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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 19, 1874, Image 4

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uoautiiuicv onio,
U . L
TI1UIISDAY. MAR. 10. 1874
Onsnd after Sunday, Xov. t. 1TS. train
III run as follower" N" a, 4, I and 6
ran daily; ail other trains dsily.Suaiayssx-
No. I. No .1,
Rt I. Ex
t 4 M, ,n
1 :i7in
1 JUm
Mai I. Cm. Et
...... ti 2tm
10 Jihm
..II Oft iin
1 xsum
I Mpm
I iCipm
4 ..m
( 5 pm
4 04 pm
4 llpm
Kiohland Fur . li 04pm
tHiuitden . w llpm
WcAT:i....l'i im
Vimod 5iiin
ExlMki... ........ I tx'pm
iop Furnace.... 1 Mptn
2 4nm i
9 Uim
S M'HIll
I 4lm
Far u burg, . 4 opin
7 topm
001NU WK8T.
No. 2. No. 4. No. S
Flattens; .Mi.il. Ft.l. Ki. (In Ex
FvLri;ur ...... T lOnm lo .team 1 3pm
Hip KtiroM....1 3im I Hirni 1 lm
IiIuki.........-.!" 42 nil 1 fclpm 1 2.lnm
fidon. . H Mum 1:12pm 1 Wmi
McAsrnos II Mhiii 1 4lpm 1 4ltn
Hsmten ..... ..11 iftiim 1 j'm 1 ni
HicblMi Fur... 11 3isin i ostrni 2 lAmi
Ghillicoth......ia 4pm Oum a imm
Oincinnatt ...... ...6 Sftpm T iHipm Mkiii
WO. 8 AD 4 will toi Hi C. 8. Junction.
Lnvrlnnd, i4.eeiifli.-ld, rhillicoihe, llmm-en-Athena
and Heidi Landing only NO.S. ft
AND 8 w.ll ''op MC.ii. .Imictinn, Madismi
villa l.oveli.nd Oreeiiht-ld.l htllu nine, Mum
don Athenl Hn.IS.ioM'. I.nn lmg only. NO!.
1 AM) S will matte Mil stops'
The, Zaleaki Freight gning cast Imi
Chillicotheel S". ni i ltaisville 7 15; Hu h
Unil Furnace, T Mi llaiiiden, arrive S :u
depart I 45; McArthur, V I ft; Vuitnn. 1" &;
E iletkl 11 v lioinii weat-Znleagt. 2 m p ni ;
Vinton 2 W. McAilhor 2 oft; llaiiiden. urnvf
I Stl-depart a 3"; Richland Furnace, 4 10;
Ravaville, 4 4.1; Chillirnthe. S i.V
Tne s'AST 8TUCK, wiih regular pe-eei.gcr
sr attached, leeveei Allien st 1116 . M .fn.
neeting with the !!. V. K K , Hove J 22, Z i
leak! 4 i4, Vinton 4 HO. Mi'Arlhur4 64, llaiii
den ft 1, Richland 6 Ml, hi lu-oihe 7 A".
ill leave Hnmden nt T 2a a.m. and S 45 p m.
arriving at Portanioulh at 10 20a m.aml H46p.
en, Returningtraina will leave Portsmouth nt
S 00 a. m, and 2 w p. in., airivingat Ham
dan at II no a. m. anil ft OA p. m.
' Tramsermnect a: Irfiveland for all points on
the laiula Miami Railroad, and at tha lndianap
li. and Cincinnati Railroad Jnncti n for nil
pointa Went; alAlheaa, with lb" Coliinihu
H. V. K. U., At PKrkr-i.uru. with the B. A
O. B. K. W. W. PEABObY,
(ienernl Superintendent.
IWlLti run a hvk from Wilkeaville to
Ramden and return every Monday, V edne.
day, Friday and .aluMy lor Ihe ai-eoniino
dation of oaen(rern. makinR eloce ciuiiie'
lion with the mini trama on ihe M. A C. K. H
1 will alao i-arry expreaa pafkatiea ah'pped
lo or from poinU by the Adama Kxpre Co.
ae7 11 1 It M VoWBLU.
Buckwheat Short Cake.
Take four teacup8 of nice
ecn.r milk, one t aspoon of soila
or saleratu3 dissolved in the
milk.'' If ihe milk is very eour
you must use saleratus in pro
portion with a little, salt.
Mix up a dough with buck
wheat flour thicker than you
would mix the same for griddle
cake say quite stifl; put into
a buttered tin and put direct lv
into the stove over and bach
about thirty minutes or as you
would a 6hort cake from com
mon flour.
There Las teen some gossip
about town concerning Ihe re
lection of a Friday an I he wed
ding day of the Duke of Ed mi
burgh. It was aid I hat the
Queen, who Is credited in seme
quarters with a desire i show
contempt tor the Church ol
which she is ex fficio ihe dean
whs anxious that the marriage
6hould be perlbrmed in Lent
as was . that ol the Princees
Louise but that the brideV
family could not be brought to
consent to this infringement ol
rules of the Universal Churcii
tt'id so Ihe marriage was ar
ranged for some day in the lasi
week in January. But the
Thursday of that week is a lasi
day.io the Greek Church, the
Saturday is the anniveiiary 01
the 'detuh of a saint, and in
Russia no marriages cari be sol
emnized on Sunday.. r So Fri
day was chosen mi eh againsi
the, will of tljeJ-Dcke, who bar.
tne usual sailor s en ier-i 1 1 1 on
against Frida as aniijnfucy
day. Uowfcvr, iu liiSsia.Fii
diyii looked upon esalui ky
Upoji a man whose body was
found in' a rim, .a coroner's
jury in Ireland returned the
retiiot ' that Mh Individual
came to bis deh by a blo w on
the bead, "which, was given
either belore or after drown
ing." .'; : .
Thk' woman's temperance
movement is still spreading,
Towns of the size ofCulumbun.
Dayton, (Jhillicothe, Xenia,
Springfield and Newark are be.
inj cleaned out as successfully
at the smaller towns. The
movement is in process of or
ganization at Cincinnati, also.
.-' Therk is a man in Danvi le
Ky- who has a habit of diink
ing kerosene oil. Frobab'ly it
tables belter then the whisky
obtainable in his neihborhooj,
and tl certainly must be cheap
er- ..
"Negotiations iur convention
fo prepare a treaty providing
lor the interchange of postal
ardf with Switzerland have
,1, u. iluinVI a tMtuiOtlUA
Vinar Kittors are n purely Veg
ctable preparation, made chiefly from
tlio native licrlis f.ninit on tho lower
ranges of tho Sierra Nevada mntr.i
tairu of California, tho medicinal
properties of whie'a r.ro extracted
therefrom without the uso of Alcohol.
Tho question 13 almost tlaily askctf,
" What is tlio cause of tho unpar-.
allcled success of Vixkg.vb Hit
ters f Our answer that they
remove- tho cause of disease, and
tlio jiatii'iit ri'nivcrs his lioahh. TUcy
nrn tho prc;it liluuJ purhier nnj a
lifi'-jilviu? piinoip';", a purfuct Keno
vuliir ami liivijrurut'ir t.l' tho fystiiin.
Never liefora in fia hi.-tnry cf t!io wnvM
ban a iniiliemii titfi'a eoiiiiiviiinlt'il )'
ao'tsiiig tho reiin: Uulilo quulitioi cf Vis
Ea.vn nirrEK.i ia hi'itlimr tho sick of
every tlisciwo lnmili ueir to. lueynio
a pe'iitlo I'ttrpalivo u4 well n-t a louio,
rolifvitijr CtniK' irl "r liillaiumiitinn tif
tho Liver aud Visceral Orjjauj, iu Bilious
Tlio pronortlos of Dr. Walk
er's Vixisiiar lliTTiiasnru Aperient. Uia
plinri'tic, Cariiiiiintivo, NutriiintH, Laxo
tivo, Diurelic, Siulntive, Coniitur-Irritatit,
Q . . . i.i.nMi.,,,,
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vixeoar Bitters the most wonder
ful Inviorunt that ever sustained
tho 8iukiug system.
No I'crsou cuu tako theso Bit
ters accordins-to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not Jastroyed by mineral
poison or other m ans, nuu vital or
gans waited bevond repair.
Bilious, llemittcnt, and In.
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent In tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Drazos, Rio Grando, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah, Ro
inoko, James; and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat nr.d dryness, are Invariably ao
coinpjiiied by extensive derangc
mcn a of tho stomach and liver, nnd
other abdominal viscera. Iu thoir
treatment, a purgativo, exerting a
powerful iufluonco upon theso vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
.There is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vixegar
Kitters, as they will speedily reniovo
tbodurk-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels aro loaded, nt tho name time
Blimulatini; the secretions of tho liver,
And generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the di(.'entivo organs
Fortify tho body against dis
Oaso by purifying nil Its fluids with
ViXEQAit i)iri'EO-s. Xo cpidcaiio cuu
take hold of a system thus lore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, licad-
ncho, l'uin iu the Shoulders. Coughs,
Tiglitne.4 of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Bud Taste
in tho Mouth, Bilioti Attack, Talpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, l'uin in therepionof the Kidneys,
nnd a hundred other painful Hyinptimis,
nio tho offsprings of Myi-pepsia. One bot
tle will prove a hotter giinrant(o of its
merits than a lenpthv advortisemeut.
Scrofula, or Itfng's Evil, white
Swellii'n, Ulcers, Krysipelas, Swelled
Xeck, Uoitro, ScrofuloiH lniliiininations,
Indolent luflttiiiuintions, Mcrctrial all'ec
tious, Old Sores, Kruplions of tho Skin,
Sore Eyes, eto. Iu theso. as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walker's Vin
EOABlJiTTKRshuvei'hown their great cur
ative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cacs.
For Inllani niatory and Chronic
Rheninatisill, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and lutaniiitumt Fevers, Disease
of the Illood, Liver, Kidneys ami Bladder,
those Bitters have no eiiul. Such Din
ca.es are caused by Vitiated BfiKid.
Mechanical Diseasi's. Persons
engaged in l'uiuts and Aliuerals, such as
numbers, Tvpo-setterx, Hold-heaters and
Aliuers, as tficy advance in life, are sub
Ject to paralysis of the Ilotrels. To guard
against thi", tako a dose of Walkbb's
Vi'nkoar Hitters occasionally.
For .Skin Diseases, Eniptions,
Tetter, Sult-Khetiin, Blotches, Spots, l'iin
plcs, Pustules, Hulls,, (Jarlfuncies, King
worms, Scald-head, Sort Eyes', Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors aud Diseases of the Skin of
whatever namo or nature, are literally
dag np and carried out of the Hvstem in a
ibort time by the use of theso hitters.
. l'in, Tape, and other Worms,
larking in the system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. Xo system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
arstom from worms like these Biiuirv
ForFemaleCortiplaints, 'n young
or old, married or single, at tho dawn of
womanhood, Drthe turn of life, these Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleansa the Vitiated Blood
whenever yon find ita impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it whan, you liua it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul; yonrjuehjig will tell
yam when. J Keep the bfood pure, and the
health of the Kyxteui'will follow. '
R. II. McIXtf l.t 4c CO.,
Droughts II Gen. Afrta., San Francisco. Califor
nia. cur. of Waaliinirton and Charlton StL.N.7.
fcultl Iff all AtrnggiaU and Ulara.
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
WOULK rpeetnillT 'J o the rllltena of
Vinton Co thai hi- hr elili-tetl Ida atork
making one of the Jultf. M in iheflale. (ir
hoainea haa iniTea.eil erery year up to the
pre.ent nine and e tel thankful to 'he nub.
lie for iaM fatora and are determined to keep
a large .loek ol rei Ihiny brul'y found in
a nrat-claoa Jiaelry flora, and will keep the
finai aioek of Knld ai d wdid .ilvrr. lo the
beat Plated Ooode, aa low ae any houee in the
We keep all the different hranda of Ameri
can Wan-he. How.ni. United Matea, Klma,
Waltham and Hpringfleld Manufaetiirea, la.lh
in cold and ilereae. Alna1nrjce line of
GOLD IHroitllD WAItllES,
a ram 2 to tSMiOO, aUa ailyer from I2 to
flM. Weha.ea eiy rdialde full JeaeM
Bilyer WaU-h from l toitv.
A full line of all gonda in nor line, or made
to order hy exiHprien'ed aorkmen. ; Kej nir
Ina wilt rec-eite prompt attention .
Pla drop la aaa ae ua. Ko trOnWe lo
bow (Oodf . J24jul
rcople wlio take the Times
get tlitf Worm or tbilr
The moa( popular family neirapaper, of a
national ehaiaeter and reputation, la ataut
enirrmn Ihe thirty firat year of ita ulliim
tion. To Inoae who are not personally ae
quainted with ita merita, il neeil only lie aaid:
lie edilorada are piriled; itaeorreapondenee
extenaiye; ita near, yaried. and from ererv
quarter of tne kIoI; ita asrrirultaral denait
luentfullnf piarlH-al infunnatioo; ahileita
Kloiiia, life rketehea, au I n taovllany aia
adapled lo both leung and old; and ita re
porta of the market a. of live atoek. urain.Kro
vrnea aud dry Koda, are alwaya tha lateal
aud most reliable.
Thia new ornaniutien of Ihe farmer, will
find in the Time, a friend to Ihe ohjeeta
eouxht to he aeoured by them, and in Ua col
umns ihe mora important doing of Ilia
We can't do without lha Times after hating
read it eight yeata Send it lo 113 Appli
tun at reel !." ell, Mas' L. A. Foivm.
We hure doubled dlir llatoflai-t year. Can't
do witlinul the Time., although I am an old
liemoonit. rt. O Hn, Munteauma, U.
I do not know of any paper thai la deroled
to all the Interent. of Ihe human family, aa
iiiiii-h aa the Timee. H. T. Taaasvs, Band
t lit, P.
The Times ia yery popular here, for one
reiann and that t your niitepoken eoltrae
Mgnt lha salary atealors W. A. W as,
I have been a innatant yader of Ihe Week
ly Times for 'hree yesra, and I i-an't do well
aitliuiit it now. W. H Maxwell, BayHprinua,
M ia..
I'enr I ml Timea: Thia makea ahmit twenty
veiirn that I hare taken yor exi'elleut paiier,
mid the more I rend it the liecei like it.
Lavi KaNNBny. Metrnuo'ia City. III.
I think it i the l.et aier in he world. I
like the any yi tt talk in regard to the Con-
gie-aioiuil fiamla; and I also like your nip.
i" i rt of the I'alrona of Industry J. C. Lroa
Valley Junction, Iowa.
Eyery pation of the Weekly Times Is pre
aentea wnn a copy ot tne
n eleg;inlly printed ynlume of 160 aoientifle
and misreli inenua artiilea, illustiated with
nearly 0 0 of Ihe flneal engravir.ga. It alao
eohtHina a diary for the year 174. In yalue
ind nttniciivene-M it is superior to any prea
ent ever Delore ont red by newspn-er puonsn
Kvrrr club agent Is compensated for his
erv.ee., either with an extra paper, or Dome
deainii'ie premium.
ThKMN Hingle ohaonber, per year, 12 no;
elun of live aiilworitiera, per yenr, each, I 7Sj
uluh of len and upward, per year, each, I 6U.
bend lor iiat or premiums, et , to
Cineinna i, Ohio.
Dick's Encyci.opbi'Ia of Practical Rf.
i-rieTS a n n Paot-Kaaia. Containing'. ,4l.;2 prac
tical receipts, written in a plain aud popular
iiiiii ner, and illiietrated with explanatory
wood-cuts. Heing a eomprehenaive bonk of
r- lereui-e Iur Ihe men-hum, mmiiifacturer, r
tian, amateur and h'Miaekeeper, including
medicine, pharmacy and dniiietilie economy
I he annpe of thia work ia entirely dill. -rent
Irom any other hook 01 Ihe kind. Hei-iuea
being a complete and aim. at iiidispeiiailde
bi ok of refereoco fur the thousand and one
receipt and articles needed in eery hiuiti
hold , farm, garden, etc., it includes clear and
en!ly tindxiitoiid direction lor the applies
lion of ninny df'll-' arts usiiullyncquiiedoiiiy
y long exuerieo.'e, and so oiveaied of tot h
nicliHliiies, or the teehnicaliliea ol terms useil
-a fit 1 1 y explained sa to bring the entire c object-within
the comprehension ofnny person
ol onlintiry intelligence. I'roiniinent among
the immense nm-a of anhiecla treated of tu
ihe book are the tullowingi
The Art ol I'yeuig, Hard Pnlt and Toilet
-Snnpa, I'nnning, liistillalinn, Inuiatioii l.ii
Uiira, Wines, i.'or.lliils ami Hitlers, filler,
Hrewing, I'eiurrnerv.Flftvnring Eacncestetc,
'0'iiiciic, Hiur I'yeaand Washes, Pumadra
and I'erluiiied ml-, Tooih Powilera, eto., y,
1 11 pi-, tleoholanil Aluoholmetry, Pelioji um
mil Kerosene. Bleaching and t;i'anmg, Vin
var, Sain-ea. Cntoiipa nnd Pickela, Kcceipta
l.ir the Harden, To f emote -tauia,Spnta,etc ,
I'yrntecjiny und Killesivef. Cements, etc,
"Vaterpnrtiiing. Ailinciat. Hems, Inks and
Writing Klui.is, Aniline Ctlora, Paints and
Pigments, aiming nnd Paper. hanging, Kii'
-limine and Whitewash, VurnUMng nnd I'ol-i-h
ng, l.ubriea ora, Jtipanmng and Lacquer
T g.Hoot and Hiirneaa H'a king, Phoioguiphy,
-I nil-, and Alloys, lOlding, Mtltering. etc .
Klcfirntyptiig, Klcctrcplati ng, etc., Phtent
dedieines, Medical Heceipt", Weights and
Mea-nrea. 607 j nges, rtjol octavo, cloth.
Price Him mar
lilCu A FlTZfiF.KAM , TublDshers, N. V.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the magnificent oil chrn
mo, Yu Semite, we are able to oiler a coiuhin
.tioi. of literary and anodic wor ol genuine
worth, snd at prices unprecedented
This Hue copy of a piece of Nature's grand
est work , la not presented in the usual lim
ited style, il- dimensions, 14x21), making a
picture ol tety deairal.le ibo init-elf.
graced by it- presence.
Hut a lew copies of thia beautiful hromn
will 'je allowed to go to the retail stores, aud
ihoee win be sold hi their
Actnnl Itetnll Price, SG.OO.
which il oide-'i in connection with our Msg
iziue, buth will be furo'slied tor
Aa a premium the pn-tuie may he obtained
by neutjiug us two mi!"ripltoh for Ihe Mag
Z'ue at oias doil-ii each, or by subs"rbing t-
inn Magazine two eers in advance, at one
dtdiar per annum- Address,
Vtonj 'a nul'titlH'LI. M t&AZINR,
.Nebuigh,.N Y.
8. E.SHiTES, Publisher. 4sept
The MoBt.jOeBiruhJeEes
dence in McArtlmr.
IJTf HE.I lor tale my raidar-en""NnrJh
-tnet Il consists of a-splendid dwelling
lioii-e, well rliiisheu, ihsMie an,: out. with
eight roughs and a good cellar. - A aV"U offli;
budding, stxble, wood and coal houaeand blh
er neip-sary oill I.hiIoihm. 'Ike premises
u'inuiiii '1 acre, irejudmg I acre" nt vinetard,
mihnlly aaring vine there are also thirty
lasarrtig apple treea-bt-t yari-ty ot araflnd
trtlit, twenty-five la-anng pracb treea bet
tmd led fruit, cherriea, quinces, pntnisand a
tnnetv of smill Hint or luriher particulars
inquire ni ihe ottice of thia paper, or at the
premise, 'lerua caey.
decHi.io . 8. 8. D0LLIS0N.
i '
AO. 110 THIRD ST.,
BLOV1S73 "
Win. GAR i QN. &QO.,
Odd Fel.ows' Block, . ,
Tullithert of
, . . , -- And other . ,
Standard Beligious- Works,-
Canvassing got wanted in avery couo '
id the United States. janl
STOCK and Ore faclea aa good aa new, for
sale at vary low prw-ex Call en
dovII b.C. JO Ml Atvoraey.
Done Neatly and Promptly,
AT THI 8 Owe
Of all the' new territories
Dakota is said to be the most,
lavorably situated for the pro
duction of wool. The climate
is mild, the soil is a rich, warm,
sandy loam, the surface is gen
erally a smooth, undulating
prairie, abounding in luxuriant
past uragu for large herds of cat-,
tie and cheep. Persons iamil:
iar with the country and with
sheep raising anticipate that it
will become the chief source of
wool supply in the United
Circleville, O., March 6.
Five saloons stopped retailing
whisky to-day. All dealers are
growing, uneasy. The excite
ment is growing rapidly. Many
heretofore lukewarm are now
withing God speed, and are
willing to give aid. Cowardly
threats are being mailed to pro
miuent la lies and men, having
just the opposite effe.-t expect
ed. Mrs George Carpenter and
Mrs. McLean, of Washington
C. II. noble workers, are here
to aid and counsel.
A cfrtipicate of incorporation has
been issued to the Cirolevillo, Mo
Arthur & Oal'ipolis Kailroad Coin
pany, to huild a road from Vircleville
through Pickaway, Hocking and Vin
ton counties to MoArthur, in the latter
county, intersecting at thut point the
Uullipolis, McArthur & Colninlius 11.
It. lapital stock, f'J.DOO.OOO. Cor
porat'Ts, -tolomon Reigle, Aug. Koss,
U II. Stroiis, J U. Uunkel.'Kob't Pat
leraon, A, L). Tievel, Win. Aimstrong,
W. t). Alhin, Christian Eby, Joshua
ChilcotA, Kuftis Ksrshner, Dun, L.
Davis, Uwis It. Losher 5l. S. Wolf,
John llnyncs, (leo, V. Handitll sen,,
IraC. Moody, John Albin, J.ts Reich
elo'eil'er, Thomm A. Albin, J W. Hoy,
J. K. Kiasun, U. C. Husoes, Ovid Lutz,
aud rt. Lutz.
A writer in a Kansas p iper
remarks upon the result ot the
recent election. lie says "the
fall of corruption has been dis
pelled, and the wheels of the
Siate government will no long
er be trammelled by sharks
that beset the public prosperi
ty liKe locust. :
TtiEy have a mud hole in Ben
ninaion so deep that small
children 'are frequently loi in
it, snd Ihe Gazette saj K '"We
don't caro anything about it,
cause our folks are just out ol
childier; but for the sake ol
out suffering neighbors, we call
attention to the matter."
The Savannah News says a
negro was buried alive in a
well at Butler recently. 11 is
friends dug down to him m
about four hours, and found
him alive and weW, lie said
that he never wanted tosneez
bad. in bin life, but was
alraid he would jar down some
More dirt.
A GENTLIMAN going up Sixth
avenue, New York, met a la
bnrer, to whom he raid; ' Will
von lell'me if I am hair" wa
to Central Park?"' "Faith, an'
I will," 'was the reply, "if yfili
ell me' where you
f om." ' 1 '
A, Sacramusth dealer. in haji,
fil, who sold on, thn principle,
of "no cure, nr p ty," has-.sijed.
one of his bald heaftl custom
ers, and the, .layer ..deoiandi a
bald-headed jury,. in ordr t hai
hd may be lired bv.his peers,,
i A , Brooklyn , man who , sat
down to, meditate. in his sweet;
."':i I, ' '; '
hearts lap, had occasion ..to
cuuiiuii uer huoui looping up
her skirts wi'ih'pins. lie fou'n
that the' consequences had'
tendency to disturb his menlai
- .- j i Kf ( il.:
. s- i aa. ' .'it "'90
Tuis is highly colored: VThe
lilacs are, budding;" says a. Wis
coiifin editor. . "Yoa lilac
tan,'' responds one of hid read
ers. "You vip.let truth," po
litely replied the editor, ; and
both are, given over, to; bju
devils.. , . i : .,
'. 'i
En L'-VkJu Wayne County.
Ohio, climbed a tree to' 6hake
out a coon. The d6gs' heard
something drop and went lor it,
but It was not'the coon. ' 'i. was
il. -
' r
Thb pupils of the: ' DoVfer.
N. II. High School are ex-
mined at reglar intervals on
topics which involve a csreful
reading of the daily and weekly
' ' ' i ' . : 0 -!.'.; i '
iicytryapf te.
1 1 . ft i r f
. Wi it ill send the Record and tbt
Cincinnati Oaxetta stthscribers odi
year for 3.25.
boiiB young, men in; Green
Bay presented a preacher with
a horse and received his heart
felt : thanks. Two days alter
the presentation the horse was
taken away by the farmer Irooi
whom it had been stolen.!'.
Nortu Adams has a tailor
long known for his keen, pun
gent wit. Not long since a well
known clergyman called at hi
shop with a pair ot pantaloons,
and asked him if they could be
repaired. The knight of the
shears unrolled them, held them
up in a most artistic manner
carefully examined them, and
replied, '-Yes, yes; Ihe knees
are the best part of them."
The reverend gentleman siw
Ihe joke, sniiled blandly and
gracefully bowed himself out.
A Nkw Orl.kan'3 inarchmt
'moved by the pitilul tale of a
woman who said her husband
lay dead at home, that she had
not the means of burying him.
charitably eave her $14 to trei
the poor man under ground.
Before giving tho money, how
t-ver, he went to take a look at
the dead man. Sure enough.
it was a swollen, discolored
corpse, that should have been
buried days, aeu. and in his
hurry to leave the noisesomt
tenement, I19 forgot his um
brella. So he roluctantly re
turned to claim it. He hurried
quickly but softly up stairs.
tiptoed to the door, lilted ihe
latch, and saw Ihe corpse sit
ting up iu the coffin . counting
his $14 over very deliberately
Pimples, Eruptions, Rough
The system being put under
tho influence of Dr. Pierce's Gol.
den Medical Discovery for a few
weeks, tho skin becomes smooth,
clear, soft and velvety, and be
ing ilkimiiia'ed with the glow of
perfect health from within, true
beauty stands forth in all its glo
ry.. Nothing ever presented to
the public ever gave sm h satisf.tc
tien for this purpose as this Dis
covery. The efft'pts of all mc'i
emits which operate upon the sys-
Item through, the medium of the
blood ore necesnrily somewhat
slow, no matter how good the
remedy employed. While one to
three bottles clear the fkin of
pimples, blotches, eruptions, yel
low spots, comedones, or "grubs"
a dozen may possibly be requir
ed to cure some cases where the
system is rotten with scr' fulou
or virulent Hood poisons. The
cure of all these diseaseshowev
er, from the common pimple to
the worst scrofula is, with the use
of this most potent agent, only n
matter of time. Sold by all drug-gists.'
CLAVERICK Columbia Co., N. Y.
Ur lt.V. Pierce. Bnff.K N Y.:
Dear Sir: I am six'v years of
Dge, ai d have hee'h afflicted with
Suit Rheum in the worst form for
a (Sireat' many ynts, until sct'i
('entlv, 1 saw' one of your book,
which described my cf exactly:
I bought your Golden Med.tal
Discovery ' and took two bottles
and' s talf. and was entirely cur
ed'. Ifr6m'i.m Bbouiders ' to rtiv
hariils lj wss' entirely covered wiih
eruptions, also on facc.and body.
I was likewise nfil cted with rheu
matism, so that I wulked with
: ' I .. j, -I ,
great difficulty, and that it Is en
tirely, cured, May God spare
you a long life to remain a bless-
. l: t- I ! . I 1 'HI
ing to mankind. With untold
7 i.. i -i. .. i .. . .i
gratitude. ,
ExpRBUtJtca will. teach any tnan that
it is advantageous to patronize ' those
who advertise in newapaperr
, SiMofc'a, Photographer, Chillicothe
, gives careful 'attention to making cop
ies' of other pictures." Pictures may be
madaaa.lnrga as life from ,b liniesi
locket pictura.'and made in every way
satisfactory' by careful snd judicious
coloring, Photographs from nature br
from other picture colored in the best
styles in oil, wate.r' colors, fc.yon, paa
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circura
' Farmers sh uld not fait ti ex
amine .he' patent farm gate' foi
which (ieorge-.W.-. Brunton,: Mc
Arthur, is the sgeot in thia ap!
Jackson county, it is the best
and chespest ga'te'ever designer
for a farm, costirig fifty per cent
less than i be old fashioned gate
and 18 more ! durable, i for.it car
bot sag. Examine it when you
are in McArthur.
If You
Want a situation. ' 1 ,
Wnnt a servant girl,
Want to st'll a piano,
' Want to sell a can luge.
Want to bnv orsell a furm.
Want a boarding plnce.
Want to sell town prorn-rty,
Wa'it. to sell groceries or drugs
Want to sell household furniture.
Wont to sell drv ifoods or cari)ets.
Want to Hud 'customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advrtling will keep old customers,
Advertising liher.lly always pays',
Advertising make success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
AtlvertlsliMjr shows energy,
Adveriising e-hows pluck,
Advertising raeitns'biz,'
Adverlfse or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well.
Every merchant, manufacturer
or bu)ne9 man who has leame
prominently rich', has made his
fortune Ol JUUICIOUV uaverusiny
.Vo exception to (his rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to gel his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note.' Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, h
could make tl still belter in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune. '
S.nne merohanfs say it is not worth
while co advertise; for no person read
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
by its suggestion, if ho hits anything to
offer W'.rtli advertising How much
mt. re then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w th read
ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend un their paper for
their local news, the m ist in portanl
item t'f which is where they can fin.l
just what they want when the? ootne to
town to uiakd their purchases. Ifyotii
-stock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd nut of
style that it is worthless, tir it it is run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. Hut if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
tunes, nnd such ns tho people want,
don't hide them, hut publish to the
world thut you havo them, und want
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a tin
gle tiny does duty heyond that dav,
nnd ita effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
e.nd it will make a man's name a per
inment matter, a piece of real proper
ty lmilt up in thi initios of men until
it become more valuahlo tnan any
corner lot in his locality.
1 p you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa-
per, mowing unit every one win rem:
the advertisement lint vnti will nlnil
tne llinoriiaeilieni uui you will pion
along in niismess rear niter year, witn
out cali'tilatin..' how miuh ynu re los
ing by not advertising it Rrporttr
If those persons who profess to he
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real hy the public wish to he
convinced of their.ern.r, jost let them
cive publicity to somo matter' they
would ni it c ire to divulge to the world,
even in the .inpst ohscure corner of
country papier, and sen what hotorieV
they would. oon attain. Advertiser' k
Gazette. ... . ,
Aovkrtisino is apt to givVns that
gentle jog ot'toonaeience which tells us
that we wint a new suit of clothes for
Sunday,' or that we promised our' wife
a row dress aa soon as the hay was in
Perhaps jr w mid he a good plan, for
Alsdame to nark this passage and lay
the-paper opon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize (he world!
Ex.' -. i. f , , !.. :
WHY'do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what is truing on. To see if there is
I pnytbinr new, -'or anything that' they
I . m Ir il . -
wan. ,.io., see it tne season styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one is selling
on at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For nmusement.
To - satisfy ' euriosty.: Because they
have read nil the stories, murringes,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
llecause they, want to. Because they
can't help it-OhioStale Journal
".i:l ' : ... ::)
Thb power of priut is well known,
bat not welPnnderstood. A ptinted
sentence has wpntlerfur. ad vintage
over one '.hat is written or spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives sn importance to adveriising. Hut
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not ' oouiprehend as well as they
might ths eupaoity to influence, to nnra
uade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter.-: Spoken words require the'
graces of elocution and the, fore .ot
eloquence, yel even tnec lade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed - Rat1 there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
issertioii and the sense of permanence
tbout printed matter which gives ita
marvelnns force and inflnernce. Busi
nesa men should never permit them--elves
to loose sight of what msv be
icooBipllshed hy a persevering use' of
me priniinr presses. . Lasarn to adver
tise, and then the "how, when and
where" oi it, and yoa will have a
knowledge worth having.
. . ... . - . . : ' J
,na T.l..k, rnmnan. with a TiSW tfl thS
1 developmentof iheiocalintereataofialea
ki. to eecure ita permanent pioapsrity, sad te
ri ... nnl,i.,in. nd wealth, are now
ottering to actual settle! a, town lots and Ikrra.
landa al low price, ana on n-
Persona rteeinog to examine lha property
and lo buy cheap houses will applv
Company's onlcee to
. wnnuMnH Wnaee.
Zaleskl, Ohio, Mar IS, 1ST..
Which is adapted to ,
All Sewing. Machines,.. .
NOT1CH particularly Ihe stsi-p of H. 0.
OtMlUKICH, Chicago. Ilia.. 'h Sje paten,
.tamp. II. V- l.OODBiril.
OttWand .alesroora H btale at., chieago,.
Ilia. SSsugll
If you aro Suffering from any
Broken Down Constitution.'
Or require a Remedy to
rflrify mid Enrich tho Wood,
Ynu will find nr.Crook's'ompimndsiyii
ipori'okeltoot lo frrutrr ait
47. euro you more spewltly. nnd do you
more good thnu any and alt oilier reme
dies combined. That Tale, Yellow
H rkly-lonklnk-Slhlii la elianged lo on
of Iiclinessni.U hcnlth. Tltoae MbihJ
of the Nkln, Flinplea, Puatnlea,
niofrliea ami Erspilest aro removed.
fcrolul. Kcrolnloiia Ileaaa of tho
i:ea, Hhl.o riwelllmra, Uleerf), Old
orea or any kind of Hnmor rapidly
dwlnillnund dlsnppenr under lis Influence).
Vhnl lallf It la nature's own restorer I
A solttb e oxyil of Iron combined with tho
medio! unl propei tlesof Poke Mootdlyestedj
ol -bll dlsagreenbla qualities. H will cure)
any sloa. whose real or direct cause Is)
lliul Hlooxl. IthenMiatlam, Palna l
l,nub.irlloe,,ouailliiHons broke
slowii hy Mercurial or other poisons, are;
all cured by It, Kor Syphllla, or HypbU
litic tnint, there lsnotlilng eiual tOl Jk
trial til pro vols. bold, by
OkOUI.K W. WSSOX, McArtti-TOhl".,
Til E WF.F.tfLY MJN is too widely known
to require sny extended recommendat an;
but Ihe rennna which have already given il .
fitly thousand suhaenbera, and which will,
we h"pe. give il many thousands mora, ar
biieflvsslnliow I
It i- Brt-rste n- wpnper. All the newssf
the dny will be foiiud in it. condensed when
unimportant, nl full length when of moment,
turn a wata pre-enled in a clear, intelligible,
and intei'e.tmg manner.
Il ian flrat-rate family paner, foil of enter
taining and instruct ve rending of every kind,
but continuing nothing thai can ottend tne
must delicate nnd scrupulous tssle.
Ills n lirai -rale story paper. Tsf beat tales
and rnmancea n' current literature srecsre
fully selected snd eg'Sly printed ir i's psgc.,
Ills a Hr-t-rnte sriculluril paper. 'I ho
most lre-h and inatriii'liva articles on sgrl
cnliiir l topics regularly appearm this da
tmrtment. ' .'
It ia sn independent polities! paper, belong
ing to no party snd wearing no collar II fights
for principle nnd the eleciinn of Ihe lies! men
toolhce II especially devotes its energies to
thnJ exposure of the great florrliplions that
now weaken and disgrace 0111 country, and
threaten 10 undermine republican institutions
n'tie.o-iher. It hits notenr ol knaves, snd asks
no favors of their sit'iportera.
It report 'h f.ishions for the ladles and tho
marketa for the men. 'especially Ihe cattle
markets, to which it pay particular attention.
Finally, it is Ihe cheapest paper published.
One dollar a year will a cure it for any sub
ciiher. Il i not necessary to ge' nn a clu t
n order to have THK W KEK L SUN at this;
rue. Any ene who sends a single dollar will
get ihe paper for year
THE WEEKLY Strjf.-Eight psges,
fifty nix column, "nl) SI a )enr. Noaie-i-ocnt-rom
THE N EM 1-WEEK I. Y ttTX.-lam
if- as the nily Sun. tiiOOtyeiir. A dis
eiui.-t nfSOnei cent, to clubs of 10 or over.
THE DAILY SUN.- large lourpsgo
ueuspaper ol IweM eifht eoli mns. I'sdy
crciiiatinn over 120,000. , the news tor
Scents. Hiliscrii linn prni BO'-mtsa month,
or SO s year To clubs ol 10 or over, a dia
count , f20 '-er eni.
Address "THE SUN," New York City.
yjPm nm4 ej oeal Ap'lvataCenBMlertet.e
aWkM f lUgS nld or tlio.t isui m '
j - " jaitrry Hi. ,li;.l. lofleal
t-T-JWrtQ I n;iiffrtriudrrfl.Uvi,Mf
-- sawe jibMu.liiieoi, with the
lattl dlaeiiveHci la frodaetaf Rod irltaUug AtprlDg,
Saw l prcicrvt tbt e'.oi.lrkUa, Ae.
Thliii an luurt.ttat work of lire hnndred .aSitste
satei.vlib aiimoraui enirovlngf, anil coDiolna Talo.ble
" sun Iti.a tsmk in.touiht u n .i awMMk
aa.lty.an aatlil rtlnaly laiiiilnSoaie. "
t einulat lha oiisirltno and adirtc. . t . nhv.M
hM ropiiiatlon la world.alde, ind boild bola tbo prt
v.l drawor or ortry aaalo and trnilo throughout tho call re
flnlsi. llombrMtitvtrjnbluROn lhtul.Jeloribgoa
rotlrt iT.uia lhat la vorik biHiatucud aiufSiaal la
aot .ubll.hed lo anr olbvr work. ,
Bnt loony oao (t'reo of pooioge) for Tin? Coatf.
Addru lir. Hum' 0Upfuiar,Ko. la . ktbtk ttmt
It. Lali, Mo.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
yitrora aarlylni to lb aotorloni o,aoeki who edrerMoe ia
EaMlo p.i-ero.or value any quark rrnitdlta ncru.o Or.
-no' wurk ho manor wbal yourdiaooaola, or how dtplef.
able year eoadiitsa. .. , . .
Dr. Suiia oecniilrf a doable hooie of twenty. terra -rtADia;!
aladorard by tnwit f lb Bsoeltlebr.i.d ndl.
eol.rof.aoraorUilacouBlry and Kutopt.tod eoa beeea
lulled paratMlly or ky aiolf. oa Ihodlaoaata aKittloatd la
aiaworaa. uinat aii.b.arlort, So. It N. Xlahtk
Notice to the Stockholders of
Notice to the Stockholders of the Ga lpolis, McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
A 1,1, parties having subscribed lo ihe osp
til stock ol the McA. C. B. R, are
hereby requi.ed to make payment to IheSec
relaryot the Cnnipary, at hie ofnee On the:
Public Siiiare, in Uallmelia, Ohio, ot If more
enqvenienl. n lanie Will, President of tho.
Vininn County Hank, at MoArthur, Ohio, or
an installment. ol five dollars on esch share
toiihacrined,.withln too da ye of this data."
WM.f ROBKR.Pec'y
' .McA.4 0. B.R.Co,,
dee 18T1.
. . ' .'l
MfiYlW''""''"' w,th 8,"c'i Kr
III U lit I Check utnflts. OsUlogues snd
n.ll paitieular FKEE. 8. M. Spsacxi, 117
Hsnnover rt , Boatoo. - ....... . .
-'" : ; ' . 'mo;:.m;
. - 'i j) ' r j
Advketisiso reminds people, o
things they had ' been wanting"
along, but had forgotten all about '

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