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TIIUIiSDAY, FfcD. 20, 1874
A Good Move.
Hon. Milt McCoy, Represen
(ative from Ross county, on
petition of Ins constituents, bus
introduced a bill to authorize
tbe Slate to appoint a coram u
lion to compile a set of school
bonks for use in ll.e schools of
the State, the State to own the
copyiijiht, and leavo the print
ing open to all the publishers
of the State. It is believed
this will open the matter of
furnishing school books to a
competition which will enable
the people to get them at a
fair price. We have frequently
called attention to the burdens
forced upon the people by the
school book monopoly. Firms
engaged in this business bare
their books, which are mer6
compilations, copyrighted, and
thus enjoy the exclusive man
ufacture and tale of that work,
which, if they are eo lucky as
to once get them adopted by
School Boards, they sell at
euch a piice as drives many
children from the schools and
thus cripples tlieir usefulness.
They do not compote with
each other, but like the express
companies, divide the country
off into districts and agree not
to interfero with each other in
plundering in their respective
As a sample of the profit these
men make, we sent an accurate de
scription of one of the books used
in our public schools to one of
the largest publishing houses of
Cincinnati and asked their price
to print 10,000 copies. Their
price was fractiou less tlum 9
cents each for that number, Now,
it is well known that a greater
camber could be printed for a
less average price per copy. Over
100,000 copies of the book re
ferred to bad been printed and
told for which tbe purchasers
paid seventy-five cents per
copijt or over e'.ght times tbe or
iginal cost, on an estimate for
10,000 copies. When we con
sider the. greater number actually
printed we are safe in saying
that the retail price is at least ten
times the first cost of the book.
This is upon its very face the
meanest monopoly in the world,
shuts thousands of children out
of our free schools, is a heavy tax
on all classes of people, and we
hope Mr. McCoy's bill may pass
and stop the swindle.
It is proper to add that it is
tbe publisher of tbe book that is
doing the stealing, and he is so
grasping in his demands that
we are satisfied from frequent in
quiry that the retailer jdoes not
get even a fair profit tor hand-
ling the books. The publisher
,sksBO much for them -that the
retailer is actually ashamed Co
add a fair percentage for hand
ling them. . -1 I
From the Marietta Register.]
Tub Mariettta' Register in
commenting upon an article in
the Record expressing the wish
that each county in the State
ryere blessed with a Uojie for
DebMtute Children, like that of
' WashiiTg'on county, expmses
the belief that counties of. tbe
class of Tjnton have- not
enongh. wealth to afford such an
institution.' The Roister un
derestimates our w?al'o- ' W
spend " enough foolis'iNy? fr
whisky,every year of the tr'd
to build a marble palace for the
unfortunate children ot Ihf
county., It is not lack of wealth
No doubt yon do Bro. Raper,
bat you misunderstand us still.
We did not intend to say you
are too' ooor not that but
that for the number you need to
accommodate, it will be better
policy to send! them to our
Home, than to build one of
jour own or to allow the chil
dren to remain in the Infirm-
" My.--' ' ' -
The Register is:na .doubt
; right in its conclusion, a.nd we
commend the matter to the
proper authorities, for their au
thorities for their investigation.
Untortunate children who are
brought under tbe influences ot
such a Home as that ot Mariet
ta should make good and use
ful men and women while we
doubt if tbe coRt is grea'er than
selling them out as paupers to
be brought up in ignorance and
. nee,
From Zaleski.
To the E liior of the Vinton Record:
Zalkski, I), Feb. 23. Doubt
less word has reached you ere
this writing of the temperance
crusade carried on by the good
women of our town and vicum v
against King Hicchus and his
votaries. An incessant sifge
oil the part of our women has
bef n brought to bear upou his
works, which are now yielding
to the appeals made by tbe
Woman's League, in God's
name and for the sake of fallen
humanity, notwithstanding the
hydra-headed monster has been
permitted to repose in all his
glory uumolested, to deal out
sorrow, pain, drunkenness, ig
nominous death to our falhexs.
suns and brothers, without
shame and restraint regardless
of the consequences to' God,
man, or the. law, by day and
night Sunday not excepted.
Thank God the monster has
been arrested, though he has
Btalked through our streets
with giant-like terror to the ar
mies of Israel. Yet in tbe
midst of his midnight revelry
judgment overtakes him, a
mysterious ' handwriting ap
pears on the wall.' Bible, tears,
songs, the olive" branch of
peace, the monster smitten
heaves a sigh, falls a victim,
his 'head a trophy to be'gi'b-
beted higher than that of
Hainan to serve to the public
gaze as a fearlul and terrible
retribution upon all and auj
who would ever seek to bung:
in our mdst such a fiendish el
ement. The war going on,
tho works are being carried, its
agents captured. Friends ot
Ir.edom are ruxhing to the
lront, a line is being drawn, a
learlul consummation, a strug
gle for position.
Mass meetings are held ev
ery night and there is great en
tbusiasm upon the part of both
men. and women. . all feeling
concerned. Ere this returns
we hope to be able to chroni
ca mo3t excellent results.
Our correspondent general
izes loo much. What we want,
is clean cut facts. What have
the women of Zaleski done?
What did individual liquor
dealers do, and how did they
do it, or did they do anything?
Our correspondent fails to en
lighted us.
"Thb subscription list of the Mo-
Arthur Enquirer is constantly increas
ing. Scarcely a day insse thiit new
subscribers are not received, many of
them pa; that thev "have been taking
the little tlander printed op town," hut
have "quit the business with it'1 be
eause ''it actually ia not devoted to
anything but the personal abuse of
some person, male or lemale, Kepub
lican or. Democrat. "Kesicies, they
eay, "it hasn't anything in it but dead
advertisements. McArthut inquirer.
Mr. Bowen is welcome to
bolster up his business as he
thinks will best subserve his
selfish purposes, but when.be
attempts to do it by libeling
ours in the hopes of increasing
his own, we will have to pause
long enough : to ventilate the
matter. -The ' Enquirer sub
scription' list may he increas
int very' fast. ! We don't kntiw
and' dont care whether it is or
not. We are inclined to think
though that the' whole state
ment is a myth for we know
that the part is which refers'to
subscribers quitinjg the Recokd
and taking the Eiiqnirer; tor
but one citizen-"of 'J Vinldn
county has qaiV'the Ricobd
this year, and he was a liquor
dealer who didr.'t like our po
?itio6 on the women's whisky
war, acd during the same time
we bao added' more than the
usual number of subscribers.
What is tbe ' matter with
Bowen Is that he don't like our
ventilation of li gin mill:"!
Thb ; ladies temperance
league of Uillsboro &eat Mr.
Dunn in the injunction case,
which, has attracted - so mu'eb
attention. Dunn had issued
an, injunction restraining them
from prajing for him in front
of his establishment. ' . -
Gen. J. B. . Stkadman (has
breu ele 3'ed a member of tbe
Uou8titutionaCon'vi ntion from
Lucas county, to . supply
the vacancy made by , the -re
sigoation of , Chief , Justice
Waite. '
Sckidnkr's for March is out,
and full of good 'things as it
always is. Under the manage
ment of Dr. Holland (Timothy
Titeomli), Scribner's has be
come our favorite of all Amer
ican magazines. On the first
page this week we publish an
able, thoughtful article on
"The Delusionsof pnnk,Bfrom
the pen of tbe editor, which is
worthy of being read and re
read by all, whether the mod
erate drinker, or the person la
boring uuder the "delusion"
that ho is a moderate drinker.
The article is e titled to more
consideration from the fad
that Dr Holland has always
been a zealous, practical work
er in the cause of temperance,
and one of the main advocates
of the theory ot displacing in
temperance by the . use of
wine, until he made atrip to
tbe wine countries of Europe,
hnd by observation was con
vinced, against his will, that
his theory was false. Such
were the impressions left upon
'o.i8 mind by his observations,
that he boldly acknowledged
that he had been advocating
an error; and that of the whis
ky drunkenness of America
and tbe wine drunkenness of
Europe, the latter did infinite
ly the most harm. We give
Dr. Holland's article entire be
cause it contains truths which
are acknowledged by all, until
the "delusion" is personally
applied, on the one hand; while
on the other hand it is opposed
to the commonly accepted the
ory on moderate indulgence.
Here is what Dio Lewis says
of prohibitory legislation. Its
truth is attested by the history
ol our own and thousands of
towns in Ohio. When this
community will content to sit
down and wait for the laws to
enforce themselves there will
be an instant revival of the
whisky business. There must
be an active public sentiment
to sustain and enforce tbe laws
or they are worje than useless
The women are the greatest
sufferers by reason of intern
perance, and they have shown
themselves the greatest power
in creating a public sentiment
to crush the evil. Their final
permanent success depends on
their persistence. But here is
what Dr. Lewis says of the
'Prohibitory laws, were the
greatest obstacle that the tem
perance reform had to over
come, lie eulogized the old
Washingtonian movement, but
said that -when people went
into making laws on the ques
tion, it fpjled.. Everybody
stuck his hands into bis pock
ets and inquired, "Why don't
thy enforce the laws? (The
temperance sentiment in Mas
sachqseits, on account of its
laws, bad gone -back, and. was
not sq far advanced as.it was
35. years ago." . ; ...
Tjjb saloonists of 'Ohillicothe
having a fear of the woman's
movement breaking out in that
ci'ty-held a '.meeting and
threatened to withdraw their
patronage from all persons
whose w ives' should engaged
in 'the war. This threat had
the opposite effect from' that
intended, and has aroused and
united the temperance people
ot that city , as no other act
could have done, and when' the
ladies do commence .their for
ward movement there -is .no
doubt .they 'will have the so
tive.co operation of fheublic.
1 The Logan ;Refiubilcan' has
kwakened froui its lethargy on
the railroad question sufficient
ly to publish two 'lines of qrigi
nal matter in favor "of the G.
McAfe C.'-R. k' JWe, would
like to see the Republican and
Sentinel stir bp their people on
ibis subject. The work' is pro
greasing here rapidly and not
withstanding the unfavorable
weather , the remaining, three
miles to connect Karn's and
Vinton Furnace is more than
half completed. ' Now is .the
time for Logan to. put in its
$50,000 "where it will do . $e
most good
' -'John G. Toils, 'of Galena,
said to be the Oldest O Id Fel
low in the world, died on Mon
day last,- Ue'was Grand Mm
ter of Pennsylvania in 1623.
Rev. IJksry Ward Beeches.
said to his congregation Sunday
night that history would not
show a-parallel to the. effort
making in the vVest to suppress
(fram drinking, which he char
acterized as the scourge of the
It is an evil that has defied
legislation, but now, under the
providence rt God there has
arisen a moral cyclone, a per
feet tempest of influence.
MUSIC, containing flftj alining songs, nil
harmonised Ibr lhrt or fourinirra. Junt
the bonk for lhTmporinc Mocmcnt.,noir
eDnroloK piihlm allrnlion. Pric3So by
mail, nat paid. Per doien, 1 30. PutiliAhed
by JOHNChUKCHCO., Cincinnali.O,
6feb 1871 it
Maggie M. Cowgill, ot al, Flaintifls,
George Morrison, et al, Defendants
State of Ohio, Vinton Co., ss.
IN puranance to thocommand nf an orlcr of
t itt Mrlil!on, iKhueil from tlia Court or
Common Pica, of V nlon county, Ohio, ami
to me liirccterl aa Shfritt of said county, i will
offer for aale at public auction on
Friday, March 27th, A. D. 1874,
At the bour of 1 o'clock P. M. of aaid
day, the following real eatate, aittiata in
the count; of Vinton, and fluid nf Ohio, and
bounded and described aa follow, to wit:
the uorth-eaet uuarler of Ihe nnrth-ea-tqiinr-ter
of awtion thirty-one, 31 and a partol the
north-went quarter of section thirty two, .11
dearribed a lnhowa, commcm ind one 1 rod,
north of a black Incuat tree about 8 inchea in
diameter ahich Unria on the weal aide ofthe
county road near John M. rrion'a hote,
thence went taking two rowa of apple tieea
on the aomh aide of the apple ore nurd to the
said lection line, thence rotiih with raid aeo
turn lino to the eoiith-went corner of aaid
quarter aection, thence eant on the line of aaid
quarter aection farenouili lor a line running
northward the aameaoure that the lane now
runs near the hoiiie to atrike aid lane, thence
nor'l ward to atrike the courxe ol aaid lane
straight to' the place of beginning, amd Hiet
mentioned tract containing lortvtwo nod
eighteen hundredth 4i 1H-Iim aorea and aaid
lwtmentioned tract conlnininu thirty flva
aorea, mc re or lews, all of aaid lands being and
lying in town-hip eleven, 11 ol range aeven
teen. 17. ;
Apnraied at one thousand nine litinrlred
and twenty-fire dullara l,i)ioand muat bring
two thirds of the apprai'ed value.
TERMS OK 8 A I.E. -One third cnah, one
third in one year and one third in two year,
neon red by mortgage upon the premises
To be aold on an order of anle in partition
wherein Maggie M.L'bwgill etal, are plaintiff.
and tjeiirjie Morriaon etal, are defendants
t.iren under my hand rim ittth day of Feb
ruary, 1D74.
Mietittol Viutun County.
February Sfith, 1874. 6w
Thousands of Lives and Millions of
Propertj Saved
m mm the American
These lumps, are made of brase and will
never break.
The burners have a safety Inhe attachment
for the ercape of gaa.and will never explouq.
The chimneys are made of mien or isin
gt asa ao called and they are the unit lamn
chimneys made that will not break by heat or
Glass chimneraare unsafe snd expensive
this ia the universal complaint.
"ver seventy-five millions of glass lamp
chimneys are broken in this country every
Price of hand lamps, complete, with mien
chimneys, one dollar. Prire of lironse parlor
or stand lamps, two dollar sent to any part
ofthe United Htates by express on receiptor
the money by mail, ltxio agfn's wanted to
sell these la ups and mica, chimneys in eety
city and town, to whom n liberal discount alfl
be made. Hend for sample lamps and circu.
lars giving all particulars. Thev apeak for
themselves and sell on sight. Addreas.
No. 240 Pearl street. New York.
Administrator1! Bale of Seal Estate.
IN pursuance of an onter nf the frobate
Ooun ol ViDton count , Ohio 1 will Oder
for aale at public auction en ,
fridaf, the 20th Ley of Jlarch, A. D.
atloo'cloc. A. M.atfhe Eagle Jf file, in Ea
gl townthip Vinton cosnty, Ohio, the toiioar
int descriled real ertate ailaate tn the county
of Vinton and State of Ohio, IowiLi tweoty
acres off the west half ot the north-west qua',
ter of the sonlb estqna(ter of section num.
ber twelve, H townshicmlwr ten, 10 rang
nineteen, U
Also the north east quarter of theaonth-eai-t
quarter ot section number eleveo, 11
township and range aforesaid.
Appraised at three., hundred dolWrs, JO0
and must bnnr two-thirds of that mm.
TERMS UK HALE. One-half in hand, and
one-hall in one Tear from day of sale, with in
tereet. lefnred parmenta to be aecured by
mortgage upon the premises soht.
AdminlstratoV ofthe Estate of KKabod Ornm
mon, deoeased., , . 22feb
" '.-' ' A Soe lot of
.... t ... t . i . i i ; -. 't
Also a full line of pure
fresh " Drugs', Sledi-1
dnes, CJiemicals, "
' Glass, Putty,
' ' !l 1 Paints, " '
- ,: ; oils,
' s : 'Varnish'
; es and 'Dye
"i Stuffs, Perfvm
ery, Soaps, Toilet Ar- i
tides, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
A large Lot ot Notions at
very l4w Prices.
Sorth Side Main St. two Doors
11 : "West 'of Mtrket. ' '
J. C. CO LILIAN, Mfll.
Bas permanently located to -
tor the practice or
to which he will devo'e hia entire attention.
OPKK'Kin ravla Haiidiog up tair. opuo
lite Vinton County Hank.
. BJUiDiacn . .
Cut: BoDAa.
H. H. Hnrrwtia.
Eatahliahed IBM. 67,69,81 and IWWe.t Frnntat.
Foot ofMiaeni.ioo Hridge, CINCINNATI, O.
Chi. Hi.dhim i o., Proprietor. Daily auo
linn and private aalea of leaf tobaceo. Bum-
nea alruily enmmiaaton. Liberal tdtancea
made on ronngninenta.
A liaociATto Wkikli. Eatahhehed 18M.
It aup.ort Wkile Bnpnmaef, political and ao
cut. I or una. n pei vear. to cltlba, nine cop
tea free. Addreai OA V -BOOK, New fork
Wood's Hour ehold Magazine
BK TfJ Q p!a day made by oaovasilng
0) rJplOior thia maganne now in
lt ttt vol. Willi c tiromo,
14x20 Inchea la IT Oil t'elera.
Magnaine one year, with mounted chrotno,
J (Ml ' '
Magaime, on 'year, with unmounted cho-
m, fl 60
Maganne. alone, one year, II 00 ' r i
Exam ne our clnbbinsand oramium liata
. Two flrvt claaa periodicals lor the price of
one. we eoncii experienced canvasaera and
olhera to amd at once for terma'and anect
men magaaine. Addreia 8. K. HUUTKej,
Publish, r, 41 Park Row, N. T. City or New
burgh, N, V.
And Insect Powder
Tor Eats, Mioe, EoacVs, Anti Bad
Bags, Mothi. &o.
Hole A(eate. ,
Will haki Moaa Anb Brrrn lliuai than
aar MaiHini in Ui Anoprao and csid at
ma LAntro Brick MANfrACTvaiaa Manufao
Tt'itan and sold ar.
AMES I1'F' CO., thlckopee, Maae.,
tttntOr7" dayl Agenti wanted! All
.pjlUUij.p, of wcrkng people, of
either x, v ungnrold, make mme money
at work lorna in theirapare momenta, or all
the time, than anvthing else. Particulars free
Addrcsa a. 8TINHON CO., Portland .Maine.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICK. la herehy given that Robert 'i.
Couden, ta guardian, of James H., Mary
.1., Charles B. and Joseph M. Cnuden, minors,
has filed herein his accounts, acvearllv, with
said wards, fur final settlement with the first
two named, and partial with the others, and
that said accounts are set for hearing on the
Kit h day of February, A. I). 1174 . at 1 1 o'clock,
A. M. U. B MAYO,
Probata Judge.
.January 38, 1874, y 4t
Probate Notice.
Prolate Court Vinton, Co tmtjy, Ohio.
MOTtrB ja hereby given that Luther Bolen
L 1 and Martha Htilen, administrators of the
estate of Joel Holm, deceased, have fil-d
herein their account w llh aaid estate) for final
settlement, and that the same is set for hear
ing on the 18th dav of February. A. fl. 1874.
at II O'clock, A. Al.
Probate Judge.
January 28, 1874.
AlwaysKeeps a FullLineof
Fresh Drng?, Pnints. Oils, Varnlshpg,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors tor Me
dicinal purpotes.
Perfiimpry. Fine Toilet Soaps. Flair
OiU. Pomade, Hair. Nail, Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes B niches, Combs.
School Books. Blank Books. Copy
Books, Pens. Ink, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, Slates.
-J .'" ' " : 'V
Fineuit, Plug. ( hewing and Smok
ing Tbacco, Cigar, P ipea, - ..
Lanterns, Lamp8,Chlmneys, Shalea,
Coal Oil.
Aull linef Gold.Coral, Jeti Topaz,
Amethyst, Agate. GarnettSets, Bruce
lets, Finger and Ear Kings, Neckluces
Sleeve Butt jus. , , ,
. I , , . ft l
, . '.: - ,! . -j ; y..-
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. ...i ! .. ; i ; i
Musical Instruments, Tuning forks
Violin and Guitar Strings.
i .a ir.vo ;
docks, Watches, and Keys. . ,
; Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys.
1 am also agent for all the Maga
zines, Periodicals, Literary arid Dally
Papers, which I furnish from three
days to a week In advance of those
furnished by mall. - '"'
All of the Above, 'and a
. Jhousaud Other Arti-
:, - . - r , --s
J..' I... . L
.1 . . f.
"- s
Sheriff Sale of Eeal
John M. tiloan, Plaintiff,
Thomas M. Ljtle, H al, Defendants.
The State f Ohio, Vlntoa Ccaaty. S3.
NoT'CE is' hereby ni h' ' 0,ter
for aale at pul'lio auction al the door of
the Court Horn la the uu ol McArthur.
Vinton CounlT, Ohio, oa
friday, February 27th, A. D. 1874.
at one otcloca-, P. M. or said day. The un
divided flve-sixths t-6 of the following real
estate situaied in the conniy of Vinton and
Htate ol Ohio, and in Richland and Harrison
townships ami bounded and described as fol
lows, to wit: The south half of the north
west quarter or section thirty-one,31 in lon
ship nine, B range eighteen, IS. Also the
noith eat quarter of the Berth weatquarter,
and Die nonh went quarter of the norlH-eart
quarter ol section thirtr-one, 31 in township
and rente alorea.d Also t be soul h-esst
qoaiterol tbe north-eaat quarter rf eeciloo
thiriy-sii 36 in township nine 9 ol range nine
ieei.lD. Also the north-west quarter of the
north'west quarter of aection tmny-one, 31.
Also the eouth-wt.el quansr Of the south
weal quarter of aection thirty, .'10 township
nine, 4 range eiuhteen. 18 save and eicept the
north-west quarter of the north-eaat quarter
of aection Jliiilv-oi.c, 31 township nine, 9
range eighteen, IS being the same I mils con
veyed to I. M. Lytle bv (icorge Dickinson ami
wile by deed dated Octoljer 1871 and con
lalniog two hundred and eighty two 8i acres
more or less, save and ezi-ept twenty ' acres
off the noitb end oMh siiuih-wesl quarter of
the south-west quarter of aection thirty, SO
lowualup nioe, 9 tange eighteen, IS running
paralle east and west.
TtRMM UKttALE Cash on day of sale.
To be solrt aa the property of Thos. M. Ly
tle, el al, to satisfy an nrder of aale in favor
of John M. Hloan, isaued from thet'ourtof
Common Pleaa of Vinton county, Ohio, and
to me directed aarhcrilt f said county.
Given under my band this 'i'lA day of Janu.
ary, A. b. 1871.
eherifl Vinlou County.
January S9, 187. w
Tn nnexsmpjed favor accorded to this
magaaine ur liin.puonn, enamt-a us 10 enter
upon the coming jer with the meana of ma
kiov it more attractive and valuable than ev
er be I ore to its large and increasing .nimb r
of readera on both sides of the Allautio. The
serial story of the year,
by Misa Tralton, is a charming love story by
a gifted writer, whiou la destined to a witie
There will be brilliant novelettes and the
best short atones, by Haze Holm, Bret
uarte, anu otner aengniiiii story-tellers.
A series r striking and unique roems,with
illustmiiona. "OLD TIME Ml'MKI"
b Belli, V. Ta)lor, known 101 his brilliant
coni ribiitions to the Wertern Press will sing
to ua again ihn muaie of the bninmng Wheel,
The Flail, 'I he blagelloauh. The Mill, etc.
Portrait and biograi hical akelches of
American authors) paera on Dairy f arming
p,uu s.,n.-n rHiniua; tn E.uru,ie, un iiu-'bciiuiu
aecorauon ami lurnuui e, besiues more in in
flltv other illustrated articles are now in pre
niE aKir sou i ii.'
the trost important and expensive series of
iiiusirate'i papers ever iinde riuKen oy any
mamiilne will be continued throush the vear.
Ill tlie lecpuiber numlier we complete the
papers on Louisiana, ineneit in onter will
I the Lone Htnr Htate; 'I he Mountain He
gions o the riouth; The Iron Regions of Mis
souri, An., An 'I liese, silhtne easavs aud
editorial discussinns ol literature, acience
and an, sketuhes of travel, occasional poems
apd elchinga,' will make irp a manaima of
inriBtian biierature aesijjnea to oe
' The I'ecemlier number (now reidy) has an
able article on I ho Resumption of Specie
Paymi nt, by dr. Aiwater, poema by Hrete
Harie, Mtv Donald and others. The continu
ation ofthe two serial stories, shorter stones,
aplemiitl tlliiatrntlons of Kew Urleaos, the
Pun. of Atretics; etc.
Editorials by a lar.-e and able corpa ofwn
tera. Topics ol the Time bv i'r Hollanii, in
which he replica to '-ttorre Keligious News,
papers;" a laughalile etching, e Ac. An
entertaining number.
The Hniuiay No. of ST. NICHOLAS.
eur splendid New Illustrated tlsgatine lor
(iris and Boys, the finest ever iasiied, will be
seni to ail the eunacriiiera ol tcribner a
Monthly for IH74. Also the November and
liecemher ntimtwtrsnf St. Nicholas tent free
tn those who subscribe for both mngannes.
The July numbiir of renbucr'a Monthlv con
taming the intrediictury artic e of The Great
Month aeries, sent tn subscribers to senhner
who request it when making their subscript
lions. Scribner'a onthly H 00, fet. Kicho
I3.U0 a year, or S7.'W fitr both.
HOniBNt ll A CO., 684 Broadway, N.Y.
By Order or Ihe I'robate
t ourt. Union oiinty, o.
Un .Saturday Feb. '1H,
At l'clnck inthe afternoon, al Ihe door ofthe
Court Hou.e in he town nf McAtihitr. will be
sold to Ihe highest bidder. The following
real estate as the property ol Aliram I,. Hun
ter, deceased, to wit: one nnnivided tenth
part nf the south-east quarter of ihe south
west quarter of section iwemy-eight, (its) Ihe
nonh half of the north-west quarter of section
thirty-three, (a!) and the north-east quarter
of Ihe north east quarter nf section thiru-twn;
(-'12) eicept nine aorea nut ol tht. south-west
corner of said last describ d tract all of said
lands lying and being in lown-hip eleven, (II)
ol range seventeen (17) containing one nun.
dred and sizty.iwo(l2) acres, more or less
Ihe said one humlred and sixtv-two acres hav
ing descended to aaid decedent, A Oram L
HunLer and hia co-heirs from their luthas.
John Hunter, deceased, and being suhie.it tn
me aowerm tnsaii samn Hanter, wiilpw f
the said Irthn H Anntr, and one of lhcdeiim,i-
ants herein. Appraised at three hundred and
sixty-seven dollars and thirty-bve cenia.
(K.7 30) yl
TEKMS OF8A LE Cash in hand.
Adminislratnl of A brain L. Hunter, de
H.C.Joaas, Attorney, , , ; 24deslw
Probate Notice.
Proftaf'ti Court,' Vinson Cowitfr Ohio.
NOTIOB is1 nereb giir that iFredenck
Craillebaugh, aa Uuaidia'n of Emma A.
nramer. a minnr. ha. h.ri h.ram t.iUaAjMni
with hia said waid for partial settlement; and
nat in" same ia sec inr nearing on the 7th
day ol February,' A. fl. 1874 a in o'clock. A.M
n n, jtniu, rrooate j unge.
January 4t
Road Notice.
Nonce is hereby given that a petition
will be presented to Ihe Commissioners
e1 c",uw-' v .ua .juinmtssioners
of Vtnlnn iM.int. t thAi .... . i.
.,u ui.i nnu'ixj 01 tnarcn, IS74 pray,
ingrorthe eaublisbment of a -ounty road
along the following; deacribed route in said
eounty, to wit: beginning at a point in the
center ol the comity road leading past Jona
than W olers' house, about 10 roda west of
said Winters' house in Elk township, Vin
ton county, llhie) thence running In a north
easterly direction, the neareat and heat route
through the lands ol Jonathan . Winters and
Marv Richmond to a point at or near th
north-west corner of B. It. Wo Tt garden,
thenee in art easterly direction through the
Isodsofsaid E 1). Wolf and Oilman, Ward A
Co., south of the water mill of said Oilman,
Ward A Co., and along the south line of 'he
lot of laadownsd b;. flejirvertajWMaoi,, and
intersecllAg tlKJackaoa and McArlhur road
at a point about 136 feet south of the aomh
line of the corporate llnuta of the village of
McArthur, iq said Elk township, Tiaton
enunty, Ohio, and there In end. "
. ... ENOH T. WINTERS,-'
29. wi: eTeTmZi
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
UnrserT 8took! rniituttlo wer jTUtei
Address F. K.' PHOENIX.
Bt 00 III NO T( STUUiEat,
f0?'.1 J"5'M greeahhuVH,. 4 est
Apple, I.O0U 1 jr.. &; g ,. i,Hj. 4,-4v (no
4catalogi,ea, xjl cents, ' ajjnrjm
Tr I 1 1 ,or"'n''v 5,0 ,,k WPge
JL VP namnh et fhr st.mn
. i?"",B,a 0.,Baokri tad
varvieri, m wau at., H, T. 1
; VICK'3V vn
For 1874.
too P4i.ES; 6O0 ENGRAVlNfif. and COlr
OREII PJL.4TK Published quarterly at I
eentsa rear. First nuniherfor 1S74 ust is
sue i. A Herman edition al aame pries.
Address JAM KM T1UK, Kocbestsr, N.T.
It 70U are Suffering froai ar
chronic disease;
Broken Down Confutation,'
Or require a Remedy to
Pnrify ana Enrich tbe Blood,
You will find Dr.Crook'iConipoBaMllsyio
woof PokoMonl to poMmt grtmttr mtrm
it, cure you more speedily, and do you
more gfoxl thnu any aud all other reme
dies eoiiililned. That Pale, Tfellwvr,
K rkljr.looulnf Nktn Is oh an gee to on
of lrehnesa ftnU health. Those lilaeaec
of the Nkln, Pimplea, Pastulea,
Ittotchea ami Ernpi tone are removed,
ftrrornln, herofiiloas) niaeaaca of the)
Kyea, Whit nvrellinfa, I Icera, OI4
Korea or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwindle ami disappear under Its Influence,
nbsl Isltr It Is naUire'aowa rwtorerl
A aoltib e oxyd of IrtiBcombltiBd with the
...... 1 1 . 1 . I . . . . (J. . I . it I vaulwt
uinuiLtuu uniiiei iiva.ti x ww . . w.
ot all dlsnmeenlile qunlltie. It, will cure
any sviaeaH wnoae rent or uitw i
Bad UIoxmI. Hlienmatiam, Palaa la)
l.liubis or linnet, 4'oualltntlunsbrokesi
down by Uureurlal or other poison, ar
all cured by It. tor typhlll.or BjfhU
lltle talnl.tlierelanntliiiiKeuuoitol!. A
trial will prove II, bold bV
CEOBOB W. W.SSON, McArtkar. Oal.
THE nxcixmroaiiEKciAL
With the Largest and Meat Seaeral aasl
Valuable Circulation af any Joaraal
Pnb linked la the L'eatral Beclak' f
Ibe Aaserlcaa Nation.
In addition to the universal circulation of
the Commercial in Cincinnati and vtsinity, it
is sold through over three hundred agenda
in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and Soulharn Illinois, and 00 all the
railroads la those slates, and there la a spe
cial call for it along the grot nrere from
Pittsburg to New Orleans.
The territory occupied by the constituency
of the Commercial ia that within one day's
lailroad travel of CievinaaM, and- there are
regular carriers' routea for Ihe Commercial
in Columbus, Ohio; Indisnaiiolis; Fraqkforti
Nashville; Charleston; Louisville. Parkrra
burg; Chailauooga; Vineennesj. Lafayatte;
bvansville; sticltmond; liaylont' Xehia;
8rinj(Held, Newark, Delaware, knsl'Zanes
ville, Ohio; Lexington, Maysville; Paris, and
t'ynthlana; and scores of other superb and
flourishing cities.
Cincinnati is Ihe most central of ths large
cities of the nation, and nn all sides is sup-,
ported by thrifty and ptosnerous comsiUdi
ties, ia every direction the Commercial is the
favorite newspaper.
In a political sense Ihe Commercf if thor
oughly independent. It recognises no obli
gations to parly organisations. Itssinoerity
in tbia position is popularly understood, and
so largely appreciated that its,s ubecrihers and
haMtiml purchaiera In either political party
outo umber those oflht party organs, and its
aggregate circulation ia greater inai that ef
its I'oinpetitoracombined. ...
It inkea a hearty interest in the polities of
F.urope which telegraphic communication has
brought into very intimate relations with us,
and, earnestly vindicating and sustaining the
leveloptnent of nationality in Germany and
Italy, It cordially ajmpathisea with the Ki.
publi an causo in -riince and Spain. : -
1 he aiiecinlty ofthe Commercial is the lews
ofthe day. We spare no effort ant on ex
pense at home or abroad, to obtain by tele
graph, by mail anu by express, the latest Ins
telligence, and to present it in the mett
Imclive and Authentic loim, Our eilitorml re
murks upon events, and discussions of Ihe
aneations ol Ihe tiny, are according tooarin
t pendcnt tidmenl, having slwaya in tiew
the etlicacy of Ihe tinth in I lie interests of the
people. We do not seek official fevors or
pnrtisnn patronage, but rely upon Ihe busi
nesa Hint grnws out 01 the respect and good
will ofthe ptibltcat large. -
The current history ot Ihe world will poa.
sesa, this winter, exceptional interest. T he
atlttir. of Etiroua never contented u mora
closely than now. The comiilicaliona in our
foreign relations, even threatening war, must
command constantly onr serious considers,
lion, and Ihe session of the American Con
gresa about commencing, will absorb in an
unusual degree the attention of the country,
for the most vital and eeamhinglssnea, finan
cial and pnlitioal, awtlt prautiun- solution
The daily newspaper at such a time be
comes almost a necessity of life, and it is not
hssxrdoiis to claim lor Ihe Cincinnati Com
mercial that it ia al once the mos( complete
ami trustworthy Journal isetird ia the Ohio
Valley- the center of the population and Ihe
sent of the pnhical power of the nation.
Our relations W'tli political parlies ar stich
that we will not be suspected ol tampering
with the news in the inu-rest of either, w
mean to tell the plain truth, and publish all
Ihe news, no matter whom it kelps or hurls.
We expect lo he as thorough sad impartial id
presenting Hnanrial intelligences id dealing
with political Information
Our gents are reminded that this la a
pronua-ng time 10 canvass for aew subscri
bers, and it is our impreaion that if a careful
and energetic etlort were made, there would
be occasion 10 increase orders largely.
Weorter no other inducements t anhacri
hers t1 no tho repulsion of the Coamerclal )
inr enterprise in collecting the new, and hon-y
ornblc dealing wttn the people in publishing
All applicants fumi'lied with specimen cop
lea and circiisra givum exact ami full delatla
of bu ness in't-rtinitmn
Advertising n-ti a Itt.in 10 to 40 cents ner
sgiite lins.tiivilriliiis to di yny slid position
the b -t Icmiis oil, ie,l l,v nnv 'ttrsi-clssa Jour
nal, i-hsra'tef nud extent 'or i-irenlaAn- ce
idered. ' ' y ' llLHTrtl) A CI).;
Ifrnpnelnrsnf ihe'Clneini.ati Cunmiercisl.
- 1 1.
ETHrtb";Grnd GJft-Conoett
11 olt T U E B k N feV ft OF T H E 1
PU1UIC 7JUlttflY 'OF KY.
Tuesday. 3lst March Next
to complete the aale of thkets and make a
U0O0 Cash Gifts will berliBtrihTjteil
by lot among the TickufHolderi.;
'. .' iw-r; or oirrs.
One grana casp gift. 2o0jx0; one grand cash
gin, lUfMJtsi; ene grand -ah- gilt, ao.iaaa on
gin, lun.utNi; ene grand -ah- gilt, op.untk one
grand casb gill, S.OUU; one rnd trksf gift,
UMK III if 1 and cash oifls. lit imo..r.h umam.
SO cash gifts, 6,0flh,1tM3(., 60 c,,h oilta,
l,(K each, Haw, Mcash IgWs, 6011 each.
441,000; lleahgifte,4ieeah tOOO; ISO cash
If tflb. IKO .arh .''-""- - ou 1.
io.ot'O; ittca-lLgift.s ItM each W,Wo; U.oufj
B"","" racn, ewu.sw 10 til U.owu gilts,
all cash, afnoontlog tn llOP.OOuI
The chvTase areas ona to Ave.
sw-Th.S:.-.. ..
will ti isseovaoosil. ttUpitua . Usalw
aowwd, whether aU the hckets are aold or
ttonHo eSaansnKss n K. rT
- " - .ivotj nm, .
Jtf TV. W8VmcmT serf .
Whnl. h.b.1. min. , , .... ...
.. . -'-i ' mi, -, tenina.er
each coupon, ; eleven whole tickets for ISOOj
count on lew then ISO. mtn)k of tekt.. .
Applieations lor ageocMa and order for
tickets shot .t be adrTreased to .
. eW
tornnttelhstructlOasAnd taVge stoltetrlloa
This work teaches to teeoclse and simple
Kaamr' bow t pis -upon Una kiatrtisneat,
beginning with the nrel principles, sad arid
uslly earning ttve learner forward tn a course .- '
or progress, lessons, such a. can noltaiLr '
figiitli oaedol makings aood pertormervl
foi agent. . Urge Nocora gnaraateed- Za-V
jloaa stamp for mrejai. . jL.AJjjitOlIi Ul
Cbaabeivj si., . T. sv

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