wine he will prolh
iiy its suggestion, if he lias anything t)
offer worth advertising How much
mire then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w th rend
inn matter, nrn at leisure n the even
ing, mid must depend on their paper fin
their local news, the must hrportnnt
item f which is where they can 6ml
just what they want when they come tb
town to make their purchases. Ifyoui
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and nut ol
style that it is worthless, or if it if run
down so that you have nothing left tha
people would w nt, it is nut worth
while fur you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such its the people want,
don't hide them, but pulilish to the
world that ynu have thorn, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day dues duty beyond that day
and its effect continues in a greatei
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
uunent matter, a piece nf real proper
ty built up in the roinrfa of men unti
it becomes mora valuable than any
corner lot in bis locality. '
Ir you lose a watch, a doe or a child,
iir if you desire people not to trust
your wife, yuo rush t. your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rear!
che advertisement But you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how mudh ynu ore Ins
ing by nut advertising it Reporter
If those persons who prnfcss to b
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not real by the public, wish to be
convinced of their em, r, just let theui
uive publicity to sumo matter they
would notoare to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner f n
emintry paper, and sen ivhut notoriety
thv wnuld soon attain. Advertuer't
Oizette ' ' '
Abvi BTisiNO is apt to give ns tha1
irentle jngol conscience which tells u
that we want a new suit of olothes fur
Sundav, or that we promised our win
fc'Hejyr dress as soon aa the hay was in
Perhaps it w-iuld he a good plan fur
vsdame to nark thia pannage and lay
thg paper npon her husband a break
last plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilise the world!
Why do people read advertisements?
I o see who ia enterprising and to lenrit
what is going-on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
a atvL,.
Li -,lt
; who hits
want, lo see il the season i
have eome in, and to find out '
thein-.Toiavmw if .any nne 'ia selling
on at reuucea, rapes, or to watch the
chance nf an auction. Fur amusement:
To satin fy eurioety. , Because i thev
have read all the atories.,marriues.
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Keoause they want to. lioeaose tbev
can't help it -Ohio Stale Journal -
Ths power nf print ia well known.
bat nut well understood. A printed
eentence haa a wnnderfol advkotane
over one that is written or spoken.
a-ni a. r...
i n is one oi tns many reseo is which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
d not comprehend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution aod the force of
eloquence, yet even ther. fade awav in'
to nothingness if not caught in their
fiitibt and printed Hat there i some-
thimr in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter which give it
marvelous force and infliieriire, Buai
ness men shoold never permit them
selves to loose sight of what mav be
accomplished by a persevering ns'e of
ine priming presses, iearn so aqver-a
tisej and then the "how, when and
avKatsa" nt 14 .and' wai, ? aa.ll '
knowledge worth naving., ., f. -
TH E WEEKLY HON Is too vldly nw
lo requira any eitended racomaiaodafeal
but Ihe reanna wba-h bar already givea it
8tiy Ihouaand auhacribere, and ahleh will,
we hop, giv ii nasy tbousaoa snora, ara
bi iefly Inllow t
1 1 ia a S rt urate Bw.ppr. All Ih sews f
ths day will betouad in it. eoadeaaad vrha
tinininortaat,al full length whea of aiontat, .
ana a Waya preaenied in a clear, inleUigibl,
snd inteieeting manner. v '""
It laa flrai-rate family paper, full of eater
Uining and inlrucl.v reading of every kiao,
but containing nothing that can oflrnd, lb
mod delicate and erupulou t4.- '
Iti Ami-rat alory paper. Tb beat ll
aad romance of current literature arecara
fully elected and egibly printed la It pg'.
Hi a flr-t-ral aricullurtl pater, laa
mol tre-h and instructive arliclaa oa agri
culiursl topics regularly appear ia Ibis d-
partment. .-. k
It ia an Independent polllieal paper, blog
Ing lo no party and wearirg no collar It Sgblf
for principle and Iheelecilna of the beat meat
to office II especially devote Ittenerglee la
the eapoeur of Ihe great eorrupliona Ibat '
now weaken and disgrace our country, aad)
threaten lo undermine republican loalitutioaa
aiuneiher. It haa sofear ol aaavt. sd sska
DO favor nf iheir aii'ipnrtera.
Il report h-f.thion for IheUdleaaaS Ih
market- for the men. aapeeiallv lhalles
market, to ahich it pay particular attenlioa.
Kinallv, it the cheapest paper publiahed.
One dollars year will a, cure il for any aubv
iciilier. It i not nereaaary to- get up athib
in order to have THS W r.EK L Ht'N a Ibis
rat. AnvnehaendaiDgldellarwrll
get Ihe paper for a year
THE WEEKLY HrjT.-Eighl rgee
flflj-an colon. n-; nnly SI jear.' Kd diJ
count from ihia rate
else aa ihe daily bun. SjiOOa)ear. A 'dia
cunol nf 80 pei cent, lo cluli of 10 or OVr.
TIIE ItAILY fSl'N. A large lour pane
ncaapaprr of twem eirhl eolt mos. Dady
circulation over 180,000. l Iheaewafer
S centa. bulircrlplion pin t SO cent s aicblh,
or tu a year- 'In club oi 10 r over, a dis ,
count of 80 rer sent.
Addreaa "THE SUN," New York City.
f V.H.T.'EelmboM. ,'L
I the only Known Remedy fur Erl'-hf Dl
is snd ha cured every e:ie nf Dliihclc la
watch it hit been plveii. Jrrllatlou of tbeNcck.
of the Illaddcr and Inftamniulion of thu Kltlucy,
Vlccraliun of the Kidneys and Bladder, Reten
tion of Urine, Placaae of tho 1'roatate Claud,
Htone in the Madder. Gravel, Brick Dual Depoett,
snd Mucous or Milky DircharRe, snd for En
feebled and TclicateConatituttonof both bcica,
stb-iitlcd with Ilia following evmploma: Los
of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Frealh'
Ing, Weak Nerve. Wakcfulneaa, Palo in lbs
Back. Flueliliigof theBtKly, Eruption on the Face.
Pallid Counlcu:mce, Laaaltude of the Syalcni, w!
t led by perron in the decline or chance, of
life; after ronflncmut or labor paint, bed-wev
Ung iu children, etc,
In many aff-cliuDS aecullsr to ladle, th Ex
tract Buchu ia Biicutialcd tiy sny olhcr reiuitly
A In Colonial or Retention, Irregularity. Puin
f itinera or Uupprereion uf Ciiatoniary Evacuutlonv,,
Ulcernled or Scflirrus stale ot tho Utcrua, Leu
corrbtea or White, Ftcrilily, and for. all cora
plalnu incident lo thj icx. It 1 preacrihrd
extensively by the vnort eminent Plflc!an and
Mldwivcs for enfeebled and dclicuiu. comlltu
tlous of both sexes and all ages. " - e
''uret DintaM AMn. frm Ivfruitncu,
It blu of l)iip"Uon. I'h.. In all their atagc. at
.little expense, little or no change. Iu diet, no In
convenience, and no expoeure. It cstsv s fr'
quent desire, and gins ttrengih lo urinate,
thereby removing Obstruction, Preveiitkig sad .
Curing Strictures of the Urethra. Allaying Pain
and Inflammation, to frequent In thia cla of di
care, and expelling all poitonout matter.
31.00 per bottle or six bottle for ff.1.00, delivered
to any addre, tccure from obaervatloa. Sold by
druirgitte o ervwhero. Prepared by
KEARNEY A f'O., 104 Duan Bt.X. T.
to whom til lutters f '.formaUou tboold b
" iy-i.
" M V'
Ho Clirgt for Advice and dniolUtlts.
' Dr.J.R Dyott. 'Graduate of .Ijfettm AfraTicaf'
CWf"7, PhiUdclphia, author uf rcvcrtl valuable
worki, can bo consulted en sll diecaaee uf th
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which h k4 niad
an cr pedal rtudy), cither in mala or fcmalv, no
matter front what caure originating, or of how
lonj funding. A practico of 3d year enable
him lo treat diseases with tuccer. Cure fusr
utccd. Clisrgrs reawmablo. Tuou at a ilit
tauce can forward letter di-rcrlbing rynintom, .
and enclosing rlainp to prepay poatage. .
beud lor luo ,iie In Um lh. I'ricc 1(1 rrnts. -J.
S. DVOT1'. M. 1)., I'hyaiclau and Surgeon.
104 1)UJn BU, New York. ,
'l ' "ll AarinUiaas.Ual.lka
Boarrv lh ivai. ktUaJ
yaterlvasVtod rviatlwl
tbMinal stiUsj, Vfltta ikm
Uleat 4l.av.rtea In praelaf aa priMaiial g.,rta,
Saw w prafttrva lt anaiririioB. .
Tbtste sta lotertaiiras; verfe txwm kaavtlrtvj svsisl s-itif
sticwfih ama.rau. D(raia,, an raaialaa vakMale: k , ,
Mi.raiMoi r uiw. ' Hrm.nn,wapi,wav
rl.i . Still It I a a book Ikat sh luk, l,pi aaaf hm( '
aaSk-y. aa aollai earal.Mly abaal ta S.aat. '
Il aoaialaa lh .tparlvax aa advlca al a viUlal - '
wanaaropaiattoa I. a.rM-aiSe, aa .aoaM Sata l. art- .
vaw Jraa.r of .vary aiala aa fcaalt tbravf haaliba .aUr. "
(lob. Ilaabraa-tvrarrlblaaalb.iabitt.rib.ra
arallva iv.wai Ibal la warth bawwtaf,4 Mat at la vc
S.I pabll.bed la aar alb.r work. t.,r. ,,.,,.1
Seal la any on (free oj noilaie) lr Flflv ClU.
' aadnulir. uUi'DUpiuMi,lla.iaJl. J,COTCit
Su LaaU, kt.
Kotics to ths JLSie.ai tad tTaftrtusts.
Bnr aepltlni t.Jh aurlaiaaaki VVuvvrrttt. I
rbliaai-ara,.r a.lu ny a.rk rauedl.. pra. Dr.
ill.' wrk na matt.r ahal roar diataa. ia, r k.e aaalar
SblayanreoailiMI'. "4 if J t f f S t 0t t
Dr. lulii ax,rl-t b doablk ban .ritiiair-tre-al y
-mi;I alaaartrd bf aoai.artb. aollel.braiad weal-
alprortaaaraariblaeoaalry aad Kroptatcaa baj.
a.lu-d poraaaaay c kv aialf, a ibadlua... anadaati la 1 1
kla woru. 1 Vlniatidi.r
..nor., r... i? a. Niiiaatatiu
k.lwMagarkatataaaal,ULida,., ,
. 71 u alii jtCR
Notice to the Stockholders of J
: the Oa Ipolis- .MipArtburjt
& Cjutnbas ,Ealroad,Co.
i LI, psrtie having atibsenbed Ib'tVe ean' 1
LYU atoekol Ihe Oj. McA. afC, ftlf.taraf
',-rfi7 reui rn iu miiNr paynirnr 10 ineree-
relaryorihe Crmpany, at hla office on tha
V",n'"'n,nl-10 I'anlel WilU Pjetdbtk)f.tji
Vinton ronnty Hank. a MoArlhnr, tihlo, at
J . in matallmenl ol Sve dollars en eacn'rhars
, uuiht r-unir, ,,, 7i,iii.'f,ia,iriiio, oa-f mora
-o aubacrihed, wuhia tea day Of thtadalK rf7
MHKU-. W, .Oil.
0. McA. AC K.R.Ce.'
deo I 1ST1.
IA era
HflZVv"Urtrur "itn7Tenc11 A Key
ivi wivia I wne
'nil Parvienrari'
rVIUriCl Cbeeto nniflti.. itkgtij VS 1
nil raerifr-KHKg.-a.-'M9BpxA!-aO
Hannover t-L. Boatoo.
1 rTI.TT7nT1T
,..ri TJiiysuL ,111 Oil
. ; , . .... iii: ti
Tf I
X .1.

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