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THURSDAY. MAR. 5, 1874
There are now at work on the
G. McA fc 0. R. R. about twcn-tj-ftve
plowing ud scraping
teams and forty-five men; the
work Jis beid g very energetic
ally . pushed along, and with
good weather it wil) require
bat a few weeks to finish the
grading between here and the
M. fc C. R. R. at Vinton Sta
tion. It is intended to mate
rially increase the working
force this month, and the pros
pect is promising for the peo
ple at Circleville and between
Lere and there to wake up and
soon put on their harness and
commence grading the Far
tilers' & Miners' road which will
give us a connection independ
ent of and better than Logan,
and if the Logan connection
hould be secured in addition,
of coarse it will ruake it all the
better. The prospects 'for the
latter though it must be said
are not very encouraging. Lo
gan leems to think -we most
build thef to secure a connec
tion, and that is where they
make their tui8take.'"f hat end
of the road will never be built
inless Logan furnishes the
money, and if the Farmer' &
Miners' road is completed io
Circleville no person here will
shed tears over the result for
then it is morally certain that
a road will be built tbenc to
Columbus, as that will give
that city a mineral road inde
pendent of the Hocking Val
ley, while it, gives us connec
tion with the point desired
with a saving of seventeen
miles in the distance to be trav
eled. Nor U this matter veltv far in
the future. From-the local cor
respondence of the Scioto Val
ley Post we see that the people
along the routo are up and do
ing,ready and willing to furnish
the right of way and subscrip
tion enough to complete the
roadbed. We have also been
shown letters Ironv prominent
citizenV of Circleville urging
the importance oMhe prefect;
that it be-poshed immediately,
and that they feel assured the
necessary amount of subscrip
tion can be readily secured. Mr.
Langley is making his arrange
ments to go to Cirulevilh, at
their solicitation, re organize
the company and take such
other action as will secure the
speedy inauguration of active
operations. In doing 60 be
does not, ot course, contem
plate abandoning bis original
plan of building the road to Lo
gan, but is ready to take it up
whenever Logan will enable
bira to do so by iurnishing the
one thing needful money.
But we have wandered from
the original design of this ar-
tide, which was to call the at
tention of our citizens to the
lact that more money is need
ed to complete the road from
"JMc Arthur to Vinton Station.
Our citizens have promised
that .when the work was coin
.meneed here they would mate
rially add to their subscriptions
if it was necessary. It is neo
tstary, and now is the time to
jut it in when and where it
will do fthe most good The
aubscription here is nearly ex
hausted, and unless addititioii
al stock is taken, in a few days
the teams will be moved south
of Vinton Furnace, it being a
condition of Vinton Furnace
subscription that tbe amount is
lo be expended between the
furnace and the Ohio river. If
the roadbed is finished to the
.Station we think we are justi
fied in assuring tbe public that
it will be ironed and equipped
within three or four months
On tbe eontrary, it the teams
are moved below, leaving it in
complete, it will necessarily be
a long time before they could
return, even if the money were
raised the day after they left.
We, therefore, hope the pres
ent subscribers will promptly
realize these facta and meet
the situation by taking addi
tional stock, and those persons
too, who promised their ''rnflfi
ence" should now come down
with a substantial fulfilment oT
their promise. Money infla
ence is what is wanted. We
hope it will be forthcoming.
We may as well pull our
selves out of the mud now as
to wait a year, as we will have
to do if we allow the teams to
leave us without finishing the
work. We can' as ell have
the cars just running here in
four months as not, but in order
to do so it will be necessary
for all to subscribe something.
as much as their means i will
justify, and especially . should
those who have heretofore sub
cribed nothing now step for
ward. The eyes of the public
are upon themptbey b ve been
a stumbling block to the en
terprise frtjm the -eomrt'encc
went. Some men hive refused,
and others'' have subscribed
less than they were able and
felt, willing to do, because some
of those who ; were to be most
benefited refused to- assist.
,There-is no half way or neutral
position on this question. Tho?e
who are not' for the railroad
(with their 'pocket-books) are
necessarily against it, and are
holding .Others bac'ItV'by pre
tending to be friendly, While
their acts belie ITieir j6rds.
Will they now come forward
and show their friendship by
their acts? We shall see. Their
assistance is needed now more
than ever. This is the critical
moment in the history of the
enterprise lo Mc Arthur.
School Books.
Some school boon publisher
has sent us a long argument
from (he State Superintendent
of public Instruction of Mm
nesota against the adoption ot
an uniform 6eries of 6chool
books for that State. He, or
they, are wasting their sweet
ness cn the desert air. We
have seen and felt too much
ot the school book monopoly to
be deceived by their special
pleas. The argument is intend-'
ed to influence public opinion
on the McCoy school book law
now pending in the Ohio Leg
islature, but it appears : from
the reading of the n pamphlet
that, it. scarcely touches the
chief merit, of the McCoy bill,
which is to break 'down the
present infamous tax on tbe
acquisition of knowledge by
the children of the State. That
the bill will meet with opposi
tion from some of tbe promi
nent "educators" of tbe State
we have no doubt. It has been
the policy of the echool book
publishers to place the "educa
tors" under obligations to them
by frequent presents ot books
of their own publications, and
furnishing other books of a
miscellaneous character to
them at wholesale prices, and
otherwise, perhaps, when "edu
calors'' were susceptible. In
fluence from this class, and all
other influences, honorable and
dishonorable, will be brought
to bear to defeat the bill, and
the people, who are interested
in cheap school books, should
let their Representatives bear
from them on thin oubject.
Tub annual meeting of the
Ohio State Grange Patrons of
Husbandry occurred in Xenia
last week, the session commen
cing on Thursday and closing
on Friday. There were some
600 delegates in attendance.
.Reports of tbe officers show a
wonderful growth of the order
within (be past year. Last
April there were only 45 Gran
ges in tbe 8tau; now there are
over 600.
Tub Grand Jury in Ross
county after adiligent inquiry"
has failed to discover any place
in that county where uuoxicat
iug liquors are sold to be drank
on the primises. We scarcely
know which to admire the
most the virtue, of the couu.
ty or iha.t of the jury.
Whiskey . sellers are being
fined heavily in Sormefield.
Ohio, and several other places.
A hotel keeper in feprinpneid
was fined $500. It would seem
that public sentiment is sus
taining this whkky war to its
fullest extent
Newspaper Enterprise.
We have heard of tbe . pub
lisher (who when times were.
hard used to (end his printers
over into the neighboring coun
ties to drive 'horses into his
own so he could 'advertise
them. lie was enterprising,
I but then hewps a ; mere'enary
T nun. """" I ft J. M I T .1 C 1 L . 1.1 "
vuoo. xi iciuniUDU lur Ilia OCI ,
oto Gazette to furnish a sample
ot true, disinterested newspa
per enterprise,' in employing a
col ored individual, who, in ltd
dition to playing the ""devil"
around the office in the' day
time, carried on' his Satanic
practices aron.nd the 'streets' at
night by catching and frighten'
ing women "w bo were out alone,
thus furnishing first class sen
sational items for the Gazette,
until the Chillicothe "guru tnoe
man" has becorrie'a noted per
sonage all over the 'Stile
Last week a hard hearted rail
road 'engineer, disguised in his
wife's dress, assisted by his wife1,
another lady iv and , a : potato,
smasher, captured the person
age and unveiled the mystery.
Mayor Mick, who (i'8'' a plain
kind 61 a man, has never been
identified " wit h " a " tie ws paper
venture, thereforo had no ap
prestation, o his xiifintereited
endeavors to furnish' the pub -
Ho with ar paper bristling with
local ' sensations, but treated
him like a common vagabond,
finiug him $25,-; and sending
him to prison lor thirty days.
Twas ever thus; the public de
mand a live local paper, and
the city officers imprison those
laboring for that purpose. Let
the press ot Chillicothe assert
its freedom!
A School Book Item.
Twenty years ago McoiulTey's
spelling book retailed at ten
cents per copy. Since that
time the machinery for the
manufacture ot books has been
so improved that their first cost
has been materially reduced,
yet they now retail at twenty
cents per copy. When they
sold at ' ten cents' per copy
they bore on the back, as an
advertisement these words
,','Alalf a million copies sold
annually." -jnow it we sup.
pose the sale of this book has
not increased since that time,
and that they can not be pro
duced any cheaper how than
they were twenty years ago
both of which suppositions are
in lavor of tbe publisher the
amount of tax paid by the peo
ple to the school book monop
oly on this one insignificant
little . spelling book would
be ten cents per copy, and on
the half million copies sold an
nually, it would be $5000).
If tbe school book ring can
steal $50,000 a year on the
meanest little book tbey pub
lish, 'on an estimate ol
twenty years ago, bow much
can they steal on the hundred
higher priced books they com
pel ihe people to bu?
We are glad to welcome the
Ross County Register to the
ranks of the proscribed. The
saloon keepers of Chillicothe,
in pursuance of their resolu
tion to withdraw their patron
age from all who favored the
woman's temperance move
ment, have come down on the
Register with ''Stop my pa
perl" They shouldn't have
done this, for the Register is
just now telling some truths
that the saloon keepers should
heed, and they only make
themselves ridiculous in their
puny .efforts to strike back.
Tbey ought to know that news
papers feed and grow fat on
what is poison to individuals,
and what they don't like to
read, their neighbors are hun
gering for. If . the ladies of
Chillicothe are true to them
selves as we have no doubt
they will be the Register will
be a red hot local paper alter
all the saloons are played out.
Let the ladies attend to the sa
loons; Armstrong will furnish
tbe applause, and keep -the
Register selling.
Seventeen car lodi of tea
passed over the M, & O. Rail
road, direct from China to Bal
timore, last week; also one car
of silk worms.
Y. M. C. A.
To the Editor of the Vinton Record.
Permit me topost yolr in
some facts that I think you
were ignorant ot judging from
tbe remarks made 'in your ed
itoriil some weeks ago. I
ihoueht the remarks were harsh
and uncalled lor,' but ' thought
6e8t" to hold my peace. I mean
your reference to ' the Young
tnetis . Christian Association,
having "npent so much time
in praying that they were out
of wind before they got into
action." 1 As Chaplain of said
association I deem it ray duty
to give you a few facts, not
that our society wish any
;iraise for any thing tbat may
hare been accomplished by
the ladies of McArihur thro'
the blessing of God. It will
be' remembered that we as a
'society held the week of pray
er, commencing, on the first
Sabbath, of the now year, the
'first our evenings in the Pres
byterian church, and the last
hreelii the M. & church. On
Thursday evening part of the
programme for prayer was for
1 Iie suppression , oflhe ,!iquor
traffic and intemperanoe. In
my opening remarks I empha
sized this part of the topic as
fully as I knew how, and was
followed by others in brief re
marks,' and it was by a vote)
agreed to resume this topic tbe
next evening. G. W. Pilcher
being in the Chair, the next
evening I tried my hand on u
short temperance speech, after
which I 'moved the Chair ap
point a committee ot three to
take any action they might
deem best on Ibis subject and
report to a future meeting
This committee ,vvas Brothers
Johnson, Bowers, and Craig.
This committee secured the
sermon by Mr. Crothers and
arranged for the ma6s meeting
and union prayer meetings,
first at our room and then at
the M E. church. After our
fifth union prayer mealing we
handed the subject over to the
ladies of McArthur, agreeing
to stand by them in any law
ful measures they should take,
p'edging our sympathy and in
fluence. If there bas been
any good done, give the ladies
the praise through tbe bless
ing ol God. I am sure you
wish but the fads.
The above communication
expresses the facts in the case
just as we understood them,
and accredits the Y. M. C. A
with only what is their due in
the inauguration of the tem
perance movement in McAr
thur. Our remarks were per
haps a little "harsh;" we in
tended they should he. At
the time they were written it
had been three weeks since
the prayer meetings were firet
held, there was talk of it fall
ing through; and we inserted
the item referred lo for the
purpose of nettling the mem
bers of Ihe 86FOcialion; lo spur
hem up to their duty, and lei
them know the public was
watching and commenting op
on their action. We believe
the article had the desired ef
lect, and now that great good
has already come from - the
movement, we cheerfully re
cord tbe fad tbat the Y. M. C.
A. originated it and stood by
it in its inlancy, until it was
able to go alone.'
David Botuwfll, a nailer,
recently employed in the Bel
font Mill, Ironton, died on Mon
day of last week. During his
long seige of sickness, hi? broth
er nailers ran his machines
and turned over tbe proceeds
regularly to his family. Such
Christian kindness speaks vol
umes for the workmen.
Ws learn from the Pike
County Republican that Jacob
Shuster, a farmer who lived
two miles from. Piketon, near
the old Lucas larm, committed
suicide last week by shooting
bimsslf in the bead with a rifle.
It is supposed tbat he was de
ranged. Stock is being subscribed for
gas works in 'Jackson. The
amount required ia $25,000.
From the Jackson Standard.
' Tiie great revival in Jackson
still .continues Last Sunday
night fifteen persons joined tbe
M. .Church.and among them
Dr. Laird, Mnyor of Jackson,
John M. Martin, Postmas'ter,
etc. We have abandoned the
idea of publishing the names of
those who have joined the Pres
byterian and M. . Churches,
as there must now be hear
three hundred. But we will
mention some of those who are
prominently known in this
couuty. There are J. It. Booth
Win. S. Baker, Asa' A. Farrar,
John,) D. Mitchell, Ilillborn,
O. Miller, Elihu Johnson, Dr.
O. ' K. Cr urn it, George W.
Johnson, David D. Dungan,
Irvine Dungan, &. J. Dover,
W. T. Washam, Charles 0.
James, and so on. Every'couu
ty officer, 'with perhaps one ex
ception, is a member of Borne
church.- Every clerk, and 'de
puty, with perhaps one except
ion, is also a member of some
one oj iuq cnurcues.
One of the most iemarkabl
restirts of the great revival; in
Jackson is t h e almost ulter
ruirL ot the busih ess bf, Ihe
liquor sellers, and tbe large in
crease in tbe sales .of beef, and
other necessaries of lile. Men
who spent every cent they
could raise for strong drink now
buy the necessaries and com
forts ol life for their families.
We learn tbat two ol Ihe liquor
sellers have voluntarily q'lit
the business), while the sales ot
meat by the butchers have al
most doubled.
From the Ironton Journal.
Tub iron market throughout
tbe country is still very dull,
with no decided opinions a- to
the prospects of its becoming
more active. The sales of pig
metal are very small indeed
and we-can learn of no heavy
deliveries for tbe demand nor
any large contracts for tbe
season. This is perhaps due to
the lact that many of the mills
now in operution have curtailed
their consumption more than
one half; they are running oi
balf-limo and thus the con
sumption of pig metal by the
mills is very much restricted.
Many of ihe rail mills that are
now in operation are handling
large quauities of old rails
which curtails their consump
tion of pig iron. It is said that
there is strong hope in some
sections that the year 1871
will be remarkably prosperous,
but however this may be, il ia
manifest we are far behind Hie
usual volume of business at
this season. . We hope how
ever, these predio'ions will
prove correct.
Bowen's gin mill still runs
undilurbed. A new supply
lately received.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton Coanty, Ohio.
TOTICE hftthj (tin that J. IT. M.
pKrn-h, dt-cMHil, hm filed h'ifin hi. ac
count" with uiri entHte for SnM f tllemi nt,
nd (hat the 8tne ia art for hearing on the
2Jlh day of Mart-h, inalant, at II o'clock, A.M.
H H. UAYO, frjLale Judtre.
March 5, 1874. 4t
Maggie M. Cowgill, ot al, Plaintiffs,
George Morrison, et al, Defendants
TION. Stale of Ohio, Vinton Co., ss.
TN pnranam-a to tha command of an order of
j.f air in partition, 1-t.ufi trom the Court ol
Common I'leaa, of V nloo county, Ohio, and
f me directed aa BheriH ofaaid county,! will
offer for aale at public auction oq
Friday, March 27th, A. D. 1874,
At tbe hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of aaid
day, the following real ealato, ailual in
Ihe county of Vinton, and Htale of Ohio, and
bounded and dnacribed aa fbllowa, to wit:
tha north et quarter of thenorth-eantqiwr-ter
of iwtion thirtyooe, 31 and a part ot the
north west quarter of aectioa thirty-two, a
demnbed ax loliowa, commencing one I rod.
north of a black locum tree about 1 inche in
diameter which .ucdaon theweet aide of Ihe
county road near John Mrriun'e houe,
thence weal taking two row of apple tieea
on the aou'h aide of the apple orchard to tha
aid aertion line, thence rou:h with raid aee
lion line to the aoulh-weid corner of aaid
quarter section, ihenceeanlon the line of aaid
quarter pect loo fcrennUKh for a Mat running
northward the rame course tht the lane now
rin nrar Ihe houi-e to trtke aid iHne, thence
norl ward lo atrike the routr-e ol atd lane
atraight to the place of deginnlng. aaid dial
mentioned tract containing lortrtwo and
eighteen huodredih ii le-liai acrea and eaid
I u-l-mrntioned tract containing thirty five
crew, mere or lena.all of ni land being and
lying in lowa-hiv eletea, 11 ol range aaren
teen. 17.
Appraied at one thoueand nine Lnndred
and tenly-n?e dollara ll.lrlo and muni bring
.ww mtru ui mr appraieeq Taiue.
TEKM-tOP SALE. One third efteh, one.
third in one year and one third in two rear.
eciired by mortgage upon Ihe premtaM
To be aold on an order of aale In partition
wherein Maggie X. Cowgill etal, are plaiuunV
ana Henrxe Morriaqn el aj, are defeodaata
hiven under my hand rhu H4ih day of Feb
ruary, 1871.
t-heriOo( Vwloa County.
f ebrnar 1Mb, 1(74, , .
NEW'YORK daybook
A I'laoca.'no WaaaiT. Kalahliatied 18M.
ltinpi-ort- WkiU Bmpmtacf, political and ao.
rial. Trm. U pel er. o cliiba. nine con
lea fraa. Addwa bAY-Bot'K, New Work
cty- - , .
Wood's Hoar ehold Magazine
8" Tf (U C Hey made by canrna.lng
) rpIOlor thianiaganna nowin
ita 14th vol. with chroroo,
14x80 Inches la 17 OU Col art. r
Hagnainaooa your, with mounted ehromo,
Maiiaune, one 'year, with unmounted cho-
mo, It ott
ttagaune. alone, one year. It 00
. Kaam neour clubbing aud premiur lirtl
Two tift clai-a peno.lwal tar the price of
one. We oln!it eiperienoel eanvanaara and
olhen to Mndoit once, for let mi and apeot
men magMino. AddreaaB. E- rJHUTtu,
Pjbliih. r, 11 Park (low, (i. I. City oi
burgh, N, T.
V wTrSy And Insect Powder
For Bats. Mice, Eoaohes. Ants fied"
Bugs, Moths. &o.
. . ', t Sole .Aot. I j
Will hki iloai aa Brrria Bann tha
art kUiNUia im Vh AooPTao a raaoir
ma UADtro Bain HNt'rCTDiiar. -Mixiiria.
TIUUS and aois at.
AMES Bl'fO CO., CUIcUopec'ltiaaa.,
rOArer davl Asenta wanted! Al
vJlUAUciDea of working people, of
either a-1, T ungnr old, make moie money
at work for tie In their epare momenta, or al!
the lime, than anything elm. Particular fret
AditrcnH 6. HTINSoN a IM)., Portland, Maine.
4-n, -gt 4-htotlOOin Wall ak often lead" to
l B I la lortiinx, 'o rick ; 32-page
JTj . VF pamphlet for Mamp. VatiaTtaa
TuNaaiDtia' A Co..fiankere and
Crokera, 3D Wall at., N. Y
J . C. COL EM A .K , JH . D.
Baa permanently located ia
for Ihe pracllca of
to which ha will de.n'e hia entire attention.
0FK1''K In I'avia' Ruinliog up utairH.oppo
nte Vinton County Bank.
For 1874.
200 PrRP; 600 EGBAV1GB. and C(1..
OREO PI.ITK Publiahed quarterly at 25
centaayear. Firat numhrr lor lt74 uvt ic
Mie.t. A German eHltion at aame price.
Addre JAMKH VICK, Rnchrrter. N. T.
Cnmu etal nclructlooa and large oolleotlon
of new mu-io.
Tina work trachea in a concise and almple
mnnncr how to piny upon thn inalniinriil,
beginning with the nrnt principle, and grid
tially t-nrrying thf learner forward by a cotirfe
of pmgiearivt. learnna, mcli an can not fail.il
rightly uxeil of making a good performer, in
Ihe xhort-at poadii le lime. Huliliahed by
JuUN CllL'HCll A CO., Cincinnati O.
COMPLETE collection of TEMPF.nANf!E
t MUSIC, containing fifty viirrmg aongx, all
ImrtnoniX'd for three or four voicea. Jul
lh" book for theTempermoe Mofemenl,,now
engrna-lng pnhlta attention. Price 34 c by
mail, pool paid. Perloan,i3.fl0. Pu till shed
by JOHN CUUKCU A CO., Ciuolnnati, O.
zoieo Kit it
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Nurser? Stockl FruitiFlower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
tiOO ncreas 2Jd yean 13 greenhnuea. 4 rat
Apple, l.tmu 1 )r., tV; 2 y. 1)6; ay. 4i';4y M
4 cataloguea, 20 centa. Ulj'ui2ni
Administrator's Sale of Seal Estate.
IN purauance ol an order of the probate
Oouri ol Vinton count, Ohio I willotler
fur aale at public auctiou on
Friday, the 20tA Day of March, A. D.
. 1874.
at lo o'clock, A. M. at Ihe Eagle Mills, in Ea
gle township Vinton county, Ohio, Ihe loilow
mi. described renl e tale situate in Ihe county
of Vinlnti and riialecf Ohio, to wil: twenty
acres on the wet half ot the north-aent qua",
ter of Ihe eolith west quarter of xection num
ber twelve, 13 township niniber ten, 10 -range
ntni-teen, 18.
Also the north-east quarter of the south
east quarter of section number cleien, 11
town ihip and range slore-aid.
4pprHti-ed al three hundred dollira, 1300
and inn"! bring two third" of that sum.
TERMS OK SA LE One-half in hand, and
onehall in one year from day of aale, with in
terert. liefeired payments lo be sec it rod by
mortgage upon the premises sold.
Administrator of the Estate of Ichabod 'Jrum
mons, deceased. 22feb
A Ana lot of
Also a full line of pure
fresh Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals,
Glass, Putty,
and Dye , ,
Staffs, Perfvm '
ery, Soaps, Toilet Ar
ticles, Notions, Jewelry, etc.
A large Lot ol Notion, at
very low Prlcei.
aorta Bias main St, two- Soon
Wet of Hnrket,
lOjal 1871
X)V.)y--a KOTl'.IV 3l
: .1
AlwaysKeepsaFuUW.ot ,
: i - - - 1 ' -
Frenh Drugs, PatnU, Oila, Virnlshe,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure LlquorJ for Me
dlclnul purpotes.
. .i
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soapa, Hatf'
Oils, Pomade, Hair, Nail, TootH. FleaW
ind Clothes Brushes, Combs.
, . f
.-. School Books, uianu books, uopy
Books, Pens, Iuk, Pape; aad PaacllSs
Envelopes, Slates. ' ; ' "
FlneCut,PItio;. (.hewlnjraiiilSuiok .
ng Tohacco, Cara, Pipes,.,. ,
J ,.i .v'k."..' . .. t-J . ' i
' Lanterns, Lampo,Chlmneys, Shatlcs,
fi rn - !r:i!l').f
A full line of OoJd.Coral, Jet, Topai,
Amethyst, Agate, GafitettSetsv Brace i
lets, Finger aud Ear Rings, Necklaces
Sleeve Butt jus. .'
Needles for all kinds pf Scwlnglla
chlnes.. , ;; , , ,:: it I. (
. , ; , . r; . iv.: .-.
Musical Instriitncnti, Tuning forks
Violin and Guitar Strings. , , , .
Clocks, Watches and Keys. .
Toilet and Work Boxes, ana aa end
les3 variety o'l Toys.
1 am also agent for all the Mga
zlnes, Periodicals, Literary and Dally . ,
Papers, which I furnUh from three
days to a week In udvauce of those
furniohed by mull.
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at ,
MAIN ST.. M'AItTHCIt, o. ; ' .
Tag uncgatnpled fatnr accorded to thiaj
Magaame by the public, enables ua lo enter
upon the coming ye.-r with the means of mj ,'
king it more attractive aud valuable than ev
er tielore to Ua large and inurensing .lumb r
of renders on hoih 'aideaof Ihe Allantio. Tha
.rih.... I-.- ..-
I y Miss Tralton, la a charming love story by '
a gifted writer, which la dualiuad to a www
'1 here will be brilliant novelettes and Ihw
best fhorl stories, by ttsxe Holm, Bret -liarte,
and other delightful story-tnlera.
A series of si rilling nt union poems.wilh
illustrHtions, MOLD TIMK Ml
b rJrti. F. I'sytnr, known lur his brilliant
com ribtilions to Ihe Wrrlsrn Press will sing;
to ds again ihe musio of Iherlpinuing Wheel,
The Flint, 'Ihe ttagetloach, The Mill. etc.
I'orirBiti and biograi hical sketches of
American authors; pspers on Lairy Farming
nml rtocK mining in turo( e, on ho"senolJ
dtvoration anil luroituie, besides more thai '
tiny other illublriuert artnln ar now Io pre
rilE (sKILll SOUTH.'
the trust impottant and eipen.ive series of
illustrste l pnpera ever unuertiiken by any
lungm'tia w ill lie continued through Ihe year,
lullie l ecember iiuinber we complete tha
papers oil Louisiana, l'heoeztiu order will
be the Lone btsr Ktste; 'Ihe Mouulain he.
gions ol ihc.ioulh; The Iron Regions of Mis
souri, lc, A 'liteae, arlhliie esssva aud
editutial diMUaiiiia ol literature, science
and an, sketches of travel, occasional pnerna .
tiu eicnuigs, win iiiaKe up a magnaine or
Chiislian Literiitme designed lo ba
The I'ecember number (now ready) has an
able article on Ihe Kesutnptioo of Specie
Haytntnt, by lir. AlWHler, poema by farela
liarte, Mh Honnld and others. The contlnti
alion of Ihe two aerial storiea, shorter ttoriese C
aplendid tiliiatraiiona of New Orleans, lha- '
faris of Ai. enca; etc.
Kditortals by a lar-.-e and able corps of wr
lers. Topics ol the Time bv )T Holland, ia
which he replies to "autre Religious News- '
paiiers;" a laughable atching, o Ao. An
enfjru.ning number.
The Holiday No. or ST. NICHOLAS),
ur splendid New Illustrated Magaiine for
m rlii and Boys, the finest ever issued, will ba
aent to all the subscribers of Bcribner'a
Monthly for Wi. Also the November and
December numbers of tit. Nichola lent frea
to those who subecribe for both magannea.
The July mini bur of cenbner's Monthly eon
laming Ihe intredurlury artio e of The Great
South aeries, aent to subscribers to 8c r inner
who rrqi.eat it when making their aubacnp
tions. r
Bcribner'a onthlT 14.00, 6t. Nicho
13.00 a year, or $7.1)0 for both.
29jlNliK CO jBJt Bioabwat, K.T.
Thousands of Lives and Millioai of
Property Eared
These Ismpa ara mda of braaa and win?
never break.
The burners have a aalety tnba attachment
fbr tha escape of gaa, and will never explode. '
1 ha chimneys are made of mica or lain
gl asa ao ralled-and they are the only lamp
chimney made tbalwUI not break by heat or '
cow. -
Glass chimneva ara nnaafe and expensive
this ia tha universal complaint. , , .
Over eeveaty-ata millions oT glaaalamp
iniiniuejs aro uroaeu in inn country eterj
Price of hand lampa, complete, with ralca.
chimneys, one dollar. Trice of brouae parlor
or stsnd lamps, two dollara sent lo any part
v. u w ..I..-., c-wicn ,j express on receipt of
Ihe money by mail. IMS) ijeats wanted tax .'
sen inese ia ps and mica chimneys ia every
city and town, lo whom a liberal discount will
he made. Bend for sample lanms and eircn
lars giving all particulars, 'f key apeak for J
themselves and sell on right. Address.
No. 240 Pearl street, New tork.
Can. BoDsuas
Horrauaa, ,
TTIT llinn . in a wr i nvmArrNM
auiax W A&XJaUUOii,
EsUbllshed 1M1. M.W.tl and ttiWest rmntat,
Koot oruapensioQ Bridge, CINCINNATI, O.
t'aae. Hobhis t la., Proprietors. Daily sue- ii
uu uu private sales oi teal tobacco. Buei-.
aesa stn -iy cnmmis-lon.. Liberal adtaacea
mada oa eonsignmenU. "

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