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TUUK8DAY. MAIM 2. 1874
The Franking Privilege and
the County Newspapers.
Ohio State. Journal,
wl063 editor is a Post Master
ha ancient and honorable oc
cupation, by the wa; asks for
one good reason, 'why newspa
pers should 50 free in the mails
in the cotrufies in which they
are published. We have had
tut very little to say about the
bill repealing the franking
privilege and shotting the peo
ple out ot the free delivery of
their county papers, but we
will endeavor to answers the
Journal's conundrum.
First, the people of the
United States own the post of
fice department, have enjoyed
the free delivery ot papers in
the counties in which they
were published for nearly a
century, and have never ashed
their servants to take that priv
ilege away from them, or even
hinted that thoy were dissatia
lied with, the arrangement thev
had established. True it mat
ters nothing to those who live
in cities and towns and have
their papers delivered by car
riers, and they say and care
nothing about the matter, but
those who live In the country
do eay and do care,
There are thousands of small
post offices in the country
where the salary of the Post
Master; (if he receives any)
and the wages ot the mail car
rier are paid by subscription
of. the people who reside in
the : vicinity of the offices.
When these people pay this
mail carrier out of their own
private pockets,- for carrying
their county papers from' the
county seat 10 their little post
office, ia lit right or jubt for the
government to interpose and
demand (that the papers shall'
not be delivered to them until
they pay it for a service it has
not in- reality performed!
Again, the people of the
country are taxed equally with
the people of the cities for the
support of the post office de
partment, but do not enjoy
equal mail facilities. While
the people-of the cities have
their mail delivered from twice
to a dozen times per day at
their dwellings, workshops or
places of business by the paid
carriers ot the department, the
country will not average three
deliveries per week to an office
maybe four or five miles trom
their residence, many paying
their own carriers lor the poor
We know it will be said in
reply that ' this is one of the
benefits which accrue .to per;
eo'nB who Jive in thickly epttled
localities, but it is the persons
Who reside in the sparely set
tied localities who are sending
lhe millions of letters which
cen tre at and make the great
mails" of the cities, aud they
pay' equal tax "Ho "make up the
general deficit.' And then the
deficit is hot' made in carrying
the1 mails, but' in the expendi
ture of millions to' build mag
nificent post offices, whose only
use is to ornament the greaj
cities. It appears to us that bo
sniall.a thing as the ree de
livery of papers in ' the 1 coun
try is a very small return 'for
these two iteiiPS of expense
which the country .u called up
on to'.: foot, especiaJly when
such delivery does not u"dd one
cent to the expenses o.16
department. -t t ; , , ,, :
Another.,, reason why v the
present lav ehoul i be repealed
is because it was passed to
punish the country papers be
cause they generally advocated
A repeal or modification ot the
franking lav, believing no
doubt correctly, that its abU6e
called lor reform. ;' -,
Still another reason is that
the postal .charge 19 extortion
ate, and does, aud was intend
ed to put an unjust and dis
proportionate burden upon the
subscribers of a particular
els ss'of" papers. .
Now, we have without
mentioning the tact that news
papers are in a sense public
servants'and carry a knowledge
of the laws and acts of pub
lie officers to citizens who.
ought to bo informed given
partial answer to the Journal's
question,' and we want to add
one thing more. The city pa
pers are trying to create the
impression that country pub
Ushers are financially interest
ed in this matter, and therefore
what we say about it is not en
tilled to consideration. Ibis
assumption is false. We do
not believe the law has made
one particle ot difference in our
receipts from subscription, the
hopes of cheap metropolitan
journals to the contrary nof.
withstanding; we believe thiB
will be the universal experi
ence of publishers, and it is
not us, but the people, who pay
the postage. It is an unjust
tax ipon them, and we have a
right to demand justice tor
them without having il insinu
ated that we are bought up by
a consideration of "five cents
a quarter postage," when every
body knows we don't pay the
postage. We were in hopes
Congress would see through
this howl get up by the city
but the vote on
the amendment to the pos
al law does not indicate that
such is the case. The cities
now have it all .their own way
one, five and tec million dol
lar post offices and free letter
deliveries, while the people ot
the country pay the bills in
fiveceut quarterly levies, and
can not enjoy the poor privil
ege ot free delivery ot their pa
pers by their own paid carriers.
Tbey must contribute their
mite to the support of city
But . we will add a lew re
marks: about tha.1 feature of the
law which repeals the franking
privilege. .We were opposed
to the abuse of the franking
privilege.' We didn't think. .it
was either decent or honorable
in Ben. Wood to frank his
millions of lottery advertise
ments all over the country, or
another member whose name
we do not now remember to
Irank his quack medicine ad
vertisements, or another to
frank the business circulars of
wholesale dealers in "Wash
ington correspondence." Such
acts were opposed to the spirit
of the law, and we believed the
letter of the law should be so
amended; but We were not fool
ish enough to want the Treas
ury, or any other department of
the government, to pay the
postal department for carrying
letters on governmet business.
That is too thin a thing to palm
off under the name ot reform
No person is benefitted by it
except the printer of official
stamps- and tin express com
panies', which no n get pay lor
carrying the heavy package of
the other departments, which
were formerly sent-wiihout ex
pense in the government maile,
the ' depprlments. finding that
they can make an apparent re
duction of expense in their re
ports, whileat Is an actual and
unnecessary increase of ex
pense to . the 'pockets of the
people. r ' t ; s f 1
f' Tfiere 'Has been' a great deal
of 'cheap talk too by the city
papers ' about the mails being
cumbered by Official reports,
seeds, etc., which Congressmen
franked to the people, thereby
increasing the cost ot trans
porting mails!' Now this 'talk
is silly. There are four postal
cars go over the M. cV C, and
almost" all other roads, each
Jayi- The government pays
thO same sum whether the ears
are ull or empty. " This diatri
bution iTf seeds and documents
by ihegorfirnment mHy or may
not be bei eiScial to the people,
but their transportation in the
mails costs absolutely nothing.
But this article is already too
lon. ,The old, postal ,'aw wa
oljecCionable in tume respects;
the freeeiit law is a pretence
and a Iraud in almost every re
spect. The late votes on the
subject show's that Congress is
aware 01 mis met, uuv uu t
v. - . M t
the moral courage to do right.
No man who Is engaged in
an honext, respectable busi
ness will have it injured by
the prayers of women. If wo
men should congregate in front
of one of our dry goods stores,
the mill, the butcher's the
shoemaker's or the- harness
maker's, and pray from day
light till dark, men would
come and go and transact their
business the same as though
they were not there, and the
dealer or manufacturer, as the
case might be, would not be
averse to their prayers, and
would not be injured in per
son or property. If the pray
ers. affect the dealers in liquor
differently it is because men
know they commit an . offense
atcainst puhlio morals and
against the welfare of them
selvea and tamilies when they
indulge in intoxicating drink,
and they do not want the good
women of their acquaintance
to witness their crime. For in
stance, if the ladles would only
pray with Bo wen tbey could
no doubt break down his . gin
mill, while, we presume, it
would not interfere with the
flow of subscribers to the
strictly religious department of
his highly diversified business,
conducted under the name of
Christian Witness.
The Morrow Injunction.
JudgeSmith, of Warren coun
ty, has dissolved an order re
straining the ladies ot the town
ot Morrow from praying in
front of saloons, and refused
the injunction on the gtound
that the law would not author
ize an injunction upon the plea
set forth in the plaintiff's pe
tition, even if the petition
were true. Second, that the
petition was false, that the pe
titioner was engaged in busi
ness in violation of law, and
could have no protection .of
law in: its violation; that his
business was a nuisance, so de.
scribed by the statute; and the
people had the right to abate
it in any manner tbey should
chooBe, except by a breach of
the peace. The case was dis
missed at the costs of the
plaintiff, a saloon keeper nam
ed Scbied, who, before the de
cision was pronounced, had
packed his kit and departed
for parts unknown.
teams at near -Arthur
were moved below Vin
ton Furnace last Monday, in
accordance with notice hereto
fore given. This will delay the
building ot the road between
McArthur and Vinton Station
until the final completion of
the road unless our,' people
come forward promptly when
we could have bad the track
laid within a few months as
well as not, if the additional
subscription to finish the road
bed could have been obtained!
We learn, however, thatPres't
Langley has promised to re
turn the force as soon' ps
enough additional subscription
is ' obtained to complete ' the
roadbed., "
Our people should embrace
Ibis opportunity;promptly, and
we believe they will. Mr. Dan.
Wilt obtained half the amount
required in a 'short time, lhe
other day. Let everybody do
tomething,' and do it 'promptly
Especially let those who have
professed friendship 'lor !l 1 he
road, but' subscribed nothing,
now 'step forward acid show
substantial friendship. ,l' '
v ;:' . 1
Mrs. Fhojbk Cousins, 'in a
lecture delivered this week in
Nrw"Yorkf said - when 4 she
was in Wyoming she inquired
of some farmers how the"' wom
en liked voting. Tbey said:
"Well, as for the ballot, the
women don't take much inter
est in it on ordinary occasions;
but the moment a question of
morality comes up they are all
alivt).'' In Wyoming tbey have
no women kneeling on the snow
in Iront of grog shops and pite
ously imploriug barkeepers to
fceed a higher law.
There . will be a mass tern
perance meeting at the Al.' E.
church next Sat urday evening.
w V
Everybody is invited. : ' -
Temperance in our Streets.
Under the above heading,
Mr. Benj. Newlun hands us the
following, which he cut from
a newspaper over twenty years
lhe docks on the East and
North Bide on the Sabbath-'day,
have been he scenes, for the
last five or six months, of very
enthusiastic and musical tem
perance meetings. The weather
being propitious last Sunday, a
number of these meetings were
in blast. Among them we no
ticed a lively, assemblage at
the South ferry, and another
at the loot ot Burling slip, near
Fulton ' ferry. We were ' at
tracted to the former by the
musical Air of "Old Dab Tuck
er," which a temperance choir
was singing .to the following
Come, all ye who are fond of singing.
Let us set a song a ringing,
Sound the chorus strong and hearty,
Aud we'll make a jovial party.
Get out or the way. Old Sir Toddy.
You're a druulen, thievish body I
Toddy steals a man's good feelings;
lie's a rogue In all his dealings
Smirks aud smiles until he's bound
Then, oh, cracky! how he'll pound
out of the way, &o.
All who wish for homes to bless them
All who wish the girls to kiss them
Hark 1 while soberness Is o'er us.
Here's-the song, and this the chorus:
Uet out or the way, Kc,
Rum.tt makes a botheration,
Deadens all the circulation.
Kills the soul an J kills the body
All ti done by drinking toddy,
Get out of the way, &c.
Now, mv friends, come, stop your
ITeaith Is gone, your fortune sinking;
Come, snd own that you're mistaken
Sign the pledge and save your bacon'
Piinh It along and keep It moving
The temperance oause Is still Im
We neglected last. week o
mention the robbery of the de
pot and post office at Vinton
Station. About 1100 in cash
aryi postage stamps were
stolen. y No clue has. yet. been
obtained?, to the theives. .
. ( at ; -. '
"Grigby' M6RRI9 and Dame!
Bowen were killed bv the fall
of a tree, in -a coaling 'near
Eagle Furnace last Monday!
They were employees of the
furnace,' engaged in chopping
wood for the manufacture of
charcoal. '" '
The regular quarterly meet
ing at the M.E. church com
mences Saturday, March 21st,
at 2 o'clock. P. M. Prof, bcott,
oi OhKK University,. j will be
present and remain during the
meeting. ,
There will be a union prayer
meeting to promote the cause
of temperance, at the 'Christ
ian church next Sunday after
noon at 4 o'clock. The busi-'
nessmM'of McArthur are in
vited to be present. '
, Lide, , Buchanan and Mrs
leager .twonoted keepersl
brothels .Chillicothe, have
become, ashamed of the . sale ot
liquors in their stablisbinenU,
have 8ease.d, and pledged them
selves neve, morp..to self in
toxicating liquors, Theyjiaye
also promised to abandon ttyeir
ljfe of shame V
i Senator Sumner died yester
day afternoon! oi ; rupture ot 'A
blood vesJel at the heart- '
removal S(;
Spring Opening of Millinery.
i . 'I'iViiic tiroiU f
Hat removed her miUlnery establish'
ment to the room formerly oceijpled by
J. G.'Swetland, ia ,t::1 -i!! I . f.-
where the will . keep oa hand erery
thing to be found in a firjBt-olaia milli
nery oetablishment The i( . (
of Spring Stock will commence , .
when all the
of the teaeoo will be on exhibition.
. The Indies are respectfully invitod to
call and examine my etock, and I will
make it to their interest to leave their
orders. ...
...J - - Mra fe. B. PUQttr
At nil nel place of business.
Choicest Stock
:- of
Spring and Summer Clothing
EVER brought to this market, embracing
all the Intent and most fashionable styles,
cm in accordance-with 'the latest raehiona.
When you want a nobby suit don't fell to call
00 Fraok. He als CUTS and ' . ' -.
Makes Garments to . Order
and haa a full line ot - ,
Cents' Underwear
All Hnthlntr marked down to the LOW
EST 1'lttl'KKM. Oi me a 011 and 1 will
warrant satisfaction
tttM. EARNisST of county, Ptta of
TT Penosjr fania, will take noum mM io
arph ImridridK, on lhe lllh dayr tlaich
I 174, filed hla petition in the Court ot Common
It In and tor Vinum onunty. Ohio, againal
hira nd Andre Cline, Lyman I oler, G. M.
WiNon, Benj Pleven and O. Wooila aeltinji
forth that anid Dodilrldm haa vtnrior'a hen
on the following Innde altnate in Vinton Co ,
Ohio, to lt: The west Half or traction no,
pvn.7tomnhi No ten, 10 raniie No. aix-
teen, I except eight 8 acre olt the north-weat
corner ihereor, wnii-n emni acres ia paruo
Inrly described in deedxfrom Wm. 8 to Jol
an Wiiunn id Josenh loddndir to W.
Thorn for the payment of two notea of four
hundred and roriynvn aoiara ami any cenia
(445.60 each and interest at 8 per rent, ainon
Mht 8.187 the flrst nitvahle April 1. 1H7S ami
theHecand April 1. 174, and nrayin a (lndio
of the amount due on nam nrnnoie ana an
order that said land be aolri to anliatj naiil
amount and that the residue of the proceeda
be brought inioCoart to await the maturity of
an I (I aeoonu nole, ami au n omerrenei n
equitable. JOSGHH uUliUF.lllO B,
J. A. Mo6iLtiyAT, Attorney. , tt
To sell, dlnd to utimi-,THi GaoDNDSWELi,; or
By J. Periain, mltor Western Rural, Chicago.
Complete and reliable. WrilU ttf I Junwtry,
1874. 8 nriiiinnl portrelta; Urn other engm
yinga.. rrhl" great work la low mfriotund
ttlinghythmmmtt. rorterina, territory, el.i.,
addrexa K. riANNAPoKL) A CO., Publisher,
177 W. 4th at. Cincinnati.
CA UTION.-Inferior work-, mr compWloia,
are being pnvhed. Do not be unpod on.
Mr. Perrinm'i work ia (nil, oHlAoriaMra, and
endorsed by the (rent leaders. Xout ether it.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
' ?' ' . ' -
rOTICG Is1 hereby given' tna-J. H. M.
1 Houston as aiminiiirntor of Hnrnh A.
Parrih, de,cened, has filed heiein hisao
counts with said estate for flnol'; aettleramt,
anil I hut-the name la eel for hearing on the
2Mb. day of March, instant, at II o'clock, A.M.
H B. MAYO, Probate Jud?.
March Ht.lW ' 4t
fiaa permanently locnteil in
for the practice of
to which ho will dero'e his entire attention.
OFFICE in IiaTia' BuildiDg up stairs, oppo
site Vinton County Bank.
A Democratic Weekly. Established UW.
It siiiiportH while supremacy, political and
social. Terms. 12 yer year. To Hub", nine
copies for $8. Specimen copies free. Address
UAiMoiin, new rnrKi;uy.
THREAD for your M1CMK
111 AllTfTt AOrilTCfor nr. Cornell's
Ifnil I CU MUCn I OlMlar Family Fa
per Heligion and health united -a nfeadi'if pre.
miiiia to every aiihaoriber nothing like it in
the country a rare cti inee pa lleulan tree.
a. B. hubs til, rum r, Boston, nuns.
$40, $50, $75 AND $100
Good, Durable and Cheap
f r Manufacture 1 by , ..
I, W. CHAPMAN & Co., Madl
' son, lnd.
T"tiend for a catnlogue.aj
Hand Corn . Planter
The best, cheapest, most durable and popular
planter roaae. nanutaoiureo unaer ,oo su
nerriainn et lwvaxor. ib.riMf now in use.
AGENTS WANTED. For plnntera or
circulars, address H. . B TUUKLbbK, tiUsr
ling, HI. -
o o k.
irmrrfa?" - - J.' v , I . . , u i
Price aixtv cents.
veaall -tha-luleaL-inrnrmeiian to emi,
8. Si MeCOESIlCK, Publisher, Porflajid,
Have you seen our new cataU)iiue ol uhoto'
Srapha. tStereplcopic viAwe, Wnc pictures,
c, e.,f If not send two) threes nt stemna
u vui ruuiqwi Hill ireri .r unif uj rt-turn mail
siil.i ...I QOIMHYA HILI.ER, I
ii . ii-mi:i i.-.,., ' Boa M AiisueUi, Maine.
And Iusect Powder
For Eats, Mice, Roaches, Ants Bed'
Bhp-b, Moths, &o.
J. F. HENRY, (Tit It AN 4c CO., N.
Bvie Afeaie.
10 a Dav e-uaranteed. Proflta larue.
Joiiie ol our amenta make 120 a day.- Head
iur circuiaro vn aaosiw tn. nLAai, free, van
tun Maaulacturinji Co.,Canton, O.
iltmnrnW'" outl Truth tnnmphantl
.IVllJnlJtnx'l,, old od rouon. iie
liiwitwkiinmt female, make more iron
ev a-lling our French and American Jevby,
Boobsou (JcmMi Iheual an; thioselse. Ureal
eal mrtueelnenti. to MltenCa and irarchasera.
Cataloiuea, terms, and full particular sent
free to all. Address
.P.O. VlCKERT, Augusta, Maine.
,' Xhow either sex cnaTfaHi'lualeaoif gain
the lore and afleutiofca A any person they
oiimise, insieuiiv ma simple menial an
noicemenl all Can poseeea, free b mail lor St
cents; toxelher with a Marnsxe i-uide.Egypt-lan'Urei-le,
dreams, hluta to Indies A queer
book l0(K ld Adureaa T W1LLUM
CO Publishers, Philadelphia. - . - .
ft ei
JkvlplM Paiapaftai, wtf Seccionel ifaps ml Frm.
A handsome illustrated paper, oontaminK the
Utrmmtma Law, maiien irre to an pu w
of lhe world
Addrea Dl9t
. Land Commissioner U. P R. K.,
Omaha, Neb.
Maggie M." Cowgilij e al, Plalntlfls,
4 h . Aeainst
Oeorge Morrison, et al, Defendants
'State of Ohio, Vinton Co., as-
IS pursuance to theoommand of an order or
sale in partition, issued from the Court ol
Common Pleas, of V olon county, Ohio, and
to ina directed aa Hhentt of said county,! will
ofler for sale at publio auction on
rriday, March 27th, A. D. 1874,
At the hour of I o'clock P. M- of said
day, the following real estate, situate in
the county of Vinton, and biate of Ohio, and
bounded and described as follows, to wit:
the north-eastqtiarler of the north-east quar
ter of section Ihirly-one, SI and a psrt ol the
north-west quarter of section thirty-two, HI
described aa loliowa, commencing one I rod.
north of a blac-k locust tree about 8 inches in
diameter which Undson the west side of the
county road near John M- rnson' bou.e,
thence west taking two rows of apple tiees
on the south side of the apple orchard to the
said section line, thence rou'.h with said sec
tion line to the aoulh-west corner of said
quarter seotion, thence east on the line of said
quarter section far enouiih for a line running
northward the aame course that the lane now
runs near lhe house to at rike said lane, thence
nnrt) ward to atnke the course ol said lane
straight to the place of beginning, said first
mentioned Imct containing lorty-two and
eighteen hundredths t'i lH-ltm acres and said
Ut-mentioned tract containing thirty five
acres, mere or lesa, all of said lands being nnd
lying in township eleven, 11 of range seven
teen, IT.
Apnried at one thousand nine hundred
and twenty-five dollars $1,W5 and must bring
two thirds of the appraised value.
TERMS OF SALE. One third cnah, one
third in one year and one third in two years,
secured by mortgage upon the premises
To be sold oil an order of sale In partition
wherein Maggie M. Cowgill etaj, are plaiutitts
and Uenrge Morrison et al, are defendants
diven under or) hand rhit 24ih day of Feb
ruary, 1871.
Mierttt of Vinton County.
February 26th, 1874. w
For 1874. "
200 PAGFSc 8(0 Er-GHAV1 NPB. and fOL-
OliKU PLATE Published quarterly at 26
cents a yeiir. first numnrr lor is7 UM IE
aue i. A German editi' n at same price.
, Address JAM kH V1CK, Kochener, N. T.
Cnmn ete Instructions and large bollectlon
of new music 1 ' 1
. Thiawork teschea' in a conclf.e and s'mple
hianm-r how to play upon thi ini triinietit,
beginning with the first principles, and rij.
usllv ciirrvinn the learner forward bv a course
of progressiva, lessors, such aa can not fail, it
rightly, unetiol making a good nermrmer, In
th- short 'at . pnssil le lime. Published by
JOHfl CHURCH A CO., Cincinnati O.
MUSIC, cnntaining fifty stirrng song-, all
harmonised fur three or four vol -es. Jiisi
the book for the Tern pennce Voemrnt,nnw
engrossing public attention. Prine l'6o bv
mail, post paid. Per rtoaen, I3.no. Published
by JOHN OHUKCH CO., Cincinnati, n,
JCfeb 1872 4t
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Nursery Stock! Fruit&riowerPlatea
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
600 acres! 22d year: 13 grcennou"es. 4 cat
Apple, 1,(11X1 1 yr., tZ y, $6; 8y. H(l;4v f W
cnutiuguea, xu cents. olJUIHU
Administrator's Sale of Seal Estate,
IN pursuance ol an order of the probate
Court ol Vinton count. Ohio 1 willorler
lur SHie at publio auction on
Frihiy',Uf2Qth Dan of March, A'.D.
. m. .. .
at in o'clock. A. M. at the Eairle Mills, in Ra.
gle township Vinton eounfy, Ohio, the loilow.
int described real ei-tate lifuate in the county
of Vinton and Biate of Ohio, to wit: twenty
sroii ur me west nan oi ine nonnweat quas
ter of the somh west quarter ol seclion num
ber twelve, 19 township nctnber ten, 10 range
nineteen, 10j " '
Also the northtest quarter of the eouth-
easi quarter oi section number eleven, 11
town mlp and range aforesaid.. . . t
Appraised at three hundred dnlHra,S3oO
uu inui onng iwo iriros ol mat sum.
TERMS OK HALE. Hne halT in hand, and
une-imii in one vearirom aay or sale, with in
terest, befured parmenla to be secured by
mortgage Upon the premis ea sold, ':
Adnilnlatratorf the Estaitof Ithabod fir dm-
mona, aeceasea. - 22feb
, A fine lot or
.'.)'ji".'ii l .a at .if
F A N 0 T., 0 AN DIE S
Also (i Jytt fine of pure
: Jresli Drugs, Medi
, (,'.' cines'f Cliemicals, ' )
Glass, Pidty,
-. ' Paints,
, - Oils,
es .and: Dyk y
Stuffs, Perfvm
' ery, Mortps, loilet Ar-1
titles, Options, Jewelry, eld.
A large Lot ot Notion, at
. very low Prices.
Bqrth Side Main St, two Doors
West of Market,
. legal 1871 . .,
AlwaysKeeps aFullLineof .
FreRh Drugs, Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Dye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors lor Md
diclnal purpotes.
rcrmmery, rine loueiaoaps, nair
Oils, Pomade, Ilnlr.JJTall, Tooth. Fltsb.
and Clothes Brushes, Combs. ., ,
School Books. Blank Books, Copr
Books, Pens. Ink, Paper snd PncUV
Envelopes, Slates.
Fine Cut, Plug. ( hewing and Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigar, Pipes. r -
Lanterns, LampChlmneys, Shades, .,
Coal Oil.
A full line of Gold.Coral, Jet,Topa,
Amethyst, Agate, Garnett Sets, Bntcei
lets. Finger and Ear Kings, Necklaces
Sleeve Buttons.
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. ' ..''
JIuslcal Instruments, Tuning forks
Vlollu aud Uultur Strings. i .
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Tollot and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys. K
1 am also agent for all the llaga
. . r.. .i . .1, . , via
inns, x ti luuiciut), literary anu imuj
Papt-rs, wlilch I furnish from three
days to a week in advauce of those
i'urnlblifcd by mail.
All of the Ahove, and a
Thousand Other Artk
cies, to do nad at
wiiw nr. ni'AU'rnrtt.' aj ;
Tsi unexampled favor accorded to thia
Maita sine bv the public, enablea us to eutar
upon the coming ye-r with the means of ma
klflx jt more attractive and valunMe than ev.
er beiore to its large and increasing .tunib r
of readers on boll) side of Ilia Atlautio. The.,
aerial story of the year, I
by Miss Tralton, la a t-harming love story by
a gifted wrner, which la dvatmed to a wiua
'1 here will be brilliant novelettes and the
best short stories, by Haxa Holm, Brtle
Harte, and other delightful storyleilera.
A series ofsinkinu nnd union- poems, with
illustrations, "OLD TI HE Ml'MIt'" r
b Hen. P. Ttiylt-r kmmn lot his brllliahi
cum ribuiions to lhe Western I'rrsa will sing
to us again iln mimic of theHpinning Wheel,
'1 l.o Flail, 'lhe Mane Coach, lhe Mill, eto;
Hortrsili and biograi hicsl sketchea or
Anicrit-nn amhors; papers on Dairy Karrring
end sloes; raising in turoi e, on ho-senold
liLiinitinn and furniture, besides more than
ti:lv other illuntriited aiticle, are now in pre
punilion. TriESPLESMD8jtftIJ
uie Muuir ouui.'
the mist Inipnilant and ex nenire series of
illustrated pnpeia e r undertiiken by any
iiinitiixiiie Kill lie continued through the year.
In the 1 ei-ember iitimlM-r e complete the
papers on Louisiana, l he next iu order will
be the Luiie Hliir Htntc; '1 lie Mountain he
gums ol therlouih; The Iron Rt-gions of Miss
etitiri, Ac. An . These., With1 the essava and
editorial riiM-nsNiuna ol literature, science
end art, skneties ol trnvel.roocaaionn posma,
nnd Hi hincs, wilf nmlta .(ipJa.mngiuoe it.
Cluietian Literature dveigned to be
. The Itecemtier number (now ready) nas an
able article ob the Ueaumptian of Specie
I'ayment, by Ur. Atwater, poema by itreta
Hiiftj, Mar lionald and others'. Thecomlnu-utldn-ol
tlis two senartotie, iti'orteVftorlral
splendinV iHnstrationa of 'Mew Orlaaoa th
I'nrik of at. erica; etc
Kditonala by a Isreand able corps of wri
ters. Topics ol the Time bv hr Holland, in
which he replies to "Sorre Reltgiouw ttin
Hfpers;" a laughable etching, o Ao. Aa
enijru.ning number. ,;
The Holiday Ho. of ST. SlCIIOLAp),
ur splendid New Illustrated Magatine for
'iris and Hoys, the finest ever issued, will b
sent to all .the subscriber of Scribe er'W
Monthly lor IK4. Also the November and
December nnmliera of ttt. Aicliolae lent fre
to those who subscribe Aw bntn maaaiaea
The July niimhnr of ecribner'a Monthly eon
uimng the Iniraductury artie of The tirear
booth series, sent to subscribers to Bnrlboar
who request it when making their anbeeripa
tlona. i . ,
larfur.' ieh '
Thonsancts of Lives and Millioni of
Property Saved
-Thee lamp are) mtdof' brai'atid'"Wii
never break.
The burners have a salefy tuba ttachmeaa
for th escape- of gas, and wIM never exwIoaX
1 he chimneys are made of mica or lain,
glaaa m raited snd tliee are tkoonlyhiM
chimner made that wilt net break by beet at
cold. , . f
Glaaa chimneys are onsafe and expensive
thie IA tbe univeriaieomnlaiat. j i 1 I
Jiver eeventy-flve milHona oT ilaet larnb
chimneys are broken in thia oouolryararj
year. i i .
Price of hand lampa, complete, with taica
chimneys, one dollar. Pnce of bronae parlor
or aland lamps. to dollars sent lo any part
or the Uniteii btaiea by expire oi receiptor
the nionet by mail, letaj sgenie wamev-M
sell these la-i-ps snd mica chimneys m every
eity aud town, to whom a liberal discount will
be made, i Bend for sample lamne and circu
lars giviaa all particulars. '1 hey speak Mr
tbemeelrea and sell on sight. Address.
o. 24U Paari street, Vew Vork.
Cbas. UoDmaa.
H. a. Uorraaaa.
EeUbliahert I51.87,M,61and MWeat Frontal.
Footouapenaloa Bridge, niKCINNATI.O.
Caas. Hi.Daaa t o.. Propnetora. Duly aW
Hon and private .alee of leaf tobacco. . toaJ,
aeea strutly commission. Liberal adtaaeM
made ononilnmeata, .vT

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