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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 26, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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lilURMDAY. MA It. 20, 1874
Osaka (Aw Buaday.Hov. t, 1171. tram'
111 rua aa lollone: No . , a and t
in daili alletaar train deilj.aund).
aeplad. OOISO CAST.
Ka. I. No . In. .
kail.. Cia Kg. v Kl
goem lit soem
1 06m I sapra
1 STalo
I 3 1 an
i 4 an
t Mm
S u.'.n
I Ifein
seelaad Fur... 14 Sopot
Aaada....1i HI pa
HoAta...lt Stvm
Tiatoa .....lli 4opm
l.leki. I X)pia
Voua Furnace.... I IV in
ri-ira - 4 pa
I Uprn
t SApio
I ,pm
I 5'ipiB
4 04pm
4 1 1 pro
7 uUpni
Mo.t. Ma. I
No. .
Staftoaat Mail. KL il. Cln Kl
Fae-kerarcrg ...... T lOarn u Main V JUpn.
oita f araace,.lv Warn I Hum 1 l'ni
aVledi....-...-..b tlaio
i Uprn
1 23a in
fiawa ...W Mare
Humn II Waul
1 3ipm
1 3111.
1 41am
1 aui
I 4aii.
I tiprn
lamtaa II lm i"n
lonland Fur..- II wn I utm
Cklthoothe.- -11 ('
Atucwaau Wpia
1 .Oi.m
T ixiprn
NO. AND 4 will atop al 0. a R. Junction.
Lnroiaud, U eaufleld, Ohillieothe, lam en
Athene and bootl a Landing only. NO". 6
AND w.ll tlop UG.tl. Junction, Ms.ii-i.u-villa-Let
eland-Greenfield, fhilliiothe. Mm
dsn Athen I al Sootf Landing ouly. N08.
I AND will !( all iiopr
Tha leUem freight going eaat leayea
hillicothe l a So, m i Karatille T It; Kt. li
land Furnace, T SA; llaimteu. arrive s
depart ( 45; Mc-Arthur, IA; Vinlnn. H M;
laleakl II tt. Uoing weat-Zaleaai. t Up p m ;
Vintoat to. tOAitb'ir 1 ! Hanideu, nrrite
I SO-dxpart S 14; Kichland Kuinaca, 4 IU;
Kiy.nl In, 4 41; Chillicothe, A.
Tna fAST STOCK, wiib regular pa aer-ger
ear attached, laate Athene al i;i4P. M .r n
acting wiia Ihe H. V K B., Hope .1 21. Zi
rVI 4 4, Tinloa 4 n, McArthur 4 M. Main.
4m I It, Richland SO, Mil licotlieT 641.
wilt let Haroden at I S a.m. and 1 4.1 p m
arriving at Portetnouth at 10 o a m. and 48p.
m, Raturainf truinn aill lean Portsmouth hi
IWa.m, and 1 on p. m., arriringal JUm
dea at 11 U a. m. and 6 W p m.
Traia connect at I.oreln.l for all pninta nn
tSa Inula Miami Railroad, and at tha Indiaonp
lit aad Ciacinnikti Railroad Jnni'ti n for nil
Sninta Waal; al Athana, with trw ('nlunilnii.
7. R. H., il Parknrlmri. with Itia H.
0. VY. W. HRAHmUY.
(irnrral Hnirriittrndnt.
IWILt ran a hafk from Wilkiill to
liamden and return vrr M i.iii ) Wedni a
da?. Friday and Haiur.lBV fur iht- mron mo
datloa of naanangara. mokinit idona itliii-t-aioa
with the mail traina on ih M a r. h. II
1 will alio narrjr ipre pa.-k r-h ppcd
to or from point tv ih Adama Kxprcaf Uw.
aapt HiKV VxWBLIi
Transfers of Real Estate.
Eli Heynolds to Wm F
Mnpea, in lot 83, McArtliur,
L P. Pearce 1o John Henry,
40 acres, Eagle lp., $250.
John Hei ry to vVm. A.Stnr
geon40 acres, Eigle tp., $275
Mrs.Wm. A. Stiirgetm et h! i
T. E. Sturgeon, 40 acres, Eagl1
tp., $1.
E izabetb Nevilu to Jnnif
filacn ia-loul6 ani 17,ZiK-bk',
IsadO W. Miller, to Firing
Strong:, in lot 82, Miller'B addi
tion, Wilkesville, $100.
Isaac W.' Miller to Finney
Strong, in.lot 81, MiUer'a ad
dition, Wilkesville, $100.
Mary Murray to E. E. Sronp,
quit claim to part ot in-Iot 64.
Wilkesville, $20.
Georga Dill to Miry Belford,
40 arre, Jackson tp., 400.
Ribert M. ''Urk to Al'rn
Clark, 40acies Elk tp.. 1 000
Henry Grayuni to Win
Walker lj of one-nineieentl
part of E.igle Furnace proper
ty, 82.591.
Ezra 1. Duthwell toThoo. A
Murray, north half of iu-lot 34
Take Care of the Matches.
A Great I3drrinton (Mast-.)
merchant found a b xot parloi
matches on the store flour the
other morning, which had bet n
knocked off the shell by a rai
or mouse overnight. On open
ing the box the discovery WHt
made that by the concussion
every roalch in the box had
been lighted, and the wood oi
which they were made was
charred aud turned brown.
Fortunately the box was so
tight as to smother the fire, and
no Harm resulted It whs a
narrow escape; and if a fire had
taken place, its cause would
have been a perp tual ruyeten.
A tebt sly old woman in
Cleveland has been making
money by tricks that are vain
She waylays young men, hen
they are out with their lad
friends', and demands that "dol
lar and forty cents that you
Owe me for washing." The
young man is generally too
much confused to make an im
mediate reply, and his con' u
ion is not lessened by the in
quiring looks ol bis fair friend,
while the old woman repeat
her demand, and in some casei
obtaios the plunder.
' As editor once wrote: "W?
hare received a basket o.
strawberries from Mr. Smith,
for which lie will receive ou
compliments, some of wbicl
are four inches in circumfei
isi. o. tv alters talilorula
Vinegar Hitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, matle chiefly from
the native herbs found on the lower
ranos of the Sierra Nevada moun
taiu'a of California, ths medicinal
properties of which are eitractod
therefrom without the use of Alcohol.
Tho quostion is almost dally askod,
" What $ tho cause of the unpar
alleled success of ViSEOiB Bit
TEitst" Our answer l that they
rcmovo t!io cause of disease, and
the puticat recovers hid health. Thoy
aro tho great bliMhl puriliur and ft
life-giving jirinciiilo, a purfect Keno
vator and luvigurator cf tha system.
Kover befuro in the histor of th world
has a liieditino been cuuipnuhded poa
seAsiug tho romrkalilo qualitiui of V IK
boas lliTTBiis in healing tho sick of
every Ji-a-o matt ii huir to. They aro
a pentlo furpativo ai well m a louio,
relieving Congestion or lullauiniution of
tho Liver aud Visceral Organs, iu Bilious
Tho properties of Dr. Walk
er's VisEitAii lliTTiiRH ara Aperiout, Dia
phtiretio. Curiiiinative, Xiitritiom, Laxa
tive, Diurotiti, Sodativo, Oouuter-Irritant,
p- - n-'l WUrtiliort.
Grateful Thonsands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters the most wonder
ful Inviyorant that ever sustaiued
tho sinking system.
Ro Persou can take thesn Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main Ion; unwell, provided their
bones are not J jstroyed by mineral
poison or other iu -ans, and vital or
gans wasted bovoud repair.
Bilious, ltemittent, nnd In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of tho llississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Ked, Colo
rado, lirazo. Kin Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
i.nnko, James, and many others,
with their vaBt tributaries, through
out our entire country during the
Summer nnd Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat and dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive dcrange
mciOs of tho stomach nnd liver, nnd
other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, n purgativo, exerting a
powerful inU roiico upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially nccossary.
Thcro is no cathartic fur tho purpose
equal to Dn. J. Walker's Vixeoau
l.iTTEits, rn they will xpeedilv remove
thedai k-colorcd viscid matter with which
the bowels nro loaded, at tho Mine tima
stimulating tho secretions of tho liver,
And generally restoring tho healthy func
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify tha body against d!s
raso by purifying all its fluids with
YixEOAd Hittkks. Ho epidemic cua
tnko hold of u nystem thus lore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head-
mho, 1'uiii in the Shoiililers. Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, DiiainesH, Sour
Eructation of the Summon, Liul Taste
iu tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tho' lleurt, Inllaiiiiiuitiiin of the
Lungs, l'uin in the region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful yniptom,
ore tho oUVpringsof l)y. -pepsin. Que bot
tle will provo a better guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Keek, Uoitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Merciriul affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Soro Kyes, etc. in these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Valkkk' Vi.f
S'JARlirn'Kitsliuvoi'howii their great cur
ative powers iu the moat ouatiuute and
iutravtublo cases.
For inflammatory and Chronic
ii!lcuiiiittisiii,Gout, liilious, Kemit
tent nnd. luteruntient Fevers, lJi ea.,e.4
of the BIihiiI, Liver, Kidneys aud Bladder,
these Hitters have no equal. Such Dia
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
ileclianiciil Diseasi'S.-l'ersons
engaged iu 1'niuH and Minerals, vueh ai
l'lumUers, Type-setters, Oold-heaturs aud
iliuiTs, m they advance in life, are sub
juct to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dope of WaLKKU
Yi'.nkuau Bitters ocea.Jionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-ltheum. Blotches, Spots, 1'iui
pies, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
Skin, Bumors aud Diseases of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dug up and carried out of the tsrstem in a
short time by the use of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, nnd other Worms,
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, are elfeetually destroyed and re
moved. No xystein of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
svstein iroin worms like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ten
ia Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement Is coon perceptible.
Clennso tho Vitiated Blood
whenever yon find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Timples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when yon find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; elenose
it when it is Ibuj ; your feelings will tell
run when. Keep the blood pure, aud the
health of the system will follow.
R. II McDO UO & CO.,
TJmjriiti tc dm. Apta., San Franciaoo, Califor
nia, A cor. of Waaliintrton and Cliaiitun Sta..N.lf.
bold by all lruggiata aud Dealers.
Ca b )UK KU,
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
TTfttLli rrtprrirtillT a. rn ihf eltll-na of
M vjptnn Cn thm lir hi. -nlHrf.'ti hinHiook
making n of tlir Ivir. rl in ll.r Stutc. tmr
.nainaMi haa ini-rrarrd ary yrnr up to tha
, rp-fnt lima and aa lel Ihxnkliil to h till It
In? r,,r ih.i iHTnia and ara Of ifrn lnnl tokrap
a Isrira 'tot k ol rtar) llunfi umcl't Inund in
ttrat rlara arlr Mora, and ill kerp tha
inl atnek of Hold ai d hi. lid -liter. Mo tha
H-t Plat ad Uooda. ar low a. ah; houar in tba
Hr kaapall th diff-rant liranda of Amari
o WiKolie. Howard CniiH Malaa, Klinn.
Taltham and Spripyfirld MnDBfaliirra, Uth
t iM and rilvrr t-a-aa. Aim a lre lina of
old iuroartD ihiie
mm t-'J to Hue no, al-a allrar from 112 In
I 60. WVha'aa in; rilml.la lull Jcaelad
ilfrr Wat-h from $ihU,tW.
full Imp o all "o.l. in nor lina. or made
i" will rTia prompt attention
I'Uxia drop ui aad a, A'o Iroi h a to
aMf aadft it
lcnili- vr.ie lakelhe 'llmea
get .h Trtk 1 lb. tr
Mont-y. :
The cijciwri wetit timis
Tha most popular fconllr aaapapar, of
national rhaia tar and rrpulatlon, la about
aatarma tha thnt Brat jnr of ita uMn-a-lioa.
To itioi who ara ant arMinalla or.
qu.ltitd with ita luarila.tlnaad oulj I aaid:
I u adiiorula ara apintad) ita corraapendoara
aitaaaiia; ita art. aariad, and Irom afar,
quarter of tna vial; ita avrtrtiliaral dapaiw
man! full of practK-al information; ahila ita
.101 ira, lira akHohaa, and a laeallaaji aa
adaptad to both vaung and old; and ita ra
loilof tha markata.oTlina atork, grain, era
i-anaa aad dri gooda, art alwaja tba lalaat
and most reliaUa.
Thia BfW organlaalir a of tha fkrniarawHl
Bad la tba Timaa a friand ta tha objacta
ooaMto ba aarurad by thnni, and in ita eol
ump tha mora iinporuul diaja of tba
Wa eao't do without thaTlmaa altar baaing
raad it aight jaata. bend it to 111 Appli
loa atraat Loaall, Man.. L. A. Potwa.
Va haio dnuhladourllmoflaataaar. Cast
do without tha Tima-, although 1 am an old
lirmoorat. S 0 H ttaa, Mooli-iuma, O.
I -to not know of an, p.par that it datoled
to all tha inlpra.t- of the human iamiljr, aa
iiim-h aa tha Timaa. 11. T. I aaana, band
fin. Pa.
Tna Timaa la aarjr popular hara, for ona
rri.'io anil that la your onlKPokfn courae
guni-t tha sa arjr atvalara. W, A. vv ux,
I hata ham a jon.tgnt rradar of lha Waak
It Tiniea for 'lira- jaars, and I van't do wall
without it now. W. P Mil will, Bat Sprioga,
TvarUtd Timaa: Thia makei about twantjr
vasr. that I hate takao fo.ir aicallanl papar,
and tha mora I raad it lha haltat I Ilk.) it.
I,fl KiaatuT. Mctroi.o'lsCily. III.
I h 'ilk it i. tho lia.t papar in 'Im world. I
Ilka tha wa t"U talk in rrgiird to lha Con-gra-ainnal
rianda; and I also lika your ml p
port of thv Patrona of Induatrj J. O. Lloa
Talli-y JunttioD, Iowa.
Etery pattoo of the Waaklt Timaa It pra
aanled with a copy of tha
An alagxntly prinlad toluma of IMauian.iS
and niiM'ell.iiaoua arliclea, illualiatad with
nearly li Oof lha flnaat engratir.Kt. It also
I'oiitHina a diary for lha year 174. In talua
and altrHCiite naa it l auparinr to an) lirea
ant at er oclora otli rd by utwepai ar puUiah
ara. Et.n club agent la companaatad for hit
art ,cea, en her with an extra paper, or aotna
desintMa premium
ThKM: Kiinle-uliaiinbar, par year, fl no:
' 1 Inn of life aubsonbara, per yer. nu ll, I TA;
cum 01 ten ami upaani, par yaar. eai 11, ou,
bend for ,iat of raniiiirna, ata ', In
Cirv-inua i, Ohio.
Dick's En. yclopkma or Practical 11k
ctieiaaNi, PaiM Cseia. Cuutainiugn.tl praiv
tu al receipts, written in a p:ain anil pnpulir
niarnei', and illiietrated with eiplnnntnry
l-tMf. Heinir a eninprehanaita hookuf
r- leren. e lur ll:e marvrmni, niMiiufsctiirer. ar
tisan, amaieur aud housekeeper, ini'lililing
meilicina, phirmarj ami doineaiie rt'onnmy
l ha ncope of thia work u entirely dilterant
from any other hook 01 lha kind. Ilaainaa
iiaiuva 0111111 lele and altinat Imliepanailile
b ok ol ret'ereiira for Ih thoueand anil ona
rei-aipi and si tielea needed in evert houae.
hold, farm, gHnlen, ate., it invlitrlaa .lear ;ind
a.i-ily understood dirartiona tor the apidiea
lion of man of ih" arta uauallyai quired only
oy l ing eipariani a, and ao iiitastad of te. h.
il'elialitiaa, or lha tat'hniaaldipa ol lenna uad
u fully etpUined aa to hnug lha anlira alio-Jfs-i
within the coinprehrnsion ofanj paraon
ol ordinary liitalligem a. I'roiiiilnaitt ainnug
the immense, nia-a of aiihiecia treated of in
Ihe hook are ilia Mloaiuc
I he Art 01 I'yaing, Hard 8nlt and Toilet
Simps, 'limning, loaiillalion, Imilatiou l.iq
uur., Wiiivs. ilor lids and Hitlers. Oi'ier.
i liraxiiigi I'arulmery.Klatorina Krarncaa, etc.,
o-tiiaiu--, llmr lyea ami Washea, Pomadea
and I'ertuaiad ml', looih I'owdera, am , Hy,
nips, A h'ohol and Alooliolmetry, Patioii Inn
riml Kariiaena. Hleai hing and Cening. Vin
ear. naiii-as, Caisnpa and Pirkala, kn-eipta
tir the Uarden. Tu r eniota Maiua.pota.rtn ,
I'vriiteohny and Ki leaitea. Oementa, ale,
WMleriiruoHng. Artificial, ftm, Inka and
Writing Klui'ia, Anihiia IW.Iora, Pau la and
Pulmonis, I aitding and Papar-hHiigmg, Ka'
-oinina and Wntewasli, Varnli' li g mill I'ol.
i-h ng. I ubrira ora. Japanning and Lai qiu-r-r
K.Hnot aim Harnea. H'a king, i'lioiog apht,
Menil- and Allots, lidding, filtering ato .
Klei-trotypiug, KliHtn. plating, ate.. Patent
dedii-inea, .Medu-al eieipl-, Ha-ighla and
Mea-nn a. 607 agaa, ri yl octavo, t!lh.
Prii a f Vim mar
I'lUn A FlTEilKhALI , i'ullui-her-, N. V.
Worth and Beauty,
Hating control oft ha magniflcant oil chrn
1110, Yo .Semite, aa are able to ollera conihin
itioi. of literary ami an-tie w-r . of genuine
worth, and al prices unpia. pdenled
This due copy of a pace of Naiuro'a grnad
ast work, la nut presented in the uaual Ii tat -ted
nyle, it. dimeii.ione, i4i'A, making a
picture ot aty deairalle iaa in it -nit
grscad hy it- presence.
Hut a lew copies of thia beautiful hromo
will ' allowed to go in tha retail store., and
ihoao wit. lie sold ti their
Abtaul Belall Price, SB.OO.
which it onie-i 11 in ouneviion with our Msg
iiiue, buib will be turir-lied lor
Aa a premniMi the pu tuie may be obtained
by eeiionig u-two tubs, nplions for lha Mug
no at one dudai each, or hy atibe-rbing bi
me Magua np lao tera in adtam-e, al oue
lolrar per annum. Ad'lreaa,
heabutgh.N T.
S. E.8H1 TE.H, Publisher. 4iept
The Host Desirable Eei-
dence in MoArthnr.
I OFFER for tale my reatdenca oa Miulh
-treat. It consi-li of a aplendid dwelling
lioii-e, welt dnishrd, iti.'ile and out, with
eight rooms aud a good i-ellar. A goou office
btii Ming, .table, wood and coal houaeead oili
er iiec-ary 0111 biiildmaa 'I bo prenuaes
ooniain J4 acre., i biding I acre oliweiard,
ill trinity waring tiuea; there arc also thirty
Issarmg ap le tieea beat tart My ol (railed
truit, iweutyS'a l-anag peach treea best
tiod led iruil, t-herriee, qiiuiaaa, pluma,and a
m net, f smsll truit rorlutthtr particulara
inquire al lha otbs-a of thia paper, or at the
preiuisea. leruia eaey.
decStaiia S. S. HOLLIHOR.
Odd FeLwift' Block,
rubUtheri 0
And other
Standard Beligioni Works,
Canaa.aing gent wantad la atery eoun
in the I'mlvsi buiiea. jaat
St A LI S Fill
-T(CK and Oie fcs.lea aa good aa new, for
5-ie at tery loa prk e. Call aa
U U. .or.avb attorney.
Done SeatJj aud iromptlj,
What Ashes and Plaster Did.
The Rural Heme gives' this
hit of history: During Ibe jrar
1857, man named Artbur Du
gan, went to the town ot l'a
d?rtnoLiN. Y, and bought sixty
acres ot dry, sand land, with
here and there little pertain
ing to graveL lie paid $1,800
for it. lie knew nothing about
lariuing, being a machinist by
trade, and nerer held a plow.
After paying for bis land, he
bad $290 dollars left. lie found
his laud was worn out. lie be
gan by buying ashes andplas
ter; would draw, potatoes four
teen miles to Oswego, and load
bis team back with manure
Irom tbe livery stable. Li's
crops innreabed, his ashes were
spread correspondingly thick,
lie raised principally potatoes
and wheat Now 2000 bushels
of ashes per year .are about
what be buys. 11 is potatoes,
or several ears past, average
250 bushels per acre; his win
ter wheat thirty bushels or
over, and he has saved from
his farm alone, till be now
holds' $12,000 in bank stock,
and would not sell bis farm lor
$100 per acre, lie sold iu 1861)
in potatoes and wheat, over
$2,300 worth. He is known as
the best tanner in this county.
Yet when be began buying
ashes, old farmers shook their
heads, and xaid: "Lie will know
hitler .hen he Iihs farmed it
bs loug as we have.''
Catholicism in Prussia.
Ten of the Catholic bishops
of Prussia bavs signed a joint
document, intended to be a
fresh protest against the Ec
clesiastical laws, and also
against the allegation that they
are disloyal or rebel sul jects
ot the State. They declare
Ibeir love for their country,
loyally to the crown, and their
readiness to obey established
authority, but inasmuch as
(J I'd has commanded them
neither to do nor aj prove nor
pass over in silence anything
which is coninryto the eter
nal law ot God, Ihe doctrine ot
Jesus Christ, nnd the teachings
of His Church, they cannot
and will not contribute to the
execution ol tbe conler-sional
hws. They recall to the recol
lection oi ihe faithful the fact
that over and above the siriu
gent acts in force others still
more nevere have been pre
sented to the Prussian Cham
bers, and thai these laws niiht
have the effect of confiscating
the property of the Church,
and rupi.resdng the whole ec
clesiastical administration
the annihilation, in a word, ot
everything that constitutes the
Catholic Church iu Prussia
They foresee that the lime may
be at band whtn the whole
Catholic clergy, from the Pre
late to the village cure, may be
prosecuted, condemned, im
prisoiifd, or expelled the king
dom. Under these circtimaian
ces they recommend their
flock to remiiiii laithlul to their
legitimate pa a ore, and accept
no substitutes or apostates in
their places. The signatures
to this protestation include the
Archi'idhop of Cologne, the
I'niice bihhop ol Breslan, mid
the Bibhops ol Limhurg, Pler
horn, Wavence, Culm, Treves,
Leuka, Frilbourg, Ermelaud,
Munsrer, Uildebheim.
Tus Danbury News sayr:
"The use of tobacco is a dia
guaiing htlit. It weakens 'be
iraroe, benumbsjbe faculties,
and what is lar worde, keeps up
the price. .
A LtCAL geologist of Terra
liaate says that any person
having a taste for gold mining
can clear from forty to sixty
cents a day almost anywhere
in Vigo county, Iud.
Iir an advertisement of a ba
kcr's business for Sate, tbe fol
lowing appears: "Death, tbe
sole reason tor leaving It
would be difficult to find a bet
BobtoX has been preserving
"Geo. Lafayette's camp table"
tor these fifty-years, and 'has
joft found out tbat it belonged
(o a colonel, oiikoowi. to fame.
. A VEBDlct of $2 400 ddinage
was awarded by the Court a
Marietta, last week, to Mrs.
Congbdon, of Ilarmar, against
a saloon keeper named Ualla
eher, for selling her husband
Thb Illinois Legislature has
put an end to the practice of
obtaining divorces by secret
process. Henceforward tests
mony in each case will, under
the new statute, have to be
taken in open Court.
Says the St. Louis Globe:
Madame Parepa-Kosa's sing
ing 'his year will be confined
to a single song Sleep, baby,
A Wabasu . editor returns
thanks tor a centipede sent
him by mail from Texis, being
the first cent ot any kind hn
bad seen for a month.
A LARGS temperance prayer
meeting was held Sunday even
ing at Meyer's saloon in Brook
lyn. Tbe 'proprietor received
the women kindly tut has not
yet capitulated.
ANoTUER temperance praysi
meeting was held at Iltrry ilill'b
New York dance house Sunday
evening. Many persons eigne
the pledge.
A VOTER praising a favorite
candidate at a late Irish elec
tion, said: ' lie is as fine a
lellow as ever lif'ed a ha to h
lady or a boot to a blackguard
An immense temperance meet
ing of all the churches whs held
at barstogs, N Y., Sunday eve
ning. A woman's pmyer meet
ing tas been organized.
Two thousand Sun.lu'kiann
have signed the pledge.
Treating the Wrong Disease.
Many times women call upon
their family physicians, one w th
dyspepsia, auother with palpita
tion, another with trouble of
the brevet, another with paii
here and there, and in this w
they all present alike to then,
selves and their eaej-going an'i
indifferent doctors, tieparatp and
distinct diatasej, fir which lit
prescribes bis pills and potions
asuming them to be such, when,
in reality, they are all symp ons
cuusetl ly some uterine dicortl-r;
and while (hey are thus only abl
perhaps to palliate for a time,
they are ignorant of the cmiee,
and encountge their practice un
til large bills are made, when the
suffering patients are no better in
the end, but probably worse for
the delay, treatment, and oilier
complications made, and which a
pr per medicine directed to the
jcaune would have entirely remov
ed, thereby instituting health an
comfort instead of prolonged mis
From Miis Lori.nda E. St.
Cum, Shade, Athens Co., Oct.
14 h, 1872:
"Dr R V. P erce. Buffdo, N.
Y. Your Favirite Prescription
in working almost like a miracle
on me, I am better already than
I hive been for over two yearn."
From Ella A. Schaffkr,
Ziriftmlle, Ind Aug. 8, 1872!
4,Dr. Pierce I received the
medicine you sent roe and began
using it immediately. . As a le
suit of the treatment I feel bet
ter than 1 have for three years."
From Mrs. Jodn K. Hamlin,
O.lell, 111 , Mar. 19, 18725
"Dr. Pierce -The Favorite
Prescription has done me good,
which I am very thankful fur."
Extbrikncb will teach any man tha
it is advantageous to putrouiie tho
whoadvertisa iu newspaperr
Smond's, Photographer, Cliillicoth
pives careful attention to making eop
let of other pieiures. Pictures may -made
as larae aa life from the time,
locket picture, and made in every wa
satisfactory by careful and judicioti
coloring. Photographs from nature i
from other pictures ooic'ed in the be
styles in oil, water colors, "ivan, pa
tel or ink, at rates to suit all oiroui.
Fa'.mbbs sh.mld not fail tt ex
amine the patent farm gate t
which Oeorge W. Brunton, M
Arthur, is the agent in this at
Jackson county It is the be
and cheapest gate ever desigm
for a farm, Costing fifty per cei
less than tbe old fashioned ga
aud is more durable, for it ct
not sag. Examine it when ji
are ia McArthur.
It You
Want a aituation,
Mr ant a servant girl,
Want to pell a l u no,
Want to fell a carriage.
Want to buy orsfll a farm.
Want a Dimpling place,
Want to fell town property,
Want to sell groceries or drujfs.
Want to fell household furniture.
Waul, tn noil rirv irools or carpet.
Want to And customers tor anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally alwatu pays.
Atlvertisl g niifce- Miecens easy.
Advertising beiretP coiitiilence,
Advertising fdiow energy,
Atlveiiisiug fhowsplu -k,
' Advertising meant'biz,
Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Adverse well, ,
7..aavaJ vt m n l mit1irlftwtAlf
jjvery fc t;ra'Ci Hnif.iuit,w
or businens man who ha become
prominently rich, has made hit
fortune ly judicious advertising
.Vo exception to this rule can be ,
cited! Stewirl. the P ince of
Merchants, when a poor man, teas
driven to advertising as a last
resort lo yet his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note, Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, h"
could make it stilt belter in pros,
perity, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
listnl fortune.
ti iiue mercltanta nay it is not worth
while to advertise; for mi pnirion reads
advertisements; vet every meruhantin
this county will read this advertise-,
ment, and if he in wise he will profit
hy its suggestion, il he has anything to
i.ffer w rtli advertising Mow ruuuh
mere then will those read them whi)
are not so largely supplied w tli read
ing matter, are ut leisure mi the even
ing, and in tint depend on their paper for
their local new, the in mt m portant
item i f which is where they can find
just what they wtnt when they come tn
town to make their p irclmsea It'yoni
s'uck is an old, rusty, dusty nnd out of
style that it is worthless, or if it if run
down ho (hut you have nothing left that
people would w lit, it ia not worth
while for you to advertise Hut if it is
new. irea.lt ami sparkling, up to the
tinifs, and such us the people want,
flovi t hide them, hut pulilisli tu the
world th it you have them, aud want
tu sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's n iraa a per
la ment matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up m tit minrta of men until
it becomes more valuable tuan any
corner lot in his locality.
If you lose a watch, a dg nr a child,
or if vmi desire people not to trust
your wife, y.m rush ti your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rem!
die advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much yon ire loa
ina by not advertising it Rtporter
If those persons who profess tn be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by (he puM-c wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
tive publicity to eormt matter thev
would riot ore tn divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of n
country paper, and see wlnit notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser'
AuVkBtisixo is apt to give ns that
itentle j.'gol conscience which tells us
that wm want a new suit of clothes f.r
Suinlav, or. that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps if w . old be a good plan for
ladaaie to mark this passage and lay
the paper npon her husbaud'a break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will not yet civilize (he worldl
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to leiirn
what ia going on. To sco if there is
anything new, or anything that they
aunt Tit aaa If Aha ..iL.tn'. .inln.
...... . ' vw .. W..W " V. I n DLJ IQF
have come in, and to find nut who has
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
"Imnce of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy curicsty. Hecause they
iave read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
lecause they want to. IWanse they
a n't help it 'Ohio Slate Journal
Th power of print is well known,
ut not well understood. A printed
entence has a wonderful advhatage
rer one that is written or spoken.
"hia is one of the many reasons which
.ives an importance to advertising. But
dvertisers, even those of experience,
; not comprehend as well as they
light the capacity to influence, to per
mde, to convince, which lies in print
l matter. Spoken words require tbe
races of elocution and the force of
ioquence. Jet even thei fade away in
i nothingness if not caught in their
ightand printed Hut there is some
dng in (he silent language, the quiet
-sertion and the sense of permanence
imut printed matter which gives it a
tarvelnus force and jnflueriice. Busi
an men should never permit them--Ives
tn luose sight of what msv ba
oooiplished by a persevering nse of
to priming presses, iearn to adver
se, sad then the "how, when and
here" ol it, and yoa will have a
aowlsdgi von naving.
In Zaleskia
rpHK Ealaaki Company, with a alaw ta tk
Idetelopmenlof tha local lalarea leaf Aa! aaa
k, Iu aarura ita permanent piaaparhy. aadie
dd to ita population aad wealth, ara bow
ottering to actual aeuleia, lowa lota aad Bvrm
lauda al low pneae. aod aa liberal tarma. -
Peraooa deairing to examine lha property
and to buy cheap houeee will apply at the
Company'e ofBcea to . - .
a. THOMPOn, Manager.-
ZaJeaki, Ohio, May la, l7l.
( ? J. '
Which ii adaptad ta
All Sewing Machines, '
NOTfOF, partlcBlarly lha ifar p of H.OJ
GOOIiRICH, Chicago. Ilia., w,ih Ste patent
atamp. H. C. f.OODBlCH.
OtTW and aalasroom tot Btata au, rha-ig,.
Ills. . -J tAsiigtt. i
twY'-'W i ii i IT ' M""t irTMin MMiiitiii ill
If you are Suffering froai anf
Erokcn Down Constitution,,
Or require a Remedy to ' '
rnrlfy mid Enrich tbe Blood.
You will find Dr.Crook'a'otpww4jrt
npnf fa.eltiiol lo joaaeaa ymttr ajavrw
ii, cure you mora apocdily. and do 70
mora good lhau any and all oluer rema
dies combined. That .Pejla, . TUw,
k ,-kly-lMiklnrlklM Is elmnged to ona
of lie.liuesea d health. Tltoaa lalacnaaSJ
of tlie MUia, fi in plea, Pualatlea.
Iliotrhea ami ErnrtUona two removed.
H-rolula. KrroluHiiia UXseaaca of tba
yea, Hbl fawellinfo, llcera, I4
a,oraa or any klod of Humor rapidly
dwindlaund Uianppear under Im influenea.
V hit la II t H la natura'a own reatorarl
A Holnb a oxvd of lrc a coin blued with th
medicinal piis!'tlaol PokBootdlvaate4
ol ll dlssgree ibls quslltlaa. It will euro
oy aleaa . wlmaa ieal or direct esuaw la
It lit Uloosl. Klieninnilaiu, Palata la
l.nuba irUr,aie,'oailltnttanabrkeal
lo-. by Mercurial or other poison a. ara)
all fiirail by iu For Syphllla. or HyjpaU
lit le tnlnl, t iare isDotliln eiiuai lo i, 4
trlaUw.llirovlt. bold b ,
UE01t;K V. SISSON, McArtfcur, OUa.
TH BWRRtTLY-ONia loo widely knowa
lo require any extended reaommeodat ant
hut the rra-nna wbicli hare already gitea it
ll'ty thntiaand aiibkcribera, and which will,
aa hpe, give it many thousands mora, ar
biieflt ka Pillows t
II i-a flr-i-ntf n wpper. Allthaaawiet
Ihe di y will be found in it. condensed whaa
unimportant, at full length when of moment,
anu H'waya presented 111 a clear, intelligible,
and mo-Testing manner.
It iaa flrt-rite family panar, full of enter,
tinning an I instruct re reading of every kind,
but i-onlninlng nnthing that can ofltnd la
moat di-licatH SDd acruptilous taste.
1 1 is a first-rate story paper. The basl tale
ami nnmn'-ee o' current literature areeara
fully selected and eg bly printed in l'a pagea.
Ilia n hr-t-rata ariciiliuril paper. Ih
must ire-h nd inslruotito articles on afri
culiur I lopica regularly appear ia this de
It i- an indapendenl polilieal paper, bloB
Ing tn no pnrty and weurirg no collar II Bghla
for principle and iheeleciii n of t he best mea
lor ftice It espaj tally detolea its energiai ta
the expoHir ot lha great oorruptiona lhal
now wpiiUen and disgrace out country, and
threaten in undermine republican inatituttona
altogether. It hna nolear ol knave, and tak
no fitora "f their siru'orters.
II rapnrts ih.fiMhinna for thfrladiaa and Ih
murkeia for the men. espertallv the cattl
iimrkel-. to which ,tpy particular attenlina.
Kniiilly. it is the cheapest paper puldiahed.
One dnlinr a year will s.cureit for any ub
sciiher. Il la not necesaarr 10 get np aolub
111 order to huva THB W KEKLV HUN alible
rste Ant ne whoaendi a single dollar wiN
get lha paper lor a year
TITE WEEKLY SI'W.-Elght paga
fifty six column-, "ulj H a year, hoaie-cocnt-
from this r-'ta
sii" aa the ily Sun. tt OOa year. A dies '
ecu t of 20 per cent, to cluim of 10 or ator.
THE UAII.Y BfJN.-A large lour page
nauapsper of tweut enrht toll nma. Pady
circulation over 120,000. d the newi for
2 eenis. bulwcrii'liou i rn e 60 cents a mnalh,
or f8 a tear Toclubi ol 10ur oter.adia
coiint f go ' ar ent .
Addresa ' THE 8TJN," New Yark City.
A prlvfttt Ceaaaalar t tkm
Married r tb abeei M
uarry tka ibyai Ul4l
I tbtaetealavaMaa. wtik iksi
tatett dlacAreriei 1 1 prednelni aod irfUu tpri
kaw to nreatrva tbe enntiiileD, 4a.
Thiai at) In teres ling work f keadrsxl tlilay
tafea.wltUi Bueittreul tngrarlnf a, au4 teuMlue vaJkl
i forma tinn fr tboae wbe are auarri4,er eebleaBplaie raaas
ttage BtillHiatj book tbat owajhi le be kept uiertoet
tad key. an4 lot laid eareleeel a beat ibe kaeae.
It contain lha iprleuee and ad v tee ef a pkvt.ela
Whnae reputation tr-world-wlfle, aad abeald be la the ait
Vat drawer ef every feiale and feaiale threaghent iht eatlrV
globe. It ctmbrecea every tnlug tbe aabjceiaf tbe ea
trativeevaum that la worth kaUig,M4 kmIUu at
feet I'ubiUbwd In aay other work.
Bent u any oae (free ef postage) fbr Flftr Ceate.
Address Ur. kutu' DUpeuaary.Ne. Ifl M. aUhlb itrat
II. Louis, ale.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
H.rara apptrlag I. tha u.urkaa aaeki wha adTirgaa la
labile i.i.er,,ar uilug auj quack r.n.4i,, pra.a Pt.
S'ih.' wk namatur akalyaaraiMaaaia, ar kaa ..asa
ebla jeiir eouditli.a.
br. kulta accul.a a Soabla kaaaa af Iwtalr-aataa
VMina ; I a I aaorat d by aB a I Ihe Meet eetebraui aMe.
amLi-roreaaorief tbteceuoirt aod Keinae, aad eaa baeees
anlud ftereeaallr ar by aiall, oa thtdlaeaaea aieaUeaed ta
tie erorki. timet and parlere, So. 11 X. Xlgklk alraak
atlaata alarkel aad Cataaal, St, Leall, Ma.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lpolis, McArthur
& C umbus Ralroad Co.
VI.I, partiea hating aubscribed to Ibe cap
it, I atoek ol ihe ii.. McA. t C. B. a. ar
e rel.) requi ed to make payment to Ihe See.
r. tsryolihe ( i nipir y.al hie office on th
f'uhlic Square, in Unllti olla, Ohio, ot if trior
-ntenient. In I'aniel Will, President of th
Vii.tnn rnnnty hank, ai McArthur, (ihio, (
in iniallmenl ol lite dollar on each ahr
-o subscribed, within tea day of tbt data.
Augu.tlo, mi.
. ' ,, O.McA.AC.B.K.Ca.
dee 1ST1.
MflMCV''"'!''!' w,,h B,c'l tf
lYlUnCI Oheck ouiflta. r.teloguea aad
oil pniticnlart KKEE. 8. M. Bpiacia, lit
annoier l-t , Hnatou.
Advvrtibimo reminds people of
things they bad been wanting' JJ'
along, but bad forgotten all sbout

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