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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 26, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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' MoARTIIUR. Oil 1 0,
rilUHHDAY. Fl:ft. 20. 1874
fin md .rUr fliiariav. Not. 1. 1873. tram.
111 run aa follow: N 3, 4, 6 and S
ma daily; all other train daily ,unJas
No. I. No I. No 8.
Station. Mail. Go. Ex 81 1. Kx
Cioianiil..- om W .trn (' m
Chlfhool)M..ll 06m iUprn 1 3Tm
Jkrehland Kur..U oipm S Mim I sum
Mwiida. .li Klpa 3 Wpm 1 4"in
MoAtto.M-l SOpra 3 pm 1 6Saw
Vinton ....li f ipm 3 Mpm 3 Warn
Ealeski... 1 ira 4 Wpm 3 10am
Mop Furnace.... 1 ltpro 4 llpm 3 !tm
Paraarbuis-.-- 4 33pm f uupm ( um
No. I. No. 4. No.
Statsoeei Mm- Pt.L.Ex. Cln Ex.
Nrkr-4rf 7 loam 10 soain 1 3upm
loin Purnct.10 Snaro I 14pm 1 lm
tlei... ...... -.10 Um 1 HJpm 1 Mun
fintoQ........l' Mara 1 3pm I stum
McAtTHV 11 Main 1 41pm 1 Slam
alaradea .... .11 laara 1 &fm 1 Surnn
tKlnl "ar.. 11 Sfmm t ospm t uSam
ChlBieothe...- l 4in 3 10pm 3 otMm
0iDCiouu. 6 5pm T iHipm 4 Mam
WO. I AND 4 will atop at 0. 8. Juaotlon,
Loveland, UreeuSeld, Chillicoihe, Hmm,
Athene, and boon's Landing only. NOrl. 0
AND S U (lop al C, B. Junction, Madioo
tiUe Lvland. Greenfield, t'hillicuthe. Hum
do A then 1 andSaoli' Landing only. NOS.
1 AND I will make all slope-
Th tales si Freight going el leaves
Chillicoihe al . m.; Ravsville T 15; Rich
land Furnace, T 6o; Hamden, arrive I &f
d opart t ; HcArthur, IS; Vinton, 10 My
eWeaki U36. Uoiogwest Znleeai.J OOp.m ;
Vintea I , McAithnr 1 M; Hamileu, arrive
1 ta depart S (; Richland Furnace, 4 10;
Bayaville, 4 45; Chllltcothe. 4 24.
To ASr 8T0UK, with regular passenger
oar attached, leavea Athena at 114 P. M . con
necting wlin the H. V. K. K., Hope 3 fcl. Z
loaki 4 04, VidIod 4 iS. McArlhur 4 64. Han),
aim IS, Richland 4 60, Chillicoihe 7 60.
Trami on IB FOR lUMltU'l'H BRANCH
will lian Ham den al T it a.m. and 3 45 p.m.
arriving at Portamoulh al 10 HO a m. and 4 46p.
m. lUturaing train ill leaf Portamoulh at
00s. m, and 1 0 p. m arriving al Hani
dea at II ou a. m. and 4 06 p. m.
Trains connect at foreland for all poiete on
fie Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
olia and Cincinnati Railroad Jiinetl n for all
rinta Weal; at Athena, with the Columbus
U. V. B, R., at Parker-burn, with the B. A
0. &.. W. W. PEAHODY,
General Superintendent.
I WILL run hack from Wilkeille to
Hemdon and return erery Monriajr, Welnea
dar, Kndajr and Saturday for the aioomnio
datioa of paaeenger. making cloaeconnec
lion with the mail traina on the M. a C. K. R
1 will also carry eipreaa palaj ahipped
t or from points by the Adame Kipresa Co.
It is supposed that Mrs. Clem
who has been tried several
times for the murder of Jacob
Young and bis wife in 1867,
will be released, Marion coun
ty, Ind , refusing to bear the
expense ol another trial, and
Boone county not relishing it
" "Abraham, my pet, where is
your father!" "Don't know,
mother, but guess he'6 gone
over to Deacon Dillberry's pas
tuie after his black bheep, 'kase
I eeea 'iVidder Iligglns going
bver that way." That boy got
a licking before breakfast next
Tbs production oi coal on the
Pacific coast is rapidly increas
ing. The Mount Diablo mines
hare averaged one hundred
'and .eventy-five thousand tons
a year for two years past, and
the lowest prices are $6.25 lor
'flue, and $3.25 lor coarse.
"A Vermont lady, returned
from a visit to some Canadian
Jriends, was recently made to
take off her bustle by a revenue
officer. It contained thirty
three yards of silk, a piece ol
velvet and some smaller arti
cles. riThe "following is a copy of a
Police displayed in a field in
..(Sooth London, "Ladies and
'gentlemen are requested not
to steal tnrnips. Others per
jonj, if detected will be pros
'eented." " The Ooosfers like work when
it is disguised as fun. The other
daywentyof tbem bandied over
thirly-flve cordafof wood to get
at 4 rabbit, ' which escaped af
ter M. m -
Tbb 'Waverly Watchman
ays more deer have been kill-
ed ia Pike county this season
than at any former season lor
'metal years.
Out of five children which
composed the lamily of John
Jaeob Astor only one remains.
This ii 'Wm. B. Astor, who is
- aow upwards of eighty.
As Tweed was sitting with
. hIj-felj6w'(convicts at dinner,
1 Bono ' of Che ceiling of the
tgm atfraSnTy fellTThiB Black-i:rj-ajrl
Dbctor looked up
and jokingly observed, "That
muitbe'-aome of Garvey's
tvamt lives in comfortable
distress on a million dollars lelt
by Louis Napoleon, who
was a "csreTul husband and a
good provider.
wUTwttfcawwua la4wt44 M Uit price)
Oiiiit'MI liKJUsiiuiH prucluiin
Vixegau Hitters the most wonder
ful Inviuorant that ever sustained
iho sinking system.
No lVisou can lo!ie those Bit
ters according to directions, nud re
nniu luiiff unwell, provided their
bones are not JtroyeJ hi mineral
poi-ton or other ui ma, and vital or
g'i trtcJ brvuud repair.
liilious, Itoinittont, nnd In
tormittoiit Fovors, which aro so
rrcvalent in tho valleys of our great
iivers throughout the United Statos,
especially those of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, ltiuus, Ilio Grando, Tearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
iiiuKe, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer nnd Autumn, nnd remarka
bly to during seasons of unusual
heat ard dryness, are invariably ac
compauied by oxtensivo derange
moris of the Btoniach nnd liver, and
other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, pxertinjj a
powerful inlluunco upon t'toso vari
ous organs, is essentially nccossary.
There is no cathartic for tho purpose
equal to Uk. J. Walker's Vixeuar
KiriKHH, as tlipy viil ict'dily remove
the dark-colored vi M maitur with which
the bowel wo loaded, at the eamo time
aiiinalatiug the Bccretimis of tho liver,
and generally restoring the healthy fuue
tioud of the Jiroritiva orgaim.
Fortify tho body ngalust dis
ease ty purifying all its fluids with
ViXKO.iu lliri'KRS. 'o epidemic cau
tnke hold iil'a syntHin tlun ture-aruivd.
Dyspepsia 6r ludilJCStion. Head
ache, 1'iun in the Shoulder. Couphs.
Tiffbtnesa of the Chest, Dizaineso, Suur
Eructatinn of the Stomach, bad Tuste
iu the Moulh, Bilicin Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Langs, I'ttiu in the region til' tho Kidiicyii,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the nlf.-prinjti of Dyspepsia. Olio bot
tle will prove a better p'tarniit. of itj
merits than a leugthr advertisement.
Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, white
Swelling, Ulcers, lirysipela.s, Swelled
Keck, Goitre, Scrnfulouj lntluimnations,
Iiidulent Inllaininatiims, Mercurial alt'ec
tionti, Old Sores, Eruptions of tbu Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, as iu all other
constitutional Di-.ease.-i, AValkkr'S Vis
K jib UirriiRS have flmwu their (treat cur
ative powcrj iu tho nio.st oOitiuute and
intractable cv-cs.
For Iullanimatory nud Chronic
la lieuuintisill, Gout, Bilious, Kemit
tcni and Intermittent Fevers, Ji-ea o ;
of tho lllood, I.iver, Kidueyjftud liladder,
theso ititters have no equal. Such Di.-ea-es
are caused by Vitiatod Ulood.
Mechanicul iJisO;i5''N.-Persous
engaged in l'aiuts and Minerals, such a
l'lunibers, Type-setters, (jold-lieutcM and
Miners, as they advance iu life, are nub
ject to puralymsof the bowels. To guard
agaiu.st this, tuke a dose of Walkeh'b
ixkoar Hitters oecu-ioiia!ly.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Khcuin, Mutche. Snots, l'iiu
ples, Pustules, itoils, Carbuncfos, Uinj.'
worms, Scald-head, Sore liyea, Kry.siiie
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorutions of the
Skin, Humors and Disen-es of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, aro litem!!
dug up find carried out of the irstem iu a
short time by the use of these ilitters.
Pin, Tape, nnd other Worms,
lurking in the system ofiumauj thou
sands, are clTectually destroyed and re
moved. No nystcm of ipraliciim, no ver
mifuges, no antbchnini'.i; i will free the
HVstem from wonns like thce bitters.
For Feiii.ileCoiiiplaints, in young
or old, murried or hinglc, nt the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ton
ic liittcrs displny ho decided an influence
that improvement is foon perceptible.
Cleanse tho Vitiated Wood
whenever yon find tt impurities bursting
through tue skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores j cleanse it when you bud it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
run when. Keep the blood pure, aud the
health nf the urstem wiil follow.
It. II. .1 IK I.O i CO.,
Dmpif lita 4 Gen. A iris.. &in Kmnclsco. Catlfnr
nia. 4v cor. of Washington anil Churlton Sls.N.f.
,. 1 1 ' i r rl( anl Ialra.
Diamonds, Watches and Fancy Goods.
cniLLicoiiiL, omo
WOULU re'pwtriillT ' the cllisens of
Vinton Co lhai he haa rnlRriietl hie stock
making one of the InrK.st in the Htate. Unr
businesa haa inrreaned ererjr year up to the
reoeot lime and we le-1 thnn k ful to the pnh
ip for past (avora.and are determined to keep
a larire ttork ol ever Ihiofr usual1 lounrt in
a flret-clana J nHrr Clore, and will k?ep the
finest aiork of (old and solid iler, lso the
beat Plated Uooda.aa low as any house id the
We keep all the different hranda of Ameri
can Watohe Hnwsrd. United States, Klvin.
Waltham and Pprlnitfield Manufacturea, both
is gold and silver caaea. Also a large line of
From t'2S lo $300 00, also eilrer from 1 12 to
SI 60. We hate a tetr reliable lull Jeweled
Kilter Watch from 4lMot2(.
A full line of all goods id nnr line, or made
4o order bjr ezperieiKed workmen.. Repair
mr win receive promni aiteniinn
t'iae arop in ana set
how soods.
No troob'e to
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Machines
"It ia Ingenious and will meet I he want of
Terr matron in the land.'
Eihibktra af 18TS.
John E. Gavit, Ktc. Bec'jr; F A. Barnard,
Prea.; Bamuel D. Tiltnao, Correapondiog
Hew Terk, Noremher SO, mi
This almple and ingi-nioia machine ia as
useful a the aewini mat-nine, add is fast be
coming popular wiih ladies, ia the leol
eipoie ntedle work, ita work bemg much
more handaome. n-quinng mui h leee time
and not une-tenlh part ti e eipeoae. ho la
d' toilet Is complete without it A machine
with illustrated .'in tilar ami lull inntm mn,
eent on reeeiid ol 'i or nuisht'tl iu eilver plate
AdUrese, The AIcKec Manafactwrlna Co.,
t mau. itt loia.
$72.00 EACH WIEK.
Ailenta wsnied eVf rvithere. Husiuuss strict-
IT lefitinmie. l-aim-ulara Uiee. iTlilresa Ji
l'eoplti who take the Times
getibe Uorth or Ihtjlr
The most popular Ikmlljf newspaper, of a
nstmnal . bsia. 'r and reputation, ia about
enienna thethirtv first ear of tie nota
tion. To loose alio are not perxinall at's
qiuinled wuh its merits, it need ontjr be aaid:
Iu edtlorists are spiritel; lUeorreei-oadrnr
etensie; Us news varied, and Iron eerr
quarter of Ine )obe; its aitm ultural depatu
meoifullnf prseiicsl information; ahileils
eloiiea. life eketrhea, and n i-cellsnr are
adapted lo both veung and old: and ita ra.
porta of the markets, ol live stork, grain, gro
ceriesaud drr goods, are alwajs the Uleat
and most reliable.
This new organisation of Ihe hrniers will
And la Ihe Timea a friend to Ihe objects
ought to be secured br them, and in ita eo.
timna the more important doioga of the
We eah'l do without Ihe Time after henna,
read it eight rears. (end it to 113 Applt
ton atreel Lot ell, Mass. Ij. A. FoLaoa.
We have doubled our Hat of last year. Cant
do without Ihe Timea, although I am an old
lemocrat. 8. C Hn.ia, Monteauma, O.
I do not know of any paper that ia deroted
to all the interests of the human family, as
much aa the Times. H. T. Taaatoi, Hand
Cm, Pa.
1'ne Timea la eery popular here, for one
retsnn. and that is your ontnnoken courae
Hgsinst the salary slesJera W, A. W aa,
I have been a jonatant reader of the Week
ly Times for three years, and I can't do well
without it now. W. P Maxwell, Bay Springe,
Iear Old Timea: This makei abont twenty
years that I hare taken your excellent paper,
and Ihe more 1 read it Ihe hettei I like it.
Lsn K inniot, MetropoiiaCity. III.
I think il i the bent paer in the world. I
like the way yon talk in regard to the Con
gressional Hands; and I also like your sup
port of the Patrons of Industry J. C. Lioa,
Talley Junction, Iowa.
Every pation of the Weekly Times it pre
eented with a copy of the
An elegantly printed volume of ISO scientific
and miarellineous articles, illustrated with
nearly lis) of Ihe finest engravir.ga. It also
containe adiary tor the year 174. In value
and attractiveness it ia superior lo any prev
ent ever before oik red by newspaper publish
era. Every club agent la compensated for his
service's, either with an extra paper, or some
desirable premium.
TfcH Mbi binnle subscriber, per year, 1 00;
club of live subscribers, per year, each, I 7S;
club of ten and upaard, per year, each, I 60.
bend for datof premiums, eta , to
Cineinna I, Ohio.
Dick'. EncyclopSou op Practical Re-
rueta inii Paocassia. Containing,422 prac.
tieal receipts, written in a piain and popular
mai.ner, and illustrated with explanatory
wood-cute. Being a comprehensive book of
r Terence lor the merchant, manufacturer, ar
tisan, amateur and housekeeper, including
medicine, pharmacy anil domestic economy
The scope of this work la entirely dinVrent
from any other book oi Ihe kind. Besides
being a complete and almret indispensible
broil of reference for the Ihousand and one
receipts and articles needed in every house
hold, farm, garden, etc., it includes clear and
easily understood directions for the anolica
tion of many of the arts usually acquired only
by long experience, and so invested of tech
nichalities, or the technicalities nf terms used
so lully explained aa to bring Ihe entire sub.
Ject within Ihe comprehension of any person
of ordinary intelligence. I'romilnent among
the immense masa of subjects treated of in
the book are the following:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard Soil and Toilet
Soaps, Tunning, Distillation, Imitation l.iq
Uora, Wines, Cordials and Hitlers, Oider,
Brewing, Pertifmery, Flavoring Essences, etc.,
t omeiics, Hair lives and Wa-hes, Pomades
and PerfliRied lil', Tooth Powders, etc, By.
tups, Alcohol and Alcnhulmetry, Peitoleum
and Kerosene. Bleaching and Cleaning, Vin
einr, bauces, Catsups and Pickets, Receipts
lor the Harden, To fcemove Maine, bpot,etc.,
Pvrntechny and Kxplesives. Cemenla, etc,
Waterproofing. Artificial, Gems, Inka and
Writing Fluids, Aniline Colore, Paints and
Pigrneuis. I atntlngand Paper huntiing, K'.
nomine anil Whitewash, Varnishing and Pol.
ish ng, l.ubnra ors, Japanning and Lacquer
irg.Hoot and Harness Bla-kinx. PhotographT,
Metal' and Alloys, (iilding, Slivering, etc .
Electrotyping. Electroplating, etc., Patent
Medicines, Medical Receipts, Weights and
Measures. 607 pages, rcyul octavo, cloth.
Price 5.(io t.mar
DICh FITZGERALI', Publnrhers, K. Y.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the magnificent oil chro
mo, Yo Semite, e are able to otters combin
stinL of literary and artistic worn ofgeouine
worth, and at prices unprecedented
This tine copy of a piece of Nature's grand
est work, not presented in the usual lim
ited style, He dimensions, 14x20, making a
picture ol vety desirable site in itself.
graced hy it- presence.
Hut a few copies of this beautiful t hromo
will Se allowed to go to the retail stores, and
those will be sold at thejr
Actnal Hetall Price, 6.00.
which if onion in connection with our Mai
aaiue, both will be furn'shed for
Ai a premium the picture may be obtained
hy sending us two subscriptions for the Mag
sine at one doilsi each, or hy subscrbing to
Ihe Maxmine two tears in advauce. at one
dollar per annum. Address,
Newbuigh.N Y.
8, E.SUi TE8, Publisher. . 4sept
The Most DestnWeEes-
denoe ia-MoArthnr,
I OFFER for Lale my residence on North
street. It consists of a splendid dwelling
house, well finished, Insure and out. with
eight roo-nsand a good cellar.. Agoottoflice
building, stable, wood and coal house and oth
er necessary out biiildioga. Ihe premises
contain 2 acree, including I acre of vioeard,
allthnny 'tearing Tines there are also thirty
"nun "rt'ie iiwa-w.i vanriy ui vraiieu
fruit, twenty-five bearing peach tsees best
budded fruit, oherhes, quinces, plume, and a
variety of small Iruit for further pellicular
inquire at tbe ofhee of this paper, or at lb
premises, lariua easy,
deeauira 8. 8. DOLLI80B.
HO. 110 THIRD ST.,
Odd lellows' Block,
Publi$hert o
And other
Standard Religion Work,
Canvassing agrnta wanted la every count
in tba United fftatea. . .. . jane
Ql'Ot K and Oie rjchlea aa good aa new, I
Osaieal very lo price fallen
al CJOMEtt attorney .
Done Neatly
and FrcmpUy.
' AI Tj Oi VlCS.
Dr. LivijiasTosi. Tbe cele.
brated Alrieno traveler,1 Dr4
Livingsiooa Is aga'n reported
dead. Like the Democratle
party, he has died so olten. and
yet escaped ' burial that we
deem it unsafe to write his
obituary until we hear from
the man who dug his grave,
and who is willing to swear
that the original Livingstone-
the one, captured by Stanley
the erratic explorer, who pre.
ferred the low marhej of Af
rica to tbe high living of Eng.
land, has Indeed passed away
(breter. It is quite possible
the ttr is true, but in view
of the fetct that this identical
explorer has been torn to
pieces by lions, killed a dozen
times by treacherous oavages,
and several times drowned in
the headwaters of the Nile, we
can well afford to wait for the
confirmation of this latest ra
port regarding his fate.
A rather amusing feature
of the cold weather in Italy is
the means the women of the
middlo and lower classes take
to keep themselves warm. You
see tbem going abont tbe house,
walking in the street, or stand
ing gossiping at their doors,
holding an earthen pot filled
with hot ashes and live coals
under their aprons, and when
sewing or knitting they rest
their feet upon them. Icon
Rider the name given to this ar
ticle of female comfort a rich
satire. '"II Marito (the hus
Rome Letter.
As au illustration of tbe
widespread use of a certain
popular title, it is related that
a gentleman recently stepped
into a saloon in Denver, and
cried out in a loud, cheery
tone, "Hellol couie, Professor,
take a drink." Six men sitting
in tbe saloon at once arose
and came forward, while a
bootblack, whose stand was
just outside the door, and a
passing corn doctor smilingly
accepted the invitation, and
stepped in.
Editors who take Binning
er'b gin on advertising account
and dispose ot the same di
rectly or indirectly must take
out license as liquor dealers.
The revenue law is clear. A
well known editor in the north
west was recently victimized
by indictment in the United
States Court for handling Bin
inger ou advertising account in
1869. The law is very strin
gent. Editors who aro on the
"dicker" will make a note of it.
A beautiful iustmee of un
animity ot spirit and perfect
accord of views is seen in a
case of a certain married coup
le in Maine. It was a cold
morning, and be wasn't going
to get op and build, the fire.
II er opinion and intentions
coincided precisely, and for
just thirty-nine hours there
was nobody got up out of bed.
Then the wit, not wishing to
Appear obstinate, yielded, and
they ate a large breakfast.
The Indians have got a new
dodge. When they are thirsty,
which is eaid to be quite fre
quently, they go into a saloon
in Depere, Wi., and ask
"Schnapps babenf This al
ways brings the drink, as the
saloon-keeper is bound to- be
lieve they are Germans.. '
..aw. .
The Chicago teacher thinks
that whipping is a better pun
ixhment thai detention after
school hours, because it sett
the blood in circulation and
causes increased activity of
the brain. But is it right to
deprive the teachers of tbe
same tonicf
The Circleville Bet aid calls
tor the Temperance movement
in that city, and at the same
time says hundreds ot women
of that pUce indulge in intoxi '
eating drinks, ant that there
are not over a dozen men who
strictly adlere to the cold
water pledge.
Columbus has .the meanest
thieves in tbe court Cry; One' of
ihem stole the crape rom a
uwut tvuuu ior ua;i luvve
Let the People Speak.
Let the People Speak. MANHATTAN, Kan., April 8, '73.
R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. Y.;
Dear Sir: Year Favorite
prescription has done my wile a
world of good. She bai taken
nearly two bottles and has felt
better the past two weeks than
at any time in the past two years
No more periodical pains; none
of that aching back or dragging
sensation in her stomach Bbe has
been accustomed to for several
years. 1 have so much confi
dence in it that 1 would be per
fectly witling to warrant to cer
tain customers ot ours who would
be glad to get hold ef relief at
any expense. I have tried many
patent medicines, but never had
any occasion to exiol one before.
Very truly yours.
GEO. A. WHITING. Mrs. E. R. DALY, Metropolis, Ill.
writes, Jan. 6th, 18731
"Dr. R V. Pierce My sister
is using the Favorite Prescrip
tion with great benefit.''
Mart Ann FRisBiE.Lehmao, Fa.,
writes, May 29, 18721
"Dr. R.V.Pierce-What I have
taken of your medioine has been
of more benefit than all others
and hundreds of doctors' bills."
We .will send the Record
and Wood's Household Maga
zine, one year for $2.80, and
make each subscriber a pres
ent of a handsome cbromo ol
the celebrated Yo-Semite Val
ley. Wood's is the best maga
zine for the price in tbe coun
try, aud the cbromo is a fine
picture. Specimens of each
may be seen at this office.
Exteribncb will teach any man that
it is advantageous tn patronixo those
who adrertise ia newspapers
Wb will send the Record and the
Cincinnati Gaxette to subscribers one
year for (3.25.
?iiiOND's,I'hotofrrapher, Chillicnthe
gires careful attention to making cop
ies or other p:oiures. f ictures rutty be
made aa large aa life from the tiniest
locket pioture, and made in ever? wav
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, ,yon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circum
stances. Fahmers sh mid not fail to ex
amine tbe patent farm gate for
which tieorge W. Brunton, Mc
Arthur, is the agent in this and
Jackson county. It is the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, costing fiftv ner cent.
9 C erf"
less than be old fashioned gate,
. S a .
ana is more duraoie, tor it can
not sag. Examine it when you
are in McArthur.
Advkrtibino reminds people of
things they had been wanting all
along, but had forgotten all about
Evert man is capable to do
something which the world
wants enough to keep him
live while be is doing it. Il
he will not do that something
he onght to starve If be has
not been taught that something
he fault is not his own to be
iure, But the sins of the par
ents are vioited on the children,
and in this as in all other
hings, .human, ignorance and
human crime is accountable for
by tar the larger portions of hu
man misery. , The cause re
moved the effect ceases. When
we'shall have, conquered igno
ranee and repressed crime then
shall it come to pass that no
man and so woman capable by
nature of earning a living
is deprived of the right to a liv.
intr. Then we shall cease to
have tbe poor with us, and then
also tbe millennium will be at
and. . ,
i ' : ! .1.:; : - !
; ,In Zaleskv
qtHB Ealeeki Company, wiib a Ttew to the
X development of the local Interests of ta!ee
kl, tr secane it, oerrnaoent aioanarli. aad to
aoq to ua population and weann. are now
onanag so eoiuai settlers, town iota aad facm
tanas at tow prices, and on liberal term.
Persona desiring to eiamias the property
and to bny cheap honiee will apply at tba
rAfnnaaiw'a ArHtaa txs
wwfii as vtHven wyr
Zaleakl, Ohio. MatHlS,irr?I,,, ""tf
Which Uidepted to; ,
All Sewing Machines,
NOTICE particularly the etap p of H.O.
GOLWRIOH, Chicago, 111, wdh Bre patent
e lamps. aa. V. fcMriBtll'H,
umee ana Mieiruum sue neatai ev, Hwago,
Ills. tjteuga
y y
If You
Want a situation.
Want a servant girl,
Want to sell a piano.
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to buy orsell a farm.
Want a boardlnjr place.
Want to sell town proptTty,
Want to sell groceries or drugs.
Want to sell household furniture;
Want to sell dry goods or carpets.
Want to And customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising snows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise w ell,
Uveiy merchant, manufacturer
or lutinesi man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made hi
fortune by judicio'ut advertising.
No exception to thi rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stuck turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it still better in pros
ferity, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
merit, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
tiffer worth advertising How muoh
more then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w'th rend,
ing matter, are at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must important
item f which is where they can find
just what they want when they oome to
town to make their purchases. If youi
stock is so old. rustv. dustv nnd nut nf
style that it is worthless, or it' it is run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would wmt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, hut publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and ita effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper,
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Irvou lose a watch, a dog or a child.
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement But you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you tire los
ing by not advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess to be
lieve ; that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publio wish' to be
convinced of their error,, just let them
give publicity to snmo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see wbat notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser a
Advrbtisino is apt to give ns that
gentle jug of conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of olothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a sew dress as soon as tbe hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yetoivilise the world!
Wbt do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
southing new, or anything that thev
want. 10 see it tne season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
tbem. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
ohanoe of an auction. Por amassment
To satisfy .co riosty. Because, they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and aooidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it CM to State Journal
Tbb power of priut is well known,
but not ' well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do' not ' comprehend as well as they
might tbs capacity to influence, to per
euade, to convince, which lies in print
ed Matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even thee fade away in
to nothingness if not caoght in their
flight and printed. But there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and tbe sense of permanence
about printed matter which give it a
marvelous force and influernce. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what niv ha
accomplished by a persevering nse of
tae prirttirig' presses. 'Learn lo adver
the., and than tha "hnw ok.n mkA
where" of it,. and you wii have" a'
WoWlwdg,' WortU' Aaving,' " '
THE WEEKLY HTJN la too widely ittiown
to require -any eatended reeoromeadaa-aeij,
hut the reasnne wrich lieva already ie It
Bfty Ihousand subscribers, and allien will,
we hpe, ive it many thousands more, are
bilefly as Adlows I 1 ' 1
It i a BM-rele newspaper. AH the newier
the day will he found in it. condensed wnea
unimportant, al full leogth when of momeat.
ana a1 way a presented in s clear, ialelisble,
and inlei'estins manner. '
It iaa Brst-rate family paper, fnll of enter
taininu and instructive reading of ever triad,
but contaiping nnthint that can odene- ID
most delicste and scrupulous Usle. - '
It ie a flrat-raie story paper. Thebealielee
and romaneea of current literature areear
fully selected and eg'My printed in Ms Pasee.
It la a flit-rata agricultural paper! The
most freh and instructive articles on sjrt
eultnrd topics regularly appear m thia de
partment. '
It Is an independent political paper, belong
ing to no party and wearing no collar II flghta
for principle and the eleetlnn of Ihe best man
to office It especially devotes Hi energies to
the exposure of the great corruptions that
now weaken aud disgrace our country, and
threaten to undermine republican institutions
altogether. II haa nofear ol knaves, and as Its
no favor of their auiportera, . . .
II reports the faehtona for the ladies tne) the
markets for the men. especially the catthv.
markets, to which it paya particular attention.-
Finally, il Is the cheapest paper published.
One dollar a year will secure it for any sub
acilber. Il ia not naeeasary lo getnpacldb
in order to have Trig WfcEKLV BUN etibie
rale. A nv one who sends a lingl e dollar Wl 11
get the paper for a year
THE WEEKLY SrW.-Eight pates,
fifty-six column-, (inly $1 a year. Nodie
counts from this rate.
site as the daily Hun. I 00 a Jeer. A dis.
count nf 20 per cent, to cluhe of 10 or aver.
THE IiAILY him. A large lour rag
newspaper of twenl eiht eoli mns. Daily
circulation over 180,000. A il Ihe lews (or
8 centa. 8ubacritlion price AO cenla a month,
or 80 a year- To clubs ol 10 vt over. die
count of SO rer cent.
Addreae TUE 8fJN, New YwA. City.
(VorsMrly wllk . . .
la tha only Known Remedy for Bright'! Dis
ease aud has cured every case of Diabetes la
which It has been given, Irritation of the Neck
of the Dladdcfand Inflammation of the Kidneys,
Ulceration of the Kidneys and Bladder, Reten
tion of Urine! Diseases of the Prostate Gland,
Stone In tho Bladder. Gravel, brick Dint Deposit,
and Mucous or Milky Discharges, and for En
feebled aud DclicateConstitutlonsof both Sexes,
attended with the following symptoms: im
of Power, Loss of Memory. Difficulty of Breath
ing, Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, Piln la the
Buck. Fluslilngof the Body, Eruption on the Face,
Pallid Countenance, Lassitude of the System, etc.
Used by persons in the decline or chango of
life; after confinement or labor pains, bed-wetting
in children, etc.
In many affections peculiar to ladle, the Ex
tract Buctau i nnequaled by any other remedy
As In Chlorosis orRetenfion, Irregularity, Taiu
fulness or Suppression of Customary Evacuations,
Ulcerated or Schlrrui s'ato of the Utcms, Leu
eorrhcea or Whites, Ftcuility, and for all com
plaints Incident to tha sex. It is nrescriben)
extensively by the most eminent Phvjiclans and
Mldwlves for enfeebled and delicate constitu
tions of both loxea and all nne,
'.'itr JHtMuts Atlrinti from 'Impruitnieit
Il'blu of VMp'ititm. U.. In all their stages, at
little expense, little or no change la diet, nt In
convenience, and no exposure. It causes a fre
quent desire, and gives strength to urinate,
thereby removing Obstractiona, Preventing and.
Curing Strlctnree of the Urethra. Allaying Pala
and Inflammation, so frequent in this claaa of dis
eases, andcipelllog all poisonous matter.
fjl.00 per bottle or fix bottles forfS 00, delivered
to any address, secure from observation. Sold by
drucgiats everywhere. Prepared by
KEARNEY 4 TO., 104 Duane St, K T.
to whom all letters t' "Uonnttioa should be
Ho Cbarga for Advice aad Coasultatlts.
Tlr.J.R l)iotl.Qn&miBotJffttMiUirat
CoUrtji, Philadelphia, author of several valuable
works, can be consulted on all disease of lha
Sexual or Urinary Organ, (which he has mada
an especial etudy), either in male or female, no
matter from what cause originating, or of hoar
long atanding. A practice of SO year enables
him to treat diseases with succefs. Cure guar
anteed. Chargca reasonable. Tlioto at a dis
tance can forward letter describing symptom,
and enclosing stamp to prepay postage.
Send for tho Unidt hi llru Ih. Price 10 cent.
i. B. DYOTT, M. I)., 1'hyelcUn and Surgeon.
104 Dumb 6U, Hew York.
TVT smbmJ m sAt AHrsUOaflerilks
mm mm aBtrrv tnephwaTtvkflcsl
mm J'w Ijtbb wiwaUvsua, wiUU
litMt sIlaVMreHei U predoetic sil prvUB t)firlB.
vtv to prsaervt the ooipliloa, te.
ThUte sn iBMresttBf work aftw IsBdrH MtitXf
JiBgea, wit Bfliaersus eBfravlafrfl, ni eoaulBa wvIbbM
DferBsSilow for ibesB art aBeu-Hsel.aK awUKBlMe sb sr
rises. SUllttlss bosk Uai..niuiM Muiirrlsal
fkaa key, o4 aotltid esrsltsal Btwitl tbe hanst.
Ii eoauiai the sxperieses and Bdvict f phvHHasj
WBoss repststto U wsriel-wMs, url ibeaM la tks aii
au slrawtr at avtry Mats ansl fcaaat tkrsaabsat tas aaUs
(lobe li f ai braes tvtrvtblM tat aabisst a f lb aa
rstlv fviuta tbat It worth kaawlacaael MaoalaalU
al published la sot sther wsrk
fScalia anj aat(frmrvattaf1 twrflftr Osv. -
AddraMDr. Baua DUpaaaar.tia. 13K. tLsblattml
It. Lauis, Ms.
Kotlc) to ti aUBloid and ViMiiuU.
Befart apply tic tsr tit .wrtewBYiwwa aamtbt la
tsblts psinra.sr stD anj sfoask rasisdUs paras Or.
alts' warfc wa antur waatysar4taaa is U, r aww 4mim
abtayear sstfeeitilea. - n 7
' Dr. Bartti eoevDlra a 'earta aawaa at fawatyisswsa
aalprerasesrssruilsiessBiry aasl Karapa.aad Mitotti.
rvaxaie ; s swrKa vy awBis i sBSMi aaisarataa BlSrOl.
as I iaa parsaaallvaa' bf BMil.oa ibtdissssai tBatlaa la
is wens, uroes aoapartsn, ft. 11 p. Xltaia I
tmaatB klarkst aa4 Cktatat, H- Uaii, aja.
Notice to the Stockholder! of
the Ga 'polis. McArthur
fc'Coumbus Ealroad Co.
ALTpartiet rirTinriohay'nbfa1 tolh cap
iUI ntwek of lh G., McA. O. R. R. r
herehj reauited to malt payment to th8?o
returyoflhp Compn,t hit office on tho
i uv..u uaaivj, , unuiftona, UDIO, Of II IDOrO
coDenient, lo Daniel Will, Prnidn( of .ho
iiuuyuiiui; dnoki t in oafi nur, unto, or
ra iDatal)mi?ot ol At dollars on enoh abort
a-o ubwrribed, wiihio too dyi of this b.
August 10, 1871.
deo.lSTl. -A.C.K.Ri.
HlnSLTBoat'o 8- "PWllT
j i

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